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Chance and Heather suspected Ronan of being a dirty cop. Chance and Heather made love. Skye bailed Adam out of jail under the condition that he marry her. Meggie showed up unexpectedly at the ranch, claiming that she was in danger. Victor proposed to Nikki.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 12, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, July 12, 2010

At Restless Style's headquarters, Victoria arrived and interrupted an intense argument between Victor and Billy. After Victoria earnestly professed her love for Billy, Victor said, "This is disgusting." Victor left abruptly, and Victoria explained to Billy that her earlier announcement had been a factual statement that needed no response whatsoever. Billy asked Victoria for a date because he knew the perfect place to take her. Billy took Victoria to an arcade. Amid blinking lights and beeping video games, Victoria ordered Billy to give her a handful of game tokens. After Billy jokingly insisted that he planned to kick Victoria's butt, she retorted, "Prepare to get owned!" Billy seemed turned on by Victoria's mischievous challenge.

Victoria and Billy whiled away hours playing pinball and video games, and munching junk food. After Victoria outscored Billy, she tilted her hip forward and loudly smacked herself on the butt in victory. Billy said he hadn't seen Victoria smile so widely before while sober. Billy surmised that Victoria felt relieved after admitting the truth to her father. Billy and Victoria admired the sets of snapshots they'd posed for inside a photo booth. A strip of photos Billy posed for using body language to communicate, "I love you, too," charmed Victoria. Billy and Victoria shared a kiss.

Phyllis showed up at her apartment and told Sharon that she'd left Nick and wanted her place back. As Phyllis hastily collected Faith's toys that were strewn about the living room, she told Sharon that although she and Nick still loved each other, she'd been naïve to think that situating Sharon across town would keep Nick away from his ex-wife. Sharon said she could move out immediately because she'd never unpacked all of her things.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick searched for Phyllis but didn't find her. He ran into Sharon as he was leaving. Sharon told Nick she'd just moved out of Phyllis' penthouse because Phyllis had moved in. Nick told Sharon that Phyllis and Summer didn't belong there. Nick said he would tell Phyllis that being apart from him was a mistake.

Sharon hesitated before asking, "Are you sure that it is?" Nick said, "That's my wife, and I love her. I am not going to just let her leave me." Sharon was at a loss for words after Nick asked if she believed he would just let Phyllis go. Nick told Sharon that Phyllis believed she only had part of his love. Sharon interjected, "But that's not true." Nick insisted he would make sure Phyllis knew that he loved her.

After Sharon and her baby left the penthouse, Phyllis gazed at a photo of herself with Nick on the mantel and relived a memory from the beginning of their relationship. Phyllis recalled telling Nick that they could find her son sooner if they worked together. She also recalled a later memory when Nick let go of his grudge against Daniel. After Nick and Phyllis' relationship deepened, she recalled making passionate love to him on her sofa. Lastly, Phyllis recalled her wedding vows to Nick. Phyllis had said, "When I first fell for you, I knew our love would be a true, ridiculous, all-consuming, and unconventional love that people wish for their entire life."

Phyllis gazed fondly at a photo of Nick holding Summer and remembered him proposing after telling her that he didn't want to live without her. In a later memory, Phyllis recalled Nick expressing appreciation for her support. Nick arrived, and Phyllis looked longingly at him as he stood in the doorway. Nick stepped inside and told Phyllis that he understood if she needed some time, but he insisted that he wanted her and Summer to return home. Phyllis refused. Nick admitted that for a time he'd been uncertain, but he claimed he was dead certain he wanted her.

Nick promised Phyllis that he'd use all his energy proving that he needed her. Phyllis promised not to keep him and Summer apart, but explained that she was too tired of dealing with Sharon's pull on Nick's emotions. Phyllis shouted, "There will always be something between you and Sharon-always. I will not sit back and watch it anymore." Calming herself, Phyllis said, "In the beginning, it was so incredible and nothing could keep us apart, but as time went on, it just got chipped away."

Phyllis cited Sharon's miraculous pregnancy as the last straw. Nick said, "We got past that." Phyllis, sobbing, explained that she never got past it because it stared her in the face every single day. Phyllis waved her hands before her face, dismissing further involvement with her husband and his ex-wife. Phyllis explained that divorced couples should not be in love.

Phyllis maintained that Sharon would always have a hold on Nick. Phyllis cried, "You have no idea how much you've hurt me." Nick asked if he was supposed to walk away from her. Phyllis answered, "Yes, you're supposed to walk away from me." Nick hesitated near the front door before he opened it and forced himself to walk out. Phyllis, stunned, mouthed, "Oh, my God."

At the courthouse, Heather and Chance learned from Owen that Skye Lockhart had shown up with a celebrity defense attorney. Owen warned Heather that she was lead counsel and had better fight like hell. Chance warned Heather that if Adam wasn't convicted, then nobody would pay for Hightower's murder because Nick had been cleared and Patty would never be prosecuted. Heather seemed apprehensive, but she told Chance that she was ready to face her ex-fiancé.

Inside the courtroom, Adam asked his attorney, Vance Abrams, if he could arrange bail. Heather sauntered in and introduced herself to Abrams. Heather glared at Adam before she took her seat. After the judge arrived, Vance pleaded for Adam and proclaimed, "Not guilty." Vance asked the judge to set bail at a reasonable amount because his client had been through enough and deserved to go home. Heather immediately stated that bail shouldn't be a remote possibility for Adam because he had already faked his death and fled the country in order to escape justice.

Heather noted Adam's newest and most damning charges of conspiracy to commit murder, and she begged the judge to deny bail and force Adam to face justice by standing trial. Vance rose and explained that his client fled because his father, Victor Newman, had threatened his son's life. Vance assured the judge that Adam was ready to face the court and clear his name.

Vance reminded the judge that Heather Stevens was once engaged to Adam and had been part of the kangaroo court that tried to force a false confession out of his client. Vance proclaimed that Heather should be removed from the case because she was a scorned woman who wanted the defendant to suffer. Heather sprang up and shouted, "Objection!" The judge called for order and explained that the hearing wasn't about opposing counsel. The judge set bail at $500,000. Heather attempted to protest, but the judge adjourned court. Skye smiled slyly at Adam.

Back in the holding cell, Adam happily greeted Skye, who wore a white, Grecian-style dress. Adam thanked Skye for marching in and saving his tail. Skye reminded Adam that she wanted something in return for paying bail, and she asked Adam to marry her and give her his name. Adam admitted that he hadn't seen Skye's request coming. As the jailer opened the cell door, Skye asked Adam if he was in or out on her offer. Before Adam could respond, Heather arrived and dismissed Skye.

Heather angrily told Adam that he was disgusting. She berated him for torturing Ashley and stealing Sharon's baby. Heather reminded Adam that he had planned to kill Hightower before someone else did and should stand trial for conspiracy to commit murder. Heather said, "You got bail, but I'll make damn sure you're convicted." Adam reminded Heather that he had dumped her, so she shouldn't be on the case. Adam maintained that Heather sought a personal vendetta instead of justice. Heather warned that she'd testify against him on the stand if she were removed from the case.

Adam taunted Heather and said she'd made love to an evil man, who she would have married had he been devoted only to her. Heather, with tears welling in her eyes, replied, "Thank God I found out what you are, compulsive and vicious. Nobody with a heart will ever make the mistake of caring about you again." After Heather walked away, Adam swallowed hard and seemed a bit shaken. Skye returned with a justice of the peace and a marriage license. Skye explained that they'd marry immediately unless Adam couldn't live up to his end of their deal. As the justice of the peace conducted the impromptu ceremony, Adam recalled his wedding to Sharon. After pronouncing the couple man and wife, Skye said, "Let's get out of here!"

Heather and Chance talked over coffee at Crimson Lights. Heather admitted that it wasn't easy going face-to-face with Adam. Heather admitted that she'd been drawn to Adam because she related to him and thought she was the only one who could discern the good in him. Chance said he couldn't understand why Heather and other women didn't avoid men who were asses. Heather said, "Too bad you're taken. What I need is a guy like you."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki learned from Nick that Phyllis left him. Nick insisted that he and Phyllis would work out their differences after things calmed down, so they could feel normal and safe again. After Nick stepped away to find out if Phyllis had checked into a room, Nikki summoned Victor to her table. Victor sat down and immediately told Nikki that Victoria had lost her mind. Victor implored Nikki to talk to Victoria about claiming she was in love in Billy. Nikki instead suggested they allow their children to live their lives and learn from their mistakes.

Fuming about Victoria's profession of love for Billy, Victor insisted that a no-good, arrogant Abbott would surely hurt their daughter. Nikki reminded Victor that he and she were once married to members of the Abbott family. Victor said, "The Newmans have no business dealing with the Abbotts because they'll hurt us." Abby overheard her father's comment and reminded him that she was an Abbott, so he must hate her, too. Abby joined Victor and Nikki for a discussion. Abby accused Nikki of showing the magazine to Victor and insisting that the young woman was in danger of forever ruining her reputation. Nikki explained that she and Victor currently faced issues that were more serious.

Abby boasted that a celebrity gossipmonger, Allen Cook, was on his way. After Allen arrived and was introduced to Victor and Nikki, he asked Victor how he felt about Abby's sex tape. Victor asked, "Because of what?" Nikki buried her head in her hands. Victor was livid when he learned about the sex tape and demanded to know who had recorded the video. Allen interrupted and explained that the video had prompted a flurry of Internet discussion. Victor warned that he'd close down Allen's magazine if he printed one word about the tape.

Later, Abby and Allen moved to another area of the club. Abby checked her phone and discovered that response to her video was climbing markedly. Abby urged Allen to quote Victor and said, "This day is ending so much better than it began!" Allen admitted that he fully intended to quote Victor in his magazine.

After Nick left to talk to Phyllis at the penthouse, Sharon approached Victor and Nikki at their table and explained that Phyllis had moved back to her apartment. Victor was in the dark, so Nikki explained that Phyllis had decided to separate from Nick. Victor asked why he hadn't been told. Before Nikki could respond, she, Victor, and Sharon noticed Adam and Skye enter. Adam approached the gawking trio and said, "I hope everyone's having a wonderful evening. I know I am. Allow me to introduce my wife; this is Skye Newman. Hey, Dad, It's great to be back!" Sharon, bewildered, seemed frozen in place. Victor and Nikki glared at Adam.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At Genoa City Memorial, Jill and Cane watched the twins through the window of the neonatal ICU. Cane told Jill that he had heard about Jill's name change -- from Jill Abbott to Jill Fenmore -- and wondered if she might be moving a bit too fast for Lauren. Jill said that Lauren couldn't ignore the fact that they were sisters. As Cane told Jill that she might push Lauren away by being so aggressive, Lily joined them. Cane informed her that both of the babies had gained some weight. He asked her how she was doing, and she said that she was feeling stronger.

At the arcade, Victoria reminded Billy that she had told him that she loved him -- and that he had indicated the same via the pictures that he took of himself in the arcade's photo booth. Victoria said, "Now what?" Billy said that he was hungry and wanted to go to dinner. She told him that he was insensitive, and he mentioned that he was told that every day.

Victoria received a phone call that she had to take and walked away. Billy called Jill to find out how Lily and the twins were doing. Jill said that the babies were doing fine, but that the pressure seemed to be getting to Lily, and she and Cane were worried. Billy asked to speak with Cane. Initially thinking that was a bad idea, Jill acquiesced and handed the phone to Cane. Billy told Cane that Jill had told him about Lily's situation -- and that he had an idea that might brighten Lily's day.

After getting off the phone with Billy, Cane told Lily that they were leaving the hospital for one hour. Lily wondered where they were going, but Cane told her that it was a surprise. Lily was concerned about leaving the twins alone, but Cane had arranged for Neil to stop by to look over them -- he assured her that between Neil, the doctors, and the nurses, Charlie and Matilda would be fine.

Cane, hiding Lily's eyes, took her to the arcade where Billy and Victoria had been. He removed his hands and told her to open her eyes. Mac, J.T., Devon, and Roxanne jumped out of hiding and surprised Lily. Mac told her that she should forget about all her troubles and have an "Enjoy your life" day. Devon, Roxanne, J.T., and Mac arranged a Skee-Ball tournament while waiting for the pizza that they had ordered. Lily was concerned about germs, but Cane told her that he had spoken to her doctors. He took some hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes out of his pocket and said that, as long as they sanitized everything, Lily shouldn't have to worry about germs.

The group made a game out of sterilizing the various arcade games. Lily smiled and told Cane that she had never realized that disinfecting could be so much fun. Cane told her that it wouldn't be long before the twins weighed enough to go home. The Ashbys told each other what wonderful parents they would be.

A depressed-looking Mac sat alone at a table. J.T. joined her and asked her if everything was okay. She half-heartedly said that everything was fine -- the twins were doing great, Lily seemed to be feeling better -- and all was right with the world.

Later, as the group continued to have fun playing arcade games, J.T. noticed Mac sitting alone in the photo booth. She told him that she really wanted to be there for Lily, but her heart wasn't into it. J.T. said that her heart was hurting -- and that she was entitled to her feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion. He told her that no one thought it would be easy for her to give the twins away. Mac wondered if it would be impossible. J.T. asked what he could do to help her. She asked him to take her to see the twins. Before leaving the arcade, she told J.T. to say goodbye to the group for her -- she would then meet him outside. After Mac was gone, J.T. told the group that Mac was tired and he was going to take her home. J.T. took off.

As the Ashbys prepared to leave, Cane and Lily teased each other about having male versus female Skee-Ball competitions when the twins grew up. Lily insisted that she and Matilda would beat Cane and Charlie -- and that the guys would have to do the dishes for a week. After they fantasized about the future, Lily asked Cane to promise her that their dreams would become reality. Cane said that all of their fantasies would some day be realized -- except for the little part about the gals beating the guys.

J.T. and Mac went to the hospital to see the twins. Mac said that she had thought that going there might make her feel better, because the babies represented life and hope. She told J.T. that she should be happy and grateful, but she felt cheated and miserable. J.T. reminded her that she had just undergone major surgery and given birth -- he said that her hormones were probably out of control.

Mac said that she wanted the Ashbys and their babies to have a happy life, but she didn't know what to do about the hole inside of her that she couldn't fill. She told J.T. that she had seen incredible suffering while doing her charity work around the world, and she could always comfort the victims -- she never had fallen apart. She began crying and wondered why she couldn't comfort herself. J.T. said that he would comfort her, and the couple hugged. Later, they went to Crimson Lights. As J.T. went to the counter to place their order, a despondent-looking Mac sat alone at their table -- holding her belly.

Lily and Cane returned to the hospital and visited the twins. Cane said that he saw Charlie smile. Lily insisted that Charlie wasn't old enough to smile -- but Cane insisted that he had, because he knew that his Mommy was getting better and that he had the best family ever.

At Fenmore's Boutique, Lauren met with famed fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who had dressed celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Jeremy was designing a line of clothing for Fenmore's, and Lauren was thrilled to be working with an artist of his caliber. Jeremy admitted that his lifelong dream had been to design a line for Fenmore's. Lauren said that his designs were gorgeous and unique. He told her that he wanted to sign an exclusive contract for Fenmore's to carry his designs and said that they could begin shipping immediately.

Jeremy spotted a picture of Neil Fenmore and Lauren's grandfather on the wall. Jeremy told Lauren how much he had always admired Neil. Lauren told him that the picture had been taken the week they had opened their first department store in New York -- and they had donated their first week's profits to charity. Jeremy said that Neil sounded like a wonderful man. Lauren said that he had been.

Lauren and Jeremy reviewed a floor plan of the boutique, and went over the placement and signage for Jeremy's line. The boutique was closed, but that didn't stop Jill from banging on the door. Lauren, rolling her eyes, excused herself and unlocked the door. She told Jill that it wasn't a good time. Jill was star-struck when she saw Jeremy. She introduced herself as Jill Fenmore -- Neil's other daughter. Lauren looked livid.

Jill was disgusted with the plans for the placement of Jeremy's clothing line. Jeremy said that he thought that it was terrific. Lauren explained that they wanted to showcase Jeremy's designs at the front of the store. Jill said that there was no evidence that type of marketing strategy worked. A slightly miffed Jeremy told Lauren that he had another appointment to get to. Lauren walked him out, whispering to him that her sister wouldn't be a problem. When Jeremy was gone, Lauren turned to Jill and said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Lauren scolded Jill for interrupting her meeting with Jeremy. Jill reminded Lauren that she had once been the CEO of both Chancellor Industries and Jabot -- and that she had years of experience in advertising and marketing. She wondered why Lauren wouldn't want some sisterly advice. Lauren said that she didn't want Jill as her business partner, her friend, and, "sure as hell not as a sister."

Later, after Jill left, a teary-eyed Lauren prepared to leave the boutique. She looked at the picture of her father, crumpled up the floor plan, threw it at the picture, and said, "Damn you."

Jill met with her lawyer at Crimson Lights. She told him that she was ready to move ahead with her lawsuit to claim half of the Fenmore estate. The lawyer said that was good -- because he had found something out about Neil Fenmore's will that he was sure Jill would find interesting.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki, Victor, and Sharon continued to stare at Adam and Skye. Skye suggested that they leave, but Adam said that he was going to order an expensive bottle of champagne and toast to how he "screwed over" his family. Sharon told Victor that she couldn't believe that Adam was his son. Victor said that Adam meant nothing to him. Watching Skye and Adam toast, Sharon said that she couldn't believe that Adam was acting like he had never hurt anyone.

Nick entered the club and was stunned to see Skye and Adam. Adam sent Skye to check on their table. Adam approached Nick and informed his brother that he and Skye had gotten married -- and that both he and Nick would have to cheat on their wives in order to be with Sharon. Nick was about to take a punch at Adam, but Sharon ran over from her table and stopped him; she asked him not to make a bad day worse. She told Nick to walk away, and he did.

Adam told Sharon that he got upset when she defended Nick. He said that he still loved Sharon. Sharon wondered how Adam's new wife would feel about that. Adam said that he and his wife had an "understanding." Sharon said that Skye, who had returned and was standing right next to them, didn't look understanding. Sharon walked away, and Skye told Adam that their table was ready.

Skye headed to the table by herself as Adam spent another moment sitting at the bar. Nikki approached Skye at the table and said, "Well, death certainly becomes you." Nikki asked who the body found in the Newman stable, which Adam had identified as Skye, belonged to. She wondered if it had been some innocent person who Skye and Adam had killed. Skye said that she had no clue who the body belonged to -- that it was probably someone who that "slime" David Chow had murdered. As Adam joined Skye, Nikki said that the two of them deserved each other.

Billy and Victoria showed up at the club, with a large stuffed pig in tow. They met up with Nick, Sharon, and Nikki. Victoria wondered what Adam was doing there. Nick said that Adam's wife had bailed him out. Victoria was stunned when she realized that Adam had married Skye. When Billy asked why Skye would put up Adam's bail, Nick replied that if Billy was there for a scoop for Restless Style, he should leave. Billy assured Nick that he and Victoria were there for dinner and went to get a table. Sharon began rubbing Nick's arm and told him to calm down. Observing the physical contact, Nikki told Sharon that they should return to their table.

Nikki told Sharon that she knew what Sharon was up to -- and that it had to stop. She reminded Sharon that Nick and Phyllis had separated, but that Nick was hoping for a reconciliation. Sharon said that she wouldn't stand in Nick's way. Nikki said that Sharon already was -- by involving herself in Nick's life. Sharon became upset, said she was tired, and marched off to her suite. Adam's eyes followed her as she left the dining room.

In the club's foyer, Billy ran into Skye. He asked if he should call her Ms. Lockhart or Mrs. Newman. She asked who wanted to know. He said that he was Billy Abbott. Skye said, "Of Restless Style?" Billy nodded yes and asked Skye what she thought of Genoa City. She said, "Small town, small people, and you can print that in your small magazine."

Victor approached Nick and told him that he and Nikki were leaving, and wondered if he wanted to join them. Nick said that he wasn't going to give Adam the satisfaction of thinking that he had chased Nick off. Victor said, in that case, they should have a cup of coffee -- but first Victor needed to take care of some business. Victor walked up to Adam and Skye's table and told Adam to get out. Adam refused, telling Victor that the law was on his side.

Victor called the dining room to attention and announced that Adam was a liar, a kidnapper, and a murderer -- and told the diners that he had disowned him. Victor claimed that Adam had killed someone in the club, but, because of D.A. Pomerantz's incompetence, he had been freed on bail. Victor urged the diners to deny service to Adam in their stores, cafés, and restaurants. He said that all good citizens would want justice to prevail in Genoa City, and that by treating Adam as a pariah, they would send that message to Pomerantz.

Sharon returned to the dining room with Faith and asked Nick if he would watch her for the night. Nick asked her if she was okay. She said that she couldn't be there. He told her that he was worried about her -- but she urged him not to be. Nick said that everyone could use a friend. Sharon insisted that Nick wasn't her friend. The rebuffed Nick said that he could watch their daughter. After Sharon left, Victoria, who had overheard the exchange, told Nick that she couldn't blame Phyllis for leaving him.

Victoria said that she knew that Nick loved Phyllis and Summer -- but it was obvious that he still had feelings for Sharon. Nick insisted that his feelings for Sharon had to do with their children and their shared past. Victoria said, "I think if you find Nick Newman, you'll find out who he should be with."

After Nick stepped away, Billy, still clutching the stuffed toy pig, joined Victoria at the bar. Victoria thanked him for not making a jackass out of himself in front of her family. Billy smiled and showed Victoria a room key. Victoria wanted to go to the room immediately. Billy asked, "What about your parents?" Victoria joked that they could get their own room, adding, "Let's go, and bring the pig." Billy smiled and said, "This is gonna be fun." The couple went up to a suite and immediately began ripping each other's clothes off.

Sharon went to a church and told the priest that she wasn't sure why she was there -- that it had been a long time since she had been to church to make a confession. The priest pointed to a confessional and said the monsignor was in there, waiting to listen to what she had to say. Sharon entered the confessional and, through the divide, starting speaking to the monsignor. As Sharon began to speak, a mysterious man lit candles on a display next to the confessional, and listened to every word that Sharon said.

As the mysterious man listened, Sharon said that she needed the monsignor's help to find strength -- she told him that she still had feelings for a man and she couldn't shut the feelings out. She said that she couldn't stop thinking about the man -- even though she knew that associating with him was the last thing that she and her daughter needed. She asked the Father to help her make the right decision.

At the club, the manager approached Adam and said that he had to leave -- that some of the customers were complaining. Adam said that he wouldn't imagine what the patrons' complaints were. Skye, looking uncomfortable, told Adam that they should leave. Adam received a phone call and said to the person on the phone, "Where is she? And those were the exact words she said?" Adam told Skye that he had to leave. She asked him where he was going. He told Skye that he had married her -- and that he didn't owe her anything else.

Victor approached Nick and asked if there was anything he could do to help resolve Phyllis and Nick's marital problems. Nick thanked his father, but said that he would have to work that situation out himself. Victor and Nikki wheeled Faith out of the club. Nick approached Skye and asked her what kind of a groom would leave his bride alone on their honeymoon night.

At the church, Sharon had left the confessional and was genuflecting in the front pew. She heard the door to the church open. She turned around and was stunned to see Adam standing there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tucker stopped by Ashley's to check up on her -- he had heard on the news that Adam had been released on bail. Ashley said it was disgusting that Adam wasn't in jail. Tucker wondered how he could make Ashley feel safer. He suggested posting a security detail at her house -- or, better yet, she could stay with him.

Ashley said that she was okay staying at home -- that Adam had used her to get to Victor and that he probably wouldn't bother her. She said that she was concerned about Faith, but she trusted Nick and Sharon to do what was best for the baby. Ashley and Tucker talked about the night when he ran into Ashley and Faith at the airport. Ashley had just learned that Faith might not be hers and had been planning to leave town.

Ashley told Tucker that he had caught her in a moment of weakness, but Tucker said that, after learning what Ashley had gone through, he had been blown away by her grace and strength -- he told her that most people would have buckled under the kind of pressure that she had been under. Ashley said that she couldn't buckle -- that Abby needed her. Tucker said that Jabot needed her too -- and so did he. He took her hand, but Abby entered the living room and Ashley quickly pulled her hand away from him. Abby told them not to mind her -- she was just there to pick up some things, and planned to spend the night at a friend's house.

After Abby left, Tucker cooked dinner for himself and Ashley. He told her that he had learned to cook while on an archaeological dig -- but the most valuable treasure he had ever discovered was Ashley. They talked about their romantic night in Japan. Tucker wanted to know if there was anything developing between them. Ashley said that she was open to seeing where things went. After dinner, they began kissing and started taking each other's clothes off.

Daniel ran into Abby at Crimson Lights. Holding a copy of Restless Style, he told her that he was in a great mood and was happy with how the cover had turned out. Abby said that she wasn't -- and she was distressed that the cover story had been changed from her efforts to save the animals to an exposé on her brothers and Sharon. She told Daniel that she would have the last laugh -- the cover photo had increased the number of hits on her website -- even though the picture was tame.

Daniel said that he didn't think the picture was tame at all -- he thought that it was quite sensual, and that Abby's "naughtiness" showed. He told Abby that, as she had predicted, the cover had been good for his career -- an art dealer wanted to see his new work, and he felt energized. He said that he wanted to take Abby up on her offer to paint "The Naked Heiress." Abby said that, because of the cover, she was in great demand for photo shoots and interviews, and didn't think she would have the time to pose for Daniel. She said that she would see if she could fit him in her busy schedule, then left.

Daniel returned home and placed an empty canvas on his easel. Abby showed up and asked him what he was going to paint. When Daniel said that he hadn't figured that out yet, Abby said that it looked like she had arrived just in time. Later, Abby posed nude for Daniel and he took a break from his painting to kiss her.

Jack dropped by Phyllis' penthouse, thinking that he would find Sharon there. Phyllis answered the door and told him that she was living at the penthouse -- she had left Nick. She invited Jack in and said that Summer was staying with Victor and Nikki -- and she didn't know how she was going to tell her daughter that she was separating from Nick. Jack thought that perhaps Phyllis' hesitation in telling Summer meant that she wasn't completely sure about ending her marriage. She said that she was sure of her decision -- that Nick's feelings for Sharon were never going to fade, and she was tired of fighting that.

Jack said that he knew how hard Phyllis had fought to keep her marriage together. Phyllis told him that she didn't like the person she had become -- paranoid, resentful, and on guard. She said that if a grown Summer told her that she was in a relationship with a man where Summer gave 110 percent and the man gave only 40 percent, Phyllis would advise Summer to get out of the relationship -- to have some self-respect.

As Jack and Phyllis sipped wine, Phyllis said that it felt like a wake. Jack told her that she had never been one to settle. She said that with Nick, she had. Jack assured her that there wasn't anything wrong with her -- that she was a cockeyed optimist even though she liked to project a cynical, tough-talking broad persona. Phyllis thanked him for listening. Jack said that he would always be there for her. The couple began kissing. Phyllis pulled away and said, "Tell me we didn't almost do that again."

Phyllis was annoyed that she had almost made love to Jack. Jack said that nothing had happened, but she said that something could have. He admitted that he had been tempted, but he didn't want to screw things up with Emily. He told Phyllis that he was giving everything he had trying to put back the pieces of his relationship with Emily. Phyllis replied that she had given everything she had trying to save her marriage to Nick. Jack told Phyllis that Nick loved her -- he had chosen her. Phyllis said that she had never stopped feeling like she was Nick's mistress, trespassing on sacred territory.

Jack said that he could stay for a while, but Phyllis thought it would be best if he left. She said that she was looking forward to dancing at Jack and Emily's wedding, which she hoped was in the future. She told Jack that she wanted him to be happy. Jack replied, "Right back at you, Red." He gave Phyllis a quick kiss on the cheek and left. Inside, Phyllis looked very much alone.

At the Athletic Club, Nick, wheeling Faith in her stroller, ran into Skye. He made a snide comment about how lousy Skye's honeymoon was -- since Adam had left so abruptly. He asked her if Adam was in the basement -- revisiting the scene of the crime. Skye told Nick that Adam had received a mysterious phone call and left -- but hadn't told her where he was going. Skye said that told her quite a bit. Nick said that Adam had better not be where they thought he was.

Billy and Victoria were in bed in their Athletic Club suite. From the club's foyer, Nick called Victoria and asked her if she could watch Faith. Victoria said that was fine. Nick said that it would take a little while for him to drive to Victoria's, but Victoria informed him that she was upstairs in a suite.

Nick showed up with Faith at Billy and Victoria's suite and sarcastically apologized for ruining their evening. Victoria asked what was going on. Looking at Billy, Nick said that he couldn't say. Billy, realizing that Nick didn't want him privy to the information, went to the bathroom to shower. When Billy was gone, Nick told his sister that he needed to check out what Adam was up to. Victoria warned Nick to stay away from Adam, but he insisted that he had to find their brother.

After Nick left, Billy returned, and he and Victoria realized that Faith's diaper needed to be changed. Victoria said that she would do it -- after all, Faith was her niece, and she insisted that she had more diaper-changing experience than Billy. Billy said that he had excellent diaper-changing abilities, and proceeded to prove that to Victoria.

Billy told Victoria that two years earlier, he had hated being around kids, but after Delia's birth, he had learned to love it. Victoria said that she was sorry that Reed had grown up so quickly -- and told Billy that she would love to have another baby. When she saw Billy's reaction, she immediately said, "I don't mean us." She admitted that she had put her foot in her mouth again, but Billy said that it was adorable.

At the church, the startled Sharon accused Adam of having followed her there. He lied and said that he was there for the same reason she was -- to seek guidance. Sharon told him that it was obviously impossible for him to tell the truth. Adam said that he wanted to explain his marriage to Skye, even though Sharon told him that she didn't care. Adam insisted that Sharon did care, and assured her that his new marriage was nothing like he and Sharon had -- it was a marriage of convenience.

Adam told her that Skye knew that he loved Sharon. Sharon said that she didn't want to hear about it. Adam reminded her that they were in a church -- a place one went for forgiveness. Sharon said that she couldn't speak for God, but she would never forgive him for what he had done. She started to leave, but Adam blocked her way. She reminded him that the last time they were in that church had been when Adam had accompanied her to a bereavement group while she was mourning Faith, whom she had thought was dead.

Nick showed up at the church and asked what was going on. Adam asked him how he knew that they were there. Nick said that Sharon had texted him, and accused Adam of stalking her. Adam said that perhaps Nick was stalking him -- or chasing after Sharon. He wondered why Nick wasn't at home and trying to fix his failing marriage.

As Nick grew irate, Adam tried to push his buttons. He wondered how Nick had reacted when he had learned that Adam and Sharon were alone in a hotel room in Brazil. Adam asked Nick if Sharon had told him that he and Sharon had kissed. Sharon told Nick not to listen to him, and said that he was obviously trying to provoke Nick. Adam persisted, asking Nick if Phyllis knew that Nick was obsessed with Sharon.

Nick said that Adam was delusional if he thought that Sharon wanted anything to do with him. Sharon interrupted the bickering. She said that she could speak for herself. She told them that she and Adam had no chance for a future together -- and that she didn't want Nick making decisions for her. She looked at the brothers and said that she didn't need either of them.

Nick told Sharon that he had gone to the church to help her, but she said that she didn't need his help. She told Adam to go back to the Athletic Club and spend time with Skye -- who had not been happy that Adam had left. Sharon left the church. Adam and Nick continued to bicker. Adam thanked Nick, Victor, and the rest of the "jury" in his mock trial -- he said that the "kangaroo court" had garnered him sympathy with the judge, and that was why he had been granted bail. Adam said that Nick was probably going crazy realizing that Sharon loved Adam.

Nick said that the only reason that Sharon ever had anything to do with Adam was because she was trying to get over Nick. Nick smiled and wondered if Sharon had ever called out Nick's name when Adam and Sharon were in bed together. Adam punched Nick, which sent him and a candle display to the ground.

Nick stood up and said, "We won't do this here." He accused Adam of being involved in Hightower's death. Nick said that he had met Hightower's young son -- and reminded Adam that he had hugged Hightower's son when the boy learned that Adam planned to save Hightower's life with the bone marrow donation. Nick said that the boy had become an orphan, thanks to Adam. He told Adam that his high-priced lawyer might keep him out of prison, but Adam had another judgment to look forward to -- and that there was a special place in hell reserved for him. Adam stared at Nick and stormed out of the church.

After Adam was gone, Nick picked up the candle display that had been knocked over and, staring at the statue of Christ, began to pray.

Adam returned to the Athletic Club suite that he was sharing with Skye. Without saying a word, he kissed her. She pushed him away and ripped off his shirt. The newlyweds began making love.

Sharon went to Billy and Victoria's suite to pick up Faith. Victoria wondered why Nick hadn't returned and if her brother was okay. Sharon assured her that Nick was fine and that he had asked her to pick up the baby. Victoria and Billy told her that Faith had been sleeping most of the night. Sharon sarcastically said that was good, because then Billy wouldn't be able to quote the baby in a Restless Style article.

Sharon asked Victoria if she was okay with Billy once again exploiting the Newman family in Restless Style. Victoria suddenly became serious and said, "I'm not. No one is." As Sharon wheeled Faith out, she snidely said, "Way to draw the line, Victoria." After Sharon was gone, Billy reminded Victoria that she had forgiven him for the article. He made Victoria laugh and started chasing her around the suite. They ended up in bed, making love.

At the Newman ranch, Victor returned to the living room and told Nikki that their adorable granddaughter Summer was fast asleep. Nikki said that it might be Summer's last carefree night, since Phyllis had left Nick. Victor said that it would have been nice if their children had learned from his and Nikki's mistakes. Nikki reminded him that it took them decades to figure their relationship out. Victor looked into Nikki's eyes and told her how nice it was that she was living at the ranch again. Before kissing her, he said that their troubles were all behind them.

Victor gave Nikki a neck rub and they were about to retire to the bedroom so that he could give her a full massage when the phone rang. Victor answered and said, "Who? How'd she get in?" After he hung up the phone, he turned to Nikki and said, "Well, I'll be damned."

Victor was shocked when Meggie, the bartender from Canada, showed up at the front door. She told Victor that she had nowhere else to go. Victor introduced the ladies. Nikki was initially cold toward Meggie, until Victor told her that she had helped him track Adam when he had been in Canada. Nikki said that both she and Victor were grateful for her help. Victor said that he was going to the kitchen to get Meggie something to eat. Meggie told him that when he returned, she would tell him why she had traveled by bus to Genoa City.

Victor placed a tray with a sandwich in front of Meggie. Meggie said that she knew that Victor wouldn't turn her away. Victor reminded Meggie of how kind she had been to him in Canada. Nikki asked her if she was in Genoa City because she was in trouble. Meggie, seated on the couch, fainted into Victor's arms. Nikki called for an ambulance and looked concerned when Victor picked up the unconscious Meggie and carried her in his arms.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

At the Newman ranch, Victor looked through the newspaper and told Nikki that Adam's picture was on the front page again. Nikki asked how Meggie was doing -- Meggie had fainted the previous evening, and Nikki had fallen asleep before the doctor arrived. Victor told her that the doctor had diagnosed Meggie with fatigue, gave her some fluids, and told her to rest. Nikki wondered why Meggie had left Ottawa so suddenly. Victor said that there had to be a good reason, as Meggie didn't scare easily.

Nikki was concerned that Meggie might be in danger and end up causing trouble in their home. Victor reminded her that Meggie had saved his life. Nikki wondered if Meggie's troubles might have to do with Adam and Skye. Meggie entered the living room. Victor smiled and wished her a good morning.

Meggie told them that she had slept well -- that the bed was extremely comfortable, and then bawdily joked that the only thing missing had been a man to keep her company. Victor went to the study to take a business call. Meggie asked Nikki if she minded the intrusion. Nikki said that Meggie was welcome -- after all, the help she had given Victor had eventually led to Nick being released from jail.

Nikki was taken aback when Meggie frankly admitted that she had made a pass at Victor when he had been in Canada. Nikki smiled weakly and said that she wasn't the first woman to have done that. Meggie said how lucky Nikki was to have a man like Victor -- she said that Nikki wouldn't believe some of the bums she had gone out with. Nikki replied dryly, "Oh, I probably would." Victor returned from the study to tell the women that he had cleared his schedule and could spend the day at home.

Meggie told Victor and Nikki that, after Victor had left Canada, Shaw Roberts and his gang had shot up her bar in retaliation for Meggie having helped Victor. She told Victor that she had reported the shooting to the police, but they weren't able to do anything about it because there hadn't been any eyewitnesses. She had planned to reopen the bar, but Shaw and his nasty friends began hanging around her house. She made the decision to jump on the first bus out of town, no matter where it was headed. Meggie then remembered that Victor had said that if she ever needed anything, she should get in touch with him, so she had decided to travel to Genoa City. She told Victor that there would be no hard feelings if he told her to "take a hike."

Nikki did not look pleased when Victor told Meggie that she could stay as long as she needed to. The grateful Meggie said that she had nowhere else to go, and that she didn't want to be a bother. Nikki coolly said that there was plenty of room at the ranch, and Victor told Meggie that she would be safe there.

Nikki and Victor gave Meggie a tour of the ranch, and they returned to the main house. Meggie said that it was more of a palace than a ranch -- she couldn't believe that the stables were air-conditioned. Nikki told her that she could go horseback riding if she wanted to. Meggie said that she was more of a sailor -- then apologized for sounding like a "yokel." Nikki told her that she had also felt that way when she had first laid eyes on the ranch -- and then pointedly said that after so many years of living there, it still felt magical. Victor looked at Nikki and said that sometimes if was good to be reminded of what one had.

Meggie looked at the newspaper and saw the picture of Adam. She looked like she was going to pass out again. Victor said that she should go back to bed -- it was important that she not overdo. She agreed and returned to the guest room. After she was gone, Victor began making a phone call as Nikki said, "About Meggie..."

Victor was on the phone with Michael. He asked his attorney to check out Meggie's story about the shooting at her bar. After he got off the phone, Nikki said that she was surprised that Victor had welcomed her into their home. Victor said that Meggie seemed like a "straight shooter," but not everyone was what they seemed to be -- so he planned to find out about Meggie. Nikki seemed a bit relieved.

Nick stopped by Sharon's Athletic Club suite to apologize for the scene at the church the previous day. Sharon said that she could have handled Adam herself -- she didn't need Nick's help. Nick said that he worried about her safety since Adam was out on bail.

Nick watched Faith as she slept in her cradle. He told Sharon that he wasn't going to stop protecting their baby. Sharon replied that it wasn't Nick's protection -- it was his overprotection -- that was a problem. She didn't want Faith growing up feeling that she needed someone to constantly take care of her -- the way Nick treated Sharon and Victor treated Nikki. Nick said that most women would be grateful if their ex-husband cared. Sharon said that Nick had no confidence in her. He said that he had confidence in Sharon -- it was Adam who he didn't trust.

Adam was asleep in his and Skye's suite at the Athletic Club when Skye returned from a breakfast meeting with Vance, Adam's attorney, and woke her new husband up. She told Adam that she and Vance had a plan to transform his image. Adam said that would take a miracle worker. Ignoring his comment, Skye said that their plan began with Adam being seen frequently in public. Adam said that after Victor's diatribe at the club the previous evening, he would prefer to lie low and let things simmer down. Skye said that she had married Adam for his name -- and that they were going to salvage it.

Adam sarcastically said that he had thought that Skye had married him out of love. He again insisted that he keep a low profile. He was hoping to stay out of prison and perhaps make a fresh start in life. He said that he wanted to wait until he was exonerated until he aimed any higher. Skye said that, by then, it would be too late.

She showed him a list of charities and told him to start making donations to them -- she said that buying a good name had worked for Victor. Skye told Adam that people were accusing him of terrible things and that he had to show them that he could do good. She said that they were going to change peoples' opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Newman. Adam told her that she really seemed to love her new name.

Nick, Sharon, and Faith breakfasted in the Athletic Club's dining room. Sharon said that she wanted Nick in Faith's life -- but that didn't mean that he had a say in Sharon's life. Nick said that he was "cool" with Sharon's boundaries. Adam and Skye entered the dining room, and the two couples shot daggers at each other.

Adam walked over to Nick and Sharon's table and said that they looked like a happy family -- perhaps he would take a picture and send it to Phyllis. Nick told Adam to stay away from him and his family, or he would throw Adam out. Adam accused Nick of threatening him in public. Skye rushed over and told Adam that they should leave. As Adam walked off, Nick said that he couldn't wait until Adam was in prison. Sharon told Nick that she had lost her appetite and wanted to return to her suite. Nick said that doing that was tantamount to letting Adam win. Sharon said that she didn't care -- she didn't want to be in the same room with Adam. Sharon, Nick, and Faith left.

At the bar, Skye told Adam to hold his head up -- that when people heard the truth about what the Newmans had done to him, they would sympathize with him. She said that she had his back -- and he would realize that when he heard her plan. She told him that she was starting a hedge fund using a system that the two of them had devised at Harvard Business School. She said that she was using the money she had won in Brazil and had already received phone calls from potential investors. She was just waiting for SEC approval -- and then she would be playing with the "big boys." Adam said that was what she had always wanted. She said that she was twice as smart as the "big boys" -- and planned to be twice as rich.

In Sharon's suite, Nick said that Adam had a lot of nerve for approaching them in the dining room and told her that he was going to speak to the manager. Sharon said that there was no need for him to do that. She grabbed a suitcase and told him that she was leaving -- not just the club, but Genoa City.

Nick said that there wasn't any reason for Sharon to move out of town -- she could move into a high-security building. She said that she needed space between her and a few things. Nick asked about Faith. Sharon said that she would never keep Faith from him and promised that she would stay in touch. Nick told the sleeping Faith that he would see her as soon as she and Sharon settled down. Sharon promised to take a lot of pictures of Faith, and said that she might not be gone for that long. Nick gave her a peck on the cheek and told her to be safe. She said that she would and promised to call when she got settled. Nick left.

In the hallway, Nick received a phone call -- the person calling asked him if Newman Enterprises was going into the hedge fund business. Nick denied that, but the person informed him that the "Newman Fund" had been registered with the SEC. Nick said that he had no idea what the Newman Fund was, but he was going to find out. In their suite, Skye and Adam poured champagne and toasted to their new business venture -- the Newman Fund.

Jana went to Crimson Lights and walked behind the counter. Kevin wondered what she was doing there. She said that she was covering someone's shift and told him that she thought that he was off on Thursday. He said that he had changed his day off to Friday. Things became tenser when Ryder entered the coffeehouse to give Jana her cell phone, which she had left in the car.

Jana served Ryder a cup of coffee. An irritated Kevin wanted to know why Ryder was still hanging around. Ryder said that they served good coffee. Kevin pointed to a sign that read that he had the right to refuse service to anyone. Jana told Ryder that it would be best if they left. Kevin wondered how Jana was going to pay for their Athletic Club suite if she didn't earn money by working the shift at Crimson Lights. Ryder said that he had that covered, and he and Jana left.

Chloe approached Kevin and asked him what that had been about. He said that there had been a scheduling mix-up. Chloe said that Ryder gave her the creeps, and that it had to be hard on Kevin to see him with Jana. Kevin said that if Jana wanted Ryder, she could have him.

Alison stopped by the coffeehouse and flirted with Kevin as Chloe watched. When Alison went to sit at a table, Chloe asked who she was. Kevin explained that he and Alison had gone on a date. Chloe thought that Alison was cute, and wondered why Kevin hadn't asked her out again. He told her that, on their date, all he had talked about had been how much he missed Jana. Chloe said that was stupid -- but it shouldn't stop him from asking her out again. She told him to open his heart to new possibilities.

Before Alison left, she handed Chloe her business card. Chloe said that she would post it at the Restless Style office. After Alison left, Chloe told Kevin that Alison ran a home-based business -- spray tanning -- and that she had made an appointment. Kevin joked that Chloe had been looking a bit pasty. Chloe informed him that the appointment wasn't for her -- it was for him. Kevin said that he didn't want a spray tan. Chloe asked him what he had to lose.

Jana and Ryder returned to their Athletic Club suite. Ryder suggested that they do something -- go on a picnic or see a movie. Jana said that she thought that Ryder was starting a new job. Ryder said that he was -- but he would postpone his start date because he wanted to spend the day with her. Jana seemed pleased and went to freshen up. Ryder looked concerned.

Jana and Ryder walked downstairs to the club's foyer. Ryder saw some policemen speaking with the club's manager, became nervous, and said that he had to return to the suite for his cell phone. After he went back upstairs, an officer approached Jana and said, "Are you Jana Fisher?" When Jana replied that she was, the officer said that he had learned that Ryder Callahan was staying with her -- and he had a warrant for Ryder's arrest. Jana said that had to be a mistake, as Ryder was out on bail. The officer assured Jana that it wasn't a mistake.

At Heather's apartment, Chance and Heather were anxiously waiting to hear from Judge Bessey -- they wanted to learn whether or not the judge was going to issue a search warrant so that they could search all the cells at the jail for drugs. They discussed the implications of not getting the warrant -- without the search, they would never be able to find an informant to tell them which police officers were selling drugs to the inmates.

Chloe showed up with a calendar -- she wanted to talk with Chance about setting a wedding date. They looked through Chloe's calendar, but nearly every day was full. Chance noticed that August 26th looked open, but Chloe said that date was bad -- it was the same date that she had married Cane. Heather received the call from Judge Bessey -- the judge had granted the search warrant. She told Chance that they needed to move quickly, before Owen, Sid, or Ronan found out. Chance told Chloe that although he was anxious to start planning the wedding, setting the date would have to wait. Chloe said that was fine. She gave Chance a kiss and left. Heather and Chance were right behind her.

At the jail, Chance presented the warrant to the warden, who was not happy that he hadn't been informed about the search. Chance told him to remove the prisoners from the cellblock. The warden said that he was going to call D.A. Pomerantz. Chance said that was fine -- but that he needed to comply with the warrant first. Chance told the angry warden, "Let's move the prisoners -- now."

Later, Chance met up with Heather and told her that he hadn't yet turned up any drugs in the cells that he had searched. He said that he was determined to get the name of every dirty cop. Heather said that if their search turned up nothing, Pomerantz would be all over them. Chance said that they had done everything by the book. Heather reminded him that they hadn't notified Pomerantz in advance. Chance said that the D.A. would be fine when they found drugs in the remaining cells. Heather replied, "If we find them."

Later, at Heather's apartment, a disappointed Chance and Heather lamented that they hadn't found any contraband at all at the jail -- and that had never happened. Heather theorized that someone had tipped off the inmates. Chance agreed -- but they couldn't figure out who -- not even Ronan knew about the search. Heather said that they needed to prepare for "major damage" when Pomerantz learned about the warrant.

The irate D.A. showed up and yelled at Chance and Heather for going to Judge Bessey about his case without clearing it with him first. Chance stepped up and took the blame, saying that he had pushed Heather to call the judge. Pomerantz wondered what had possessed them to sidestep him, and, in the process, make the warden angry. He told Heather that, "by going rogue," she had tipped everyone off. Heather said that every cell had been squeaky clean -- there had to be a leak somewhere. Pomerantz said that if they did find anything, they were to notify him or Ronan. He told Chance that if he pulled another stunt, he would be off the case and Heather would be out of a job.

After Pomerantz left, Chance said that the D.A. had been right -- Chance had blown it and was a failure. He told Heather that he was going to give up the case and cut his losses. Heather consoled him, telling him that he did what he had to do -- he took a risk that hadn't worked out. She said that she and Chance had spent a lot of time together and that he was trustworthy, incredible, honest, and courageous. Chance said that he had put Heather's job in jeopardy, and wondered what Ronan and Meeks would think of him.

Heather told him not to worry about them. She also said that she felt incredibly safe knowing that he was protecting her -- he was the best man she had ever known. Chance hugged Heather tightly and held her. Their hug turned into a passionate kiss and they walked over to the sofa. As they continued kissing, unbeknownst to them, a miniature camera hidden behind a small statue was recording them.

Paul and Nina had breakfast at the Athletic Club and discussed how interesting it was that Nina's son was guarding Paul's daughter. Paul said that he wished that Chance and Heather could have gotten to know each other under better circumstances, but, after a bomb had been planted in Heather's car, Paul was happy that Chance was watching over his daughter.

Later, Nina and a reluctant Paul went to Fenmore's Boutique for a shoe sale -- Nina told Paul that Fenmore's yearly sale was legendary. Paul said that he would rather have taken a drive to the lake. Nina kissed Paul and told him that the kiss was a bribe. Paul smiled and said that the bribe had worked -- she could go shopping.

They returned to Paul's apartment and Paul said that even shopping could be fun if he was with the right person. Nina joked that he should see what she had in mind for their next date. Paul said that their date hadn't ended yet -- he had more in store. Nina asked if it involved clothing. Paul smiled and said that it involved less clothing, then began kissing Nina.

Paul and Nina ended up in bed, making love. Someone knocked at the door, but they didn't hear it. In the hallway stood Christine "Cricket" Blair, Nina's best friend and Paul's ex-wife. She knocked on the door again and said, "Paul? Are you there?"

Friday, July 16, 2010

At the Newman ranch, Victor got off the phone with Michael and told Nikki that, per the Ottawa Police Department, Meggie's bar had been shot up -- but there had been no confirmation that Shaw Roberts and his lowlife friends had been responsible because there were no witnesses. Nikki said that there was no proof that Meggie had been telling the truth.

Nikki told Victor that he had forgot to mention something to her -- that when Victor had been in Canada, Meggie had made a pass at him. Victor chuckled and said that he knew what Nikki was implying, but assured her that he had no interest whatsoever in Meggie. Meggie interrupted the conversation -- she entered the room wearing one of Victor's shirts, since she was laundering her own clothes.

Victor asked Meggie why she hadn't told them that the Ottawa Police Department didn't believe her story that Shaw and his friends were behind the shooting at her bar. Meggie said that she wasn't surprised about that -- that the police had been a lot less friendly to her since she had helped Victor and Jack. Meggie again offered to leave if Victor and Nikki felt like she was intruding, but Victor said that he wouldn't hear of it. He told her that he would find some way to corroborate her story. Nikki said that she could find Meggie something more suitable to wear and took her upstairs.

Victor left the ranch. Meggie donned a nice outfit that Nikki had given her, and said that it was a relief to have clean clothes on. She told Nikki that she was glad that she could let her guard down for a little while. Nikki said that she needed to lay down some ground rules -- and ground rule number one was that Victor was off-limits. Meggie chuckled.

Nikki said that she was grateful that Meggie had saved Victor's life -- and she would happily provide Meggie with food, clothing, and shelter -- but Nikki warned her that Victor had turned her down in Canada and would continue to do so if she kept making passes at him. She told Meggie that she and Victor had a good life together -- and the last thing they needed was any complications. Meggie said that it had been stupid of her to mention the pass at Victor -- and swore that she didn't want Nikki's "man."

Christine kept knocking at Paul's apartment door and said, "Paul, are you home?" Paul was in bed with Nina, making love. Nina jumped up and said, "Oh, my God, is that Cricket?" Paul said that it couldn't be. Paul quickly got dressed and answered the door. He was shocked to see Christine. She told him that she had just arrived in Genoa City for a short visit. Nina, buttoning her shirt, appeared behind Paul, and Christine quickly realized what she had barged in on.

Paul got a phone call from Victor and told Nina and Christine that he had to leave for a little while. After Paul left, Nina and Christine hugged and said how happy they were to see each other. Christine said that she knew from Nina's emails that Paul and Nina had become close -- she just didn't realize exactly how close. Nina asked if Christine was okay with her relationship with Paul.

Christine said that she loved Paul and she loved Nina -- and if they were happy, she was happy for them. Christine said that she couldn't wait to see Chance -- she had heard all about him from Phillip. The women discussed how shocked they were to learn that Phillip had faked his death. Christine said that Phillip was very happy in Australia and that she was going to try to visit him in the near future. Christine said that she had learned from Phillip that Chance had gotten engaged. Nina grimaced and said that she prayed every day that something would blow Chance's engagement to hell.

Nina told Christine that Chance had been assigned to protect Paul's daughter, Heather. Christine thanked Nina for keeping her informed about what had been going on with Patty -- a situation that had to be tearing Paul apart. She told Nina that Paul must be grateful that someone like Chance was watching his daughter. Nina confided to Christine that she worried about Chance, and wondered why he couldn't have become an accountant.

Victor and Paul met at Crimson Lights. Paul was still obviously angry with Victor for his role in what had happened to Patty. Victor said that he hoped that they could get past that. Victor explained the situation with Meggie and asked Paul to do a background check on her. Paul wasn't pleased that Victor was allowing Meggie to stay at the Newman ranch -- he was concerned that either a con artist or a woman in grave danger was living in the same house as Nikki. Victor said that was why he had called Paul, and wondered if he would help.

Victor said that Nikki was his top priority, but Paul wasn't totally convinced -- he guessed that Victor probably hadn't consulted Nikki before allowing Meggie to stay at the ranch. Paul became angrier and said that when Nikki left him at the altar, he knew that it had been because of her feelings for Victor. Victor said that it was obvious that Paul was too resentful to take the job and began to leave. As Victor started to walk off, Paul said that he would do the background check on Meggie -- but for Nikki's sake, not Victor's. Victor said that, whatever the reason, he was happy that Paul was willing to help and asked him to start the investigation immediately. Victor left.

At Paul's apartment, Nina and Christine continued to reminisce and laugh. Paul returned and said that, with the three of them together, it seemed like old times. Nina left so that Paul and Christine could catch up. They dealt with the elephant in the room -- Christine said that she was sorry that she had shown up without calling first, and told Paul what she had told Nina -- that as long as they were happy, she was happy for them. Paul said that he felt like he had crossed a line somewhere. Christine reminded him that it wasn't as if she and Paul were going to reconcile. She said, "This is where we all are, and it's all wonderful."

Paul and Christine caught up. They discussed the situation with Patty. Christine said that Nina had told her about Heather. Paul said that he regretted that he hadn't spent time with his daughter while she had been growing up. Christine said that he was making up for it -- and that she always knew that he would be a good parent. Paul asked her where she was staying -- she told him she was going to get a room at the Athletic Club.

He wondered if he would see her again. She said that of course they would -- she hadn't traveled to Genoa City for a "drive-by hug." Paul asked if things were okay with them. Christine replied that things were always okay with them. They hugged and Christine left. Paul, in his apartment, and Christine, in the hallway, both looked a bit depressed.

Nina returned to Paul's apartment to retrieve her forgotten cell phone and was surprised that Christine had left. Paul told Nina that Christine had said that she was happy for them -- but Nina said that it couldn't have been easy for her to learn about their relationship. Paul reminded Nina that things between him and Christine had been over for a long time, and it wasn't as if she had returned to stake a claim on him. Nina wondered if Paul was sure about that.

At the Athletic Club, Christine was on the phone with someone. She said, "I haven't seen her yet. I have to find the right time to let her know that she's in danger. I'm here to help."

Victor returned to the ranch and learned that Meggie was resting in bed. Nikki was surprised to learn that he had hired Paul to investigate Meggie. She told Victor that she and Meggie had a talk, and Nikki had told her that she wasn't sure that she could trust Meggie. Victor assured Nikki that Meggie wouldn't be there for long. He then took out a jewelry box from his pocket and opened it, revealing a massive diamond ring. The stunned Nikki could only say, "Oh, my God!"

Victor told Nikki that she knew that he loved her and that he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives. He asked Nikki if she would marry him. Nikki stood there speechless. Both she and Victor were unaware that Meggie had been watching as Victor had proposed.

Jana led the police down the Athletic Club hallway to her suite, and asked the officers what they were going to arrest Ryder for. One of the policemen told her that Ryder was being charged with grand theft, breaking and entering, and burglary. Jana allowed them into the room, but Ryder wasn't there. The police asked her if they could search the suite, but Jana said that unless they had a search warrant, they couldn't. The officers told her that they would obtain one -- and that she should tell Ryder that they would be back. After the officers left, Jana went through the drawers in the bureaus and was shocked when she found a diamond bracelet.

At Kevin's apartment, Chloe was stilling trying to talk Kevin into keeping the appointment with Alison for a spray tan -- she said that she thought that Alison was a great girl, and Chloe wanted him to be happy -- like she and Chance were. She asked Kevin if he thought it would be all right if she went across the hall to visit Chance. He said that he didn't think that would be a good idea. He was certainly right, because Chance and Heather were making love on the sofa in Heather's apartment.

Chloe decided to ignore Kevin's advice and opted to visit Chance. As she began walking out, Kevin told her that she would appear needy and pathetic. Chloe realized that Kevin was right and decided to call Chance. She got his voicemail and left a message -- she lied and said that Delia had jammed a toy down Kevin's toilet and she needed his help to dislodge it before Kevin returned home. After hanging up, Chloe told Kevin that Chance would be there any minute -- so Kevin would have to leave.

After Chance and Heather got dressed, Heather heard a beep from Chance's cell phone and correctly guessed that Chloe had called. Chance told Heather that he was sorry. Heather said that he had nothing to apologize for -- that she and Chance were both under a lot of pressure and "things happen -- no harm, no foul." Chance said that he doubted that Chloe would see it that way. Heather wondered how Chloe would ever find out. He said that he didn't keep secrets from Chloe.

An angry Ronan showed up at Heather's and said, "What the hell was that jailhouse search? Are you guys out of your freaking minds?" He told them that they "got squat" out of the search -- and every player was on to what they were doing. Chance said that dirty cops were dealing drugs, Heather had almost been killed -- and someone had tipped off the prisoners about their investigation.

Ronan said that it seemed like their "secret plan" hadn't been so secret. Heather, growing angry, asked Ronan exactly what he had added to the investigation -- she reminded him that so far it had just been Chance trying to build the case -- and he had also kept her alive. Ronan said that he had experience, and added that if Chance needed someone to tell him how good he was, that was where Heather entered the picture. Ronan said that Chance and Heather had targets on their backs -- and they might end up dead. After Ronan left, Chance said that he was an ass. Heather wondered if it might have been Ronan who had tipped off the inmates about the search -- and if he was one of the dirty cops.

Kevin, eating a bowl of cereal, told Chloe that he wasn't going anywhere -- that Chance might not even show up. Jana called Kevin and told him that she needed his help urgently. At first reluctant, he agreed to meet her at Crimson Lights. After Kevin left, Chance showed up and Chloe was thrilled to see him. She began kissing him, not noticing that he obviously had something on his mind.

Chance told Chloe that they needed to talk. She began kissing his neck, but he stopped her, and said that he couldn't continue. She said, "Yes, you can." When Chance pulled away, Chloe wondered if Heather was the reason that they weren't doing "naughty things." Chance said that he had screwed up the case he was working on, and he was getting flack from Pomerantz and Ronan -- and that was why he wasn't interested in sex.

Chloe wondered if the case would ruin their relationship. Chance assured Chloe that he loved her -- and he wouldn't let the case interfere with his feelings. Chloe, sensing his distance, asked him if he was okay. He said that he was fine -- and that the next day would be better.

While Chance was at Kevin's, Heather called Pomerantz and told him that she suspected that Ronan was a dirty cop. She was unaware that Ronan was listening to everything that she said from his listening post. Heather told the D.A. that Ronan had cut her and Chance off at the pass -- and that he either had a huge ego or his hands were "dirty."

Heather told Pomerantz that she had no proof about Ronan -- just a hunch. She asked the D.A. to take him off the case, but Pomerantz refused. Chance returned as Heather told Pomerantz to remember that she had warned him. After she hung up, she told Chance that Pomerantz wasn't going to remove Ronan from the investigation. She asked Chance how things had gone with Chloe. Chance said that he couldn't tell her that he had made love to Heather.

Chance said that it he told Chloe, it would break her heart, and if he didn't, he would be one of those guys who didn't have the guts to stand up for himself. Heather said that she didn't think that Chance was weak for trying to protect his girlfriend. Chance reminded her that Chloe was not merely his girlfriend -- she was his fiancée, and he insisted that he would eventually tell her.

Heather told Chance that she had told Pomerantz that she thought that Ronan had been compromised. She and Chance wondered how Ronan could have found out about their plan. Chance thought that perhaps he had bugged the apartment. At his listening post, Ronan said to himself, "Son of a bitch."

Chance and Heather searched for the bug. He located it hidden behind a small statue and indicated to Heather, using a hand signal, that he had found it. Chance continued to speak as if he hadn't located it, then he waved for Heather to join him in the hallway.

In the hallway, Chance said that Ronan was a bastard. Heather wondered how long the bug had been in her apartment, and realized that he had heard her and Chance making love. Chance was more concerned that "they" knew about the investigation -- but "they" didn't know that Chance had found the bug -- and he wanted to keep it that way. From his listening post, Ronan called someone and said, "Yeah, we have to get rid of Chancellor."

Kevin met with Jana at Crimson Lights. She apologized for bothering him -- then told him that the police had shown up at the Athletic Club to arrest Ryder for theft. Kevin said that he wasn't surprised and wondered if that was how Ryder had been paying for the Athletic Club suite. Jana said that was possible. The angry Kevin wondered where Ryder was -- since he had been released on bail, which had been funded by Jana borrowing against Crimson Lights, Kevin was concerned that he could lose the business.

Jana said that she knew that Kevin was angry, but begged him to help her find Ryder. Kevin said that he would -- and then "hand his ass" over to the police. He asked Jana for Ryder's cell phone number and provider -- he knew a way to hack into the cell phone provider's server and track Ryder via GPS. Jana asked him if that was easy. He said that it wasn't -- but he wasn't going to lose his business because of Ryder.

Kevin returned home and immediately started to work on his laptop. He told Chloe that Ryder was a crook -- the cops wanted him for burglary, and unless Kevin found him, he might lose Crimson Lights. He said that when he found his brother, he would "beat the crap" out of him and then hand him over to the police. Chloe told Kevin that Chance had stopped by and left -- and that something "huge" was going on with him, although she didn't know what.

Jana returned to the suite and found Ryder there, rummaging through the drawers. She said, "It's not in there anymore," and held up the diamond bracelet. Ryder said that he could explain. Jana told him that he couldn't run from the police. He said that he couldn't go back to jail -- that there was a difference between the way things looked and the way things actually were.

He told Jana that he couldn't prove his innocence if he were in jail. He asked her to run away with him, and he would explain everything to her. He said that he would understand if she didn't want to join him on the lam, but said that he needed her. When he kissed her, Jana said that she would join him -- but that they would have to leave immediately.

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