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The court ruled that Victor had to release his financial records for inspection. Blake convinced Sofia and Tucker he was a legitimate biofuel expert. Tests proved that Daniel was the father of Daisy's baby. Heather suspected Ronan was ill.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 15, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Daniel met Phyllis at the Genoa City Athletic Club and anxiously awaited the results of Daisy's paternity test. Noting Daniel's depressed state, Phyllis questioned her son about his feelings. Daniel admitted it would have been his and Amber's first anniversary. Daniel insisted he'd been committed to making his marriage work. Daniel said it was ironic that he'd left Amber because he didn't want a child, and Abby had cooled their relationship because he might be the father of Daisy's baby. Tears welled in Daniel's eyes, but Phyllis cast doubt on Abby's loyalty by pointing out how quickly she'd bailed on their relationship.

At Gloworm, Gloria welcomed her new employee, Adam, who discovered Skye sitting at the bar. Skye told Adam that his anger stemmed from his failed attempt to impress Sharon with his born-again humility. Adam glared at Skye when she added that Sharon loved the finer things in life he couldn't provide. Skye snickered when Gloria sent Adam to the store for drain cleaner. Adam explained that his driver had the afternoon off, but Gloria offered to pay Adam's bus fare.

Skye sipped her martini and gloated that Adam's plans had backfired miserably. Adam claimed he'd quit Newman to get away from Skye. Skye maintained that Adam's aim was to impress Sharon. Adam curled his lip menacingly. Skye waved two hundred-dollar bills in Adam's face and told him to keep the change. After Skye left, Adam sighed. Later, Adam returned to Gloworm with the drain cleaner. Gloria told him he was a peach. Adam, disheartened, told Gloria that he quit because the job just wasn't for him.

Adam returned to his and Skye's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Skye opened the door and said, "Oh, I knew you'd come back." Adam, broken, responded, "On one condition -- no more blackmail, no more leverage. We're partners, just like the old days." Skye repeated Adam's last statement in question form. Adam embraced Skye and kissed her passionately. Adam said, "Let's make some money." Skye replied, "Darling, so glad you're home!"

At the house Nick and Sharon had once shared, Nick proposed. Sharon, taken aback, explained that she was content with Nick living there with her and Faith. Nick ran upstairs. After he returned, he dangled a ring on a chain before Sharon and explained that it was the ring he'd given her when they were kids. Sharon clutched the ring to her chest, and tears welled in her eyes.

Nick said, "Sharon, I'm not proposing to you again just on impulse. I remember the first time that I gave that to you. I was so nervous." Sharon nodded in acknowledgement when Nick mentioned the difficult times they'd weathered over the years. Nick added, "It still amazes me that our feelings were able to survive all that, and they did because they're that strong."

Sharon seemed uplifted by Nick's words when he insisted that Faith embodied everything he and Sharon were to each other. Sharon slid the faux-stone ring onto her finger and asked Nick where he'd found it. Nick explained that he'd found it years before and that it had meant a lot to him because Sharon had kept it even after claiming she'd moved on. Sharon said she couldn't stand losing of all their memories. Nick repeated his proposal, and Sharon accepted. Nick cupped Sharon's face in his hands, kissed her, and told her that her answer was exactly what he'd wanted to hear. Sharon said that Noah wouldn't be surprised by their news. Nick added that Phyllis wouldn't likely be surprised either.

Nick later met up with Phyllis at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. Nick explained that he wanted to share news with Phyllis before it spread. Phyllis smiled awkwardly when Nick suddenly told her that he and Sharon were getting married again. Phyllis asked Nick how he planned to tell Summer, and Nick said he'd hoped they could do it together. Phyllis, miffed, acted aloof and said she was in a hurry to get to the office.

After Nick left, Jack happened by and noticed Phyllis' beleaguered state. Phyllis sighed forlornly. Phyllis told Jack that she should feel relief because she'd always known it would happen. Jack acknowledged Phyllis' pain, held her hand, and told her she'd get through it. Phyllis told Jack she missed him, but Jack insisted it wasn't the proper time for a discussion. Daniel arrived and announced that the paternity tests were ready.

Adam ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights. Adam told Sharon that they'd left some things unsaid. Sharon stammered to share her news, but Adam guessed that Nick had proposed. Sharon timidly claimed that it had just happened. Adam said that Sharon's happiness was all that mattered, and it made perfect sense for Sharon to raise her daughter with the child's father. Adam, misty-eyed, added, "Nick and I have our issues, but I am sure he appreciates what he has with you." Adam wished Sharon well and told her she couldn't go wrong if she followed her heart.

Later at Sharon's, while Faith slept upstairs, Nick told Sharon that Phyllis had handled the news well. Sharon explained that Adam had also handled the news well. Nick and Sharon settled onto the sofa. Sharon said, "This takes you back to high school, doesn't it?" Nick replied, "But this time, I'm not nervous." Sharon seemed disconnected for a moment and added, "You can't go wrong if you follow your heart."

At Tucker's condo, Ashley signed Abby's birthday card. Tucker said he had a gift that he'd rather give Abby at the party that was being thrown for her at Victoria's. Ashley, recalling Abby's precarious position with Victor, claimed Abby would not be mired in the situation if Jack and Victoria weren't pressuring her. Ashley added that she'd raised Abby to trust her own instincts and make her own decisions.

At Billy and Victoria's, Jack wished Abby a happy birthday. Abby was not enthused when Victoria excitedly announced she had a surprise and said a judge had ordered Victor to turn over his accounting records. Abby frowned, but Victoria cried, "This is a huge victory!" Victoria served champagne, and Jack handed Abby a glass. Jack said, "Trust me, your dad would not have fought turning over those records quite so hard if they didn't prove exactly what you've been saying. He's been mismanaging your trusts." Abby cried that their lawsuit wasn't supposed to be revenge.

Jack maintained that Abby was fighting Victor for her independence. Abby asked Jack what he was getting in return. Jack claimed that outsmarting Victor had its own rewards. Abby sulked. Jack, attempting to comfort Abby, said, "I know you are worried about the repercussions. Half-measures are not going to get you where you need to go. I will be there to protect you all the way to the finish line." Jack left to watch Victor's reaction to the court order. Victoria offered comfort to Abby and said, "Someday, you'll be very glad that you put this boundary between yourself and Dad, even if you choose to have him back in your life." Abby cried that she might never get that choice.

Abby listened as Victoria explained that her fear of Victor's rejection had caused her to lose a marriage and a son. Abby, sobbing, said that her aim was gaining independence because she wanted to become like their dad and make him proud. Abby cried, "Now he is going to disown me. Call me a wimp, and tell me that I'm being manipulated, but I don't even care anymore. I just want out!" After Abby ran out of the room, Victoria sighed. Abby later returned, wiping her eyes, and said that she could always count on getting her father's attention on her birthday. Victoria warned that a relationship with Victor carried a hefty price. Abby claimed she was willing to pay that price and understood much more than Victoria thought she did.

Victoria said that Victor missed Abby just as much as Abby missed her father. Ashley and Tucker arrived, and Victoria stepped out to get a gift for Abby. Ashley gave Abby a set of diamond-dotted bangle bracelets. Abby opened Tucker's gift and discovered a bag of oats. Abby was confused until she heard a horse neigh outside. Abby remarked, "Pericles? You bought my horse back?" Abby rushed outside to greet her old friend.

Ashley wasn't pleased and told Tucker that buying the horse was too much. Tucker said it was a just a drop in the bucket. Ashley was upset and cried that she'd be forced to ruin Abby's birthday because the gift was too extravagant. Outside, Daniel stopped by and saw Abby with her horse. Daniel gave Abby a gift and explained that he wasn't upset by her decision to break up with him. Abby showed little emotion, but she invited Daniel inside. Daniel said he had to go because he expected a call from the hospital's lab. Abby rolled her eyes after Daniel left.

Abby went back inside and seemed upset. Abby explained that Daniel had stopped by but wouldn't go in. Tucker told Abby that he could find a new home for Pericles if he'd overstepped his boundaries. Ashley told Abby that it was inappropriate for her to accept such an expensive gift. Abby protested and acknowledged that she was grateful for an extravagant gift that she truly needed on such a difficult day.

Victoria returned with her gift. Before Abby could open the gift, guests heard a knock at the door. Victoria found Victor standing on her porch. Victoria invited her father in, and Abby was happy to see Victor. Abby explained that she'd gotten Pericles back for her birthday. Tucker added that he'd bought the horse. Abby told her father that Pericles was a symbol of Victor's love for her. Victor hatefully snapped, "You traded him for money. That's kind of symbolic, too." Victor turned to leave, and Victoria tried in vain to stop him. Abby was devastated and began sobbing.

When Victor stepped off the elevator at Newman Enterprises, an exasperated assistant handed him a document and said, "I tried to stop them." Vance rounded a corner ahead of two men pushing carts loaded with reams of documents. Vance snapped, "Your appeal was denied. The higher court authorized release of your financial records to me."

Victor said Vance he would not leave with the records. Victor sent his assistant to phone security officers. Victor turned to Vance and claimed that proprietary information was contained in the files, so Vance could not take them. Vance warned that the court had ruled against Victor, so if he protested, he'd be arrested.

Flanked by security guards, Victor phoned Michael. Vance insisted that Michael couldn't do anything for Victor. Over the phone, Victor told Michael that crucial information about Newman Enterprises could wind up in Jack's hands if documents left the building. Victor seemed shocked by Michael's response, but after the call ended, Victor ordered his security guards to get the parasites out of his building.

Jack arrived and sarcastically asked what had happened. Victor claimed that Jack was behind the lawsuit. Jack, smiling cunningly, said, "You put your heart and soul into something, you want to be there for the payoff." Victor glared at Jack as he walked into his office. Jack followed Victor into the office. Jack claimed that Victor had made Jack's point far better than he ever could. Jack added, "You will never stop manipulating Victoria and Abby."

Victor was fuming and said, "You have the audacity to stand in front of me and boast of tearing my family apart?" Jack explained that Abby and Victoria were also his family, and he took pride in helping them see their situation with Victor as it truly was. Victor, with fire in his eyes, accused Jack of using Abby and Victoria to get to him. Jack replied, "I'm your partner because you need me to help bring down the Newman Fund. You need me to bring down Adam."

After Jack left Victor's office, Victoria stopped by and overheard her father tell a caller that there had not been a raid on his company. Victor asked Victoria if she was following Jack's lead. Victoria reminded her dad that it was Abby's birthday. Victor snapped that he would call Abby later because he had problems to deal with regarding his company. Victor told Victoria that she had created a crisis for the company because investors were nervous.

Victor slammed file folders onto his desk and cried, "Competitors were licking their chops at the prospects of getting very private information that's been put out there because of you!" Victoria said she could handle her father being angry, but she told Victor that Abby needed her father after losing Brad and Colleen. Victor remained silent and sad-faced, with his brow furrowed and his chin resting on his collar. Victoria, angry, yelled, "It's too late for you and me. That's for sure, but it's not too late for you and Abby. Happy birthday, Dad. Happy birthday! Is that too much to ask?" Without looking at Victoria, Victor yelled, "Get out of here!"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Ronan ordered a cup of coffee and spoke to Kevin and Chloe. Chloe was reluctant to speak to Ronan, but Ronan said hello nonetheless. Heather appeared, and Ronan sat at her table. Ronan sympathized with Heather about being fired from the D.A.'s office. Ronan's hand shook, and he dropped his coffee. Kevin, Chloe, and Heather rushed to check on Ronan, but he said it was nothing.

Nina was thrilled to see Murphy back home and recovering nicely. Nina explained that she had to leave for a meeting, but wanted to visit with Murphy later. Kay told Murphy that she was thrilled to have him home. Kay asked Murphy why he had never told her about his son. Murphy explained that Francis, his son, had been a very happy, active young man. When Francis was in a serious accident, he had wound up on life support. Murphy and Betty, his late wife, believed that Francis had a lot of life left in his body.

However, Francis' next of kin was his wife, Meggie. It had been Meggie's decision to remove Francis from life support so he might die with dignity. Murphy said he and Betty had been against it. After Francis died, Meggie collected Francis' life insurance and left town. Betty died not long after Francis' death, and Murphy revealed that he had never gotten over losing them both. Because of the experience with Francis, Murphy told Kay he would never remove Kay from life support if they ever faced that situation again.

At Crimson Lights, Nina was happy to see Ronan. Ronan asked about Murphy and was relieved to hear that he was doing better. Nina and Ronan agreed to go see Murphy together. Nina told Heather that it had been wrong of the D.A. to let her go. Ronan encouraged Heather to hold out for a better job. Nina noticed a spark of attraction between Ronan and Heather, but Heather and Ronan laughed at the suggestion they were anything more than friends. Nina received a call and learned her appointment was cancelled. Nina and Ronan left together to go to Kay and Murphy's.

Nina, Ronan, and Heather arrived at the mansion, and Ronan told Murphy that he had news about Meggie. Ronan informed them all that Meggie had been extradited to Alaska, where she was wanted for murder. Murphy was glad to hear that Meggie would finally pay for her crimes. Murphy thanked Kay for saving his life. Esther served snacks for everyone. Murphy acknowledged that he was improving, but he was still unable to walk.

Kay felt that Chance would be proud of how Ronan and Heather worked together. Ronan said he had to get back to the station house. Heather asked Ronan for a ride to Crimson Lights. Nina urged Ronan to visit again soon. As Heather and Ronan walked to the door, Ronan dropped a bottle of pills. Heather picked up the bottle and handed it to Ronan.

At Crimson Lights, Heather asked about the pills. Ronan said he suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. The medication was for the pain in his wrist. After Ronan left, Heather went to the computer and looked up the name of the medication on the Internet. Later on, Heather saw Ronan again. Heather asked Ronan to explain why he was really taking the medication.

At Chancellor's, Nina, Kay, and Murphy spoke about Heather and Ronan's visit. Nina was thrilled with her new relationship with Ronan. Alone, Murphy and Kay discussed the time he'd been in the hospital and unable to speak. Kay said that she had faced some tough decisions while he was "locked-in." Kay explained that the choices she'd made for Murphy had been made out of love. Kay would have been willing to take Murphy off of life support, because she loved him.

Murphy understood Kay's feelings, even though he felt different. Murphy said that as long as they were together, they would enjoy their lives. Murphy suggested they forget about the other business and simply love each other. Kay agreed and said that she loved Murphy.

Lauren was doing her Fenmore's business from the house. Michael admired that Lauren was able to do her work from the couch. Michael received a call from Phyllis and learned that Daisy's DNA test results were in.

At the hospital, Daisy learned that once the DNA results were revealed, she would be sent back to jail. Daisy was hopeful that the father of the baby wouldn't let that happen. At the Athletic Club, Phyllis and Daniel were convinced that Daisy could not be carrying Daniel's child. Jack met them at the bar, and they left together to learn the results of Daisy's test.

Daniel, Jack, and Phyllis arrived at Daisy's room, followed by Lauren and Michael. The doctor announced that the test results proved that Daniel was the father of Daisy's unborn child. The test also revealed that the baby was a girl. Lauren asked when Daisy would be sent back in jail. Daisy asked Daniel to keep that from happening. Lauren accused Daisy of using the baby before she was even born.

Phyllis wanted to talk things over calmly with Michael, Lauren, and Daniel. Daniel resented Daisy for trapping him and lashed out as her. Lauren warned Phyllis not to get sucked into Daisy's lies. Phyllis said that the baby mattered more than Daisy. Lauren wanted Daisy to be locked up in order for Lauren to feel safe. Alone with Daisy, Phyllis asked Daisy what her plan was after she had the baby. Daisy said she'd keep the baby in prison for as long as it was allowed. Phyllis watched Daisy being led away in handcuffs.

Kevin and Chloe discussed Daisy's paternity situation. Kevin felt like the child deserved a good life no matter who the father was. Kevin had no faith in Daisy as the mother. Kevin received a text message and learned that Daniel was the father of Daisy's baby. Kevin was worried about the baby's future and wanted to speak with Daniel to be sure that the child wouldn't suffer.

At Gloworm, Daniel ordered a scotch. Jack advised Daniel to consider the opportunity of raising the child. Daniel wanted to run away. Daniel told Jack that his situation was not like Jack and Kyle's. Kevin and Chloe entered and approached Daniel, asking him what he planned to do about the baby. Kevin feared the baby would suffer the same fate as Tom Fisher's other victims, including Kevin. Daniel told Kevin to back off. Daniel walked out angrily.

Kevin understood Daniel's anger, but didn't agree with his attitude. Kevin asked if Jack knew where Phyllis stood on the issue. Jack said he would find out. Kevin was determined to step up and raise the baby if Daniel refused to do the job. Chloe said that Kevin was a good person and it was a noble thought, but she didn't think Kevin could do it. Kevin said that he had to try for the baby's sake. Chloe thought Kevin was crazy, but she agreed to stand by his side. Kevin hugged Chloe.

Daisy spoke to her unborn child and said that she feared that she wouldn't be able to be a mother. Daniel showed up at the jail and asked Daisy what she wanted. Daisy said that she had returned to Genoa City because she was unable to run anymore. Daisy said that if Daniel would try to see it her way, the baby could be an opportunity for them. Daniel refused to have anything to do with Daisy or the baby. Daniel expected Daisy to give the baby up for adoption. Daniel felt there were deserving families who would love the baby. After Daniel walked out, Daisy declared that she would never give up her baby.

Lauren and Michael returned home. Lauren was concerned that Phyllis was falling for Daisy's lies. Lauren believed that Daisy was a greater threat to the baby than being born in prison. Michael answered the door to find Phyllis. Phyllis wanted to continue talking about Daisy. Phyllis hated bringing up the subject of Daisy because she knew that it was upsetting to Lauren. However, Phyllis was concerned about the baby. Phyllis felt that the baby deserved to be born in a safe, clean environment. Lauren asked if Phyllis was going to take Daisy into her home.

Phyllis wasn't sure where Daisy should be placed, but she wanted the baby to be protected. Phyllis didn't want her grandchild born in a prison. Lauren accused Phyllis of getting overemotional about the baby, especially since Daniel had been trapped into impregnating Daisy. Lauren was furious with Phyllis. Lauren felt that Daisy was using the pregnancy as a way to gain her freedom. Michael asked Phyllis what Daniel thought of Phyllis' idea to get Daisy out of jail to have the baby. Phyllis said she was doing the thinking for Daniel.

Phyllis received a call from Jack and arranged to meet him at the Athletic Club. Phyllis told Michael and Lauren that she would speak with Daniel and then consult with Michael and Lauren again. Lauren was determined not to let Phyllis secure Daisy's freedom. Kevin and Chloe arrived at Michael and Lauren's. Kevin asked his brother if it were possible that Kevin could become the baby's legal guardian.

At the bar, Jack and Phyllis discussed the Daisy situation. Phyllis felt that someone had to worry about the fate of the child. Phyllis was upset that Lauren and Michael were so inflexible. Phyllis recognized that she was in no position to argue with Michael, especially if they landed in court. Jack suggested that Phyllis hire Vance Abrams to represent Phyllis' interest in the baby.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Heather asked Ronan about his health. Ronan realized that Heather had looked up his medication online. Ronan criticized Heather for nosing around in his life. Heather said that she had also noticed other symptoms. Ronan lashed out at Heather for concocting a story. Heather accused Ronan of hiding the truth about his illness. Ronan told Heather to mind her own business. Heather told Ronan that she was concerned about him.

Heather wanted to know Ronan's ailment. Ronan told Heather to figure it out. Ronan acted like a jerk, insulting Heather about losing her job, as a way of pushing Heather away. Stung by Ronan's words, Heather walked out of the coffee shop. Later, Ronan received a call to meet with the new D.A. Ronan said he was anxious to meet with Walsh.

At Michael and Lauren's, Kevin said he was serious about raising Daisy's baby. Lauren was shocked to hear that Kevin wanted to be the baby's guardian. Michael took a phone call from Victor. Victor wanted to meet with Michael about business. Michael said he would try to meet Victor at the office.

Kevin told Lauren and Michael that he refused to ignore the fact that an innocent baby was on the way. Kevin said he wanted Daisy to pay for her crimes as much as Lauren did, but Kevin cared about Daisy's unborn child. Lauren asked Michael to explain to Kevin why his being the baby's guardian was an insane idea. Kevin was offended by Lauren's attitude. Lauren apologized for her use of words, but she wanted Kevin to be realistic.

Kevin asked Lauren to trust him to break the cycle of evil that Tom and Sheila had started. Michael doubted that Kevin would be able to handle raising a child alone. Kevin reminded his brother that Michael had once been a head case, and yet was an excellent father to Fen. Lauren said she would not help Kevin if he were given custody of the baby.

Michael agreed with Lauren that Kevin was acting impulsively. Michael pointed out that Kevin had been arrested just a few days before for a bookmaking scheme. Michael said that ultimately Daniel would make the decision about the baby. Michael urged Kevin, Chloe, and Lauren to take a step back and breathe. Kevin and Chloe left.

At Crimson Lights, Jana said hello to Daniel. Jana noticed that Daniel was upset. Daniel told Jana the test results showed that he was the father of Daisy's unborn child. Jana sympathized because she'd been victimized by Daisy, too. Daniel said that he refused to take responsibility for Daisy and the baby. Daniel revealed that Kevin wanted Daniel to be a father to the baby. Jana recalled meeting with Daisy at the jail. Daisy had said she could help Jana win Kevin back. Daniel declared that Kevin needed to turn his back on Daisy because she was dangerous. Daniel said that nobody should have anything to do with Daisy.

In jail, Daisy spoke to her baby and said that Daniel would eventually "come around." Daisy was certain that somebody would help her and the baby. A short time later, Jana arrived to see Daisy. Smiling, Daisy assumed Jana had agreed to keep her mouth shut in court in exchange for Daisy convincing Kevin to reunite with Jana. Daisy said it was a win-win situation for both of them.

Daisy was ready to call her lawyer, but Jana stunned Daisy by saying that she looked forward to testifying against Daisy. Jana said Daisy could not trick her. Jana remembered how Daisy had locked her in a crate and taunted Jana. Jana realized that Daisy had not changed one iota. Daisy was still evil. Jana accused Daisy of trying to use her and Kevin, and Jana would never let that happen. Later, a doctor examined Daisy in jail. Daisy rejected the doctor and said she would never have her baby in prison.

Alone at the apartment, Lauren apologized to Michael for overreacting to Kevin's idea. Michael understood how emotional Lauren was about Daisy and the baby. Michael answered a knock on the door and let Jana into the apartment. Jana said she'd stay with Lauren until Michael returned from his meeting with Victor.

Jana said that she'd seen Daniel at Crimson Lights, and he was in a state of shock about the baby. Lauren told Jana that their testimony was more important than ever because Daisy was trying to use the baby to gain her freedom. Lauren said she'd fought with Phyllis and Kevin about doing the right thing for the baby. Jana assured Lauren that she agreed with Lauren about keeping Daisy behind bars.

Lauren was concerned about Jana's feelings when it came to Kevin. Jana encouraged Lauren to tell her about Kevin's plans to raise the baby. Lauren said that Kevin wanted to raise the baby as a single parent. Jana didn't think it was possible that Kevin could be named as a guardian because of Kevin's troubled history. Jana surmised that Kevin identified with the baby as a victim, just like he had been as Tom Fisher's son. Lauren pointed out that Ryder had taken advantage of Kevin's love of family and felt Daisy would do the same thing. Jana agreed and promised to warn Kevin about Daisy.

Phyllis told Jack that she realized hiring Vance Abrams would alienate Michael and Lauren. Also Daniel would be furious with Phyllis for helping Daisy. Phyllis was compelled to do something because Daisy was in her last trimester. With Phyllis' approval, Jack called Vance to arrange a meeting.

When Vance arrived, Phyllis said she wanted Daisy to give birth in a hospital and not in jail. Vance said it was a tough case because of Daisy's crimes. Vance said he could order a psych evaluation to try to find a reason for Daisy to be released from jail. Vance added that because Daisy was a flight risk, the court would have to be assured that Daisy was being guarded. Jack suggested house arrest for Daisy with hired guards. Phyllis offered to let Daisy live with her.

Jack was stunned that Phyllis wanted to take responsibility for Daisy. Phyllis said that she could control Daisy. Jack worried about Summer. Vance asked Phyllis if Daniel would like that setup. Phyllis wasn't sure. Vance said Daniel had a legal right to the child, and Phyllis' case would be stronger if her son was on board. Vance said he would get the paperwork started and walked out. Alone with Phyllis, Jack said Phyllis couldn't let Daisy into her home. Phyllis said it would only be until the baby was born.

Kevin and Chloe returned to Crimson Lights. They spoke with Daniel, who said that he'd told Daisy to give up the baby for adoption. Daniel asserted that he wanted the child to have a normal life. Alone with Chloe, Kevin complained that adoption was the wrong decision. Kevin felt the baby was Daniel's flesh and blood, and Daniel should want his child. Chloe encouraged Kevin to find out about if he could be granted guardianship. Chloe told Kevin that if he won custody, he would need a lot of help.

Phyllis told Jack that she could handle Daisy. Jack was concerned, but Phyllis was adamant that her grandchild would not suffer the stigma of being born in prison. Phyllis hoped that Daniel would agree with her and called him to meet her at the Athletic Club. Daniel met his mother a while later, and Phyllis asked Daniel to consider the baby's welfare. Phyllis said she had spoken to Vance Abrams about getting Daisy out of jail until the baby was born. Daniel declared that he wanted Daisy behind bars. Daniel also wanted to give up the baby for adoption. Phyllis suggested that Daniel might change his mind in the future.

Daniel was stunned that Phyllis wanted to move Daisy into her condo. Phyllis said that she would care for the baby before it was born. Daniel asked what Phyllis planned to do after the baby was born. Phyllis said that it was about what was best for the child, not Daniel. Phyllis said that Daniel would regret giving up the baby. Daniel regretted speaking to Phyllis and walked out on his mother.

At Gloworm, Heather was on the phone and learned that Rafe couldn't make it for dinner. Heather saw Victor at a table and said hello. Victor was surprised to hear that the new D.A. had fired Heather. Heather commented that she and Victor had both lost out. Victor informed Heather that the higher court had forced him to turn over his books. Heather realized her sacrifice for Victor had been for nothing.

Victor blamed Billy for derailing Heather's campaign with the Restless Style story. Heather didn't believe that Victor cared about her. Heather said she had hoped to do something good as the D.A. Heather regretted getting involved in politics. Victor said everyone had problems. Victor said goodbye to Heather and left to return to work.

At Victor's office, Michael told Victor that the forensic accountants had to complete their report before Michael could do anything. Over scotch, Victor informed Michael about the Meggie situation. Victor asked Michael about Daisy's return. Michael said that Lauren feared Daisy would get out of jail and be a danger to her again.

Michael said that because of Lauren's fragile mental state, Michael needed to cut back on his workload. Victor understood, but he needed Michael's counsel. Victor asked Michael to hire another attorney and suggested Heather Stevens. Michael said she might be a good fit. Victor told Michael to give Heather a chance, but to not let Heather know that it had been Victor's idea.

At Gloworm, Ronan accused Heather of canceling her dinner with Rafe to keep tabs on Ronan. Heather said she was leaving. Ronan nearly collapsed at the bar, and Heather insisted that he tell her what was wrong with him. Heather threatened to call an ambulance. Ronan was concerned about his career and told Heather to forget what she had seen. Ronan insisted that his collapse had never happened.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Neil and Lily were feeling joyful after the twins had been given a positive checkup from their pediatrician. Lily explained that Cane hadn't been able to be at the appointment because he had needed to work. Neil sympathized with Lily missing Cane. Lily said she'd been spoiled by all the attention she'd received from Cane before he took the job with Tucker. Later, Neil and Lily fed the twins. Lily said she was looking forward to a Winters-Ashby Thanksgiving.

Lily hoped Neil and Sofia would get along with each other at Thanksgiving dinner. Neil revealed that he'd taken Sofia out for dinner one night after work when Malcolm was out of town. Neil said he and Sofia had gotten along very well. Lily asked if she could host Thanksgiving at her home. Neil worried about the extra work for Lily, but she said that she was ready to conquer the world. Lily felt that after overcoming chemo, she was up to the challenge. Lily said it was a year when she had a lot to be thankful for.

Sofia told Tucker that she had arranged for a meeting with James Collier and Cane. Tucker said that there was something off-putting about Collier. Tucker wanted Sofia to test Collier's mettle.

Cane wanted Blake to prepare for the meeting with Tucker. Blake reminded Cane that he'd already convinced Tucker that he was Collier. Cane urged Blake to take the situation seriously. Blake told Cane to chill out. Cane warned Blake that Tucker and Sofia might ask him questions that Blake had better be able to answer. Cane's cell phone rang, and Tucker asked him to go to the office. Blake's phone rang and Sofia asked him to meet her at Tucker's office.

Cane recalled how Blake had introduced himself to McCall as James Collier. Cane told Blake that he was concerned about Tucker and Sofia calling them into the office. Blake was confident that he could charm Sofia. Cane accused Blake of creating a mess by impersonating Collier. Blake warned Cane not to threaten him because Cane still owed Blake and his mates in Australia five million dollars.

Lily and Neil went back to the house. Lily read a note from Cane that he and Blake had gone to the office. Neil had no idea Blake was a bio-fuels consultant Cane had hired to work with Cane and Sofia. At Tucker's office, Sofia was happy to meet James. James asked to be called by his middle name, Blake. Tucker wondered if Blake and Cane had known each other before Blake was hired. Cane admitted they had. Sofia wanted to make sure they could all work together as a team.

After putting the babies down for a nap, Lily noticed that Neil was distracted. Neil said he was curious about Blake. Sofia and Tucker had never mentioned Blake was working with them. Neil was suspicious. In the meeting with Tucker and Sofia, Blake spoke about the new German technology. Blake offered to write up a prospectus for Tucker and volunteered to do the work over the holidays. Tucker liked Blake's initiative, but he wondered if Blake was a suck-up. Tucker asked if Blake could be trusted. Blake said he was nervous and trying too hard. Tucker agreed to give the Blake more time. Sofia said Blake's payment would be transferred to his account.

Outside the office, Blake said he thought the meeting had been fun. Cane was nervous about Sofia and Tucker's questions. Blake reminded Cane to write the prospectus that Blake had promised to deliver after the holiday. At home, Lily asked Cane about his meeting. Cane said it had gone well. When Lily asked Cane to invite Blake to join them for Thanksgiving, Cane said he wanted to spend the holiday with only family. Lily felt bad about Blake being alone.

At Crimson Lights, Blake called his boss to say that the next payment was on its way. Back at the office, Neil, Sofia, and Tucker discussed the Chancellor projections. Neil was curious about Blake being hired as a consultant. Neil asked for Tucker's evaluation of the man. Neil said he only knew Blake socially and wondered if he could handle the bio-fuels project. Tucker declared that Blake seemed to be on the ball. Neil was stuck on Sofia's contention that Blake had been hired without an interview. Sofia trusted in Cane's endorsement. Neil suggested that they run a standard background check on Blake. Tucker ordered Sofia to do just that.

Nick said good morning to Sharon. Nick was thrilled with their "normal" life together and promised to never take Sharon for granted. Nick was grateful that Sharon had said yes to his proposal. Sharon said she finally had everything she ever wanted. Sharon and Nick agreed to tell the family about their news over the Thanksgiving holiday. Sharon decided not to wear her engagement ring until they made the official announcement.

Sharon and Nick went to Fenmore's. Sharon claimed she wanted to do early Christmas shopping. Sharon was surprised that Nick wanted to go with her. Nick thought it would be exciting spending Christmas together as a family. A while later, Sharon suggested that Nick go to the office because all the gifts they'd purchased needed to be wrapped. Sharon had more shopping lined up for the afternoon. Nick and Sharon agreed to meet at home later.

Adam and Skye were at Gloworm for breakfast. Jack called Skye with news about a new investor for the hedge fund. Skye bragged to Adam that the Newman Fund didn't even need to solicit for business anymore. Jack called Victor to let him know that he would meet with Skye to make another deposit. Jack told Victor he would be withdrawing all his money at the first of the year.

Victor pointed out that the funds were his. Jack reluctantly confirmed that it was Victor's money. Victor wanted to be sure that nobody knew about his arrangement with Jack. Jack anticipated the Newman Fund going into a financial tailspin. Victor hung up on Jack to take another call. Jack joined Adam and Skye at Gloworm. Adam resented dealing with Jack, but Skye reminded Adam that Jack had supported the Newman Fund. When Adam insulted Skye, Jack told Adam to back off. Adam countered by telling Jack to shut his mouth.

Jack's friend, Miriam, arrived, and he introduced Adam and Skye to her. They all sat together, and Skye explained how lucrative the Newman Fund could be for investors. Jack said he had another check for Adam and Skye. Miriam had a few questions, which Skye answered as she walked Miriam to the door. As they left the restaurant, Victor entered with Richard Hightower's son, Justin, and Justin's aunt. Victor offered to take the Hightowers somewhere else. Justin wanted to confront Adam.

Adam didn't think it was a coincidence that Victor was there with the Hightowers. Jack said he knew nothing about it. Victor encouraged Justin to say what he wanted to say. Justin told Adam that he didn't want Adam's money. Justin's aunt gave the envelop to Adam. Skye returned just as Adam explained that he had hoped the money would help them, since Richard was gone. The Hightowers accused Adam of killing Richard. Adam defended his actions. Victor told Adam to never contact the Hightowers again.

In Victor's office, Victor complimented Justin for standing up to Adam. The Hightowers were going to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Victor said he wanted to give the Hightower family a Christmas holiday. Victor offered to fly them to Florida to visit the amusement parks. Justin was thrilled and thanked Victor.

Jack told Skye she'd done the right thing by getting Miriam out of Gloworm before Victor appeared. Adam was bothered by the encounter. Skye was happy about Miriam wanting to be an investor. Adam threatened to kill Skye if she gloated about getting the one hundred thousand dollars back. Jack listened as Skye explained that she felt as bad for Justin as Adam did. Jack reminded Adam that he had set in motion the plan that had resulted in Richard Hightower's death. Adam couldn't forget the look on Justin's face. Adam said he had to leave.

Alone with Skye, Jack asked her why she put up with Adam. Skye said that she had good history with Adam. Jack said that Adam was disrespectful. Jack complimented Skye, and she suspected that he wanted something from her. Jack urged Skye to walk away from Adam and start her own hedge fund. Skye doubted the sincerity of Jack's counsel.

Skye thought that Jack wanted to see Adam get punished. Skye refused to let Adam profit off her hard work while she started over with a new venture. Skye asked for Jack's additional investment, and he handed her a check. Nick entered the Newman offices, and Victor's secretary handed him a bunch of files. Nick went into his father's office. One of the files was for a transaction that Nick didn't recognize. Nick looked at the address and realized it was Jack Abbott's address.

Jack called Victor and accused him of nearly wrecking the deal by taking the Hightowers to Gloworm. Victor said it had not been planned. Victor said it was a coincidence. Jack didn't believe Victor. Nick walked into Victor's office and informed his father that he'd been to accounting. Nick investigated a series of checks Victor had written to NA Partnership. Nick identified that it was a Newman-Abbott deal. Nick asked Victor what he was doing with Jack.

At the bookstore, Sharon was looking at the titles when her cell phone rang. When she reached into her purse, Sharon found a gold bracelet. Sharon realized that she must have taken it from Fenmore's. As she walked to the entrance, Sharon ran into Adam. Sharon recognized that Adam was worried about something because he was biting his lower lip. Adam said he couldn't escape his past. Adam could see that Sharon was upset, too. Adam noticed that Sharon wasn't wearing her engagement ring and asked her what was wrong.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Michael arrived at home and Lauren greeted him with a kiss. Lauren excitedly checked the newspaper for Fenmore's ads for Black Friday. Michael assumed that Lauren would be at the store bright and early that day. Lauren said that Jill would be opening the boutique on Black Friday because Lauren had arranged for herself, Michael, and Fen to be out of town for the holiday weekend. Michael assured Lauren that Daisy was behind bars, and Lauren had no reason to be afraid. Michael urged Lauren to get back to being her confident self.

Lauren said that she was feeling more like herself, which was why she wanted to go away with her husband and son. Michael said he would be spending more time with Lauren and Fen because he had informed Victor that he was cutting back on his hours. Lauren was pleased. Lauren was also determined to go away for Thanksgiving. Lauren pointed out the many family problems they'd face at a Thanksgiving dinner, like Kevin bringing up Daisy's baby, or Gloria and Jeffrey's antics. Jill might even show up for dinner. Michael agreed that going away with Lauren and Fen was a good idea.

On the phone, Phyllis thanked Jack for supporting her about the Daisy business. Phyllis said that Daniel was still upset about Phyllis wanting to get Daisy out of jail to have the baby. Jack advised Phyllis to give Daniel some space. Phyllis said she would be alone for Thanksgiving because Summer would be with Nick. Jack wasn't sure what he was doing for the holiday. Jack said that he was waiting to learn if Kyle had plans for dinner.

Later, Phyllis was alone with Summer and talked to her about Thanksgiving. Phyllis said Nick had a surprise to announce at the Thanksgiving dinner. Nick arrived at Phyllis' to pick up Summer. Nick said the engagement would be announced over Thanksgiving.

Diane apologized to the Athletic Club manager because she had not paid her bill. The manager told Diane that her hotel bill had been paid until the end of the year. Diane was surprised. A while later, Diane approached Jack, and he confirmed that he'd paid the hotel bill. Jack offered Diane a loan, but Diane said that she was just temporarily in financial trouble because of Phyllis' scathing article.

Jack asked Diane about Kyle's plans for Thanksgiving. Jack wanted to spend the holiday with his son. Diane objected because she didn't want Kyle to be around Phyllis. Jack said he was not spending the holiday with Phyllis. Diane was still unsure until Jack said that Diane could join them. Diane agreed.

Ronan arrived at the Chancellor mansion, where Nina greeted him with a smile. Nina asked Ronan if he would join the family for Thanksgiving dinner. Ronan appreciated the invitation, but he had to work for Thanksgiving. Ronan explained that he had taken the holiday shift so a cop with family could get the time off. Paul took a call from Heather and left to meet her. Ronan recalled that Heather suspected that Ronan was ill. Paul asked Nina and Ronan if they wanted to go along for a bite to eat. Nina said she wanted to speak with Ronan alone.

Ronan told Nina that he had to leave. Nina tried to convince Ronan to reconsider the Thanksgiving invitation. Nina admitted that she'd be missing Chance on Thanksgiving, and she really hoped to have Ronan with her. Ronan said he couldn't change his plans. As Ronan walked out, the disappointment was all over Nina's face.

Nick asked Victor to explain his partnership with Jack. Nick wondered why Victor was using corporate funds instead of his own money. Nick insisted that Victor tell him the truth. When Victor remained silent, Nick declared he would speak with Jack about the deal. Victor asked Nick to put the phone down.

Victor swore Nick to secrecy, and then explained that he was using Jack to back the Newman Fund. Victor told Nick that he was providing the money. Nick was disgusted that Adam was making a fortune and Victor was profiting from Adam's hedge fun. Victor said he was making a fortune for all of his children by using the fund. Nick was stunned that Victor had invested Nick's trust fund, as well as Abby's and Victoria's.

Nick pointed out to his father that he was proving that Abby and Victoria were right about how Victor had misused corporate funds. Nick was confused by Victor's actions. Victor had put millions into the Newman Fund. Victor said that he'd used Jack to front the money so that Adam would never suspect it was really Victor. Victor plotted to remove the millions all at once, which would destroy Adam's hedge fund.

Nick asked if Victor and Jack planned an ambush. Victor said the plan was to short the stock. Nick objected to risky financial move, especially because Vance Abrams was looking over Victor's shoulder. Victor said he had always gambled in business. Victor told Nick to trust him.

Michael entered Victor's office, and Nick left. Victor asked if Michael had considered Victor's suggestion about Heather. At Crimson Lights, Paul asked Heather about her job search. Heather told Paul that she'd sent out some résumés, but Heather was considering taking on some pro bono work. Paul suggested that Heather speak with Kay at Thanksgiving because of Kay's philanthropic activities. Heather was happy that Paul and Nina had remained close and that they would all be together for Thanksgiving. Paul said that Ronan had been invited to the Chancellors, but he'd turned down Nina's offer.

Michael walked into the coffee shop and said hello to Paul and Heather. Paul had to leave, but Michael sat with Heather. Michael asked if Heather had taken another position since losing her job with the D.A. When Heather said no, Michael asked if Heather would like to work with him. Heather was flattered.

Michael offered Heather a two-year contract. If that worked out, she'd become a partner. Heather wondered if Victor was all right with her working with Michael. Michael said that Victor had been consulted and would not object. Heather accepted the offer, and Michael said they would talk after Thanksgiving.

Later, Heather saw Ronan at the coffee shop. Heather approached Ronan and asked him to reconsider Nina's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Heather reminded Ronan that he owed it to Nina to attend because he was responsible for Chance's death. Heather let Ronan know that if he didn't go to the Chancellor Thanksgiving, everyone would talk about him. Heather implied that she might reveal her suspicions about Ronan's health issues.

Paul returned to the mansion and told Nina that Heather had agreed to join them for Thanksgiving. Nina was upset that Ronan had turned her down. Nina was determined to asked Ronan for Christmas before he made other plans. Paul admired Nina's tenacity.

Jack took a pumpkin pie and can of whipped cream to Phyllis. Jack explained that he couldn't have Thanksgiving with Phyllis because he was spending the holiday with Kyle. Phyllis understood, and she declared that their break was officially over. Phyllis offered to use the whipped cream on something other than the pie.

Jack and Phyllis went to dinner at the Athletic Club. When Diane passed the dining room, she saw Jack and Phyllis at a table. Diane approached them and asked Jack if she should take something to Thanksgiving dinner. Phyllis advised Diane to bring a pie because Jack was short one pumpkin pie. Diane left to pick up Kyle from hockey practice. Phyllis wasn't upset that Diane was having Thanksgiving with Jack, but she urged Jack to tell her the truth in the future.

At the bookstore, Sharon told Adam that she was emotional because of the holiday. Adam asked why Sharon had removed her engagement ring. Sharon said she'd done it because she and Nick wanted to make an official announcement. Adam wondered why Sharon wasn't excited about the engagement. Adam implied that Sharon had doubts about remarrying Nick. Adam thought that Sharon was trying to convince herself that it was a good idea.

Adam understood how Sharon might be falling back into a bad relationship. Adam said he'd done the same thing by reuniting with Skye. Adam didn't think that Nick was right for Sharon. Adam encouraged Sharon to think carefully before marrying Nick again. Adam pointed out that Nick had abandoned Sharon in the past. Sharon listened as Adam theorized that Nick saw Sharon as a damaged child who he needed to save. Sharon was upset, but Adam risked Sharon's anger by speaking the truth.

Sharon told Adam to mind his own business. Sharon's purse fell open and Adam picked up the gold bracelet. Sharon said she was returning it. A while later, Sharon went to Lauren's apartment. Lauren was happy to see Sharon, but Sharon acted jittery. Sharon handed Lauren the Fenmore's gold bracelet. Sharon feared that it had not been put in with her other items by accident. Sharon wondered if she could have taken it and had no memory of doing so.

Lauren told Sharon that it may have been a mistake and assured Sharon that it was all right. Sharon explained that her life was moving too fast. Lauren suggested that Sharon should take a step back. Lauren recalled a time in Michael's life when he was spinning out of control. Lauren said that Michael had returned to New Orleans to reassess his priorities.

A short time later, Michael returned home. Michael was excited about going away with Lauren and Fen. Lauren was glad to hear that Heather had accepted Michael's job offer. Lauren told Michael about Sharon's visit and her concerns about the bracelet. Michael said that if anything happened that needed legal attention while he was away with Lauren and Fen, Heather could handle it.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam ran into Victor. Adam resented that Victor had taken Justin Hightower to Gloworm. Adam wondered how Victor could care for a stranger's child while he treated his own son like dirt. Victor was stunned that Adam was so selfish. Victor said he wanted to tell Adam to go to hell, but Victor assumed Adam was already there. Adam said that Victor couldn't hurt him. Victor laughed and walked away.

Sharon returned home, and Nick kissed her lovingly. Nick wondered if Sharon had successfully found all her Christmas gifts. Sharon was distracted. Sharon told Nick that she wanted to go away for Thanksgiving. Nick thought it would be fun for Sharon and Nick to go out of town with the kids. Sharon interrupted Nick and explained that she wanted to go away by herself.

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