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Victoria suffered a miscarriage. Victoria joined Abby in her lawsuit against Victor. Kevin found out that Jeffrey was laundering money through Gloworm, and he wanted in on the action. Mac and J.T. discovered she was pregnant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 27, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, September 27, 2010

At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Deacon held up his 30-day chip and spoke about the difficulties he'd encountered before attaining 30 days of sobriety. Deacon noted that being a bartender had presented challenges to his recovery. Deacon added that it wasn't the first time he'd had to begin again after faltering. Other attendees applauded Deacon as he took his seat beside Nikki. Nikki fidgeted uncomfortably, and Deacon seemed shocked to see her.

After another man stood at the podium and shared his story, the team leader led attendees in the serenity prayer. When the meeting ended, Deacon approached Nikki. Nikki rebuffed Deacon and told him that she would never be his friend after what he'd done to her daughter. While Nikki was at her meeting with her phone turned off, Victor called and left a message. Victor apologized for missing his lunch date with her and explained that he was meeting with Billy at Restless Style to prevent him from printing an appalling cover photo.

At the office of Restless Style, Billy was excited about booking Skye for the next magazine cover. Billy stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Victoria writhing in pain. Victoria worried that something was wrong with her pregnancy, so she quickly phoned Dr. Okamura and scheduled an appointment. At the doctor's office, Billy was nervous, but he calmed somewhat after Victoria insisted that she felt better. When Dr. Okamura conducted an ultrasound examination, he determined that the tiny fetus no longer had a heartbeat. Dr. Okamura explained that he'd schedule Victoria for a D&C the following day. After the doctor left, Billy and Victoria were stunned. Victoria tearfully begged Billy to take her home.

After Billy and Victoria arrived at their home, Victoria told Billy that she shouldn't have gotten his hopes up about the her pregnancy so soon. Billy offered to pamper Victoria, and she thanked him for being very sweet to her. Victoria told Billy that he didn't have to be so brave and strong because they'd both lost their baby. Billy admitted that he was disappointed because he'd already thought about who their child might look like. Victoria agreed that they could try again. Billy kissed Victoria. Nikki arrived. Victoria embraced her worried mother and insisted that she was fine.

Billy was preparing to leave when Nikki asked Victoria about her miscarriage. Victoria explained that she had been at the office, which had become hectic because Billy was arranging a cover shoot. Nikki mentioned that she'd received a message from Victor about having stopped at Restless Style because he was upset about a story Billy was about to publish.

Victoria admitted to her mother that Victor had been upset and had let her know how much he was annoyed. Billy overheard and asked Victoria why she hadn't mentioned her encounter with Victor. Victoria explained that by the time Billy had seen her, she had become concerned about the baby. Victoria said that Victor told her that she was ruining her life by staying with Billy. Victoria added that after she had argued with her dad, he'd left, and then she'd experienced pain in her lower abdomen.

Victoria seemed exhausted, so Nikki comforted her daughter. Billy seemed angered and left. Nikki insisted that Victor had gone too far that time. Victoria corrected her mother and maintained that her father had gone too far when he'd had her arrested on her wedding day. Nikki said she'd thought that Victoria and her father would find their way back to each other, just as they always had. Nikki added, "But that's not going to happen now."

Nikki maintained that Victoria could have called her dad because he was still nearby when she'd become worried about the baby. Nikki explained that Victoria's refusal to call Victor for help meant more than screaming and yelling did because he'd taken away the father she had always relied upon. Victoria took her mother's hand in hers and insisted that she'd survive.

Billy rapped loudly and steadily on Victor's door at the ranch. After Victor answered, Billy yelled, "Oh, there's the bastard." Billy told Victor that Victoria had lost her baby after he'd argued with his daughter. Yelling, Billy asked Victor what kind of man would argue with his pregnant daughter. Billy was livid as he berated Victor for having Victoria arrested and for continually pushing her. Victor said he was sorry that Victoria had lost the baby, but he claimed he hadn't attacked her. Victor explained that he had only been warning Victoria about the misery that Billy would inflict on her if she stayed with him. Victor's voice rose as he accused Billy being an alcoholic gambler that had made love to half the women in town.

Victor ordered Billy to go home and comfort Victoria. Billy said that Victor had goaded Victoria into making a choice between her husband and her father. Billy proudly noted that Victoria had chosen him. Billy ordered Victor to stop punishing Victoria. Before he slammed the door, Victor warned Billy that he was playing with fire. Victor phoned Victoria, who was home alone. Victoria saw Victor's name on her phone's display, but she declined the call. Victoria listened to part of Victor's message, but she halted playback after she heard her father say that Billy had gone to see him.

Billy returned home with gifts for Victoria. Billy gave Victoria a bottle of bubble bath, some massage oil, and a pint of her favorite ice cream. Victoria mentioned her dad's message, so she said she knew that Billy had stopped by the ranch. Billy asked Victoria if she was mad. Victoria insisted that she certainly wasn't mad at Billy for being her hero. Victoria added that she didn't want to talk about her dad, and she asked Billy to hold her for a while. Billy snuggled beside Victoria and wrapped his arms around her. As Billy kissed Victoria's forehead, she said, "That's kind of perfect."

Nikki went to Gloworm and seated herself at the bar. Deacon teased that Nikki seemed to be stalking him. Nikki rolled her eyes and said that she wouldn't have gone there had she known Deacon was on duty. Deacon set a glass and the bar, and with a flourish, he partially filled it with gin. Nikki, cleanly enunciating each word said, "I don't want it!" Deacon fished his 30-day sobriety chip from his pocket and noted that he'd earned and lost enough of the tokens to know exactly what Nikki wanted. Nikki glared at Deacon.

Victor phoned Nikki and told her that Victoria had lost her baby. Nikki responded gruffly, "I know," and then she hung up. Deacon indicated the untouched glass of gin with a nod of his head and said, "Good alcohol going to waste." Nikki told Deacon that he was sick and twisted to serve a drink to an alcoholic. Deacon leaned closer to Nikki and responded, "Only somebody tempted would get so pissed off about it."

Deacon claimed that Nikki wanted a drink and would have it somewhere, so she should save herself the gas. Nikki admitted that they both had issues with alcohol, but she added that Deacon didn't know her at all. Deacon claimed that Nikki couldn't even admit that she was an alcoholic. Nikki replied, "I am a person who wants to stay sober." Deacon challenged Nikki to push the drink away. Nikki dropped Deacon's chip into the gin and angrily shoved the glass away.

In the lobby at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby met up with Jack and immediately told him that she would not reinstate her lawsuit against Victor unless he guaranteed she would win. Jack claimed that the strategy to sue Victor for mismanaging Abby's trust fund would be effective, and he ordered Abby to give him her most recent financial statements from Newman Enterprises. As Skye and Adam entered the club, Adam was scolding Skye for helping Billy. Adam told Skye that Billy was an opportunistic ass. When Adam saw Jack and Abby, he claimed that they were just like Billy. Responding to Adam's comment, Abby said, "Unlike a homicidal sociopath, which is actually just a freak of nature."

After Abby left, Jack learned that Skye had posed for the cover of Restless Style. Adam went upstairs, and Skye flirted with Jack. Skye led Jack under the stairwell and kissed him repeatedly. Jack told Skye that after he left her room earlier, he'd overheard Adam tell her that he wished he'd left her dead under the stables. Jack warned that they both knew what Adam was capable of, so he didn't want to be responsible for pushing Adam too far. In between kisses, Skye insisted that she knew just how to handle Adam.

After Skye went into her and Adam's suite, she told Adam that she had tarried long enough with Jack to make Adam jealous. Adam input data on his computer as he reminded Skye that she liked to play games. Adam claimed that Victor was behind Jack's investment in the hedge fund and getting her into bed. Adam also blamed Victor for pushing Heather to reopen Adam's case and Billy's plan to put Skye on his magazine cover. Adam said he worried that everyone wanted to take him and Skye down. Skye corrected Adam and said glibly, "They want to bring you down." Adam pleaded with Skye not to sleep with Jack or pose for the magazine cover. Before Skye could respond, Malcolm and his photography assistant arrived.

Adam seemed disgusted when Skye told Malcolm she was ready to pose. After Skye changed into sexy underwear and one of Adam's crisp, white, unbuttoned dress shirts, she crawled onto the bed. Adam looked away and announced that he would leave. Skye begged him to stay and watch. As if she were issuing a warning, Skye said, as she flirtatiously fussed with her hair, "You don't want to disappoint me, do you?" Malcolm arranged stacks of poker chips on the bed, and Skye held a fanned-out hand of cards before her as the camera clicked away. In one particular pose, Skye held a cigar and sipped champagne as she sexily swept a lock of hair over her pouched-out lips.

Adam slumped in the corner and silently vented his frustrations by repeatedly shuffling a deck of cards. Malcolm ended the session with an overhead shot of Skye surrounded by playing cards and poker chips that rained down onto the bed. Malcolm planted a kiss on Skye's forehead and said, "You are a natural." Adam completed the statement and added, "With just about everything." Skye addressed Adam and responded, "I think you should do something as if your life depends on it. You never know; it might." Seemingly without a care in the world, Skye continued to sip champagne. After Adam escorted Malcolm out the door, Heather suddenly appeared and asked to speak with Skye.

Heather said she was there to ask Skye about a judge in Brazil. Skye acted as if she couldn't recall a friendship with any judge. Heather added, "Medeiros-a government official-who takes bribes on the side." Heather claimed that the judge also headed up the local mafia in Brazil. Adam mockingly said, "Corrupt cops, corrupt politicians-what is this world coming to?"

Heather told Skye that her friend the judge had disappeared, along with a nice chunk of change. Skye, coolly sipping champagne, asked, "You think I had something to do with it?" Adam nervously bit his lip when Heather responded, "Did you?" Skye insisted that she knew nothing about Jude Medeiros' alleged disappearance or his missing money.

Heather showed Skye a document that listed a huge sum of money taken from the judge's account. Heather noted that Skye had opened an account with almost the same amount of money after it went missing from the judge's possession. Heather questioned Adam, but he claimed he had nothing to add about a man that he and Skye barely knew. Addressing Skye, Heather said, "I'll let you know if I hear anything about your friend. Maybe some new information will help jog your memory." Skye replied, "Wouldn't count on it." After Heather left, Skye continued to sip champagne. Raising his voice, Adam said, "I told you, but you wouldn't listen. They're out to get us, and they won't stop until they do."

While Skye busied herself managing hedge fund accounts, Adam complained that Victor was pushing Heather to go after him via a new strategy. Skye maintained that Heather was fishing without bait. Adam cried that Skye was Heather's bait, and that Heather would search for something to use as leverage in order to get Skye to turn against him. Skye replied, "You better hope she doesn't find anything." Adam glared angrily at Skye.

Abby later returned to the Athletic Club lounge with her financial statements, which Jack pored over. Abby asked, "Did you find something to stick it to dad with?" Jack noted the trust fund statement and claimed that Victor had stuck it to himself this time. Abby envisioned getting millions of dollars to back her own television show and start her own clothing line. Jack showed Abby the document, and she was shocked to see that a large sum had been transferred out of her account. Jack explained that Victor had used her money and some funds belonging to Nick and Victoria to pay a fine he owned to the Department of Justice for committing bribery in Japan.

Abby, appalled by Jack's allegation, claimed her father had breached his fiduciary duty. Jack asked, "Are you ready to send a message to dear old dad?" Sighing, Abby worried that Jack's plan would backfire. Jack promised that any judge in the state would side with her against Victor. Abby admitted that she could spot someone who didn't have her best interest at heart, and she pressed Jack to deny that there was something in the deal for him. Jack insisted that pursuing the lawsuit was in Abby's best interest. Abby worried about losing, but Jack promised his niece that she wouldn't lose.

Abby listened intently as Jack cited a Chicago case, a precedent, which involved a 19-year-old girl who won after suing her billionaire family for mismanagement of her trust. Abby quipped, "I bet that made her popular at family reunions." Jack assured Abby that the Abbotts, Nick, and Victoria wouldn't turn their backs on her. Jack claimed that Victor had already turned his back on Abby, so he asked his niece what she had to lose by suing him. After Abby left, Jack sat at the bar, phoned Tucker, and left a message. Jack said, "Mission accomplished. Abby is serving her father with papers as we speak, so Beauty of Nature will be ours in no time. I suggest you make my nameplate at Jabot permanent because Jack Abbott's back to stay."

At the district attorney's office, interim D.A. Heather sat at her desk, which was strewn with empty snack bags and take-out containers. Heather made phone calls and took notes on a legal pad as she sipped coffee from a tall cup. Heather called Victor and told him she had information about Skye. Victor invited Heather to the ranch. After Heather arrived, Victor suggested that all of their conversations remain private.

Heather noted that Victor's support of her for D.A. was perfectly aboveboard. Heather explained that Brazilian authorities had revealed helpful information about Skye. Heather said that Skye had an arrangement with a government official in Brazil. Heather added that the arrangement was a side job for Skye because the judge in her case was actually a mob boss.

Victor seemed awed by Heather's startling revelations about Skye. Heather explained that as long as Skye paid the judge, nobody bothered her or Adam, but Heather noted that after Victor left Brazil with Adam, the judge had disappeared, along with a considerable amount of cash. Victor supposed that the missing money allowed Skye and Adam to hire Vance Abrams and open their hedge fund. Heather explained that Skye had maintained that she'd won the money playing poker. Victor responded, "But if she didn't, we have leverage." Heather nodded.

Victor noted that Skye Lockhart's major occupation was self-preservation, which left Adam in a very precarious position because she would not hesitate to push him over a cliff. Victor added that he'd gotten Skye to sell out Adam in Brazil with a few million dollars, so Heather shouldn't have any trouble convincing Skye to make a deal. Heather responded, "If I can convince Skye that she committed a crime in Brazil, then she'll turn state's evidence against Adam to avoid going to prison." Victor encouraged Heather to get to work.

Later, after Heather's impromptu visit with Adam and Skye, she phoned Victor. Heather reported that Skye and Adam had kept their poker faces when she mentioned the missing judge and his vanishing money. Heather also noted that Skye and Adam seemed to feel the pressure. Victor said the Skye would look for an escape hatch, and all that Heather had to do was provide one. After Victor ended his call from Heather, Abby dropped by unexpectedly.

Abby unceremoniously served Victor with a lawsuit. Victor said that he thought the lawsuit nonsense was over. Abby explained that she had found solid proof that he'd mismanaged her trust. Abby noted that Victoria had played by Victor's rules, but it had proven disastrous, therefore, she planned to carry through with her suit. Victor warned Abby that she would regret her actions. Abby shot back that Victor could do nothing to change her mind.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chris arrived at the coffeehouse and saw Michael. Michael invited her to join him and talk, but Chris said she was too busy. She offered to catch up with Michael later. Chris approached Ronan and told him she had to tie up loose ends before leaving for Washington. Ronan acknowledged the urgency of cleaning up the Genoa City Police Department, and he said he was working hard at the job. Chris mentioned Nina as another loose end. Chris knew that Nina would find out about Ronan remaining in Genoa City. Chris wanted Ronan's assurance that he would foster a relationship with Nina.

Philip and Nina entered Crimson Lights' back door. Nina was miffed that strangers continued to stop her on the street to bring up Chance. Philip explained that Chance's sacrifice was appreciated. Nina hated the idea of lying about Chance's death. Nina wished she could reunite with both her sons. As Chris and Ronan sat at a table, Ronan spotted Nina and Philip across the room. Ronan wanted to leave before Nina saw him. Chris thought it was the perfect opportunity for Ronan and Nina to speak to each other. Ronan disagreed and exited.

Philip and Nina joined Chris a moment later, and then Paul showed up. Philip asked Paul to have coffee with them, but Paul said he was on his way to Heather's office and was picking up an order to go. Paul was determined to work with the D.A.'s office to get Owen and his gang convicted. Paul wanted to avenge Chance's death. Paul left and Chris asked Nina why Paul was acting so formal. Nina said that her relationship with Paul had been another casualty of the case. Chris was sorry she couldn't stay and help them, but she was heading back to D.C. Chris told Nina that Ronan had returned to Genoa City to handle the FBI involvement in the case.

Chris and Nina were alone. Chris was glad she'd had a chance to say goodbye to Philip. Nina was pleased that Ronan was in Genoa City. Chris warned Nina that Ronan was his own person, not Chance. Nina said she knew that. Nina asked about seeing Ronan, and Chris explained that he was very self-contained and not forthcoming.

Chris told Nina that Ronan wasn't ready to connect to his mother, and if Nina pushed, Ronan might pull away. Nina told Chris that she'd been taking Chris's advice since they were teenagers, and Nina believed that a lot of Chris's advice wasn't very helpful. Chris said she didn't want to leave on bad terms. Nina said Chris shouldn't have interfered with Nina and her sons.

Ronan entered Heather's office and saw that Paul was working there. Paul knew about Ronan's assignment to coordinate the cleanup of the GCPD. Paul told Ronan that the cops who were not part of Owen's corruption were concerned about new leadership. Ronan stepped out, and Paul placed a call.

Abby entered the coffeehouse and saw Michael. Abby assumed that Michael knew that she had served Victor with papers reinstating the lawsuit. Michael didn't know a thing about it. Abby explained that Victor had paid the Department of Justice fine with money from Newman Enterprises. Abby said that as a stockholder, she had not been informed beforehand. Therefore, she was suing Victor for breach of fiduciary duty. Michael was impressed with Abby's use of legal terminology. Abby asked Michael to convince Victor to let her have access to the trust fund and avoid any further public humiliation. Michael was amused by Abby, but Abby told Michael that her case was rock solid, and she would emerge victorious.

Cane entered the house and Lily greeted him with a big kiss. Lily said the babies were asleep. Lily told Cane how active the twins had become. Lily offered to make Cane something to eat, and mentioned the Australian steaks. Cane knew nothing about them. Lily assumed that the steaks had been a gift from Cane. Cane denied any involvement, and Lily suggested someone else sent them.

Cane was alarmed and wanted to throw the food out immediately. Cane packed up all the steaks and said he would throw them out. Cane claimed that he'd heard of a outbreak of mad cow disease in Canberra and feared the steaks were tainted. Lily was stunned and thought it was wasteful to dump the food. Cane would not be dissuaded. Cane offered to get takeout. Lily wondered why he was leaving, since he'd just gotten home. Cane said had an errand to run. Lily kissed him goodbye.

Cane met with Philip and told him about the gift from Australia. A man named Desmond had sent the package to Lily. Cane believed that Desmond wouldn't let up until Cane was punished. Philip urged Cane to go to the police. Cane feared frightening Lily. Philip said he would return to Australia and try to smooth things over for Cane. Cane was determined to protect Lily and the kids at all costs.

At J.T. and Mac's home, Mac showed J.T. that she'd bought an early pregnancy test. J.T. thought the chances of Mac being pregnant were slim. Mac believed otherwise and refused to be discouraged. Mac went to the bathroom to take the test. A short time later, Mac returned with the test results. J.T. was surprised to see Mac smiling. Mac said she was pregnant. J.T. and Mac were thrilled. Mac was happy that she had good news to share with everyone amidst all the bad news of late. Mac was certain that the pregnancy would go full term, not like her other pregnancy. J.T. and Mac agreed to keep the news quiet until after the first trimester.

At the house, Billy was worried about Victoria and asked what he could do to make her feel better. Victoria said that a D&C was standard after a miscarriage, and she would be fine. Billy urged her to take the pain medication if she needed it. Billy said he had a collection of old television sitcoms to watch with Victoria and that would be comforting. Victoria was confident that she would be better soon.

The doorbell rang and Billy opened the door to see Victor there. Victor said he wanted to see Victoria. Billy explained that Victoria was resting, but when Victoria heard her father's voice, she told Billy to let him in. Victoria asked Billy to go out for some coffee so she could speak with her father alone. Victor said that he and Nikki were sorry about Victoria's loss. Victor told Victoria that when she was stronger, they needed to discuss her options. Victor offered to get Victoria out of her marriage to Billy.

Billy bumped into Mac outside Lily's front door. Billy noticed how perky Mac was, even though Mac said she was drinking decaf. Billy looked into Mac's eyes and guessed that she was pregnant. Mac tried to deny it, but Billy insisted. Lily opened the door, having overheard them. Lily asked Mac if Billy was correct. Mac said that she was pregnant, but she hadn't planned to tell anyone. Lily hugged Mac and congratulated her. Billy watched, saddened by the fact that his baby with Victoria was gone.

Mac and Lily were on the couch and Mac explained that something had been missing for her, and it was having her own baby. Billy returned from checking on the twins. Lily was excited that Charlie and Matilda would have Billy and Mac's babies to play with as they grew up. Billy apologized in advance for ruining the mood, then broke the news that Victoria had suffered a miscarriage.

Lily retrieved a package for Cane from the door, and then heard Matilda's cry. Lily urged Mac and Billy to stay behind while she checked on the baby. Mac told Billy that she and Lily could relate to what Victoria was feeling, since they'd both had miscarriages in the past. Billy said that he and Victoria were fine. Then Billy admitted that he had been over the moon about Victoria having a baby. Billy said that he was upset, but he couldn't be upset in front of Victoria. Victoria was going through too much. Billy admitted that he and Victoria had been really happy about the baby just a few days before. Mac sympathized with Billy.

Later, Billy and Mac were gone when Cane returned to the house with the takeout. Lily was preparing to take the twins out for some air. Cane offered to go along, but when Lily mentioned that Cane had received a package, Cane said he would catch up with Lily. After Lily left, Cane opened the envelope and found a DVD labeled "family photos." Cane inserted the disk into the laptop and saw surveillance footage of Lily in front of the house.

Cane was upset. As he looked outside the windows, Cane heard Lily call for help. Cane raced out the door. Lily brought the baby carriage back into the house. The babies were crying because they were hungry and Lily wished she hadn't tried to delay their feeding time. Lily went for two bottles. Lily was grateful for Cane's help. Lily went to the nursery and, before joining her, Cane pocketed the DVD and locked the doors.

J.T. arrived at Heather's office and wondered why Paul had asked for him to meet there. Paul explained that Heather had asked Paul to head the investigation into Pomerantz's drug operation. J.T. offered to help, but Paul questioned if J.T. could help and keep his job with McCall. Paul wondered if J.T. was sick of corporate security and interested in joining the GCPD. Paul explained the ongoing situation on the force and asked if J.T. would like serving and protecting Genoa City instead of Tucker's bank account. Paul claimed that J.T. was a better role model for the cops than Ronan Malloy.

J.T. worried about the long haul from rookie to detective. Paul offered to pull J.T. in as a civilian consultant. J.T. wanted to think about it. Ronan walked in and wondered if J.T. was part of Paul's team. Paul picked up his briefcase to leave and said that J.T. might be on Ronan's team if Ronan played his cards right. A while later, Ronan told J.T. that he was aware that the Genoa City cops were a good force. Ronan said he was looking for the smartest, strongest personnel to rebuild the core. Ronan asked J.T. if he was up to the challenge. J.T. agreed to listen to Ronan.

J.T. arrived back at the apartment and saw Mac eating a pizza. Mac said she was officially pregnant and planned to enjoy every moment of it. J.T. said that they both needed to embrace happiness wherever they could get it. J.T. told Mac about the offer he'd received to join the GCPD. J.T. saw it as a new beginning.

Abby went to visit Victoria and offered to be there for her if she was depressed. Victoria told her sister that she was all right. Victoria didn't want Abby to worry about her. Victoria asked if Abby had run into Victor outside the house, and Abby admitted that she'd hid from him. Abby was concerned that if Victor hadn't told Michael about the lawsuit, it might mean that Victor was truly angry with Abby. Victoria had no knowledge of Abby's actions. Abby told Victoria that she had reinstated the lawsuit because Victor had paid the bribery fine with Newman funds.

Victoria said that Victor could do that because it was his company. Abby pointed out that Newman was a family company and that they also owned the company as shareholders. Technically, Victor had a fiduciary responsibility to consult with the board before using company funds. Abby felt that if she didn't fight for control of her life at that moment; she'd be under Victor's thumb for the rest of her life. Victoria told Abby that she was right. Victoria offered to help Abby because her case needed a tweaking.

Chris waited while Michael was on the phone with Victor. Michael said he would go to the ranch to see Victor in a little while. Michael apologized for the call, then asked Chris why things between them had gone awry. Michael felt slighted that Chris hadn't made time for him while she was in Genoa City. Michael had been hurt. Chris explained that she had avoided Michael because he knew her too well. Chris said that she had been keeping so many secrets that she worried that Michael would find them out. Michael understood.

Chris worried that Nina would never forgive her. Michael believed Nina would come around. Chris said she hated secrets. Michael asked if she was able to talk. Chris said she would be returning to D.C. and had no time to see Michael again. Chris was sorry she hadn't been a better friend. Michael told Chris that she had always been a very good friend. They both agreed to get together soon. Michael kissed Chris on the cheek and left. Chris called Paul and asked him to meet her at the coffeehouse for a proper goodbye. Chris then placed another call.

Paul entered Crimson Lights and was surprised to see Nina there. Nina realized that Chris had asked her to meet there, and Paul said that Chris had done the same thing with him. Paul and Nina realized that Chris had set them up. Ronan walked into the coffeehouse from the front entrance and saw Nina and Paul talking on the patio. Roman left before Nina could spot him.

Nina told Paul that she had blasted Chris earlier. Paul thought the setup with Nina might have been for his benefit. Nina apologized for being so out of control of late. Paul asked Nina if she would have a cup of coffee with him, and she accepted. From outside the shop, Chris watched Nina and Paul sit down at a table.

Victor welcomed Michael to the ranch and asked why Michael wanted to see him. Michael asked Victor about Abby's lawsuit. Victor was confident that Abby's suit would disappear as it had before. Victor believed that Abby was subject to outside influences. Victor was confident that Abby would realize that she needed her family and would drop the lawsuit.

Back at Victoria and Billy's, Abby asked Victoria if she was certain that she wanted to help. Victoria said she was sure. Billy arrived and, after saying hi to Abby, he asked about Victoria's well-being. Victoria was fine, but told Billy that things might be getting worse for her father very soon. Billy wondered what they were going to do to poke the tiger. Abby explained to Billy that she was suing Victor again. Billy wasn't impressed until Victoria said that Abby had a new case, and Abby wasn't going to lose. Victoria told Billy that she was joining Abby in the lawsuit. Billy declared that they were going to war.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jack met Phyllis for coffee at Crimson LIghts. Jack noticed that Phyllis had her laptop out and was working on her blog. Phyllis complained that there was no news to write about. When Skye walked in, Phyllis caught Jack smiling at Skye. Phyllis realized that something was up with the two of them. Skye stopped by the table and told Phyllis that she was going to be on the cover of the new issue of Restless Style. Skye thought the Newman Fund would take off after the magazine hit the stands.

Skye said so long to Phyllis and Jack, and left. Phyllis surmised from Skye's goodbye to Jack, calling him handsome, that Jack was having an affair with Skye. Jack tried in vain to deny it, but his smile gave him away. Phyllis reminded Jack that Skye's husband, Adam, was a psychopath. Jack explained that Adam knew about their affair and didn't care. Jack said it was worth the risk to tick off Adam.

Adam arrived at Sharon's house. Adam said he had to speak with Sharon, and she let him in. Adam told Sharon that he'd made a crucial mistake by marrying Skye. Sharon wondered why he'd done it, and Adam said it had been a business arrangement. Skye had the money to start the hedge fund and needed Adam's name to launch the project. Adam said he hated Skye. Adam believed that Skye was consumed with ambition, and Adam was sickened by it. Adam added that Skye didn't care about Adam's feelings.

Adam revealed to Sharon that the only thing that kept him going was being near Sharon. Sharon didn't want to hear about Adam's feelings for her. Adam pleaded with Sharon not to push him away. Adam appreciated that when they had been married, Sharon had loved him unconditionally. Adam said he missed Sharon. Sharon declared that the two of them were through.

Sharon advised Adam to divorce Skye if he was so unhappy with her. Adam said that Skye had threatened him. Sharon asked if Skye had something to hold over Adam's head. Adam explained that Skye was an accomplished liar and could concoct a case against him if she was provoked. Adam asserted that his dilemma was that he wanted Sharon, but he was stuck with Skye.

Sharon took a call from Noah, who was looking for his driver's license. Sharon searched for it, but told Noah it wasn't in the living room. When Faith cried, Adam stepped to the playpen to attend to her. Sharon was startled to see Adam near her baby and blocked his path. Sharon asked Adam to leave her house. Adam said he had just tried to calm Faith.

Sharon was shocked that Adam was unaware that the Faith's birthday was the next day. It was the same day that Adam had taken Faith from her. Sharon thought Adam might have been there to apologize to her. Sharon said Adam was too self-involved to think of anyone else. Sharon threw Adam out of her house and told him stay away from her and Faith.

Ronan appeared at the mansion, and when Nina answered the door, she told him he was welcome there anytime. Ronan said he had the contents of Chance's locker for Nina. Ronan said that he had to get back to the station, but when Nina asked him to stay while she looked through the box, Ronan agreed. Nina admitted to Ronan that she had dreamed of the day she'd get to know her lost son. Ronan asked Nina not to get her hopes up about him. Nina said she wouldn't force a relationship with Ronan.

Ronan said that he had trouble getting close to people because of his undercover work, but Nina knew better. Ronan asked her to give him some time to get used to having her in his life. Ronan believed Nina was a wonderful mother, judging by Chance's feelings for her. Nina said she merely wanted a chance to get to know Ronan. Nina said that each day she wondered what Chance was doing in Witness Protection. Nina imagined that he was helping people. Looking in the box of Chance's belongings, Nina was surprised to see her book she had written about the search for her lost son. Nina saw that the pages were marked with notes. Nina suspected that Chance had been trying to find his brother all along.

At Gloworm, Gloria complained to Jeffrey when he picked up the check for a table of businessmen. Jeffrey assured Gloria that he was garnering good will for the club. Billy entered while ordering flowers for Victoria on the phone. Billy was swamped with incoming calls, all with questions about Restless Style. Gloria overheard and recommended that Billy follow her lead and learn to delegate. Billy placed a call to Chloe to get her to help with the magazine. The call went to voicemail, and Billy left a message.

A short time later, Billy walked into Crimson Lights, and Jack and Phyllis greeted him. Frustrated about the workload at Restless Style, Billy asked if Jack and Phyllis knew of anyone who'd want to buy a magazine. Phyllis was intrigued, but didn't respond. Billy claimed that he wasn't serious, but he was overworked. Billy wanted to be home with Victoria and spend less time at the office. Jack reminded Billy that he had responsibilities at the publication, and Victoria would understand that Billy had to make a living.

Billy broke the news to Jack and Phyllis that Victoria had suffered a miscarriage. Jack and Phyllis were sorry for Billy and Victoria. Phyllis was positive that in time, Victoria would recover and Billy and Victoria would be able to have a baby. Phyllis said that it had been that way for her. Phyllis suggested to Billy that he should ask her to return to Restless Style. Jack excused himself and left. Billy reminded Phyllis that when she'd sold the magazine to him, Phyllis had said she was sick the publishing business.

Phyllis told Billy that her personal situation had changed since she was divorced from Nick. Phyllis declared that she had time on her hands, and her blog proved she knew how to sniff out stories. Phyllis said she had no qualms about going after the Newmans. Billy said he'd just married a Newman. Phyllis countered that she had just divorced one. Billy liked the idea and offered her the editor-in-chief job.

Chloe walked into Crimson Lights and saw that Kevin was tanned to an orange hue. Kevin explained that he had followed through with asking out the spray tan girl. Jana and Daniel watched from the doorway as Chloe congratulated Kevin on having had a successful date, which included sex. As Chloe touched Kevin's face, Jana was jealous. Daniel led Jana over to the counter so they could say hello to Kevin and Chloe. Kevin tabled further talk about the tan girl. Jana asked if Chloe would be bringing Delia to day care later on. Chloe said she planned on it. Kevin was disturbed that Jana had gotten a job teaching art at the pre-school.

Kevin ignored a call from Gloria, and Jana asked to speak with Kevin alone. Jana apologized for her behavior over the previous few months. Jana said that she hated that she'd hurt Kevin by her actions. Kevin asserted that they couldn't start again. Jana said she would not humiliate herself by asking for a second chance. Kevin revealed that it was too difficult to see Jana around all the time. Jana claimed that she hadn't known Delia was attending the pre-school when she'd gotten the job. When Kevin asked Jana about the divorce, Jana handed Kevin the finalized divorce decree. Kevin wished Jana a good life. Jana left the coffeehouse to go to work.

Chloe and Daniel were at a table, having coffee. Daniel said he was sorry he hadn't been in touch with Chloe about Chance's death. Chloe said she'd been having a difficult time, but Kevin was a good friend. Chloe feared that she was already falling into nasty, old habits, like being attracted to a bad boy. Daniel wondered about Chloe's connection with Kevin. Chloe said that she enjoyed having Kevin as a friend. Chloe wasn't interested in anything more. Daniel referred to the movie When Harry Met Sally, saying men and women couldn't be friends without sex getting in the way.

Kevin told Chloe and Daniel that he was officially divorced. Chloe saw Billy enter and went to speak with him. Daniel asked Kevin if the name Duckie meant anything to him. Kevin insisted he wasn't a loser like the Duckie character in the movie Pretty in Pink. Daniel wondered why Kevin wasn't pursuing Chloe. Kevin said they were just friends. Kevin answered a call from Gloria and said he'd meet her at Gloworm in a little while.

At the mansion, Nina wished she could talk about Chance, since she knew he was was still alive. Ronan warned Nina to never mention Chance in the present tense. Ronan said that to the rest of the world, Chance was dead. Nina related a story about when Chance was a child and had asked her about death. It was when Chance's hamster had died. Ronan listened to the advice that Nina had given Chance.

Chloe walked in and wondered what Ronan was doing in Genoa City. Nina explained that Ronan was in charge of cleaning up the GCPD. Chloe demanded that Ronan leave the house. Nina told Chloe that Ronan was her son, and he was welcomed there. Chloe said she would never forgive Ronan for killing Chance. Ronan said goodbye to Chloe, but she didn't respond.

Before Ronan left, Nina gave him the copy of her book from Chance's locker. Ronan thanked Nina, and she hugged him goodbye. Chloe looked at a picture of Delia that Chance had gotten framed. Chloe believed that she'd never find a man to love Delia the way Chance had. Nina looked through Chance's belongings, cherishing all the memories of her son. At Crimson Lights, Ronan turned the pages of Nina's book and read the notes Chance had made.

At Restless Style, Billy reintroduced Phyllis to the staff. Billy said that Phyllis was the new editor-in-chief. Billy brought up the new cover on the computer and asked Phyllis to critique it. Phyllis agreed with Billy that it needed something. Phyllis declared that they should spice up the story by mentioning that Skye was having an affair with Jack. Billy was stunned and coughed up his coffee. Billy believed that Jack would kill them both for publishing that information. Phyllis thought that Jack wouldn't care. Phyllis also was determined to spice up the issue.

Daniel showed up at Restless Style in response to Phyllis's call. Daniel was happy to hear about Phyllis's new job. Phyllis asked Daniel to do some graphics work on the Skye and Adam photo in the magazine. Phyllis wanted to draw a split between Skye and Adam's picture. Phyllis declared that she intended to throw a monkey wrench into Skye and Adam's relationship.

Skye walked into Gloworm, and Jeffrey schmoozed with her about investing. Jack followed Skye into the club. Skye took a table, and Jack joined her. Skye boasted about how the Newman Fund was up 250 percent. Jack assumed that Skye had to be risking a lot in the stock market for such big returns. Skye was confident in her ability to turn a profit. Skye and Jack flirted for a while, then Jack asked her to leave with him so they could continue their activities in private. Skye agreed, and they walked out together.

In Skye's hotel room, after having had sex, Jack asked Skye if Adam would be back anytime soon. Skye said he was out, and what Adam thought didn't matter to her. Skye was only concerned that investors never learn that her marriage to Adam was a sham. Jack started to dress, and Skye went to the bathroom. Jack took the opportunity to check out Skye's computer. Skye returned a few minutes later and caught Jack at the PC. Jack explained that he was double-checking the big numbers Skye had been boasting about. Skye accepted his excuse and didn't notice Jack putting some post-it notes in his pocket.

Kevin arrived at Gloworm, and Gloria asked him to inspect the books. Gloria said that she didn't trust Jeffrey. Gloria suspected that her husband was not on the up and up with the money. Kevin looked at the ledger. Jeffrey approached and laughed at Kevin's tan. Kevin stopped Jeffrey's laugher by saying that he knew that Jeffrey was laundering money through Gloworm. Jeffrey tried to deny it, but Kevin demanded that Jeffrey tell the truth, or Kevin would go to Gloria with his suspicions. Jeffrey offered to pay off Kevin if he kept Gloria in the dark.

Chloe walked into Gloworm and told Kevin that Ronan was back in town. Chloe needed some comfort from Kevin and asked if he would watch Pretty in Pink with her that night. Kevin agreed, and Chloe left. Gloria complimented Kevin on being a good guy and referred to him as Chloe's sidekick. Gloria asked Kevin what he'd learned from the ledger, and Kevin said that the books were okay. Gloria was satisfied. Kevin went back to Jeffrey and said he would take over the money laundering operation because he knew how to do it better than Jeffrey did. Kevin also wanted Jeffrey's promise that he would pay Kevin handsomely. Kevin wanted to make a lot of money to buy back Crimson Lights.

At the pre-school, the teacher in charge, Liza, was pleased to see Jana. Liza noticed how pretty Jana looked. Jana took over the class. A while later, alone with Delia, Jana said she would be getting back with Kevin very soon.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

At the Restless Style office, Phyllis was still at work on the magazine. Billy entered and wondered where the staff had gone. Phyllis reminded Billy that he'd given everyone the day off with pay when they'd been toiling away at two o'clock in the morning. Billy pointed out to Phyllis that they'd shipped the issue to the printer and she didn't need to be working on it anymore. Phyllis explained that she was tweaking the Web version. Billy told Phyllis that he liked the way Phyllis had angled the cover story about Skye and Adam's relationship.

Jack showed up at the magazine and congratulated Phyllis on her new position. Billy explained to Jack that he wanted to give Jack a look at the new cover story before it hit the web. Jack read the copy at Phyllis' desk. Jack was not pleased. Billy was not surprised that Jack was angry. Phyllis said that she had been anxious to go after Adam, and the cover story was the way. Phyllis wanted Adam to take a hit. Jack was sure that Skye would not be happy about the press coverage.

At the club, Skye was at a table, pitching potential new investors about what a terrific opportunity they'd have if they put their money into the Newman Fund. The investors thought Skye's numbers seemed too good to be true. Skye was very confident. Skye mentioned that she would be appearing on the cover of Restless Style. She urged the investors to jump at the chance to buy into the fund before the magazine was published and she'd be turning away business.

Skye said goodbye to the potential investors. Jack appeared and told Skye that he had news. Jack said that the Restless Style story was on the Web. Jack handed her his cell phone so she could read it. Skye was furious when she reached the part that revealed that Skye and Jack were lovers. Skye complained to Jack that Billy had lied to her. Skye believed that Jack had given Billy the information about their affair in order to destroy the Newman Fund. Jack explained that Phyllis was the magazine's new editor-in-chief, and she was the one who'd told Billy about Jack and Skye's affair.

At the magazine, Phyllis was really happy to be back in publishing. Phyllis said she was thrilled about collaborating with Billy. Phyllis loved the new issue. Billy wasn't sure he felt good about hurting Skye, but Phyllis said that Adam was the target, and Skye had simply been in the way.

At Victoria and Billy's, Abby was still blown away that Victoria wanted to join in with Abby's lawsuit. Victoria told Abby that she had been incensed by Victor's treatment of her after she had suffered the miscarriage. Victoria said that Victor had offered to help Victoria divorce Billy. Victoria signed the document. Noah arrived at the door along with Nick and Faith. Nick asked how Victoria was doing, and Noah told Victoria that he was glad to be home but had no plans at that time.

Nick announced that it was Faith's birthday, and he wanted them all to go to Sharon's for the baby's first party. Abby worried about Victor being there and the lawsuit being a bone of contention. Nick assured Abby and Victoria that Victor would not confront them. Abby asked if Victoria was going, and when Victoria said yes, Abby said she'd appear as well. Noah agreed to go, too.

At the ranch, Nikki reminded Victor about Faith's party and asked if he wanted to go. Nikki said that Nick and Sharon would understand if Victor was uncomfortable having to face Abby and Victoria. Victor said he would go to the party for Nick's sake. Nikki suggested that Victor might make up with Victoria at the party. Victor wasn't optimistic. Nikki reminded Victor that it was a year before when Victor had been hospitalized and nearly died. Nikki said that things could go from grim to wonderful in a very short time.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Adam met with Vance. Adam was concerned about the possibility of Heather reopening the case against Adam. Vance said that the D.A.'s office was too preoccupied with the Pomerantz scandal to go after Adam. Adam was worried nonetheless. Vance was supremely confident that if Heather did try to prosecute Adam, Vance would win a second time. Adam said that he was relieved that Skye couldn't testify against him because she was his wife. Vance explained that Skye had an option to testify if she chose to. Vance recommended that Adam be nice to Skye, just in case.

At the counter, Sharon ran into Ashley. Sharon was buying cupcakes for Faith's party. Sharon asked Ashley if she would attend the birthday party. Ashley was reluctant, but Sharon said she truly wanted Faith to know Ashley. Adam walked into the shop and saw Sharon with Ashley. Sharon wanted to leave, but Ashley said that Adam should be the one to go. Vance approached Adam's side and told him to walk away. Instead, Adam stood in front of Ashley and Sharon. Ashley blamed Vance for helping Adam get away with taking Sharon's baby and placing her Ashley's arms, letting Ashley believe she had given birth to Faith.

Nick, Victoria, and other family members began to gather at Sharon's for the party. Jana took Reed to the party directly from daycare. Victoria thanked Jana. Nick and Victoria invited Jana to stay. Jana said hello to Noah and welcomed him back to town. Sharon arrived home, carrying a box filled with the cupcakes. Summer and Reed were excited. Jana offered to take the cupcakes and the kids into the kitchen. Everyone was happy to have the family together. Noah received a special welcome back.

Abby was outside the door to Sharon's house. Victor and Nikki appeared and said hello to Abby. Nikki went into the house, and Victor spoke with Abby privately, warning her about the lawsuit. Victor told Abby that she was making a big mistake. Abby thought that Victor had made the big mistake by misusing the company funds. Ashley appeared behind Victor and was surprised to hear that Abby had launched a new lawsuit. Noah opened the door and told them to join the party.

Ashley was happy to see Faith. Victor pointed out to Abby that she was upsetting Ashley with the lawsuit nonsense. Faith blew out a candle on her cupcake. Sharon took photos, and the family celebrated. Sharon complimented Jana on how good she was with the kids. Nick opened a gift for Faith from Ashley. It was a guardian angel doll and a photo album of Faith's first six months of life. Sharon and Nick were touched.

Abby confronted Victor at the party. Abby complained to her father about his misdirected anger. Abby said that if Victor wanted to be angry about one of his children, Victor should be mad at Adam. Abby declared that the money in the trust belonged to Abby. Victor disagreed and told Abby she was incapable of handling it. Victoria stepped up to Victor and pointed out that he'd dangled money to all his children at some time or another, using it to manipulate them. Victoria revealed to her father that she had joined Abby in the lawsuit.

Nikki was shocked to hear Victoria's news. Victoria told Nick that he should get into the suit, too, because Victor had mismanaged the Newman corporate funds. Sharon asked them to stop talking business at the party. Victoria justified her actions based on Victor's brutal behavior to her with the Japanese bribery scandal. Abby and Victoria decided it was time to leave. Victor apologized to Nick for the argument with Abby and Victoria. Nick was disappointed with his family.

A short time later, at Adam's suite, Vance criticized Adam for speaking to Ashley and Sharon in public and apologizing for what Adam had done. Vance said that Sharon and Ashley could use those words against Adam if Heather re-opened Adam's case. Vance reminded Adam that he was not Adam's babysitter, and Adam should control himself. Adam wished he could go back in time and fix things. Adam recalled that Ashley was the only person who had treated him well when he was living at the ranch. Adam believed that Sharon had truly loved him. Adam claimed that he had been trapped into hurting Ashley and Sharon. Vance said that Ashley and Sharon would probably like to see Adam hang.

Skye charged into the Restless Style office and demanded that Billy pull the article off the Web immediately. Billy reminded Skye that he had full editorial control of her story. Skye threatened to sue Billy if he didn't retract the story and stop the presses. Phyllis interrupted to say that Jack had confirmed the story. Phyllis told Skye that she had no case against Restless Style.

Later, Phyllis got off the phone and told Billy that the Financial Channel had decided to pick up their story. Billy said the Web was buzzing with the Restless Style scoop. Billy took out a bottle of champagne and suggested that he and Phyllis celebrate their success.

At the club, Skye blasted Jack for telling Phyllis about their affair. Jack said that when he had confirmed the information to Phyllis, she wasn't with the magazine. Skye claimed that the Newman Fund was successful because people believed that Skye and Adam were working together and happily married. Skye said she would have to do major damage control to save the hedge fund. Skye walked away in anger.

Victor and Nikki left Faith's party. Victor was disappointed in Victoria for teaming up with Abby. Victor blamed Billy, believing that he had convinced Victoria to join Abby's lawsuit. Nikki accused Victor of ruining Faith's party, but he said he had tried not to get into it with Abby. Ashley walked out of the party, too. Ashley told Victor that she was sorry about Abby reinstating the lawsuit. Ashley urged Victor to end the battle with Abby or risk losing his daughter forever. Nikki agreed that Victor might lose both his daughters if he wasn't careful. Victor didn't want to hear their advice. Victor walked away.

Victoria went to Restless Style to see Billy. Victoria said she had ruined Faith's party by confronting Victor about the lawsuit. Billy listened sympathetically. Victoria realized that Billy might use the information Victoria had just told him in the magazine. Billy smiled when Victoria asked him to promise not to use it in the publication. Phyllis appeared and said they were celebrating the new cover. Billy showed Victoria the Web story. Victoria read the story and asked for a glass of champagne. Victoria loved the story and couldn't wait until it hit the stands.

Nick apologized to Sharon for his family ruining the party. Sharon admitted that she had been in a bad mood after running into Adam at the coffee shop. Sharon regretted helping Victor to return Adam to Genoa City. Sharon wished that Adam had stayed in Brazil. Sharon said that she couldn't avoid seeing Adam around town. Nick urged Sharon to keep Adam out of her life. Sharon told Nick that Adam had actually apologized to her and Ashley at the coffeehouse.

Skye returned to the hotel room and told Adam that they were in trouble. After Adam read the Restless Style article on the computer, Skye asked Adam what they should do. Adam declared that it was Skye's problem, and she should handle it. Adam walked out of the room.

Ashley met Jack for a drink at the club. Jack was happy to comfort his sister. Ashley was emotional about Faith's birthday party. Ashley was thrilled to see Faith growing up and doing well. Ashley still loved Faith like the child was her own. Jack complimented Ashley on how she'd gotten through the trauma. Ashley said she didn't have to worry about Faith anymore because Nick and Sharon were wonderful parents. Ashley was concerned about Abby and her new lawsuit. Ashley informed Jack that Victoria had joined Abby's suit against Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Abby handed Vance the signed lawsuit documents. Vance was pleased that Victoria had agreed to join Abby in the suit. Ashley explained why Victoria was motivated to join the suit. Vance asked about Victoria's work history with Newman Enterprises. Vance believed that Victoria's input might be very helpful. Vance told Abby that they were going to win big with Victoria involved.

At the ranch, Victor declared to Nikki that Victoria and Abby would never see any of the family money. Victor was disappointed with Victoria. Victor said he couldn't reach her anymore. Nikki defended Victoria, but Victor called his daughters spoiled brats. Victor decided that he would cut them both off. Victor wanted to see how they would do without his money.

Noah told Nick and Sharon he was taking Summer to the stables to see the horses. After they walked out, Sharon and Nick admired Faith as she slept. Sharon was thrilled to have Faith in her life. Nick and Sharon recalled how horrible it had been to lose her after her birth. Sharon and Nick were both relieved that their daughter was where she was meant to be.

Friday, October 1, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Sharon read the cover story on Skye with interest. Phyllis walked in and leaned over Sharon's shoulder, telling Sharon all about the facts in the story. Sharon realized that Phyllis had put the spicy stuff in the story. Phyllis wondered if Sharon was defending Adam and if Sharon thought Phyllis was a hack; Sharon didn't deny that she did. Phyllis squabbled with Sharon about all the men Sharon had bedded in Genoa City. Sharon needled Phyllis about her sexual hookup with Deacon.

From her hotel room, Skye tried to reach Adam on the phone. When Adam didn't answer, Skye left a message and asked why he hadn't returned home the night before. Skye was relieved when Adam walked into the room. Skye explained that she was freaking out about how the magazine story would affect the hedge fund. Skye said that she had arranged a meeting with some investors and Skye asked him to help her do damage control. Adam wanted nothing to do with Skye or the investors.

Skye apologized to Adam for doing the magazine story. Skye asked him to help her prove that the story had been a smear job. Adam reminded Skye that he had been dead set against the publicity. Skye asked Adam to go out in public with a smile on his face and act happy to be with her to disprove the information in the story. Adam was reluctant to help Skye. Skye asked him to compromise. Adam was unmotivated because Skye had been treating him so badly. Skye asked Adam to put his anger for her aside to save the hedge fund and keep them in the money.

Vance and Jack met at the club bar to discuss Abby's lawsuit. Jack was pleased that Victoria had joined the suit with Abby. Jack wondered when Vance was meeting with the Newman girls. Vance said he'd see them later, but cautioned Jack that there was still work to be done. Jack surmised that Vance anticipated winning. Vance tried not to appear overconfident. Jack said that he couldn't wait to see Victor go down.

Jack arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Phyllis and Sharon squabbling. Jack greeted them both, then picked up the magazine to look at Skye's pictures. Jack said he wasn't happy to be mentioned in the article as Skye's lover. Phyllis hoped that Adam would be irritated by the information. Sharon offered that Adam wouldn't care about Skye and Jack's affair. Sharon declared that Skye and Adam were twisted and evil. Sharon worried that they might go after Jack.

After Sharon had departed, Jack continued visiting with Phyllis. Jack appreciated that Phyllis was back to her old self as the editor-in-chief of Restless Style. Jack invited her to Gloworm for a cocktail, but Phyllis pointed out that it was too early to start drinking. Jack persisted, so Phyllis countered with an offer to go to her place for a bottle of champagne. Jack told Phyllis to lead the way.

At Phyllis's apartment, Phyllis explained that Summer was at a sleepover. Jack opened the champagne and poured them both a drink. Jack toasted Phyllis as the woman with whom he'd like to be on a desert island. Phyllis accused Jack of flirting with her. Jack couldn't stop himself. Phyllis reminded him that they had agreed not to be lovers again. Jack couldn't remember why they'd said that.

Phyllis stopped Jack, and he understood why Phyllis didn't want to get involved again. Jack thanked Phyllis for the drink and left the apartment. A short time later, Phyllis opened the door, and Jack was there again. Jack kissed Phyllis passionately. Phyllis responded and they made love on the stairs.

At the club, Skye and Adam met with potential investors. Skye and Adam acted like a loving couple and said that the publisher had distorted Skye's words in the magazine. Skye denied having an affair with Jack. Adam backed up Skye's claim. Sharon entered the lobby and saw Adam kissing Skye. Adam looked up and shared a glance with Sharon. Nick sidled up to Sharon. Nick was with Faith, and they were meeting Sharon for lunch. Nick was disgusted at the sight of Skye and Adam. Sharon told Nick that Adam and Skye were probably doing damage control about the magazine story. Nick hadn't read the Restless Style story and referred to it as trash.

While Adam and Skye were discussing fees with their potential investors, Sharon watched them from across the dining room. Adam backed up Skye's every word. Sharon was intently watching as Adam pretended to be in love with Skye. Nick noticed Sharon was watching Adam and suggested that he and Sharon get some burgers from takeout and eat at home where they'd be more comfortable. Sharon agreed to leave with Nick.

Later, back in the hotel room, Skye felt triumphant after the meeting with the investors. Skye tried to hug Adam, but he turned away from Skye. Feeling rejected, Skye angrily walked out of the room.

At the ranch, Michael was concerned about the lawsuit. Victor told Michael to make it go away. Michael said that if Victor lost the lawsuit, Victor could be broken. Nikki believed Victor's attitude was the root of the problem. Michael recommended that Victor settle with Victoria and Abby, but Victor was prepared go to court to fight his daughters.

While they were talking, Meggie fixed drinks for Nikki, Michael, and Victor. Meggie spiked Nikki's drink with liquor. Victor told Nikki that he was not the enemy. Victor said he had been trying to protect Victoria from Billy. Michael explained to Victor that Newman Enterprises would end as they knew it if Victor took the case to court and lost. Nikki accused Victor of having too much pride. Victor didn't deny that pride mattered to him. Victor told Michael that he would never be strong-armed by Abby and Victoria.

Nick visited Victoria and asked why Victoria was going in on Abby's lawsuit. Victoria said she was determined to cash in her chips, win the case, and move on with her life. Victoria felt that Victor had hurt her terribly and she felt her father had become a toxic presence in her life. Nick urged Victoria not to fight Victor because of the potential family damage. Victoria asked Nick to join her and Abby in the suit.

Nick defended Victor to Victoria, saying that the company's money was Victor's, not theirs. Nick felt that Victor had the right to do what he wanted to with Newman Enterprises. Victoria reminded Nick that Victor had crossed many lines with both of them, having fired Nick and Victoria and even disowned them. Abby walked in and overheard Victoria and Nick's argument. Nick accused Abby and Victoria of only being interested in getting Victor's money. Nick declared that he was on Victor's side in the lawsuit.

A while later, Vance was with Abby and Victoria. Vance explained his strategy. Vance said that Victor had been doing what he wanted with Newman Enterprises, and nobody ever challenged his authority. Vance said that Victor was in the wrong. The attorney urged Abby and Victoria to stay strong and remain united despite family influences. Vance also revealed that they would be asking for more money than previously requested. Victoria and Abby were shocked at the figure Vance wrote down on a legal pad.

Michael tried in vain to advise Victor to settle the lawsuit. Victor refused to let Michael's words sway him. Victor believed that the case would never amount to anything. Victor also believed that Michael was gifted enough to get Victor off the hook. Michael received a text message from Vance and learned that Victor's daughters were suing for three billion dollars. Victor was stunned, but simply walked away. Michael called out to him, but Victor didn't respond.

Abby was shocked at the amount of money Vance was seeking. Victoria wondered if they were overshooting their goal by asking for too much. Vance had a plan and knew that by asking for such a vast amount, they would have room to reach a more realistic settlement. A short time later, Victor showed up at Victoria's. Victor asked Abby and Victoria if they were out of their minds. Victor accused Vance of being a predator. Victoria told her father that Vance had not influenced them. Victor told his daughters that Vance would receive one-third of whatever they won. Vance reminded the girls to stay strong, and then walked out.

Victor yelled at Victoria for her actions. Victor said that if Victoria and Abby dropped the lawsuit, the family could settle the matter privately. Victoria told Victor that he had the power to end the lawsuit immediately. Victoria urged her father to give them what he owed them -- what he'd promised them -- and the suit would be dismissed. Victor said he was ashamed of both of them. Victor called Victoria and Abby spoiled brats. Victoria and Abby said that the lawsuit was about independence, not money. Victor told them they were playing hardball with Victor Newman, and they were in for a fight of their lives.

After Victor had left, Victoria gave Abby a drink and asked if she was all right. Abby was shaken. Victoria told Abby that they had to stick with the plan. Victoria said that Victor would fight hard, but Abby and Victoria had to remain united. Abby worried that Victor wouldn't settle. Abby wondered how long it might take if the lawsuit went to court. Victoria said it might last a few years if Victor took it that far. Abby wondered how the two of them would last that long.

Still upset about Victor, Nikki went to the bar at Gloworm and ordered a soda. After a minute, Nikki changed her order to a vodka tonic. The bartender placed the drink before her. Meggie entered and saw Nikki gazing at the drink. After a moment, Nikki took a sip. Meggie smiled. Nikki ordered a second drink. Deacon approached and asked Nikki if she was drinking straight tonic. Deacon tried to get Nikki to talk with him about her alcoholism. Nikki told Deacon to leave her alone. Deacon quoted from the Alcoholics Anonymous handbook to Nikki, but she rejected his intervention and gulped her second drink. Nikki walked away from Deacon.

Deacon followed Nikki to her table. Deacon asked how many drinks Nikki had consumed. Nikki said she was drinking her third. Deacon asked her about the years of sobriety. Nikki asked him to go away. Deacon wondered what had pushed Nikki off the wagon. Nikki opened up to Deacon. Nikki told him about Victoria's perfect life with J.T. and Reed. Nikki blamed Deacon for ruining Victoria's life by seducing her and destroying Victoria's marriage.

Nikki claimed that Victoria was unrecognizable since marrying Billy, and Victoria's actions were unbelievable. Nikki blamed Deacon for everything that had gone wrong for her daughter. Deacon took Nikki's keys from her and refused to let her drive home. Deacon declared that he would drive Nikki to the ranch.

Back at Sharon's, Faith, Nick, and Sharon enjoyed their takeout lunch. Nick suggested to Sharon that it would be best for them if they cut out Phyllis and Adam from their lives completely. Nick said that he had to leave because he had a conference call. Nick said that he would have preferred staying with Faith and Sharon. Nick kissed his daughter and then Sharon. Before going, Nick asked Sharon if she wanted to go with him and the kids to the Harvest Festival. Sharon said yes.

Back at the ranch, Victor poured himself a drink and told Michael that he wanted to pummel Vance Abrams. Michael said that in order to save the company, Victor might have to take Newman Enterprises public. Victor was determined to fight the lawsuit and win. Victor declared that he would never take his company public. Victor finished his drink and asked Michael to look at some papers he had in the study.

Deacon took Nikki back to the ranch. Going into the living room, Deacon held Nikki so she wouldn't fall over. Meggie entered and asked Deacon if Nikki was all right. Deacon said that Nikki had eaten a bad meal. Victor and Michael returned from the study. Victor asked who Deacon was and why he was there. Deacon explained that he'd driven Nikki home from Gloworm because she had suffered a bad reaction to her meal. Victor thanked Deacon for helping Nikki. Meggie suggested that Nikki lie down in her room.

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