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Skye led Victor and Sharon to Adam. Lily returned from France and told the judge that she did not want Mac to have the amniocentesis. Mac gave birth to premature twins. Snapper told Jill that she was Lauren's half-sister.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 21, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, June 21, 2010

At the tack house, Phyllis overheard Nick leaving a message for Sharon. Nick fervently told Sharon that he'd learned from Jack that Victor had summoned her to São Paulo. Nick insisted that Sharon not venture anywhere near Adam. When Nick noticed Phyllis standing nearby, he changed his tone and instructed Sharon to phone him because he wanted to spend time with Faith. After Nick ended the call, Phyllis told him that Victor wouldn't have called on Sharon if he hadn't truly needed her help to find Adam. Nick maintained that his father could never justify using Sharon as bait.

Jack stopped by and told Nick that Sharon was already in Brazil. Phyllis glared at Jack, and he ordered Nick to phone Victor and implore him to send Sharon back home. Displeased, Nick railed at his father's decision to use Sharon because Adam was unpredictable and often violent. Phyllis reminded Nick that Adam had never threatened Sharon. While Phyllis answered the phone, Nick promised Jack that he'd call Victor and tell him that he'd crossed the line. After Phyllis hung up, she told Nick that Nikki had called to let them know that Sharon had dropped Faith at the ranch before she left.

Nick was still fuming, but Phyllis insisted that Sharon had gone to São Paulo in order to keep him out of prison. Nick maintained that he was angry with his father for putting the mother of his children in danger. Phyllis went upstairs. From Brazil, Victor phoned Nick and put Sharon on the phone. Nick angrily demanded that she return home because her daughter needed her. Sharon admitted that she was terrified, but insisted she was protecting her family. Nick told Sharon that he had a bad feeling about the situation. Sharon replied, "It's called helplessness. Maybe next time, you'll listen when I tell you I'm feeling it."

Phyllis quietly returned and overheard Nick's conversation with Sharon. After Sharon gave the phone back to Victor, Nick cautioned his father not to let anything happen to Sharon. Nick added, "I need her here." After Nick hung up, Phyllis, scoffing, piercingly asked, "You need her here?" Nick replied that Adam might attack Sharon. Fuming, Phyllis cried, "Oh, please, we're all open to attack from Adam. He's on the loose. We're all open to attack." Phyllis expressed a sense of relief that Sharon was helping catch Adam.

Phyllis' anger at Nick briefly gave way to optimism when she explained that having Adam in custody might give Nick his first chance at beating the charges against him. Phyllis' resentment took over, and she berated Nick for persistently viewing Sharon as a vulnerable victim instead of the avenger. Nick's expression remained stern. Phyllis' voice rose as she stated, "But look at you. I mean, you don't want to see her like that. You want to see her as some, sweet, poor, little woe-is-me Sharon. Stop! What's the real problem here?" Nick explained that Sharon, recently released from the hospital, was frail.

Nick told Phyllis that Sharon's daughter might never know her mother if something unforeseeable happened. Phyllis mocked Nick's statement, and sarcastically uttered, "Blah, blah, blah." Phyllis maintained that Nick was not fully committed to his marriage because he was too protective and possessive of Sharon. Phyllis commended Sharon for getting her life together, but she berated Nick for freaking out over his ex-wife.

Refusing to acknowledge Phyllis' assertions, Nick claimed that he had a problem with Sharon putting her life in danger. Phyllis corrected Nick and said that his real problem was that she couldn't take it anymore. Phyllis demanded that Nick change. Nick promised to discuss the matter after his trial. Angry, Phyllis stormed out. After Nick cooled down, he phoned Nikki. Nick gazed at a photo of himself with Phyllis. Nick told Nikki he would pick up Faith because he wanted his daughter with him.

Phyllis sulked at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. When Jack approached, Phyllis angrily berated him for always running to Nick whenever Sharon was in trouble. Phyllis reminded Jack that he and Nick were both Sharon's ex-husbands. Phyllis maintained that Sharon's business shouldn't concern either one of them. Jack reminded Phyllis that Nick was the father of Sharon's children, but he apologized for adding additional stress to Phyllis and Nick's life.

Exasperated, Phyllis cried, "I moved her into the penthouse. I was so tired, Jack, of seeing her freakin' face all the time. She's in another country, and her presence is still looming. Oh, my God, this never ends!" Jack advised Phyllis to let it all go. Phyllis sobbed and admitted that she couldn't let Nick go because she loved him. Phyllis asked why she was the one who had to fight. Jack, stumped, hung his head. Phyllis cried that she couldn't understand why Nick wouldn't stop needing Sharon.

Jack met Michael at the club. Jack pleaded with Michael to convince Victor that Nick could be cleared without using Sharon as a bounty hunter. Michael leaned close to Jack and in hushed tones explained that having Adam back in Genoa City would greatly help Nick's case. Michael also reminded Jack that evidence that could clear Nick was inadmissible unless Adam was present to be cross-examined. Jack wiped his face with his palms in frustration. Michael said that he understood Jack's concern. Michael admitted that for Nick's sake, he wasn't sorry that Sharon had gone to find Adam. Jack warned that if Victor's planned backfired, he and Nick would never forgive him.

In Victor's hotel suite in São Paulo, Sharon told Victor that they couldn't let Adam get away with what he'd done. Sharon said she realized that Adam had been playing her each time he told her that she was stronger and tougher than people believed she was. Sharon said she would show Adam her strength by bringing him down. Victor displayed photos of Adam taken at the hotel. Sharon apologized for phoning and alerting Adam after she learned that he'd checked out of his hotel room.

Victor said that he understood why Sharon was terrified. Sharon confessed that Adam had never harmed Faith, although she suffered recurring nightmares about Adam taking Faith away from her again. Victor warned Sharon not to meet up with Adam because her presence was enough to flush him out into the open. Victor showed Sharon a copy of the local newspaper, with a feature story about São Paulo's transportation strike. An oversize photo that accompanied the article showed Sharon arriving at the airport.

Victor received a message from the front desk. It was from Nick demanding that his father call him as soon as possible. Sharon was apprehensive as Victor dialed his son and asked about court proceedings. Nick explained that both sides presented opening statements before adjournment. Dismissing his own tenuous circumstances, Nick ordered Victor to put Sharon on a flight back home immediately because nobody could predict when Adam might strike again. Victor and Sharon spoke with Nick, who feared that Adam might seek revenge. Before the call ended, Victor assured his son that Sharon would remain unharmed.

Victor cautioned Sharon to wait until Adam sought her, and not the other way around. Victor warned that Adam might feel betrayed. Sharon nervously twiddled her fingers as she heard Victor's plan to catch Adam. Victor explained, "He can't resist you. Remember how long the phone call was between the two of you? He must have suspected that I would use that to trace his whereabouts. He's in love with you. That's the one weakness he has, and we need to exploit that."

Victor warned Sharon not to agitate Adam. Sharon noted that Adam wanted to hear that she was still in love with him. Victor replied, "Then that's what you'll tell him." Sharon worried that she wouldn't be able to hide her true feelings from Adam. Victor again cautioned Sharon to play it safe because he'd promised Nick he'd protect her. Sharon vowed to do anything to help Nick.

In their beach bungalow, Adam tossed and turned in the bed next to Skye. In a flashback, Adam recalled warning Skye that a relentless Victor could track them down. Skye awoke, and Adam asked her if she heard a suspicious noise. Skye assured Adam that they could escape to anywhere he wanted to go after she scored big in the upcoming poker game. Adam told Skye that she'd have to forgo the big-stakes poker game because they had to leave the country immediately.

Adam worried that Victor would close in on him soon because Adam had seen Jack at the hotel phoning Victor's attorney. Skye responded, "Fine, you stay in the shadows. I'll take the risk." Adam packed bundles of cash into a travel bag and told Skye she could take the risk, but he was taking the cash. Skye changed her mind and ran after Adam.

Adam followed Skye back inside the bungalow. As Skye packed her suitcase, she ranted about losing her chance to win the highest stakes she'd ever had the chance to play. Skye relented after Adam told her that he couldn't risk something happening to her. While Skye finished packing, Adam read the local newspaper and worried that the transportation-workers' strike might hamper their getaway. When Adam spotted Sharon's photo, he gasped. Adam stammered and suggested that he and Skye lay low for a while. Skye was elated when Adam changed his mind and told her she could play the poker game.

At Lauren's condo, Jill stopped by unexpectedly. Michael was on his way out, but both Michael and Lauren offered condolences after they learned about Liz's death. After Michael left, Lauren invited Jill to sit beside her on the sofa. Without mincing words, Jill announced to Lauren that they were half-sisters. Lauren was stunned and demanded to know how it was possible. Jill explained that Liz had told Snapper that she'd always known who had abandoned Jill at the hospital when she was a newborn.

As Lauren listened, Jill explained that the poor teenage mother gave up her baby because the young man who'd fathered the child faced strong opposition from his father after learning that his son planned to marry. Jill admitted that she didn't know the young mother's name, but she did know that the young father's family frowned on his plan to marry because they wanted him to attend college and become successful.

Lauren shook her head in dismay after Jill claimed that her father was Neil Fenmore. Lauren flatly refused to believe Jill. Lauren insisted that she and her father had been very close and kept no secrets. Jill admitted that the young mother later took her own life. Lauren suggested that the woman might have made up the romantic story about Neil Fenmore being the father of her baby. Jill reminded Lauren that the Fenmore family would have considered the situation a disgrace and would have swept it under the rug.

Jill insisted she didn't expect anything from Lauren, but she admitted that her one consolation was that she might have a sister. Jill asked Lauren to keep an open mind, and Lauren promised to look into the matter. As Jill rose to leave, she awkwardly hugged Lauren. Lauren tentatively patted Jill on the back.

After Jill left, Lauren flipped through a family photo album and studied photos of her late father. After Michael returned, Lauren was pensive and distant. Michael asked Lauren if she was thinking about her dad. Lauren told Michael that she, being an only child, was very close to her dad and didn't ever consider that he might have kept secrets from her. Michael insisted that everyone kept secrets. Lauren shocked Michael when she announced that her father's other daughter was Jill. Michael later poured himself a drink and laughed at the notion that his wife and Jill were sisters. Lauren assured Michael that it couldn't be true. Michael flippantly replied, "Well, it's easy enough to find out."

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine offered Greg and Snapper help with Liz's funeral. Snapper explained that his mother had donated her body to research, and that she hadn't wanted any public display of emotion. Katherine asked Snapper about Liz's secret. Snapper revealed Liz's secret to Greg and expressed his uneasiness with the Fenmore family's decision to act as if the baby never existed. Katherine explained that it wasn't an unusual reaction for the time. Katherine added that Jill had a right to know about her heritage.

Snapper told Greg and Katherine that his mother always knew that the Fenmores wouldn't have given Jill the support she needed. Snapper pleaded with Katherine to watch over Jill. After Jill returned from her visit with Lauren, Greg and Snapper told her they were about to leave. Jill lovingly noted that Liz had given her a wonderful family, as she hugged first Greg, and then Snapper. Jill reported that Lauren acted gracious but skeptical when she learned that they shared the same father.

Before they left, Greg and Snapper thanked Katherine for her hospitality. Katherine assured Snapper and Greg that Jill would be in good hands. After Snapper and Greg left, Jill cried that she'd lost her mother. Jill said she was grateful she didn't have to deal with Liz's revelation when she was a child. Jill contemplated becoming Jill Fenmore, and asked how she could embrace a new identity. Kay wisely replied, "Whoever you want her to be. This is a start, Jill, and it's all up to you from now on."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Carrying a cardboard box and using a keycard, Kevin let himself into Jana's suite at the Athletic Club. He was shocked when he found Jana and Ryder in bed, kissing passionately. The equally surprised Jana and Ryder jumped out of bed. Jana asked Kevin what he was doing there. He said that he was just dropping off mail and some things from the apartment that he thought she might need.

Kevin said that he had asked her if anything had been going on between her and Ryder, and she had said no. Jana said that, at the time Kevin had asked, nothing had been going on. Ryder began to apologize to Kevin, but didn't have the chance to finish, as Kevin punched him in the face and knocked him back onto the bed.

Jana got Ryder a towel for his bloody nose and told Kevin that she knew that he was upset, but that he shouldn't have hit Ryder, since his beef was really with her. Kevin said that he was angry with Ryder, too, and that it had felt good punching him. Jana asked Kevin how he had gotten the keycard for her room, and he told her that he had shown his identification at the front desk, and told the manager that he had some things he needed to give to his wife. The irate Kevin told Jana that they needed to talk, and he ordered Ryder out of the room. Ryder left.

After Ryder was gone, Jana said that Kevin seemed to be having a hard time accepting that their marriage was over. Kevin said that he did accept that, but that her getting involved with Ryder was a bad idea. He told her that Ryder would betray her, and that she was playing with fire. Jana said that Kevin didn't know Ryder the way she did, adding that she felt emotion for Ryder, after having been numb for a long while. Kevin said that Ryder was conning her. Jana reminded him that she had initiated the relationship with Ryder. Kevin told her that the best con men manipulated people into helping them. Jana rejected his argument, and told him that she wanted to be with Ryder. Kevin replied, "You're falling for my brother."

Jana said that, after her aneurysm surgery, when she couldn't feel anything, Ryder had been the only one who hadn't pressured her. The Fishers began bickering. Kevin reminded her that Ryder had kidnapped her, locked her in a cage, and nearly killed her, and he wondered how she could feel anything but contempt for him. Jana admitted that her fond feelings toward Ryder had taken her by surprise. An outraged Kevin said, "Is he a stallion in bed?" Jana said that had nothing to do with the situation. Kevin told her not to run to him for help when Ryder "screwed her over."

The Fishers began arguing about how expensive it was for Jana and Ryder to be staying at the Athletic Club -- Kevin reminded her that she had said that she was going to find a cheaper place. Jana said that she didn't expect Kevin to continue paying for her and Ryder's rooms, and promised that she would pay him back. Before he stormed off, he told Jana that she and Ryder had better get out of the Athletic Club soon -- because he wasn't going to finance keeping her Prince Charming in the lap of luxury.

After Kevin was gone, Ryder returned to Jana's room and comforted her about the "bad scene." He admitted that he had hurt Kevin. Jana said that they had both caused Kevin a lot of pain. He wondered if Jana wanted to end their relationship. She said that she didn't -- she needed Ryder.

Ryder said that he felt bad for Kevin -- but that he was glad that things were out in the open. He told Jana that he had lived a lie for a long time, and that he didn't want to anymore. She said that she wished that Kevin hadn't had to find out about their relationship by walking in on them. Ryder said that the two rooms at the club had to be costing a bundle and wondered if Jana wanted to share a room. Jana said that she could hardly afford to pay for one room. Ryder said that he would "handle it," telling Jana that she had taken care of him -- it was time for him to take care of her. The couple kissed.

At the club's bar, the despondent Kevin ordered a stiff drink. He was surprised when he ran into Alison, the woman with whom he had a blind date months earlier, when Jana had been missing. Alison asked him if Jana had ever shown up. Kevin said that she had -- but that their marriage was over. Alison said that she was sorry and wondered if there was any hope of a reconciliation. Kevin replied, "Not a shred." Alison asked if she could join Kevin, and he said that he would love the company.

At Heather's office, an officer escorted Frank Ellis in for a talk with Heather and Chance. Ellis was surprised that it had taken them so long to get back to him -- after all, he had told them that he had "major inside info" on the Riggs murder case. Heather sarcastically apologized -- she said that she had been busy. Chance explained that someone had planted a bomb in Heather's car -- with Heather in it.

Heather and Chance told Ellis that District Attorney Pomerantz was unwilling to make any sort of a deal with him -- the D.A. didn't trust him. Chance was frank with Ellis -- he said that he if wanted any chance of being moved to a "cush" penitentiary, then he had better start giving them some solid information. Ellis said, "A lot of folks that you work with -- they ain't who you think they are."

Later, Pomerantz joined the group. Heather told him that Ellis had told them that drugs were finding their way into the jail. Pomerantz said that was no surprise. Ellis explained that the prison guards were supplying the inmates with the drugs -- and that the guards were obtaining the drugs from the police. Ellis went on to say that was the information that Riggs had been planning to tell Chance on the night that he had been murdered -- and that was probably why drugs had been planted on Chance before Chance had been knocked unconscious.

Heather told Ellis that the allegations he was making were serious. Ellis said that he wanted a signed deal before he gave them any more information, but Pomerantz said that he wanted names before he would agree to any deal. Ellis told the D.A. to "go to hell." The irritated Pomerantz told Ellis that his time was up and began to walk out of Heather's office. Chance asked the D.A. for some time alone with Ellis, and Pomerantz said that he could have five minutes. Heather and Pomerantz left the office.

In the hallway, Heather said that she didn't like the way Pomerantz was "playing hardball." Pomerantz said that he didn't like dealing with snitches.

Inside Heather's office, Chance said that he believed Ellis -- but said that Ellis would have to name names. Ellis said that if he did and he wasn't moved to another facility, he would end up dead, just like Riggs. Pomerantz, Heather, and the guard returned to the office. Pomerantz said that he didn't see anything in writing, and told the guard to take Ellis back to the jail. As the guard escorted Ellis out, he shouted that if anything happened to him, it would be Pomerantz's fault. After Ellis was gone, Chance said that he believed Ellis -- that he seemed too freaked out to be lying. Pomerantz said that if Ellis were "legit," he would eventually give them the information they needed. Heather hoped that she wouldn't be killed before then.

Heather and Chance, still acting as her bodyguard, went to the Athletic Club. She said that she couldn't even go to her room without feeling scared -- but that she felt safe with Chance. Chance asked her what she thought about Ellis' information. She said that her gut told her that he had been telling the truth. Chance said that Pomerantz was dealing with Ellis the wrong way, and that Ellis was probably going to stop talking. Chance said that he was determined to find out who in the police department was selling drugs. Heather said that they couldn't trust anyone.

When Chance and Heather went to Heather's suite, they found that it had been ransacked. Chance pulled out his gun and searched the suite. He realized that the intruder or intruders were gone. Heather guessed that they had been looking for new information and had left a message -- that she wasn't safe anywhere -- not in her car or her home -- and that they could get to her at any time.

Heather and Chance returned to Heather's office to speak with Pomerantz. He asked Heather what she thought the intruders had been looking for. Chance thought that they were after her files. Heather told the D.A. that the break-in gave greater credence to Ellis' story. Pomerantz wondered why Heather thought that her meeting with Ellis and the break-in were connected. She reminded him that she had met with Ellis twice -- and had been targeted after each meeting -- and that the same thing had happened to Chance when he had been dealing with Riggs.

Heather and Chance begged Pomerantz to reconsider his stance on making a deal with Ellis, but the D.A. said that he wouldn't consider a deal until Ellis gave them the information they wanted. He did offer to put Heather up in an apartment, with police stationed nearby on a continuous basis. Pomerantz said that he knew that Heather and Chance thought that he was being a "hard ass," but he assured them that he didn't want anything to happen to either of them.

Pomerantz said that it appeared that they had stumbled onto something big -- so he was assigning another detective to assist Chance with the investigation. Chance objected vehemently, but Pomerantz insisted -- saying that although he had great confidence in Chance, Chance was too "green" to handle the case by himself. The D.A. said that he had picked a detective with more experience -- and told Chance that he would like his new partner. Chance looked unconvinced.

The cocky-looking Detective Ronan Malloy entered the office and Pomerantz made the introductions, "This is Heather Stevens and this is Detective Phillip Chancellor -- but everyone calls him Chance." Chance approached Malloy, shook his hand, and said that he was looking forward to working with Malloy. Malloy replied, "You might change your mind about that, Phil. I heard you've been having some problems. But don't worry -- I got your back now." Chance grimaced.

In the courtroom, Jill told Michael that the shock of her mother's death hadn't sunk in before she received the added surprise of learning who her real parents were. She said that aside from her, Katherine, and Lauren, Michael was the only person in Genoa City who knew that Liz had made the deathbed confession that Lauren was Jill's half-sister. Michael said that he wouldn't say anything. Jill said that she had to keep reminding herself that the hearing was about Mac and Cane. Michael said that he wished that things hadn't gone as far as they had.

Cane entered the courtroom, hugged Jill, and offered his condolences on Liz's death. Jill wondered if he had any second thoughts about suing Mac for her amniotic fluid, but he said that he hadn't -- although he wished that he could have persuaded Mac to undergo the amniocentesis. Referring to Lily, Cane said that he couldn't accept losing the woman he loved, even though it had meant going behind her back. Cane's lawyer, Valerie Greer, entered the courtroom, and Jill walked away to give them some privacy. Cane asked Valerie to assure him that he was going to win. Valerie said that she couldn't make any guarantees. Cane said that if the judge didn't rule in his favor, he was afraid that Lily was going to die.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Neil and Malcolm arrived for the hearing. Malcolm said that it was strange that Lily wasn't there -- but that Olivia had said that she was too weak to travel. Neil wondered if they should have told Lily about Cane's lawsuit. Malcolm said that it was best that Lily didn't know about it -- that it would upset her. Neil hoped that the judge would dismiss the case and Lily would never have to know about it. Malcolm said that if the judge ruled in Cane's favor, it could save Lily's life. Neil reminded his brother that even if the judge ruled for Cane, Lily could still choose not to use the fetal stem cells. He said that no matter what the outcome of the hearing, their little girl was dying.

At Crimson Lights, Mac told J.T. that she couldn't believe that Cane was taking her to court. J.T. assured her that he was on her side. Mac said that there shouldn't even be sides -- she was doing what Lily wanted. They agreed that the day was crucial for the babies and for Lily.

In the courtroom, Neil spoke with Michael. Michael said that he was confident that he and Mac would prevail -- but, of course, there were no guarantees. Devon showed up and told Neil that he had spoken with Lily the previous day and that she had sounded terrible. Devon said that he knew that Neil didn't support Cane's lawsuit -- but that the thought of Lily dying compelled Devon to support Cane. Neil said that he respected Devon's feelings, and Devon went to shake Cane's hand.

Malcolm and Jill talked, saying that they hated what the lawsuit was doing to the family. Jill said that there were no bad guys there -- that, in their own way, they were all fighting for Lily. Malcolm asked Jill to tell that to Neil. Jill did, but Neil said that the situation was Cane's doing. Jill defended Cane by saying that he couldn't bear the thought of Lily slipping away. Neil said that he and Mac were Lily's only advocates. Mac arrived with J.T. She approached Cane and told him that there was still time to end this. Cane assured Mac that he wasn't enjoying putting her through the hearing. Mac asked him what he would do if the judge ruled against him. He said that he would know that he had done everything humanly possible to save Lily's life.

The hearing began. On the witness stand, Cane and Mac testified. Cane said that he was grateful to Mac for what she had done, but that the adult stem cell treatment hadn't worked, and that the fetal stem cells were Lily's last chance for survival. Mac testified that there was a chance that the amniocentesis procedure could harm the babies, and that even though the risk was small, any risk was too great. She also told the judge that Lily was opposed to her having the procedure.

Michael asked if he and opposing counsel could approach the judge. At the bench, Michael asked the judge to dismiss the case. The judge told the attorneys that she knew that Lily's situation was grave, and from her research, she had determined that the risk to the babies and to Mac from the amniocentesis was minimal. Michael asked her if that meant she planned to rule in Cane's favor. The judge said that she would review the testimony that night -- but that she wasn't afraid to set a legal precedent by ruling for Cane. Astonishing the courtroom, Lily walked in with Olivia and said that she hoped that she hadn't arrived too late.

Lily asked the judge if she could testify. The judge said that she would allow it -- after a recess. During the recess, everyone greeted Lily warmly. She placed her hands on Mac's belly and "greeted" her babies. Devon chided Lily for flying to Genoa City from France in her weakened condition. Olivia said that she had done everything she could to stop Lily from traveling, but Lily had insisted upon it. When asked how she found out about the lawsuit and the hearing, Lily said that Jill had called her.

Neil, Malcolm, and Cane attacked Jill for telling Lily, but Jill said that Lily had a right to know what was going on. Jill told the group that nobody deserved to be lied to, and that they would have ended up regretting not telling Lily about the lawsuit. Cane said that he felt betrayed -- but Jill said that Lily needed to know -- and that there would have been serious repercussions if they kept the lawsuit a secret. Olivia tried to stop the bickering by telling them that Lily didn't need any additional stress. Lily said that they didn't need to act like she was about to have a meltdown. J.T. asked Mac why Jill was so worked up. Mac informed him that Liz Foster had died the previous day. Lily told everyone to leave Jill alone -- and thanked her for having the guts to tell her the truth. Cane asked Lily if she understood why he had filed the lawsuit.

In the hallway, Lily scolded Cane for not discussing the lawsuit with her, but she said that she knew that he loved her, and that his heart was in the right place. Cane said that his heart broke when he heard that the treatment in France hadn't worked. Lily said that they should no longer look to the past -- that she had been doing a lot of soul-searching. Cane wondered if Lily had changed her mind and was willing to allow Mac to have the amniocentesis.

Mac and Jill spoke privately. Mac expressed her condolences about Liz's death, and told Jill that she had been torn as to whether or not to call Lily and tell her about the lawsuit. She said that she had ultimately decided that it wasn't her place. Jill wondered if Mac felt that it hadn't been Jill's place to inform Lily. Mac said that she supported Jill's decision to call Lily. Jill thanked Mac for her support, and said that she hoped that Cane would change his mind.

The judge called the court back to order so that Lily could testify. On the witness stand, Lily told the judge that, in France, she had been infused with adult stem cells and undergone chemotherapy simultaneously, but that the therapy hadn't worked and the doctors had done all they could. The judge wondered if that had changed Lily's perspective regarding Cane's lawsuit. Lily stated that she did not want Mac to have the amniocentesis. She told the judge that she had felt strongly about it before she left for France, and she felt even more strongly about it since she had returned. She said that she knew that her chances for recovery were slim, but if she was going to die, she needed to be at peace -- and that could only happen if Cane and their babies were together.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Abby, surrounded by a group of "adoring fans," complained about the Internet video of her and Daniel making love in the Newman pool. Of course, she didn't admit that she was behind the clip having been posted. She thanked God that the video had been taken at night -- or people might be tweeting about her lack of a bikini line. Abby lied and said that the video had probably been taken by paparazzi or a pervert.

Daniel entered the coffeehouse and Abby excused herself to greet him. He said that she had set him up and then seduced him -- and she hadn't had the decency to call and tell him about the video. She lied and said that she had been too busy trying to find out who had exploited them. She said that she was, "The Naked Heiress -- private eye."

Abby said that she planned to find out who had taken and leaked the video. Daniel clearly didn't believe a word she said, and told her that it was beyond coincidence that someone had shown up with a video camera at the exact time when he and Abby were having sex in the pool. Abby finally conceded that it might have been her video camera that had recorded the clip -- but that she had needed some test footage for her reality show and had never intended the clip to be posted on the Web.

Abby, continuing to lie, said that a hacker must have gotten into her computer and told Daniel that she had better have a firewall installed on the laptop. Daniel smiled and said that either he or Kevin would be happy to do that for her -- and that they would also be able to trace who had hacked into her computer. He said, "We can nail the 'baddies' hard." Abby realized that she had run out of lies to tell Daniel.

Daniel sarcastically told her that it appeared that she had found her way to fame and fortune -- and she was taking him along for the ride. Abby said, "Oh, please. No one could see your face." A group of young girls gathered around Abby and Daniel. One of the girls said that she thought that Daniel was the guy in the video -- but she would have to "see his butt" to be sure.

Abby looked at the girls and denied that Daniel was in the video -- she said that that guy was "much hotter" than Daniel and was the son of a European prince named Jean-Pierre. The girls giggled and said that they were going to search the Internet using the terms "Jean-Pierre" and "royalty." After the girls left, Abby told Daniel that his crisis was over -- the "jail bait" had already forgotten that Daniel existed.

Abby assured Daniel that it was her, and not him, that people were interested in. He noticed that Abby was looking at something on her cell phone and grabbed the phone from her. He rolled his eyes when he realized that she was watching a counter that tracked the number of viewers who had watched the video online. He said that Abby was pathetic -- and that she was trying to fill a gaping void in her life by seeking fame through the online video. Abby became indignant and said that at least she had goals and aspirations -- which was more than she could say for Daniel. Daniel laughed as Abby stormed off.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker and Ashley, who had just arrived home from Tokyo, were enjoying a drink at a private table. They were discussing their upcoming meeting with a representative from the Department of Justice -- they suspected that Victor had illegally made a deal with Mitsukoshi Department Stores in Japan -- somehow, Victor had cajoled the store into carrying only Beauty of Nature cosmetics.

Ashley wondered if Tucker really needed her at the meeting -- she said that she could use a nap. He said that there was no need for a nap -- that she looked beautiful. He took her hand and said that he wished that their trip hadn't ended. Ashley looked around and said that they were surrounded by mahogany and not shoji screens -- so their trip was most definitely over.

After the meeting, Tucker was upset that the Department of Justice wasn't interested in investigating Victor or Newman Enterprises. He said that he had presented the department with ample evidence of wrongdoing, and wondered why the Department of Justice representative wasn't interested that Victoria had met with a civil servant in Tokyo and not the head of Mitsukoshi. Ashley said that it was illogical. Tucker suspected that Ashley was secretly relieved that the government wouldn't be investigating Victor.

Tucker said that he still thought that Billy knew more about Victoria's trip to Tokyo than he had told them. He told her that Neil could be a source of information, as he had been working for Newman Enterprises when the Mitsukoshi deal had been made. Ashley said that she wouldn't exploit her personal relationship with Neil to get him to divulge business secrets. She told Tucker that she planned to tell Neil that she and Tucker had made love in Japan. Tucker said that decision was entirely up to Ashley -- but if she wasn't going to discuss the Mitsukoshi deal with Neil, he would.

Tucker tried to get in touch with Neil and learned that he was at a court hearing involving Cane and Mac. Ashley said that she should be at the courthouse with Neil and, telling Tucker that she would talk with him later, she left the club.

At the courthouse, Lily continued her testimony. She said that she and Mac shouldn't have to defend their decision not to have the amniocentesis. The judge said, "Even though the procedure could save your life?" Lily said that she knew that Cane was scared of losing her, but her maternal instinct told her that if she had to die so that her children could live, so be it.

Lily concluded by saying that, no matter what, she needed to die knowing that she was a good mother and that she had kept her children safe. The judge said that Lily had given her a lot to think about. As the judge began to retire to her office to consider her decision, Cane stood up and said that he was dropping the lawsuit -- that Lily was right, it had been a mistake. The judge said, "Case dismissed," and told Lily that she was lucky to have so many people who cared about her. Michael and Mac hugged. Mac said that she was glad that it was all over. Cane embraced Lily, saying "Don't ever go away on me again."

In the hallway, Mac thanked Michael for his help, and added that when she heard the judge's ruling, she felt like she was going to pass out. Michael said that Cane dropping the suit had been Lily's doing. He told her and J.T. that before Lily testified, he thought that the judge was going to rule in Cane's favor. Michael said that he felt the need to go home and hug Fen, and he left. J.T. asked Mac if she was okay, and told her that he had overheard her telling Michael that she had felt like she was going to pass out. Mac said that she was fine -- she had merely felt faint when she heard that the case had been dismissed.

Lily approached Mac and J.T. J.T. left the women so that they could speak privately. Lily begged Mac not to be angry with Cane. Mac wondered if Lily had been angry with him. She admitted that after Jill had called her, she had been, but after speaking with her Aunt Olivia on the plane ride, she realized that Cane had panicked and handled things the wrong way. Mac said that she knew that Cane had done everything for the right reasons. Lily said that it had taken the three of them -- her, Mac, and Cane -- to make the babies, and she needed to know that, after she was gone, the babies would have both Cane and Mac's love -- that the twins would need all the love they could get.

Inside the courtroom, Cane hugged Jill and thanked her for calling Lily -- he said it would have been foolish for him to have kept another secret from his wife. Malcolm walked up to Cane and told him not to give up -- that a miracle could still happen. Cane thanked him for his support.

Neil asked Olivia why Lily looked so weak -- he wondered if it was because of the long plane ride. Olivia explained that the adult stem cell treatment that Lily had undergone in Paris hadn't worked, and that chemotherapy had weakened her further. Devon wondered if Cane was right -- that Lily's chances for survival would be better if she tried the fetal stem cell treatment. Olivia said that there really wasn't any way to tell for sure. Devon told Neil that he had to change Lily's mind about the amniocentesis and the fetal stem cell treatment.

Neil met up with Lily in the hallway. She thanked him for supporting Mac and asked him if he thought that she had made the right decision. Neil said that there was no one who was braver or stronger than Lily, and he agreed with what she had said about risking her own life in order to save her children. Hugging his daughter, Neil said that he would give his life for her.

Katherine went to visit Lauren at the Baldwins' condo. Lauren said that she thought that Katherine would have been at the hearing to support Mac, but Katherine explained that she had just been through the trauma of Liz Foster's death, and that Mac had plenty of support in the courtroom. They began discussing the real reason for Katherine's visit. Lauren asked if Katherine thought that she and Jill could be half-sisters. Katherine said that she knew that Liz had believed it -- that Liz would never make something like that up.

Lauren reminded Katherine that Liz had lied about Katherine being Jill's biological mother. Katherine wondered if Lauren thought that Liz was lying about Neil Fenmore being Jill's biological father, and explained that, at the time when Jill was born, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy would have been considered scandalous. Lauren said that her grandparents would never have forced her father to deny his own child. Katherine disagreed, telling Lauren that, back in those days, the Fenmore family would have been disgraced by the scandal. Katherine said that many years earlier, the world had been hard on illegitimate children and their mothers -- and, referring to herself, said that some of the mothers couldn't tell the world to "shove it." She told Lauren that shame could make one do things that one would have never thought possible.

Michael and Jill showed up and told Katherine and Lauren that Cane had dropped his lawsuit. Michael said that he had invited Jill over so that they could discuss her birth parent situation. Lauren said that she had gone through all of her father's old papers and she hadn't found any mention of an old love or a pregnancy. Jill seemed to doubt that Lauren wanted to learn the truth, but a defensive Lauren said that she was just as interested in learning the truth as Jill was -- she had even tried to contact Joanna, her mother, but Joanna was out of the country. Katherine said that there surely had to be other resources. Lauren said that she was having someone go through the family archives. She assured Jill that if the father she had adored had another child, she wouldn't keep it silent.

Michael suggested that the two women have a DNA test, which would answer all of their questions. Jill said that her DNA profile was already on file at Genoa City Memorial, and that all Lauren needed to do was to go the genetics lab and have a simple cheek swab done. Sensing reluctance on Lauren's part, Michael said that Lauren had to be willing to have the test done. Lauren said that of course she would have the test -- she wanted to know the truth as much as Jill did.

Mac and J.T. returned to the Chancellor mansion. Mac said that she sensed that Lily was dying -- that the chemo had taken too much out of her. J.T. reminded Mac that he had thought that Victoria would never wake up from her coma, but she had. Mac told him that she felt that the twins loved Lily -- that they wanted Lily to sing to them and hold them.

Katherine returned home and joined Mac and J.T. Mac told her grandmother that she had been so sure that she was doing the right thing by not consenting to the amniocentesis -- but she was afraid that she might have made a horrible mistake. Katherine and J.T. tried to reassure Mac that she had made the right decision. Mac said that perhaps the fetal stem cells could make Lily stronger. Katherine told her that Lily had made her decision, and Mac needed to respect it. J.T. wondered if Mac had changed her mind and was going to have the amniocentesis. Katherine urged Mac to sleep on any decision. Mac said that she couldn't -- that the following day could be too late.

Roxanne met up with Devon at Neil's apartment. She thought that Devon would be thrilled to see Lily, but Devon was despondent about how bad Lily had looked. Roxanne gave Devon a supportive hug. Ashley showed up and Neil was thrilled to see that she had returned from her business trip. She told him that she had gone to the courthouse, but had learned that the hearing had ended. Neil told her that Cane had dropped his lawsuit at the last minute. Looking hopelessly at Ashley, he said that children weren't supposed to die before their parents.

Ashley asked Neil if he wanted to be alone, and he said that he did. Ashley and Olivia left the apartment, but chatted in the hallway. Ashley told Olivia what a great job she had done with Lily, but Olivia said that it hadn't been enough. Olivia changed the subject and asked how Ashley was adapting to life without Faith. Ashley admitted that she had gone through a difficult time -- but she would think about how Traci would never hold Colleen again and how Neil was watching his daughter slowly fade away, and she would feel better knowing that Faith was safe and loved.

Olivia said that she needed to call Nate and her parents to tell them about Lily. She told Ashley to spend as much time with Neil as possible, saying, "Thank God he has you in his life." Inside the apartment, Devon and Roxanne said goodbye to Neil. Roxanne told him that he was the best dad she had ever known. Malcolm said that they needed to deal with Lily's situation as a family. After Devon and Roxanne left, Malcolm and Neil stared at each other in silence.

Ashley rejoined Tucker at the Athletic Club. She told him that Neil's daughter was dying. Tucker said that he couldn't imagine what Neil was going through. Ashley said that she didn't want to add to Neil's grief by telling him that she and Tucker had made love in Japan. Tucker said that he would never say anything -- although he would never forget about it, and suspected that she wouldn't either.

Ashley told him that she didn't regret what had happened in Japan -- but that it was over. Tucker said that it didn't have to be. Ashley said that Neil needed her -- and she wanted to be with Neil. He told Ashley that he didn't believe her -- but that he would give her time to sort things out. Before leaving the table, he said that he would be happy to wait -- but not for too long.

Lily and Cane arrived home, and Lily said how happy she was to be there. Cane carried her over the threshold as if they had just been married. They sat on the couch and declared their love for each other. Cane wondered if she was angry with him and apologized for filing the lawsuit. Lily said that there was no need for him to apologize -- that she was lucky to have him.

Lily began experiencing severe pain, and Cane got her pain medication out of her purse. She took the pills as Cane asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital. Lily told him that there was nothing that they could do for her at the hospital -- they would just try to manage her pain, which she had just done by taking the pills. She told the teary-eyed Cane that she wanted to spend what time she had left with him at home.

A little later, Lily told Cane that the pain had subsided a bit -- but that it would return, and be even worse. Cane said that when that happened, they could get her more pills. Lily said that when the pain got worse, it would be over. She told him that she was grateful for every second they had -- but when it was over, he had to let her go. Sobbing, Cane said that he couldn't.

Around Genoa City, Lily's extended family was trying to deal with the situation as well as it could. At the Athletic Club bar, Olivia had a drink and dialed her mother and father's phone number. In a gym, Devon beat up on a punching bag. Roxanne showed up, and he embraced her tightly. Malcolm was at a church, his eyes closed while he intently prayed. Neil stared at a picture of Lily, and remembered when she was born, and walking her down the aisle at her wedding.

At the Chancellor mansion, J.T. helped Mac up the stairs. Halfway up, she grimaced in pain, turned around, and sat. She held her abdomen and began to sob uncontrollably.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

At the hut in the remote Brazilian fishing village, Skye donned an elegant dress in preparation for Mr. Wan's poker game. She told Adam that in just a few hours they would be home free and wouldn't have to worry about Victor. When Skye walked away, Adam tore the picture of Sharon from the front page of the newspaper and stared at it.

Skye walked back into the room and once again reminded Adam that Victor had no influence in Brazil -- that she had greased enough palms to ensure their protection and that money talked. Adam replied, "Victor's money screams." There was a knock at the door, and Adam and Skye became nervous. Skye opened the door to Judge Medeiros, one of the local officials whom she had paid off. Medeiros' tough-looking bodyguard accompanied him. Adam asked how the judge had found them. The judge said that he knew everything -- then informed Skye that he wanted to play in Mr. Wan's game. Skye said that there was a problem with that -- Mr. Wan wasn't expecting him, and he didn't like surprises. Medeiros told Skye to convince Wan to allow him to play.

While Medeiros waited outside, Skye finished getting ready. Adam thought that things didn't "smell right," and told Skye that she should back out of the game. She assured him that everything would be fine -- that she could handle herself. Adam reminded her that she could lose, or perhaps even end up being shot dead in a Brazilian alley, and told her that she was too complacent. Skye said that she was very much on guard -- she was only acting complacent. Medeiros re-entered the hut and told Skye that they needed to go. Adam whispered to Skye that, after the game, they should meet at the beach as planned. Adam gave her a good luck kiss, and he whispered for her to be careful. Skye left with Medeiros and his bodyguard.

In his hotel room, Victor received a call from Michael with some bad news -- Pomerantz had subpoenaed Victor to appear at Nick's trial. Victor reminded Michael that he and Sharon were about to flush out Adam. He told Michael to straighten the situation out. Michael said that if Victor didn't return to Genoa City to testify, a warrant would be issued for his arrest. Victor said that he didn't care -- that the Brazilian authorities wouldn't give a damn about an American arrest warrant. Michael told him that he and Sharon being in Brazil might give the appearance that Nick was planning to jump bail and would hurt Nick's case.

In her hotel room, Sharon stared at herself in the mirror and, referring to Adam, said, "Come out, come out, wherever you are." She told herself that she had to get through this so that she could return home.

Victor stopped by Sharon's room. Sharon said that she was going to take a walk around town and was hoping to spot Adam, since she thought that her picture in the newspaper hadn't worked. Victor absolutely forbade her to do that for safety's sake. He told her that there had been a change in plans -- they had to return to Genoa City as soon as possible.

Victor told her about the phone call from Michael. She said that she couldn't believe that the D.A. had subpoenaed Victor -- she kept thinking that Pomerantz would see reason. She offered to stay behind in Brazil and continue looking for Adam when Victor returned to Genoa City. Victor said that he wasn't going to leave the mother of his grandchildren behind in a foreign country. He told her to pack and wait for him by his plane on the private airstrip.

She asked, "What about Adam?" Victor assured her that he would join her at the airstrip as soon as possible -- with Adam. As he walked out of her room, he begged her to do as he said. As Sharon began packing, Adam hovered in the hallway outside of her room.

At the tack house, Nick put Faith to bed and joined Phyllis in the living room. She told him that Michael was on his way over. Phyllis said that Nick seemed keyed up. Nick heard Faith fussing over the baby monitor and said that it had been hard on the baby with Sharon gone. He quickly told Phyllis that he knew that the ordeal had been hard on her too. He said that Phyllis should hang in there -- soon Victor would be returning with Adam.

Michael showed up while Nick was holding Faith in his arms. Nick talked about how difficult it had been for him to bond with his daughter. An irritated Phyllis said that they needed to talk strategy. Michael explained that the D.A. knew that Victor and Sharon had gone to South America -- and Pomerantz feared that Nick would jump bail and join them there. Nick said that was ridiculous -- that he would never leave Faith virtually alone in Genoa City. Phyllis snapped, "Not to mention your wife and your other child."

Michael told the Newmans that Victor had been subpoenaed to testify at Nick's trial. Phyllis said that it was imperative that Victor find Adam before he returned to the United States. Nick worried, much to Phyllis' chagrin, that his father might leave Sharon alone in Brazil.

Nick asked Michael if he had any sense of how the trial was going. Michael told him that things would be going better if he could drag Adam into court. Phyllis reminded them that they would get through it -- that they had been through worse. Nick said that Victor was between a rock and a hard place -- if he defied the subpoena, he would get into serious legal trouble, and, if he complied, he would probably have to abandon his search for Adam.

Michael tried to reach Victor, but was unable to do so. Michael and the Newmans thought that perhaps Victor was already on his way back to the country, although they didn't know whether or not Adam was with him. Nick decided to call Sharon to make sure that she was safe, which further irritated Phyllis. Michael told Nick that he was going to try to talk some sense into the D.A. and hopefully buy Victor some more time. Phyllis showed Michael out. Outside the front door, Michael told Phyllis that she looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown. She said that Nick's life was on the line and all that he was concerned about was Sharon. She told Michael that she was tired of fighting to keep her marriage together.

Inside the tack house, Nick dialed Sharon's hotel room number. Sharon was about to walk out of her room and Adam, who had been standing outside her door, scurried to hide around the corner. When Sharon heard the phone ring, she went back inside the room and answered the phone. Nick and Sharon discussed Victor's subpoena, and she said that she was getting ready to leave for the airport.

Sharon told Nick about Victor's scheme to place her picture on the front page of the local newspaper in order to lure Adam out of hiding. She said that it appeared that it hadn't work -- she knew that Nick hoped that they would be returning to Genoa City with Adam, but it didn't look like that would be happening. Nick said that he was concerned about her safety and was happy that she was returning home.

Outside the front door, Phyllis said goodbye to Michael and joked about needing to take tranquilizers. Michael said that he trusted her not to do anything rash. They were both shocked when a police car pulled up. Several officers approached them, and Michael asked what they were doing there. One of the officers responded, "We're here for Nicholas Newman."

Nick was still on the phone with Sharon. They discussed how much upheaval Faith had been through. Nick said that would soon be over -- that Sharon would be home and that he would be acquitted, even without Adam's testimony. He quickly hung up when the police entered. Michael followed and told him that Pomerantz must have convinced the judge that Nick was a flight risk, and the judge had revoked Nick's bail. As the police led Nick out, Phyllis said that she knew the drill -- tell Summer that he had gone on a business trip. Nick said that, since his bail had been revoked, they should try to get in touch with Victor and tell him to stay in Brazil and do what he needed to do.

In her hotel room, Sharon called for a taxi to take her to the private airstrip. As she walked out of her room, she found herself standing face-to-face with Adam.

Mr. Wan welcomed Skye to his private railway car. She joked that she had a craving for "pigeon." Wan was not happy to see Judge Medeiros there -- he told the judge that play in the game was by invitation only. Skye pulled Wan aside and told him that having the judge there could be a good thing, in case of interference by the local authorities. Convinced, Wan introduced Skye and the judge to a Middle Eastern sheik. An assistant took the players' briefcases, which contained millions of dollars in cash -- the buy-in for the game. The players asked Wan where the "pigeon" they were hoping to win millions from was. Wan said that he expected him shortly.

Skye sat at the table and made small talk with the sheik. Victor entered the railway car, but because Skye's back faced the entrance, she didn't see him. Wan told Victor that he had been worried that Victor wasn't going to show up. Victor replied, "I wouldn't miss it for the world." Skye recognized Victor's voice and the terror showed on her face. Victor faced Skye and shot daggers at her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mac was suffering from abdominal pain. J.T. and Katherine helped her to the sofa. With characteristically bad timing, Billy showed up with gifts for Delia from his trip to Japan. Katherine tried to get rid of him by telling him that Chloe and Delia weren't home. When Mac screamed in agony, Billy asked what was going on. Katherine insisted that they take Mac to the hospital immediately.

At the Ashbys', Lily and Cane looked through a book of baby names and had a chuckle at some of the more esoteric ones. Lily said that it felt good to laugh -- she didn't want to spend the time that she had left dying -- she wanted to get ready for the babies and the future. Cane mentioned her will that he had received while she had been in France. He said that the will stipulated that if Lily died, he and Mac were to share guardianship of the twins. Lily said that she wanted Mac involved in raising the twins.

Cane said that Mac's involvement could get complicated -- after all, he might be deported to Australia if Lily died, and he couldn't very well force Mac to accompany him there. Cane insisted that he could take care of the twins on his own. Lily admitted that she hadn't thought the guardianship arrangement out very well. Cane told her not to worry about it -- that they would sit down with Mac and Michael and work something out. Billy showed up at the Ashbys' to tell them that Mac had been taken to Genoa City Memorial. A frantic Lily told Cane and Billy that they needed to get to the hospital right away.

In a room at Genoa City Memorial, Katherine and J.T. hovered around Mac's bedside as the doctor examined her. The doctor said that Mac was in labor, and that she had given Mac two medications -- one to try to stop the labor and the other to try to accelerate the babies' growth. The doctor reminded Mac that pre-term labor was common with multiple births. She told Mac to stay in bed and try to relax. After the doctor left the room, Katherine had a talk with God, and demanded that He not allow anything to happen to the twins.

The Ashbys and Billy arrived at the hospital. Katherine and J.T. told them that Mac had gone into labor. A frightened Lily said that the twins weren't due for another two months. The doctor joined them and said that Mac's contractions had slowed down. She gave the group the statistics -- Mac was at 28 weeks in her pregnancy, and if she gave birth, the twins would have an 80% chance of survival. She said that if she could prolong the gestation period, it would improve the odds of survival.

Lily visited Mac in her room. Mac apologized profusely for what was going on. Lily said that her premature labor wasn't Mac's fault -- they knew that with twins, the babies had a chance of being born early. Mac said that the doctor was hoping to stop the contractions -- but there were no guarantees. Lily told Mac to have faith, and she read Mac a passage from the Bible.

In the waiting room, J.T. told Billy about Cane's lawsuit and the hearing earlier that day. On the other side of the room, Katherine told Cane to pull himself together -- his wife and his children were still alive. Billy walked up to Cane and said, "This is your fault."

Billy began scolding Cane about putting Mac through the stress of a lawsuit. Cane and Billy began bickering, and, before he went into Mac's room, J.T. told them to hold it down. The doctor walked by and Billy asked her if stress could have induced Mac's premature labor. Initially reluctant to answer, the doctor finally said that it was possible. Billy said to Cane, "Nice going. If it weren't for you, the babies wouldn't be in trouble." Katherine demanded that the guys stop fighting.

In Mac's room, J.T. offered to get Lily and Mac some food, but they refused the offer. J.T. and Mac joked about Mac's cravings. Lily realized that J.T. and Mac were an item and was thrilled -- she said that they deserved a second chance. Suddenly, Mac screamed in pain and told J.T. to get a doctor.

After the doctor quickly examined Mac, she ran into the hall and shouted for a gurney and for an operating room to be prepped. She said that Mac's labor couldn't be stopped and that the babies were in distress, and added, "She needs an emergency C-section, now!" J.T., Katherine, Billy, Cane, and Lily stared helplessly at Mac.

Friday, June 25, 2010

At Genoa City Memorial, Billy, Katherine, Cane, Lily, J.T., Neil, Malcolm, and Devon were gathered, excited and apprehensive, as Mac was about to go into surgery where hopefully the Ashbys' twins would be delivered via C-section. Lily, unfortunately, could not accompany Mac into the operating room due to her compromised immune system. A smiling Cane, wearing scrubs, said that he would be in the operating room and give the group updates on how the surgery was going. As Mac was wheeled out of her room, kisses and hugs were exchanged. Cane told Mac that he would see her in the operating room. Mac and Lily told each other how thrilling it was that Lily was about to become a mother.

After Mac was wheeled away, J.T. and Billy talked about how they never thought they would be in the hospital, waiting for Mac to deliver babies that didn't belong to either of them -- or to her. They talked about how their children, Reed and Delia, had enriched their lives, and how great it was that Lily was going to have the chance to be a parent.

Billy said that 28 weeks earlier, he had opposed Mac, who was then his girlfriend, acting as a surrogate for the Ashbys. He thought it ironic that J.T. was dating Mac. J.T. downplayed the relationship, and said that they were just seeing where things were going. Billy asked if Reed liked Mac, and J.T. replied that his son did. Billy wondered if J.T. would have a problem if Billy saw Reed more often. The conciliatory J.T. said that he wouldn't -- then joked that Billy had better never do an exposé on Reed in Restless Style. Billy said that he would never do that, because Victoria would kill him if he did.

Lily spoke with Katherine, and said that when she had prayed to hold her babies, she hadn't expected it to happen so soon. Katherine assured Lily that God knew what He was doing. Neil told them that Olivia had gone out of town -- she was visiting Lily's grandparents to tell them in person that Lily's treatment in France had been unsuccessful. Malcolm opined that the treatment might have been successful if the doctors had used stem cells from Mac's amniotic fluid, as opposed to adult stem cells.

Lily said that, during the C-section, the doctors were going to save Mac's umbilical cord blood and that they would be able to harvest stem cells from that. Malcolm wondered if that would allow Lily to take part in the fetal stem cell trial in the United States. Lily reminded Malcolm that the fetal stem cells wouldn't cure her cancer, but Malcolm said that they might make her stronger so that she could withstand another round of chemotherapy. Katherine looked upward and had another chat with God, saying, "Good work. Keep it up." Neil hugged Lily.

Lily and Malcolm had a private talk. He expressed regret about the way he had handled things in the past and, particularly, since he had returned to Genoa City. Lily told him that there was no need for him to apologize. He said that he was making a commitment to be there for her babies -- even though he hadn't been there for Lily. Lily talked about how much she enjoyed playing with her Uncle Malcolm while she had been growing up -- and it was that fun-loving Uncle Malcolm whom she wanted her babies to get to know.

Katherine told Neil that Lily looked frail -- but that her spirit seemed stronger than ever. Neil said that she wasn't a little girl anymore -- and was about to become a mother. He told Katherine that Lily was going to need a lot of support. Katherine assured him that she would never suffer from a lack of support -- particularly from Mac. Neil said that he considered Mac a part of the family. Katherine reminded Neil that Malcolm would also be there as a source of strength for Lily. Neil cynically replied that the jury was still out on that. Katherine said that Malcolm would never fill Neil's shoes -- he could never replace Neil as Lily's true father. Neil looked at Katherine and said that she had never steered him wrong -- and he loved her for that.

Malcolm and Devon returned from the hospital gift shop with trinkets and memorabilia for all -- balloons, flowers, and bubblegum cigars. They presented Katherine with a glittery tiara. Cane, still wearing his scrubs along with a huge grin, entered the waiting area and smiled at Lily.

He told the group that the C-section had gone well -- the babies were tiny, but they were in the neonatal ICU being looked after. He said that the doctors were optimistic. Mac was wheeled into the hallway. Lily and Cane approached her and thanked her profusely. Mac said that she was happy that Lily was around to see the twins. Neil asked Cane about the cord blood, and Cane assured him that it was being rushed to the lab so that the stem cells could be harvested. Billy told Mac that, aside from giving birth to the twins, she had possibly saved a third life that day. Neil and Malcolm called each other "Grandpa," and congratulated each other. A nurse joined the group and asked Lily if she was ready to meet her babies.

In the neonatal ICU, with family and friends, including Mac, looking through the window, Lily and Cane were ecstatic as they spoke to their tiny babies -- one boy and one girl. On the other side of the window, Victoria joined the group and said that the babies were perfect. She held Billy's hand. Cane turned on the intercom and introduced them to the Ashbys' two little miracles -- Charlie and Matilda Ashby. The group smiled and applauded.

Victoria visited Nick at the jail. He explained that his bail had been revoked because D.A. Pomerantz thought that he might flee the country. They joked that the Newmans had been to court so often recently that they should be granted honorary law degrees. Nick said that Adam was a genius -- a sick genius who had paid incredible attention to detail when devising his plan to frame Nick for his murder. Victoria said that perhaps they hadn't given Adam enough credit. Nick said that Adam's plan would fall apart once Victor got his hands on Adam.

Victoria told Nick about her business trip to Japan to shore up Newman Enterprises' relationship with the Mitsukoshi Department Stores. Nick asked if there was a problem with their arrangement. She said that there wasn't -- but that she had wanted to make sure that one didn't develop. She told Nick that she had heard a rumor that Tucker was envious of Newman's success in the Japanese market and perhaps wanted to imitate it. Nick said that, because of Victoria's trip, Tucker wouldn't be able to "horn in" on Newman's lock on the Far East cosmetics market. She told her brother that she had presented Mr. Yonioshi with a very expensive gift, and Mitsukoshi had reaffirmed its contract with Newman.

Victoria said that Ashley and Tucker had been in Japan, probably on Jabot business, and had stayed at the same hotel that she did. She told Nick that she had met with Yonioshi at the hotel but that Tucker and Ashley hadn't been paying attention -- Billy had been keeping them occupied. Nick was shocked to learn that Billy had gone to Japan with Victoria, and chided his sister for holding the meeting with Yonioshi while Billy had been around.

Nick said that Billy, who was nothing more than a "sleazy gossipmonger," could jeopardize Newman's arrangement with Mitsukoshi, particularly if he told Ashley about it. Victoria assured Nick that Billy didn't know anything about her meeting with Yonioshi. Nick said that Billy had better not -- because if he did, if was Victoria's "butt on the line." Victoria became upset with Nick and said that if he didn't have confidence in her, perhaps the next time a crisis arose, she would stay home and he could handle it from his prison cell. She called for a guard to let her out. Nick realized that he had hurt her feelings and, as the guard opened the door to let her out, called after her, but she paid no attention to his pleas to return.

Later, Nick called Sharon from the prison pay phone. He left her a voicemail saying that he hoped that she was on a plane returning to Genoa City with or without Adam -- preferably with.

As Sharon opened the door to leave her São Paolo hotel room, she gasped in surprise when she saw Adam standing there. He entered the room, locked the door, and told her not to act shocked -- after all, he believedshe in Brazil to find him. She said that Adam was correct, and that she had traveled to Brazil because she feared that she might never see him again.

Adam said that Sharon was probably part of Victor's vigilante mission to find him, since any feelings that she had for Adam were probably long gone. Sharon said that she still had feelings for him -- although she wished she didn't. Adam said, "What the hell are you really doing here?"

They had a lengthy conversation about whether he had ever loved her or whether, as almost everyone else had suggested, he had been using her. She said that she had to hear the truth from him. He heard a noise in the hallway and asked Sharon what the sound was. She said that she didn't know, but the paranoid Adam said that he had been in the room too long. He grabbed Sharon and asked her what kind of game she was playing.

Sharon opened the door and showed Adam that no one was in the hallway. He said that Victor would probably be returning to the room any minute. Sharon said that Victor wasn't returning to the hotel -- that she was on her way to meet him at the private airstrip, and she wanted Adam to return to Genoa City with them to turn himself in. He adamantly said that was not going to happen. When Sharon told him that he couldn't live his life on the run, he replied that it was better than living his life in a prison cell.

Sharon said that Adam's guilt had to be tearing him apart. Adam said that he hadn't killed Richard Hightower -- nor had he set off the explosion at the Athletic Club. He reminded her that she and Faith were upstairs when the explosion had occurred, and that he would never have done anything to harm them. Sharon said that if he wasn't guilty, he should return home to clear his name. Adam said that no one would ever believe him and that he could never get a fair trial -- if necessary, Victor would pay off the judge.

Adam was about to leave the room, but Sharon begged him to stay -- she didn't want to say goodbye. She told him that he was the one man who had loved her the way she needed to be loved. Adam noticed that Sharon was trembling and accused her of lying -- he said that she would say anything to save her "precious Nick." Sharon said she was trembling because she was afraid of what would happen if she let herself believe in him again. She told him how much he had hurt her, and how much she wanted him to make things right. She said that if he could be the man who she had thought he was, she would stand by him.

In Mr. Wan's private railway car, Wan began to introduce Victor to Skye, but Victor said that there was no need -- they were already acquainted. Skye said that they didn't really know each other -- but that they traveled in the same circles. Victor handed his cash-filled suitcase to Wan, and Wan said that they should begin playing. Under the table, Skye held her deck of marked cards, clearly ready to cheat to win.

As the game began, Victor told Skye that he was sorry that Adam couldn't be there. Skye lied and said that Adam had left -- that the heat had been too much for him. Victor said that Sharon would be disappointed. Skye was stunned to learn that Sharon was in Brazil -- and that Adam hadn't told her. The devastated Skye lost the hand to Victor.

During a break, Victor told Skye that she was a clever woman, and that it would be best for her to tell him where Adam was. She insisted that the phone call from Sharon had spooked Adam, and he had disappeared. Victor didn't believe her; he said that Adam would never have left São Paolo knowing that Sharon was there -- and, pointing to Skye's chips, Victor told her that Adam would never have left that kind of money behind. Skye threatened to tell Mr. Wan that Victor was a ringer -- but Victor asked Skye how she knew that Wan wasn't in on his plan to capture Adam. Skye asked Victor what he wanted. Victor said that she knew what the stakes were. Skye said, "Winner take all?" Victor replied, "No -- the winner takes my son, Adam."

Play resumed and Skye held a full house. The judge and Mr. Wan, holding good hands, bet everything. Victor raised the bet and Skye called. Victor asked to see her cards. She revealed her full house, and said that the only way Victor could beat her was if he held four-of-a-kind. Victor told Skye that she had won the pot, although he looked at his cards and was holding four jacks -- he had let her win on purpose. Skye smiled and took all the chips.

With the other players out, Victor and Skye continued to play. On the next hand, Victor bet five million dollars -- which was more money than Skye had left. He told her that she had to fold or go all in -- including, referring to Adam, "the chip that isn't on the table." Skye said that she was all in and showed Victor that she had four-of-a-kind. Victor smiled, but didn't reveal his cards quite yet.

Later, Skye, with Victor sitting next to her, called Adam, who was still in Sharon's hotel room, and told him that she had won. Adam said that was great -- and that they should meet at the prearranged spot on the beach. Adam told Sharon that he was expected elsewhere, but told her to believe that the truest thing about him was his love for her -- that it had never wavered. Sharon told him to let his love for her give him enough strength to do what was right. The couple hugged.

Sharon told Adam that they should leave -- together. She turned around and called the front desk to make sure that her cab was still waiting. Learning that it had left, she asked the manager to call another cab. When she turned around, she was shocked to see that the door to her room was open and that Adam was gone.

At a secluded spot on the beach, an excited Skye, holding a bag of cash, ran up to Adam and told him to kiss her -- that they were rich. She said that they could leave Brazil as soon as the judge manufactured new identities for them. A helicopter landed nearby, and Skye said that it must be the judge. Adam watched in horror as the judge and his bodyguard got off the helicopter -- followed by Sharon and Victor. Sharon walked up to Adam and told him that Skye had lied to him -- she had lost the game. Skye remembered Victor revealing his cards after their final hand -- he had a royal flush, easily beating her four-of-a-kind.

Skye said that she didn't know how Victor had done it. Victor replied, "Easy. I'm a better cheater than you are." Victor said that it was time for the truth -- and that Adam was returning with him to the United States to tell it. Adam stood there, frozen with fear.

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