The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 1, 2010 on Y&R

J.T. learned that he had heart damage. Lauren was traumatized by Daisy's return. Victor outsmarted Meggie. Nikki was crushed when she saw the photo of Meggie and Victor's wedding, and she responded to Deacon's kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 1, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, November 1, 2010

At the police station, Phyllis showed Ronan the photo she'd inadvertently snapped at Billy's party of Daisy dressed like a nun. Lauren, shivering, cried that Daisy was a psychopath. Michael left with Ronan to search for Daisy. Phyllis agreed to stay with Lauren, who became terrified when she saw fliers with Daisy's photo printed on them. Lauren relived visions of Sarah threatening to shoot her. Phyllis went after Lauren when Lauren bolted out the door.

Phyllis accompanied Lauren to the Baldwins' condo and served tea. Lauren tried to relax after Phyllis pointed out that Fen was safe at a friend's house. Lauren, sobbing, told Phyllis that Daisy was much more evil than Sarah was. Lauren suffered a panic attack. Phyllis had managed to calm Lauren somewhat when Michael arrived and jubilantly announced that police had found and arrested Daisy. Lauren sobbed uncontrollably and, through chattering teeth, cried that they would never be safe.

At Jimmy's Bar, Jana nearly fainted when Kevin and Noah told her that Daisy was back in town. Noah assured Jana that police would soon capture Daisy and make her pay for having kidnapped Jana and Lauren. Kevin wondered aloud if Daisy had returned to town by herself. Jana, annoyed, insisted that she hadn't spoken to Daisy's brother, Ryder. Jana worried about staying alone in her motel room, so Kevin asked Noah to stay with Jana. Kevin promised to search for his sister, Daisy, so authorities could put her away. Ronan, Michael, and Kevin searched near Jimmy's and found Daisy's costume. Michael told Kevin that Lauren's encounter with Daisy at the costume party had traumatized Lauren.

Kevin and Michael stopped by Crimson Lights after searching the old amusement park. Michael sent a text message to Ronan to let him know they hadn't found Daisy. Kevin suggested that Ryder and Daisy were living on the streets. Ronan texted Michael and reported that a motel clerk had alerted police that Daisy, possibly pregnant, was staying nearby. Kevin, Michael, and Ronan later searched Daisy's room, and Kevin found the scrapbook Jana said Daisy kept.

Michael found a bottle of prenatal vitamins and a sonogram image of a fetus in Daisy's motel room. Ronan concluded that Daisy might be pregnant. Kevin sorrowfully noted that the Fishers' family dysfunction would continue into another generation. Ronan announced that police would wait at the motel for Daisy to return. Kevin, worried because Jana was staying nearby, went to check on her. Michael received a call from Phyllis, who told him to return home immediately to see about Lauren. After Michael's call from Phyllis ended, he received a text message letting him know that Daisy was about to be arrested at Daniel's apartment.

Noah accompanied Jana to her motel room and agreed to spend the night. Jana found Noah in his underwear when she walked into the sitting area with a blanket and pillow. Noah, embarrassed, wrapped the blanket around his waist and sat beside Jana on the sofa. Noah kissed Jana, but she stopped his amorous advances when she saw a text message from Kevin letting her know he was on his way. Noah put on his pants, picked up his belongings, and headed out the door. After Noah left, he returned but was hesitant to knock. Noah heard noises in Jana's room, so he peeked through the window and saw Jana throwing bric-a-brac, cushions, and other items around inside her room. Noah ducked away when Kevin approached.

Jana acted breathless and anxious when she let Kevin into her room. She locked the door, drew the drapes, and cried that Daisy had been there. Jana claimed that Noah had dropped her off. Jana fretfully cried that Daisy had run away after hearing Jana scream. Kevin agreed to stay with Jana, and he stepped into Jana's bedroom to phone Chloe.

Noah knocked on Jana's door, and Jana stepped out to talk to him. Jana yawned and claimed that she was exhausted. Noah asked Jana why she'd trashed her room. Jana was livid because Noah had spied on her and claimed that it was none of his business how she handled post-traumatic stress. Noah said he was worried, but Jana sent him away. Kevin was surprised that Jana had stepped outside, but she claimed she'd heard a noise. Jana offered Kevin her bed, but he made his place on the sofa and told Jana he was tired. Jana went to her room, but she purposely left the door ajar.

At Daniel's loft, Abby and Daniel fell against the backside of the front door kissing and necking. A woman illuminated by the moonlight startled Abby, and she shrieked. Daniel turned the light on in the darkened space and was surprised to discover a pregnant Daisy waiting for him. Daisy rubbed her swollen belly and cried, "Hi, Daddy!"

Daniel insisted that the baby wasn't his when Abby raised her eyebrows. Daniel explained that Daisy had drugged him, so he couldn't help his mom the day Sarah attacked Phyllis. Daniel added that Daisy had made it look as if they had made love when Amber found him and Daisy together. Daisy insisted that Daniel had made love to her, but Daniel maintained that he had been unconscious. Abby scoffed at Daisy's story.

Daisy told Daniel that providing for the baby would be his responsibility. Abby quipped that police would gladly put a roof over Daisy's head and feed both her and the baby. Daniel began phoning the police, but Daisy told him that he should verify the baby's paternity through DNA testing. Abby laughed that Daisy's aim was to collect a few thousand dollars for pretending to undergo testing. Daniel again began phoning police, but Daisy stopped him when she threatened to hurt her unborn child. Abby held her phone behind her back and covertly dialed the police. Daisy told Daniel that she had nothing to lose, and he probably realized that the baby was his. Daniel responded, "I just don't want you doing anything crazy."

Daisy walked toward the door, but Daniel blocked her way. Abby asked why Ryder wasn't taking care of his sister. Daisy claimed she didn't know where her brother was, but she told Abby that if she saw Ryder, she would be sure to tell him that Abby hadn't forgotten her first love. Ronan and a uniformed officer arrived. Ronan arrested Daisy and thanked Abby for the tip about the fugitive's whereabouts.

Daniel told Ronan that Daisy had threatened harm to her baby. Daisy said, "He's worried because he's the father." Ronan raised his eyebrows at Daniel as he escorted a handcuffed Daisy out. Abby hastily collected her belongings and said she should go home. Daniel insisted that Daisy's baby wasn't his. Abby said she believed Daniel but was just tired. After Abby left, Daniel seemed lost in thought.

At the Newman ranch, Meggie greeted Victor with his preferred drink and announced that she'd made his favorite dish, Irish stew, for dinner. Meggie giggled and explained that she'd read an interview about Victor, archived on the Internet, to learn about his favorites. As Meggie served Victor his drink, she told him she planned to drop off a care package for Nikki at the clinic. Victor thanked Meggie for her kind assistance. Before Meggie walked out, she checked Nikki's care package to ensure she'd packed several small bottles of vodka, which were enclosed in a gift bag.

At the treatment center, Nikki encountered Deacon in the hallway and acted aloof toward him. Nikki admitted that she was dying for a drink. Nikki sat beside Deacon in the hallway and said she regretted damaging her relationships with her family. Deacon said he'd offer Nikki a drink if he had one. Nikki quickly responded that she'd certainly take one.

After Deacon stepped away, Meggie arrived, saw Nikki in the hallway, and dropped off a bag filled with books and clothes. After Nikki went into her room, Meggie checked to make sure no one watched as she slid the gift bag filled with bottles of vodka under a sofa in the hallway. After Meggie slithered away, Deacon retrieved the bag.

Later, Deacon knocked on Nikki's door and offered to distract her with an innocent game of cards. Nikki reluctantly invited Deacon inside. Nikki lost the first round of poker, but her mood lifted somewhat and she warmed up to Deacon. Deacon offered to raise the stakes, placed the gift bag on the table, and told Nikki that she would have to win what was inside.

While Deacon dealt the cards, Nikki thanked him because time seemed to pass more quickly while they played cards and talked. Nikki told Deacon that he was a good listener after he acknowledged that Nikki would likely have wished to be with anyone but him. Nikki told Deacon that he could have blamed her for relapsing and not being able to see his son, but instead, he showed character by reaching out to help her. Nikki said she would take Deacon's example to heart and blame no one but herself for her current predicament.

After Nikki won the second hand of poker, Deacon offered to let her see her winnings. Deacon put his hand on the gift bag, but he paused before handing it over. Nikki placed her hand on top of Deacon's and said, "We need to make a pact this time. We got here on our own, but we're going to get out together. We'll lean on each other, and no one will get left behind."

Nikki demanded her present, but Deacon picked up the bag and headed out the door. Deacon motioned to a clinic employee in the hallway and told her he'd taken something into the clinic. The clinician opened the bag and lifted one of the bottles. Nikki seemed stunned and glared at Deacon. The clinician congratulated Deacon for making the right decision, and she scolded him about being in Nikki's room.

After the clinician left, Nikki glared crossly at Deacon, who said, "I have made some mistakes, but it's not who I am. It's not all that I am." Nikki softened her expression and told Deacon that she likely couldn't have done what he'd just done. Deacon claimed that he'd once had someone in his life who truly cared about him. Deacon added that Nikki's earlier talk had reminded him of his previous relationship. Nikki seemed drawn to Deacon and said she was proud of him. Deacon quickly announced that it was time for him to leave, and he walked out abruptly. Nikki folded her arms around herself and stroked her arm, as if she were giving herself a hug.

Victor visited with Katherine in Murphy's hospital room. Katherine explained that Murphy could blink to respond to yes-and-no questions, but she noted that his blood pressure rose considerably for some unknown reason. Katherine said she seemed to be asking Murphy the wrong questions, which irritated him. Victor consoled Katherine and said how dreadful it must be for such a strong man not to be able to communicate. Victor announced that Nikki was drinking again and was seeking treatment at an inpatient treatment center.

Katherine was worried when Victor said he wasn't quite sure he wanted to remarry Nikki. Victor promised not to abandon Nikki during her recovery. Katherine pointed out that Nikki was suffering from the denial and shame of her disease. Victor explained that he'd found Nikki passed out in Deacon's bed at a sleazy motel. Victor added that his constant bickering with Victoria might be pushing Nikki over the edge. Katherine explained that Victor was still in shock after finding Nikki with Deacon. Victor cried that it was difficult to recover from the image stuck in his mind. Katherine maintained that Victor and Nikki belonged together.

Victor rose from his seat and stood near the sleeping Murphy's bed. Katherine stood beside Victor and cautioned him not to let the stress of Nikki's condition get him down. Victor announced that Meggie, Nikki's assistant, was taking care of him. Murphy awoke and began blinking his eyes. Katherine noticed that Murphy was also repeatedly tapping the index finger of his left hand, which was resting against his chest.

Murphy seemed a bit agitated, and Katherine asked him if he was controlling the tapping of his finger. Murphy blinked once to signify that he was controlling the movement of his finger. Katherine seemed a bit frustrated as she told Murphy that she didn't know what he was trying to tell her, but she promised not to give up until she understood. Murphy cut his eyes toward Victor, and Katherine noted that Murphy was definitely sending Victor a message. Katherine supposed that Murphy didn't want Victor to give up, and Victor promised that he would not.

After Victor returned to the ranch, Meggie made a big show of serving him a snack. Victor said he'd been at the hospital visiting Murphy, whose condition hadn't markedly improved. Meggie claimed that had she gone to the Harvest Festival to meet Murphy at the right time, she could have helped him. Meggie cried that she also felt powerless to help Nikki. Victor placed Meggie's hand on his knee and patted it as he thanked her for being generous and kind. Meggie kissed Victor on the cheek before she rose and left him to enjoy his meal. Meggie walked up the stairs and paused on the landing. Meggie said aloud to herself, "Oh, Victor, I'll almost miss you when you're gone."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At the rehab center, Nikki told Deacon she admired him for turning in the liquor he'd taken to her room the night before. Nikki suggested they both focus on getting sober. Deacon agreed that he needed to straighten out his life. Nikki revealed that she hadn't gotten much sleep. Deacon assumed that she was upset about Victoria not visiting. Nikki felt that Victoria had abandoned her.

Deacon said that Victoria might be staying away from the rehab center to avoid him. Nikki feared that she had disappointed Victoria by succumbing to alcohol again. Nikki knew how stressful Victoria's life had been since losing the baby and fighting with Victor. Nikki hated that she was contributing to Victoria's stress.

At the Athletic Club, Victor ran into Victoria and Billy in the lobby. Victor told Victoria that he had stopped the court from getting a look at his financial records by getting a higher court to review the court order. Billy suggested that Victor had bought the justice he wanted. Victoria lashed out at her father for keeping her from seeing Nikki. Victor declared that Nikki didn't want to see Victoria. Victoria didn't believe Victor, but he insisted that Victoria was to blame for their family falling apart. Victoria offered to do whatever was necessary to be allowed to see Nikki. Victor said that he would allow Victoria see Nikki once Victoria ended the lawsuit.

At the ranch, Meggie looked at a picture of Nikki and said that Nikki wouldn't be around much longer. Victor arrived home and told Meggie that he had a meeting and would be working in his library. Meggie asked if Victor was tense. Victor said that he had run into Billy and Victoria. Meggie wanted to know more, but Victor deflected Meggie's interest and told her to leave to do her shopping.

Paul visited Heather in her office. Heather was hard at work on her campaign. Paul said the election appeared to be very tight. Heather mentioned her desire to run another television commercial. Paul questioned Heather's financial coffers and if she could afford another ad. Paul asked Heather if Victor had been bankrolling her campaign. Heather told Paul that Victor was just one of her contributors.

Paul warned Heather that her connection to Victor might be unethical. Heather said that she knew what she was doing and could handle Victor's support. Paul reminded Heather that he had once believed that Victor was his friend, but then Victor had used Patty to get back at Jack. Paul pointed out that Victor was in a legal battle with his daughters. Paul told Heather that if Victor would go after his own children, Heather should think of what Victor might do to her if she disappointed him. Paul advised Heather to get out of whatever deal she had made with Victor.

Victor called Heather and asked her to meet him at the ranch. A short time later, Victor greeted Heather and thanked the acting D.A. for keeping him from being arrested. Victor noted that Heather was a hard-working official as well as a good friend. Victor handed Heather a check that he said was a contribution to her campaign.

Victor said the contribution would be the key to her victory in the election. Heather was reluctant to accept the check if it meant that Victor could call in a favor from her whenever he wanted. Victor smiled and told Heather that politics was a very tough game. Victor explained that her opponent would be making deals, too. If Heather wanted to win the election, Victor advised her to take the contribution. Heather accepted the check.

Billy went to the treatment center and met with Nikki. Nikki was surprised to see Billy. Nikki told Billy that she thought she had disappointed Victoria. Billy explained to Nikki that Victor had restricted Victoria from visiting Nikki. Nikki was incredulous. Billy told Nikki that Victoria really wanted to see her. Nikki asked Billy to call Victoria while Nikki went to the front desk to make sure that she controlled her visitors, not Victor. Billy called Victoria and let her know that Victor had lied to her. Victoria was relieved that her mother wanted to see her, but incensed by her father's tactics.

At the hospital, Mac arrived at J.T.'s room for a visit. Mac told J.T. that Lily and Cane wanted to visit, too. J.T. was depressed about his heart condition and being unable to go to the police academy. The doctor appeared and told Mac and J.T. that J.T. was well enough to go home. A short time later, J.T. was ready to leave. J.T. looked at the prescriptions and instructions he'd been given. J.T. was upset that he was a sick man and would be for the rest of his life. Mac was relieved that J.T. had survived the crash.

At Crimson Lights, Lily talked with Cane about the twins. Lily said that Neil was thrilled to have Lily and the children staying at his house. Lily asked Cane if he'd found out any more about what the cattle rustlers wanted from him because Lily was anxious to move back home. Sofia approached and asked Lily about the twins. Lily felt that Sofia was already part of the family. Lily showed Sofia photos of the kids from Halloween.

Lily received a call from Mac that J.T. was being released from the hospital. Lily arranged to visit Mac and J.T. at home. Lily left to run some errands, leaving Cane to speak with Sofia. Cane asked Sofia if she would hire an outside expert for the biofuels project. Sofia considered the idea. Cane told Sofia about a candidate he had in mind for the job and handed her James Collier's résumé. In flashback, Cane recalled creating a fake identity for James Collier.

Sofia was impressed with the résumé and asked to meet Collier. Cane convinced Sofia to hire Collier sight unseen. Sofia said she had never hired anyone without an in-person interview. Cane urged Sofia to snap up Collier before someone else hired him. Cane conceded that it was personal for him. Sofia smiled and agreed to hire Collier based on Cane's strong recommendation. Sofia warned Cane that if Collier didn't work out, Cane would have to answer to her and Tucker. Cane made a call and arranged a meeting.

Lily appeared at J.T. and Mac's with a get-well basket for J.T. He was grateful to be out of the hospital, but J.T. was grumpy about being homebound. Lily felt bad that J.T. had been hurt while he was on his way to help her family. J.T. said that he owed his life to Cane. Lily was surprised to hear that J.T. had suffered heart damage because of the car crash. J.T. told Mac and Lily not to pity him. Lily said that she related to J.T.'s feelings for frustration because of her own health issues. Lily advised J.T. to expect good things in the future.

At the apartment, Cane met with Blake and gave him the James Collier banking information, explaining that he would be paying off the five million dollars through the Collier account. Blake wondered who would be doing the work for Collier. Cane said that he would handle that responsibility. Suddenly, Lily arrived home and saw Cane was with Blake. Lily asked Cane who his friend was.

A while later, Mac noticed that J.T. was still depressed. J.T. said that while he'd been in the hospital, he'd reevaluated his life. J.T. remembered that he'd always wanted to travel. J.T. claimed that something was missing in his life. Mac wondered if he was talking about a purpose. J.T. said that he had thought that being a cop would fulfill his purpose. J.T. said that he needed to find something new to fill his life. Mac asked J.T. to consider working for the non-profit in D.C. with her.

Meggie arrived at the clinic. Before seeing Nikki, Meggie went to Deacon's room to speak with him. Meggie asked if Deacon had used the smuggled-in liquor to undermine Nikki's sobriety. Deacon told Meggie that he had changed his plan of attack on Nikki. Meggie was skeptical, but Deacon warned Meggie to let him handle Nikki his own way.

Meggie explained that her plan was to drug Victor to get him to elope with her to Las Vegas. The second part of Meggie's plan was to give Victor an overdose of sexual performance drugs. Deacon told Meggie that those drugs were dangerous for heart patients. Meggie was counting on Victor having a fatal heart attack in the honeymoon suite.

Nikki greeted Victoria with a hug. Victoria apologized to Nikki for causing her so much stress. Nikki refused to let Victoria blame herself. Victoria said that in her whole life, Nikki had never abandoned her or let her down. Victoria implied that Victor had purposely kept her from Nikki. Victoria told her mother how Victor had waited until the last moment before the mediation began to tell Victoria about Nikki's relapse. Victoria was determined to get away from Victor and urged Nikki to do the same.

Nikki asked Victoria to let her deal with Victor in her own way. Nikki asked Victoria to return for another visit and to call if Victoria needed to talk. Victoria embraced her mother and then left. Nikki placed a call to Victor and asked him to visit her. Victor said he'd be there soon. When Victor arrived at the rehab center, Nikki told him that Victoria had visited. Victor claimed that he had kept Victoria away from Nikki because he thought it was for the best.

Nikki said that she was frightened by Victor's cruelty. Victor blamed Victoria for abandoning the family. Victor said that he had made a huge offer to Victoria, but she had turned him down. Victor said that Victoria had tried to put him behind bars.

Nikki said that Victor did everything for Newman Enterprises, that he was more dedicated to the company than his family. Nikki accused Victor of using Victoria and Nikki. Victor declared that he had never meant to hurt Nikki. Victor decided to leave. Nikki agreed that it was a good idea. Outside Nikki's door, Deacon approached, and Victor was stunned to see him at the rehab center.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria thanked Billy for reaching out to Nikki and making it possible for Victoria to see her mother. Victoria declared that she hated her father. Thinking about her father's actions, Victoria wondered if he feared losing the lawsuit. Billy believed that Victor was simply exerting his strength. Victoria realized that Victor's actions, like getting the court order kicked to another judge, involved the D.A. Victoria said that Heather was working for Victor. On the television, Billy and Victoria watched Heather's latest campaign commercial.

Heather returned to her office. On the phone, Heather arranged to film a new television commercial. Paul overheard and asked Heather how she could afford a new TV ad. Heather said that a commercial was necessary to get elected. Heather declared that she had to get elected in order to help people. Paul wondered if Heather would do anything to get elected.

At a bank, Meggie went through personal items in a safe deposit box. She looked at photos of herself with some men, including Murphy. Meggie put the pictures down and picked up a vial of drugs.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At the apartment, Lily walked in on Cane with Blake and asked her husband what was going on. Lily thought she recognized Blake, but Blake said he was new to Genoa City. Cane explained that Blake was a friend from Australia. Blake urged Cane to tell Lily the truth. Blake said he was visiting Cane because of the trouble Cane had encountered in Australia. Blake told Lily that Cane had asked for his help with the Canberra problem. Blake said that he'd been in Chicago, but he'd contacted some people he knew in Australia and Cane's enemies had been vanquished.

Blake made up stories about Cane's life in Australia. Lily was grateful to Blake and invited him to dinner. Lily left to call Neil. Blake told Cane that Lily was precious. Cane asked Blake to stay away from Lily and his children. Blake intimated that he could get to Cane's kids anytime he wanted. Lily returned and said that she had liked Blake. Lily told Cane that she loved him, and then left to go to Neil's. At Crimson Lights, Blake asked the waitress where he could rent a room. She recommended the Athletic Club, even though it was expensive. Blake mentioned that he expected to make millions while in Genoa City.

Ronan arrived in Murphy's hospital room. Kay told Ronan that Murphy was very anxious to answer questions about what had happened at the Harvest Festival. When Ronan began to question Murphy, Ronan recognized that the finger tapping Murphy was doing was Morse code. Ronan asked Murphy if the tapping was Morse code, and Murphy blinked yes. Ronan said that he'd learned Morse code while in training at Quantico. Ronan said he would try to interpret Murphy's coded message. Kay was thrilled.

Ronan translated Murphy's taps and Kay encouraged Murphy to continue. Murphy spelled the word danger. Kay placed a phone call. Later, Murphy's room was empty, and the yellow pad had torn-away pages.

Victor blasted Deacon for being at the rehab center. Victor believed that Deacon was there to undermine Nikki's recovery. A doctor approached and asked Victor to refrain from raising his voice. Victor told the doctor that Deacon was a con artist. Victor told Deacon that he would not allow Deacon to hurt Nikki anymore. Having heard the commotion, Nikki emerged from her room and asked Victor to stop. Victor blamed Deacon for Nikki's relapse. Nikki said that Victor did not understand her disease. Nikki said that she was responsible for her alcoholism.

Nikki exonerated Deacon of blame, saying that she had hurt Deacon, not the other way around. Nikki felt that she'd encouraged Deacon to drink. Nikki also resented that Victor had kept Victoria from visiting. Victor accused Nikki of falling back into the same destructive patterns. Victor declared that Deacon Sharpe was scum, just like David Chow had been. Nikki asked Victor to leave. Victor told Nikki she would know where to find him. The doctor told Nikki that she and Deacon were not good companions. Nikki and Deacon agreed to keep away from each other.

Later, Nikki apologized to Deacon for Victor's tirade. Deacon said in the long run, their being separated might be for the best. Nikki left for a therapy session. A while later, Nikki returned to her room. Nikki looked at her engagement ring, and remembered the day that Victor had proposed. When Deacon walked into her room, Nikki was in tears. Deacon realized that Nikki was in pain. Nikki reached out and hugged Deacon.

At the ranch, Meggie called to have the Newman jet prepared for a trip. Meggie told the pilot that Victor should not be consulted because it was a surprise trip. Later, Meggie was on the phone, making reservations at a hotel for the honeymoon suite. Meggie packed away the drugs that she planned to use on Victor.

Victor returned to the ranch. When Meggie saw his face, she asked him what was wrong. Victor told Meggie that he'd been the rehab center and Nikki had defended Deacon to Victor. Meggie acted surprised. Victor said that things had been said between him and Nikki that could not be unsaid.

Meggie suggested that Victor get out of town for a few days to unwind. Victor thought about her suggestion, but Victor was against running away from his problems. Meggie believed that Victor needed to take care of himself and deserved some time away. Meggie wondered why Victor didn't just hop on his jet and fly to Vegas. Meggie said that Nikki and Victor probably needed time away from each other. Meggie offered to take care of everything and even to accompany Victor as his assistant. Victor liked Meggie's idea and kissed her.

In J.T.'s apartment, J.T. told Mac that the director of the non-profit in D.C. had offered him a position. Mac was very excited about the opportunities for both of them. J.T. was worried about taking Reed across the country and away from Victoria. Mac understood that Reed needed to be close to his mother. Mac was concerned about another custody battle with Victoria. Mac said she would pass on the job. J.T. told Mac he didn't want her to give up the opportunity. J.T. felt he'd been given a second chance on life by nearly dying in the car accident. J.T. asked Mac to accept the job. J.T. explained that he'd work things out with Victoria.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria admired Reed's drawing of their family. Billy entered and Reed greeted him. Billy told Victoria that he was investigating Heather's link to Victor. Billy commented to Victoria that it would be difficult for her to return Reed to J.T. Victoria said that she was glad that J.T. was out of the hospital, but she had enjoyed caring for Reed. Victoria said that since J.T.'s accident, she was determined to get along better with her ex-husband. Reed and Victoria left the coffee shop.

At J.T.'s, Mac and Reed left to get ice cream so that Victoria and J.T. could speak alone. Victoria learned from her ex-husband that he and Mac were leaving Genoa City immediately and taking Reed with them. Victoria was shocked. J.T. explained that a Washington non-profit organization had contacted Mac, prompting their move.

J.T. said they had both received excellent offers and were moving. J.T. assured Victoria that he wasn't moving to hurt Victoria. Victoria asked about his intention to become a cop. J.T. said that he had suffered heart damage in the car accident and couldn't withstand the physical rigors of being a police officer. Victoria told J.T. he could find another job in Genoa City. J.T. tried to make Victoria see that living in Washington would be a good thing for Reed. Victoria showed J.T. the drawing that Reed had made of the family. Victoria said that J.T. was tearing their family apart.

At Crimson Lights, Reed spoke to Mac about his parents. Reed was afraid that they were fighting. Mac tried to make Reed understand that sometimes parents had to work things out. Reed was anxious to go home.

Victoria told J.T. she wouldn't let him take Reed away. J.T. explained that Mac's job started very soon and they had to fly out immediately. Victoria suggested that Mac go ahead of J.T., but J.T. said he wouldn't do that. J.T. reminded Victoria that he had the right to take Reed because he had legal custody. Victoria walked out saying that she would make sure that Reed went nowhere.

Later, Mac took Reed home. J.T. told Mac that Victoria had been very upset. J.T. was still sure about moving to D.C. with Mac. J.T. sat with Reed to tell him about Washington. Reed wanted to know if his mommy would be going, too. J.T. explained that Victoria would visit Reed a lot. Reed asked if they would ever return to Wisconsin. J.T. said that Genoa City would always be their home.

Using his cell phone, Billy looked at the donor list for Heather's campaign. Billy saw that Victor was a major contributor. In her office, Heather received a call from Paul. When Paul told Heather that Billy had been looking into her campaign files, Heather said that she would take care of it. A short time later, Billy received a call from Heather. Heather asked Billy to go to her office for a talk. Billy said he'd be right over.

Heather greeted Billy when he arrived at her office. Billy asked Heather how she had been able to afford so many TV commercials. Heather knew Billy had been looking at her campaign finances. Heather assumed that Billy might jump to the wrong conclusion regarding Victor's donations. When Billy asked about the court order, Heather said that she'd recognized that the order to inspect Victor's books had been too broad. Heather was convinced that not all of Victor's books needed to be investigated and that a higher court would agree with her decision.

Billy said that her explanation was reasonable. Heather offered to make a deal with Billy. Heather said that once she was elected, she would put Adam Newman behind bars. Billy surmised that Victor was behind Heather's decision about Adam, too. Heather asked Billy to keep his suspicions about her campaign to himself. Heather knew that a story in Restless Style would destroy Heather's chances to win the election. Billy agreed to think it over. Heather thanked Billy. Heather answered a call and set up another interview. When she turned back, Billy had left the office.

Back home, Billy was working on the article about Heather. Victoria walked through the door, talking on the phone with Michael about Reed's custody. Victoria told Billy that J.T. and Mac wanted to move to Washington and take Reed with them. Victoria explained to Billy that Michael said Victoria had no legal power to stop J.T. Victoria feared that she was losing Reed. Victoria blamed Victor for causing her to have lost custody to J.T. Victoria read Billy's article on his PC and urged him to publish it. Victoria wanted Victor exposed for the evil man she believed him to be.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Paul arrived at J.T.'s apartment, he was surprised to see Mac and J.T. packing. Paul said that he was glad see J.T. was of the hospital, but surprised to learn about their plans to move to Washington. Paul wondered about J.T.'s desire to become a cop. J.T. explained that he'd suffered heart damage in the accident and couldn't handle the physical toll of police work. J.T. told Paul that he'd gotten a position at the same non-profit agency that had hired Mac. Paul said goodbye and left to visit Heather.

After having missed Kay at the hospital, Mac was relieved when her grandmother appeared at J.T.'s apartment. Mac wondered why Murphy had been moved from the hospital. Kay said that Murphy was in a recovery facility where he could receive intensive therapy. Kay felt certain that it was the best thing for Murphy. Kay asked about the boxes, and Mac explained that she had accepted a job in Washington, DC, at a non-profit. Kay supported Mac's decision. J.T. was glad to hear that Kay would be visiting them in Washington.

Kay asked Mac and J.T. about their wedding plans. Mac said that she wished she and J.T. could have gotten married in Genoa City, surrounded by family and friends. Kay said that if Mac wanted a wedding like that, Kay would make it happen. Mac didn't think it was possible, since they were leaving the next day. Kay told J.T. and Mac to leave it to Katherine Chancellor. After Kay had left, J.T. wondered if Mac was marrying him out of pity. Mac told J.T. that when she thought he was going to die, she'd realized just how much she loved J.T.

Victoria was depressed about J.T. moving to Washington and taking Reed with him. Victoria felt frustrated that there was nothing she could do to stop J.T. Victoria leaned on Billy for support. Billy told Victoria that he'd published the story of Victor trying to buy Heather's influence by contributing to her campaign. Despite Billy's efforts to cheer her up, Victoria was miserable. Billy offered to stay home, but Victoria urged Billy to go about his day. Victoria planned to visit Nikki.

Meggie called Deacon to let him know that she and Victor were flying to Las Vegas. Meggie intended to marry Victor and then kill him. Meggie promised to reward Deacon for distracting Nikki while Meggie pulled off her scheme. Deacon said that he couldn't speak with Meggie. Meggie guessed that Deacon was alone with Nikki. Deacon said he would talk with Meggie another time.

At the ranch, Meggie told Victor that everything had been arranged for his trip. Victor said that he had reconsidered and wanted to postpone the trip. Meggie urged Victor to take care of himself. After taking a phone call, Victor returned to the living room and spoke with Meggie. She pushed the idea of a vacation away from Genoa City. Meggie reminded Victor he would only be a phone call away. Victor said that Meggie had talked him into going away.

An aide told Heather that her two-point lead over her opponent had doubled according to the latest poll numbers. Heather was sure her new commercial had done the trick. Paul arrived and was happy to hear that Heather's poll numbers were up. Paul was still worried about Heather's connection to Victor. Heather said that she had the Victor situation under control. When Billy arrived at the Athletic Club, a reporter questioned him about the veracity of his story about Heather in Restless Style. Billy said that every word was true. The reporter was curious about Victor's reaction to the article. Billy encouraged her to ask Victor.

Paul took Heather to breakfast at the Athletic Club. Heather brought up her successful ad campaign, and Paul reiterated that Heather might regret accepting Victor's financial support. Heather asked if Paul had lost faith in her. Paul said that Heather would be an excellent D.A., and he was proud of Heather. Heather's phone rang, and she was asked about the article in Restless Style. Heather quickly surfed the Web on her phone and saw the headline to Billy's article. Heather then saw that Billy was sitting at the bar.

Heather confronted Billy about publishing the story. Heather had believed that Billy was going to keep his suspicions to himself. Billy stood by his story. Heather was incensed. Heather accused Billy of using her in his war on Victor. Paul intervened and asked Billy why he had felt it necessary to hurt Heather in the pages of Restless Style. Billy contended that Heather had known she was playing with fire by taking Victor's contributions and then doing him a favor. Billy believed that Heather had known better and had taken Victor's money nonetheless.

A short time later, Heather received a call from the party chairman. Heather defended her campaign, but the chairman was furious. After ending the call, Heather told Paul that the chairman had asked Heather to renounce her candidacy. Heather asked her father what she could do to fight back.

Paul told Heather it was time to stop fighting. Paul promised to support Heather whatever she decided to do. When Heather tried to leave, the press descended on her with questions. Heather insisted that she had done nothing wrong. With tears in her eyes, Heather announced that she was withdrawing her candidacy. Heather congratulated her opponent.

Deacon asked Nikki if she was feeling better since she'd been so upset the night before. Nikki said she was grateful to Deacon for his support. Deacon left for a therapy session, and after a few minutes, Victoria arrived to see Nikki. Nikki could tell something was wrong with her daughter. Victoria said she had needed to see her mother. Victoria told Nikki that J.T. was moving to DC and taking Reed with him. Victoria explained that Michael and Vance agreed that legally there was nothing Victoria could do to stop J.T. Nikki wanted to check out of rehab to help Victoria. When Nikki proposed asking Victor for his help, Victoria refused.

Victoria would not accept any help from Victor. Victoria blamed her father for causing her to lose custody to J.T. Victoria wanted Victor out of her life. Victoria apologized to Nikki for dumping her problems on Nikki's doorstep. Nikki wished she could fix the custody problem for Victoria. Nikki assured Victoria that they would get through it together. Victoria hugged Nikki and said goodbye.

Later, Deacon approached Nikki, and she told him about J.T. leaving town with Victoria's son. Nikki decided to call Victor, since Victoria wouldn't, but Nikki's call went to voicemail. Nikki finally tried to call Meggie in hopes that she knew where Victor was. Nikki reached Meggie's voicemail and heard Meggie's message. Meggie said that she would be accompanying Victor Newman to Nevada. Nikki was stunned.

On the jet, Meggie offered to make Victor her special drink, a bloody Caesar. Victor thought it was too early to drink, but Meggie reminded Victor he was on vacation. Meggie said she was looking forward to seeing shows in Vegas. Victor said that he would make sure Meggie had fun. Victor was grateful that she had accompanied him. Meggie handed Victor the drink, and he took a sip.

A few hours later, Victor told Meggie that he wanted the jet to return to Genoa City. Victor didn't want to go to Las Vegas because that was where he had been going to marry Nikki. Meggie suggested flying to Lake Tahoe or Reno. Victor repeated the word Reno. Victor was showing the effects of the drugs Meggie had put in the drink. Meggie said yes to Victor as if he had proposed to her. Victor was confused. Meggie said she loved him, and Victor responded that he loved Meggie.

Meggie told the pilot to fly to Reno. The pilot was surprised when Meggie declared that she and Victor were getting married. An official from Reno called the plane, and Meggie spoke to him about having a quickie wedding on the plane. A confused and incoherent Victor agreed with everything Meggie was doing. After the plane had landed in Reno, an official arrived on board and asked Meggie to sign the wedding license. Meggie put the pen in Victor's hand to get him to sign, too. Victor and Meggie stood before a clerk, who pronounced them husband and wife. Victor was barely able to speak. When he hugged Meggie, Victor nearly fell over.

Billy arrived at J.T. and Mac's and saw that they were packing. Mac justified her decision for taking the Washington job, telling Billy that it was a great opportunity. Billy said he understood, but Billy was worried about Victoria and Reed. Billy told J.T. that Reed would be miserable without his mother. J.T. and Mac were convinced that Reed would be able to visit his mother often. Billy felt that wasn't enough. Alone with Billy, Mac told him that she had made the right decision. Billy told Mac that Victoria was in pain.

A while later, Kay returned to J.T. and Mac's to tell them that there would be a wedding. Kay told them all they had to do was show up because she had made all the arrangements. Mac and J.T. were overjoyed.

At Crimson Lights, Billy assured Victoria that everything would work out. Victoria was upset because she had not been able to convince J.T. to change his plans. Billy told Victoria that J.T. really didn't want to keep Victoria and Reed apart. Victoria decided not to let Reed see how upset she was about the move. Victoria admitted to Billy that she would never forgive J.T.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nikki and Deacon entered Nikki's room at the rehab center. Nikki told Deacon that she'd been shocked to hear Meggie's message that Victor was taking Meggie out of town. Nikki had suspected at one time that Meggie had designs on Victor, but Nikki couldn't believe that Victor was interested in Meggie.

On the Newman jet, the pilot called Meggie "Mrs. Newman," and informed her that the plane would be landing in Genoa City shortly. Meggie was thrilled, but Victor continued to act confused and drunk. Meggie asked the pilot to take a photo of her and Victor. When they arrived at the ranch, Victor was surprised that the staff wasn't there. Meggie announced that she had arranged for their wedding night to be private by giving the staff some time off. While Victor was sprawled incoherently on the couch, Meggie posted the photo on the Internet.

Nikki surfed the Web and noticed that Meggie's personal status had changed from single to married. Nikki then found the wedding photo of Meggie and Victor. Nikki showed Deacon the image. Nikki was shocked and said she needed a drink. Deacon told her she couldn't let Victor's actions cause her to drink. Nikki agreed, but she was shocked that Victor had reacted to her fight with him by turning to Meggie. Nikki told Deacon that Victor had reacted in that way before. After breakups with Nikki, Victor had turned to women like Diane, Sabrina, and Ashley.

Meggie saw that Victor was nearly passed out. Meggie fixed Victor a drink, putting sexual performance drugs into the glass and mixing them with scotch. Meggie predicted that the concoction would knock out Victor permanently. Meggie got Victor to down the drink in a gulp.

Nikki was in tears and anxious for a drink. Deacon convinced her not to succumb. Deacon wished he could do something to help Nikki feel better. Nikki confessed that she and Victor had the habit of falling into the same old patterns. Deacon thought Victor was lucky that Nikki still gave a damn about him. Nikki said that she and Victor shared a strong bond, as well as two children whom they both loved. Deacon promised to stay with Nikki. Nikki appreciated his attention. Deacon kissed Nikki romantically.

Meggie asked if Victor was feeling ill, and predicted that the end was near. Victor clutched his chest in pain. Meggie wondered if she should call an ambulance, then decided it would be a waste of money and soon it would all be hers. Suddenly, Victor grabbed Meggie by the hair and glared into her eyes asking, "What's the rush?"

Chloe and Kay went over the details for Mac and J.T.'s wedding. Victoria and Billy entered, and Reed told his mother that he was going to be in Mac and J.T.'s wedding. Reed asked Victoria to stay. Victoria said yes, but she was stunned. Esther took Reed out of the room. J.T. sympathized with Victoria, acknowledging that there was a lot of change happening very quickly. Victoria reminded J.T. that Reed's feelings came first, and Victoria was too good a mother to ruin the day for him.

Privately, J.T. told Kay and Mac that Victoria was angry with him. Kay thought that Victoria was entitled to her feelings. Kay spoke with Kevin about Daisy, assuming he cared about her return since she was related to Kevin. Kevin said all he wanted was for Michael to make sure that Daisy was jailed for a long time. Lily arrived for the wedding, explaining that Cane was out of town and wouldn't be able to attend. Mac asked Lily to be her matron of honor. Lily said yes. When Paul arrived, he agreed to be J.T.'s best man. The doorbell rang, and Kay welcomed the minister. It was Brock.

Victoria helped Reed get ready for the wedding. Victoria said she would call him every day and send him kisses. Reed said he would miss her, and Victoria said she felt the same way. Victoria told Reed he was her number one guy. J.T. watched his son and ex-wife. Billy stopped by and asked Victoria and Reed to go for a walk with him before the wedding.

Michael told Lauren that he was on his way to Heather's office to speak with her about Daisy's arraignment. Michael wanted to make sure that Daisy would not be released on bail. Michael asked Lauren to go with him to the arraignment to speak out against Daisy. Lauren was afraid of being exposed to someone as dangerous as Daisy. Michael urged Lauren to leave the apartment and face her fear.

When Michael met with Heather, he was surprised to learn that she had withdrawn from the election. Michael told Heather that Daisy had to remain behind bars. Michael said that Lauren's sanity depended on Daisy being incarcerated. Back at the apartment, Lauren recalled Daisy's evil accusations. Lauren was haunted by memories of being held in a cage and Daisy promising to make Lauren suffer.

Michael returned home and told Lauren that Heather was no longer running for D.A. He also confirmed that Heather had agreed to do her part to keep Daisy behind bars. Michael again asked Lauren to accompany him to the arraignment. Lauren recalled how Daisy had sworn to hurt Lauren. Michael told Lauren that she had already defeated Daisy by surviving the ordeal in the cage. Michael wanted Lauren to face Daisy and stand up to her.

Daisy met her public defender and asked the attorney if she'd be able to get a judge to grant Daisy bail. The lawyer wasn't sure and wondered if Daisy had the money to put up a bond for bail even if it was granted. Daisy expected the baby's father would pay the bail to get her out of jail.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis greeted Daniel. Phyllis wondered if Daniel had heard about Daisy's arrest. Daniel said that Daisy had been arrested in his apartment. Phyllis was stunned when Daniel told her that Daisy claimed that her unborn baby was Daniel's. Phyllis couldn't believe that she might be a grandmother. Daniel insisted that he'd never had sex with Daisy, but Phyllis reminded Daniel he had blacked out on the night he'd spent with Daisy. Phyllis wanted Daisy to get a paternity test to clear Daniel's name.

Heather was happy to see that Lauren was at the arraignment. Daisy said she was glad to see Lauren. Daisy declared that Sarah had abused her, and Daisy was a victim. Lauren said that Daisy was a monster. Lauren was determined to keep Daisy behind bars. Phyllis and Daniel appeared and wanted to arrange for Daisy to submit to a paternity test. Daniel wanted to do the test before the arraignment to prove he wasn't the father.

Daisy announced that she would only agree to a paternity test if she could be hospitalized until the results were determined. Lauren objected to Daisy being released from the jailhouse. Michael reminded everyone that Daisy was a flight risk. Phyllis tried to convince Lauren to go along with Daisy's request so that Daniel could learn the truth about the baby. Daisy was determined to get her way and would not let a prison doctor conduct the paternity test.

At the Chancellor mansion, the wedding began with J.T. taking his place in front of the gathering. Brock escorted Mac to J.T.'s side. Paul stood by J.T. Brock said that he had to make the ceremony brief. Brock was glad the family had something wonderful to celebrate in light of the recent troubles. J.T. and Mac recited their vows. Mac said that the only thing missing in her life had been love, and she found that with J.T., her friend from high school.

J.T. said that he and Mac were destined to be a family. When J.T. mentioned the new baby, Reed excitedly announced that he was going to be a big brother. J.T. and Mac said, "I do," and then exchanged rings. Brock announced they were husband and wife.

J.T. and Mac thanked everyone for attending. Privately, Billy spoke with Mac and wished her the best. Billy said he would always love Mac. Kay asked Mac to visit often, and then embraced her granddaughter. Lily and Mac promised to stay in touch.

At the car, J.T. apologized to Victoria for implying that she wasn't a good mother. Victoria was still upset about J.T. taking Reed from her. Victoria didn't think J.T. had the right to take a child from his mother. Victoria asked if J.T. would understand if Mac's child was taken away from her. Victoria said she'd never forgive J.T. for taking Reed away from her.

Brock promised to visit J.T. and Mac for Thanksgiving. Victoria pulled Reed aside to say goodbye. Victoria reminded Reed to brush his teeth and not jump on the bed. Victoria told Reed that she would be thinking about him all the time. Reed hugged his mother. Victoria told Reed that she loved him. J.T. took Reed out of Victoria's arms, but Reed rushed back for another hug. J.T. put Reed in the car. Victoria watched in tears as J.T. and Mac drove away.

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