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The judge declared Billy and Victoria husband and wife. Abby dropped the lawsuit against Victor. Christine and Ronan revealed that Chance was alive. Chance told Phillip and Nina that he had to go into a witness protection program. Nikki fell off the wagon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, September 13, 2010

At a warehouse, as paramedics draped a sheet over Chance's lifeless body, Nina screamed, "No! He's not gone!" Paul wrapped his arms around Nina's waist as she cried hysterically and fought to escape Paul's grasp. Chloe and Heather stood nearby sobbing and holding their hands over their mouths. Nina freed herself and ran toward Ronan, repeatedly slapping him and calling him a son of a bitch. On the other side of the room, Owen leaned toward Chief Sid and instructed him to get the gun. A uniformed officer accompanied Sid when he approached Ronan and arrested him for the murder of Phillip Chancellor.

Owen approached a sobbing Nina, who had collapsed into Paul's arms. Ronan looked stunned as he watched Owen tell Nina that he was very sorry for her loss. While Paul comforted Nina and paramedics prepared to remove Chance's body, Owen and Sid walked over to Ronan. Owen quietly informed Ronan that he would pay for his crime. Ronan, whispering, responded, "We had a deal." Owen admonished Ronan for failing to divulge that Chance was his brother. Ronan insisted he had never even met Chance before arriving in Genoa City.

Continuing to whisper, Ronan added, "So what-you wanted him gone. He's gone." Sid piped up and added gruffly, "Took you long enough. Nearly got me killed." As a warning, Owen explained that no one would believe that Chance was the kingpin of a drug ring. Owen added that perhaps they'd accept Ronan as one. Ronan warned, "If I go down, you go down with me." Owen smugly snapped back, "It's your word against mine, and you're a cop killer."

Chloe unleashed her fury at Heather and berated her for telling Ronan every move that Chance had made. Heather cited Ronan's role as an FBI agent as her reason for having done so. As Chance's body was wheeled out, Nina told Paul that Chance had told her goodbye earlier in the day because he knew what was about to happen.

Nina, sobbing, faced Ronan and demanded to know why he'd lured his brother to the warehouse and ambushed him. Christine showed up and told Nina that she was sorry. Nina was shocked to learn that Christine knew everything. Nina freed herself from Paul's grip and ran away before Christine could explain.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Heather demanded that Ronan tell her what had happened. Ronan claimed he'd shot Chance in self-defense after Chance aimed a gun in his face. Ronan recalled that Chance had stubbornly dogged him even after being thrown off the case. Ronan seemed stunned after Heather claimed that she would have given her life in order to save Chance's.

Heather later approached Owen in the hallway and demanded he rehire her to prosecute Ronan. Sid stood nearby when Owen assured Heather that he would consider allowing her to assist him in prosecuting Ronan. After Heather walked away, Sid, addressing Owen, said, "I'm going to his hotel room and make sure there's nothing to link him back to us." Owen nodded.

Owen, Sid, and two police officers met at Jimmy's Bar and drank a pitcher of beer. Sid offered a toast to the dearly departed. Owen was worried and explained that Ronan knew more than he should. Sid said, "Who's going to believe a cop killer?" Owen folded his arms and glared at Sid.

Chloe later met with Ronan, who earnestly apologized. Chloe sobbed and told Ronan that she didn't understand him. Ronan said he hoped that she could forgive him someday. Chloe, furious, told Ronan that she hoped he would burn in hell. After Chloe left, Ronan struggled to control his emotions. Alone in the interrogation room, Ronan sobbed quietly. Outside in the hallway, Heather wiped tears from her cheeks. Chloe, sobbing, calmly approached Heather and sat next to her.

In the front yard of Billy and Victoria's house, Judge Anderson speedily conducted marriage vows as agents ushered Victoria back down the walkway she'd just marched up to meet her groom. Judge Anderson managed to say, "I pronounce you man and wife," seconds before agents placed Victoria in a car and sped away. Billy stood in the street and yelled, "Damn you, Victor." Nick stood with his sobbing mother. Shocked wedding guests wandered around the front yard.

Billy ordered Michael to accompany him to the police station. Michael admitted he couldn't help unless he first spoke to Victor. Vance Abrams stepped forward and offered help. Rafe offered to assist Abrams if needed. Ashley and Katherine offered to stay and entertain wedding guests. Phyllis sarcastically noted that Victor would never screw around with his family just for kicks. Shaking, Nikki ordered Nick to comfort his sister at the police station. Through gritted teeth, Nikki announced that she would deal with Victor.

Inside the jail conference room, Vance arrived. He told Victoria, Billy, and Nick, that the official charge, which named Victoria as the sole defendant, was violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Victoria admitted that there was already an ongoing investigation into the matter, so perhaps her father wasn't involved. Nick admitted that Victor might be responsible.

Vance warned that Victoria could face 20 years in prison if convicted. After Victoria was led to the booking area, Nick went to get coffee. Chloe showed up sobbing and told Billy that Chance was dead. Later, when a guard escorted Victoria back from booking, they overheard Nick and Billy mention that something terrible had happened. Victoria asked them to explain. Nick had to leave. Billy learned from Vance that Victoria couldn't be released until the next day. After Vance left, Billy told Victoria that Chance was dead. Before Billy left, he tenderly kissed his new bride.

The wedding guests cooled their heels inside Billy and Victoria's house. Katherine noted that Jill had instigated the high drama that had ruined Billy's previous weddings. Jill insisted she wasn't responsible for putting her pregnant daughter-in-law in jail. Rafe left to help Vance at the police station. In a corner of the room, Phyllis, Ashley, and Jack discussed the horror of Victor's actions and its effects on Victoria's young son. Jack said, "You know Victor. Family comes first, and they are the first to feel Victor's wrath when he doesn't get his way." Abby overheard Jack's comment and seemed to nervously contemplate its implication.

Phyllis noted that Victor didn't care about collateral damage and cited what had happened to Summer as an example. Nick overheard Phyllis' comment, grabbed her by the arm, and led her into another room. Deacon was within earshot when Nick ordered Phyllis to keep Summer away from Deacon. Nick threatened to take custody of Summer, and Phyllis defiantly challenged him to try.

After Nick walked away, Phyllis coldly dismissed Deacon, who then left. Michael told Phyllis they needed to talk. Before Phyllis left, she tried to hug Daniel, but he pulled away. Abby anxiously told Daniel that she feared Victor's reprisal over her lawsuit. Gloria raised her glass and offered a toast to the happy couple. Jack asked Gloria if what had happened merited celebrating. Ignoring Gloria's request, guests promptly set down their drinks and left.

Jack and Ashley retreated to Gloworm. Jack told Ashley that Victor had done them a favor by having Victoria arrested because Victor had vicariously admitted illegal activity with Mitsukoshi. Jack added that Victor might wish to rid himself of Beauty of Nature. Ashley quickly shushed Jack when she noticed Phyllis and Michael arriving. Phyllis and Michael bantered with Ashley and Jack. Abby and Daniel arrived, and Abby said she couldn't believe what Victor had done. Jack noted that Michael hadn't seemed surprised. Michael and Phyllis seated themselves at another table.

Vance arrived and announced to Jack, Ashley, Abby, and Daniel that he hadn't been able to arrange bail for Victoria. Jack maintained that it was part of Victor's plan to keep the bride and groom apart. Nick showed up later and announced that Jill's grandson, Chance, had been murdered. Ashley went to phone Katherine. Michael joined the Abbotts at their table and asked if Chance's death was related to the drug charges. On her smartphone, Abby read an unconfirmed report claiming that the shooting was related to a drug bust.

Michael and Phyllis seated themselves at a corner table to talk. Phyllis, belligerent, asked Michael how much he'd known about Victor's plans. Michael refused to discuss the issue. Michael asked Phyllis why she was dating Deacon. Phyllis insisted she wasn't. Phyllis seemed detached and maintained she was blowing off steam by blogging. Michael became perturbed and said he was worried about Phyllis as she gazed across the room at Deacon. Phyllis said, "He's so hot."

Nick later joined Phyllis after Michael left and told her about Chance. Phyllis said that Chloe still loved Chance even though they'd broken up. Nick told Phyllis that he didn't want to fight anymore because he wanted their daughter to know that her daddy loved her. Phyllis responded, "That works for me."

At the Chancellor estate, Murphy, Katherine, and Phillip sipped tea as Jill recalled her surprise that Billy seemed truly devoted to Victoria. Murphy claimed that unexpected romances were usually the most successful. Nina arrived, and everyone noticed the look of devastation on her face. Nina bounded up the stairs without a word. Paul walked in and announced that Chance, shot while attempting to break up a drug deal, had died at the scene. Jill gasped and spilled her tea. Murphy was shocked to hear that Chance's partner had shot him.

Paul explained that Chance hadn't known that Ronan was working undercover for the FBI, pretending to be part of a drug ring. Ronan claimed that he'd fired his gun in self-defense. Paul added that Ronan also knew that he was Nina's son, and Nina feared that Ronan harbored a longtime grudge, which resulted in Chance's death. Phillip went to comfort Nina. Katherine told Jill that they had to remain strong for Nina. Upstairs in her room, Nina told Phillip that she couldn't deal with Chance's death. Nina cried that Cricket had known Ronan's identity but hadn't protected Chance. When Christine showed up, Nina slammed the door in her face.

Christine returned to the sitting room and explained that Nina had refused to see her. Jill, angry, asked about Ronan's resentment of Chance. Christine admitted that she knew the men didn't get along and had been concerned. Jill, sobbing, yelled that Christine's concern was a little late. Katherine tried in vain to calm Jill. Jill demanded that Christine leave. After Christine left, Murphy insisted on phoning Katherine's doctor.

Christine and Paul sat outside on the patio and talked. Christine insisted that Ronan had been best suited to protect Heather and had to make it appear that he and Chance were opposites. Paul claimed that Nina and Chance could have kept the secret. Christine explained that Ronan hadn't wanted to risk it. Christine maintained she had planned to tell Nina the truth after the case was resolved. Paul accusingly suggested that for Christine, the case had come first. Paul said that Christine's refusal to tell the truth had cost Nina both of her sons.

Nina later stepped outside and asked Christine when she'd learned that Ronan was Nina's son. Christine admitted she'd known before Ronan arrived in town. Christine explained that she'd feared for Heather and Chance's safety. Nina sobbed pitifully and cried, "My son killed my son." Christine, tearful, begged Nina to let her help. Nina, sobbing, told Christine that had she known, she could have made sure Ronan knew that she loved him. Nina cried that she couldn't embrace the son she'd longed to hold because she hated him. Nina told Christine to leave and never return. Christine, crushed, stood outside the doorway, peered through a window, and watched as Phillip and Nina comforted each other.

At the Newman ranch, Victor asked someone over the phone if agents had been respectful to his daughter. Victor admitted that he hadn't been happy about the situation, which, he added, had to be done. Victor continued conversing over the phone and noted that groundbreaking could commence as soon as financing from European banks came through.

The loud slam of a door signaled Nikki's return. Nikki yelled, "You selfish, pig-headed bastard! How could you do this to our daughter?" Victor assured Nikki that Victoria wouldn't face prosecution, and he insisted that Victoria would someday thank him for preventing a disaster of a marriage. Nikki proudly announced that Victoria and Billy had gotten married anyway.

Nikki insisted to Victor that Billy truly loved Victoria. Nikki accused Victor of betraying Victoria because she'd risked everything for him, yet he'd hung her out to dry. Nikki added, "None of us will ever make the mistake of trusting you again." Billy showed up and told Victor that his actions had crushed Victoria by letting her know that he truly didn't care. Billy said he hoped his own daughter would love him as much as Victoria loved her father, and Billy insisted he would never treat his daughter as Victor had treated Victoria.

Victor asked how Billy would feel if his daughter went to him and said, "Daddy, I have fallen in love with a no-good, son of a bitch gambling addict who has slept with most of the women in town and makes a living on the misery of other human beings." Nikki agreed that Billy had an addictive personality and a less-than-savory past. Nikki quickly added that she and Billy were similar in those respects. Victor asked Nikki why she was defending Billy.

Billy accused Victor of attacking Victoria because she loved her father too much to fight back. Billy assured Victor that he could take the heat, but he warned Victor not to go after his wife again. Victor vehemently responded, "As long as you're married to my daughter, I'll come after you anytime I want to, you got that?" Back at the jail in the prisoner visitation room, Victoria sat alone, sobbing pitifully.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At their home, Lily and Cane were busy caring for the twins. They had their hands full when the phone rang. Cane answered it and spoke with Jill. Jill broke the news to Cane the Chance had been killed in an undercover drug raid. Cane told Jill that he would go to see her immediately. Cane ended the phone call then told Lily what had happened to Chance.

Later, Daniel visited with Lily and the babies. Reflecting on Chance's untimely death, Daniel and Lily both agreed how much time people waste by not appreciating the good things in life. Daniel informed Lily about the progress he had been making on his artwork. Daniel said the exposure he'd received from the Restless Style cover had helped his career.

Lily was curious about Daniel's relationship with Abby. Daniel admitted that he enjoyed the time he had spent with Abby. Daniel asked Lily about her life with Cane and the kids. Lily described her days as nearly perfect.

Philip and Jill were at the mansion, consoling each other over Chance death. Both mother and son were in tears. The doorbell rang, and Philip opened the door to find a military man standing there. Sergeant Goldman asked to speak with Chance's mother.

At Crimson Lights, Heather met with Chris. Both women were wallowing in grief over Chance's death. Heather recalled that she had warned Chance not to go to the warehouse. Heather had feared that something bad would happen. Chris assured Heather that Chance had known the risks, but he was a professional. Chris suggested that Heather could honor Chance's memory by being as supportive of Nina as possible.

At jail, Billy met with Victoria. Victoria's belongings were returned to her and the guard told Victoria that she was free to go. Billy had taken Victoria a change of clothes. Victoria offered to accompany Billy to see Jill. When Billy said he'd go alone, Victoria told Billy that she was going to see her father. Billy wanted to be with Victoria when she faced off with Victor, but Victoria felt she had to handle it on her own.

In Nina's bedroom, Paul was holding Nina, trying to help her cope with losing Chance. Nina was upset that Christine had kept the truth about Ronan from them. Nina also wondered why Chance had refused the offer to have Paul provide backup at the warehouse. Paul had no answer for Nina's questions.

Nina declared that Ronan would never be a son to her, not the way Chance had been. Paul assured Nina that he, Kay, Murphy, and Philip were all there to support Nina, and even Jill was. Nina said she wanted to see Chance one last time.

Philip knocked on Nina's door and explained that a military man was there to see Nina. Sergeant Goldman explained that he had served with Chance in Iraq. Goldman declared that Chance was entitled to a military funeral in Genoa City or Arlington National Cemetery. Sergeant Goldman offered to help make the arrangements for Nina. Nina admitted that she hadn't reached a decision about where Chance should be laid to rest.

Cane greeted Jill with a hug when he arrived at Kay's. Cane and Jill discussed Chance's death. Philip returned to the living room and Cane embraced him. Philip was in tears as he told Cane how much he regretted that he had never gotten close to Chance. When Cane mentioned his business trip to Australia, Philip said that Cane had to change his plans. Philip was convinced that Cane would encounter tremendous danger Down Under.

At the mansion, Billy told Jill, Philip, and Cane how sorry he'd been to hear about Chance's death. Billy acknowledged that Chance had been a great guy.

Soon after Billy arrived, Owen showed up with a warrant to search the mansion. Uniformed officers accompanied Owen to conduct the search. Jill was flabbergasted and reminded the D.A. that the family was mourning Chance's death. Owen said that they believed Ronan was behind a drug ring and that Chance had been working with him. They were there to search for the drugs.

Sergeant Goldman told Owen that Chance had been a war hero. Goldman explained that he'd lost his leg in an explosion, and Chance had carried Goldman twelve miles to a medical facility. Goldman said that he owed Chance his life. Philip announced that his son would be buried with military honors. Owen insisted on doing the search nonetheless and asked for directions to Chance's bedroom.

The cops tore apart Chance's bedroom. Jill and Nina were horrified by the way the cops treated Chance's things. One uniformed cop suggested that cops like Chance who seemed like Boy Scouts often made the best drug dealers. Nina was insulted. Owen suggested the cops search another room. Jill followed them out, saying that she didn't trust them in the house.

A short time later, Jill instructed Esther to stay with the cops while they searched the kitchen. Cane left the mansion to return to Lily and the children. Jill told Billy that she was happy about his marriage. Billy said that he truly loved Victoria. Billy also mentioned to Jill that he'd tried to speak to Victor about Victoria. Billy said that Victoria's father believed that he'd been in the right when he'd had Victoria arrested at the wedding. Jill wasn't surprised by Victor's stubbornness.

Paul accepted Sergeant Goldman's contact information and said that they would be in touch about the military funeral. As Sergeant Goldman left the mansion, Christine arrived. Paul told Chris that she wasn't welcomed there. Chris explained that she didn't trust Owen and the Genoa City Police Department.

Paul told Chris to leave, then he walked away. Philip heard Christine's voice and approached her. Chris was thrilled to see Philip again. Instead of rejecting Chris, Philip embraced her.

Christine told Philip that Chance had forgiven Philip for leaving him as a child. Philip hoped that Christine was telling him the truth. Jill saw Chris with Philip and told Chris that she should leave the mansion. Chris regretted the decisions she had made and the secrets she had kept. Philip admitted that secrets could be very damaging. Philip added that the entire family was in deep pain.

In Chance's bedroom, Nina admired Chance's military uniform. Paul told Nina that Chance would be buried in his uniform if he had the military funeral. Nina said she had been very proud when Chance joined the Army, even though she had been frightened.

Nina told Paul that she wanted Chance to be buried somewhere close to Genoa City, but the burial at Arlington National Cemetery would be a great honor. Nina felt it was not fair that she had lost Chance the same day she found her other son, Ronan.

Heather arrived at the mansion and extended her sympathies to Nina and Philip. Heather offered them some soup, then turned to leave. Nina asked Heather to stay. Heather told Nina and Philip that she had asked to help prosecute Ronan. Paul was relieved that Heather had been reinstated as an assistant district attorney.

At Gloworm, Jack was on the phone with Vance. Jack was concerned that Victor might be making a move very soon against Abby. Vance said that he was prepared. Abby interrupted Jack's call with Vance. Abby was calling Jack from Crimson Lights. Abby was afraid of Victor's retaliation. Abby said that if Victor could have Victoria arrested on her wedding day, she was scared of what Victor would do to Abby to stop the lawsuit. Jack told Abby to calm down and meet him at Gloworm.

A short time later, Abby joined Jack at Gloworm. Abby thought she might have been followed. Jack assured Abby that Victor was not having her followed. Jack explained that Victor was bound to fight the lawsuit. Jack told Abby that she needed to trust Vance to handle the legal issues, but Jack offered to handle Victor. Jack convinced Abby to continue the lawsuit.

At the ranch, Victor spoke with a financial advisor about dismantling Abby's trust fund. Victor was determined to break up the trust. The financier explained that Victor would suffer tax losses by dismantling the trust, but Victor told the man to do it anyway. The banker left the ranch.

Victoria arrived at the ranch, and Victor wondered why his daughter was there to see him. Victoria asked Victor why he'd had the agents from the Department of Justice arrest Victoria on her wedding day. Victor said that it was only a matter of time before Victoria would have been arrested. Victoria declared that her father's plan had failed because Victoria and Billy were legally wed. Victor offered to get all the charges against Victoria dropped if she agreed to end her marriage to Billy.

Victoria refused to end her marriage to Billy. Victor pulled out a file on Billy and told Victoria that Billy had a serious gambling addiction. Victor also revealed that Billy had been a womanizer. Victoria told Victor that she loved her husband and didn't care what Victor had uncovered about Billy. Victoria told Victor that he was not welcomed in her home and that Victor should stay away from Victoria's children, too. Victoria left the ranch.

At Jimmy's, Abby looked over the contact sheets from a photo shoot she'd done with Daniel. Abby said that the camera loved her, but Daniel said he was responsible for making Abby look good. Daniel noticed the front page of the newspaper and the headline about Billy and Victoria's wedding. Daniel thought Victor's actions against Victoria were awful. Daniel wondered if Abby had dropped her lawsuit against her father.

Abby told Daniel that she would not drop the lawsuit. Abby explained that Jack would protect Abby from Victor. Daniel liked Jack, but he didn't believe that Jack would protect Abby from Victor's wrath. Daniel worried that Victor would hurt Abby just like he'd hurt Victoria. Abby said that she was determined to get her trust fund. Daniel was disgusted by Abby's greed and he walked out of the bar.

Cane returned home to Lily and told Lily that Kay had been ordered to bed because Murphy was concerned about her health. Cane added that Nina was grief-stricken. Cane told Lily that he was going to delay his trip to Australia. Cane had spoken to Sophia and there'd be no problem with immigration because Tucker still hadn't finalized arrangements for McCall Industries.

Lily wondered if Cane was concerned that the men who'd threatened Cane's life back in Australia were still out to get him. Cane said that Philip had told him the threat no longer existed. Cane assured Lily that his decision to stay in Genoa City was based on his desire to stay close to the family.

A short time later, Lily noticed that Humphrey was acting strangely by sniffing under the front door. Lily wondered if someone was outside the door. Lily looked through the window, but there didn't appear to be anyone there.

Victor welcomed Jill to the ranch and offered her his condolences for Chance's death. Jill thanked Victor. Jill said that she empathized with Victor about wanting to break up Billy and Victoria. Jill thought Victor had gone too far by having Victoria arrested on her wedding day. Jill pointed out to Victor that she had just lost Chance.

Jill reminded Victor that it was Billy and Victoria's lives, and it was up to Jill and Victor to let them live their lives. Victor maintained that Billy and Victoria's marriage would be a disaster. Jill told Victor that he was risking the love of his daughter by doing what he'd done. Victor asked Jill to leave the ranch.

After Jill left, Victor recalled Victoria's angry words to him when she'd visited earlier. Victor placed a call to the Department of Justice. He left a message saying that he was willing to make a deal. Victor declared that he, not Victoria, was responsible for bribing the Japanese official.

At Jimmy's, Victoria and Billy had the tattoo artist tattoo wedding bands on their fingers. The tattoo artist, who'd previously had a heart attack while working on Billy's back, pretended to have another heart attack. Billy and Victoria fell for his gag. They all laughed and the artist finished drawing their tattoos.

Later on, Billy carried Victoria over the threshold to their new home.

Victor received a call from the financial adviser. Vance Abrams had filed an injunction that meant Victor could not go ahead with his plans to dismantle Abby's trust fund. Vance called Jack with the news that the injunction had frozen the trust, and Jack was very pleased. Abby rushed in to see Jack and declared that she had decided to drop the lawsuit after all.

At the mansion, Owen told Heather that they had found evidence that Chance was linked to the drug ring. Nina and Paul did not believe that Chance had been involved in the drug dealing. Owen declared that Chance had been working with Ronan.

At the jail, Ronan was taken from his cell to meet with Christine. Chris declared that what had happened to Chance was never meant to happen. Chris demanded to know why Ronan had done what he did at the warehouse. Ronan said that he'd had no choice. Chris told Ronan that his mother was grieving for Chance. Chris wanted to know how Ronan was going to live with the pain he'd inflicted on the family.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Victoria and Billy were getting ready for Chance's wake. Victoria anticipated running into her parents at the Chancellor mansion. The phone rang, and Victoria learned that the charges against her had been dropped. Victoria hung up the phone and told Billy that Victor had told the Department of Justice that he'd bribed the Japanese official.

At the ranch, Victor was glad to see Nikki. Victor told her that he had called the Department of Justice and taken responsibility for the bribe. Victor declared that he'd had Victoria arrested to teach her a lesson. Nikki thought Victoria would never to trust her father again.

Meggie sympathized with Nikki about Chance's death. Meggie offered Nikki a glass of iced tea. Nikki accepted it and took a sip.

Victor entered and told Nikki that he'd heard from his attorney that Vance had frozen Abby's trust fund so Victor could not dismantle the account. Victor suspected that Jack had orchestrated the maneuver.

When Victor and Nikki left for the wake, Meggie picked up the iced tea glass and pulled out a small liquor bottle. Meggie said it had been a waste that Nikki hadn't finished the drink.

At Crimson Lights, Jack wanted Abby to continue with the lawsuit against Victor, but Abby was adamant about not crossing her father. Abby feared Victor's wrath. Abby believed that Victor liked it when Abby was sweet and pliable, so that was how she would present herself. Jack warned Abby that she would wind up caught in Victor's web.

Jack urged Abby to reconsider or she would end up like under Victor's thumb like his other children. Abby apologized to Jack, but she had made up her mind. Jack told Abby that she would regret her decision.

Neil and Sophia were having a business meeting with Tucker at Gloworm. Tucker gave Sophia a file with Neil's notes on Sophia's proposal. Sophia felt that Neil had dumped on her work. Neil stood by his objections.

Tucker listened to Neil and Sophia argue over the proposal. Sophia believed that Neil was attacking her personally through her work. Sophia said that Neil objected to her because she was engaged to Malcolm.

Malcolm approached when he heard his name mentioned. Tucker invited Malcolm to join them. Sophia told Tucker that Neil would shoot down any plan Sophia offered. Neil believed that Sophia needed to develop a tougher skin and offer better ideas. Sophia asked Tucker to keep her work out of Neil's hands.

Tucker advised Neil and Sophia to figure out how to get along because Tucker valued their business contributions. Tucker needed them working together. Tucker said he had another appointment and walked out.

Malcolm accused Neil of using Sophia to get back at him. Neil explained to Malcolm that he'd been an occasional member of the family, while Devon, Lily and Neil were a real family. Neil also declared that how he treated Sophia had nothing to do with Malcolm.

Sophia excused herself and Malcolm. At the bar, Sophia told Malcolm that she had to fight her own battle with Neil. Malcolm felt he had to set Neil straight. Sophia told Malcolm to let her handle business in her own way.

Sophia was determined to please Tucker by working things out with Neil. Malcolm agreed to back up Sophia. Sophia told Malcolm that he was the most important thing in her life.

Back at Neil's table, Sophia offered Neil an idea about how they could get along better. Sophia wouldn't take his criticism personally in exchange for a heads-up when he hated her proposals. Sophia asked Neil to give her chance. Neil said that someday they might be friends. Sophia said she wouldn't count on that.

Chloe was at Kevin's apartment when he entered with a bag of groceries. Kevin asked Chloe to shower and change clothes. Kevin offered to make her a healthy breakfast. Chloe felt she was entitled to wallow, since she was mourning Chance's death. Kevin threatened to throw Chloe in the shower.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill told Nina that she regretted not having spent more time with Chance while he was alive. Jill said that Nina had raised an extraordinary son. Jill didn't believe that Chance had been involved in a drug ring. Jill embraced Nina and said she wished she'd been as good a mother to her sons as Nina had been to Chance.

Billy and Victoria arrived at the wake and Jill and Nina greeted them. Victoria expressed their condolences. Esther brought Delia to see Billy. Victoria said hello to Kay and Murphy and inquired about Kay's health. Kay congratulated Victoria on being pregnant.

Outside the Chancellor mansion, Chloe hesitated before entering. Chloe told Kevin that Nina wouldn't want to see her. Kevin pointed out that Chloe had not seen Delia in days, and Chloe should think about her daughter's needs. Kevin and Chloe walked into the mansion. When Chloe saw Billy and Victoria attending to Delia, Chloe pulled the child out of Billy's arms.

Chloe admonished Billy for thinking that Victoria could be a stepmom to Delia and fill the space left by Chance's death. Chloe feared Delia would be confused. Billy defended Victoria's actions, but Victoria agreed with Chloe. Kevin assured Chloe that everything would be all right.

Esther told Billy and Victoria that Chance was getting a military funeral, and he would be interred at Arlington National Cemetery. Victoria recalled how kind Chance had been to her during Adam's murder investigation. Nina reminisced about Chance as a child. She remembered when she'd bought him a dog that he'd named Buddy. Nina said that she had known her purpose in life when she'd first seen Chance as a newborn.

Billy and Victoria opened the front door to find that Nikki and Victor were there. Victor told Kay, Jill, and Nina how impressed he'd been by Chance. Nikki offered to help Kay in any way she needed.

Nina told Chloe that she appreciated all the things Chloe had done for Chance, including giving Chance the opportunity to be close to Delia. Nina told Chloe that she had made Chance very happy. Kevin thought Nina's comments were very nice. Chloe anticipated that Nina would be hating Chloe again in a few weeks.

Victor asked Victoria if she knew what he'd done about the Department of Justice. Victoria was nonchalant, and Victor thought she was ungrateful. Victoria told her father that nothing he could do would erase the fact that he'd had her arrested on her wedding day. Victoria said she would never forgive Victor for that.

Victor was surprised to see Abby arrive. Abby told Victor that she wanted to pay her respects to Katherine. Abby informed her father that she was dropping the lawsuit.

Abby said that she wanted to avoid battling with Victor. Victor wondered about the disposition of her trust fund, and Abby suggested that they work out a compromise without lawyers. Victor approved of the new Abby and embraced her. Jack watched from the foyer and scowled.

Tucker appeared at the mansion and went directly to see Kay. Tucker asked how she was, and Kay was pleased to see him there. Kay embraced her son. Jack told Tucker that Abby had made peace with Victor. Tucker reminded Jack that he was co-CEO of Jabot on the condition that he delivered Beauty of Nature. Tucker walked away.

Tucker and Victor met. Tucker knew about Victor turning himself in to the Department of Justice. Tucker wondered why Victor preferred paying a fine to sharing the Japanese market with Jabot. Victor smile enigmatically.

With Billy by her side, Victoria told her mother that she was through trying to please Victor. Nikki understood Victoria's anger. Victoria said that Victor's call to the Department of Justice was too little, too late. Billy assured Nikki that she would always be welcomed in their home.

Esther offered wine to the guests. Nikki looked at the wine longingly. Later, Nikki told Kay that she was upset about Victor's stunt at the wedding. Kay was sure that Victor and Victoria would eventually make up. Nikki declared that Victor would never accept Billy into the family.

Kay noticed that Nikki was watching Billy drink a glass of wine. Kay asked if Nikki had been thinking about drinking. Nikki assured her that she was in control of her sobriety.

Victor told Kay and Murphy about his experiences with Chance. Murphy asked Victor to convince Kay to take care of herself because she was under a lot of stress. Victor advised Kay to beware of Tucker. Kay was puzzled, but Victor told her to be on guard with her son.

Nikki warned Abby not to take advantage of Victor's love for his children. Tucker approached and said hello. Alone with Abby, Tucker offered Abby some advice about dealing with parents. Tucker revealed that his father had wanted him to go to college, but Tucker had hopped a plane to Europe with $20 in his pocket instead.

Abby admired Tucker's story. Tucker told Abby that he had taken a risk. Tucker said that Chance's death was a reminder that "life is short." Tucker asked Abby how badly she wanted to be a success. Abby contemplated Tucker's words as he walked off.

Billy told Victoria that he was worried about Chloe. Billy feared that in her grief, Chloe might make bad decisions. Esther encouraged Chloe to eat something, but Chloe was sullen. When Esther invited Chloe to move back into the mansion, Chloe lashed out in anger and stormed off.

Jill complimented Jack on being back on top of Jabot. Jill also warned Jack that Tucker could dump him from the company at any time.

Victor stopped Jack and gloated about Abby dropping the lawsuit. Victor told Jack that his attempt to hurt Victor had failed. Jack denied that he'd been involved with Abby's lawsuit. Victor warned Jack to keep away from his family. Nikki asked Victor to take her home because she had a headache.

Tucker approached Victoria and Billy. Tucker thought it had been terrible that Victoria had spent her wedding night in the "pokey." Victoria pointed out that Tucker had played a part in the Japanese business deal.

Tucker wondered if Victoria had plans for the future. Victoria said she was going to concentrate on her family. Tucker told her that a top spot would be opening at Jabot that would be perfect for Victoria. Victoria was surprised by the job offer. Tucker told her to think about it.

Jill thanked everyone for being there for the wake. Jill said the lesson they needed to learn from Chance's untimely death was to spend time with those they loved. Jill asked everyone to raise a glass in a toast to Chance.

Kay became dizzy and everyone scurried over to attend to her.

At the ranch, Meggie unpacked a shopping bag filled with tiny bottles of liquor.

Chloe was furious with Esther, but Kevin felt that Chloe should deal with her real feelings. Kevin pushed her to express her anger at Ronan, Heather, and Chance. Chloe told Kevin to go to hell.

Back home, Nikki warned Victor that Abby was manipulating him. Victor told Nikki that he knew what his daughter was up to. Victor didn't want to discuss it and walked out of the room.

Nikki went to the bar and poured a drink. She stopped herself from drinking it by pouring it back into the decanter. Meggie walked in and offered Nikki a glass of iced tea.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

At the apartment, Chloe and Kevin had coffee before leaving for Chance's funeral service. Kevin noticed that Chloe was more composed than she'd been at the wake. Chloe said she was anxious to make it through the day.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kay welcomed Brock home. Brock was happy to see Philip again. Brock embraced Jill and told her that no matter what her last name was, she would always be his sister. Murphy asked Brock to convince Kay to take better care herself.

Paul and Heather arrived at the mansion and said hello to Brock. Heather mentioned that Owen would be taking the lead on Ronan's prosecution. Brock advised the "Duchess" to take it easy. Kay pointed out that the person who needed their full attention was Nina.

In Chance's bedroom, Nina was thinking about her son. Nina remembered holding Chance soon after he was born. Nina was crying when Paul knocked on the door and entered. Nina said that she felt closer to Chance in his room. Nina feared she wouldn't be able to get through Chance's funeral.

Paul helped Nina with her necklace. It was the necklace that Chance had given her before he went to Iraq. Nina asked Paul why he hadn't told her that Ronan was with the FBI. Nina wondered if things might have gone differently if she had known. Nina regretted that she hadn't stopped Chance from going to the warehouse the night of his death. Nina couldn't fathom why Ronan pulled the trigger when he knew that Chance was his brother.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria were having coffee. Victoria said that she'd enjoyed caring for Delia. Victoria wondered if she and Billy might have a baby girl. J.T. overheard Victoria talking about having a baby. J.T. suggested that Victoria giving birth behind bars would top her being arrested at the wedding. Victoria explained that the charges against her had been dropped. J.T. believed Victoria would never be free of Victor's clutches.

At the ranch, Michael told Victor that it was lucky that the Department of Justice had accepted Victor's guilty plea. Nikki entered just as Victor was criticizing Victoria for not being more grateful for his actions. Victor blanched when Nikki suggested that he should not be criticizing their children on the same day Chance was being buried.

At the coffeehouse, Ashley was happy that Abby had dropped her lawsuit against Victor. Jack contended that Abby had made a mistake by letting Victor off the hook. Ashley was happy that Abby and her father were at peace. Neil joined them, saying they were all going to Chance's funeral. Neil, Jack, Ashley and Abby all sympathized with Nina over the loss of her son, at the hands of her other son. They all left for the church.

Owen and Meeks were having coffee with a group of uniformed cops. Owen was relieved that they would be burying one of their problems, Chance, and their other problem, Ronan, was behind bars. Owen congratulated them on a job well done.

Tucker and Brock were both concerned about Kay's health, especially since she had been so close to Chance. Kay embraced Tucker and thanked both her sons for being there for her.

Sergeant Goldman arrived at the mansion and said it was time to leave for the church. Philip asked Nina if she was ready, but Nina cried that she would never be prepared to bury their child.

At the jail, Christine met with Ronan. Ronan explained to Chris that he'd had no choice at the warehouse that night. Chris said that Ronan's actions had resulted in Chance's funeral, and they both had to live with that. Ronan told Chris that he needed make things right.

Chris explained that Nina had always trusted her with Chance. In a flashback, Chris remembered a time when Nina was seriously ill and had asked Chris to raise little Philip in the event that she died. Chris told Ronan that she had made promises to both Chance and Nina. In a flashback, Chris talked to baby Chance and promised him that he'd always be cared for. Chris told Ronan that Nina had asked Chris to stay away from Chance's funeral.

At the church, everyone gathered, including Meeks, Owen, and some uniformed cops. Victor and Nikki greeted Kay and Murphy affectionately. Kay said she was all right. Brock noticed that Mac was very happy, and he thanked J.T. for the smile on his daughter's face.

Nina and Philip thanked Jack and Ashley for the flowers that Traci had sent. Ashley offered to be there if Nina needed to talk. Brock asked everyone to move into the church to begin the service.

Michael told Jill that Lauren sent her condolences. Jill was offended that Lauren hadn't bothered to call Jill. Michael explained that Lauren was out of the country, visiting Scott, but Jill wasn't placated.

Chloe was upset to see Heather at the service and told Heather that she had no right to be there. Heather explained that Chance had been a colleague and a friend. Chloe accused Heather of stealing Chance from her and destroying their engagement. Paul tried to stop Heather and Chloe's argument, but Chloe refused to listen to Paul. Kay stepped over and told Chloe and Heather to both to shut their mouths. Heather and Paul walked into the church.

The service began with Chance's flag-draped coffin rolled down the aisle. A military honor guard accompanied the casket. A procession followed, led by Philip and Nina, then Jill and her sons, and finally Kay and Murphy.

Once everyone took their seats, Brock began the ceremony. Brock announced that they were there to celebrate the life of Philip Robert Chancellor IV, better known as Chance. Brock asked for Chance's family, Philip, Nina, Jill, and Kay to share memories of Chance.

Philip revealed that he had never wanted to be a father. In a flashback, Philip recalled Nina pushing Chance into Philip's arms. Philip said he had run away, but when he returned, Chance had forgiven Philip. Chance had given Philip another chance. Philip said that he was very proud of his son.

Jill recalled how chaotic life had been when Chance was born. The estate had been filled with a "cast of characters." Jill said that despite the confusion, Chance had gotten the best characteristics of his family.

From Nina, Chance had gotten his devotion and strength. From Philip, his sensitivity and good looks. Chance had received Katharine's zest for life, and Esther's loyalty. From Brock, Chance had learned generosity and forthrightness. Chance had exhibited Jill's determination and stubbornness.

Jill claimed that in Chance, the whole was more than the sum of its parts. Kay concluded that grief was the price they all had to pay for love.

After Brock recited a prayer, the honor guard folded the American flag and Sergeant Goldman handed it to Nina, saying it was presented from the President of the United States and the grateful people of the nation in recognition of Chance's honorable service.

Outside the church, shots were fired in Chance's honor. Lastly, "Taps" was played while those in attendance placed roses on Chance's coffin.

While Heather and Paul were saying goodbye to Nina and Philip, Christine arrived at the church. Nina demanded that Chris to leave. Ronan entered after Chris. Jill, Chloe, Kevin, and Brock looked on. Owen and Meeks were stunned to see Ronan. Owen asked on whose authority Ronan had been released. Ronan pulled out his badge and explained that he was an FBI agent. Ronan told Meeks, the uniformed cops, and Owen that they all were under arrest.

Ronan revealed that while he had not been wearing a wire in the warehouse, Chance was. Ronan told Owen that he had the D.A. "dead to rights." Ronan handcuffed Owen. Heather was stunned that her trust in Owen had been misplaced.

Nina lashed out at Chris for staging the arrest at Chance's funeral. Chris explained that they were fulfilling Chance's wishes. Nina didn't want to hear anything Ronan and Chris said. Chris pleaded with Nina to let her explain. Nina screamed at Chris to leave. Ronan pulled Chris away.

Back at the mansion, Nikki complimented Kay on the service. J.T. admired Kay's words at the funeral. In the kitchen, Cane apologized to Michael for Jill's harsh words. Esther asked Neil and Tucker to stay for lunch because Kay seemed fragile and needed their support. Tucker offered to speak with Kay.

When Neil mentioned Ronan and Chance being brothers and the difficulties he'd had with Malcolm, Tucker wondered if Neil and Sofia had worked out their differences. Neil assured Tucker that he would keep family disputes out of Chancellor business.

Victor and Ashley discussed Abby's decision to stop the lawsuit. Victor hugged Abby and told her that he was proud of her.

Nikki urged Victoria to acknowledge that Victor had gotten the charges against Victoria dropped. Victoria said she was too angry about her spoiled wedding to forgive her father. Victoria told Nikki that Victoria had been doing Victor's bidding in Japan and he was responsible for the bribe. Jack asked Victoria if she would be taking advantage of Tucker's offer to work for Jabot, especially since it would infuriate Victor. Victoria explained that she hadn't reached a decision.

Billy and Victoria offered to pick up Reed from Tiny Tots for J.T. and Mac. Mac thanked them, since she wanted some time to visit with her father. J.T. and Mac walked away. Victor asked to speak with Victoria, but she said that she had to leave. Victor looked nonplussed. Billy shrugged his shoulders and followed Victoria out of the house.

Tucker comforted a sad Ashley and offered to take her out to dinner and then home for a massage. Neil and Cane said goodbye to Kay. Victor had to leave for the office, and Murphy offered to drive Nikki home. Kay was curious about Nina and Paul and why they were still at the church.

Tucker approached Katherine and asked if she was feeling all right. Kay was incensed by his concern and insisted that she was perfectly fine. Tucker said he hadn't meant to offend her. Kay demanded that everyone stop hovering over her. Kay admitted that she was upset, but that she was fine. Suddenly, she fell forward into Tucker's arms. As she passed out on the couch, someone called 9-1-1.

Friday, September 17, 2010

At the church, Chris tried to explain to Nina that it had been necessary to arrest Owen at the funeral. Chris told Nina that Ronan was an FBI agent, and he had been doing his job. Paul and Philip told Chris to back away from Nina and leave her alone. Brock objected to the timing of the arrest. Nina blamed Chris for putting the arrest ahead of paying respect to Chance.

Owen told Ronan that the arrest would never stand. Owen threatened to destroy Ronan's career. Heather was disgusted with Owen. Owen told Heather that Ronan was lying about Owen's involvement in the drug ring. Ronan asked Chloe, Kevin, and Heather to listen to him. Ronan said he wasn't there to upset anyone. Ronan said the arrests were made at the funeral because Chance would have wanted it that way.

Heather declared that Chance had wanted to make the arrests himself. Ronan explained that he'd been forced to shoot Chance in the warehouse, or Meeks would have killed both Ronan and Chance. Ronan admitted that he had failed to protect Chance, but Ronan swore to clear Chance's name. Chloe said Chance's death had been a waste. Chloe didn't want to glorify Chance's death.

Chris asked Nina for a moment alone. Nina refused to listen to Chris. Nina said that her son was dead, and nothing else mattered. Nina turned away from Chris. Paul told Chris to leave. Chris asked Paul to convince Nina to listen to her because what Chris had to say would make it easier for Nina to cope with Chance's death.

In the hospital, Kay was resting in bed. Nikki and Murphy asked Kay how she was feeling. Kay said she was fine and asked them to stop fussing over her. Murphy went to speak with the doctor. Kay wasn't sure what had happened, so Nikki explained that Kay had fainted. Nikki said that the doctors hadn't diagnosed her condition yet. Kay assured Nikki she was all right. Kay confessed that she'd had a dizzy spell the day before. Kay said that nobody really knew how much time they had left on the earth.

Kay asked Nikki to tell her about the wedding plans. Nikki said that her wedding to Victor was turning into a small affair because Victoria wouldn't be attending. In an emotional moment, Nikki said she needed Kay to confide in and give her strength. Nikki admitted to Kay that she had been tempted to drink. Nikki said she had gotten close to losing her sobriety, and she wasn't sure why. Nikki said her urge to drink was very strong. Nikki asked for Kay's advice as her sponsor.

In the hallway, Murphy explained to the doctor that Kay had been weak and lacking energy recently. Murphy said that usually Kay was vibrant and strong. The doctor reserved judgment until he saw the test results. Murphy approached Tucker asked what he'd said to Kay before she collapsed. Jill and Brock showed up at the hospital and asked Murphy if they could see Kay. Murphy told them where to go. When Tucker tried to follow, Murphy told him he wasn't allowed to see Kay. Murphy said he didn't trust Tucker to be with Kay.

The doctor entered Kay's room with Brock, Jill, and Murphy. Nikki told the doctor that Kay had been very lucid and clear while they were talking. The doctor wanted to run a series of tests to determined Kay's condition. Murphy asked if the doctor was concerned about Kay's history of mini-strokes. The doctor said a stroke was a possibility.

Brock urged Jill not to assume the worst. Jill was frightened for Katherine. Kay woke up and told them to stop squabbling. Kay asked everyone to return to the mansion for Nina and Philip, since they were mourning Chance. Jill said that Nina and Philip weren't at the mansion. Kay was surprised that they were still at the church. Kay asked what had happened after she'd left the funeral.

Kay was shocked to hear about Owen's arrest at the church. Kay was also concerned about Nina and Philip. Kay urged Jill and Nikki to leave the hospital. Jill refused to leave Kay's side until they had her diagnosis. Kay asked Nikki to find a deck of cards so Kay could play gin rummy with Murphy. After Nikki left, Brock volunteered to step out so Kay and Murphy could have time alone. Tucker was lingering in the hallway. Brock noticed that Murphy was scowling at Tucker. Brock offered to speak with Tucker.

Kay told Murphy that if the news from the doctor was bad, there were some things that Murphy had to know. Murphy insisted that Kay would be fine. Kay wanted to be sure they were prepared for the future. Kay said she had a living will, and Kay didn't want to be kept alive on machines under any circumstances. Murphy had an opposing point of view. Kay had no interest in living on machines. Murphy believed that medical miracles happened every day. Kay said that she would never want to be confined to a hospital bed.

Kay said she wanted to live until she died and nothing more. Kay declared that she wanted to die the way she had lived -- with dignity. Kay had to know that Murphy would respect her wishes. Murphy said that he had witnessed someone pulling the plug on a loved one, and he didn't think he could ever do that to Kay. Murphy said he was afraid that if the time came, he wouldn't be able to do what Kay wanted.

The doctor returned to Kay's room and said that he wanted Kay to have a CAT scan. As Kay's bed was rolled out of the room, Kay asked Jill and Nikki to leave the hospital. After Kay was out of the room, Jill urged Nikki to leave, but Nikki said that she wanted to speak with Kay when she returned. Jill lashed out at Nikki for stressing Kay with her tedious problems. Nikki said the stress that had put Kay in the hospital was Jill's grandson dying. Nikki tried to take back her words, but Jill was unforgiving.

Tucker told Brock that he was concerned about Kay's health. Tucker felt that he was entitled to be there as Kay's son. Brock told Tucker that Kay's family didn't trust him. Brock reminded Tucker that he had stolen Chancellor Industries from Katherine. Tucker said that he and Kay had grown closer since then, and Kay had forgiven him. Murphy and Brock left to join Kay in radiology. Tucker was left behind.

A distraught Nikki returned to the ranch. Nikki called out for Victor, but he didn't answer. Meggie wasn't there either. Nikki went to the bar and poured a drink into a glass. Without pausing, Nikki downed the drink quickly.

The doctor walked into Kay's room and reported that Kay had been dehydrated and exhausted. She'd had neither a stroke nor a seizure. Murphy, Jill, Brock, and Kay were all relieved. Tucker watched from outside the door as Brock embraced Jill, and Murphy hugged Kay. Tucker was frustrated that he was excluded.

Back at Kevin's, Chloe was stunned by the turn of events. Kevin said that Chloe had been right to trust Ronan. Chloe declared that Ronan was a "murdering son of a bitch." Kevin disagreed and suggested that Ronan had shot Chance in self-defense. Chloe was grateful to Kevin for trying to help her deal with everything that had happened. Chloe admitted that Ronan confused her. Chloe couldn't forgive Ronan for shooting Chance. A short time later, Chloe called Delia to say goodnight. Delia was crying. Chloe hung up the phone and told Kevin that Delia was upset because Chance was gone. Kevin comforted Chloe.

At the church, Ronan told Chris that all the suspects had been arrested. Chris was still upset about what had happened in the warehouse. Ronan defended his actions. Chris was frustrated that she hadn't been able to tell Nina the truth. Ronan urged Chris to force the issue and make Nina listen to her.

Paul tried to convince Nina to give Chris a chance. Nina was adamant about never speaking with Chris again. Paul believed that Chris knew something that might be comforting to Nina. Nina suggested that Chris could write her a letter. Philip said he wanted to hear from Chris and that he had questions that only Chris could answer. Chris approached Nina and Philip. Nina told Chris to talk fast. Chris said that the press were on their way and she and Nina couldn't speak there. Chris had arranged for Nina to be took to a meeting place. Chris thanked Paul for convincing Nina to listen to her. Nina and Philip stood by Chance's coffin and said goodbye one last time.

Heather accused Owen of masterminding the drug ring. Heather realized that Owen had arranged for the bomb to be planted in her car, and he had ordered the hit on Chance. Owen reminded Heather that it was Ronan who had manipulated Owen into firing her. Despite Owen's arguments against Ronan, Heather said she knew Owen was guilty because she had seen Owen's face when Ronan flashed his FBI badge.

Owen denied everything and said the charges against him were falsified. Heather said the evidence was irrefutable. Heather declared that Owen would be convicted and that she was glad that he'd serve hard time for his crimes. Heather walked into the hallway and began to cry. Paul approached and comforted his daughter. Heather questioned her judgment because she'd been so wrong about Owen. Paul reminded Heather that she had been right about Chance. Heather felt guilty for having trusted Owen. Paul said Owen had fooled a lot of people and it had taken the FBI years to capture him.

The state attorney general walked into the jail. Heather introduced herself to him, but the attorney general remembered Heather. He said that he was there to speak with her. The attorney general asked Heather to be the acting district attorney until the next election. Heather agreed to take the job. Paul was proud of Heather and thought she was the perfect person to clean up the department. Heather asked Paul if he would be an investigator for the department. Paul agreed to take the position as long as Heather was intent on going after Owen Pomerantz.

Philip and Nina were driven to a remote location. The car stopped and the driver stepped out of the car. As they sat in the backseat, Philip and Nina were confused. Nina wondered why Chris wasn't there. A few minutes later, another car drove up and Chris and Ronan stepped out. Nina was angry that Chris had taken Ronan to the meeting. Nina declared that Ronan was not family. Ronan assured Nina that her family was there. Suddenly, Chance stepped out of the car.

Nina embraced Chance. Chance apologized for having lied about his death. Philip hugged his son. Nina was ecstatic and wanted Chance to return to the mansion right away so everyone could celebrate. Chance said he couldn't do that. Chance explained to his mother and father that he was going into Witness Protection. Chris and Ronan said that organized crime would target Chance if he resurfaced again. For Chance's safety, he had to be placed in the Witness Protection program. Nina asked for how long, and Chance said probably the rest of his life.

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