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Cane saved J.T.'s life. Mac accepted J.T.'s marriage proposal. Meggie threatened to harm Katherine if Murphy revealed Meggie's identity. Meggie drugged Nikki and arranged for Victor to find Nikki in bed with Deacon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 18, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, October 18, 2010

From his car, Nick phoned Paul, who was at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nick, frantic, told Paul that he'd spotted Sharon's car overturned in a ditch near Allen Road. Paul mentioned that a tornado had touched down near the area, so finding the car empty meant that Sharon had escaped before the storm tossed her car. Nick said he was worried because someone had earlier told him that Sharon had given Adam a ride. Paul offered to look for Adam at the club and to phone area hospitals.

Nick was eager to search for Sharon, but Paul told him to stay put because cell service was spotty. Paul later phoned Nick and told him that Adam hadn't returned to the club, nor had he, Sharon, or Faith been checked into the local hospital. Paul added that no emergency personnel had been dispatched to the area where Sharon's car was abandoned. Nick seemed mildly relieved, and Paul told Nick to search a barn Paul had seen on satellite maps of the vicinity.

Lily drove with a tight grip on the steering wheel as she, Cane, and the babies headed home through the constant rain, lightning, and swirling winds. Lily told Cane that she had never felt safe while they were at the cabin. Cane's face was still bruised from his encounter with the man he'd tied up in the cabin's basement. Cane remembered the man telling him that his enemies would leave him, Lily, and their children alone if the Ashbys paid five million dollars.

Lily suddenly noticed a car off the road, and Cane realized that the car belonged to J.T. They stopped to help. Illuminating the horrific scene with flashlights, Lily told Cane that they had to get an unconscious J.T. out of his car. Cane noticed the arcing power line and cautioned Lily to be careful. Lily decided to phone for help and hiked to a nearby gas station to use a payphone. From the payphone, Lily called Neil and told him to meet her at the hospital.

In the darkened lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Mac and a sleeping Reed waited out the storm. Mac remembered J.T.'s marriage proposal, which she told him she wasn't ready to accept because she already loved him more than a marriage license could mandate. After power was restored, Reed asked Mac to take him home. Paul saw them and told them that he'd gotten a bit of work done during the power outage thanks to his cell phone and battery life for his laptop. Mac's phone rang, and she stepped away to take the call. Lily was on the other end and told Mac that they'd found J.T. injured in his car, which had hit a utility pole. Mac agreed to go to the hospital. After Mac arranged to drop Reed off with Esther, Paul offered to take the boy to Katherine's.

Cane lit a flare and placed it at the base of the guardrail. Cane used a downed branch to lift the electrical line off the car. Cane carried J.T.'s lifeless body from the car and placed him on the ground. He pleaded with J.T. to breathe as he rhythmically pumped J.T.'s chest with the heel of his hands and puffed breaths into J.T.'s mouth. J.T.'s soul left his body and was enveloped in brilliant white light.

Cane pumped vigorously on J.T.'s chest and begged him not to give up. The white light seemed to beckon to J.T., and it nearly obliterated his facial features as he drew nearer to its source. J.T. awoke suddenly, gasping for air and moaning. Cane asked J.T. if he was in pain, and he responded weakly, "It's bad." Lily returned and assured J.T. that help was on the way. After Cane learned that emergency personnel would be delayed by an hour, he told Lily that they'd have to drive J.T. to the hospital themselves.

At the hospital, a stunned Mac learned that J.T. had been electrocuted after his car crashed into a utility pole. Neil asked how long J.T. had been there before they arrived. Lily didn't know, but she explained that J.T.'s condition was serious. Cane added that J.T.'s heart had not been beating when he was pulled from the car. Mac went to J.T.'s room after he was stabilized, and she sat by his bedside. J.T. was sleeping, but Mac said, "When you proposed to me, I think that I freaked out a little bit because everything's been happening so fast with us. Can you ever forgive me for being such an idiot?" J.T.'s eyes twitched slightly as Mac continued with her pleas.

Mac leaned close to J.T. and said, "Yes, I want to marry you. I want to start a family with you. I want everyone we love at our wedding, but you have to pull through this." Mac pleaded with J.T. to get better. J.T.'s eyes fluttered, and he moved his head. J.T. softly responded, "I knew you'd come around." Mac was overjoyed and breathed a sigh of relief.

After Cane was checked out by a doctor and cleared, Lily celebrated. Neil asked Cane what it felt like to be a hero. Cane didn't respond. Neil offered to get coffee and stepped away. Lily told Cane that he would always be a hero. Cane seemed dispirited and insisted that he wasn't worthy of praise. Cane's despondent tone and somber demeanor troubled Lily.

In a barn, sheets of rain poured through the area of the roof ripped apart by a violent tornado. Sharon, horrified, moved downed rafters and jagged sections of roof decking as she searched for her baby. Sharon heard Faith's pitiful cries beneath a pile of debris and scattered hay. Sharon moved the fallen boards and found Faith unscathed, still wrapped in Adam's jacket. Adam, his bare back bruised, didn't respond when Sharon called out to him. Adam came to and asked about Faith. Sharon assured Adam that Faith was all right.

Adam moaned and said he'd seen the roof caving in and swore to himself that he couldn't let anything happen to the child. Adam winced when he attempted to move. Sharon asked to use Adam's phone because she'd left hers in her car. Adam fished his phone out of his pocket, but he saw that it was broken. Sharon said that she'd go call for help, but Adam begged her to stay put. Sharon explained to Adam that he had internal injuries and needed to be taken to a hospital. Adam strained to raise his upper body and his eyes met Sharon's. As Sharon safely cradled her baby, Adam said, "If anything were to happen to you or Faith, I could never live with myself."

Sharon suddenly heard Nick yelling her name, and she told him to wait because the barn door was bolted. Sharon handed Faith to Adam, who gently cradled the baby. After Nick entered, Sharon embraced him and assured him that Faith was fine. Nick saw Adam holding Faith. Nick seethed with anger at the sight of Adam clutching the baby. Nick took Faith from Adam.

Sharon filled Nick in on the horror that had just unfolded. Sharon explained that Adam had arranged a bed of hay beneath his jacket, so she'd placed the baby there. Sharon added that when the roof started to cave in, Adam hurled himself on top of Faith to protect her. Sharon cried, "Nick, your brother's a hero. He risked his own life to save our child."

Adam sat stiffly nearby. Nick clutched Faith tightly and rolled his eyes at the thought of Sharon considering Adam a hero. Nick berated Sharon for giving Adam a ride. Sharon told Nick that she resented his scolding. Sharon explained that Adam had saved their daughter twice because he knew they should seek safety after ever-increasing winds violently buffeted the car. Nick insisted that Sharon and Faith would have been home before the tornado hit had Adam not delayed them. Adam sat shivering and rubbing his head. Sharon crossly reminded Nick that everyone was safe.

Paramedics arrived, quickly checked Faith, and reported no apparent injuries. Adam was stabilized and placed on a stretcher. Sharon suggested she should accompany Adam. Nick asked why, and Sharon explained that Adam had done an incredibly courageous act to save their daughter, and she was grateful. Nick grabbed Faith and said, "Okay, I'm going to take our daughter home. You go with Adam to the hospital if you feel like you need to, but after the night you've had, I really think you should come home with us." Sharon, her hair and clothes drenched, glanced from Adam to Nick and replied, "You're right, I need to be with Faith." After Nick walked away with the baby, Sharon lingered and gazed longingly at Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley ran into Neil when both sought refuge from the storm. Neil explained that Lily, Cane, and the babies were at a remote cabin located near the area hit by a tornado. Neil let Ashley use his cell phone to call Jack, who told his sister that Abby and Daniel had been at the Abbott estate during the storm. After Ashley hung up and told Neil that Abby had left with Daniel, Neil assured her that Abby was in good hands with Daniel.

Ashley also told Neil that she'd check on Tucker, but Neil immediately stated that he did not trust the man. Neil added that Tucker had deceived Katherine and was unethical in business. Neil suggested that Tucker was also unethical in his personal life and wasn't the best choice to make Ashley happy. Ashley didn't readily accept Neil's assessment of Tucker, but she smiled when he added that he hoped everything would work out.

At Tucker's condo, Daniel and Abby climbed numerous flights of stairs to Tucker's floor. Inside the condo, Tucker and Diane dressed after making love. Broken glass from shattered windows littered the floor. Tucker carried a candle to light his way to the front door after he heard knocking. Tucker found Abby and Daniel, and Abby asked about Ashley. Before Tucker could respond, Diane appeared. Abby was shocked and asked why Diane was there. Tucker claimed that he and Diane had been having a business meeting when the storm blew the windows out.

Tucker invited Abby and Daniel inside to see for themselves, but he cautioned them to watch for broken glass. Daniel surveyed the damage and agreed that it looked as if a bomb had exploded. Abby, not convinced, asked why Diane and Tucker were conducting business during a tornado. Diane said that Tucker had just hired her, and they were working on her contract, so attorneys could finalize the deal the following day. Tucker said he shouldn't have to explain because the situation should explain itself. Abby cast a suspicious eye at Tucker and Diane and said, "Looking at the two of you, I think it does."

After Abby and Daniel left, Diane perched herself on the arm of Tucker's leather sofa and reapplied her lipstick. Tucker gathered strewn files off the floor. Diane said she hoped Abby wouldn't say anything to Ashley because the last thing she wanted to do was cause trouble in Tucker's personal life. Tucker replied, "What's there to tell? You came up to sign papers, and a storm hit." Diane claimed that she wouldn't be upset if Tucker wasn't, and it could be their little secret. Tucker replied, "We need to get something straight, Diane. As much as I enjoyed our little diversion earlier, this was strictly a one-time thing. It can never happen again. This is a business relationship." Diane agreed that their tryst had meant nothing.

In the hallway outside Tucker's, Abby told Daniel that she had heard that Diane Jenkins was a piranha. Abby recalled having seen Tucker with Jill earlier and believed that Tucker was cheating on her mom. Ashley had arrived and overheard Abby's comment. Ashley emerged from the shadows and asked Abby what she meant. Abby explained that she'd gone to Tucker's in search of her mom and found Diane inside. Ashley knocked on Tucker's door, and Tucker asked why she seemed surprised when he answered the door. Diane reappeared.

Daniel and Abby accompanied Ashley inside Tucker's. Abby stood with her hands crossed at her hips as Ashley surveyed the storm damage and told Tucker and Diane she was glad that they were okay. Diane told Tucker to phone her after he found her contract, and she gave him a cursory handshake before she left. Just after Diane closed the door behind her, Abby asked Ashley if she noticed the kind of glance Diane had just given to Tucker. Ashley explained that Abby had not provided adequate proof to back up her claim about Tucker and Diane.

Tucker told Abby that everything was a misunderstanding, and Abby bolted out the door. Daniel left to check on Abby out in the hallway. Abby told Daniel that her mother wasn't the best judge of character. Daniel tried to comfort Abby. Abby added, "Tucker McCall is slimy. I'm just going to have to keep a really close eye on him from now on."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Victoria and Billy were at their house. Victoria was watching the rain outside when there was a knock at the door. Billy and Victoria opened the door to Victor. Victoria asked her father if he knew where J.T. was because Victoria had not been able to reach her ex-husband. Victor had no idea about J.T.'s whereabouts. Victoria was concerned about Reed.

When Victoria's phone rang, Victoria was relieved to hear from Mac. Mac told Victoria that J.T. had been in a car crash and was in the hospital. Victoria told Mac that she would leave immediately to go to the hospital. Victoria informed Victor and Billy about J.T.'s accident. Billy offered to drive Victoria to the hospital.

At the hospital, Mac sat at J.T.'s bedside. J.T. opened his eyes and recalled being electrocuted. Mac said that J.T. had serious burns. Mac asked if J.T. needed something for the pain. J.T. didn't respond, but told Mac that he was relieved that Mac had accepted his marriage proposal.

Mac explained to Victoria and Billy how J.T. had been electrocuted. Victoria sat beside J.T.'s bed and touched her ex-husband gently. Billy and Mac left the room to give Victoria time alone with J.T. Victoria offered J.T. something to drink. J.T. asked about Reed, and Victoria said that Reed would be told that J.T. had acted heroically. J.T. and Victoria reminisced their good times together.

Victoria remembered how J.T. had taken care of her after her coma. Victoria admired that J.T. had never give up on her. Victoria recalled that they'd shared a lot of love. Victoria apologized for the way she and J.T. had drifted apart, but they both agreed they couldn't relive the past. Victoria assured J.T. that once he was out of the hospital, they would all work together -- Victoria, Billy, Mac, and J.T. -- to make their family situation succeed.

A short time later, Billy went into J.T.'s room to visit. Billy believed that J.T. would have a full recovery. J.T. asked Billy to promise to care for Reed in case J.T. didn't make it. Billy reluctantly agreed. In the waiting room, Mac met with Victoria. Mac showed Victoria the basketball tickets that J.T. had purchased. Mac suggested that Victoria should take Reed to the game in November, since J.T. was probably not going to be able to go. Victoria said that she was certain that J.T. would be able to take Reed. Victoria walked away to find Billy.

At the police station, Ronan oversaw rescue operations. Heather entered with a group of reporters, telling them about how the police and the authorities were handling the storm aid. When a snarky reporter suspected that Heather was seeking glory for her part in the efforts, Ronan defended Heather. After the press departed, Heather told Ronan to never speak for her again. Ronan reminded Heather that he was one of the good guys. When a man burst into the station and said his wife was trapped in their car, Heather and Ronan left together to help the couple.

A short time later, Ronan and Heather returned to the station after successfully getting the women out of the car. Heather noticed that Ronan's arm was bleeding. Heather offered to clean and dress the wound. Ronan took off his shirt, and Heather patched up his cuts. Ronan told Heather that he understood that she was still mourning Chance's death. Heather said he wasn't allowed to empathize with her because Ronan had killed Chance. Ronan said he lived each day with the guilt of what he'd done.

At the hospital, Nikki was unable to get her cell phone to work. Nikki told Meggie that she was feeling unhinged being in the waiting room because it reminded her of all the time she had spent there during Victor's heart transplant. Nikki was nervous and anxious about Murphy's condition. Meggie said that Nikki had Victor to help her deal with the hospital experience. Nikki told Meggie that Victor had called off their elopement. Nikki was afraid that she was going to lose Victor. Meggie sympathized with Nikki.

While Nikki left to fix her makeup before seeing Katherine, Meggie called Deacon to report that Nikki was a wreck. Meggie also reported to Deacon that Victor had postponed their elopement. Deacon explained to Meggie how he had faked drinking with Nikki by emptying a bottle of gin and refilling it with water. Meggie said she would take care of Victor as long as Deacon took care of Nikki.

Nina stepped into Murphy's hospital room to check on Murphy's condition and see Katherine. Kay was worried about how the family had fared in the storm. Nina said that Chloe was out of town and Delia was with Esther. Kay asked about Ronan, knowing that Nina would be concerned for her son.

Murphy woke up, and Nina and Kay said hello to him. When Nikki and Meggie entered the room, Murphy began blinking his eyes in an effort to communicate with Katherine. Kay tried to understand what he was saying. Despite his best efforts, Kay was unable to read his eyes. After a minute, Murphy's blood pressure monitor revealed that he was agitated. Nikki left to find a doctor.

After Murphy had settled down, Nikki, Kay, and Nina left the room. Meggie lagged behind and approached Murphy. Meggie told Murphy that she knew he was trying to use Morse code to communicate with his blinking. Meggie had learned Morse code when she had been married to Murphy's son. Meggie warned Murphy to stop in his efforts, or Meggie would do something to harm Kay.

Out in the hallway, Nina answered her cell phone. It was Kay's son, Brock. He had heard about the Genoa City storm and wanted to speak with his mother. Kay took the phone and told Brock that everybody seemed to be okay. After a moment, the phone cut out. Nina told Kay that Brock had told her that he'd heard about the storm even though he was in Louisiana. Kay suspected Nina was concerned about her son and warned Nina not to do anything foolish.

Kay comforted Murphy and told him that they could postpone Murphy's interview with the police. Kay wanted to make sure that Murphy felt strong enough to talk about the heart attack.

At the police station, Nina walked in and spoke with Ronan. Ronan assured his mother that he was all right. Nina asked if Ronan could get a message to Chance. Ronan refused to even consider Nina's request. Nina wanted to let Chance know that the family was okay. Ronan said that there were strict rules in Witness Protection. Nina convinced Ronan that if they didn't reach out to him, Chance would risk his Witness Protection to try to contact them.

In the hallway, Meggie let Nikki and the others know that the roads were clear. Nikki claimed that she had somewhere to go and left Meggie in the hospital. Meggie called Deacon to tell him that Nikki was probably on her way to see him. A short time later, Nikki appeared at Deacon's apartment. Deacon offered Nikki a drink, but she reminded him they'd made a pact not to drink.

Deacon reached for a bottle and asked Nikki if she wanted just one drink. Nikki said yes, and Deacon poured her a glass of vodka. Nikki gulped the booze like it was water, then took the bottle and poured another shot. Deacon urged Nikki to slow down, but Nikki said she didn't want to slow down. Nikki was determined not to feel anything.

When Nikki's cell phone rang, she answered it because it was Victoria calling. Victoria told her mother that she was at the hospital because J.T. had been in a serious accident. Victoria asked Nikki to pick up Reed and have him stay with her and Victor at the ranch. Nikki pretended that she couldn't hear Victoria. Nikki acted like the call was breaking up.

Nikki turned off the phone. Deacon assured Nikki that Reed would be taken care of by someone else in the family. Nikki was guilt-ridden about disappointing Victoria. Deacon told Nikki that she was right where she belonged. Deacon poured Nikki another drink. Nikki was on the bed. Deacon sat beside Nikki in a seductive pose. Deacon theorized that perhaps he and Nikki weren't meant to be sober. Deacon leaned forward and kissed Nikki. In horror, Nikki pulled away and declared that she had to leave.

Meggie arrived back at the ranch and saw a tree had broken through the front window. Meggie began to clean up the debris. Hearing that Victor was approaching, Meggie quickly positioned herself on the floor as if she had been hurt. Victor walked into the house and found Meggie amid the broken glass.

Victor asked if the tree had hit Meggie. Meggie said she'd slipped while cleaning up the storm damage. Victor helped Meggie to her feet, and she fell forward into his arms. A short time later, Meggie was on the couch. Victor checked on Meggie's ankle and determined that it wasn't broken. Victor was curious about Nikki's whereabouts. Meggie said that Nikki had left the hospital before she had. A moment later, Nikki entered the house and embraced Victor. Nikki said that she was relieved to be home.

Nikki asked if Meggie was all right. Victor said that Meggie's ankle wasn't broken. Meggie left for her room, saying that she was going to put her foot up. Victor wondered why Nikki was trembling. Nikki said that she had been frightened by the storm. Victor told Nikki that Nick and Victoria were all right. Nikki admitted that she was concerned about losing Victor. Nikki asked Victor to reconsider marrying her immediately.

Back at the hospital, Kay approached Mac in the waiting room. Kay assumed that Mac was there to see Murphy. Mac broke the news to Kay that J.T. had been electrocuted when his car had hit a power pole. Kay was upset and wondered why the family was suffering so much. Mac said that things had been going very well for her and J.T., including the fact that Mac was pregnant. Kay was overjoyed that her granddaughter was having a baby. Kay assured Mac that everything would be all right. Kay told Mac that her being pregnant was a good sign.

A short time later, Kay and Mac visited J.T. Kay insisted that J.T. use all his strength to get better. J.T. claimed that Mac had probably gotten her drive from her grandmother. Kay left the room, and Mac sat with J.T. To cheer him up, Mac began talking about wedding plans. J.T. told Mac that he loved her. Mac promised J.T. that she had big plans for their future together.

In the hallway, Billy and Victoria told Kay they were leaving the hospital to retrieve Reed. Kay and Victoria were confused about Nikki's movements. Kay thought that Nikki was at the ranch. Victoria said that when she had spoken to her mother, Nikki wasn't home.

At the ranch, Nikki was very upset about the storm. Nikki revealed to Victor that he was her anchor. Nikki wanted to be sure that Victor was committed to her. Victor said that he would marry Nikki right away. Victor had a meeting he couldn't cancel, but said that he would fly to Las Vegas with Nikki the very next day.

Listening from outside the living room, Meggie overheard Victor promise Nikki that they could elope in the next few days. Nikki was relieved and hugged Victor. Meggie called Deacon, and he admitted that Nikki had been scared off when she was with him. Meggie explained that Nikki and Victor were planning to elope within days. Meggie and Deacon agreed that they had to find a way to derail the elopement.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Phyllis used her key to let herself into Jack's house. Jack was happy to see her and glad she had used the key he'd given her. Phyllis reported that the streets had been cleaned up since the storm. Phyllis told Jack that she believed it had been Diane's plan to stay in Genoa City all along. Phyllis hoped that she and Jack could figure out a way to get Diane out of town.

Phyllis revealed that when Tucker had asked her about Diane, Phyllis had warned McCall that Diane was trouble. Phyllis believed Tucker had hired Diane, anyway, because he'd found Diane intriguing. Phyllis asked Jack to talk to Tucker about rescinding Diane's job offer. Jack objected, and Phyllis realized that Jack wanted Diane to remain in town so Jack would spend time with Kyle. Jack declared that Diane had done a good job raising Kyle.

Phyllis explained to Jack that she was still haunted by the things Diane had done to her. Phyllis reminded Jack that Diane had burned down the pool house and then framed Phyllis for the crime. Phyllis said Diane was a snake. Jack was prepared to put up with Diane to have Kyle in his life.

At the Athletic Club, Diane told Kyle that life in Genoa City would be good for them. Kyle hoped he could join a hockey team that was as good as his Toronto club. Diane told Kyle she couldn't enroll him in school because of the post-storm closures. Kyle offered to take his mother to a movie. Diane pointed out that Kyle was as charming as his father. Diane told Kyle she had another plan for their day.

Jack assured Phyllis that Diane would not be a problem for either of them. Jack answered the door and asked Diane and Kyle into the house. Phyllis thanked Kyle for entertaining Summer during the storm. Diane asked Jack if he wanted to go school shopping with her and Kyle. Jack agreed to go along, especially since Diane had asked Jack to tell Kyle about his new school. Phyllis approved of Jack leaving her there to go out with Diane and Kyle. Diane lagged behind for a moment, and she and Phyllis exchanged a few nasty words.

At Crimson Lights later on, Jack told Kyle about his new school. Kyle was concerned about being the new kid in school, but Jack assured Kyle that he would fit in. Alone with Jack, Diane said she was grateful to Jack for making Kyle feel more comfortable about the move. Jack warned Diane that he knew her tricks. Jack told Diane to be on her best behavior, or else. Back at Jack's house, Phyllis searched through a box of old photos. Phyllis found a picture of Diane laughing. Later, Phyllis was using the photo of Diane for a story on the net.

Skye returned to her room at the Club, complaining about the difficult night she'd had in the storm. Adam walked in from the bathroom and told Skye he'd spent the night in the emergency room. Adam explained how he saved Faith's life when the barn roof had caved in. Skye mocked Adam's bravery. Skye realized that Adam was hoping that Sharon would want to reunite with Adam. Disgusted with Adam's emotional attachment to Sharon, Skye left the room to tend to Newman Fund business.

From Gloworm, Nick called Sharon and asked if she and Faith were all right. Sharon said that Faith had been acting as though nothing had happened. Sharon was planning to consult with her insurance agent about her crashed car. Nick complained to Sharon about getting herself in that situation by letting Adam into the car. When Victor joined Nick at the table, Sharon said goodbye to Nick.

Victor asked Nick about Faith and was relieved that his granddaughter was fine. Nick told his father that he was upset about Adam's involvement with Sharon. Nick felt that Adam had taken advantage of Sharon's good nature. Nick believed that Adam would never let Sharon forget what Adam had done to save Faith. Victor asked Nick to control his temper and to not go after Adam.

Victor told Nick that he was still hopeful that Heather would be able to re-open Adam's criminal case. Victor urged Nick not to do anything that would impede Heather's progress. Victor confided in Nick that he and Nikki were going to elope to Las Vegas. In light of Murphy's heart attack and J.T.'s accident, Nick understood why Nikki was anxious to marry Victor so they could get on with their lives.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria was happy to hear from Sharon that Faith was all right. Victoria reported that J.T. was still in the hospital, recovering from the burns he had suffered in the car crash. Deacon approached the ladies and tried to be friendly. Deacon implied that he'd ridden out the storm with a friend. Victoria was disgusted by Deacon's insinuation. Deacon said goodbye and Victoria wondered why Deacon had chosen to return to Genoa City. Victoria also told Sharon that Adam was a creep who continued pushing himself into Sharon's life. Sharon reminded Victoria that Adam's actions in the barn had saved Faith's life.

At the ranch, Meggie reported to Nikki about the house repairs. Nikki told Meggie that she and Victor had decided to elope. Meggie wondered if that was a good idea. Nikki was surprised by Meggie's objection. Meggie claimed that she was only thinking of Katherine. Meggie didn't think Kay would want Nikki to be out of town while Murphy was still hospitalized. Nikki was sure that Kay would understand. Meggie asked if Nikki had a handle on things. Nikki assured Meggie that she was fine.

Nikki said goodbye to Meggie after giving her some chores to do and thanking her for helping around the house. Once Nikki left the ranch, Meggie called Deacon and invited herself to Deacon's motel room so they could plot how to stop Nikki's elopement.

Later on in Deacon's room, Meggie and Deacon both agreed that they had to act fast. Meggie declared that if Nikki and Victor succeeded in getting married, Meggie would leave Genoa City. Deacon was determined to cash in with Nikki, and that meant he and Meggie had to stop the wedding. Deacon outlined the plan to get Nikki to fall off the wagon in a big way. Meggie agreed to do her part.

At the Newman Enterprises' building, Victor and Skye found themselves in the same elevator. The lights flashed and the elevator stopped. Victor used the phone in the elevator to speak with maintenance. Victor told Skye that the elevator would be stuck for a while.

Skye revealed that as a child she'd been trapped in an elevator. Victor realized that Skye had claustrophobia. Skye said a prayer with a religious medal. Skye said she prayed to the saint who was the guardian of gamblers. Skye said that the saint had helped her over the years.

Victor recalled that in Brazil, Skye had a fortune. Victor wondered why Skye had wanted to marry Adam. Victor deemed his son a "self-loathing bastard." Skye tried to convince Victor that she wanted Adam's name, but Victor didn't believe her. Victor told Skye that Adam didn't care about her. Victor advised Skye to think of her future. The lights came back on and the elevator doors opened. Nick was waiting for Victor. Skye got off the elevator and went in the other direction.

When Nikki arrived at Victoria's house, Victoria updated her mother about J.T.'s condition. Nikki felt bad that she had not been able to care for Reed during the storm. Victoria was curious about why Nikki had lied to Victoria about her whereabouts that night. Nikki denied that she had lied. Victoria thought her mother's explanation was a bit strange.

Nikki told Victoria that she had good news; Nikki and Victor were eloping to Las Vegas. Victoria felt guilty that Nikki and Victor were only spending one night away because Victor had to return to Genoa City for the mediation meeting with Abby and Victoria. Nikki said all that mattered was that she would be married to Victor again. Victoria wanted to be glad for her mother, but Victoria was concerned that Victor would hurt Nikki again. Nikki assured Victoria that Victor would make her happy.

In his room, Adam answered the knock at the door to find Nick. Adam prevented Nick from entering the room. Adam inquired about Faith. Nick told Adam that he believed Adam had acted selflessly by saving Faith in the barn. But Nick suspected that Adam's next step would be to use the incident to win Sharon back. Adam told his brother he would not use what had happened in the barn to ingratiate himself to Sharon.

Adam said that Genoa City was a small town and he usually ran into Sharon by accident. Nick asked Adam to avoid Sharon. Adam refused to take orders from his brother. Nick asked Adam to prove that he really cared for Sharon's well-being, by leaving her alone. Nick warned Adam to stop seeing Sharon. Adam asked Nick if he was trying to threaten him. Nick said that Adam sucked up to Sharon at every opportunity. Adam assured Nick that the ulterior motives were all in Nick's head.

Sharon walked into the hallway outside of Adam's room. Nick didn't see her, but Adam did. When Sharon saw Nick and Adam talking, she ducked behind a door to listen to them. Adam told Nick that he only wanted Sharon to be happy. Adam said he appreciated Sharon's kindness. Adam claimed that he had no intention of screwing up Sharon's life.

A short time later, after Nick had left, Sharon visited Adam to talk to him about what had happened in the barn. Adam welcomed her into his room. Adam said he was feeling better. Sharon reported that Faith was also fine. Sharon said that she was grateful to Adam for saving her daughter's life. Adam told Sharon he was going to keep his distance because he wanted Sharon to be happy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

At Fenmore's, Jill was on the phone with Kay, telling her about the storm damage to the store. Jill was upset that Lauren had yet to return, leaving Jill to handle the mess. Kay told Jill not to worry about visiting Murphy in the hospital. Jill was incensed that Nikki had already handled everything Jill offered to do for Kay. Jill hung up the phone just as Lauren entered the store. Lauren said she'd cut her trip short when she'd heard about the storm. Jill was glad to see Lauren. Lauren surprised Jill with a hug.

Jill asked why Lauren had hugged her. Lauren explained that while visiting with her son, Scott, Lauren had realized that he was the same age as Chance. Lauren regretted that she had missed Chance's funeral. Jill said losing her grandson had been devastating. Lauren said she had made a donation in Chance's name to the fallen officers' fund. Jill was grateful.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki were excited about their elopement. Victor offered to go with Nikki to the hospital to tell Kay. Victor was sorry that the trip to Las Vegas had to be so short, but Nikki understood that Victor needed to return for the mediation meeting with Abby and Victoria. From the other room, Meggie called Deacon to report that Nikki and Victor were inseparable. Deacon urged Meggie to find a way to get Nikki drinking again. Meggie said that Nikki and Victor were acting like newlyweds. Deacon was confident that he could destroy their happiness.

A short time later, Victor asked Nikki if she was ready to leave for the hospital. Meggie walked in and asked about their wedding plans. Meggie was surprised that Nikki hadn't shopped for a new dress. Victor urged Nikki to buy a new dress, and insisted that she had time before they flew to Vegas. Victor kissed Nikki goodbye. Meggie called Deacon to let him know what was going on.

Lauren greeted Nikki with a hug when Nikki arrived at Fenmore's. Lauren told Nikki about her visit with Scott. Nikki told Lauren that she and Victor were eloping. Meggie explained that Nikki was there for a dress. Jill pointedly asked Nikki how many times she'd been married to Victor. Lauren asked Jill to be nice. When Nikki claimed that Jill was single and bitter, Jill countered that Nikki was marrying a man obsessed with controlling Nikki.

Meggie offered to get Nikki a cup of tea and used the opportunity to lace the tea with a small bottle of liquor she had in her purse. Nikki sipped her tea as Lauren carried out dresses for Nikki to inspect. Jill mocked Lauren's choices, prompting Lauren to ask why Jill was acting up. Nikki said that Jill was simply jealous. Nikki told Lauren to ignore Jill.

Nikki asked Meggie for another cup of tea. Meggie smirked. Jill thought it was typical of Nikki to run off and get married when Kay needed Nikki's support. Jill thought Nikki should be at the hospital with Kay. Nikki commented that since Jill had no life, Jill should be spending time with Kay. Nikki asked if Jill wasn't at the hospital because Kay didn't want Jill around.

A short time later, Nikki found an outfit that she liked for the wedding. Lauren approved of Nikki's selection. Jill thought the suit looked matronly on Nikki. Insulted and angry, Nikki lashed out at Jill, reminding Jill that picking up bartenders was for younger women. Jill was stung. Nikki called Jill a leech that had latched onto the Abbotts, the Chancellors, and the Fenmores.

Nikki told Lauren that she wanted the dress. Lauren declared that Jill had no class. A while later, Lauren put on her coat to leave for a meeting at Gloworm. Jill was ticked off that Lauren had not included her in the meeting. Jill asked why Lauren was disrespecting her. Lauren was still upset with the way Jill treated Nikki.

Lauren explained that the boutique needed good customers like Nikki, especially in such a tough economy. Lauren warned Jill to brush up on her customer service skills if she wanted to work at Fenmore's. Jill reminded Lauren that she didn't need Lauren's permission to be there. Lauren asked Jill to stay away from her. After Lauren left, Jill complained about the mess in the store. Jill picked up Nikki's teacup and smelled the alcohol. Jill took a sip and realized that Nikki had been drinking liquor.

In the hospital, Cane and Kay were at Murphy's bedside. Cane sent regards from Lily. Kay was thankful that Lily and Cane had survived the tornado without being hurt. Cane recalled his encounter with Blake in the root cellar. Cane feared that Lily would find out the truth about Cane's criminal past. Kay told Cane about Murphy's paralysis and his inability to communicate except with his eyes. Kay said that Murphy could understand, but he was unable to respond.

Kay said that she had been lucky to find a man like Murphy. Murphy had loved her as Kay and Marge. Kay said she was a better person for having known Murphy. Kay wondered if she was worthy of Murphy's love. Cane related to those words and thought about Blake's comments. Kay wished that Murphy could tell her one of his corny jokes again.

Kay noticed that Cane had bruises from the storm. Kay told Cane she was proud of him, especially the way he had come forward to tell everyone he wasn't Philip. Kay said she loved Cane like a grandson. Cane felt he was lucky to be in Kay's life.

A while later, Kay sat with Murphy. In his mind, Murphy remembered the encounter in the car with Meggie. Murphy recalled that Meggie had once mourned Murphy's son. Murphy opened his eyes and tried to speak to Kay by blinking. Kay couldn't understand what Murphy was trying to tell her.

Victor entered the room and asked Kay about Murphy's condition. Victor told Murphy that the bait and tackle shop had survived the storm. Victor asked if Murphy had confirmed that he'd been mugged at the festival. Kay said that Murphy was very agitated. Kay was frustrated that she couldn't understand what Murphy was trying to tell her.

A nurse told Kay and Victor that Murphy might be drowsy because of the drugs he was receiving. Kay and Victor discussed J.T.'s accident. Kay wanted to stop all the gloomy talk, so she told Victor about Mac's pregnancy. Kay was thrilled about becoming a great-great grandmother. Victor informed Kay that he and Nikki were eloping to Las Vegas. Kay felt that Nikki and Victor had always been destined to be together. Kay asked Victor to tell Nikki that she was delighted.

Kay and Victor joked about possible Las Vegas quickie weddings. Kay wondered why Nikki had not told Kay about the elopement. Victor told Kay he was concerned that Nikki might be drinking again. Victor said that he'd asked Nikki point-blank if she had fallen off the wagon, and Nikki had denied it. Kay asked Victor to let Nikki know that she could call Kay. Victor hoped the wedding would make Nikki feel more secure. Victor kissed Kay goodbye.

Lily arrived at Neil's with the twins. Neil was surprised to see that Lily had a bodyguard. In the apartment, Lily told Neil about the men who'd been after Cane. Lily said that they were sending messages to Cane. Lily told Neil about the surveillance camera footage. Neil was upset that the authorities wouldn't do anything about the veiled threats. Neil wanted to hire more guards for Lily. Lily asked Neil if she and the twins could stay at Neil's until Cane addressed the situation. Neil was happy to have Lily and the twins stay with him.

Neil called building security to make sure nobody could arrive at the door without first being questioned. Lily revealed that at the cabin, she had seen a strange man outside the window. But when Cane had investigated, there'd been no evidence. Lily feared that Cane was hiding the real danger from her. Neil told Lily that while Cane might be protecting her, Cane also had a responsibility to share his fears with Lily. Neil offered to speak with Cane for Lily.

At Crimson Lights, Cane recalled that Blake had demanded five million dollars in order to keep Cane's secret. Cane began doing research on the Internet about creating a fake identity. Cane found a site that was a how-to guide for establishing a new identity. Cane searched for Wisconsin cemetery information to find the name of a deceased man whose identity Cane could steal.

Cane found the name James Collier and realized that he could assume James's identity. In his memory, Cane remembered Blake telling him to make payments in a timely fashion. Cane deleted the computer history, and then placed a call on the pay phone. Cane called the Madison County hall of records and said that he was James Collier. Cane requested a replacement birth certificate in that name.

At Neil's, Lily told Cane that her father had agreed to let Lily and the twins stay there. Neil told Cane it was a wise move. Alone with Cane, Neil asked Cane to confide in him. Cane recalled Blake's threats, but Cane wouldn't tell Neil about Blake and the money request. Cane told Neil that Philip was helping Cane by doing research in Australia. Cane assured Neil that he would protect Lily and the children. Neil told Cane that he believed Cane was a decent, honest man. Neil offered to help Cane in any way he could.

Alone with Neil, Lily asked if Cane had opened up about the danger. Neil said that Cane had not been forthcoming. Neil couldn't figure out why Cane would lie to them. Cane stepped into the hallway to take a call. It was Blake, and he wanted to know if Cane had lined up the five million dollars. Cane said that Blake would get his money. Cane ended the call, and then said to himself that he hoped Kay would forgive him for what Cane was planning to do.

At the ranch, Victor found Jill on his doorstep. Jill told Victor that she wanted to discuss Nikki and Victor's wedding plans. Victor was bemused by Jill's interference. Jill said she was doing Victor a favor by alerting him to the fact that Nikki was drinking again. Jill told Victor not to thank her, just to consider the information a wedding gift. Jill left Victor standing in the doorway. A short time later, Nikki and Meggie arrived at the ranch. Victor confronted Nikki and asked if she had been drinking.

Kay tried again to communicate with Murphy. Kay assumed that Murphy was frustrated. Kay took Murphy's hand and reminisced about her wedding to him. Kay was overjoyed when Murphy was able to move his finger. Kay was certain that meant that Murphy was getting better.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Over lunch at Gloworm, Diane admitted to Jack that she had concerns about Kyle attending a new school. Gloria interrupted and told Diane that Kyle would be lucky if he emulated Jack's father, John Abbott. Diane asked Jack if Kyle could go to Jack's house to study for his placement tests. Diane explained that the room at the Athletic Club was too cramped for her and Kyle, and Diane needed to find an apartment. Diane thanked Jack when he agreed to pick up for her.

After Jack left the restaurant, Phyllis sat down at Diane's table. Diane was surprised to see Phyllis there. Phyllis admitted that she had been watching Diane and Jack together. Phyllis told Diane that Kyle was a great kid, and Phyllis liked him a lot. Diane was happy that Phyllis was being civil. Diane acknowledged that Phyllis was the woman in Jack's life for the time being. Phyllis warned Diane that the "sweetness and light" routine wasn't fooling anybody.

At the Abbott house, Jack was impressed with Kyle's practice test. Jack was confident that Kyle would excel at school. Diane walked in and was happy that Kyle had done well. When Kyle left the room, Diane complained to Jack about Phyllis. Jack wondered why Diane was surprised that Phyllis resented her. Diane worried that Kyle would be affected by the toxic energy around Phyllis.

Jack refused to get caught in the middle of a war between Diane and Phyllis. Diane didn't want Phyllis to be around Kyle. Jack told Diane that Phyllis was a very good mother. Jack advised Diane to approach her move to Genoa City as a fresh start. Diane hoped that Phyllis would accept her. Kyle returned and told his parents that he was happy to be in Genoa City.

Phyllis was at her desk in the Restless Style office. Phyllis placed a call to Diane's former employer in Toronto. Phyllis was put through to the head of the firm, Mr. Klein. A while later, Phyllis finished a story and, after a moment's hesitation, Phyllis posted the article on the Restless Style Web site. A few minutes later, Billy walked into the office and received an email alert about the new story on the Web site.

Billy sat at his desk and read the story that Phyllis had posted about Diane. Billy was stunned by the story, especially the sins Diane had committed, like stealing Victor's donations from a sperm bank. However, Billy was upset with Phyllis for burying the story in an online article instead of saving it for a cover. Phyllis admitted that it would have made a great cover story.

Phyllis explained to Billy that she had needed to publish the story as quickly as possible because Diane was a dangerous woman. Phyllis felt that people had to be warned that Diane was back in Genoa City. Billy declared that Phyllis had sliced and diced Diane in print. Billy was certain there would be major fallout from the story. Phyllis offered to take all the blame. When Billy worried about fallout, Phyllis countered that she didn't think Diane could do anything to them because all the details in the story were true.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Ashley ran into Billy and Victoria. Ashley asked about J.T., and Victoria updated both of them about his condition. After Victoria and Billy said goodbye, Ashley said that Abby had been wrong to accuse Tucker of cheating on Ashley. Abby insisted that she had seen Tucker flirting with Jill and had caught him in a compromising position with Diane. Ashley defended Tucker. Abby described how Tucker and Diane had both had bedhead the night of the tornado. Ashley asked Abby to apologize to Tucker.

Later on, Victoria met with Ashley again. Ashley knew about the mediation meeting with Victor. Ashley was concerned about Abby's involvement in the lawsuit, feeling that her daughter was being pushed into the suit. Ashley asked if Victoria would speak to Victor about settling the case. Victoria told Ashley that Victor wasn't available because he was leaving with Nikki for Las Vegas. When Victoria told Ashley about her parents' eloping, Ashley said she was happy for Victor and Nikki.

In his office, Tucker saw his window had been repaired. A workman told Tucker he was lucky that he had not been at his desk when the window had shattered. Tucker recalled that he'd been saved because he was in bed with Diane. Later, Tucker placed a call to Diane and arranged for her to go to the office to sign her employment contract. A while later, Abby appeared at Tucker's office and apologized for having been suspicious of him. Tucker understood that the storm might have upset Abby to the point that she had imagined the worst of Tucker. Tucker said that Diane was just an employee. Tucker appreciated that Abby spoke her mind.

Tucker told Abby that she had guts. Tucker offered to be there for Abby any time she needed a sounding board. Abby explained that she didn't want to see Ashley hurt again. Tucker understood and said he wouldn't hurt Ashley. Abby hugged Tucker. While Tucker was completing a business call, Abby's cell phone buzzed and she read the Restless Style story about Diane. Once Tucker was off the phone, Abby commented that Tucker was brave to hire Diane, especially in light of the story in Restless Style. Abby advised Tucker to ignore it.

When Victor asked her if she had been drinking, Nikki said no. Victor told Nikki that Jill had discovered Nikki's spiked tea at Fenmore's. Meggie defended Nikki, and Nikki claimed that Jill had made a ridiculous accusation. Victor said he wasn't judging Nikki, but he felt Nikki had been struggling with her sobriety. Nikki walked out angrily. Victor stopped Meggie from following Nikki.

Victor asked if Meggie had seen Nikki drinking. Meggie explained that Nikki was her friend. Victor urged Meggie to tell him what she knew. Nikki returned to the living room and said she was going out for a while. Victor reminded Nikki that they were flying to Las Vegas in a few hours. Nikki apologized for being so short with Victor, but she still left, claiming she had some errands to do for the trip. Meggie asked if she should go with Nikki. Victor nodded and asked Meggie to call him if necessary.

At Gloworm, Nikki tried to get Meggie to stop following her. Nikki assured Meggie that she had a handle on the situation. Nikki asked Gloria if Deacon was on duty, but Gloria explained that Deacon had already clocked out for the day. Meggie texted Victor that she and Nikki were at Gloworm. Meggie slipped a drug into Nikki's club soda. Victor received Meggie's text and left the ranch.

When Victor arrived at Gloworm, Gloria told him that Nikki had already left. Victor asked Gloria if Nikki had been drinking. Gloria revealed that Nikki had only ordered club soda, but that Nikki had asked about Deacon. At Deacon's motel, Nikki told Meggie to leave. Nikki knocked on Deacon's door, and he let Nikki into the room. Nikki was upset about lying to Victor. Deacon gave Nikki a glass of vodka. Nikki grew dizzy and fell onto the bed.

When Deacon was certain that Nikki was passed out, Deacon let Meggie into the room. Once Nikki was undressed and in bed, Meggie called Victor to say she was worried about Nikki. Victor asked for the name of the motel. A short time later, Victor arrived and found Meggie outside Deacon's room. Victor knocked on the door, but when there was no answer, he kicked the door open.

Victor saw Deacon in bed with Nikki. Deacon acted like he was waking up while Nikki was in a drunken haze. Nikki didn't know where she was or what was happening. Meggie and Victor put a coat on Nikki, and then they left the motel room.

At Jack's, Kyle said goodbye and walked out of the house. Diane wanted to talk with Jack about Phyllis again, but Jack declared that the conversation was over. Diane said she was going to Tucker's to sign her contract. After Kyle and Diane were gone, Jack saw a notice on his PC about a new Restless Style story. Jack sat down and read Phyllis' article.

A short time later, Jack charged into the Restless Style office and confronted Phyllis. Jack asked Phyllis why she had eviscerated Diane in the article. Phyllis said everything in the story was true. Jack was upset that Phyllis' story would hurt Kyle. Phyllis explained that Kyle was not mentioned in the story. Jack told Phyllis that Kyle would read the story and be hurt by the things his mother had done.

Jack asked if Phyllis would want Summer to read about Phyllis' past sins in print. Phyllis felt that she had not done nearly the evil that Diane had. Phyllis believed that Diane was plotting something, and Phyllis was compelled to try to stop her. Phyllis said Jack could not see Diane the way Phyllis did because his judgment was clouded by his love for Kyle. Jack said that Phyllis was the problem, not Diane.

At Gloworm, Victoria told Billy that she dreaded Nikki and Victor's elopement. Billy wondered why Victoria's parents were eloping on the eve of the mediation. Victoria had no idea. When a waiter failed to appear, Billy went to the bar and asked Gloria to give him two specials to go. Gloria told Billy that Nikki had been there earlier and had seemed to be drinking. Billy warned Gloria to stop gossiping about Victoria's mother or Billy would write a story in Restless Style that would destroy Gloworm's business.

Ashley ran into Abby at Crimson Lights. Abby told Ashley that she'd apologized to Tucker. Ashley was pleased. Abby said that everything had gone well with Tucker. Meanwhile, Diane arrived at Tucker's office to sign her contract. Tucker announced that he was rescinding the offer. Tucker said that new information had surfaced proving that Diane was not a good fit for McCall Unlimited. Diane was confused until Tucker showed Diane the story on the Restless Style Web site.

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