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Ronan learned that he'd die without a liver transplant. Jana convinced Daisy to allow Jana to raise Daisy's baby if Jana didn't testify against Daisy. Colin befriended Jill to learn more about Cane. Phyllis and Sharon got into a fight in a chocolate fountain.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 6, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, December 6, 2010

At the bookstore, Jill found a private spot away from other patrons and carried out a conversation on her phone. To the person at the other end, Jill said, "Thank you for getting me the information so quickly. I agree. It's better to be cautious. You can never be too sure."

In an interrogation room at the police station, Heather called out to Ronan repeatedly after he passed out. After Ronan lifted his head from the table, Heather insisted he be taken to the hospital. Ronan protested, but Heather recalled that she'd noticed him experiencing numbness in his hands and warned him not to take his worsening health lightly. Later at the hospital, Heather was present when the doctor returned with Ronan's test results. Heather excused herself and stepped outside.

The doctor reported that Ronan's EKG showed diminished heart function. As Heather paced nervously in the hallway, Ronan admitted to his doctor that he suffered from a very rare condition called hereditary amyloidosis. Ronan added that he was part of a medical study in Boston and had learned that his condition could be fatal. Ronan explained that his liver overproduced a protein, which adversely affected his heart and nervous system. The doctor phoned the specialist physician in Boston and discussed Ronan's grave condition.

After the doctor ended his call, Ronan said he had hoped his condition wouldn't progress. The doctor explained that Ronan's illness didn't have to be a death sentence. Ronan learned that he'd need to undergo a liver biopsy, which would be analyzed by the specialist physician in Boston. The doctor allowed Ronan to go home to rest for a few days before the procedure. Heather returned, but Ronan didn't mention his illness. Before Heather and Ronan left the hospital, he thanked her for sticking around and waiting for him.

In the courtroom, Lauren was incensed at Phyllis for allowing Daisy to live in Phyllis' home until the baby was born. Michael stood beside Lauren as she begged Phyllis to change her mind for the sake of their friendship. Phyllis, supported by Jack, indicated that she could not change her plans. Before Lauren rushed out, she cried, "Do you understand that you and me and Daniel and Summer are not safe anymore? This is a big mistake, and you are going regret it!"

Michael accompanied an anxious Lauren home from the courthouse. Michael assured Lauren that Daisy's living arrangements were temporary. Michael offered to visit Phyllis and ensure that all security measures were in place. Lauren, seething, cried that the only way to keep Daisy in control and prevent her from contacting Ryder was to keep her in jail. Jill stopped by, and Michael reluctantly allowed her in and told her about Daisy's living arrangements. Before Michael left, he warned Jill not to upset Lauren.

At Jimmy's Bar, Diane joined Nick, and they each sipped a bottle of beer and talked. Diane, noticing Nick's unease, said she hoped none of his children were sick. Nick said his children were fine. Diane continued talking about children and mentioned that parenting was the greatest but most terrifying job in the world. Nick seemed to relate when Diane added that a parent could only do his or her best. Nick explained that it was tough to love someone who was on a path to self-destruction. Diane admitted that long before, she'd created a lot of chaos for the people in her life. Nick sadly noted that he'd missed many warning signs. Diane replied that some people just had to hit rock bottom.

Nick sighed and told Diane that he couldn't continue rushing in to rescue his mate. Nick added that he would do everything he could in order to protect his kids. Diane agreed that kids trumped everything else and came first. Diane insisted that Nick was certainly doing something right because she'd seen firsthand how charming and happy his children were. Phyllis called Nick and told him that Daisy was about to move in with her. Nick, dismayed, agreed to go pick up Summer's things. After Nick hung up, he told Diane that trouble seemed to appear from all directions.

At the hospital, Daisy learned that she'd be allowed to live with Phyllis. Daniel was not pleased with his mother's decision to take Daisy in, even though the ill pregnant woman had been fitted with an ankle monitor. A policeman warned Daisy not to tamper with her ankle monitor because she'd be taken back to jail if she did. Daniel repeatedly expressed his aggravation with his mom's plans to house Daisy until her baby was born. Daisy cradled her swollen belly with her cupped hands and said, "Moving into your mom's will be good for the baby. I wish you could see that."

Phyllis and Jack prepared Phyllis' condo for Daisy's arrival. Jack contacted a trusted security service. Phyllis expressed worry and unease about her divided roles concerning the welfare of her unborn grandchild, the safety of her family and friends, and the care of Summer. Jack packed Summer's clothes, toys, and books. Phyllis reacted nervously when she heard a knock at the door. Phyllis opened the door and admitted she was relieved to find Michael instead of Daisy. Michael entered ranting that Phyllis needed to prove to him that she could keep psycho Daisy locked up securely.

Jack received a call from Sharon. Michael and Phyllis learned that Sharon wanted to talk to Jack about Adam. Phyllis sarcastically noted that she thought Jack had given up trying to rescue Sharon. Michael wondered aloud if Sharon might have information about Skye. Jack said he hoped Sharon had finally become wise about her dark prince's true nature.

After Jack left, Phyllis assured Michael that nothing would go wrong with Daisy. Michael sarcastically and unkindly claimed he felt "so much better." Phyllis asked Michael not to act condescending. Michael replied, "Condescending? Let me make this clear to you that this girl was raised by experts from birth to be a terrorist. Compared to her, you are a rank amateur."

Phyllis assured Michael that she'd taken every possible precaution, including disconnecting her landlines. She claimed that Daisy's only escape route would be taking a swan dive off a high balcony ledge. Nick arrived, and Phyllis explained that she had to house Daisy because the pregnant woman suffered from placenta previa and had been ordered to rest in bed. Phyllis admitted that no one else would take Daisy.

Nick berated Phyllis for sending Summer away in order to house Daisy. Phyllis began crying and explained that she didn't want her daughter to leave, but she felt responsible for her granddaughter. Phyllis added, "I'm doing it so she feels like someone cared about her, so she'll have some self-worth, and so she may make something of herself in her life." Michael and Nick listened unsympathetically.

Phyllis regained her composure and insisted that Daisy would leave after the baby was born. Escorted by a policeman and accompanied by Daniel, Daisy arrived and said, "I wasn't expecting a welcoming party." After Phyllis signed papers claiming custody of Daisy, the policeman left. Nick said he had leave to pick up Summer, and Michael said he needed to get back to Lauren. Phyllis, deeply saddened, asked Nick to tell Summer that her mother would call her later. Phyllis glared at Daisy and told her to get herself settled. Phyllis prepared a place for Daisy on the couch and laid down strict ground rules.

Daniel gave his mother the medical information from Daisy's doctor and said he was leaving. Daisy expressed disappointment. Before Daniel left, he told his mom that he hoped everything would turn out as she had expected. After Phyllis and Daisy settled in, Phyllis served her undesirable guest a vitamin-enriched shake. Daisy thanked Phyllis for everything she was doing for Daisy. Phyllis, in a muted, stern tone replied, "Daisy, I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for the baby. You are of no concern to me. We're not going to be best friends. Any pathetic attempt by you to make this more than what it is -- I'll be ready."

Later, after Daniel left his mother's condo, he stopped by Jack's. As Jack poured himself a drink, Daniel mentioned his apprehension about Phyllis' risky arrangement with Daisy. Jack listened attentively as Daniel explained that his mother was making sacrifices for his kid even though he wanted nothing to do with Daisy. Daniel added, "It's a little messed up, don't you think?"

Jill admitted to Lauren that she could have better handled their previous meeting. Lauren surly replied, "Really? You mean, as in 'better' by not accusing me of being paranoid or losing my mind when the lights went off in the boutique? You have no idea what that woman has put me through." As Jill removed her coat and made herself comfortable, she announced that she was there to help her sister. Jill calmly explained that she'd run background checks on the new hires to ensure they weren't connected to Daisy. Lauren softened her tone and thanked Jill, as she warily read over the reports.

Lauren told Jill that she'd prefer to work from home, and Jill agreed to the arrangement. Later, when Michael returned, he found Jill and Lauren sitting close together on the sofa agreeably discussing business. Michael was surprised to see the women getting along. After Lauren and Jill concluded their amicable meeting, Michael escorted Jill to the door. Before Jill stepped out, Michael told her he appreciated what she was doing. Jill replied, "Just taking care of family business." After Michael closed the door, he ran to Lauren, put his arms around her waist, and pulled her onto his lap. Lauren sighed and said she would breathe easier after the baby was born and Daisy was back in jail.

Later, at the bookstore, Nick and Summer enjoyed ice cream while Nick gently explained that she and Faith would be staying with him while Mommy was helping a friend. Diane and Kyle approached, and Summer invited them to sit at their table. Nick sat next to Diane. Kyle and Summer laughed and talked about their favorite activities at the zoo, and both kids discovered a shared interest in insects. Diane told Nick that he should have no regrets about doing what was in his children's best interest. Nick smiled and replied, "No regrets."

Sharon talked with a handcuffed Adam in an interrogation room at the police station. Adam told Sharon that their time together in New Orleans and her support proved that she loved him. Sharon explained that Vance's associate, Leslie Michaelson, had told her that Adam had filed for divorce and transferred his share of the Newman Fund to Skye before he'd left town and before Skye went missing. Adam rolled his eyes and cried that police were ignoring those particular facts.

Adam explained to Sharon that a police examination of his computer indicated he'd researched ways to dispose of a body. Adam scoffed and maintained that he would never be stupid enough to do such a thing. Sharon declared that someone was framing Adam. Sharon admitted that police had already questioned her when Adam expressed concern that her involvement with him might arouse suspicions. Adam replied to Sharon assuredly, "You've always been strong." Adam admitted that even without a body, he would have to climb mountains in order to prove his innocence. Sharon promised they'd work together to do so.

Adam told Sharon that Jack had framed him because Jack hated him and had set Adam up with the fake diary. Adam added that Jack had made it known that he was sleeping with Skye. Adam claimed that although Jack had heavily invested in the fund, obtaining revenge was worth more than profit. Adam also presented an alternative scenario. Adam explained that after the fund's collapse, he'd supposedly become enraged and murdered Skye.

Adam maintained that in reality, Skye had absconded with the money after Jack had triggered the fund's demise. Sharon noted that Skye wouldn't have been concerned about the numerous investors who lost everything, but Jack certainly was. Sharon volunteered to visit Jack and question him. Before Sharon left, Adam wished her luck.

Sharon met with Jack at the Abbott mansion. Sharon told Jack that she didn't want to talk about what had happened in New Orleans because she was trying to make sense of what had transpired in Genoa City while she was away. Jack learned that Adam believed Jack had collapsed the Newman Fund and helped Skye fake her death. Jack, angry and defiant, replied, "No, I did not conspire with Skye. No, I did not take my money out of the fund. In fact, I got burned. I lost a bundle, and I have Adam's dear, old dad to thank for that."

Sharon seemed shocked to hear Jack implicate Victor. Sharon's eyes widened and she said quizzically, "Victor?" Jack explained that Victor had made a fortune while other investors went down the drain. Jack's voice was tinged with contempt when he added, "Victor, who was twirling his mustache the whole time because he got one over on Jack again." Sharon seemed taken aback, and she folded her arms across her waist as Jack continued his tirade. Jack warned, "Adam is going to pin the blame on anyone that he can, but he can't change the evidence, Sharon."

Jack explained that Skye's blood had been found in the suite she'd shared with Adam; therefore, the police had begun a murder investigation. Sharon remained silent as Jack berated her for falling for another of Adam's manipulations. Jack was livid that Sharon had gone to him on Adam's behalf. Jack sadly noted that he thought she'd gone seeking his help to get away from Adam. Sharon insisted that Adam hadn't hurt Skye because he'd filed for divorce and had given his share of the fund to Skye before he left town. Jack claimed that Adam had done so to cover his tracks.

Sharon told Jack that Adam didn't love Skye. Through clenched teeth, Jack angrily replied, "No. You're right. Adam hated Skye because she controlled the Newman Fund, and she controlled his name." Sharon admitted that Adam had left because Skye had humiliated him, but Sharon added that it wasn't proof that he'd murdered her. Jack warned that he, Nick, and Phyllis had overheard Adam threaten to kill Skye to her face. Sharon claimed that people sometimes said things they didn't mean. Jack replied, "Don't make Skye's mistake. Get away from this man. You could be next."

Sharon insisted to Jack that Adam would never hurt her. Jack shot back that she seemed to have a short memory because Adam had lied to her, betrayed her, and had hurt many people. Jack paused, and then asked Sharon if she was in love with Adam. Sharon hesitated. Jack blasted, "Oh, my God. I have tried to watch your back, so has Nick, and so have other people who care about you."

Jack berated Sharon for trusting Adam, a man who'd kidnapped her daughter, more than she trusted him. Tears ran down Sharon's cheeks, and she offered to return to talk later. Jack was livid and yelled, "No, no, no. We're not going to talk about this anymore. I am through. I am through trying to protect you from yourself. You hear that? I'm done! You're on your own!" Sharon, still sobbing, grabbed her coat and left.

After Sharon returned from her visit with Jack, she told Adam that Jack truly believed that Skye was dead. Sharon also said that Victor, not Jack, had orchestrated the collapse of the Newman Fund. Adam said it was interesting that Jack Abbott, of all people, knew that Victor had invested in the fund. Sharon added that Jack hadn't said how he knew. Adam replied, "Of course he didn't. Why would he want to advertise the fact that those two bastards are working together?"

Sharon told Adam that Jack and Victor would never collaborate. Adam recalled that Jack and Victor had worked together when they hunted him down in Brazil and when they held him captive at the cabin. Sharon reminded Adam that Victor and Jack hated each other. Adam replied, "This all makes sense now. It wasn't enough that they made the fund collapse. They wanted me to go to prison for murder." Sharon asked about Skye, and Adam explained that Skye was in on it. Adam added that Victor and Jack's revenge fantasy had failed because he was onto them.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At the bookstore, Phyllis was at her laptop, writing about evil and how to recognize it. As Phyllis wrote, Nikki walked into the Athletic Club. Nikki saw the liquor bottles and was tempted to drink. At her home, Lauren was gazing out the window when Fen sneaked up from behind and scared her. Lauren flipped out and told Fen not to do that to her.

At the Abbott house, Ashley and Jack went through Christmas ornaments. Jack was depressed as he looked at the Christmas balls. Jack suggested that he and Ashley go out for dinner. Ashley agreed. At the tack house, Nick played with Faith. When Noah entered the house, Nick said he was glad to see Noah because they needed to talk.

Nick told Noah that Sharon had chosen to believe in Adam. Noah was concerned for his mother, but grateful that Nick was caring for Faith while Sharon was going through this confusion. Nick said he would retain custody of Faith if necessary. Nick declared that he would never allow Sharon to have Faith if Adam was part of Sharon's life.

In voiceover, Phyllis sympathetically recalled how hard it had been on Sharon when she believed that she'd lost Faith in childbirth. Phyllis said that the real Sharon reared her head when she rejected Nick's offer of a life with him and their children and chose Adam.

Noah was upset by Nick's comment and accused Nick of taking Faith from Sharon in the same way that Adam had. Nick said it was not the same thing. Nick wasn't trying to hurt Sharon. Noah wondered why Sharon would risk so much for Adam. Noah noticed the look in Nick's eyes, and Noah realized that Sharon was in love with Adam. Noah left the tack house to confront his mother.

Phyllis continued her article about the nature of evil. Phyllis identified Adam as pure evil. Phyllis recalled arriving at Gloworm, where she had seen Sharon meet with Leslie Michaelson. In voiceover from the bookstore, Phyllis remembered eavesdropping on Sharon's meeting with Leslie.

Sharon had asked Leslie if she would be Adam's attorney. Leslie had been surprised by Sharon's request. Leslie had said that Adam had been unable to pay Leslie's fee. Sharon had agreed to hire Leslie and pay her. As Phyllis had watched Leslie and Sharon, her jaw dropped in amazement.

In her voiceover, Phyllis explained that Sharon had never been the damsel in distress that Jack and Nick had thought her to be. Phyllis said that Sharon was a fraud. Phyllis said that she was sick about the scandal brewing about Sharon and Adam. Phyllis went to Lauren and Michael's home.

Blocking the doorway, Michael told Phyllis that it was a mistake for her to be there because Lauren would not want to talk about Daisy. Phyllis said she needed to speak with her best friend. Lauren went to the door and let Phyllis walk into the apartment. Michael left for the police station, where he had to meet a client.

Phyllis informed Lauren that Sharon had hired an attorney to represent Adam. Lauren was surprised by Sharon's actions and concerned for Nick and Faith. Phyllis suspected that Sharon would rationalize her decision to help Adam.

Lauren recalled when Sharon had visited her about shoplifting a bracelet from Fenmore's. Lauren had believed that Sharon was sincerely confused about what she'd done and what she was going to do. Lauren told Phyllis that she had suggested that Sharon visit New Orleans.

Phyllis said that Sharon had wound up in New Orleans with Adam. Lauren was stunned that Sharon had chosen Adam over Nick. Phyllis said that Victor, Jack, and Nick had always defended Sharon and given her the benefit of the doubt. Lauren didn't think that would be possible once they learned Sharon had reunited with Adam. Phyllis said that when she was through exposing the real Sharon Newman, nobody would want to help her.

Ashley and Jack arrived at Gloworm for dinner. When they saw Sharon meeting with Leslie, Jack wanted to leave. Ashley was curious about Leslie, and Jack said that Sharon was hiring Leslie to be Adam's attorney.

Ashley approached Sharon's table and overheard Leslie say that she might be able to have Adam released immediately. Ashley was stunned that Sharon would have anything to do with Adam. Ashley reminded Sharon that Adam had a way of twisting the truth. Ashley remembered how she had tried to be Adam's friend, and he had betrayed Ashley. Sharon insisted that Adam had not killed Skye.

Ashley brought up Adam's crimes against her, as well as the murder of Richard Hightower. Sharon declared that Adam should not be sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit, and he did not kill Skye. Ashley told Sharon to think about Faith.

Ashley told Sharon that someday Faith would know that Sharon had trusted the man who had kidnapped her. Sharon told Ashley that people were capable of change, pointing out that Ashley had recovered from a nervous breakdown. Ashley resented Sharon's words. Jack pulled Ashley away, and they walked out of the place.

In her voiceover, Phyllis reiterated that she had never trusted Sharon. Phyllis looked at a copy of the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and compared Sharon to the main character from the story, HEsther. Phyllis explained that she had identified Sharon as a heroine addict. Sharon was addicted to being a heroine. When Nick arrived at the bookstore, Phyllis stopped writing and smiled at him.

Nick said he was there to get a book for Summer. Phyllis commented that Nick was a good father. Phyllis felt bad that Nick still cared for Sharon, knowing that Sharon had betrayed his love. Phyllis said that Sharon was no different from Adam and to prove the point, Phyllis told Nick that Sharon had hired an attorney to get Adam out of jail. Phyllis believed that Sharon was as evil as Adam.

Leslie got off the phone and told Sharon that Adam was going to be released. Sharon was pleased. Leslie wondered if Sharon was sure she wanted to follow through with her decision to help Adam, considering Ashley's outburst. Sharon said that she believed in Adam's innocence and was determined to help him.

Noah arrived at Gloworm and confronted Sharon. Noah asked his mother if she was in love with Adam. When Sharon hesitated, Noah realized that Sharon was in love with Adam. In her voiceover, Phyllis condemned Sharon for choosing Adam over her children. Feeling ticked off, Noah downed a beer. Sharon told Noah that she didn't want Adam to be imprisoned for a crime he hadn't committed.

Noah asked why Sharon cared about Adam. Sharon told her son that she had a connection with Adam. Noah realized that Sharon had been intimate with Adam in New Orleans.

At the jail, a guard told Adam that Sharon Newman had hired an attorney to get Adam released. When Adam heard that Leslie Michaelson was his lawyer, Adam was confident that he would be released before they served dinner.

Noah declared that he was sick of Sharon. Angrily, he charged out of Gloworm. Sharon answered her cell phone. Leslie told Sharon that Adam had been released. Sharon decided to go to the jail to meet Adam.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley and Jack ran into Nikki. Jack invited Nikki to join them for dinner. Jack told Nikki that Sharon had hired an attorney for Adam. Nikki was disappointed in Sharon and very concerned for Nick. Still upset about how Adam and Sharon's relationship would affect Faith, Ashley decided not to stay for dinner and left Nikki and Jack.

At the bookstore, Phyllis told Nick that she had never been taken in by Sharon's faux innocence. Nick said that he'd known Sharon since high school and had trusted her. Nick believed that Sharon had done a number on him. Nick said that the thought of Sharon and Adam together disgusted him. Phyllis was surprised to learn that Sharon and Adam had made love in New Orleans. Phyllis hugged Nick. In voiceover, Phyllis said that she found no joy in Nick's heartache.

Returning to her computer, Phyllis added the new information about Sharon making love with Adam. Phyllis deemed Sharon an evil that had to be dealt with, and Phyllis was determined to unmask Sharon to the world.

At the jail, Sharon entered looking for Adam. Michael saw Sharon and wondered if she had been called in for questioning. Sharon explained that Adam had been released. Michael learned that Sharon had hired Leslie.

Michael was furious. He told Sharon that her standing up for Adam would make others believe that she was Adam's accomplice. Michael warned Sharon that she would lose everything by siding with Adam. Sharon said she would not abandon Adam. Michael told Sharon that she was on her own.

Lauren tried to explain to Fen why she'd been frightened by him when he'd snuck up behind her. Lauren said that some things scared her, but that in their home, Lauren felt safe. While Fen left to prepare for bed, Michael told Lauren about his encounter with Sharon. Michael revealed that Sharon and Adam were lovers again. Michael said he was worried about Sharon's children.

At the tack house, Nick cared for Faith. In voiceover, Phyllis blamed Sharon for harming her baby daughter. Ashley arrived and asked Nick if she could hold Faith. Nick handed the toddler to Ashley. Ashley asked Nick if he could explain Sharon's actions. Nick had no explanation. Ashley said that when she returned Faith to Nick and Sharon, she'd never expected Sharon to choose to go back to Adam. Ashley wanted Faith to be far away from Adam.

In voiceover, Phyllis explained that she didn't want to hurt others with her writing, but she felt that Sharon had to be called to task. Phyllis blamed Sharon for causing a lot of pain. Phyllis felt compelled to write the story.

Sharon and Adam entered the Athletic Club together. Nikki and Jack were upset to see them. Jack said he'd had enough of Sharon and walked out. At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley comforted each other. At the Baldwins' apartment, Michael and Lauren played with Fen and embraced their happiness.

Nikki approached Sharon and said how disappointed she was in Sharon. Nikki said that she had waited years to tell Sharon how she really felt about Sharon. Nikki accused Sharon of being a spoiled, selfish little tramp. Nikki said it was Sharon's duty to protect her children, and she was failing miserably with Noah and Faith. Nikki advised Sharon take Adam and leave town.

Sharon reminded Nikki that Nikki was hardly one to judge. Sharon declared that Nikki was an ex-stripper and an alcoholic. Nikki said that Sharon's usual champions would abandon Sharon. Sharon didn't believe Victor would turn his back on her. Nikki knew better. On the Newman jet, Victor watched the Genoa City news online and saw that Sharon had gotten Adam released from jail.

Sitting at the bar, Adam and Sharon enjoyed some wine. Sharon believed that the worst was behind them. The Athletic Club manager approached Sharon and Adam. He asked them to leave the premises because they were not welcomed there. Sharon said she intended to book a room for Adam. The manager would not allow it and asked them to get out. Adam and Sharon left the Club. A short time later, Sharon opened the door to a motel room, and she and Adam walked in. Adam embraced Sharon, and they kissed. Adam led Sharon to the bed.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An under-the-weather Victoria greeted Billy when he got home. Billy told Victoria that the new issue still hadn't shipped. When Billy noticed that Victoria wasn't feeling well, he asked what he could do for her. Victoria said she felt nauseous. Noting that it was morning, Billy wondered if Victoria might have morning sickness. Victoria wasn't sure.

At Kevin's, Delia was playing hide-and-seek with Kevin. Chloe arrived home, and Kevin told her that Delia had disappeared. Playing along, Chloe wondered where Delia might be. Together, Kevin and Chloe found the toddler.

Chloe asked Kevin to go with her and Delia to the Christmas tree lot, where they could have a photo taken for a Christmas card. Chloe had a shopping bag filled with costumes for them to wear for the picture. Kevin was reluctant to appear ridiculous, but Chloe insisted that Kevin be in the photo with her and Delia.

At the Christmas tree lot, Chloe recognized the photographer as someone who'd worked at Restless Style. Chloe announced that she had a very creative idea for the picture. Kevin was apprehensive, but allowed Chloe to talk him into going along with her notion.

Jana arrived at the lot to buy a Christmas tree for the pre-school. After placing her order for a small tree, Jana heard Kevin and Chloe from the other side of the lot. Jana walked over and watched the Kevin and Chloe clowning around with Delia.

Chloe's idea was to put on costumes and wigs that were tacky and dated. The photographer laughed when she saw them in the clothes. Jana watched Kevin and Chloe posing for pictures with Delia. Jana grew more and more jealous as she saw how much fun Kevin was having with Chloe and Delia.

Jana walked away. Chloe's laughter rang in Jana's ears. Jana went to a pay phone and called Child Protective Services. Using a fake voice, Jana reported that a child was being forced to appear in highly inappropriate photos.

Sofia entered the tree lot and saw Kevin and Chloe with Delia. Sofia laughed at their hilarious costumes. Gloria arrived at the lot to pick up her order. Gloria saw Kevin with Chloe and Delia. Gloria noticed that Jana was watching Kevin with Chloe and Delia.

Sofia pointed out to Kevin and Chloe that they were standing under the mistletoe. Kevin announced that he'd "wanted to do this for a long time," and then he leaned over and kissed Delia. Gloria watched Kevin with Chloe and Delia.

Kevin noticed Gloria and greeted his mother. Kevin then saw that Jana was there, too. Kevin said hello to Jana, but Jana was visibly upset and quickly walked away. Chloe showed Kevin a Christmas ornament for "Baby's First Christmas."

Kevin said perhaps he could use it next year. Gloria asked Kevin if he was still hoping to raise Daisy's child. Gloria thought Kevin had gotten over that dream. Kevin said he was serious about becoming the guardian to Daisy's baby and had consulted an attorney.

At the bookstore, Lily told Jill how excited she was about the twins' first Christmas. Jill reminisced about having Christmas when Philip was a child. Lily wished Cane had good memories of his childhood. Lily explained that Cane had been working so hard on his job for Tucker that Lily hoped he'd have time to enjoy Christmas.

Sofia arrived at Cane's and told him that she had a new assignment directly from Tucker for Cane. Based on Blake's report, Tucker wanted certain information, and he wanted it fast. Sofia suggested that Cane enlist Blake do the grunt work, as long as Blake's background check was clean.

Cane was stunned to hear that Blake was being investigated. Cane asked Sofia why Blake was being checked, since his work was passing muster. Sofia said that it had been Neil's idea, and Tucker felt it was warranted. Sofia said goodbye to Cane and left. Cane called Blake and said they had a problem. Cane agreed to meet Blake at Gloworm.

Blake ended his call to Cane. Across the table, Blake told Colin, another Australian that he'd been talking with Cane. Gloria walked over to the table to pour coffee in their cups. Colin flirted with Gloria, and she walked away with a smile. Blake told Colin that Cane was on his way over. Blake said Cane would not be happy to see Colin again.

When Cane arrived at Gloworm, Blake was alone at the table. Cane told Blake that Tucker was running a background check on Blake. Blake said that he had suspected that Tucker might do that. Blake had arranged for all the contacts on Cane's fake résumé to connect to real people. Those people would attest to Blake's bona fides. Colin listened to Cane and Blake's conversation from a nearby booth.

At the condo, Phyllis asked Daisy if she had slept well. Daniel arrived to pick up a letter from Phyllis. Daisy told Phyllis and Daniel that the baby was kicking. Phyllis touched Daisy's belly and confirmed that the baby was very active.

Daniel watched as Phyllis delivered a breakfast tray to Daisy. Daniel thought Daisy must have been enjoying the high life at Phyllis' compared to prison. Phyllis said everything she was doing for Daisy was really just for the baby. Phyllis needed to get to work and left Daniel with Daisy.

Daisy apologized to Daniel for their situation. Daisy felt bad that Summer could not go home because Daisy was living there. Daisy blamed Sarah for brainwashing her into doing the evil things she'd done. Daisy claimed that she had never intended to become pregnant.

Daisy knew that Daniel had been drugged the night they had sex, and Daniel thought he had been making love to Amber. Daniel appreciated Daisy admitting the truth. Daisy pointed out to Daniel that they were mother and father to the baby. Daniel wanted no part of raising the baby. Daniel left to spend the afternoon with Summer.

Daniel took Summer to the Christmas tree lot where Summer picked out a large tree. Summer told her brother that she wanted to take it to "Mom's house." Daniel explained that Phyllis was caring for a lady who was like the Grinch, so Summer couldn't stay at the condo for a while. Summer told Daniel that she missed her mommy.

At Jimmy's, Phyllis asked Billy if he liked the cover story about Adam. Billy said it was not what they had discussed. Phyllis declared that Sharon had to be part of the story because Sharon had put herself into the middle of Adam's story. Billy would have liked Sharon to be excluded from the story.

Billy told Phyllis that he feared the blowback that would result from Phyllis going after Sharon in print. Phyllis stood by every word she'd written. Phyllis showed Billy the cover photo that she'd selected. Billy wasn't sure about the cover story. Phyllis dared Billy to publish it. Billy pushed the send button on his laptop and told Phyllis the issue was closed.

Billy asked Phyllis how it was going with Daisy. Phyllis claimed that she had laid down the law with Daisy. Phyllis explained that she was doing everything for Daisy to protect her grandchild.

When Billy mentioned that he'd do anything for his kids, Phyllis wondered if Victoria was pregnant because Billy only had one child, not kids. Billy said Victoria wasn't pregnant yet. Billy warned Phyllis that if they would do anything for their children, Daisy might feel the same about her unborn child. Billy told Phyllis to be careful around Daisy.

At the bookstore, Victoria noticed that the latest Bumpy the Camel book was sold out, and it made her miss Reed. Chloe arrived at the bookstore with Delia. Victoria greeted Delia by calling her "my girl." Chloe asked Victoria not to call Delia that.

Victoria wasn't feeling well, and Chloe took Delia from Victoria's arms. Chloe didn't want Delia to get sick. Victoria said her ailment was not contagious. Chloe realized that Victoria thought she was pregnant.

Kevin went to Phyllis' condo to visit Daisy. Kevin thought the accommodations were nice, especially compared to jail. Daisy said that in jail she was anonymous. At the condo, Daisy said that everybody there hated her. Daisy felt that as a child, nobody had ever cared about her, but at least she had her brother, Ryder. Kevin said he was there for her.

Kevin told Daisy that he was family, and he still wanted to be guardian to Daisy's baby. Daisy said she could not imagine anyone caring for her baby except her. Phyllis returned home and heard that Kevin wanted to raise Daisy's baby. Phyllis thought it was very kind of Kevin to make the offer, but Phyllis said that Kevin wasn't up to the challenge.

When Phyllis mentioned Kevin's checkered history, Kevin pointed out that Phyllis had a history, too. Kevin reminded Phyllis that she had once been declared an unfit mother. Phyllis was angry. Daisy interrupted to tell them both that she would decide the baby's future.

On the street outside the bookstore, Jill told Cane and Lily that she planned to spoil the twins for Christmas. As they started to walk off, Blake picked up a rattle that one of the babies had dropped. Blake handed the toy to Lily. Lily introduced Jill to Blake. Blake said he was going to the bookstore to buy a present.

Cane said they were going to the Christmas tree lot. Cane said goodbye, and they walked off. Blake called Colin to tell him where Cane and Lily were heading. Later, Blake and Colin watched Cane pose for Christmas photos with Sofia, Lily, Jill, and the twins. Blake commented to Colin that Cane had become quite a family man. Colin noted that Cane had crossed the wrong family.

Back at Cane and Lily's, Sofia and Lily admired the tree Cane had chosen. Cane and Lily sat back on the couch while Sofia retrieved some eggnog. Cane said his Christmas wish was a happy and healthy New Year for the Ashby family.

Back at Gloworm, Colin told Blake he wanted more information about Cane. Colin noticed Jill at a table alone. Colin approached Jill with the idea of getting more information about Cane from her.

At home, Billy entered and said he had a gift for Victoria. He pulled a home pregnancy test from a bag. Victoria told Billy that she wasn't pregnant. She realized that she just had a bug. Billy assured Victoria they would try to get pregnant again the next month.

At the Christmas tree lot, Gloria told Jana that she was watching Jana. Gloria suspected that Jana was up to something. Back at Kevin's, Delia gave Kevin a gift. It was the ornament for baby's first year. There was a knock on the door. A representative from Child Protective Services walked into the apartment and said there had been a complaint about how Delia was being treated.

Daniel took a Christmas tree to Phyllis' condo. Phyllis was stunned to see Daniel had taken Summer along with him. Phyllis sent Summer upstairs, then berated Daniel for letting Summer go home.

Daniel said that Summer had missed Phyllis, and she needed to have a home to celebrate Christmas. Phyllis didn't want Summer anywhere near Daisy, but Phyllis wouldn't send Daisy back to jail. Daniel had a solution. Daniel offered to take Daisy to his apartment until she gave birth.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lily and Cane pulled out the boxes of ornaments to begin decorating the tree. Lily noticed that Cane was exhausted from work. Cane assured Lily he was fine and handed Lily a Christmas present from under the tree. Lily opened it to find an Ashby family ornament. Lily loved it and compared it to the ornament they'd bought the year before.

Lily commented on what an incredible year they'd shared. Sofia arrived to help decorate the tree. Sofia told Cane the results of Blake's background check were being sent to her via email. When the email arrived, Sofia told Cane that Blake's credential had checked out. Sofia told Cane that she had a briefcase full of reports for Blake to analyze. Cane offered to deliver the work to Blake.

Lily and Sofia agreed to decorate the tree while Cane ran his errands. Lily asked Sofia if she and Malcolm had set the date. Sofia said they hadn't, but they were very happy together and busy with their professional lives. Lily was grateful that Cane could spend time at home. Sofia sensed Lily wanted to ask her something, and Sofia urged Lily to be honest with her.

The phone rang, and Lily learned that the new Bumpy the Camel book had just been delivered. Lily wanted to pick it up for the twins. Sofia agreed to go with Lily and then they could have lunch afterwards.

At the bookstore, Sofia asked Lily what had been bothering her. Lily asked Sofia why Cane had been forced to work so hard. Sofia was surprised to hear that Cane was putting in so many hours. Sofia offered to have Blake take on more work, but Lily asked Sofia not to mention their talk to Cane.

At Jimmy's, Blake confronted Cane. Blake was surprised to see Cane working on McCall business. Cane informed Blake that he was doing the work that Blake was incapable of doing. Cane told Blake that he'd passed the background check. Blake encouraged Cane to continue doing Blake's work so well.

Cane called Lily, and she invited him to join Sofia and her for lunch at Gloworm. Cane said he might not be able to because he was busy with work. After Cane ended the call, Blake told Cane that he was ruining the atmosphere at the bar by working. Cane reminded Blake that he was a lackey and there was only one man pulling the strings.

At Gloworm, Colin introduced himself to Jill. Colin offered to buy Jill a drink. Colin charmed Jill, and as she drank a glass of wine, she told Colin about her son from Australia. Colin was curious and asked Jill to tell him about Cane.

Jill said that when Cane had arrived in Genoa City, he'd pretended to be her real son, Phillip. Jill said that Cane and Phillip had switched identities in Australia. Colin wondered about Cane's real family. Jill told Colin that an uncle in the Outback had raised Cane.

Jill told Colin that she had the impression that Cane had been emotionally deprived as a boy. Jill mentioned that Cane was happily married to Lily, and they had twins. Colin wondered why Phillip had agreed to switch lives with Cane. Jill explained that Cane had needed a family, and Phillip had needed to disappear.

Jill explained that Cane had been forgiven for deceiving everyone. Jill said that she had great trust and faith in Cane. Colin hoped Jill's love and trust were not misplaced. Colin said he'd had a son once and would give anything to get him back. Jill asked Colin to tell her about himself. Colin said he was in Genoa City to find a former associate.

Billy answered his cell phone and was told that Child Protective Services had received a complaint regarding Delia. Billy was stunned and called Chloe to find out what was going on with their daughter.

At Kevin's, Chloe asked the representative from Child Protective Services who had made a complaint against her. The representative would not say, but claimed that Delia had been used to take inappropriate photos. Kevin and Chloe said they had been posing for holiday pictures at the Christmas tree lot. The representative asked to speak with Delia.

Delia told the woman from Child Protective Services that she liked having her picture taken. The representative looked at the photos and decided the complaint had been made in error. The representative left, and Chloe and Kevin were puzzled about who called CPS to report them.

Chloe said that Jana had been at the Christmas tree lot, and Jana had a problem with Kevin's friendship with Chloe. Kevin said he would speak with Jana. Billy arrived at Kevin's and confronted Chloe about why Child Protective Services had been investigating Delia. Chloe explained that it had been a misunderstanding.

Billy accused Kevin of being a bad influence on Delia. Billy asked if Kevin and Chloe were playing house together. Chloe told Billy he was off-base. Kevin left to see Jana. Chloe told Billy that he wasn't entirely wrong about her.

Chloe didn't know why she was living with Kevin. Chloe pointed out that she had always wanted the perfect family life with the white picket fence, and yet it was Billy that had that kind of life with Victoria. Billy said it wasn't all perfect. Chloe guessed that Victoria was not pregnant after all.

At Gloworm, Jana approached Gloria to ask why Gloria had been so cross with her at the Christmas tree lot. Gloria said that she did not trust Jana. Gloria suspected that Jana was up to no good. Mark Hogan arrived at the restaurant, and Gloria greeted him warmly. Hogan wanted to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey overheard and ducked into the back office.

Gloria found Jeffrey and took him to Hogan. Hogan asked Jeffrey to repay the $15,000 he owed. Jeffrey said they would figure out how to repay Hogan. Kevin entered, and Gloria tried to stop him from approaching Jana.

Kevin pushed past Gloria and asked Jana if she had reported Chloe to Child Protective Services. Jana feigned innocence. Jana assumed that Chloe was upset. When Kevin mentioned Daisy's baby, Jana was shocked that Kevin had offered to raise the child. Jana said that Daisy would never be out of Kevin's life. Kevin wanted to protect the child by raising her on his own.

Kevin saw Jeffrey and told him that while Jeffrey had been in Florida, Kevin had covered his butt with Hogan. Jeffrey insulted Kevin, which prompted Hogan to punch Jeffrey in the face. Kevin was impressed.

Chloe entered Gloworm and asked Kevin if Jana had ratted them out to CPS. Kevin said that Jana was not the source. Chloe lamented that she, Kevin, and Delia might make a cute family if they were more than just buddies. Kevin was disappointed.

Hogan told Jeff that Kevin was in charge of the operation. Jeffrey was stunned. Hogan said his decision was final. Hogan kissed Gloria's hand and departed.

Jill thanked Colin for the drink and stood to say goodbye. Sofia and Lily arrived and said hello to Jill. Jill introduced Colin Atkinson to Lily and Sofia. Cane and Blake arrived to meet Sofia and Lily for lunch. Jill introduced Blake and Cane to Colin. Jill said she thought Cane and Colin might have a lot in common.

Blake shook Colin's hand. Jill suggested that they all eat lunch together. Alone, Colin asked if Cane was surprised that Colin was out of prison. Cane told Colin to stay away from his family. Colin reminded Cane that Colin was Cane's family.

At the condo, Daisy was surprised that Daniel would allow Daisy to move into his apartment. Phyllis said she would not allow Daniel to do that. Daniel didn't want his problems upsetting Summer and Phyllis. Daniel felt bad about Summer being forced out of her home.

Daniel declared that he would take care of things with Daisy. Phyllis spoke privately with Daniel and warned him that Daisy was a master manipulator. Daniel asked Phyllis to call the judge and arrange for Daisy to be transferred to his care.

Phyllis spoke with the judge on the phone. Phyllis hung up and reported to Daniel that the judge had approved of Daniel taking custody of Daisy. Phyllis was still upset about Daniel taking Daisy, but she was grateful that Daniel was taking responsibility. Phyllis was thrilled that Summer could return home. Phyllis warned Daniel to be careful around Daisy.

At Daniel's apartment, Daisy wondered if the baby would like being in Daniel's apartment again. Daniel warned Daisy not to play him. Daisy said she had no expectations. Daniel told Daisy that she would not raise the child. Daniel was determined that the baby be given up for adoption.

Daniel suggested that they try to get along, since they were in such a small space. Daisy declared that she would never give up her baby. Jana arrived and had flowers for Daisy. Daniel was puzzled and asked why Jana would be kind to the woman who had caged her like an animal. Jana said that she wanted to make peace and reach an understanding with Daisy. Jana left abruptly.

Phyllis told Billy about Daniel taking custody of Daisy. Billy wanted to do a Restless Style story about Daisy and Daniel. Phyllis refused, but Billy reminded Phyllis that everyone was fair game.

The messenger arrived with the first copy of the new issue of Restless Style. Billy told Phyllis they needed to reach an understanding about how to run the magazine in the future. Phyllis agreed, but she was excited about the new issue. Phyllis loved the cover, which questioned if Sharon was a damsel in distress or a heartless home wrecker. Billy agreed that the issue would be a big seller.

Friday, December 10, 2010

As they walked to the bookstore, Noah told Nick about his plans to start an open-mic night where he could show off his music. When they entered the shop, Nick and Noah noticed the cover of Restless Style. Nick cursed Phyllis for attacking Sharon in print.

Phyllis and Jack made passionate love. Later, after they were dressed, Phyllis found Jack reading the cover story about Sharon and Adam. Jack asked if Phyllis was prepared for the response. Phyllis was proud of what she'd written. Jack expected that Noah would be upset that Phyllis had gone after Sharon.

A short time later, Malcolm arrived to accompany Phyllis to Kay's fundraiser. Phyllis was thrilled to hear that the office phones were ringing off the hook about the new issue. Phyllis' writing amused Malcolm. Phyllis believed that she had done a public service by telling the truth about Sharon.

Malcolm worried that Adam would go after Phyllis over the things that Phyllis had written about Sharon. Phyllis felt she could handle Adam, and that he was a weasel. Malcolm warned Phyllis that Adam was a dangerous man.

Sharon woke up in Adam's motel room. Adam was grateful that Sharon was with him. Sharon said that she missed Faith. Sharon was upset that Nick was restricting her visitation rights with Faith. Adam declared that they had to fix that problem.

There was a knock on the door, and Leslie appeared. Leslie showed them the cover of Restless Style and said it was a problem for them. Sharon read the article along with Adam. Adam and Sharon realized that Phyllis had used the article to destroy them.

Leslie was concerned that the article would be damaging to Adam's defense. Sharon was concerned about Noah's reaction to the story. After Leslie left, Sharon kissed Adam goodbye and went off to find Noah. Adam called Jack to arrange a meeting.

At the bookstore, Sharon approached Noah. Sharon blamed Phyllis for the Restless Style story and called it a pack of lies. Noah pointed out that Sharon had chosen Adam over her children, and that was not a lie. Noah told Sharon he didn't want to know her anymore because of her allegiance to Adam.

Sharon told Nick that she wanted to see Faith. Nick said she could only see Faith at the tack house, under Nick's supervision.

At Jimmy's, Adam confronted Jack about the Restless Style story. Adam said that Phyllis had gone too far by attacking Sharon in print. Adam wanted Jack's help in getting Phyllis to lighten up on Sharon. Jack said that Sharon had made her choice when she aligned herself with Adam. Jack said that Sharon was stuck with Adam and the hatred he engendered.

Adam accused Jack, Nick, and Billy of being "sanctimonious blowhards." Adam pointed out that Jack and Nick had vowed loyalty to Sharon, but hadn't been there for her when she needed them. Adam said they didn't deserve a woman like Sharon in their lives.

Adam told Jack he would make sure that Nick allowed Sharon to be with Faith. Adam said that Jack only cared about his ego, and Phyllis was stroking his ego to get him to bend to her will. Adam called Phyllis a psycho bitch, and Jack punched him in the face. Adam straightened up and walked out.

At Gloworm, Gloria was anxious to prepare the restaurant for Kay's charity fundraiser for children. Kay appeared and told Gloria that everything looked wonderful. Gloria was pleased.

Kevin asked Jeffrey to answer some questions about the books. Jeffrey refused to help Kevin take over his bookie operation. Kevin greeted Kay. Kevin appreciated that Kay's charity was for children. Kevin told Kay that he was working hard to raise money to become the guardian of Daisy's baby. Kay was surprised.

Gloria asked Kay to talk Kevin out of taking on the guardianship of Daisy's baby. Kevin said that unlike Daniel, he wanted to be a father. Kay wondered why Kevin didn't choose to become a father in the traditional way.

Kay reminded Kevin that he had not always been a model citizen. Kevin realized that it would be easier if Daisy would agree to give him the baby, but Kevin had hired a lawyer to advise him. Kevin said that even if his chances in court were slim, Kevin was determined to pursue guardianship.

Kevin approached Jeffrey again and asked for his help. Kevin pointed out that Hogan had threatened to burn down the restaurant while Jeff and Gloria were out of town. It was only thanks to Kevin's intervention that Hogan had left Gloworm untouched. Jeffrey remained uninterested in helping Kevin.

Sharon approached Kay at Gloworm to ask Kay to get Phyllis to stop her attack on Sharon and Adam. Sharon declared that Phyllis had distorted the truth. Kay pointed out that Sharon had been helping Adam, and that included hiring an attorney for him. Sharon declared that Adam was entitled to representation, especially since there was no proof that he had killed Skye. Kay wondered if Sharon was being threatened by Adam to help him, or if Sharon was simply stupid.

Sharon said that Phyllis was poisoning minds against Sharon. Kay believed Phyllis saw things the way they were. Phyllis walked in and said hello to Kay. Phyllis completely ignored Sharon. Sharon wondered if Phyllis was only able to attack Sharon in print. Kay asked Sharon and Phyllis to cease fighting while they were at the fundraiser. Kay told Sharon not to disrupt the event. Sharon left Gloworm.

At Daniel's, Daisy thanked Daniel for letting her stay in the apartment. From the hallway, Daniel called Abby and arranged to see her. Jana arrived at Daniel's and asked the guard to allow her to see Daisy alone. Jana walked in, and Daisy wondered what Jana was doing there. Jana said she had a proposition for Daisy.

Jana told Daisy that Kevin wanted to raise the baby. Daisy was determined to raise the baby herself. Daisy had a fantasy of having the baby and living with Daniel. Jana told Daisy that Daniel despised her. Jana said she wanted Kevin back, and that Daisy wanted her freedom. Jana predicted that nobody would be Daisy's friend after Daisy gave birth. There would be nobody to help her get out of prison.

Daisy insisted that she would not give Kevin her baby. Jana told Daisy that if Daisy gave the baby to Jana, Jana would raise the baby. Jana assumed that Kevin would want to be included. Daisy asked how they could make it work.

Jana explained that they would create a story, and eventually people would believe in their story of redemption. Jana would agree not to testify against Daisy, and Daisy would be free. Jana suspected that Daisy would then have a chance with Daniel. Daisy said that she would make the deal if Jana kept her out of jail and helped her to win over Daniel.

At the Abbott house, Daniel kissed Abby as soon as she answered the door. Daniel asked Abby if they could go back to the way they had been. Abby believed that the Daisy situation was resolved with Daisy living with Phyllis. But Daniel explained that Daisy had moved into his apartment.

Daniel hated having Daisy there, but he didn't know how else to resolve the situation. Abby resented that Daniel had gone to see her, expecting Abby to make things better for Daniel. Abby asked Daniel to leave. Daniel reluctantly walked out.

Noah went to Abby's and showed her the cover of Restless Style. Abby admitted to Noah that she was upset about her relationship with Daniel. It had become much more serious than Abby had ever wanted it to be.

Abby couldn't get over the fact that Daniel was going to be a father. Abby didn't want to be a stepmom. Noah pointed out that Daniel didn't want to be a father. Noah was upset about Sharon choosing to be with Adam, and losing Faith in the process. Noah said that people invariably let you down. Abby couldn't disagree. Noah and Abby were glad that they could count on each other.

Daniel arrived at Gloworm and spoke to Phyllis. Daniel reported that Daisy was with the guard. Kevin asked Daniel about how it was going with Daisy, since she was living with him. Daniel told Kevin he was only doing it until the baby was born.

Kevin was interested in the baby. Leslie showed up, and Kevin introduced her to Daniel. Kevin told Daniel that Leslie went to see if Daisy to talk with her about Kevin's offer to raise the baby. Kevin and Daniel got into an argument about the future of the baby.

Kay asked Kevin and Daniel to calm down. Leslie suggested they discuss the situation elsewhere. The argument grew heated, and Kevin attacked Daniel. Others broke up the fight, and Phyllis urged Daniel to leave. Malcolm offered to take Phyllis home, but Phyllis wanted to stay and celebrate the magazine's success. Sharon watched Phyllis from the doorway.

Leslie asked Kevin why he was so determined to raise Daisy's child. Kevin said that nobody else was stepping up. When Phyllis presented a contribution to Kay for the children from Restless Style, Sharon interrupted and told the group that Phyllis didn't really care about children. Sharon said that if Phyllis did care, she wouldn't have attacked Sharon's children in print.

Sharon called Phyllis the ultimate mean girl. Phyllis accused Sharon of choosing a baby-stealing psychopath over her children. Sharon refused to back down from Phyllis. Sharon declared that she would keep Phyllis from hurting her children.

Phyllis declared that Faith deserved to be with a real mother like Ashley, not Sharon. Sharon shoved Phyllis into the chocolate fountain. The two women threw chocolate at each other and fell to the ground as the catfight escalated.

Kay said goodbye to her guests as Kevin cleaned up the mess. Jana appeared and told Kevin that she'd been visiting with Daisy. Jana explained that she had tried to make peace with Daisy so something positive could result from their relationship.

Kevin urged Jana to do what she wanted to do. Jana said that she had told Daisy that Kevin would make a wonderful father. Jana told Kevin that Daisy had really seemed to listen to her. Kevin thanked Jana.

Daniel returned home with a pizza for himself and a chopped salad for Daisy. He sat down and opened a beer, his back to Daisy. At Jimmy's, Nick downed a beer and left. Jack arrived at Phyllis' condo to find her covered in chocolate. Phyllis noticed that Jack's knuckles were bruised. Jack realized that Phyllis had fought with Sharon, and Phyllis realized Jack had slugged Adam.

Sharon arrived at the motel. Adam saw that she was covered in chocolate. Sharon noticed that Adam had a bruised face. Sharon was afraid that Nick was going to take Faith away from her forever. Sharon was determined not to lose Faith to Nick.

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