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Before she passed away, Liz confessed to Snapper who Jill's biological parents were. Victor lured Adam and Skye out of hiding. Ashley and Tucker made love. Abby secretly taped her tryst with Daniel and leaked the footage online.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, June 14, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Daniel phoned his mother and told her he'd been served with divorce papers. Phyllis offered to go console her son, but Daniel opted to meet his mom at the ranch. Abby approached Daniel and told him she was about to enjoy a swim at her dad's. Daniel was surprised when Abby invited him to join her in the pool after his visit with his mom. After Daniel left, Kent phoned Abby and told her that they needed more sizzling footage if they intended to have their show picked up by a network. Abby responded, "The naked heiress is about to get even hotter."

Phyllis warmly embraced Daniel when he arrived at the tack house. Daniel seemed resolved to accept the end of his marriage. Daniel fingered his wedding band and lamented the failure of two marriages. Phyllis comforted Daniel and said she fully understood what it felt like to be completely in love with someone while battling the interference of outside forces. After fighting fruitlessly, Phyllis explained, there came a time to let go of dysfunctional relationships. Daniel noted that he hadn't really fought, and that he rarely saw his mother ever let go.

Daniel blushed when Phyllis encouraged her smart, charming, and handsome son to let go and enjoy having girls drool over him. Daniel seemed hesitant. Phyllis told her son to move on. Daniel cried that there'd never be another Amber. Daniel slipped off his wedding band. Phyllis cheered her son's valiant gesture. Later, Daniel stopped by the pool and watched Abby as she floated lazily on an air mattress. Daniel pulled off his shirt and jumped in. Abby noted that Daniel was no longer depressed. Daniel said, "Things changed." Daniel took Abby's place on the air mattress, and Abby planted herself on the side of the pool and dangled her legs in the moonlit water.

Abby told Daniel that she'd soon be a television star because everybody in the world wanted his or her time in the spotlight. Daniel asked Abby who in her life wasn't paying attention to her. Abby quipped that she was simply a big fan of dollar signs. Abby jumped into the water. Daniel embraced her and told her that she was too smart to be misbehaving in public. Abby discarded her swimsuit, and Daniel did the same. The couple bobbed in the water as they kissed.

Abby and Daniel donned robes and reclined poolside on a double chaise longue. Daniel was asleep when Abby rose and walked to a nearby table, where she'd inconspicuously set up a video camera that recorded her lovemaking session with Daniel in the pool. Abby phoned Kent and told him that he was about to leak video footage of her that would be picked up by every gossip site in the world. Abby warned Kent that no one could ever know that she'd provided the video.

Tucker joined Ashley at a table on the patio at the coffeehouse. Tucker told Ashley that Victoria had traveled to Japan to meet with Mitsukoshi. Ashley remarked that Jill must have taken the bait, and that Victoria was stepping in to fight Jabot's pursuit of the Asian market. Tucker announced that he was heading to Tokyo to learn how Victor had maintained his hold on Japanese stores. Tucker invited Ashley to accompany him. Ashley insisted that taking a trip so soon after becoming CEO of Jabot wasn't in the company's best interest. Tucker claimed that Mitsukoshi would be impressed to see them both together.

Tucker pleaded with Ashley to accompany him to Japan, and Abby overheard. Abby encouraged her mother to go as long as she returned with a sparkly gift. Ashley expressed concern about Abby's welfare because Victor was out of town. Abby jokingly promised not to incite protests or purchase pricey jewelry until both of her parents returned to U.S. soil. Tucker told Ashley he'd meet her later at the airport, and then he left. Abby suggested to her mom that she let Tucker choose the sparkly gift because he certainly seemed the type of man that knew what a girl wanted. Ashley insisted that she was dating Neil, and that her trip was simply business-related.

In her suite at a Japanese hotel, Victoria wasn't openly receptive to a visit from Billy, who alleged he was working on an Asian version of Restless Style. Billy plopped onto Victoria's bed and moaned as he grasped his lower back with his hand. When Victoria knelt down on the bed to check on Billy, he scooped her up and rolled over on top of her. Victoria ordered Billy to get off her, but the couple began kissing instead. After Billy and Victoria made love, they relaxed and donned matching silk kimonos. Billy told Victoria that he knew she'd gone to Japan because Tucker McCall was threatening to move in on Newman territory in the cosmetic industry. Victoria refused to disclose the details of her business trip.

Billy asked Victoria what was inside a beautifully wrapped gift box. Victoria responded that it was just a gift. Victoria threatened Billy and warned him not to write anything about Newman Enterprises and Tucker McCall in his magazine. Victoria playfully twisted Billy's arm, and he attempted to plant a wet willy in her ear. Victoria threw Billy's pants at him and ordered him to leave. While Victoria showered, Billy lifted the lid of the gift box and discovered an antique pearl-handled pistol. Billy browsed websites and learned that the pistol was worth $750,000.

After Victoria finished showering, she again ordered Billy to leave, but she asked him to kiss her before doing so. While Billy locked lips with Victoria, he fixed his eyes on the gift box. Victoria dropped her robe to the floor. Billy and Victoria kissed passionately and made love again. Later, Victoria and Billy got dressed. Victoria phoned her business contact and finalized her plans. She ordered Billy to leave. Billy suggested he act as Victoria's chaperon. As Billy and Victoria left her hotel room, they ran into Tucker and Ashley, who were just arriving. Billy and Victoria smiled nervously. Ashley folded her arms and addressed Billy firmly. Tucker removed his sunglasses and said, "Well, isn't this a nice surprise!"

At Maggie's bar in Ottawa, Canada, Shaw and his two buddies seated themselves at a table and ordered booze. Jack waited at the bar and questioned Maggie while she poured drinks for the unwelcome patrons. Jack asked Maggie if Victor was in trouble. After Maggie served the drinks, Jack once again asked about Victor. Shaw approached and asked Maggie if Jack was bothering her. Shaw said, "I am on a roll tonight. If you want this bozo gone, you just say the word." Jack faced Shaw and smirked at him. Shaw's friends joined the fray. Jack offered to buy the tough guys a drink, and they backed off. Maggie advised Jack to keep his cool until the boozers left because she had some information for him.

In the hull of a boat, Victor attempted to plug a leak, but water continued to pour in. Victor, panic-stricken, muttered, "Damn it!" Victor picked up the microphone of a marine radio and attempted to hone in on a signal. The radio crackled and squelched as Victor repeatedly yelled, "Hello?" Victor tweaked the knob on the radio while he yelled, "Mayday!" Sitting knee-deep in seawater, Victor suffered a substantial shock when he came in contact with a power cord. Victor's body writhed as he slumped to the floor. Jack arrived and called out to Victor. Victor responded but explained that he had no key to the locked door. Jack advised Victor to pull while he pushed on the door. After the door opened, Victor asked Jack how he'd gotten there.

Jack later returned to Maggie's with a disheveled Victor. Jack explained that he'd chartered a boat in order to find Victor. Victor thanked Maggie for helping him, and she offered to get him a drink. Jack suggested that Victor see a doctor. Victor moaned and said, "That shook the hell out of me!" Jack explained that he'd arrived in Nick's place.

Victor learned that Nikki checked the pilot's phone contacts and found a number that belonged to Skye Lockhart. Jack noted that Skye was in São Paulo. Victor chugged his drink and said, "If that's where Skye is, that's also where my son is." Victor said that Adam thought he'd gotten away with everything. Jack noted that Adam had left a homicide case hanging over Nick's head. Victor said he planned to head to São Paulo. Jack insisted he accompany Victor.

In São Paulo, Brazil, Adam received a call on his cell phone. Phoning from the Newman ranch, Sharon remained silent, but she immediately recognized Adam's voice. Nick, standing beside Sharon, whispered, "Is it him?" Sharon said, "Adam?" Adam seemed stunned as he responded, "Sharon?" Sharon asked Adam where he was, but he told her that he couldn't disclose his location. Sharon reminded Adam that he'd confessed everything to her before the explosion that everyone thought had killed him. Adam insisted that his love for Sharon was real. Nick lifted the receiver of the extension and began recording the phone call. Adam told Sharon that leaving her was his biggest regret.

Adam professed his love for Sharon and begged her to tell him that she fondly reminisced about their special times together. Adam claimed that Sharon, who was sobbing quietly, had acknowledged their bond because she hadn't hung up. Sharon asked Adam how she was supposed to forgive him for forcing her to grieve when he took her baby. Adam changed the subject and asked Sharon how she'd gotten his number. Adam also asked Sharon if someone was there with her. Sharon turned and gazed at Nick, who was recording Adam.

Adam hung up after telling Sharon that it was a mistake for him to talk to her. Skye emerged from the shower and asked Adam if the judge had called. Adam mumbled, "We're so screwed." As Skye towel-dried her hair, Adam worried about Nick tracing his call. Skye explained that they had a disposable phone that couldn't be traced as long as they removed the battery. Skye took the phone and unfastened the battery. Adam was irate and asked how they were supposed to phone the judge to ask him how much money he required to ensure their protection. Skye calmly explained that she'd go ask the judge. Adam stammered and explained that he must remain hidden because if he were found, he'd be dead for real.

Nick replayed the recorded phone call Sharon made to Adam. Nick lamented that Adam hadn't mentioned the date or confessed to his crimes during the call. Sharon insisted that the call would prove that Adam had set up Nick. Phyllis arrived, and Sharon told her that she'd just spoken to Adam. Nick returned and told Phyllis and Sharon that he'd phoned Michael and asked about Adam's recorded phone call. Nick explained that the recorded phone call wouldn't help because he had been charged with Hightower's murder. Sharon was upset because she'd failed to elicit a confession from Adam.

After Sharon went upstairs to check on Faith, Phyllis asked what Adam had said to Sharon. Nick replied that Adam talked about his and Sharon's love for each other. Nick seemed angry when he explained that Sharon was a fool for allowing Adam to suck her back in just as he had before. Nick complained to Phyllis and said he couldn't believe that Sharon still cared about Adam. Phyllis was taken aback by Nick's fervent response to Sharon's behavior. Nick asked Phyllis if she was jealous, but she admitted that their most pressing issue was clearing Nick of murder. Phyllis seemed distressed as she and Nick walked out the door.

After Nick and Phyllis left, Sharon returned to the ranch sitting room and picked up the phone. She dialed Adam's number and heard a recording, which stated that the number dialed was a nonworking number. Sharon looked dejected as she hung up the phone. Adam was replacing the battery in the phone just as Skye returned. Skye reported that the judge wanted $10,000,000 in exchange for her and Adam's protection. Adam responded, "You had better find you a poker game."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At the tack house, Nikki informed Phyllis that Jack and Victor had left Ottawa and were on their way to Brazil to try to find Adam and Skye. Nikki was surprised to learn from Phyllis that Nick thought that Sharon still had feelings for Adam. The women agreed that if Victor found Adam and took him back to Genoa City, that would create a whole new batch of problems for Phyllis and Nick, because Nick would try to protect Sharon from Adam.

Nikki told Phyllis to trust Nick's love for her. Phyllis said that she did, but she didn't trust Sharon. Nikki said that she understood and suggested that they take a walk around the ranch -- she said that would give them perspective. On the way out, Nikki asked Phyllis if there was any good news. Phyllis smiled and said that Daniel and Amber's divorce had been finalized.

Poolside at the Newman main house, Abby and Daniel cuddled in a chaise longue. Daniel was still asleep, but Abby was awake and remembered surreptitiously videotaping her and Daniel making love in the Newman swimming pool the previous evening. She recalled looking at the tape and then calling Kent to tell him that she had a tape that she wanted him to leak -- and that no one was to know that she was the source.

Daniel woke up and Abby wondered if things were going to be weird between them. Daniel said that there wasn't anything between them -- they had just been having fun. Abby asked him if he felt used. Daniel smiled and said, "Almost all used up." Abby replied, "Almost?" and began to kiss him. The kids were shocked when Nikki and Phyllis walked up to them.

The surprised Abby grabbed her towel and said that she couldn't believe how early it was. Phyllis snidely informed her that it was 10:00 a.m. Scrambling for excuses, Daniel and Abby told Phyllis and Nikki that they must have worn themselves out swimming. Nikki asked Abby if her mother knew where she was. Abby told her that Ashley was out of town, then said that she felt chilled and needed to take a hot shower. As Abby went into the house, followed by Nikki, she told Daniel that he was welcome to stop by and swim anytime.

Phyllis shot daggers at Daniel, and he wondered what the problem was. He reminded his mother that the previous day, she had urged him to flirt with some girl in order to get over Amber. Phyllis said that she hadn't meant for Daniel to do the breaststroke with Victor Newman's daughter. Daniel asked her what the big deal was. Phyllis said that if Victor found out, Daniel would learn what the big deal was.

Daniel told his mother to relax -- he said he wasn't planning on marrying Abby. Phyllis said that she was just being protective and reminded Daniel that both of his marriages had failed. Getting fed up, Daniel said, "Don't you have thousands of other things to worry about?" Phyllis admitted that she did and asked him to do her a favor -- to keep his hands off of Abby. Daniel agreed.

Inside the Newman main house, Abby apologized to Nikki for what Nikki and Phyllis had seen. Nikki told Abby that she needed to think about how Victor would react. Abby begged Nikki not to tell Victor -- she said that he was already mad at her because of her reality show and for suing him to release her trust fund. Abby whined that Victoria and Nick probably didn't have to go through what she was going through with Victor. Nikki said that there were plenty of times when she had to run interference between Victor and her children.

Abby said that Victoria and Nick had been lucky -- at least they had someone on their side. Nikki said, "And you want me to be on your side?" Trying to use a bit of reverse psychology, Abby said that she would never try anything like that. Nikki, onto Abby's game, said, "I know you wouldn't -- you would manipulate me into offering to be on your side."

Abby said that she would never ask Nikki to choose between her and Victor. Nikki said that was good -- because it wouldn't work. Abby said that everyone thought that she was just a "dumb bimbo." Nikki disagreed, saying that she thought that Abby was extremely intelligent. Abby wondered why Ashley and Victor wouldn't release the proceeds of her trust funds to her. Nikki said that although Abby was a bright girl, she was also reckless, impulsive, and desperate for attention. Abby said that described "The Naked Heiress," not Abby Newman, who was a shrewd businesswoman.

Nikki explained to Abby that Victor was a very private person who found the idea of his life being broadcast on television distasteful. She suggested that Abby think up another idea -- one that utilized her talent and didn't capitalize on her last name. Abby said that she was working on that. Phyllis walked in and Nikki said that Abby was just leaving. Phyllis told Abby that if she was hoping that Daniel would drive her home, she was out of luck -- Daniel had left. Phyllis pointedly told Abby that Daniel had just been looking for "a good time." Before she walked off, Abby smiled and said, "A really good time." After she was gone, Phyllis and Nikki were speechless.

Phyllis blamed herself for the incident -- she told Nikki that she had practically begged Daniel to go out and have a good time. Phyllis said that she didn't know why she was worried about him, since he was practically a grown man. Nikki said that she couldn't imagine not worrying about Victoria and Nick, but that at some point, Phyllis had to let go. Phyllis said that if she didn't think that Abby was waiting for Daniel with open arms, it would be easier for her to do that -- but that Abby struck her as the type of girl who liked to wrap men around her finger. Referring to Phyllis, Nikki smiled and said that reminded her of someone else. Phyllis asked Nikki to keep Daniel and Abby's rendezvous a secret. Nikki promised that Victor would never learn about it from her.

Daniel and Abby ran into each other at Crimson Lights. They joked about Nikki and Phyllis treating them like little kids. Abby flirted with Daniel, and told him that she was hurt that she had never seen his artwork. She wondered if Daniel "did nudes." Daniel smiled and said that nudes were his "favorite subject." Abby said that she was available -- if Daniel wanted to "do" her. Daniel thought that perhaps Abby was "overexposing" herself. Abby said that there was no way she could ever do that. Spying Kent entering the coffeehouse, Abby said goodbye to Daniel and said that she would see him around the pool. As he left, Daniel said that he heard that it was going to be a hot summer.

Kent opened his laptop and showed Abby the posted Internet clip of her and Daniel taking off their bathing suits and starting to fool around in the Newman pool. Kent wondered why Abby had stopped the clip just before "the good stuff." Abby said that she wanted her public to beg for more.

Daniel went to the Athletic Club to work out. While standing in the foyer, he overheard a girl on her cell phone telling her friend that Abby Newman had posted an Internet clip of herself and a "hot guy" having sex in the pool at the Newman ranch. Daniel smiled, shook his head, and said, "That little stinker."

In Tokyo, Ashley, Tucker, Billy, and Victoria sat around a table in their hotel's restaurant and discussed what a small world it was. Victoria said that her family had been staying at that hotel for years. Tucker said, "Ever since you landed the Mitsukoshi contract?" Victoria replied, "Ever since our family decided that we didn't like big, impersonal hotels." Tucker said that he preferred something more intimate. Billy agreed that intimate was good.

As the awkward foursome continued their conversation, Tucker asked Victoria if they were in Japan on business or for pleasure. Victoria said, "Business -- separate business." She told them that she had a meeting scheduled to begin in a few minutes. Tucker said that perhaps they could all meet later for dinner. Victoria wondered how long Tucker and Ashley were going to be in Tokyo. Tucker said they weren't sure. Victoria told Ashley and Tucker that she was surprised to see them, since most of Jabot's Far East business was conducted in Hong Kong. Tucker smiled and told her that they were there to change that.

Tucker wondered how Beauty of Nature had managed to land an exclusive deal with Mitsukoshi Department Stores. Victoria said that perhaps it was because of Victor's superior negotiating skills. Tucker smirked and indicated that he didn't think that negotiating had anything to do with it. Victoria said that Victor and Mr. Mitsukoshi had a lengthy business and personal relationship. Tucker asked her if having personal connections was the key to opening doors in Japan, and added that he would have to work on that. Victoria ended the conversation to go to her meeting. Tucker went to make a phone call, which left Ashley and Billy alone.

Billy told Ashley that he couldn't believe that it was a coincidence that she and Tucker had ended up in Tokyo at the same time that he and Victoria were there. Ashley said that the Far East market could be very lucrative for Jabot -- and then asked Billy what he was doing with Victoria. Ashley was sure that Billy was working on a story, although Billy denied it. She wanted him to keep her posted on any information that he could get from Victoria.

Billy wondered what was in it for him. Ashley said he should derive satisfaction from helping the company that their father had founded, and left to his children to cherish. Not able to counter Ashley's guilt trip, Billy agreed. As he got up to leave, he saw Victoria walking in the hallway with the large gift-wrapped box that he had seen in her room. As Billy walked off, Tucker returned. He said that he had seen Victoria meet with a man -- but it hadn't been Mr. Mitsukoshi.

In a private room in the restaurant, Victoria met with Mr. Yonioshi and told him that she was sorry that Victor couldn't meet with him. Yonioshi said that he was honored to meet, and do business with, Victoria. She said that, as a token of appreciation, she wanted to present him with a gift. She took the wood-carved box out of the gift-wrapped box and opened it. Yonioshi was stunned to see a priceless ancient gun in the box. Victoria said that she hoped the gift would be acceptable. Yonioshi smiled.

Later, Victoria and Yonioshi shared some sake and small talk. He told her to send his regards to Victor, and that he was very impressed with the gift. He said that their business arrangement would continue as always. After Yonioshi left, Billy entered the room and joked that Yonioshi had already "regifted" the gift. Victoria laughed, and she and Billy kissed.

In the restaurant, Tucker told Ashley that he had been sure that Victoria would be meeting Mr. Mitsukoshi, and he wasn't sure what was going on. When Mr. Yonioshi emerged from his meeting with Victoria, Ashley told Tucker that spying on Victor's business was not easy. Tucker smiled and realized that Ashley had a plan. She picked up her martini, walked across the restaurant, and "accidentally" spilled the drink all over Yonioshi. Ashley and Yonioshi conversed and apologized to each other in fluent Japanese. Ashley said, "I accept your apology if you agree to buy me another drink." Yonioshi said that it would be his pleasure -- and that he was not sorry that he had bumped into Ashley. Ashley said that she wasn't sorry about it either.

Tucker approached Ashley and Yonioshi. Ashley tried to introduce Tucker, but Yonioshi said that a man of Mr. McCall's caliber needed no introduction. He handed his business card to Tucker and said that if he ever had need of the services of a Japanese civil servant, Tucker should feel free to call upon him. Tucker invited Yonioshi to stay and join them for a sake, but Yonioshi said that he had a previous engagement and left.

After Yonioshi was gone, Tucker told Ashley how impressed he was both with her fluency in Japanese and her chicanery. Ashley said that she had many talents that Tucker didn't know about. He handed Ashley the business card and she translated it -- Yonioshi was the Minister of Zoning. She asked Tucker why Victoria would want to see the Minister of Zoning. Tucker said that he didn't know, but he knew whom to ask.

Billy rejoined Ashley and Tucker in the restaurant. Ashley said that she might have stumbled across some information that he could use in his story. Billy said, "My alleged story." Tucker proposed a deal -- they would tell Billy what they knew if Billy told them what he knew. Ashley said there was one condition -- he couldn't print anything until she and Tucker had enough proof to establish their theory as fact. Billy snidely said, "Oh, you have a theory?" Tucker laid it on the line -- he said that the Newmans were up to no good -- again. He asked Billy if he was in or out. Billy said that he was in.

Tucker and Ashley told Billy that they thought that Victoria might be bribing a government official. Billy said that they had no proof of that. Ashley asked him if he thought Victoria's behavior had been a little suspect. Billy remembered looking in the gift-wrapped box and finding the antique gun. He then recalled Victoria carrying the box to her meeting with Yonioshi. Billy lied and said that he hadn't thought that Victoria had been acting in a suspicious manner.

Tucker wondered about Yonioshi, the man who Victoria had met with earlier. He told Billy that he was with the zoning department, and wondered what business Victoria could possibly have with him. Billy lied again and said that Victoria had told him that Newman Enterprises was planning to erect a new building in Tokyo. Ashley asked Billy if he believed Victoria. He said that he had no reason not to believe her. Billy said that he had to leave -- that there was a roomful of Japanese women waiting for him. When Billy walked away, Tucker told Ashley that her brother was lying. Billy entered a nightclub -- empty except for Victoria, who was singing along with a karaoke machine. Billy joined her as they sang an off-key duet.

At the Chancellor mansion, a nervous Jill was awaiting the arrival of her adoptive mother, Liz Foster, while Katherine arranged flowers. Katherine told Jill that when Liz worked as Katherine's maid, she would always make sure there were fresh flowers when guests were expected. Jill received a phone call -- Liz had collapsed on the plane and had been taken to Genoa City Memorial Hospital. After hanging up, Jill became hysterical and said that she was going to drive to the hospital. Katherine assured Jill that Genoa City Memorial had very capable doctors. Katherine called her chauffeur and told him to drive the car around -- Katherine was going to accompany Jill.

At Genoa City Memorial, Liz was on a gurney, being wheeled to the ICU. Her son, Jill's brother, Dr. Snapper Foster, walked alongside the gurney and gave the nurses orders for the various tests that he wanted run on his mother.

Once the weak-looking Liz was settled in her ICU room, she asked Snapper what was wrong with her. Snapper said that they had to wait for the lab results, but he didn't want her to worry. After giving some orders to a nurse in the room, he said he was going to the lab to see if he could hurry them up. After he walked out, Katherine and Jill arrived. Jill teased Liz, and said that Liz always knew how to make an entrance. She hugged her mother, who was obviously quite ill. Katherine looked concerned.

Liz said that everyone was making a fuss over a head cold. Katherine made a joke about hospital food and told Liz that she couldn't wait until Liz was released and at the Chancellor mansion -- where she would get the five-star treatment. Liz reminded Katherine that guests always got the V.I.P. treatment when Liz ran the household -- but she was sure that Esther was doing a good job. Jill said "that dimwit" wouldn't know a bread knife from a fish fork. Liz said that there had been a time when Jill didn't know the difference either.

Liz began laughing, but the laugh turned into a violent cough. Jill became frantic and ran into the hallway, while shouting that they needed a doctor. She worried that an intern would take care of her mother. Between coughs, Liz managed to say that she had the best doctor in the world to take care of her. Jill and Katherine were stunned when Snapper entered the room and began tending to Liz. Katherine said, "Well, I'll be damned."

Snapper sedated Liz and told Katherine and Jill that he had been able to get his privileges back at Genoa City Memorial so he could be Liz's physician. Jill asked Snapper if Liz did just have a cold. Snapper said that it was more than a cold -- at the least, she had pneumonia. Jill asked what the worst-case scenario was. Snapper said that they would have to wait for the test results.

Snapper asked his sister for a hug. She said that she was incredibly surprised to see him. They began making some small talk, but a nurse handed the test results to Snapper. He looked at them and said that there were some results that he didn't like -- but he wanted to consult with a specialist before fearing the worst. Jill held Liz and told her that Snapper would make everything okay.

Snapper told Jill that it was possible that Liz had a blocked urinary tract. Jill wondered if that could be caused by a tumor -- if Liz's cancer had returned. Snapper said hopefully that wasn't the case -- and they had to take things one step at a time. Liz regained consciousness, removed her oxygen mask, and, referring to Snapper, asked Jill if she liked her surprise. Jill began to cry and left the room, followed by Katherine. Snapper put Liz's oxygen mask back on and told his mother to relax.

In the hallway, Jill cried to Katherine, and said that she had been sure that Liz's cancer was gone for good. Jill said that she had so much to tell Liz -- that she wanted to make Liz understand that she had never meant to hurt her. Jill told Katherine that when she thought she was Katherine's daughter, she finally thought she could be someone -- but she had realized that she already was -- she was the little girl who Liz Foster took in and raised. Jill whined that she had taken Liz's love for granted, and had never told her how much it had meant to Jill.

Katherine told Jill to pull herself together and stop wallowing in self-pity. She said that Jill was a blubbering, self-absorbed woman. Jill was incensed by Katherine's comment. Katherine told Jill that Liz didn't give a "flying fig" about the past -- all that Liz cared about was the present and the future that she hoped to have.

Katherine and Jill continued to bicker. Jill said that Katherine was jealous because she considered Liz, "that simple woman," and not Katherine, to be her mother. Katherine said that she would cut Jill some slack because she knew that Jill was scared. Katherine told Jill that she needed to put her self-pity aside, go into Liz's room, and be the daughter that Liz needed.

Inside Liz's room, Liz removed her oxygen mask and asked Snapper to sit beside her. She said, "Snapper, there's something I have to tell you... and I may not have much time." Snapper told Liz to take it easy -- and assured her that she had plenty of time. Liz said that she had a secret about Jill to confide in Snapper -- and that Liz was the only one who knew the secret. Snapper looked at his mother and said, "What about Jill?"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the hallway outside Liz's room at Genoa City Memorial, Katherine and Jill continued to talk. Katherine said that she realized that Jill was scared -- but that Jill needed to go into Liz's room and be a supportive daughter.

Inside Liz's room, Liz had finished telling Snapper her "secret." Snapper said, "All this time you knew and you didn't say anything?" He wondered why Liz had allowed Jill to believe that Katherine was her real mother. Liz said it was because Jill had always wanted to be a Chancellor. Snapper insisted that Jill had a right to know who her real parents were, and wondered why Liz had confided Jill's parentage to him. Liz implored Snapper not to say anything to Jill. Snapper said that he would have a hard time looking his sister in the face and not telling her, but when Liz began gasping for air, Snapper agreed to keep Liz's secret.

Jill went into her mother's room and asked her how she was feeling. Liz said that she felt like she had a sumo wrestler sitting on her chest. Liz wanted to know about the rumor that Jill had been working as a manicurist. Both women laughed. They talked about family -- Jill said that if Billy weren't out of town, he would be there. Jill told Liz that she wouldn't believe the fine young man that Chance had turned out to be. She said that Phillip was doing well in Australia. Liz said that it was hard to believe that Phillip had faked his own death. Jill said that she was sorry that he had felt the need to run away from the people who loved him.

Jill told Liz what a great mother she was -- how she had slaved to support her three children. Liz told Jill that she, Snapper, and Greg had been wonderful kids. Jill berated herself for having been so eager to "discard" Liz as a mother in favor of Katherine, when no one could ever replace Liz.

Snapper ran into Katherine in the hallway. She asked him if there was any news on Liz's ailment. He said that he hadn't arrived at a definitive diagnosis yet -- he was merely treating his mother's symptoms. Snapper commented that Jill seemed high strung. Katherine chuckled and said that she didn't understand why Jill picked "moments like this" to unburden her soul. Snapper said that Jill had picked up that habit from Katherine and Liz. Katherine accused Snapper of knowing something that he wasn't telling her.

Snapper said that Katherine had an active imagination, and added that he just wished that he knew what was causing Liz's symptoms. Katherine asked him what Jill and Liz were talking about in Liz's room. Snapper said that it was probably something mundane -- he told Katherine about an elderly patient he had treated who, while extremely ill, had given her daughter a recipe for steak and kidney pie. Katherine said that she suspected that Jill and Liz weren't exchanging cooking tips. Snapper and Katherine walked into Liz's room in time to hear Jill say that Liz had taken care of her -- and that it was Jill's turn to take care of Liz.

Snapper went over Liz's chart and said that he didn't like the way Liz's kidneys were reacting to the treatment. He suspected that she might have a urinary tract blockage, and he was going to order steroids and a biopsy. A young nurse entered the room with a lovely flower arrangement that had been sent by Greg Foster, Snapper and Jill's brother. Liz bragged to the nurse that she had one son who was a doctor, and another son, Greg, who was a lawyer.

As the nurse was about to attach a bag of medication to Liz's I.V. line, Snapper grabbed the bag and realized that it contained the incorrect medication. The nurse said that was the medication that the pharmacy had sent up, but he chewed her out for not double-checking it against his orders in Liz's chart. He ordered the nurse to follow him into the hallway.

In the hallway, Snapper freaked out on the nurse, and told her that although Liz might be just another patient to her, she was a human being, and deserved better treatment. He told the nurse that the medication she was about to place in Liz's I.V. could have stopped her breathing. He wondered if the nurse was there just to get a paycheck or to pick up doctors. When she began crying hysterically, Snapper told her to pull herself together and return with a more focused attitude. The nurse promised that she would never allow a mistake like that to occur again, and walked off.

Katherine joined Snapper in the hallway and told him that she knew that something was on his mind -- she thought he seemed worried about Jill and Liz being alone in the room together. Katherine wondered if Snapper was thinking that Liz might make a deathbed confession, and jumped to the conclusion that Snapper knew a secret about Jill's biological family. She told him that Jill deserved to know the truth. Snapper said that it wasn't his call. Jill emerged from Liz's room and told Katherine that Liz wanted to see her.

Liz thanked Katherine for calming Jill down. Katherine said that Jill meant well, but needed a "firm hand." Liz replied, "Or a slice of wedding cake in the face," and began laughing, telling Katherine that Billy had told her about the food fight at his wedding. Liz said that she would have loved to have been there to see the fight -- but admitted that probably made her a terrible mother. A teary-eyed Katherine said that Liz was the most wonderful mother in the world. Liz began talking as if she weren't going to make it, and Katherine cut her off abruptly, shouting, "Don't!"

In the hallway, Snapper told Jill that he wanted to find out why Liz's kidneys were failing and if she needed to be on dialysis. Jill was happy that Snapper was Liz's doctor -- she said that most doctors weren't as forthcoming as he was. Snapper said, "We all have our secrets." Jill replied, "You? Secrets? Not my brother."

At the tack house, Michael, Nick, and Sharon were going over statements that had been given to the police to prepare for Nick's upcoming murder trial. Sharon held Faith and said that she was worried that Adam was still out there somewhere, although Nick assured her that Adam wouldn't go after her. Phyllis showed up with a subpoena from the D.A. compelling her to testify at Nick's trial. She said that she thought that spouses couldn't be forced to testify against each other. Michael explained that pertained to private conversations, but Phyllis could be asked to testify about statements that she had given to the police -- and specifically her mistaking Hightower for Adam at the ball. Nick asked Michael if there was anything that he could do to prevent Phyllis from testifying. Michael said that it was important that Phyllis did testify -- that she could be the key to proving that Adam had set the whole thing up.

Phyllis wondered how she could be the key. Michael reminded her that she had seen Hightower unmasked at the ball and wearing the same exact costume that Adam had been wearing. He said that proved that Adam had prearranged with Hightower to wear the same costume, and that Adam murdering Hightower hadn't been an impulsive decision -- it was something that he had planned. Sharon wondered if the jury would buy that. Michael said that they would -- once he was done with them.

Nick said that he wanted to testify at his trial. Michael said that he thought that they had settled that issue -- that the judge would give the jury an instruction that Nick's decision not to take the witness stand was not tantamount to an admission of guilt on Nick's part. Michael told Phyllis that he wanted her to accompany him to the Athletic Club so that she could give him a minute-by-minute timeline of what had happened on the evening of the ball. Sharon asked what she could do. Michael told her to stay with Nick and convince him that he shouldn't testify.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis showed Michael the spot where she had seen Hightower. Phyllis explained that, thinking it was Adam, she had taken Hightower's mask off. She told Michael that she saw Hightower walking toward the wine cellar after that. Michael began peppering Phyllis with questions about who was where at what time, but she responded to every question by saying that she didn't know. She said that she wanted to get home, because Nick was alone with Sharon.

Later, sitting at the bar, Phyllis whined that Sharon had moved from the ranch the previous day, yet she was with Nick in Phyllis and Nick's home. Michael wrote a large note, "Deal With It," on a legal pad and showed it to Phyllis. He told her that Sharon was going to be in her life, whether or not she liked it -- and that Phyllis should make peace with that. Michael then told Phyllis that she should have given him advance warning before she had evicted the Bardwells from her penthouse, because he had 18 voicemails on his phone from Gloria, complaining about Phyllis.

Phyllis, ignoring Michael's griping, said that she thought that Michael would be more empathetic toward her, considering what had happened between Paul and Lauren. Michael said that Lauren had been set up by a sick individual who had drugged his wife, and the tryst between Lauren and Paul was in no way similar to Phyllis' situation. Phyllis wished that she had more confidence in her husband and her marriage. She said that she had fought so hard, but that her relationship with Nick seemed to always be a struggle.

At the tack house, Sharon agreed with Michael that Nick shouldn't testify. Nick felt that if he didn't, he would appear guilty to the jury. He said that he was tired of sitting around and strategizing, and wondered if there was something else they could do. He suggested that Sharon try to call Adam again, and was shocked to learn that she already had, but that the phone number had been disconnected. An angry Nick asked her why she had tried to call. Sharon replied that she didn't know. Nick said that he couldn't understand how Sharon could still care about "that bastard," after all the horrible things that Adam had done.

Sharon said that she didn't care about Adam, and, seemingly offended that Nick had said what she did, started to walk out of the tack house, and asked Nick to tell Michael that he could reach her on her cell phone. Nick apologized for his remark and asked Sharon not to go. He said that he realized that Sharon had loved Adam -- and that when Sharon loved someone, she did it with all her heart. Nick told her that no one knew that better than him.

Sharon said that she didn't appreciate Nick making things about "them." Nick reminded her that she still hadn't answered the question as to whether or not she still cared for Adam. She said that she had thought that she had loved Adam -- but it had never been real, like the love that she and Nick had shared. She started crying and Nick caressed her face. From outside the front door, Phyllis and Michael caught the tender moment. Phyllis asked Michael if he still thought that she should just "deal with it." She stormed into the tack house, and Sharon and Nick realized that she had seen them.

In Adam and Skye's São Paulo hotel room, Skye modeled an expensive dress that she had purchased. The sullen Adam chided her for spending too much money, but she said that, as a high roller, she couldn't be seen in the same dress twice. Skye reminded Adam that the reason they were there was so she could play poker in one of Mr. Wan's legendary games. Adam asked if, after paying off the judge, she would still have enough money to buy in to one of Wan's games. Skye said that she was off to make sure of that. She asked Adam for a good luck kiss, but he didn't respond. She told him to stop worrying.

Victor and Jack arrived in São Paulo and, dressed in tuxedos, went to a fancy gambling club. Victor told Jack that the club was where the action was -- and that Skye would show up there to use her talents as a professional poker player. Victor introduced Jack to his old friend, Estava, who ran the club. Across the room, Skye was standing at a cashier's cage and purchasing poker chips.

Victor pulled out a picture of Skye and asked Estava if he had seen her. Estava said that his clients relied on his discretion -- so he couldn't answer Victor's question. After Estava walked away, Victor told Jack that Skye had been there -- otherwise Estava would have definitively said that she hadn't been.

Looking around and not seeing Skye, Jack suggested that they visit other clubs. Victor insisted that Skye would show up there. Jack saw people going behind a curtain and wondered if there were private games going on. Estava approached Victor and Jack and asked them if they would be interested in playing in a no-limit poker game. After Estava walked away, Jack asked Victor where Skye would get the money to play in a no-limit game. Victor informed Jack that Adam had closed his bank account on the night that he had disappeared.

Jack asked Victor why Skye needed Adam if she was such a good player. Victor said that Adam and Skye had pulled a few cons together at Harvard, although nothing had ever been proven. The two men walked into one of the private rooms, but Skye wasn't there, so they apologized and walked out. Jack told Victor that he was going to get them kicked out for walking in on private games.

Skye entered a private room where a high-stakes poker game was in progress. She sat down and a man said that he had never seen her before. She ignored him and asked what the "blinds" were. The man replied, "Half a million -- then a million." After Skye won several hands, the man congratulated her on her luck. The man asked Skye where she was staying, and she told him that she had a room at the Hotel Escondido. The man bragged that when he was finished with Skye, she would have to take a room at a less expensive hotel. Skye smiled and said that she loved a man with confidence.

Jack continued to tell Victor that they should have gone to other clubs. The man who had been playing poker with Skye emerged from the private room and told a friend that he had been cleaned out by a woman -- who he suspected of cheating. Jack showed the man Skye's picture, and the man identified Skye as being the player who had cheated. Victor asked if the man knew where she was staying. The man said that she had mentioned the Hotel Escondido. Jack and Victor rushed out.

After Skye had left to play poker, Adam, using a large screen television as a computer monitor, did an Internet search on "isolated Brazilian fishing villages." Several images of small villages appeared on the screen. Adam fantasized that Sharon appeared in the hotel room. "Sharon," clad in a bikini, told Adam that the villages reminded her of their honeymoon. His hallucination told him that he was the only man she had ever loved, and that she would be able to forgive him for everything that he had done. Adam begged "Sharon" to return to him. "Sharon" said, "What about Skye?" Adam said that Skye meant nothing to him -- that it was Sharon who he loved.

Skye returned to the hotel room, which interrupted Adam's fantasy. She told him that she had won five million dollars on one hand. Excited, she said that they should have done this years earlier. Adam seemed less than enthused.

Adam showed Skye the results of his Internet search on the large screen television and said that he wanted to go to one of the remote villages. Skye obviously didn't want to, and told him that she had won enough money to pay off the judge and buy into Mr. Wan's game. She said that with a little luck and her skill, they would be set for life. Adam reminded her that she still needed his money, and he wanted to get away from São Paulo. Skye smiled, drew close to him, and, clearly expecting a kiss, asked him what was in it for her if she followed him.

When Adam rebuffed Skye's romantic overture, she accused him of not being over Sharon, who had obviously "really messed with your head." After insisting that he was over Sharon, Adam suggested he and Skye split the money and go their separate ways. Skye said, "You'd walk away from the biggest score of your life?" Adam replied, "It's your call. What's it gonna be?"

Victor and Adam rushed to the Hotel Escondido and found Skye and Adam's hotel room -- but they were gone. Victor touched a coffee mug and, feeling that it was still warm, realized that they must have just left. Jack looked up at the television screen and saw that Adam had done research on remote Brazilian fishing villages on the sea. Jack wanted to check out the villages on the list one by one, but Victor said that he had a better idea -- to lure Adam and Skye to them. Jack asked Victor how he could do that. Victor said that he was going to set a trap.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the bar of the Tokyo hotel, Ashley tried to order a drink in Japanese , but the bartender didn't understand her. Tucker showed up and, in fluent Japanese, ordered Ashley's martini. Tucker said that he was amazed that Ashley was fluent in Japanese -- except when she needed to order her favorite drink.

Ashley and Tucker began talking. She asked him about his "thrill-seeking billionaire persona." Tucker asked her what made her think it was a persona. Ashley said that ever since Tucker had arrived in Genoa City, he had been hiding who he really was. Tucker said that he hadn't been hiding who he was -- he had been hiding whom he was related to. He wondered if Ashley thought that he had bought Chancellor Industries to get revenge on Katherine. Ashley said that, on the contrary, she thought that he bought the company to get closer to his mother.

Ashley said that children wanted to be close to their mothers -- no matter how much their mothers had disappointed them. Tucker told Ashley that was the first time that she had ever mentioned her mother. She told him that her mother, Dina, had left when Ashley was little, and left John to raise the Abbott family alone. She said that Dina popped into town from time to time, usually when there was an important society event going on, and stayed just long enough to open old wounds.

Tucker told Ashley that he had never been content one day in his life -- and, because he owned Chancellor Industries and Jabot, he wanted them to be better than they ever had been. Ashley joked that Tucker sounded just like Katherine. Ashley talked about losing Faith. She told Tucker that when she had thought that Faith was her daughter, she would look into the baby's face and see her own, adding, "We know how that turned out." Tucker said that he was more like his mother than he wanted to admit, and Ashley still felt like Faith's mother. Ashley quipped, "Quite a pair, aren't we?"

Tucker asked Ashley how she ever ended up involved with Victor. She said that Victor was charismatic, and she had been young. She told Tucker that in the past, she had a lot of dreams regarding a future with Victor, but that it hadn't been until the previous year that she learned that the dreams would never become reality. Ashley lamented the lousy year she had been through -- she lost her husband, her daughter, her home, and nearly lost her sanity. Tucker tried to hold Ashley's hand, put she pulled it away. He said that he couldn't imagine Ashley ever losing her mind -- she was the brightest, most talented, and strongest woman he knew.

Tucker began to flirt with Ashley, and told her how beautiful she looked. She told him that she needed to call it a night. Tucker asked her if she really wanted to do that. She said that she did and bid him a goodnight. Later, she walked by Tucker's room and knocked at the door. Without saying a word, the couple began kissing and then made love.

In the hallway outside Liz's room at Genoa City Memorial, Snapper complained to Jill and Katherine about how long Liz's biopsy results were taking. Katherine offered to call the hospital administrator to hurry things up, but Snapper received a page that the results were ready. As he ran off to the lab, Jill told Katherine that she hoped that everything would be okay. Greg Foster, Jill's brother, appeared behind the women and said, "They will be. They have to be." Jill rushed over to Greg and the siblings hugged.

Greg, Katherine, and Jill visited with Liz. Liz joked that her illness was a way of getting her three children together. Katherine asked Greg how his Chicago law practice was going. Liz smiled and said that Greg had become an incredibly respected attorney. She then reminisced about how the girls used to follow Snapper and Greg around. Greg said that Jill also had her fair share of suitors. With Liz growing tired, the threesome left the room to allow her to rest.

In the hallway, Snapper and Greg greeted each other with a hug. Snapper had bad news. The biopsy revealed that Liz had Wegener's disease -- a rare, autoimmune disease, and that she had probably had it for quite a while. He said that the disease was treatable if caught in time, but, in Liz's case, it was quite advanced -- and that she was probably going to go into kidney failure and die. Snapper told them that all he could do was to take some palliative measures. Jill became distraught and walked away.

Snapper sat by his sleeping mother's bedside as Katherine entered the room. He said that he had tried everything and called every specialist, but that Liz was in grave condition. Referring to the secret about Jill that Liz had told him, he wondered aloud why Liz would have "laid something like this on my shoulders." Katherine said that, probably realizing that she was on her deathbed, Liz felt the need to unburden herself.

Later, Katherine sat alone with her unconscious friend. She said that Liz had "so much" in front of her -- and that it couldn't possibly be the end. Katherine implored the sleeping Liz to dig down deep and find one more miracle.

In the hallway, the reunion between Greg and Jill was not going well. She told him about what she had been through the previous several years and said that he had never been there to support her. Greg admitted that he hadn't been in Genoa City for a few years. Jill said that it had been seven years. Becoming agitated, she told Greg that she felt like they were strangers. Snapper emerged from Liz's room and told Greg and Jill that they should be inside with Liz. Jill yelled at Snapper, and asked when he had started to care where she was and what she was doing. Snapper wondered what he had done to cause Jill to lash out at him.

Jill said that they hadn't been a family since Liz had told them that Jill had been adopted. The siblings began bickering. Greg said that he just wanted to move on and focus on their sick mother. Snapper tried to console Jill. He told her that he was sorry that she had felt abandoned. He said that she should focus on the good things in her life, instead of the pain. Jill said that if they lost their mother, she would be losing the one person who had ever given a damn about her -- and said that Jill had always taken Liz for granted. Jill told her brothers that, at Liz's funeral, they would cry and console each other, but, in the end, they would all go to their separate "cocoons," and Jill would be alone again.

Katherine emerged from Liz's room and heard Jill's whining. She snapped, "That's enough, Jill!" Katherine lectured the Foster siblings, and told them that sometimes families grew apart and lost touch with each other. Jill said that she felt as if she didn't belong there. Katherine reminded her that Liz had sacrificed everything to give Jill, as well as Greg and Snapper, a home, and that they had better "snap out of it" and pull together. Katherine ordered Jill to dry her eyes and get in the room with her mother. Jill said that it was easier to get mad than to say goodbye. Greg hugged Jill, who walked into her mother's room.

Jill stood alone at Liz's bedside. Greg entered the room and tried to take Jill's hand, but she pulled away. A moment later, she took his hand. Snapper and Katherine entered. Snapper whispered to Katherine that Jill was walking around in a lot of pain. Katherine replied, "She has been her whole life." Katherine sat on the bed and took Jill's other hand. Liz gasped for air, and Jill cried out, "Mama."

In Estava's club in São Paolo, Victor played poker with Mr. Wan and some other gentlemen in a private room. Jack entered the room just as Victor lost a hand. Victor suggested that they take a break. Jack handed Victor a briefcase, and said, "It's all in here." Victor confirmed that he was purposely losing to Mr. Wan. Jack said that he hoped that Victor's plan worked. Victor replied that the more he lost, the better the chance that he would attract Skye and Adam.

Jack asked Victor what they would do if the plan failed, and Mr. Wan didn't take the bait. Jack thought it possible that Skye and Adam were long gone. Victor doubted that -- he was sure that Skye would stick around, waiting for the "big haul." Victor said that the briefcase that Jack had with him would trap Skye and Adam. Jack said that he hoped the plan worked quickly -- he reminded Victor that Nick's trial started the following day. Victor told Jack to stop being a "nervous Nellie," and to follow his instructions.

Victor returned to the game and told Wan that he wanted to raise the stakes. When Wan asked how high Victor wanted to go, Victor invited him to open the briefcase, which was loaded with thousands upon thousands of dollars in cash. Wan grinned and told the other players that Victor wanted to raise the stakes -- and he wondered if they were in. The other players looked at the cash-filled briefcase and left. Victor suggested that just he and Wan play. Jack, to Victor's surprise, said that he would like to play, as well, although he was rusty at poker. Victor asked Jack if he knew what he was doing. Jack replied, "Game on."

As play continued, it appeared that Jack was winning. Wan suggested that they play one last hand. All three men bet all of their money on the hand, and it appeared that Wan won. As Victor handed him the briefcase full of money, Wan invited them to a private poker game that he would be hosting in a couple of days. Victor said to count him in -- he was determined to win his money back, and wondered when and where the game would be. Wan said that he would be in touch, then left.

After Wan left, Victor and Jack turned over their cards -- either of them could have easily beat Mr. Wan, but they had lost on purpose. Victor was angry with Jack for "injecting" himself into the game, but Jack said that otherwise it would have appeared that Victor had been targeting Wan. Jack told Victor that their goal had been accomplished -- Wan had the briefcase. Referring to Victor, Jack said that as soon as word got out that there was a "pigeon" in town with deep pockets, every hustler in town would want a part of him. Victor agreed -- and said that Skye would be one of them.

A formally dressed Adam and Skye entered Estava's club. Adam was still nervous, but Skye said that his remote Brazilian fishing village would have to wait -- she wanted in on Mr. Wan's game. Adam said that money wouldn't be any good to them if they were "too dead to spend it." Estava approached them and told them they were no longer welcome there -- that their "little scam" was up.

Estava said that some of his concerned patrons had accused Skye of cheating. Skye wondered if "concerned patrons" was a euphemism for "sore losers." Estava told them that the club he was running was illegal, but the authorities had always looked the other way. He was afraid that they might stop doing that if his customers raised a ruckus about Skye. Skye insisted that she hadn't cheated, but Estava said that he decided who could play at his club. He also mentioned that two men had been looking for them.

A nervous Adam asked about the two men. Estava said that they had primarily been interested in Skye. He then told Skye and Adam to leave, or he would have security remove them. After Estava walked away, Adam wondered if Skye still thought that he was being paranoid. Skye received a text message from Mr. Wan telling her that he was busy with another game, but he would meet her at the Hotel Escondido, where she and Adam had been staying. Adam was afraid that if they returned to the hotel, they would be caught, and he didn't want to go back to prison. Skye said that she needed to play in Wan's game and make a killing, so that she and Adam could bribe the local officials.

After Skye convinced Adam, they returned to the Hotel Escondido. Adam said that he was worried about the two men who had been asking about them -- he said that they could be sore losers, or thugs, or Victor's men. Skye told him to stay out of sight, and she would enter the hotel alone.

Skye went to Mr. Wan's room. He told her that he had found a new "sheep to shear," a man who was completely inept at playing cards -- but was filthy rich. Wan opened the briefcase and showed Skye the money. In their hotel room, Jack and Victor watched on a laptop computer as Skye reacted -- Victor had planted a hidden camera in the briefcase. Jack said, "That's Skye Lockhart all right -- alive and well." Jack was nervous that they would find the camera, but Victor assured him that it was the size of a needle -- he found it ironic that it was the same type of camera that Adam had used to spy on Ashley at the Newman ranch. Jack said that he was going to step outside to call Michael and give him the good news.

Victor continued to watch Skye and Wan on the laptop. Wan said that there was more money to be won from the "idiot." Skye smiled and said that she couldn't wait to clean out the "moron." Victor smiled and, to himself, said, "Good luck to you."

Outside the hotel, Jack called Michael, but was upset to get the attorney's voicemail. Jack said that he had important news for Michael -- but he didn't want to leave the details in a message. Adam, standing behind a pillar, was shocked to hear and see Jack.

Jack walked back into the hotel and passed Mr. Wan, who was on his way out with the briefcase. Skye met up with Adam, who was still freaked out that Jack was there. He again asked her if she thought that he was being paranoid. She told him not to have a meltdown -- that they would find someplace safe to stay, as she had to play in Mr. Wan's upcoming game. She said that Wan had found a sucker with a lot of money -- and when Skye won all that money, they would never have to worry about Victor or the law again.

Jack returned to the hotel room and told Victor that he had left a message for Michael. Victor told Jack that Mr. Wan had told Skye all about a "patsy" that he had found for his next game. Jack again reminded Victor that it could be days before the big game took place -- and that Nick's trial was scheduled to begin the following day. Victor said that nothing pained him more than being thousands of miles away from his son when Nick needed him the most.

Jack said that the best thing that Victor could do was to remain in São Paolo and force Adam to testify at Nick's trial -- by any means possible. Jack said that he would return to Genoa City to lend Nick moral support. Victor said that he appreciated that. Jack wondered what things would be like between him and Victor when "all this is over." Victor said, "When all this is over, all bets are off." Before leaving the room, Jack glared at Victor and replied, "Deal."

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Victor's São Paolo hotel room, a bellboy delivered a briefcase to Victor, and told him that it had arrived from the states. After the bellboy left, Victor opened the briefcase and, as he had expected, it was filled with millions of dollars in cash.

At the courthouse in Genoa City, Michael, Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon stood outside the courtroom, just before Nick's trial was about to begin. Phyllis was anxious, and Michael reminded her that it was just the first day. Nick told Phyllis that they needed to take things one day at a time.

Jack joined them, and the group was happy to see him -- especially when he announced that he and Victor had obtained visual proof that Skye Lockhart was alive and well and gambling in Brazil. Michael asked about Adam, and Jack said that he and Victor had pieced enough together to know that he was with her. Jack told Nick that Victor had stayed in Brazil to find Adam and help clear Nick's name. Nick said that it was going to be difficult to find Adam if he didn't want to be found.

Jack told the group that Victor had been setting himself up as a "pigeon" -- a rich, unskilled poker player. With Adam and Skye needing a lot of cash to set themselves up for the rest of their lives, Jack was sure that Skye wouldn't be able to pass up playing poker against the "pigeon." Michael told the group that it was time for the trial to begin. Phyllis told Nick that she loved him. Jack said that he had Nick's back in Genoa City, and Victor had his back in Brazil. Phyllis was not thrilled when Sharon hugged Nick.

The group filed into the courtroom with Sharon lagging behind. Her cell phone rang -- it was Victor, telling her that he needed her to join him in Brazil as soon as possible. Victor explained that his plan to flush Skye out was going well, but he needed Sharon's help to flush Adam out. Sharon said that she was scared of purposely putting herself in Adam's path. Victor said that he understood, and would respect Sharon's decision whether or not she flew to Brazil, but, before hanging up, he promised to protect her -- and if she didn't do it for him, she should think about doing it for Nick.

Inside the courtroom, District Attorney Pomerantz began his opening argument. He told the jury that Nick Newman -- heir to an empire and the man who had everything -- would be the last person to be expected to kill -- but the state would prove Nick guilty. Pomerantz went on to explain that at the Policeman's Masquerade Ball, Nick took an expensive Gibraltar pen and thrust it into the heart of a man who he thought was his half-brother Adam.

Pomerantz said that, in a tragic case of mistaken identity, Nick had killed Richard Hightower, a devoted family man who had been bravely battling cancer. Pomerantz laid out the evidence that he intended to present to the jury, including the altercation between Nick and Adam that had led to Adam's blood being on Nick's jacket sleeve -- and how Phyllis had tried to get rid of that evidence. He also told the jury that Victoria, Nick's sister, had given him an "elegant, expensive" pen that Nick had jammed into an innocent man's chest.

Jack returned to the hallway to find out why Sharon hadn't entered the courtroom. She told him about Victor's phone call -- and his request for her to fly to Brazil to lure Adam out of hiding. A stunned Jack replied, "No way in hell." He said that, as much as Sharon cared about Nick, she wasn't going to play bait for Adam. Sharon told Jack that she hadn't said yes. Jack explained that there was too much money and not enough law in São Paolo -- and that world was fine for Victor, but not for her. Sharon said that Victor was right -- that she was the only person who Adam would reveal himself to. Jack said that Victor would just have to work a little harder to find Adam.

Jack told her that Nick would never allow her to take that kind of a risk. Sharon said that she couldn't go into the courtroom and watch Nick get torn apart when she knew that there was a way that she could have helped him. As she walked away, she told Jack to tell everyone that she had gone to see Faith. Assuming that Sharon had decided to stay in Genoa City, Jack told her that she had made the right decision. Sharon left the courthouse.

Jack returned to the courtroom to hear Michael deliver his opening argument. He said that Pomerantz was making a lot of assumptions -- and that they were way off base. Michael told the jury not to resent Nick simply because he was a wealthy man, and said that Nick was a human being who had been charged with a crime that he didn't commit. Michael argued that Nick had been framed, that the D.A. had "bought it," and wanted the jury to buy it too. Michael mentioned that the D.A. had said that the pen that Nick had allegedly used was expensive -- he said that had been a cheap tactic on Pomerantz's part to try to get the jury to punish Nick for his bank account. Michael said that after the evidence was heard, the jury would know that Richard Hightower's killer was not in the courtroom -- but "out there" somewhere -- getting away with murder.

Pomerantz spoke next and, piece by piece, summarized the evidence he had against Nick -- the blood-stained jacket that Phyllis had tried to dispose of, depositions attesting to Nick's threats to harm his brother, and Nick's pen, which Pomerantz displayed for the jury. Pomerantz again referred to the pen as being "elegant" and made another reference to Nick's wealth. Michael objected, saying that the D.A.'s obsession with Nick's finances was getting tiresome. The judge sustained Michael's objection and instructed the jury to disregard the D.A.'s statements regarding Nick being a rich man. He then adjourned court for the day.

Phyllis was upset that Pomerantz was trying to persuade the jury that Nick had to be guilty simply because he was wealthy. Michael said that the D.A. had to play the "class card" because his evidence was weak. Nick said that he had looked at the jury members' faces and they were buying into the D.A.'s argument. Phyllis said that she wasn't worried -- but would feel a lot better if they received a call from Victor with good news.

As the group left, Nick wondered where Sharon had been. Jack told him that she had gone home to Faith and revealed that Victor had called her, and asked her to go to Brazil to try to lure Adam out of hiding. He said that Sharon felt that she was letting Nick down by not flying down to Brazil. Nick said Victor's idea was crazy, and he would have flipped out if Sharon had agreed to go. Jack said that he wanted Nick free -- but Sharon shouldn't have to "walk through fire" to accomplish that -- that Adam was the person who needed to pay.

Later, Summer, Nick, and Phyllis went to Crimson Lights. Summer asked her Mommy if they could take a trip to California during her school vacation. Phyllis said that Daddy had been "busy at work," but she expected his workload to ease up very soon. Nick said that he would love to take Summer and Phyllis to the West Coast.

Inside Crimson Lights, Jack called Sharon's cell phone and got her voicemail. He began to leave a message, saying that he had called her apartment and she hadn't answered. Jack suddenly stopped leaving the message and, to himself, said "Oh, Sharon. Tell me you didn't."

In Brazil, Victor returned to Estava's gambling establishment and ran into Mr. Wan. He asked Wan if there was a game that he could sit it on to try to win his money back. Wan said that there was a game in progress -- but the stakes were high. Victor said that he didn't care -- and asked Wan to show him the way.

Later, Victor emerged from the private room where he had been playing and once again ran into Mr. Wan. Wan asked him if his luck had changed, but Victor said that he was still losing. Victor asked if he could join Wan's personal poker game the following day. Wan invited Victor, and said that the game would be played in Wan's private railway car. Wan said that the buy-in was $25 million, but suggested that Victor show up with more. Victor smiled and said that he would do that. Wan said that he would send the directions to Victor.

Victor returned to his hotel room and locked his substantial stash of cash in the safe. The bellboy showed up with an envelope for Victor -- it contained the directions to Wan's railway car. "Burn After Reading" was printed at the bottom of the page. Victor memorized them, took a lighter out of his pocket, set the paper aflame, and dumped it in the trashcan. There was another knock at the door. Victor opened it to find Sharon. They hugged.

Adam and Skye were asleep in a shack in a remote fishing village not far from São Paolo. Adam dreamed that Sharon was in the room. He woke up with a jolt. Skye got up as well, and asked Adam what was going on.

Skye said that if she were the "girlie" type, she would ask Adam who he had been dreaming about -- but she knew that he had been obsessing about Sharon. She reminded him that she was waiting to hear from Mr. Wan with the details about the poker game. Adam said that he didn't want to return to São Paolo -- that Jack was there and it was possible that Victor was there too. Skye said that she didn't know who Adam was anymore. Adam said that he was a guy who had gone to jail -- and didn't want to go back.

Adam searched the Internet, in an attempt to find another place for him and Skye to go. Skye said that they could leave after Wan's game. She reminded him about the "pigeon" whom she planned to take for millions. Adam told her that even idiots could get lucky. Skye showed Adam her insurance policy -- a deck of cards that was stacked with kings and aces. She said that, along with her skill, the deck would ensure that she won a small fortune. Adam finally acquiesced and told Skye to play. She assured him that, after the game, no one -- not the law, not the United States Government, and not Victor Newman -- would ever be able to touch them.

Adam feared that Skye might take her winnings and leave him behind. She told him not to worry about that -- that she would keep busy with her cards while he "detoxed" from Sharon. He said that Skye was right -- if she won, he would forget about Sharon, because his old life was dead and gone.

Skye said that she and Adam were alike in many ways -- but she couldn't relate to this "wearing your heart on your sleeve" thing. Adam said that he knew that a reconciliation with Sharon was a fantasy that was never going to happen. He began to kiss Skye passionately, but he saw a vision of Sharon standing in the room.

After they made love, Skye said that was what they had been missing. She received a phone call from Wan -- he gave her the details about the poker game, and assured her that the "pigeon" would be there. After hanging up, she told Adam that the game was going to be held in Wan's private railway car. Adam, who was facing away from her, looked like his mind was still very much on Sharon.

In Liz's room at Genoa City Memorial, Katherine joined Snapper, Greg, and Jill, who were sitting around the unconscious Liz's bed. Snapper suggested that Katherine go home and get some rest, but she implied that she wanted to be there because Liz didn't have long to live. Jill became upset and ran out of the room. Snapper followed her out and told her to wipe away her tears. Jill wondered whether Liz's obituary would say that Jill was Liz's adoptive daughter. Snapper said that they should talk about Jill's resentment toward Snapper and Greg, but Jill said that it wasn't the time -- her mother was dying.

Jill told Snapper that even thought Liz had gray hair for as long as she could remember, she had never seemed old until she got cancer. She said that she had realized that Liz wouldn't live forever, and wondered if it was perverse for her to have obsessed about Liz's death. Snapper said that everyone prepared in their own way -- that, as a doctor, he had delivered news about the death of a loved one to many families, and that they always took it as if they had been punched in the gut. Greg joined Snapper and Jill, and they reminisced about the good old days and what a great mother Liz had been.

Inside her room, Liz regained consciousness and found Katherine sitting beside her. Katherine began to speak, but Liz told her to "hush up" and let her speak. She admitted that she had lied years earlier when she had told Jill and Katherine that Jill was Katherine's daughter. She said that she had done it because she had thought that she was dying and she wanted someone to look after Jill. She said that she thought that Jill and Katherine could relieve each other's loneliness.

Liz was concerned that after she died, Jill would be alone. Katherine promised that she would look after Jill, and added that it was quite a lie that Liz had told -- so much of a lie that it had become the truth. She told Liz that she thanked and loved her for the lie.

In the lounge outside Liz's room, Greg and Snapper assured Jill that they considered her their sister -- end of story. Jill said that she had two mother figures, but still didn't know who her real mother was. She apologized for the unkind things that she had said the previous evening. Snapper said that he hadn't realized how much pain Jill was in, and added, "It's probably the worst time to tell you this, but..." Katherine interrupted him, and summoned them to Liz's room. Katherine said, "It's time."

The Foster siblings and Katherine stood vigil at Liz's bedside. Liz said that she had a wonderful life and she didn't want them grieving for her after they died. She told Greg and Snapper what wonderful sons they had been. Liz then turned to Jill and said, "You are my girl, but there's something I should have told you a long time ago. I'm sorry." Jill told Liz that she loved her and apologized for all the horrible things she might have said or done. Jill asked Liz if she remembered a purple sweater that Liz had knitted for her when she was a little girl, but Liz didn't respond. She closed her eyes and died.

As the orderlies prepared to wheel Liz's body out of the room, Jill begged for more time. She kissed Liz on the cheek, and the orderlies took the body. Katherine told Greg and Snapper that they were to stay with her at the Chancellor mansion -- they shouldn't be in a hotel at a time like that. Greg and Katherine exited the room, and left Snapper alone with Jill. Jill asked Snapper what he had been about to tell her in the lounge when Katherine had interrupted. Snapper said that Jill had a right to know who she was. From the hallway, Katherine watched as Snapper delivered some news to Jill.

The devastated Jill went to the Baldwins' apartment. She rang the doorbell and Lauren answered. Lauren was surprised to see Jill, and asked if she was okay. Jill remained silent.

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