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Ryder helped Lauren and Jana escape. Lauren shot and killed Sarah. Jana had surgery and lost her memory. Nick was charged with Adam's murder. Jack realized that "Emily" was Patty. Patty drugged Emily and put her in the morgue.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 3, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, May 3, 2010

At Daniel and Amber's loft, Amber and her son, Eric, were shocked to find a partially nude Daisy in bed with Daniel, who was asleep. Amber quickly ushered young Eric off to another room. Amber approached Daisy, who speedily dressed, and ordered her to leave at once. Daniel awoke and asked, "What's happening?" Amber angrily responded, "You tell me!" Daniel insisted he had no idea how he and Daisy ended up in bed together. Amber cried that Daniel hadn't wanted to accompany her to California because he wanted to cavort with Daisy. Daniel clutched his head and maintained that there was nothing going on between him and Daisy. Daniel added that he'd even thought the woman in his bed was Amber.

Amber listened as Daniel recalled how Daisy showed up at his door upset and crying about the things she and Ryder had done to Lauren. Daniel explained that he couldn't remember anything after that point. Eric returned and Amber introduced him to Daniel and explained that the boy was formerly called Little D. Daniel was still buttoning his shirt when he and Amber stepped out into the hallway to discuss Eric's unexpected arrival. Amber explained that she found Eric at Crimson Lights before she headed to the airport to catch her flight. Amber added that Eric flew to Genoa City by himself after Tawny ran off to Las Vegas with her latest boyfriend.

Amber sobbed as she insisted that she couldn't abandon Eric, and she decided to find another place for them to stay after discovering Daniel under the sheets with Daisy. Daniel and Amber stepped back inside their loft and discussed what to do next while Eric played video games. Daniel asked Amber to stay. Amber cried that she needed time away, and she told Daniel that she and Eric might stay at Katherine's. Daniel pledged his love to Amber, and she said it hurt her to leave him. Eric asked Daniel if he could return sometime to play video games. Daniel assured the boy that he could. After Amber and Eric left, Daniel recalled everything that happened from the time Daisy arrived until he passed out. Daniel saw powder residue in his drinking glass and realized that Daisy had drugged him.

After Amber threw Daisy out, she paused in the hallway outside Amber and Daniel's loft. Daisy, in a dull monotone, phoned Sarah and said, "I kept Daniel busy." Sarah ordered Daisy to return to the zoo and have Lauren change into some clothing Sarah had selected. Sarah also directed Daisy to take Lauren and Jana to a specified place. Daisy, with tears streaming down her cheeks, cried that her aunt's plan was becoming too complicated. Sarah assured her distraught niece that it would all be over before the end of the evening.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin studied a map of greater Genoa City and pleaded for Jana to send him a message. Katherine and Murphy arrived, and Kevin told them about the calliope music he'd heard in the background when Jana phoned him after she disappeared. Kevin added that he'd also received an anonymous tip petitioning him to remember the song, "Pop Goes the Weasel." Murphy and Katherine recognized the music as that which played at an abandoned amusement park near Twin Lakes. Kevin sadly reported that an earlier search of the area hadn't yielded results.

Katherine and Murphy were taken aback when Kevin requested they join him for a session at the Ouija board. Instead, Murphy suggested he pilot a helicopter while Katherine and Kevin searched the area around Twin Lakes through night-vision scopes. As Kevin scanned the landscape, Katherine noted that Murphy had been a highly decorated pilot during the Korean conflict.

Murphy announced that they were about to fly over the abandoned zoo and amusement park. Kevin recalled that he, Gloria, and Jeffrey had conjured "zoo" as a response when they asked the Ouija board where Jana was. Kevin seemed convinced that Jana might be at the old zoo. Katherine insisted they would continue their search as long as needed. Kevin's voice pitched high when he suddenly spotted two people running. Murphy angled the helicopter toward the direction Kevin indicated with his pointed finger.

At the abandoned zoo near Twin Lakes, Ryder insisted he no longer had the key to the animal cage in which Jana and Lauren were kept imprisoned by Sheila's sister, Sarah. Lauren was concerned about Jana, who lay motionless on the ground after suffering another of her more-frequently occurring severe headaches. Ryder explained that Daisy must have taken the key from him. Jana cried, "We were so close." Lauren comforted Jana and said, "Ryder is going to find another way for us to get out of here, aren't you Ryder?" Ryder promised that he would try. Lauren told Ryder that he was their only hope.

Urgently, Lauren told Ryder that Jana needed medical attention. Begging Ryder to hurry, Lauren cried that Michael and Phyllis' lives were in danger. Ryder repeatedly struck the lock with a metal pipe. Lauren shouted for Ryder to try harder. Ryder realized his efforts were fruitless, and he threw the bar to the ground. Jana groaned in pain. Lauren pleaded with Ryder not to give up because the lives of Jana, Michael and Phyllis were at stake. Overwhelmed, Ryder yelled, "What do you want from me?" Lauren begged Ryder to call the cops and tell them about Sarah's plans. Lauren asked, "People are going to die. Do you want that on your head?"

Lauren and Jana assured Ryder that they'd protect him if he summoned help. Ryder expressed concern about Sarah and Daisy. Lauren explained that the two women would get what they deserved. Jana extended her arm through the bars of the cage and held Ryder's hand. Jana cried, "Kevin is your family, and from the very beginning, all he wanted to do was love you. He still does." Lauren begged Ryder to call his brother. Ryder phoned Kevin's cell phone, but Kevin had left his phone on the bar beside the Ouija board. Ryder told Lauren that he'd reached Kevin's voicemail. Lauren instructed Ryder to leave Kevin a message. Before Ryder could speak, Daisy appeared.

Lauren asked Daisy about Michael and Phyllis. Daisy was angry that Ryder had told Lauren about the murder plot. Daisy ordered Lauren to change clothes, and she slid a bag of clothing through the bars. Lauren guessed that Sarah was about to use her. Daisy aimed her gun at Lauren and ordered her to comply. Lauren said, "You're not going to shoot because it'll ruin Sarah's plan, and you wouldn't dare cross her." Daisy agreed and aimed the gun at Jana instead. Daisy challenged Lauren and said, "Your move." Lauren collected the clothes and walked to the back of the cell to change.

Daisy dangled Ryder's keys in front of his face and announced that someone had to protect him from his own stupidity. Daisy gave the keys to Ryder and ordered to him to open the cell after they argued about what to do with their prisoners. Lauren asked where she and Jana were going. Daisy snapped that the one with the gun made the rules and didn't have to answer questions. Jana nearly collapsed and complained of feeling sick as Daisy repeatedly ordered them to exit their cell. Ryder told Daisy that Jana might die. Daisy taunted Ryder and wondered aloud how they could be twins. Ryder walked closer to Daisy and reminded her they shared a deep connection and were like-minded.

Ryder, suddenly obstinate, announced to Daisy that he wouldn't obey Sarah any longer. Daisy warned that they couldn't just stop carrying out Sarah's plans. Ryder explained that Sarah promised they would feel better if they avenged their mother's death. Ryder insisted he didn't feel better, and he asked Daisy if she did. Tears streamed down Daisy's face as she said in a defeated tone, "We're so close." Ryder explained that they could break the cycle and free the people they'd been brainwashed to hate. "They're good people, and we could be good people, too," he said.

Ryder urged Daisy to let Lauren and Jana go. Daisy steeled herself and announced that they'd carry out Mama Bear's wishes, as she ordered Jana and Lauren to walk or die. Ryder coaxed Lauren and Jana to obey Daisy. Lauren aided Jana, who was weak, as they walked ahead of Daisy. Ryder jumped Daisy and knocked her to the ground. Ryder yelled for Lauren and Jana to run.

Daisy took aim at Ryder and told him she should shoot him for allowing their prisoners to escape. Ryder insisted that Daisy wasn't like their mom or Aunt Sarah. Daisy claimed she wasn't like her brother, but he maintained she was. Ryder added that Daisy wanted to be free of anger and hatred just like he did, and he encouraged her to leave with him, so they could start over. Daisy replied, "You really are a fool," and she ran away.

At Michael and Lauren's condo, Patty clutched a handgun and steeled herself by remembering Sarah's promise to kill Phyllis if she killed Michael. Patty whispered to herself, "Jack and I will live happily ever after." Michael invited "Emily" into his home and told her that he'd been terribly worried about Lauren. While Michael poured himself a drink, Patty readied the gun she'd slipped into her pocket.

Michael complained about Lauren's lack of progress. Patty insisted that Lauren was improving. Michael shot back angrily, "Lauren is not getting better. If you can't see how bad off my wife is, maybe you should be seeing a psychiatrist!" Patty calmly maintained that she was a sane, capable doctor. Michael yelled that even his son was afraid of Lauren. Patty suggested that the boy was acting on his father's emotional stress. Michael railed against his wife's therapist and said, "You're the crazy one here, lady!" Patty's expression became fierce-looking as she warned Michael that he would regret saying that to her. Michael countered that his only regret was recommending that Lauren receive counseling from her.

Patty's fury swelled as Michael voiced his serious doubts about her qualifications. Michael explained that Fen and Phyllis noted that Lauren was not herself. Patty tightened her grip on the gun as she asked about Phyllis' comment. Michael explained that just before "Emily's" arrival, Phyllis phoned and said she'd asked Lauren, who was acting bizarrely, to leave. Puzzled, Patty asked, "She left?" Michael repeated his statement. Patty mumbled, "She didn't do it. She tricked me." Michael asked his mad guest to leave. Patty slipped the gun deep into her pocket and responded, "Yes, I should leave." Michael warned "Emily" to stay away from Lauren. Patty responded, "If you know what's good for you, you won't go near her either." After Patty left, Michael seemed quite confused by his guest's warning.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack showed Ashley "Emily's" journal with numerous pages filled in completely with indecipherable scribbling. Ashley opened the diary and gazed confusedly at a page covered with rambling messages scrawled with multi-colored inks. Jack explained that something was seriously wrong with his wife. Jack added that even Paul had requested to have Emily removed from Patty's case. Jack suddenly remembered how at the hearing regarding her case, "Patty" had insisted that she was Emily. Jack sadly noted that "Patty" had been at the Walworth Psychiatric facility ever since.

Ashley reminded Jack that he'd first noticed the change in Emily's behavior after their wedding. Jack said, "If I have been living with Patty all of this time that means Emily..." Without finishing his sentence, Jack picked up his briefcase and headed to Walworth to determine who was incarcerated in a padded cell.

Jack arrived at Walworth and told Dr. Jasper he wanted to visit Patty Williams. Dr. Jasper told Jack that it would be impossible for him to see Patty. Jack threatened to obtain a court order. Dr. Jasper explained that Jack wasn't allowed to visit Patty because his own wife had blocked him from the list of Patty's approved visitors. Jack told Dr. Jasper he couldn't believe that his wife had specifically barred him from seeing Patty. Dr. Jasper referred Jack to the chief of staff, Dr. Kopecky. Dr. Jasper admitted that Patty still insisted she was Dr. Peterson.

Patty arrived at Jack's house before he did and yelled for him repeatedly as she closed the front door behind her. Patty mumbled that Jack was probably with Phyllis. Patty phoned Sarah and left a message telling her that Michael was alive and well and waiting at home for her. Patty added that she didn't need Sarah's help to hold on to Jack. Patty gulped down a drink just before Jack returned home. Jack was stern-faced, but Patty locked lips with him. Jack pulled away, but Patty encouraged him to accompany her upstairs. Jack opened his briefcase and told Patty that he'd ask the questions from that point on, as he produced the diary. Patty looked stunned when Jack asked, "How did you do it, Patty?"

At the tack house, Phyllis, relegated to a wheelchair as her broken leg mended, nervously punched at the buttons on her phone as someone tried to enter through the front door. Shattering glass startled Phyllis, and she dropped her cell phone out of reach. Phyllis wriggled out of her wheelchair and retrieved her phone. As Phyllis crawled into a bedroom, she called out to Lauren. After Phyllis closed the door and sat upright against it, she heard someone rattling the doorknob.

Scared out of her mind, Phyllis screeched, "Who are you? What do you want?" Sarah pushed against the door, opened it, and thrust her arm inside far enough to grasp Phyllis' neck. Phyllis gagged and coughed as Sarah tightened her grip. Phyllis managed to free herself from Sarah's grasp and shut the door. Sarah yelled, "Damn you!" Phyllis cried, "Lauren, why are you doing this? Daniel will be here any minute, Lauren." After a while, Phyllis believed that her attacker had left, so she exited the bedroom. Using two umbrellas for crutches, Phyllis hobbled into the living room.

Someone grabbed Phyllis from behind, and she screamed. Phyllis was relieved to discover that Michael caught her after she collapsed. Michael set Phyllis on the sofa and held her as Phyllis explained that Lauren had tried to kill her. Phyllis, still shaking, insisted that Lauren was insane. Michael phoned Lauren via speakerphone, so Phyllis could hear her friend's voice. Sarah answered Michael's call and said, "I am far, far away from you. You can't reach me" A calliope version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" could be heard in the background. Michael offered to get help for "Lauren," but Sarah told Michael that it was over, and she hung up.

After the call ended, Phyllis told Michael about the music she heard in the background on "Lauren's" end of the call. Michael remembered that Kevin had heard the same kind of music when Jana called. Michael recalled that a wooden clown at an abandoned amusement park near Twin Lakes played the particular song Phyllis identified. Phyllis insisted she accompany Michael to Twin Lakes, so Michael carried her to her car, where she said she left her crutches.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From the Chancellor mansion, Amber called Chloe and left a long voicemail telling her that the little boy who she used to raise was with her. She informed Chloe that the boy, Eric, was in a guest room at the Chancellor mansion. Amber asked if she could stay there as well, since she couldn't go home to Daniel. Without offering any further explanation, Amber asked Chloe to call her or stop by the mansion as soon as she could.

The doorbell rang, and Amber opened the door to Daniel. He said that he had found something out about what Daisy had done to him. Amber told Daniel that nothing he said could "fix this." Daniel said that he needed only two minutes of Amber's time. Amber said that made sense, as it took Daniel only two minutes to fall into bed with someone else. Amber couldn't understand why Daniel would want to sleep with Daisy, who had made Michael and Lauren's lives so miserable. She guessed that perhaps Daisy was okay not having any kids, thus making her a more attractive choice to him.

Daniel explained that he had admitted Daisy into their apartment because he thought he might be able to get some information about Jana's whereabouts, and that Daisy must have drugged him, like she had done to Lauren. Daniel swore that he would never betray Amber -- and that she must realize that.

When Amber returned from checking on the sleeping Eric, Daniel thanked her for believing him about what had happened with Daisy. Amber said that Daisy didn't matter, but added that she could no longer pretend that she was okay without Eric. She said, "I can't not be Eric's mom because you don't want to be his dad." Daniel said that he had followed her to the Chancellor mansion to talk to her about Daisy. Amber reiterated that Daisy was not their problem.

Daniel told Amber that he wanted to work through things -- and that they could make a bed for Eric at their apartment. Amber said that Daniel felt that everything was about Daniel -- but she had to worry about Eric. She told Daniel that they needed to spend some time apart. As a dejected Daniel started to leave, he told Amber that he loved her and that he was ready to talk with her about whatever she needed. After Daniel was gone, Amber began to cry.

At the Abbott mansion, an irate Jack asked Patty how she had turned herself into Emily. Patty insisted that she was Emily. Patty implied that Jack was losing his mind. Jack told Patty not to accuse him of being the crazy person. Patty said that she didn't like the word "crazy." Jack opened Patty's diary and said that it contained the ravings of a lunatic. Continuing to pointedly call the woman he was with "Patty," Jack said that he had lost his niece because of Patty, and that he didn't want to lose his wife to Patty.

Patty, insisting that she was Emily, chided Jack for looking at the diary -- she said that it invaded her patient's privacy. She wondered how Jack could possibly think that she had written the gibberish in the diary. "Emily" said that she was "Patty's" doctor, and it was perfectly reasonable that she would take Patty's diary so that she could make some notes on it. Jack wondered how anyone could possibly take notes on the diary -- he said that a monkey with a typewriter could write something that made more sense than the diary entries. "Emily" said that the diary contained Patty's innermost thoughts, and that the man she had married would have never read it -- let alone made fun of it. "Emily" said, "You don't know me? Maybe I don't know you."

Jack said that their marriage had become a "train wreck." "Emily" wondered if Jack considered that her fault. He said that he didn't even know who she was anymore, and that he was concerned about her jealousies and her lies. Patty pointed to the portrait of Emily and said that it was insane that Jack would rather be married to a picture than to a real human being. She said that people changed, and wondered if Jack was going to walk away if she didn't act the way Jack wanted her to act.

Jack told her that it wasn't about change -- that there was a fundamental difference between who she had been and who she was at that moment. Jack said that the woman he had married was a warm, confident Emily -- not a woman who spent all her time covering her tracks and lying. He told her that there was a woman in a padded cell insisting that she was Emily, and that he was more inclined to believe that woman than the woman standing before him.

"Emily" admitted that she had changed, but feigned shock that Jack would believe that she wasn't his wife. She reminded him that they spent their nights in bed together, and he thought that she was an imposter. Jack said that their problems had started on their wedding night, and, since then, too many things had occurred that just didn't add up. "Emily" suggested that they go for marriage counseling, and that Jack seek individual therapy. Jack adamantly demanded that she add him to the list of people approved to see "Patty" at the psychiatric facility. When she objected, Jack said that he wanted to see the woman in the facility the next day -- or else. "Emily" said, "You're threatening me now?" Jack repeated that he wanted to be put on the list, then stormed out of the house. Patty began crying.

After Jack was gone, Patty became agitated and told herself that it couldn't be happening -- that she and Jack were meant to be together. She stared at Emily's portrait and said, "This is all your fault! Stay gone. Stay gone." She grabbed a knife and slashed the portrait.

Jack went to the Crimson Lights patio and was carrying a cat in a carrier. He told the cat that one moment it had been in a shelter, and the next moment it had been adopted. Jack promised the cat that he would provide a nice life for it -- after the cat helped him. He then said, "You ready, Mrs. Kitty?"

In Michael's car, Michael and Phyllis sped to the abandoned amusement park. Michael wondered why Lauren had told him that it was over when they had spoken on the phone. Michael and Phyllis discussed Lauren's recent erratic behavior, which had culminated in her attempt to kill Phyllis.

Michael said that Ryder and Daisy had altered Lauren's behavior by drugging her, and perhaps a residual drug effect had caused his wife to try to kill Phyllis, her best friend. Phyllis said that woman who had tried to kill her wasn't the Lauren she knew -- that there was a demonic look in her eyes. Michael feared that Lauren might commit suicide. He said that Daisy and Ryder had been tormenting her, and that perhaps she had snapped. He blamed himself for her breakdown, and said that he should never have moved out of their apartment.

Phyllis said that when they found Lauren, they would get her help. Michael and Phyllis considered it lucky that they had heard calliope music in the background when Michael had called Lauren -- at least they knew that she was at the abandoned amusement park. Michael said that Lauren was smart and strong. Phyllis said that Lauren loved Michael a lot -- and that her love would help her find her way back to sanity.

Murphy found a place to land the helicopter carrying himself, Kevin, and Katherine. Katherine asked Kevin if one of the people he had seen from the air had been Jana. Kevin said that he couldn't be sure. After they landed, Katherine suggested that she and Murphy search in one direction, while Kevin search in another.

An exhausted Lauren supported Jana, who was suffering from a massive headache. They went through a door in the amusement park. Jana said that she was holding back Lauren from escaping and insisted that Lauren go ahead without her. Lauren said that she would never do that. The women sat down on a bench to rest for a moment. The bench was actually part of a carousel. Suddenly, the lights on the carousel began to shine, and carousel music started playing as the carousel began to move. Sarah showed up on the carousel, and said, "Hey gang, the fun's just beginning."

As the loud music played, Jana screamed in pain. Daisy showed up at the side of the carousel and told Sarah that Ryder had set Lauren and Jana free. Sarah said that, as usual, she had to clean up Daisy and Ryder's mess. Producing a gun, she said that at least she was prepared. Lauren screamed out that Jana needed a doctor, and that Lauren would surrender to Sarah if Sarah let Jana go. Sarah said, "Thanks, but no thanks," adding that she was going to kill them both.

Lauren helped Jana jump off the carousel. Kevin approached the carousel, and, thinking that Sarah was Lauren, told her to put the gun down. Jana screamed, "Kevin! That's not Lauren!" Saying that it was "time to see Daddy," Sarah took a shot at Kevin.

Katherine and Murphy, on the other side of the amusement park, had no luck locating Jana. Phyllis and Michael arrived and parked the car. Both couples heard the sound of the gunshot. Michael feared the worst -- that Lauren had killed herself. He told Phyllis to lock the car's doors, and ran off to look for his wife.

Alone in the car, Phyllis still couldn't believe that her best friend had become homicidal. She began remembering all the conversations she had with Michael when he had told her about Lauren's odd behavior. A light bulb went on and she said, "She isn't Lauren. Michael. Oh, my God." She grabbed her crutches and left the car.

Kevin avoided being hit by the bullet by taking cover behind one of the carousel's horses. He tried to get the gun from Sarah. He and Sarah struggled, and the gun went off. Kevin knocked the gun to the ground. Daisy showed up and turned the carousel off. She ran to Sarah, who told her niece to get the gun.

Jana was in Kevin's arms, crying. Lauren told him that Sarah was Sheila's sister, and that Ryder and Daisy were Sheila's children. Lauren said that he had to call for help -- that Ryder, Daisy, and Sarah were planning to kill Michael and Phyllis. Kevin said that he had traveled to the park in a helicopter piloted by Murphy. Lauren said that they should get to the helicopter before "that psycho" was able to stand up. Jana refused to leave, saying that Daisy and Sarah would kill Lauren.

Lauren got back onto the carousel and said that she hadn't survived Sheila to let that "bitch" Sarah take her down. Lauren began running. Before Sarah went to pursue Lauren, she told Daisy to kill the Fishers. As Daisy aimed the gun at Kevin and Jana, Ryder showed up and told Daisy to stop. Ryder jumped in front of the Fishers. Daisy's gun was aimed at his chest. He calmly told Daisy that he and Daisy could run away. He wondered if Daisy was going to shoot him. She replied that he didn't get a free pass because he was her brother -- she reminded Ryder that Kevin was her brother too.

Daisy said that she had to kill the Fishers because their Aunt Sarah had told her to, and that Ryder was going to die, also, if he continued to stand in the way. Ryder told Daisy that their aunt had ruined their lives, and promised her that everything was going to be okay. He gently took the gun from her and placed it on the ground. Daisy said that she and Ryder needed to run before the cops or Sarah got there. Daisy, with tears in her eyes, said that it had always been her and Ryder against the world, but added, "Why do you always have to be so stupid?" As she walked off, Kevin grabbed the gun and said that someone had to pay for what had happened to Jana. He told Ryder that, since Daisy had gone, he was going to kill Ryder.

Jana told Kevin that her headache was worse than ever. Kevin asked Ryder if he had watched Jana suffer. Kevin said that he had wanted to help -- and that he had supplied Jana with pain medication. Jana defended Ryder. Ryder said that he was sorry for what he had done, but that after Sheila died, Sarah was the only family that Daisy and Ryder had. He told Kevin that Kevin's learning that Ryder was his brother and getting Ryder out of jail was all part of Sarah's plan. He said that he remembered thinking that Kevin getting him out of jail was what "real family" was supposed to feel like.

Kevin said that he and Ryder would never be a family. He told Ryder to run -- and, that if he or Daisy ever returned, he would kill them. Ryder took off. After Ryder was gone, Jana told Kevin that she had always loved him, and that Daisy and Sarah had forced her to write the letter saying that she had left Kevin. Phyllis joined the Fishers and asked them if they had seen Michael. Kevin was shocked to learn that Michael was there, looking for Lauren. He told Phyllis that Sarah Smythe, Sheila's sister, had been posing as Lauren. Jana said that they needed to tell Michael a code word so that Michael would be able to tell the real Lauren from Sarah.

The Fishers rendezvoused with Katherine and Murphy at the helicopter. Murphy told Kevin that he had radioed ahead to Genoa City Memorial, and that they were expecting the seriously ill Jana. Kevin tried to speak with Jana, and he became hysterical when she was unresponsive.

Sarah chased Lauren into the amusement park's hall of mirrors. The multiple mirrors in the hall reflected dozens of images of both of the women. Sarah said, "Don't worry, Lauren. Mama Bear just wants to rip you limb from limb." Sarah tried to aim her gun at Lauren, but was confused by the many reflections. Lauren tried to grab the gun from Sarah, but failed. Sarah asked Lauren if she thought it was that easy. Lauren asked Sarah if she was sure that she was aiming at her. Sarah said that Lauren would get to see herself die a million times.

Sarah took a shot, but she had been aiming at a mirror and not at Lauren. The mirror shattered. Michael entered the hall and Sarah hid the gun behind her back. To Sarah, Michael said, "Lauren. Thank God I found you." He said that he had heard gunshots, and was concerned that she had been hurt. Sarah lied and said that Michael probably heard a car backfiring. Michael told Sarah that no matter what had happened, she could return home and that everything would be all right. "Lauren" said that she would like that.

Michael wondered what Lauren was doing at the amusement park. He said that he wasn't going to allow her to hurt herself. Sarah chuckled and said, "You think I'm gonna kill myself?" Michael, frustrated by the reflections in the mirrors, wondered how they were going to get out of the hall. Suddenly, the real Lauren showed herself and warned Michael that the woman he was standing with was Sheila's sister -- and that she wanted to kill them.

Sarah and Lauren both told Michael that they were the real Lauren. As Michael stared back and forth at the women, Lauren lunged at Sarah and knocked the gun out of her hand. Sarah continued to try to convince Michael that she was Lauren, and that Lauren was Sarah. Lauren aimed the gun at Sarah, and Sarah said, "Sarah, put the gun down." Lauren proved that she was really Michael's wife by repeating the vows that he had said at their wedding. Michael, with tears in his eyes, walked over to Lauren.

Phyllis showed up at the hall of mirrors with a gun and began to tell Michael about Sarah being an imposter. Michael said that he knew, and told Phyllis to keep her gun aimed at Sarah, who was the woman without a gun. Lauren kept her gun aimed at Sarah, and Michael gently urged her to put the weapon down -- that they should let the police handle the situation. Lauren said that she would find a way to handle it. Michael said, "It's over. It ends right here and right now." Lauren agreed and said that Michael was right. Lauren then began shooting at Sarah. All over the hall, mirrors began shattering.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At the jail, an officer escorted Nick into an interrogation room. Nick asked what was going on, and the officer told him that Chance and D.A. Pomerantz wanted to see him. An angry Nick told the officer that he could tell Chance and the D.A. that he wasn't interested in making a deal.

At the adjoining police station, Pomerantz asked if Chance had finished installing a new piece of software on his computer. Chance said that the software should be up and running in about one hour -- and that it would be able to retrieve the messages from Adam's damaged cell phone. After Pomerantz walked off, Chance called Chloe at the Chancellor mansion to tell her that he would be late -- he had a new lead in the Adam Wilson murder investigation. Chloe said that was all right, as she was busy with Amber and Eric.

Behind Chance, a group of officers began running out of the station. Putting the phone down for a moment, Chance asked what was going on. One of the officers replied that there had been a report of shots fired at the abandoned amusement park. Chloe overheard the commotion. She told Chance that he was clearly busy and they ended their conversation.

At the Chancellor mansion, Amber entered the living room. Chloe told her about the gunfire at the amusement park. Amber said that was where Kevin had gone to look for Jana. Daniel returned and told the women that Murphy had called him to let him know that Murphy, Katherine, and Kevin had taken Jana to the hospital -- and that things didn't look good.

At the amusement park, Lauren pointed a gun at Sarah. Michael gently tried to coax her to put the gun down. Lauren said, "Sheila was gone and it didn't end." Michael said that Sarah would never get out of prison. Lauren said that Michael was right -- and began shooting. Mirrors began shattering, and Michael fell to the ground. He screamed for Lauren to stop shooting -- that the bullets were ricocheting all over the place.

After the shooting stopped, Michael saw Phyllis on the ground and raced over to her. Phyllis told Michael that she was okay, but that she had dropped her gun. Michael began searching for Lauren. Phyllis got off the floor and stood on her crutches. Sarah approached Phyllis and aimed the gun that Phyllis had dropped at Phyllis. Lauren appeared and aimed her gun at Sarah. Michael gingerly approached Lauren and told her not to shoot. Phyllis said, "Karma..." Lauren finished the sentence by saying, " a bitch." Lauren shot Sarah.

Phyllis went over to Sarah, who was on the ground mortally wounded, and rolled her over. She saw a wound on Sarah's arm and recognized it from earlier that evening, when Sarah had tried to strangle her. Phyllis told Michael that the downed woman was definitely Sarah. When Lauren heard that, she handed her gun to Michael.

Phyllis told the dying Sarah that she was truly evil. Sarah asked where Daisy and Ryder were. Phyllis said that Sarah would never see the twins again. Sarah replied that she might not, but sinisterly added that Lauren would. Sarah died. The Baldwins held each other tightly. Michael said that he had known that he had to separate "that woman" from Fenmore. Lauren asked where Jana was. Phyllis said that she had been rushed to the hospital. Lauren said they needed to get to the hospital. As the sound of police sirens approached, Michael, Lauren, and Phyllis walked out of the hall of mirrors, and left Sarah's lifeless body on the ground.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Kevin was frustrated that he couldn't go into the exam room with Jana. Murphy told him to let the doctors "do their thing." Katherine assured Kevin that Jana was in good hands. Kevin wondered where Michael and Lauren were. Chloe, Daniel, and Amber showed up at the hospital. Kevin told them that Daisy and Ryder were twins, and they had kidnapped Jana and kept her in a filthy, disgusting cage for weeks. Kevin said that Murphy and Katherine had rescued her in a helicopter, where Jana began convulsing.

Katherine and Murphy told Chloe and the Romalottis that Sarah had kidnapped, and then impersonated, Lauren shortly after the masquerade ball. Amber said that she had seen and spoken to "Lauren" the previous evening. Katherine said that she had been speaking with Sarah -- not with Lauren. Kevin said that Daisy and Ryder's father was Tom Fisher -- and therefore they were Kevin's family, too. Before he walked off, Kevin said that he hoped that police dogs would find the twins and rip them to shreds.

Chloe called Chance and asked if he could help locate Ryder and Daisy, who might be hiding at the abandoned amusement park. Chance said that he was still busy working on the break in the Wilson murder case, but he assured Chloe that officers were on the scene at the park. He told Chloe that he would call her if he had any updates. Chloe told Chance that she loved him, then hung up.

Chance quickly peeked in at Nick, who was still waiting in the interrogation room. Nick shouted, "Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?" Later, Chance went into the interrogation room. Nick was angry that he had been kept waiting for more than an hour. He said that he wasn't going to say anything without Michael present. Chance said that he didn't mind -- that he would do all the talking, as he was sure that Nick was interested in what he had to say.

Back at the hospital, a nervous Kevin paced and wondered why they hadn't heard anything about Jana's condition. Amber walked away from the waiting group. Daniel followed her and asked if she was okay. She said that she wasn't -- that she had been alone with Sarah the previous night and had thought that Sarah was Lauren -- and they had allowed Sarah to take Fen from them. Daniel tried to comfort Amber by telling her that a lot of people had thought that Sarah was Lauren. Amber worried about Fen. Daniel told her that the boy was safe with Gloria.

Michael and Lauren arrived at the hospital. Kevin and Katherine hugged Lauren, then began peppering her with questions. Lauren said that she would give them details on what had happened after she had time to collect her thoughts. She said that she had some good news -- Sarah was dead. Michael said that it looked like Ryder and Daisy had escaped. Seeing Daniel, Lauren told him that Phyllis was being checked out in a room down the hall. Daniel was surprised to learn that Phyllis had been involved in the situation. Lauren told him that Sarah had tried to kill Phyllis. Daniel ran down the hall to his mother's room. Phyllis was in bed and reminiscing about the events of the evening. Daniel gave his mother a big hug.

In the hospital's waiting area, Lauren told Kevin that she had led Sarah to the hall of mirrors to give him and Jana a chance to escape. When the discussion turned to Daisy and Ryder, Kevin snapped that he wasn't interested in them -- he needed to know that his wife was okay. As Jana's doctor approached, Kevin asked him if they had gotten her to the hospital in time.

The doctor told the group that Jana had an aneurysm, but that she was in stable condition. He said that if Murphy hadn't flown her in, it would have been too late to save her. Kevin asked what her prognosis was. The doctor said that she was conscious but sedated, and that it was imperative that she remain calm. Phyllis and Daniel joined the group. Phyllis said that a bullet had grazed her cast, but, other than that, she was fine. Daniel told Phyllis that he would take her home, but she said that she would rather be with her friends than in her empty house, where Sarah had just tried to murder her.

Phyllis was perplexed as to why Sarah wanted to kill her. Lauren guessed it was because Sheila had died looking like Phyllis. Phyllis didn't buy that -- she thought there was more to the story. Phyllis finally gave in and said that she would go home with Daniel. Within earshot of Chloe, Kevin thanked Katherine and Murphy for their help in rescuing Jana. Katherine said that if he or Jana needed anything, all Kevin had to do was ask. Kevin thanked them again and walked away. After he was gone, Katherine told Chloe that Kevin was a young man of character. Chloe said that she was surprised by how well Kevin was holding up. She told Katherine and Murphy that she was heading to the police station to see if Chance had any information on Daisy and Ryder's whereabouts.

Amber and Lauren talked privately. Amber told Lauren that her son, Eric, formerly known as Little D, had shown up in Genoa City. Lauren told a shocked Amber that Sarah had been the "dragon lady" who had threatened Eric's life. Lauren said that she thought that Sarah had killed Ray Elkins, and then framed Daniel in order to get back at Amber and Phyllis. Amber was concerned that she had told Sarah that Eric was staying at the Chancellor mansion. Lauren reminded Amber that Sarah was dead. Amber said that Sarah might be dead, but that Ryder and Daisy were still on the loose, and that meant that Eric was still in danger.

Michael and Kevin returned from the hospital gift shop, where Kevin had bought a deck of tarot cards. He told Michael that they reminded him of Jana, and he thought that they might cheer her up. They discussed Daisy and Ryder. Kevin said that, from what he could surmise, Ryder no longer wanted anything to do with Daisy, and that, without Ryder or Sarah, Daisy was harmless. Michael disagreed. He thought that Daisy might be more dangerous, as she had nothing to lose.

Daniel escorted Phyllis to the front door of the tack house. She said that she was glad that he hadn't stopped by earlier -- that Sarah probably would have killed him. She wondered where he had been. Daniel remembered waking up in bed with Daisy, and told Phyllis that he had been distracted. Phyllis heard a noise from inside the house and became frightened. She urged Daniel not to go in, but he ignored his mother and opened the front door.

Phyllis and Daniel were shocked to see Nick in the living room, straightening up the mess from Phyllis' struggle with Sarah. He wondered if someone had broken in. Phyllis said that she would explain everything to Nick later. Nick told Phyllis and Daniel that he had been freed from jail -- the charges against him had been dropped. A thrilled Phyllis hugged Nick. Daniel left.

After Daniel was gone, Phyllis filled Nick in on the evening's events. She told him that Sarah was dead, and that she would never know Sarah's motive for trying to kill her. Nick was angry that he hadn't been there to protect his wife from a maniac. Phyllis said that the incident was over, and that Nick shouldn't worry about it. Nick worried that Daisy and Ryder were still at large, and picked up the phone to call for added security. Phyllis made him hang up the phone and said that she didn't need security -- she needed her husband.

Nick spoke with Michael on the phone. After he hung up, Nick reported to Phyllis that Jana was in stable condition, and that everyone was optimistic. He said that Michael told him that the Newmans weren't needed back at the hospital. Phyllis was glad to hear that, as she was exhausted. Nick said that she should get a good night's sleep, and that the next morning he would make a huge breakfast for her and Summer, then spend the day with his "two girls." He hoped that perhaps Michael would be able to get the D.A. to drop the murder charges against Victor. Phyllis began kissing Nick. The Newmans undressed each other and made love.

Back at the hospital, Amber told Katherine and Murphy that Ryder and Daisy might try to harm Eric. Katherine said that the twins probably wouldn't try anything -- they had to know that the police were looking for them. Daniel returned to the hospital just in time to hear Katherine and Murphy offer Amber a ride back to the mansion. Daniel seemed disappointed that Amber was leaving.

Katherine and Murphy walked away to give the Romalottis privacy. Amber told Daniel that she had to go back to the Chancellor mansion to make sure that Eric was okay, and to make sure that Sarah hadn't sent Daisy and Ryder after the boy. Daniel said that he understood how dangerous the twins were, and told Amber to go. Before she left, Amber thanked Daniel for his understanding.

Katherine, Murphy, and Amber returned to the mansion. Amber hugged Eric. At the hospital, a despondent-looking Daniel played with his wedding ring.

At the hospital, Michael and Lauren had a chance to speak privately. Michael said that Lauren had probably been a source of strength for Jana during their ordeal. He told Lauren that he was there to be a source of strength for her. Lauren said that she couldn't wait to shower and to sleep in a real bed -- with Michael on one side and Fen on the other. Michael told her that from the moment that Fen had seen Sarah, he knew that she wasn't his mother. Lauren said that she wanted to be there for Kevin and Jana, but she couldn't wait to see Fen.

Later, Michael led Lauren down a hospital hallway, his hands covering her eyes. When he removed his hands, she was thrilled to see Gloria standing there with Fen. Fen ran to Lauren and hugged her. To Michael, Fen said, "Mom's all better." Michael replied, "She's perfect." Lauren said that Fen was a perfect son. The united Baldwin family hugged and kissed each other.

Kevin went to see Jana. Her head was wrapped in bandages, and her eyes were closed. As he took her hand, she opened her eyes. Kevin told her to rest and not to say anything. He told her that Sarah was dead, and that Ryder and Daisy were gone -- that they would never hurt her again. Kevin said that he had been afraid that he would never see Jana again -- that people had told him to move on, but he had known that she hadn't left him. He told Jana that they were stuck with each other for all eternity.

On a road at the edge of town, Ryder was hitchhiking. A car stopped for him and he began to get in, but was shocked to see that Daisy was the driver. Daisy said, "You really thought that you'd get rid of me that easily?" Ryder said that perhaps it would be better if they went their separate ways. Daisy said that he was being stupid -- without her, he would be caught by the police. Daisy talked Ryder into getting into the car with her. He said that he wanted to get away from Genoa City forever. Daisy replied, "I'll be back -- someday. It's what Mom would want."

Chloe arrived at the police station with a bag of takeout food for Chance. Chance told her that it appeared as if Daisy and Ryder had gotten away, although police were stationed at the airport and the bus terminal. Pomerantz pulled Chance away from Chloe and asked him if Nick had been dealt with. Chance said that it was all taken care of. Chance and Pomerantz smiled at each other.

Sitting at his laptop, Chance told Chloe that he was frustrated because he had installed some new software, but he wasn't able to get it to run properly. Chloe looked at the screen and was able to quickly fix the problem. A slightly embarrassed Chance thanked Chloe. She left to go back to the hospital. After she was gone, Chance put a headset on and listened to a recording of Adam saying, "This is Adam Newman. They have me trapped in the basement -- 'they' meaning my loving family. I doubt that they'll let me out of here alive."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Kevin informed Daniel about Jana's condition -- she had opened her eyes a few times but was unable to speak. The doctor had told Kevin that she might have brain damage -- or that she might die. Daniel urged Kevin to return to Jana's room and declare his love for her. Daniel said that if Kevin told her that she would make it, she would. Kevin asked Daniel where Amber was. Daniel said that his wife hadn't returned home the previous night.

At Crimson Lights, Amber told Chloe that Katherine told her that she and Eric were welcome to stay at the Chancellor mansion for as long as they liked. Amber had left Eric at the mansion, where he was making muffins with Esther. Chloe said that she thought that Amber was great with Eric. Amber said that she had missed being a mother -- and that Daniel just didn't get it. Chloe told Amber to give it time. Amber said that there might not be time if she wanted to keep Eric safe.

Amber and Chloe went to the hospital to see Jana. Daniel ran into them and told Amber that they needed to talk about Eric. Amber said that conversation would have to wait -- she wanted to see Jana first. As Amber went into Jana's room, Daniel asked Chloe to speak with him.

After Amber walked off, Daniel told Chloe that he was too young to be a father. Chloe said that he wasn't. Daniel wondered if Chloe ever felt tied down by motherhood. Chloe said that she sometimes felt like she was grounded -- but that Delia was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She told Daniel that before she had Delia, she had been totally self-absorbed, and that taking care of the child was the most rewarding feeling in the world. Daniel said that, for the time being, he wanted his family to be just him and Amber. Chloe reminded him that Eric and Amber had a bond before Daniel had entered the picture. Daniel appeared confused about the choice that he was going to have to make.

Gloria, Amber, and Kevin were in Jana's room. The doctor entered and told Kevin that there were two procedures that could be performed on Jana -- one was less invasive than the other. The doctor recommended that Jana undergo the less invasive procedure, as she was still weak from her ordeal. Kevin agreed, and signed the necessary paperwork. He got onto the bed with Jana and told her that he didn't know if she understood what was happening -- but that she had an aneurysm that was about to be repaired. He said that he would be waiting for her when she returned from surgery.

Later, Kevin became impatient about how long Jana's procedure was taking. Gloria tried calming him down by telling him not to worry about things that hadn't happened yet. Jeffrey called Gloria, and she left the room. After Gloria was gone, Amber told Kevin that she had never seen the "motherly" side of Gloria. Kevin said that Gloria had her moments. Amber said that it was hard for a mother to watch her kids suffer.

Kevin wondered if Amber was keeping Eric with her. She said that she couldn't send Eric back to Tawny -- Eric thought of Amber as his mother. Amber said that she and Eric might have to leave Genoa City, since Ryder and Daisy hadn't been captured. She told Kevin that the only thing keeping her in town was Jana's illness. Kevin said that Jana would understand if Amber had to leave town. Amber said that she wished that Daniel were as understanding as Kevin. Kevin assured Amber that Daniel would eventually accept the situation.

Chloe and Daniel joined Kevin and Amber in Jana's room as the doctor returned to give Kevin a status report. He said that Jana had tolerated the procedure well, and he was guardedly optimistic that she would make a full recovery. After the doctor left, it was clear that Kevin was still worried -- he didn't quite know what the doctor meant by "guardedly optimistic." Daniel left the room to call Phyllis and apprise her of Jana's condition.

After Daniel was gone, Kevin again encouraged Amber to leave Genoa City, particularly since Jana seemed to be on the mend. Gloria wondered if Amber was leaving Daniel. Amber received a phone call from her mother, Tawny. An angry Amber chided Tawny for leaving Eric alone in California. Tawny defended herself by saying that she had left plenty of food for the boy. Amber said that Eric was a child -- not a dog. Tawny hung up.

Amber told Kevin and Gloria that Tawny was on her way to Genoa City to get Eric. Kevin thought that was good news -- but Amber told him that Tawny saw Eric as a meal ticket, since Deacon sent her monthly checks to take care of the boy. Amber said that she hoped that Kevin was right about Daniel understanding the situation -- because she and Eric were leaving Genoa City that night.

After Amber left the room to speak with Daniel, Jana was wheeled back into the room. Kevin told her how much he loved her. Chloe left to get Kevin some food. Kevin saw Jana's hand move. He wondered if Jana could hear him. He put his hand in hers -- and she grabbed it tightly.

In the waiting area outside Jana's room, Amber and Daniel apologized to each other for fighting. Daniel said that he wasn't ready to be a father. Amber said that since Eric was in Genoa City, she couldn't abandon him. Daniel said that he had been up all night and wasn't sure he could handle the situation. He told Amber that he couldn't live without her, and he urged her to be patient with him.

Amber told Daniel that Tawny was on her way to Genoa City to get Eric. Daniel thought that was fantastic, but Amber said that it was far from that -- and that she and Eric were leaving Genoa City that night. A stunned Daniel said that Amber couldn't be serious. Amber begged Daniel to say that he would leave with her.

Amber said that she knew that her decision was sudden, and she understood if Daniel needed a few days before he could join her and Eric in California. Daniel asked her how long she planned to stay in California, and if she planned to ever return to Genoa City. Amber said, "Maybe at some point in the future. Or maybe never." Daniel was speechless.

Phyllis, Nick, and Summer returned to the tack house after visiting Faith. Nick said that he wanted to spend the day with his "two girls." When Summer went upstairs to get a toy, Nick thanked Phyllis for purchasing a gift that Summer thought was from him -- Summer had thought that Nick had been on a business trip, and he always gave her a gift when he went on business trips. Nick mentioned that he had missed their wedding anniversary since he was in jail -- but Phyllis said that was okay, since she had spent their wedding night in jail.

Summer returned to the living room and said that she wanted to have a picnic. Nick said that he had planned to take her and Phyllis to a fancy restaurant, but Summer didn't think that would be fun. Nick acquiesced, and said that they would have a picnic, but, since it was chilly outside, they would have to rearrange the furniture and have it indoors.

In an interrogation room at the jail, Chance met with Victor. Victor said that he wasn't going to speak with Chance without his lawyer present. Chance told Victor that he was being released. Victor asked why. Chance said that new evidence had surfaced that contradicted Victor's confession. Victor wondered if this was a tactic on Chance's part to try to get Victor to give him more information about Adam's murder. Chance assured him that he wasn't playing tricks.

At the tack house, Summer and Phyllis had the floor set for their indoor picnic. Nick returned with takeout chicken. Phyllis told Nick that Summer wanted to hear about their wedding day. Nick said that he and Phyllis had been married in a church on a beautiful day -- and that marrying "Mommy" was the best thing that he had ever done. Summer asked the Newmans to kiss, and they granted her request.

The phone rang and Nick answered. It was Chance calling to tell Nick that Victor was being released, and asking Nick to go to the police station to get his father. Nick said that he would be right there, then hung up. Not wanting Summer to know that Victor was in jail, Nick told Phyllis that Victor had just returned from a business trip and needed to be picked up. Playing along with Nick's charade, Phyllis asked why Victor had returned from his business trip early. Nick said that he didn't know. Before he left, he grabbed a biscuit and kissed Phyllis.

Nick joined Chance and Victor in the interrogation room at the jail. Nick wondered if Victor had recanted his confession. Chance said that the police had uncovered a new piece of evidence. Both Nick and Victor wondered what this evidence was.

Chance played the voice message that he had managed to lift from a cell phone, which had been found near Adam's body, covered with Adam's fingerprints. On the message, Adam said, "This is Adam Newman. I'm at the Athletic Club. They have me trapped in the basement -- 'they' being my loving family. I doubt they'll let me out of here alive. This might be my last communication. The only reason I came back tonight was for Sharon -- but she wants nothing to do with me. That's because of the lies they've been telling her about me -- they painted me as some monster, but I'm not." Adam's voice suddenly took a frightened turn as he continued, "Who's there? Nick? What are you doing? Stay away from me!" Nick told Chance that the recording was a setup. Chance wondered if the Newmans wanted to revise their statements.

Victor called Phyllis at the tack house and told her to find a sitter for Summer and get to the police station. Phyllis wondered what was going on. Victor told her that Nick was being arrested for Adam's murder.

Alone in the interrogation room, Nick told Victor that he couldn't believe that "punk" Adam had set them up. Victor said that he would continue to insist that he had killed Adam. Nick said that the police wouldn't believe Victor -- and that he needed Victor "on the outside" to help him. Chance walked in with Phyllis. He told her that they had solid evidence proving that Nick had killed Adam. Chance began reading Nick his rights.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty prayed for God to show her a way out of the situation she was in -- Jack was determined to prove that she wasn't Emily. Patty heard a cat meowing outside the front door. She opened the front door and was delighted to see the cat that Jack had adopted from the animal shelter sitting on the doorstep. She picked up the cat and took it inside. After she closed the door, Jack stared and watched as Patty cuddled the cat.

In the dining room, Patty fed the cat, and said that he was a gift from God -- that God knew that Patty needed a friend. She decided to name the cat "Cat," after Audrey Hepburn's cat in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

A few minutes later, Jack entered the house, and Patty, holding Cat, greeted him in the living room. He wondered why Emily's portrait was gone. "Emily" said that she thought that he wouldn't want to see it. She asked him where he had spent the night. He said that he had stayed at the club, and was stopping by to pick up some business papers. Referring to the cat, Jack asked "Emily" who her friend was. She said it was a stray she found outside the front door. She asked Jack if it would be okay for her to keep the cat. Jack said that was fine.

"Emily" said that she knew that he wanted to see "Patty" at the psychiatric facility, but she wouldn't rescind the order forbidding Jack to visit. Jack angrily said that he would find a way to see her. The cat scratched Patty. Jack asked if she was okay. "Emily" said that she was just fine. Jack told her to keep the cat in the pool house, so that it wouldn't scratch the furniture. After Jack left, Patty talked to Cat, saying, "It won't be easy. Jack won't outsmart us -- no he won't." Jack watched through the front door as Patty carried Cat up the stairs. To himself, he said, "You are so busted, Patty. You just outed yourself without even knowing it."

Later, Patty, who had removed the coloring from her hair and was once again a blonde, admired herself in a mirror. She tied a scarf around her head turban-style, so that her hair wasn't visible. Patty told Cat that she had to put him in the pool house. Continuing to talk to Cat, she said that Jack couldn't outsmart her, and that she would show him -- but first she had one more thing to do.

Paul and Heather had coffee on the Crimson Lights patio. Heather told Paul about the life of leisure she had been leading while on suspension from her job at the district attorney's office. Heather received a phone call, and told the person who called her, "That was fast. I'll be right over." Heather confessed to Paul that she had done something that she didn't think Paul would approve of. She told her father that when they had visited "Patty," she had given Heather a cup and asked her to have a DNA test run. "Patty" had insisted that her DNA and Heather's would be a complete mismatch -- proving that she wasn't related to Heather.

Paul asked Heather if she was convinced that the woman at the psychiatric facility was Emily. Heather said that she wasn't one-hundred percent convinced -- but that the lab results would definitely shed light on the situation.

After Heather left, Jack joined Paul on the patio. Jack said that he woman he had married wasn't Emily -- that it was Patty. Paul said that he was afraid of that. Paul told Jack about the DNA test that Heather had done, and added that Heather had just gone to the lab to get the results. Jack said that he had his own proof -- that the woman he was living with as his wife was cuddling with a stray cat. Paul wondered what that proved -- he thought it was plausible that Emily liked cats as much as Patty did. Jack stunned Paul by telling him that Emily was highly allergic to cats -- and that the cat had scratched "Emily," yet she had shown no reaction.

Paul said that he would try to get Jack access to the woman in the psychiatric facility. He phoned the facility and asked for Dr. Jasper. He learned that Dr. Jasper wasn't there -- and that Dr. Abbott had changed "Patty's" orders -- she was no longer allowed any visitors, including Paul. Paul told the person on the phone that he had reason to believe that the woman locked in the padded cell wasn't his sister, Patty. A frustrated Paul hung up the phone and told Jack that half of the facility's staff was at a conference, and there wasn't anyone there with the authority to override Dr. Abbott's orders. Heather showed up on the patio with the DNA test results. They showed that Heather shared no genetic markers in common with the woman in the padded cell -- and thus the woman could not possibly be her aunt.

Patty, wearing the turban over her hair, entered Emily's cell. Emily said that she didn't want to talk with her. Patty said that she had good news -- Emily was getting out of there. Emily was terrified when Patty pulled a syringe out of her purse.

Patty placed Emily on a gurney, covered her with a sheet, and wheeled her into the facility's morgue. She attached a tag to Emily's toe and wrote "Jane Doe" on it. Before leaving the morgue, Patty said, "See you. Wouldn't wanna be you."

Heather, Paul, and Jack went to the psychiatric facility. Heather had called the facility's Executive Director and explained the situation to him. He had rescinded the "no visitors" order. Jack said that he would take it from there -- and that Heather and Paul should go to the Abbott mansion to handle Patty. Jack was admitted into the cell, where Patty, having removed the turban and changed into Emily's clothes, was lying on the bed and facing away from the door. Jack gently said, "Emily?" Patty smiled.

Jack approached the bed and began rubbing Patty's back. She began crying and told Jack that "Patty" had tried to kill her. She told Jack how happy she was that he finally believed her. Patty said that it was all over -- and that Jack should take her home.

Heather and Paul arrived at the Abbott mansion looking for Patty. Emily's portrait had been replaced, and they were shocked to see that it had been slashed. They found a note that Patty had left. The note, addressed to Jack, read, "I would have made you happy. Emily will never love you the way I do. I'm leaving Genoa City, and you'll never find me. Love, your wife, Patty."

In the psychiatric facility's morgue, an attendant pushed the heavily sedated Emily into a refrigerated compartment and slammed the door shut.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In Jana's room at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, her doctor was pleased that she could track light and squeeze his fingers. He said that soon they would begin working on her speech. Gloria told the doctor that Jana had a lovely British accent. Chloe returned with some takeout food for the group, and Kevin told her that Jana's motor function was returning. Chloe told Kevin that Katherine and Murphy would stop by later. Kevin asked where the Romalottis were -- he wanted to tell them the good news.

In the hospital lounge, Daniel asked Amber if she was leaving Genoa City forever. Amber said that she wasn't sure how long she would be gone -- but definitely long enough to make sure that Eric was safe from Ryder, Daisy, and Tawny. Daniel said that he wasn't ready to leave his friends or Genoa City. Amber said that she couldn't remain in town, and wondered if that meant that their marriage was over.

Daniel said that he wished that things could return to the way they were. Amber wondered if he wanted her to pretend that Eric didn't exist. Daniel reminded Amber that they had been having some marital problems before Eric arrived in town, and that they could get through any rough spot. Amber said that her son wasn't a "rough spot." Daniel said that Eric wasn't her son. When Amber reminded Daniel that Danny wasn't his father, he said that situation was different -- that Danny had raised him, while Amber had been in and out of Eric's life.

Their conversation ended when Katherine, Murphy, and Eric arrived. Katherine and Murphy asked how Jana was doing. Amber said that she and Daniel had been "out of the loop." Daniel went to Jana's room to get an update on her condition. Murphy took Eric to the gift shop to buy him some trading cards, which left Amber alone with Katherine. Katherine asked Amber what was wrong. Amber blurted out that she and Eric were leaving town, and that Daniel wasn't going to accompany them.

Amber went to Jana's room and asked for a moment alone with her so that she could say goodbye. Chloe was shocked to learn that Amber still planned to leave Genoa City. An upset Daniel left the room to get coffee, and was followed by Katherine, Gloria, and Chloe. Kevin stayed behind and told Amber that he was upset that Daniel hadn't learned anything from what Kevin had just gone through with Jana. He said that Daniel should be grateful to have Amber. Tearfully, Amber said, "I love you. I'm so happy that you got Jana back."

Kevin and Amber said goodbye to each other, emotionally recalling experiences that they had shared. Kevin said that he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Amber. They joked about Amber accusing Kevin of killing Katherine. After Kevin left the room, Amber told Jana how much she loved her. Amber recalled that, when she had arrived in town, nothing more than a "slutty little blonde gold digger," Jana had never judged her. Amber said that she would call Jana all the time. Jana opened her eyes and stared blankly at Amber.

Outside the room, Kevin chided Daniel for not following Amber and Eric to California. Daniel wondered if the situation were reversed, whether Kevin would follow Jana. Kevin said that he would. Daniel said that he guessed that he and Amber just didn't have what the Fishers did. Kevin said that was nonsense, and recited a list of all the times when Amber and Daniel had supported each other, including Amber standing by Daniel when he had been accused of Ray Elkins' murder.

Daniel admitted that Amber was his best friend, and that she had helped him put his life back together after his failed marriage to Lily. He said that he didn't want to be without his best friend -- but that he and Amber wanted different things. Before Kevin walked off, he said that if Daniel didn't go with Amber and Eric, it was like he was leaving her.

Daniel got on the elevator and left the hospital. Amber told Katherine, Murphy, Chloe, and Eric that she was leaving that evening -- and that she and Eric were going to see amazing things. Chloe and Katherine became misty-eyed. Murphy took Eric back to the Chancellor mansion so that the boy could pack. Chloe and Amber said their goodbyes. Referring to Cane, they joked that they were so much alike that they had even married the same guy. Katherine said that had been an interesting way for the two women to bond.

After Chloe left, Amber began to cry hysterically, and said to Katherine, "I don't think I can do this. I don't know how I can say goodbye to you." Katherine said that she would always be there for Amber. When Amber told her that Daniel thought that she was crazy for leaving, Katherine told Amber to look into her heart and decide if leaving was something that she needed to do. Amber said that it was the only way she knew of keeping Eric safe.

Katherine told Amber that she had to be true to her heart, and had to follow her instincts. She continued that if Amber put a child's needs first, she would never have any regrets. Amber said that Tawny was on her way to Genoa City, then joked that Tawny was such a bad mother that Gloria could give her parenting tips. Amber told Katherine how much she loved her -- and that Katherine had been a better mother to her than Tawny could have been in ten lifetimes. The two women hugged, and Amber left.

Gloria, Chloe, Katherine, and Kevin stood vigil over Jana in her hospital room. Gloria told Katherine how grateful she was that Katherine loved Kevin. Suddenly, Jana weakly said, "Water." Kevin was thrilled that Jana could speak.

Gloria ran out of the room to find Michael and Lauren -- she wanted to tell them that Jana had started speaking. Katherine and Chloe followed her out. Kevin stared at Jana and told her that he was glad to have her back. Jana replied, "Do I know you?"

Daniel arrived at his apartment. Looking around, he recalled happy moments that he and Amber had shared there. He quickly left.

Amber returned to the apartment and called the radio talk show host, Stryker. She once again used the fake name "Marina" to get on the air. Stryker said that he was happy to hear from his favorite drama queen. Sobbing, "Marina" told Stryker that he had been right -- that she and "Herb," Daniel's radio pseudonym, hadn't made it. Stryker sarcastically said that he was shocked. Daniel listened to the show from the Crimson Lights patio.

"Marina" told Stryker that she and "Herb," her amazing husband and best friend, wanted different things out of life. Stryker was stunned to hear that "Herb" and "Marina" were married. Stryker said that "Marina" was nuts -- but that he felt sorry for both of them. Daniel called in to the show, and said that "Herb" needed to speak with his wife.

As "Marina" talked about Eric, Stryker said that he never figured her to be the mother type. Stryker said that "Herb" was on the line. "Herb" said that he could live without the wedding ring and the marriage certificate. "Marina" was hurt until "Herb" said that he couldn't live without his best friend. Daniel entered the apartment, still on the air with Stryker and "Marina." He said that he wanted her to have everything that she wanted out of life -- and that no matter where she was, he would always be thinking of her. Before they hung up their phones, Stryker wished them the best of luck. Daniel told Amber that it had been "a helluva ride." The Romalottis shared a final, tearful farewell -- and Amber wheeled her suitcase out of the apartment.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria, J.T., and Reed were celebrating Mother's Day slightly early. When Reed went to get a glass of water, Victoria told J.T. that the visitation schedule that he had set was "sick." J.T. said that this was supposed to be her time alone with Reed, and that she shouldn't waste it arguing with him. He asked her what she was planning to do with the boy that day. Victoria said that they were going to the zoo and getting ice cream, and then she was going to buy him some swim goggles.

J.T. warned her not to discuss the murder investigation with Reed. Victoria was insulted that J.T. would even think that she would do something so stupid. She told him that once the Newman family was cleared, she was sure that J.T. would make up some other excuse to keep her away from their son.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Victor told Chance that he had nothing on Nick, and that the police would only end up releasing him again -- making the department look foolish. Victor went to call Michael, and Chance walked out, leaving Phyllis and Nick alone. Phyllis asked why the recording of Adam's voice had to turn up. Nick said that he wanted to make sure that Phyllis knew that he hadn't killed Adam.

Phyllis told Nick that she knew that Nick hadn't killed Adam. She said that she wasn't buying Adam's performance on the recording -- that Adam was the same guy who had made Ashley think that she had killed Sabrina. She said that Nick was not a murderer -- but it looked like Adam had set him up.

As Phyllis and Nick talked, a body bag was being wheeled on a gurney. From beyond the grave, Adam's voice spoke. Here lies the body of Adam Newman. He received his comeuppance the night of the masquerade ball. No one gave a rat's tail about him in life, least of all his family. But in death, he made sure they'd never be free of him. How do I know? I'm Adam Newman.

Victor called Sharon at the Newman ranch. She was shocked to hear that Victor had been released from custody -- and that Nick had been re-arrested. Victor explained that the police had found a recording that Adam had made, implicating Nick as his assailant. Sharon hung up and began to get ready to go to the police station. My wife, the love of my tragically short life. She always saw the good in me. I was counting on that when I begged her to run away with me. If she had said 'yes,' things could have been better for everyone. But that's not how things worked out.

It's not how I wanted things to be, but they backed me into a corner. So really, what choice did I have? Sharon arrived at the interrogation room, and told Nick that Nikki wanted to see him, but she had a bad cold. Victor said that he was sure that Nick would be released before Nikki recovered. Phyllis asked Victor what Michael was doing to release Nick. Victor assured her that the lawyer was doing what he could. Sharon asked about the possibility of bail. Nick said that bail was doubtful -- that the D.A. really wanted a Newman locked up.

Victoria showed up. Victor had called her to tell her about the situation. She wanted to know about the new evidence that the police had. Nick told her that Adam had made a recording making it sound like Nick had attacked him. Victor thought that Adam's plan had been to make it look like Nick had killed him, and then to leave town. Victor continued that Adam's plan had gone awry when someone had actually killed him. Nick said he was thrilled that they all believed that he was innocent of Adam's murder, but wondered if they could convince the D.A., a judge, and a jury.

Victoria couldn't believe that the police were taking Adam's recording seriously. Victor and Nick actually admired Adam's plan, as it made it nearly impossible for Nick to prove his innocence. Sharon thought that perhaps Michael could get the recording ruled as inadmissible. Nick reminded her that Adam's blood was on Nick's tuxedo jacket, and that his pen had been the murder weapon. They wondered how they would find the real killer.

They're right about one thing. I did set Nick up and did a sweet job of it. They'll never figure it out and I'm not about to reveal my secrets. So now Victor can visit his favorite son in jail. Watch him rot in a cell. Yeah, that works for me.

Victor remembered tearing up the identification papers on the crate containing Adam's casket, and then tossing the crate out of the cargo hold of the Newman jet. Can you believe this guy? Even in death, he treated me like garbage. But it's okay. I'm getting the last laugh.

Phyllis and Nick were alone in the interrogation room. Nick told Phyllis that he and Summer had planned to make her breakfast for Mother's Day. He said that he bet Adam was "laughing his ass off" in hell. Phyllis reminded Nick that they had managed to figure out every trick that Adam had pulled -- and they would figure this out as well. Nick asked Phyllis for a favor -- to move out of the tack house and into the main house. Phyllis was horrified at the idea of her and Summer staying with Victor, Nikki, Sharon, and Faith. Nick reminded Phyllis that Daisy and Ryder were still on the loose. Phyllis acquiesced, agreeing to move.

And it's Adam one -- the Newmans -- a big old goose egg. It was nearly time for Nick to be led back to his cell. Victor told Nick that he would take care of Nick's family, get Nick released from jail, and put together his own team of investigators to find out who had really killed Adam. Nick asked Sharon to call Noah in France and tell him what was going on before he read about it on the Internet. Nick kissed Phyllis and wished her a happy anniversary. Chance said that it was time, and led Nick away.

Phyllis told Sharon that, in case Summer asked, she had told the little girl that Nick was away on a business trip. Victor said that his family had been through hell and back. He told Phyllis and Sharon that someone begrudged what the Newmans had, and was trying to take it from them. He said, "They won't succeed. The Newmans stick together and we are impervious." Oh Victor, Victor, Victor. You were beaten the day they toe-tagged the son you hate so much. So, at the end of the day, which one of us is really pathetic?

J.T.'s lawyer, Bruce, happened to be at the police station and noticed that Reed was wandering around there while Victoria was in the interrogation room with Nick. He called J.T., who went to the police station to pick the boy up. Bruce said that he was surprised that Victoria would take him there. He asked J.T. if he wanted Bruce to track Victoria down. J.T. thanked Bruce, but told him that he and Reed had to be someplace. J.T. carried Reed out.

When Victoria emerged from the interrogation room, she wondered aloud where Reed was. Bruce said that he had called J.T. to pick Reed up. An angry Victoria said that it was her time to spend with her son. Bruce said that she hadn't been with Reed. Victor became angry and warned Bruce not to interfere in Victoria's life again. Victoria said that J.T. was trying to make her look like a bad mother, and that she was sick and tired of him making all the rules. Storming out of the station, she said that was going to end.

Victoria found J.T. and Reed at Crimson Lights. Victoria said, "What the hell do you think you're doing? Taking Reed without my permission?" J.T. replied, "You took Reed to a police station. Are you out of your mind?"

At the Newman ranch, Sharon welcomed Phyllis and told her that her room was ready. Phyllis asked Sharon if she knew anything about the team of investigators that Victor had hired. Sharon said that she wasn't going to let a group of strangers solve the mystery. Phyllis said that she couldn't either. The women decided to put their feelings aside, and work together for the sake of Nick and his children. Sharon wondered if it was part of Adam's plan to die so that Nick would go to prison. Phyllis replied, "Who would do that? Would anyone do that?"

Nick sat pensively in his jail cell. How far would a person go to set his own brother up for murder? You have no idea. Nick will go down, and I'll have gotten away with the perfect crime. You might think a dead man wouldn't care too much about revenge. But you'd be wrong.

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