The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 20, 2010 on Y&R

Sharon discovered that a box of Skye's rare perfume had been shipped to Hawaii. Tucker and Ashley become engaged. Victor woke up a new man after a dream in which he was forced to examine his life, like Scrooge had in A Christmas Carol.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 20, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, December 20, 2010

At the Newman ranch, Diane and Nick made love on the floor in front of the fireplace and cozily snuggled afterward. Nick and Diane heard a car pull up and saw the flash of headlights through the window. Nick looked out the window and saw Victor. Nick and Diane dressed quickly, and Diane dashed out the back door without her shoes. Victor greeted his son by asking, "What are you doing here?" Victor sniffed the air and added, "There was a woman in here." After Victor stepped out, Nick quickly stuffed Diane's shoes into his coat pockets.

When Victor returned, Nick explained that his lady friend wasn't Sharon. Victor noted that he'd read Phyllis' article in Restless Style. Nick sadly noted that he'd known that Sharon wasn't over Adam even though she'd repeatedly insisted she was. Victor agreed that Nick should protect his family by supervising Sharon's visits with Faith. Nick told Victor that Adam hadn't yet been arrested because the evidence was circumstantial.

Nick told Victor that Adam was telling everyone that Victor had set him up by whisking Skye out of town. Victor maintained that Adam would go to any lengths to avoid being held accountable. Victor added that Adam's crimes would soon catch up with him. Nick said it couldn't happen fast enough for him, though it was too late for Sharon. Nick told Victor he could have used his father's support. Victor explained that he had reasons for being away that Nick knew nothing about.

Nick berated Victor for always walking out on his family. Victor attempted to appease Nick and told his son that he trusted him to run the company. Nick agreed that he was reliable but sometimes needed his father's support. Victor asked Nick to explain what he meant, but Nick, as he rushed out the door, said he would elaborate later at the office.

After learning from Michael that Victor had returned, Nikki showed up at the ranch with a decorated Christmas tree. Nikki invited Victor to spend Christmas with their family, but Victor declined the offer and insisted he would be fine. Nikki mentioned Diane's financial woes and reported the unfortunate scene at Crimson Lights with Diane's declined credit card. After Nikki left, Victor sat dejectedly and gazed at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.

Diane arrived after Victor summoned her to the ranch. Victor asked Diane if she had a job. Diane explained the fiasco that prompted Tucker to change his mind about hiring her. Victor explained that he had a personal renovation project in mind. Diane asked if Victor really wanted her for the job in order to drive Jack crazy. Victor didn't respond to the question, but he told Diane she had to give him an answer very soon.

After Nikki left the ranch, she ran into Nick at Gloworm. Nick noted that Deacon was present and asked his mom if she wished to leave. Nikki changed the subject and told Nick about her awkward encounter with Victor. Nikki explained that Victor had declined her invitation to spend Christmas with his family. Nikki added that she was worried about Victor spending the holidays alone. Nick mentioned that his visit with his father hadn't gone well.

Nikki visited with Deacon on the patio at Crimson Lights. Having just left an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Deacon told Nikki she looked well. Nikki showed Deacon the coin she'd earned for maintaining 60 days of sobriety. Nikki praised Deacon for having set her on the right path. Deacon announced that he'd soon earn his 60-day coin, and Nikki agreed to support him by accompanying him to the award presentation. Nikki explained that she and Deacon could meet for coffee after meetings but would have to avoid romantic entanglements.

Deacon assured Nikki that being with her wasn't just sex to him. Nikki explained that she felt responsible for her past actions and needed time. Deacon begged Nikki to consider time served and agree to resume their relationship sooner. Nikki made it clear that she planned to stick to the guidelines and avoid socializing with newly recovered alcoholics for at least six months. Deacon claimed he respected Nikki for taking a stand.

Diane saw Deacon kiss Nikki on the cheek before he left. Diane taunted Nikki and quipped that Nikki, with her young boyfriend, had become a sugar mama. Nikki fired back and claimed Diane likely depended on a sugar daddy because she had no job or husband. Nikki seemed justified when a coffeehouse employee approached and cut Diane's declined credit card in half. Nikki haughtily placed some money on the counter, so Diane could pay her tab.

After Nikki left, Diane paid her bill with Nikki's money and restored her dignity by giving her waiter a hefty tip. When Nick showed up, he found a brooding Diane drinking coffee on the patio. Diane asked if Victor knew she'd been at the ranch. Nick explained that his dad had other issues to discuss. Diane perked up when she showed Nick that she was wearing the hideous shoes his maid had left by the backdoor. Nick slipped Diane's shoes back onto her feet. Nick and Diane agreed to keep their relationship quiet. Victor called and summoned Diane to the ranch. Diane promised to let Nick know what Victor wanted.

Leslie Michaelson, Adam's attorney, came to Sharon and Adam's motel room and announced that police already had the photo of the mystery couple in the freight elevator. Leslie said that at least police were investigating the possibility that Skye was alive and scamming Adam. Leslie hoped Adam might have a photo of Skye wearing the shoes and carrying the purse seen in the photo, but Adam said he did not.

Sharon asked about Skye's perfume, and Leslie confirmed that the bottle was listed on the inventory of police evidence. Sharon excitedly suggested checking to see if Skye had ordered a replacement bottle of the rare perfume. Adam said he'd rather prove that Skye was alive. Leslie believed the DA would soon announce that Adam was no longer a person of interest because the evidence was weak. Leslie added that Skye had a vendetta against Adam and had previously faked her death.

After Leslie left, Sharon told Adam that they would prove to everyone else that he was innocent because she already believed him. Sharon decided to send Skye's clothing to a lab to determine the name and manufacturer of her perfume, which Adam said Skye kept in an antique atomizer. Adam said he'd ask Phyllis to publish the photo of Skye taken in the elevator. Adam hoped the photo would prompt readers to realize that Skye was up to her old tricks. Adam kissed Sharon and thanked her for supporting him.

In the alley near the train station, Jack peered into the dirt-smudged duffel bag he and Phyllis discovered near a dumpster. Jack found a coat, dress, and a handbag. Phyllis identified the handbag as the same one seen being held by the person in the surveillance photo. Jack agreed. Phyllis theorized that Adam killed Skye quickly, dumped her body nearby, and then boarded the train. Phyllis wanted to scoop the story, but Jack phoned police.

Police officers carried the bagged evidence Jack and Phyllis found into the police station. Phyllis and Jack accompanied Ronan and explained that they were timing the route Adam would have taken from the Genoa City Athletic Club to the train station. Jack added that they calculated the route based on the time stamp on the surveillance video. Phyllis added that the items in the duffel bag matched those worn by the woman seen in the freight elevator. Ronan didn't answer when Phyllis asked if Adam would be arrested.

Later, at Phyllis' condo, Jack and Phyllis discussed Ronan's cool reaction to the evidence. Jack assured Phyllis that Ronan would not pass up the chance to bring down the notorious Adam Newman. Adam phoned Phyllis and asked if she'd publish the elevator photo because he was certain his dad was involved. Adam claimed Victor had slipped away with Skye after planting the blood.

Phyllis asked Adam if she could quote him on his verification that the purse and shoes found in the alley belonged to Skye. Adam agreed that she could. Phyllis replied that the caption beneath the photo would state, "This is the last time that Skye Newman was seen alive, and all that's left is her bloodied, rumpled clothes found in an alley near a train station." Adam was befuddled by Phyllis' comment until Ronan showed up and demanded that he come downtown.

After Phyllis' call to Adam ended, Jack told Phyllis he still had unanswered questions about Adam and Skye. Jack couldn't fathom why Skye would leave with Adam if he'd injured her severely enough to draw blood. Phyllis supposed that Skye thought she could control the situation if she could get out of the room. Jack couldn't imagine where Adam could have disposed of Skye's body. Jack admitted that Skye had faults, but he maintained that she didn't deserve what had happened.

Sharon showed up looking for Jack and asked for his help. Sharon told Jack she needed someone at the Jabot lab to identify Skye's perfume from traces left on a blouse. Sharon handed Skye's blouse to Jack, and he sniffed it. Sharon theorized that Skye would reorder the perfume from her source. Phyllis taunted Sharon with snide remarks about Adam sending her on a wild goose chase. Sharon indignantly instructed Phyllis to take notes for her retraction.

Phyllis suggested that Sharon phone Adam. Sharon did and learned that Adam was at the police station because Phyllis and Jack had turned over the bloodied clothes Skye had been wearing the night she'd disappeared. Sharon blasted Phyllis for turning information over to police and cutting her and Adam out of the loop. Sharon claimed they'd proved Skye's death was a hoax by showing a photo of her walking out of the hotel. Phyllis claimed it only proved that Adam didn't kill Skye at the hotel. Sharon assured Phyllis she'd prove that Adam did not kill Skye.

As Sharon turned to leave, Jack handed her the blouse and said that Skye's fragrance was called Galibier. After Sharon left, Phyllis defiantly folded her arms at her waist and demanded to know why Jack had helped Sharon. Phyllis claimed that helping Sharon also helped Adam. Jack explained that Skye was dead, so telling Sharon the name of a dead woman's perfume wouldn't help Adam one bit. Jack added that if Skye was alive, he wanted to know. Jack said he was fine with the idea of Adam serving time for a crime he didn't commit in place of the ones he did.

At the police station, Ronan tossed Skye's clothes, sealed in evidence bags, onto a desk and prompted Adam to tell him what had happened to Skye. Ronan showed Adam the photo from the elevator and said the image could be a photo of him escorting Skye out of the hotel to her death. Adam quickly insisted that Skye wasn't dead. Adam explained that the Skye's clothes were planted at the station by Victor.

Ronan learned that Adam didn't have an alibi. Adam explained that he had not ridden with his driver the night Skye disappeared, so no one could vouch for his whereabouts. Sharon arrived. Before Ronan stepped out, he told her he hadn't yet arrested Adam. Sharon ran to Adam and assured him she would prove that someone had set him up.

Adam's mood lifted when Sharon said she'd learned that Skye's perfume, Galibier, was available only in Monaco because it had been Princess Grace's favorite. Sharon said she'd already left a message with the perfume's manufacturer. Adam breathed a sigh of relief and said it would all be over very soon. Ronan suddenly returned and arrested Adam. Sharon promised Adam that she would find Skye and prove his innocence.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jana arrived at Daniel's with the groceries to cook a Christmas dinner for Daisy and Daniel. Daisy was surprised, but realized it was part of Jana's plan. Jana thought a romantic dinner for two would help Daisy win over Daniel. Jana said that when Daisy had the baby, Jana would be the child's mother, and Kevin the father.

Chloe entered Crimson Lights and ordered a hot drink from Kevin. Kevin and Chloe were still short with one another, since she'd moved out of his apartment. Kay walked up to both of them and asked if Chloe and Kevin would be at her Christmas party. Kevin tried to back out, but Kay refused to accept no for an answer.

At Daniel's, the guard let Kevin enter. Kevin was surprised to see Jana was already there and cooking Christmas dinner for Daisy. Daisy said that Jana was doing it so that Daisy would have Christmas. Daisy was stunned when Kevin gave her a Christmas gift. Jana asked Kevin if he wanted to stay for dinner. Kevin said that he missed Jana's cooking, but he was expected at the Chancellor Christmas dinner and had to go. Before leaving, Kevin told Daisy he would like to accompany her on a future doctor's appointment.

Later, Daisy mentioned to Jana that it was too bad that Jana couldn't share Christmas dinner with Kevin. Jana wondered if there was a way that she might still be able to make it happen. While Daisy made a gingerbread house, Jana created a homemade greeting card.

Daisy asked Jana if the gingerbread house looked good. Jana said it was nice, then she showed Daisy the card she'd been making and asked if it looked like a child had done it. Daisy thought it did. Jana said that dinner for Daniel and Daisy was all set. Jana urged Daisy to take credit for the hard work when Daniel arrived home.

Ronan ran into Heather at Crimson Lights. It was the first time they'd seen each other since making love, and Ronan wondered if Heather had ditched him, because she'd left him in bed the morning after. Heather said that she had loved being with Ronan.

Heather asked Ronan if he would reconsider his decision not to go to Nina's Christmas party. Ronan said he was not interested in encouraging Nina's feelings for him. Heather reminded Ronan that every Christmas was special. Ronan claimed he could spend Christmas with Nina another year. Heather noted that Ronan might not have many Christmases in his future.

When he was alone, Ronan received a call from his doctor in Boston. The doctor told Ronan that he needed to go right away for tests to find a liver donor. Ronan said that he understood. The doctor told Ronan that a family member would be Ronan's best bet for a donor match. Ronan said a family member was not an option.

Before the Winters family Christmas party, Sofia and Neil wrapped up Chancellor business. Neil was anxious to start cooking dinner. Sofia offered to clean up the files. When Sofia stood up, a wrapped package fell to the ground. Neil picked it up and saw that Sofia had a gift for him. Neil opened it to find a recipe book about how to make gravy.

Malcolm arrived at Neil's and was happy to see Sofia. Malcolm was excited about Christmas and anxious to play with the twins. As Sofia and Malcolm kissed and cuddled, Neil poured a cup of eggnog for his brother and tried not to show his jealousy.

Cane and Lily were in the park with the twins. Daniel approached and said hello. Cane and Lily greeted him. Lily said she wanted to speak with Daniel. Cane left for work. Lily asked Daniel to hold one of the babies while she attended to the other. Daniel was uncomfortable with the baby in his arms.

Later, Daniel sat with Lily on a bench. Lily urged Daniel to do his best to get through the holidays. Daniel was upset about Daisy living in his apartment. Lily admired Daniel's decision to give up the baby for adoption. Lily said that someday Daniel would be a wonderful father. Daniel appreciated her words of encouragement and hugged Lily.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill was miffed that the Christmas tree was still undecorated. Nina reminded her that it was Kay's tradition to wait until Christmas to do the tree. As Jill went to the door to leave, she found Colin standing there with a gift for her.

Jill unwrapped the gift. Colin had given Jill a datebook. He asked Jill to pencil him in for future dates. Colin assumed Jill was busy for the holiday and said goodbye. Chloe and Kay arrived home as Colin left. Both women were curious about Colin, but Jill said he was just a friend. Jill did not feel welcome at Kay's party, so she left.

Chloe and Kay went into the living room, where Murphy and Nina were preparing for the party. Kay said that she expected Chloe and Kevin to decorate the tree. Chloe reluctantly agreed. Paul arrived with presents for the tree. He also announced that Heather would not be able to make it to the party.

Kevin arrived at Kay's party and Chloe met him at the door. Kevin said he couldn't say no to Kay. Kevin also wanted to give Delia her Christmas gift. Chloe explained that Delia was with Billy for the night. Kay was pleased to see Kevin. She told Kevin that he and Chloe were in charge of decorating the tree. Later, while decorating the tree, Chloe and Kevin squabbled about how it should look. Kay wanted a photo of them, forcing Kevin and Chloe to stand close together.

Paul admired how pretty Nina looked. Nina thanked Paul for her Christmas earrings. Nina wished that Ronan and Heather had joined them for dinner. After the tree was decorated, everyone went into the dining room for Esther's holiday meal. Kevin and Chloe lagged behind and got into a fight. Nina interrupted to say that Jana was there to see Kevin.

Ronan answered the knock on his door. Heather had takeout food for dinner and invited herself into his apartment. Ronan thought Heather wanted to attend Kay's party. Heather said she wanted to be with Ronan instead. Over dinner, Ronan told Heather about the Christmases he had experienced as a child. Ronan revealed that his adoptive mother had died before he learned about his illness. Heather thought Ronan should let Nina into his life. Ronan didn't want to break Nina's heart, especially since she'd lost Chance.

Heather told Ronan that she was unafraid of spending time with Ronan, despite his medical issues. Ronan said that he didn't want to talk about his health. He also didn't want to discuss work. Heather took his hand and led him out of the apartment.

Heather and Ronan sat on a bench in the park. Ronan noticed that Heather loved winter and Christmas. Ronan told Heather that it had been a wonderful day. When Heather started a snowball fight, Ronan joined in.

After a while, Ronan begged for mercy. Heather felt victorious. Ronan was freezing and noted that Heather was warm in her big, bulky sweater. Heather said she didn't need the sweater. Heather challenged Ronan to peel off his clothes if he dared, like she was doing.

Ronan kept up with Heather, and when Heather then fell onto the snow and made snow angels, he did, too. Ronan conceded victory to Heather.

After rolling around in the snow, Heather and Ronan went to Crimson Lights for a hot drink. Heather handed Ronan a Christmas gift. Ronan had nothing for Heather and felt bad. Heather urged him to open the gift. It was passes to the movies. Heather said one of the tickets was for her. Ronan agreed.

Abby ran into Daniel in the park. Daniel was glad to see her. Abby said that she was going to Jack's for Christmas with the family. Abby wished Daniel a merry Christmas. Daniel asked Abby to have a drink with him.

Cane arrived at the Winters family Christmas party, acting very, very jovial. When Cane and Sofia were alone, Sofia asked Cane to tell her why he had been lying about being overworked. Cane lied to Sofia, claiming that he had a second job as a bartender. Malcolm interrupted to get Cane back into the party.

While the Winters family was opening presents, Lily appreciated all the lovely gifts for the twins. A big toy was unwrapped, which came from Father Christmas. Jill believed that Father Christmas was an Australian phrase. Cane denied it, but he seemed perturbed. Cane stepped out of the house and called Colin.

After dinner, Sofia complimented Neil on his gravy. Sofia wondered if Neil had looked at her recipe book. Neil asked about Sofia and Malcolm's plans for a Valentine's Day wedding. Sofia said she was a romantic at heart.

Cane confronted Colin in the park. Cane warned his father to stay away from the twins. Colin expected Cane to return to Australia and resume his responsibilities to the family business. Colin threatened to destroy Cane's life in Genoa City.

At Gloworm, Abby complained to Daniel about the lawsuit. Daniel assured Abby that his nightmare with Daisy would be over once Daisy had the baby. Daniel hoped that Abby would give him another chance in the New Year. Daniel kissed Abby. Daniel asked Abby to be with him. Abby refused because Daniel was still too involved with Daisy.

Daniel asked Abby to wait for him, but Abby was unsure. Abby feared that Daniel would want the baby once Daisy gave birth. Daniel said the only thing he wanted was Abby. Daniel vowed to win Abby back. Daniel and Abby said goodbye at Gloworm. Daniel stopped Abby under the mistletoe and kissed her. At the apartment, Daisy was angry because Daniel had stood her up by not returning for dinner. Daisy destroyed the gingerbread house.

At the Chancellor's, Jana showed Chloe the Christmas card she'd created and claimed that Delia had made it for Chloe at preschool. Chloe pretended to believe Jana. Kevin invited Jana to stay for dinner. Chloe wasn't happy about Kevin getting close to Jana again, but kept her mouth shut.

There was a knock on the door. Nina opened the door to discover that Heather and Ronan were there for the party. Ronan asked if they could crash dinner. Nina said that they were more than welcome.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At the Baldwins, Michael and Lauren celebrated Christmas Eve with Fen. The doorbell rang, and Michael found Jill on the doorstep, carrying a shopping bag filled with presents. Jill said the gifts were for Fen, Michael, and Lauren. Michael thanked Jill. Fen invited Jill to have a Christmas cookie. Lauren asked Jill to stay for a while.

Fen told Jill all the items that were on his Christmas list, and Jill was impressed. Lauren asked Fen to find Jill's gift from under the tree. Later, Michael insisted that Fen get to bed because Santa was on his way. Michael took Fen into his bedroom. Jill told Lauren that Fen was a wonderful little boy. Jill thanked Lauren for asking her to stay. The sisters wished each other a merry Christmas.

Tucker and Ashley were at Crimson Lights. Tucker was happy that Ashley had asked him to volunteer to help others for Christmas. Ashley was pleased that Tucker appreciated her suggestion. Abby showed up as Tucker and Ashley shared a kiss.

Abby complained about Christmas shopping. Ashley walked away, and Abby asked Tucker why he hadn't told Ashley about Abby making a pass at him. Tucker said he didn't think it was necessary to tell Ashley. As Abby was leaving, Ashley asked if she'd bought a gift for Tucker. Abby said she had taken care of it.

Victoria and Billy talked about how much fun it had been to spend Christmas Eve with Delia. Victoria mentioned that she was anxious for Reed to arrive. Victoria told Billy she was going shopping. Victoria said she wanted to buy Reed's favorite foods for Christmas breakfast. After Victoria left, the phone rang. It was J.T. calling Billy from Washington, DC. J.T. told Billy that the airport had been closed because of bad weather.

Later, Billy called J.T. again to inquire about the airport situation. J.T. said the airport was still closed. Billy said Victoria really needed to see Reed.

At the Abbott house, Jack greeted Traci. He was happy to have his sister home for a visit. Jack then opened the door and welcomed Diane and Kyle. Diane said hello to Traci. Jack told Kyle how happy he was to share Christmas with his son. Jack asked Kyle if it was all right to invite Summer and Phyllis for Christmas.

Victor arrived at the tack house to see Nick. Phyllis and Summer were just leaving. Phyllis wished Victor a Merry Christmas. Victor said that he wanted to discuss Newman business with Nick. Nick reminded his father that it was Christmas. Victor had no interest in the holidays. Nick said that he would be celebrating Christmas with his children and wouldn't give that up to talk Newman business. Victor thought Christmas was a waste of time.

Phyllis and Summer arrived at Jack's. Phyllis was happy to see Traci. Traci asked Jack when Billy and Victoria would be joining them. Jack said that Billy had called to say they'd be delayed because Reed's flight had been delayed. Jack suggested that they have dinner without Billy and Victoria.

After dinner, everyone returned to the living room to open one gift each, following the Abbott family tradition. Privately, Jack asked Phyllis if Daniel was all right. Phyllis said the holidays were hard for Daniel because of Daisy. Phyllis appreciated that Jack was so supportive. Jack suggested that Daniel's baby could be with them the next Christmas. Phyllis thought Jack was an incredible man.

Ashley and Tucker showed up at Abbott Christmas party. Traci was thrilled to see Ashley and thought that her sister seemed very happy with Tucker. Ashley said Tucker was very good to her. Tucker offered to pour drinks and went to the eggnog bowl. Diane sidled up to Tucker and reminded him that he had screwed her out of a job. Tucker said the job would not have worked out.

Nikki called Kay to let her know that Victor had returned to Genoa City. Kay asked Nikki if she'd moved out of the ranch. Nikki said she had just gathered the last of her belongings. Kay again offered to let Nikki stay at the mansion. Nikki said yes, as long as she was not a bother. Kay was happy to have Nikki as a guest. Nikki ended the call. Nikki looked around the ranch wistfully, then walked out. After she was gone, Victor entered from the other door.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Victoria ran into Victor. Victor said, "Bah! Humbug!" to her greeting. Victor said he had no reason to be merry. Victor asked Victoria why she had married Billy against his wishes. Victoria remembered that as a child, Victor had read her A Christmas Carol many, many times. Victoria said that her father had turned into a Scrooge.

Victoria entered her home with her arms filled with packages. Billy broke the news to Victoria that Reed's flight had been delayed. Victoria was upset as she looked at the Christmas stockings and wished Reed was there. Billy hugged Victoria supportively. Billy said that they would wait to celebrate Christmas until Reed's plane landed and he was with them. Victoria fell asleep on the couch. Billy watched her.

Victoria woke with a start to find Reed at her side. Victoria thought it was a dream. Reed said it couldn't be a dream because Victoria's eyes were open. Victoria hugged her son. Billy was happy for Victoria. Victoria asked how Reed had been able to get there. Billy explained that J.T. had put Reed on a flight out of Philadelphia and Billy had picked Reed up at the airport.

At the jail, Sharon visited Adam. Adam wished he could offer Sharon a better Christmas. Sharon said the only gift she wanted for Christmas was to see Adam exonerated. Adam said his greatest gift was when Sharon said that she loved Adam.

Without warning, Victor appeared at the jail. Victor was thrilled to see Adam behind bars, where he said that Adam belonged. Victor was disappointed that Sharon had chosen Adam. Victor said that Adam was a murderer. Adam accused Victor of framing him for Skye's murder. Adam declared that Skye wasn't dead, and Victor knew it. Victor reminded Sharon that Adam had lied about Faith being dead, too. Victor said that Adam was paying for being such a despicable man.

Nikki visited Nick and Faith at the tack house. Nick offered to let Nikki stay with him instead of moving in to Kay's house. Nikki said that she was determined to get off the ranch.

Nikki asked Nick if he would do a favor for her. Nick listened as his mother asked him to take Summer and Faith to Victoria for Christmas morning. Nick was against it, reminding his mother that he and Victoria had argued about Billy and Restless Style. Nikki said she truly wanted the family to get together for her Christmas. Nick understood, but he was reluctant. Nikki said that if Nick wanted to give her the ultimate Christmas gift, he would go to Victoria's with the girls on Christmas morning.

Later, at Kay's, Nikki told Kay that she loved her room. Nikki was very grateful to Kay for her generosity. Kay suggested that they stay up late and have a pajama party. Nikki laughed at the thought, especially when Kay talking about making crank calls. Nikki told Kay that her Christmas wish was for the Newman family to reunite for the holiday. Nikki realized it would take a miracle to get Victor to go along with her wish for a family Christmas.

Jill entered the Chancellor mansion and asked Kay about the luggage in the entryway. Kay told Jill that Nikki was moving in for a while. Jill reminded Kay that the she owned half of the house, and Jill hated Nikki. Jill didn't want Nikki to remain in the house. Kay asked Jill to show some Christmas spirit and let Nikki be their guest.

After Fen was asleep, Michael and Lauren said that they expected him to be bouncing off the walls on Christmas morning. Lauren told Michael he had to go to Kevin's to assemble Fen's two-wheeler. Michael complained, but Lauren promised she'd have more than milk and cookies waiting for Michael when he returned.

Abby visited Victor at the ranch. Victor was not happy to see his daughter. Abby offered Victor a Christmas gift. Victor refused the gift and said he had nothing for Abby. Abby told her father that she wasn't there for a gift. Abby wondered why Victor wasn't celebrating Christmas. Victor complained that he had no reason to celebrate. Victor declared that Abby's ridiculous lawsuit was an attempt to destroy him. Abby wondered why she even tried to reach out to her father.

Sharon appeared at the tack house and told Nick that she had presents for the children. Nick was shocked to see her. Later, Nick allowed Sharon to hold Faith. Nick told Sharon that Noah had gone away on a ski trip. Sharon asked Nick to let her spend more time with Faith. Nick said that Sharon had shown poor judgment by choosing Adam over her children. Sharon pointed out that Adam was in jail and could not harm Faith.

Nick said that it was his duty to protect Faith from Sharon. Sharon insisted that she was a good mother. Nick said Sharon was under Adam's influence. Nick dared Sharon to drag Nick into court if she wanted to fight over custody of Faith. Sharon said she didn't want to fight with Nick during the holidays. Sharon assured Nick that this issue was still unresolved.

At the Abbotts', Kyle thanked Traci for his gift. Kyle said that wished he lived in a house instead of a hotel room. Diane said that she had to leave and asked Jack to watch Kyle for her until she returned.

As part of the gift-giving, Abby gave Tucker a present. It was an emergency kit to use in the event that his apartment window ever shattered again. Tucker realized that Abby was trying to remind him of the night Tucker had been with Diane. Abby loved the designer purse that Tucker had gotten for her.

Traci answered the door, and one of Jack's old friends appeared. Jack introduced Marian to his family. Marian said she'd been an investor in the Newman Fund and that Jack had returned her investment. Jack admitted that he'd repaid all the investors he'd advised to invest in the Newman Fund. Jack had used his own money. Ashley was surprised. Tucker speculated that it had probably cost Jack a fortune. Jack said he was a poorer man, but richer for having done right by his friends.

Everyone was finished opening a single gift each, except for Ashley. Tucker said he had a gift for Ashley. Tucker got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. The family watched and listened as Tucker sang Ashley's praises. Tucker said the only thing missing from his life was a woman like Ashley. Ashley said yes to Tucker's proposal. Traci was thrilled, but Jack and Abby looked worried.

Diane showed up at the Newman ranch. Victor answered the door. Diane said that she accepted Victor's job offer, as long as he wasn't sending her out of Genoa City. Victor asked her to be an in-house architect, starting with expanding the east wing of the ranch.

Victor invited Diane and Kyle to move into the ranch. Diane was shocked and said that she and her son would not be living there. Victor agreed, but he wanted Diane to begin immediately. Diane reminded Victor that it was Christmas Eve. Victor told Diane to start right away or lose the opportunity. Diane agreed to begin.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Diane and Nick ran into each other. Diane told Nick about Victor's job offer. Diane said she had already begun working. Nick offered Diane a candy cane as a Christmas gift. Diane said that she had nothing for Nick. Nick took a kiss.

Sharon returned to the jail to visit Adam. Adam was surprised after the way Victor had condemned Adam. Sharon said that Victor's rant had no effect on her. Adam was relieved and grateful. Sharon talked about her plans for the next year's Christmas with Adam. Adam imagined that all their trouble would be behind them, and Sharon would be reunited with Faith. The phone rang and Sharon learned that a case of Skye's favorite perfume had been shipped to Hawaii.

Nikki returned to the ranch. Victor was not pleased to see her. Nikki reminded Victor that Christmas was about family. Nikki asked Victor to go to Victoria's in the morning to be with the family. Victor felt that nobody in the family loved him or wanted to be with him for Christmas or any other reason.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nikki was at Victoria and Billy's, enjoying a visit with Reed. Reed was glad that Nikki would be spending Christmas Eve with them. Nikki said that she looked forward to waking up on Christmas morning so they could open all the presents. Victoria wished that Christmas could be different for the Newman family, bemoaning the fact that Victor wanted nothing to do with them. The doorbell rang, and Nick walked into the house. Nikki was thrilled that he had decided to show up.

Nick said that he had decided to join the family for Christmas for Nikki and his kids. Nick was still upset with Billy, but he wanted his children to spend time with their cousin. Nikki thanked Nick for making her Christmas wish come true. Nikki wished Victor could be as reasonable as Nick.

At the office, Victor was working at his desk. Victor recalled Nick asking his father to enjoy Christmas. Nick thought that Victor had been working too hard. Victor recalled Victoria wishing him a merry Christmas, but then suggesting that Victor had turned into a Scrooge. Victor had a memory about Abby, too. When she had offered him a Christmas present, Victor had rejected it and turned his daughter away.

Nikki entered Victor's office and asked him to reconsider her invitation to join the family at Victoria's on Christmas morning. Victor asked if Nikki had been stalking him. Nikki said that she wanted Victor to be with his family on Christmas. Victor said his children knew where he was, and they didn't want anything to do with him. Victor ordered Nikki out of his office, saying that he needed to resume his work.

Later, Victor was at the ranch. The maid asked if Victor needed anything before she retired for the night. Victor told her that he expected the staff to work on Christmas Day. The woman accepted his orders and walked out of the living room.

Victor continued to work at home. He went to the bar and poured a drink. The lights flickered and the power went out. Victor was alone in the dark. Suddenly, the fireplace flared. On the television, a voice called out for Christian. The figure of an older man appeared on a snowy screen and asked if Victor recognized him. Victor spoke to the image of his father and cursed him for abandoning Victor and his mother.

Victor said that he had never wanted to see his father again. Victor's father said he was fated to walk the earth for the evil things he'd done in life. Victor declared that he was no longer Christian Miller. His father said that Victor would end up just like him. Victor's father accused Victor of abandoning his children. Victor's father said that Victor still had time to mend his ways. Victor called his father a "rotten son of a bitch" who had been responsible for Victor winding up in an orphanage.

Victor learned that three spirits would visit him. His father told Victor to heed their warnings. Victor said he was going to bed. Victor declared that he did not believe in spirits.

At one o'clock, Victor was asleep in his bed. He woke with a start and believed that he'd been having a dream. As the clock chimed, a light shone in the door. A ghostly figure appeared in white. It was Victor's former wife, Hope. Hope said that she wanted to take Victor somewhere. Victor reached for her hand and was transported to the orphanage where he had been abandoned. It was Christmas Eve. His mother left a ten-year-old Victor there.

Victor told Hope that his father had walked out on the family. Young Victor had begged his mother to stay with him, but she had disappeared. Victor saw himself as a child. He told Hope that he had cried every night he was there. Victor said that his mother had never returned for him. Victor recalled that he had learned what it meant to be alone. Victor had been determined to get out and make something of himself. One night, he had escaped from the orphanage by climbing out of a window. Victor said that he'd never looked back.

Hope noted that he had changed his name from Christian Miller to Victor Newman. Hope called Victor a great success, including the fact that he had found the love of his life, Nikki. Victor did not believe that Nikki was the love of his life. Hope reminded Victor that despite her indiscretions, Nikki had given him great gifts. Nikki had given Victor his children and had created a home for him. Hope reminded Victor of the first Christmas he had shared with Nikki after they were married.

Nikki had found Victor's mother. Before his mother died, Victor had spent one last Christmas with her. Victor remembered that Christmas visit with his mother. Together, they had talked about going to church. Victor recited the Psalms he'd learned in church. Victor's mother had embraced him. Back in his bedroom, Victor shed tears as he remembered Christmas with his mother.

A while later, Victor was awakened again by another spirit. It was his late wife, Sabrina. Victor said that he'd missed her. Sabrina told Victor they had much to do. Victor realized that she was the Ghost of Christmas Present. Sabrina showed Victor how his loved ones were spending Christmas. Sabrina took Victor to the jail. Victor didn't want to see Adam. Victor claimed that Adam deserved to be locked up and alone. Sabrina told Victor that he would regret framing Adam for murder.

Sabrina took Victor to see Ashley. Victor learned that Tucker and Ashley were engaged. Traci told Jack that she wanted to visit Colleen's grave while she was in Genoa City. Diane returned to the Abbott house and Kyle was happy to see her. Diane told everyone she'd been hired by Victor, but it meant that she had to work on Christmas Day.

At the tack house, Victor saw Noah and Abby with Billy, Victoria, Nikki, and the younger children. Reed wondered why Grandpa Victor wasn't there. Nikki said that Victor had wanted to be there, but hadn't been able to join them. Victoria said that Victor didn't care about the family. Abby still wished that her father had joined them for the holiday. Nikki asked everyone to appreciate what they had.

Nikki expressed how much she loved her family. Nikki felt sorry that Victor had nothing in his life. Nikki suggested that they should all have good wishes for Victor. Nikki raised a glass of cider to Victor. The other lifted their glasses to Victor, too.

Sabrina told Victor that his family missed him. Victor said that he felt that most of his children just wanted to live their own lives. Victor wished Sabrina could stay, but the spirit had to depart. Before leaving, Sabrina opened her cape to show Victor two children. Victor knew from the Dickens' story that the children represented ignorance and want. Sabrina was concerned for Victor. Sabrina said that if Victor refused to see things beyond his narrow point of view, Victor would be doomed.

A third spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, awakened Victor. Victor could not see the face of the spirit. In the future, Victor saw that Jack was working with Victoria and that she owned Beauty of Nature. Jack was also happily married to Nikki.

At Billy and Victoria's, Victor saw that Victoria had another child. However, the little girl had no idea who her grandfather was because Victoria had never told her daughter about Victor. On the television, Victor watched as Abby was interviewed as the successful star of "The Naked Heiress."

At the Newman Enterprises office, Nick was hard at work. The office was no longer Victor's. It was Nick's, and his portrait was hung on the wall. Noah handed Nick a Christmas gift. It was a DVD of a movie Noah and Nick had always enjoyed watching together. Nick said that had no time to watch a movie with Noah. Nick said he had to devote his time to running Newman Enterprises. Noah told Nick that he had been neglecting Summer and Faith.

Victor was upset that Nick was estranged from his family. Victor was shown another sight. It was Sharon at the cemetery. Sharon left flowers on Adam's grave. Sharon spoke to Adam, recalling the last time she'd seen him in prison. Sharon told Adam that she had not been able to move on without him. Sharon said that she wasn't sure she'd ever get over losing Adam.

At the ranch, Victor saw himself lying in bed, alone and dead. Victor learned that nobody had discovered his body for a week. At Victor's funeral, the family gathered, but there were no tears and nobody mourned. Nick said that he had to return to work. Abby left for a photo shoot. Billy was supportive of Victoria. Victor asked the ghost why this was being done to him.

Victor suddenly recognized that the spirit of Christmas Yet to Come was Colleen. Victor told Colleen that he had not misused the heart she had given him. Victor promised that he would rewrite the ending of his story, that he would not die alone and unloved.

At six o'clock, Victor awakened to discover that the sun was shining. Victor noted that it was Christmas morning. When the maid arrived for work. Victor handed her an envelope with instructions. It was a Christmas bonus. Victor asked her to distribute the other envelopes to the staff and to let them know that they all had the day off.

Victor arrived at the Abbotts', carrying a big package for Jack. Victor congratulated Tucker and Ashley about becoming engaged. Victor embraced Traci warmly. Victor stopped Diane from working on Christmas.

At Victoria and Billy's, Victor had flowers for his daughter, and champagne for his son-in-law. Nikki was relieved to see Victor. Victor gave presents to Reed and Summer, and extended a hand to Nick. Victor saw Abby, and he hugged her close. When Victor left Victoria's home, Nikki followed him. Victor thanked her and wished Nikki a merry Christmas.

Back at the ranch, Victor was sitting on the couch, petting Segundo, his dog. Victor said that he had a gift for Segundo. Victor unwrapped a bone for the Golden Retriever. Victor ended the day with man's best friend by his side. Victor smiled with satisfaction.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Young and the Restless aired a classic Christmas episode from 2008. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 27 and pick up where the Thursday, December 23 episode concluded.

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