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Sarah pretended to be Lauren. Mac found Nick's coat and turned it in to the police. The judge awarded J.T. sole custody of Reed. Chance arrested Victoria for Adam's murder. Victor dumped Adam's body out of an airplane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 12, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, April 12, 2010

At the Newman ranch, District Attorney Owen Pomerantz confronted Victor and asked about Victor's broken watch, which police placed in a bag and labeled as evidence. Victor calmly claimed ownership of the watch and admitted that blood on the broken timepiece was Adam's. Victor explained that he ran into Adam in the basement and maintained that no one else was there.

Victor relived in his mind his confrontation with Adam as he orally related the account to Owen. Victor recalled that Adam was smug about his escape from the hospital and subsequent crashing of the ball. Victor recalled that Adam lashed out after Victor ordered his son to turn himself in to authorities. Victor seemed distraught as he remembered Adam claiming that he had caused his father enough pain to last a lifetime.

Victor admitted backslapping Adam after Adam insisted that Ashley's baby was better off dead rather than having Victor raise her. Victor explained that Adam sustained a gash on his face from the watch during the altercation and fell onto a stack of boxes after losing his balance. Victor related that a light bulb, suspended from the ceiling, smashed during the struggle, and Adam disappeared in the darkened basement.

Victor calmly sipped water and insisted that he didn't murder Adam. Victor claimed that he had thrown the watch away because he'd previously been falsely accused of murder. Owen observed that Victor didn't seem distraught about his son's death. Victor told Owen about Adam taking Sharon's baby and giving the infant to Ashley after she suffered a miscarriage, which Adam covered up. Owen warned Victor that he had a motive for killing Adam. Victor insisted that the only wrongful act he'd committed was concealing the watch, and he asked Owen to leave unless he intended to arrest Victor.

At the tack house, Phyllis told Nick that she and Sharon had sneaked his tuxedo jacket out of the cottage. Phyllis explained that Sharon hid the garment in Faith's baby carriage after Chance arrived. Sharon phoned during Phyllis' conversation to report that she'd gotten rid of the jacket. Nick asked why Phyllis felt the need to hide the jacket, and she explained that she'd found blood on the sleeve. Phyllis asked Nick if he'd killed Adam and insisted that she wouldn't be shocked if he had.

Nick relived visions of the altercation with Adam as he related it orally to Phyllis. Nick explained that Victor slapped Adam so hard that Victor's watch broke as it smacked against Adam's face. Adam, his face bloodied, recovered and approached Victor with vengeance. Nick explained that he jumped Adam from behind and held him back. After he and Adam struggled, Nick added, Adam fell onto a stack of boxes. Nick told Phyllis that after a light bulb shattered, Adam fled in the darkened basement.

Phyllis listened with a tinge of doubt as Nick explained that the blood on his jacket came from Adam's facial wound. Nick added that Victor got rid of the broken watch. Phyllis said that no one had to know what happened because Sharon had taken care of the jacket. Chance later returned and told Phyllis that the dry-cleaning company reported that Nick's jacket wasn't included with the other clothing items its driver collected. Phyllis acted befuddled, chuckled, and claimed the cleaners must have lost the jacket. Chance suggested she use another dry-cleaning company and insisted on searching the cottage a second time.

After Chance ascended the stairs, Phyllis looked knowingly into Nick's eyes. Phyllis assured Nick that they'd done the right thing by dumping the jacket. After Chance left, Victor stopped by. Victor told Phyllis and Nick that D.A. Pomerantz had questioned him after police found the broken watch in a trash container. Nick asked how his father had handled the situation, and Victor responded that he left Nick out of his account about the struggle with Adam in the basement. Nick worried that they were digging themselves into a hole.

Victor tried to reassure Nick and Phyllis. Victor claimed that he was at the top of the list of suspects, and he praised Phyllis for dumping the bloodied jacket. Nick protested, but Victor maintained that he'd taken his sociopath son into his home but failed to control the young man. Victor said, "I'm going to do everything in my power to protect my family from now on. You got that?" Victor explained that given Nick's history with Adam, it was best that the police not know that he was present during the scuffle with Adam in the basement.

In a darkened alley, an unkempt, unshaven man pushing a shopping cart piled high with rubbish rifled through a dumpster and found the tuxedo jacket Sharon had thrown away. The man donned the coat, admired the fit and quipped, "I'm going to be styling tonight at the soup kitchen!" The man laughed heartily as he headed out of the alley wearing Nick's discarded coat.

At Billy's trailer, Victoria arrived and nervously worried that police would interrogate everyone who had been at the cabin as a suspect in Adam's murder. Victoria, relieved that J.T. and Reed were in Chicago, added that police were still searching property at the ranch for evidence. Billy smiled and claimed they had ironclad alibis because they had been upstairs together making love when Adam was killed. Victoria brushed her hair back from her forehead, sighed, and lamented that they could not reveal the truth. Victoria cited J.T.'s custody battle and Victor's admonition to avoid Billy as reasons to keep mum about their affair.

Victoria suggested that she and Billy account for their whereabouts by sticking close to the truth. Victoria vowed to deny knowledge of Adam's presence and said she would claim that debris had trapped her for a time after the explosion. Billy approved Victoria's stories, but he said that he'd tell police he was drunk and couldn't recall any details. Victoria agreed that nobody would question Billy's drunkenness, but she warned him not to disclose that they'd been together.

After Victoria left, Chance and his detectives showed up with a search warrant. Billy willingly agreed to give a statement after calmly allowing a search of his home. Billy told Chance that he booked a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club because he had become drunk on champagne. Chance easily recalled having to drive a drunken Billy home at Christmas.

As a snooping detective gathered and bagged Billy's clothing, Chance continued recording Billy's statement. Billy claimed that he passed out in his suite. After the explosion, Billy said that he exited the club and ran into his brother and sister, who told him about Adam. Billy assured Chance that, contrary to habit, he had been alone in his room. Billy played it cool and shook hands with Chance. After Chance turned to leave, Billy sneered. After Chance stepped out, he phoned the police lab and requested that a forensics team examine the suite Billy Abbott booked the night of the explosion.

At Victoria and J.T.'s house, Chance, accompanied by detectives, arrived and surprised J.T. and Reed, who'd returned earlier than expected from their daytrip to Chicago. After Reed stepped out, Chance told J.T. that Victoria was a person of interest in Adam's murder. J.T. seemed troubled when Chance announced that police would search the home and take the clothing Victoria had worn at the ball. Reed returned, and Chance gave him a toy badge and told the child he was an honorary detective. J.T. sent his son to the kitchen for a snack.

Chance took possession of Victoria's bagged dress, gave J.T. his card, and requested that Victoria phone him as soon as possible. After Chance and the detectives left, J.T. set his jaw and seemed infuriated by the horrendous intrusion. After Victoria returned home, she was surprised to find J.T. and Reed. J.T. explained that they'd cut their trip short because they missed her. J.T. ordered Reed to pack his backpack and a few favorite toys.

After the boy went upstairs, J.T. announced that he and Reed were leaving. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes. Victoria agitatedly shed her coat and reminded J.T. that Reed was her son, too. J.T. announced that police took her ball gown, and he told her she should phone Chance. Victoria asked, "Do you think I killed Adam?" J.T. responded, "No," as he donned his leather jacket.

J.T. announced that he would file for full custody of Reed because he didn't want his son exposed to more insanity. Victoria clasped her palms together as if in prayer and pleaded with J.T. not to take her son. Victoria sobbed pitifully as J.T. carried their son out the door. Reed fixed his eyes on Victoria and cried, "Bye, Mommy."

At Crimson Lights, Michael cried to Kevin that a whole day had passed without word from Lauren. Michael berated himself for leaving Lauren alone after he learned that Sarah Smythe had bailed Ryder and Daisy out of jail. Michael was distressed with the prospect of telling Fen, who was staying with Gloria, about his mother's disappearance. Paul arrived with his laptop and showed Kevin and Michael surveillance video he'd obtained from his jailer friend. Video recorded on April 1 at 7:20 p.m., when Sarah Smythe bailed Ryder and Daisy out of jail, showed a petite woman dressed in black.

Kevin studied the woman in the video and remarked that she resembled Lauren. Michael adjusted his eyeglasses, peered closely at the screen, and exclaimed that it couldn't be Lauren. Michael claimed that someone had tampered with the tape. Paul explained that the video was authentic and reminded Michael that Lauren had been late to the ball. Michael blew off Lauren's tardiness and explained that she had an emergency at the boutique. Kevin asked if Lauren had seemed normal. Michael scoffed at Kevin's suggestion and recalled that Lauren was shocked to hear about Daisy and Ryder's release from jail.

Paul said he'd already checked Lauren's financial records and determined that she hadn't expended a large sum. Michael vehemently defended his wife. Michael maintained that Lauren would never use the name Sarah Smythe, connected to Terrible Tom, to free the very people who had been terrorizing her. Kevin wondered aloud if Daisy and Ryder had somehow planted ideas in Lauren's head and convinced her to play along with their twisted game. Michael, scowling, seemed bewildered, but Paul assured them that they would find out everything they could about the elusive Sarah Smythe.

As Kevin searched the Internet for clues about Sarah Smythe and Sarah Smythe Fisher, most results were articles about Terrible Tom and his dealings with the Abbott family. Kevin narrowed his search to the Green Bay area because Ryder claimed to have lived there with Tom. Paul, gleaning information from his friend at the police station, interjected that the woman who bailed out Daisy and Ryder had used a fake address.

Kevin's filtered search revealed that in 1993, a nurse named Sarah Smythe, of Green Bay, the single mother of two, was cleared after several elderly patients at Handerville hospital died of mysterious causes. Paul read that the case was still open. Kevin added that the patients were under Sarah Smythe's direct care. Kevin claimed that although the cops couldn't connect the deaths to Sarah, she was a sinister nurse. Michael cried, "Those words sent a chill up my spine."

At the abandoned fairgrounds near Twin Lakes, Lauren, locked in a dilapidated animal cage, stared into her captor's face. Sarah's face, altered by cosmetic surgery, looked remarkably like Lauren's. Lauren, thinking the deep-voiced woman was Sheila, told her captor that the plan wouldn't work. Sarah laughed madly, insisted her plan would work, and announced that she wasn't Sheila.

Lauren cried that she couldn't believe "Sheila" had survived and noted that Sheila was the only person crazy enough to change her face from one like Phyllis' to one like hers. Sarah again explained that she wasn't Sheila as Ryder and Daisy appeared. Lauren warned "Sheila" to stay away from her family as the evil woman walked away. Lauren ordered Daisy tell her who "Sheila" was, and she reminded Daisy and Ryder that she'd survived Sheila's numerous attacks in the past. Ryder said, "She's not our mother." Daisy ordered Ryder to hush and explained that Lauren would soon learn Mama Bear's identity.

Daisy pulled Ryder aside and blasted him for talking to Abby outside the entrance to the abandoned park. Lauren strained to overhear the conversation between Daisy and Ryder. Daisy promised not to tell Mama Bear about Ryder's encounter as long as he did everything she ordered him to do. Ryder gulped and looked grim-faced when Daisy reminded him about Mama Bear's reaction when angered.

Lying inside a wooden crate, Jana complained of constant headaches. Sarah lifted the lid of the crate, and Jana was surprised to see a familiar face, and believed that Lauren was her savior. Jana was overjoyed when "Lauren" extended her hand to help Jana out of confinement. As Sarah unlocked Jana's handcuffs, she claimed that Daisy and Ryder had led her there. Jana wrapped her arms around Sarah and cried, "Oh, Lauren, I am so glad to see someone I know." Sarah, her lips glazed a garish coral, grinned cunningly.

Sarah tenderly clasped Jana's hand as Jana reminded "Lauren" that she'd tried to warn her about Daisy and Ryder. Sarah acted shocked when Jana explained that Daisy and Ryder, twins, were Sheila's children. Jana rattled the bars of her cell and insisted that they must escape at once. Sarah assured Jana that their husbands would soon connect the dots and rescue them. Jana held the back of her head and cried that she desperately wanted to be with Kevin. Resuming her lower-toned voice, Sarah scoffed at Jana and said, "Hate to break it to you, Jana, but I'm not Lauren."

Jana, her face smudged, stared disbelieving at the cold woman she mistook for Lauren. Lauren approached a stunned Jana, who alternated glances between the two women before her. Sarah exclaimed, "Oh, the wonders of cosmetic surgery!" Ryder and Daisy joined their cohort. Lauren convinced Jana that she was the real Lauren by recalling Jana's desire for a purple skirt at the boutique. As Jana embraced Lauren, she vowed to give Jana the skirt and all accessories after their release.

Lauren, still clutching Jana, said, "When we get out of here, we're going to see our families again." Sarah responded, "Oh, my God! That's what I said-word for word. Damn, girl, I'm almost better at being you than you are." Lauren clung to Jana as she cast a distrustful glance at Sarah. Sarah taunted Lauren and Jana and claimed that they were nauseating as they hunkered together in their cell. "You'll be nice roomies while it lasts," Sarah uttered menacingly. Lauren glared at her double and asked, "Who the hell are you?" Sarah announced that she was Sheila's sister, Sarah, who had come to avenge her sister's death.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At Neil's, he and Malcolm discussed the explosion at the Athletic Club, and how Adam had gotten the death that he deserved. The conversation shifted to Lily and her condition. Neil said that as soon as Lily regained her strength, she would begin another round of chemotherapy. Malcolm didn't think that chemo was the answer -- he reminded Neil that the first round had nearly killed her, and hadn't stopped the spread of her cancer.

Malcolm felt that Lily should get a second opinion. An irritated Neil told Malcolm that he was being negative -- and that it wasn't Malcolm's place to try to take over Lily's life. Malcolm said that, whether Neil liked it or not, he was part of the family. Malcolm reminded Neil that if hadn't run into Olivia at Heathrow Airport, he wouldn't even know that Lily was ill.

Neil and Malcolm began bickering. Neil said that he must have missed the memo saying that he was responsible for keeping Malcolm up-to-date on the daughter in whom Malcolm had never shown any interest. Malcolm said that Neil was still judging him -- and had been since they were in high school. Neil said that Malcolm still acted like he was in high school -- he was as arrogant as ever.

Malcolm reminded Neil that he had lost everything when he had injured his knee -- his college scholarships and his football career. He wondered if Neil could blame him for not handling his injury well. Neil asked Malcolm if he knew the toll that watching him falling apart had taken on the family. Malcolm said that was why he left. Neil said that whenever Malcolm heard something that he didn't like, he ran away -- and Neil wasn't going to allow him to do that to Lily.

Malcolm told Neil that his knee injury, which had occurred when Malcolm was seventeen, had ended his dreams. He wondered if Neil's heart broke for him -- or if Neil had been "lovin' it." Malcolm said that every time he screwed up, Neil seemed to feel vindicated -- that Neil wore Malcolm's mistakes like badges of valor. Malcolm told Neil that he had run away from "Neil the righteous -- the good -- the reliable." Malcolm said that it took him years to get over the hurt that Neil had caused him -- but he was just as much a part of the Winters family as Neil was, and he was staying in Genoa City.

Neil laughed at the idea that Malcolm was suddenly becoming a family man. Malcolm said that Neil would be disappointed if Malcolm turned out to be someone who Lily could rely on. Malcolm calmed down a bit and said that he and Neil would never be the best of friends -- that there was no trust between them, and they had nothing in common. Neil agreed, saying that the only thing that they had in common was Lily, and she didn't deserve to see Neil and Malcolm fighting. The brothers agreed to put their disagreements aside when they were around Lily, and, when they weren't, to stay away from each other instead of trying to make their relationship work. When Malcolm said, "We ain't never gonna be the Huxtables," Neil chuckled.

Lily and Cane sat on a bench at a park and watched children play. Lily said that she wanted motherhood badly -- but felt her hope was slipping away. Cane put his arm around her and said that their marriage hadn't slipped away. Lily reminded Cane that they had made a decision to save their marriage, but they didn't have a decision to make regarding her cancer -- the choice of whether she recovered or not wasn't theirs.

Cane said that Lily did have a choice to fight, and to believe that one day she would be watching their kids playing in the park. Cane said that the odds against Mac getting pregnant using Lily's harvested eggs had been astronomical, but that Mac got pregnant against the odds. He told Lily that he believed that someone was looking out for them -- and that everything would be all right.

Lily said that she couldn't pretend that she wasn't scared. Cane told her that he knew that she was afraid, but that she shouldn't focus on the fear. She said that she hadn't completely given up hope -- but it was possible that their twins would grow up without a mother. Lily thought that they were running out of treatment options. Cane said that it was time for them to discuss their options -- and that he had invited an expert to help them. Lily was thrilled when Cane called Olivia over.

Olivia and Lily hugged. Lily told her aunt how proud she was that Olivia had gone to lend medical assistance in Haiti. Olivia said that she had been in constant contact with Lily's doctors, and that she knew exactly what Lily's condition was. She said she would help Lily make medical decisions. Lily said that there was no one she would trust more. Olivia suggested that they head over to the Ashbys' and look at all the research that she had gathered.

At the Ashbys', Olivia reviewed the cutting-edge research and trial treatment protocols for Lily's cancer. Lily was happy to learn that she was eligible for the different trials. Olivia said that they would have to narrow it down to the one that seemed the best option. She hugged Lily and urged her not to give up.

The doorbell rang, and Cane answered the door to Neil and Malcolm. Olivia, initially not seeing Malcolm, hugged Neil. She was stunned when she saw her ex-husband. Malcolm told Olivia that she looked terrific. Olivia said that Malcolm looked good, too, and that it had been years since they had seen each other. Neil said that he thought that Malcolm and Olivia had run into each other recently at Heathrow Airport, and that was when Malcolm had learned about Lily's cancer. Olivia looked confused, and Malcolm looked like he was caught in a lie.

At Crimson Lights, Fen kept asking Michael where Lauren was. Kevin distracted the boy by taking him into the back room to show him a new computer game. The Bardwells showed up, having been summoned by Michael. Jeffrey and Gloria began discussing the explosion at the Athletic Club, and Michael couldn't get a word in edgewise. He finally blew his top and told them that Lauren had been missing since the explosion.

Daniel and Amber arrived at the coffeehouse, where Kevin told them that Jana had been right about Ryder and Daisy. Kevin told them about the mysterious text message that he had received, and how it had led him to search for Jana at the abandoned amusement park. Kevin said that Lauren and Jana's disappearances were connected to Ryder, Daisy, Tom Fisher, and Sarah Smythe.

Kevin told the Romalottis that Michael and Paul were working with the police to try to locate the two women. Amber said that there were things that they could do that the police couldn't -- and she pulled out the Ouija board. She told Kevin and Daniel that she and Jana had used the board to try to get information using a photograph of Ryder -- and the board kept spelling, "D-E-A-D." Kevin walked away, and Daniel told Amber that she had put her foot in her mouth.

Kevin joined Michael and the Bardwells. Michael told Gloria and Jeffrey that it looked like Lauren had bailed Ryder and Daisy out of jail. Jeffrey asked why Lauren would do that. Kevin and Michael theorized that perhaps Lauren had still been under the influence of drugs or the toxins in her office. Jeffrey wondered why Lauren had used a fake name, Sarah Smythe. Kevin said that Sarah was a real person, and that Paul was in Green Bay investigating her. Gloria said that Tom had never mentioned a Sarah Smythe. Michael said that if they found Sarah, they would find Lauren and Jana.

Michael received an envelope from Paul, which contained information on Sarah. Mike eagerly opened the envelope, and said that perhaps Sarah looked like Lauren -- that would solve one mystery -- that it had been Sarah, and not Lauren, who had bailed Daisy and Ryder out. Michael pulled out a picture of Sarah, and was disappointed that she didn't look like Lauren, although he did think that she looked familiar. Amber agreed.

Michael told the group that Sarah was a nurse who had been suspected of killing some patients who were under her care. Kevin read some notes from Sarah's case file -- the investigator thought that Sarah had been guilty, but he had no evidence. Sarah had disappeared after the mysterious patient deaths.

Continuing to look over the information, Kevin learned that Sarah had twins -- a boy and a girl. He thought that perhaps Daisy and Ryder were Sarah's children, but then realized that Daisy was seventeen, while Ryder was in his twenties. Scanning another document, Kevin said that a friend of the twins had gone missing -- and the twins were the prime suspects in the disappearance, but, as with Sarah, there hadn't been any evidence.

Amber thought that perhaps Ryder was one of the twins, and that the missing friend had been trying to speak to her and Jana through the Ouija board. The group wondered how Daisy was connected to Sarah and Ryder. Michael approached the group and said that he was going to take Fen home. Amber said that she would join Michael so she could go through Daisy's things, and hoped to find some sort of clue.

On the patio, Gloria overheard Jeffrey ending a call on his cell phone. She asked what he was up to, but he told her to wait and see -- he had a surprise for her. Jeffrey suddenly said that he had a meeting and had to leave. Gloria said that she didn't think so -- that she was going to stick with him to make sure that he stayed out of trouble.

Jeffrey told Gloria that she should trust him, since he was the one who had found Kevin when he went missing. Gloria reminded Jeffrey that had been a fiasco. Jeffrey said that he didn't want to get Gloria's hopes up, but he was just one phone call away from sealing a deal. When Jeffrey's cell phone rang, Gloria grabbed it and answered it. She told the caller that Jeffrey would have to get back to him. She was angry with Jeffrey -- the call had been from Amos Slaughter, the bounty hunter. Gloria said that she wanted professionals to handle the women's disappearance. Jeffrey said that Amos was a professional. Gloria wondered how good Amos could be -- after all, he didn't have a reality show.

Kevin, Amber, Michael, Daniel, and Fenmore were at the Baldwins' condo. Amber showed the group the half of the photograph that she had found of Daisy with a little boy. She guessed that the boy was the friend that had gone missing. Amber took Fen to put him to bed. Kevin suddenly realized that Daisy had lied about her age. He said that, in the half that they were looking at, Daisy was as tall as Ryder had been in the picture of Ryder that comprised the other half of the photo. He said, "Daisy's his twin sister -- which means she's also my sister."

Amber rejoined the guys. Daniel suggested that perhaps Ryder was the "brains" behind what was going on -- and that he had tricked Daisy into going along with his plan. The rest of the group felt that Daisy was a willing participant, and not the "sweet young thing" that she had pretended to be. Michael said that Eden had never trusted Daisy, and Eden had been whisked out of the country after allegedly setting the Carlton house afire. Amber said that she had never trusted Daisy either.

Daniel wondered why Amber had recommended Daisy for the job at Lauren's boutique. Amber said that, at the time, she hadn't realized that Daisy was a psychopath. Michael wondered why Ryder, Daisy, and possibly Sarah had been targeting Lauren. He thought that if they wanted to avenge Tom's death, they would go after the Abbott family, since John had killed Tom. Kevin wondered why they hadn't gone after him or Gloria. Michael said that there was more to the story.

In a cage at the abandoned amusement park, Jana slept with her head in Lauren's lap. Jana woke up with a start, and Lauren had to convince her that she was the real deal -- that she wasn't Sarah. Lauren told Jana that she never knew that Sheila had a sister or twins. Jana wondered if it were possible that Daisy, Ryder, and Sarah were lying. Lauren said that Sheila's last words to her had been, "You'll never be rid of me." Lauren worried about what the threesome might do to Fen. Jana said that she and Lauren might be able to escape.

Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder entered the cage with breakfast for the two women. Lauren said that their plan would never work. She suggested that, since Sarah looked exactly like her, Sarah should take Lauren's license, clean out Lauren's bank accounts, take Ryder and Daisy, and leave the country. Sarah said that it wasn't about money -- it was about justice. Lauren said that justice had already been served -- when she shot Sheila dead years earlier.

Sarah told Lauren to get comfortable in the cage -- that it was going to take Sarah a while to completely destroy Lauren's life. Daisy told Sarah to take her time -- that Lauren had taken years making her and Ryder's lives miserable. Jana asked Daisy if she was that stupid, and chided her for believing what Sarah must have told them. Jana said that it had been Sheila who had tried to destroy Lauren's life. Lauren said that Sheila had evidently abandoned her children while trying to torment Lauren. Lauren wondered whether Ryder was buying everything that Sarah had told him -- Lauren said that she hadn't been the sadistic one.

Ryder said that Lauren had treated him like dirt. Lauren said that she had been suspicious of Ryder's motives -- evidently with good reason. Ryder said, "Like you had good reason to murder our mother?" Lauren said that she had no choice but to kill Sheila -- that she had done it in self-defense. Sarah showed Lauren a picture of herself and Sheila, saying, "You killed my sister. You orphaned her children." Sarah said that her life's mission was to destroy Lauren.

Out of earshot of the two prisoners, Daisy suggested that Sarah kill Jana and Lauren. Sarah said that Lauren deserved to suffer, and that Sarah was going to take over Lauren's life. She said that she would think about killing Jana. Sarah went to get Lauren's purse -- she said that she and Daisy were going shopping. When Sarah stepped away, Ryder wondered if Daisy were upset because Jana had called her "stupid," and he wondered when she had become so cold-blooded. She said that someone had to do the dirty work -- and that Ryder was a wimp. Ryder said that he wasn't scared of anything. Daisy replied, "Except maybe me."

Inside the cage, Jana asked Lauren if Kevin had stopped loving her. Lauren assured her that Kevin was confused, but that he hadn't. Jana thought that perhaps it had been Kevin's voice she had heard the other night. Lauren said that they couldn't count on that. They agreed that their best bet to escape would be by wearing down Ryder. Before they tried that, they decided to choose a code word so that Jana would know when she was with the real Lauren, and not with Sarah.

As the women tried to choose a word, Ryder showed up with some bottles of water for them. Jana told Lauren that Ryder had been as nice to her as Daisy would allow. Ryder said, "You act like I had a choice." Jana said that he could choose to be part of Kevin's family. Lauren said that the Fishers would treat him much better than Daisy and Sarah had. Ryder replied, "Says the woman who murdered my mother." He said that Daisy and Sarah hadn't forced him into what he was doing -- that Lauren had, the day she had killed Sheila.

Lauren said that Ryder didn't owe Sheila a thing -- and that he would never get any respect from Daisy and Sarah. Ryder said that Lauren and Jana would say anything to get out of their cage. The women said that they were offering him a chance to be a part of a real family, where he could make his own decisions, and wouldn't have to follow orders. Ryder said that Sarah wasn't the one for Jana and Lauren to worry about -- that they should worry about Daisy, as Daisy had done a lot worse than locking people in cages.

Ryder said that he couldn't help Jana or Lauren -- that he was in too deep, and there was no way out. As Lauren tried to persuade him that wasn't true, Sarah and Daisy returned. Sarah modeled a new "Lauren-style" dress. Jana said that Sarah couldn't pull the switch off -- that she lacked Lauren's class. Sarah ordered Daisy to take Lauren's wedding ring off. Lauren was initially resistant, but Daisy said that she would cut off Lauren's finger if she had to. Sarah put on Lauren's ring and said, "It's time for Lauren to go home."

After Sarah left, Daisy and Ryder spoke privately. Daisy correctly guessed that Lauren and Jana, knowing that Ryder was the "weak link," had tried to get him to release them. Ryder said that he wasn't weak. Daisy said that it would have been a "boneheaded" move for Ryder to release the women. He said that it wouldn't have worked out well for him -- or for anyone else who knew where they were hiding -- like Abby.

Inside the cage, Jana fell to the ground and writhed in agony. She said that she was suffering from one of her stress headaches. Jana said that they would escape, and that Sarah wouldn't be able to fool Michael. Lauren said that Jana was right -- that Michael knew Lauren too well.

At the Baldwins' condo, the people in room gasped as Sarah, disguised as Lauren, entered. She walked over to Michael, held him, and said, "It's so good to be home."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michael, Kevin, Amber, and Daniel were stunned when Sarah, disguised as Lauren, showed up at the Baldwins' condo. Michael hugged "Lauren," who said that she was sorry that she had worried him. When Kevin asked "Lauren" where she had been, she replied that it was hard to explain. Amber asked "Lauren" if she had been kidnapped. "Lauren" said that she hadn't -- and that her disappearance had nothing to do with Daisy and Ryder. She said that she wanted to speak with Michael privately.

The Romalottis left. Kevin was obviously disappointed that "Lauren" hadn't been with Jana. She said that she had no news regarding Jana's whereabouts. Kevin left the apartment. After he was gone, Michael asked "Lauren" what had happened. She said that she wished that she could spare him the explanation -- that it would be hard for him to hear.

"Lauren" said that she hardly remembered what had happened, but that she had left the ball before the explosion. She told Michael that everything was hazy -- but the last thing she recalled happening at the ball was dancing with Michael. She said that the next thing she remembered was being in a hotel room with a man she didn't know. Becoming teary-eyed, "Lauren" said that she had slept with the man. Michael was stunned. "Lauren" begged Michael to forgive her.

Michael wondered if "Lauren's" experience in the hotel room could have been a drug-induced hallucination. Becoming frustrated and sounding irate, Michael wondered who the man in the hotel room was. "Lauren" said that she didn't remember anything about him. Michael said that the incident wasn't her fault -- he blamed himself for not staying with her at the ball. "Lauren" wondered if Daisy and Ryder could have been at the ball and spiked her drink.

Michael said that wouldn't explain what had happened before the ball. He told her that she had bailed Ryder and Daisy out of jail. "Lauren" feigned surprise. Michael told her about the security tape at the jail that, he thought, showed her in disguise, speaking with Ryder and Daisy just before she bailed them out. "Lauren" said that she thought that someone named "Sarah Smythe" had posted bail for Ryder and Daisy. Michael explained that "Lauren" had used the name "Sarah Smythe."

"Lauren," obviously knowing the answer, asked Michael if Sarah Smythe was a real person. Michael explained that Sarah was a nurse who had lived in Green Bay, and that Paul was investigating her. He said that Sarah had been a murder suspect, and that she had been acquainted with Tom Fisher.

"Lauren" said that someone was trying to ruin the Baldwins' marriage. She begged Michael not to let them, and asked him not to leave her. Michael said that they would get through the situation. Fen emerged from his room and was happy to see the woman he thought was his mother. Fen began singing a song that he had obviously sung with Lauren, and was upset when "Lauren" didn't know the words.

Michael told his son that his Mommy was too tired to sing. She told Fen that she became grouchy when she was hungry, and asked the boy to make her a snack. Upset, Fen ran into his room. Michael told "Lauren" that they needed to get her to a doctor. She insisted that she didn't want to see one. "Lauren" said that she wanted to go to sleep and pretend that her disappearance hadn't happened. She said that if she weren't feeling well in the morning, she would make an appointment to see the doctor.

"Lauren" said that she had stopped by the boutique to pick up the dress that she was wearing, as she didn't want Fen to see her in her ball gown. She told Michael that the contractor at the boutique was behind schedule and doing poor work. When she walked away for a moment, Fen joined Michael and asked him why she seemed so mad. Michael assured Fen that it wasn't the boy's fault, and then sent him back to his room to set up a computer game -- Michael said that he would join his son and they could play the game together.

When Fen returned to his room, Michael called Dr. Walker and told him that Lauren had been exposed to another toxic substance. Michael looked at his watch and told the doctor that they could be at his office later. He also asked for a referral to a psychiatrist. Dr. Walker recommended Dr. Emily Abbott.

Michael made himself a drink. "Lauren," wearing a revealing negligee, returned to the living room and told him that she wanted to make it up to him. Michael reminded her that she had just told him that she had slept with another man. He said that he had made an appointment to see the doctor and was going to schedule one with a psychiatrist. "Lauren" said that she knew that was Michael's way of trying to take care of her, but doctors weren't what she needed. "Lauren" tried to touch Michael, but he rebuffed her advance. Before walking out of the living room, Michael informed her that he was going to sleep in the guest room that night. After he was gone, Sarah finished Michael's drink and smiled evilly.

Jana and Lauren were still imprisoned in the cage at the abandoned amusement park. Jana said that Lauren should try to escape by herself, before she became too exhausted and hungry. Jana screamed in headache-induced pain. Lauren called for Ryder, and Ryder and Daisy walked over. Lauren chided Ryder for allowing Jana to suffer after everything that the Fishers had done for him. A sarcastic Daisy said that perhaps Jana needed a luxury spa. Lauren said that Jana needed something for her pain.

Ryder said that he couldn't just go into a store and purchase pain medication. Daisy said that she was sure that Jana was faking. After Ryder and Daisy walked off, Jana thanked Lauren for trying to help her. Lauren thought that perhaps Ryder would assist Jana, but Jana didn't think so. Jana again urged Lauren to try to escape without her, so that Lauren could warn Michael and Kevin about Sarah.

Jana told Lauren about the other half of the torn photograph of Ryder, which showed a younger Daisy with a boy. Jana said that Max had gone missing, and that apparently Ryder and Daisy were the last people to have seen him alive. When Lauren asked if Jana thought that Daisy and Ryder were responsible for Max's disappearance, Jana said that she would bet money that Daisy had killed Max.

Privately, Ryder said that if it were up to Daisy, Lauren and Jana would be dead. He said that they could use Jana for leverage -- if she were unharmed. Ryder called Abby and asked her if she were busy.

Lauren hoped that Michael would see through Sarah's disguise. When Lauren called out for Ryder, Daisy showed up outside the cage. Daisy said that, for someone who was living in a cage and smelled like an animal, Lauren was acting like a pampered princess. Lauren said that she was trying to keep Jana alive, and warned Daisy that if Jana died, Daisy would pay for it. Daisy told Lauren that she wasn't in a position to make threats. She said that "Mama Bear" had gone to the Baldwin home -- and was with Michael and Fen. Daisy told Lauren that she might call "Mama Bear" and tell her that Lauren was misbehaving, just to see what "Mama Bear" would do. Daisy said that Lauren should be kissing up to her, and not to Ryder.

Later, Daisy ate a hamburger and French fries in front of the two hungry women. When Lauren said that Daisy was acting like Sheila's spawn, Daisy said that she would take that as a compliment. Lauren reminded Daisy that she had taken Daisy in and given her a job. Daisy said that didn't make up for Lauren having killed her mother. Jana said that Daisy didn't have a conscience, and mentioned "poor little Max." Daisy said that Max had gotten off easy compared to what she had in mind for Lauren and Jana.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Amber and Daniel that he had been sure that Jana was with Lauren. A cynical Daniel said that he wasn't sure that Ryder and Daisy had taken Jana. Daniel pointed out that Kevin had received a letter and a phone call from Jana, informing Kevin that she was leaving him. Kevin countered that he had received a text message informing him that Jana was near a place where calliope music could be heard. Daniel said that didn't prove that Jana was being held against her will.

Amber asked Kevin to take her to the abandoned amusement park where he had searched for Jana. Daniel said that Amber needed to stop with her conspiracy theories, and that she and Kevin were setting themselves up for disappointment. Amber and Kevin took off.

Abby arrived at the abandoned amusement park and was carrying a bag filled with groceries. She heard Amber and Kevin approaching and hid. Amber told Kevin that he needed to keep believing that Jana hadn't left him. Abby rustled the grocery bag, and Amber and Kevin heard the noise. Kevin called out, "Jana?"

Abby revealed herself. When Kevin asked what she was doing there, Abby lied and said that she was meeting some friends for a picnic. Kevin obviously didn't believe her. Abby admitted that she was meeting a guy. Kevin and Amber told Abby that they were looking for Jana. Amber wondered if Abby and her friends knew that Daisy was a "total fraud." Abby said that she had heard that Daisy had been arrested.

Amber said that Daisy was probably long gone -- with her partner Ryder. Abby was shocked to learn that Ryder had been arrested along with Daisy. Kevin and Amber left. Ryder appeared, and Abby immediately asked him if he had anything to do with Jana's disappearance.

Ryder said that he was used to people thinking the worst of him, but that Abby's accusation hurt him -- he had thought that she was different. Abby said that she had asked Ryder the question because she thought it might be more than a coincidence that he was hanging out at the park, and Amber and Kevin were looking for Jana at the park. Ryder pointed out that Abby was at the park, but that didn't mean she had anything to do with Jana's disappearance.

Ryder said that he was crazy thinking that a girl like Abby could be interested in a homeless guy like him. Abby was surprised to learn that Ryder was homeless. Ryder lied and said that he had just been camping out at the amusement park until he was able to get back on his feet. Abby asked Ryder to show her where he was staying, but he refused, saying that if they met at the park again, he might show her. She handed the bag of groceries to Ryder and left.

Ryder returned to Lauren and Jana's cage and threw a vial of pills in. He then tossed in a bottle of water. Daisy showed up and told the women that Michael had welcomed Sarah with open arms. She taunted Lauren by telling her that Michael and Sarah were getting ready for bed. Jana told Lauren not to listen to Daisy.

At the Ashbys', Malcolm admitted that he had lied about running into Olivia at Heathrow Airport because he hadn't felt like answering questions on the real reason that he had returned to Genoa City. Cane wondered why Malcolm was hiding the truth. Malcolm admitted that he didn't know that Lily was sick when he returned. He tried to change the subject, and said that everyone should focus on Lily. Neil said that he wasn't buying anything that Malcolm said.

Neil wondered if Malcolm really had something to hide -- or if he was a pathological liar. Malcolm said that he had returned to Genoa City for personal reasons that he didn't care to discuss -- but those issues had been pushed out of his mind when he learned that Lily was ill. Neil and Malcolm began arguing. An upset Lily said that she needed some space, and left the house. Cane joined Neil in scolding Malcolm, and told him that he had upset Lily. Olivia said that Malcolm's attitude was affecting the family.

Lily went to Crimson Lights, where she ran into Daniel. They sat together, and Daniel told her a bad "cancer joke" that made Lily chuckle. He asked Lily how she was doing. Lily said that there were some clinical trials that she was eligible for -- but her odds weren't good. She said that she was feeling "all over the place" -- scared, furious, and guilty for making the "reckless" decision to have two babies who might never know their mother.

As Daniel held Lily's hand, she said that if she died, Cane would be deported, and the babies wouldn't have either parent. Daniel said that the babies weren't mistakes -- they were miracles. He told Lily that they would be adored by everyone who loved Lily, but that her death was the worst-case scenario. He said that Lily was no better at predicting the future than he was at telling jokes. Lily thanked Daniel for his support.

Daniel asked Lily how Cane was taking things. She told him that Cane was trying to be supportive, but she knew that he was freaking out. When Daniel asked how Neil was doing, Lily said that he was taking out his fear on Malcolm. Daniel said that he was there for her any time she needed to talk.

Amber and Kevin returned to Crimson Lights. Amber didn't looked please to see Daniel and Lily together. Lily hugged Daniel and was about to leave, but Olivia showed up at the coffeehouse and took her aside. Amber and Kevin joined Daniel, and Amber said that Daniel didn't have to bother saying, "I told you so." Daniel said that he wished that he had been wrong.

Alone with Amber, Daniel kissed her. Amber said that she had been worried that Daniel was mad at her. Daniel said that he was grateful to have Amber. Amber guessed that Lily wasn't doing well, Daniel said, "We're so lucky," and hugged his wife. Kevin joined them and said that there were no new messages about Jana on the website. He told the Romalottis that chasing down leads was driving him nuts. Daniel and Amber told him not to give up hope.

Back at the Ashbys', Cane told Malcolm and Neil that he was going to call Lily and ask her to return home, so the Winters brothers either needed to "work it out or take it elsewhere." Cane walked out the front door to make the phone call, and left Malcolm and Neil alone. The brothers continued their arguing. Neil said that Malcolm didn't belong in the family -- that he couldn't be trusted.

Cane called Lily, who was sitting with Olivia at Crimson Lights, and told her that it was okay for her to return home. After Lily hung up, Olivia told her that her unborn babies might hold the key to a cure. Olivia explained that they might be able to extract fetal cells from Mac's amniotic fluid while the babies were in utero, and the cells might save Lily's life. Lily wondered if the procedure was dangerous. Olivia said that they would have to get Mac's consent.

At the Ashbys', Malcolm said that he would leave, so as not to cause Lily any more stress, but that he would be there if his daughter needed him. When Malcolm walked out, Cane closed the door behind him. Cane told Neil that he understood Neil's point of view, but that Lily needed all the support she could get. Neil said that Lily needed people she could rely on -- and that Malcolm was too unreliable.

Outside the front door, Malcolm made a call on his cell phone and said, "Keeping our secret's getting harder every day."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

At the Genoa City Police Station, Chance was on the phone with the dry cleaning company that had allegedly lost Nick's tuxedo jacket. He asked them how often they lost things -- they obviously responded that they rarely or never did, because Chance said, "That's what I thought."

Chloe showed up at the station with a picnic basket that Esther had prepared for the two of them. Chloe, slightly disappointed, said that she thought that since she and Chance had become "closer," he would be spending more time at home and less time at work. She wondered if he was any closer to finding Adam's killer. Chance said that he had a ton of suspects and questions, but no answers.

As the couple ate, District Attorney Pomerantz stopped by the station to discuss the case with Chance. Chloe went to the ladies' room so that the men could speak privately. Chance reviewed his list of suspects with the D.A. Billy was the first person discussed. Chance said that Billy claimed to have been drunk and alone in a suite at the Athletic Club when Adam had been killed. Chance didn't believe Billy's story -- he believed that Billy had probably been with a woman, but he didn't understand why his uncle would lie about that. Chance showed Pomerantz the two masks that had been found in Billy's suite.

Chance said that Jack was a possibility -- he was cold-hearted enough, but was too smart to have shoved a monogrammed handkerchief down Adam's throat. Next on Chance's list was Patty, in her Emily disguise, who probably had access to Jack's handkerchief, and had claimed that Adam had drugged her before he escaped. Chance mentioned that both Heather and Rafe, both jilted ex-lovers of Adam's and present at his mock trial, were suspects.

Chance then turned to the Newman family -- he said that Victor had to have been hurt and "pissed" when he learned what Adam had done. He told Pomerantz that Nick and Victoria both hated Adam, and that they had been acting suspiciously since the ball. Chance said that Nikki was on the list -- he told Pomerantz that she was fiercely protective of her family, and was probably saying less than she knew.

Chance finished his list with Phyllis, Sharon, and Ashley. He said that he suspected that Phyllis had been lying about the whereabouts of Nick's tuxedo jacket. Chance told the D.A. that Adam had stolen Sharon's baby and then told her that the baby died, which gave Sharon motive. He said that Ashley also had motive -- that Adam had terrorized her and had caused her to miscarry. Chance picked up a pile of the suspects' photographs and told Pomerantz that he knew that Adam's murderer was in the pile -- he just needed to sift through the evidence to learn who the killer was.

Pomerantz left and Chloe returned. Chance showed her a wanted poster that he had printed -- the poster showed a picture of a tuxedo jacket identical to the one that Nick had been wearing the night of the ball. Chance said that he was going to distribute the poster to missions, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and discount clothing stores, in the hope that the jacket would turn up. Chloe wondered what the jacket would tell him. Chance replied, "Who killed Adam Wilson."

Later, Chance sat at his computer and remembered the night that he had gone to the Newman ranch, told Ashley, Victor, Nick, and Sharon that the body at the club had been positively identified as Adam, and served Victor with a search warrant for the Newman ranch. Chloe walked up behind Chance and turned his computer off. She said that she wanted to make sure that "Genoa's City's Finest" got some sleep -- and then added that she wasn't so much interested in him sleeping as she was in being in bed with him.

Chloe sat on Chance's lap and began kissing him. She said that she might have to seduce him at his desk. Chance acquiesced, and the couple began to leave. On their way out, Chance received a phone call. After he hung up, he told Chloe that something had just turned up in the murder investigation.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, still disguised as Emily, was irritated when Jack told her that dinner would be late because Ashley was on her way over. Jack asked Patty not to say anything to Ashley about her pregnancy. Disappointed, Patty asked why. Jack explained that, having just lost Faith, the news might be difficult for Ashley to handle. The doorbell rang, and an agitated Ashley walked in, complaining that her house had been searched and that she was being treated like a cold-blooded murderer. "Emily" said that the situation was ridiculous -- and that whoever had killed Adam was trying to implicate Jack by planting his handkerchief on Adam's body.

Ashley asked who would have done that. Jack suspected Victor. "Emily" said that, using her skills as a psychiatrist, she could get the truth out of Victor. Jack said that he wanted to steer clear of Victor for the time being. Ashley received a phone call from the district attorney -- he wanted to see her immediately.

In the cargo hold of the Newman jet, Nikki and Victor stood next to a crate that was labeled, "Human Remains." Victor told the pilot that they would be met by a funeral director in Kansas and that Adam was going to be buried next to Hope. He told the pilot that there wasn't going to be any service. The pilot said that he would let Victor know when they could take off.

Nikki wondered why Victor was going through all of the trouble of purchasing a casket, flying to Kansas, and having Adam buried there. She said that Victor didn't owe Adam anything. Victor said that he was doing it for Hope. Victor received a phone call from D.A. Pomerantz, who wanted to see him that night.

Nick and Phyllis visited Sharon at the Newman main house. Nick said that he had gone to the dumpster behind Jimmy's where Sharon said that she had dumped his jacket, but he couldn't find it. Sharon suggested that perhaps the dumpster had been emptied, but Nick said that it was full -- and he suspected that someone had found his jacket.

Sharon said that no one could have seen her dump the jacket. Phyllis began pressing Sharon to try to remember if she had seen or heard anything when she was putting the jacket in the dumpster, and explained that if the wrong person found the jacket -- which had Adam's blood on it -- then Nick would be in serious trouble. She reminded Nick and Sharon that the Newmans had been "screwed over" by the legal system many times in the past.

Nick told Sharon that Victor had lied to the district attorney. Victor had told Pomerantz that he had fought with Adam in the basement of the Athletic Club, but his father didn't mention that Nick had been present during the fight. Phyllis said that if Pomerantz found that out, it would be over for Nick.

Nick went upstairs to calm down the crying Faith. Trying to make small talk, Phyllis asked Sharon how Noah was doing. Sharon said that he was worried -- and that she was glad that he was in Paris. Sharon said that everything would turn out fine. Phyllis said that depended on whether Nick's jacket was found. Sharon added that there was also the problem of Victor's lie to the D.A. Although they agreed that the jacket was merely a piece of circumstantial evidence, Phyllis said that people liked to jump to conclusions. Sharon said that Nick had really wanted to kill Adam, as did she. Nick returned to the living room and said that he had made a decision -- he was going to tell the police the truth about everything.

Sharon and Phyllis begged Nick not to go to the police. Nick was worried that his jacket would turn up or that someone might have seen him when Victor was fighting with Adam. He said that he was supposed to be a role model, and wondered what kind of example lying would set for his children. Phyllis said that it would be better for him to be with his children than to be in prison for 50 years. Sharon said that the girls and Noah needed him. After the women continued pleading, Nick agreed not to go to the police. He looked at Phyllis and Sharon and said, "You two think I'm guilty, don't you?" Neither Phyllis nor Sharon responded.

Later, Nick took Phyllis to Crimson Lights for a cup of coffee. He reminded her that she still hadn't answered his question about whether she thought that he had killed Adam. Phyllis said that no one would blame him if he had, but Nick said that wasn't the vote of confidence that he was looking for. Phyllis told her husband that she supported him completely. Nick said that he knew how much she and Sharon wanted to help him, but that it would look "terrible" if his jacket showed up. Phyllis said, "Let's hope no one finds it."

Outside Jimmy's Bar, the homeless man who had taken Nick's jacket from the dumpster was wheeling a shopping cart and wearing the jacket. Mac showed up at the bar and invited the man in. He headed towards the restroom. Mac saw that Billy was drinking at the counter. She gently chided him, but he said that he had been good recently -- if you didn't count his being a murder suspect.

Mac wondered if Billy had an alibi for the night of the murder. He lied to Mac and told her that he had gotten drunk and had taken a suite at the club because he didn't want to drive home. Mac said that she knew that Billy was lying and asked him to tell her the truth. When Billy didn't say anything, Mac correctly guessed that Billy had been with a woman. Mac thought that was great -- the woman could vouch for him. Billy said that the problem was that he couldn't tell anyone whom he had been with.

After Mac realized that the woman who Billy had been with was married, Billy tried to change the subject and asked what was going on with Mac. She mentioned that she had met a homeless man outside the bar and he refused to eat. She hoped that he would go to the homeless shelter for the night. Billy said that perhaps he could contribute by convincing the man to eat. Mac told Billy that, although it might seem like fun and games to him, breaking up a marriage was serious business. Billy said that the marriage of the woman he had been with on the night of the murder was in trouble before he became involved with her.

Later, Billy sat at a table with Al, the homeless man, who was eating a cup of soup. Billy handed Al a 20-dollar bill and told him to get something more to eat. Mac emerged from the back room with a clean, warm jacket for Al. Al said that he liked the tuxedo jacket that he was wearing. Mac said that she would have that jacket cleaned and promised that she would return it to him. Al handed Billy the tuxedo jacket. Billy looked at the jacket, which obviously stank, and noted that it was Italian and expensive. Mac wondered if Al had stolen the jacket and asked Billy if they should try to find the jacket's rightful owner. Billy sniffed the jacket and said that there was no need to do that -- no one was going to want the jacket anymore.

Later, as Mac was putting the tuxedo jacket into a brown paper bag, Billy returned to Jimmy's. Billy said that she was harboring a fugitive, and showed her the wanted poster for the jacket. He said, "The jacket is wanted by the cops."

At Crimson Lights, J.T. got off the phone with Gabby, the babysitter, and reported to Victoria that Gabby was putting Reed to bed. Victoria said that it was killing her that she wasn't doing that. She said that she hoped that Reed didn't think that she wanted to be away from him. J.T. quipped that Reed had gotten used to Victoria not being around when she had gone to Dubai.

Victoria said that J.T. couldn't keep her from Reed -- that the judge would decide that she was a good mother. J.T. reminded Victoria that her entire family was under investigation for murder, and the police were all over the ranch. He predicted that someone on the ranch was going to be hauled off in handcuffs. He wondered if Victoria thought that Reed would be better off with her at that time, with the murder investigation in progress.

Victoria agreed that the ranch wasn't the best place for Reed, and agreed to let the boy stay with J.T. until the investigation was finished. She begged J.T. not to keep Reed away from her. J.T. said that he would never do that. Victoria asked J.T. to cancel the custody hearing, which was scheduled for the next day. She said that she didn't want things to get ugly. J.T. said that he didn't want Reed influenced by the Newmans -- he was afraid that their child would turn out like her family. Victoria wondered if J.T. wanted her to cut her family out of her life. J.T. asked if she could do that.

J.T. said that he wanted Reed kept away from Victor. Victoria said that if Victor couldn't see Reed, that would effectively stop the entire Newman family from seeing the child. J.T. said that he would do anything to stop Reed from growing up thinking that he could step on "everybody and anybody" to get what he wanted. Victoria admitted that her family wasn't perfect. She said that she would supervise the contact between Reed and her family members, but begged J.T. not to cut her family out of Reed's life.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Victor, accompanied by Nikki, and Ashley, accompanied by Jack, met with Pomerantz. He showed them Adam's laptop, which had been confiscated when Adam had been arrested. Pomerantz said that Adam had tried to erase the hard drive, but that the police department's forensic experts had been able to reconstruct it. He showed the group the video, which Adam had recorded the previous summer, of Ashley sleeping in her bedroom at the Newman ranch. Pomerantz said that the hard drive also contained schematics for the house, which showed all the places where Adam had planted surveillance equipment, as well as copies of receipts for the bugs.

Ashley said that she was sickened by the thought of Adam watching her and Victor in their bedroom. Pomerantz also said that they had found sound bites of Sabrina's voice on the disk. Pomerantz commented that the group didn't seem all that surprised -- that they seemed to have known all about what was on the computer. Victor said that they had their suspicions. Ashley said that she hated Adam, and added, "If he wasn't already dead, I'd..." Pomerantz said, "You'd what?"

Jack accused Pomerantz of trying to trick Ashley into confessing to Adam's murder. When the D.A. said that Ashley had a strong motive to kill Adam, Jack said people all over Genoa City had motive to kill Adam. Victor told Pomerantz that Ashley didn't kill Adam -- that he was sure about that. An upset Ashley left. Jack said that, in the future, if the D.A. wanted to question his sister, he should first contact the Abbott family's attorney. Pomerantz left.

Nikki said that she was shocked by the actual proof of Adam's spying on Ashley. Victor said that he was sickened that Ashley had reached out to Adam, only to be repaid by Adam nearly destroying her. Jack blamed Victor for causing "all this pain." Victor and Jack began arguing. Jack said that Victor had given his "psycho son" free rein at the Newman ranch. Victor countered by saying that Adam would never have been at the Newman ranch if Jack's machinations hadn't sent Adam to prison. When Jack called Victor a "self-righteous bastard," Victor suggested that they end their arguing before they did something they regretted.

Jack said, "Like what? Plant more evidence against me?" Victor seemed confused. Jack accused Victor of planting Jack's handkerchief on Adam's body. Victor said that Jack was fishing. Jack said that he would find evidence to prove that Victor was behind the planted handkerchief. Jack left.

J.T. and Victoria saw the altercation between Victor and Jack from inside the coffeehouse. An obviously upset J.T. told Victoria that he would see her in court the next day. He took off. Nikki joined Victoria. Victoria told her mother that she had almost convinced J.T. to cancel the custody hearing, but then he had seen Jack and Victor fighting. She said that J.T. was determined to keep her away from Reed, but that she wasn't going to let that happen. Nikki asked Victoria how she was planning on stopping J.T. Victoria said that she was going to do something that she had sworn she would never do -- play dirty, with Victor's help.

Nikki rejoined Victor in the cargo hold of the Newman jet. She told him that they couldn't land in Wichita, as the airport was closed due to bad weather. Victor stared at the crate containing Adam's body and said that they weren't going to Kansas -- after what he had seen on Adam's computer, he decided that Adam didn't deserve to be buried next to Hope. Victor took some papers off of the crate and tore them up. Nikki reminded Victor that Adam was his son. Victor said that Adam no longer existed to him. He then pushed the crate through a door in the cargo hold, and it rolled off of the plane.

Ashley and Jack returned to the Abbott mansion. When Patty learned that Victor had been at the meeting with the district attorney, she asked if Jack had confronted him about the handkerchief. Ashley said that she knew that Victor had done some questionable things -- but that he wouldn't kill his own son. Jack said that he wouldn't put anything past "the Black Knight," but admitted that he didn't know how Victor would have gotten his handkerchief. Patty said that perhaps Jack had dropped it.

Ashley and Jack went to the kitchen to make some tea. When they were gone, Patty remembered meeting up with Jack at the ball on the night of the explosion and Adam's murder. Jack had told her to stay put while he searched for Adam. Just before Jack walked off, Patty had taken Jack's handkerchief out of his jacket pocket.

Chance went to the basement of the Athletic Club. An officer showed him the new piece of evidence, which was on the floor. It was a bloodied pen. Using a pair of tweezers, Chance picked up the pen and examined it.

From the station, Chance called Chloe and told her that he needed to stay at work for a while longer. Chloe said that she would wait up for him -- she would be the one without the clothes on. After they hung up, Chance looked at the pen in an evidence bag. To himself, he said, "The pen that killed Adam."

Friday, April 16, 2010

At the Baldwins' apartment, Michael called Victor to say that he wouldn't be able to be at Reed's custody hearing later that day. Victor protested, saying that he paid Michael quite a large retainer and Newman business should be his top priority. Michael explained that he had a family emergency -- that Lauren had returned, but "wasn't herself." Michael told Victor that he was sending Julia Randall, his well-qualified associate, in his place. Victor told Michael that he understood.

Sarah, disguised as Lauren, entered the living room and told Michael that she had been lonely the previous night -- Michael had slept in the guest room. "Lauren" asked what was on the agenda for the day. Michael said that she needed to see the doctor. She said that she was fine, and that she wasn't going to the doctor. Michael insisted that she have blood work done, and said that he would have a nurse practitioner go to the apartment and draw "Lauren's" blood. Sarah looked concerned.

Michael told "Lauren" that he really wanted to find the explanation for her recent behavior. "Lauren" said that she was the same Lauren that he had known and loved. Michael didn't seem to accept that. He wondered why she hadn't even asked about Fen. He reminded her that it was Friday -- and that she and Fen always made pancakes together on Fridays. He said that it was the first Friday when she had ever forgotten about the pancakes. "Lauren" said that she had lost track of what day it was -- that she had lost some time, and that her head still wasn't screwed on straight.

Michael said that was why she needed to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Emily Abbott, Jack's wife. He told "Lauren" that she didn't remember bailing out Daisy and Ryder, had disappeared for two days, and had slept with another man. Michael said that her solution, a good's night sleep, just didn't cut it. "Lauren" walked toward Michael, and seductively said that the only person who could cure her was her "sexy husband."

Michael rebuffed her advances. He said that they should put off being intimate for a while -- he still hadn't gotten over her sleeping with another man. "Lauren" said that she was hurting, too, and urged Michael not to push her away. When Michael insisted that she see Dr. Abbott, "Lauren" asked if that was his way of punishing her. Michael said that he had never imagined that she would cheat on him, and that he was devastated. "Lauren" suddenly gave him the cold shoulder and said, "Fine. You need space? Take it." The doorbell rang, and Michael let the nurse practitioner in.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack read the newspaper and said that he couldn't wait until Adam's murder was no longer on the front page. He told Patty, who was still disguised as Emily, that he would be relieved when all the Abbotts were eliminated as suspects. "Emily" was concerned about Jack's handkerchief that had been found shoved down the throat of Adam's lifeless body -- she said that she was sure that Victor had planted the handkerchief.

Jack said that he was more concerned about Ashley. He told "Emily" that reporters were hounding his sister. When "Emily" began pouring herself a cup of coffee, Jack reminded her that pregnant women weren't supposed to have caffeine. "Emily" said that Jack was correct, and that the "pregnancy thing" was still new to her. Jack said that he wanted to accompany her to see an obstetrician and have the pregnancy confirmed. "Emily" quickly snapped, "No."

Realizing that she had overreacted, "Emily" said that she would see a doctor, but that Jack didn't need to go with her. She told Jack that she would prescribe herself prenatal vitamins. When Jack went upstairs to shower, Patty stared at the portrait of Emily and said, "Dr. P., how am I going to pull this one off? If Jack goes with me to the doctor, he'll find out that I'm not really pregnant."

After his shower, Jack rejoined "Emily." She told him that she had made a doctor's appointment for the end of the following week. When Jack asked if she could get something sooner, "Emily" said that she really wanted to see Dr. Stavropolous -- the best obstetrician in town. Jack said that he had never heard of her. Jack asked her for the day and time of the appointment. She said that it was scheduled for the following Friday at 3:00 p.m. Jack was surprised that "Emily" had forgotten that he had a standing squash game on Fridays at 3:00 p.m.

Jack said that he would cancel his squash game, but "Emily" urged him not to -- she said that she was just going to be told what she already knew. Jack told her that nothing was more important to him than their child. When he asked her if she needed a lift into town, she told him that she was seeing a patient at the house. Jack was shocked to find out that the patient was Lauren. Jack wondered if "Emily" had heard that Lauren had gone missing for a couple of days. "Emily" wondered where Jack had heard that. She was obviously unhappy when Jack told her that he had learned about Lauren's situation from Phyllis.

Later, outside the front door of the Abbott mansion, Michael escorted "Lauren" to her appointment. She kept insisting that she didn't need to see a psychiatrist -- that the nurse had said that she was fine. Michael said that Emily was tops in her field. He rang the doorbell. "Emily" answered, and the two imposters greeted each other.

As "Lauren's" session began, she admired the portrait of Emily above the fireplace. "Emily" said that she found it a little self-indulgent, and wished that Jack would take it down. The ladies sat down. "Lauren" asked "Emily" how she felt about "Reichian Breathwork." Obviously having no idea what that was, "Emily" asked "Lauren" how much she knew about it. "Lauren" said not much -- just what she had read. "Emily" covered by saying that there was value in many different types of therapy.

"Lauren" asked "Emily" about Jack. "Emily" said that Jack was a wonderful husband. "Emily" said that she should be asking the questions. "Lauren" said that she needed to be honest -- she hadn't wanted to go to see a psychiatrist. "Emily" said that most people were initially reluctant to undergo therapy, and asked "Lauren" how she was feeling about it after being there. Sarah smiled devilishly and said that she was very happy that she had kept the appointment.

"Lauren" talked to "Emily" about having been drugged and about the toxic fumes in her office. She said that she had disappeared, and that she didn't know why she had cheated on Michael. "Emily" wondered if "Lauren" was happy in her marriage. "Lauren" said that she missed going out to the clubs, and that it sometimes was tiresome being with Michael and Fen. "Emily" thought that being with a husband and a child sounded wonderful, and wondered if "Lauren" wanted to be a "bad girl."

"Lauren" said that "Emily" was "so clever," and that she did want to be a bad girl. "Lauren" walked behind "Emily" and applied a chokehold to her so that she could examine the roots of "Emily's" hair. Patty yelled, "What the hell?" Releasing Patty, Sarah announced, "You are not Dr. Emily Abbott. You are Patty Williams!" Patty was stunned.

Michael and Jack ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Jack said that he was sure that Emily could help Lauren. He wondered how Michael was holding up. Michael said that he used to feel like he was married to his best friend -- but that he and Lauren were losing their connection. Michael left to make a phone call. Jack clearly related to what Michael had said. He made a call to try to get a phone number for Dr. Stavropolous at Genoa City Memorial Hospital.

Jack called Dr. Stavropolous' office and learned that Emily hadn't made an appointment. Jack was shocked to learn that Dr. Stavropolous was a cardiologist. Jack left the coffeehouse. Michael entered from the patio, on the phone with Dr. Walker, Lauren's physician. Dr. Walker told him that Lauren's blood test results were all normal. Michael told the doctor that he hoped that Dr. Abbott could get to the bottom of Lauren's problem.

J.T., wearing a suit, showed up at Jimmy's to join Mac for a cup of coffee. J.T. reminded Mac that the custody hearing was scheduled for later that day. He said that it was a big day for Reed -- that it was a day that could affect the rest of the child's life. Mac asked how he and Reed were adjusting to their new place. J.T. unenthusiastically said, "Okay." Mac said that she would stop by to provide a "woman's touch," and also told J.T. that she would get some baseball posters and linens for Reed's room.

J.T. was happy with Mac's ideas. He said that he wanted Reed to grow up like a normal kid -- away from the Newmans. J.T. told Mac that his lawyer thought that he had a good shot at gaining full custody of his son -- but that J.T. had learned not to count on anything when Victor was involved. Mac asked him if he thought that Victor would interfere with the hearing, and J.T. said that he was sure that Victor would.

Mac told J.T. that he was the "consistent" and fantastic parent who Reed idolized. J.T. said that he felt guilty about fighting to keep Reed away from Victoria. Mac said that she had something to cheer up J.T. -- she reminded him that it was his birthday, and presented him with a gift. J.T. unwrapped the gift -- it was a framed photograph of him and Reed. J.T. thought that the picture was great, and that it was just the thing to start giving his new house a "homey" touch. As J.T. left for the hearing, Mac said that she had a good feeling about the way things were going to turn out.

Victoria went to the Newman main house to see Victor. She was upset that Michael wasn't going to be at the custody hearing. Victor said that he had spoken with Nikki and he knew that Victoria wanted his help in her quest to get custody of Reed. Victor said that he would do everything he could. Victoria told him that she couldn't lose her son. Victor said that she would walk out of the courthouse with full custody of Reed.

Victoria wondered how Victor could be so sure. He told her to trust him. Victoria reminded Victor that J.T. was Reed's father, and she didn't want him "shredded" in court. She said that J.T. was misguided, but he had Reed's best interests at heart. Victor said, "Do you want to play fair? Or do you want to win?"

Later, Victor paid a visit to the sauna at the Athletic Club. There was another man in the sauna. Victor approached the man and said, "Judge Wiley. Just the man I wanted to see."

At the police station, Chance held up an evidence bag containing the pen that he had recovered from the basement of the Athletic Club. He explained to the gathered officers that it wasn't your run-of-the-mill pen -- it was a Gibraltar X100, the most expensive pen money could buy. He told the group that its shape was consistent with the puncture wounds on Adam's chest -- and that DNA had been removed from the end of the pen. Chance suspected that the DNA would match Adam's, thus proving that the pen was the murder weapon. He posed questions for the officers -- where was the pen purchased, who bought it, and how did it end up in Adam's chest?

As the officers scattered to try to find the answers to Chance's questions, Billy showed up at the police station and told Chance that he had the tuxedo jacket that Billy had been looking for -- and that he would exchange it for an exclusive interview on the murder investigation.

Chance said that he thought that it was pretty bold for a suspect in the murder to try to make a deal with him. Billy said that they both knew that Billy hadn't killed Adam. Billy was stunned when Chance pulled the tuxedo jacket, in an evidence bag, out of his desk drawer. Chance told Billy that Mac had called him about the jacket, and, suspecting that Billy might try to use it as a bargaining chip, Chance had obtained a search warrant for Billy's office. Chance said that officers had found it in his office earlier that day. Chance told Billy that he proposed another deal -- he wouldn't charge his nephew with obstruction of justice if Billy told him who was in the Athletic Club suite with him on the night that Adam had been murdered.

Chance reminded Billy that Billy had said that he had been alone in the suite, but that all the physical evidence pointed to another person being in the room with him. Billy finally admitted that he had been with a woman -- but he lied and said that he didn't know the woman's name. When Chance asked him to describe the woman, Billy said that they had both been wearing masks. Chance told Billy not to joke around -- that this woman could turn out to be his alibi. Billy didn't budge from his story. Chance said that he knew that Billy was covering for someone -- and that he would find out the truth.

Later, an officer had information about the pen, which she shared with Chance. She had learned that the pen had been purchased overseas, and she had obtained the credit card receipt of the purchase. Chance looked at the receipt and said, "I'll be damned."

Billy went to Jimmy's to chide Mac for costing him an exclusive story on the murder investigation. Billy noticed a piece of the gift wrapping that had been around the picture that Mac had given to J.T. Mac said that it was J.T.'s birthday. Billy and Mac debated about whether Reed should be with J.T. or Victoria. Mac said that she didn't feel that Victoria had her priorities straight. Surprised that a pregnant woman would take the father's side, Billy said that he didn't know Victoria that well -- but she seemed pretty "together" to him.

Billy called Victoria, who was about to leave the ranch for the custody hearing. He told her that Chance knew that he hadn't been alone in the Athletic Club suite -- and although Billy hadn't said that he had been with Victoria, Chance was "hot on her trail." He also told her that Adam had been murdered between the time that he and Victoria had first seen each other at the ball and the time that they had ended up in the suite -- so they couldn't be each other's alibis. Victoria said that she was in a hurry -- she needed to get to the custody hearing -- and that she would talk with him later.

She hung up the phone and opened the front door -- where a police officer greeted her and told her that Detective Chancellor wanted to see her immediately. Victoria said that she was in a rush and that she would stop by the police station to give the detective a statement the following day. The officer was insistent that Victoria accompany him -- he didn't seem to care when Victoria said that she had to go to a custody hearing.

A harried-looking Victoria arrived at the police station with the officer. She told Chance that she would send over a written statement about her whereabouts on the night of Adam's murder -- but she had to attend a custody hearing. Chance told Victoria that he had some new evidence. He showed her the pen and asked her if she recognized it. Victoria said that she didn't. Chance explained that it was a Gibraltar X100, and that particular pen had been purchased in Dubai. He said that he knew that Victoria had been in Dubai recently. He then showed her the copy of the credit card receipt. Chance said that the pen had been found at the scene of Adam's murder, and that someone had plunged it into Adam's chest. He wondered if Victoria wanted to explain how the pen ended up at the crime scene -- as the murder weapon.

Chance told Victoria that Adam had deserved to be locked up in jail. He said that Adam was an ungrateful son, a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and a rotten brother, and that he wasn't surprised that someone had wanted Adam dead. Chance told Victoria that it was a crime of passion. He said that Victoria needed to tell him the truth about what had happened.

Chance peppered Victoria with questions. He asked her how her pen had gotten to the crime scene, and if she could account for her whereabouts at the time of Adam's murder. Victoria said that she had purchased the pen in Dubai. When Chance said that no one recalled seeing her at the time of the murder, she replied that everyone at the ball, including her, wore masks. Chance told Victoria that if she didn't produce an alibi witness or tell him who the pen belonged to, he would have no choice but to charge her. Victoria remained silent. Chance arrested Victoria for the murder of Adam Wilson.

Outside the courtroom, Victor asked J.T. where Reed was. When J.T. said that he was at preschool, Victor smugly told J.T. that Victor and Victoria would pick him up after the hearing. J.T. said, "You think this is a lock for you?" Victor told J.T. that custody was almost always awarded to the mother. J.T. replied, "Unless she's a suspect in a murder." J.T. told Victor that he didn't think that Victoria had killed Adam, but he wasn't sure about the rest of the Newmans. Victor said that if J.T said anything like that in public, he would sue him for defamation of character.

J.T. said that Reed shouldn't be around the site of a murder investigation, and that the boy was better off with him. Victor said that Reed was a Newman, and that J.T. wouldn't convince him otherwise. J.T.'s lawyer emerged from the courtroom and said that Judge Wiley was ready to begin. Victoria's lawyer, Julia, was concerned that Victoria hadn't arrived. Victor assured her that his daughter would be there any minute.

Inside the courtroom a little while later, Judge Wiley said that he couldn't wait much longer for Victoria. Julia assured the judge that Victoria would be there. The judge granted a ten-minute recess so that Victor could try to reach Victoria. J.T.'s lawyer told J.T. that things were looking good. A concerned J.T. said that it wasn't like Victoria. In the hallway, Victor called Victoria, but reached her voicemail. He left her a message wondering why she wasn't at the hearing.

Back inside the courtroom, Victor told the judge that Victoria wasn't answering her phone -- that something must have happened. Judge Wiley said that he had another case and couldn't wait any longer. Julia requested a postponement, but J.T.'s lawyer said that Victoria should have called to inform the court why she wasn't at the hearing. Judge Wiley said that he had no choice except to award J.T. full custody of his son. Victor looked devastated.

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