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Diane and Tucker slept together. Murphy awoke from his coma, but he could only blink to communicate. A tornado hit Genoa City. J.T. was electrocuted during a car crash. After seeking shelter in a barn, Adam dove on top of Faith as the roof collapsed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 11, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Outside the Newman ranch, near a window, Meggie wrapped a napkin around a used syringe as she recalled injecting a substance into Murphy's intravenous line. Meggie, hidden behind some bushes, watched Nikki and Victor talk in their sitting room. Meggie said aloud to herself, "One hassle down; one to go."

Inside, Nikki and Victor were discussing their wedding. Nikki suggested they elope because of Victor's strained relationships with Victoria and Abby. Victor agreed to elope, so they could marry soon. Meggie entered the sitting room, and Nikki mentioned that she and Victor planned to elope right away. Nikki asked for Meggie's help planning an alternative wedding after Nikki made a quick visit to the hospital to check on Murphy.

At the hospital, Katherine was in the hallway, talking to Victoria and Billy, when she noticed commotion inside Murphy's room. Katherine watched in horror as a doctor, assisted by nurses, worked feverishly to stabilize Murphy. The doctor ordered Katherine out of the room. Katherine peered through the window at Murphy, as he fought for his life. Billy tried to comfort Katherine. The doctor emerged and allowed Katherine, Billy, and Victoria in to see Murphy, who was unconscious.

The doctor reported that Murphy seemed to have suffered a severe heart attack, which might have caused another stroke. Katherine gently massaged Murphy's forehead. Katherine and Billy learned that Murphy's heart attack had damaged majored organs. The doctor reported that Murphy's condition could improve, but the doctor noted that life support might be needed to sustain Murphy if lesser treatments failed. Katherine seemed stunned when the doctor explained that Katherine would have to make the final decisions about Murphy's treatment because he didn't have a medical directive on file.

Katherine asked Billy to stay with Murphy while she stepped out to think. Katherine went to the chapel and prayed aloud. Katherine pleaded with God to make Murphy better, so she wouldn't be forced to make choices about his life-and-death treatments. Billy slipped in and overhead Katherine yelling at God and demanding that He give Murphy back to her. Billy stepped forward, so Katherine could see him.

Katherine asked Billy to make the decision for her because she couldn't. Katherine remembered that when she was ill, she'd requested that no heroic measures be taken, but she recalled that Murphy had stated that his wish would be to remain alive. Billy explained that with John, the decision boiled down to just keeping him alive or letting him go with his honor and dignity intact. Katherine worried that Murphy, an outgoing outdoorsman, wouldn't want to just lie in bed indefinitely.

Katherine decided to consult with Murphy's doctor to be sure she would make the right choice. Katherine spoke with the doctor, who explained that Murphy was in a gray area and might not make it. The doctor added that Katherine needed to decide whether to place Murphy on a ventilator. Katherine asked to spend time with Murphy, and she sat by his bedside.

Nikki, Meggie, Victoria, and Billy stepped in, and Katherine proudly announced that they were in the presence of a very strong man. Katherine begged Murphy to give her a sign, and he blinked his eyes. Katherine was overcome with joy. Murphy opened his eyes again and fixed his gaze on Meggie. Murphy looked angry.

While Victoria waited with Billy at the hospital, she told him that it would be hard to let go of her father, but she felt it was her only choice. Billy kissed Victoria when she made him promise never to die. Victoria's phone rang, but she rejected the call when she saw Victor's name appear on caller ID. Victor left a message and explained that they needed to talk about how the lawsuit had affected Nikki. Victoria later returned her father's call. Victor asked her to meet him at the club to discuss the damaging effects their rift had caused for Nikki.

Victoria met with Victor at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Victor explained that they needed to end their disagreement because it was very upsetting for Nikki, who worried about her family falling apart. Victoria explained that the lawsuit had never been about money. She said the issue was about freedom, respect, and family. Victoria added that her father did not trust her judgment regarding her family life.

Victor told Victoria that he hated family discord, and he begged her to work with him to settle the matter. Victoria explained that Victor had needed to become stubborn and decisive in order to build his company, but the problem was that he treated his family the same way. Victoria added that her father felt the need to be in control and have the final word. Victor listened as Victoria explained that the only thing her father expected in return was complete submission.

Victoria told her father that she was in love with Billy, so she wouldn't accept Victor's settlement and wouldn't drop the suit, because her father had always let her down. Victor replied, "Of all my children, I thought you'd be the one to stand by my side." Victoria rose and left, but she paused nearby and seemed shaken by the words she'd just spoken to her father.

After Victoria left, Victor left a message for Nikki and asked her to meet him at the hospital because Murphy's condition had deteriorated. Victor heard a familiar voice greet him and was surprised to see Diane. Diane said she'd returned to town because she was following her heart, as she flirted with Victor. Victor said he was taken and explained that he was about to remarry Nikki.

Nikki stopped by Gloworm and approached the bar. Deacon told Nikki that he was glad that she seemed to feel better. Nikki claimed she had suffered a severe bout of food poisoning. Deacon replied, "Food poisoning? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? We used to call it getting hammered, lit, or plastered." Nikki admitted that she'd been drunk and reluctantly explained that her urges had happened unexpectedly. Nikki noted that she'd followed AA protocol in order to avoid falling off the wagon.

Nikki admitted to Deacon that she'd succumbed after a failed fight against relentless urges that seemed as if she'd already had a drink and was wanting more. Nikki added that she had no idea why she'd been plagued by the overwhelming urges because, despite a few setbacks, she'd been sober for years. Deacon told Nikki that she was scared. Meggie arrived and watched as Nikki and Deacon conversed. Nikki admitted she was scared, but she adamantly refused to throw her life away for another shot of vodka. Deacon urged Nikki to rely on her friend, but Nikki sadly noted that her friend was dealing with her own crisis.

Deacon urged Nikki to confide in Victor, who would surely help. Nikki agreed that Victor would help her, but she worried that he wouldn't want to remarry her. Nikki later joined Meggie at a table and discussed the change in wedding plans. Nikki mentioned canceling the caterer, and Meggie mentioned the liquor supplier. Meggie also noted that the Newmans' stock of premium spirits was being inexplicably depleted. Meggie blamed the staff, but Nikki dismissed the issue and made a note about ordering a bouquet. Meggie refused to let the matter drop and said she would begin investigating the issue and would alert Victor.

Nikki sternly assured Meggie that there was a reasonable explanation for the missing liquor supply, and she ordered Meggie not to mention anything about the liquor to anyone. After Meggie went to check on their glasses of iced tea, Nikki nervously rubbed her forehead. Meggie went to the bar just as the bartender was setting the glasses of tea on a platter. Meggie offered to deliver the drinks, and she ordered the bartender to splash a little vodka into one of the glasses. Meggie placed the spiked tea down in front of Nikki.

Deacon suddenly appeared, just as Nikki was about to take a sip from the glass. Deacon took the glass from Nikki's hand and told the women that they'd been served a bad batch of tea. Deacon offered to brew fresh tea and serve it instead. Meggie glared at Deacon.

Deacon returned to the bar and prepared fresh glasses of iced tea. Meggie walked up the bar, and Deacon asked her what she was up to serving a nearly imperceptible amount of alcohol to a recovering alcoholic. Meggie claimed that she had mixed up the glasses, but Deacon threatened to tell Nikki about what was going on. Deacon added that it seemed as if Meggie had previously pulled similar deceptions. Meggie told Deacon to leave Nikki alone because she'd been through enough. Deacon said that he'd had a gut feeling about Meggie when he had taken Nikki home drunk.

Deacon asked Meggie if her eventual plan was to take Nikki's place with Victor once Nikki was forced to seek treatment at a clinic. Meggie warned Deacon not to spread lies and force her out of a job. Deacon told Meggie that he wanted in on her con job. Deacon said he didn't care if Meggie wanted to cause mischief in the Newman household. He added that it might help that Nikki often confided to him about how thirsty she'd been lately. Deacon claimed he would soon become Nikki's best friend and confidant. Deacon offered to handle Nikki if he was well compensated. Nikki, frantic, called out to Meggie and told her they were needed at the hospital because Murphy had taken a turn for the worse.

Diane emerged from the shadows outside the Abbott estate and told Jack and Phyllis that she just happened by to see them. Jack, taken aback replied, "From Toronto?" Phyllis sarcastically suggested that Diane return immediately to Toronto and talk to Jack via phone. Inside the sitting room, Diane told Jack that she and Kyle had gone to Genoa City, so Jack could spend some time with Kyle. Phyllis rose from her chair and accused Diane of using her son, Kyle, to manipulate Jack. Diane admitted that she'd made mistakes dealing with Kyle and Jack's relationship, but added that she hoped to make up for what she'd done.

Phyllis reminded Diane that Diane had hijacked her son to get to Jack. Phyllis noted that they had not forgotten what had happened. Diane promised not to interfere while Jack and Kyle spent some time together. Phyllis seemed frustrated when Jack said he'd like to reconnect with his son. Phyllis asked Diane if she were insane when she suggested moving with Kyle into the pool house. Jack explained that Ashley was staying in the pool house. Phyllis suggested that Diane would move in, burn down the pool house, and blame Phyllis again.

Jack asked Diane to tell Kyle that Jack looked forward to spending time with his son. Before she left, Diane told Jack that reconnecting with Kyle would be good for her son and for Jack. After Diane left, Phyllis warned that she would torch the Abbott mansion if Jack bought any of what Diane had said. Jack promised that history would not repeat itself because he'd been na´ve before. Phyllis said she detested Diane, but Jack assured her that together they could handle Diane.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kay stood by Murphy's bedside in the hospital and watched as he blinked his eyes. Murphy was unable to speak, despite Kay's words of encouragement. Murphy looked at the people in his room and saw that Meggie was standing next to Nikki. Murphy recalled that Meggie had tried to kill him in the car. Nikki asked Victoria to go for the doctor, and Billy left with Victoria. Kay told Murphy that he'd had two heart attacks. The doctor arrived and quickly checked on Murphy. Kay asked if Murphy was really awake or not.

A short time later, the doctor met with Kay and her friends in the hallway. The doctor explained that Murphy was suffering from locked-in syndrome. Murphy's entire body was paralyzed, except for his eyes. The doctor said that Murphy could communicate by blinking his eyes. Kay wanted to know if Murphy would recover. The doctor was not hopeful. Kay asked to see her husband. Nikki wanted to go along, but Kay asked to be alone with Murphy.

Nikki left to get some of Katherine's things for her. Meggie offered to help, but Nikki told Meggie to stay behind. Victoria and Billy explained that Nikki was concerned about Kay and Murphy. In the hospital room, Kay held Murphy's hand and recalled that Murphy disapproved of the idea of pulling the plug. Kay remembered how John Abbott had been hooked up to machines with no chance of recovering. Kay told Murphy she had given up. John's spirit appeared and said that Kay wanted dignity for Murphy and no regrets.

From his home, Jack called Ashley to ask if she would like to visit Kay with him. Jack also told his sister that he had news to share. At Jabot, Ashley explained to Tucker that she was going to meet Jack at the hospital so they could check on Kay. Ashley assumed that Tucker would want to join her. Tucker refused to visit Kay because Tucker didn't feel that his mother wanted him there. Ashley said that Tucker should go because it was the right thing to do. Tucker said he had worked to do instead. Ashley disapproved of Tucker's blunt attitude.

At Chancellor, Sophia and Neil were working on the biofuels project. Sophia asked Neil to join her for a dinner meeting to prepare for a presentation. Neil wanted to reschedule the presentation because Kay would not able to attend with Murphy in the hospital. Sophia told Neil that Tucker would disapprove of canceling the meeting. A short time later, in Tucker's office, Neil explained why he wanted to postpone the presentation. Tucker insisted that Neil and Sophia proceed as planned. Neil was upset. Sophia suggested that Neil prepare for the meeting.

Later, Tucker was in a sour mood as he went over the project notes with Sophia and Neil. Tucker told Sophia and Neil to make the budget work. After Tucker left, Sophia asked Neil if he wanted to order dinner. Neil was hostile to Sophia, and she demanded to know why Neil had treated her so shabbily. Neil was taken aback. Neil then admitted that based on the previous year of his life, he'd lost faith in people. Neil apologized for being nasty to Sophia.

As Neil and Sophia ate takeout food, they discussed the public relations budget for the project. Neil had a brainstorm about how to make the budget work. Neil suggested using Cane to do public relations for the biofuels project, since he was already on the payroll. Sophia loved Neil's idea. Neil and Sophia celebrated with a fist bump.

At the hospital, Billy and Victoria told Jack and Ashley about Murphy's diagnosis. Billy was very upset and walked off alone. Back in Murphy's room, Kay spoke to her husband about what was going on with some of their old friends. Ashley and Jack entered the room and said encouraging words to Murphy. Kay explained to Jack and Ashley that the police were going to investigate what had happened to Murphy in the parking lot because there had been a few muggings at the Harvest Festival. Kay said that Murphy would be able to answer the cops' questions by blinking his eyes.

At the club bar, Diane told Victor that she was surprised to learn that he was remarrying Nikki. Diane also pointed out that Victor's children had been unable to harness marital bliss. Diane criticized Abby for being the Naked Heiress, and added that Adam was the family psycho. Victor deflected Diane's comments. Diane continued digging at Victor about his family.

Victor told Diane to knock it off and ask him what she really wanted to know. Diane claimed she was just being friendly. Diane admitted that she was concerned about her son, Kyle. Diane had disparaging things to say about Genoa City and the small-minded people in town. Victor asked Diane why she'd returned to Genoa City if she hated the town so much. Diane wanted Kyle to have a closer relationship with his father. Victor said he hated Kyle's father, Jack, but hated Billy Abbott even more. Victor walked out of the club.

When Victor arrived at the hospital, Jack and Ashley revealed that Murphy had locked-in syndrome. Victor expected Nikki to be there and was surprised that she wasn't at the hospital. Jack told Victor about Diane showing up on his doorstep. Victor said that he had already had an encounter with Diane. Jack asked Victor point-blank if Victor had led Diane to town the way he'd led Patty back. Victor said he had nothing to do with Diane's return.

Victor and Kay visited Murphy. Murphy blinked furiously at Victor, but Victor didn't realize that Murphy was trying to communicate with him. Victor asked Kay why Nikki wasn't there. Kay assumed that Nikki had gone home. A while later, Kay remained at Murphy's side. Kay informed Murphy that the police would be visiting to ask him about what happened in the car when he had suffered his heart attack.

In the hospital waiting room, Victoria told Ashley that she was concerned about Billy. Victoria wasn't sure how to help Billy get through Murphy's trauma. Victoria realized that Billy was especially sensitive because Murphy's condition reminded him of John Abbott's death. Victoria also said that Billy had not gotten over the loss of their baby.

In the chapel, Billy had a visitation from John's spirit. Billy was upset about Murphy. Billy felt he was at his limit for bad news. John noted that in the past, Billy had turned to Jimmy's Bar for solace. This time, Billy had gone to the chapel. Ashley walked in and asked Billy how he was doing. Ashley said she'd learned from Victoria about the miscarriage. Ashley realized that Billy hadn't wanted Ashley to know about the baby. Ashley hugged her brother.

Billy explained that he hadn't wanted to remind Ashley of bad memories of her own miscarriage. Ashley said that she was at peace about Sharon and Nick raising Faith. Ashley asked Billy to let her take care of him for a change. Billy said seeing Murphy had reminded him of losing John. Billy felt that he'd lost a lot in his life. Ashley told Billy that he had gained a lot, too. Billy agreed that Victoria and Delia were the best thing that had ever happened to him. Victoria appeared, and Ashley left the chapel. Billy admitted to his wife that he was struggling with Murphy's illness. Billy told Victoria he wanted to go home with her.

At home, Victoria and Billy had some beers. Billy felt that he had contributed nothing to helping Murphy. Billy believed that everyone around him was judging him, and Billy came up short. Victoria pointed out that Billy's way to deal with grief was to isolate himself. Billy realized he couldn't run to Jimmy's Bar when times were tough.

Billy also realized that he was not alone anymore. Billy admired that Victoria had taken a risk by being with him. A short time later, Billy and Victoria were cuddling on the couch, enjoying an episode of Father Knows Best. Victoria said she loved the show, but Billy didn't care for some things in the 1960s sitcom, like the double beds. Billy claimed his favorite episode was when Jim and Margaret made a baby. Victoria said there had never been such an episode. Billy proposed they create one.

At Gloworm, Nikki went to the bar and was ready to order a drink. Deacon saw Nikki and called Meggie, telling her that Nikki looked thirsty. Meggie said she would take care of Victor, while Deacon said he would take care of Nikki. Nikki ordered a drink. Diane approached Nikki and said hello. Nikki was stunned to see Diane back in town. Diane order a martini, and Nikki claimed she was there to order some dinner for takeout.

Nikki questioned why Diane was in Genoa City, suspecting that Diane was stalking a new victim. Nikki recalled many of Diane's past crimes, like stealing Victor's sperm and passing off Jack's son, Kyle, as Victor's. Diane mentioned that she had already had a visit with Victor. Diane asked Nikki why she would remarry Victor considering how badly their other marriages had turned out.

Nikki called Diane a bitch who went after other women's men. Diane called Nikki an ex-stripper and a lush. Diane declared that she had built her own company and raised Kyle without anyone's help. Diane said that Nikki was the last person who should cast aspersions at Diane. Diane turned and left Nikki standing there. Nikki was hurt by Diane's words and ordered a vodka tonic. Deacon watched Nikki.

A short time later, Nikki was drunk. Deacon walked to Nikki's side. Nikki told Deacon that she didn't want a lecture from him, and she wasn't interested in saying the serenity prayer. Deacon refused to leave her side. Deacon reached over the bar for a bottle and poured himself a drink. Nikki was surprised to see Deacon down the shot.

Diane called Jack at his house. She insisted on seeing Jack and said she had a surprise for him. As Jack waited for Diane, he had a drink. John's spirit appeared and told Jack to take it easy with the booze because he needed to be on his toes with Diane. Jack told his father that he wanted Kyle back in his life. John warned Jack to be careful with Diane.

Diane showed up and surprised Jack by presenting Kyle. Jack embraced his son happily. Jack told Kyle that he looked like Jack's father, John. Kyle wanted to play a video game with Jack. Diane agreed and left the house while Kyle and Jack went to play. Seeing the framed photos, Kyle asked Jack about the picture of John. Jack told Kyle a little bit about John. Kyle said he liked playing video games with Jack even though his father was not very proficient at them.

At the club, Diane approached Tucker and introduced herself. Tucker repeated the name Diane Jenkins, and after a moment, he seemed to recognize her name.

Victor arrived at the ranch and was surprised that Nikki wasn't there. Meggie said that Nikki had claimed she was going to get some things for Kay. Victor suspected that Meggie was keeping something from him. Meggie said that there was something she had hesitated telling Victor. Meggie explained that the liquor at the ranch was disappearing. Meggie wondered if someone on the staff was stealing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At the ranch, Meggie showed Victor the empty liquor bottles that she had collected. Meggie said that she'd told Nikki about the problem, to no avail. Victor thanked Meggie for being conscientious. After Meggie left the room, Victor wondered to himself where Nikki had gone.

A while later, Meggie told Victor that she was going out for the evening. Meggie thanked Victor for being so kind to her. Victor asked Meggie if she knew what errands Nikki was running. Meggie wasn't certain, but said that Nikki often visited friends at Gloworm. Victor was puzzled to hear that Nikki frequented Gloworm. Meggie left the house. Victor called Nikki's cell phone again.

Nikki awakened in a motel room. Nikki was still dressed, and she noticed that there was bottle of vodka on the nightstand. Deacon walked in from the bathroom because he heard Nikki's cell phone ringing. Deacon asked Nikki if she was all right. Nikki wondered where they were, and Deacon explained that she was in his home. Nikki had no idea how she'd gotten there. Looking at the bottle, Nikki feared that Victor would never marry her if he knew she was drinking again. Nikki looked at her cell phone and realized that Victor was calling her. Deacon told Nikki to turn off the phone.

A while later, Deacon gazed at his 30-day chip and talked about how many times he'd won and lost it. Nikki said that she had been sober for 17 years. Deacon admitted that he had relapsed because his life was crap. Deacon had expected to have a better life than he did. Deacon revealed that because he was on parole, he couldn't see his son. Deacon also admitted that his grown daughter probably didn't even think about Deacon.

Nikki believed that her children judged her. Deacon said that booze took away the pain for a little while. Nikki reached for the vodka bottle. Deacon stopped Nikki and told her that they would make a pact. They would pour out the booze and commit to sobriety. Nikki took the bottle to the sink and poured out the vodka.

At Gloworm, Gloria escorted a well-dressed gentleman to a table. The man, Hogan, asked to speak with Jeffrey. Jeffrey stepped up and told Gloria to let him speak with Mr. Hogan alone. Hogan was unhappy with Jeffrey's failure to deliver the latest shipment of laundered cash. Jeffrey tried to explain why he and Kevin were late. Hogan demanded that the delivery be made immediately, then he stood up and walked out of the restaurant. Jeffrey called Kevin and told him that he had to make the drop for Hogan or they were both in big trouble. Kevin said he couldn't do it because he was with a date.

Chloe arrived at home and discovered Kevin and his date, Alison, on the couch, watching a DVD. Chloe felt like the fifth wheel as Kevin smooched with Alison. Kevin ignored a text message from Jeffrey to do the cash drop. When the movie was over, Alison explained that she had to leave. Kevin and Alison kissed ardently at the door before Alison left. Kevin looked over at Chloe and asked if she wanted to watch a movie with him.

At the club, Diane rejoined Tucker after having called her son. Diane told Tucker about her Toronto business and the buildings she had worked on. Diane's credentials impressed Tucker. Tucker wondered how Diane went from lipstick model to architect. Diane said that she had worked very hard to succeed, and everything Diane had done had been for her son. Diane showed Tucker a photo of Kyle.

Diane inquired about Tucker's family, then recalled that Tucker was Kay's illegitimate son. Diane quickly apologized for wording it that way, but Tucker wasn't offended. Tucker said he was not close to his mother. Ashley approached Tucker and Diane, saying hello to Diane. Tucker was surprised that they knew each other then realized they had worked together at Jabot. When Tucker put his arm around Ashley and kissed her, Diane realized that Tucker and Ashley were involved. Ashley told Diane that Jack was thrilled that Kyle was back in town.

In their room, Skye was frustrated with Adam because he refused to appear socially with her. Skye asked him to go out with her, but Adam said he wasn't interested. Skye said that their appearance at the Harvest Festival had not been enough to erase the negative image they had based on the Restless Style story. Skye was angry at Adam's lack of cooperation. Adam put on his jacket and left the room.

Jack and Phyllis were having dinner at Gloworm. Phyllis offered to help with Jack and Victor's plan to destroy Adam and Skye's hedge fund. Jack told Phyllis he didn't need her help because Jack had a secret weapon. Jack said he had a device that would tip off every Newman Fund transaction. Jack simply had to install the transmitter in Skye's computer. Phyllis and Jack noticed that Adam had walked into the restaurant. Phyllis and Jack met Adam at the bar. Jack tried to bait Adam by asking about Skye. Adam claimed that Skye was out of town.

Phyllis and Jack headed back to their table. Phyllis taunted Jack, staging a fake fight with the idea that Jack could sneak into Adam and Skye's hotel room to gain access to her computer. Jack went along with the act, taking it as Phyllis yelled at him. Jack walked out of the restaurant, leaving Phyllis behind.

At the club, Jack used a passkey to get into Skye's room. Jack sat at the desk and opened Skye's laptop. Back at Gloworm, Phyllis walked over to Adam and asked him to buy her a drink. Adam wasn't interested in having a drink with Phyllis. Phyllis let Adam know that she thought Skye was a bitch. Phyllis asked Adam to tell her about the fight he'd had with Skye at the Harvest Festival. Adam refused to tell Phyllis anything about Skye because he suspected it would end up in the pages of Restless Style. Adam exited the restaurant, leaving Phyllis standing at the bar.

Phyllis texted Jack that Adam might be heading back to the room. Phyllis texted Jack to hurry. Jack read the text messages and said to himself that he was going as fast as he could. Jack said that he had to figure out Skye's access code. Suddenly, Skye sneaked up behind Jack and told him the password was the name of her nail salon.

Jack acted nonchalant, saying that he had been investigating Newman Fund transactions because other investors were suspicious. Skye told Jack that he didn't need to sneak around because Skye was happy to tell Jack anything he wanted to know about the hedge fund. Skye brought up the information on the laptop and showed the screen to Jack. Skye asked if Jack and Phyllis had broken up. Jack said that he and Phyllis were not exclusive. Skye made a pass at Jack, offering him sex and nothing more.

Phyllis chased Adam and caught up with him in the lobby of the Athletic Club. Adam asked Phyllis why she had followed him. Phyllis claimed she was interested in Adam and got close enough to make him believe that she wanted him. From the bar, Diane overheard Phyllis proposition Adam. Diane said goodbye to Tucker and Ashley, then walked over to Phyllis and Adam, interrupting their conversation. Diane introduced herself to Adam. Diane told Adam that she was a black sheep just like him. Diane noted that Phyllis and Jack were clearly not a couple anymore. Diane said goodbye and then walked away.

Adam asked Phyllis to tell him exactly what she wanted from him. Phyllis invited Adam to return with her to the penthouse. Adam said he had a perfectly fine room upstairs. Adam dared Phyllis to go upstairs with him. When Phyllis hesitated, Adam laughed at her. Adam left Phyllis standing in the lobby. Phyllis quickly texted Jack to warn him that Adam was on his way.

Skye pushed Jack onto the bed and jumped on top of him. When Jack's phone buzzed, Skye didn't let him answer it. Outside the door to the room, Phyllis tried to stop Adam from opening the door. Adam put the card in the slot, and he and Phyllis burst into the room. Phyllis and Adam saw Jack and Skye in bed together. As quickly as possible, Jack buttoned his shirt and then he and Phyllis left the room.

Adam accused Skye of being indiscreet. Skye and Adam realized that Jack and Phyllis had been up to something. Outside the room, Jack and Phyllis were laughing. Jack asked Phyllis what she was doing with Adam. Phyllis said that she'd been taking one for the team. Jack told Phyllis that he had successfully installed the transmitter in Skye's computer.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey chewed out Deacon for arriving late for work. Deacon apologized. Gloria and Jeffrey greeted Victor when he walked into the place. Victor asked if they had seen Nikki. The Bardwells said they had not, but Deacon volunteered that he'd seen Nikki and she had been on her way home. Deacon covered for Nikki by saying that she always ordered a club soda with lime when she was at the bar.

Victor left his card with Gloria and Jeffrey, asking them to call if Nikki turned up. On his way out, Victor ran into Diane. Victor was unfriendly. At the bar, Diane wondered why Victor seemed so upset. Deacon said that Nikki was missing.

Deacon introduced himself to Diane. Diane asked Deacon what his angle was with Nikki Newman. Gloria saw Jeffrey with another Fenmore's shopping bag and assumed he had bought her another gift. Jeffrey said yes because he couldn't let on that the bag was filled with laundered money.

Kevin continued to ignore Jeffrey's calls. Chloe wondered why Kevin was dating so much lately. Chloe also noted that Kevin's phone had been buzzing incessantly. Kevin said he was enjoying his single life. Kevin walked out of the room. When Kevin's phone buzzed again, Chloe read the text messages and assumed they were from Alison. Chloe didn't realize that they were coded messages from Jeffrey about the money laundering.

Without telling Chloe where he was going, Kevin left the apartment. Chloe redialed the number on Kevin's phone, assuming she would reach Alison. Chloe was stunned when she heard a man's voice. A few minutes later, Kevin returned to retrieve his phone.

Nikki was back at the ranch when Victor arrived. Victor wondered what errands Nikki had been doing that kept her from answering her cell phone. Nikki claimed that her phone was not working properly. Victor asked Nikki point-blank if she had been drinking. Nikki denied that she had been drinking and became defensive. Nikki asked if Victor believed her. Nikki said the thought had crossed her mind, but she had not taken a drink.

Nikki explained that she was an alcoholic and always took it one day at a time. Nikki asked Victor why he suspected her. Nikki changed the subject to their wedding. Victor said there was too much going on for them to elope. Victor kissed Nikki then walked upstairs.

Nikki feared that Victor was giving up on her. Deacon called, and Nikki answered her phone. Deacon said he was calling to make sure that Nikki had gotten home all right. Nikki declared that her life was falling apart. Deacon told Nikki to lean on him. When Deacon ended the call, he smirked to Meggie who was sitting at the bar. Deacon told Meggie that they were making progress.

In her hotel room, Diane paid the babysitter, and the woman left. Diane asked Kyle if he liked being in Genoa City. Kyle said he was happy to see his father. Diane told Kyle that they needed to enroll him in a new school because they were not returning to Toronto. Diane said they were staying in Genoa City.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Victor met Jack at the bar. Victor asked Jack for an update on their plan to crush the Newman Fund. Jack handed Victor a list of investments that the Newman Fund had made and the amounts of each transaction. Jack expected Victor to thank him for getting the top-secret data, but Victor just glowered at Jack. Victor and Jack agreed that they were intent on seeing Adam destroyed.

In Adam and Skye's room, Skye was preparing for a meeting with Newman Fund investors. Skye expected Jack to appear at the meeting with her. Adam hesitated about attending because of Jack's involvement. Adam believed Jack and Phyllis were plotting against Skye and Adam. Skye said the investors would be happy with the success of the fund. Skye claimed that there was nothing Jack and Phyllis could do to hurt them because the Newman Fund was legitimate. Skye asked Adam to join her at the meeting.

Kyle and Diane were in a hotel room. Kyle wondered when they would be returning to Toronto. Diane asked Kyle how he felt about moving to Genoa City. Kyle told his mother that he would miss his friends and his hockey team. Diane understood his concerns, but pointed out that Kyle would have a chance to get to know Jack better if they remained in Wisconsin. Diane apologized to Kyle and said that they were staying in Genoa City.

A short time later, Adam and Skye met with the investors, including Jack. After greeting everyone, Adam pulled Jack aside and warned him not to do anything to disrupt the meeting. Jack claimed that he was happy to be making money with the Newman Fund. Jack said that he admired Skye's financial expertise. Jack added that Adam might be richer than Victor if the hedge fund maintained its success. After Jack turned away from Adam, Skye privately reminded Adam not to instigate a fight with Jack.

Skye and Adam laid out their plans to the investors. Skye promised a 300 percent return on their investment. Jack announced that Skye and Adam had his vote of confidence. One investor questioned Jack's backing, suggesting that Jack had a personal connection with Skye based on the Restless Style story. Jack denied any personal bias, and to prove that he had faith in the Newman Fund, Jack presented a check to increase his investment.

After the meeting, Skye was excited about Jack's additional investment, but Adam was suspicious. Adam told Skye not to deposit the check. Adam then walked out of the bar. Kyle entered the lobby with his babysitter and saw Jack. Jack was excited to see his son. When Jack said that he wanted to spend more time with Kyle while he was visiting Genoa City, Kyle revealed that he and his mother were staying in town.

Jack told his son that he would be thrilled if Kyle lived in Genoa City. Skye approached Jack and met Kyle. Privately with Jack, Skye explained that Adam wanted to return Jack's check. Jack believed that Adam was jealous of Jack's faith in Skye's business acumen. Jack explained that he wanted to make more money with the Newman Fund. Skye assured Jack that she would find a way to convince Adam to accept Jack's check.

After Skye walked away, Jack called Victor to report that Adam was beginning to grow suspicious. Jack said it might be time for them to complete their plan. Victor was concerned that Phyllis might muck up their plan. Victor wanted Restless Style to leave Adam alone. Jack assured Victor that Phyllis would not get in their way. Victor warned Jack to speak with Phyllis about the matter or else Victor would.

Tucker walked into the Restless Style office, and Phyllis greeted him. Tucker asked Phyllis about a new feature Billy had promised to do about McCall Unlimited. Phyllis said she would make sure it was done. Tucker asked Phyllis about Diane Jenkins. Phyllis didn't have nice things to say about Diane.

Tucker said he was interested in hiring Diane because he admired her work. Phyllis was certain that Diane had presented herself to Tucker in a positive light, but Phyllis predicted that Diane would be a bad hire for McCall Unlimited. Tucker thanked Phyllis for her input and left the office. Phyllis called Jack, leaving a message about Diane possibly going to work for Tucker.

At Gloworm, Tucker ran into Victor. Tucker asked Victor if he knew how Murphy was doing. Victor told Tucker to call Kay himself to find out. Diane walked in and said hello to Tucker. Tucker asked if Victor knew Diane, and Victor explained that he had the misfortune of having been married to Diane. Alone at a table, Tucker asked Diane if she would be interested in working for McCall Unlimited.

Tucker said he had projects that could use Diane's touch. Diane was flattered, but claimed that she had more than a job in Toronto; she had a life. Tucker pointed out that Kyle's father was in Genoa City, which might be a good reason for her to consider accepting Tucker's offer. Diane wanted some time to consider the offer. Tucker agreed.

Diane received a call and stepped away to answer it. Victor asked Diane what she was doing with Tucker. Diane explained that Tucker had offered her a job. Victor wondered if Diane wanted to work for Newman Enterprises instead. Victor asked Diane to design a building for Newman Enterprises in Tokyo.

Diane said that she wasn't interested in being on the other side of the world. Diane wanted to stay in Genoa City so that Kyle could be closer to his father. Victor declared that Diane didn't care about Kyle, only herself. Victor warned Diane that if she took Tucker's offer, Victor would make sure she regretted it.

At Restless Style, Phyllis was on the phone with a paper supplier, but she was stewing about Diane Jenkins. Adam walked into the office and confronted Phyllis. Adam wanted to know if Phyllis was doing a story on Adam. Phyllis refused to tell him yes or no. Adam asked Phyllis why she'd stalked him the night before. Phyllis laughed as she tried to convince Adam that she had been turned on by him.

A short time later, Phyllis asked Adam why he was still in the office. Adam refused to leave. Getting nasty, Adam dared Phyllis to try to take him down in print. Adam said he would destroy Phyllis. Just then, Victor walked in and asked Adam if he had threatened Phyllis.

Phyllis claimed that she felt threatened by Adam's words. Adam assured Victor and Phyllis that he could take whatever they dished out. Adam claimed that he was thriving, and there was nothing they could do about it. Adam boasted that he would be passing Victor on the earnings list very soon. When Adam left the office, Victor grinned.

Diane returned to Tucker's table and said that she would accept his job offer. Tucker was very pleased. Tucker asked Diane to go with him to his office so they could finalize the deal. Diane needed to get her briefcase at the club. Tucker offered to drive her there, and Diane appreciated his kindness.

Tucker asked if she was happy about moving back to Genoa City. Diane said yes, but she admitted that quite a few people would be ticked off to see her back in town permanently. A short time later, Diane and Tucker entered the Athletic Club. Diane saw that Kyle was with Jack. Diane introduced Tucker to Kyle, explaining that he was Diane's new boss.

At Crimson Lights, Mac greeted J.T. and Reed. J.T. and Reed offered to walk Mac home, and J.T. promised Mac a special surprise. Reed guessed that the surprise was a puppy. Mac guessed a camping trip. Outside the coffeehouse, J.T. gave Reed his surprise. It was box containing tickets to a basketball game in Milwaukee, the Lakers versus the Bucks. Reed handed Mac the other item that was in the box, an engagement ring.

When they were alone, J.T. asked Mac if she approved of the way he had given her the ring. Mac appreciated that they were down-to-earth and real. Mac claimed that she'd had the romantic trappings in the past. Mac said it felt different with J.T. Mac believed that she could count on J.T. and didn't need an engagement ring or a wedding. J.T. realized that Mac was turning him down. Mac asked J.T. to understand that she just wanted things to remain as they were. J.T. said he understood.

Cane returned to the cabin and said that he'd packed the car for the drive back to Genoa City. Cane wanted them to hurry to beat the rain. Cane told Lily that after they were home and Lily and the kids were settled, Cane wanted to return to Australia to confront the men who were after him. Lily objected to Cane being away from their family. Lily wanted to contact the authorities and lodge an official investigation. Cane insisted on doing things his way.

Cane urged Lily to gather the twins so they could drive home. Lily was uptight about the situation. When there was a noise at the door, Lily jumped. Cane walked outside to look around. A local cop approached Cane at the front door. The officer said that a storm was approaching and possibly a tornado. He told Cane to stay off the road. Cane asked about the other local cop who'd visited the cabin. The man claimed he was the only cop assigned to that area. The cop left, and Cane was curious who the other fellow had been.

Cane returned to the cabin and told Lily about the storm and tornado warning. They agreed it would be safer to stay where they were. Outside, the fake cop with an Australian accent, Blake, watched the cabin. Inside, the power went out. Lily saw Blake at the window when the lightning lit up the sky. Cane went outside to find the man. Cane hit Blake with an oar from a rowboat.

Through the window, Lily saw the storm gathering and feared that the tornado might hit the cabin. Lily gathered the twins into her arms and crawled under a table to protect them. Mac checked her phone for messages and saw that there was a tornado warning in the place where Lily and Cane were staying. Mac was concerned about the twins. J.T. reached Lily on her cell phone. Lily said that Cane had gone out of the cabin, and he hadn't returned.

Cane fought with Blake and subdued him. Cane dragged Blake into the storm cellar. Blake came to, and Cane said that they were going to end things. Cane tied Blake's hands behind his back and continued beating him. Blake dared Cane to turn him in to the cops, knowing that the truth about Cane would be revealed. Back in Australia, Cane had been part of the crime ring. Cane had turned on his mates to save himself. Blake declared that Cane had not been a hero; he'd been a rat.

Friday, October 15, 2010

At the Athletic Club, J.T. and Mac were concerned about Lily and Cane being in the lakeside cabin because of the severity of the storm. J.T. told Mac that Lily had sounded scared when J.T. had reached her on the cell phone. J.T. decided to call the authorities near the cabin.

When J.T. learned that there was nobody near the cabin to check on Lily and Cane, J.T. told Mac that he would drive up to check on the Ashbys personally. Mac agreed to watch Reed while J.T. was gone. Later, Reed and Mac were still at the Athletic Club. To pass the time, Reed asked Mac to sing to him. Mac sang an old song. Reed said he wanted to go home, but Mac explained they had to wait there until the storm passed.

On the road to the lake, J.T. struggled to drive through the storm. He was shocked by what he saw ahead of him and wound up in a wreck. After the crash, J.T. was slumped over the steering wheel, surrounded by broken glass and mangled metal. J.T. was unconscious for a moment, then woke up. He was bleeding and in pain. J.T. managed to get out of the car, but he couldn't stand for long and fell back onto the seat. Electrical shocks sparked around the car.

In the cabin, Lily tried to calm the twins. As the storm raged outside, Lily was frightened for herself and the kids. Lily was also worried about Cane's safety since he'd gone out and never returned. Lily prayed that Cane was safe.

In the root cellar, Blake taunted Cane. Blake was sure that Lily would learn about Cane's secret. Blake said it was only a matter of time before everyone learned that Cane had been a criminal. Cane said he had changed. Blake said that if the Australian syndicate wanted Cane dead, he would be dead. Blake said the syndicate wanted Cane to pay up. Blake told Cane the syndicate wanted five million dollars.

Cane told Blake he didn't have five million dollars, but Blake knew about Jill being a Fenmore. Blake also knew that Cane was Kay's friend, and had connections to people with money. Cane said he couldn't ask for that kind of money. Blake said that the syndicate would go after Cane's family if he refused to pay.

Blake dared Cane to hand Blake over to the cops. Cane had no choice but to untie Blake. Cane declared that five million dollars was more than he could pay. Blake told Cane that the syndicate would accept a payment plan from Cane. Blake warned Cane what would happen if he reneged. Before leaving the root cellar, Blake bashed Cane over the head and left him bleeding.

Lily searched outside the cabin for Cane. Lily called to him, but Cane was nowhere to be found. Lily returned to the cabin and turned on the radio. She heard the tornado was heading toward Genoa City. Lily tried to get phone reception, but the cell towers were not working. Lily wasn't sure what to do to find Cane.

In the root cellar, Cane roused himself and realized he'd been hit on the head. Cane climbed out of the root cellar, but was very weak. Lily found Cane stumbling around the woods. Cane apologized for causing Lily to worry. Lily asked if Cane had found the man she'd seen in the window. Cane claimed that he'd never found the man. Cane and Lily walked back toward the cabin.

Once they were back, Lily told Cane she had been certain that she'd seen a man outside the window. Cane believed Lily, but claimed not to have seen him. Lily suspected any evidence that the man had been there had been blown away by the storm. Cane said he was lucky not to have been blown away by the storm, too.

Cane told Lily that he had found a root cellar while searching for a place for them to ride out the storm. Cane said flying debris had knocked him out. Lily wanted to get Cane to the hospital as soon as possible. Lily revealed that J.T. might be on his way to the cabin. Lily hugged Cane and assured him that they'd be okay.

In the Athletic Club lobby, Abby and Daniel returned from a spinning class and discussed the workout. Abby asked Daniel if he wanted to watch a movie with her. Daniel said he had a date, then he invited Abby to join him and Summer. Daniel was taking his little sister to pick out a pumpkin. Abby enjoyed being teased by Daniel. Abby turned down the invitation because she was supposed to have dinner with Ashley. Daniel convinced Abby to go along with him instead.

Jack was surprised to learn that Diane had landed a new job so quickly. Tucker considered himself lucky to have hired Diane. Diane said she and Tucker were going to McCall's office to finalize the details of the deal. Jack offered to spend the night with Kyle, since Diane was preoccupied with business. Jack received a call from Phyllis saying that she was waiting for him at his house. Jack's maid had let Phyllis into the house. Jack said he'd give Phyllis her own key.

Jack explained that Kyle would be joining them for the evening because Diane had business with Tucker. Phyllis surmised that Diane would be living in Genoa City if she were working for McCall. Jack said that was correct. Jack and Kyle prepared to leave. Diane thanked Jack for minding Kyle. Tucker commented to Diane that it was just the two of them for the night.

At Tucker's office, Diane and Tucker watched the storm through his big window that overlooked the city. Diane learned that Tucker's office was also his apartment. Tucker asked if Diane was uncomfortable being in his home. Diane said no.

Going over the terms of the deal, Tucker complimented Diane for being a tough negotiator. Tucker was anxious to tie up the deal. Diane flirted with Tucker. When the power went out, Diane was unable to see where to sign the contract. Diane suggested they seal the deal with a kiss. Tucker offered to find a candle. A short time later, Diane and Tucker were in bed making love. The wind blew fiercely, and flying debris broke Tucker's big window.

Summer was at Crimson Lights with Faith, Sharon, and Nick. Sharon and Nick discussed Noah's musical career. Her son's talent surprised Sharon. Nick had to leave to deliver Summer to Phyllis for the night. Nick asked Sharon if he could return to Sharon's to tuck Faith into bed. Sharon agreed. Nick left with Summer.

Adam arrived at Crimson Lights. On the phone, Adam told Skye that he was not interested in going with her to see an investor. Adam noticed Sharon and Faith across the room. Adam walked past Sharon, and she saw him. Sharon got ready to leave. Adam pointed out that there was a big storm outside. Adam asked Sharon for a ride, making up excuses for why he couldn't get a cab. Sharon agreed to drive Adam, but warned him not to make her regret being kind. Adam followed Sharon out the door.

At Jack's, Phyllis greeted Jack and Kyle. Phyllis asked Kyle about Diane's reasons for staying in Genoa City. Kyle said his mother wanted him to spend more time with Jack. Daniel and Abby arrived. Daniel assumed the plan to go to the pumpkin patch with Phyllis and Summer was canceled because of the storm.

Kyle was introduced to Abby and Daniel. Abby wondered if Ashley was at the house. Jack assumed his sister was in the Jabot office, waiting out the storm. Nick arrived with Summer. Phyllis thanked Nick for delivering Summer to her. Nick said the storm was bad, and he was worried about Sharon and Faith.

Sharon was in the car with Adam and Faith. Sharon complained to Adam that the wind was so strong that it had nearly blown the car off the road. Adam thought they should pull over until the storm passed. Sharon was intent on driving Adam to his destination.

At Jack's, when the power went out, Kyle proposed lighting the fireplace. Jack said he had hot dogs in the refrigerator. Phyllis suggested they eat the ice cream in the freezer before it melted. A short time later, Phyllis walked into the other room to check on Nick. Nick told Phyllis that he had been unable to reach Sharon on the cell phone.

Jack sympathized with Kyle over all the changes in his son's life. Kyle said he was glad that Jack was his dad. Nick told Phyllis he was going to go out in the storm to find Sharon and Faith. Phyllis understood, but was worried about Nick's safety. Nick left the house. A short time later, Nick arrived at Crimson Lights. The waitress, Cindy, told Nick that Sharon had left with Adam.

Jack and Phyllis were impressed that Kyle and Summer were having so much fun together. Kyle wondered if they were going to make s'mores. Jack and Phyllis discovered that Abby and Daniel had left the house.

Abby and Daniel arrived at Crimson Lights. Abby was worried about Ashley because they had been unable to find her. Abby was stumped about where her mother might be. Abby wondered if Ashley might be with Tucker. In his car, Nick drove through the storm and saw Sharon's car.

On the car radio, Sharon and Adam heard a tornado warning for Genoa City. Adam urged Sharon to drive to a shelter and told her there was a barn nearby. When they reached the barn, Sharon was worried about Faith because the toddler was soaking wet. Adam took off his shirt to wrap around Faith.

The barn was rattling from the wind, and Adam used all his might to close the doors. The wind pushed against the doors, and Adam was unable to close them. With Sharon's help, the doors were shut. The barn was shaking violently. Sharon feared for Faith. Adam ran across the barn to Faith, covering her body with his own as a chunk of the roof collapsed on top of Adam.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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