The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on Y&R

Abby kicked Ashley out of her home. Chance admitted to Chloe that he had cheated on her with Heather. Someone tried to kill Heather, but Chance saved her. Adam helped Patty escape from the mental hospital. Sharon accidentally shot Adam. Phyllis kissed Deacon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, July 26, 2010

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe was devastated after Chance admitted that he'd made love to Heather. Chance apologized for hurting Chloe and for rejecting her advances immediately following his affair. Chance explained that he wanted to be honest and deal openly with the problem. Through tears, Chloe cried, "I finally let myself be happy, and I get my heart ripped out of my chest." Chloe sobbed softly as Chance promised never to cheat on her again.

Chloe said she knew Heather was chasing Chance, but she never thought he'd cheat because she trusted him. Chance begged Chloe to restart their relationship because he really wanted her in his life. Chloe turned her back on Chance and told him she didn't want to look at him. After Chloe left, Nina arrived with a carryout meal and instructed Chance to summon Chloe. Chance told his mother that Chloe wasn't there. Nina was livid and assumed Chloe had abandoned him in his time of need to go shopping.

Chance ended Nina's negative barrage against Chloe after he explained that he was the one who'd screwed up. Nina was surprised to learn that Chance had cheated on Chloe. Chance ordered his mother not to hurl rude comments at Chloe after she returned. Nina asked Chance to consider thoughtfully why he did what he'd done. Chance balked and insisted he wanted Chloe back. Chance claimed he'd lost focus of what was important, but he vowed to do whatever it took to get Chloe to trust him again. Chance also pledged to get his badge back, find every dirty cop on the force, and nail each one to the wall.

At the safe house apartment, Heather was surprised to learn from Christine and Ronan that both had planted the drugs found in Chance's car in order to protect him and prevent him from jeopardizing their federal case. Paul was dumbfounded and said he thought that Christine had merely returned for an overdue visit. Christine admitted that she was back in Genoa City to protect Heather. Paul asked for more details, but Ronan firmly maintained that Paul and Heather already knew more than they should. Christine and Ronan cautioned Paul and Heather not to reveal the truth to Chance or Nina. Paul affirmed that Nina would never let the matter rest.

Heather suggested telling Chance the truth, but Ronan was adamant that doing so was not an option. Paul agreed to convince Chance to back off. Ronan encouraged Paul to do it quickly for the sake of the investigation and for Chance's safety. Ronan warned that if the suspects knew that Heather had been apprised of the covert investigation, she would be killed. If Chance or Nina were told, they'd become the next targets. Heather promised not to tell Chance.

Later, Ronan and Heather dined on takeout Chinese food. Ronan promised that Chance would be cleared of drug charges after he and Christine closed their case. Heather was still miffed that Ronan told her boss that she and Chance had made love. Ronan apologized. Heather praised Ronan for his perfect portrayal of a "cocky son-of-a-bitch," who was only out for himself. Ronan declared that he was a professional. Heather quipped that she was glad to have him on her side. Ronan implored Heather to do as he said, so she wouldn't be killed.

After Ronan and Heather finished eating, he said he wanted to shower and turn in early. Heather cleaned up after Ronan stepped into the bathroom. Chloe showed up and blasted Heather. Heather sincerely apologized. Chloe became enraged and accused Heather of planning her seduction after buying a sexy thong and push-up bra. Heather maintained that the lines between work and friendship became blurred, and she'd made a mistake. Chloe reminded Heather that she also made mistakes with Chance; Billy, the town slut; and Adam, the sociopath; therefore, she had nothing appealing to offer.

Heather told Chloe that they both knew what sex meant to Chance, and she asked Chloe why Chance would risk everything to sleep with her. Chloe slapped Heather just as Ronan emerged from the bathroom. A light physical and raucous verbal argument ensued, and Ronan stepped in to separate Chloe and Heather. Chloe vowed to "kick [Heather's] ass," so Ronan picked her up and carried her into the hallway. Ronan set Chloe down and said, "I know what you're going through, and I am sorry." Chloe stood fuming in the hallway after Ronan returned to the apartment and closed the door.

At Joe's Bar, Paul and Christine drank mugs of beer. Christine sighed and said it was much easier to do her job when strangers were involved. Paul phoned Chance and told him that the situation wasn't as bad as it looked. Paul assured Chance that they'd deal with the predicament caused by the planted drugs. Christine seemed uneasy as Paul promised Chance that, along with backup, he'd protect Heather from Ronan. Chance reluctantly agreed when Paul asked him as a favor not to say anything to Heather.

After the call ended, Paul admitted to Christine that it wasn't easy to lie to Chance. Christine seemed concerned as Paul almost tearfully explained that it would be even more difficult to lie to Nina. Christine reminded Paul that he was protecting Nina. Christine praised Paul for his ability to endure the stress of his family's challenging situations. Paul praised Christine for stepping up to protect Heather.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack heatedly berated Emily for not breaking ties with Patty. Emily explained that she wasn't choosing Patty over him. Jack gave Emily an ultimatum. Emily explained that Patty had turned a corner after Emily talked her out of harming herself. Jack reminded Emily that Patty could snap at any time and was the same woman who had kidnapped his niece and taken over Emily's life. Jack warned that Patty would never recover from her obsession with them.

Jack asked Emily if she could walk away from Patty. Emily, sobbing, asked Jack if he'd walk away from a job if she asked him to do so. Jack softened his tone and told Emily that he was there for her always. Emily placed her hand on Jack's cheek and said she didn't want to put him through more pain.

Jack pleaded with Emily to walk away from Patty. Emily insisted that her relationship with Jack mattered, and she wouldn't sacrifice it for anyone. Emily agreed to drop Patty as a patient. Emily told Jack she loved him, and they kissed. Jack proclaimed himself and Emily winners over their first battle and promised that their next fight would be over something benign like what to watch on television. The couple kissed as they celebrated a new beginning.

At the psychiatric facility, Patty held a small notebook in her lap in which she'd repeatedly scribbled, "I didn't kill anybody," in various colors of crayon. Patty read her words aloud before closing the notebook and climbing into bed. Before Patty fell asleep, she said, "I wonder why the devil made me say it?" Outside the facility, Adam, dressed in black from head to toe, studied schematics of the ventilation system he'd downloaded onto his phone. After Adam removed the bolts from an exhaust fan from an outside wall, he crawled into the duct and said, "Well, Patty, I can't wait to see you again."

In her room, Patty tossed and turned fitfully and dreamed that she fell through a rabbit hole into the basement at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Patty moaned in her sleep and said aloud, "I didn't do it." Adam removed the screws from the vent cover in Patty's room. Once inside, Adam flipped through Patty's notebook and read the messages stating the she didn't kill anyone. Adam ripped those pages out and wrote a note. Patty awoke and thought she was dreaming. Adam told Patty that he was Richard Hightower, and that he couldn't pass over to the other side.

Adam, speaking as Hightower, said that Patty had mistakenly believed he was Adam and stabbed him with a pen. Patty insisted that she didn't kill anyone. Patty agreed that she wanted Adam gone because he was mean, but she insisted she didn't intend to hurt Mr. Hightower. Adam warned Patty that she would die for her sins unless she followed his instructions precisely. Adam told Patty that he wanted penance. Patty cried fearfully that she didn't want to die. Adam said, "You don't have to. You can go far, far away with me." Patty responded, "I don't trust you."

Adam promised to take Patty down the rabbit hole to find the answers. Patty's fear melted away, and before she left, she used a pink crayon to scribble a note, which told Paul that she had run away. Adam illuminated the opened ventilation duct with his flashlight and told Patty that it was the beginning of the rabbit hole. Patty was awed and said, "You made my dream come true!" Adam instructed Patty to trust him with her soul, so he could save her. He offered Patty his hand and she took it.

Patty crawled out into the open air outside and stared at the stars in the night sky. Before Adam replaced the exhaust fan, he tossed a duffel bag to Patty and told her it contained equipment for her redemption, which was new identification, clothing, and more cash than she'd ever before seen.

Patty found a nun's habit and remarked that her brother was a priest, but she wasn't a nun. Adam explained that Patty would take a bus to Canada, where she'd do the work of the Lord. Adam explained that Patty had taken a life, which required a long road to forgiveness and redemption. As Patty donned the habit, she promised never to return to Genoa City as Adam instructed. Patty asked Adam to tell Jack that she would never forget him.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At Windcliff, the psychiatric hospital, Paul and Owen were allowed into Patty's room. Patty wasn't there and she wasn't in any of the common rooms at the facility. The administrator said that her room had been locked all night. Owen and Paul searched Patty's room. Paul noticed that the grate to the air conditioning vent was dislodged.

While the administrator called a "code white" to begin a search for Patty, Paul found a note she'd written to him saying that she had to run away. There was also a diagram showing how to escape. The administrator suggested that Patty had probably been exploring the ventilation system at night and plotting her escape. Paul believed that Patty had been happy at the hospital.

Owen estimated that Patty had a ten-hour head start in her escape. Paul asked to view the security camera footage, but was told that because of budget cuts, there were no cameras on the outside of Windcliff.

Owen ordered an APB and a canine unit to search for Patty. Paul said that he was convinced that Patty hadn't escaped without help. Paul believed Adam had gotten to her once before in the hospital and that he was responsible for her disappearance.

At home, Jack and Emily shared a cup of coffee and recalled making love. Jack asked Emily to move out of the pool house and back into his bedroom. Emily liked the idea.

Ashley entered unannounced and apologized for interrupting Jack and Emily. Ashley wanted to talk with them about Abby's arraignment. Jack explained to Emily what Abby had done at the club, her Lady Godiva routine. Ashley said she was at the end of her rope in dealing with her daughter.

At the police station, Abby was complaining about not being allowed to shower or apply her makeup. Abby had wanted to get headlines for her cause, so she was upset that the press hadn't shown up. Abby was also upset that her family had not shown up. Daniel walked in and greeted Abby.

Abby appreciated Daniel caring about her. Abby was incensed that she couldn't use her credit cards to pay for her bail. Daniel explained that he didn't have the money to bail her out.

Daniel thought Abby was putting on an act when she decided that being put in jail would help her relate to caged animals in zoos. Jack entered the station house and stopped the cops from taking Abby to the bus for county jail. Abby ran into Jack's arms in gratitude that he had paid her bail.

While Daniel, Abby, and Jack waited for the paperwork that was required to release Abby, an officer at a nearby desk mentioned that Patty Williams had escaped from Windcliff. Jack left Daniel to handle Abby's release, then Jack rushed out to find Emily.

J.T. met Mac at Crimson Lights for coffee. He told her that he'd dropped Reed off at camp. When J.T. mentioned something cute about his son, Mac became emotional. J.T. told Mac she didn't have to apologize for postpartum depression. J.T. had done some research and understood what Mac was going through. J.T. told Mac that even though she was a take-charge kind of woman, postpartum depression was something she couldn't control. J.T. said it was only natural that Mac should miss the babies she had carried.

At the hospital, Cane and Lily visited the twins. The babies were getting stronger. Lily's physician, Dr. Kershaw, approached and told the Ashbys that Lily was also improving. Kershaw said that Lily was well enough to go home. Cane was overjoyed, saying that his prayers were answered. Lily believed the babies had saved her life.

Lily was reluctant to leave the hospital in case the babies needed her. Cane imagined that the babies wanted Lily to rest at home. Cane convinced Lily that she was doing the right thing by leaving the hospital.

J.T. asked Mac to accompany him to see the babies and Lily at the hospital. Mac didn't think it was a good idea, and nixed his suggestion to see a movie or go for a swim. J.T. convinced Mac that seeing Charlie and Matilda might make her feel better.

At the hospital, Mac gushed over the babies as she noticed how much they had grown. J.T. agreed. When they asked about the Ashbys, a nurse told J.T. and Mac that Lily had been discharged. Mac couldn't understand how Lily was able to leave the babies behind.

Mac was very critical of Lily and Cane for leaving the hospital. Mac wondered if she would ever feel right being around Matilda and Charlie without being their mother.

Cane and Lily arrived home and she was thrilled to see Humphrey, the Yorkshire terrier. Lily was happy to be home. Cane marveled at the amount of stuff they had waiting for the babies. Cane suggested that they enjoy the time alone before the babies were released from the hospital.

Lily and Cane ogled over the baby clothes their kids would be wearing. Cane asked what kind of parents they were going to be. Humphrey was curious about the stuffed animals for the babies, so Lily pulled out a dog bone she'd bought for him. Cane hoped the worst of their luck was behind them. Lily suggested that they take life one day at a time and cherish every moment.

Lily and Cane returned to the hospital and were told that they could hold the babies.

Mac and J.T. walked by the nursery, and J.T. noticed Lily and Cane were with the babies. J.T. suggested they stop and say hello. Mac demurred. J.T. thought the sight of Lily and Cane holding the babies was what Mac wanted to see. Mac said it was, but then she turned and suggested they leave.

In Skye and Adam's hotel room, Skye urged Adam to check the opening financial reports, but Adam was too anxious for that. Adam said that Patty would be discovered missing at the psychiatric hospital and he anticipated being questioned by the authorities. Skye reminded him they had an airtight alibi.

Adam insisted that Skye recite their alibi again. Skye reluctantly told him their story about being at the Indian casino, winning big, having dinner, drinking too much, and arriving back in their hotel room the night before. Skye reassured Adam that her friend, Colin, would verify the alibi.

Adam was sure that the security cameras had gotten a good full-face shot of him while he was at the casino. Skye told Adam that when Colin took his place, he wore the same blue baseball hat and appeared to be Adam's double. Adam checked the hallway outside their room, then placed the "Do not disturb" sign on the door handle.

At Jack's, Emily and Ashley were having coffee. Ashley said that Abby was a child who knew how to push her mother's buttons. Emily compared Abby's antics to her brother, Jamie. Emily said that at a certain point, she stopped rescuing Jamie from the troubles he created. Ashley couldn't imagine ever turning her back on Abby.

Ashley asked for Emily's advice about how to handle Abby. Emily told Ashley to set boundaries and not to allow Abby to manipulate her. Emily's cell phone rang and she took a call from Paul. Emily was stunned to learn about Patty's escape. Emily hung up the phone and told Ashley the news.

Emily recalled her last visit with Patty at Windcliff. Ashley told Emily that she had locked all the doors and windows in case Patty tried to enter the house. Emily told Ashley that she believed Patty had been getting better. Emily feared what Patty might do without her medication and on her own. Ashley reminded Emily that Patty was a threat to Jack and Emily.

At the Athletic Club, Paul and Owen knocked on Adam and Skye's hotel room door. When Adam answered the door, he pointed to the "Do not disturb" sign. Owen insisted that Adam answer some questions. Paul grabbed Adam and demanded to know where Patty was. Adam said she was at Windcliff. Adam pretended to be shocked that she wasn't there.

Paul accused Adam of helping Patty escape. Adam said that if it had happened the night before, he was miles away from Windcliff. Skye declared that she and Adam had been at a casino together. Paul was skeptical about their alibi. Paul asked where they had been and Skye told them about the casino. Adam said he didn't know about Patty's escape until they entered the room.

Paul accused Adam of convincing Patty to confess to the Hightower murder. When Paul mentioned that Patty had been on the verge of recanting her confession, Adam feigned surprise at that information. Adam pointed out that Owen and Paul had no evidence against him. Adam told them to leave his room. Paul told Adam that he wasn't giving up. Adam closed the door on Paul and Owen.

Paul reminded Owen that Adam had the most to lose if the murder investigation had been reopened. Owen said he would investigate Adam's alibi and if it didn't hold up, Owen was more than happy to take Adam down.

Jack arrived back home to Ashley and Emily. Jack was relieved that there had not been any sign of Patty. Emily said the cops had searched and there was a unit in the driveway. Jack wanted to hire a private security detail. Ashley was concerned about Abby's safety, but she also wanted to wring her neck for getting thrown in jail.

Daniel and Abby were at Crimson Lights having coffee. Abby commented on how bad the coffee and food in jail had been. Abby felt bad for cons. Daniel suspected that Abby was cooking up some new stunt. Abby told Daniel that she had a plan in mind for her mother, something she had conceived while in the jail cell.

Jack let Abby and Daniel into his home. Abby was very surly with Ashley. Ashley said that Abby had been in jail because she chose to be there. Ashley refused to take the blame for Abby's actions.

The doorbell rang and Jack welcomed Paul into the house. Paul explained that the search for Patty was underway. Paul didn't believe that Patty would target Jack and Emily. Paul and Emily agreed that Patty had been happy at Windcliff. Paul told Jack and the others that it was his theory that Adam had gotten to Patty.

Ashley asked how Adam could have done it. Paul wasn't sure how, but he was certain that Adam had manipulated the situation in order to get away with murder.

Before Daniel left, Abby asked for a ride to the ranch. Ashley offered to drive her daughter, but Abby rejected her mother. Abby resented the fact that Ashley -- and Victor -- had left Abby in jail.

Abby said she would prove to her parents that she was an adult by living on her own. Ashley asked if that meant that Abby was moving out of the house. Abby declared that Brad had left the house to Abby. Abby, therefore, wanted Ashley to move out of the house. Daniel and Abby walked out of Jack's.

Back in Adam and Skye's hotel room, Adam congratulated Skye on how she had handled the interrogation by Paul and Owen. Skye asked Adam why he had been compelled to spring Patty and if he had killed Richard Hightower. Adam assured Skye he had never lied to her. Skye wondered why he'd created an elaborate cover story that they'd told the cops.

Adam explained that if Patty had recanted her confession, Adam would have been public enemy number one again. Adam told Skye that what he had done to Patty was for both of them and their new company. Skye said she believed Adam.

At the police station, Paul and Owen were going over details of the search while Emily and Jack looked on. Jack asked Owen about Adam's alibi. Owen said that the security footage from the casino confirmed Adam's alibi. Owen received a report that the only fingerprints found on the ventilation grate were Patty's.

Emily doubted Patty could have executed such an elaborate escape, but Jack was convinced that Patty had the skill. Paul defended his sister. Emily offered to help the police in any way she could with Patty. Jack pulled Emily aside and reminded her that she had promised to stop treating Patty. Emily told Jack that she had to help Patty.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe looked at the mail. Chloe opened a birthday card from Philip. Chloe was bitter about her breakup with Chance and showed it as she read the card.

Katherine and Jill walked into the living room, fighting over the way Jill was handling the Fenmore situation.

Chloe let them know that she was in the room. Katherine was sensitive to Chloe about Chance. Jill lashed out at Kay for not being nearly as sensitive with Jill. Kay followed Jill out of the room.

Nina walked into the room and said she was on her way to see Chance. Chloe realized that Chance had told Nina about their breakup. Nina left saying that some relationships aren't meant to last.

Esther took Delia into the room and handed her to Chloe. The lights went out and Chloe thought it was a blackout. However, it was Esther. Chloe's mother approached Chloe with a birthday cake and candles. Chloe switched on the lights and refused to let Esther celebrate her birthday.

Esther urged Chloe to have mother-daughter time with Delia. Esther handed Chloe the book Cinderella and suggested they read it together to Delia. While Esther read the fairy tale, Chloe closed her eyes and imagined the scene. In the Cinderella fantasy, Chloe was a raggedy-looking girl with torn jeans. Esther was Chloe's guide. The Chancellor mansion was filled with well-dressed, rich people.

Three princes appeared in tuxedoes -- Chance, Cane, and Billy. Nina and Jill entered as the wicked "fashion victims." Nina and Jill taunted Chloe, and said the princes weren't interested in Chloe.

In the fantasy, Katherine was a fairy godmother, and she used her wand to turn Chloe into a princess. A prince stepped forward and led Chloe in a dance. Chloe was dazzled by the man, but couldn't recognize his face.

Just like in Cinderella, Chloe's fantasy had her waiting for the prince to return a slipper. Chloe waited to see who the prince she had danced with was and Cane appeared. Cane's sparkly silver slipper didn't fit Chloe's foot. It was a perfect fit for Lily's foot.

The next prince to appear was Billy. His slipper was also the wrong size for Chloe. Billy's shoe was just right for Victoria. When Chance appeared, Chloe hoped that his slipper was for her. However, Chance said he had had the dance of a lifetime with another woman. Chance walked past Chloe and put the shoe on Heather's foot. Chloe protested that her fairy tale was unfair.

Chloe awakened and realized how ridiculous her dream had been. Chloe was determined to make things happen for herself.

At Crimson Lights, Heather told Ronan that she hated lying to Chance. Ronan reminded Heather that they had agreed to keep Chance in the dark about Ronan working undercover. Chance approached Heather and asked her if she would help him by getting the D.A.'s file on the Riggs case.

Heather pointed out that if she risked a suspension to help Chance, he would lose his one link inside the department. Chance told Heather he was determined to get the information. Rather than let him do something unlawful, Heather said she would get Chance the file. Chance told Heather to be careful.

A man who'd been watching Heather and Chance used his cell phone to make a call. He said that Stevens had agreed to help Chance. The man said that he would take care of the situation.

Chloe called Chance and told him if he wanted to see her, she could meet him at Jimmy's. Chance told Chloe he would definitely meet her. Chance was with Nina at Crimson Lights. Nina urged him not to get his hopes up with regard to Chloe. Chance disagreed.

Ronan and Heather arrived back at her apartment. Heather was perplexed about how to solve the problem with Chance. Ronan restated the obvious, that Heather couldn't give Chance the Riggs file because Chance had to remain off the case. Ronan's phone rang and Chloe invited him to meet her at Jimmy's. Ronan said yes.

Esther overheard Chloe and asked her daughter why she was meeting two men at Jimmy's. Chloe said she didn't want a prince; she wanted revenge.

Victoria met Billy out on the patio, and he admired how good she looked on such a hot and steamy day. Billy was ready to kiss Victoria, but Lauren and Michael appeared. While Victoria went to the ladies room, Billy asked Lauren about what was going on with Jill and if Billy should start calling her Aunt Lauren.

Lauren said she couldn't laugh about the situation. Billy told Michael and Lauren that he thought Jill was out of line. Billy sympathized with Lauren. Billy also said that however Jill and Lauren settled the Fenmore estate, Billy was on Lauren's side. Lauren appreciated Billy's words. Billy said goodbye when he noticed Victoria by the door.

Victoria told Billy that she didn't really have to attend her meeting. Billy wondered if she wanted to play hooky. Victoria feigned a cold. Billy led her out of the coffee shop, offering to accompany her to the doctor's office.

Billy and Victoria were playing beer pong at Jimmy's bar. Chloe walked in, and Billy asked her about Delia, then handed his ex-wife a gift for her birthday. Chloe appreciated Billy's gift and his encouraging words that she should bounce back after her disappointment with Chance.

Chloe saw Ronan at a table and sat down with him. Ronan realized that Chloe's visit was not work-related. Chloe mentioned that it was her birthday. Ronan figured that Chloe was using him to get revenge on Chance.

Billy and Victoria continued playing beer pong and flirting with each other. Billy noticed that Ronan and Chloe were dancing. Chance walked into Jimmy's and saw Chloe in Ronan's arms. Chloe kissed Ronan passionately for Chance to see. Chance headed toward Ronan and Chloe, but Billy stepped in his path to stop him.

Chance confronted Chloe, accusing her of being with Ronan to hurt Chance. Chance asked Ronan why he wasn't guarding Heather. Ronan reminded Chance that Chance had no badge, gun, or case to worry about. Chance threw down the red roses he'd brought for Chloe and said he was going to check on Heather.

Billy and Victoria were in his trailer. Victoria kissed Billy passionately when he offered to make up for Chloe's antics at the bar.

Chloe kicked at the roses. Ronan told Chloe that her revenge plan had been a screwup. Chloe said that she was an ass. Ronan insisted that Chloe was a screwup, but not an ass. Ronan took her in his arms and kissed her hard. Ronan told Chloe, "Be careful what you wish for, birthday girl."

At Heather's, Sid was filling in for Ronan as her guard. Heather was uncomfortable in the heat and doubted anyone would try to kill her in such steamy conditions. Feeling closed in, Heather bolted from the apartment. Sid followed a moment later.

Heather stepped into a waiting car outside her apartment. Heather told the driver, Marty, that she had been delayed because she had ditched her detail.

Heather noticed that Marty was not driving the car. Before she could get out, the man -- the same one who'd been watching Heather and Chance at the coffee shop -- locked the doors. He grabbed Heather by the hair. Heather kicked the window until the glass broke.

Heather tried to climb out of the car and finally succeeded. As the car drove away, Chance arrived to find Heather in desperate straits. Heather told Chance that the driver had attacked her. Chance pulled a gun and shot at the car. Sid appeared and asked Chance what he was doing. Heather explained that the driver had attacked her. Chance stayed with Heather while Sid pursued the car.

Michael and Lauren were having coffee at Crimson Lights. Lauren realized that Billy was related to her, as were Chance and Delia. Lauren's son, Fenmore, had cousins. Michael asked if Lauren was willing to meet Jill's family halfway. Lauren said she was inclined to try.

At the Chancellor's, Nina was sharing her suspicions about Chloe's actions with Jill and Kay. Kay told Nina to give Chloe a break, then suggested that Jill do the same with Lauren. Just then Esther interrupted to tell Jill that she had company. Michael and Lauren walked into the living room.

Michael and the others left the room to give Jill and Lauren time alone to speak. Lauren tried to explain to Jill that she had been a "daddy's girl." It had been important to her to be her father's one and only. Lauren said she couldn't apologize for wishing she had never learned that she had a sister. Lauren said she was there to try to make things right with Jill.

Lauren told Jill that they were similar. Lauren believed they were older and wiser than they had been as younger women, and it was because of the influence of family. Lauren offered to meet Jill halfway. Jill smiled but then told Lauren that she suspected her offer. Jill believed that Lauren was reaching out only because she anticipated losing in court.

Michael, Nina, and Kay were on the steps, waiting for Jill and Lauren to finish their talk. Nina mentioned that she hadn't had a chance to tell Chance that she was having Paul search for her first child, the baby stolen from her. Noise from the living room attracted their attention.

Michael, Nina, and Kay walked into the living room just as Jill was telling Lauren to take her fake sentiment and shove it. Jill accused Lauren of being afraid of Jill. Lauren said Jill could never fill the emptiness inside no matter how many families she had. Jill said she would see Lauren in court. Outside, Lauren told Michael that she was at war with Jill.

At the hospital, Cane and Lily were enjoying a visit with Charlie and Matilda. When the nurse told them they had to leave, Lily said she was reluctant to return to their place because they had so much work ahead preparing the nursery. Cane assured Lily it would be okay. Lily surmised that Cane had arranged a surprise for Lily.

At the Athletic Club, Sofia and Neil wrapped up a business meeting. Sofia was crowing about their accomplishments. Sofia told Neil to enjoy sharing the credit. Neil received a call from Devon asking him to hurry over to Lily's. Neil hung up the phone and then said goodbye to Sofia.

Lily and Cane arrived home to find Roxy, Devon, Malcolm, and Neil waiting to surprise them. Lily was overjoyed to see that they had prepared the house for the twins' homecoming. Malcolm announced that his fiancée was in Genoa City and would be joining them. The doorbell rang and Sofia arrived, introducing herself as Malcolm's fiancée.

Sofia told Lily and Cane how excited Malcolm was about the babies. Roxy was charmed by Sofia and asked if they could be best friends. Neil pulled Malcolm aside and asked him why he had never mentioned that his fiancée was Sofia. Neil contended that as Tucker's right hand, Sofia had known what Tucker planned to do to Chancellor before he did it. Neil said he didn't trust Sofia and didn't want her around the Winters family.

Neil told Lily how happy he was about her improving health and the new babies. Lily realized that Neil was trying to cover the fact that he disliked Sofia. Lily learned from Neil that Malcolm had not been upfront about Sofia being his fiancée. Lily believed that Sofia probably had good qualities because Malcolm seemed very happy with her.

Cane thanked the family for everything they'd done to prepare the nursery for the twins. Lily reflected on the fact that she had been diagnosed with cancer a year before. Lily was grateful to have her family close, that Devon and Roxy were reunited, and that Malcolm had made Sofia a part of the family, too.

Sofia announced that she had an appointment and had to leave. She thanked everyone for their kindness. At the door, Neil stopped Sofia and, in private, asked her what she was up to. Sofia urged Neil to do himself a favor and learn to trust her.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Jack discussed her finances. Jack wanted to examine all the records relating to her three trust funds. Abby agreed to get all the copies of her statements and meet Jack at his house so he could assess the value of her estate. Jack told Abby that she had a right to all documents pertaining to her trusts.

Ashley was in Tucker's office, but her mind was on Abby and the way her daughter had told her to move out of Brad's house. Tucker guessed that Ashley was thinking about Abby. Ashley laughed when Tucker offered to let Ashley move in with him. Ashley thought Tucker was very sweet, but she had decided to move into her father's house and stay with Jack.

Regarding Jabot business, Tucker told Ashley if they had proof of Victor bribing the Japanese official, they could force Victor's hand. Ashley said that Tucker's plan to talk with Billy might not be helpful because of Billy's tight relationship with Victoria. Tucker believed every man had a price.

At Billy's trailer, he and Victoria were locked in each other's arms when the phone rang. Billy took the call and agreed to meet Ashley and Tucker. Victoria was disappointed that Billy had to leave. Billy said they were curious about Victoria's mysterious meeting in Japan. Victoria insisted that it had just been a business meeting. Billy's feathers were ruffled because he knew better than to believe Victoria's meeting had only been a business thing. Billy walked out of the room.

When Billy returned, he was getting dressed. Victoria reminded Billy that he didn't tell her everything about Restless Style business. Billy called Victoria out on being disingenuous. In her mind, Victoria recalled her father warning her that Billy could not be trusted and would use the details of the Japan trip in an article for his magazine. Before Billy left, Victoria asked him for a kiss goodbye.

At Crimson Lights, Nick left a message on Sharon's cell phone, saying he hoped she and Faith were somewhere cool. Nick asked Sharon to call him back. Jack walked in from the patio and Nick asked him about Sharon's whereabouts. Jack wouldn't tell Nick because he had promised to keep it a secret for Sharon. Adam stuck his head inside the doorway and listened to Jack and Nick talking about Sharon.

Jack told Nick to give Sharon some space. Nick was adamant about seeing his daughter. Jack offered to relay the message, but Nick guessed that Sharon was at the Abbott cabin. Nick was concerned about Sharon's safety in that remote location, and he announced he was going to the cabin. Jack urged him to stay put. Nick walked out, and Jack followed him. Adam appeared at the doorway, having overheard their conversation.

In the Abbott cabin, Sharon told baby Faith how happy she was to be spending time with her. Later on, Sharon was speaking on the phone with Noah. Sharon assured Noah that he didn't need to return from Paris. Sharon said for the first time in a while, she was feeling good about herself.

At the Athletic Club, Victor met with Phyllis and sympathized with her about the breakup with Nick. Phyllis appreciated Victor's concern about her divorce. Victor handed Phyllis an agreement he had had prepared for her. Phyllis was stunned. Victor said he was making sure that Phyllis would live comfortably for the rest of her life.

Phyllis told Victor that she was not comfortable with a settlement. Victor said that his motivation was to take care of her as part of his family. Victor suggested that his way would avoid the rancor of many divorce proceedings and protect Summer.

Phyllis lashed out at Victor as the one responsible for Summer nearly dying from Patty's evil. Phyllis believed the agreement was Victor's way of keeping the Newman name from taking a hit in court. Phyllis said her silence was not for sale. Victor asked Phyllis if she was turning down his offer.

Phyllis questioned if Nick was aware of Victor's offer. Victor said he was making the offer for both their sakes. Phyllis reiterated that she was Summer's mother and she was not part of the Newman family. Phyllis resented that Sharon was more important to Nick and Victor than Phyllis was. Victor said that had he known Phyllis would be so upset, he would have never brought up the offer.

Phyllis declared that she was the injured party, and she would not be marginalized or bought. Phyllis refused the offer. She was in tears, and she left the restaurant. Victor's phone rang, and he learned that Abby had been asking for records about her trust funds.

Adam approached Phyllis at Crimson Lights and let her know that Nick had gone to the Abbott cabin. Adam revealed that Sharon was at the cabin, too. Phyllis had no reaction and Adam admired her poker face. Phyllis surmised that Adam was trying to rile her up so that Phyllis would drive to the cabin and Sharon would wind up back with Adam. Phyllis said she wouldn't be driving to the cabin. Adam walked away, and Phyllis seemed to have second thoughts.

While Sharon was trying to get a fan to work, Nick appeared at the door of the cabin. Nick explained what he was doing there and asked to see Faith. Sharon asked him to fix the fan and invited him to stay. Sharon explained why she needed to get out of Genoa City. Nick told her about Adam's hedge fund. Nick was certain that Adam would eventually be jailed for his crimes. Sharon was relieved to be away from all that.

Nick and Sharon enjoyed some lemonade, and he thanked her for not being upset with his surprise visit. Nick was ready to leave, but Sharon invited him for dinner. Nick was happy to stay.

Phyllis was still at the coffee shop, but her mind was on Nick and the time he had cheated on her with Sharon. Phyllis couldn't let go of the fact that Nick was always in love with Sharon during their marriage. Phyllis said "I have to go," and walked out of Crimson Lights.

In the car, Phyllis was driving to the Abbott cabin. Phyllis was hoping that Nick wouldn't be there with Sharon. Phyllis stopped suddenly when her car blew a tire. The skies opened up, and it began to rain.

After dinner at the cabin, Sharon and Nick shared a glass of wine. Nick recalled the last time they were together at the cabin. Faith interrupted the moment, crying at the sound of the thunder. A short time later, Nick left. Sharon closed the door behind him. Moments later, there was a knock on the door. Sharon rushed to answer, thinking it was Nick. She opened the door to find Adam standing there.

Phyllis was stranded on the road in the rain, unable to fix her car. Another vehicle approached, and a man approached with a flashlight, offering to help.

At Jack's, Abby dumped a carton filled with envelopes on the coffee table. Jack told Abby she could sue to gain control of her trust funds. Jack opened the most recent bank statement and showed Abby the amount. Abby was surprised how much money she was worth. Jack pointed out that the figure did not include what Abby also had from Brad and Colleen's estates.

Abby was upset that her father had been so controlling about her money. Abby's phone rang, and Victor asked her to meet him at the club. Abby agreed, saying she wanted to speak with him as well.

Victoria joined Victor at his table and he explained that Abby was out of control. Victor wanted Victoria to speak with Abby. Abby arrived at the club and sat with them. Victor told Abby he knew that she was requesting documents about her trust. Abby said she that a couple of nights in jail were not enough to stop her from wanting to produce her television show.

Abby said that considering how much she was worth, she thought Victor should invest in her pilot. Victor was unimpressed with her business plans. Victoria tried to make Abby understand that their father was very protective. Victoria told Abby that making her complaints public would not help her cause.

Abby rejected the idea of being a cookie-cutter copy of Victoria. Abby wanted to build her own empire. Victor told Abby that she was an obnoxious brat and he would make sure she was an old woman before she got a penny of her money.

Abby declared that she was going to look over every one of her trusts and if Ashley or Victor had mishandled their responsibilities, Abby would sue. When she misspoke the word fiduciary, Victor suspected someone was coaching Abby. Abby didn't deny that she had help. Abby walked away. Victoria suggested that Victor bend a little. Victor refused to yield because Abby had no idea what she was doing. Victor had a good idea who had been helping Abby.

Abby returned to Jack's and said it had been a waste of time meeting with Victor. Jack had collected more documents from the bank and had a grand total of Abby's holdings. Abby was floored by how much she was worth. Abby admitted that if she was worth that much, she understood Victor's concern. Jack said that was proof that she needed to be taken seriously.

Thanking him for helping her, Abby said goodbye to Jack. At the door, Victor appeared just as Abby was leaving. Victor pointed at Jack and said, "I knew you were behind this."

Billy met with Ashley and Tucker in Tucker's office. Billy told them that making him feel indebted to Jabot would only work if they had something to offer him. Tucker was frustrated that Jabot couldn't get into the Japanese market. Tucker then asked Billy to work for him. Tucker made him a lucrative offer and Ashley added that Billy could continue running Restless Style on the side.

Billy said he was flattered, but he also told Ashley and Tucker he had nothing to give them on the bribery angle. Billy refused to tell them anything about Victoria and what she'd done in Japan. Ashley reminded Billy that his family would always be by his side, but Victoria was a passing fling.

When Tucker heard Billy scoff at Victor interfering with Billy's romance with Victoria, he pounced on Billy. Tucker suggested that Billy use them to take down Victor. Billy admired the way Tucker tried to seduce him. Billy said he wouldn't do anything to hurt Victoria. Billy said he was out of the Newman/Abbott feud.

Victoria returned to Billy's, upset by the way they had parted. Billy told Victoria that he wanted to be up-front with her. Billy told her what he knew about the antique gun she had given to Mr. Yunioshi in Japan, and that it had been worth $750,000.

Billy said he knew it was a bribe, but he didn't care because he wasn't out to get Victoria. Billy said he had figured out what Victoria was doing in Japan at the time, and he'd kept quiet. Billy had no intention of telling anyone.

Victoria said she had wanted to tell Billy the truth. The gift to Mr. Yunioshi was due to the strict Japanese gun laws. When he got the pistol, Newman got the market share they desired in Japan. Billy told Victoria that her secret was safe with him.

Tucker and Ashley were still in the office, trying to figure out how to get Billy's help. Ashley suggested that Jill might know what Billy had been doing in Japan for Restless Style. Tucker said he would consider approaching Jill. Ashley left to move into Jack's.

Friday, July 30, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Abby ran into Ashley. Ashley told her daughter that she had moved out of Brad's house as Abby had requested. Abby refused to feel guilty about throwing Ashley out of the house. Abby blamed Ashley for not letting Abby have access to her trust funds. Ashley believed Abby was incapable of handling her money. Abby insisted that it was only a matter of time before she got her hands on the funds.

At Jack's, Victor accused Jack for using Abby to get at Victor in the same way Jack had used Colleen. Jack denied that he was helping Abby, but Victor saw the trust documents. Victor warned Jack that he would regret it if he tried to pull the same stunt with Abby as he had with Colleen.

Jack pointed out that Abby didn't bend to Victor's will like his other children. Jack thought that Victor enjoyed pitting his children against each other. Ashley walked into Jack's and saw Victor and Jack fighting. Victor declared that Jack was exploiting Abby the way he had exploited Colleen. Jack refused to discuss the situation with Ashley in front of Victor. Victor asked Ashley to meet him at the coffee shop in half an hour.

Jack explained to his sister that Abby needed an adult in her life who would listen to her and offer unbiased advice. Ashley suspected that Jack was using Abby as part of his plan to get Beauty of Nature from Victor. Ashley told Jack in no uncertain terms to stop helping Abby and cease giving her financial advice.

On the phone, Jack learned that Patty was still missing. Ashley asked Jack to promise her that he would not use Abby to get back at Victor. Jack said he understood, but he also told Ashley that Abby was a smart young lady. Ashley believed that Abby was too smart for her own good.

When Ashley left to meet Victor, Jack called Abby and asked her to return to his house for a talk. Abby agreed and headed out of Crimson Lights. Victor stopped Abby before she left to tell her that he was aware that Jack was counseling her. Victor said that he and Ashley had told Jack to back off. Abby said she would get advice from others if Jack wouldn't help her. Victor warned Abby to stop rebelling -- or else.

At Crimson Lights, Victor told Ashley that he'd run into Abby and she continued to campaign for her money. Ashley suggested that she and Victor rethink their position. Ashley proposed giving Abby a portion of her money, but Victor objected because Abby would use the cash for her reality television show. Ashley wanted to attach conditions to Abby getting the dough.

Abby returned to Jack's and told him that she'd had a run-in with Victor. Abby was surprised that Jack agreed to stop helping her because her parents threatened him. Jack said that as far at Victor and Ashley were concerned, he would be out of the picture. However, Jack wanted to continue partnering with Abby. Abby liked the idea of the two of them having a secret alliance.

Jack and Abby returned to Crimson Lights. Abby saw Ashley and Victor were still there. Jack encouraged Abby to face them, but reminded her to keep their alliance a secret. Abby sat with her parents. Victor admitted that perhaps they had been too stringent with Abby's funds.

Victor and Ashley said that if Abby behaved, they would give her some of the trust fund. Ashley said there would be no more public nudity by Abby and a lot less publicity. Ashley handed Abby a check. Abby looked at it and said, "No thank you."

Victor contended that the offer was a generous one, but Abby said she wanted access to all of her assets. Abby stood up and walked to the counter. She looked back at Jack, who had watched from the doorway.

Out on a remote road, Phyllis was surprised to see Deacon approach to aid her when her car broke down. Deacon explained that he had completed his community service and was back in Genoa City. Deacon offered to help Phyllis, but she said she could handle changing the tire herself.

Deacon watched Phyllis trying to change the tire. Deacon explained to her that he was not the bad guy she thought he was. Deacon said that he had done what he did to Daniel because Sarah was threatening Deacon's son, Eric. Phyllis asked him to go away, but then she cut her hands and cried out. Deacon knelt down and looked at her bleeding hands.

Phyllis and Deacon were sitting in the car. Without a first aid kit, Deacon used his undershirt to wrap Phyllis's wounds. Deacon went out in the rain and fixed the tire despite Phyllis telling him it wasn't necessary.

At the Abbott cabin, Adam knocked on Sharon's door. Sharon was horrified. A soaking wet Adam asked Sharon to let him in. Sharon calmed Faith while Adam walked in and said he needed to talk with Sharon. Adam said he loved Sharon. Sharon asked Adam to stay away from her. Sharon was angry at Adam for tricking her and lying all through their marriage. Sharon wanted him to stay away from her.

Adam stepped closer and tried to touch Sharon. Sharon went to open the door and show Adam out. Nick appeared suddenly and was shocked to see Adam. Nick suspected that Adam had followed him to the cabin. Adam said that Nick was never far from Sharon.

Sharon told Adam to leave and stay away. Sharon said she didn't want to talk to him or see him again. Nick threatened Adam with a restraining order on Sharon's behalf that would rescind Adam's bail. Adam said that someday Sharon would regret tossing Adam aside. Adam said he would never give up on Sharon.

Adam walked out and Nick closed the door behind him. Nick urged Sharon to pack her bags so he could drive her back to Genoa City. Sharon refused to leave, saying she wasn't ready to go back. Sharon would not be dissuaded. Nick offered to give her a gun he had in his car as protection.

Sharon said no, but when she learned that Patty had escaped from Windcliff and was on the loose, Sharon reconsidered. Nick convinced Sharon to take the gun.

Faith reacted to the storm by crying. Sharon comforted her daughter, but she was also perturbed by the rain. In the window, Adam watched Sharon with Faith. Some time later, Sharon was on the couch reading a book when she heard noises outside the door. The lights flashed. Sharon asked who was there. Sharon took the gun that Nick had given her. She called out, "Who's there? Answer me, or I'll shoot."

Someone opened the door and Sharon pulled the trigger. Sharon stepped forward and saw that she had shot Adam. Bleeding from the arm, Adam told Sharon that he knew she still loved him. He collapsed and Sharon hugged him and called for help.

Deacon reported back to Phyllis that her spare tire was flat. Deacon asked Phyllis to return to his cabin so he could call for help. Phyllis refused to leave, so Deacon left without her. Another car approached and Phyllis was surprised to see Nick walk over to her car. Nick asked Phyllis what she was doing out in the rain.

Phyllis admitted to Nick that she had been driving to the cabin because she thought Nick would be there with Sharon. Nick asked why she'd bothered since they were getting a divorce. Phyllis had hoped that Nick would wait until they were divorced before going after Sharon.

Phyllis told Nick she had been insulted by his father's settlement offer. Nick knew nothing about Victor's offer. Phyllis said the Nick was just like his father, arrogant and entitled. Phyllis reminded Nick that he never worried about how Sharon's pregnancy would affect their marriage. Phyllis said she had done everything for Nick, including learning how to cook.

Phyllis realized that Nick was not a Prince Charming after all. Nick wondered why Phyllis never told him how she really felt. Phyllis said that she had, but Nick never listened. Phyllis was humiliated by the way he chased after Sharon. Nick didn't want to leave her stranded in the rain. Phyllis said he had already abandoned her. Phyllis told Nick he couldn't fix things. Nick left the car.

Deacon returned and told Phyllis that it would be a while before help arrived to fix her tire. A moment later, a car's lights flashed and Deacon thought that help had arrived. Phyllis saw that it was Nick's car. Phyllis rolled up her window and asked Deacon to kiss her. Nick approached the car door and saw Phyllis in a liplock; when she didn't answer him, Nick turned and walked away.

When Phyllis saw Nick had left, she stopped kissing Deacon and told him he could leave. Deacon was confused, but did as she asked.

Kevin called Michael to say that if Ryder didn't show up for his trial, Kevin would lose Crimson Lights. Chloe walked into the coffee shop and complained to Kevin about the air conditioner not working.

Chloe asked if Kevin missed her as a roommate, then asked to move back. Kevin wondered about Chance, and Chloe admitted that Chance had engaged in sex with Heather. Chloe also told Kevin how she had tried to make Chance jealous with Ronan. Chloe mentioned it was a terrible birthday. Kevin handed Chloe the keys to his apartment so she could move back in.

On the patio, Christine was speaking with Paul when she received a call that there had been an attack on Heather again. Chris told Paul and the two headed out to go to Heather's place.

Chance was at Heather's apartment, questioning her about the attempt on her life. Chance was furious about the lax security and, when Ronan walked in, Chance blamed him for not protecting Heather. Ronan pushed Chance off of him and reminded Chance that he was suspended. Ronan blamed Heather for ditching Meeks.

Chance told Ronan not to blame Heather. Chance accused Ronan for leaving Heather to go after Chloe. Paul and Christine showed up and Ronan let them in. Chance advised Paul to keep Heather away from Ronan. Paul said he was working on doing just that.

Chance accused Ronan of being a dirty cop. Ronan smacked Chance, and the two got into a scuffle. Paul broke up the fight and told Chance to leave. Chance told Heather to be careful, then walked out.

Paul demanded to know why Ronan had not been protecting Heather. Ronan blamed Chance for mucking up the investigation. Ronan felt that Heather would be safe as long as Chance stopped interfering. Chris pointed out that Chance was relentless. Ronan said Chance was a huge problem.

In the hallway, Chance ran into Chloe, who was going to Kevin's apartment. Chance told Chloe that Heather had nearly been killed while Chloe was trying to make him jealous by kissing Ronan at Jimmy's.

Kevin called Chloe and left a message on her phone saying he would leave work early, and they could hang out in his place and watch a movie. At the same time, Kevin put a cupcake in a box to give to Chloe for her birthday. In Kevin's apartment, Chloe told Chance she was sorry that Heather had been attacked, but Chloe felt it wasn't her fault. Chloe reminded Chance that nothing would have happened if he hadn't cheated on her with Heather.

Chance was disappointed in Chloe for scheming to get him to see her with Ronan. Chloe said they had both seen their real selves when he slept with Heather and she used Ronan to make Chance jealous.

Chance agreed to take half the blame for the situation, but he criticized Chloe for trying to make him jealous. Chance believed that Ronan might be dangerous. Chloe said she like bad boys. Chloe said boy scouts like Chance turned her off. Chance admitted that Chloe was hurting him.

Chloe insisted that she could take care of herself. Chance accepted her rejection and walked out of Kevin's apartment.

Kevin arrived home to find Chloe on the couch. Chloe mentioned that she had had a fight with Chance over Ronan. Kevin was surprised to hear that Heather was attacked again. Chloe said that Chance blamed her for Heather being in danger, but Kevin said that if he were Chance, he'd want to go after Ronan.

Chloe told Kevin she was going to sleep. Kevin stopped her. Kevin asked her for a beat, then sang a rap birthday song and gave Chloe the cupcake with a candle. Chloe was charmed. Kevin told her to make a wish and blow out the candle.

Out in the parking lot, Chance confronted Ronan. Ronan accused Chance of ruining the investigation, but Chance believed that he was the only one working on the case in earnest. Ronan told Chance that he was in over his head. Chance again declared that Ronan was a dirty cop. Ronan responded by socking Chance, and the two got into a major brawl.

At Heather's, Chris got a report from the authorities that there were no leads on who attacked Heather. Paul was frustrated, but grateful that Chris had gotten involved in the case. Paul said he would spend the night in Heather's apartment. Chris left and Paul assured his daughter that everything would be all right.

Chris discovered Ronan and Chance fighting in the parking lot. She got between them and told Chance to go home. Chris asked Ronan why he was fighting with his own brother. Ronan told Chris to never mention that. Ronan didn't consider Chance his brother even though they had the same DNA.

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