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Adam filed a civil lawsuit against everyone who had held him hostage at the Abbott cabin. Chloe figured out that Ronan was Nina's long-lost son. Phyllis spotted Nick and Christine kissing. Jill was awarded half of the Fenmore estate.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 16, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, August 16, 2010

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was still livid because the judge had dismissed Adam's case. Jack ranted to Traci about Victor's meeting, where he advised all the people Adam had hurt to put him out of their minds, and let the matter go. Traci reminded Jack that they had no recourse regarding Adam. Jack vowed not to let Adam get away with what he'd done to Ashley.

Traci suggested that Jack might have taken Victor's advice had Victor not been the person delivering it. Jack, fuming, told Traci that she hadn't been there when he'd had to commit Ashley to a sanitarium, and that she hadn't seen what Sharon went through when she thought her baby was dead.

Teary-eyed, Traci reminded Jack that Patty had killed her daughter, but would never have to pay for what she did. Traci explained that she would have let rage consume her, if Jack hadn't convinced her to give Colleen's heart to Victor. Jack sighed after Traci begged him not to become vengeful and bitter.

Jack received a summons from a process server and read part of the complaint aloud to Traci. Jack read, "The above-named defendants willfully, maliciously, and without justification unlawfully assaulted and battered the plaintiff, inflicting serious physical injury and causing the plaintiff to suffer severe mental ..." Jack addressed Traci and yelled, "Adam is suing Ashley for mental anguish!" Traci, clearly angered, agreed that Adam's actions were completely outrageous. Jack asked Traci if she thought they should still turn the other cheek.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Ashley sat next to Tucker and ordered a drink. Ashley cried that Adam had gotten away with Richard Hightower's murder and with the murder of her unborn daughter. Tucker was angry because Adam had placed Sharon's baby in Ashley's arms as if the infant were Ashley's. Ashley told Tucker that it took all the courage she could muster to get up on the stand and recall horrible memories and feelings.

Ashley rubbed her furrowed forehead and lamented that her personal tragedy and mental health had become a public record. Tucker comforted Ashley, and she maintained that she was a survivor. Tucker suggested activities that might distract Ashley, who chose a quiet dinner. Ashley vowed to let go of Adam as she took a deep breath and exhaled cathartically. Ashley and Tucker had moved to a table to discuss business when a man approached and delivered a summons. Tucker read the summons after Ashley announced that Adam was suing her.

Ashley and Tucker went to the Abbott mansion and talked about Adam's lawsuit. Ashley explained that Adam had left out pertinent details about his detention at the cabin. Jack agreed and recalled that their aim had been to find Sharon's missing baby. Traci was shocked when Jack said that their only mistake was not finishing the job when they had Adam at the cabin. Tucker sided with Jack when he proclaimed war on Adam.

Later, Ashley confided to Traci that she was afraid of jumping into a serious relationship with Tucker while hoping there'd be a soft place to land. Traci seemed to understand when Ashley added that she had to take better care of herself.

Jack phoned Phyllis and warned her to beware of strangers bearing gifts. Phyllis told Jack that Nick had already informed her about Adam being set free. Phyllis asked Jack if Adam had to grow a set of horns in order for people to realize how evil he truly was.

At Crimson Lights, Billy, Victoria, Heather, and Rafe commiserated with each other after Adam was set free. Billy proposed going after Adam. Billy added, "I'm thinking dungeons, torture chambers, whips, chains, and bad stuff. You guys with me?" Victoria responded that her father was right that they should let it go. Heather and Rafe sighed. Victoria, Heather, and Rafe argued with Billy about seeking their own form of justice against Adam.

Heather and Rafe reminded Billy that they'd almost lost their careers. Victoria cried that she'd almost lost Reed, and she reminded Billy that they'd all lost credibility with the judge. Rafe and Heather reeled after a process server delivered a summons to each of them. Rafe said that Adam should have been satisfied with the damage he'd already done. Heather told Rafe that getting drunk didn't sound like such a bad idea. After Victoria left, Billy followed her. He stroked her shoulder and suggested they still had time to turn their evening around for the better.

Billy and Victoria retreated to his mobile home. Victoria playfully argued with Billy, but she maintained that her father was sometimes right. Billy said, "Well, you know, I'm more interested in the times that he's been demonstrably wrong, like when he accused me of spying on you, and you believed him." Billy told Victoria that she owed him an apology. Victoria reminded Billy that he often left incriminating video and photos on his computer, and she cited their wedding video and photos of the gun as prime examples.

Victoria and Billy both drank shots of whiskey and kissed. Victoria sat on the sofa and Billy sat behind her and massaged her shoulders. Billy sensed that Victoria's muscles were tense, and he reminded her about saying she was letting go of her anger toward Adam. Victoria explained that she wasn't letting go of her anger, she just no longer expected to be able to do anything about it.

In their suite at the club, Skye poured pricey champagne into a glass and toasted Adam's freedom. Skye announced that she had plans for their future. Vance showed up and gulped champagne. Vance announced that he had filed the paperwork before the courts closed. Skye was in the dark until she learned that Adam planned to sue almost everyone who's held him captive at the cabin.

Skye warned Adam that his plan could blow up in their faces. Skye was furious and said, "We're trying to convince people your number one priority is managing their money, not trying to shake down your father." Adam, as if possessed by his plan for revenge, replied, "Just collecting on an inheritance that's rightfully mine."

Skye worried about the detrimental effects the lawsuit would have on Adam's image and their hedge fund company. Adam declared that he deserved closure, and he said the even his own father had threatened to kill him. Skye told Adam that moving on with his life would be the best revenge. Adam disagreed and said that making Victor miserable was the best revenge. Skye seemed frightened when Adam added that he planned to make everyone who was at the cabin miserable.

After Skye and Adam went to bed, Adam had a disturbing dream. Adam dreamed that he walked into his mother's farmhouse and saw Hope talking to a little boy. Hope told the little boy that he would grow into a man who would make a big difference in the world. Suddenly, the little boy turned toward Adam and shouted, "You're not. You're going to be a liar and a murderer!" Adam recognized the little boy as Justin Hightower. Suddenly, Hope rose from her seat, approached Adam, and screamed, "I will never rest in peace knowing what you've done!" Adam awoke with a start. He was sweaty and short of breath.

At the Newman ranch, Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Sharon, holding Faith, gathered in the sitting room. Admiring his granddaughter, Victor proposed that they focus on what was truly important. Nick said that if it were up to Adam, they wouldn't even have Faith. Nikki reminded Nick that Adam had failed with his plans to attack their family. Nick insisted that Adam failed because the family had fought him, and Nick vowed not to stop. Victor warned Nick not to lock horns with Adam. Nick again railed that Adam had stolen his daughter. Victor reminded Nick that Adam had killed his daughter.

After Sharon, Nick, and Faith left, Nikki worried that Nick wouldn't take his father's advice to heart. Nikki also worried that Victor wouldn't follow the advice he'd given Nick. Victor claimed he would ignore Adam even though he felt responsible. Victor explained that Adam believed his father had abandoned him. Nikki reminded Victor that he wouldn't be able to forget how Adam had attacked his family.

A man arrived at the ranch, and the maid explained to Victor that someone had packages he wished to deliver. When the man walked in with gift-wrapped packages, Nikki and Victor approached him. The man shoved the boxes and two envelopes toward the couple. The man said, "You've been served." Nikki was livid when she learned that Adam was suing them. Victor insisted that he'd rather give away his entire fortune than letting Adam take it. Victor said, "Adam is done. He just doesn't know it, yet."

Later, Nikki asked Victor if they would be able to testify about the things Adam had done, or if the judge's ruling would make their testimonies inadmissible. Victor assured Nikki that he would take care of the matter. Victor added that he wasn't talking about retribution, just protecting his family. Nikki threw up her hands and said she didn't want to know the details.

Nick escorted Sharon and Faith to their suite at the club. After Faith fell asleep, Nick told Sharon that Adam had shown no remorse and would likely become more brazen. Sharon said she would find another place to live, so she wouldn't run into Adam at the club. Nick suggested Sharon and Faith move in with him. Sharon seemed surprised and asked Nick if he really meant it. Nick suggested moving to the club, while Sharon and Faith lived at the tack house. Nick answered a knock at the door and was served a summons. Nick explained that Adam was suing everyone who was the club except Sharon.

Victor stood alone in his sitting room at the ranch and recalled a memory of Hope asking him to pray with her for their child. Aloud, Victor said, "I am praying for all of us."

As the residents of Genoa City wound down and ended their wearisome day, a portion of the song "Hallelujah," written by Leonard Cohen, played.

I heard there was a secret chord that David played, and it pleased the Lord; but you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this: the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift--the baffled king composing "Hallelujah." Your faith was strong, but you needed proof. You saw her bathing on the roof. Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you.

She tied you to a kitchen chair. She broke your throne; she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the hallelujah. Maybe I've been here before. I know this room; I've walked this floor. I used to live alone before I knew you. I've seen your flag on the marbled arch. Love is not a victory march; it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.

While Skye slept, Adam, his jaw quivering, sat up in bed and seemed shaken by his vivid dream. Phyllis seemed saddened when her phone call wasn't answered, and Jack, back home, seemed concerned when his call to someone wasn't answered. As Traci and Ashley ascended the stairs to their bedrooms, Ashley ignored a call from Tucker. Stepping out of the coffeehouse, Tucker was disappointed when his call to Ashley wasn't answered. Heather and Rafe gulped shots at a bar. Billy and Victoria made love on the sofa. They were interrupted by a knock at the door, and each was served a summons. Nick checked the hallway before he escorted Sharon and Faith out of the club. As Nikki comforted Victor, he ripped his summons to shreds.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance was on the phone, trying to reach Heather. Chloe interrupted and said she was there to pick up some of her things. Chance told Chloe that Nina wouldn't object to Chloe being there because Nina was still getting over Chance being attacked in prison.

Chance said he had chosen to stay close to his mother because of the experience. Chance offered to get together with Chloe later. Chance wondered why Chloe was still wearing his engagement ring. Chance and Chloe agreed to speak at another time.

Chance walked out of the house, and Nina approached Chloe. Chloe inquired about Nina's condition, mentioning both Chance and Nina's missing son. Nina suspected that Chloe had an ulterior motive in being nice to her. Nina gathered her things and walked out, telling Chloe to forget about reaching out to Nina.

At Crimson Lights, Paul found Heather working on Adam's lawsuit. Paul needed a favor from Heather. Paul had found a clue to Nina's kidnapped son. Paul explained that he'd searched his father's belonging for leads. Paul's father had been the main investigator on Nina's case. Paul found the notes on Rose DeVille who ran the baby-snatching ring.

The one person still alive from the ring was Pete Bender, the driver who'd been involved in Chris and Nina's kidnapping. Paul asked if Heather could get the court and police files on Bender. Heather agreed, and Paul smiled. Paul said that his father had always been his go-to person on the force, and Heather had taken his place.

At the Athletic Club, Chris learned from Ronan that the attack against Chance in prison had been done with a crude explosive of gasoline in a light bulb. Chris was concerned that Chance was still in danger. Ronan wanted Chance to stay out of the investigation.

Chris urged Ronan to wrap up the case so he could move on. Ronan didn't care that Nina was still devastated about her kidnapped son. Chris contended that there was no reason for Ronan to keep the truth from Nina once the case was over.

Ronan acknowledged that he'd known he'd run into Chance and Nina on the case. Chris wanted Ronan to deal with his feelings. Ronan said the FBI could have found the truth for Nina any time over the years. Ronan didn't want to dishonor his adopted parents by getting involved with Nina, his real mother.

Nina approached Ronan and Chris and, when Ronan reached out to shake Nina's hand, Nina rejected him because Ronan had endangered Chance's life. Ronan apologized and walked away.

Nina was judgmental when Chris said she had been meeting with Ronan to help him on a case. Chris was anxious to clear the air between the two of them. Chris assured Nina that Chris was not interested in Paul. Nina believed that the history between Chris and Paul was still alive. Nina wasn't sure she could compete with their past.

Paul joined Chris and Paul at the table, saying that he had some great news. Paul told them about Pete Bender and said that he was able to get a private investigator to interview the man at a prison hospital. Paul informed Nina that he had found the name of the family that adopted her son -- Lansing. Paul told Nina they were very close to finding her son.

Paul got off the phone and told Nina that her son's name was Aiden Lansing. Paul reported that he'd been an honor student and football star who'd gone to college in California. Paul had more leads to follow up. Nina was ecstatic.

Later, Ronan ran into Paul and Heather at the coffeehouse. Heather was not surprised to learn that Chance had scored heroin in prison. Ronan surmised that Chance had passed the drugs to Heather. Ronan asked Heather to give him the drugs because if they came out of the GCPD evidence room, Ronan could be close to cracking the case.

Heather told Ronan that the drugs were in her office. Chance appeared suddenly and asked to speak with Heather alone. Ronan told Heather that details of the case were off-limits to Chance. Chance and Heather walked off. Paul asked Ronan if it was difficult not telling Chance he was on Chance's side.

Chance apologized to Heather for involving her in the heroin buy. Chance was determined to get the drugs from Heather, and then set up surveillance in the GCPD evidence room. Heather insisted on going to Owen and setting up the sting so that Chance could not be accused of anything illegal. Chance agreed.

Chance sneaked into Heather's office when she wasn't there and searched for the drugs. Before he could find them, Owen entered. They decided to wait together for Heather.

Heather walked into her office to find Chance and Owen waiting. Heather told Chance that she had informed Owen of everything. Owen believed Chance had been in the office before him to steal the drugs.

Heather unlocked her desk to retrieve the drugs, but they were not there. Chance said he had not taken them, but Owen accused Chance of lying. Owen threatened to put Chance back in jail and to fire Heather. Heather and Chance were baffled.

Chance ripped apart the contents of the drawer, but the drugs were gone. Heather said Owen was the only person she had told about the drugs. Chance wondered if Heather didn't trust Chance anymore.

Heather assured Chance she trusted him. Chance believed that Ronan was duping Heather. Heather wanted Chance to back off of the case before he wound up dead. Heather declared that she cared about Chance.

Daniel was working on a painting in his loft when Abby stopped by looking for a lipstick, but also to complain about Adam getting off scot-free. Daniel was impressed that Abby cared about how Abrams had attacked Ashley on the stand. But Daniel was amused that Abby was insulted that Vance characterized Abby as an exhibitionist.

Daniel pointed out to Abby that her plan to make everyone think she was vapid was working because nobody suspected that Abby was conspiring with Jack to get her trust funds. Abby was frustrated that her parents weren't giving in. Daniel told Abby she had a great boyfriend. Abby thought Daniel had a huge ego. The two kissed and got romantic.

Abby and Daniel made love. Abby suggested that Daniel have his own TV show, too, "The Naked Artist."

Lauren and Michael were at Crimson Lights, discussing the upcoming hearing with Jill. Michael assured Lauren she had Michael's undivided attention for the case. Lauren was worried that Michael wasn't sure the case was a slam dunk. Lauren wanted to be certain. Michael suggested that Lauren was overreacting a bit.

Lauren complained to Michael that she had tried repeatedly to reach out to Jill, with no success. Michael had heard it all before from Lauren. Michael suggested that they could still settle with Jill.

Michael felt that Jill wanted an acknowledgment that Jill was a Fenmore. Michael then suggested Lauren give Jill a piece of the estate. Lauren refused to ever let Jill Foster get one cent of the Fenmore fortune.

At the Chancellor house, Jill was telling Katherine that there was no way Jill could lose in court. Kay pointed out that the money didn't matter, and winning in court was not going to make Jill part of a family.

Jill was determined to claim her Fenmore name. Jill wanted Kay to wish her well and be supportive. Kay handed Jill a gift and wished her "good luck."

Jill opened the gift and found a lace doily. Kay said that Liz had made it for Kay. Jill was impressed. Kay said that Liz's message was that homemade things made a house a home. Jill wanted to know why Kay had given it to her. Kay said Liz would have wanted Jill to have it.

Kay tried to point out to Jill that Lauren had reacted badly to the news that Jill was a Fenmore, but she had tried since to reach out. Jill characterized Lauren's efforts as damage control. Jill felt that Lauren had humiliated Jill at Neil Fenmore's grave. Jill complained that Lauren had never reached out to her.

Kay was on the phone with Murphy, encouraging him to continue fishing. Chloe entered the room and said she was there to visit Esther. Chloe mentioned that she'd seen Chance and Nina, and they were both upset. Chloe suggested that if the kidnapped son were there, the situation might be easier for Chance and Nina. Kay wasn't sure.

Kay wondered why Chloe was asking questions about the past and what had happened in the investigation. Chloe admitted that if she could find Chance's brother, it would help him out. Kay was curious about Chloe's motivation. Kay realized that Chloe wasn't completely over Chance. Kay wished Chloe luck, then left to attend Jill's hearing.

Outside the courtroom, Lauren tried in vain to reach her mother by phone while Michael perused his notes before the hearing. Lauren said she had hoped her mother would provide some information about Neil Fenmore's past. Jill and her attorney arrived, followed by Katherine.

Katherine asked Jill and Lauren if they could set aside their differences. Jill and Lauren said no, and the bailiff called them all into court.

Jill was sworn in and took the stand, followed by Lauren. Lauren spoke of being groomed to take on the Fenmore legacy from the time she was a child. Lauren recalled that her father's dying words were for Lauren to run the family business.

Jill testified that she knew how difficult it was for Lauren, as a spoiled child, to accept that she has a sister. Jill said her biological father had deprived her of her life. Lauren claimed that Neil had never hinted that he had an illegitimate child.

Lauren claimed that she had doubled the value of Fenmore's since taking over, and Jill was not entitled to any of it. Jill claimed that she had been denied her heritage. Lauren took pride in being the only Fenmore left. Jill refused to hide her family name any longer.

Lauren said that Jill's name was not in the will, and she was not important to her father. Jill said she was an heir, and she should be allowed to share in the estate.

Michael's summation said that Jill had never been abandoned, as she claimed. Michael pointed out that she had been part of the Foster family and believed for a time that she was a Chancellor. Michael declared that she was not a Fenmore because Neil Fenmore's will never acknowledged her. Michael declared that only Lauren was named in the will as an heir and that was consistent with Neil's wishes.

Jill's attorney told her that the package had arrived. Jill sent him to retrieve it quickly. The judge reconvened the court and began to rule without waiting for Jill's attorney to return. The judge said that Jill's case had no merit. Before the judge could conclude, Jill's attorney returned and asked to present another witness.

Lauren's mother, Joanna, walked into the courtroom.

Chloe opened the laptop and began a search for Ronan Malloy. Chloe found a lot of information about Ronan, including his high school data. Chloe decided to find out from Ronan's classmates what kind of a guy he was.

Chloe called an alumni organizer from Ronan's high school and asked about Ronan Malloy. Chloe learned that Ronan was not in the database at all. Chloe said she must have been mistaken.

Chloe walked into Jimmy's Bar and saw Ronan. Chloe asked Ronan who he was. Ronan had no idea what she was talking about. Chloe admitted that she had seen his license and realized he was born the same day as Nina's son. Chloe said she had investigated Ronan online and discovered that his online profile was fake.

Ronan tried to pretend that it was all a joke, but Chloe demanded that Ronan tell Chloe the truth because Ronan was messing with the lives of people Chloe cared about. Chloe threatened to expose Ronan in the pages of Restless Style.

Ronan offered to tell Chloe who he was in exchange for her silence. Ronan admitted that he was Chance's brother and Nina's son. Ronan said that he had arrived in Genoa City because he was curious, nothing more. Ronan reminded Chloe to keep her mouth shut.

Ronan made a call to Chris. Ronan told Chris that Chloe had figured out who he really was. Ronan said that Chloe knew he was Nina's son, but not that he was with the FBI. Chris told Ronan that they were running out of time because Nina was close to finding him.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lily and Cane were checking up on the babies in their home, and were relieved that the twins were asleep. Cane's cell phone rang and woke one of the babies. Kay called to ask Cane to meet Jill at the courthouse and talk some sense into her.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. and Reed met with Mac. J.T. asked Mac for an answer to his question about their moving in together. Mac wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Mac's phone rang with a call from Lily.

Mac finally answered Lily's call. Lily asked Mac to drop by to see the nursery and the twins. Mac agreed as long as Reed and J.T. were invited, too. Lily said yes, and Mac said they were on their way.

Lily welcomed Reed, J.T., and Mac to the apartment. Lily said that she was up to her neck in baby chores. Lily asked Mac to go with her to see the nursery. J.T. told Mac that he remembered when he and Victoria were new parents. Mac had no idea what that felt like, and Mac was sad about it. Lily led Mac into the nursery.

Mac asked to be alone with the twins. Lily walked out of the room, and J.T. and Lily had a talk. Lily was concerned about Mac. Meanwhile, Mac spoke to the babies like she had when they were in her belly. Mac told them that she loved the time they had spent together. Mac said if she were to leave, it wouldn't be forever. Mac hoped they would never forget her.

Lily returned to the room and asked Mac if she would consider being the twins' godmother. Mac thought that Lily and Cane would have preferred a family member. Mac was reluctant to be more than the surrogate. Mac had been happy to help the Ashbys, but was struggling with letting go of the babies.

Mac said the twins could only have one mother, and that was Lily. Mac had no regrets, but Mac was feeling a pull for them that was inappropriate. Mac was sure it would be over in time. Mac felt she had to put her needs first. Mac refused the godmother role. Lily said that when Mac was ready, Mac could make a place in the babies' lives.

In the Fenmore hearing, Joanna was introduced as Jill's surprise witness. Lauren was stunned to see her mother. Michael's request for a recess was denied, and Joanna took the stand. Joanna said she was anxious to tell the truth about Neil Fenmore.

Joanna testified that she had had a bad marriage with Neil Fenmore. Joanna said that from the day she met Neil until the day he died, Neil had brooded about the illegitimate daughter he'd had. Joanna blamed the illegitimate child for turning Lauren into a spoiled brat.

Lauren jumped up in protest but the judge ordered her back to her seat. Cane walked into the courtroom and sat with Kay. Joanna testified that when she'd met Neil, he was getting over the death of Jill's mother. Joanna said that Neil had tried to find his illegitimate child.

Joanna said that Neil berated himself for not being a father to his illegitimate child, and showering his other child -- Lauren -- with everything. Joanna accused Lauren of being a nasty girl with an inflated sense of her own entitlement.

Joanna declared that Neil's will had been written with Neil's knowledge that he had another child somewhere in the world.

Michael began questioning Joanna and asked if Joanna knew Neil's state of mind at the time he'd signed his will. Joanna had not been in Neil's life at that time. Joanna declared that Neil loved Lauren more than Neil had loved Joanna. Joanna resented what Lauren had become because of Neil's love.

The judge called a recess to reevaluate his decision based on Joanna's testimony. Lauren followed Joanna out of the courtroom. Kay admonished Jill for calling Joanna to the stand. Lauren stopped her mother from walking away.

Lauren confronted her mother and asked Joanna if she really hated her so much that she would testify against Lauren. Joanna claimed that she did not hate Lauren. Lauren asked her mother why she hadn't warned Lauren that she was testifying for Jill.

Joanna contended that Lauren would not be poverty-stricken by the judge's decision. Lauren accused her mother of being jealous of Lauren's relationship with Neil. Joanna was unapologetic.

Lauren told her mother that she had been kidnapped earlier in the year, and it was family that had pulled her through. Lauren hoped that she and Joanna could make peace. Lauren realized that was not possible. Lauren told Joanna to leave Genoa City and stay out of her life. Lauren returned to the courtroom and embraced Michael.

Kay and Michael were disappointed in Jill for having had Joanna testify against Lauren. Cane stood with Jill, and Jill said that Lauren should have settled with Jill. Michael reminded Jill that Lauren had reached out to her, but Jill saw Lauren's attempt as less than nothing. Jill was determined to have a share of her father's legacy.

Jill's lawyer told Michael to back away from Jill. Kay told Jill she was through with her. Cane questioned if Jill was sure that she was doing the right thing. Jill stood by her decision to prove that she was a Fenmore. Cane hoped that Jill would be satisfied with the results, even if it meant losing some things.

The judge returned with his decision. The judge dissected the words of the will and ruled in Jill's favor. Lauren was ordered to deliver one half of the Fenmore fortune to Jill. Jill approached Michael and Lauren, but they were not interested in making friends.

Kay offered to assist Lauren in dealing with Jill, but Lauren said she had no intention of working with Jill or giving her half the family fortune.

Jill thanked Joanna for her testimony. Joanna said she didn't give a damn about Jill and didn't testify for Jill. Kay approached Jill, and Jill defended what she had done. Kay said Jill could not regain her self-respect. Kay walked out on Jill. Jill asked her lawyer out for a drink, but he turned her down.

In the courtroom, Lauren told Michael she wanted to appeal. Michael said that Lauren would have to deal with Jill as a partner. Lauren countered that Jill would have to deal with Lauren.

Cane returned home to Lily and asked if Lily had requested that Mac become the babies' godmother. Lily explained that Mac had turned them down. Lily understood that Mac needed some distance. Cane wondered whom else they could ask. Lily suggested Olivia and Roxy, and then thought of someone else.

Cane was alone with the twins and telling them about Grandma Jill. Cane reflected on how his own lawsuit had worked out. Cane said he had done what he did because he was afraid of losing Lily. Cane promised the twins that they would have everything in life they'd ever need or want.

Lily was at the Abbott house meeting with Traci. Lily told Traci that she and Cane had been thinking about who should be the twins' godmother. Traci felt that Colleen would have been a wonderful godmother.

Lily recalled that the night Colleen died, Lily had a dream in which Colleen visited Lily. In the dream, Colleen said that Lily would beat the cancer and hold her babies in her arms. Lily said that was why Traci would be the ideal person to be Charlie and Matilda's godmother. Traci said it would be her honor.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel and Abby were in a blissful afterglow. Daniel asked Abby to lunch, but she said she didn't do lunch. Daniel challenged Abby to make him a meal.

Abby served Daniel lunch in bed. It was dry cereal and toast, but Abby considered it a meal. Abby told Daniel she needed to focus on her career. Daniel agreed because he felt the same way.

After making love, Abby and Daniel were dressed, and Daniel said he was on his way to a photo shoot for Restless Style. Abby asked about the theme and if she could accompany Daniel. Daniel reminded Abby that she'd nearly gotten Gloworm shut down on her last visit. Abby was sure Gloria would welcome her back.

At Gloworm, Gloria and Jeffrey were taking reservations and enjoying how successful the club had turned out to be. Kevin was sitting at a table, clearly depressed. Gloria urged him to focus on how well she and Jeffrey were doing.

Chloe walked into Gloworm and approached Kevin. Chloe carried a box and explained that Jill had dumped a major project on Chloe. Chloe was responsible for the Restless Style shoot that was to accompany a story that Jill had been writing before she was fired.

Chloe asked Kevin why he was depressed and learned that the date was Jana and Kevin's wedding anniversary. Chloe enlisted Kevin's help in picking props for the photo shoot. In the background, Jana entered the club. Jana had a bouquet of flowers and watched as Chloe cheered up Kevin.

Jana walked over and thanked Kevin for the flowers. Chloe excused herself. Kevin said that the flowers were part of a standing order from months before. Kevin told Jana their marriage was over and there was no going back.

Jana told Kevin that they were both struggling. Kevin wasn't interested in reminiscing or reconciling. Chloe interrupted and asked Kevin to fill in as one of the models for Chloe's shoot.

Jeffrey introduced a pretty, young blonde to Gloria as a candidate for the bartender job. Gloria liked Candy's "assets." Candy and Jeffrey walked off and Chloe suggested that Gloria give Jeffrey a taste of his own medicine by hiring a male bartender.

Gloria watched Jeffrey flirt with Candy. Through the door, Deacon walked in and asked about the bartender job. Gloria invited him into the club. Gloria put Deacon in the back room and asked him to fill out the application.

Chloe told Gloria that the models had failed to appear, so Chloe and Kevin would fill in for the photo shoot. Gloria approved because it distracted Kevin from his problems. Gloria noticed Jana in the background. Kevin was insecure about modeling, but Chloe was very encouraging.

Gloria led Jana to the front door and out of Gloworm. Gloria asked her to stop stalking Kevin.

Daniel wondered why Kevin and Chloe were filling in as the models. Chloe told Daniel to just shoot the pictures. Gloria embraced Abby and thanked her for all the publicity Gloworm had received on opening night.

Candy was showing Jeffrey her tattoo and instead of getting upset, Gloria was happy to have Candy join the staff. Jeffrey guessed that Gloria had a male bartender ready to spring on him.

Daniel did the photo shoot with Chloe and Kevin dressed in formal wear like a 1930s movie. Jana walked into the club and watched from the doorway. After a moment, Jana took the flower bouquet outside and beat it against the bricks. Jana thought about taking off her wedding ring, but stopped herself.

Kevin noticed that Daniel and Abby were very smitten. Kevin asked Daniel about Amber. Daniel said he'd had no choice with Amber. Daniel asked Kevin how things were with Kevin and Jana. Kevin said that everything with Jana was in the past.

Back as Crimson Lights, Mac served lunch to J.T. and Reed. Mac kissed J.T. Mac said that she loved J.T. Mac told J.T. that she would move in with him. J.T. was thrilled and kissed Mac in return.

Jeffrey let Deacon out of the back room, and Deacon went behind the bar. Daniel and Kevin were shocked to see Deacon and hear that Deacon was working at Gloworm.

Daniel was upset. Gloria told Kevin that she would explain, but Kevin was as upset as Daniel. Kevin and Chloe left to change their clothes and leave the club.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

At the Abbotts', Traci, Billy, Jack, Ashley, and Abby discussed Adam's lawsuit. The family was incredulous that Adam had gotten off for what he'd done to Ashley and for bugging the ranch. Traci urged everyone to let it go as Victor had suggested because Adam wasn't worth worrying over. Billy disagreed because they had been subpoenaed and Traci had not. Traci said what happened to the family affected her, too. Jack felt that Victor was going to get a taste of his own medicine at Adam's hand.

Jack said the first order of business was to separate the Abbotts from the other co-defendants in the lawsuit. Jack told Ashley that Victor would sell out the Abbotts in a heartbeat. Abby said that Victor wanted the same thing they did, but Jack did not trust Newman. Billy received a text message from Victoria and announced to the family that he had to leave. Billy reminded Traci not to leave town without saying goodbye to him.

Alone with Jack, Abby asked her uncle about their trust fund initiative. Jack told Abby to cool it with the publicity. Jack thought the incident at Gloworm was over-the-top. Abby said that had been part of her plan, to appear like a ditzy heiress. Jack wasn't pleased because he worried that Abby would lose her credibility. Abby promised to tone it down. Jack hugged Traci goodbye and said he was happy she was staying a few days, then he left.

Ashley asked Jack to stop criticizing Victor in front of Abby. Jack understood, but he was apprehensive about meeting with the lawyer about the lawsuit. Ashley hoped that Jack could get Adam to drop the civil suit.

Abby told Ashley that she admired her mother for the way she'd endured testifying at Adam's hearing. Abby said that Ashley had been very courageous. Ashley embraced Abby. Traci entered and revealed that Lily had asked her to be the twins' godmother, and Traci had said yes. Ashley said that Colleen would have approved.

Abby, Traci, and Ashley visited Colleen's grave. They told Colleen about Lily's remission and the birth of the babies. Abby said that she missed Colleen. Traci assured Abby that Colleen would always be with them. Ashley hugged Abby.

Michael was at the ranch with the Newmans, discussing Adam's lawsuit. Michael told Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria that Adam would have an easier time in the civil suit. Michael was determined to stop the case before it ever reached trial. Michael said he would try to suppress the Restless Style story, claiming that it was Adam's word against theirs about what had happened at the cabin.

The Newmans were curious about Skye's complicity in Adam's case. Michael said that he would look into whose body had really been found in the stables a year before. Victoria wondered about Skye's journal about Dr. Taylor, too.

Meggie listened from the hallway, then intervened to offer some iced tea. Victor introduced Meggie to his children and Michael. Victoria was curious about Meggie's place in the house. Nikki said that Meggie was her personal assistant. Victoria received a call from Billy and said she had to leave. Victoria walked out, and Nick accompanied her.

Michael questioned Victor about Meggie. Victor said there was nothing to worry about. Michael reminded Victor that Victor did not know Meggie very well. Nikki said that she had been suspicious of Meggie, as well, but Meggie had proved herself to Nikki when they encountered Shaw Roberts. Nikki and Victor defended Meggie. Michael remained skeptical.

Meggie returned with a letter for Nikki. Meggie said that she had overheard Michael and Victor talking about Skye. Meggie remembered Skye from the bar in Ottawa. Michael was very piqued by Meggie's questions and decided to do another background check on Meggie.

Nikki complimented Meggie for her help. Meggie offered Nikki a "Caesar," a drink that was Meggie's specialty. Nikki explained to Meggie that she was an alcoholic. Meggie took the drink away and apologized.

Victor asked Michael to monitor every step that Adam and Skye made with the Newman Fund. Victor was determined to trip Adam up for any mistakes. Michael said he would put someone on the case. Nikki's calendar was missing, so she went upstairs to find it.

A while later, Meggie apologized for offering Nikki a drink. Nikki understood. Victor asked about the incident and was relieved to hear that Nikki was happy with Meggie. Unbeknownst to Nikki and Victor, Meggie was listening from the staircase.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon left a message for Nick to meet her and Faith at the coffeehouse. Sharon was startled when Adam approached her. Sharon asked if he had been following her. Adam said he was there for the coffee. Sharon asked why Adam had not included her in the lawsuit. Adam replied that Sharon had not turned against him like the others.

Sharon said she would testify against Adam in the civil suit. Sharon asked Adam to stop the lawsuit. Adam's phone rang and Sharon told him to answer it, and to stop pursuing Sharon.

At the Athletic Club, Skye approached Vance at the bar to ask about Adam's lawsuit. Skye was unhappy with Adam's plan to sue everyone from the cabin except Sharon. Adam answered a call from Skye reminding him about a business meeting.

Nick met Sharon and Faith at Crimson Lights. Sharon was grateful that Nick had allowed Sharon and Faith to stay at the tack house. Sharon said she felt safe on the ranch. Nick was glad because he didn't want Sharon running into Adam.

Nick urged Sharon not to encourage Adam. Sharon said that she had not done anything to encourage Adam. Sharon accused Nick of trying to control her and Phyllis, too. Sharon said that Nick had chased Phyllis out of town. Nick said that perhaps it was time for him to wash his hands of both Sharon and Phyllis. Nick walked out of Crimson Lights.

At Gloworm, a potential investor walked out on Skye because Adam was late for the meeting. The investor was not impressed with the Newman Fund. When Adam appeared, Skye was peeved. Adam told Skye that he was not her puppet. Adam said if Skye wasn't happy with the arrangement, they could part company.

Skye reminded Adam that she had been bankrolling the hedge fund. Adam said that Skye was not his only source of income. Skye surmised that Adam was plotting to bankroll himself with the lawsuit and leave Skye for Sharon. Adam accused Skye of being jealous. Skye warned Adam not to mess with her. Adam suggested that the lawsuit would boost the hedge fund if Adam beat Victor at his own game.

Skye noticed Jack walk into the club. Skye and Adam approached Jack and offered him an equity stake in the Newman Fund. Jack believed Skye had a lot of "stones." Jack recognized that his involvement would boost the hedge fund. Adam was against Jack investing in his company. Jack was amused by Skye's attempt, but not interested. Jack warned Adam that Sharon would always return to Nick no matter what Adam did to win Sharon back.

At his apartment, Paul was curious about where Nina was going. Nina said she was on her way to Crimson Lights to do some work. Nina was grateful to Paul for finding the name of her son.

Paul hoped Nina would return later. Nina asked if that was an invitation to sleep over. Paul wasn't sure they would get much sleep. Paul gave Nina the keys to his apartment so she could let herself back in.

At Crimson Lights, Nina saw a couple kissing and it reminded her of Chris and Paul kissing outside of Gloworm. Nina told herself not to let the image get to her.

Paul let Chris into his apartment. Chris said she had been curious about Paul's progress finding Nina's son. Chris said she would be leaving town soon because one of her cases was heating up. Paul asked if Chris had a boyfriend in D.C. Chris said she had been dating, but nothing had clicked.

Paul brought up the kiss from the other night. Paul said they could avoid the truth, but Paul couldn't forget the kiss. Chris stepped forward and Paul kissed Chris passionately. They felt onto the couch.

Chris stopped him, saying that she could not hurt Nina by pursuing Paul again. Paul said he didn't want to hurt Nina, but Paul couldn't stop thinking about Chris. Chris ran out of the apartment, saying that it had been a mistake for her to stop by. Paul followed Chris out into the hallway, but was unable to catch her. Paul returned to the apartment. Nina appeared in the hallway.

Nina let herself into Paul's apartment, noticing the upturned lamp. Nina then found Chris' earring on the couch. Paul walked into the room and was surprised to see Nina had returned. Nina said she had seen Chris leaving and saw how upset Paul had been. Paul said that Chris had told Paul that it was over between Chris and Paul. Nina wondered if Paul felt that way.

Nina asked if Paul had wanted to sleep with Chris. Paul admitted that he had wanted Chris. Nina slapped Paul in the face and walked out of the apartment.

Chris called Michael from Jimmy's Bar to ask him to meet her for a drink. Michael was too busy, so Chris hung up the phone and ordered a drink. Nick entered and greeted Chris. Nick asked Chris if she wanted to chat. Nick said that he was single for the first time in a long time, and he wasn't sure how to handle it. They toasted to being single.

Chris recalled that Nick hadn't cared for Chris very much in the past. Nick said that Chris had been right sticking up for Daniel after Cassie died. Nick said he liked Daniel a lot.

Chris and Nick watched the baseball game on TV. They disagreed about the Cubs and the Nationals. Chris made Nick a bet and he accepted it. While they watched the game, Nick noticed that Chris's earring was missing. Nick lost the bet when the Nationals won. Nick said they had not set any wages. Nick leaned in and gave Chris a deep, passionate kiss. Chris was surprised, but she kissed Nick back.

Phyllis was in front of Jimmy's on the phone speaking with the babysitter. Phyllis said that before going home, she wanted to get a drink. In Jimmy's, Phyllis saw a blonde that she guessed was Sharon. Upon closer look, Phyllis saw that it was Nick kissing the blonde. Phyllis thought the woman was Sharon.

In a flashback, Phyllis remembered seeing Nick kiss Sharon in Paris.

At Billy's trailer, Victoria was waiting for him. When Billy arrived, they kissed and discussed their respective family meetings. Victoria blamed Jack for Adam still being in town. Billy blamed Adam for being a Newman spawn. Victoria was offended, but Billy followed her into the bedroom. They got stuck in the bedroom because of a broken doorknob.

While they were stuck in the bedroom, Billy blamed Victor for Adam at the cabin, but Victoria thought it was Jack's fault. Victoria and Billy started peeling off their clothes because of the heat. Billy said he had called the fire department to free them from the bedroom.

Billy and Victoria decided to go into the shower to cool off. A firefighter entered the trailer and called to Billy from outside the door. The fireman broke the doorknob and entered the bedroom. Through the open door of the bathroom, Billy told the fireman that Billy and Victoria were all right.

Michael met with Vance Abrams about Adam's lawsuit. Abrams said that Adam would drop the lawsuit for the right price. The figure Abrams had in mind was $20,000,000. Michael's response was that the Newmans would not countersue if Adam dropped his case. Vance said they would have to settle the case in court.

Back at Crimson Lights, Adam told Sharon that his marriage to Skye was a business arrangement. Adam assured Sharon that he would get out of the arrangement and eventually Adam would be free to be with Sharon again.

Sharon reminded Adam that he had hurt people she cared about. Adam refused to believe that he and Sharon would never be together again. Sharon walked away, leaving behind Faith's yellow blanket.

Jack arranged to meet his attorney another time. Skye approached Jack and asked about Adam. Jack told Skye that Adam was easily manipulated. Jack advised Skye to figure out what he meant.

Michael's phone rang during his meeting with Vance. Skye was on the other end. Skye offered to help Michael.

Friday, August 20, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tried in vain to please a fussy Faith. Sharon guessed that the baby wanted to see her daddy.

At Jimmy's, Nick and Chris were making out in a booth. Phyllis was disgusted by the sight of her husband and a woman she assumed was Sharon. Phyllis told the bartender to break them up, then Phyllis walked out of the bar. Phyllis entered Crimson Lights and ordered a coffee. Phyllis was upset by what she had seen at Jimmy's. Phyllis was hurt that Nick had returned to Sharon's arms.

Phyllis then turned and saw Sharon at a table with Faith. Phyllis said she thought she'd seen Sharon at Jimmy's. Sharon said she'd been at Crimson Lights with Faith all night.

Sharon informed Phyllis that while Phyllis had been away, the charges had been dropped against Adam. Phyllis expected to receive a summons about the lawsuit and was surprised to learn that Sharon had not been named in the suit. Sharon told Phyllis that she was grateful for Phyllis' part in abducting Adam because that was how Sharon was reunited with Faith. Phyllis asked if Sharon had seen Nick, and Phyllis encouraged Sharon to call him.

Nick and Chris's makeout session was interrupted when his phone rang. Chris stood up to check her makeup, while Nick spoke to the babysitter and learned that Phyllis and Summer were back in town. Nick informed the sitter that he would visit Summer right away. Nick explained to Chris that he needed to leave because he needed to see his daughter.

Nick and Chris agreed to forget about their brief encounter. Chris wished Nick well. Nick said goodbye and walked out of Jimmy's. Chris made a call and arranged to meet someone later on.

Nick arrived at Phyllis's apartment, and Summer was thrilled to see her father. Phyllis was cold to Nick. Nick said he had hoped that Phyllis might be less tense after her trip. Phyllis said she had been until she saw Nick making out with a bimbo at Jimmy's.

Nick and Summer were having a nice visit. Summer didn't want Nick to leave. Phyllis suggested that Summer have a sleepover at Nick's. Nick agreed. Summer walked upstairs to pack a bag. Phyllis announced that she was going out.

Nick asked Phyllis if she wanted to discuss what she'd seen at Jimmy's, but Phyllis shut him down. Phyllis left the apartment alone. Nick's cell phone rang, and Sharon asked Nick to return to the coffeehouse to help her deal with a cranky Faith. Nick agreed.

At Billy's trailer, Victoria encouraged Billy to use the new doorknob she'd bought for the bedroom, since the firefighter had to break the old one. In the middle of a kiss, Victoria's phone rang. When Victoria saw it was from Victor's office, she answered the call despite Billy's protest.

Victoria told Connie that she would meet her father in his office. Billy accused Victoria of jumping every time Victor called. Victoria said she was under a lot of pressure as an executive and hurried off. Billy called after her that he had been joking.

Victoria passed by Jack as he entered the trailer. Jack surmised that Victoria and Billy were on the outs. Jack said he wanted to talk with Billy about Adam's lawsuit. Jack said breaking up with Victoria was better for the Abbotts. Jack told Billy that a Newman and an Abbott could not make it as a couple. Billy informed Jack that he and Victoria were still lovers.

Jack said he wanted to put distance between the Newmans and the Abbotts, and Billy's affair with Victoria messed up that plan. Jack asked Billy to break it off with Victoria until the lawsuit was over, for the good of the family. Billy said that Victor couldn't keep Billy from Victoria, and neither could Jack.

In Crimson Lights, Jack approached Sharon and Faith. Sharon invited Jack to her table, but he said he was meeting his attorney about Adam's lawsuit. Sharon wondered how much it would cost the Abbotts to settle with Adam. Jack said they wouldn't give Adam a dime, then left to get a cup of coffee. Jack's phone rang and Phyllis asked Jack to meet her for a drink at Gloworm. Jack said he would join Phyllis after his meeting.

Summer and Nick showed up at Crimson Lights and met with Sharon and Faith. Sharon asked Nick how things had gone with him and Phyllis. Nick commented that it had been "one hell of an evening."

At Gloworm, Phyllis walked to the bar and ordered a drink. The bartender turned to face her, and Phyllis saw that it was Deacon. Deacon served Phyllis her drink. Phyllis wasn't certain she could trust Deacon. Deacon said that he had paid his debt to Phyllis by fixing her flat tire. Phyllis flirted with Deacon and said she remembered what had happened in the car.

Victoria met with Victor in his office. Victoria was curious about why her father had needed to see her so late in the evening. Victor told Victoria that he had met with the Justice Department about the gift Victoria gave to the Japanese official. Victor told Victoria that Michael suspected that Victoria might be targeted for legal action. Victor was uncertain if he could protect his daughter. Victoria reminded her father that the exclusive deal the company had in Japan was due to her efforts. Victoria expected Victor to get her out of trouble.

Victoria assumed that Victor could pay a fine and put the incident behind them. Victor said that Tucker McCall was not inclined to let it drop. Tucker was going to use the incident as leverage to get Victor to sell Beauty of Nature to McCall. Victoria asked if Victor was sacrificing her in order to keep Tucker from gaining that leverage.

Victor said he wanted to lower Victoria's profile in the company. Victoria realized her father was demoting her. Victoria resented that while Victor had gone off to Brazil to save Nick's butt, it was Victoria who'd gone to Japan to save Victor's. Victor accused Victoria of being indiscreet in her business dealings in Japan, and Victor blamed Billy Abbott for Victoria's troubles. Victor called Billy an irresponsible playboy.

Victoria accused her father of using the incident to get Victoria to break up with Billy. Victoria told Victor that if he was asking her to choose, Victoria chose Billy. A short time later, Victoria returned to her father's office. Victoria offered Victor her letter of resignation. Victor expected Victoria to take responsibility for her actions. Victoria believed she was being made the scapegoat.

Victor declared that Billy Abbott was an obnoxious human being who was using Victoria to destroy the Newman family. Victoria felt that Victor had been using her, not Billy. Victor warned Victoria that if she walked out, she would never be asked back. Victoria said she had no intention of returning. Victoria walked out of the office.

A short time later, Victoria arrived at Billy's trailer and announced that she had quit her job. Victoria told Billy she was done being blamed by her father. Billy was impressed and said what Victoria had done was amazing. Billy wanted to celebrate and retrieved two beers from the fridge. Victoria and Billy toasted to Victoria's life without Victor. Victoria declared that she was never going back to the ranch.

Victoria was determined to embrace her independence. Victoria said she needed to find a new place to live. Billy offered her his trailer. Victoria was excited about feeling so liberated. Billy offered to get a better place to live, like a loft downtown. Victoria declared that the new, liberated Victoria would be happy to live with Billy in the trailer. Billy was thrilled. Victoria was sure that Victor would hate it. Billy and Victoria toasted to their new arrangement.

While with his daughters and Sharon at Crimson Lights, Nick received a call from Victoria. Nick hung up and told Sharon that Victoria and Victor had had it out. Nick wondered if it was something in the air causing all the tension. Sharon suggested that they were all under pressure.

After some playful fun with Summer, Sharon suggested that it was late for the kids. Nick successfully got Faith to fall asleep. Summer fell asleep on the table. Nick said it was time to get the kids home. Sharon felt bad that Nick had to stay at the Athletic Club. Sharon reminded Nick that the ranch was his home. Nick realized with Victoria moving out, Sharon's house was available again. Nick suggested that Sharon move back in.

Nina knocked on the door to Heather's office. Nina asked if Heather knew Chance's whereabouts, but Heather didn't. Paul arrived a moment later to see Heather. Paul asked Nina to stay. Paul asked Heather to search the police database for the location of Nina's long-lost son, Aiden Lansing. Nina thanked Paul for his efforts. Paul told Nina he didn't want to let her down.

Heather checked the police computer for Aiden Lansing. Ronan appeared at the door to Heather's office just as they were searching the records. Ronan asked about the search and Nina told him it was none of his business. Heather's search stopped after Lansing's college records. Heather checked on his financial history and found no tax returns. Paul suggested that Aiden could have left the country. Nina was frustrated, saying she loved her son even though she never had a chance to know him. Paul left with Nina.

At the Chancellor mansion, Paul told Nina he would try to find Aiden's college roommate. Nina believe Paul was motivated by guilt. Nina asked Paul to admit that he wanted to be with Chris. Paul said he wanted Nina. Nina dismissed Paul, telling him to let her know if he learned about the roommate.

Chris appeared from the other room, taking Nina by surprise. Chris announced that she was leaving for D.C. that night. Chris said it had been a mistake for her to return to Genoa City because it was so hard to leave. Nina asked if it was hard for Chris to leave Paul. Nina wondered if Chris still loved Paul.

Chris admitted that she was still in love with Paul, but Chris didn't believe she and Paul could reunite. Nina asked Chris to stay, but Chris was determined to leave. Chris hugged Nina and urged her not to give up on finding her long-lost son. Chris walked out of the mansion. Nina made a call and told someone that there was something they needed to know.

Ronan suggested that Heather was getting into trouble by helping Nina in the same way as she had helped Chance. Heather accused Ronan of stealing the drugs from her office. Ronan didn't deny it. Ronan said that Chance and Heather had done everything to screw up the case. Heather told Ronan that if she didn't turn over the heroin to Owen, she would be fired. Ronan was unsympathetic. Ronan walked out of Heather's office.

Ronan was on the phone with Chris and questioned why she was returning to D.C. Chris claimed that she had lost her objectivity. Ronan asked Chris to inform the FBI upon her return that Aiden Lansing had to be dead and buried. Ronan feared that Paul's investigation would blow Ronan's cover. Chris said she would speak to Ronan's boss, but Chris reiterated that once the case was over, Ronan had to tell Nina the truth. Ronan said goodbye to Chris.

Before leaving Crimson Lights, Paul approached Chris and asked if she had planned to say goodbye to him. Paul wished that he and Chris didn't have to live so far apart. Chris believed that things were as they were meant to be. Chris hugged Paul goodbye.

Ronan returned to Heather's office. Heather said Owen had asked to see her. Heather feared that she was going to be fired. Ronan offered Heather a solution to the problem. Ronan told Heather to trust him, that he would take care of everything.

Jack walked into Victor's office and informed Victor that the Abbotts' attorney had filed a motion to separate Adam's lawsuit into two actions. Victor didn't believe a judge would do that. Jack said that the Abbotts had paid enough because of Adam's evil, but Victor accused Jack of instigating Adam when he wrote the fake diary. Jack said that the Abbotts had been at the cabin because of Ashley's miscarriage and Colleen's death.

Victor wanted the Abbotts far away from the Newmans. Victor especially wanted Billy to stay away from Victoria. Jack asked Victor to get Victoria to back away from Billy. Victor declared that Victoria was a Newman and knew where her loyalties lay. Jack declared that Victoria had chosen where to lay. Victor told Jack that when he wanted something destroyed, it was destroyed.

Jack told Victor that he was against Billy and Victoria, too. Jack, however, didn't think Victor would get his way breaking up Victoria and Billy. Jack headed out of the office, but before leaving, Jack warned Victor to leave Billy alone. After Jack left, Victor picked up the phone and ordered someone to find out everything about Billy Abbott. Victor wanted to know every dirty secret.

At Gloworm, Deacon stepped out from behind the bar and asked Phyllis if she liked her drink. Phyllis complimented Deacon on his bartending. Deacon said he did a lot of things well. Phyllis reached into her bra and handed Deacon some cash, telling him to keep the change.

Deacon grabbed Phyllis by the waist and kissed her deeply. Deacon thanked her for the tip and Phyllis slapped his face. Jack walked in and saw the altercation. Jack asked Deacon and Phyllis what was going on.

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