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The doctor was able to harvest stem cells from Lily's twins. A DNA test proved that Jill and Lauren were half-sisters. Adam took the stand at Nick's trial and pretended to be insane. Adam was placed into the same mental hospital as Patty.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 28, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, June 28, 2010

At the courthouse before Nick's trial began, Phyllis stood and surveyed the room where jurors would determine her husband's fate. When the double doors opened, a gang of reporters shouting questions broke the dead silence as Michael, Nikki, and Owen filed into the room. Michael repeatedly shouted, "No comment." Nikki glared at Owen after he disdainfully patted Michael on the back and slyly wished him good luck. Phyllis comforted Nick and asked about Victor. Michael forced a smile and said, "I haven't heard from your father since I told him he had been subpoenaed. We can't worry about what's going on in Brazil. We have to focus on what's going on in this courtroom." Nick insisted that Michael's job would be much easier if Victor walked in with Adam.

After the trial began, Owen questioned Ms. Hurley and asked her if Nick's anger had been directed at his brother after the defendant learned his ex-wife was leaving the ranch. Ms. Hurley replied, "He said that if he could get his hands around Adam's neck, he'd--" Michael interrupted the testimony and explained that the defendant could have been speaking figuratively.

The judge sustained Michael's objection and directed Owen to rephrase the question. Owen asked the witness how Sharon reacted to Nick's words. Ms. Hurley recalled that Sharon told Nick not to talk like that. Michael strongly objected again when Owen maintained that Sharon didn't react as if Nick had spoken figuratively. Owen withdrew his statement, but he asked Ms. Hurley if Nick had said anything else. Ms. Hurley testified that Nick threatened to kill Adam if he ever saw him again.

Later, Owen questioned a security guard. The guard testified that he had to stop Nick from ripping Adam's head off after the two men scuffled. The guard said that before Nick left, he threatened to kill Adam if he ever went near Sharon or his child again. Owen called Nikki as his next witness. As Nikki made her way to the stand, Nick quietly asked Michael where his dad could be.

Owen asked Nikki about the get-together at the Abbott cabin and suggested that Adam had been kidnapped when Nikki explained that he'd been persuaded to go. Michael again objected to the counsel's choice of words. Nikki explained that family and friends were concerned about Adam and had wanted to help him. Owen suggested that Nikki was concerned that someone at the cabin might hurt Adam, so she left her dearest friend, Katherine, and rushed to the cabin. Nikki admitted that Nick and Adam had their differences. Owen added that Nick and Adam fought over their father's company and over the same woman, and had become quite physical during their altercations. Nikki admitted that Nick had once injured Adam.

Owen's voice rose steadily as he claimed that Nikki left her best friend, who was like a mother, and raced to the cabin because she feared that her son would kill Adam. Michael sprung to his feed and shouted, "Objection!" Owen said, "No further questions," as he causally strolled back to his seat. Nikki looked defeated. Michael approached Nikki and asked her what she saw after she reached the cabin.

Nikki explained that Adam was sitting in a chair and wasn't restrained. Nikki insisted that Katherine understood why she left because her friend was also concerned about Adam. After Michael asked if Nikki's family routinely gathered when one member was in trouble, Nikki stated that they did. Michael asked Nikki if Adam's life was ever in danger, and if he was free to go during the encounter. Nikki responded that Adam's life was not threatened, and that he left on his own.

After Nikki left the witness stand, Phyllis fidgeted in her seat and glanced nervously at the courtroom entryway. Jack arrived and took a seat beside Phyllis, who explained that a lot was riding on her testimony. Michael approached and reminded Phyllis to give brief responses and remain polite even if the D.A. was a jerk. Jack warned that the D.A. would no doubt be a jerk, and he admonished Michael for making Phyllis nervous. Michael shot back that he was trying to keep Nick out of jail. Phyllis halted Jack and Michael's bickering by firmly insisting that she was not the type of woman who needed coddling or coaching. Phyllis maintained that she knew what she had to do and wanted to get it done.

After Judge Thomas DiSanto resumed the trial, Phyllis approached the witness stand and swore an oath over a Bible to tell the truth. Owen displayed an ink pen stored in a plastic evidence bag and asked Phyllis how it was used on the first night of April. Phyllis smugly suggested that someone wrote with it. Owen explained that the serial number on the pen revealed that it belonged to Nick. Phyllis stated that Nick used the pen to sign her cast before Richard Hightower was murdered. Owen asked Phyllis if her husband had the pen before Hightower's murder and never saw it again afterward. Phyllis stammered and responded that the D.A.'s statement was true.

Owen demanded to know where Nick was when he left his wife's side during the ball. Phyllis glanced a moment at Nick before admitting that he went upstairs to check on his ex-wife. Owen added that the ex-wife was the mother of Nick's illegitimate daughter. Michael objected, citing no relevance to the case. Owen backed off, but he demanded to know why Nick checked on Sharon. Phyllis responded that they'd heard that Adam had escaped. Phyllis explained that Sharon later ran downstairs at the Genoa City Athletic Club and announced that Nick had surprised Adam, who later called Sharon from the basement. Owen recalled that Nick went to confront Adam in the basement. Phyllis explained that half-a-dozen others also went.

Phyllis admitted that after Nick went to the basement, she saw Richard Hightower, who was similar in height and build to Adam, wearing a black cape and a gold-and-black mask. Owen asked Phyllis if she later learned that Adam had worn the same costume. Phyllis stated that she had. Owen pointed out that Nick had seen Adam in a black cape-and-mask costume, but he hadn't seen Hightower, so Nick had no idea that Adam had a doppelganger at the party.

Phyllis remained stern-faced as Owen asked, "You, on the other hand, had no idea what Adam was wearing, and still, you mistook Hightower for Adam in a well-lit room. Isn't it even more likely that your husband would make the same mistake in a dark basement?" Phyllis turned toward the jury and responded, "No, no, no, because my husband did not kill anybody--not Adam, not Hightower. My husband is innocent!" Michael raised another objection and cited Owen for badgering the witness and presenting supposition about what took place. Judge DiSanto rapped his gavel and warned Phyllis that she was about to be cited for contempt. The judge shouted, "Order," repeatedly before Phyllis and Owen's war of words ended, and an ominous silence replaced the fray. Nick sank dejectedly in his chair.

When Owen resumed questioning his witness, he showed Nick's jacket to Phyllis. Phyllis agreed that she'd given the bloodied jacket to Sharon, who threw it into a dumpster behind a downtown bar. Owen explained that Adam's blood was on Nick's jacket because the two men had fought. Phyllis swore that she didn't hide the jacket because she thought Nick had murdered Adam. Phyllis explained that she did it because she knew the police would think Nick murdered Adam. Owen retorted, "But you lied to the police. You hid evidence to protect your husband. You expect us to believe that you didn't think he was guilty?" Phyllis exclaimed, "Yes!"

Owen claimed that Phyllis' response didn't make sense. When Phyllis repeated her fear that the police would think Nick was, Owen interrupted and interjected, "A murderer." Phyllis began yelling, "That's not true." Nick stood and ordered Owen to leave Phyllis alone. Michael tried to shush Nick and demand an objection from the judge simultaneously. Owen announced that he had no further questions and took his seat. Nick and Phyllis stared at each other uneasily. Michael didn't question Phyllis, but he told the judge that he would reserve his right to recall the witness later. Owen declared that the prosecution had rested its case. The judge ordered Michael to be prepared to call his first witness after a recess.

Phyllis repeatedly apologized to Nick for making him look bad. Nick and Michael assured Phyllis that her testimony was fine. Michael approached Nikki and admitted that it might be too late even if Victor showed up with Adam. Before the bailiff escorted Nick to a holding area, he asked Phyllis to give Summer and Faith his love. Phyllis hung her head, but Michael assured her that she'd been fine on the witness stand. Phyllis ran out of the courtroom and into Jack's arms. Phyllis cried, "I am definitely not fine. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am done, Jack." Inside the courtroom, Lauren arrived and approached Michael. Lauren told Michael that Jill was her sister.

Near Adam and Skye's bungalow on a beach in Brazil, Adam told Victor and Sharon that they couldn't force him to leave. Skye stood by Adam's side as Victor warned his son not to refuse his father's request. Adam reminded Victor that Victor had erased him from his life. Sharon appealed to Adam and explained that they needed his help. Adam addressed Victor and responded, "Go to hell!" Victor warned Adam that he could choose the hard way or the easy way. Suddenly, armed men in khaki uniforms surrounded the area.

Adam asked Victor if he'd hired an army. Victor explained that the men were Federales. Sharon, stunned, placed her arm against her chest. Adam opened his coat to expose his chest and said, "Kill me. You're up for an execution, aren't you, Sharon?" Victor stared piercingly at Adam and said, "You're coming with me, Adam." Adam replied, "Some other time. Screw you," as he walked away. Victor shouted orders in Portuguese, and the armed men fired warning shots into the air. Adam put his hands up after Victor warned that the men would shoot to kill if he moved again. Sharon screamed, "Adam, no!" Adam stopped in his tracks, turned around and said in a sarcastic tone, "Nice to know you still care, Sharon."

As Victor's chartered helicopter awaited departure, Victor hoisted a handcuffed Adam into a seat next to Sharon. Victor sat opposite his son and former daughter-in-law. Victor told Sharon that he didn't care what happened to Skye because he had gotten what he wanted from her. Victor offered to change seats with Sharon, but Sharon opted to keep her seat, so she wouldn't have to look at Adam. After Victor ordered the pilot to take off, Adam quipped, "Home, James, and don't spare the rotor." Adam and Victor glared at each other menacingly.

Victor checked his phone and told Sharon that Nikki and Phyllis were testifying for the prosecution. Sharon worried that Owen would crush them. Victor maintained that Owen was no match for Michael. Sharon asked if Victor planned to let Michael know that Adam was on the way. Victor said he wouldn't let Michael know because Owen would find out and attempt to use his misbegotten against Nick. Victor added that Owen wouldn't know what hit him. Scoffing, Adam rhetorically inquired, "You think I'm just going to give everything up to save you and your favorite little boy?"

Sharon looked stunned, but Victor maintained a stern face as Adam taunted his father and ex-wife. Threateningly, Adam warned, "I'm back in your lives, your homes, and your heads. It really makes you wonder, who's the real winner here?" Back at the bungalow in Brazil, Skye stepped out of the shadows and opened a travel bag. Skye smiled deviously as she lifted stacks of banded cash and admired her loot.

At the Abbott mansion, Emily positioned a vase to accept a bouquet of cut flowers Jack gave her. The couple discussed their favorite artists' renditions of floral landscapes, but both agreed that nothing surpassed the real thing. Jack offered to arrange the flowers as he took the bouquet from Emily's hands. Jack and Emily each sensed a spark of passion when his hands touched hers. Emily asked what it was like living with Patty. Jack insisted he had missed Emily every minute she was gone.

The doorbell rang. Paul arrived with Emily's brother, Jamie. Emily hugged Jamie, but he didn't welcome his sister's embrace. Emily asked Jamie if Paul had told him about Patty. Jamie explained that he should have known something was wrong when Patty gave him the prescription pad. Jack said, "Hard to believe that didn't tip you off!" Emily cast a disapproving glance at Jack and calmly explained that she had hoped her brother would have realized that Patty wasn't his sister. Sarcastically, Jamie replied, "Well, come on. It's not like we were close or anything. It's also not like I'm the only one who couldn't figure out what was up."

Jack told Jamie that his sister needed his help to clean up the mess he'd caused by writing phony prescriptions. Emily strongly suggested that Jack attend Nick's trial. Jack protested, but Emily whispered that she'd be okay. Paul stood nearby. Emily kissed Jack on the cheek before he left. Paul told Emily he'd be in Jack's office. Jamie rolled his eyes when Emily told him that he needed to own up to what he'd done. Jamie tried to weasel out and suggested that authorities arrest Patty. Emily explained that police had arrested Patty. Emily told her brother she knew he was using drugs again. Jamie slammed his sister for always being too busy in the past with her medical practice to care about him.

Jamie claimed that if Emily cared about him, she'd bail him out. Emily insisted that she was showing more concern by making her brother own up to his actions. Angered, Jamie threw a framed photo at an end table and knocked other framed photos to the floor with a loud crash. Paul emerged from the study and stood nearby. Jamie cried that he didn't need his sister to act as his shrink. Emily assured Jamie that her role was to be his sister, and she pleaded with him to help her because she was in trouble with the DEA. Jamie blamed Emily for falling in love with her crazy patient's ex-husband. Emily admonished Jamie and explained that she and Jack fell in love.

Jamie claimed that he'd always been the screw-up while she was the good one, therefore, Emily was content to let her brother take the fall. Paul stepped forward and said Jamie should blame him because week after week, Paul cried that he never realized Emily wasn't his sister. If he had, Paul added, Jamie wouldn't have been caught in the crossfire. Jamie sat a glass he was drinking from down hard on a table and claimed he'd surely be entangled in another mess. Paul asked Jamie why he persisted in building a wall between himself and his sister. Jamie claimed that he didn't build the wall all by himself.

Jamie listened attentively as Paul cried, "My sister is gone. We are never going to laugh about the stupid things we did as kids or gripe about our parents. She is lost to me forever. It does not have to be like that with you and Emily." Emily, serenely composed, told Paul that he didn't realize she wasn't Patty because he couldn't believe his sister could do such a thing. Jamie declared that he'd face time in jail if he helped his sister.

Emily promised to help her brother by hiring the best lawyers and helping him overcome his problems with substance abuse. Paul advised Jamie that he'd be a fool to let the opportunity slip away. After Jamie went upstairs, Emily noted that Paul must love his sister as much as she loved her brother. Emily advised Paul to forgive himself because she had, and she added that they must all move forward if they all planned to stay in Genoa City. Paul was pleased to hear that Emily planned to stay.

At Fenmore's Boutique, Jill arrived just as Lauren was about to leave for the courthouse. Jill announced that the results of the DNA test were about to be delivered. Jill pleaded with Lauren to stay, and Lauren agreed. Lauren paced nervously as Jill opened the envelope containing the test results. Jill's eyes lit up as she guardedly announced that she and Lauren had the same father and were sisters. Lauren asked to see the results. Jill, noting Lauren's misgivings, said, "Look, I know it's a shock. We can take it slow. I just want to get to know you, Fen, and Scotty." As Lauren refolded the letter and handed it back to Jill, she responded, "Stop for a second. This doesn't just suddenly change everything."

Lauren sent Michael a text message explaining her delay and told Jill that she needed to go to the courthouse. Jill pleaded with Lauren to stay and discuss their new relationship. Lauren reminded Jill that she was still Jill Foster Abbott, Greg and Snapper's sister. Jill replied, "We have a blood bond. I have never had that with anybody from my past before." Lauren, near tears, explained that she was connected to her parents, her husband, and her children, and she didn't see Jill as a sister.

Jill waved the DNA test results in front of her face and maintained that she and Lauren couldn't change the facts. Lauren cried, "You want something I can't give you." Jill suggested that Lauren couldn't at that moment, but Lauren added that she might never be able to accept it. Jill replied, "Whether or not you want to accept this, it changes everything for us." Lauren stepped into the back room, but when she returned, Jill was still at the boutique. Jill said that all of the times she'd passed by the store, she never knew she was a Fenmore.

Lauren reminded Jill that she hadn't been part of father's life like Lauren had been. Jill suggested she and Lauren have dinner soon, but Lauren asked for time to let everything sink in. After Lauren locked the store and walked away, Jill tarried in front of Fenmore's and watched Lauren hurry away. Jill rubbed her fingers across the etched letters that spelled "Fenmore." Standing in the shadow of Jabot's headquarters and Fenmore's Boutique, Jill phoned an attorney and explained that she needed to determine her rights concerning a family estate.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Emily and Paul about Nick's trial, saying that Nikki did well on the witness stand, but Phyllis didn't. Jack wondered if Jamie was prepared to turn himself in to the police for writing illegal prescriptions. Emily said that Jamie promised that he would. Jamie entered the living room and said that he was ready to go to the police station. Emily offered to drive him, but he said that would be too humiliating. Jamie did accept Paul's offer of a ride. Emily hugged Jamie and told him how proud she was that he was doing the right thing -- and that it was all because of Paul. Jamie and Paul left.

After Jamie and Paul were gone, Emily told Jack that she blamed herself for Jamie's behavior -- she said that she had been a neglectful sister. Jack reminded her that Jamie was a drug addict, and said that he must have pushed Emily "beyond the limits," or brother and sister wouldn't be alienated. Emily smiled at Jack and told him that he always knew the right thing to say.

Emily asked Jack for a favor -- she said that Jamie would need legal counsel and wondered if he could call Michael. Jack said that he had already taken care of that, and that Michael was prepared to represent Jamie. He also told Emily that he was going to take care of Jamie's legal fees. Emily said that she would eventually pay Jack back, but he refused to accept her offer. She said that Jack was generous and began kissing him.

Jack broke away from the embrace and told Emily that he didn't feel right kissing her. Emily said that it felt right to her. Jack reminded her that he had invited her to live at the mansion with no strings attached, and he didn't want to take advantage of Emily's "misguided gratitude."

Emily said that she wasn't kissing Jack because she was grateful -- she said that she was kissing the man who she had fallen in love with the previous Christmas. Jack reminded her that he had a history of broken relationships and said that perhaps they had rushed things. Emily said that Jack was the most thoughtful, generous man she had ever known. Jack said that he had betrayed Emily by not knowing for so many months that he had actually been living with Patty. He didn't think that Emily had gotten past that.

Emily said that she had been angry with Jack for not realizing that he had actually married Patty, but her anger had abated when she realized that he had been trying to help the manipulative woman who he thought was Emily. She said that it was time for them to expunge Patty from their lives forever -- Patty had no place in their future. Jack said that he couldn't agree more. Emily seductively began leading him up the stairs.

At the psychiatric institution where Patty was being held, Patty painted a picture while a fellow patient who thought that a doll was her baby dropped the doll on the floor. The patient became hysterical, saying that she had killed her "baby." Patty smiled, picked up the doll and told the patient that her "baby" was fine. The patient took the doll from Patty and smiled. A nurse who witnessed the interaction told Patty that she had handled the situation well. Patty said that she did feel like she was improving and credited her psychiatrist, Dr. Fowler. Patty admitted that, even though she felt better, she did sometimes get lonely.

Paul visited Patty, who was thrilled to see him. He admired the picture she had been painting. She said that painting helped her relax. Paul said that he had spoken to Dr. Fowler, who had told him that Patty was making progress. Patty asked if Emily had gotten in trouble because of the prescription pads that she had given to Emily's brother when she had been posing as Emily. Paul said that situation had been straightened out. Patty said that she was glad -- that Emily had suffered enough because of her.

Patty told Paul that she had hurt too many people, including Summer, Colleen, and Victor. She said that she knew that she shouldn't have helped Adam escape from the hospital -- but she had been scared of him. Paul said that he knew that she didn't mean to hurt anyone -- she had the biggest heart of anyone he knew. Patty smiled when Paul showed her a picture of Kitty Kitty -- she couldn't believe how much the cat had grown.

Patty began talking about the "two Adams" and how that situation had confused her. Paul stopped her from discussing Adam by telling her that it was all ancient history. Patty said that she had been having horrible dreams -- sometimes about Jack, but usually about Adam. Paul said that Adam haunted a lot of people. She described, in vivid detail, her recurrent nightmare about Adam, which always ended with Adam staring at her with "red devil eyes." Paul hugged his sister and told her that she was safe -- that Adam would never hurt her again.

Paul got ready to leave, and Patty asked him to send her love to the rest of the Williams family. He said that they would all be happy to hear that she was doing so well. She apologized for having been so much trouble, but Paul said that was all in the past. He made her promise to keep painting beautiful pictures, hugged her, and left.

On the private jet returning from Brazil, Victor told Sharon and Adam that when they landed in Genoa City, a car would drive them directly to the courthouse so that Adam could tell the truth and confess to the murder of Richard Hightower. Adam said that he would be committing perjury if he admitted to the murder. Victor stared at him and said that Michael had enough evidence to prove that Adam was guilty of the murder.

Adam smugly told Victor that the evidence was circumstantial. Victor said that he knew that Adam hadn't donated bone marrow to Hightower out of the goodness of his heart, and that Adam had wanted his DNA in Hightower's body to set up Nick. Adam smiled and said, "That sounds crazy." When Victor left the cabin to check something with the pilot, Sharon told him that he had to stop his lying. Adam wondered if Sharon wanted him to do that for her -- or for Nick. She said that Adam should do it for himself.

Adam said that he was going to tell the truth -- but not on Victor's terms. He told Sharon that he was surprised at Sharon's terrified reaction when the Brazilian police fired their guns into the air when Adam had tried to escape. Sharon said that she didn't want to see Adam dead. He said that when she heard his testimony, she might not think he was a lost cause.

At the tack house, Phyllis and Nikki visited. Nikki said that Phyllis looked like she could use a rest. Phyllis admitted that Nikki was right, then got down on herself for her testimony at Nick's trial. She said that her testimony about the blood on Nick's jacket would probably make the jury think that she believed that Nick was guilty of murder. Trying to make Phyllis feel better, Nikki reminded her that she had just been trying to help Nick. Phyllis said that she was always trying to help her husband -- but it seemed that her best was never good enough.

Nikki said that the outcome of Nick's trial didn't hinge on Phyllis' testimony. She sensed that something else was bothering her daughter-in-law. As Nikki questioned her, Phyllis admitted that Nick's constant anxiety about Sharon annoyed her, and she didn't know what to do about it. Nikki said that she didn't blame Phyllis for worrying about Sharon's influence on the Newmans' marriage. Phyllis quipped that even the Newman housekeeper knew that Nick would do anything for Sharon. Nikki told Phyllis that marriage wasn't easy. Phyllis said that she was exhausted constantly trying to keep her marriage together. Nikki wondered if Phyllis was thinking of leaving Nick.

Phyllis said that she wasn't going to make any rash decisions during Nick's trial -- that proving Nick's innocence was her top priority. She told Nikki that she didn't think that Nick realized that he was making Sharon such a big part of his life. Nikki said that Sharon would always be a part of Nick's life. Phyllis replied that she was tired of hearing about how Nick and Sharon shared children and a history. Nikki said that, at the end of the day, Nick would always go home to Phyllis. Phyllis said that she had to take Nikki's advice with a grain of salt -- after all, Nikki and Victor had split up and reconciled countless times. She said it was as if Nikki was Victor's "end game," and, at the end of the day, Phyllis felt that Sharon, and not Phyllis, was Nick's "end game."

Phyllis said that she knew that Nick loved her, but that he had never gotten over breaking up the family he had with Sharon. She told Nikki that, ironically, that was what had kept Nick and Phyllis together -- his reluctance to split up another family, but that she was tired of playing second banana to Sharon.

Nikki left to go to the courthouse. Sharon showed up at the tack house to pick up Faith. Phyllis asked if Sharon thought that Adam would tell the truth in court. Sharon said that she didn't know -- but at least the tape that Adam had made to try to implicate Nick in Adam's supposed murder would probably be admitted into evidence. Phyllis asked Sharon if it had been weird being around Adam. Sharon admitted that it had been, but said that she would do anything to help Nick. Phyllis smiled and said, "I know that."

Phyllis continued to press Sharon about what it had been like to see Adam. Sharon replied that she had seen Adam in a different light -- that he had given her "a lot of closure." Phyllis was amazed that, "just like that," Sharon had been able to get over Adam. She said that Victor's idea to use Sharon as bait to lure Adam out of hiding was brilliant -- since it was clear that Adam was still in love with her. Referring to Nick, Phyllis said that all of the men in Sharon's life had trouble getting over her. Sharon said that she had moved off the ranch, and asked what more Phyllis wanted. Phyllis said that she had misjudged Adam -- she had thought that he was a sucker. Phyllis added that it was clear that there was only one man who Sharon wanted.

Sharon asked if Phyllis thought that Sharon had been scheming to win Nick back. Phyllis said that she didn't think that she had been scheming -- but Sharon clearly wanted Nick back -- it was written all over Sharon's face when she looked at Nick. Sharon said that she had gone to Brazil to save Nick -- she and Phyllis were on the same team. Phyllis sarcastically said, "Sharon went to Brazil and saved the day. Sharon the heroine," and added that Nick would be eternally grateful to Sharon. Sharon, fed up with Phyllis' tirade, said that she was going to grab Faith and go home. She told Phyllis that she expected that Nick would be set free that night, and that if Nick wanted to see Faith or talk to Sharon, he should call. Phyllis replied, "Oh, I think we both know he will."

Michael and Nick spoke at the courthouse. Nick said that he was worried about Phyllis' testimony -- if his own wife thought him capable of murder, he wanted to know what the jury would think. Michael said that he had a slew of character witnesses who were willing to testify on Nick's behalf. Nick told Michael to forget about the character witnesses -- he said that the jurors needed to hear his story in his own words -- he wanted to testify.

Michael strongly advised Nick not to take the witness stand -- he said that District Attorney Pomerantz would try to push his buttons and make him angry. Michael asked Nick how he would react if the D.A. mentioned Adam and Sharon's relationship. Nick said that he would fire Michael and hire another attorney if Michael didn't let him testify. He said that it was his life and his choice -- and he was willing to take the risk.

Nick took the stand and Michael questioned him. Nick testified that he hadn't wanted Adam dead, and that he hadn't accidentally killed Richard Hightower. Nick said that no matter how angry he got, he would never take someone's life.

Pomerantz cross-examined Nick and asked if he had been involved in the conspiracy to kidnap and torture Adam. Nick said that had merely been an "intervention" to try to help Adam. The D.A. listed all the threats that Nick had allegedly made against Adam -- and accused him of killing Hightower in the Athletic Club's basement. Michael made several objections, and the attorneys began bickering. The judge told them to control themselves or he would hold them in contempt.

Pomerantz once again asked if Nick had been involved in the conspiracy to kidnap Adam. Nick looked at the judge and said that Pomerantz hated the Newman family, and he wasn't going to be railroaded by the "son of a bitch." The judge immediately found Nick in contempt of court. Suddenly, the doors to the courthouse opened, and Victor walked in with Adam. Everyone in the courtroom was stunned. Victor announced that Adam was there to testify that Adam had killed Hightower.

Michael and Pomerantz approached the bench and argued whether Adam should be allowed to testify. Michael said that he had evidence that had been thrown out because Adam, who had been presumed dead, couldn't be cross-examined -- but since Adam was quite clearly alive and in the courtroom, he should be allowed to testify. The judge ruled that Adam could take the stand. Adam was called to the witness stand, but, acting as if he hadn't heard his name, Adam stared blankly into space. Victor told him to take the stand and answer the questions.

Adam approached the witness stand and was sworn in. Michael, referring to Adam as "Mr. Wilson," asked him when he had first met with Richard Hightower. Adam said that he didn't remember -- and told Michael that he was legally reclaiming his birth name -- Victor Adam Newman, Jr. Michael told the jury that "Mr. Newman" had donated bone marrow to Richard Hightower, because he knew that Adam's DNA would be found when Hightower's remains were examined.

Adam began acting strangely. He stood up and asked where Sharon was. He became highly agitated and said that he couldn't breathe -- that the courtroom was just like the Abbott cabin. The judge ordered him to be removed. As guards restrained him and dragged him out, Adam screamed, "Don't lock me up. I'll kill myself! I didn't do anything." Nikki, who had joined Victor in the courtroom, asked if Adam had acted in a bizarre fashion on the trip back from Brazil. Victor said that Adam had been perfectly lucid on the plane.

After Adam was led out, Victor, Michael, Nikki, and Nick met. Victor told the group that Adam was putting on an act -- and with Adam's devious mind, they couldn't possibly know what trick he had up his sleeve.

Adam was dragged, kicking and screaming, down the hallway of the psychiatric institution. At the top of his lungs, he yelled, "Don't lock me up." Patty, who was sitting in the common room, heard Adam and was stunned when she recognized his voice.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Daniel that she was going to be featured on the cover of Restless Style, and she wanted him to be in the picture as well -- doing a "spoof" of their sex tape. Abby assured Daniel that they wouldn't actually be admitting that he had been the guy in the pool with her -- he could just "pretend" to be him. Daniel refused and told Abby how happy he was that neither his friends nor family had seen the video. Abby said that it was obvious that Daniel never wanted to make a name for himself. Daniel said that he did -- but as an artist.

The incensed Abby spotted Tucker across the room, walked up to him, and asked him if he wanted to finance "The Naked Heiress." Tucker said that he admired Abby's ambition -- but that it just wasn't his thing. He told her that the "poor little rich girl" idea had been overdone in the media. Abby said that she was different -- she had a social conscience, a million ideas, and was going to be "ginormous." The unconvinced Tucker said that he wasn't interested, and left. Abby returned to Daniel and wondered exactly how good an entrepreneur Tucker could be if he wasn't interested in investing in "The Naked Heiress." Daniel told her to get over herself.

Abby took Daniel's sketchpad and did a rough drawing of what she thought her Restless Style cover should look like -- she wanted the illusion of being naked, but told him that she needed to add a little "bling." She called Ashley and said that she needed an advance of several thousand dollars. Ashley said that it wasn't a good time to talk and hung up on her. Abby was stunned at how abrupt Ashley was -- Daniel said that he wasn't, and suggested that the next time she called her mother she begin the conversation by saying "hello."

Abby complained about not having access to the money in her trust fund. Daniel had no sympathy for her, and said that her monthly allowance was probably greater than most people's salaries. Abby said that everyone treated her like a little girl. She told Daniel that she wasn't being allowed to attend Nick's trial, because the Newmans thought that her presence might lend itself to bad publicity.

Daniel got a phone call from his landlord, telling him that he was late with the rent. Daniel apologized and said that he would have the money in a few days. After he got off the phone, Abby asked him why he didn't simply get the rent money from Phyllis. He said that he wouldn't ask his mother for money -- that he considered himself an adult -- and suggested that Abby should try acting like one.

Later, Abby waved a napkin in front of Daniel's face and asked if they could call a truce. Daniel said that he wasn't aware that they needed one. Abby reminded him that he had implied that she was a spoiled brat and wondered why he was being so mean to her. He said that he knew that she had leaked their sex video, and if she wanted to be famous, that was fine -- but he didn't want her to drag him along with her.

At Indigo, the Bardwells celebrated their wedding anniversary -- even though they had been divorced for some time. Jeffrey said that he had a surprise for Gloria, and presented her with a gold-framed copy of their marriage certificate. Gloria smiled and said that Jeffrey was quite the romantic. Jeffrey assured her that the night was going to be filled with "spectacular surprises."

They discussed that they were a much happier couple since they had divorced, and how clever they had been to put all of Gloria's money in Jeffrey's name so the Abbotts couldn't take it as settlement for Gloria's role in the face cream scandal. Jeffrey said, since the divorce, they hadn't been fighting very much, and he had gotten used to Gloria's quirks. Gloria said that she wanted Jeffrey to present her with another surprise -- but he said that the band was playing their song and asked her to dance.

When they returned to the table, Gloria again asked for a surprise. Jeffrey first proposed a toast to his wonderful ex-wife. As the couple began to drink their champagne, Gloria began choking. Jeffrey yelled, "You're choking on your surprise," and administered the Heimlich maneuver.

Recovered from her choking fit, Jeffrey presented Gloria with her surprise -- a key. Gloria wondered if he had bought her a mansion -- but a grinning Jeffrey said that she was sitting in her surprise -- he had purchased Indigo from Neil.

Ashley joined Neil at the Indigo bar. He proudly showed her pictures of his grandkids, Charlie and Matilda. Ashley asked how Lily was doing. Neil said that she had a hell of a battle in front of her -- but at least the doctors had been able to harvest the stem cells from Mac's umbilical cord blood. Ashley wondered why Neil had called her. He said that, with the birth of his grandchildren, he had been taking stock of his life -- and he wanted to make some changes.

Neil told Ashley that he had been reflecting on the past several years -- Dru's death, his short marriage to Karen, problems with Devon, the return of Malcolm, and Lily's cancer. He said that he needed to refocus his life and give everything he had to helping raise his grandchildren. Ashley said, "You're breaking up with me, aren't you?"

Neil sang Ashley's praises. Ashley said that she liked Neil a lot -- but that deep down, she had known that their relationship wouldn't last. Neil said that they would always remain friends -- Ashley said that they would be giving up the "benefits." As they hugged, Tucker entered Indigo and watched them for a moment.

Tucker approached them and had a sympathetic conversation with Neil about Lily's medical condition. Neil received an important phone call, and left Ashley and Tucker alone. Ashley told Tucker that she appreciated him being nice to Neil, who had been going through a lot. Tucker said that Ashley looked that way too.

Ashley told Tucker that she and Neil had broken up. Tucker wondered if it had anything to do with the night they had spent together in Tokyo. Ashley said that she had never told Neil about that night. Tucker suggested they leave Indigo. Ashley agreed, and they took off.

Neil joined the Bardwells at their table and told Gloria that he had indeed sold Indigo to Jeffrey -- Jeffrey had paid cash, and they had kept the deal a secret. Gloria said that she had always wanted her own business. Jeffrey quipped, "Our own business." Neil said that he hoped that the Bardwells would have as many good times at Indigo as he had.

Later, Neil handed all the Indigo receipts, ledgers, and tax statements to Jeffrey. Neil took one last long look around at the nightclub he and Drucilla had opened, and then he left. When he was gone, the Bardwells hugged. They agreed that with Gloria as hostess and Jeffrey as the manager, Indigo would be a huge hit -- they would attract the richest and classiest clientele in Genoa City.

Tucker and Ashley went to the Crimson Lights patio, where Tucker unsuccessfully tried to cheer Ashley up. She said that her breakup with Neil had thrown her for a loop. She also said that Abby had been acting out of control. Tucker said that Ashley could only do so much to protect her loved ones. He told her that she could build a cocoon around herself, or squeeze every drop out of life that she could.

He hugged Ashley, and told her that her pain would get better. Abby spotted Tucker and her mother hugging and ran back inside to Daniel. She said that the reason that Tucker must have turned down her business proposal was because he was "totally sleeping with my mom."

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine was holding a small get-together to celebrate Nina's return to Genoa City. Chloe went into the living room, where she found Billy holding Delia. Billy was impressed with Chloe's dress, but she told him that she had thrown on her outfit with Chance in mind. Billy reminded Chloe that Chance was always busy "babysitting" Heather.

Jill and Katherine entered the living room, and Jill told Billy that they needed to speak in private. Kevin arrived for the party, and Billy wondered who had invited him. Katherine told Billy to play nice. Nina joined the group and wondered if it had been Chance at the door. Chloe said that if it had been, she would have been all over him. Nina sarcastically said, "I'm sure you would."

Paul, Heather, and Chance arrived. After giving Paul a big hug, Nina told him what a lovely young lady Heather was. Nina said how nice it was that her son and Paul's daughter were becoming so close. Chloe, standing with Chance, rolled her eyes and whispered, "She's as subtle as a bomb."

Nina told Paul that she was close to sealing the deal to have Katherine's autobiography made into a movie. Jill overheard and was not happy -- she wondered when that idea was going to die. Heather asked Chance if he wanted another drink -- a beer in a bottle with a twist of lime. Everyone, except for Chloe, was impressed that Heather knew what Chance drank. Heather said that was what happened when two people spent almost every waking moment together. Chloe and Chance told Nina that they had some exciting news for her, and Chloe showed Nina her engagement ring. The devastated Nina said, "No. Please don't tell me."

The group, except for Kevin and Esther, who already knew about the engagement, was shocked. Nina ran off, followed by Paul, and said that she was going to be sick. When Heather said, "That went well," Chloe told her to shut up and ran off, followed by Chance. Chance told Chloe that Nina would eventually accept their engagement. Chloe said that she didn't need anyone's approval -- no one was going to get in the way of her becoming his wife. Left alone with Heather, Kevin commented on how awkwardly things were going. Heather said that it was obvious that Nina was not a big fan of Chloe. Kevin said that he felt sorry for Chloe. Heather said that she did too.

Jill and Billy talked about Liz's death. Billy said how sorry he was that he was out of the country when she had died. Jill told him that Liz had made a deathbed confession -- Jill knew who her biological family was. She updated Billy that she and Lauren shared the same father. Billy jokingly asked himself if he had ever slept with a Fenmore. Jill said that Billy was missing the big picture -- she knew who her family of origin was, and soon the "whole damned town" would know.

Nina whined to Katherine and Paul that Chance deserved better than Chloe. Katherine said that Nina should give Chloe a chance, and said that Nina and Chloe were very much alike. Nina said that was what was freaking her out. Chance walked up and asked Nina if they could speak privately, but Esther announced that Chance's new partner had just arrived.

Chance introduced everyone to Ronan Malloy, who had stopped by to give Heather the key to her new apartment. Ronan was about to leave, but Katherine asked him to stay for a while. Asked about his background, Ronan said that he had been raised in Genoa City, but had joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and had worked there for years, until his mother took ill, forcing him to return to Genoa City.

Nina said that she was a Los Angeles girl, too, then made a snide remark about Chloe. Chloe went off on Nina, and said that she was sick of Nina's dirty looks and snide comments. She told Nina that if she couldn't deal with Chloe marrying Chance then she should go back to Los Angeles. Chloe ran inside the house.

Inside the living room, Billy told Chloe that he knew that she loved Chance, but chided her for not telling Billy about the engagement sooner. Chloe quipped, "Like you told me before you thought you married Victoria?" Billy admitted that Chloe had a point. He then reminded Chloe that when she married Chance, Billy would be her uncle. Chloe grimaced, and told him that if he married Esther, then he could be her stepfather too.

Billy took off. Ronan entered the living room and asked Chloe where the restroom was. Chloe apologized to Ronan for his having to witness the scene between her and Nina. Ronan said that if she owed anyone an apology, it was Nina, although he admitted that it was none of his business. Chloe said, "No, it's not," and told him where the bathroom was.

In the backyard, Chance told his mother that he loved Chloe. Nina said that Chloe was wrong for him -- but she wanted him to be happy. Heather, from across the yard, stared at Chance and Nina talking. Paul approached her and asked if she was enjoying the view. He said that he knew exactly what was going on -- Heather was falling for her bodyguard.

Heather told Paul that she and Chance were just friends -- that he was like a brother to her. Paul said that was good, because, despite Nina's objections, Chance was going to marry Chloe, and Paul would hate to see Heather get hurt.

Billy and Kevin began taunting each other and Katherine asked them why there was so much animosity between them. Billy said that it had begun when he had taken Jana out on a date. Kevin was quick to mention that Jana hadn't enjoyed her evening with Billy. Katherine asked Kevin how Jana was doing. Kevin admitted that he and his wife had split up, and she was staying at the Athletic Club. Jill wondered if Jana was alone. Kevin said that Jana had hooked up with Ryder. Billy said, "That sucks," as Kevin walked away.

Ronan and the guests discussed how life in Genoa City differed from life in Los Angeles. He said that he needed to leave. Heather thanked him for giving her the key. Chloe asked Heather where her new apartment was. Heather said that it was at 190 East Chestnut. Kevin said, "That's my building." Referring to Chance and Heather, he said, "You guys" will love it there." Chloe looked disgusted.

Ronan told Chance and Heather that he needed to see them at the station soon -- he wanted to talk about Frank Ellis. Heather suggested that the three of them go to the station immediately. Chloe, naturally, was disgusted. As Ronan walked out, he told Chloe that he hoped that they hadn't gotten off on the wrong foot. Chloe snapped that she didn't appreciate advice from strangers. Ronan apologized and said that he wanted to get along with Chloe.

As Chance left, he told Chloe how much he hated leaving her. Chloe told him that Delia missed him -- as did she. After Heather, Chance, and Ronan left, Nina once again began singing Heather's praises. Chloe pulled Kevin aside, and, referring to herself, said, "Meet your new roommate." A confused Kevin looked around and said, "Where?"

In the backyard, Esther told Jill that her attorney had left a message returning her call. Katherine wondered why Jill had hired an attorney. She said that she was looking into options regarding the Fenmore family estate. Katherine and Billy scolded Jill for trying to claim part of the Fenmore fortune -- particularly since Lauren had just learned that Jill was her half-sister. Esther said that Jill was being tacky. Jill proclaimed that she was being proactive and went into the house. Katherine looked at Billy and said, "Oh, God. I smell trouble."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tried to convince Kevin to allow her and Delia to move in with him. She told him that he would never again be lonely, although she would allow him to have his space, would water the plants, and would pay two-thirds of the rent. Kevin reminded her that Chance was just doing his job by playing bodyguard for Heather, who was moving into Kevin's building.

Chloe said that she wasn't jealous of Heather -- rather, she missed Chance. Kevin said that he knew what it was like to be separated from someone you loved, and agreed to let Chloe and Delia move in with him, emphasizing that it would be just for a short while -- as soon as Chance was done protecting Heather, Chloe would have to move out. Chloe was thrilled. Kevin said that he was going to regret his decision to let Chloe move in. Chloe said that she and Delia would be the best roommates ever. Kevin replied, "Yeah, until Chance figures out that you're spying on him."

At the police station, Chance and Heather waited for Ronan to join them so that they could question Frank Ellis. Chance was irritated that Ronan was keeping them waiting. Heather told Chance to cut Ronan some slack -- he and Chance had only been partners for one day. They discussed Katherine's party and the tension between Chloe and Nina. Chance said that his mother was going to have to get used to his engagement to Chloe.

Ronan showed up, and Chance wanted to discuss their interrogation of Ellis. Ronan didn't see any need for talk -- he said that it was a "no-brainer" -- Ellis had accused cops of selling drugs to prisoners. He told Chance to watch him interrogate Ellis and learn. Chance said, "I don't think so," and stopped Ronan from entering the interrogation room. Ronan chuckled.

Chance said that he wanted to question Ellis, and told Ronan that he had a lot of experience interrogating "bad guys" when he was in Iraq. Ronan said that experience was overrated. Chance again insisted on questioning Ellis, and sayid that he would ask Ronan if he needed his help. Sergeant Sid Meeks walked up to the group, and Chance introduced Meeks to Ronan. Meeks welcomed Ronan to the Genoa City Police Department, then took off.

Chance, Heather, and Ronan entered the interrogation room where Ellis was waiting for them. Chance took out a legal pad and told Ellis that he wanted the names of the bad cops who were selling narcotics to the inmates. Heather said that District Attorney Pomerantz had authorized her to make a deal with him -- a more comfortable facility in exchange for information. Ellis played dumb and said that he didn't remember ever discussing any drug transactions, and told them that he didn't need a deal from them any longer -- he had been offered a better deal, although he wouldn't tell them by whom. Smiling, he said that he was going to be transferred to the "Club Med" of prisons.

Ronan spun Ellis around and menacingly told him to tell them what he knew -- or Ronan would tell all the other prisoners that Ellis was a narc. A flabbergasted Chance told Ronan to stop. When Ronan said that he wasn't finished, Chance insisted that he was. Ronan pushed Ellis against the wall and demanded the names of the bad cops. Chance put a stop to Ronan's questioning and told an officer to return Ellis to his cell.

Chance told Ronan that he had crossed the line. Ronan replied that he hadn't crossed it -- he had merely moved it a little bit. Ronan said that he didn't think that Ellis knew anything. Chance and Heather insisted that he did -- Ellis knew that Heather was in danger. He told Ronan that Riggs had also known about the dirty cops -- and Riggs had turned up dead.

Heather suggested that they search all the cells in the jail and try to "flip" any inmate found with narcotics. Ronan said that he wanted to try a more subtle approach, but needed to take care of something else first. He told Chance to "put his cape on" and take care of Heather. After Ronan walked off, Chance said that Ronan had seen too many cop flicks.

An angry Chance threw a pile of papers across the interrogation room. Heather suspected that Ronan was getting to him. Chance said that Ronan wasn't -- but he didn't like puzzles he couldn't solve, and he didn't like bullies. Heather said that it seemed unlikely that Ellis would ever talk. Chance replied, "No, thanks to Detective Hollywood." Heather said that if Chance wanted to get anywhere with the case, he first needed to work things out with Ronan. Chance didn't think that would be possible.

Back at Crimson Lights, Nina overheard Chloe on the phone with Esther. Chloe was telling her mother that she and Delia were moving out of the Chancellor mansion to share Kevin's apartment -- but that she would visit the mansion every night. When Chloe got off the phone, Nina confronted her about her move. She said that it was funny how things had worked out -- that Chloe was moving into the same building where Chance was guarding Heather.

Chloe said that she knew that Nina loved causing trouble for her and Chance, but begged her not to tell Chance that she was moving in with Kevin. Nina snidely said that Chance would probably figure it out when they ran into each other at the mailbox. Chloe said that she would like the opportunity to tell Chance. The two women began bickering about Chloe's motives. Chloe asked Nina what her problem was. Nina said that Chloe was her problem -- and would be Chance's too, although he didn't know it yet.

Nina said that she was just a protective mom. Chloe replied, "You're not a mom -- you're a bitch." Ronan entered Crimson Lights just in time to hear Chloe's remark. He walked up to the women, and Nina apologized to him for again having to witness her and Chloe fighting. He told Nina that there was no need for her to apologize. Nina stormed off, and Chloe told Ronan that he didn't understand. Ronan smiled and replied, "Yeah -- I think I do."

Ronan joined Sergeant Meeks at a table in the coffeehouse. Meeks asked Ronan how the "soldier boy" was doing. Ronan said that Chance didn't suspect a thing. Meeks wondered if Chance was going to pose any problems. Ronan said, "Nothing I can't handle."

In their suite at the Athletic Club, Ryder was using Jana's laptop to search for a job. He told her that things looked bleak -- the economy was bad, and he was soon going on trial. Jana reminded him that they were nearly out of money and had to leave the club. Ryder looked around the suite and said that he was getting used to living in the lap of luxury. Jana said that she didn't mind moving -- she enjoyed roughing it.

Jana told Ryder that she almost regretted having purchased an expensive bottle of champagne the previous evening -- but their lovemaking afterwards had been worth the price. Ryder said that he wanted to do something to show he cared about her, particularly since she had done so much for him. Jana said that his forfeiting his relationship with Kevin proved that he cared for her. Ryder said that wasn't enough.

Kevin returned to his apartment and found Jana there. He asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted to repay him some of the money that she owed him, and handed him an envelope filled with cash and her credit card. Jana told him that Ryder agreed that she should begin paying Kevin back. Kevin sarcastically said that Ryder was a real "stand-up guy." Jana said that Kevin wasn't being fair to his brother -- and that Ryder was going to try to contribute some money. Kevin asked her how he was going to do that, but Jana didn't reply.

At the Athletic Club, Ryder lurked in the hallway, and waited for a guest to leave her room. When the women left, he used a master key he had somehow obtained to enter the woman's suite.

Ryder, who had evidently robbed the woman's room, returned to his and Jana's suite and stashed the cash in a drawer. He made a phone call to someone and said, "I've got the money. I'll get it to you as soon as possible." He quickly hung up when Jana returned. She told him about her encounter with Kevin, and that Kevin appreciated the money. Ryder said that the good karma was paying off -- he lied and told Jana that while she was gone, he had gotten two job leads. Jana crossed her fingers for luck and told Ryder that she was proud of him. Ryder said that he wanted the best for him and Jana -- and he was going to work to get them the best.

Chloe arrived at Kevin's, ready to move in. She looked around the apartment and said that it would be perfect for her and Delia. She and Kevin left to get Chloe's luggage from her car. They waited for the elevator. When it arrived, a shocked Chance and Heather got off. Chance asked Chloe what she was doing there. Chloe smiled and said, "Meet your new neighbor."

Michael, Victor, and D.A. Pomerantz met at Indigo. Victor told Pomerantz that Adam had faked his own death, that Adam had only acted insane at Nick's trial, and that Adam had killed Richard Hightower. Victor wondered why Pomerantz was still going after Nick. Michael asked Pomerantz if he would reconsider granting Nick bail. Pomerantz refused. Victor asked what it would take to get Nick out of jail. Pomerantz responded, "Proof that someone else killed Richard Hightower."

Pomerantz said that he was going to make a case that Adam had gone insane because he was afraid that Nick was going to kill him -- but that Nick had inadvertently killed Hightower. Michael doubted that a jury would buy that, and added that since Victor was back in the United States, Nick should no longer be considered a flight risk and should be granted bail. Pomerantz said that Nick should never have been granted bail in the first place, and claimed that he had proof that Victor had bribed Ellis to attack Nick. That attack had led to Nick's having been granted bail until Victor left for Brazil.

Pomerantz said that, after weeks of investigation, he had managed to find a suspicious financial transaction -- Newman Enterprises had deposited a large sum of money in a Swiss bank account that belong to Ellis' wife. Pomerantz smiled and said that he wouldn't press charges against Victor, but that Nick was going to remain in jail. After Pomerantz left, Michael asked Victor what he had been thinking when he bribed Ellis. Referring to Pomerantz, Victor said, "That man is an ass." Michael said that he knew that Victor wanted to see Nick freed, but that their hands were tied unless Adam talked. Victor said that he was going to get Adam to talk -- he was going to pay him a visit at the psychiatric facility.

In his room at the psychiatric facility, Adam sat on his bed, babbling inanely about satellites following him. Dr. Fowler, the facility's psychiatrist, asked Adam if he would consider spending some time in the day room. Initially reluctant, Adam finally agreed, but told the doctor that he needed to remain in the facility. When the doctor left, Adam immediately regained his composure and looked around the room for a way to escape. He managed to pull the vent off a large air duct, but quickly replaced it when an orderly showed up to escort him to the day room.

A nurse escorted Patty to the day room at the same psychiatric facility where Adam was being held. Patty told the nurse that she loved the day room -- it was so full of life. Adam was shocked to see that Patty was in the same facility. He kept his back to Patty so that she couldn't see him.

Patty spoke with Dawn, the patient who thought that a doll was her baby. Dawn told Patty that her "baby" was doing well. A nurse handed a pen and a pad to Patty and told her that Dr. Fowler wanted her to write down her feelings. Dawn placed her doll on a sofa, but Adam grabbed it and hid it under his shirt. As Patty sat at a table, the pen the nurse had given to her rolled onto the floor. Adam, staying out of Patty's sight, swiped the pen. When Dawn looked for her "baby," she found the doll on the sofa -- with a pen sticking out of its chest. She became hysterical. Before Patty could see him, Adam quickly approached Dawn and told her that Patty had killed her "baby" -- Patty had killed before and had done it again.

Dawn began screaming, "Look what Patty did to my baby. She's killed before and she's done it again!" Dawn approached Patty and seemed poised to attack her, but, as Adam looked on, a nurse and an orderly restrained the women.

Dr. Fowler joined the hysterical Patty in the day room. Patty swore that she hadn't stuck the pen in Dawn's doll. She begged to be taken back to her room. As a nurse began walking Patty out, Dr. Fowler told the nurse that Patty's room number was 413. Adam overheard the doctor.

Adam was returned to his room and the orderly told him that he would be back in one hour. Adam said that he would spend the time having a conversation with his dead mother. When the orderly left, Adam quickly removed the air vent, and, to himself, said, "I have an appointment with room 413." He began climbing into the air shaft.

Patty was having an anxiety attack in her room. She told herself that Adam had made her do bad things, then began hearing voices. She remembered her conversation with Adam on the night that she had helped him escape from the hospital. She then heard Dawn's voice, accusing Patty of killing her "baby." Patty began crying and yelled, "I didn't do it. I didn't kill anyone."

In the air shaft leading to Patty's room, Adam began whispering and she asked who was there. Adam said, "It's me. It's the devil. I've come to get you. You're a murderer, and you're going to burn in hell." Patty covered her ears and screamed.

Victor and Michael arrived at the psychiatric facility. Michael reminded Victor that he had to call in dozens of favors to arrange Victor's visit with Adam. He told Victor to behave himself. Dr. Fowler ran into Victor in the hallway and told him that he had completed Adam's psychiatric evaluation -- and had made a decision as to whether or not Adam was competent to testify at Nick's trial.

Victor asked the doctor what conclusion he had arrived at. Fowler told Victor and Michael that he felt that Adam was faking his insanity. Victor said that he agreed with the doctor. Victor asked what the next step was. The doctor said that Adam would be handed over to the police. Victor was pleased when he learned that the doctor hadn't told Adam his conclusion yet -- Victor said that he wanted to tell him face-to-face.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Adam, still hidden in the air vent leading to Patty's room in the psychiatric facility, continued sinisterly whispering to her. He told her that she was going to burn in the deepest part of hell and was going to suffer for all eternity. Patty became hysterical and screamed that she wasn't a murderer.

In the hallway of the psychiatric facility, Michael, Victor, and Dr. Fowler headed towards Adam's room. Michael told the doctor that he wanted it documented that Adam had been faking his insanity so that he could have perjury added to the list of the charges against Adam. The doctor unlocked the door to Adam's room, but then heard Patty's screaming. He excused himself to tend to her. Adam crawled through the airshaft and returned to his room. Victor entered Adam's room and said, "What the hell?"

Adam was sitting on his bed, banging his head against the wall and rolling his eyes. Michael joined Victor and Adam, then left to get the doctor. Victor told Adam that no one was buying his act -- not Victor, not Michael, and not the doctor. He said that soon the whole world would know that Adam was sane. Adam didn't respond to Victor and continued to bang his head against the wall.

When Fowler entered Patty's room, she told him that the devil had paid her a visit to tell her that she was going to hell. The doctor suggested that Patty might have had a nightmare. An orderly asked her about the pen that had been stuck in Dawn's doll. Patty denied having anything to do with that, but she could tell by the expressions on Fowler and the orderly's face that they didn't believe her. Patty begged to go back to the day room. The doctor told the orderly that it was okay to take her there -- as long as she was closely supervised.

Back in Adam's room, Victor told his son to "stop the nonsense," that not even his doctor believed him. Victor accused Adam of killing Richard Hightower. Adam finally spoke and told Victor that he didn't do it -- that Victor would find out the truth soon enough. When Adam turned toward Victor, Victor could see that Adam had a laceration on his head from banging it against the wall.

Michael and Fowler entered Adam's room. The doctor told Adam that he was clearly not psychotic and was going to be released into police custody. After making sure that the doctor was going to give Michael all the paperwork related to Adam's feigned insanity, Victor and Michael left. The doctor told the orderly to take care of the cut on Adam's head -- and said that he was stopping all of Adam's medications. After Fowler left, Adam asked the orderly to get him some construction paper.

In the day room, Adam hid behind a magazine. He watched as Patty found a mask in the shape of a cat's face on the couch. The mask reminded her of the one she had worn at the masquerade ball, and she remembered speaking with Adam at the ball, where he had told her that if she said anything about helping her escape, he would tell the whole world that she wasn't Emily. Patty became agitated and asked the patients if the mask belonged to any of them. She then looked through the window of the day room and saw Adam wearing a mask he had fashioned from construction paper, resembling the one that he had worn at the masquerade ball. She began screaming and asked to be returned to her room.

Dr. Fowler visited Patty in the day room. She had reported that a man wearing a mask was wandering around, but the doctor said that they had searched the facility and they couldn't find anyone wearing a mask. Fowler suggested that he and Patty go to his office, and they left as Adam watched.

Patty returned to the day room and confidently told herself that Adam was gone. She tried to stay calm and smiled. The smile quickly faded when she saw that all the patients in the day room were wearing masks. She screamed, "Stop mocking me! It's sick!" She began ripping the masks off of the patient's faces. The orderly and Fowler tried to subdue Patty. She told them that she wasn't a killer and that the patients were taunting her. Patty was sedated and escorted to her room as Adam watched.

Sharon visited Nick at the jail. He told her how glad he was that she was safe, and said that he wouldn't know what he would have done if anything had happened to her. Sharon said that she hoped that Adam's return would result in the charges against Nick being dropped. Nick said that it must have been terrible for her to have seen Adam alive in Brazil -- and told her that he didn't want her anywhere near Adam. Sharon said that she appreciated his concern -- but it wasn't his call to make. She told Nick that he should be worried about Phyllis. Nick said that he knew that Phyllis was upset about her testimony at his trial. Sharon said that there was a lot more going on than that.

She told Nick that she and Phyllis had talked since Sharon's return to Genoa City, and that Phyllis' reaction to Sharon was more than petty jealousy. Nick said that he didn't understand that, since he was one-hundred percent committed to his marriage. Sharon said that Phyllis felt that Sharon and Nick still had "unfinished business," and evidently felt that Nick and Sharon were destined to be together. Sharon said that they had to deal with that.

Nick said that he wasn't going to apologize to anyone for having been concerned about Sharon when she had been in Brazil. Sharon said, "We found Adam. End of story." Nick pressed Sharon about what had transpired between her and Adam in Brazil. Sharon said that Adam had shown up at her hotel room and they had talked -- she had tried to convince Adam to return to Genoa City. Nick wondered what Sharon had promised Adam to try to get him to return. Sharon said that she knew that Adam was still in love with her, and she had used that to try to lure him back. She told Nick that she was no longer afraid of Adam. Nick said that she should be.

Nick said that he was sick that Sharon had to use herself as bait to get Adam to return. Sharon said that she did what she had to do. She told Nick what had happened on the Brazilian beach -- that she and Victor had cornered Adam and Skye, and Adam had tried to escape, but the Brazilian police had shown up and fired a warning shot into the air. Sharon said that when she heard the shot, she had been concerned that Adam had been killed. She reminded Nick that, in spite of his faults, Adam was still a human being, and not wanting to see him dead didn't mean that she was still hung up on him. Nick said that he was baffled because seeing Adam hadn't scared her -- but the prospect of seeing Adam dead did.

Sharon said that she had to leave, although Nick protested. She told him that they had spoken enough for one night. When the guard let Sharon out, he informed Nick that he would have more company soon -- the guard had seen the new detainee list and Nick's brother, Adam, was on it.

Kevin and Chloe, on their way down to get Chloe's luggage, ran into Chance and Heather in the hallway of their apartment building. Chance chided Chloe for not trusting him. Chloe said that she had moved in with Kevin so that she could be closer to Chance. Heather opened the door to her unit, which was directly across from Kevin's, and Chloe was shocked to see that it was a small studio apartment.

Chloe looked around Heather's apartment and noticed that there was only one bed. Chance said that he was going to sleep in a sleeping bag on the other side of the room, and pointed out the hooks he had hung -- he told Chloe that there was going to be a sheet between Heather's bed and his sleeping bag. Chloe said that she wasn't relieved. Chance turned things around on Chloe, and said that the real issue was her moving into the building.

Kevin, trying to defuse the tension, suggested that he and Chloe get the rest of her luggage. Heather said that it was a good idea for Chloe and Kevin to go -- that she and Chance had to "go to bed" as they needed to get up at 4:00 a.m. so that Heather could travel to give a deposition. Chance suddenly grabbed Chloe, kissed her passionately, and told her that he loved her. Chloe and Kevin left, and Heather remarked that there was a lot of drama going on. Chance blamed Heather for causing the drama by constantly pushing Chloe's buttons -- particularly by making the remark that she and Chance had to "go to bed." Heather giggled and said that she couldn't help it -- but that it wouldn't happen again.

In Kevin's apartment, he told Chloe that Chance was obviously in love with her. Chloe said that she wasn't worried about Chance -- she was concerned about Heather. Feigning fatigue, Chloe said that she was going to take a bubble bath and go to bed. Kevin began turning out the lights and said that he would see her in the morning. As soon as Chloe thought that Kevin was in bed, she slipped out of the apartment.

In Heather's apartment, Heather watched unseen as Chance did pushups. When he finished, he saw her and said that was his way of letting off a little steam. Heather said that Adam did pushups before going to bed to work out his aggression. Chance apologized for not discussing Adam's return from the dead with Heather -- he wondered how she had been handling that. Heather said that she had been pretending that Adam's return wasn't real. She told Chance that there was a time when she couldn't imagine herself with anyone but Adam -- but she would like to see him rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

Heather got down on herself for falling in love with a sociopath. Chance reminded her that Adam had fooled a lot of people -- including the brilliant Victor Newman. Heather said that she still felt like a fool. She told Chance that she always had a nagging suspicion that something about Adam just hadn't seemed right. Chance said that not all men were like Adam.

Heather poured her heart out to him, telling Chance that she never had a good male role model in her life -- her stepfather had been abusive to her mother, and her real father, Paul, had only been in her life for a few years. In the hallway outside Heather's apartment, Chloe tried to listen to the conversation between Chance and Heather. Kevin tiptoed up to her and whispered, "You just couldn't help yourself." Chloe was startled.

Back in Kevin's apartment, Chloe told him that he was seeing her at her lowest. Kevin said that Chloe's fears were all in her head. She confided that Chance had been a virgin until he met her. Kevin was shocked that Chloe was the first woman who Chance had been with. She feared that Chance might want to find out what it was like to be with other women. Kevin responded, "And that scares the hell out of you."

In Heather's apartment, Chance finished hanging up the sheet that separated his and Heather's sleeping quarters. He told Heather that he hated going to bed knowing that Chloe was angry with him. Heather told him not to worry about it -- that he and Chloe would be fine in the morning. Chance agreed. After checking that the alarm was set for 4:00 a.m., they went to their respective sleeping areas. Heather was wearing a revealing nightgown, and Chance stripped down to his boxer shorts. The dividing sheet fell to the floor and they each went to grab it. They ended up standing face-to-face wearing nothing but their underclothes.

Chance put his pants back on and stapled the sheet so that it wouldn't fall again. Heather joked that they shouldn't see each other in their underwear -- that it would turn them into lust-crazed beasts. The awkwardness between them was apparent as they finally tried to retire for the night. Chance decided to text Chloe, "Missing you." Both Chance and Heather lay down in their respective areas, but neither of them looked ready for sleep.

In Kevin's apartment, he and Chloe had a hard time deciding what to watch on television. Kevin wanted to watch NASCAR, but Chloe insisted on watching a documentary about Coco Chanel. They finally decided on the film "Plan 9 from Outer Space." Chloe put her phone aside and didn't notice the text message that Chance had sent.

Michael and Victor met with D.A. Pomerantz at Indigo. Michael read a portion of Dr. Fowler's evaluation, stating that Adam was faking his psychosis, to the DA. Victor said that Adam was amoral, deceptive, and narcissistic -- but not insane. Michael said that he had spoken to Nick's trial judge and Fowler's report was going to be admitted into evidence. Victor insisted that Adam was the killer -- and the longer that Pomerantz continued his "farce of a trial," the more incompetent the D.A. would look. Victor told the D.A. to do the right thing and drop the charges against Nick, otherwise Pomerantz would be doing harm to what was left of his career.

As Michael and Victor sat at the bar, the D.A. woke up Heather and Chance with a phone call and, on speakerphone, asked them what he should do. He told them that Adam had been cleared to testify. Pomerantz said that he was afraid of looking like a fool. Heather said that the best thing to do was for the D.A. to admit his mistake and prosecute Adam. Chance told Pomerantz that he agreed with Heather -- everyone knew that Adam was bad news -- and that if Pomerantz put Adam away, the D.A. would look like a hero. Pomerantz said that he would call them back when he decided what to do. Heather thanked Chance for his support.

After Pomerantz hung up, Victor said that he hoped that all of the D.A.'s frantic phone calls meant that Nick would be released that night. Pomerantz said that he was charging Adam with conspiracy and had issued a warrant for his arrest -- but that Nick's trial was still on -- that both of the Newman boys were going to jail for a long time. Victor said, "A man who seeks vengeance digs two graves -- one for his enemy and one for himself. Pomerantz asked Victor if that was a threat. Victor said, "No, it's a proverb." After Victor and Michael walked off, Pomerantz looked extremely concerned.

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