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Adam walked out on Skye and the Newman Fund. Victor caused the collapse of the Newman Fund by withdrawing his money, causing Jack to lose a fortune. Ronan declared Skye's disappearance a homicide. Ronan's health deteriorated.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 22, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, November 22, 2010

At Adam and Skye's suite, Skye hovered over her laptop and enthusiastically announced that their fund's investment growth was amazing. Adam, glum, approached Skye with a file folder in his hands. Skye rhetorically asked why they'd even wasted their time with poker because the fund had proved so lucrative. Adam suddenly announced that the fund was all hers as he plopped the file folder onto the desk next to Skye's laptop. Adam explained that he'd signed off on his half of the fund, so it would become Skye's after she signed the document. Skye stared at Adam in amazement.

Adam calmly explained to a stunned Skye that he was leaving and could have chosen to take half the fund but preferred to sign it over to her. Adam encouraged Skye to take it all because she loved the fund, and he did not. Skye irately warned Adam not to turn his back on her. Adam packed his bags and advised Skye to cut her losses and sign the document. Enraged, Skye collected an armful of Adam's clothing and threw them out into the hallway. Skye furiously cried, "You don't get to walk away -- not from me!" Skye continued yelling at Adam as she tossed his belongings out the door.

Adam remained stoic as Skye screamed, "I saved your ass. You'd be rotting away in prison if it weren't for me." A security guard heard the ruckus, entered the Newmans' suite, and told Skye to go with him. Adam instructed the guard to keep Skye downstairs while he packed. Before the guard could whisk Skye away, a process server entered and handed Skye divorce papers that Adam had filed. Skye told Adam that he was an idiot for going after Sharon because she'd testified against him and was back with Nick.

Skye's face reddened as she screeched, "I saved you! I made you! I bought you, and I own you!" Adam calmly responded, "The company is yours, Skye. Consider us even." As the security guard pulled Skye out of the room by her arm, Skye thrust the divorce petition onto the floor and yelled, "You're never getting rid of me -- never!"

Adam didn't notice a graph on the computer monitor displaying the current standing of the Newman Fund's investments. The graph depicted a downward-racing crash. Downstairs in the lobby, two guards blocked Skye's path to the stairway. Skye received a call from her broker about unusual activity on the Newman Fund. The guards checked with Adam before allowing Skye access to her suite. Skye frantically typed at her keyboard while shouting commands to her broker over the phone. Skye told her broker that the fund didn't have enough liquidity to cover its losses. After her call ended, Skye ordered Adam to help by calling investors. Adam replied, "It was a great ride, Skye, but you've got to know when to get off."

Skye was devastated after she learned that the Newman Fund was dead. Skye blamed Adam, who flatly denied the charge. Skye pushed Adam threateningly and called him a liar. Skye was livid and yelled that she'd been left with nothing but investors who'd want their money back. Adam attempted to calm Skye and told her that he'd wanted out for a long time.

Skye yelled, "I meant it before. I own you! If I go down in flames, I will drag you down with me!" Adam pleaded with Skye to shut up, but she kept yelling and charging at him. Adam raised his voice, pointed his finger at Skye to reinforce his point and said, "I told you before that if you pushed me too far, I would snap. You are pushing me now!"

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria told Billy that she was eagerly awaiting a call from J.T. confirming that Reed would be with her for Thanksgiving. Billy commiserated with Victoria's feelings of apprehension and noted that they needed Reed there because Chloe would have Delia. When Victoria heard the ring of a cell phone, she jumped. However, Chloe was phoning Billy. Chloe explained that Billy was needed at the magazine to deal with angry advertisers who weren't pleased with the issue that had featured Skye. Jack and Phyllis were standing nearby, so Billy entreated Phyllis to tag along with him. Just before Phyllis and Billy exited the club, Billy suggested another blockbuster cover that would feature Daisy and her belly. Phyllis laughed sarcastically and scoffed, "Like hell we are!"

Victoria stayed behind with Jack and mentioned her frustration that the forensic accountants had not yet found anything askew with Newman Enterprises' records. Jack responded, "It takes time to peruse every corner of your father's empire." Jack added that the accountants' findings would soon allow Victoria to file a lawsuit. Victoria warned Jack that her father would want payback. Jack assumed that the Newman family didn't plan to gather for Thanksgiving, and Victoria confirmed Jack's belief.

Victoria said she and Billy were excited to spend the holiday together. Jack invited Victoria to his house, but Victoria explained that she and Billy hoped to share the day with Reed. Jack said he was excited to have Kyle home. As Jack walked away, he received a call from his broker warning that the Newman Fund was crashing. Jack quickly realized that Victor had duped him.

Michael entered Victor's office just as Victor instructed a man to follow his forthcoming instructions. Michael asked Victor what he'd meant when he said, "It will be a great pleasure to pull my money out of that Newman Fund." Victor admitted that he'd secretly invested a great deal of money in the Newman Fund. Victor explained that he was about to pull the plug and watch Adam, Skye, and Jack go down with the collapse. Michael warned Victor about legal ramifications, but Victor aimed his cursor at an online command that confirmed his withdrawal from the hedge fund. Michael realized that Victor had been plotting all along to take down the Newman Fund for revenge. Victor claimed that his actions were justice. Victor cried, "Every minute Adam has spent outside a jail cell is an egregious front to those he's hurt so badly."

Michael seemed tense as Victor explained that he and Jack had been working together to destabilize the Newman Fund. Michael realized that Victor and Jack knew which investments Skye and Adam intended to sell, and Victor had carefully orchestrated his investments in order to net a large profit from the aftermath. Victor explained that Jack had invested millions into the corporation but didn't know his partner intended to pull out immediately. Michael realized that Jack's investment was about to nosedive into disaster. Victor smiled maniacally and winked knowingly at Michael.

On Victor's computer monitor, Michael watched a graph that depicted the standing of Victor's investments. The graph raced upward as Victor's plan to glean profits from the failing Newman Fund reached fruition. Victor noted that Skye and Adam's brokers were hastily selling their largest positions. Michael noted that numerous investors, including Jack, were losing everything. Michael poured drinks for himself and Victor and warned that the Securities and Exchange Commission would investigate. Victor sipped his drink and coolly noted it was the reason he had Michael on retainer. Michael steeled himself with a drink and noted that investors would also blame Victor for their losses.

An enraged Jack suddenly burst into Victor's office and asked, "What the hell is going on? Why would you do this?" Jack noted that his and Victor's plan to implode the Newman Fund was set for January. Victor barked that there was no reason to wait. Jack cried that his money was still invested in the fund.

Jack quickly took a seat facing Victor's laptop and attempted to access Skye's computer. Jack typed some keys and said, "Let me see what kind of mess you made." Jack discovered that his password had been denied, and he reminded Victor that they wouldn't even have access to Skye's computer had Jack not tapped into it. Jack was livid. Michael picked up his briefcase and left.

Jack phoned his broker, Pete, and ordered him to salvage Jack's investment because he was losing millions. Jack told Victor he realized it had been Victor's intention to stick it to him from the very beginning. Victor claimed that the timing was right to pull his funds. Jack raised his voice and reminded Victor that their friends and colleagues had sustained substantial losses. Peering over his reading glasses, Victor hatefully replied, "These are your friends, your colleagues, and you solicited them for funds."

Jack asked if Victor's ultimate intention had been for Jack to lose money and credibility instead of punishing Adam for what he had done to Ashley and Sharon. Victor maintained that Adam had deserved a beating and had gotten it. Victor added, "You turned both my daughters against me. I hope both you and Adam realize that actions have consequences, Jack."

Jack clenched his jaw and shook his head in dismay. Victor accused Jack of persuading Victor's daughters to file a lawsuit against him and encouraging them to steal Beauty of Nature. Jack blamed Victor for bullying his daughters and manipulating them. Jack maintained that Victor shouldn't be surprised that Abby and Victoria had chosen not to crawl at his feet and become his clones. Jack added fuel to the fire by claiming that Victoria and Abby had rebuked Victor.

Victor menacingly confronted Jack and asked him why he always used Victor's family to get back at him. Jack claimed that Abby and Victoria had instead used him to get back at their father. Jack threatened to enlist Victoria and Abby's help to nail Victor and take far more than just Beauty of Nature. Victor told Jack he wouldn't get a dime.

Victor ordered Jack out of his office. Jack paused in the lobby to phone his broker, Pete. Jack ordered Pete to buy out what was left of the hedge fund. Jack explained that he aimed to save the other investors from financial ruin. Jack added, "I am going to play Dr. Frankenstein and bring this monster fund back to life!"

At Nick and Sharon's house, Nick pleaded with his fiancée not to take off by herself. Sharon insisted she'd be fine. Nick reminded Sharon that they'd planned to share the news of their engagement at Thanksgiving. When Nick asked Sharon if she regretted accepting his proposal, she claimed she'd long desired to have her family reunited. Sharon claimed she needed time away because she and Nick were hurtling into their future so quickly. Nick offered to move back to the tack house with the kids to give Sharon some space.

Sharon experienced flashbacks of the day she'd found a bracelet from Fenmore's that she hadn't paid for in her purse. Nick seemed confused as Sharon claimed that though everything seemed perfect, she didn't understand why she felt uneasy. Nick demanded to know what had prompted Sharon to run away. Sharon explained that their changing relationship coupled with the past heartbreaks they had endured was weighing on her mind. Nick recalled the heartbreak of losing Cassie. Sharon remembered her and Nick's crumbling marriage after Cassie's death. Sharon somberly reminded Nick that she'd later lost control of herself when Faith was born.

Nick asked Sharon if she was losing herself again. Sharon explained that reestablishing their relationship seemed natural and inevitable, but she needed to know that they'd be together forever. Nick told Sharon that he couldn't stand to lose her. Sharon promised Nick he wouldn't lose her just because she was going away for a few days. Sharon encouraged Nick to leave the house for a while and think about what she'd said. Before Nick left, he maintained that when he returned, he'd still want Sharon to stay.

At the offices of Restless Style, Chloe greeted Phyllis and Billy by relaying advertisers and readers' complaints about Billy's decision to feature the poker-playing wife of an accused murderer in the magazine. Chloe agreed with Phyllis, who protested Billy's plan to feature Daisy in the next issue. Billy explained that the story would be about Daisy's victims. Phyllis vehemently refused to feature a story about Daisy, Daniel, or Daisy's baby. Billy threatened to print the story unless Phyllis could find a better one. Phyllis picked up her purse and scurried out the door.

After Phyllis left, Billy entreated Chloe to talk to Phyllis about his plan to feature Daisy in the magazine. Chloe sarcastically noted how much Daisy's child would someday appreciate facing the past involving her mother, the psychotic killer. To make her case stronger, Chloe added how much Delia might relish having her parents' convoluted histories archived for eternity. Billy acquiesced, and Chloe noted that Victoria had changed him for the better.

Victoria arrived and was devastated to learn that J.T. was keeping Reed for Thanksgiving. Billy pleaded with Chloe to let Delia spend Thanksgiving with him and Victoria at their house. When Victoria's back was turned, Billy promised to let Chloe have Delia at future holiday gatherings in exchange for Thanksgiving. Chloe mentioned that her distressed extended family needed the forthcoming holiday with Delia. Chloe refused Billy's request. Victoria overheard and told Billy that their alter egos "Jim and Margaret" would be just fine, and she kissed Billy.

Phyllis took a break at Crimson Lights and found Nick there. Phyllis asked Nick to let her know how Summer reacted to the news of his engagement to Sharon. Nick hesitated a bit as he explained that Thanksgiving might not be the announcement day because Sharon was going out of town for a few days. Phyllis replied, "As if you didn't have enough reasons to hate Adam." Nick promptly replied, "What does Adam have to do with it?"

Nick asked if Adam was the reason Sharon was leaving town. Phyllis claimed that Nick had mentioned Sharon getting cold feet. Nick denied mentioning anything about Sharon getting cold feet and insisted that Sharon's decision had nothing to do with Adam. Phyllis rejoiced that the issue at hand had nothing to do with her. Before Nick left, he told Phyllis he'd let her know about his final plans for Thanksgiving.

Michael ran into Nick, but Nick rushed past him. Michael joined Phyllis, who explained that Nick was dealing with Sharon and all the angst their relationship entailed. Phyllis claimed that being with Jack was great because he didn't play games. Michael shot back that Jack did play games and was losing badly. Michael never mentioned Victor's name, but Phyllis understood Victor's overriding desire to smite Adam and leave Jack swinging in the breeze. Michael changed the subject and announced that he and Lauren were going out of town for Thanksgiving. Before Michael left, Phyllis told him to wish Lauren a happy Thanksgiving.

Phyllis phoned Jack and left a message telling him that she'd heard about what had happened with the Newman Fund. Adam showed up. Phyllis stood near him and offered condolences on the loss of the hedge fund. Phyllis continued to taunt Adam and suggested that he probably felt as empty as a woman who had just given birth and been told that her baby was dead. Phyllis suggested that Adam might have a shot with Sharon because she'd postponed her engagement announcement.

Adam attempted to ignore Phyllis, but she claimed that Adam seemed overly pensive about Sharon. Phyllis mentioned how odd it was that Sharon would be all alone because she didn't plan to spend Thanksgiving with Nick. Phyllis suggested that a gallant fellow should swoop in and save Sharon. Phyllis suddenly remembered Skye and asked how she was. Adam hesitantly admitted that Skye was no longer an issue. Phyllis cried flippantly, "Well, happy Thanksgiving to one and all."

After Nick returned home, Sharon had her bags packed and told Nick she didn't want to hurt him. Sharon insisted that her leaving wasn't related to Adam. Nick looked crushed. Sharon claimed she needed time to work things out before returning home. Nick promised Sharon that they could make it work forever. Tears welled in Sharon's eyes.

Nick told Sharon that she needed certainty if they planned to make it work. Nick promised Sharon that when she returned, she'd see how amazing their lives would be together. Sharon promised to let Nick know how to contact her. Sharon added, "Just tell the kids that Mom needed a little vacation and will be thinking about them all the time." Nick replied, "While you're thinking of them and us, think about what Cassie said about Faith and the family that we'd have. That it's forever." Sharon kissed Nick before she walked away.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lily told Cane that the food was just about ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Cane was on the couch, still hard at work. Lily asked if Cane had been up all night. Cane said he'd gotten a few hours of sleep. Lily wondered if Cane was doing the work of two people. Lily reminded Cane that company would be arriving shortly. Cane promised to wrap up his business. A little while later, Neil arrived with three pies for Thanksgiving dessert. Malcolm and Sofia arrived just after Neil. They had wine for the party. Neil asked about Cane, and Lily explained that Cane was changing for dinner.

At Crimson Lights, Blake flirted with a waitress. She asked if he had plans for Thanksgiving. Blake mentioned that he was going to a friend's home for the holiday. A little while later, Blake appeared at Lily's door with a bouquet of flowers for Thanksgiving. Lily invited Blake into the house. Blake told Malcolm and Neil that his name was James Collier, but he went by Blake. Blake said hello to Sofia. Lily convinced Blake to stay for dinner. Cane emerged from the bedroom and was stunned to see Blake.

In the kitchen, Lily apologized to Cane for inviting Blake, since Cane had wanted a family-only Thanksgiving. Cane understood why Lily had invited Blake. Neil was called into the kitchen to make the gravy. Sofia offered to join him and share some culinary secrets. On the sly, Cane asked Blake to leave so they could have a family celebration, but Blake refused. Later, Sofia challenged Neil to a gravy throw down, saying that her recipe would beat his. Neil took the challenge, but when Sofia's bracelet got caught on Neil's sweater, there was some romantic tension between the two of them.

Lily and Cane showed Blake the twins, proud of their babies' accomplishments. Neil entered the living room to announce that he and Sofia had engaged in a gravy challenge. Blake went into the kitchen to taste both batches. Malcolm pulled Neil aside and mentioned that Blake was giving off a weird vibe. Neil said that Tucker was running a background check on Blake. Malcolm said he didn't trust Blake.

Before sitting down for dinner, in honor of a tradition that Dru had established for the Winters family, Lily asked everyone to express their gratitude. Lily said that she was thankful for her good health, the twins, and Cane. Cane said he was thankful for his wife, Lily, and the fact that they were all safe. Sofia said that she was grateful that the Winters family had been so welcoming to her. Malcolm said that he'd hit the jackpot when Sofia entered his life. Neil thanked God for being good to the family. Lily asked Blake to join in. Blake thanked the Winters family for the invitation. Blake felt that they would all be friends for life.

Paul and Heather arrived at the Chancellor mansion for Thanksgiving, joining Kay, Murphy, and Nina. Kevin and Chloe arrived for dinner. Nina wished that Ronan had decided to attend. Heather thought that Ronan might still make it for dinner. Jill walked into the living room and announced that she was on her way to Fenmore's and couldn't stay for dinner. Kay convinced Jill to change her mind and enjoy the holiday with the family.

Chloe was in a nasty mood and accused Heather of being the home wrecker who ruined her relationship with Chance. Chloe assumed that Heather was going after Ronan, since she kept assuring Nina that he'd be there for dinner. Kevin pulled Chloe away from Heather. In the hallway, Heather called Ronan and left a message on his phone, telling him to show up for Nina's Thanksgiving or else Heather would spill the beans about Ronan's medical condition. A moment later, the doorbell rang and Ronan appeared. Nina embraced her son.

Ronan was glad to see that Murphy was doing much better. Chloe reminded everyone that Ronan had shot Chance. Jill agreed that it was odd that they were all so happy to have Ronan at the dinner. Kay asked that everyone try to get along. Paul revealed that Heather had a new job working with Michael. Chloe asked if Ronan and Heather were an item. Paul told Chloe to stop acting so vindictively. Alone, Ronan told Heather that he probably shouldn't have shown up. Heather told Ronan that he should confide in Nina about his health issues.

From across the room, Chloe wondered why Ronan and Heather were talking alone together. Kevin was irritated by Chloe's preoccupation with Ronan. Kevin told Chloe to mind her own business. Ronan confronted Chloe and told her that she was entitled to be angry with him about Chance's death, but Chloe's anger wasn't going to return Chance to them. Chloe said that she would never forgive Ronan for shooting Chance. Chloe enjoyed hating Ronan.

Ronan got a work call and explained to the family that he had to leave. Ronan thanked Kay, Murphy, and Nina before leaving. Kay and Murphy told Nina it had been a good sign that Ronan had showed up even if it was just for a short time.

Kevin questioned Chloe about why she had been so nasty to Ronan. Kevin told Chloe that she had conflicting feelings about Ronan. Chloe was confused that she was both attracted to Ronan and repelled by him. Chloe walked off, and Kay told Kevin that he was falling in love with Chloe. Kevin claimed that he simply didn't want Chloe to be hurt. Jill hoped that Esther would serve dinner because Jill wanted to go to Cane's for dessert. They all recalled that the previous year, Lily was going through chemotherapy and the babies had yet to be born.

Kevin walked over to Chloe and apologized for being short with her. Chloe was grateful to Kevin for helping her through the tough times. Chloe declared that they were best buddies. Esther announced that dinner was on the table. Kay asked if everyone would join hands for a minute. Kay reflected on the year past and said that she was grateful for all the time she'd been given with them and everyone else in her life. Kay said that life was a mystery, but that they were all blessed with the time they had. Kay urged each and every one of them to reach out to others in need.

Victor answered the door at the ranch to find Abby there to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. Victor wondered why Abby was there, considering that they were still at odds about the lawsuit. Abby said she was being the bigger person by approaching her father for the holiday. Abby assumed that Victor was alone. Victor said he would be seeing Nick later in the day. Abby asked Victor if he had a gift for her, since he had walked out on her birthday. Victor offered Abby an olive branch.

After playing outside with Segundo, Victor's dog, Abby and Victor had a nice talk. Abby wished Victor loved her unconditionally like he loved his dog. Victor explained that Segundo listened to him. Victor complained that he was disappointed in Victoria because she had lost her head over Billy Abbott. Victor thought that Abby had been becoming more sensible about things, noting that she'd stopped the Naked Heiress business.

Victor believed that Abby nearly had agreed to the settlement at the mediation, but was influenced by Vance and Jack to turn it down. Victor offered Abby the financial settlement again. After Victor took a business call, he asked if Abby would take his offer and drop the lawsuit. Victor pointed out that Abby had nothing at that point in time. Victor received another call and said he had to leave. He apologized to Abby, and they kissed goodbye.

Jack spoke to Pete, his broker, about the Newman Fund. Jack told Pete that he was anxious to buy whatever remained of the fund. Jack hoped to bail out the investors who'd lost a fortune. Tucker arrived for Thanksgiving dinner at the Abbotts', and Ashley kissed him hello. Tucker told Jack that he knew about the Newman Fund collapse. Ashley was shocked to hear that Jack and Victor had teamed up to destroy Adam. Ashley couldn't believe that Jack had entered into a partnership with Victor.

Tucker surmised that Victor and Jack had concocted the scheme together, but that Victor had made a fortune on the transaction by turning the tables on Jack. Jack said that he'd lost a lot, but there were many other investors who'd lost just as much. Only Victor had made a killing. Ashley was upset with Jack for working with Victor, but sorry for her brother because Victor had outplayed him.

Ashley asked if Jack had done what he'd done because of her. Jack said he wanted revenge on Adam. Jack excused himself to go see Skye about the hedge fund. Abby arrived at the Abbotts' for Thanksgiving and wondered why everyone was so down. Ashley explained that Jack was in serious financial trouble. Tucker told Abby that Victor and Jack had been working together to destroy Adam's hedge fund, but that Victor had stabbed Jack in the back by removing the funds without warning.

Ashley said it was the latest example of why Victor could not be trusted. Tucker approached Abby privately, and she said that she was disappointed in Victor. Tucker was sorry that Victor had let her down. Abby said that Victor always fell short in her estimation. Abby called Victor and declared that she would not accept the financial settlement.

At the Athletic Club, Jack knocked on Skye's door, but there was no answer. The maid approached and said that she had to clean the room. Jack asked her to let him into the room. When she unlocked the door, the place was turned upside down. Jack told the maid to call the police.

Jack told the cops that he'd been unable to reach either Skye or Adam on their phones, so he'd gone to the hotel to see if they were in their room. The maid said other guests had heard fighting from the suite. Victor appeared in the doorway, and Jack wondered what he was doing there.

Victor said that someone on the club staff had called him to say that his son's room was being investigated. Ronan showed up and told Jack and Victor that they were in the middle of a crime scene. Ronan said that blood had been found in the room.

Jack accused Victor of being responsible for the scene in the hotel room. Victor said that they didn't know what had happened there. Ronan asked Jack and Victor to head to the police station to answer some questions.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Phyllis called Daniel about their plans for Thanksgiving. Daniel worried that Phyllis had burned the turkey. Phyllis admitted that she had screwed up. She'd forgotten to defrost the bird. Daniel wanted to cancel, but Phyllis was anxious to spend the holiday with her son. Phyllis promised not to talk about Daisy or the baby.

A moment later, Nick, Summer, and Faith showed up at Phyllis' door. Nick explained that Sharon had gone out of town. Nick said they were meeting Noah at Gloworm and hoped Phyllis would join them. Phyllis hesitated, but Summer urged Phyllis to say yes. Phyllis relented and said yes.

At the police station, Ronan told Victor and Jack that they were still searching for Adam. Jack wanted to know if Skye's blood had been found in the suite. Victor and Jack refused counsel, allowing Ronan to question them. Ronan wanted to know why they'd been in the suite. Jack said that after the demise of the Newman Fund, he'd gone to check on Skye. Victor said an Athletic Club staff member had called him about an incident in his son's room. Jack accused Victor of causing the incident.

Ronan was surprised to learn that Victor and Jack had been partners in an investment in the hedge fund. Jack told Ronan that the plan had been for Victor to withdraw his investment at the same time as Jack, but Victor had acted unilaterally. Victor declared that what he had done was perfectly legal. Ronan surmised that Victor's withdrawal had caused the Newman Fund to crash. Victor believed that Adam might have killed Skye, noting that Adam had gotten away with murder once before, when he killed Richard Hightower.

A cop handed Ronan a piece of paper. Ronan told Victor and Jack that the blood in the suite was not Adam's. Jack said that the blood had to be Skye's. Jack told Ronan that while Jack had been with Skye and Adam at Gloworm the previous day, Adam had threatened to kill Skye. Ronan believed that Skye might be a victim. Victor told Ronan that he'd better find Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren, Michael and Fen were upset that their trip out of town had been a bust. Michael suggested that they go to Gloworm to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. At Gloworm, Gloria was excited about having a joyous Thanksgiving, but complained that Lauren and Michael were out of town. Jeffrey was optimistic about how much money they'd be making with the restaurant.

Kevin and Chloe arrived at the restaurant with Delia. Gloria was thrilled to see them, especially Delia. Chloe mentioned that Delia would be seeing Billy after Thanksgiving. Gloria greeted Nick, Phyllis, and their children when they arrived. Daniel and Noah entered, too. Later, Noah wondered if Nick had heard from Sharon. Nick said Sharon hadn't called him yet. Noah asked Daniel if it was true that Daniel was the father of Daisy's baby. Daniel said he was.

Nick and Phyllis told Noah they didn't want to talk about Daisy over dinner. Michael, Lauren, and Fen arrived at Gloworm. Daniel grimaced, worried that the subject of Daisy would be brought up after all. Michael and Lauren said hello to everyone. Lauren explained that a plumbing problem at the lodge had forced them to change their holiday plans. Phyllis asked Michael if the judge had ruled on the request to have Daisy move in with Phyllis.

Nick was shocked, but Phyllis said it would only be until Daisy had the baby. Phyllis said that Summer would live with Nick while Daisy was with Phyllis. Phyllis' phone rang, and Jack told her that he was at the police station. Phyllis hung up and told everyone about Skye and Adam's incident and the fact that the two of them were missing.

Phyllis said that Jack and Victor were at the police station. Phyllis announced that she was leaving, and Nick wanted to go with her. Noah and Daniel agreed to watch Summer and Faith. Michael reluctantly left the party to represent Victor. When Phyllis, Nick, and Michael arrived at the station, Michael scolded Victor for speaking to the police without counsel.

Jack blamed Victor for causing the collapse of the Newman Fund. Phyllis was stunned. Jack believed that Adam had probably taken out his anger about the hedge fund on Skye; Jack said that Victor was responsible for what had happened in the suite. Nick reminded Victor that he had only planned to destroy Adam. Victor told Nick that when the opportunity arose to crush Adam and stick it to Jack at the same time, Victor had seized it.

Michael wondered if Adam had hurt Skye like Jack suggested. Victor said it was possible. Nick said he was glad Sharon was out of town, with Adam on the loose. Victor feared that Adam might hurt someone. Ronan returned to the interrogation room to say that the blood in the hotel suite was Skye's. Nick recalled Adam wishing that Skye had remained dead. Phyllis added that she'd heard Adam threaten to hurt Skye if she ever double-crossed him.

Michael asked Ronan if there were any leads to Adam's whereabouts. Ronan said that Adam had bought a ticket on a train that was going south. Nick was worried about Sharon being off alone while Adam was on the loose. Nick left to call Sharon. A few minutes later, Nick returned to say that he'd left a message on Sharon's phone. Jack announced that he was leaving. Victor refused to take responsibility for Adam. Jack and Phyllis left the police station.

Victor asked Nick to take over Newman Enterprises while he was out of town. Victor said he was leaving town to check on the Newman offices. Victor wanted to be back in time for Nikki's release from rehab. Nick's phone rang, and he thought it was Sharon. It was someone who had found Sharon's phone on a train.

Nick told Victor and Michael that Sharon had been on a train called the City of New Orleans. Michael said it traveled from Chicago to New Orleans. Nick was upset that Adam was also on a train going south. Nick wished he knew where Sharon was.

In New Orleans, Sharon checked into a place called the Cornstalk. The desk clerk told Sharon the history of the hotel, including the fact that it was supposedly haunted. Sharon thought the place was beautiful, and she was happy to be there.

At the bar, Daniel approach Kevin and Chloe to say hello. Kevin said Daniel's idea to give the baby away for adoption was a bad one. Chloe told Gloria and Lauren that Kevin and Daniel were discussing Daisy's baby. Lauren was surprised that Kevin was still hoping to raise Daisy's baby on his own. Chloe understood Kevin's feelings. Gloria was dead set against Kevin's plan.

Kevin told Daniel that Daisy's baby had family in Genoa City and shouldn't be given away to strangers. Daniel insisted that he was not interested in being a father. Kevin said that he wanted to raise the baby. Daniel admired Kevin's ambition, but he didn't think Kevin would be a good candidate to raise a child. Daniel said it couldn't happen, but Kevin was determined to try. In jail, Daisy received a dinner of institutionalized turkey. Daisy ate the food for the sake of the baby.

Billy was making Thanksgiving dinner. Billy was making sweet potatoes and Victoria was taking pictures. Victoria said they were making a lot of food for just the two of them. Victoria assumed that Reed was watching football or cartoons. Billy offered to take Victoria to the Abbotts' for a family holiday, but she wanted to stay in their home. Billy fed Victoria some sweet potatoes and smeared it on her face before kissing it away.

Victoria and Billy enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner for two. Victoria missed the kids running around. Billy said they were starting a new tradition. Victoria proposed a toast to herself, and Billy agreed that she was the cutest turkey-stuffer in Genoa City. Victoria admitted that Thanksgiving without Reed was depressing.

Victoria was enjoying the food and called to Billy to join her. Billy said he had a surprise. Victoria closed her eyes and Billy set up the laptop on the table. Reed appeared on screen in a videoconference. Victoria was overjoyed to see her son. Reed showed his mom that he'd lost a tooth. Victoria thanked Billy to setting up the call. Reed said that he missed Victoria. Victoria sang Reed his favorite lullaby. Victoria finished the song and said goodbye to Reed.

Victoria again thanked Billy for arranging the call. Victoria wished that she could do something like that for Billy. Billy went to the kitchen to get the pie for dessert. Victoria called Chloe to ask if Chloe might bring Delia over for a visit. Chloe said that Delia was playing with Summer and Fen, and Chloe didn't want to take her away from the other children.

Kevin approached Chloe, and she explained that Victoria had called to say that Billy missed Delia. Kevin told Chloe that Daniel was down on the idea of Kevin raising Daisy's baby. At the table a while later, Gloria told Kevin that he couldn't raise Daisy's baby. Daniel told Lauren that he wanted Daisy to stay in jail and then give up the baby for adoption. Lauren was happy that Daniel agreed with her.

Kevin and Chloe decided to leave the party, saying that Delia was tired. Gloria warned Kevin that she was not through speaking with him about Daisy's baby. A short time later, Billy and Victoria contemplated going to bed to practice making a baby. The doorbell rang, and Chloe appeared with Delia. Billy was ecstatic to see his daughter. Chloe left so that Billy could enjoy the night with Delia. Billy thanked Chloe. Billy thanked Victoria, realizing that Victoria had arranged for Delia's visit.

Daniel complained to Noah that everyone wanted him to be a father to Daisy's baby. Daniel didn't want to be attached to Daisy in any way. Daniel believed the baby would be better off with another family far away from Genoa City.

Kevin walked up to Daisy's cell. Kevin said that Tom had been a horrible father, and he never wanted Daisy's child to know that kind of fear. Kevin offered to be the baby's legal guardian. Daisy thought Kevin was joking. Kevin asked Daisy to consider his offer seriously.

Ronan was alone in the interrogation room when he nearly keeled over. Ronan sat down and reached for his medication. Ronan took a pill and closed his eyes for a moment, apparently in severe pain.

Victor walked into the ranch and discovered that Nikki was waiting for him. Nikki said that she'd been granted early release from rehab. Nikki wanted to discuss what had happened between her and Victor, but Victor chose to ignore it. Victor walked out the door, leaving Nikki alone in the living room.

Jack told Phyllis that he hated missing Thanksgiving with Kyle. Phyllis asked if Jack was worried about Skye. Jack answered that he wanted Adam put away for a long time. Phyllis said that the press would crucify Adam when the story was reported. Jack saw a glint in Phyllis' eyes. Phyllis said that Adam and Skye's story deserved to be told. Jack guessed that Phyllis wanted to write their story.

Nick and Michael returned to Gloworm. Nick explained to Lauren that Sharon's phone had been found on the train. Lauren was certain that Sharon had gone to New Orleans. Nick said he was going to go after Sharon. Lauren suggested that Michael go with Nick because Michael knew New Orleans so well. Michael didn't want to leave Lauren, but she said it was all right because Daisy was in jail.

Lauren told Nick that Sharon had visited her before she left town because Sharon had found a bracelet she'd taken from Fenmore's. Lauren said that Sharon feared she had stolen it. Nick believed that if Sharon was stealing again, something was very wrong with her. Michael declared that he was booking two seats on the next flight to New Orleans for him and Nick.

In her New Orleans hotel room, Sharon jumped when she heard a noise. Sharon told herself not to be afraid. She closed the curtains and got back into bed. Outside the hotel gate, Adam looked up at Sharon's window.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not air a new episode of The Young and the Restless. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Everyone at Soap Central wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your support -- not just today, but every day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted -- and no new episode of The Young and the Restless was aired. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 29, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 24 episode concluded.

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