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Jana realized that she had feelings for Ryder. Emily was arrested for selling controlled substances. Nick realized that the body found in the Athletic Club basement had been Richard Hightower. Adam was revealed to be alive.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 24, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, May 24, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Lauren gasped in horror when she and Michael walked in and saw Kevin and Jana talking to Ryder. Kevin explained that Ryder had returned to turn himself in to police. Ryder, looking like a frightened rabbit caught in a snare, added that Daisy was scared of the police, so she wasn't returning. Lauren cried that both Daisy and Ryder would have killed her and Jana if Sarah had told them to do so. Jana, expressionless and speaking in monotone, reminded Lauren that Ryder was nothing like Sarah or Daisy because he had helped them and gotten medicine for her headaches. Michael comforted his distraught wife, who railed at Ryder and told him he should die in jail.

Kevin phoned the police and told them that they could find his brother, fugitive Ryder Callahan, at Crimson Lights, located at 815 Hyde Park. Lauren stood defiantly with crossed arms and monitored Ryder until Chance arrived. Ryder mumbled that he'd made lots of mistakes, and he apologized. Michael asked Ryder where his remorse had been months before. Kevin sadly observed that he wished things could have worked out differently. Later, Kevin told Jana that he felt like a hypocrite for telling his brother he might not be able to forgive him because others had given him second and even third chances. Jana told Kevin he could cancel their date, but he insisted they spend time together.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin was nervous as his date with Jana began where their last date left off after she was kidnapped and held captive. Kevin suggested they go elsewhere, but Jana apathetically agreed that the club was fine. Kevin surprised Jana with a slice of flourless chocolate cake. Jana tasted it but was indifferent to what had always been her favorite dessert. Jana observed that Kevin was disappointed because she couldn't talk about her feelings. Kevin said he hoped that Jana would have shown an emotional response when she came face-to-face with one of her kidnappers. Jana ended the date and insisted on leaving alone. Kevin remained at the table and sighed heavily as he watched Jana walk away. After Kevin returned to the coffeehouse, an employee was surprised that Kevin's date had ended so early. As Kevin removed his tie, he insisted that there would be more dates.

At the Genoa City jail, Ryder told Chance that he didn't know where Daisy was because he had escaped alone. Lauren and Michael stopped by. Lauren, seething, asked Ryder who would help him now that he was the one in the cage. Ryder claimed he left Daisy after she fell asleep, so she wouldn't be there for him. Lauren asked Ryder why he hadn't turned himself in earlier. Ryder explained that Kevin had urged him to run. Ryder added that he couldn't live with himself unless he paid for his wrongdoings. Lauren demanded to know if Ryder intended to avenge Sarah's death. Ryder explained that Sarah was his caregiver, but she was never a mother figure. Ryder claimed he never had the courage to stand up to Sarah, so he was glad that she was dead. Ryder thanked Lauren for setting him free.

Jana showed up at the jail to visit Ryder. Ryder told Jana she was the last person he expected to see. Jana said that she appreciated Ryder for turning himself in. Jana added that she wasn't out for blood because she knew Ryder had gotten himself caught in a bad situation and didn't know how to get out of it. Ryder was surprised that Jana felt the need to tell him that. Jana told Ryder that she empathized with him when he earlier claimed he felt no connection to his aunt and sister. Jana hung her head forlornly and added that she also felt disconnected and lost.

At their condo, Michael tried to comfort a distressed Lauren, who wasn't comforted even after visiting Ryder in jail. Lauren asked Michael for a sedative to calm her nerves. Michael embraced his sobbing wife. Later, Lauren relaxed on the sofa. She told Michael that she would phone a colleague to run the boutique for a while. Lauren began to hyperventilate when she thought about Daisy being on the loose. Lauren worried that her nightmare could happen again. Michael embraced his shaken wife, who expressed fear of ever leaving her home again.

At home, Ashley phoned Abby and demanded that she come home immediately. Abby, lounging in a jewelry store, first told her mom she was busy. Abby agreed to meet her mom and Victor later. Jonathan, the jeweler, greeted Abby warmly. Abby set up a video camera. Abby announced that she wanted to capture her viewers' favorite heiress shopping for something sparkly. Jonathon displayed a couple of bejeweled necklaces, but Abby insisted on something with larger stones, which would befit a Newman. Abby addressed the lens of her video camera and said, "I am a Newman and an Abbott, so I always get what I want!" Abby swooned when Jonathon presented a diamond-encrusted choker. Abby placed the necklace in view of the camera and purred, "This is perfection. I'll take it."

After Victor arrived at Ashley's, she told him that they should treat Abby as an adult, remain calm, and not overreact. Victor criticized Abby's plan to underwrite a ridiculous reality show with money from her trust funds. Abby arrived acting smug and rebellious. Victor announced that he and Ashley had a couple of ideas that should appeal to Abby. Ashley decisively added that Abby's plan for a reality show was off the table.

Abby brazenly demanded access to both of her trust funds, the one from Victor and the one from Brad and Colleen. Victor suggested that Abby might enjoy producing features about fashion for local television broadcasts. Ashley suggested Abby become the spokesmodel for Glow by Jabot. Abby explained that she was much more ambitious and wished to maintain total control of her career. Abby maintained that business savvy and killer instincts were in her blood. Abby added that she was a grown woman and deserved an opportunity to try it her way. Victor warned his daughter not to become involved in something she'd later regret.

Victor was incensed when his accountant phoned and told him that Abby had charged a necklace that cost $85,000. Victor observed that Abby wasn't behaving responsibly, and he demanded Abby give up her credit cards. Ashley ordered Abby to return the necklace, but Abby claimed she didn't have it. Ashley warned that if Abby continued to act like a spoiled child, they would treat her like one. Victor added that Abby's reality would be learning to live on her own without any access to her trust funds. Abby fumed.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club dining room, a man signed for a package. The man opened the box and found the costly necklace Abby had purchased. The enclosed card, signed by Abby, read, "Kent -- told you I'd come through for you." Kent muttered, "I'll be damned." After Abby's tirade with Ashley and Victor, she met Kent at the club. Kent quipped, "Who's going to come after me and break both of my legs when I sell that little trinket you sent?" Abby maintained that she'd bought the jewelry to cover the amount he'd fronted so far and to prove that she was serious about going ahead with their project. Kent insisted he'd need more cash soon. Abby assured Kent that more funds were coming soon because her plan was already in motion. Back at Ashley's, Ashley and Victor were stunned when they learned that Abby was suing them for release of her trust funds.

In Minneapolis, Phyllis gazed at the face of a man pictured on a poster and listed as missing since April 1, 2010. Sharon observed that the man looked somewhat like Adam. Phyllis recalled seeing the man at the ball the night of Adam's murder. Phyllis noted that the man went missing the night of the ball. Phyllis remembered confronting the man, who was wearing the same mask and cape Sharon had seen Adam wearing when he went to her suite. Phyllis recalled being embarrassed when she pulled off the man's mask and discovered he wasn't Adam.

Sharon listened intently as Phyllis theorized that the man listed as missing was likely recruited to help Adam leave town after Patty helped him escape from the hospital. Phyllis added that the manager at the fast-food place had described the same man as the person who waited by the pay phone that fateful night. Sharon wondered aloud if the man was Hightower. Phyllis and Sharon added all the clues together and concluded that Adam had phoned Hightower and arranged a rendezvous at the Athletic Club. Both women agreed that the plan must have gone wrong and Adam was killed. Sharon and Phyllis rejoiced that the missing man might be Adam's killer.

At the tack house, Nick bounced Summer on one knee and baby Faith on the other. Summer met Victor at the front door, pointed at Nick, and chanted, "Daddy's home!" Victor greeted his son, who, in order to hide the horrible truth from Summer, claimed he'd been on a business trip. Summer scurried upstairs to bed. Nick calmed his fussy infant and explained to Victor that Phyllis and Sharon had gone to Minneapolis to check out Adam's visit to that city prior to his death. Victor reported that Adam had evidently lied about visiting his mother's gravesite because nobody saw him there.

Victor noticed a bandage on Nick's hand and asked about it. Nick explained that Frank Ellis had attacked him in prison with a hypodermic needle filled with harmless saline solution. Victor acted surprised, but Nick added that Frank told him to ask his father about the supposed attack. Victor claimed that Frank held grudges and recalled that Adam had been similarly attacked. Nick didn't buy his father's claim and suggested that Victor had bribed Ellis to attack Nick in order to expedite his release. Victor explained that any father would do whatever was necessary in order to keep his child safe. Nick maintained he would never employ Victor's tactics. Victor said they could agree to disagree, but he added that at least Nick was free and could concentrate on his defense.

Phyllis arrived and greeted her husband with a kiss. Sharon arrived soon after Phyllis and announced that their trip to Minneapolis had paid off. Phyllis and Sharon showed Nick the poster of the missing man and claimed he was Adam's accomplice, and the man who likely murdered Adam. Sharon urged Nick to contact police right away. Nick summoned Chance to the tack house.

Chance arrived and examined the poster with the photo of the missing man. Phyllis explained that she remembered seeing the man after Sharon mentioned that he looked like Adam. Nick said he hoped Chance would be open-minded and reasonable about Phyllis and Sharon's theories. Sharon cried that Owen Pomerantz had dismissed Adam's parking ticket. Phyllis added that investigators maintained that the only leads that mattered were those from the night of the murder.

Chance listened patiently as Phyllis insisted that she and Sharon had discovered substantial new information. Chance stepped out, so he could make some calls about Richard Hightower, the man pictured on the missing-person poster. After Chance returned, he said that Hightower, a widower with a son, had no criminal record. Chance added that the man, a mechanic, had been a valuable employee, who took a leave of absence due to illness. Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick listened intently as Chance reported that the mysterious missing man hadn't used a credit card or touched his bank account since his disappearance.

Chance said that Hightower also sent a letter, stating that he was never coming back, to his sister-in-law. Chance showed Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon a copy of the letter, mailed from Miami. Nick read the letter that claimed the writer was depressed and afraid of dying. Not sure that his treatment would work, the man also expressed his wishes to be alone.

Chance requested time to investigate Hightower as a person of interest in Adam's murder. After Chance left, Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick were relieved that police were at least considering Richard Hightower as a suspect. Sharon said that there were still unanswered questions. Nick thought it was strange that a hardworking, dedicated father from Minnesota would associate himself with Adam. Phyllis tensely agreed when Nick suggested they should track down Richard Hightower.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chance took Chloe to the Athletic Club for a "surprise." Chloe was initially disappointed that the surprise was that he was treating her to breakfast. As she began walking into the dining room, Chance turned her toward the staircase and told her that they were going to have breakfast in bed. Chloe was thrilled.

As the couple got about halfway up the staircase, Chance received a phone call summoning him to work. Chloe looked apprehensive, but was happy that Chance said that he wouldn't be in for a little while. After Chance hung up, DA Pomerantz spotted Chance on the staircase and asked him if they could speak for a moment. Chance gave Chloe the key to the suite that he had booked and told her that he would be there in a moment.

Chance finally joined Chloe in the suite. She jokingly ordered him to turn his cell phone off and to take the phone in the room off the hook. Chance apologized to Chloe for having neglected her for so long. Chloe smiled and said that it was time to make up. They sat on the bed and began laughing and kissing.

After making love, Chloe cuddled in Chance's embrace. They realized that they had completely forgotten about breakfast. Chance looked at the clock. Chloe said that she didn't need to be at work yet – that her schedule was flexible. Chance told her that he was going to have a lot more time once Adam's murder case was solved – and that he was looking forward to spending all that extra time with her.

Heather and Paul breakfasted at the club. Heather asked how her Aunt Patty was doing. Paul said that he couldn't see Patty until her initial evaluation was completed, but that the doctors said that Patty was adjusting well. Heather said that she was impressed by how Paul had helped Patty. Paul disagreed, saying that he had failed Patty and Emily.

Jack and Emily sat at a nearby table. He thanked Emily for meeting him. Emily seemed out of sorts, and Jack asked her what was wrong. Emily explained that she was still suffering withdrawal symptoms from the anti-psychotic drugs that Patty and Dr. Jasper had been giving to her. Jack asked how he could help. Emily explained that she wanted to forget about the past and move on. Jack wondered if they could move on together.

Emily told Jack that she had forgotten her cell phone and that she was going up to her suite to retrieve it. Heather and Paul walked up to Emily and Jack's table to check on how Emily was doing. Emily thanked Heather for having the DNA test, proving that Emily wasn't Patty, performed. Paul told Emily that he was grateful that she had talked Patty out of committing suicide, and that if there was anything that he could ever do for her, Emily should call. Emily grew upset by all the attention. She said that she couldn't take it anymore, and ran upstairs to her suite.

Later, Jack went up to Emily's suite and told her that he had grown concerned because she hadn't returned to the dining room. Emily told Jack that things had been moved around in her suite. Jack looked at her askance. She admitted that paranoia was a symptom of drug withdrawal, but she was absolutely sure that someone had been going through her things. She also insisted that she had locked her car the previous evening, but that when she had checked it that morning, it had been unlocked.

A maid entered the room, and Emily and Jack questioned her, asking if she had been in the room earlier, or if she had seen anyone unusual in the hallway. The maid told them that she hadn't been in the room before, and that she hadn't noticed anything or anyone out of the ordinary. After the maid left, Emily picked up a closed binder and swore to Jack that she had left it open.

Jack said that Emily call the police. Emily snapped that it was unlikely that the police would believe her, since she had just been released from a psychiatric facility. Jack suggested that Emily move back to the Abbott mansion. When Emily immediately objected, Jack said that she could move into her own wing, and he would move into the pool house. Emily became suspicious and wondered if Jack had "arranged" her paranoia in order to get her to move back in with him. Jack said, "You know me better than that." Emily replied, "Do I?"

Jack and Emily went back to the dining room and resumed their breakfast. A messenger showed up with an envelope for Emily. It was a letter from the American Psychological Association, threatening to revoke her license for ethical violations. Jack wondered what violations Emily had committed. She reminded Jack that she had gotten involved with him – Patty's ex-husband – a clear breach of trust.

Jack said that he would testify, hire an attorney, or do whatever it took to help Emily. Emily told Jack that one of her former patients was suing her for malpractice. Jack was outraged – he said that Emily had been held captive in a psychiatric ward. Realizing that Emily wasn't going to take him up on his offer to help, Jack reminded her that he was just a phone call away, and left. Emily ascended the staircase, unaware of a mysterious man staring at her as she returned to her suite.

Paul asked Heather what her plans were for the rest of the day. Heather sighed and said that she was going to work on her resumι. Pomerantz approached their table and returned Heather's assistant district attorney badge to her. He told her to make sure that he didn't regret his decision to reinstate her. A thrilled Heather said that she wouldn't.

Pomerantz told Heather that Chance had really gone to bat for her. Chance had told Pomerantz that, because of Heather and Paul's intervention with Patty, they had been able to reconstruct what had happened on the night that Adam escaped from the hospital. Pomerantz told Heather that a lot of work was awaiting her at the office. After the DA walked off, Paul hugged his daughter and congratulated her.

Chloe and Chance descended the stairs into the foyer, with Chloe feeding Chance a sticky cinnamon roll. At the bottom of the stairs, they were greeted by Paul and Heather. Heather told Chance that Pomerantz told them that Chance had urged him to reinstate Heather, and that Pomerantz evidently agreed. Heather gave Chance a peck on the cheek. Chloe clearly was not pleased.

At the Ashbys', Lily was hurriedly packing and nervous that she couldn't find her passport. Cane found it and handed it to her, although he said that he wished that he hadn't located it so Lily would have been forced to cancel her flight. Lily reminded Cane that her clinical trial began the following day in France and she couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Cane said that Lily could stay in the United States and participate in the clinical trial using the twins' stem cells. Lily said that neither she nor Mac would consent to using Mac's amniotic fluid – that it represented too much of a risk to their unborn babies. Lily asked Cane to go to the pharmacy and pick up her prescriptions. After Cane left, Lily played with Humphrey and told the dog to take care of Cane while she was gone. Olivia showed up and asked Lily if she was all packed.

Devon and Malcolm met at Crimson Lights. Devon joked that if he was going to be working for Malcolm, he had better learn how he took his coffee. Malcolm laughed and said that Devon was going to learn a lot more than that – he hoped that Devon was prepared for "photography boot camp."

Neil showed up at the coffeehouse, but wouldn't join Malcolm and Devon when invited. Neil told his brother that Devon had told him about his plan to work for Malcolm after Devon graduated in a few weeks. Malcolm said that Devon probably wouldn't be working for him for that long – that when the world realized how talented Devon was, someone else would probably snatch him up.

Neil said that he didn't need to be reminded how talented Devon was, but that Devon should have taken the secure job that he had been offered by a New York firm. Neil told Malcolm that no matter how good Devon was, there was still a chance that he wouldn't make it in the music industry. Neil said that if Devon ended up spending his life in a fast food joint, he would have Malcolm to thank for that. Devon said that he had made up his mind – he was going to follow his dream – it was completely his decision and he took full ownership of it. Neil stared at Malcolm and said, "Not one of us is better off having you in Genoa City."

Standing at the counter, Neil received a phone call from Lily. She said that everything was alright – but she needed to see him and Devon immediately. She wondered if Neil knew where Devon was. Neil told her that he was with him at Crimson Lights, and they would head to Lily's right away. Neil went back to Devon and Malcolm's table and told Devon that Lily needed to see them. Malcolm stood up to join them, but Neil glared at his brother and told him that Lily had specifically asked to see just Neil and Devon. Neil made it quite clear that Malcolm wasn't welcome to join them.

After Neil and Devon took off, Cane showed up at Crimson Lights and ran into Malcolm. Cane told Malcolm about what had been going on – that Lily was leaving for France to take part in a clinical stem cell trial that wasn't as promising as the United States clinical trial using the twins' stem cells. Malcolm said that was probably why Lily hadn't asked him to go to the Ashbys' with Devon and Neil.

Cane told Malcolm that he had a meeting with a lawyer. He said that he hoped that things went well in France, but if they didn't, he was planning to sue Mac for her amniotic fluid, and that was the reason for seeing an attorney. Malcolm decided to stay for the meeting.

Mrs. Greer, Cane's attorney, showed up, and Cane introduced her to Malcolm, saying that Malcolm was Lily's father. Cane wondered if Mrs. Greer had received the information that he had sent to her. The attorney said that she had, and Cane wondered what rights he had regarding Mac's amniotic fluid. Greer said that she thought that Cane had a strong case – although there were no guarantees. Cane was pleased, saying that Lily's life might depend on him winning the lawsuit.

As Cane handed a check to the attorney, he said that he hoped that the French clinical trial worked, so that Lily would never have to know about Cane's possible lawsuit. Cane told Malcolm and Mrs. Greer that if the clinical trial didn't work, he had to be ready for action. He said that he would do anything to save Lily – even if she hated him for it.

Daniel and Mac ran into each other at Trumble's Bookstore. Mac told him that she had heard about Amber leaving Genoa City. Daniel explained that Amber had to make a choice – and that she had chosen being with Eric rather than being with him. Mac said that Daniel shouldn't view Amber's choice as a reflection on his relationship with her – she told him that Amber's maternal instinct was obviously very strong. Looking at Mac's swollen belly, Daniel said that Mac obviously knew something about maternal instincts.

Daniel told Mac that he wasn't ready to have children. Mac admired Daniel's honesty. Lily called Mac and asked her to stop by. After Mac got off the phone, Daniel asked her if everything was okay. She told him that Lily was leaving for France later that day to participate in a clinical stem cell trial to try to arrest her cancer. Daniel decided to accompany Mac over to the Ashbys'.

Devon and Neil arrived at the Ashbys'. Lily told them that she and Olivia were leaving for France that afternoon so that Lily could take part in a clinical trial that might slow down the progression of her cancer. Neil and Devon were surprised at the news, and Neil peppered Lily with questions. Lily said that the trial used the same basic science that the United States trial did, but it used adult stem cells, and thus would pose no risk to her unborn twins.

Neil and Devon insisted that they go to France with Lily and Olivia, but Lily wouldn't hear of it. She said that she didn't want Devon to miss his graduation. She also explained that Cane couldn't accompany her, because if he left the United States, he might never be allowed back in. Devon asked Lily if she had any music to listen to on the flight, and she admitted that she hadn't thought about that. Devon and Lily walked off to download some music on Lily's computer. Alone with Olivia, Neil asked her if the French trial was the "perfect solution." Olivia admitted that it was a long shot – but, since Lily was unwilling to take part in the American trial, it was the best option.

When Lily and Devon returned to the living room, Lily apologized because she was going to miss his graduation – and wondered what kind of gift that he wanted her to buy him in France. Devon said that the only gift he wanted was his sister's health.

Malcolm and Cane showed up, followed by Mac and Daniel. Malcolm told Lily that he wouldn't be surprised if, after the scene he had recently caused, she didn't want to see him. Lily said that she was only thinking about good things – that all else had been forgotten. She thanked the group for all their love and support, telling them they had taken care of her and had made sacrifices for her.

She told Devon how much he had taught her about courage – that he had lost his hearing but was still pursuing a career in music. Lily said that she was glad that Malcolm had returned to Genoa City – no matter what the reason. She told him that she was thankful to have him in her life again, and was proud that he was her father. Neil winced.

Lily said goodbye to Neil. She told him how much she loved him – and that she knew that if he would die for her – that he would willingly change places with her if he could. They shared a tearful embrace. Lily told Cane that he was, and would always be, the love of her life, and that she couldn't believe that she had almost walked away from him. Lily thanked Mac for convincing her to take Cane back and for giving her the chance to have children. Lily said that she considered Mac to be a part of the family, and that she loved her for protecting her babies.

Lily looked at Mac's abdomen and "told" the babies that she would be back soon and would finally get to hold them. She said that if she didn't make it, she would hold them in her arms from heaven, just as Drucilla always held her.

Mac took Cane aside and said that she hoped that he understood her decision not to allow the amniocentesis. Cane glared at her and said, "You have to do what you have to do." Daniel took some pictures of the group. Lily kissed Humphrey goodbye, and Devon took the dog from her.

Lily said her final tearful farewell, and Cane led her outside. He said that it was wrong that he couldn't go with her. He told her that if she needed him, she should call and he would go to France, no matter what happened with the Department of Immigration. Cane began crying and said, "Come back to me, baby." The Ashbys embraced and kissed passionately.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At Restless Style, Jill was on the phone with a contact at Chancellor Industries and was trying to find out what was "brewing" between Tucker and the Newmans. Billy walked over and asked Jill why she had put in for reimbursement for a Louis Vuitton purse. Jill placed her hand over the phone's mouthpiece and told him that it was a gift for her source -- with whom she was on the phone.

Jill continued her conversation as Rafe entered the office. He told Billy that he had been in touch with the Jamaican authorities regarding Billy and Victoria's marriage annulment, but that the wheels of justice moved slowly in Jamaica. Rafe wondered if Billy still wanted the annulment. Billy didn't answer.

After Jill got off the phone, she told Billy that she shouldn't have spent all that money on the designer purse -- she hadn't gotten any information from her source. Billy told her to step up her game and find out what was going on with Tucker and the Newmans. Jill wanted to know why Billy was suddenly interested in an article about the Newmans, after having said that Restless Style was going to be a "Newman-free" zone. Billy lied and said that if Jill thought that there was a story there, then that was enough to convince him to pursue the matter. Jill thought that Billy was trying to "suck up" to her. She clearly wanted to discuss the matter further, but Billy was saved when he received a phone call.

Katherine ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights. She asked him if he had been in contact with Amber. Daniel said that other than a couple of text messages, he hadn't. Katherine told him that she had received a lengthy email from Amber. Amber had written that she woke up every morning hoping that Daniel would be on her doorstep.

Daniel wondered if Amber had sent Katherine to speak with him. Katherine said that it had been her idea. Daniel griped that no one could see the situation from his point of view -- that Amber wanted him to raise a kid who was "this close" to being a teenager. He said that he couldn't be a good parent because he didn't want to be a parent at all, so he had decided that for Amber and Eric's sake, it was best that he stayed in Genoa City.

Katherine said that she understood -- that there had been a time in her life when she thought it was laughable to sacrifice her lifestyle to raise a child, and added, "I cannot say that I do not have any regrets about that attitude."

Katherine talked about how giving up Tucker when he was an infant ended up causing so much turmoil in her life, and that she had lost control of her business because she hadn't raised him. Daniel countered by reminding Katherine that Tucker was her biological son. Katherine reminded Daniel that Danny wasn't his biological father, and that it was love, not blood, that made for good relationships.

Daniel said that Danny loved him, but he had spent half of his childhood with nannies, in hotel rooms, or on tour buses. Katherine sarcastically asked Daniel if he was planning on going on a European tour. Daniel replied that of course he wasn't, but if an opportunity arose, for example the chance to do an art show in Berlin, he wouldn't want to turn that down because he was tied down with a child. Katherine said that Daniel had a 1950s view of what family life was like. She suggested that he get back together with Amber and they could make up their life as they went along.

Daniel wondered why everyone cared so much about whether or not he reconciled with Amber. Katherine said that it was because his and Amber's friends loved the Romalottis. She asked Daniel why he couldn't see that his life would be better if he and Amber got back together. Daniel said that he didn't believe that it would. Katherine suggested that Daniel contact Amber and tell her that a reconciliation was never going to happen, so Amber could stop waiting around for him to show up.

At Ashley's, Ashley and Victor discussed the absurdity of Abby suing them for her inheritance. Victor said that he would bet that Brad and Colleen never expected that Abby would want to produce a reality show with the money that they had left her. Victor said that he could have his legal team dismantle Abby's case -- but he wished that Abby would regain her senses. Ashley doubted that would ever happen -- considering that Abby had disrobed in front of television cameras and had purchased an $85,000 necklace. Ashley said that Abby was simply having too much fun.

Victor admitted that he probably had overindulged Abby when she was growing up -- but he thought that their daughter was acting so disrespectful and irresponsible that someone else might be putting her up to it. Victor told Ashley that they had to rein Abby in without alienating her, but both he and Ashley were adamant that Abby wasn't mature enough to get her hands on her inheritance. Ashley remembered that Abby had spoken about a producer who she was working with, and wondered if the producer was trying to exploit Abby. Victor said that he would make sure that their "baby girl" wasn't exploited, and he would make her drop her case. Ashley hoped that Victor could -- she said that it was the type of thing that tore families apart.

At the Athletic Club, Abby whined to Jack that her parents were withholding three million dollars from her. She said that Ashley and Victor were treating her like a little kid -- they had even taken her credit cards away. Jack wondered if Abby's parents' reaction could possibly have something to do with her nude protest. Abby asked Jack not to lecture her about that. He said that he wouldn't -- but remarked that Abby didn't seem like herself. Abby said that she had become a goal-oriented businesswoman -- and that she was going into the television business. She told Jack that if he invested money in her business plan, he would make millions.

Abby showed her uncle a thick market study on the reality show. She told him that as the producers, she and Jack would own the show and make all the money from advertising, licensing, and merchandising -- just like George Lucas had done with the Star Wars franchise. Abby said that it was all about "branding" -- and that she was her own brand -- smart, young, rich, and socially responsible. Jack quipped, "You'd rather be naked than wear fur." Abby suggested that their next project could be protecting dolphins, because dolphins could talk. Jack chuckled.

Abby said that if it were a face cream, he would be marketing it in a second. Jack reminded Abby that face creams didn't ruin families' credibilities. She begged Jack to invest in her enterprise. Jack warned her that she would lose her privacy. Abby told him that privacy didn't exist anymore -- that there were cameras all over the place, including a hidden one at an adjacent table which had been taping her entire conversation with Jack. Jack did not look pleased. Abby said that everyone would want to know how a "scrappy heiress" got what she wanted.

Jack and Abby watched the recording of their conversation on a laptop computer. Jack warned Abby not to air the conversation, as he hadn't signed a release form. Abby wondered if he was annoyed. He said he was a little bothered -- but he was impressed that she had the Abbott business instinct. Abby again wondered if he would invest. He said that he might, and took the thick marketing plan so that he could read it. Victor showed up and Abby quickly left. To Victor, Jack quipped, "See any good television shows lately?"

Victor realized that Abby had told Jack all about her idea for the reality show. Victor told him that Abby was suing him and Ashley for access to her trust fund. Jack replied, "Ballsy move." Victor said that he was sure that she didn't think of the lawsuit on her own, clearly implying that Jack had something to do with it.

Victor called someone in the public relations department at Newman Enterprises and asked her to field all the inquiries about the "Naked Heiress." After he got off the phone, he warned Jack to steer clear of Abby and the television show. Needling Victor, Jack said that he just might help Abby. Victor countered, "The way you helped Colleen by sending her into the lion's den at Newman Enterprises?" Jack warned Victor not to mention Colleen's name, unless it was to express gratitude for her having saved Victor's "worthless life." Victor said that he would do everything in his power to keep Jack away from Abby.

Victor told Jack that he thought that the reality show, as well as Abby's lawsuit, were disgusting ideas. Victor said that if Jack worked with Abby, it wouldn't be the first time that Jack had turned one of Victor's children against him. Jack said that he wanted to leave Adam, the "crispy critter," out of the conversation. He told Victor that Abby was a bright young woman and that she had a mind of her own. He said that he hoped that she got her money and her TV show -- and that she got as far away from Victor as possible. Victor said that Abby would always return to him, no matter how much Jack interfered.

Daniel nursed a beer at Jimmy's and heard Abby ordering a gin and tonic. Abby told Daniel that she was of legal age -- and that he had better not spank her for ordering the drink. Daniel threw his money on the counter and began to leave. Abby stopped him and asked why he was always in such a dark mood -- she wondered if he was a "poor tortured artist." Daniel said that he just wanted to enjoy a drink without a "twit" in his face.

Abby said that Daniel would be begging for her attention once her reality show went on the air. Daniel stifled a fake yawn. Abby said that she wouldn't waste a second of her show on him -- that he was too depressing. Daniel replied, "And you're a punch line." She said, "Yeah? Laugh this off," and began kissing him. She then said that the next day she would forget that the kiss had ever happened. Daniel said, "It's not happening now," but then grabbed Abby and started kissing her again.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker and J.T. met. Tucker told J.T. how happy he was that J.T. had full custody of Reed -- that little kids needed stability. He wondered if J.T. had made any progress getting dirt on the Newman-Mitsukoshi deal. J.T. said it had been difficult procuring information. Tucker said that was why he had chosen J.T. for the assignment.

J.T. said that he had been able to get the information that was public record, but Tucker said that he had used "second-stringers" to get that -- that he needed J.T. to get the lowdown on what Newman Enterprises had pulled. J.T. wondered if Tucker had hired him because he had been a member of the Newman family. Tucker said that his employment hadn't been solely a result of his Newman family connections -- he knew that J.T. had done great work as an investigator for Paul. Tucker said that J.T. realized that, in the business world, sometimes you had to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty -- just like in a custody battle. Tucker told J.T. that he couldn't wait to see the information that J.T. gathered.

Browsing through some books at Trumble's, Victoria ran into Reed. Reed jumped into his mother's arms. She wondered if he was there with J.T. Victoria was less than thrilled when she saw that Reed was there with Mac. When Reed went to play, Mac said that she realized that the situation must be difficult for Victoria, and that she wished that things were different for everybody. Victoria told Mac that it was easy for Mac to be generous, since she spent more time with Reed than Victoria did. Victoria told Mac that Mac really had the mothering thing down, but even though she was carrying Lily's babies, Mac couldn't possibly know how a real mother felt.

Mac told Victoria that Lily's twins were none of her business, and, as far as Reed was concerned, she got a kick out of the little boy, and was glad that she could make J.T.'s life easier by watching Reed. Victoria snidely replied, "I just bet you accommodate J.T. all the time." Mac said that she and J.T. were merely friends, but wondered why Victoria would even care. Mac thought that Victoria had moved on with Billy. Victoria became anxious and asked Mac what Billy had said to her. Mac said that she knew that Billy had given Victoria an alibi for the night that Adam had been murdered, but beyond that, Mac didn't even want to know. Reed showed up and asked Victoria if she wanted to see the toy trains. Victoria said that she would love to -- but Mac said that J.T. was expecting Reed at home. Victoria bade Reed farewell, and Mac and the boy left.

Rafe showed up at the bookstore and inadvertently revealed that he was representing Billy in the annulment case. Victoria lied and said that she already knew that. Rafe said that it would be a good idea for him to get in touch with her attorney and asked her if she was using Michael. Victoria hemmed and hawed, finally admitting that she hadn't hired an attorney, but that she would get one by the end of the day. She hastily exited, leaving Rafe smiling and wondering what was going on.

J.T. put Reed to bed and sat down with Mac. She could see that something was bothering him -- she said that she would put on her "bartender hat" so that he could confide in her. He said that he hadn't gotten custody of Reed because he was a good father -- rather, Tucker had pulled some strings with the court. He related that, in return, Tucker wanted J.T to get some information on a shady Newman Enterprises' business deal.

Mac said that Tucker sounded just like Victor. She asked J.T. if he had done anything to try to get the information that Tucker wanted. J.T. admitted that he had gone to Victoria's and tried to find some documents on her computer, but that Billy had interrupted him. Mac was shocked -- she wondered if Billy had just "waltzed in." J.T. said that he didn't think that Billy had been there on business.

J.T. thought that it was weird that Billy had shown up. Mac wondered if Reed had told him that they had run into Victoria's at Trumble's. J.T. told her that Reed had mentioned it, but that Victoria didn't get to decide who could watch Reed. Mac said that she and J.T. were dancing around the real issue -- which was the attraction between him and Mac. J.T. said that he liked being around Mac. Mac kissed him.

J.T. said that he wished that Mac could stay. Mac thought that wouldn't be a good idea since Reed was there -- and she was embarrassed because it had been years since J.T. had seen her without her clothes on. J.T. said that Mac was beautiful. Mac replied that she was hormonal, and the couple began kissing again.

Victoria showed up at Billy's trailer, and after they joked around a bit, Victoria said that she was mad at him for not telling her that Rafe was handling the annulment. Billy said that he had stopped by her house to tell her -- but that he had found J.T. sitting at her computer. Victoria wondered why J.T. had been there and became nervous that he had learned about Victoria and Billy's Jamaican marriage. Victoria said that she didn't want Rafe to handle the annulment for Billy, and she wasn't going to use Michael. She told Billy that she wanted to use outside attorneys who wouldn't "spill the beans" to anyone. She ordered Billy to call Rafe and tell him to drop the annulment.

Billy tried to find Rafe's number on his cell phone, but Victoria, looking over his shoulder, said that she only saw thousands of women's names, although she wasn't jealous. Billy smiled and wondered if Victoria wanted to call off the annulment. Victoria told him that wasn't what she had said -- she wanted to call off Rafe, but not the annulment. Billy said that they could then return to sordid affair sex instead of boring marital sex.

Billy finally found Rafe's number and called him. He told Rafe that his services as an annulment attorney were no longer required. Rafe smiled. While Billy was talking with Rafe, Victoria began nibbling on Billy's ear and started taking off her clothes. Billy quickly hung up and began responding to Victoria's seduction. They disrobed and began making love.

Jill walked up to Ashley at the Athletic Club's bar and told her that Ashley, in order to have been appointed Jabot's CEO, must have really impressed Tucker. Ashley said that she was very happy, and wondered what Jill had been up to since Billy had fired her. Jill didn't tell Ashley that Billy had rehired her and began fishing for information. She asked Ashley why Katherine had handed Jabot over to Tucker. Ashley snapped that Jill should ask Katherine about that.

Katherine walked in and joined Ashley and Jill. Tucker approached them, and said that before him stood three of the loveliest movers and shakers in Genoa City -- it was a pity that he could only take one of them to dinner. Ashley walked over to join Tucker and snidely said to Jill, "It's business. You wouldn't be interested." When Tucker and Ashley were out of earshot, Katherine told Jill that her fangs were showing.

At their table, Tucker told Ashley what a phenomenal businesswoman she was -- which would be handy when he took over Beauty of Nature and merged it with Jabot. Ashley said that it was fine for Tucker to be optimistic -- but that idea was delusional. She warned him not to mess with Victor. Tucker said that he found Victor to be a worthy opponent. Ashley said, "And you can't wait to go toe-to-toe with him."

Ashley became upset and said that she couldn't deal with this "business bloodshed" -- that she had too many family concerns -- and that perhaps it would be better if they rescheduled their dinner meeting. Tucker said that instead of rescheduling, they should get some champagne and relax. Ashley laughed and said that would work for her. Jill glared at the couple from the bar.

Tucker told Ashley some wild tales about his youthful adventures, and she couldn't help but laugh. Jill and Katherine watched from the bar. Katherine told Jill that she was jealous -- but Jill claimed that she wasn't -- she said she was merely curious. Katherine warned Jill not to do any more magazine pieces on Tucker. Jill, staring at Ashley and Tucker obviously enjoying themselves, said, "Take a good look. Sonny boy doesn't need your protection."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis, Nick, Sharon, and Victor stared at the "missing" poster of Richard Hightower. They decided they needed to find out more about him. Victor received a text message from Paul, who had been interviewing Hightower's relatives, and might know about his connection to Adam. Nick said, "That bastard brother of mine sure went to a lot of trouble to frame me." Victor assured Nick that Adam wouldn't get away with it.

Sharon and Phyllis returned to the fast food restaurant where Hightower had received the phone call from Adam on the night of Adam's murder. They showed the manager a picture of Hightower, and the manager said that he was definitely the guy who had been waiting for the phone call and wearing a cape and a tuxedo. After the manager walked away, Sharon said that Hightower got a phone call from Adam and then went to the ball. She wondered why. Phyllis said that she didn't know -- but that she knew someone who might.

Phyllis and Sharon questioned Tiffany, the employee who had seen Adam meet with Hightower and his young son in February. Using the poster, they confirmed Hightower's identity, and asked if she could remember anything more about what had transpired at that meeting. Tiffany said that it seemed like a "getting to know you" meeting, and that Hightower's son had hugged Adam.

The manager walked over and said that he remembered something else about the night that Hightower received the call from Adam -- Hightower had purchased a Furry Burry Bear. He explained that was a promotional toy sold at the restaurant. The manager said that he thought that had been weird, because Hightower had been by himself. He guessed that Hightower must have bought the toy bear for his son.

After the manager walked away, Phyllis wondered why a man who was about to commit a crime would buy a toy for his son. She said, "The more we learn we find out about this man, the less we know."

At the Athletic Club, Paul introduced Hightower's sister-in-law Sally to Nick and Victor. Sally said that she knew about Nick's situation and that she was happy to help, but she was worried about her nephew, Justin, whose mother had died and whose father was missing. Justin, Hightower's son, ran over to his Aunt Sally to tell her about the aquarium in the club. Nick said that they wanted to help him find his daddy. Victor showed the boy a picture of Adam and asked if he had ever seen the man. Justin replied, "That's Adam. He saved my dad's life."

After further questioning, Paul, Victor, and Nick realized that Justin didn't know exactly how Adam had saved Hightower's life. Victor asked Sally if she had known that Hightower had been ill. She said that the only thing she knew was that he had been in the hospital for a few days in February. Paul and Victor wondered if perhaps Adam had been helping Hightower with medical bills. Sally said that she doubted that -- that Hightower was a very private man and probably wouldn't have accepted financial help. She also said that he would never leave Justin. Justin returned to the table and said, "Are you going to find my dad and bring him home?"

Phyllis and Sharon returned to the club and updated Victor and Nick on the information they had gathered at the fast food restaurant; Victor and Nick told the women about their meeting with Sally and Justin. The group brainstormed about Adam and Hightower's relationship. Nick said that Adam had, in some way, saved Hightower's life, and that might explain why he had helped Adam. Phyllis said that didn't explain why Hightower had killed Adam. Nick doubted that Hightower was the murderer. He said that Hightower seemed like a good family man, and wondered why he would stab someone in the heart with a pen. Victor said that whatever had transpired between Adam and Hightower was essential to the case. Nick said that they were missing something. Paul joined the group and said, "You're right. You are."

Paul told them that Hightower had been diagnosed with leukemia the previous year -- and that Adam had donated his bone marrow to Hightower in February, at the time he claimed to have been in Kansas visiting Hope's grave. Phyllis wondered why someone like Adam would donate bone marrow to someone he hardly knew -- and keep it a secret.

Abby and Daniel ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Daniel sarcastically asked her if she wanted him to buy her a latte, since the last time they were at the coffeehouse together, she put a cup of coffee on his tab. Abby snapped that she had used Daniel enough, and walked out to the patio.

At the counter, a nervous Kevin left a voicemail for Jana. He said that he hadn't seen her since their date -- and he realized that the date had not gone well. He invited her to visit him at Crimson Lights.

After he hung up, Kevin wondered if Daniel was still mad that Kevin had gone off on him about not following Amber when she left Genoa City. Daniel once again explained that he simply wasn't ready to be a father. The guys agreed that everything was once again "cool" between them.

Daniel stared at Abby on the patio and asked Kevin what his take on her was. Kevin said that she was a "train wreck." Daniel said that there was more to her than met the eye, and told Kevin that they had kissed. He told Kevin that during the kiss, he felt like he had been cheating on Amber, and wondered if Kevin thought that was weird. Kevin said that it wasn't weird if Daniel wanted to stay married to Amber. He urged Daniel to call his wife. Daniel said that was the same advice that Katherine had given him.

Later, Daniel showed Kevin a letter that he had written to Amber. Kevin thought that a letter was inappropriate -- and that Daniel should get his butt on a plane -- or, at the very least, phone Amber. Kevin asked if Daniel wanted Amber back. Daniel said that if it involved raising Eric, then he didn't. When Kevin asked if Daniel wanted to divorce Amber, Daniel didn't answer.

Daniel ripped up the letter. Kevin told him that sometimes one had to let go. When Kevin walked away, Daniel phoned Amber. From a motel room, she told Daniel that she was in Ohio, where she had put Eric in a private school. She said that she was going to Los Angeles to look for a job, and that she had spoken to Deacon. She and Deacon agreed that boarding school was the best option to keep Eric safe. Amber asked if Daisy and Ryder had been captured. Daniel said that Ryder had turned himself in, but that Daisy was still at large. Amber said that Daisy was the dangerous one. She told Daniel that she hoped to make enough money in Los Angeles to hire a guard for Eric. Daniel wondered if, since Eric was in boarding school, Amber might be willing to return to Genoa City so that they could "figure something out."

Amber said that she wanted to be a mother to Eric, and she realized that Daniel couldn't live with her if he wasn't Amber's number one priority. Amber began weeping. She said that people thought that when a marriage broke up, there had to have been a bad guy. She told Daniel that in their case, there was no bad guy -- they had simply grown apart. She said that she was leaving the marriage, but with more than she had entered it with. Both of them agreed they would never regret having been married. She said that when she got settled in Los Angeles she would hire a lawyer and begin divorce proceedings. Daniel said that he would have Michael handle his side of the divorce. The teary-eyed Daniel said that he hoped that she would have an amazing life -- she deserved it. Amber began openly sobbing, said goodbye, and hung up. Daniel looked despondent.

Jana went to see Ryder in jail. He wondered why she was there. She said that she wanted to help him -- and actually thought that they could help each other. She presented him with a book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. She told him it was about reconciling your past and living in the present -- but that for the book's philosophy to be effective, Ryder had to be willing to change his life. He said that it was too late for that.

Ryder again asked Jana why she was there -- if her heart had told her to visit. Jana said that she couldn't feel her heart. Ryder wondered what he could do for her. She told him that he could allow her to continue to visit him -- since he seemed to be the only person who accepted the "new and not-so-improved" Jana. She said that she should hate Ryder -- but she didn't. Ryder admitted that he liked the "new" Jana -- but felt that Kevin deserved to have his wife back.

Jana asked Ryder if he thought he would get out of jail. Ryder said that he doubted it -- his bail had been set at $250,000. Jana thought that was "a bit steep." Ryder thought that Kevin would be happy about the high bond. Jana told him that Kevin was not happy to see Ryder behind bars. Ryder said that he looked up to Kevin. Jana said that Kevin had been in a lot more trouble than Ryder was, but he had emerged as a better person. Ryder thought it was weird that Jana had memories of Kevin but didn't feel anything toward him. Jana said that she didn't know if she would ever feel anything toward Kevin again.

She asked Ryder if it would be okay for her to visit him again. Ryder said that it would be. As Jana began walking away, Kevin approached the cell, and was clearly not too pleased to see his wife visiting his brother. He asked Jana, "Were you going to tell me that this is why I couldn't reach you?"

Kevin asked Jana why she had visited Ryder. She told him that she had given him a book -- she wanted to thank him for trying to help her and Lauren when they had been trapped in the cage. Kevin sarcastically said that at least he could be thankful that Jana was feeling gratitude -- at least that was something. Jana replied, "I suppose it is." Ryder watched from his cell as the Fishers walked off.

Victoria and Billy woke up in bed together in Billy's trailer. Victoria acted stunned that she was there. Billy laughed and said that there was nothing wrong with Victoria spending the night with her husband. She chided Billy for not getting their marriage annulled -- but he reminded her that she hadn't taken any action on the annulment either. As they began bickering, Victoria said that they were acting like a married couple.

After they got dressed, Billy began making some sausage for breakfast. The two of them discussed rumors they had heard about each other. Victoria said that she had heard that the number of women that Billy had sex with was in the triple digits. An embarrassed Billy said that the number was high -- but not quite that high. Billy said that he had heard that Victoria had run off to Italy because Nick had turned Victor in to the Feds. Victoria said that she had gone to Italy because she loved art. Billy said that there were a lot of things that Victoria didn't know about him -- and she hadn't even tasted his sausage yet.

As Billy continued to cook, Victoria asked him if she could use his laptop to check her email. When she opened the computer, she was shocked to see that he had received an email from one of the partygoers in Jamaica -- attached was a video of Billy and Victoria exchanging their wedding vows.

The couple watched the video. Victoria said that Billy was a cute drunk, and that their trip to Jamaica had been fun, but their wedding had been a huge mistake. She said that no one could see the video. Billy was about to delete it, but his eggs began to burn and he ran to the stove. Victoria was about to hit the delete key, but Billy yelled when he burned his hand on the hot pan. Victoria ran over to run some cold water on his hand before she had a chance to delete the video. Billy told Victoria that her first aid felt good. Victoria told him that she had to go to work, and left.

Abby met with Kent on the Crimson Lights patio. He said that he had sold Abby's necklace -- and "The Naked Heiress" was a go -- for the time being. He informed her that $85,000 didn't go very far in the television industry. Kent said that the networks and cable companies were interested -- but none of them would commit until they could test Abby's appeal. Abby though that 600,000 hits on her Internet video should show that she had the necessary appeal, but Kent reminded her that "the cat who uses the toilet" video had received the same number of hits.

Abby thought that a scandal would keep the networks and cable companies interested in the show. She told Kent about her Uncle Billy -- who owned Restless Style magazine. She said that Billy could publicize her in the online version of Restless Style in exchange for exclusive rights to the unaired video that she had shot. Kent said that Abby was gorgeous, smart, and connected -- and wondered where she had been all his life. Abby replied, "Getting ready to take over the world -- that's where."

Later, Abby waited for Billy at the Restless Style office. When he finally showed up for work, she said she had one word for him -- and made the sound of cash register, "cha-ching." Abby told Billy that her show was going to be huge, and she tried to negotiate a deal with him. She offered him the video of her arguing with Victor and Ashley about her inheritance -- in exchange for one article about her per week on the online version of Restless Style and two cover stories featuring her in the print version. Billy said that Abby was better than what she was doing -- and that he wasn't going to help her get her fifteen minutes of fame. He told her that if he lifted one finger to help her, Ashley would cut it off.

Billy's phone rang. It was Chloe, calling to tell him to get to the bookstore to pick up a new children's book for Delia. Hanging up the phone, he told Abby that their conversation was over -- fatherhood called. As Billy left, Abby glanced at his laptop, which he had left open.

Billy ran into Victoria at the bookstore, where they were both picking up copies of the same book -- Victoria was buying one for Reed. They told each other what good parents they were. Victoria remembered that she had been distracted when Billy had burned his hand -- and that she had neglected to delete their wedding video. Billy told her not to worry -- he would delete it as soon as he returned to the office. Victoria said that it would be a nightmare if the video fell into the wrong hands.

At the Restless Style office, Abby spoke with Kent on the phone. She told Kent that Billy had gone, but he had left his computer on. She planned to access Billy's email to send a message to Restless Style Online, telling them to post the video of Abby arguing with her parents. Kent told Abby that she was a genius. Abby agreed. After she hung up the phone, she sat down at Billy's laptop and watched the video of Billy and Victoria's wedding. She smiled and said, "This could come in very handy." She pressed the enter button on the computer.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Emily and Jack ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Emily told him that she was on her way to her hearing -- the American Psychological Association was going to decide whether or not to revoke her license to practice. Jack asked Emily if he could join her. Initially, Emily did not think that was a good idea, but Jack thought that he could help by telling the hearing board what a fine, devoted doctor Emily was. Emily acquiesced, and she and Jack left.

A male and female board member listened, and Jack sat off to the side, as Emily spoke about how much she regretted her patients' complaints that their care and confidentiality had been compromised. She defended herself, telling the board members that she had been Patty Williams' victim -- that Patty had stolen her face and her life. She reminded them that Patty had even deceived Dr. Jasper, and she didn't feel that she should be penalized for Patty's actions.

Emily said that she would do everything she could to rectify the situation. The female board member said that it couldn't be ignored that Emily had become involved with the man who had been partially responsible for Patty's psychosis. The male board member was harsher, telling Emily that her behavior had been highly unethical and couldn't be ignored. He said that psychologists needed to refrain from that type of activity.

Emily said that she knew that her engagement to Jack had created a conflict of interest, so she had removed herself from Patty's case. The female board member said that Emily's involvement with Jack was highly irresponsible. Jack stood up to defend Emily and to place blame on himself. He said that Emily had repeatedly turned down his proposals, but he had been quite persistent, as he had fallen in love with her.

Jack told the board members that Emily was a caring, competent, and professional doctor, and that she had serious misgivings about getting involved with Jack, which she had shared with him on numerous occasions. Jack said that he wouldn't listen to her, and they fell in love. He told them, "In my book, that's hardly a crime."

Emily said that although her experience had been horrifying, having been committed gave her a first-hand look at things from her patients' point of view, and it had deepened her compassion and understanding. She admitted having made serious errors, but she asked the board members to take her newfound insight into consideration when they made their decision.

Emily and Jack waited in the hallway as the board members deliberated. Emily was quite nervous and wondered what would happen to her if they revoked her license to practice. Jack tried to lift her spirits by saying that she could find a new path in her life. Their conversation ended when the board members called them back into the conference room.

The board members decided that, due to the extenuating circumstances of Emily's case, they were not going to revoke her license. They put her on probation for one year and told her that, barring further infractions, her record would be wiped clean after that time. After the board members left the room, a thrilled Emily said, "It's over," and she hugged Jack. Jack invited her to join him for a celebratory cup of coffee. A smiling Emily agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Jack raised his coffee mug to toast Emily. Suddenly, two DEA agents approached their table. One of the agents was the man who had been tailing Emily the previous day at the Athletic Club. They flashed their badges and identified themselves. They placed a shocked Emily under arrest for selling controlled substances. Jack said there must be some mistake, but the agents assured him there wasn't. Emily meekly said, "Jack?"

Victoria and Billy ran into each other at Crimson Lights. He asked her if she was planning on going to Rafe's party at Jimmy's that evening. Victoria said that she was, and Billy asked her if she wanted a ride. Victoria said that they couldn't be seen together, particularly since people were already gossiping about them. She told Billy that she had to protect her reputation. Billy countered that he did as well -- he joked that he had never been seen with the same woman twice in public. Victoria asked him if he had deleted the wedding video from his computer. He assured her that he had.

Abby showed up and asked them if it was true that the two of them were dating. Victoria quickly denied that she was involved with Billy, and left. Abby reminded Billy that he had burst into a courtroom and said that he had been with Victoria at the time Adam had been murdered. Billy said that he had done that just to give Victoria an alibi. Abby feigned shock that Billy had lied to a judge. After Billy walked away, Abby looked at the video of Billy and Victoria's wedding on her cell phone.

At Jimmy's, Rafe, Mac, and J.T. were setting up for Rafe's party. Rafe said that he appreciated Mac letting him have the party at the bar. He told them that he knew that it was going to be tough establishing his own law practice, but he was excited about it -- and that perhaps being suspended from the public defenders' office was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He mentioned that he was somewhat concerned about the guest list. He told them that he was hoping that there wouldn't be any drama at the party -- that everyone would get along.

Chloe and Chance arrived at the party. She was thrilled to be on a date with Chance. Her happiness turned to anxiety when Chance went to the bar and ran into Heather. Chance offered to buy a drink for Heather, but Heather insisted on buying a drink for him as a thank you for his help in getting her job back. Referring to herself, Chloe said, "Will you buy his girlfriend a drink, too?"

Chloe stood by silently as Heather and Chance discussed Adam's murder investigation. Rafe walked over with his boyfriend, Tyler, and introduced Tyler to Chance, Chloe, and Heather. When Chloe indicated that she thought that Tyler was cute, Rafe said, "He's mine." Chloe replied that Rafe didn't have to worry about her -- she was taken. Chloe said that Rafe needed to be concerned about the obviously man-hungry Heather.

Victoria arrived and Rafe asked her if she was "flying solo" that night. She said that she was, and sat at a table by herself. Billy showed up a few moments later and, standing between Heather and Chloe, said that he was thrilled to be with his "favorite girls." Victoria rolled her eyes.

Victoria went to the bar to get a beer. She asked Mac if Reed had received the book that Victoria had messengered over. Mac said that she didn't know. Victoria said that she assumed that Mac would, since she seemed to be spending all of her time with J.T. and Reed. As J.T. listened in, Mac said that she and J.T. were just friends -- that her romantic feelings for J.T. had been in the past. Victoria replied, "Coulda fooled me."

Victoria nursed her beer alone, but listened as Billy flirted with Heather. He told Heather the top ten reasons why he was irresistible to women -- one of the reasons was because of his large collection of boxer shorts. Billy told Heather that she was turning him on. Heather said that a goat in a bikini would turn Billy on, and walked away. Victoria chuckled under her breath.

Heather walked over to Chance and Chloe, who were playing a mini-bowling game. She asked the couple if she could join them. Chloe quickly replied that it was a two-person game, but Chance invited her to play the winner. Chloe was clearly getting annoyed. Suddenly, the door to the bar opened, and Abby, Kent, and a camera crew entered. Abby announced, "Guess what, everybody? You're all going to be on television!"

Mac threw Abby, Kent, and the camera crew out. Outside of the bar, Abby told Kent not to worry -- she still had a hidden camera in her purse. She went back inside Jimmy's.

Inside, Victoria was needling Billy about Heather really "shutting him down." Billy claimed that Heather really wanted him and asked Victoria if she wanted him to stop flirting with the girls. Victoria looked around and said that if J.T. weren't there, she would be flirting with the cute guys. Billy replied, "Who? The gay guy? Or the already-taken detective?"

J.T. pulled Mac aside and asked her why she had told Victoria that he and Mac were merely friends. He indicated that he thought that there was something more between them. Mac admitted that they were obviously more than friends, but she hadn't been sure about J.T.'s feelings. She wondered how he could possibly be interested in a pregnant woman. J.T. replied, "I think you're sexy as hell." Mac smiled and told him that she had promised Lily and Cane that she wouldn't be intimate with anyone while she was pregnant. J.T. said that was okay -- that it would force them to take things slowly.

Chloe approached Abby and congratulated her on her grand entrance. Abby told Chloe about her idea for the reality show. Chloe said that Abby was a smart girl. Abby was thrilled, telling Chloe that she was the only one who supported her. Abby wondered where Chance had gone. Chloe said that she had left her cell phone in the car, and he had gone to retrieve it. When Chance returned to the bar with Heather, Abby said, "It looks like he had an escort." Chloe marched up to Chance and Heather and asked Heather if she was hitting on Chance. Chance told Chloe to "chill."

Heather wondered why Chloe felt threatened -- and asked her if Chance was forbidden to talk with the women he worked with. Chloe replied, "Only the cows who throw themselves at him." Billy broke up the verbal altercation by pulling Chloe aside and telling her that she was "morphing into the Manhattan Chloe." Chloe admitted that she was scared that she would lose Chance. Billy assured her that Chance was a good guy -- and that Chloe was freaking out for nothing. Chloe said that Billy was right -- but her look indicated that she was not quite convinced.

Chloe walked up to Chance and admitted that she had acted like an "ass." She wondered if they could rewind the evening and start over again. Referring to Chloe's behavior, Chance said, "What the hell was that?" He swore that there was nothing going on between him and Heather. Chloe admitted that she was insecure -- that every guy she had dated in the past had been untrustworthy. She said that she was sorry and asked Chance to forgive her. Chance smiled and said that he had read about "make-up sex." Chloe smiled back and the couple kissed.

Heather, sitting alone in a booth, looked depressed when she saw Chance and Chloe's reconciliation. Rafe joined her and told her that he had signed a few clients -- but realized that something was bothering her and asked her what was wrong. She said that she had been engaged to a sociopath, had hooked up with Genoa City's biggest playboy, and she was attracted to someone who was already taken. She wondered if she was just a bitter single girl.

Abby approached Victoria and tried to convince her sister to invest in "The Naked Heiress." Abby said that the show had "cash cow" written all over it. Victoria said that she wouldn't lend Abby money, and that she certainly didn't want to get involved in any family drama. Abby was miffed that even her own sister wouldn't support her. When Victoria walked off, Abby approached Billy and asked him if he had reconsidered investing in the show. He told her that he was definitely not interested. Abby tried to entice him by telling him that it would give him a chance to "stick it to Victor." Billy didn't bite. Abby said that Billy was supposed to be her fun uncle -- and she couldn't believe that he was siding with her father. As Abby walked away, Billy muttered, "Me either."

J.T. and Victoria chatted. He told her that Reed had loved the book that Victoria had sent over. Victoria smiled and said that she was happy to hear that. J.T. said that Reed wanted to know why Victoria hadn't been there to read the book to him. He told her that Reed missed her, and he hated keeping them away from each other. He wished that there were some way to work things out.

J.T. said that it had been unfair of him to ask Victoria not to be a "Newman." He told her that Reed was suffering without her. Victoria said that she would do anything to resolve things. J.T. told her that he still questioned her judgment. Victoria said that she would never do anything irresponsible as far as Reed was concerned -- she would never jeopardize her relationship with her son. She promised J.T. that if she could see more of Reed, she wouldn't let J.T. down.

Later, a smiling Victoria told Billy that J.T. was going to allow her to spend more time with Reed, and it was more important than ever for them to dissolve their marriage. J.T. told Mac that he had decided to allow Victoria to spend more time with their son, and Mac was pleased. He said that he believed Victoria's promise that she would be more responsible.

Abby called Kent on the phone and told him that she couldn't get either Billy or Victoria to fund "The Naked Heiress." She said that it was going to be too bad for the two of them.

Abby quieted everyone at the party down and said that she wanted to propose a toast to the newlyweds -- Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman. Billy and Victoria were horrified. The party guests seemed confused, but Abby invited them to watch the wedding video on her cell phone. J.T. shot daggers at Victoria.

In bed, Nick and Phyllis continued to mull over theories concerning Richard Hightower and his involvement with Adam. They wondered why Hightower would kill Adam -- the man who had saved his life by donating bone marrow. They decided that there were too many questions -- and no answers.

Phyllis said that they needed to start thinking like Adam -- a man who had disguised himself as Victor's dead wife, hidden Ashley's miscarriage, and stolen Sharon's baby. Phyllis wondered what Adam wanted in exchange for his bone marrow. She asked Nick to hand her the "missing" poster with the picture of Hightower on it. Phyllis stared at the picture and said that Hightower looked a lot like Adam.

Phyllis again tried to concoct a theory about what had happened, and why Hightower had killed Adam. Nick was still not convinced that Hightower was the murderer, and said that perhaps Hightower and Adam were both dead. Phyllis reminded him that only one body had been found, that it had been burned beyond recognition, and that two DNA tests had confirmed that it was Adam. A light bulb went on over Nick's head. He opened his laptop, connected to the Internet, and wondered if, since Hightower had Adam's bone marrow, he could have his DNA as well.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victor discussed the Hightower mystery. Victor wondered why a fine family man like Richard Hightower would suddenly become a killer, and why he had been at the Athletic Club on the night of the masquerade ball. He also wondered where Hightower was.

Nikki and Victor looked at the picture of Hightower, and Nikki commented on the physical resemblance between Hightower and Adam. Nikki wondered whether they might have been related on Hope's side. Victor said that Paul had investigated that -- and there was no familial connection between the two men. Victor told Nikki that they hadn't crossed paths until Adam had decided to donate his bone marrow to Hightower.

In the Athletic Club's foyer, a club employee handed Sharon a stack of Adam's mail that had accumulated since his murder. She opened his bank statement and was stunned to see that Adam had made a huge withdrawal and then closed the account on the day that he had been murdered.

Sharon joined Nikki and Victor and showed them Adam's bank statement. The three of them guessed that Adam must have gone to the bank right after he had escaped from the hospital. Suddenly, Nick and Phyllis rushed over to the table. Nick said that they had found Richard Hightower. When Victor asked, "Where?" Nick replied that Hightower was buried in Adam's grave. Sharon, Victor, and Nikki were dumbfounded.

Nick explained that the body in the club's basement had been so badly burnt that they likely did the DNA tests using bone marrow from the corpse. Nick felt that Adam had planned it all along -- so that Hightower's body would have Adam's DNA. Nikki asked if that was even possible. Nick said that he had done research on the Internet and had found similar cases. Phyllis said that the whole thing was so perverted that it "reeked" of Adam. She added that they would need to have a DNA test run on something other than the bone marrow. Victor said that, under normal circumstances, he would think that it was the silliest thing that he had ever heard -- but that with Adam, anything was possible.

Phyllis said that they needed to get in touch with D.A. Pomerantz and tell him that it was Richard Hightower who was buried in Adam's grave. Victor said that, if this theory was correct, Adam was still alive, and that Sharon, Phyllis, and Ashley were in mortal danger.

On a secluded beach, a man sipped a beer, and read a newspaper that obscured his face. The headline on the newspaper read, "Nicholas Newman Remains Sole Suspect in Murder Case." There was also a smaller, seemingly unrelated, story about a man named Richard Hightower, who had been missing for about two months. The man reading the newspaper took a sip of beer and put the paper down. It was Adam.

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