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Sharon and Adam made love in New Orleans. Nick ended his engagement to Sharon. Adam was arrested for killing Skye, but Skye was really alive, and Victor had framed Adam for Skye's murder. The court awarded Phyllis custody of Daisy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 29, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, November 29, 2010

From her condo, Phyllis phoned Jack and told him she was heading to New Orleans to chase leads on the article she was writing about Adam. Jack offered to look after Summer and Faith. After Jack hung up, Diane showed up ranting about Jack rushing out on Thanksgiving. Diane cried that Kyle was extremely upset because Jack had once again let him down. Jack, showing intense frustration, explained how the failed Newman Fund had affected him. Jack added that he was also searching for the fund's founder, who was also his friend. Diane said she'd heard about the search for Skye Newman on the radio.

Jack frantically phoned his friends and apologized for what had happened to the fund. Phyllis showed up just as Kyle called Diane, who stepped out to talk to her son. Phyllis thanked Jack for watching the girls and told him the sitter would drop them off later. Diane returned and acted snippy. Phyllis flirted with Jack, and Diane sneered. Phyllis, whispering, told Jack not to let Diane play stepmother to Summer and Faith. After Phyllis left, Jack told Diane that had the crisis not occurred, he would have spent Thanksgiving with Kyle, and he promised to make amends.

Diane changed her attitude, apologized, and begged Jack to forgive her for dumping on him. Jack accepted Diane's apology. Jack offered to pick up Kyle and take him and the girls out for ice cream. Diane had a gleam in her eye when she quickly announced that she'd stay and cook steaks, so they all could enjoy dinner together. Jack tried to stop Diane, but she quickly ran out the door. After Diane returned with two sacks of groceries, Jack tried to tell her that he hadn't intended to invite her to dine with him and the children. Diane cut Jack off and left to pick up Kyle at Walnut Grove.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was leaving a message for Victor when he returned home. Nikki was contrite and said, "After everything we've built through the years, I can't just let it end without a word." Victor was impatient with Nikki and checked his watch. Nikki cried that she'd go back and do everything over if she could, and she apologized for not stopping herself from drinking.

Victor asked why she had not gone to him for help. Nikki recalled that Victor had been busy and admitted that she'd lost her nerve each time she tried. Victor replied, "Unless you acknowledge the depth of your betrayal, you and I have nothing to discuss." Nikki said she was trying to apologize, but she explained that she first needed to take responsibility drinking again.

Victor accused Nikki of carrying on with Deacon for a long time before he found them together the first time inside a sleazy motel room. Nikki cringed when Victor explained that her drinking wasn't the main issue. Victor bellowed, "I take you to a rehab center, and what do I find? I walk into your room, and you're in bed with the same guy!" Nikki explained that she had thought Victor had married Meggie.

Victor, spitting mad, claimed that it did not matter what Nikki believed because it gave her no grounds to jump into bed with Deacon. Nikki calmly insisted that she would never see Deacon again. Victor yelled, "I don't give a damn whether you do or don't see that scum again. The point is, you didn't believe enough in what we had. That I will not forgive!"

Nikki reminded Victor that she had warned him about letting Meggie move into their home and stressed that Meggie was to blame for derailing Nikki's sobriety. Victor reminded Nikki that Meggie had almost killed him. Nikki explained that they'd both been innocent victims. Victor slammed his briefcase shut and shouted that at least he'd stayed true to Nikki, but she had jumped into bed with a piece of scum. Victor told Nikki that their relationship was over. After Victor received a call telling him his jet was ready, Nikki, frustrated, cried, "That is so typical of you. We hurt each other, and then you just refuse to deal with it. You run away like a little child."

Victor collected his packed luggage. Nikki told him that alienating his loved ones, then leaving was his recurring pattern. Victor claimed he was leaving because he'd become numb. Nikki told him she would not chase after him. Victor replied, "I don't give a damn whether you chase after me or not, all right? What we have spent a lifetime building, you have torn apart in no time at all."

Nikki seemed crushed. Victor angrily bellowed, "I'll be gone for a month. That gives you enough time to get the hell out of here." After Victor left, Nikki sobbed quietly and said to herself aloud, "I will always love you, Victor, always. Someday that will be important to you."

Later, Nikki stopped at Crimson Lights for tea. Deacon approached Nikki, and she greeted him uneasily. Deacon, whispering, told Nikki that that he couldn't stop thinking about her. Aboard his jet, Victor handed a finalized flight manifest to his pilot and said, "Just one passenger, all right?" The man agreed and walked to the cockpit. Victor took a seat and asked, "Would you like a drink?" Wearing a purple dress and black stilettos, Skye, seated across from Victor, responded, "A drink would be fabulous."

At the Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans, Sharon ventured past the front entrance and was approached by Lynda, the proprietor's daughter. Lynda mentioned that the hotel was haunted, but Sharon claimed the only ghosts she'd encountered were the ones she'd taken with her from home. Sharon added that she'd gone to New Orleans to think and figure things out. Across the street, Adam watched Sharon stroll down the sidewalk. Sharon walked along Bourbon Street, and Adam, unseen, walked a few yards behind her. Sharon stopped at an antique shop. The shop owner glanced at Sharon, who seemed somewhat removed from reality.

Sharon continued her tour, walked past the window of a jewelry store, and recalled the ring on a chain Nick had given her days earlier. She also recalled her horror after finding, in her purse, a bracelet from Fenmore's that she hadn't purchased. Sharon became teary-eyed as she strolled onward. Adam kept pace with Sharon's movements from the opposite side of the street. After it began raining, Sharon seemed spooked, so she paused and looked back, but Adam ducked behind a revolving stand holding souvenir postcards. Sharon ambled onward, and Adam noted that she turned right at the end of an alleyway.

On the square, Sharon wandered past a tarot-card reader, who motioned for Sharon to take a seat at his table. Sharon stood before the man for a moment before walking away. Adam wasn't too far behind. Sharon stopped at Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo. Inside, a slender woman with red hair emerged and asked in a drawl, "Would you like a reading?" The woman sat across from Sharon at a table. The redheaded woman shuffled her tarot cards and asked Sharon to cut the deck.

Sharon carefully chose a card, and the woman flipped it over. The reader sighed and said, "The high priestess -- you're wondering which way to turn." Sharon seemed intrigued by the reader's accurate statement. The reader continued, "The card that sits at the center of the reading represents you in the present moment. The high priestess sits between two pillars. They represent the duality of the universe."

Sharon seemed uncomfortable, shook her head slightly, and nervously darted her eyes as the woman read Sharon's destiny. The reader's voice rose in pitch as she said, "You feel torn about something, pulled in two entirely different directions." Sharon replied, "I do kind of have a dark side. It kind of freaked me out, you know? I was really happy, and then suddenly, it came back."

The reader explained that the high priestess forced one to pay attention to what was going on in the subconscious. Revealing the two-of-hearts card, the reader announced, "Your main problem in life is finding true love." Sharon was told that she was struggling to decide which person to choose as a life partner. The reader flipped the card indicating Sharon's future. Sharon gasped when she saw the thirteenth card.

The reader explained that the card of death could signify letting go of the past and going forward. The reader brightly added, "It's mourning and celebration -- a dance. While you're in transition, there may be times that you feel adrift and afraid of what's coming. Accept the inevitable. Embrace the journey, and see where life takes you."

Sharon thanked the woman and rose to leave. When Sharon shook the woman's hand, the woman shuddered and said she'd seen a vivid vision. The woman gave Sharon the tarot card, instructed her to view it often, and suggested Sharon become more comfortable with change. Sharon asked if her life wasn't to become what she had expected. The reader told Sharon that she would find her answers at the feet of angels. Sharon stepped outside, stood on the sidewalk, and gazed at her tarot card.

Also in New Orleans, at the Café Du Monde, Michael and Nick approached wait staff and asked each one if they'd seen Sharon. Nick and Michael each took turns displaying a photo of Sharon on the screen of their cell phones. Nick became distressed after none of those questioned could recall seeing Sharon. Nick cried, "Sharon is out there somewhere, and I have to find her before Adam does." Michael assured Nick that he had a plan, and they both decided to check small boutique hotels. Michael tried to calm Nick, who worried that Adam might have already killed Skye and had followed Sharon on a train. Michael navigated his and Nick's footpath via a map and made their way to the St. Louis Cathedral.

Nick stopped and asked the driver of a mule-drawn carriage if he'd seen Sharon. The man peered at the photo displayed on Nick's phone and remarked that he would have remembered such a beautiful lady had he seen her. Michael showed the man a photo of Adam and asked if he'd been spotted. The driver said he hadn't seen Adam, either, as the driver snapped the reins and urged the mule forward. Michael phoned Chantal to see if any activity had been reported on Sharon's credit and debit cards. Nick checked the Andrew Jackson Hotel, but no one there had seen Sharon.

Michael asked a concierge at another inn if he'd seen Sharon, but the man said he hadn't after he viewed the photo. Nick added that finding Sharon was urgent because a convicted criminal was stalking her. Nick explained that the missing woman was his fiancée. Michael glared at Nick for not having shared the news of his engagement beforehand. Nick said that he and Sharon had planned to announce their engagement at Thanksgiving. Nick and Michael continued to question people, but everyone they approached said that they had not seen Sharon.

Officer LeBlanc approached Michael and Nick. Michael told the police officer about their search for Sharon and their fears that Adam, a very dangerous man, might be stalking her. Officer LeBlanc told Michael to text pertinent information about Sharon to him, so he could forward it to the proper channels and initiate a search. Michael and Nick continued walking in the rain in search of clues to Sharon's whereabouts. Chantal sent a text message to Michael and informed him that Sharon had not used her credit or debit cards.

Later, Michael learned that marshals had tracked Adam to New Orleans and that surveillance cameras had caught sight of him at the train station. Nick cried that they had no time to waste in locating Sharon. Nick and Michael stopped at the Cornstalk Hotel and learned that Sharon had checked in but was out. Michael stayed in the lobby to wait for Sharon to return, and Nick cried, "Just pray it's not too late." Nick, frustrated and apprehensive, rushed out to search for Sharon.

The somber dirge of a jazz band playing a funeral tune caught Sharon's attention. Sharon spotted the funeral procession marching down the street. Animated dancers preceded a horse-drawn carriage holding the coffin. Sharon recalled that the card reader had said, "It's mourning and celebration -- a dance." Sharon, encouraged by a man on the street, joined the gathering crowd of mourners and walked behind the carriage. Adam followed a safe distance behind, but he paused and hid his face with his collar when he spotted Nick and Michael standing on the curb as the funeral procession passed. Nick and Michael did not see Sharon, who passed by on the other side of the street.

At the cemetery, Sharon meandered between rows of aboveground tombs. Sharon paused at one crypt and noticed a weathered angel figurine affixed to a grave's marker. Sharon recalled that the reader had said, "You'll find your answers at the feet of angels." While Sharon contemplated the reader's words, she spied Adam. Adam gazed at Sharon. Sharon seemed transfixed by Adam's presence.

After Phyllis arrived in New Orleans, she stopped and showed a photo of Adam to the same carriage driver Nick and Michael had questioned earlier. The man told Phyllis that he hadn't seen Adam, but he added that he'd been shown Adam's photo. The man identified Nick as one of the men who'd shown him Adam's photo. Phyllis gave the man her card and a wad of cash and instructed him to call her if he saw Adam. The man agreed to call Phyllis if he spotted Adam.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In New Orleans, Nick continued searching for Sharon. Nick spoke to a shopkeeper who confirmed that Sharon had been in the store earlier in the day. Nick asked if Sharon might have been followed. The lady recalled that Sharon had been alone. The woman also noted that Sharon had not smiled very much. Nick asked the lady to call him if Sharon returned to the shop, and he gave her his card.

At a cemetery, Sharon was surprised to find herself face-to-face with Adam. Sharon realized that Adam had been following her. Adam said he had been compelled to follow her. Sharon was upset, but when Adam kissed her, Sharon responded. After a moment, Sharon pulled back. Adam said that he had left Skye and the hedge fund. Adam declared that nothing else mattered to him but Sharon. Adam said he was in love with Sharon. Sharon shook her head.

Adam asked Sharon to go with him. When Adam pointed out that Sharon was at a crossroads, she was reminded that the psychic had told her the same thing. Sharon wasn't sure what to do. Adam felt that fate and the angels were trying to tell them something. Adam held out his hand, and Sharon took it.

Adam led Sharon to an old plantation called Oak Alley. Sharon loved the ambience of the place. Adam and Sharon asked the attendant if they could explore the property, and they were welcomed. Sharon and Adam wandered the grounds, holding hands and talking. Alone together, Sharon and Adam fell into a romantic haze. They kissed and held each other. At the main house, Sharon looked around and said that she felt like it was their place.

Over dinner on the patio, Adam and Sharon mused about how they had created their own reality. Sharon didn't want their happiness to end. Adam called over the attendant and whispered in his ear. Sharon asked what Adam had done. Adam told Sharon that he had arranged everything to her liking. Later, Adam and Sharon entered an Oak Alley hotel room. Adam told Sharon that he knew a way for the day to never end. They undressed each other and fell into bed. Sharon and Adam made love.

At the Abbott house, Jack was taking care of Faith and Summer while Phyllis was out of town. Diane and Kyle arrived at the front door. Diane reminded Kyle to be nice to Jack because his father was concerned about Skye. Later, Diane, Kyle, Jack, Summer, and Faith enjoyed dinner together. Summer and Kyle left the table to get dessert from the kitchen. Jack was glad that Kyle seemed over his anger about the Restless Style story. Jack told Diane he liked having the dining room filled with children.

Diane complimented Jack on how well he handled Summer. Jack appreciated the lullaby Diane sang to Faith. Diane poured a drink for Jack and assumed that he was concerned about Skye's disappearance. Jack told Diane that he believed Victor had something to do with the way Skye had just vanished. Jack wished he could get the better of Victor. Diane told Jack she would listen if he wanted to talk. Diane wondered how Jack would handle getting Summer and Faith ready in the morning. Jack said he'd be all right. Diane offered to stay in the spare room for the night, but Jack turned her down.

On the Newman jet, Skye said she needed a drink. Victor assured Skye that she'd be okay once she accepted that her life as she knew it was over. Skye couldn't believe how quickly her life had collapsed. Victor told Skye that she should have made it her business to know her investors. Skye couldn't believe that Victor and Jack had been working together to destroy the Newman Fund. Skye realized that Jack was only in it to get revenge on Adam. Skye admired how Victor had outwitted Jack by getting revenge on Adam and walking away with a fortune at the same time.

Victor assured Skye that she would get used to starting over once again. Skye recalled that Victor had predicted her demise. In a flashback, Skye remembered calling Victor the day the Newman Fund collapsed. Victor had told Skye exactly how to proceed. Back in the moment, Victor gave Skye a file that contained the documents she'd need to establish a new life. All Skye had to do was follow Victor's instructions.

Skye wasn't sure if she could live by Victor's rules. Victor told Skye she had no choice. Skye listened to Victor's edicts, which included no more poker games or high stakes financial investment. Victor also insisted that Skye needed to remain dead this time. Victor intended for Adam to be framed for Skye's murder, so Skye could never return from the dead.

Skye thought Victor had created a great scenario, but Skye wasn't sure that the courts would convict Adam. Victor said that he was in control this time and Adam would face justice. Skye reminded Victor that she wasn't really dead. Victor was certain that he would get the evidence necessary to have Adam imprisoned for her murder.

Victor showed Skye the flight manifest in which he was the only passenger listed on the jet. Victor's jet was going to be flying around the world for a month. Victor wanted to make sure that even if anybody guessed that he'd whisked Skye out of town, nobody would ever know where he deposited her. Victor reminded Skye that he was a champion and he'd bested her twice. Victor warned Skye to do what he said if she wanted to have a comfortable life.

A short time later, Victor told the pilot to pull into the hangar. Victor informed Skye that they had reached her destination. Skye was surprised that he was dropping her off so soon. Skye said she would have enjoyed learning more from Victor. Victor told Skye that she would never get a third go at him. If Skye ever challenged Victor again, Victor would crush her. Skye learned that when she deplaned, a car would be waiting for her and an artist would transform her with a new look to go with her new identity and new life. Skye learned she was being dropped in a Hawaiian jungle on an island. Victor said that nobody she knew would ever see her again.

At Crimson Lights, Deacon flirted with Nikki. Nikki said that sobriety was fragile, and she didn't want to spend time with Deacon. Nikki also reminded him that the program frowned upon any romantic entanglements after leaving rehab. Nikki said goodbye to Deacon and walked onto the patio. Deacon followed her and sat at the table. Nikki told Deacon she didn't want to speak with him. Deacon said he couldn't forget Nikki. Deacon insisted that they were kindred spirits. Nikki suggested that it was only booze that had drawn them together, not romance.

Nikki said she would not get involved with Deacon again. Deacon asked if Nikki had reunited with Victor. Nikki said that Victor was out of town. Deacon asked Nikki to go out on a date with him. Nikki refused and reminded Deacon that her children despised him. Deacon pleaded with Nikki to give him a chance. Later on, Deacon arrived at the ranch, and Nikki let him into the house for five minutes. Deacon and Nikki gazed into each other's eyes and then kissed passionately.

Michael was at the Cornstalk Hotel in New Orleans. Phyllis appeared in the lobby, and Michael was stunned to see her. Michael demanded to know why Phyllis was there. Nick called Michael to report that Sharon had been to a shop nearby. Michael urged Phyllis to leave immediately. Phyllis said that she was there to cover Adam's story for Restless Style. Michael reminded Phyllis that Adam was a dangerous man. Phyllis refused to leave because Adam's capture might be a great story.

Michael was determined to get Phyllis to return to Genoa City. Nick walked into the lobby and demanded to know why Phyllis was in New Orleans. Nick blamed Michael for Phyllis being there, but Michael said he had nothing to do with her appearance. Nick wondered who was watching Faith and Summer, and was upset that Phyllis had passed off the girls to Jack.

Nick assumed that Phyllis had followed him to New Orleans, and he was angry. Phyllis didn't want to tell Nick that she was in New Orleans to find Adam, but he figured that she was there for Restless Style. Nick reminded Phyllis that Adam was a killer. Phyllis didn't take Nick's words seriously. Nick wondered if Phyllis was there because she wanted to see Adam kill Sharon. Nick believed that Adam was so desperate for Sharon that he would hurt her. Nick feared for Sharon's life. Phyllis said she hadn't been thinking about Sharon because she was focused on Adam.

Nick pleaded with Phyllis to leave. Phyllis volunteered to help find Sharon, but Nick wanted Phyllis to return home to care for the girls. Phyllis agreed to leave. Phyllis apologized for vexing Nick. Nick sent Phyllis out of the hotel to a car that would take her straight to the airport. Phyllis wished Nick good luck. As a cop showed up in the lobby and greeted Michael and Nick, Phyllis sneaked out of the hotel. The policeman told Nick and Michael that Adam had been spotted near the hotel. Nick feared that Adam might have already gotten to Sharon.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At the Cornstalk Inn in New Orleans, Michael called Lauren and was glad to hear that his wife had gone back to work. Lauren said she felt it was time to return to Fenmore's. Michael reported that Adam had been spotted near Sharon's hotel, but that Sharon had not returned to her room.

Nick searched Sharon's room for clues to her whereabouts. After a minute, Nick phoned Phyllis to make sure that she was back in Genoa City. Phyllis didn't tell Nick that she was still in New Orleans. Phyllis lied to Nick, saying that Faith and Summer were fine.

After ending her call with Nick, Phyllis clicked back to Jack. Phyllis asked Jack if Faith and Summer were all right. Jack said that he enjoyed taking care of the girls. Summer spoke to her mother and urged Phyllis to return home soon. Jack took the phone from Summer, and Phyllis asked him to lie if Nick questioned Jack about Phyllis' whereabouts. Jack wasn't happy about lying, but agreed to cover for Phyllis. Phyllis said that she was determined to find Adam and Sharon.

Nick realized that all of Sharon's belongings were in her room. Michael suggested that Sharon might have gone away for a day trip, but Nick feared that Adam had found Sharon. Michael wondered if Sharon might have planned to meet Adam in New Orleans. Nick refused to believe that Sharon would have done that. Nick would not consider the possibility that Sharon wanted to be with Adam again.

In the hotel lobby, Nick and Michael decided to look for Sharon at a city park. Phyllis hid behind a magazine and overheard Nick and Michael's plans. A while later, Michael and Nick were searching everywhere without any luck. Nick had a hunch about where to look and took off in another direction.

At the Oak Alley plantation, Sharon woke up in Adam's arms. Sharon wondered if it was some kind of a magical place. Adam said they had created their own magical reality. Adam wanted to spend the day showing Sharon how much he cared for her. Sharon responded to his kisses.

After making love, Adam suggested that Sharon take a nap. Sharon didn't want to miss the day by sleeping. Sharon wanted the two of them to go out together and enjoy New Orleans. Sharon realized that all her things were at her hotel, and she needed to return to the Cornstalk to change clothes. Adam agreed, but first he wanted to show Sharon someplace special.

Adam walked Sharon to a bridge over a brook in the park. Adam told Sharon how right they were together. Adam said that he felt alive with Sharon and declared that he'd wasted time seeking power and money, but what he really always was looking for was Sharon. Adam didn't want to go any further in life without her by his side. Adam believed they had an unbreakable bond.

Sharon spotted a carousel in the park and walked over to it. Looking at the carousel, Sharon was reminded of being in Paris with Nick. Sharon got emotional, as she was lost in the memory. Adam approached and asked if Sharon was all right. Sharon declared that she couldn't be with him after all. Adam was dumbfounded by what Sharon was saying.

Sharon declared that she loved Nick and the family they shared. Adam reminded Sharon that she'd left Genoa City because she was unsure of a life with Nick. Sharon claimed that she had been afraid of having it all with Nick, but she was over that. Adam pointed out that he and Sharon had a profound connection. Adam declared that he wouldn't let Sharon deny what they shared.

Sharon said that she and Adam had to return to reality. For Sharon, that meant life with Nick, Faith, Summer, and Noah. Sharon apologized to Adam for misleading him. Adam refused to give up what they'd just experienced at Oak Alley. As Sharon embraced Adam with sympathy, Nick appeared. Nick charged at them and took Sharon away from Adam.

Nick announced that the marshals were on their way to arrest Adam because he was wanted for murder. Adam said he'd been cleared of Richard Hightower's murder. Nick said that Skye was Adam's latest victim, and her blood had been found all over Adam's room. Nick revealed that Skye was missing and presumed dead. Adam assured Sharon that he had nothing to do with Skye's disappearance.

Two marshals arrested Adam and took him away in handcuffs. Sharon was not allowed to speak with him. Nick told Sharon that he had been worried about her. Nick assumed that Adam had followed Sharon to New Orleans. Nick feared that Adam had hurt Sharon, especially in light of Skye's murder.

Sharon told Nick that she was certain that Adam would not have hurt her. Nick asked if Sharon still had feelings for Adam. Sharon said that she hadn't planned to meet Adam, that he had just shown up. Nick was furious that Adam still had a hold on Sharon.

Sharon claimed that she had decided to return to Nick. Sharon was finally sure that she wanted Nick and their family. Nick was furious with Sharon and declared that they were done. Nick said that he wasn't going to marry Sharon again. Sharon walked off as Phyllis appeared at the carousel. Phyllis approached Nick and told him that Sharon was simply unable to get over Adam.

In the living room at the ranch, Deacon greeted Nikki with a morning kiss. Nikki was conflicted about having spent the night with Deacon. Deacon was convinced that the two of them had something special. Nikki said she wasn't ready for a romantic relationship. Deacon promised not to pressure her.

While Deacon went to the kitchen for coffee, Nikki answered the front door to find Katherine. Katherine entered the house and was stunned to see Deacon emerge from the other room. Kay lashed out at Deacon when he tried to defend Nikki. Deacon put on his jacket to leave. Kay said she was there because Nikki had called her. Deacon left, and Kay asked if Nikki had lost her mind.

Kay assumed that Nikki and Victor had been planning to reunite once she got out of rehab. Nikki said that she'd seen the photo of Victor's wedding on the Web and believed that Victor had really married Meggie. Nikki had responded to the disappointment by turning to Deacon. Nikki explained that Victor had found Nikki in bed with Deacon.

Nikki defended Deacon to Kay, saying that he'd stood by her side through the tough times. Kay wondered if Nikki was going to continue seeing him. Nikki wasn't sure, but she asked for Kay to support her, rather than judge her. Kay said she would do just that.

Kay was sorry that Meggie had driven Victor and Nikki apart. Nikki said that her feelings for Victor had been tested by his treatment of Abby and Victoria. Nikki was determined to get stronger and learn to live without Victor.

Kay informed Nikki of the collapse of the Newman Fund, and said Jack had been crushed by Victor's deception. Nikki was stunned that Jack had been caught up in Victor's machinations again. Kay said that Skye was missing, and Adam was accused of killing her. Nikki was stunned by all the trouble that Victor had created.

Jill arrived at Fenmore's and was surprised to see Lauren back at work. Lauren noticed that Jill had changed many of the displays. Lauren didn't mind the displays, but she disapproved of Jill's marketing campaign. Jill perused Lauren's marketing plan and agreed that it had merit.

Lauren warned Jill that she was not going to allow Jill to take over Fenmore's. The lights suddenly went out, and Lauren screamed in terror. When the lights turned back on, Jill explained that she had flipped the breaker. Lauren didn't believe it was a simple problem with the fuse box. Lauren feared that Daisy was behind the power outage. Jill assured Lauren that Daisy was behind bars, but Lauren suspected Daisy had arranged for the accident. Lauren suspected that one of the people Jill had hired might be doing Daisy's dirty work.

At the Abbott house, Nikki sympathized with Jack over his being hurt by Victor's deception. Jack told Nikki that he felt sorry for Skye. When Jack told Nikki that Sharon was also missing, Nikki was stunned to learn that Nick was in New Orleans looking for his ex-wife. Nikki apologized to Jack for all that transpired. Jack didn't blame Nikki for Victor's actions. Nikki hoped that Nick would be home soon with Sharon. When Faith cried, Nikki was glad to care for her grandchild.

At Gloworm, Jill chewed out a waiter for messing up her breakfast order. Kay sat at Jill's table and asked what was wrong. Jill was upset with Lauren. Jill explained what had happened at the boutique. Jill claimed that she had been supportive of Lauren the whole time she had been too traumatized to run Fenmore's. Jill said Lauren's reaction to the power outage had been to lash out at her.

Jill declared that she wouldn't be helping Lauren anymore. Kay told Jill that Lauren didn't need Jill to prove she could run the business. Kay felt Jill needed to show Lauren that she could be a good sister by accepting whatever crap Lauren needed to dish out. Kay said that was what sisters did.

Lauren confronted Daisy at the jail to ask whom Daisy had hired to gaslight Lauren at the boutique. Daisy had no idea what Lauren was talking about. Lauren accused Daisy of being the same cold, vicious bitch who had locked her in a cage. Daisy blamed Sarah for all the evil that had been done to Lauren and Jana. Lauren told Daisy that Daisy would never be released from jail. A guard appeared to lead Lauren away.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Billy was in the Restless Style office when Victoria walked in with a surprise for him. Victoria announced that it was the perfect time for them to conceive a baby. Victoria was ovulating and wanted to make love to Billy right then and there. Billy was excited about the prospect of being with his wife, so he announced to the staff that they should all leave the office.

Billy asked the staff to return in the morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to work. After the staff had left, Victoria and Billy kissed with passion. Billy received a call from Phyllis, who told him that she had a new cover story for the magazine. Billy asked about the story, and Phyllis said she'd witness Adam getting arrested for Skye's murder. Phyllis told Billy she was on her way into the office.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis hugged Summer. Phyllis was peeved when Summer mentioned that Diane had been to Jack's. Phyllis was concerned and asked Jack why he had allowed Diane to be near Phyllis' daughter. Jack said it was no big deal, but Phyllis was fuming. Jack told Phyllis that Diane had dropped Kyle off and she'd stayed for dinner. Jack offered to take care of Summer while Phyllis went to work. Jack and Phyllis agreed to talk about Diane another time.

Even though Phyllis was on her way, Billy and Victoria continued kissing. Phyllis entered the office, prompting Victoria to go into the other room. Phyllis told Billy that her story wasn't just about Adam; Sharon was involved, too. Billy was shocked to learn that Sharon had been with Adam in New Orleans and had not turned Adam in to the authorities.

Phyllis told Billy that Sharon and Adam had been together in New Orleans in a romantic way. Billy was stunned. Phyllis assured Billy that she had an eyewitness account of Adam getting apprehended. Billy gave her the go-ahead to write the story. Phyllis left the office so Victoria and Billy could be alone. Victoria re-entered the office again, wearing only a sexy undergarment. Billy grinned at the sight.

Billy and Victoria undressed each other and fell to the floor. While they were making love, their cell phones started ringing. Victoria recognized her ring tone was from Nick. Victoria answered it because she was concerned that something was wrong.

Nick told Victoria that he was looking for Phyllis. Billy took the phone from Victoria and told Nick that Phyllis was working on a story and was probably at the police station. Billy ended the call and resumed making love to Victoria. Victoria wondered if Phyllis' story was about the Newman family. Billy didn't want to talk about Phyllis' story.

After making love, Billy handed Victoria a bar of chocolate. Victoria ate it hungrily and fed pieces to Billy. Victoria asked about the story again, and Billy said that Adam had been arrested. Victoria was surprised that Adam had been caught. Billy suspected that Adam thought he was invincible. Victoria and Billy checked the computer for information about Adam's case. Victoria said she hoped they could bring their baby into a world where Adam wasn't a threat.

At Crimson Lights, Noah said hello to Abby. Abby told Noah that she'd heard that Adam had been apprehended for killing Skye. Abby asked Noah about Sharon. Noah said he was worried about his mother. Nick appeared and told Noah that Sharon was back in Genoa City, and she was all right. Nick explained that he had found Sharon in New Orleans.

Noah was relieved until Nick mentioned that Sharon was at the police station for questioning. Noah contended that Adam had duped Sharon. Abby agreed that Adam was the guilty party. Noah was stunned when Nick said that Sharon had been with Adam when Adam was arrested. Noah asked Abby if she wanted to go with him to visit Sharon. Abby passed because she didn't like the police station.

Nick went to Jack's house to retrieve Summer and Faith. Nick told Jack that when he found Sharon in New Orleans, she had been with Adam. Jack couldn't believe it. Nick believed that Sharon had been putting on an act with him and had never really wanted to get remarried. Jack feared that Sharon would always be vulnerable to Adam. Nick said that his children were his priority, not Sharon.

At the police station, Adam was taken into an interrogation room. Sharon arrived with Michael. Sharon asked to speak with Adam, but Ronan refused Sharon's request. Ronan said he didn't want Adam and Sharon to compare their stories. Sharon declared that she knew nothing about Skye's disappearance. Ronan said that from his point of view, it was likely that Adam and Sharon had conspired together to kill Skye.

In the interrogation room, Ronan asked Adam if he wanted an attorney. Adam said he had no need for a lawyer because he hadn't done anything. Ronan assured Adam that he would not get off on the new charges because Owen Pomerantz was not the prosecutor. Ronan said that Owen had been as arrogant as Adam. Pomerantz thought he would never get caught.

Adam observed that Ronan was like everybody else in town, blaming Adam for every crime that occurred. Adam told Ronan that Skye had amassed dozens of enemies over the years because she had cheated at poker. Adam noted that after the Restless Style cover story, Skye had been easy to track down.

Ronan thought Adam had a vivid imagination. Adam said that he knew from the marshals that Skye's body had not been found, so Ronan couldn't prove that she was dead. Adam also reminded Ronan that Skye had a history of faking her death. Adam stood up and said he was ready to leave. Ronan told Adam that they were not finished with him.

From outside the door, Phyllis held a digital recorder and taped Adam and Ronan's conversation. Michael walked into the hallway and caught Phyllis taping. Michael warned Phyllis that she was committing a felony. Phyllis stopped recording and when Michael told her to leave; she walked away.

Adam admitted to Ronan that he and Skye had engaged in some public spats. Adam claimed that he had wanted to divorce Skye, so they had fought a lot. Adam said that when he left Genoa City, Skye had been fine. Ronan told Adam that he had quite a few witness statements claiming Adam had threatened Skye.

Ronan asked Adam if it were true that Adam said he'd wished Skye had never returned from the dead. Adam said he had a lot of enemies. Adam also claimed that he had served Skye with the divorce papers and had no motive to kill her. Ronan suggested that if Skye hadn't agreed to the divorce, Adam would have had a motive to kill her. Adam declared that he wanted a lawyer.

Leslie Michaelson, an associate of Vance Abrams, introduced herself to Adam. Leslie was a successful Hollywood attorney. Adam asked for Leslie to get him out of lockup. Leslie said she'd get right on the case, just as soon as Adam paid her retainer fee.

Adam said that he wasn't able to pay her because he'd given Skye all his money when he left her. Leslie said that she couldn't help Adam if he wasn't able to pay her. Adam offered to sign an IOU, but Leslie turned him down. Leslie wished Adam luck and walked out of the interrogation room.

Michael advised Sharon to cooperate with the cops. Sharon asked if she might be arrested as an accomplice. Michael didn't believe so, but he urged Sharon to keep her answers short and to help Ronan build a case against Adam. Michael asked Sharon what Adam had said to her in New Orleans about Skye. Sharon recalled that Adam had declared that Skye didn't matter. Michael asked Sharon to consider the possibility that Adam had murdered Skye.

Sharon told Michael that she did not believe that Adam was guilty. Noah walked into the station and heard Sharon's words. Noah was surprised that his mother was defending Adam. Noah told Sharon that Nick had been very upset about Sharon being with Adam. Noah was certain that Adam had killed Skye.

Michael told Sharon that she was needed in the interrogation room. Sharon assured Noah that she would be all right. As Sharon walked into the room, Abby showed up at the police station to support Noah. Noah was happy to see Abby. They agreed to go out for a bite to eat.

In the interview room, Ronan asked if Sharon had arranged to meet Adam in New Orleans. Sharon said she'd been surprised when Adam appeared while she had been wandering around the city. Michael said that Adam had a history of showing up where Sharon was.

Sharon explained to Ronan that she had been confused about her life, which was why she had gone to New Orleans. Michael pointed out that Ronan had no evidence that Sharon had done anything wrong. Ronan agreed and told Sharon she could leave the police station, but advised her not to leave town.

Nick arrived at the police station and confronted Phyllis. Nick accused Phyllis of lying to him about taking care of Summer and Faith when she had left the girls with Jack. Phyllis told Nick that he had assumed that Phyllis had left New Orleans. Phyllis said that Summer and Faith had been safe with Jack. Nick asked if he could have Summer for the night. Phyllis agreed to take the girl to the tack house. Phyllis told Nick she was sorry that Sharon had betrayed him.

Phyllis arrived back at Jack's. Phyllis kissed Jack to apologize for flying off the handle earlier. Jack was surprised by Phyllis' apology. Phyllis thanked Jack for taking care of Summer and Faith. Phyllis told Summer that the girl would be spending the night at Nick's. Jack complimented Phyllis on not rubbing it in to Nick about Sharon's fall from grace. Phyllis was grateful that Nick was out of her life and Jack was back in it.

At Gloworm, Abby asked Noah if Sharon was all right. Abby commented that Adam was a dangerous, sick man. Noah said that Sharon was still defending Adam. Abby thought Sharon should run far away from Adam. Noah said that Adam had a way of playing mind games with Sharon. Abby pointed out that she and Noah were the most normal members of their family.

Sharon exited the interrogation room and saw Nick. Sharon tried to speak with him, but Nick was too angry to talk. Nick declared that he was keeping Faith for the night. Nick said he couldn't deal with Sharon. Nick walked out in anger. Sharon asked Michael if Nick would ever forgive her. Michael told Sharon that Nick needed time to regain his bearings. Michael urged Sharon not to speak with Adam.

As Adam was taken to a holding cell, he saw Sharon. Adam told Sharon that he was innocent. The public defender arrived to represent Adam. Sharon was surprised that Adam couldn't afford an attorney. Adam said he'd given all his money to Skye when he had served her with the divorce papers. As Adam was led away, he yelled to Sharon that he had not killed Skye.

Michael went to see Nick at the tack house. Michael told Nick that the clerk at the Oak Alley plantation had sent him documents showing that Sharon and Adam had eaten dinner and spent the night together in a room at the hotel.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Phyllis arrived at court with Leslie Michaelson as her attorney. Leslie was filling in for Vance, who was handling a court case in Hollywood. Lauren and Michael greeted Phyllis and Leslie. Lauren felt that Phyllis' motion to get Daisy released from jail and into Phyllis' custody had no merit. Phyllis felt that she had to protect Daniel's child.

Michael led the ladies into the courtroom. The judge appeared and quickly announced her decision. The judge denied Phyllis' motion. Daisy was ordered to remain in jail throughout the pregnancy and birth. In jail, Daisy forced herself to eat. As she stood up, Daisy cried out in pain.

At Gloworm, Kevin said hello to Chloe. Chloe gave Kevin a drawing that Delia had made for him. Kevin told Chloe that he'd visited Daisy in jail and offered to be the guardian to Daisy's baby. Kevin received a call from Michael informing him that Daisy would not be released from jail. Kevin told Chloe about the judge's decision. Kevin hoped that Daisy would more seriously consider his offer to take care of the baby.

Kevin saw Daniel at a table and went to join him. Kevin said that he'd heard from Michael that Daisy would not be getting out of jail. Kevin told Daniel that he was still interested in becoming the baby's guardian. Daniel said no, but Kevin refused to give up on the idea.

After Daniel had left the restaurant, Chloe told Kevin that he needed to hire a lawyer if he wanted to make any headway on the guardianship. Chloe recommended Rafe since he did family law. Mark Hogan showed up at the bar and asked to see Jeffrey. Kevin said that Gloria and Jeffrey were out of town.

Mark commented on how much he enjoyed going to Gloworm. When Mark suggested that it would be a shame if Gloworm burned down, Chloe asked if Mark was threatening to torch the place. When Chloe walked away, Kevin took money from the cash register and handed the cash to Mark.

Kevin said the money was a down payment on what Jeffrey owed Hogan. Mark said he liked the way Kevin took charge. Kevin offered to fix the books and pay off Jeffrey's debt to Mark. Hogan admitted that he didn't think much of Jeffrey. Hogan asked if Kevin wanted to take over the operation entirely. Kevin said that he wasn't interested.

Later, Rafe appeared at Gloworm to meet with Kevin and Chloe. Rafe said he'd reviewed Kevin's case. Rafe didn't think that Kevin had much of a chance of getting guardianship of Daisy's baby because of his past.

Rafe said that a simple Google search revealed Kevin's past misdeeds, and if Rafe could find them, so could others. Kevin claimed he wasn't that guy anymore. A while later, Kevin was depressed. Chloe told Kevin it was still possible that he could get guardianship.

Kevin was concerned about how he could afford the legal bills. Kevin reminded Chloe that he still owed Mac for half of Crimson Lights. Chloe suggested that Kevin ask Katherine for money. Kevin said he wouldn't do that to Mrs. C. However, Kevin was determined to come up with the money.

Chloe suspected that Kevin was contemplating Hogan's offer. Chloe warned Kevin not to get involved with Hogan. A short time later, Mark Hogan returned and asked if Kevin had undergone a change of heart. Kevin said that he would take Jeff's job but wanted to make a lot of money. Hogan smiled.

When Daniel met with Phyllis, she was upset about the judge ruling against her in court. Phyllis felt that if Daniel had collaborated with her in the legal action, the judge would have allowed Daisy to have the baby outside of jail.

Daniel said that he wasn't interested in Daisy, but Phyllis reminded Daniel that what mattered was the baby. Phyllis said that Daniel's little girl had to be loved and cared for from the moment she was born. Daniel said that he wanted his daughter to be given up for adoption and raised somewhere far away from Genoa City.

Still at the courthouse, Lauren told Michael that she was relieved that Daisy would not be getting out of jail. Lauren thanked Michael for being so supportive. Michael told Lauren that he loved her and wanted Lauren to always feel safe.

Leslie exited the courtroom and saw Michael and Lauren. Leslie said she'd just heard that Daisy had been taken to the hospital. Leslie told Lauren that she was aware that Lauren had confronted Daisy in jail. Michaelson warned Lauren to stay away from her client.

After Leslie walked off, Michael turned to Lauren. Michael was shocked that Lauren had gone to see Daisy in jail. Lauren admitted to Michael that she had been terrified at the boutique when the power went out and she'd been compelled to warn Daisy not to mess with her again. Michael asked Lauren not to confront Daisy again. Michael also assured Lauren that he was there for her.

At the hospital, Leslie visited Daisy. The attorney warned Daisy that if she were pulling a fast one, Daisy would be returned to jail. Daisy borrowed Leslie's phone and called Daniel. Daisy told Daniel that something was wrong with the baby. She asked Daniel to go to the hospital. A cop entered the room and put a monitor on Daisy's ankle.

Daniel arrived at the hospital and accused Daisy of faking her illness to get out of jail. The doctor entered and said that Daisy had a breach of the placenta and needed bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. The doctor also said that Daisy needed a transfusion. Daisy was afraid of the transfusion, but Daniel said that Daisy would be fine. Daniel agreed to stay at the hospital for the baby's sake.

Heather arrived at the police station and asked to see Adam. Ronan walked over to Heather and wanted to know if Heather was Adam's attorney. Heather said she was working for Michael. Heather suggested that if she questioned Adam, she might get more out of him than Ronan had.

In the interrogation room, Jack confronted Adam. Adam wasn't interested in talking to Jack. Jack accused Adam of killing Skye. Adam reminded Jack that Skye's body had not been found, and she had faked her death once before. Adam claimed that he had no way of knowing that the Newman Fund would crash.

Jack called Adam a sick bastard for accusing Skye of duplicity. Jack said that Skye hadn't been in a position to arrange her death because she had been broke once the fund collapsed. Adam admitted that he'd helped Skye fake her death the year before.

Adam thought that Jack might have been Skye's accomplice this time. Adam felt that Jack was putting on a show for the police by acting indignant. Adam suggested that Skye could have conspired with Jack to set Adam up for homicide and absconded with all the assets in the hedge fund.

Jack said he had cared about Skye, which was more than Adam ever did. Jack accused Adam of using women, from Patty to Ashley to Sharon and Skye. Jack was determined to make Adam pay for murdering Skye.

At her condo, Phyllis was working on the Restless Style story about Adam. Jack arrived and told Phyllis that he'd been to see Adam. Jack explained to Phyllis that Adam had accused Jack of conspiring with Skye to fake her death. Phyllis thought it was a possibility that Skye had set up Adam for murder.

The cell phone rang and Phyllis received a call from Leslie. Michaelson told Phyllis that Daisy had been hospitalized because of her pregnancy. Phyllis thanked Leslie for calling, the she told Jack that it was possible that Daisy might still be allowed to live with Phyllis until the baby was born.

In the interrogation room, Heather asked Adam why he had gone to New Orleans. Adam admitted he followed Sharon. Adam told Heather that Skye had set up Adam for murder. Adam insisted that he was not a murderer. Adam asked if Heather would be his attorney.

Heather said that she worked for Michael, and their biggest client was Victor. Heather couldn't represent Adam even if she wanted to, and she didn't. Heather hoped to see Adam suffer. Heather believed that Adam was evil, and she wanted Sharon to see Adam for what he really was.

Sharon went to the tack house to pick up Faith. Nick was cold to Sharon. Sharon told Nick they had to discuss their living arrangements. Nick was furious with Sharon. He'd believed that Sharon had been in danger when she was in New Orleans. Nick demanded that Sharon tell him what had happened there between her and Adam. Sharon resented Nick's attitude.

Nick knew that Sharon had spent the night with Adam, but he wanted to hear her admit it. Sharon said that she had been with Adam during the day and they'd had dinner together. Nick pushed Sharon to tell him everything. Sharon confessed that she'd spent the night in bed with Adam.

Nick said that he had trusted Sharon to go away by herself. Nick said that he believed that Adam knew Sharon better than NIck did. Sharon said that she loved Nick and wanted a life with him and their children. Nick said that Sharon had risked everything to be with Adam, and Nick could never trust her again. Nick believed that Sharon was not over Adam.

Nick asked if Sharon was going to marry Adam. Sharon said that was ridiculous. Sharon simply refused to believe that Adam had killed Skye. Nick reminded Sharon that Adam had lied to them about Faith, that Adam had told Sharon that her baby had died when in fact Adam had given Faith to Ashley.

Nick could never forget what Adam had done to him and Sharon. Nick told Sharon that he would not allow Adam anywhere near Faith. If Sharon had any involvement with Adam, Nick would seek sole custody of Faith to keep his daughter away from Sharon and Adam.

Later at Gloworm, Leslie met with Sharon. Leslie gave Sharon legal documents that proved that Adam had filed divorce papers and turned over his share of the hedge fund to Skye. Both transactions had occurred before Thanksgiving.

Sharon realized that meant that Adam had been telling the truth. Adam did not have a motive to kill Skye. Leslie said that she would have used that information to get Adam out of jail if she were his attorney, but Adam had been unable to hire her because he was broke.

Heather noticed that Ronan was taking medication. Ronan asked Heather if Adam had told her anything. Heather said that Adam had admitted following Sharon to New Orleans. Heather pointed out that Adam was smart enough to know that Ronan didn't have enough evidence to indict him for murder.

Ronan received a report concerning data on Adam's computer. Ronan smiled and showed Heather the report. Facing Adam in the interrogation room, Ronan told him they'd found a document about how to dispose of a body on Adam's computer. Ronan pointed out that the information was partially in Braille. Adam said it was a setup. Ronan said that based on the new evidence, Adam would be held for another 48 hours.

Ronan told Heather that Adam had yet to crack, but Ronan was determined to continue working him until Adam confessed to killing Skye. Heather watched as Ronan suddenly fell to the floor in pain.

At Jimmy's Bar, Nick was drowning his sorrows in a beer. Nick couldn't stop thinking about Sharon. Diane walked in and sat on the stool beside Nick. Diane looked over at Nick and told him to cheer up. At Gloworm, Sharon looked at the evidence she'd received from Leslie. Sharon recalled her romantic time with Adam in New Orleans. Sharon gathered the documents and her belongings, then left the restaurant.

Sharon entered the interrogation room at the police station. Sharon told Adam that she believed in his innocence. Adam said that Sharon truly loved him.

Michael, Lauren, and Phyllis were summoned into the courtroom. The judge who had ruled that Daisy remain in jail said that the situation had changed because of Daisy's hospitalization. The judge ruled that Daisy would be placed in Phyllis' custody after she was released from the hospital.

The judge added that Daisy would be re-incarcerated after the birth of the baby, pending her trial. Lauren was visibly upset. After the judge departed, Phyllis approached Lauren. Phyllis promised Lauren that Daisy would not escape her condo. Lauren warned Phyllis that Daisy would create havoc.

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