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Meggie was arrested. Victor ended his engagement to Nikki when he found her in bed with Deacon. Kyle lashed out at Phyllis. Nick proposed to Sharon. Abby broke up with Daniel because of Daisy's pregnancy. Jack rejected Diane's seduction attempt.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 8, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, November 8, 2010

At the Newman ranch, Meggie thought she was about to become a wealthy widow when Victor suddenly snapped out of his faked stupor, grabbed Meggie by the hair, and shook her. Meggie shrieked. Victor yelled, "I'm not dead, yet, not even close, baby." Victor explained that he'd switched the drugs Meggie had with fake ones. Meggie escaped Victor's grasp just as he announced that she was in a lot of trouble. Ronan, Heather, and a uniformed officer emerged from the entry area. Meggie turned around and saw Murphy rolling in with the aid of his wheelchair from the other direction. Another uniformed officer stood guard behind Murphy, who glared menacingly at Meggie.

Meggie looked stunned and claimed she barely knew Murphy. Ronan told Meggie that she was probably surprised because she hadn't intended for Murphy or Victor to still be alive. Murphy tapped a message in Morse code with his finger. Ronan quickly translated the message and told Meggie that Murphy was calling her a liar. Meggie insisted that Murphy's tapping finger meant nothing. Heather explained that Meggie had murdered her husband, who was also Murphy's son. Heather added that Murphy's son wasn't Meggie's only victim.

Victor asked Meggie why she thought he'd leave Nikki for her. Meggie insisted that she only wanted to help Victor through a rough patch and would never hurt her friend, Nikki. Victor recalled Nikki having told him numerous times about Meggie serving her tea. Victor also remembered Nikki telling him about experiencing an overwhelming urge to drink. Victor told Meggie that she had put Nikki into rehab after sneaking booze into Nikki's tea. Victor ordered the authorities to get the trashy Meggie out of his house. Victor angrily warned Meggie not to ever show her face at his house again. Victor left to visit Nikki.

At the Chancellor estate, Nina listened as Katherine comforted Victoria. Katherine told Victoria that she was a loving mother for concealing her painful emotions when Reed left with J.T. and Mac. Nina served Victoria a cup of tea and told her it was cruel to separate a mother from her son. After Nina walked away, Katherine told Victoria that Victor had married Meggie. Victoria was livid. Nina returned and overhead Katherine tell Victoria that Meggie, a dangerous woman, had planned to marry Victor, kill him, and become a very rich widow. Nina added that Ronan and Murphy would protect Victor.

Katherine explained to Victoria how Ronan had discovered that Murphy was tapping messages in Morse code about Meggie's evil intentions. Victoria was stunned to learn that Meggie had murdered Murphy's son. Katherine gloated that Meggie had fallen into Victor's trap instead of Victor falling into Meggie's trap. Victoria realized that Meggie was responsible for putting Nikki into rehab. Katherine explained that Nikki was unaware of Meggie's objective and had no idea that Victor would do everything in his power to protect Nikki.

After Victoria left, Murphy and Ronan returned. Ronan proclaimed Murphy a hero. Ronan proudly announced that Meggie was on her way to jail. Nina congratulated Ronan, but he explained that Murphy had done him a great favor. Heather arrived and thanked Murphy. Katherine said she was thankful that Victor and Nikki's relationship had survived all that had happened.

Heather later told Ronan and Nina that she needed to take Murphy's statement. Nina sadly noted that although Murphy had saved a life, he didn't yet have control of his own life. Heather decided to postpone her interview because Murphy's recovery was uncertain. Ronan abruptly stepped out on the front porch to make a call.

Heather, troubled by Ronan's behavior, asked Nina if they'd said something wrong. Nina shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I have no idea." Nina added that Ronan pretended not to care about anyone and always seemed to shut down after showing a slight interest in his relationship to her. Heather saw Ronan through a window as she swallowed some pills. Heather tensely noted that something was going on with Ronan.

Katherine sat near Murphy, and he tapped his finger repeatedly. Katherine called Nina and Heather over to observe Murphy. Ronan returned and watched. Murphy slowly said, "I love you, old girl." Katherine's eyes lit up, and she responded, "You really are back!" Ronan's stern expression softened. Ronan smiled slightly as he watched Katherine lovingly stroke Murphy's cheek.

In Nikki's room at the treatment center, Deacon kissed Nikki as she recalled in a flashback about learning that Victor and Meggie had married. After Nikki remembered seeing a wedding photo of Meggie and Victor on Meggie's social-network page, Nikki continued kissing Deacon even after he offered to stop. Nikki and Deacon moved to the bed. Nikki told Deacon that if Victor could do whatever he wanted, so could she. Deacon and Nikki were making love in Nikki's bed when Victor arrived. Victor threatened Deacon for being with his wife. Nikki wrapped a bed sheet around herself as she reminded Victor that she wasn't his wife because she was the woman he'd left behind. Deacon called Victor an idiot for mistreating Nikki.

Nikki told Victor she knew that Meggie was his wife. A clinician heard commotion, entered Nikki's room, and escorted Deacon out. Out in the hallway, Victoria arrived as Deacon argued with the clinician and pleaded with the woman not to kick Nikki out of the program. Victoria asked Deacon what he'd done to her mother. Deacon told Victoria that her mother needed her, and he asked Victoria to tell Nikki goodbye for him before he walked away.

Victor glared at Nikki when she asked him to tell her about his wedding and his new wife. Nikki sobbed and reminded Victor that though he'd given her an engagement ring, she'd seen Meggie as his wife in a wedding photo. Victor explained that Meggie was a con artist who married wealthy men and then killed them. Victor added that Meggie had spiked Nikki's tea to make her fall off the wagon. Victor explained that Meggie's aim had been to get Nikki out of the way. Nikki dissolved into tears and asked if Meggie had hurt Victor. Victor, defiant, claimed he was fine, and he ordered Nikki to stay away from him. Nikki told Victor that he wasn't fine because she had hurt him.

Nikki sincerely apologized to Victor and explained that her world had been crazy ever since she had begun drinking again. Victor glared at Nikki as she expressed relief that relapsing hadn't been her fault. Nikki insisted that the only constant throughout her ordeal was her abiding love for Victor. Victor berated Nikki for falling into bed with a slimeball. Nikki blamed the alcohol, but Victor pointed his finger at her and told her never to go near him again because they were finished. Nikki's chin quivered, and she asked Victor how he could be so cold. Victor insisted that he would never forgive Nikki as he turned and walked away.

Nikki repeatedly told Victor that she loved him because he was part of her soul. Victor stopped at the door and yelled back, "I don't give a damn." Victor threateningly marched toward Nikki and told her he would never lay his hands on her again. Nikki sobbed as Victor left, and Victoria entered. Nikki, shaking, told Victoria she wanted to drink until her senses were numbed.

Victoria learned that Victor had found Nikki in bed with Deacon. Nikki explained that Deacon had been helpful and supportive. Victoria was stunned and told Nikki that the clinic had made Deacon leave. Victoria added that Deacon had the gall to ask her to tell Nikki goodbye. Nikki worried that the clinic would also kick her out of the program, but Victoria explained that Deacon had begged the clinician to let Nikki stay.

Victoria told her mother that Meggie had killed Murphy's son. Nikki cried because she'd been wrong to lose faith in Victor. Victoria explained that Victor always broke his loved ones' hearts, so what had happened wasn't entirely Nikki's fault. The clinician returned and asked Victoria to leave, so Nikki could get back on track with her therapy. Victoria told her mom that she hated leaving. Nikki asked how she and Victor could ever be together if their circumstances always turned out horribly wrong. Nikki added that perhaps Meggie had proven that Victor and Nikki's relationship would never work. Victoria and Nikki hugged and exchanged kisses before Victoria left.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Diane told Jack that he'd had his chance with Kyle, but he'd blown it by allowing Phyllis to bash her in print. Diane added that she was headed to New York to find a job. Jack told Diane that moving to New York was off the table, but Diane maintained that she and Kyle would be better off far away from Genoa City and far away from Jack. Jack was frustrated.

Later, Nick stopped by the GCAC. Nick and Jack chatted as they each picked up take-out dinners. Nick said that his and Phyllis' divorce was final. Jack recalled that he'd played the same scene with Phyllis five years before and that Diane had even been in town at that time. Nick asked about Diane, and Jack explained that she had threatened to take Kyle away again. Jack insisted that he would fight for Kyle.

Later in the club's dining area, Diane told Kyle that she'd hired a sitter to look after him while she was in New York. Kyle asked why he couldn't stay with his dad. As the sitter arrived, Kyle asked his mom why they'd moved to Genoa City if she planned to leave him with a stranger at a hotel. Diane greeted Jamie, Kyle's sitter, and told her that Kyle should have protein for breakfast.

Kyle, engrossed by his laptop computer, called out to his mother just after she walked away. Kyle read the online article Phyllis had published and seemed shaken. Kyle asked Jamie to order him a cheeseburger while he dropped his computer off in his room. Jamie was distracted as Kyle sneaked out through the revolving doors at the entrance to the club.

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Phyllis ran into Sharon and Faith. Phyllis was overly cordial, and Sharon seemed taken aback. Phyllis claimed she was mellow because she no longer had to act subservient and submissive and didn't need Nick's approval. Sharon claimed that the new Phyllis seemed vindictive and vicious. Phyllis maintained her composure and faked a friendly smile as Sharon hastily pushed Faith in her carriage out the door.

At the tack house, Phyllis arrived to pick up Summer. Nick opened his mail and discovered the final divorce decree that dissolved his marriage to Phyllis. Phyllis was stoic when Nick displayed the document. Phyllis insisted that she was fine, and she laughed uneasily. Nick seemed subdued and said he knew it would be difficult for Summer to bounce between her parents' two houses. Summer bounded into the room and excitedly asked if she'd enjoy two Christmases. Phyllis claimed that Summer was resilient.

Later, Sharon and Faith arrived for dinner with Nick. Nick mentioned that his divorce was final, and Sharon admitted she'd already heard the news. Nick held Faith and kissed her as the family settled back to watch the movie Babe. After Faith went to bed, Nick told Sharon that his marriage to Phyllis had been over for a long time. Nick admitted that he wanted to enjoy time with Sharon. Nick mentioned his parents, and Sharon praised Nikki for working through her problems. Nick said he believed that Victor would always go back to Nikki.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis sent Summer to wash her hands before enjoying the lasagna dinner Jack had taken home. Jack mentioned seeing Nick, who had told him about the divorce papers. Phyllis quickly claimed she was fine. Jack embraced Phyllis and began kissing her, but Phyllis pulled away and explained that she didn't want Summer walking in to find them kissing. Jack heard the doorbell and found that Kyle had arrived alone. Kyle explained that he'd ditched his sitter after discovering what Phyllis had written about his mom. Phyllis was shocked to learn that Kyle had read the piece. Kyle explained that everyone on the Internet had read what Phyllis had written.

Kyle turned to Jack and asked if his mom had done the things he'd read about in the article. Phyllis told Kyle that articles in her magazine weren't meant for kids. Jack sent Phyllis out of the room. After Phyllis hesitantly walked away, Jack calmly told Kyle that, at face value, he should believe only half the things he saw and nothing he heard. Kyle claimed that surely what he'd read was a lie. Jack explained that someday he, Kyle, and Kyle's mom would talk about the things the youngster had read. Jack insisted that Kyle's mom loved him, and Jack praised his son for coming to him.

Jack insisted that Kyle should stay with him, and he sent his son upstairs to investigate his new bedroom. Jack phoned Diane and told him about Kyle's unexpected visit. Jack told Diane that Kyle would stay with him until they could sit down and discuss the article together. Diane promised she wouldn't keep Kyle away from Jack. Phyllis stood in the doorway and overheard Jack tell Diane that he would not let anyone interfere with his and Kyle's relationship. Phyllis seemed stunned by Jack's comment. Jack later told Phyllis he'd merely meant that he wanted to support Kyle.

Phyllis insisted her column wasn't written to hurt Kyle. Jack said that Diane had been right, and he hated that fact for a number of reasons. Phyllis defiantly crossed her arms at her hips and sighed. Kyle and Summer came running down the stairs together. Kyle announced that they could all watch a movie as a family. Phyllis corrected Kyle and explained that they were all friends. Kyle told Jack that after what Phyllis had written about his mom, he'd rather hang out with Jack in another room. Jack told Phyllis that they would have to cut their visit short. Phyllis and Summer left.

At the airport, Victor phoned his pilot and explained that he didn't yet know where he was going. Victor told his pilot he would choose a destination by the time the jet was fueled and ready. Diane showed up and explained that she'd missed her flight to New York. Victor offered to fly Diane to New York. Diane insisted that she wasn't fishing for an offer, but Victor told her to get on the plane before it left if she wanted to arrive in New York. Diane seemed taken aback.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sharon visited Nick for breakfast, explaining that she was free for the day, since Summer was with the sitter. Nick offered to do something more than just make breakfast for Sharon. Sharon noted that things seemed different between them because of Nick's divorce. Nick agreed. Nick told Sharon that he was concerned about an email from his father. There was no information in the email other than Victor's request that Nick handle the business. Nick was unable to find out where his father was or why he had left town.

At the Athletic Club, Adam returned to the suite he shared with Skye. Skye wanted to know if Adam had returned the money he had withdrawn from the hedge fund. Adam said that the money hadn't been Skye's, and he was entitled to take it. Skye threatened to have Adam arrested. Adam told Skye that he had given the hundred thousand dollars to Justin Hightower. Skye assumed that Adam was trying to impress Sharon with his generosity. Skye declared that Adam had used Skye to get Sharon to go after Adam the night he was at the bus station.

Adam insisted that he had intended to leave Genoa City that night. Adam told Skye that he was through with the Newman Fund. Adam said he would be divorcing Skye. Skye didn't believe Adam and assumed that he was bluffing. Adam said that he would walk away from her and the money. Skye said she had enough on Adam to get him thrown back in prison. Adam dared Skye to try, knowing that Skye wouldn't risk bringing scandal to the Newman Fund. Skye asked Adam how he would survive without her money. Adam said he was going to find a job.

At Crimson Lights, Hogan confronted Kevin and gave him one day more to come up with the missing ten thousand dollars. After Hogan left, Chloe sympathized with Kevin. Kevin told Chloe that he could handle his problems without her help. At Gloworm, Gloria told Jeffrey that she'd had an encounter with Hogan and found him to be a very charming man. Kevin arrived at the restaurant with Chloe on his heels. Chloe refused to remain uninvolved in Kevin's business. Gloria was concerned about how Daisy's return would affect Kevin. Kevin wanted to speak with Jeffrey, so Chloe distracted Gloria with questions about a possible Restless Style cover story about Mrs. Bardwell.

A while later, Adam arrived at Gloworm and asked Jeffrey if the bartender job was still available. Jeffrey didn't think Adam was serious, but Adam insisted that he was. Gloria interviewed Adam and gave him the job. Gloria was sure that curiosity seekers would be interested in watching Adam pour drinks.

Jeffrey told Kevin that he hadn't repaid Hogan because Jeffrey didn't have the money. Jeffrey had no idea who could have taken the ten thousand dollars, but it was definitely missing. Kevin told Jeffrey if they couldn't replace the money, they were both in big trouble with Hogan. Gloria surprised Jeffrey with a gift. Jeffrey opened a box to find a watch. Jeffrey was stunned and pointed out that it was much too extravagant.

Gloria said that Jeffrey was deserving and that there was plenty of money. Gloria commented that there was money everywhere, including a shopping bag filled with cash that she had found behind the bar. Jeffrey and Kevin realized that Gloria had taken the missing ten thousand dollars. Jeffrey wanted Gloria to return the watch. Jeffrey explained that the money in the bag had been earmarked for taxes. Gloria said the watch was engraved and couldn't be returned. Kevin asked Jeffrey how they could come up with the missing money for Hogan. Jeffrey wasn't sure.

At Billy's office, Victoria admitted to Billy that she wanted to fly to Washington to see Reed. Billy sympathized with his wife. When Phyllis arrived at work, Billy asked Phyllis if it was true that Daisy was pregnant. Phyllis said no and nixed his suggestion that Phyllis write a story about Daisy. Billy wanted Phyllis to work on a story about Diane instead. Phyllis was reticent because the online piece on Diane had resulted in repercussions that Phyllis hadn't anticipated. Victoria was surprised that Phyllis hadn't assumed that Jack would be upset. Phyllis revealed that it had been Kyle who was upset about the story. Phyllis believed that Diane had to know that Kyle would eventually learn the truth about Diane's past.

Victoria received a phone call from Nick and left to visit her brother. While waiting for Victoria, Sharon asked Nick if Victoria knew what was going on with Victor. Nick wasn't sure. Sharon shared new photos of Faith with Nick. Nick was on the verge of admitting his feelings for Sharon, but he held back. Victoria arrived and said hello to Sharon and Nick.

Sharon left the house so Nick and Victoria could speak alone. Victoria told Nick that Meggie had tried to kill Victor. Nick was shocked. Victoria said that Victor had set a trap, and Meggie had been arrested. Victoria said that Nikki had been in the dark about Victor's plan, and when Nikki believed that Victor had married Meggie, Nikki had reacted rashly.

Victoria revealed that Victor had found Nikki in bed with Deacon. Victoria said that Deacon had been thrown out of the treatment center. Nick told Victoria that he had known that Deacon had been there, but he'd kept quiet about it. Victoria was furious with Nick for keeping secrets from her. Nick apologized to Victoria. Nick said he couldn't have known what was going to happen with Nikki and Victor.

Victoria told Nick that he should have trusted her because she was his sister and had always treated him fairly. Victoria was upset that Victor had abandoned Nikki again. Nick and Victoria agreed that despite the fact that their parents loved each other, Nikki and Victor always managed to screw up their relationship.

Nick told Victoria that his divorce from Phyllis was final. Victoria revealed to Nick that Mac and J.T. had moved to Washington, DC, permanently. Nick was shocked that Victoria was separated from Reed. Nick said that he wanted to be closer to Victoria. Victoria reminded Nick that he didn't approve of her decisions, like marrying Billy and suing Victor. Nick asked Victoria to give him a chance to reconnect. Victoria said she had to leave.

Sharon arrived at Gloworm, and Gloria showed her to a table. Sharon was stunned to see Adam working behind the bar. Adam said hello to Sharon and explained that he had quit the hedge fund and left Skye. Adam said he felt optimistic about the future. Sharon said that she was waiting for Nick. Sharon informed Adam that Nick's divorce from Phyllis had been finalized. Adam understood that Sharon was implying that she and Nick had a future together.

Nick joined Sharon at the restaurant. When Nick saw that Adam was at the bar, Nick was ticked. Sharon asked if Nick was okay. Nick said that he was not going to let Adam get to him. Nick realized that he couldn't fix other people's problems. Nick wanted to focus on the people he cared about. Nick told Sharon that he loved her and wanted to take her home and make love to her. A short time later, Gloria told Adam to take care of business behind the bar. Adam noticed that Nick and Sharon had left Gloworm. Back at the house, Nick and Sharon made love.

Jack spoke with Kyle about the story online about Diane. Diane called Jack to say that she was in New York for a job interview, but she was worried about Kyle's reaction to the story. Kyle took the phone and asked Diane if the Restless Style story was true or not. Diane said there were unusual circumstances regarding Kyle's birth. Kyle asked if Diane had started the pool house fire. Diane claimed that when she was young, she had made some mistakes. Diane said that she had changed. Kyle hung up the phone and asked Jack to take him to school.

In New York, Diane was interviewed for a new job, but she was nervous and seemed unsure of herself. The interviewer ended the questioning abruptly and said he would be in touch. At Restless Style, Kyle appeared and asked to speak with his uncle. Kyle asked Billy to make sure that Phyllis stopped writing negative stories about Diane. Off to the side, Phyllis called Jack to let him know that Kyle was in the office. Jack asked Phyllis to keep Kyle there until Jack arrived.

Billy admired the way that Kyle defended Diane. Billy said that if anything about Diane came up in the future, he would give Kyle a heads-up. Phyllis tried to explain to Kyle why she had written the article. Phyllis wasn't apologizing, but she wanted Kyle to know that the story was truthful. Kyle was still upset by Phyllis' attitude. Jack entered and saw Kyle purposely knock over a cup of tea onto the keyboard of Phyllis' computer.

Jack said that Kyle's behavior was unacceptable. Jack was also furious that Kyle had ditched school. Jack told Kyle that he had to let Phyllis and Diane handle their fight on their own. Jack insisted on taking Kyle back to school. Phyllis wanted to meet Jack later, but Jack told her he needed some distance from Phyllis. Jack and Kyle left the office. In New York, a depressed Diane was having a drink at a bar when Victor appeared and asked to join her.

Billy met Victoria at Crimson Lights. Victoria explained that she missed the closeness she'd once had with Nick. Victoria worried that Reed would grow apart from her, since he lived in DC. Billy told Victoria that she wouldn't let that happen. Billy said that Kyle was suffering because he was disillusioned with his parents. Billy hoped Delia never became disillusioned with him. Victoria suggested that they get Delia out of pre-school for the day, and they left to get her.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Victor and Diane shared a drink in a New York bar. Diane was surprised that Victor was treating her with kindness, considering their history. Diane proposed a toast to "strange bedfellows." Diane confessed to Victor that her job interview had been a disaster. Diane also complained about the Restless Style article that Kyle had read online. Victor thought that Diane was feeling sorry for herself. Diane blamed Phyllis for her problems.

Victor listened as Diane said that Phyllis was out for revenge and hadn't given Diane a chance to get settled in Genoa City. Diane was very upset about Kyle's reaction. Diane was in tears as she admitted how difficult it had been to confess her sins to her child. Victor empathized. Diane believed that the seven years that had passed since her last time in Genoa City had been long enough for Diane to be given a second chance. Diane was surprised that she could confide in Victor, her ex-husband, a man who had once wanted her dead.

Diane told Victor that she had expected people in town might have mellowed since she'd last been there. Victor was surprised by her naiveté. Victor reminded Diane that she had always been an instigator. Because of Kyle, Diane had hoped for a new start. Victor related to Diane, saying he was familiar with how people could disappoint you. Diane asked Victor why he was in New York.

Victor wasn't interested in confiding anything about his life to Diane. Turning on the charm, Diane fished for reasons, but Victor remained mum. Victor wasn't interested in Diane's help. Diane agreed that self-pity was a sign of weakness. Diane asked Victor where he was staying. Victor recognized that Diane was hitting on to him. Victor said he didn't want a nightcap with Diane. With a shrug, Diane revealed that she was flying back to Genoa City on the next flight. Diane thanked Victor for the drink and the ride to New York. Diane then walked away.

Michael returned home to find Lauren and Fen sitting on the couch and reading a book. Michael wondered why Fen wasn't in school. Lauren said that she had allowed Fen to stay home from school. When Fen stepped out of the room, Michael asked Lauren why she was hiding at home instead of going to the store. Lauren explained that she and Fen were simply sharing some quality time. Michael understood that Lauren was struggling with the fact that Daisy was back in their lives, but Michael wouldn't let Lauren become a recluse.

Lauren offered Michael a fresh-baked cookie. Michael asked Lauren why she was acting afraid. Lauren contended that Daisy was a threat and Ryder was still on the loose. Michael said that he had made precautions to protect Fen and Lauren. Michael wanted Fen to return to in school. Lauren called Fen and told him that Michael was taking him to school. Michael asked Lauren to go with him and Fen, but Lauren refused to leave the house. When Michael urged Lauren to reconsider his request, Lauren blasted him for not understanding her.

Phyllis went to the jail to see Daisy. Daisy played up her pregnancy to Phyllis. Phyllis wanted to make a deal with Daisy. Daisy refused to get the paternity tests unless Phyllis got Daisy out of jail. Phyllis said that she sympathized with Daisy. Phyllis told Daisy that she had been pregnant when she was as young as Daisy. Phyllis had also been alone. Phyllis offered to be there for Daisy. Phyllis claimed that Daisy was a victim, just like Lauren and Jana had been. Daisy was worried about her baby. Phyllis said she would get Daisy out of jail. Daisy believed Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was lost in memories of when she was young and Daniel was a baby. Michael joined Phyllis, and she told him about visiting Daisy. Phyllis was determined to get Daisy to submit to a paternity test. Michael wondered what Jack thought about Phyllis and Daisy's connection. Phyllis revealed that she and Jack were on a break. Phyllis understood that Lauren was highly emotional about Daisy, but Phyllis cared about the baby. Phyllis told Michael that when she was younger, she'd been like Daisy. Phyllis said that she had no sympathy for Daisy.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey told Kevin that he didn't have the ten thousand dollars for Hogan. Gloria asked why Kevin and Jeffrey were acting so suspiciously. Jeffrey assured her that it was nothing. When they were alone again, Kevin stated that he believed that Jeffrey had some money stashed away. Jeffrey was reluctant to use his hidden funds. Kevin told him to do it anyway.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel was happy to see Abby, but she was still upset about Daisy. Daniel was certain that Daisy's baby was not his. Abby thought that Daniel was living in denial. Daniel believed that Abby enjoyed the drama because Abby loved the spotlight. Abby said that this was different. Abby couldn't find a reason for Daisy to return with a baby in her belly unless Daniel was truly the father. Daniel told Abby to speak to Daisy if she wanted answers.

Abby arrived at the jail and was given ten minutes to speak with Daisy. Daisy admitted that she had used Abby when she first arrived in Genoa City. Daisy also admitted that Ryder had used Abby to get supplies when they were holding Lauren and Jana in the cage. Daisy said they hadn't targeted Abby. Daisy stuck to her story that Daniel was the father of her baby.

At the restaurant, Chloe kept Gloria preoccupied with questions for a Restless Style story, while Kevin and Jeffrey got the money ready for Hogan. Kevin took the shopping bag filled with the ten thousand dollars from Jeffrey and left the restaurant. Kevin passed Daniel on the way out, but said he didn't have time to talk. Chloe followed Kevin out of the place and jumped into his car. Kevin told Chloe to get out of the car, but Chloe refused. Before they started the car, a police car flashed its lights at Kevin.

The officer explained to Kevin that the car registration had expired. Chloe asked if the cop could hurry things along, but the officer was not listening to her. Chloe knocked over the shopping bag and the piles of cash spilled onto the backseat. The cop saw the money and asked Kevin to step out of the car. When the police found betting receipts in the bag, they surmised that Kevin was a bookie. The police accused Chloe of being an accessory. Chloe and Kevin were arrested.

Phyllis visited Lauren at home and saw that Lauren was on edge. Lauren blamed her agitation on Daisy. Lauren was angry with herself for lowering her guard after Sheila died. Phyllis assured Lauren that they would have peace in the future because Daisy and Ryder weren't really a threat without Sheila or Sarah guiding them. Phyllis tried to convince Lauren to approve of Daisy's transfer to the hospital for the paternity test. Lauren was still fearful, but agreed to call Michael.

At Gloworm, Michael received a call from Lauren about Daisy's paternity test. Michael said he'd do it immediately. Lauren hoped that Phyllis was right. Abby met Daniel at Gloworm and told him that she had visited Daisy. Daniel was shocked. Abby said that she believed that Daisy was telling the truth about the baby. Daniel tried to get Abby to forget about Daisy so he and Abby could go back to dating. Abby said they couldn't go back. Daniel was stunned that Abby believed Daisy instead of him. Abby told Daniel that they were through because he had to deal with Daisy.

Kevin and Chloe were locked up in a holding cell right beside Daisy. Kevin rejected Daisy's attempts to make him feel like the baby's uncle. While Kevin and Chloe looked on, Daisy received a transfer to the hospital. In the hospital, Daisy was handcuffed to the bed. Phyllis arrived to check on Daisy. Daisy thanked Phyllis for getting her out of jail. Phyllis said that Daisy would only be there for the paternity test. Daisy asked Phyllis to convince Daniel to visit her.

Gloria left the restaurant, leaving Jeffrey in charge. Jeffrey was worried about Kevin because he should have been back after the drop. Hogan entered Gloworm and asked Jeffrey what had happened to his ten thousand dollars. In the jail cell, Chloe was upset, and Kevin had bad memories from his other times in prison. Kevin was allowed to make a phone call.

Michael arrived home to find that Lauren was locked in the apartment. Lauren was nervous and Michael tried to comfort her. Michael said that after the paternity test, he would make sure Daisy was returned to jail. Michael's phone rang, and it was Kevin telling of his arrest. Michael said it was a bad time. Despite his promise to Lauren not to leave the house, Michael said he had to bail Chloe and Kevin out of jail. Lauren was upset.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Neil and Lily took the twins back home, and Cane was there to welcome them. Neil was relieved that Cane and Lily were no longer in any danger. Cane recalled his deal with Blake and the fact that the Australia crime syndicate was still threatening him. Lily noticed that Cane was distracted, but Cane said he had his mind on work.

At McCall Unlimited, Tucker asked Sofia about the man she'd hired, James Collier. Sofia explained that Collier was consulting on the bio fuels project and that Cane had vouched for Collier's expertise. Tucker was not pleased with the enormous salary Collier was receiving. Tucker wanted to know more about James Collier. Sofia called Cane and told him that Tucker wanted to see him to discuss the hiring of James Collier. Cane asked Neil to stay with Lily while Cane went to Tucker's office.

When Cane arrived at the office, he told Tucker that Collier was the right man for the job. Tucker wanted to see proof, so he handed Cane a pile of folders and asked Cane to have James Collier answer the questions in the files by the morning. Tucker also told Cane he wanted a face-to-face meeting with Collier the next day. Cane wasn't sure he could get Collier to Genoa City that fast. Tucker said he would fly Collier in on the corporate jet.

Back at the apartment, Lily greeted Blake when he showed up on the doorstep. Lily was glad to see Blake and asked him to hold Matilda while she and Neil attended to Charlie. When Cane returned home, he found Blake holding his daughter. Neil and Lily returned to the living room and saw Cane with Blake. Lily invited Blake to stay for lunch, and he accepted.

Victoria was home with Delia, and together they were playing dolls. Billy entered and was happy to see his wife and daughter getting along so well. Billy sent Delia out of the room for a juice box so he could speak with Victoria alone. Billy told Victoria that the reason Delia had spent the night with them was because Chloe had never made it home. Billy explained that Chloe had been arrested.

In jail, Chloe and Kevin were still waiting to be questioned. Chloe assured Kevin that the situation would be resolved quickly because they hadn't done anything wrong. At Gloworm, Jeffrey was worried about Kevin's disappearance. Jeffrey complained to Gloria that Kevin had been doing some business for Jeffrey. Gloria said she'd try to find out where her son had spent the night.

Michael returned home and told Lauren that he had checked on Daisy. Michael said that Daisy was securely locked up in the hospital room. Michel reminded Lauren that Heather would be stopping by to interview Lauren and Jana for Daisy's arraignment. When Gloria called his cell phone, Michael told his mother that Kevin had been in lockup all night. A stunned Gloria told Jeffrey that Kevin had been arrested for bookmaking.

Jana arrived at Lauren and Michael's in anticipation of their meeting with Heather. After Michael left the apartment, Lauren told Jana that she believed Daisy was a pathological liar. Jana was certain that Daisy would never been released from prison once the jury heard what Daisy had done to them. Lauren feared that a jury might feel sorry for Daisy, especially since she was pregnant.

At the jail, Michael met with Heather. Heather confirmed that she would be interviewing Jana and Lauren. Heather was optimistic about the case against Daisy. Heather was concerned about Kevin's arrest because it appeared that Kevin was involved with Mark Hogan, a major bookie in Genoa City. Heather wanted Kevin to provide information about Hogan because Heather needed to impress her new bosses with a high-profile arrest. Michael warned Heather that he wouldn't let her use Kevin to further her career.

When Heather asked Kevin about the money found in the car, Kevin said he and Chloe had planned to use the cash to buy furniture. Heather said there were betting receipts in the shopping bag along with the money. Kevin claimed he had put the cash in the bag and didn't know anything about the betting slips. Heather asked for Kevin to tell her what he knew about Mark Hogan. Kevin denied knowing Hogan.

Heather offered to make a deal with Kevin. Kevin and Chloe would receive total immunity if Kevin revealed what he knew about Mark Hogan. Michael intervened to say that Kevin had already said he didn't know Hogan. Heather admitted that Kevin's fingerprints had not been found on the betting slips.

At Gloworm, Hogan confronted Jeffrey about the missing ten thousand dollars. Hogan knew that Kevin was in lockup. Hogan warned Jeffrey that if Kevin told the authorities anything about Hogan's operation, Kevin would be in deep trouble.

At the visitors' room, Billy asked Chloe why she was in jail when Chloe had planned to spend the evening with Delia. Chloe felt terrible about disappointing Delia, but Chloe said that she wasn't to blame. Chloe said the arrest had been a mistake. Billy told Chloe she needed to stay out of trouble. Billy questioned Chloe's judgment and wondered if Delia might be better off living with him and Victoria.

Victoria greeted Billy with a kiss when he returned home. Victoria said that Delia was napping. Billy told Victoria about Chloe's arrest and said that he was concerned about Chloe's behavior. Billy wondered why Chloe had moved out of the mansion and into Kevin's small apartment. Billy characterized Chloe's actions as "hijinks." Billy said that he felt more mature than Chloe and more able to care for Delia.

Kevin and Chloe were released from jail. Chloe told Kevin that Billy had visited her in lock-up and given her a hard time about Delia. Kevin offered to drive Chloe home, but Chloe said she needed to go to Billy's and get her daughter. A short time later, Chloe appeared at Billy's and said she was taking Delia home. Billy and Victoria were not pleased with Chloe's brusque attitude.

Heather met with Jana and Lauren to go over their statements for Daisy's hearing. Heather said the case against Daisy depended entirely on Jana and Lauren's testimony. Lauren wasn't sure that she could handle appearing in court. Jana offered to speak for both of them, but Heather said she needed them both to corroborate the story. Lauren realized that she could not allow Daisy to get away with what she'd done to her and Jana. Lauren felt she had to testify for the sake of her children. Heather assured Jana and Lauren that after Daisy's paternity test, Daisy would be sent back to jail.

Lauren told Michael that she had confidence that Daisy would be convicted. Michael told her that the case against Daisy was strong. Kevin walked into Daisy's hospital room and warned her to stay away from Lauren, Michael, and Jana. Daisy said that she admired Kevin. Daisy told Kevin that she wanted to make sure that her baby wasn't punished for Daisy's sins. Daisy asked Kevin if he could help arrange it so that Daisy had the baby in a hospital and not behind bars. Jana listened in on Kevin and Daisy's conversation.

When Kevin walked out, Jana entered Daisy's room. Jana told Daisy that she had no sympathy for her. Daisy taunted Jana by saying that Ryder had contacted Daisy, but never asked about Jana. Jana blamed Daisy for wrecking her marriage to Kevin. Daisy said she truly cared about Kevin. Daisy offered to help Jana win Kevin back. Jana thought Daisy was mad, but Daisy said that in exchange for Jana not testifying against Daisy in court, Daisy would convince Kevin that Jana was worthy of his love.

At Tucker's office, Neil reported to Tucker about his work with Sofia. Tucker was pleased with their progress. Neil assured Tucker that Cane could be trusted to have done his due diligence before hiring James Collier. Tucker was suspicious of Collier because nobody Tucker knew had ever heard of Collier. Tucker told Neil that Cane would be fired if Tucker discovered that James Collier was not as good as he seemed to be.

Sofia told Neil that if Cane's consultant didn't come through, Sofia would be in trouble with Tucker. Neil defended Cane to Sofia, saying that Cane would not risk everything on a shady deal. Neil mentioned that Lily had moved back to her apartment. Sofia said she had a quiet night at home alone with Malcolm out of town on a photo shoot. Neil invited Sofia to join him for dinner, and she agreed.

With Lily out of the room, Blake warned Cane that he'd better not screw up. Cane said that he would kill Blake if Blake did anything to harm Lily and the twins. A while later, Blake thanked Lily for lunch. Cane walked Blake to the door. Blake asked when Cane would be making the next payment. Cane explained the problem with Tucker. Blake told Cane to work it out. After Blake had left, Lily cuddled with Cane and said she was glad to be home, and grateful to Blake for making them safe again.

Hogan returned to Gloworm and saw Jeffrey and Kevin. Hogan thanked Kevin for keeping his mouth shut with the law. Hogan admired Kevin and said he could have a bright future in his business. Hogan told Jeffrey the ten thousand dollars was Jeffrey's responsibility. Hogan called Jeffrey a weasel.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Phyllis ran into Jack at Crimson Lights. They were friendly, but things between them were awkward. To make up for Kyle's destructive actions, Jack offered to replace Phyllis' laptop. Phyllis said it wasn't necessary. Phyllis revealed that she and Daniel were awaiting Daisy's paternity results. Jack said he'd be thinking about Phyllis, then said goodbye and left.

The manager at the Athletic Club confronted Diane about her bill. Diane's credit card had been rejected. Diane said that she would pay her bill immediately. Diane called a dealer to inquire about selling her gold jewelry. Jack approached Diane's table and asked to join her. Jack said that he had received the tuition bill from Kyle's school. Jack offered to help with the payments, but Diane said that she didn't want to take advantage of Jack. Jack insisted, and Diane agreed. Jack thanked Diane.

Diane told Jack that she had changed, but Jack was only interested in Diane when it came to their son, Kyle. Diane said the Kyle was still very upset about the Restless Style story. Jack offered to take Kyle for the weekend. Diane objected to the arrangement if Phyllis would be with Jack. Jack said he and Phyllis were on a break. Jack said he'd call Diane to make the arrangements and left for his workout.

Phyllis entered the Athletic Club. When Diane saw Phyllis, she confronted her. Phyllis said she had an appointment. Diane resented that Phyllis had published the story about Diane on the Internet. Phyllis wondered why Diane hadn't put parental controls on Kyle's computer. Diane believed that Phyllis had meant to hurt Kyle. Phyllis warned Diane not to make a scene or she might embarrass Kyle yet again. Diane told Phyllis that someday Summer would learn about Phyllis' past indiscretions.

Later, Diane ran into Phyllis again. Diane and told Phyllis that she knew Jack had broken up with her because of the Restless Style story. Phyllis said that Jack was more concerned about Kyle than about Diane. Jack overheard Phyllis saying that she was glad that she'd written the article and exposed Diane. Diane tried to physically assault Phyllis. Jack grabbed Diane and pulled her into the elevator.

Diane appreciated Jack going to her rescue. Jack said he had gone to Phyllis' rescue, not hers. Jack said that he had no interest in Diane anymore. Jack said Diane no longer got to him. Diane didn't believe Jack. Diane wanted him to prove it, so she pulled the emergency stop button and kissed Jack. Jack pulled away and pushed the button to get the elevator moving again. When Diane left the elevator, Jack found her past due notice from the hotel on the floor.

Lily woke up to find Cane on the couch and up to his neck in work. Cane complained that he'd been up all night trying to take care of his family. Lily went into the kitchen to make coffee. Blake called Cane and asked for another payment. Cane said he had bigger problems because Tucker expected to meet Collier in the office. Blake told Cane to solve his own problems and keep making the payments.

Tucker spoke on the phone about Collier. Tucker expected Cane to present James Collier for a face-to-face interview within the hour. Tucker was also anxious to read Collier's report. Tucker saw an email from Collier and opened it. Tucker hoped the work was impressive. Cane arrived at Tucker's office. Tucker said that he had liked Collier's report, but was ticked that it had been delayed. Cane explained that Collier would not make the meeting because of a family emergency. Blake appeared at the door and introduced himself as James Collier.

Lily cleaned up the mess Cane had left on the couch. Lily called Cane's phone and left a message apologizing for not being more understanding about his work. In the office, Blake pretended that he was Collier and backed Cane's lies to Tucker. Blake admired that Tucker was such a hands-on CEO. Cane listened as Blake told Tucker he was anxious to handle as much work as Tucker needed done. Tucker said he was impressed with Collier's report, but Tucker valued the face-to-face meeting more. Tucker asked Blake to stay in Genoa City. Blake left, and Tucker told Cane that if Collier screwed up, Cane would be held responsible. Tucker called Sofia and said that he was suspicious about Collier.

Cane took home flowers to Lily. Cane apologized for taking out his frustrations about work on her. Lily kissed Cane. Blake walked into the room from the kitchen. Cane was stunned to see Blake. Lily told Cane that Blake was thrilled that Cane had gotten him a job consulting on the bio-fuels project. Blake opened a bottle of champagne and proposed a toast. Lily went into the other room to attend to the babies. Cane told Blake that he'd nearly blown the deal with Tucker. Blake said that he'd saved Cane's neck. Cane warned Blake to stay away from Lily and the twins. Blake said he wouldn't be out of Cane's life any time soon.

Heather walked into Gloworm and saw Adam behind the bar. Adam said he was the new bartender. Heather doubted that Adam really wanted an honest job. Paul arrived and Heather asked if they could go somewhere else. Skye passed Heather and Paul leaving. Skye and was stunned to see Adam working at the bar. Skye demanded to know what Adam was doing.

Skye said that she had a meeting with Tom Cassidy, the financial reporter, and if Adam were seen tending bar, the Newman Fund would be sunk. Adam refused to leave his post. Skye threatened to expose Adam's secrets, but he said he didn't care. When Tom Cassidy appeared, Skye led him to a table. Skye looked over and saw that Adam had left the bar.

Heather and Paul talked over breakfast at the Athletic Club. Paul believed that Heather was the right person to build a case against Adam. Heather hadn't met her new boss yet, but hoped to keep her job in the D.A.'s office. Paul encouraged her to impress the new D.A. with her zeal to prosecute Adam.

At Sharon's, Nick surprised his ex-wife with a home-cooked pancake breakfast. Sharon told Nick how much she had enjoyed the time they'd spent together, but she knew reality was approaching. Victor would expect Nick back at the office soon, and Noah would be returning home from his trip out of town. Sharon wondered if they were moving too fast with their reconciliation, but Nick said it felt right. Sharon agreed and asked Nick to move in with her and Faith. Nick said yes with a kiss.

Nick moved some boxes from the tack house to Sharon's. Sharon wondered if Cassie would be happy for them. Nick felt certain that she was. Nick kissed Sharon. Sharon suggested that they christen the house with love. Nick and Sharon pulled off their sweaters and began making love on the couch. Outside the house, Adam stepped up to the door. Before knocking, Adam looked in the window and saw Sharon and Nick making love. Adam walked away.

After unpacking some boxes, Nick told Sharon that he wanted more than just to live with her. Nick wanted them to be a real family again. Nick got down on one knee and asked Sharon to marry him.

Adam was at the Athletic Club bar. Skye approached Adam as he downed a drink. Skye was glad that Adam had left Gloworm when he did. Adam was unafraid of Skye and her threats. Adam said that if Victor Newman couldn't put him away, Skye certainly wouldn't be able to do it. While Heather and Paul looked on, Adam confronted Walsh, the new D.A. Adam introduced Skye to Walsh. Adam told Walsh that Skye had something to tell him.

Phyllis entered the dining room and saw Walsh with Skye and Adam. Phyllis asked Heather and Paul what was going on with the new D.A. Heather, and Paul said they weren't sure. Adam urged Skye to speak up to Mr. Walsh. Skye was speechless. Adam finally covered for Skye and wished the new D.A. well. Walsh said that he would not be reopening Pomerantz's old cases. Walsh walked away.

Adam told Skye that he had just called her bluff. Adam explained to Skye that she had nothing to hold against him anymore. Adam declared that he was in charge, and he wanted Skye out of his life. Adam warned Skye not to cross him. Skye went upstairs. It was revealed that Phyllis was behind the stairs and had heard Adam's threat.

Heather approached Walsh and told him that she was anxious to reopen Adam's case. Walsh turned her down. Heather was surprised, but Walsh said the voters wanted him to distance himself from Owen Pomerantz's reign. Walsh said that Heather had been fired for violating the public's trust by taking campaign donations from Victor Newman and then doing his bidding. Walsh told Heather to be out of her office by the end of the day.

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