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Meggie stole Murphy's medicine to make sure he went into cardiac arrest. Meggie poisoned Murphy at the hospital. Diane returned to Genoa City. Cane admitted to Lily that Australian gangsters were after their family.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 4, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, October 4, 2010

At Phyllis' condo, Jack made coffee after spending the night and making love to Phyllis. After Phyllis awoke, the couple talked about how easily they'd picked up where they'd left off with their past romantic relationship. While Jack went to the kitchen to pour coffee, Skye dropped by and offered to open a Newman Fund account in either Phyllis' or Summer's name. Skye assured Phyllis that she'd never have to depend on Nick or Victor for money again. Phyllis inquired about what Skye wanted in return. Skye demanded that the published story about her and Jack sleeping together be retracted. Jack overheard, entered the room, and exclaimed, "Now why would she do that? It's true!"

With Phyllis in her negligee and Jack dressed in a crumpled shirt, which was opened down the front, Skye glared at the couple and accused them of setting her up. Jack asked rhetorically why he would so such a thing. Skye said that Jack's aim was to help Phyllis with her publication and to humiliate Adam. Jack told Skye that he'd slept with her because she was a beautiful, provocative, and sexy woman. Skye warned Jack to watch out because she was back on her game.

After Skye left, Phyllis said she wished she'd actually thought about setting up Skye. Jack replied dryly, "I did." Jack added, "Victor gave me a substantial amount of capital. I invested it, along with a good deal of my money, in this hedge fund, and we went to find some other people to join us."

Phyllis listened intently as Jack further explained that after enough funds were invested, he and Victor would withdraw the maximum amount allowable from their accounts, and then convince their co-investors to follow suit. Phyllis correctly concluded that the Newman Hedge fund would collapse like a house of cards, as a result. Jack explained that Adam and Skye would have to sell their assets in order to cover their losses. Phyllis warned that Jack could lose his investment. Jack retorted, "Oh, no. That's the beautiful part of this plan. While Skye and Adam are madly scrambling to sell their assets, Victor and I will short the opposite position, and make a small windfall for ourselves and our co-investors."

Phyllis noted that Victor didn't usually like to pull off such schemes with another party. Jack explained that mutual enemies made strange bedfellows. Phyllis mentioned Skye being Jack's bedfellow, but Jack insisted that Skye had nothing compared to Phyllis. Jack wriggled out of his shirt, reclined on the sofa with Phyllis, and began kissing her passionately. After they made love, Jack held Phyllis and kissed her. As they discussed plans to take Summer to the Harvest Festival, Nick and Summer showed up.

Summer was happy to see Uncle Jack, and she greeted him with a hug. Nick glared at Phyllis. Phyllis told Summer to go upstairs and unpack her bag. Phyllis and Nick argued, and Jack left. Nick said he was concerned about Summer being confused. Phyllis reminded Nick that he had bounced between her and Sharon throughout Summer's life. Nick and Phyllis agreed to put Summer first, and then Nick left.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam ran into Sharon. Adam quickly explained that although Sharon had seen him being affectionate with Skye, it meant nothing because Sharon had his heart. Sharon, yelling, insisted that she wanted nothing to do with Adam. Adam reminded Sharon that she had wanted to help him days before when he'd told her about the trouble in his marriage. Sharon responded, "Yeah, you know what I want to help, too? The dog on the street, but I know when they're dangerous that I have to stay away." Adam insisted that Sharon was echoing Victor, Nick, and Jack's sentiments. Adam added that they were the ones who told her how to think and feel.

Adam pleaded with Sharon to listen to her heart because she knew there was a connection between her and him. Nick overheard an exasperated Sharon tell Adam that she didn't want to be around him. Nick quickly made his way to Sharon's side. Sarcastically, Adam asked Nick where his superhero cape was when Adam mockingly pointed out that his brother had again rushed to Sharon's rescue. Nick told Adam to get lost. Adam told Sharon that he would talk to her later, and he walked away.

Sharon told Nick that she and Faith were looking forward to attending the Harvest Festival with him. Adam, standing behind a doorway, overheard. Nick met up with Summer after she was dropped off in the lobby. As Nick and Summer were leaving, they ran into Skye, who suggested Nick not be in a hurry to take Summer home to Phyllis'. After Nick asked why, Skye replied, "Oh, never mind. Sorry I even brought it up." After Skye went upstairs, Nick seemed lost in thought.

In her suite, Skye phoned a friend and asked about poker games in the area. When Adam walked in, Skye quickly hung up, but she insisted she had been talking to a prospective investor. Adam perused accounts on his laptop and asked Skye why she'd heavily invested in Trans-gen Harmonics, when they'd agreed not to do so. Skye said she'd decided that the company would pay off big. Adam blew up, but then he quickly cooled down and invited Skye to attend the Harvest Festival with him. Skye was not enthused.

At Crimson Lights, Noah mentioned to Nick that Adam had wormed his way out of all the charges made against him. Nick explained that the D.A. was considering reopening the case. Nick mentioned his date with Sharon and said he thought Noah would like the idea. Noah said he didn't care one way or the other about his parents' relationship. Noah added that he had his own life, so whatever his mom and dad did wouldn't affect him.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Jana overheard Chloe lamenting about Chance's death. Chloe cursed Ronan, whom she claimed was a murderer, for staying in Genoa City. Kevin explained that blaming Ronan wouldn't bring Chance back and wouldn't help Chloe feel better. Kevin added that although he couldn't truly equate his situation with Jana and Chloe's, he'd learned to just let go of the past.

Kevin insisted that Chance wouldn't have wanted Chloe to be sad the rest of her life. Kevin suggested that he and Chloe go to the Harvest Festival and have some fun. Chloe sighed and explained that Chance had taken her to the festival on their first date. Chloe balked, but she later relented when Kevin promised to milk a goat. Jeffrey phoned and demanded Kevin stop by Gloworm. Kevin convinced Chloe to go ahead to the festival, and he promised to meet her there.

After Kevin and Chloe left, Jana ran into to Noah. Noah complimented Jana's shorter hairstyle and said he'd heard about her breakup with Kevin. Jana said she was trying to put the past behind her. Noah offered support if Jana needed it. Jana, having overheard Chloe and Kevin's plans to attend the festival, quickly invited Noah to attend the Harvest Festival with her. Noah agreed to go.

At the festival, Jana struck a stack of targets with a well-aimed ball and won a plush frog after Noah embarrassingly struck out. Noah said he worried about running into Michael and Lauren after breaking up with Eden. Jana said that Michael and Lauren probably hated her for what she'd done to Kevin. Noah suggested that they not mention Eden or Kevin.

When Jana saw Chloe, she sent Noah to buy a caramel apple. Jana approached Chloe and asked if she was there alone. Chloe explained that she was waiting for Kevin. Chloe sadly noted that she'd attended the fair the year before with Chance. Jana offered to hang out with Chloe, and she suggested they have lunch together sometime. Jana added that she hadn't had a girlfriend since Amber had left. Chloe said flatly that she and Jana would not ever be girlfriends. Chloe walked away.

Chloe headed to a hat boutique and tried on several styles. Jana approached and explained that they could at least be civil because they lived in the same town. Jana pointed out that she worked at Delia's school. Chloe insisted that their friendship wouldn't work because she was friends with Jana's ex-husband, Kevin. Chloe bought a hat and sat it on her head before agreeing to be civil. Chloe stopped short of agreeing to meet Jana for tea. Noah returned with the apple, but Jana was distracted.

Kevin showed up, and Chloe modeled her new hat. Kevin tried on a "cheese-wedge" hat, and Chloe became upset. Chloe explained that Chance had given her a similar novelty hat the previous year. Kevin held a distraught Chloe in his arms and comforted her. Jana watched, glaring at Chloe. Kevin noticed Jana, who suddenly took a renewed interest in Noah. Jana shared her caramel apple with Noah, as both took bites simultaneously.

Later, Noah and Jana visited with Chloe and Kevin, who asked if the pair were together. Noah and Jana both insisted that theirs was only a casual friendship. Jana seemed pained. Chloe insisted that she and Kevin were also just friends. Awkwardly, Jana said, "Yeah, there's a lot of that going on right now. But, you know, it's just good to move forward right into the future, you know? One where we can all get along, hopefully."

As Chloe and Kevin were leaving, Jana showed up wearing the identical hat Chloe had purchased earlier. Chloe suggested that Jana wear a feathered hat, which she suggested matched Jana's personality. Noah offered to drive Jana home, but she shoved the toy frog into Noah's arms and said she'd take care of herself as she rushed away. Noah seemed stunned.

Nick greeted Sharon at her house with a bouquet of daisies before they left to enjoy the festival. Amid bales of hay and stacks of pumpkins at the Harvest Festival, Nick carried Faith, and Sharon proclaimed that they were enjoying a perfect day. Jack and Phyllis, along with Summer, arrived and played games. Jack won a plush toy cow for Summer. Adam arrived with Skye, who seemed out of place in a slinky dress and faux fur jacket. Skye wasn't impressed with the festival and asked, "Who'd want to come out here?" When Skye spotted Sharon, she answered her own question and exclaimed, "Oh, should've known."

At Gloworm, Jeffrey sat at the bar with a man who covertly placed a bet on a football game. Jeffrey scribbled the bettor's request in a notebook, and then he counted the cash the man handed over to him. Gloria saw the man leave and glared at Jeffrey. Kevin stopped by and checked Jeffrey's accounting records. Gloria peered over Kevin's shoulder at the ledger as he insisted that the books were fine. Gloria thanked her son and said she didn't know what she'd do without him. Gloria glared at Jeffrey as she walked to the back room.

Jeffrey sat across the table from Kevin and placed a Fenmore's gift bag on the floor near Kevin's feet. Kevin told Jeffrey that he sucked at money laundering and demanded that his stepfather tell him more about the gambling racket he was running. Jeffrey replied, "Odds come out of Vegas. I write the betting slips, pay the winners, and collect from the losers. We get our ten percent. The rest goes to the boss." After Jeffrey added that Kevin would deliver the boss's share, Kevin cried, "Oh, hell no! No, I agreed to make the books look legit, not be the bagman for your bookie operation." Jeffrey reminded Kevin that he'd get his cut plus a bonus for making deliveries.

Jeffrey reminded Kevin that Kevin had wanted to buy back Crimson Lights, and Jeffrey added that it didn't pay to play by the rules. Kevin recalled what had happened with Ryder and quickly agreed to make the delivery. Jeffrey said, "Okay, go to Jimmy's, north booth. If there's a cigar in the ashtray and a black overcoat over a bench, leave this bag on the left seat. Then call me from a pay phone. Don't use your cell."

Kevin inquired about the reason for the secretive routine. Jeffrey indicated that the bag from Fenmore's contained the boss's cash, and he asked Kevin to see how much cash was involved. After Kevin saw tall stacks of banded bills in the gift bag, Jeffrey explained that when there was that much money to be made, he didn't ask questions. Kevin picked up the bag and left.

Gloria returned and told Jeffrey that despite what Kevin had said about the books being in good order, something smelled fishy to her. Gloria mentioned having seen a bag from Fenmore's. Jeffrey quickly claimed that Gloria was about to ruin a surprise. When Jeffrey's cell phone rang, he sent Gloria to the back room to check on a delivery. Jeffrey answered his call from Kevin, who said that he'd left the bag on the bench as directed but didn't see anyone. Jeffrey instructed Kevin to check to make sure the bag was picked up, and he reminded Kevin to collect his bonus. Kevin returned to Jimmy's and found three crisp one-hundred-dollar bills on the table. Kevin smiled as he pocketed the money.

Jeffrey phoned Lauren and ordered a gift to be delivered from Fenmore's right away. Later, Jeffrey presented Gloria with a diamond-encrusted necklace. Gloria loved her gift, but she asked why she'd seen Kevin leaving with a bag from Fenmore's. As Jeffrey fastened the necklace around Gloria's neck, he explained that Kevin had exchanged the necklace because the first one had a broken clasp. Gloria hugged Jeffrey and told him that he was the best partner. Jeffrey seemed nervous as she eyed stacks of counted cash, which Gloria believed were the club's receipts readied for deposit.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nikki was hung over from drinking the night before. As she walked the stairs at the ranch, Nikki recalled having cocktails at Gloworm. In the living room, Meggie approached and wondered if Nikki was over her bout of food poisoning. Meggie offered to call the restaurant to report what had happened, but Nikki said it wasn't necessary.

Meggie told Nikki that getting ill was not Nikki's fault. Nikki explained to Meggie that she was under a lot of stress. Nikki doubted her self-control. Meggie said that it was understandable that Nikki would be stressed with what was happening with the Newman family. Meggie said Nikki was the glue that held the Newmans together.

At the Harvest Festival, Victor spoke with Murphy and Kay about his horses. Victor said that he had a donation for Murphy's Veteran's Fund charity. Murphy walked away to collect from some other people. Kay told Victor she was concerned about Nikki. Victor assured her that Nikki would be fine.

Victor blamed Jack for Abby's lawsuit. Kay disagreed with Victor. Kay didn't think Jack would use Abby, but Victor was certain that Jack would. Victor believed the Abbotts were influencing his daughters. Kay suggested that Abby and Victoria wanted their independence.

A short time later, Kay was alone with Murphy. Murphy was enjoying the Harvest Festival. Kay commented that she sympathized with Victor about the lawsuit. Kay admired how much Murphy enjoyed the festival and pointed out that he was in his element. Murphy realized that the festival wasn't exactly Kay's cup of tea. Murphy gave Kay permission to leave. Kay promised that she'd to return later.

Jack and Phyllis walked with Summer around the festival. Jack asked Phyllis if she minded seeing Sharon and Nick together at the event. Phyllis acted like she was unaffected. Phyllis put her arms around Jack and kissed him. Nearby, Skye and Adam watched the kiss and were disgusted by the sight. When Skye tried to take a picture of Jack and Phyllis kissing, Phyllis pushed Skye's phone out of her face. Adam stepped between Skye and Phyllis, prompting Nick to warn Adam to back off.

Jack and Summer exited to play some games. Skye accused Phyllis of libel. Phyllis defended her story in the magazine and told Skye to get over the article. Sharon and Nick suggested to Adam and Skye that they all avoid each other for the rest of the day. Adam wondered if Nick was afraid of him.

Adam continued to watch Sharon. Skye told Adam that it was pathetic how he gazed at Sharon like a puppy dog. Adam asked Skye why she had taken a photo of Jack and Phyllis. Skye explained that she wanted to use the image of Phyllis and Jack kissing to discredit them. Skye wanted people to doubt the credibility of the Restless Style story. Skye realized that Adam had gone to the festival so he could ogle Sharon.

Nick thanked Jack for protecting Summer from Adam and Skye. Jack assured Nick that he cared for Summer very much. Nick criticized Jack for starting up an affair with Phyllis. Jack deflected Nick's remarks with a smile. Sharon and Phyllis appeared with the kids, and from the side, Adam and Skye approached. Adam announced that he had something to say to the crowd. Adam declared that he loved Genoa City.

Adam asked Murphy to join him, then Adam presented Murphy with a check for the Veteran's Fund. Adam claimed it was a donation from the Newman Fund. Murphy shook Adam's hand in gratitude. Skye encouraged everyone to contribute. Privately, Skye asked Adam to stop gazing at Sharon with love in his eyes. Skye warned Adam that people would guess that Adam still loved Sharon from the way he was acting. Adam warned Skye not to push him. Adam threatened to snap and do something violent. Adam walked away and left Skye alone.

Mac and J.T. arrived at the club. J.T. said that he was ready to break the news to Tucker. Mac wished J.T. luck with his meeting. Tucker was surprised to see J.T. approaching him. J.T. reported on the status of the work he was doing for McCall, then he handed Tucker his letter of resignation.

Tucker wondered if J.T. was resigning because he objected to Tucker's request that J.T. investigate the Japanese market. J.T. said the investigation was part of his decision. J.T. explained that he was leaving to join the Genoa City Police Department. Tucker admired J.T.'s decision, especially in light of the corruption scandal in the department. Tucker told J.T. that he approved of his choice. Tucker shook J.T.'s hand.

Cane was at home on the phone, trying to discover who'd shipped the steaks to Lily. Cane hung up the phone when Lily appeared with the carriage. Lily said she was going to take the kids to the festival. Cane wondered if it might be a better idea if Lily stayed home instead. Lily questioned why Cane didn't want to go out. Cane said that he was paranoid about the twins getting sick.

Cane suggested that they all take a trip out of town to a cottage in the woods for some family time. Lily reminded Cane it was the anniversary of Colleen's death, and she had to touch base with Traci and Billy. Cane understood and offered to take home some food for dinner. Outside the house, Cane called J.T. and said he needed J.T.'s help.

At Crimson Lights, Cane showed J.T. the DVD he'd received anonymously. Cane asked J.T. for his help in finding out who was stalking Lily. Cane wanted to contact the police, but J.T. pointed out that there'd been no threats made on Lily or Cane. J.T. suggested that Cane hire private security. Cane felt that he could protect Lily and the kids on his own. J.T. advised Cane to tell Lily the truth about Cane's apprehensions and the potential threat. Cane asked J.T. to promise not to tell Lily about the DVD and the meat. Cane said that he was determined to have Lily enjoy her cancer remission.

Mac visited with Lily. Mac said that she was more exhausted carrying her baby than she'd been when she was carrying the twins. Mac asked how things were going for Lily and Cane. Lily said that Cane had become extremely overprotective of the family. Lily was confused by Cane's idea to go away for a weekend after he was concerned about Lily and the twins attending the Harvest Festival. Mac suggested that Cane might be worried about how Lily was handling the anniversary of Colleen's death. Mac wondered if Cane was trying to protect Lily's feelings. Mac thought that Lily should accept Cane's invitation to spend a weekend in a cabin.

At the ranch, Victor returned from the festival. Victor gave Meggie a check to deliver to Murphy for the Veteran's Fund. Meggie left to complete Victor's errand. Victor sat with Nikki on the couch. Victor said that he was concerned about Nikki's health. Nikki nearly keeled over, and Victor insisted that Nikki tell him about her condition. Victor explained that he was worried that Nikki was pulling away from him. Nikki confessed that she felt lost. Victor hugged her supportively and asked what he could do for Nikki.

Nikki told Victor that he was the love of her life. Nikki didn't want to freeze Victor out, but Nikki was overemotional about their problems. Nikki explained that when she had gone with Victor to the heart clinic after his heart transplant, Nikki had expected Victor to recover and be transformed by the experience. Nikki said that when Victor returned to his old self, she was confused. Nikki was still unsure of how Victor could act the way he did. Victor promised to fix everything. Victor told Nikki that didn't want to lose her.

At the festival, Meggie arrived at Murphy's stand. Meggie said that she was there to deliver a check from Victor for the Veteran's Fund. When Meggie saw Murphy's face, she dropped the envelope and ran. Murphy recognized Meggie and called out for her to stop. A short time later, Murphy was in his car. Murphy placed a call Victor and began to say something about Meggie. Meggie jumped into the car and grabbed the phone from Murphy's hand. Murphy warned Meggie that he would make sure Victor knew who his assistant really was.

Victor hung up the phone. He told Nikki that the call had been disconnected. Victor returned his attention to Nikki. Victor said that he was brokenhearted about Nikki's angst. Victor said that he and Nikki had managed to survive all kinds of troubles in their life. Victor was confident that Nikki would bounce back just like she always had before. Victor kissed her warmly. Nikki hugged Victor.

Sharon questioned Jack about his relationship with Phyllis. Jack explained that things happened. Sharon was curious about why Jack and Skye weren't together. Jack said that Phyllis intrigued him. Jack commented that seeing Nick and Sharon together while he and Phyllis were together was like being in a time warp. Jack suggested that it was as if the past few years had never happened. Sharon thought it was a bit strange. Jack joked that Phyllis, Nick, Sharon, and Jack should buy a magazine. Sharon laughed at his jest.

Nick confronted Phyllis about her texting, assuming she was posting a story to the magazine site about Adam's donation. Phyllis said she was reporting to Billy about Adam threatening Skye that he was capable for snapping. Phyllis believed that Skye was a con artist, but Adam was crazy and dangerous. Nick and Phyllis were concerned about collateral damage if Adam was compelled to do something. After a moment of easy conversation, Nick wondered if he and Phyllis were finally at a point where they could be peaceful with each other. Phyllis wasn't sure about that. Nick admitted that things were awkward between them. Phyllis agreed to let Nick have Summer for the night.

Phyllis and Sharon agreed that their attending the festival at the same time was weird. Sharon felt that she and Phyllis had a common enemy, Adam. Phyllis advised Sharon to stop staring at Adam. Sharon needled Phyllis about her renewed relationship with Jack and how Phyllis was sharing Jack with Skye. Phyllis picked up a pie from a nearby stand and was ready to throw it in Sharon's face. Jack stopped Phyllis and announced that he would buy the pie.

At the club, Kay sat down at Tucker's table. Kay told Tucker that Abby and Victoria's lawsuit would destroy Victor's company. Kay wondered if Tucker had been the instigator of the lawsuit. Tucker said he had his own businesses and he had never lied about wanting to acquire Beauty of Nature. Tucker denied giving Abby or Victoria business advice.

Kay said that Tucker had hired Jack for Jabot, and Jack could have influenced Abby and Victoria. Kay questioned the ethics of Tucker using Jack to manipulate the situation to Tucker's advantage. Kay warned Tucker that if McCall had been involved, Kay would back Victor in any litigation. Kay predicted that a war with Newman Enterprises would get very ugly.

Mac and J.T. had coffee at Crimson Lights. J.T. reported to Mac that he'd turned in his resignation to Tucker. J.T. admitted that his life was in a much better place than it had been a year before. Mac suggested that life was a journey. J.T. agreed. Mac told J.T. that she and the baby were grateful to have J.T. in their life.

Cane returned home and found Lily packing a suitcase. Cane asked what was going on, and Lily said that she'd agreed to go away with Cane to a cabin in the country. Cane was thrilled. Cane offered to go into the nursery and pack the twins' belongings. After he walked out of the room, Lily carried some bags, including Cane's briefcase, out the door. Sticking out of Cane's briefcase was the DVD marked "Family Photos."

Jack and Phyllis returned to the apartment. Jack was carrying the pie. Jack kissed Phyllis. At the hotel, Adam and Skye returned to their room. Skye said that she was disgusted with Sharon and Nick. Skye ridiculed Adam for his love for Sharon. Adam angrily threw Skye on the bed and began to make love to her.

At the harvest festival, Nick won two prizes, one for Sharon and one for Summer. Kay approached Sharon and Nick and asked if they had seen Murphy. In Murphy's car, Murphy told Meggie he was going to tell Victor and Nikki who Meggie really was. Meggie physically restrained Murphy from opening the door to get away. Murphy clutched at his heart. Murphy pulled some medicine from his pocket, but before he could take it, Meggie grabbed the vial. Meggie refused to return it to Murphy. Meggie watched at Murphy begged for his medication.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At the harvest festival, Kay searched in vain for Murphy. At the booth where Murphy had been working, Kay discovered the check from Victor. Kay thought it was odd that Murphy was missing. In the parking lot, Murphy was in the car with Meggie. Meggie refused to give Murphy his heart pills. Murphy struggled to breathe. When Meggie let the medication fall to the floor of the car, Murphy called Meggie a bitch. Meggie walked out of the car.

Murphy reached for the bottle of medicine, but it was out of reach. Murphy passed out. Kay continued looking for Murphy. In the parking lot, Kay saw Murphy sitting in his car. At first, Kay thought Murphy was napping, but as she got closer, Kay realized that Murphy was unconscious. Kay tried to revive Murphy, but he remained unresponsive. Kay took out her cell phone and called 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

Nikki and Victor were relaxing at home on the couch. Nikki said that she enjoyed being alone with Victor. Nikki reminisced about Victor's heart transplant. Victor admitted that he had been very lucky to get a second chance at life. Victor mentioned to Nikki that he had left a message for Abby because he was aware that it was the anniversary of Colleen's death. Nikki was glad that Victor had tried to reach out to Abby. Meggie walked into the house and told Victor that she had delivered the check for the Veteran's Fund. Nikki told Meggie to take the rest of the day off.

The phone rang, and Nikki received a call from Kay who was at the hospital with Murphy. Kay told Nikki that it appeared that Murphy had suffered a heart attack. Victor and Nikki prepared to go to the hospital. Nikki told Meggie that she might have been the last person to see Murphy at the festival. Nikki asked Meggie to ride with them to the hospital because Kay wanted to talk to Meggie about Murphy.

At the hospital, the doctor told Kay that Murphy had suffered a serious heart attack, coupled with a stroke. The doctor had no idea how long Murphy's brain had been deprived of oxygen. The doctor explained that Murphy might not regain consciousness. Kay was unsure about how Murphy wound up in the car without access to his medication.

Kay asked Meggie if she knew anything Murphy's heart attack. Meggie said that when she'd seen Murphy at the booth, he seemed fine. Victor explained that he had received a call from Murphy that afternoon, but the connection had not been good. Kay asked the doctor if she could see Murphy. The doctor stepped away.

Nikki insisted that Kay eat something to keep up her strength. Victor volunteered to go to the cafeteria to get a sandwich for Kay and coffee for Nikki. Kay called Mac and told her granddaughter about Murphy's heart attack. Kay asked Mac if she would go to Murphy's car in the parking lot at the festival to retrieve Kay's purse. Mac said she'd get it immediately and then join Kay at the hospital.

In the parking lot, Mac and J.T. found Murphy's car. J.T. was curious when he found Murphy's cell phone on the ground outside the car. Mac noticed that Murphy's keys were still in the car. J.T. looked inside the car and wondered why the floor mats were covered in mud. J.T. said that there was something odd about the scene.

Nikki walked into Murphy's hospital room to be with Kay. Outside in the hallway, Meggie stopped Murphy's doctor. Meggie wondered about Murphy's chances of recovery. The doctor said it was possible, but not probable that Murphy would regain consciousness. In the hospital room, Kay told Nikki that Murphy had been in high spirits all day. Kay feared that Murphy would never be himself again. Nikki urged Kay not to lose hope. Nikki suggested that they all pray for Murphy. Kay spoke to Murphy and asked him to wake up.

In the country, Cane and Lily entered the rented cabin. Lily said she was happy to be away with Cane and the kids. Cane looked around the place. Lily marveled at how much stuff they had needed to bring for the babies. Cane thanked Lily for taking this impromptu trip with him. A short time later, Cane and Lily fed the babies together. Lily said that she wished that Colleen had lived long enough to see Charlie and Matilda.

Lily recalled the dream in which Colleen's spirit had visited her. Lily believed that Colleen was still watching over their family. A while later, Lily told Cane that she was glad they'd gone on the trip. Lily appreciated Cane's impulsiveness. Lily asked Cane if he could explain why he'd been jumpy lately. Cane said that he was an overprotective dad. Lily reminded Cane that she was in remission and strong enough to handle anything. Lily asked Cane if something was bothering him.

Cane admitted that he was worried that all his good fortune was fleeting. Lily reminded Cane that they had to live in the present. Cane feared that something might go wrong. Lily urged Cane to be more secure. Lily said she was going to go soak in the tub. Cane offered to unpack. Cane then stepped outside the front door to check the security of the cabin.

A little while later, a local cop stopped by to speak with Cane. The officer said it was unusual for the cabin to be rented off-season. Cane told the officer that he'd thought someone had tried to break into the cabin. The cop dismissed Cane's worry by suggesting it had just been local kids. Cane gave the officer his card in case he needed to contact Cane. The cop left.

After Lily's bath, she suggested a walk on the beach for the Ashby family. When the twins started to cry, Cane walked out of the room to check on the babies. Lily was looking for a music CD, but instead found the DVD marked "family photos" in Cane's briefcase. A few minutes later, Cane returned to the room and saw Lily was using the laptop. Lily asked Cane why he had a DVD showing her at the house.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Ashley ran into J.T. and Mac. J.T. said the he was sorry he'd missed the visit to Colleen's grave. Ashley explained that Traci and Steve had decided not to go to Genoa City for the anniversary of Colleen's death. When Ashley referred to Abby as her little girl, Abby insisted that she wasn't a child. Alone on the patio, Ashley spoke with Abby about the previous year. Ashley recalled how Victor had received Colleen's heart in a transplant. Abby was irritated that Victor's attitude had not changed since receiving Colleen's heart.

Abby was disappointed in her father. Ashley believed Abby's lawsuit against Victor was all about money. Abby resented that Victor had no appreciation for Colleen's heart. Ashley feared that the situation between Abby and Victor was bound to get ugly. Abby asked Ashley if they could refrain from talking about the lawsuit. Abby revealed that she had an appointment at the hospital. Ashley was curious. Abby explained that she had been giving blood ever since Colleen's death. Ashley offered to go along and make a donation, too.

Mac and J.T. were in Crimson Lights, talking and having coffee. J.T. quoted a line from literature, then he recalled how Colleen had tutored him through school. J.T. appreciated what a wonderful person Colleen had been. Mac offered to go to the cemetery with J.T. to visit Colleen's grave. J.T. refused the offer because he felt that Colleen was not in the cemetery. J.T. didn't want to remember Colleen as a headstone in a graveyard. J.T. felt that Colleen's death had been senseless.

At the club, Jack met with Tucker. Tucker told Jack how angry Kay had been about Abby and Victoria's lawsuit. Tucker said that Kay believed that Tucker had been instigating the legal action. Tucker told Jack that Kay had said she would side with Victor if the case went to court. Tucker wondered if Jack was ready to go to war with Kay and Victor. Jack pointed out that Kay would make a fortune if McCall's company acquired Beauty of Nature.

Tucker explained that Kay didn't care about the money. Tucker told Jack that he has serious doubts about Abby's resolve to stick with the lawsuit. Jack assured Tucker that Abby was stubborn and determined. Tucker thought that Abby was more interested in instant gratification and that she would not have the resolve to stick with the lawsuit if it took years to be heard. Tucker advised Jack to remain on top of Abby. Jack believed that since Victoria was part of the lawsuit, Abby would not walk away from the case. Jack called Victor a bully and believed he was saving Abby from a world of pain.

After giving blood, Ashley and Abby ran into Victor at the hospital. Victor explained that he was there because Murphy had suffered a heart attack. Abby feared that Murphy would die. Victor offered to take Ashley and Abby to see Kay. Tucker received a call from Ashley about Murphy's heart attack. Ashley wanted Tucker to go to the hospital for Kay, but Tucker feared that Kay wouldn't want to see him because they had quarreled earlier in the day. Jack told Tucker that he was going to see Kay. Despite Ashley's urging, Tucker hesitated leaving for the hospital.

A short time later, Jack and Tucker arrived at the hospital. Victor said that Kay was with Murphy. Jack made a comment about how Kay always stood by Victor even when Victor was wrong. Jack and Victor began squabbling. Abby reminded them that they were in the same hospital where Colleen had died just a year before. Kay entered and asked what was going on. Abby reminded them all that Colleen had died because of the things Victor and Jack had done. Abby was in tears as she recalled how she had hoped that once Victor received Colleen's heart, the Newmans and Abbotts might unite, but that hadn't happened.

Abby said that she didn't want to live her life holding grudges. Ashley asked Abby to calm down. Abby said that she wanted her trust fund money because she wanted to get away from Jack and Victor. Abby declared her independence and said she would not be a pawn like Colleen had been. Abby walked away.

Tucker said that Jack had underestimated Abby. Kay approached Tucker and said she was surprised to see him there. Tucker said he was there if she needed him. In Murphy's room, Nikki stood by Murphy's bed. Kay entered, and Nikki wondered what had happened in the hallway. Kay said that Abby had told off Jack and Victor.

Jack refused to engage in a fight with Victor. Jack saw Meggie in the hallway and recognized her from the bar in Canada. Meggie said that she had been staying at the ranch with Victor and Nikki. Jack noticed that Meggie was jittery. Meggie explained that she was concerned about Kay and Murphy.

J.T. and Mac arrived at the hospital to see Kay. Victor approached J.T. and Mac. J.T. and Mac told Victor that when they had gone to Murphy's car, things were amiss. J.T. said that it appeared that someone had been with Murphy when he had suffered his heart attack. Victor wanted to know everything J.T. suspected.

Back in the hospital room, Kay told Murphy that she was worried about him. Kay urged Murphy to fight. Kay asked Murphy not to leave her. From outside the room, Meggie watched through the window.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

At the club, Tucker was having a drink at the bar when Jill entered and said hello. Tucker wondered why Jill wasn't at the hospital with the rest of Kay's family. Jill had no idea that Murphy had suffered a heart attack. Jill said she was leaving right away to go to Kay. Tucker offered to drive Jill to the hospital.

At the hospital, Kay and Nikki were sitting vigil at Murphy's bedside. Nikki offered to get some tea for Kay. Kay urged Nikki to get some rest, but Nikki refused to leave without Kay. Nikki recalled how Kay had stayed with her when Victor had needed a heart transplant. Nikki suggested that since Victor had survived that ordeal, Murphy would survive, too. Kay tried to remain hopeful. Nikki commented that everyone loved Murphy.

Meggie was lurking in the hospital hallways. Meggie overheard as Victor told J.T. and Mac about the call Murphy had made to Victor earlier in the day. J.T. thought it was odd that Murphy's phone had been found outside his car in the parking lot. Meggie recalled her confrontation with Murphy that lead to his heart attack. J.T. told Victor that an older couple had been mugged at the festival and that mugging might have caused Murphy's heart attack. J.T. said the he had asked the cops to investigate the area around Murphy's car.

Nina arrived at the hospital, and Victor told her about Murphy's condition. J.T. received a call from Ronan, and they arranged to meet at the cafeteria. J.T. said Ronan might be helpful in getting some answers about Murphy. A short time later, J.T. and Ronan met in the cafeteria and discussed what might have happened to Murphy when he had suffered the heart attack.

Ronan was curious because Meggie had been the last person to see Murphy. Ronan said that he wanted to interview Meggie. Ronan received a call from the station. Ronan told J.T. that there were witnesses from the festival who had seen Murphy chasing someone through the crowd. Ronan also told J.T. that forensics had found a muddy boot print on the floor mats in the car.

Meggie returned to the ranch. Upstairs in her room, Meggie tried to wipe the mud from her boots. A short time later, Meggie answered the door, and J.T. and Ronan introduced themselves as police investigators. Ronan said they wanted to ask Meggie some questions. J.T. and Ronan asked Meggie about the check she'd delivered to Murphy.

Meggie confirmed that she had been there, but she wondered why the police were involved when Murphy had suffered a heart attack. J.T. said there were inconsistencies at the crime scene. Meggie believed that Murphy would be able to answer questions once he regained consciousness.

At the Abbott house, Billy arrived to see Abby and Ashley on the anniversary of Colleen's death. Billy said that he had visited Colleen's grave. Billy, Abby, and Ashley were in disbelief that it had been a year since Colleen had died. Billy said he'd gotten Chinese food for dinner, all of Colleen's favorites. Ashley explained that Jack had decided not to join them for dinner because of the incident with Abby and Victor at the hospital.

Abby told Billy how inappropriate Jack and Victor's argument had been in the ICU area. Billy defended Jack and reminded Abby that Victor was an instigator. Billy claimed that Victor had not changed since receiving C.C.'s heart. Billy could not forgive Victor for the nasty things he'd done to Victoria. Ashley asked Billy to stop tearing down Abby's father. Billy realized that he probably needed to check on Jill in light of Murphy's heart attack.

Abby and Ashley finished dinner. Abby got emotional as she reminisced about Colleen. Ashley said that family was the most important thing, and Abby should never forget that. Abby told Ashley that her lawsuit was not about money. Ashley urged Abby to go out in the world and make her own mark. Abby believed that Victor was a control freak, and she needed to break free from his influence. Ashley pointed out that Tucker was the antithesis of Victor.

Jill arrived at the hospital and asked about Murphy's condition. Nikki wondered why Jill had not been there sooner. Jill explained she'd been at the spa, and her phone had been turned off. In Murphy's room, Nina and Mac comforted Kay. Jill entered and asked what she could do for Kay. Kay said that she wanted Murphy to wake up. Jill chafed as Kay criticized her.

Victor and Nikki visited with Kay and Murphy. Kay said that the Newmans should go home. Kay wanted some time alone with Murphy. Nikki worried about Kay's health. Kay said she would sleep in the chair after Nikki and Victor left.

Billy arrived at the hospital and asked about Murphy's condition. Billy told Jill he was going to check on Kay. Jill told Tucker that she needed to tell Cane about Murphy's heart attack. Jill opened her phone and was shocked to see that there were no messages. Nobody had thought to call her about Murphy's heart attack. Tucker offered to take Jill out of the hospital.

At the club, Jill and Tucker had drinks and talked about Kay. Tucker revealed that when Kay had passed out from dehydration, the family had shut him out. Tucker said that Jill couldn't force Kay to accept Jill's comfort. Tucker said that Kay hadn't appreciated Tucker showing up after Murphy's heart attack. Jill wondered why they both cared so much about Kay and let themselves be hurt by Kay's opinions.

Jack stopped at Phyllis' apartment and complained that he'd had a really bad day. Phyllis asked why Jack wasn't with his family. Jack said he needed to see Phyllis. She invited him in, and Jack was grateful when Phyllis hugged him. Jack told Phyllis that being at the hospital had stirred bad memories for him. Jack kicked himself for getting into a fight with Victor in front of Abby.

A short time later, Phyllis and Jack were at the table, enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches. Jack loved that Phyllis had made him comfort food. Phyllis remembered the good times she and Jack had shared together in the past. Phyllis said they seemed to be having good times again. A while later, Jack and Phyllis cuddled on the couch.

At the cabin, Lily watched the "family photos" DVD and asked Cane who had shot the footage of her and the twins. Lily demanded that Cane tell her what he knew. Cane said that the Australian cattle rustlers who wanted revenge against him were at large. Lily surmised that the reason Cane had completed his business trip to Australia so quickly because he feared that Lily and the kids were in danger. Lily was upset that Cane had kept the information from her.

Lily criticized Cane for keeping secrets. Cane said that he had been watching out for Lily and the twins. Lily feared that they were still in danger. Cane said he hadn't wanted Lily to stress out. Lily asked Cane to trust her to be strong enough to handle adversity. Lily said that if somebody was threatening their family, they had to act.

Lily and Cane agreed that protecting the twins was the most important thing to them. Lily wanted to go to the authorities with their concerns. Cane said that J.T. had told him that until the rustlers broke the law, there was nothing Lily and Cane could do. Lily was frustrated. Cane swore that nothing would happen to her and the twins.

Cane offered to make some dinner for Lily. Cane apologized for keeping the truth from Lily. Lily and Cane heard a noise outside the door. A local police officer was there. Cane recognized the officer from the day before and introduced him to Lily. The cop explained that he had stopped by to warn them that a storm was on its way. After he walked out of the cabin, the officer placed a call, revealing his Australian accent.

J.T. and Ronan returned to the hospital. Victor and Nikki said that Kay wanted everyone to go home for the night. Nina was happy to see Ronan. Ronan asked Nina if it was possible for him to speak with Kay. Nina learned that Ronan believed that a mugging might have led to Murphy's heart attack. Nina said that she would ask Kay to speak with Ronan.

In the hospital lounge, Ronan complimented J.T. for his work on Murphy's case. Ronan asked J.T. if he would think about signing up for a GCPD class right away. J.T. said that he would consider it.

In the cafeteria, Ronan questioned Kay about what she was wearing when she had found Murphy in the car. Ronan's questions confused Kay. Ronan asked if Kay had noticed any mud in the car. Ronan explained that J.T. and Mac had noticed some oddities around Murphy's car.

When Ronan said that Murphy might not have been alone when he had suffered his heart attack, Kay was stunned. Ronan said that someone could have caused the heart attack. Kay refused to believe that. Nina supported Ronan's questions. Kay couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt Murphy.

At the ranch, Meggie picked up a bag and went upstairs to her room. Meggie looked at a photo on her phone. The image was Meggie with Murphy and another man. Meggie deleted the photo and said that she would not allow Murphy to mess things up for her. Victor and Nikki arrived home after a long day at the hospital. Nikki hoped that Murphy would recover. Victor embraced Nikki.

Billy reported back to Ashley about Murphy's condition. Billy wondered if there was any Chinese food left. Billy reminisced about C.C. and how they'd always fought over the last egg roll. Ashley said that Abby had gone to the gym. At the club, Abby saw Tucker with his arm around Jill. Abby was shocked.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Daniel was at the art gallery where his latest artwork was going to be shown. He seemed nervous about how his new pieces would be received. Phyllis arrived before the crowd and deemed her son's work amazing. Daniel worried that this show was small-time compared to his New York show. Phyllis encouraged Daniel to be positive.

A short time later, Kevin and Chloe were at the gallery. They admired Daniel's work and told Daniel he'd done a great job. Devon arrived and congratulated Daniel, too. Chloe introduced Jeremy Scott, a fashion designer, to Phyllis and Daniel. Phyllis had worn Scott's designs and was impressed to meet him. Scott said Daniel's work was so good it might inspire Jeremy's next collection.

Victor was surprised to see Jack at the hospital. Jack said his family had been friendly with Kay for a very long time, and Jack was there to check on Kay. Victor accused Jack of being there only because Kay's son, Tucker, owned Jabot. Jack mocked Victor as a father. Victor countered that Jack would never be called father of the year by his children.

Jack reminded Victor that Abby and Victoria were suing Victor. Jack told Victor that settling with Victoria and Abby would be a smart move. Victor declared that he had no intention of settling with his daughters. Jack questioned Victor about Meggie McClain. Victor confirmed that Meggie was staying at the ranch.

Kay was by Murphy's side in his hospital room. Murphy remained unconscious. Kay told Murphy that J.T. and Ronan were convinced that someone had been in the car when Murphy had suffered his heart attack. Kay couldn't believe that anyone would want to hurt Murphy. A short time later, Kay walked out of the room and intervened between Victor and Jack's argument. Jack said goodbye to Kay. Victor embraced Kay warmly.

At Crimson Lights, Abby was on the phone, trying to convince an art critic to attend Daniel's show. Abby promised that the Naked Heiress would be there. Abby claimed she would be part of the performance art. Billy and Victoria overheard Abby's conversation. When she ended the call, Abby told Billy and Victoria that she had persuaded Mark Fletcher, a major art critic, to go to Daniel's show. Billy and Victoria warned Abby not to pull a Naked Heiress stunt at the gallery.

Abby asked Billy and Victor to relax. Victoria reminded Abby that any tabloid newspaper coverage might hurt their lawsuit. Abby said she would keep her clothes on at the show. After Abby walked away, Billy and Victoria decided they were in serious need of some fun. The couple agreed to go to Daniel's show.

Kevin and Chloe were walking through the gallery. Kevin's phone rang and Chloe listened as Kevin made a date. Chloe was curious about Kevin's active social life. Kevin told Chloe that since the divorce, he'd been having a good time. Kevin was unaware that Jana had walked up behind him. Jana had nice things to say about Daniel's artwork.

Abby arrived at the opening and Daniel greeted her. Abby wondered if art critic Mark Fletcher had shown up. Daniel was surprised to learn that one of the country's top art critics was attending his show. Abby said that she had personally asked Fletcher to the opening. Daniel was upset when he discovered that Abby had promised Fletcher that the Naked Heiress might do something outrageous at the event. Daniel was offended that Abby was trying to hog the spotlight.

At the gallery, Billy and Victoria sat down on a bench. Billy asked Victoria if she liked their tattooed wedding bands. Victoria said she loved them. Billy presented Victoria with a diamond wedding band to go along with the tattoo. Billy slipped the sparkling jewelry on her finger. Billy also had a ring for Victoria to place on his finger. Billy hoped the rings didn't mean they were too conventional. Victoria assured Billy that they were not.

Nick met Noah at Crimson Lights. Nick told Noah that he would be going to Daniel's art opening. Noah wondered if Phyllis would approve of Nick being at Daniel's show. Nick told Noah that he didn't anticipate Phyllis being upset. Nick was curious about Noah's plans since returning from Paris. Nick offered to get Noah a job at Newman Enterprises if he wanted to earn some money. Noah said that he was determined to find his own way.

Looking around at Daniel's art pieces, Phyllis suggested to Chloe that they use the gallery as a backdrop for a Restless Style shoot. Chloe agreed that it was a good idea. Phyllis smiled when she saw Jack arrive at the gallery. Jack looked around at the art and said that Daniel's work was incredible. Phyllis was surprised when Nick arrived at the gallery.

Noah showed up soon after Nick arrived. Jack led Nick into the gallery. Noah was studying one of Daniel's pieces when Jana approached him. Jana said that she had wanted to call Noah to apologize for walking out on him at the Harvest Festival. Jana said she had enjoyed spending that afternoon with Noah.

Abby and Daniel approached Noah and Jana. Abby joined them and said that Mark Fletcher was there. Jana was impressed. Jana told Daniel that a positive review from Mark Fletcher could help Daniel's career. Daniel feared that Fletcher had shown up only to see Abby do something wild as her alter ego, the Naked Heiress.

Over a cup of tea in the hospital cafeteria, Kay questioned Victor about his refusal to settle Victoria and Abby's lawsuit. Kay pointed out that family was more important than money. Victor was determined not to give in to his daughters. Victor believed that he had spoiled Abby and Victoria. Kay reminded Victor that he'd made his fortune in order to leave it to his children. Kay told Victor that he had to make a choice between being in control or being at peace.

At the ranch, Nikki caught Meggie on the phone to the hospital, inquiring about Murphy's condition. Meggie explained that she was checking on Murphy for Nikki. Nikki asked Meggie about Victor's whereabouts. Meggie said she had not seen Victor. Alone in the living room, Nikki was tempted to drink. Nikki took the bottle and glasses and placed them out of sight. Nikki greeted Victor when he arrived home. Victor told Nikki that Kay had criticized him for fighting Abby and Victoria's lawsuit. Victor declared that he would call Abby and Victoria to discuss a settlement.

Nick told Daniel that he was glad to see Jack and Phyllis back together. Mark Fletcher was introduced to Jack and Phyllis. Fletcher said that he was happy that Phyllis had returned to Restless Style. Fletcher walked off to look at Daniel's work. Phyllis was excited that Fletcher was there for Daniel. Jack was thrilled to see Phyllis so enthusiastic about life.

Phyllis told Jack that she couldn't get over how good things were between the two of them. Phyllis admitted that she'd had a hard time getting over Nick. Phyllis gave Jack credit for making it an easy transition. Daniel asked Nick if he was comfortable seeing Phyllis and Jack reunited. Nick said that as long as Jack made Phyllis happy, Nick was fine with it. Nick sincerely wanted Phyllis to be happy.

Abby explained to Mark that Daniel's artwork had inspired her not to do a Naked Heiress stunt. Abby pointed Mark in the direction of her favorite pieces. When Fletcher walked away, Noah slammed Abby for her Naked Heiress stunts. Abby defended the things she'd done, implying that her reality television antics were another kind of art. Noah denied that it was art at all, and walked away in disgust.

Daniel approached Abby and said that she'd been wrong to entice Fletcher to the gallery by suggesting that the Naked Heiress might do something wild. Abby told Daniel that she had informed Mark that there would be no disrobing at the gallery. Abby apologized to Daniel for misleading Mark. Abby explained that she was very proud of Daniel and wanted the critic to give him a good review. Daniel accepted Abby's apology and kissed her.

Kevin and Victoria admired Daniel's work. Kevin and Chloe confronted Billy and Victoria. Kevin suggested that Billy could buy more of Daniel's nude pictures of Amber. Billy told Victoria that he had gotten rid of those images. Billy said that Kevin could buy nude pictures because there was no woman in Kevin's life who'd be offended. Chloe told Billy that it would be really nice for Delia, their daughter, to see nudes hanging on Billy's walls. Kevin and Chloe continued to make disparaging comments about Billy. Victoria received a call from Victor inviting her to the ranch. Victor wanted to see Victoria and Abby right away.

Delia Bradley told Daniel that she was in Genoa City for his show. Daniel appreciated Delia's support. Jack said that he had a Delia Bradley piece in his home. Delia noticed that Mark Fletcher was in the gallery. Jeremy asked Daniel if Mark had commented on the art. Daniel said he hadn't spoken to Mark. Jack and Phyllis told Daniel not to be concerned about the critics. Jack and Phyllis had total confidence in Daniel's artwork. After saying goodbye, Jack and Phyllis left the gallery.

Noah served Jana a glass of champagne. Jana wondered if Noah had attended many art shows while he was living in Paris. Noah said that music was his thing, not art. Jana wanted to hear Noah's music. Jana urged Noah to play a song. Noah, Devon, and Daniel watched Noah as he picked up a guitar from the stage and performed a number. Noah's song was angry and excellent. Jana was impressed.

Devon asked Nick how long Noah had been singing. Nick did not know that Noah was so talented. Noah received a huge round of applause. Devon asked Noah if he was interested in recording.

Chloe was jealous of Kevin's multiple messages. Daniel told Kevin and Chloe that Noah had been very impressive. Mark Fletcher approached Daniel and said that he'd liked the show very much. Mark called Daniel another Roy Lichtenstein. Fletcher handed Daniel his business card and offered to introduce Daniel to dealers in New York. Daniel was overjoyed.

At the ranch, Victor greeted Abby and Victoria. Victor said that he'd had a change of heart and wanted to settle the lawsuit. Victor wanted to make peace. Victor asked Victoria to return to Newman Enterprises. Victor also offered to let Abby create an entertainment division for her reality television show.

Victoria turned down Victor's offer. Nikki was shocked. Victoria said that she and Abby could not be bought. Victoria declared that the lawsuit was not a question of money. Victoria and Abby wanted to be independent. Nikki thought Victoria was acting ungrateful. Abby agreed with Victoria and refused Victor's offer. The sisters walked out of the house. Victor and Nikki were stunned. Nikki declared that she wasn't sure that she and Victor should have a wedding, since the family was so torn apart.

At the hospital, Billy visited with Kay at Murphy's bedside. Billy urged Kay to get a bite of dinner with him. Billy and Kay headed to the cafeteria. When they were out of sight, Meggie snuck into Murphy's room and injected his I.V. with a syringe. She then walked away unseen.

In the courtyard in front of Jack's house, Jack and Phyllis were dancing. Jack stopped to unlock the door to his home. At the entrance to the courtyard, Jack and Phyllis noticed Diane.

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