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Jack asked Emily for a separation. Michael wanted a separation from Lauren. Patty and Sarah concocted a plan to kill Michael and Phyllis. Amber walked in on a drugged Daniel in bed with Daisy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, April 26, 2010

At the abandoned zoo where Daisy, Ryder, and Sarah had imprisoned Jana and Lauren, smoke billowed from a fire Jana and Lauren set using a staple and a battery. The desperate prisoners carefully stoked the fire in hopes that someone might alert the fire department. Jana, anticipating a hasty rescue, told Lauren that Michael and Kevin would soon know that their wives still loved them.

Ryder appeared and asked Jana and Lauren if they were crazy for setting a fire. Ryder entered the cage and stomped the fire out. Outraged, Jana pleaded with Ryder to go away and let the fire department respond. Ryder warned Jana and Lauren that Daisy and Mama Bear would come down hard on him if something happened on his watch. Lauren assured Ryder that they'd persuade Michael and Kevin to go easy on Ryder if he aided them.

Daisy arrived, screeching that she'd seen smoke on her way in. Lauren expressed hope that Daisy hadn't been the only one to see it. Daisy ordered Ryder to take preemptive precautions and gag Jana and Lauren before help arrived. Before Daisy walked away, she said that Jana and Lauren might later need a rock bashed against their skulls. Terrified, Lauren and Jana begged Ryder not to follow through with Daisy's commands. Ryder tensed his jaw and explained, "This is all your fault. You brought it on yourselves."

Daisy and Ryder walked to the entrance of the zoo and intercepted a policeman who arrived to investigate the smoke. Daisy played it cool and lied that Ryder, a homeless man, had set the fire to heat a can of soup. Ryder apologized and promised to return to the shelter. Daisy assured the officer that she had extinguished the fire, but the officer arrested Ryder for vagrancy. Daisy suggested that the officer lead Ryder away quickly because he was prone to run away. Ryder glared at Daisy, and she seemed a bit uneasy about her callousness. After Ryder was taken away, Daisy breathed a sigh of relief.

Sarah and Daisy tied Jana and Lauren by their hands to the bars of their cage. After Jana learned about Ryder's arrest, she cried because she realized she'd no longer be given medication for her intense headaches. Lauren threatened Sarah and said that Michael would seek revenge. Sarah scoffed and insisted that she made Michael happy. Sarah suggested she could also make Kevin happy, if needed.

Lauren, her hands tied behind her with a strip of cloth, sawed at the knot with a shard of glass. Sarah ordered Daisy to take care of Jana, and Daisy, carrying a thick branch, approached Jana threateningly. Sarah stood face to face with Lauren and claimed that she wasn't annoying to Michael like Lauren was. Lauren warned Sarah that her luck would run out. Lauren, managing to free her hand, attacked Sarah and cut her forearm with the glass shard.

As the police officer who had arrested Ryder at the zoo entrance escorted him into the police station, Michael spotted them. Michael followed the officer and Ryder to a holding area. Desperate, Michael asked Ryder about Lauren. Ryder didn't respond, and the officer led his prisoner away. Michael was dejected.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack entertained Emily's brother while they awaited his "sister's" return. Emily's brother, Jamie, acted as if he carried a chip on his shoulder when Jack asked him how his sister had become a successful physician. Unshaven and slovenly dressed in a logoed T-shirt and tattered jacket, Jamie complained that his sister had always been a slave to the grindstone.

Jack watched Jamie swig imported beer from a bottle and noted that it had to have been difficult for him to live up to his sister's high standards. Jamie agreed and added that his sister had never told a lie in her life. Jack flashed back to the day he had confronted Emily about her supposed miscarriage. Jack told Jamie that perhaps he and his sister shared more common ground than they had in the past. Jamie responded that the only common ground between them was their allergy to cats.

The police station phoned Jack and asked to question Emily about Adam's escape from the hospital. Jack told the caller that his wife wasn't home, but he agreed to take her to the police station as soon as he could. After Jack hung up, he suggested to Jamie that they surprise Emily at her office.

At Emily's office, where Patty maintained her ruse as psychiatrist Dr. Emily Peterson Abbott, Sarah offered to kill Phyllis if Patty agreed to kill Michael. Sarah explained that Michael stood in the way of her living the sweet life as Lauren. Patty wasn't convinced she should because Michael had never done anything to her. Sarah claimed that the authorities wouldn't suspect Sarah of murdering Phyllis, nor would they suspect Patty of murdering Michael. Sarah added that Phyllis was the only thing standing in the way of Patty's perfect relationship with Jack. Patty wrung her hands nervously and claimed that she wasn't the type to commit cold-blooded murder.

After Sarah mentioned that Phyllis would soon want more of Jack, in every way, Patty flashed back to the night she had seen Phyllis and Jack making love on the sofa at the tack house. Patty considered killing Michael so that Sarah would kill Phyllis. However, Patty got cold feet and told Sarah she couldn't commit murder. Sarah reminded Patty that she'd changed her face in order to land her sweetie and should consider the murder an act of love for Jack. Sarah backed off, but she reminded Patty that their conversation was confidential. Jack and Jamie arrived. Sarah quickly excused herself and left.

Patty was upset about Jack's unannounced visit and complained that it made her seem unprofessional. After Jack mentioned that police wanted to question her about Adam's escape, Patty quickly insisted that the police would have to wait while she greeted her brother. Patty was overbearingly demonstrative and touched the man repeatedly as she spoke. Jamie was taken aback by his "sister's" forwardness. Patty said she was flattered that Jamie had taken a break from his work to visit, and she asked him if he'd noticed Jack's antiques. Jamie was puzzled, and he became angry because his sister seemed to be taunting him because he'd been unable to hold down a job.

After Jamie's provoked outburst, Patty stepped back from him, sighed heavily, and said, "She lied to me." Jamie and Jack asked Patty what she meant. Thinking quickly and regaining her composure, Patty explained that a mentor recommended that "Emily" and her brother put the past behind them. Jamie remained puzzled by his sister's mention of antiques, and he claimed she had never forgiven him for stealing her prescription pad. Patty apologized for not inviting her brother to her wedding and hoped that they could start over again, just as she had begun life anew in Genoa City. Jack reminded Patty that she had an appointment at the police station.

At the Genoa City police station, Victor, with Michael at his side, confessed to killing his son Adam. Sharon and Nick attempted to dissuade Victor's confession. Phyllis, uneasy, remained silent. Chance and Owen waited for Victor to continue after Michael demanded that Sharon and Nick allow Victor to speak. Victor offered to describe how Adam had been murdered if they released Nick, but Owen demanded Victor's story first. Michael counseled Victor that, once uttered, his confession couldn't be undone.

After Michael and Nick accompanied Victor into an interrogation room, Nick said, "You can cut the act now because we all know you didn't do this." Michael joined Nick and warned Victor that a confession would complicate matters. Noting the surveillance camera, Michael reminded Victor that Owen Pomerantz was a pompous ass who should have to work for a conviction. Nick added that there had been enough lies told already concerning the cabin, his jacket, and the pen. Michael also warned that Victor could face an obstruction charge. Victor seemed determined, so Nick and Michael begged him to consider his family. Before Nick walked out, he kicked a chair and insisted he wouldn't allow his father to hang himself.

Nick rejoined Chance and Owen and announced that everything his father was about to tell them was a lie and would waste valuable time they should invest in finding the real killer. Before Chance and Owen confronted Victor, Owen quipped that they would treat Victor's confession as if it were a form of entertainment. Phyllis wheeled herself near Nick and suggested that perhaps his dad was telling the truth. Nick maintained that his dad was not capable of killing Adam. Sharon reminded Nick that everyone had wanted Adam gone, so maybe Victor had made it happen. Nick shook his head and defiantly disagreed with Sharon's statement.

Nick listened as Sharon and Phyllis insisted that Victor would do anything necessary to protect his family. Phyllis added that at least Victor would be the one person who could get himself out of the situation. Sharon and Phyllis also agreed that Victor should go to prison instead of Nick, whose children needed him. Patty arrived, escorted by Jack and Jamie. Jack saw Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick and asked them what was going on. Phyllis explained that police had arrested Nick. Jack claimed that Victor had set him up by stuffing Jack's handkerchief in Adam's mouth. Jack insisted he wouldn't allow Nick to go to prison for Adam's murder. Sharon explained that Victor was confessing to a detective and the district attorney behind closed doors. Jack affirmed that Victor had murdered Adam.

Michael approached Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack and announced that police had arrested Victor for murder. Nick rolled his eyes and maintained that his dad was covering for him. Nick learned that police would also hold him. Chance and Phyllis argued, but Jack took her aside and told her that police knew that Nick hadn't killed Adam. Jack comforted Phyllis by holding her hands and kissing them gently as he promised Phyllis that Nick would soon be free. Patty fixed her eyes on Jack and Phyllis.

Jamie approached Patty and asked about Phyllis. Patty gave Jamie her prescription pad as a "gift" and told him to go away and leave her alone. After Jamie stepped away, Sarah phoned Patty and asked if she was ready to carry out their plan. Patty said she was. Jack was surprised to see Jamie leaving. Without further explanation, Jamie said that his sister wasn't the same Emily he "used to know," and he left.

In the interrogation room, Michael sat beside Victor as Victor stoically told Chance and Owen that he had hit Adam, who had tried to run away. Staring over the detectives' heads, Victor explained that he had caught up with Adam in the boiler room, and Adam had tried to hit him. Victor had noticed that a pen had fallen from Adam's pocket while he'd been confronting his son about the irreparable damage inflicted on his family. Victor said he had questioned Adam about what he'd done to Sharon and to Ashley, but Adam had only said that the baby his father and Ashley had lost had been better off dead. Victor said he'd known that Adam would never stop torturing his family because his eyes had been cold and devoid of his mother's goodness.

Victor claimed that the next sound he'd heard had been a blood-curdling scream. Victor said he'd seen the pen stuck in Adam's chest and realized his hand had been clenched around it. Victor claimed he'd stuffed Jack's handkerchief in Adam's mouth after Adam had been dead in order to pin the blame on his enemy. Victor added that he'd broken the gas pipe to cover his tracks because he'd known guests would leave after smelling gas.

Victor offered to write down his confession or appear before a judge, so nobody else would suffer the consequences of his actions. Michael suggested that Victor's crime had been one of passion. Chance said, "Your client just wasted our time with a complete load of crap. The pen belonged to Nick, and Adam's blood was on Nick's jacket, so your story doesn't check out. Chance threatened to lock up Victor and Nick.

Chance later told Owen that he wanted to investigate Adam's murder in order to learn the truth. Owen threatened Chance and said if police didn't find someone to convict, it would become Chance's problem. After Chance stepped out into the waiting area, he said that Nick would be returned to his cell. As Victor and Nick were being escorted to their cells, Victor told Nick that he was ready to pay for what he'd done. After Nick was led away, Sharon and Phyllis hatched a plan to gather everyone who'd been at the cabin together in order to find out who was letting Nick take the blame for Adam's murder.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Jill pumped Cane for information on who Tucker might put at the helm of Jabot. Cane said that, after the Restless Style article that had jeopardized Tucker's empire, he doubted that Tucker would choose Jill. Lily and Mac arrived for Mac's ultrasound. Cane asked Jill to stick around for the procedure, but she said that she had to leave.

After Mac went into the exam room, Lily told Cane that she had received a call from her doctor advising her to resume chemotherapy. Cane said that the chemo could save her life -- but Lily countered that the chemo could also kill her. Lily said that her white blood count was lower than it had ever been, and her immune system was almost completely gone. Cane wondered why, under those circumstances, the doctor had recommended that Lily restart chemo. Lily thought that it might be a last-ditch effort on the doctor's part to save her life and that Cane should be prepared for the worst.

Cane said that Lily should continue with her nutritional therapy. Lily began getting agitated and said that she was doing the best that she could. Cane opined that another round of chemo wouldn't be that bad. Lily disagreed and told Cane how depressing it was in the chemo room, knowing that the person sitting next to her might not be there the following week. Lily said that she wanted her life back. She began crying and said that she might not survive another round of chemo.

Cane and Lily entered the exam room, where the technician was performing the ultrasound exam on Mac. The technician pointed out both of the babies to Cane and Lily and asked the Ashbys if they wanted to know the sex of the twins. Lily said that she could use some good news and asked the technician to tell them. The technician said that one of the babies was a boy, and the other was a girl. Cane and Mac were thrilled. Lily said that she was going to call Devon and tell him the news. She walked out to the hallway, where she looked extremely depressed.

Lily rejoined Mac and Cane in the exam room. Mac said that she knew that she was just the surrogate, but she would protect the Ashbys' twins. Cane said that Mac was more than a surrogate -- she was part of the family. Sensing that Lily seemed distant, Cane asked her if there was anything wrong. Lily said that she was just thinking about how real everything had become -- from eggs in a freezer to having a son and a daughter. Mac said that, in a few months, Lily would actually be able to hold the babies. The look on Lily's face indicated that she thought that she might not be around in a few months.

Later, in the hallway, Lily told Cane that she had decided to restart the chemo -- and do everything that she could to be there for her baby son and baby daughter. Cane reminded Lily that they could still become involved in one of the clinical trials that Olivia had researched. He said that keeping Lily alive was the most important thing in the world.

At Ashley's, Neil and Ashley kissed in front of a table that was set for a romantic dinner. Tucker showed up and, somewhat taken aback by seeing Ashley in a robe and Neil shirtless, asked if he had arrived at a bad time. Neil said that he had, but Tucker entered anyway.

Neil and Ashley told Tucker that his interruption was definitely unwelcome. As Tucker stared at the romantically set dinner table, Ashley asked him what he wanted. He said that he was there to discuss his plans for Jabot. He told Ashley that such a unique company needed a unique person to run it -- someone who was strong, compassionate, and intelligent. Ashley thought that Tucker had a lot of nerve, asking her advice on who should run her family's company. Tucker said that he didn't want advice -- he wanted Ashley.

Ashley asked Tucker what he was proposing. He said that he was offering Ashley a three-year, ironclad contract and that Ashley could name her own price. A skeptical Neil reminded Tucker that he'd had an ironclad contract with Katherine, but he had broken it. Neil received a phone call and had to leave the living room. After Neil was gone, Ashley asked Tucker for one reason why she shouldn't tell him to take his offer and shove it. Tucker replied, "Because you want it. You want it bad."

Ashley asked if she would be able to run Jabot as she saw fit. Tucker said that he only had one stipulation: Ashley was to be the only Abbott who worked at Jabot. When Ashley asked about Jack, Tucker explained that he felt that Jack let his emotions dictate his business decisions. Tucker emphasized that Ashley was the person who he was interested in. Ashley said that she would think about it.

Tucker warned Ashley not to take too long, and he began walking out. He crossed paths with Neil on his way out. Neil snidely said, "Leaving so soon?" After Tucker was gone, Neil wondered if Ashley had said "yes" to Tucker's offer. Ashley told him that she was going to think about it. Neil realized that Ashley wanted the position.

Neil said that he didn't trust Tucker. Ashley wondered if Neil had trusted Victor when he had worked for him. Neil said that Victor was different; with Victor, one was either an ally or an adversary. Neil felt that Tucker might pull the rug out from under Ashley, as he had done with Katherine. Ashley reminded Neil that she had "been around the corporate block."

Neil said that he respected Ashley as a businesswoman. Ashley said, "What about as a 'woman-woman'?" As the couple began to kiss, Ashley told Neil that she thought that it was sweet that he worried about her. Neil said that he wasn't worried. He was sure that Ashley would make the right decision, and he would support her. As they continued kissing, they decided to stop talking about Tucker.

Tucker sat alone at the Athletic Club bar, having a drink, when Jill, waving a white napkin, approached him. She asked if they could call a truce to their fighting. Tucker said that was fine with him. Jill joined him and ordered a drink. She asked how his acquisition of Jabot was going. Tucker said that he had just found the perfect businesswoman to run the company, and hopefully, she wouldn't turn him down. Jill, thinking that perhaps she was Tucker's choice to run the company, said, "Now, who could turn you down?"

Jill suggested that Tucker ask the lady he had in mind if she wanted the CEO job. Jill was disappointed to learn that Tucker already had and that the woman was "playing it cool." Changing the subject, Tucker said that he enjoyed sharing a drink with Jill with no agenda and no drama. Jill said that it was good to know that it wasn't over between them. She proceeded to pour her drink all over Tucker. She said, "Now it's over," and she walked out.

Jana and Lauren were still tied to the bars of the cage at the abandoned zoo. Jana tried to cut through the rope with the piece of glass that she had. She told Lauren that she didn't think that she had the energy to try to escape. She wished that she were holding hands with Kevin on the hood of their car and looking at the full moon. Lauren said Jana would get her wish soon, but she wondered what Sarah, Ryder, and Daisy wanted from them. She said that they seemed to be going after everyone who Sheila had a grudge against -- and that meant that Amber was going to be their next victim.

Jana began suffering from another headache. She told Lauren that she was out of the pain pills that Ryder had provided for her. The women decided to talk about all the wonderful things that they would do when they finally were released from the cage. Lauren said that she wanted to take a family trip with Michael, Fen, Scotty, Eden, Kevin, and Jana. She told Jana that she would even invite Gloria and Jeffrey. Lauren swore that she would never take her family for granted again. Lauren told Jana that they would be reunited with their families before the next full moon.

At the Romalottis', Daniel was upset when he saw Amber staring at a photo of herself and Little D. He wondered why she couldn't let Little D go. Amber said that she missed being a mother. Daniel said that he missed "us" -- that he and Amber "used to be enough."

From the police station, Michael called Kevin, who was watching Fen at Crimson Lights, to tell him that Ryder had been escorted into the station. Kevin said that he would be right over, and he told Fen that he was going to drop the boy off at Daniel and Amber's. Kevin called Daniel and asked if it would be all right for him to leave Fen at the Romalottis' for a while. He explained to Daniel that Ryder had been arrested and that he wanted to go to the police station to question Ryder about Jana's whereabouts. Daniel agreed to watch the boy.

Sarah, disguised as Lauren, overheard Kevin's conversation and asked if he thought it was a good idea to question Ryder. Kevin said that he had to find Jana, and he thought that Lauren understood that. Lauren offered to watch Fen, but Fen seemed less than thrilled with that idea. Kevin told Lauren that the Romalottis were going to watch the boy. After Kevin and Fen left, Sarah called Daisy to tell her that they needed to stop Kevin and Michael before they "broke" Ryder.

Kevin dropped Fen off at Amber and Daniel's. After Kevin left, Daniel and Fen played a video game. Referring to Daniel's parenting skills, Amber said that Daniel was "a natural." Daniel said that he was just doing Kevin a favor.

Amber suggested that the three of them go bowling, but Daniel said that he wanted to take Fen to see the Genoa City High School baseball game. Amber said that she would tag along and was disappointed when Daniel said that it was going to be "guys only." After Daniel and Fen left, Amber stared at the picture of herself and Little D.

Amber was thrilled when Sarah, disguised as Lauren, stopped by. When Amber hugged "Lauren," Sarah remembered a phone call she'd had with Ryder. Ryder had told Sarah that Amber hadn't wanted to marry Deacon. Sarah had told Ryder that Amber was a gold-digging tramp who had made Sheila's life hell and that Amber was lucky that Sarah hadn't met her face to face.

Amber said that she was glad that Lauren was back. Amber said that she and Daniel had been arguing over Little D. She told Lauren that Deacon had said that he was working for a "dragon lady" who might harm the child if Amber didn't marry Deacon. Sarah remembered telling Deacon that if he didn't get the Terroni painting, Little D would end up looking like a Picasso. "Lauren" asked Amber what else Deacon had told her about this "dragon lady."

Of course, not knowing that Sarah was the "dragon lady" being discussed, Amber asked her why she was so interested in this "mystery witch." "Lauren" reminded Amber that Amber had mentioned the woman. Amber said that Deacon had probably made the "dragon lady" up and that Little D was safe. "Lauren" asked Amber where the child was. Amber said that he was in Furnace Creek, with Amber's mother, and that she thought that Lauren already knew that. "Lauren" said that, with everything going on, it had slipped her mind.

Daniel and Fen returned from the baseball game. "Lauren" took Fen and told the Romalottis to tell Michael that she had picked the boy up. She thanked Amber and Daniel for watching him then left with Fen. The Romalottis began arguing about Little D. Daniel said that she was obsessed with the boy, and he was tired of hearing about Little D. Amber began crying and told Daniel that it was Little D's birthday. She stormed off into the bedroom.

Daniel apologized, and Amber emerged from the bedroom. Amber said that she had just wanted to make a birthday gift for Little D, and she showed Daniel a sketch that she was working on. The sketch was based on the photograph of Amber and Little D that she had been staring at. Daniel said that he felt like crap. Amber said that she couldn't stop wanting to be a mother. Daniel quipped that he couldn't suddenly want to be a father. They declared their love for each other, but Amber said, "It's not enough anymore, is it?" Daniel didn't respond.

At the police station, Michael convinced the guard to allow him to question Ryder. Michael asked Ryder why Lauren had bailed him and Daisy out of jail and why Daisy and Ryder were traumatizing Michael's wife. Ryder didn't respond to any of Michael's questions. Michael said that Lauren hadn't been herself, and he wondered if Daisy and Ryder had done anything to her. When Ryder remained silent, Michael said that perhaps Kevin could coax Ryder into talking. Ryder was surprised to hear that Kevin was on the way over to see him. Michael wondered if Ryder could "blow off" Kevin -- the only person who had ever cared about Ryder.

Kevin arrived at the police station and spoke with Ryder. Ryder said that he wasn't sure what Kevin wanted him to say. Kevin said that Jana was gone, and he didn't know what was going on with Michael and Lauren. Kevin whined that he was all alone; he had no wife and no brother -- and no reason to get up in the morning. Ryder told Kevin not to say that. Kevin said that it was true and that he wanted his wife and his life back. Kevin said, "Can somebody please help me get my life back?" Ryder sat next to Kevin and responded, "I can."

Ryder tried to cheer Kevin up, to no avail. Kevin said that his life was nothing without Jana. Ryder told Kevin to hang in there because Kevin was a great guy. He assured Kevin that Jana would be back soon. When Kevin asked how Ryder knew that, he responded, "I just do." Kevin accused Ryder of being the person who had sent him the text message telling him to follow the music in the background. Kevin begged Ryder to help him find his wife.

When Ryder said that he didn't know anything about where Jana was, Kevin grabbed Ryder by his shirt and said that he would protect Ryder from whomever he was scared of. He asked Ryder to admit that he had sent Kevin the text, but Ryder remained silent. Kevin marched out into the hallway. Michael, who had been watching, said that Kevin was doing great by acting depressed in front of Ryder. Kevin said that it wasn't an act. As Michael hugged Kevin, Ryder, still inside the visiting room, looked despondent.

A few moments later, Michael and Kevin noticed that Ryder was gone. A guard told them that Ryder had been arraigned and that someone had bailed him out. Daniel called an already stressed-out Michael to tell him that Lauren had picked up Fen and hadn't said where she was taking him.

At Crimson Lights, Sarah sat Fen down and told him that she was going to get him some hot chocolate. As she walked to the counter, her phone rang. It was Michael calling. Sarah ignored the call and, to herself, said, "Daddy's just gonna have to wait. It won't be long until this is all over, anyway."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At the Romalottis', Amber was upset that Daniel wanted to play video games rather than discuss their marriage. Daniel said that he was a kid himself, so he couldn't possibly take care of Little D. Amber wondered if that was because Little D was Deacon's son. Daniel said that it was because he didn't want kids, and becoming annoyed, he wondered if Amber wanted him to tattoo that on his forehead. Amber said that she couldn't push her little boy out of her life. She worried that the "dragon lady" Deacon had mentioned might hurt Little D.

Daniel said that Deacon had manipulated her and that the "dragon lady" probably didn't even exist. Amber said that she felt a hole in her heart and that Little D deserved better than to be raised by Amber's mother, Tawny. Daniel suggested that Amber call Tawny to make sure that everything was okay. Amber thanked Daniel and hugged him.

When Amber called Tawny's number, she heard a recording informing her that the number had been disconnected. Daniel suggested that Amber contact the sheriff in Furnace Creek and have him check on Tawny's trailer. As Amber called information to get the phone number for the sheriff's office, she said, "Oh, please, let Little D be okay."

After getting off the phone with the sheriff, Amber informed Daniel that no one had been home at Tawny's, but there were no signs that anything was amiss at the trailer. Amber said that the sheriff had left a note asking Tawny to call Amber. Daniel wondered if Amber would finally stop "freaking out." Amber said that she was going to give Tawny 24 hours, and if she didn't hear from her mother, she was going to go to Furnace Creek.

At Crimson Lights, Fen was obviously apprehensive about being with Sarah, who was disguised as Lauren. Sarah received a text message from Ryder, informing her that he had been released by the police before Kevin and Michael had gotten a chance to question him any further, and he was going to lay low for a while. Sarah smiled while reading the message.

Michael showed up at the coffeehouse and angrily asked "Lauren" why she wasn't answering her phone. She said that she had turned it off. Michael wondered why Lauren had taken Fen from the Romalottis'. "Lauren" asked if it was a crime for her to spend time with her son.

Michael received a call and said that he had to go to the Abbott mansion. He grabbed Fen and said that he would take the boy to Gloria's. "Lauren" said that she wished that things hadn't deteriorated to the point where Michael didn't trust her with her own son. Michael replied, "So do I." As Michael and Fen left, Michael told her that Ryder had been released from custody before giving Kevin any useful information about Jana. "Lauren" feigned disappointment. After Michael and Fen were gone, Sarah said to herself, "I'm so sick of dealing with him. Thank God this is almost over."

Sharon and Phyllis summoned most of the people who had been involved in Adam's mock trial to the Abbott mansion. Billy wondered why they were there. He reminded them that Victor had confessed to Adam's murder. Nikki told Billy that didn't mean that Victor had actually done it. Ashley told Jack that she needed to talk with him about a business proposal that Tucker had made concerning Jabot. Jack said that he didn't want to hear what Ashley had to say about "that snake McCall." Victoria showed up and ignored Billy when he tried to speak with her.

Outside the mansion, Sharon wheeled Phyllis up to the front door. Sharon went inside, leaving Phyllis with Jack. When Phyllis told Jack how sick she was of being in her wheelchair, Jack picked her up and carried her inside. Patty, who was disguised as Emily, watched, clearly upset.

Heather stared at "Emily" out of the corner of her eye as Billy apologized to Heather for not going to her suite at the Athletic Club. Heather said that she had more important things to worry about than Billy rejecting her "booty call." She remembered Emily giving her the cup with DNA on it and asking Heather to have it tested to prove that Emily was not Patty.

"Emily" descended the stairs and said that she had been napping, and she wondered why everyone was there. Jack said that they were having a meeting concerning Adam's murder. An upset "Emily" snapped, "Did this meeting have to take place in our home?" Jack pulled Emily aside and chided her for being rude. "Emily" said that Jack had been rude by inviting first Jamie, and then Phyllis, into their home. Jack said that it wasn't a good time to have a discussion about that.

Jack began to walk back into the living room. "Emily" yelled at him for walking away from her and wondered what he was thinking. Jack said he was thinking that they needed some time apart. "Emily" asked if he meant a separation. Jack said that they would discuss it later. "Emily" said that was fine, and she had to see a patient.

Sharon and Phyllis told the group that the district attorney's office was out of control, and they had to do something to stop it. They brought everyone up to date on what had been going on and shared that Victor was under arrest for Adam's murder, but the police were still holding Nick in jail. Phyllis said that it appeared that the D.A. didn't believe Victor's confession. Sharon said that the D.A.'s office had also targeted and humiliated Victoria.

Phyllis said that the bottom line was that none of them was off the hook and that any of them could wind up in jail. She added that D.A. Pomerantz had been after all of them since Jill's article about Adam's mock trial had been posted on the Restless Style website. Phyllis said that they needed to send a message that they wouldn't put up with Pomerantz and that they should sue the D.A.'s office for harassment and malicious prosecution. Sharon and Phyllis wondered if everyone in the group was on board.

Michael arrived at the mansion. Heather and Rafe said that they wouldn't get involved with a lawsuit, as it could "tank" their careers. Heather said that Pomerantz wouldn't be intimidated by a lawsuit because the D.A.'s office was sued all the time. Rafe said that the group probably thought that, since they were Newmans and Abbotts, their threat of a suit would be taken more seriously. Rafe told the group that they were thinking of what was best for the Newman and Abbott families and not thinking at all about him and Heather. Rafe and Heather left.

Michael warned the group that a lawsuit could be risky. Ashley said that she didn't want to be involved because Abby's father was already in jail, and Ashley didn't want to take the chance that she would end up there, as well. Ashley said that no one in the Abbott family had been arrested, and she thought that perhaps the Newmans were covering something up. Nikki wondered if Ashley actually thought that Victor had killed Adam. Ashley replied that after what Adam had done, she wouldn't blame Victor for murdering his son.

Jack said that he didn't want the district attorney anywhere near his family. Phyllis reminded Jack that he had been the first person questioned about Adam's murder. Jack said that was because his handkerchief had been found at the murder scene, and Jack still thought that Victor had planted the handkerchief. Jack said that he wasn't going to do Victor any favors, and the Abbotts were not interested in suing the D.A.'s office. Billy objected, saying that he was. Phyllis was thrilled. Michael said to Phyllis, "Didn't see that one coming."

Billy said that Sharon and Phyllis were right; they had to stand up for themselves. Ashley asked Billy what he was thinking. Billy, Victoria, and Nikki listed all the people who'd had motive to kill Adam, and they wondered why the D.A. wasn't investigating any of them. Jack said that it was because Victor had confessed. Sharon said that if the D.A. believed Victor, he would have leaked Victor's arrest to the press and would have released Nick. Phyllis said that Pomerantz would pester the Newmans and the Abbotts as long as Adam's murder case remained open. Billy said that he felt a lawsuit would force Pomerantz to conduct a proper investigation. After hearing all of that, Jack asked Ashley if she wanted to change her mind.

Nick and Victor were summoned into the visiting area in the jail. D.A. Pomerantz entered and said that he wanted to talk to the two of them together. Victor asked if their attorney had been summoned. Pomerantz told Victor that he didn't want to interrogate them -- he just wanted to have a friendly conversation.

Pomerantz summarized all of the events around Adam's murder. He said that Victoria had purchased a pen, the murder weapon, in Dubai, but it had turned out that she had given it to Nick. He continued that Victor and Nick had ended up in the Athletic Club's basement with Adam and that Victor had hit Adam, which had made him bleed, and that some of Adam's blood had gotten on Victor's watch and on Nick's jacket.

The D.A. said that he didn't believe Victor's confession, and he was going to give Victor and Nick one last chance to tell the truth. Victor said that he had killed Adam and that Nick had not. Pomerantz said that he was being lied to and told Victor and Nick that if he didn't get believable answers soon, he would put pressure on everyone who had been at Adam's mock trial, because he suspected that eventually, one of them would crack.

Victor said that he would not tolerate Pomerantz persecuting his family. He reiterated that he had killed Adam and said that the D.A. just wanted to make himself feel like more of a man by arresting as many Newmans as possible. A frustrated Pomerantz was called out of the room to take a phone call. He was obviously pleased with what the person calling him was telling him. Pomerantz said, "Oh, interesting."

After Pomerantz left the room, Nick told Victor that it was stupid for him to confess to Adam's murder. Victor reminded his son that they hadn't been together the entire time they had been in the basement, so Nick couldn't know what Victor had been up to. Victor said that Nick should be concerned about getting out of jail because Summer was probably wondering where her father was, and Nick had a baby who he was just getting to know.

Pomerantz showed up at the Abbott mansion and said that he was delighted to find all of his "people of interest" in one room. He wondered if they would like to clear themselves by taking lie detector tests. Michael said that the tests were inadmissible in court because they were flawed. Pomerantz told the group that he knew about their "ridiculous" lawsuit, and he was thinking of charging them all with conspiracy to commit murder.

The D.A. said that only one person had plunged the pen into Adam's chest, but they had all tried to cover up something about what had happened the night of Adam's murder. He told the group that he wouldn't be surprised if the group had stood around and watched Adam die. Nikki said that was absolutely absurd. Before he left, Pomerantz said that the ball was in their court, and he would wait to hear if they were willing to consent to the lie detector tests.

After Pomerantz was gone, Phyllis guessed that Heather had tipped him off to their meeting. Michael told the group that he doubted that Pomerantz could hold them on the conspiracy charge, but the D.A. could probably make a case that they had obstructed justice. He chided Phyllis and Sharon for trying to dispose of Nick's bloodstained jacket. Michael said that they had lied to the D.A. and tried to destroy evidence, and he suggested that they start cooperating with Pomerantz.

Later, Jack sat with Michael and Phyllis. Phyllis was upset that the group hadn't banded together. She said that she hated Pomerantz more every minute that Nick spent in jail. Michael said that he would do everything he could to get Nick released.

Phyllis thanked Michael for helping the group. She looked at Michael and Jack and said that they both looked like hell, and she wondered if they were having wife trouble. Jack stared at Emily's portrait and said that was an understatement. Phyllis remarked that Michael was still "dealing with Lauren." Jack said that they all needed a stiff drink. As he left to pour them, Phyllis reminded Michael that, day or night, she was there for him. A grateful Michael said that he knew that.

Pomerantz returned to the visiting room at the jail. Victor said that the D.A. had no right to hold Nick, and if Pomerantz didn't release Victor's son, Victor would take legal action against the D.A. Unimpressed with Victor's threat, Pomerantz told an officer to take Nick and Victor back to their cells. Victor warned Pomerantz not to drag his feet. The D.A. said that Victor was in no position to make threats. After both of the men were gone, an officer presented Pomerantz with an evidence bag. It contained Adam's cell phone and had been found at the crime scene. Although it was damaged by water and fire, he told the officer to take the phone to the forensics lab, where the technicians might be able to salvage something useful.

Billy joined Victoria at the Athletic Club bar and said that he had overheard her telling Nikki that she was going there. Victoria said that she had meant for Billy to overhear her. She said that she owed Billy an apology because she hadn't been nice to him after he had tried to establish an alibi for her when she had been charged with Adam's murder. Billy accepted the apology. He said that he was a romantic, but instead of giving flowers, he gave alibis.

Victoria said that she appreciated Billy's supporting the lawsuit. Billy said that he wasn't getting involved with it for Victor or Nick's sake -- he was looking out for himself. Victoria said, "Naturally." Billy wondered if he "irritated the hell" out of Victoria. She said that he did but, flirting, said that she wasn't completely repulsed by the idea of spending time with him, and sometimes, she found him rather endearing. Billy tried to kiss her, but she pulled away, reminding him that they were in public. Billy said that everyone knew that they had been together. Victoria said that they weren't a couple yet -- and perhaps never would be. Billy said that he loved a challenge.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Heather told Rafe that Pomerantz had appreciated her tip about the meeting at the Abbott mansion and that the D.A. would remember their loyalty. Heather told Rafe about her confusion about her Aunt Patty. She described her visit to Patty's cell and said that Patty had insisted that she was Emily. Rafe said that was what delusional people did. Heather wondered how often delusional people begged for a DNA test to prove that they weren't lying.

Heather pulled the paper cup that Emily had given to her out of her purse. She asked Rafe what the chances were that it was actually Emily who had been institutionalized and that her Aunt Patty was living with Jack. Rafe said almost zero. Heather replied, "Almost?" Rafe said that the woman she had seen at the psychiatric facility was probably her Aunt Patty. Heather agreed -- but wondered why it was bothering her so much.

Rafe told Heather not to lose sleep over it. He said that she should have the cup tested because she had nothing to lose except a couple hundred dollars. Heather called a lab to request the DNA test.

Patty went to Emily's office and called Sarah, who was still at Crimson Lights. Patty demanded that Sarah meet with her at Emily's office. Sarah was afraid that Patty might be backing out of their plan that Patty would kill Michael, and Sarah would kill Phyllis. Patty said that the plan was a go -- she had to stop Phyllis from putting her "grubby hands" all over Jack.

At Emily's office, Sarah told Patty that "the creep" Michael was driving her crazy, and that she wanted to slit his throat. Patty said that she enjoyed thinking about Phyllis in a coffin. Sarah said that they should kill Michael and Phyllis the next day.

Patty told Sarah that Jack had treated her like a child in front of the guests in their house and that he had been mean because of Phyllis. Sarah complained that Phyllis was poisoning Michael against "Lauren," as well. Sarah encouraged Patty to take her life back. She riled up Patty by reminding her that Jack had carried Phyllis into their home -- like Phyllis was his bride. Patty said that Jack could never see Phyllis again, and she wondered if Sarah was really going to kill Phyllis for her. Sarah said that she would -- as long as Patty killed Michael. Patty appeared nervous that they might get caught. Sarah said that there was no chance that would happen because Sarah had worked everything out.

Sarah explained her plan to Patty. Patty would go to the police station and make up a detail regarding something that she had forgotten to tell them about the night of Adam's murder. While Patty was at the police station, Sarah would kill Phyllis and thus give Patty her alibi. Sarah would then call 9-1-1 and tell the police that she had found Phyllis' body. While Sarah was on the phone with the police, Patty would kill Michael. Sarah said that Patty had to be committed to the plan. Patty said that for Jack, she could do anything.

Sarah pulled a gun out of her purse and said, "I believe you know how to use this." Patty said, "I sure do," and picked up the gun. Patty aimed the gun and said, "Bang, bang. Good riddance." Sarah said that she couldn't wait to start her new life as the newly widowed and fabulously wealthy Lauren Fenmore. Patty said that with Phyllis out of the way, she could remind Jack that she was the love of his life. Patty commented that it was incredibly lucky that she and Sarah had crossed paths. Sarah agreed that they made "one hell of a team."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sarah and Patty spoke on the phone about their plans for that evening's planned double homicide. Sarah said that Phyllis would be home from visiting Nick at the jail by 8:00 p.m. Sarah reminded Patty to be at the police station at 8:00 p.m., thus giving Patty an airtight alibi while Sarah killed Phyllis. Patty was overjoyed with the idea of Phyllis' death.

Patty said that Jack would be saddened by Phyllis' death and that he would turn to Patty for support. Sarah reminded Patty that she needed to kill Michael to fulfill her end of the bargain. Sarah said that after Patty left the police station, she was to go to the Baldwins' condo and shoot Michael dead. Sarah insisted that both murders had to happen that evening.

When Sarah hung up the phone, Michael returned to the condo to pick up a DVD that Fen wanted to watch. Michael wondered if "Lauren" had given up on their marriage. He asked if there was any way to get it back on track. "Lauren" snidely asked if she was supposed to be "all clingy and crying." Michael said that if he didn't know any better, he would think that she was glad that he and Fen were staying with Gloria. "Lauren" said that perhaps Michael was partially responsible for the trouble in their marriage. Michael admitted that he was a workaholic, and he wondered if that was what was bothering Lauren.

Michael suggested counseling, but "Lauren" reminded him that she was already seeing a therapist. Michael said that he wasn't giving up, but because of what had happened the previous day, he had to consider a legal separation. "Lauren" halfheartedly said that she was sorry Michael felt that way. She added, "After tonight, it will be a moot point, anyway." A confused Michael asked what was so special about that night.

Leaving the question unanswered, "Lauren" said that she understood that Michael wanted to protect Fen. She told Michael that perhaps she did have to examine her behavior. Michael said that he was glad to hear her say that. They agreed to meet at the condo at 8:30 p.m. to try to iron out their problems. A slightly optimistic Michael left. After he was gone, Sarah said, "It's been nice knowin' ya."

Phyllis saw Nick in the visiting room at the jail. Nick said that he thought that Michael would have had him released from jail already. Phyllis said that Michael looked like hell and was spread pretty thin between Nick, Victor, and the problems he was having with Lauren.

Phyllis told Nick about the lawsuit that she and Sharon were filing against the district attorney's office. They were charging the D.A. with harassment, malicious prosecution, and false imprisonment. Phyllis said that Nikki, Victoria, and Billy were on board with the suit. Nick was surprised that Billy was supporting the lawsuit. Phyllis said that Billy wanted to help. Nick said that it would help if Victor admitted that his confession was false. Phyllis said that she wasn't convinced of Victor's innocence. Nick said that Victor wasn't a saint, but he would never kill his own son. Phyllis told Nick that all she was focusing on was getting Nick out of jail.

Phyllis said that Nikki was watching Summer, and Phyllis had told Summer that Nick was away on a business trip. She told Nick that Summer wanted her Daddy home. District Attorney Pomerantz entered the visiting room. He asked Nick if Phyllis had told him that she was thinking of filing a lawsuit against the D.A.'s office. Phyllis told Nick that Pomerantz wanted everyone who had been present at Adam's mock trial to take a polygraph test. Nick said, "Hell, no." Michael showed up and said he was going to take pleasure in what he was about to do. He then served Pomerantz with the lawsuit papers.

Pomerantz said he was disappointed that they were proceeding with the suit. He bickered with Michael, Nick, and Phyllis. Michael said that the taxpayers would not be happy with Pomerantz wasting their money on his frivolous prosecution of the Newmans.

Pomerantz said that he was there to offer Nick a deal: a promise of minimal jail time if Nick pleaded no contest to the conspiracy charge. Nick rejected the deal immediately. Michael challenged the D.A. to prove the conspiracy charge or let Nick go. Nick confidently said that if Pomerantz wanted a trial, then he should "bring it on." The irritated D.A. left the room. Nick began to apologize to Michael for his decision, but Michael said that Nick had played it exactly right.

Michael looked at his watch and, realizing that it was 7:30 p.m., said that he had to return home. Nick said that he had heard that things were difficult between the Baldwins, and he wondered if there was anything that he or Phyllis could do to help. Michael was touched by Nick's offer but said that he had to handle the situation by himself. Michael left.

After Michael was gone, the Newmans discussed how bad they felt about Michael's problems with Lauren. Phyllis said that she had always thought that Michael and Lauren had the perfect marriage. Nick said that hopefully the Baldwins would be able to work things out.

Nick wondered if Phyllis was okay with him rejecting the D.A.'s deal. Phyllis said that she stood behind Nick completely and that he shouldn't compromise his integrity. Nick said that he had time in his cell to reflect on how happy he was that he had Phyllis and Summer in his life. They expressed their mutual love. Nick asked Phyllis to tell Summer that he loved her and that he would be home soon. Nick said that he hated the thought of Summer and Phyllis alone at the tack house. Phyllis said that Nick was being silly because there was plenty of security at the ranch.

Phyllis left the visiting room. On her way out, she ran into Michael. She thanked him for what he was doing for Nick. Michael said that Nick's situation was temporary, but he wasn't so sure about his situation with Lauren. He told Phyllis that he didn't know what was bothering the woman who he thought was his wife. Phyllis was shocked when Michael told her that Lauren had bought him a red Ferrari -- and wanted to take a road trip without Fen. He said that he and Fen had moved out of the condo and that Fen seemed to be scared of Lauren. Phyllis offered to call Lauren and try to find out what was going on. Michael said that he would take any help he could get.

Back in the visiting room, Pomerantz stopped by to chat with Nick. Nick said that, without his lawyer, he had nothing to say. Pomerantz told Nick not to say anything -- to just listen. He reminded Nick that Nick's jacket had Adam's blood on it and that Phyllis had tried to hide the jacket. The D.A. said that he was thinking about charging Phyllis with obstruction of justice and conspiracy. He warned Nick that Summer might end up with both of her parents in jail.

Jack returned to the Abbott mansion. Patty, still disguised as Emily, said that she was on her way to the police station because she wanted to clarify some statements she had made regarding Adam's escape from the hospital. She told Jack that she wanted to discuss his threat of leaving her, and wondered if he would be home when she returned. Jack said that he wouldn't be around later. "Emily" wondered if she could ask where he was going without sounding possessive. She freaked out when Jack said that he was going to see Phyllis.

Jack wondered if Emily thought that she could dictate whom he could be friends with. She insisted that he remain home to discuss their marriage. Jack said that Emily was different from the woman he had married, and he was starting to think that the possessive, neurotic woman in front of him was the real Emily. She said that she had felt off-kilter since Adam's escape, which had traumatized her more than she'd thought. Jack said that Emily's changing had started long before Adam's escape.

As Patty and Jack continued to bicker, Patty hallucinated that Emily was in the living room. The hallucination taunted Patty and made sarcastic comments about every remark that Patty made. The hallucination told Patty that Patty couldn't control her jealousy. "Emily" told Jack that they both had problems, and even though she was a psychiatrist, she sometimes had to fight off demons. The hallucination said, "You're losing it, Patty. How long before you have a complete breakdown?" The hallucination applauded as Jack walked out of the room.

Alone, Patty told herself that after Phyllis was gone, everything would be all right, and she predicted that Jack would return to talk with her instead of seeing Phyllis. In a sing-song voice, the hallucination said, "Someone's losing their marbles." Patty grabbed her head, closed her eyes, and told the hallucination to shut up. When she opened her eyes, the hallucination was gone.

In the cage at the abandoned zoo, Jana and Lauren were asleep. Lauren had a nightmare. She dreamed that she was having a romantic evening with Michael at their apartment. In the dream, Fen entered the room, and, upon seeing Lauren, yelled, "Who are you? Where's Mommy?!" Lauren woke up and began crying. Unseen by Lauren, Ryder watched her sobbing. He appeared to be concerned and feeling guilty.

After Jana woke up, Ryder revealed himself and asked the women how they were doing. Jana thanked him for untying them the previous evening and told him that her headache was feeling a little better. Lauren asked him where Daisy and Sarah were. Ryder said that he didn't know because they didn't keep him in the loop. Lauren harshly asked Ryder why he put up with them. He said that he had no choice.

Lauren told Ryder that she had thought that he was different than Sarah and Daisy, but she was wrong. She added that at least Sarah and Daisy admitted that they were monsters. She asked Ryder why he was so afraid of Sarah. Ryder responded that Kevin wasn't the only one who had had a rotten childhood. Jana said that, just like Kevin, Ryder had a choice and could turn his life around. Lauren said, "You think that Sarah has your back? Man up and stand up to them." She told him to release them before something bad happened. Ryder walked away.

After Ryder was gone, Jana said that Lauren had been rough on him. Lauren said that she was through begging. She worried about what was happening to Fen and Michael and told Jana that they had to escape. Lauren told Jana that when Ryder returned, Jana was to pretend that she passed out from her headache pain. Lauren said that when Ryder entered the cage, they could overpower him and escape. Jana said that she wasn't sure that she could hurt Ryder. Lauren said that she felt that her son's life was in danger -- and she would do whatever it took to escape.

Daisy and Sarah met at the abandoned zoo. Sarah said that she had big plans for the night, and she wanted Daisy to play a part. When Daisy asked what they were going to do, Sarah smiled and said, "A double homicide." Daisy wondered who was going to be killed. Sarah said that one of the victims was going to be Michael. Daisy wondered why Sarah wanted Michael dead. She said that she thought he was cute.

Sarah said that she had thought that taking over Lauren's life would be revenge enough. However, Michael was boring, and her life as Lauren would be more fun if Michael wasn't around. Daisy wondered if Fen was going to be the other victim. Sarah said that she was going to ship Fen off to boarding school, and the other victim was going to be Phyllis. Sarah told Daisy that every time she looked at Phyllis, she thought about Sheila. Daisy was shocked when Sarah told her that Sarah wasn't going to kill Phyllis; Daisy was.

From a safe distance, Ryder listened in to Daisy and Sarah's conversation. Sarah said that she was going to act as a decoy and drive past security onto the Newman ranch with Daisy hidden in the trunk. Daisy seemed hesitant about killing Phyllis. Sarah said that Daisy was the only person that she could count on because Ryder was going soft on her. Sarah told Daisy that killing Phyllis would make Sheila proud. She said that perhaps, as Lauren, she would adopt Daisy and Ryder. She also said that Scotty Grainger, who Daisy thought was "hot," would be in town for Michael's funeral.

Daisy wondered how she should kill Phyllis. Sarah thought that Daisy should strangle her with the drawstring on Daisy's hood. Sarah laid out the plan for Daisy. She said that, disguised as Lauren, she would visit Phyllis and leave the front door to the tack house ajar. When Sarah signaled, Daisy was to enter the tack house and strangle Phyllis. Daisy worried that Phyllis might try to fight back, but Sarah reminded her that Phyllis was in a wheelchair. Sarah said that she would make it look as if she was trying to help Phyllis, but, in reality, she would be helping Daisy kill Phyllis.

As Ryder continued to listen, Daisy said that she was worried that Sarah was setting her up to take the rap for Phyllis' murder. Sarah wondered why Daisy would think that. Sarah reminded Daisy that "Lauren" would be the only witness, and she would say that a bald man with tattoos had been trying to rob Phyllis. Sarah said that everyone would believe "Lauren's" story.

Patty called Sarah to tell her that they had a problem: Jack was planning on visiting Phyllis that night. Sarah said that Patty had to do whatever was necessary to keep Jack away from Phyllis. When Patty said that she would take care of it, the hallucination of Emily returned and said, "You'll muck it up as usual. You can't do anything right." Patty shouted, "Leave me alone," and threw a pillow at Emily's portrait. Jack heard Patty yelling and entered the living room. He asked "Emily" if she was okay. She assured Jack that she was fine.

Jack told "Emily" that her plea for him to stay at home was just a ploy to prevent him from visiting Phyllis. She said that she knew she couldn't tell him who he could be friends with, but if he still loved her and wanted to try to save their marriage, he would be home when she returned. "Emily" said that she wouldn't be long, and she left. Jack stared at Emily's portrait.

Back at the abandoned zoo, Daisy asked Sarah who was going to murder Michael. Sarah said that the less Sarah knew, the better. Daisy was still nervous and wondered if she could go through with killing Phyllis. A stern Sarah said that Phyllis was just as responsible for Sheila's death as Lauren was. Sarah reminded Daisy that she had committed murder before. Daisy defended herself, saying that she had been "just a kid" when she had killed Max, and that murder hadn't been planned -- it had just happened. Sarah told Daisy to keep her eye on the prize, and someday, she might be Mrs. Scott Grainger, Jr. Daisy said she liked that idea. Sarah said, "That's my girl," and walked away.

After Sarah was gone, Ryder emerged from hiding and told Daisy not to do it. He wondered why they had to kill people. Daisy said that after Michael was dead, they would be rich. Ryder wondered what would happen to Fen. Daisy said that if Ryder was concerned about the boy, he could raise him. Ryder realized that Daisy was actually going to kill Phyllis, but he didn't realize that as he and Daisy had been speaking, Daisy had taken his car keys out of his jacket. Ryder walked away from his sister.

Ryder went to see Lauren and Jana. He told them that something horrible was going to happen that night: Michael and Phyllis were going to die. Lauren and Jana were stunned. Ryder revealed that Daisy was going to strangle Phyllis and make it look like a robbery, and someone else was going to kill Michael. Lauren screamed, "Do not let this happen!" Ryder said that it was too late -- it was already happening.

"Emily" arrived at the police station and ran into Michael. She wondered if she could meet with him later to pick his brain about Lauren's behavior. She thought that a discussion might help her with Lauren's psychiatric evaluation. Michael invited her to go to the Baldwins' apartment when she was done at the police station.

Jack called "Emily" to tell her that he had thought about what she had said and that he would be home when she returned from the police station. "Emily" was thrilled and told Jack that he couldn't possibly know what that meant to her. After Jack hung up the phone, he accidentally knocked Emily's journal to the floor. While picking it up, he was shocked to see that it was filled with gibberish and crayon drawings.

Patty called Sarah to tell her that Jack had changed his mind, and he wouldn't be visiting Phyllis. After she hung up, D.A. Pomerantz approached her and asked her what she was doing at the station. She said that she was looking for Detective Chancellor. She wanted to revise her statement about what had happened on the night that Adam had been murdered.

Phyllis returned to the tack house, unlocked the front door, and began wheeling herself inside. Sarah sneaked up behind Phyllis and gave her a start when she said, "Hello, old friend. You up for a visitor?"

Friday, April 30, 2010

In their cage at the abandoned zoo, Lauren and Jana were still hysterical after Ryder had told them that Michael and Phyllis were going to be murdered that night. Lauren told Ryder that if he didn't do anything to stop the murders, then he was a murderer himself. Ryder said that he couldn't do anything to stop them.

Ryder said that he wished that he hadn't said anything to Lauren and Jana about the killings. Lauren said that Ryder had told them because he'd wanted them to know. She told him that they had to stop Sarah and Daisy. Jana wondered who Sarah and Daisy were going to kill next -- and feared that it would be her and Lauren. Lauren worried that Sarah and Daisy might harm Fen, but Ryder assured her that they wouldn't. Jana screamed that Ryder was just as culpable for the murders as Daisy and Sarah were.

Ryder began to grow hysterical and said that he was "screwed" whether he helped Jana and Lauren or not. Lauren said that Ryder could trust her and Jana. Jana yelled for Ryder to call the police or release her and Lauren. Lauren assured Ryder that they would tell the authorities that Ryder had helped them. Ryder said that if they did that, then Sarah and Daisy would seek revenge on him.

Lauren told Ryder that Sarah and Daisy were probably setting up Ryder to take the rap for the murders and that they had been questioning his loyalty. Ryder screamed, "Shut up! I can't take this anymore." Jana collapsed in pain. Lauren told Ryder that time was running out. Ryder began to cry.

Jana was curled up on the ground. Lauren said that he had to drop Jana off at a hospital. She said that if Ryder wouldn't call the police to stop the planned double homicide, the least he could do was try to save Jana. Lauren said that she couldn't bear to lose Jana, Michael, and Phyllis.

Ryder agreed to release them and let them go to a doctor. A thrilled Lauren told Jana that she was going to be okay. As Ryder reached into his pocket for his key ring, he realized that the key ring, which held the keys to the padlock on the cage, was missing. Unbeknownst to him, Daisy had taken his keys earlier that evening. Lauren told Ryder not to mess with them. He assured her that he wasn't.

At the Romalottis', Daniel told Amber that he wished that she wouldn't go to Furnace Creek to check on Little D. Amber said that she felt that something was wrong. Daniel reminded her that all they knew was that Tawny hadn't been home when the sheriff had stopped by her trailer. Amber said that perhaps the "dragon lady" had gotten to Tawny and Little D. Daniel was concerned that Amber would take Little D to Genoa City. An angry Amber said that she wasn't using the situation as an excuse to make Daniel an instant stepfather. She stormed out of the apartment.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Michael that he had been unsuccessfully looking for Ryder because he was sure that Ryder knew where Jana was. He wished that he could talk with Ryder one more time. Michael said that he was down in the dumps because Nick was still in jail, and he had told Lauren that they needed to separate. Kevin was stunned. Kevin said he knew that Lauren's behavior had been strange lately, but he wondered if a separation was too drastic a move on Michael's part.

Michael told Kevin that Fen was terrified of Lauren, and that was the main reason for the separation. Michael mentioned that he was planning on meeting with Emily later that evening and that she wanted Michael's take on Lauren's behavior. Michael said that Emily had probably realized that her recent advice that Lauren needed more patience, love, and understanding was flawed.

Amber showed up at the coffeehouse and sat with Michael and Kevin. She told them that she and Daniel had had a huge fight about Little D. She said that Daniel was acting like Amber was a stranger who he could no longer trust. Michael said that there seemed to be a lot of that going around.

Michael said that he understood why Daniel might be upset and suggested that perhaps Daniel just needed some time to get used to the possibility that "this kid" might be around. When Michael left the table to get a coffee refill, Kevin suggested that Amber call Daniel and try to clear things up. She called but got Daniel's voicemail. She left a message apologizing for fighting with him earlier. She added that she had made a commitment to Little D, and she had to "step up" for the boy. She said that she would call him when she landed in California.

Kevin spotted a boy, who appeared to be about ten or eleven years old, stealing some tip money from a nearby table. Kevin grabbed the kid. The boy yelled, "Lemme go!" Turning around to see what the commotion was, a stunned Amber announced, "Oh, my God! That's Little D."

Amber, Kevin, and Little D went to the patio. Little D, who told Amber that he was going by the name Eric, said that he was glad that he had found Amber. He told her that he'd known that she was in Genoa City. Michael joined them on the patio, and Amber introduced him to Eric. Amber told the boy that she'd been just about to head out west to check on him. Eric told Kevin that he knew that it was wrong to try to swipe the money off the table, but he was broke and hungry.

Eric wondered if Kevin was going to get him in trouble. Kevin smiled and asked if the boy would like a ham and cheese sandwich. Realizing that all was forgiven, Eric said that he would. Kevin and Michael walked back into the coffeehouse. Amber called out after Kevin and asked if he could also muster up a brownie or a cupcake. Eric realized that Amber remembered that it was his birthday. Eric hugged his mother and said that he was happy to see her.

As he ate, Eric told Amber that one day, he had arrived home from school, and Tawny had been gone. He said that Tawny had been hanging out with some guy who'd kept talking to her about going to Las Vegas, so he had assumed that she had gone with him. Amber said that sounded just like Tawny. Eric told Amber that he had been fine taking care of himself until he'd begun receiving a series of hang-up phone calls. He said that he had become worried and had used Tawny's credit card number to book a flight to Genoa City. Amber complimented Eric on what a smart boy he was and promised that he would never have to go back to Furnace Creek again.

Inside the coffeehouse, Kevin asked Michael when he was going to see Emily. Michael replied that he was just waiting for a call from her after she finished at the police station, where she had gone to modify her statement about the night that Adam had escaped. Michael stared at Amber and Eric out on the patio and said that he was glad that someone had gotten a happy ending that night.

Kevin said that the night wasn't over yet, and good things happened when one stayed focused on what was important. He said that he wouldn't give up on finding Jana, and Michael shouldn't give up on Lauren. Kevin told Michael that he was heading back to the abandoned zoo to search for Jana. Michael said that he thought Kevin had given up on that idea. Kevin replied that the clue about the abandoned zoo was all that he had.

Sarah, disguised as Lauren, sneaked up behind Phyllis at the tack house. Phyllis was startled for a moment but said that she was glad that Lauren had stopped by, because Phyllis wanted to talk with her. As she closed the front door, Lauren looked outside. Daisy was hiding in the bushes and holding the string that she was planning to use to strangle Phyllis.

"Lauren" and Phyllis discussed everything their families had been through. "Lauren" said that sometimes she just felt like screaming. Daniel called Phyllis and told her that he wanted to visit with her. He explained that he'd had a fight with Amber. When Phyllis asked for details, Daniel said that he would tell her all about it when he arrived at the tack house. After Phyllis hung up the phone, "Lauren" asked if Daniel was okay. Phyllis said that he wasn't -- and that he was on his way over. Sarah was clearly unhappy.

"Lauren" asked Phyllis why Daniel had to visit that night. She said, "Can't his problems wait until morning?" Phyllis was taken aback by the comment. "Lauren" apologized and said that she realized her remark probably sounded odd and selfish. She covered by saying that she had been craving "alone time" with Phyllis. Phyllis said that they could speak privately until Daniel arrived.

"Lauren" suddenly jumped up and said that she had forgotten her cell phone in her car. She told Phyllis that she wouldn't want to miss any calls from Michael, and she rushed outside. Sarah found Daisy in the bushes and told her that there had been a change of plans -- Daniel was on his way over, and Daisy had to find some way to stop him. Daisy asked how she was supposed to do that, but Sarah left her to her own devices. She told Daisy to call her when Daniel was "handled." Daisy wondered if she should return after that. Sarah told Daisy not to return because she would kill Phyllis herself.

Back inside the tack house, "Lauren" complained to Phyllis about Michael. She said that she had to walk on eggshells around him and carefully choose every word that she said. "Lauren" looked at Phyllis and said that she knew that everything that they discussed would get back to Michael via Phyllis. She also told Phyllis that Phyllis had probably already gotten an "earful" about "Lauren" from Michael.

Phyllis said that "Lauren" seemed to be fishing to find out what Phyllis knew, and Phyllis found that weird. Phyllis said that she cared about both of the Baldwins, and she wanted to help. "Lauren" asked Phyllis what Michael had told her. Phyllis said that Michael was worried and looking for answers because he loved his wife, and he wanted to be supportive. "Lauren" said that Michael wasn't being supportive -- he was judgmental, and he would regret it.

From Crimson Lights, Michael called "Lauren," but she ignored the call and told Phyllis that it was a wrong number. Michael left her a voicemail, saying that he still hoped that she was willing to meet later to try to work things out.

At home, Daniel listened to Amber's voicemail message. There was a knock at the door. Daniel was stunned to find Daisy at the door. Daisy feigned terror. She was crying and said that she hadn't known where else to go. Daniel was clearly not happy to see Daisy. She asked him if they could go inside and talk. Daniel invited her in but warned her that she had better "be straight" with him.

When Daniel went to find tissues for the sobbing Daisy, she spiked his drink with a white powder. Daniel returned, and Daisy started complaining about Ryder. She said that Ryder would kill her if he knew that she was talking with Daniel. She told Daniel that what Ryder was making her do wasn't right.

Daisy said that Ryder made her do terrible things. She told Daniel that Ryder was a control freak who hated Michael and Lauren for not accepting him as Kevin's brother. Daniel started getting drowsy and began nodding off. Daisy began laughing. Daniel said that he needed to lie down on his bed. After he passed out, Daisy called Sarah and said that Sarah was "good to go." After Daisy hung up, she got on the bed with Daniel, began kissing his neck, and said, "You're so hot."

Amber and Eric returned to the Romalottis' apartment. Amber opened the door and found Daisy and Daniel naked in bed. Daniel was still unconscious. Amber was dumbfounded.

Back at the tack house, "Lauren" pretended that the call from Daisy had been from Gloria. Phyllis asked what Gloria had wanted. "Lauren" lied and said that Gloria had just wanted to say that Fen had gone to bed. Phyllis eyed "Lauren" suspiciously, and asked her what she had meant earlier when she'd said that Michael would "regret it." "Lauren" said that she didn't want things between her and Michael to get ugly. Phyllis said that Michael wanted to work things out. "Lauren" said that it was too late for that. "Lauren" walked right up to Phyllis and menacingly told her that she was sick of Phyllis sticking up for Michael.

"Lauren" calmed down. Phyllis assured her that whatever was happening in the Baldwins' marriage wouldn't affect Phyllis' friendship with her. "Lauren" apologized for acting erratically. She said that she was on edge. "Lauren" insisted that she make some tea, and she headed toward the kitchen. Phyllis said that she didn't want any tea and tried to wheel after "Lauren," but she was frustrated when she realized that the wheels on her chair were locked. "Lauren" commented that the wheelchair had to make Phyllis feel helpless.

"Lauren" walked up behind Phyllis, her hands poised to strangle Phyllis. Phyllis suddenly turned around, and "Lauren" lowered her hands. She told the nervous Phyllis that she was only going to try to help her with the wheelchair. Phyllis demanded that "Lauren" leave. She said that she didn't feel like socializing, and Daniel was on his way over.

"Lauren" left. Phyllis looked out the window to make sure that she had driven off then locked the front door. She called Michael and told him that something was seriously wrong with Lauren, and she was all over the place emotionally. She reported that Lauren was fine one moment but angry, hurt, and "pissed" the next. Phyllis told Michael that she had gotten a "creepy feeling" from his wife. She apologized for not being able to help Michael, who thanked her for trying. After ending her call with Michael, Phyllis called Daniel but got his voicemail. She left him a message, wondering how long he would be.

Suddenly, the electricity went out, and Phyllis couldn't get a dial tone on her phone. There was a knock at the door. Phyllis called out, wondering if it was Daniel or Lauren. She looked terrified as the doorknob began to turn.

Patty waited for Chance in the visiting room at the police station. She remembered Sarah telling her the plans for the double homicide. Patty recalled that Sarah had said that Patty needed to be out of the police station by the time that Sarah called 9-1-1 to report Phyllis' murder. Chance entered the room, and "Emily" told him that she wanted to clarify her earlier statement about what had happened on the night of Adam's murder.

Chance said that he was glad that Emily had dropped by. He said that the police had discovered some new evidence in the basement of the Athletic Club, and he pulled out an evidence bag that contained a damaged cell phone. He informed her that Adam's fingerprints were all over the phone. Chance reminded Emily that she had been the last person to see Adam before he had escaped from the hospital, and he wondered if she could shed any light on how Adam might have gotten hold of a cell phone.

Chance explained to Emily that she might be the only person who could help put the case together. He said that when they had searched Adam's hospital room, the only thing they had found had been a stuffed toy cat. Patty remembered Adam taunting her with the cat and telling her that he had figured out that Patty had switched places with Emily. Feigning surprise, "Emily" asked Chance what Adam could possibly be doing with a stuffed cat.

"Emily" lied and said that she didn't remember seeing a stuffed cat or a cell phone in Adam's room. Chance asked her if she had seen a bag that might have held a lot of clothing. Patty remembered Adam taking the cell phone out of the garment bag that she had supplied him.

Chance said that the police had constructed a timeline of Adam's whereabouts on the evening that he had escaped, and Adam would not have had enough time to pick up anything between the time that he'd left the hospital and the time that he had arrived at the masquerade ball. Chance told Emily that, despite that, Adam had had a cell phone, a mask, a tuxedo, and a cape when he had arrived at the Athletic Club. Chance said that meant that Adam had probably had an accomplice.

"Emily" said that if Adam had had an accomplice, that was news to her. Chance urged Emily to focus on that night and see if she could remember anything that might be useful to the investigation. "Emily" said that she had gone to the police station to help Chance, but she was starting to feel like he was accusing her of something. Chance said that wasn't true, but he was getting the feeling that there were things that Emily wasn't telling him.

Chance said that he wasn't implying that Emily had helped Adam to escape, but perhaps Adam had threatened her in some way. Patty remembered Adam telling her that if she didn't help him, he would reveal her secret. "Emily" lied and insisted to Chance that there had been no coercion. Chance apologized for interrogating Emily. She began to relax and told Chance to ask her anything that he wanted to. Chance noticed that Emily seemed distracted, and he wondered if there was someplace that she had to be. "Emily" said no, adding that she would help Chance in any way she could.

Chance asked if Emily was sure that her and Adam's paths hadn't crossed after Adam had escaped. Patty remembered talking with Adam at the ball. "Emily" lied and said that she had never seen Adam again after he'd stuck the syringe containing a sedative into her neck. "Emily" stood and said that she wished she could have been of more help. Chance said that it was a shame that she didn't know anything about the cell phone, but he would track down where the phone had been purchased, and then review the store's security video to try to learn who had purchased it. Patty appeared quite nervous. "Emily" told Chance that she hoped that worked then she left the room.

After "Emily" left, Chance called District Attorney Pomerantz. He told the D.A. that he had just spoken to Dr. Abbott and that something didn't seem right. Chance said that it was time to consider her a suspect in Adam's murder.

In the hallway, Patty called Michael at Crimson Lights and told him that she was finished at the police station and would meet him at his apartment shortly. After she hung up, she said to herself, "I can do this. Soon, this will all be over."

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