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Christine and Ronan hid that Ronan was Nina's long-lost son. Chance admitted to Chloe that he had cheated on her with Heather. Jana and Ryder fled town together. Jill sued Lauren for half of the Fenmore estate. Abby publicly rode naked on her horse and was hauled off to prison.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, July 19, 2010

At Paul's house, Nina searched and found her misplaced cell phone under the bed. Nina commented about how odd it was that Christine showed up and interrupted them while they were making love. Paul kissed Nina tenderly. Paul told Nina that he was working on a case for Victor. Nina said she was surprised that he'd take on work from Victor after what he did to Patty. Paul noted that he took the case in order to protect Nikki.

Nina suggested she and Paul get away for a while, and she offered to make reservations. Paul cited his work schedule, family obligations, and Christine's visit for postponing the trip. Nina felt forced to agree after Paul asked if she wanted to delay their trip in order to spend time with Christine. Paul said that he didn't know how long Christine would be in town, but he promised not to change his mind about going away with Nina.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine greeted Christine elatedly. As Christine and Katherine sipped coffee, Katherine joked that Christine had missed Katherine's funeral and rebirth. Christine chuckled and mentioned that there'd been another instance of someone coming back from the dead. Katherine understood that Christine meant Phillip. Christine explained that she and Phillip had been chatting on the phone and emailing each other. Katherine laughed as she recalled that she and Jill had wholeheartedly approved after Phillip took Christine home. Christine noted that Jill would have chosen anyone over Nina.

Katherine worried that Nina still felt like an outsider, and she asked Christine if she knew about Nina and Paul's burgeoning relationship. Christine maintained that she and Paul would always have a connection, but that was all, because the rest was over. Katherine gazed into Christine's eyes and told her that for a lawyer, she wasn't a very good liar. Before Christine left, she told Katherine that she didn't know how long she'd be in town.

From the stairway at the Newman ranch, Meggie listened as Victor proposed to Nikki. Meggie barged in and acted as if she didn't know what was going on. Meggie noticed the huge stone set in a stunning engagement ring Victor held. Nikki glared at Meggie when she said adamantly, "Don't let me stop you." Meggie laughed and noted that Victor and Nikki certainly seemed married for a couple divorced from each other. Victor held the ring box and told Meggie that he and Nikki were attempting to rectify the problem in private. Meggie quickly disappeared upstairs.

Victor told Nikki that he loved her, and she said she knew he did. Nikki sat beside Victor on the sofa and kissed him. Victor explained that he'd been thinking about proposing for months. Tears welled in Nikki's eyes when Victor recalled that when he was at death's door, his only regret was not spending more time with her. Nikki explained that the timing of Victor's proposal was in question after Meggie showed up claiming she was hiding out from bad men. Victor dismissed Meggie's predicament and insisted he loved Nikki and wanted her to marry him. Nikki begged for more time.

After Nikki left, Victor told Meggie that he was grateful to her for saving his life in Ottawa and promised to keep his word about paying her back. Meggie noted that Victor was an honorable man. Victor told Meggie that his priority was his family, including Nikki, and that he wouldn't allow anyone to threaten anyone he loved.

Nikki rushed to Katherine's house to seek her advice. Katherine said she wasn't at all surprised to hear about Victor's proposal. Katherine asked if the woman from Canada was causing Nikki to doubt Victor's true feelings. Nikki replied, "No, I don't think that, but I think Victor believes that I'm worried, and that's why he proposed." Katherine scoffed and claimed that wasn't the true reason Nikki was concerned about Victor.

Nikki explained that Victor had just divorced Ashley and was with Sabrina only a short time before that. Katherine reminded Nikki that Victor always maintained a legion of women. Nikki retorted, "He's got a brand-new, strong heart. I'm kind of stuck with my old battered one, so I don't know if I could take losing him again. You probably think I'm crazy for not accepting his proposal." Katherine shocked Nikki when she said she would have turned Victor down. Katherine explained that Nikki and Victor seemed more at ease with each other than ever before. Nikki nodded her head and agreed that Katherine was right. Katherine advised Nikki to follow her heart because it would not lead her astray.

After Nikki left, Nina stopped by to visit with Katherine. Nina learned that Christine had stopped by. Nina asked sarcastically if Christine and Katherine had reminisced about the old days when Christine and Phillip were together. Katherine asked Nina if she wasn't happy to see Christine. Nina insisted she was, but she added that it was odd that Christine returned on the very day that she and Paul got together. Katherine asked if Nina thought that Christine had returned to Genoa City because Nina was with Paul. Nina admitted that she felt like they were all teenagers again. Nina added dejectedly, "I finally get the cute guy to look at me and in walks the prettiest girl in school. I can't compete with that. I never could."

Nina flashed back to a time when Christine and Paul shared a romantic bond. Nina recalled standing awkwardly in the shadows when Paul stopped by Christine's and greeted her with a kiss. As Paul hungrily groped Christine, she pointed out that Nina was there, and Paul apologized for not noticing. Katherine urged Nina not to let anything interfere with her and Christine's friendship.

Nina flashed back to the last time Christine left Genoa City. Nina remembered that she and Christine tearfully concluded that they'd weathered many storms together and could get through anything. After recalling the fond memory, Nina thanked Katherine for bringing clarity to the situation. Katherine laughed and said that Nina was surely joking. Nina replied, "No, I'm serious. Worrying about Christine and Paul is a waste of time. I'm not going let past rivalries or current insecurities ruin what I have with either of them."

Back at the Newman ranch, Victor placed an order over the phone and instructed the person to deliver the goods to the ranch. Meggie crept into the sitting room and returned Nikki's black dress, neatly folded. Meggie explained that she knew it was Nikki's house. Victor ordered a car to pick up Ms. McClain. Meggie asked if Victor was kicking her out. Victor explained that his driver would take her to Fenmore's Boutique, so she could purchase some clothing. Victor assured a worried Meggie that his bodyguards would look after her.

After Meggie left, Victor phoned Nikki and said, "I want you to meet me at the stables as soon as you can, and this time, I promise there will be no interruptions." After Nikki returned to the ranch, she went to the stable to meet Victor. Nikki found the stable barn filled with vases of long-stemmed red roses. Victor rode in on a white horse. A stablehand led Nikki's horse into the stable behind Victor's horse. Victor dismounted and stood before Nikki. Victor claimed that his earlier proposal wasn't done the right way.

Victor faced Nikki and said, "I'm a very fortunate man. I am very wealthy and have beautiful children and grandchildren, but without you, I have nothing. I have everything I ever wanted in you, so will you marry me?" Nikki paused uncomfortably before she responded. Nikki said, "I came here to tell you that I can't marry you. I was so afraid of losing the magic that we had somehow recaptured, but marrying you again really shouldn't take any of that away, but am I willing to take that leap of faith with you?"

Victor, his brow knit worriedly, waited as Nikki paused before responding to his proposal. With a gush of emotion, Nikki suddenly cried, "Oh, my God, Victor, yes! I'm ready to burst. Yes, I will! A million yeses. I love you so." Nikki cried tears of joy, as she teasingly demanded her ring. Victor produced the sparkly stone ring and placed it onto Nikki's finger. Nikki insisted her ring was perfect. As Nikki wiped tears from her cheeks, Victor said, "I love you more than you know." Nikki cried, "I love you more."

At Fenmore's Boutique, Meggie admired a royal blue, silk dress. A patronizing salesclerk approached and directed Meggie to the discounted dresses and warned her that the particular frock she asked about cost $800. Meggie flung a pile of dresses onto the clerk's extended arms and ordered her to find shoes to match each one. The snobbish clerk changed her tune after Meggie arrogantly ordered her to charge the purchases to Victor Newman's account.

At the police station, Ronan asked police Chief Sid if he'd gotten Ronan's message. Sid, wishing to remain secretive, responded, "Not here," and ushered Ronan into a visitors' room. After Sid closed the door, Ronan said, "I meant what I said on the phone. I want Chancellor off this case."

In the hallway outside Heather's apartment, Chance told Heather that someone had bugged her safe house. Chance explained that someone had been listening to all of their conversations. Heather, concerned, noted that their eavesdropper had likely heard more than just their conversations. Heather asked if Ronan planted the listening device before they moved in. Chance replied, "We'll make him think we're about to expose the drug ring."

Heather quickly followed up Chance's statement about Ronan and added, "Then when he shows up to stop us, we'll have proof he's the one that planted the bug and tipped off the jail about our search." Chance explained that Ronan knew that they'd made love, and if he turned them in, they could lose their jobs. Heather worried that Chance could also lose Chloe, even though their tryst was a one-time thing. Chance said he'd probably already lost her and insisted he'd tell her the truth even though it would break her heart.

After Chance and Heather stepped back into her apartment, they talked as if they didn't know that the room was bugged. Heather continued the act and berated Chance for thinking that someone had bugged her apartment. Speaking loudly and clearly, Chance told Heather that he'd use the press to blow the lid off the drug ring. Chance called Billy at the Restless Style headquarters and said he wanted to go there to give him a story to print about cops.

At Restless Style, Billy was surprised to see Chloe. She explained that she had become bored at the apartment, and that Delia was with Esther. Billy, obviously distracted by something he was writing, pounded at his keyboard while Chloe proposed a story about Ryder. Chloe explained that the police were after Ryder for stealing from a patron at the Genoa City Athletic Club while he was staying with Jana. Billy uttered a muffled response, and Chloe barked, "Listen to me!" Chloe suggested titling her story to reflect how Jana got burned after falling for her kidnapper.

Chloe seemed concerned about Billy's inability to pay attention. After Chloe asked Billy if he was okay, he replied, "Yeah, I'm great, especially for a guy whose kid is now living next door to somebody that other people want to kill." Chloe insisted that she and Delia were living at a safe house with Chance, who would protect them. Billy maintained that Chance wasn't a good cop to begin with, and that Chloe remained threatened if whoever was after Heather wasn't deterred by inflicting collateral damage. Chloe suggested that Billy was jealous of Chance. Billy scoffed. Chloe said, "Why can't you just be happy for me? I have found a good, decent, honorable man who has not hurt me the way that you did."

After Billy talked to Chance on the phone, he told Chloe that Chance was on his way to give him a story. While Billy and Chloe argued over which pictures from a set of proofs to use, Ronan burst in and asked if Chancellor was there. Ronan added that he knew that Chance had set up a meeting to discuss a case he was working on. Billy boorishly declined Ronan's offer when he claimed he was trying to do Billy a favor. Ronan advised, "Don't take the meeting with Chancellor, and if you do, if you're that stupid, I would strongly advise that you don't print one word that he says to you."

Chance and Heather arrived just as Billy asked Ronan how he knew that Chance had arranged a meeting. Angered, Chance bellowed, "Never mind. Forget it. Ronan, game over. Detective Ronan Malloy, you're under arrest for illegal wiretapping and conspiracy to commit murder." Sid showed up and explained that Ronan had warned him that Chance planned to spill his guts to Billy's rag magazine about an ongoing police investigation.

Chance told Sid that someone had bugged Heather's safe house, so he knew whoever was listening would attempt to stop him from talking to Billy. Chance said that whoever was listening also used the information about the failed drug raid at the jail against them. Heather added that Ronan was a dirty cop.

Ronan owned up to planting the bug, and he claimed he did it because Chance couldn't be trusted. Ronan accusingly countered, "You're down here to give an anonymous story on a case you're working on to your slimeball uncle. And I busted your ass doing it!" Sid interrupted and said, "This looks bad. You're off the case, Chance. Malloy, you're in charge."

Heather threatened to go to Owen, but Ronan encouraged her to do so. Ronan stepped up close to Chance and warned him that he'd heard more than just banter inside the safe-house apartment. Ronan glanced over at Chloe and warned Chance that some things overheard could be damaging to his home front. Chance was seething and told Ronan that he was a bastard and ordered him to shut up. Ronan replied, "No. You're the one that's going shut his mouth, aren't you? And you're going play along like a good little boy."

Ronan warned Billy not to print anything. Billy agreed to sit on the story, but he requested an exclusive after the story broke. Later, Billy and Chloe agreed that what they'd just witnessed was like a spaghetti wEsthern starring Clint Eastwood. Billy noted that their equivalent of Eastwood had bitten the bullet. Chloe was ecstatic because Chance wouldn't be living with Heather. Billy was relieved because his daughter would be moving back to the Chancellor mansion. Chloe noted that it was a win-win situation for everyone except Heather.

Heather told Chance that having Ronan as a bodyguard was as safe as having Frank Ellis as one. Chance promised Heather that he wasn't bailing on her, but he explained that he had a couple of things to do before he could fight Ronan. Heather and Chance agreed that they didn't feel good about the situation.

At the police station, Paul ran into Michael, who told Paul that Victor wanted a full report on Meggie McClain immediately. Michael complained that his legal interns hadn't produced much through research of public records. Paul pointed out the Ottawa police report on the shooting at McClain's bar. Michael wondered aloud if Meggie was telling the truth about what had happened. Paul replied that without witnesses, it would be nearly impossible to determine.

Paul mentioned to Michael that someone special was visiting. Christine showed up just as Michael turned to take a phone call. After Michael ended his call, he was pleasantly surprised to see Christine. Ronan and Sid happened by. Ronan approached Christine and said he hadn't seen her around. Christine explained that she was an attorney, not a police officer. Sid interrupted and reminded Ronan that they had work to do. Acting chummy, Ronan introduced himself to Christine in case, he noted, she wanted to look him up later.

Michael, clearly annoyed by Ronan's forwardness, invited Christine and Paul into a visitors' room, where he claimed it was safe from perverts. Michael's eyes sparkled as he told Christine about Fen becoming his own person with strong opinions and feelings. Christine explained that she'd heard about Lauren's ordeal with Sheila's sister. Michael asked whom Christine had seen since her return. Paul noted that Christine stopped by his place and saw Nina there. Michael concluded that it must have been some reunion.

Paul and Christine both flashed back to a tender moment each shared when Paul comforted her. Paul turned off a bedside lamp, climbed into bed with Christine, and wrapped his arms around her. Jolting back to the present, Paul noted that those were good times. Christine agreed that they'd had a lot of them. Michael recalled scary times in the past and flashed back to the day he comforted Christine after an attacker with a knife drugged her wine to make it seem as if guilt had driven Christine to commit suicide.

Paul shuddered to think that they'd almost lost Christine that fateful night. Christine smiled dreamily and said, "I just remember all those memories flooding through my mind. It's funny; all the thoughts and feelings we have locked up inside us. They're buried, but they really never go away." Michael asked Christine and Paul where'd they'd been mentally and teasingly reminded him them that he was still in the room, too. Christine and Paul insisted that they had been nowhere important. Michael asked Christine if the Justice Department had sent her to town on a case. Christine claimed she had visited just to see old friends.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis ran into Jack while she was waiting to meet Daniel. Jack asked how Phyllis was doing and she evaded the question. Finally, she said she was doing fine and had made the right decision about ending her marriage. Phyllis said the worst was behind her. Jack sympathized with Phyllis.

Jack asked what Phyllis was going to do in the future. Phyllis said she was concentrating on her children, Summer and Daniel. Phyllis said the Summer was enjoying camp and needed her friends. Phyllis was unhappy about Daniel being on the cover of Restless Style with Abby.

Phyllis said that Daniel was a great kid and he'd been very supportive of her when Nick was in prison. However, she blamed herself for Daniel getting involved with Abby. Phyllis believed that Abby was a troublemaker for Daniel.

At the club, Abby met with Daniel and invited him to meet Kent, the producer of her reality television show. Daniel wasn't interested and reminded her that she didn't have a show. Kent appeared and recognized Daniel from the swimming pool shoot.

Abby was overjoyed about the publicity from the Restless Style cover. Kent interrupted to break the news to her that the television show was off. There would be no pilot because there was no backer for the project. Abby offered to get the cash, but Kent was skeptical. Kent explained that he'd found another project and would be leaving town. Abby was very upset, but Kent declared that "The Naked Heiress" was dead.

Daniel sympathized with Abby. Abby blamed her parents for not letting her get her hands on her trust funds.

Jack and Phyllis greeted Daniel at the coffee shop. Phyllis guessed that Daniel had been with Abby and she asked him about the Restless Style cover. Daniel explained he was just trying to help Abby and that the cover was the most conservative photo from the shoot. Jack commented that the cover was a spoof of the online video. Phyllis was intrigued, but Daniel said she didn't want to know about the video.

Jack took a call from Ashley and said goodbye to Daniel and Phyllis. Phyllis asked Daniel point-blank about the video. Phyllis watched the video on her laptop and was shocked to see that it was Daniel. Daniel couldn't deny it. Phyllis was stunned that as soon as he got over Amber, and after Phyllis had left Nick, Daniel hooked up with Nick's little sister.

Phyllis believed that Abby was a manipulator. Phyllis asked Daniel what was wrong with him. Daniel defended Abby as a smart, sensitive girl that Phyllis didn't really know. Phyllis was stunned that Daniel liked her so much. Daniel said the cover had actually helped his art career. Daniel would not give up on Abby.

Daniel said he was planning to enjoy his new freedom and wasn't getting involved with anybody seriously. Phyllis said that she was going to enjoy her new freedom, too, and that included a new job. She was interested in Jabot and said she would ask Ashley for a position.

Jill spoke on the phone with Morgan, her attorney, and was pleased with the progress she was making with Fenmore's.

At Fenmore's, Lauren approached a customer and was served with legal papers. Lauren read the document and said, "That bitch!"

Neil and Katherine were waiting at the club to meet Tucker for a business luncheon about Chancellor Industries. Neil noted that Tucker was late. Sofia Dupre walked up to the table and introduced herself. She was there to conduct the business meeting in Tucker's place. Neil recognized Sofia as part of McCall's team. Kay was miffed that Tucker had stood them up.

Neil rehashed what had happened to Chancellor Industries in the past year, but Sofia was already up to speed. Neil explained how he believed the company could be rehabilitated with increased marketing and public relations. Sofia told Neil his plan was completely wrong. Sofia said they needed new ideas from management and new hires. Sofia's report included cutting staff by 30 percent and a new contemporary campaign. Sofia opted for new blood in her report. Kay wondered if she was too old to be part of the future of the company. Kay wanted Tucker's input. Sofia urged her to read the report.

Neil wanted to discuss Chancellor business, but Sofia claimed she had other appointments. Neil questioned Sofia's position with Tucker and was surprised to hear that she was Tucker's right hand. Neil believed that Sofia was Tucker's hatchet man. Sofia walked out saying that Tucker did his own hatchet work.

Lauren arrived at Katherine's, and Jill answered the door. Lauren was stunned that Jill was suing her for half of Fenmore's. Jill said that their father's will made it clear that she was entitled to one-half of everything.

Lauren believed the one line in the will -- "to any and all of my living heirs" -- was meaningless. Jill disagreed and called it her birthright. Lauren accused Jill of being a money grabber. Katherine walked in as the women traded insults. Katherine told them to shut up and listen to her.

Katherine felt a lawsuit was going to inflame the situation. Katherine said that Jill was moving too quickly, but she was grieving from Liz Foster's death. Kay said that Jill needed to find her true identity. Kay criticized Jill for being overzealous. Kay said that Lauren needed time to come to terms with her father's secret. Jill said she understood. Kay suggested that they sit down and discuss the situation rationally.

Lauren asked Jill to back off. Jill believed that if she let up, Lauren would drag out the case forever. Kay reminded Jill that if she wanted Lauren as a sister, she had to play nice. Jill didn't believe that Lauren would ever want her as a sibling. Lauren agreed and said that her father had never mentioned a daughter and he never looked back. Jill was crying as she said that Lauren would regret her cold attitude.

Lauren was confident that in court she would win because she had Michael on her side.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley and Tucker paused before knocking on the door. Ashley warned Tucker to proceed with caution. Tucker felt the logical next step in their Jabot business was a face-to-face meeting with Victor. Ashley warned Tucker not to be too "in your face" with Victor.

In the house, Victor was speaking with Nikki on the phone and agreed to keep their engagement quiet until all the family was together. Victor ended the call and answered the door to see Ashley and Tucker. Victor was not happy to see them. Tucker explained that Jabot was being kept out of the Japanese market because of Beauty of Nature's monopoly there. Ashley said that Victor had bribed an official in Japan to get the exclusive. Tucker said it was up to Victor to determine if the authorities learned about his actions.

Victor was insulted by Tucker and Ashley's effrontery. Victor declared that he would not be accused of bribery. Ashley reminded Victor that he'd used bribery in the past. Tucker revealed that when they were in Tokyo, they met the government official that met with Victoria. Victor claimed he was building some offices in Tokyo and that was why Victoria met with the official.

Tucker suggested that if Victor would open up the Japanese market a bit, they would keep the information about the government official from the SEC. Victor said they could say whatever they wanted because they had no evidence. Victor declared he would sue for defamation of character if Ashley revealed what he suspected without evidence. As a parting shot, Victor reminded Ashley that while Tucker had made her CEO of Jabot, he had also turned on Katherine.

Abby arrived at the ranch to confront Victor how upset she was. When Abby said she was "pissed off," Victor told her to watch her language. Abby explained that her reality show was over because she couldn't finance it. Victor was pleased because he said the TV show would have haunted her for years.

Victor offered to use her trust funds for investments, but Abby said she wanted to invest in herself. Victor said that he and Ashley had saved Abby from falling on her face. Victor accused Abby of acting out like a little girl. Victor would not discuss her trust fund until she proved she was grown up.

Victor contended that Abby couldn't build a career by running around naked and spouting inanities. Abby defended her cause. Victor explained that at her age, he worked for a living. Abby mocked his past and Victor warned her to never disparage his childhood. Abby pointed out that Nick and Victoria were hardly trailblazers, but Victor admired them for working their way up through the system.

Ashley met with Jack to discuss Jabot. Ashley explained that she and Tucker wanted to buy Beauty of Nature to merge with Jabot. Jack said Victor would never sell. Ashley asked Jack to think outside the box and come up with plan. Jack told Ashley to invite Tucker over because he had a proposition.

Tucker listened when Jack proposed that he become co-CEO of Jabot with Ashley if Jack was successful in getting Beauty of Nature for Tucker. Jack said the company was in his blood. Tucker wondered how Jack could pull it off. Jack was confident that he could do it. Tucker agreed that they had a deal if Jack was successful.

At the club, Victor and Ashley met to discuss Abby. Victor said the reality show was over because Abby didn't have the funds. Victor thought that in time, Abby would come around. Victor and Ashley agreed that Abby was very rebellious and headstrong. Ashley believed that before Abby calmed down, she would cause them both a lot of grief.

Jack met with Abby and sympathized about her reality show being defunct. Abby said that she would sell Brad's house to raise the money for her dream of a reality show. Jack said there might be another way to get the money.

Abby asked Jack what he had in mind. Jack pointed out that Brad had stock in Newman Enterprises. He explained that as Brad's daughter, Abby inherited his stock in Newman. And as Victor's daughter, Abby had as much stock in Newman as Victoria and Nick. Jack told her that if she leveraged the power she had by owning all that stock, she could do whatever she wanted to do.

Neil ran into Tucker at Crimson Lights and wondered why he could stop for coffee but not show up for their business meeting. Tucker said he had total confidence in Sofia. Tucker said that Sofia would be representing him full-time on Chancellor business.

Sofia appeared at the Restless Style offices and greeted Malcolm. Sofia asked if Malcolm appreciated a surprise visit from his fiancée.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At the ranch, Nikki confirmed reservations for dinner, and Victor said they had to get the children to show up to break the news that they were getting married again. Victor was concerned about Victoria's relationship with Billy. Nikki offered to find out how serious their relationship was by talking with Victoria and Billy.

Victoria arrived at the ranch. Nikki asked her to join them for dinner at the club. Victoria agreed to be there. Nikki left for an appointment. Victoria quizzed her father about the special dinner, but he told her she would prefer being surprised. Victor informed Victoria that Tucker and Ashley had been at the ranch earlier. Victor asked his daughter why she hadn't informed him about her trip to Japan.

Victoria explained that she gave Mr. Yonioshi the pistol just as Victor had asked her to do. Victoria wondered why Victor was questioning her about the trip. He said that Ashley and Tucker had accused him of bribing a government official. Victor was disappointed that Victoria had not been more careful. Victoria countered that if her father didn't like the way she handled his business, he could do it for himself.

Victor believed that Victoria took unnecessary chances by taking Billy to Japan with her. Victoria explained that she had not invited Billy. He showed up at the airport. Victor declared that Billy was nothing but trouble and would use the information in a story for Restless Style. Victoria said that seeing Billy was her choice. Victor didn't respect her choice and wanted her to stop seeing Billy.

Victor ordered Victoria to go to dinner or she would regret not being there. Victoria admitted she was already regretting many things.

At the Restless Style office, Daniel received his check from Billy for the cover shoot. Daniel asked why Billy had lied to Abby. Billy wondered how intense Daniel and Abby's little relationship had become.

Daniel left the office just as Nikki arrived to speak with Billy. Nikki was curious about Billy's efforts to write stories about her family. Billy reminded Nikki that she had experience as the editor of the magazine, and she knew the pressure he was under to sell issues. Nikki wondered if Billy was going to attack Victoria. Billy realized she wanted to know where his relationship with Victoria was heading.

Billy tried to explain to Nikki that he had real feelings for Victoria but was conflicted about how to do business without hurting her or her family. Billy recognized that Victor would never give him a chance. Billy hoped Nikki would. Nikki asked if Billy was in love with Victoria. Billy quoted his father, saying that he had only sincere and honorable intentions for Victoria. Nikki was satisfied with that answer.

Abby questioned Jack about the Newman stock she owned. Jack said that Abby was second to only Victor in terms of having leverage. Jack urged Abby not to sell Brad's house. Abby appreciated Jack's information, but she was not interested in being a pawn in his fight with Victor.

Jack explained to Abby that they both wanted something from Victor. Jack proposed that they form an alliance. Jack offered to confirm that she owned all the Newman stock he envisioned. Abby said that was okay as long as she received her funds quickly. Jack told her that the likelihood of a quick cash turnover was remote. Abby said she needed her money right away.

Abby was intent on speeding things up, but Jack said they had to be cautious. Abby said she didn't have the time to wait. Abby was determined to pressure Victor into turning over her trust fund. Jack told her to give it a try.

Malcolm and Sofia were in bed together, and she was telling him about her first day in Genoa City. Sofia told Malcolm that she had shut down Neil's budget proposal for Chancellor. Malcolm hoped that Sofia would stay in town for a while, but she said it was up to Tucker. The phone rang, and Tucker asked to speak with Sofia.

Tucker asked Sofia to go to the office and take Malcolm along. Malcolm told Sofia that Tucker could wait, and he proceeded to make love to Sofia. A while later, Malcolm was admiring Sofia, who was dressed and ready to go to work. Malcolm was not inclined to go to see Tucker. Sofia understood that Malcolm resented Tucker having asked him to spy on Neil for him. Malcolm said he had finally gotten things back on track with his family, and that was too important for him to muck it up for Tucker.

At the office, Tucker said that he respected Malcolm's decision to quit the company. Tucker asked Sofia to relocate to Genoa City on a permanent basis. Tucker said he had a big deal in the works with Jack Abbott, and Tucker wanted Sofia to handle it for him.

While Tucker was on the phone, Sofia said she was not thrilled with the idea of living in Wisconsin. Malcolm said that Tucker expected that they would have jumped at the chance of living together in the same place for a long period of time. Sofia wondered if they could handle that kind of domesticity.

Sofia asked Malcolm if he would be able to settle down like a married couple. Malcolm reminded Sofia that he had Lily and the twins to consider, and they would keep him grounded. Tucker asked Malcolm and Sofia if they were committed to staying.

There was a knock on the door, and Jack entered to ask Tucker about the proposal he'd made to him earlier. Jack was introduced to Sofia and was surprised that Malcolm's fiancée worked for Tucker. Tucker told Jack to speak with Sofia about the proposal, but Jack was miffed. Sofia informed him that she was up to speed on all the details. Jack was surprised that Sofia was in the loop.

Alone, Malcolm told Sofia that Genoa City was home to him, and he wanted her to stay. He asked her to move in with him. Sofia said it was a radical change for them.

Tucker asked how Jack planned to wrest Beauty of Nature from Victor. Jack told Tucker to watch and learn. Tucker said that Sofia would be his eyes and ears. Jack said he looked forward to working with her. Sofia said that she had decided to stay in town after all. Tucker was thrilled and kissed Sofia, enthusiastically and familiarly.

Adam and Skye's office for the Newman Fund was in their hotel room at the club. Adam answered a knock on the door, and Nick entered. Nick was skeptical and asked what kind of con job Adam and Skye were running. Adam defended his new endeavor as a legitimate hedge fund. Nick believed the enterprise was a Ponzi scheme.

Nick said the Newman Fund was a hoax, but Adam defended his right to use the Newman name. Nick threatened to bring the SEC down on Adam. Adam dared Nick to bring on an investigation. Nick walked out.

Skye and Adam noted that they had already doubled their money. Adam said that the look on Nick's face when he realized the Newman Fund was Adam's company was worth the price of Adam's investment.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria complained to Nikki about her meeting with Victor. Nikki assured her daughter that Victor respected her immensely. Victoria said that she was frustrated with Victor's attitude and wondered if she might not be happier working for someone else. Victoria said that J.T. had always urged her to get out from under Newman Enterprises.

Victoria told her mother that John Abbott had been as hard on Billy as Victor was on her. Nikki said she had visited with Billy. Victoria was furious that her mother had been checking up on her relationship like that. Victoria left in a huff.

Abby confronted Victor about her idea to start a television division of Newman Enterprises, with "The Naked Heiress" as the first production. Abby said she would work for free. Victor said he wouldn't allow her to invest her money, and he wasn't interested in investing his company's money either. Abby declared that as the second largest owner of Newman stock, she had the power to get her television show produced.

Victor informed Abby that he was the majority stockholder of the company and called the shots. Victor said that Abby could work her way up in Newman the way Nick and Victoria did. He refused to invest any money in her "ridiculous" television show. Abby demanded to know where her trust fund was. Victor said that she would receive it in due time, but at that moment, it was earning interest.

Victor reminded Abby that she was due at the family dinner. Abby walked out angrily.

Victoria went to see Billy at the magazine. She was happy to see him, especially since her father had been so hard on her. Billy told Victoria that Nikki had been to visit him. Victoria was embarrassed that her mother had been checking up on Victoria's relationship with Billy. Nikki's interference didn't bother Billy.

Victoria admitted that she was not interested in going to the family dinner at the club. Victoria asked Billy to go with her, but Billy said that Victor would have a fit. Victoria said she didn't care.

At the stables, Abby petted the horses. Daniel showed up in response to her text message. Abby said that her father had been putting her down. Abby explained the real reasons she wanted to do her reality television show. She said she would be expressing herself in the show the way Daniel did in his paintings. Abby said her nakedness was a message about freedom. Daniel understood her vision and supported her decision.

Abby appreciated Daniel's support, but she noticed that he was looking around. She asked him what he was doing, and he suspected there might be a hidden camera in the stables. Abby was insulted. Daniel apologized and kissed Abby. Abby responded and soon they were ripping off each other's clothes.

After making love, Abby asked Daniel if he was just trying to silence her. Daniel asked Abby about her horse. She said his name was Pericles, and he was the only thing she had control over. The horse was a million-dollar gift from Victor. Daniel was stunned that the horse was so expensive.

At the club, Nikki and Victor were waiting at the table for the children to show up for dinner. Nick walked in first. He told his parents about the Newman hedge fund that Adam had created. Victor was astonished. Nick said legally Adam could use the Newman name. Nikki was mystified about how Adam was allowed to go on with his life after all he had done. Nick said that perhaps they would be able to add securities fraud to Adam's long list of crimes.

Victoria and Billy arrived at the club, but he stopped at the foyer and said he wouldn't join the Newmans for dinner. Victoria understood his reluctance, but just to be defiant, she kissed Billy passionately for her parents and brother to see. Victoria sat with her family and said that Billy was the only reason she showed up at all.

Nikki said that Abby was late. Victor suggested that they go ahead with their announcement. Victor warned Victoria and Nick not to laugh, and then he showed them Nikki's hand with the engagement ring. Nick and Victoria admired the ring.

Suddenly, Nick turned his head at the sight of Abby riding her horse into the Athletic Club. Daniel was filming her and there was a "for sale" sign around the horse's neck. Abby unwrapped her jacket and threw it aside, saying, "The Naked Heiress rides again."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paul took a call from Nina, telling him that she was waiting for him at Jimmy's. Paul said he was on his way over for some Paul and Nina time. Nina was excited about seeing him. The door to Jimmy's opened and Cricket entered. She was surprised to see Nina there.

Nina said that she was meeting Paul there. Cricket offered to leave, but Nina asked her to stay and tell her about the gossip in Washington, D.C. Chance walked into Jimmy's and Nina called out to him. Cricket was surprised to see how grown up Nina's son was. Chance said that Cricket hadn't changed at all. Chance explained he was there on business and excused himself.

Chance met with two guards from the jailhouse. He asked them why the cells had been so clean before they inspected them. The men had no answers for Chance. Chance asked them to reconsider helping him with the investigation. Chance left in frustration.

Paul joined Cricket and Nina at Jimmy's. Nina commented that Chance would always be her little baby no matter his age. Nina mentioned the baby she lost years before. Paul recalled that Nina's baby was stolen and sold to a family and taken out of town. Nina never saw him again.

In a flashback, a woman named Rose DeVille denied that she had taken Nina's baby and given it to a couple that Cricket had seen living the house. Rose was curious about Cricket's intense interest in Nina. Rose insisted that Nina's baby had died. Later, Rose admitted that Nina's baby had been taken away, but it was for the best.

Nina recalled how hurtful Rose had been to her. Paul said that Rose had been an evil woman who preyed on young girls like Nina. Cricket remembered how frightening Rose had been. In a flashback, Rose attacked Cricket to reveal that she was pretending to be pregnant. Rose threatened to make Cricket pay for interfering.

Cricket said it was a blessing that Paul and Daniel had rescued her and Nina back then. Nina said that it still hurt not knowing what happened to her baby. Paul asked Nina how much money Rose had bilked from her without Nina ever finding her baby. Nina said she lost $20,000, but she received nothing but false leads.

Paul understood why Nina wanted to know what had happened to her child. Paul offered to work on the case for Nina. Cricket left abruptly. Nina and Paul agreed that Cricket had been acting a bit strange since coming back to Genoa City.

Victor told Nick and Victoria that he and Nikki decided to get married again. Nick turned his head at the sight of Abby riding her horse into the Athletic Club. Daniel was filming her and there was a ‘for sale' sign around the horse's neck. Abby unwrapped her jacket and threw it aside, saying, "The Naked Heiress Rides Again."

Victor picked up a tablecloth and wrapped it around Abby, demanding to know what she was doing. Abby said she was going to sell her horse because she was hard up for cash. Nikki admonished Daniel for filming Abby's shenanigans. Victor ordered Daniel to turn off the camera.

Nikki brought a robe for Abby and insisted that she put it on. Abby was defiant as she explained why the naked heiress had to be naked. Victoria said Abby was embarrassing herself. Nick told Daniel to stop shooting, but Daniel said only Abby could tell him when to stop filming.

The police told Victor that Abby had violated a handful of laws. The manager of the club was incensed over the incident. Victor offered to compensate the management. Victor wanted the press to not learn about the event. Abby declared that she was counting on the media exposure. Victor was fuming at his daughter and called her actions a tantrum.

Abby said the footage was going to be going online. Victor reached for Daniel's camera and smashed it on the ground. Abby was furious at Victor for breaking her property. Victoria and Nick urged Abby to leave before she was arrested. Abby said she wanted to be arrested. The press showed up and began taking pictures of the scene.

The police stepped forward and arrested her. Abby was thrilled. Victor didn't stop the cops. Nick shook his head in disbelief.

Victor called Ashley with the news about Abby's arrest. Victor hoped that Abby would stay out of trouble while she was in jail. Nikki suggested that Victor bail Abby out. Victoria sympathized with her sister. Victor felt that for the stunt Abby had pulled, she deserved to be punished.

Nikki and Victor asked Victoria and Nick what they thought about their plans to remarry. Victoria was concerned that Nikki would be hurt again. Nick said he agreed with Victoria. Nick wanted to know if Victor was in it for the long haul. Victor said he had thought long and hard about this decision. Nikki appreciated her children's concern, but she said she had her eyes wide open.

Nikki declared that through all the trying times, she was committed to Victor. Victor said he was very, very happy. Nick and Victoria smiled at their parents. Alone, Nick and Victoria hoped their parent's remarriage would be successful, but they were both skeptical because of their own troubles. Nick wondered if he would ever have faith in forever again.

Victor and Nikki approached the table. Victor proposed a toast to Nikki and their love. The Newmans all drank to the last wedding.

Chloe and Chance brought her belongings back to the Chancellor mansion. Chance was distracted and Chloe thought it was because of work. She tried to kiss Chance, but he was consumed by the memory of making love to Heather. Chance said he had to return to work at the station. Chloe said they could make up for lost time later. Chance told Chloe that he loved her.

At the station, Ronan explained he had a report to finish. Heather objected to Ronan forcing her to adjust to his schedule. Ronan wasn't sympathetic and urged her to get used to working with Ronan. Heather said she didn't trust Ronan and he didn't make her feel safe. She was determined to get Chance reinstated as her guard.

Ronan continued working on his report. Heather felt that Ronan should be accommodating her schedule, not the other way around. Ronan took a phone call and learned that Chance had been asking questions at Jimmy's. Ronan told Heather that he was her bodyguard and nothing more. Heather ordered him to finish his report.

Heather claimed she had a deposition to prepare. Ronan announced that he was finally done with his work. Chance walked into the station and greeted Heather. Chance offered to help Heather if she needed him.

Ronan spoke to Chance privately and said he knew he'd been questioning the guards at Jimmy's. Ronan told Chance to keep his nose out of the case. Chance said he wouldn't stop investigating and wondered why Ronan was so against him doing police work.

Kevin visited with Chloe at the mansion and admitted that he missed her and Delia. Chloe asked if Kevin had heard from Jana. Kevin said that he had given Jana information about finding Ryder but was going to triangulate the location later. Chloe offered to come over to Kevin's and keep him company. Kevin wanted an update from Jana because if Ryder jumped bail, Kevin would lose the coffee shop.

Later at Crimson Lights, Chloe watched over Kevin's shoulder as he hacked into a server to find Ryder's cell phone location. Ryder's phone was at the GCAC, meaning that he left it behind when he ran. Kevin tried to call Jana but her cell phone had been disconnected. Kevin decided to get Ryder's phone to search for a clue to his whereabouts.

Kevin knocked on the door to Jana's room at the GCAC, but she wasn't there. The manager from the hotel approached Kevin and Chloe and told them that the room was vacant. He informed Kevin that Ryder and Jana had left without paying. He knew that they had left together because the security cameras had filmed them leaving.

The manager showed Kevin and Chloe photographs from the camera showing Jana kissing Ryder. Kevin told Chloe that Jana had clearly left of her own free will. Kevin realized that he was going to be the one to pay for Jana and Ryder's actions if the police didn't find them.

At the police station, Abby asked for special treatment before she was booked. Daniel tried to explain to her that jail was serious business. Daniel told Abby that jail was not a game. Abby was sure that she wouldn't be left in jail. Daniel didn't think she had the money for bail, but Abby explained she had credit cards. Daniel informed her that credit wasn't acceptable.

Daniel told Abby she had to be arraigned before the judge before bail could be set. The cops told Abby that she wouldn't be able to see the judge until Monday. Abby would have to spend the weekend in lock up. Abby was photographed for her mug shot.

After being processed, Abby complained to Daniel about being jailed for the entire weekend. Daniel offered to visit, but Abby would not let him talk to Victor for her. The guard took Abby away.

Abby was put in a holding cell. She began to cry when she realized how awful the place was and that she was stuck there.

At the coffee shop, Heather told Ronan she needed coffee to write the deposition. Chloe was there and told Heather that she had moved out of her building and was reunited with Chance. Chloe was relieved that her fiancé was no longer guarding Heather. Chance walked in and Chloe was surprised to see him. Chloe said she was concerned about Kevin and wanted to stay for a little while.

Chance agreed and they went to a table in the back. Chloe sat on Chance's lap and asked him to take her and Delia to see Bumpy, the Camel, at Trumbles the next day. Chance said that he'd be happy to take them, but his eyes were watching Ronan and Heather the entire time. Chloe was certain that Chance was going to be a great stepfather to Delia. When Chloe tried to kiss Chance, he pushed her away. Chloe wondered why he was acting so aloof to her.

At the coffee shop, Kevin called Allison, the tanning salon girl. He left a message on her machine inviting her out on a date. Daniel overheard Kevin and asked Kevin what was happening with Jana. Kevin told Daniel about Jana's leaving with Ryder and how Kevin was likely to lose the coffee shop. Kevin explained that if the cops couldn't find Ryder, Kevin would lose the business.

Ronan took a call from Cricket. She told him that Paul had offered to help Nina locate Ronan, Nina's missing son. Ronan urged Cricket to discourage Paul from tracking him down. Cricket said it had been killing her to keep the secret from Nina. Ronan pleaded with Cricket to find a way to keep Nina from every knowing he was her long lost son.

Two police officers walked into the coffee shop and approached Chance. They said he was under arrest for having drugs in his car. Chloe asked how it was possible. Chance believed that he had been set up again. Ronan and Heather watched Chance get arrested. Chance asked Chloe to call his mother and get an attorney to bail him out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

At home, Emily and Jack discussed the fact that Abby was in jail for the weekend and there was nothing they could do to help her. Emily suggested that a weekend in jail might be good for the girl.

Jack noticed that Emily had Patty's diary. Emily said she had found it in the pool house and she had been skimming through it. Jack said it was gibberish. Emily believed it was an insight into Patty's mind, and she wanted to return it to her. Jack admired Emily's compassion for Patty.

In their hotel room, Adam told Skye the Hong Kong market had opened. Adam said he had to meet Vance Abrams, his attorney. Adam was confident that the lawyer would get the charges dropped against him thanks to Patty's confession.

In the psychiatric hospital, Patty imagined a pussycat on her bed. Patty then saw a tree across the room. When the cat jumped from the bed and past the tree, Patty followed and fell down a hole. She went to the basement of the Athletic Club and thought she saw Adam. Patty woke up in her bed at the hospital. Her conscience told her that she hadn't done it. Patty looked at the ventilation grate where she had imagined a tree.

Paul entered Patty's room and noticed that Patty was distant. She told Paul that the cat went down the rabbit hole. Paul was confused. Patty said she fell into the hole and went to the basement. Paul asked what she meant. Patty said that she was with that man, but she hadn't done it.

Patty told Paul she hadn't killed anyone and she didn't know why she had said she did. Patty admitted to Paul that she didn't know what was real anymore. Paul offered to get Dr. Fowler to help Patty sort through her thoughts. Paul walked out of the room and called Emily. He explained that Patty might not have killed anyone. Paul asked Emily to go to the hospital to see Patty.

Emily wasn't sure about helping Patty. Jack told Emily that it was a mistake for her to get involved with Patty again, but Emily was determined to help. Emily reminded Jack that Patty might be one of Adam's victims. Emily kissed Jack goodbye and left the house.

Paul and Emily were outside Patty's room as he explained Patty's mental state. Paul was grateful that Emily was there for his sister. Emily offered to speak with Patty.

Patty was happy to see Emily. Emily gave Patty her diary. Patty hoped if she wrote down what she was thinking, it would all make sense. Patty mentioned the devil, and Emily asked if she meant Adam.

Patty said there had been two Adams at the masquerade ball. Patty said she had been certain that she had murdered him, but she wasn't sure anymore. Patty was afraid that Adam was listening to their conversation. Patty said that Adam was able to walk through walls, that he was invisible, and that he had visited Patty and whispered things to her in her sleep.

Emily reminded Patty that she had been sure that she had killed Hightower. Patty said that the devil told her to say that. Patty remembered blood. Patty wondered why Dr. Peterson was helping her. Emily said that she cared about Patty.

Emily met alone with Paul in the hallway. Emily felt that Patty's confession was no longer a sure thing, and they had to call the D.A.

Over lunch at the club, Vance Abrams assured Adam and Skye that with Patty's confession, the D.A. had no case against Adam. Abrams was confident that he would be able to get the D.A. to drop all the charges against Adam.

Adam worried about Victor's interference, but Abrams said the Restless Style article had made Adam look like he'd been victimized. Abrams said Adam would soon be a free man.

After Abrams departed, Jack stepped up to Adam's table. Jack warned Adam about overconfidence. Jack was sure that most of the town would want to see Adam behind bars. Adam told Jack that he wasn't afraid, and flaunted the fact that he had a high-priced lawyer who was going to get him freed. Adam said his life was very good. Jack warned Adam that his time was coming.

While Skye went back upstairs, Adam noticed Emily speaking with Owen in the foyer. Adam listened in as Emily explained that Patty's confession was no longer a sure thing. Emily recommended that Owen meet with Patty.

Adam returned to Skye and told her they had a major problem because of Patty's confession. Adam said he had to do something about Patty.

Adam found blueprints online for the mental hospital and told Skye he would use them to get to Patty. Skye pointed out that if anything happened to Patty, Adam would be the prime suspect. Adam suggested that Skye provide an alibi for him by going to the Indian casino. With the blueprints on his phone, Adam left the room with Skye.

In the police station, Nina approached Chloe and asked where Chance was. Chloe said that Chance was being processed, and Nina believed her son was being set up again for drugs. Heather and Ronan entered, and Nina asked them what they knew. Heather asserted that Chance was innocent.

Ronan declared that Chance was in a lot of trouble. Heather told Nina that Ronan was not on Chance's side. Cricket appeared and told Nina that she would represent Chance if he needed a lawyer. Heather introduced herself to Cricket.

Chloe stepped forward to meet Cricket, and explained that she was Chance's fiancée. Chloe hoped that Cricket could clear things up for Chance because Chloe was fed up with the case. Nina was infuriated by Chloe's reaction.

Nina told Cricket that there had been another incident in which drugs were planted on Chance. Nina defended Chance as an honorable man. Chloe admitted that Chance had been acting oddly in the past day or so. Nina was certain it had not been about drugs.

In the interrogation room, Chance told Owen and Sid that someone had broken into his car and planted drugs there. There was no evidence to support Chance's claim. Owen asked who had a motive to set up Chance. Chance accused Detective Malloy of undermining the investigation from the start.

Owen asked Chance for proof to back up his claim. Ronan implied that everything Chance had said could apply to Chance as well as Ronan. Ronan said that Chance could have put himself in danger to divert suspicion away from himself.

Ronan told Heather that perhaps Chance had slept with her so that she would trust him. Heather was disgusted that Ronan had eavesdropped on them. Owen was furious that Chance and Heather had broken protocol.

Chance accepted blame for acting inappropriately. Sid said there would be an Internal Affairs investigation. Chance was suspended without pay and forced to turn in his badge and gun.

Chance walked out angrily. Chloe went after him. Heather told Nina and Cricket what had happened, and Nina insisted that Chance was innocent. Heather blamed Ronan for throwing Chance under the bus. Ronan said he was just doing his job as a cop. Nina reminded him that her family had welcomed him into their home.

Heather suggested that Ronan could have framed Chance. Nina said if that was true, Ronan was despicable and she hoped that he would rot in hell. Cricket told Nina to stop. Nina was mystified by Cricket's attitude. Paul arrived and was not happy that Ronan was guarding Heather. Paul wanted Ronan off Heather's case.

Heather said that she didn't trust Ronan, especially when he had just turned on his partner. Paul declared that he was not letting either Ronan or Heather out of his sight. Paul wanted Ronan off the case, and Nina said she wanted Ronan off the force.

At the Chancellor house, Chance told Chloe that Ronan was responsible for his suspension. Chance was frustrated that he had no evidence to back up his claim. Chance was worried that Ronan might harm Heather. Chloe urged Chance to find the evidence on his own. Chloe reminded Chance that he still had her.

Chance was depressed about his suspension and afraid that he might not be able to clear his name. Chloe asked if he was truly innocent. Chance was stunned by her question, but she reminded him that he hadn't been himself of late.

Chance said it had not been due to drugs. Nina burst in and assured her son that they would exonerate him. Nina went off on a tirade against Ronan. Chance appreciated his mother and Chloe's support. Chance asked Nina to give him some private time with Chloe.

Chance told Chloe that he had been in love with her since the first time they met. Chloe worried that he was canceling the wedding. Chance admitted that he had made a mistake. Chance confessed that he had cheated on Chloe by sleeping with Heather.

At Crimson Lights, Heather asked Ronan why he wouldn't want Paul's help on her detail. Ronan declared that he wouldn't put Paul at risk. Heather tried to walk away from Ronan, and he grabbed her arm. Paul saw Ronan's hands on Heather. Without warning, Paul pulled Ronan away from Heather and punched Ronan in the face. Cricket walked in and saw Ronan on the floor.

Paul told Cricket that Ronan had been manhandling Heather. Heather decided to call Owen and ask for someone else to guard her. Cricket stopped Heather from placing the call. Paul asked if Cricket knew something about the case. Cricket explained that Ronan was not a dirty cop at all. Ronan had been working undercover and had gone to Genoa City to protect Heather.

Cricket said that while she had been working at the Justice Department, this case had crossed her desk. Ronan and Cricket had been working to bring down some very dangerous people. Cricket admitted the case was the reason she had returned to town. Cricket said they were there to protect Heather.

Jack greeted Emily when she returned home. He poured them both a drink, and Emily said that Patty couldn't separate reality from fantasy. Emily broke the news to Jack that she was going to treat Patty again. Emily explained that Patty trusted her. Jack was dead set against Emily being Patty's doctor.

Jack asked Emily to speak with another professional about the case. Emily said the case was important to her. Jack felt compassion for Patty, but he believed that Emily was making a mistake. Emily would not be dissuaded.

At the hospital, Patty wrote in her diary that she had not killed anyone.

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