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Jana let Daisy escape. Daniel delivered Daisy's baby, and Daisy knocked Daniel out. A couple found Daisy's baby and sold the infant to Primrose. Billy met with Primrose about acquiring a baby. Jana suffered from memory loss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 3, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Victoria and Billy spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home. Victoria was depressed, but Billy tried to lighten her mood. Victoria told Billy that after conducting a number of tests, her gynecologist had concluded that it was likely impossible for Victoria to have another baby. Billy was confused and asked why Victoria had excluded him from the testing and the prognosis.

Billy sternly pointed out that Victoria had endured the tests alone, but the outcome had affected them both. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes when she explained that it was her fault they couldn't have a child. Billy, distraught, glared at Victoria. Upset, Victoria told Billy she'd rather be alone, and she hastily left through the front door.

Later, Victoria returned and found Billy gulping champagne. Victoria apologized, and Billy said he was sorry, as well. Victoria sobbed and told Billy she'd always believed that their child would be part of their future. Billy kissed Victoria and comforted her as she wept on his shoulder. Billy promised Victoria that everything would work out. Victoria's mood brightened, and she tenderly kissed Billy.

Lauren and Michael enjoyed a moonlit stroll in the park after spending New Year's Eve dining at a French restaurant. Lauren and Michael's romantic evening was interrupted by a text message from the monitoring service. Lauren panicked when she read the message warning that Daisy had escaped.

Michael phoned Daniel, who confirmed that Daisy was on the loose after eluding Jana on the way to the hospital. Michael suggested that he and Lauren return home. Lauren refused and told Michael that they'd wait at the hospital with Phyllis and Daniel until Daisy was captured.

On a street corner near Jimmy's Bar, Jana watched Kevin and Chloe kissing. Jana looked disheartened. Jana found a small brick on the sidewalk and picked it up. Across the street, Chloe and Kevin cuddled and kissed. Kevin told Chloe he was glad she had gone there.

Kevin and Chloe's moments of bliss were interrupted when Jana approached. Blood dripped from a fresh wound on Jana's forehead as she breathlessly explained that Daisy had run away. Jana begged Kevin to help her. Chloe seemed bewildered as Kevin comforted Jana.

At the hospital, Daniel, accompanied by Abby, told Phyllis and Jack that Jana and Daisy should have already arrived. Jack asked Daniel what Jana had told him when she had phoned. Daniel explained that Daisy was in labor, so he had instructed Jana to drive Daisy to the hospital. Jack mentioned the ankle monitor, and Daniel said he'd phoned the police and asked them to turn off the alarm.

Phyllis attempted to phone Jana, but she didn't answer. Daniel mentioned that the bad feelings he'd experienced earlier had worsened. Kevin phoned Daniel and told him that Daisy was missing and that he had reported the incident to the police. Kevin gave Jana the phone.

Daniel placed Jana on speakerphone, so Phyllis, Jack, and Abby could hear. Sounding shaken, Jana claimed that Daisy had attacked her with a knife and had stolen her money. Jana explained that Daisy, insisting that no one would stop her, had forced Jana out of the car. Sobbing, Jana claimed that she'd hurt her head when Daisy pushed her out of the car.

Kevin took over the call and told everyone waiting at the hospital that paramedics were there to check on Jana. A detective questioned Kevin and Chloe while a paramedic attended to Jana. Kevin told the detective that he believed Jana's account of what had happened. Chloe agreed and explained that Jana's injury was proof of Daisy's attack. The detective mentioned Daisy's previous charges. Kevin explained that although Daisy could act sweet and innocent, he wasn't at all surprised by the attack.

While Jana was situated onto a gurney, Chloe told Kevin that they were better together as a couple. Kevin wholeheartedly agreed. Kevin chuckled and remarked that they'd officially become a couple at a crime scene. Jana motioned for Kevin toward her. Chloe was standing arm-in-arm with Kevin and noted that she had the worst timing in the world as they approached Jana.

The paramedic told Kevin and Chloe that Jana would be evaluated at the hospital. The detective told Jana that she'd take a formal statement later at the hospital. Jana begged Kevin to accompany her to the hospital because she didn't want to be alone. Chloe said she'd go home and change first because she'd shown up to meet Kevin in her pajamas. Jana quickly dismissed Chloe.

After Kevin's call about Daisy's escape, Daniel blamed himself. Daniel admitted to Jack, Phyllis, and Abby that he'd taken a U.S. Marshal to the apartment the day before Daisy ran away. Daniel added that Daisy had fantasies of living free and raising the baby on her own, so he'd asked that marshal to explain to Daisy that she would be transferred to a women's correctional facility after the baby's birth.

Abby agreed that the realization of facing prison had pushed Daisy over the edge. Phyllis noted that Daisy wouldn't get too far away because she was in labor. Jack explained that the authorities had surely begun tracking Daisy after Kevin phoned and alerted them of her escape. Phyllis assured a distraught Daniel that Daisy would soon be in custody.

Daniel seemed somewhat relieved after the monitoring service phoned and told him that a signal from Daisy's ankle device had been detected. Daniel shared the news with his friends and his mom. Jack maintained that it was only a matter of time before Daisy would be captured. Abby blasted Daisy for risking her baby's life. Phyllis added that Daisy's life was also in jeopardy.

Phyllis told Daniel that he'd have to decide what to do about the baby. Daniel, incensed, told his mother that the baby would be adopted and raised far away from Genoa City. Phyllis tried to hold onto Daniel's coat collar when he refused to discuss the matter and rushed out of the waiting room. Jack held Phyllis back and refused to let her run after Daniel.

After Daniel later returned to the waiting room, he decided to drive to the area where police believed Daisy was located. Abby offered to accompany Daniel, but he warned that Daisy was dangerous because she'd attacked Jana. Daniel shuddered when he remembered that Daisy had threatened to harm the baby when she'd first retuned to town. Jack agreed that Daniel could handle Daisy on his own.

After Daniel left, Lauren and Michael arrived. Lauren angrily blamed Phyllis for Daisy being on the lam. Livid, Lauren told Phyllis that she'd unleashed a monster. Jack defended Phyllis. Phyllis assured Lauren that police would soon capture Daisy. Jana arrived with Kevin and Chloe. Lauren rushed to Jana's side. Jana placed her hand on her head wound and claimed that her injuries could have been much worse.

After Jana was taken to an exam room, Lauren reminded Phyllis that she'd warned Phyllis that Daisy was violent. Phyllis claimed she was only trying to protect an innocent baby. Lauren said Phyllis had allowed a lunatic to move in with Daniel because she didn't want her son to give up his child. Phyllis insisted that Daniel had been free to make his own decision. Lauren maintained that Phyllis had committed emotional blackmail against her own son.

Phyllis and Lauren raised their voices and argued brutally after Lauren accused Phyllis of forcing Daniel, through guilt, to take Daisy in, so Summer could spend the holidays with her mother. Lauren warned that the nightmare had just begun. Daniel phoned Abby and reported that Daisy had removed her tracking device, which had been found by the roadside. Daniel assured Abby he would continue searching for Daisy. Lauren railed at Phyllis and told her that if anyone, including the baby, were hurt, it would be Phyllis' fault.

After Michael and Jack separated Phyllis and Lauren, who almost came to blows during their heated exchange, Kevin went to check on Jana. In one corner of the waiting room, Chloe and Abby chatted. Chloe told Abby that she and Kevin had decided to pursue a relationship. Abby explained that she and Daniel had reunited.

In another corner of the waiting room, Michael cautioned Lauren to maintain control of her emotions. Lauren insisted she could handle her emotions when Daisy arrived. Jack comforted Phyllis after she realized that her actions had placed her friends and loved ones in harm's way. Phyllis told Jack that, above all, she wanted her son and his daughter to be safe.

Kevin led Jana out. Chloe, Abby, Michael, and Lauren rallied around Jana and learned that she had sustained a mild concussion. Chloe asked if Jana could go home, and Jana announced that she could as long as someone stayed with her. Chloe stifled a grimace when Kevin agreed to let Jana go to his place.

The detective arrived and said she needed to question Jana about the incident with Daisy. Jack and Phyllis joined the group and learned from the detective that Daisy had not traveled very far. The detective admitted that the force lacked adequate personnel to launch a widespread search.

The detective addressed Jana and noted that Daisy evidently wasn't as kind as Jana had claimed her to be. Lauren and Michael asked what Jana had meant by her statement to the detective. Jana replied that she'd told the detective she'd decided not to take the stand against Daisy. Kevin interrupted and explained that Jana had made the decision for him because Jana believed that if she followed Daisy's orders, Daisy would allow Kevin to adopt the baby.

Jana's eyes darted nervously from one person to another as Jack, Phyllis, Abby, Michael, and Lauren expressed shock over Daisy's attempt to manipulate Jana. Kevin admitted that after he confronted Daisy, he realized that the baby would be better off far away from her lunatic mother. Jana seemed shocked by Kevin's statement, and she turned her head around to look him in the face. Chloe monitored Jana's reaction to Kevin's startling declaration.

After the detective further questioned Jana, she claimed that Daisy had also been threatening her for weeks. Chloe asked Jana why she hadn't told anyone. Jana snapped that she had been too terrified. Jana claimed that Daisy had threatened to kill her. Jana said she believed that Daisy would let her live and give Kevin the baby if she gave in to Daisy's demands. Lauren believed that Jana's statements were genuine and offered comfort.

The detective took Jana aside to complete her statement. Jack asked Michael to join him to search for Daisy. Lauren promised Michael she'd behave. Phyllis left a message for Daniel and told him she supported his decision to put the baby up for adoption. Lauren overheard, as did Abby, and told Phyllis she'd done the right thing. Abby admitted she was worried about Daniel because she hadn't heard from him.

Later, at Kevin's apartment, Jana complained that her head was throbbing. Kevin asked if there was anything he could do. Jana said it was enough just to be home and weepily apologized for the trouble she'd caused. Jana went to take a shower. Kevin phoned Chloe and thanked her for supporting him. Jana stepped out of the bathroom and overheard Kevin tell Chloe he wished he could be with her. Jana seemed greatly distressed as Kevin continued chatting with Chloe over the phone.

Michael and Jack searched for Daisy at the airport. They showed Daisy's photo to a ticket agent, but the man said he hadn't seen the woman in the photograph. The agent agreed to phone police if he saw the woman. Michael and Jack warned that the woman was dangerous. As they left, Michael and Jack vowed to continue their search.

Daisy continued driving north despite nearly doubling over in labor pain. Daisy begged her baby to wait until they reached Canada before being born. A severe contraction forced Daisy to stop the car. She huffed, puffed, and cried, "Oh, please, not now." Daniel found Daisy in the backseat of Jana's car, which was parked near the abandoned zoo. Daisy was in advanced labor and suffering severe pain. Daniel checked his phone and discovered he had no signal.

Daisy screamed that the baby was on its way. Daniel prepared to deliver the baby. Daisy cried out in pain. Between contractions, Daisy begged Daniel to run off with her, so they could raise their baby together. Daniel reminded Daisy that they weren't in a relationship. Daisy screamed through another contraction. Daniel soothingly promised Daisy that their daughter would be raised by a couple who would love and care for her.

Daniel saw the baby's head crowning. After the birth, Daniel cradled the newborn he'd wrapped in a blanket. As Daniel marveled at the life he'd help bring into the world, Daisy covertly gasped the handle of a heavy flashlight she'd found in the rear seat. Just after Daniel asked Daisy if she wanted to hold her child, Daisy bashed Daniel in the head with the flashlight.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At the jail, Sharon told Adam that Leslie used the information from Sharon to have a new photo created of Skye to be distributed in Hawaii. Adam was sure that someone would recognize that Skye had been there. Leslie appeared and said that the investigator she'd hired in Hawaii had not found any traces of Skye. Sharon was guilt-ridden about her inability to save Skye. Adam told Sharon it wasn't her fault.

Adam felt that someone had noticed Skye because she'd always loved the best of things. Adam thought Skye had to have visited restaurants on the island. Leslie said the Hawaiian authorities were threatening to go after Sharon for obstruction of justice. Sharon offered to take a lie detector test to prove that she'd told the truth. Leslie left to speak with the D.A. about Adam's case.

Later, Leslie returned and told Adam the D.A. wanted to throw the book at Adam. Adam claimed there was only circumstantial evidence against him. Leslie explained that the Restless Style story had smeared Adam's reputation and he would not receive any leniency from the court.

Leslie urged Adam to play any cards that he was holding if it meant turning the case in his favor. Later on, Adam was alone in his cell, searching for a solution to his problem.

Nick was relieved to discover that Victor was back in the Newman offices. Nick said he'd had trouble with a merger while his father was out of town. Nick asked why Victor hadn't told him where he'd gone. Victor lied and said that he had needed to get away from Nikki, Abby, and Victoria so he'd gone skiing. Nick was skeptical and said that he was concerned about Victor.

Victor refused to believe that his son cared except for the fact that the Japanese merger required Victor's attention. Nick told his father that it was irresponsible not to tell his family when he was out of town. Victor's phone rang and he dismissed Nick.

A short time later, Sharon walked into Victor's office to ask him for help. Sharon said she wasn't asking for Adam, she was asking for herself. Sharon revealed that the Hawaiian authorities were contemplating charging Sharon with obstruction of justice in Skye's death. Victor was puzzled by Sharon's confession. Victor had no idea why Sharon thought Victor would care about her.

Sharon told Victor that Adam believed that Victor had framed him for Skye's murder. Sharon felt that Victor would always protect his blood, including Adam. Victor had no compassion for Adam. Victor reminded Sharon of Adam's sins, including stealing Faith from Sharon.

Sharon said she remembered everything that Adam had done. Victor called Adam a psychopath who belonged in prison. Sharon said that Adam was not a lost cause. Victor disagreed and warned Sharon not to allow herself to be dragged down with Adam. Sharon said she would not walk out on Adam. Sharon told Victor that she was haunted by what had happened in Hawaii. Sharon had nightmares of not being able to hold onto Skye's hands.

Sharon told Victor that she and Skye were collateral damage and that the person who had set things up with Skye had never meant for Skye to die or for Sharon to be implicated. Sharon wondered if Victor had arranged for Skye to go into hiding in Hawaii.

At Chancellor Industries, Neil and Sofia were at work on the bio-fuels report. Sofia and Neil were on a deadline to get the completed report to Tucker. Neil was concerned because Blake had not sent them some important documents.

Cane was working at home, trying to do Blake's work for Sofia and Neil. Lily entered and said she was going out. Cane learned that the nanny would be able to watch the twins so he could continue concentrating on his work. Lily left the house and Cane struggled to find the missing material for the report. Cane placed a call to Australia, but received nothing that could help him. Cane worried that he might not be able to get the information he needed for Tucker.

Sofia called Cane to find out why Blake hadn't delivered the tax assessment documents. Cane covered for Blake. Cane offered to call Blake personally to get the information. Sofia was irritated that Blake answered Cane's phone messages, but not hers. Sofia ordered Cane to get Blake to report as soon as possible or Blake's job was in jeopardy.

At Crimson Lights, Jill said hello to Gloria and Fen. Fen told Aunt Jill about his Christmas gifts. Alone with Gloria, Jill said that she and Lauren were getting along better. Jill said that she was on her way to meet with Lauren to discuss the Fenmore's Christmas sales. Gloria realized that Jill was unaware that Daisy had escaped and Lauren was at the hospital.

Colin and Blake ran into Lily at Crimson Lights. Colin recalled meeting Lily, and she was happy to speak with him again. Colin said he'd spent New Year's Eve with Jill and was enjoying Genoa City. Colin told Lily all about the fun she and Cane could have if they took a vacation to Australia. Colin offered to help arrange a visit for them. Colin charmed Lily.

Blake answered his phone and learned from Cane that Sofia and Neil expected him to be working on a tax assessment report. Blake told Cane that it was Cane's problem. Blake told Cane that he'd better deliver the goods to Tucker's team.

Neil and Sofia finally received the tax assessment report, but the information was incomplete and shoddily done. Neil and Sofia were shocked that the report was such a mess. Sofia didn't want to show Tucker what they'd been sent, but Neil believed that Blake should be held accountable for the incomplete work. Sofia called Cane and ordered him to get to the office to discuss the report.

Cane arrived at Chancellor to meet with Sofia and Neil. Sofia said that they were dissatisfied with Blake's report. Cane tried to defend Blake, but there was no excuse for the mess Blake had delivered. Neil and Sofia predicted that Tucker would hit the roof when he saw the incomplete report. Cane suggested that they give Blake another chance to repair the damage, but Sofia and Neil were adamant. Neil told Cane that Blake was fired.

Colin asked Lily if she had photos of the twins. Alone with Blake, Colin said that he wanted to get into Cane and Lily's home to see his grandchildren up-close. Lily said that she had to leave to relieve the nanny. Colin and Blake offered to drive Lily home so they could visit with the children. Lily asked for them to visit another time. Colin understood.

At the hospital, Abby returned to wait for Daniel or Daisy to be found. Phyllis said that Lauren had fallen asleep, but there was no news about Daniel and Daisy.

Gloria and Jill arrived at the hospital to offer Lauren support. Phyllis received a call from Nick, who was unaware that Daisy and Daniel were missing. Phyllis told Nick that Daisy had escaped when Jana tried to drive Daisy to the hospital to have the baby. Phyllis explained that Daisy attacked Jana and then disappeared. Phyllis told Nick that Daniel was searching for Daisy. Phyllis feared that Daniel was in danger.

Jack and Michael searched for Daniel and Daisy. Michael was frustrated that Daniel wasn't answering his phone. Jack and Michael decided to look on the outlying roads for signs of Daniel's car. Later, on the side of a country road, Jack and Michael found Daniel unconscious with a bruise to the head. They gave him immediate medical treatment, but he remained unconscious.

Nick showed up at the hospital, offering his help to Phyllis. Nick said he could watch Fen if necessary. Michael called Lauren to report that Daniel had been found. The phone cut off before Michael could relay any more information.

At a church, Daisy walked in with her newborn baby in her arms. The baby was crying. Daisy placed the infant in a flowerbed at the entrance. Daisy then picked up a pillow and walked out of the church.

Daniel was wheeled into the emergency room. Jack and Michael identified him to the doctors. Phyllis, Lauren, Abby, and the others rushed to see Daniel. Jack hugged Phyllis as Daniel was taken in for treatment. Michael and Jack explained to the others that they had found Daniel on the side of a road. Phyllis assumed that Daisy had attacked Daniel. The doctor returned to the lobby and reported that Daniel was in critical condition with hypothermia.

Nick assured Phyllis that the doctors would save Daniel. Nick recalled that Noah had suffered hypothermia and had recovered fully. Phyllis blamed herself for Daniel's condition. Phyllis couldn't believe that in trying to help Daisy's baby, she'd inadvertently hurt her Daniel. Michael and Jack learned that Jana's tire tracks had been found near Daniel's car. Phyllis was upset that Daisy had left Daniel to die without doing anything to help him.

Lauren said that leaving Daniel to die was just like Daisy. Lauren wondered if there were any clues at the crime scene. Michael said the cops were going to search Daniel's car, but Daisy had likely not been in his car. Nick said the statewide manhunt for Daisy would be successful. Phyllis was determined to rip Daisy apart if Phyllis got her hands on Daisy again. Jack remained positive that Daniel would survive, but Phyllis was scared.

At Daniel's bedside, Phyllis regretted the decisions she made about Daisy. Phyllis wondered where what had happened to Daisy and Daniel's baby. At the church, a man wandered in and saw the child in the flowerbed. He called out for help. Abby was at Daniel's bedside, speaking optimistically about how he owed her a New Year's kiss. Michael showed Jack and the others a photo of Daisy crossing the Canadian border. Because of the pillow under Daisy's jacket, they assumed that Daisy had not had the baby.

Back at the Newman offices, Victor said that he would not help Sharon or Adam. Victor declared that Adam was a dangerous man and belonged in prison. Victor speculated that if anyone had sent Skye to Hawaii, it had been Adam. Nick entered the office and was surprised to see Sharon was with Victor. Nick declared that Sharon's loyalty to Adam called into question her judgment. Nick announced that once Michael was able to get back to work, Nick intended to file for full custody of Faith.

After Lily departed Crimson Lights, Colin said that Cane had done well by marrying Lily. Colin also pointed out that Blake was too chummy with Lily. Colin noticed that Jill was on the Crimson Lights patio. Colin approached Jill with a smile. Jill returned the smile, happy to see Colin again.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ashley woke up in Tucker's apartment with his arms wrapped around her. She commented that she was late for work and wondered if her boss, Tucker, would understand. Ashley still couldn't believe that they were engaged. Tucker thought it was about time they thought about the wedding.

Ashley and Tucker discussed what kind of a wedding they wanted, whether it should be big or small, in Genoa City or an exotic setting like Morocco. Tucker confessed that getting married was the last thing he had expected to do, so when and how meant nothing to him compared to the woman he was marrying. Ashley admitted that she'd had her share of big weddings and realized that the important thing was not the wedding but the marriage. Until she'd met Tucker, she'd never thought she'd marry again.

At the coffeehouse, Ashley and Tucker shared the news of their engagement with a delighted Katherine. Katherine expressed that she couldn't be happier to have her dear friend John's daughter as her daughter-in-law. Ashley felt the same way.

Katherine offered Ashley and Tucker the Chancellor mansion for the wedding. After Tucker left, Katherine told Ashley she was hoping that Ashley's marriage to Katherine's son would bring them closer together. Ashley reminded Katherine that Tucker didn't know Katherine the way that Ashley did. Katherine instructed Ashley to remind him every chance she had. Katherine was sorry John wasn't there to see the two families united. Both Katherine and Ashley knew that John would be pleased.

Sofia and Neil had summoned Cane to Tucker's office to discuss Blake's incomplete bio-fuel report. Cane was adamant that they couldn't fire Blake, but Sofia and Neil agreed that Blake's bio-fuel report was unacceptable. Cane objected, "What, one mistake and it's off with his head?" Cane tried to convince Sofia and Neil to let him find out what had happened and give Blake a second chance.

Cane continued to plead Blake's case, but Sofia and Neil felt that the incomplete report and the fact that Blake was unreachable were unacceptable. After Cane left to try to reach Blake, Sofia told Neil that because Cane had gotten Blake on board, it was on Cane's head. Because Neil was Cane's father-in-law, Sofia suggested that she be the one to question him. When Cane returned, Sofia told him that her gut was telling her that whatever was going on between Cane and Blake was more than Cane had revealed.

Sofia wanted to know if Cane was covering for Blake because Blake was his friend. She asked Cane to let her help him. Cane promised Sofia that he'd straighten out the mess Blake had made. Sofia was adamant that she couldn't send Blake's report to Tucker, and she threatened to let Tucker know about it. The burden he'd been carrying was too much for Cane, and he blurted out that if Sofia let Tucker know about Blake, she would be putting Cane's family in jeopardy.

Sofia asked Cane if the problem with Blake had something to do with the men Cane had crossed in Australia. Cane confessed that he had been blackmailed and that he'd been doing Blake's work. Sofia was outraged about the position Cane had put her in. She'd already covered for him and lied to Tucker and Neil. She accused Cane of taking advantage of their relationship. Cane explained that he had done it to protect Lily and the twins. He tried to convince Sofia that he would fix the problem and begged her not to tell.

Neil ran into Ashley, Tucker, and Katherine at the coffeehouse. An excited Katherine told Neil about Ashley and Tucker's engagement. It was obvious that the announcement rattled Neil. Neil filled Tucker in on the snag with the bio-fuel report and assured Tucker that Sofia and Cane were working on it.

Katherine left, and Neil went to check in with the office. Alone, Tucker asked Ashley to go to New York with him. Ashley didn't want to leave Abby until she was sure that Daniel was all right. Neil returned, and Tucker warned him that Sofia and Cane had better clear up the bio-fuel problem before Tucker got to the office.

At the office, Sofia tried to persuade Cane to go to the cops. Sofia had worked very hard to get where she was, and Tucker was her mentor. What Cane was asking could cost Sofia her career. Cane wished that there were another way. He pleaded with Sofia to help him. Sofia told Cane that she needed time to think and slammed out of the office.

Neil returned to the office and found Cane alone. Cane explained that Sofia had gone out. Neil apologized to Cane for not being able to cover for him.

Tucker had arrived at the office and was reviewing the files he needed to take to New York for his meeting. He noted that the bio-fuel presentation was missing. Cane was explaining that there had been a glitch when Sofia returned, having somehow managed to put together a full report.

Katherine ran into Colin and Jill at the coffeehouse. Jill introduced Katherine to Colin. Colin knew who she was. He had heard Katherine speak at a summit twenty years earlier. Katherine inquired if Jill knew about Daniel and Daisy, and Colin remarked that he was sure Lauren had appreciated Jill going to the hospital and commented on the importance of family. Katherine seemed skeptical of Colin's professed sincerity.

Jill excused herself to make some business calls for Lauren. Jill warned Colin not to let Katherine grill him and warned Katherine to behave. Katherine was curious about what had led Colin to Genoa City. Colin explained that he was there on business. Katherine wanted to know more, but Colin claimed if she knew more, she might try to undercut him. Katherine observed that it must have been an important deal to take Colin away from his family. Colin told Katherine that he had some family in the States that he was hoping to reconnect with.

Jill returned, and Colin left to take a call. Katherine wondered how long Jill had known Colin. Jill had nothing but praise for Colin, but Katherine remained skeptical. Katherine couldn't explain why, but she didn't like him. Jill was not surprised and said she might have known Katherine would begrudge her a man. On his way back to the table, Colin picked up someone's lost glove. It was clear he had a plan. As Katherine was leaving, she told Colin she was looking forward to getting to know him a lot better.

At Lily and Cane's apartment, Lily was on the phone catching up with Mac in Washington, DC. Lily told her friend that except for Cane working late hours, everything was great.

Lily was folding laundry when Jill and Colin rang the doorbell. Colin used the pretense of returning Lily's glove. Lily told Colin that the glove didn't belong to her. Colin tried his best to manipulate Lily into letting him see Charlie and Mattie. However, Lily told him the twins were napping and she didn't want to disturb them. Colin commented to Jill on the wonderful life Cane had made for himself in States.

Jill and Colin filled Lily in on their budding relationship. When Colin offered to get milk for his coffee, and possibly disturb the twins so they'd wake up, Jill gushed that Colin was one of the most exciting and interesting men she'd ever met. The ladies remarked on what a coincidence it was that they had both fallen for Aussies. Jill and Colin were getting ready to leave when Colin expressed his disappointment at not getting to meet Jill's grandchildren. As if on cue, Charlie and Mattie woke up and started to cry.

Colin had accomplished his goal of meeting the twins and gloated over them. As he held Charlie, Colin, sporting a self-satisfied smile, said that when he looked at little ones like those, he couldn't help but think what the future might hold for them.

Katherine had summoned Paul and Nina to the coffeehouse. She told them it was urgent and swore them to secrecy. She wanted Paul to run a background check on Colin. Katherine explained to Paul and Nina that Colin had taken a shine to Jill. Katherine agreed that Colin was smart and charming but she was concerned that Jill knew nothing about him. Katherine wanted to make sure Colin wasn't hiding something that he had neglected to mention, like a wife.

Paul phoned a contact in Australia to check on Colin's history. Paul informed Katherine that he'd called in some favors from a friend of his who was with the Australian Federal Police. Katherine was anxious to know if Colin had a wife. Paul told her Colin had recently been released from a prison in Queensland.

Paul and Nina were helping Heather put together shelves at her apartment. Heather thanked Nina for her Christmas present and apologized for not having one for Nina. Nina told Heather that she had a feeling that Heather had something to do with Ronan showing up for Christmas dinner and that was the best present she could have had. Nina was glad she had a whole year to work on Ronan for the next year's Christmas. The look on Heather's face indicated that Heather knew otherwise. They were interrupted when Heather answered the door and was served with a subpoena.

After Heather left, Paul and Nina continued to work on the shelves. Paul commented that Nina hadn't talked about Chance since Christmas. Nina told Paul that Christmas was Chance's favorite holiday, and it was hard not to see Chance and talk to him. Paul said he was proud of her. Nina could have locked herself in her room on Christmas, but she didn't. Nina said that Paul's support, along with Ronan showing up, had helped a lot.

The new D.A. was unpacking when Ronan entered his office. Ronan had heard that the case against Owen was being fast-tracked. The D.A. confirmed that they were determined to make sure that the former D.A. paid for his crimes. Ronan and the D.A. discussed the case and the fact that Detective Chancellor knew that he had been in danger but had worn a wire anyway. The D.A. left while Ronan took a call from his doctor, who urged Ronan to review the documents he had sent to Ronan overnight. Ronan told the doctor that it would have to wait because of the case he was working on. The doctor warned Ronan that if he waited, he could die.

Ronan was alone in the office on the phone with the doctor when Heather stormed in looking for the D.A. Ronan quickly hung up. Heather wanted to know if Ronan knew that she'd been subpoenaed. Roman claimed that he had just found out himself.

Heather was very emotional about being asked to testify at Owen's trial. She reasoned that because Chance had worn a wire and they had Owen's confession on tape, the case should be a no-brainer. The D.A. confirmed that with Heather and Ronan's testimony, along with the testimony of a secret witness, whose identity could not be revealed, they had a strong case but not necessarily a sure one.

Ronan surmised that Heather's emotional reaction to testifying stemmed from what Ronan had done to Chance -- that she held Roman responsible for Chance's death. Ronan wanted to know if that was how it was going to be between them. Ronan had almost forgotten that he had ruined Heather's life. Roman stormed out and, left alone, Heather discovered the doctor's papers outlining Ronan's prospective transplant treatment.

When Ronan returned for the doctor's papers, Heather confronted him about lying to her. She noted that he'd answered "no" to the question of whether there were any family donors. It could mean life or death. Ronan claimed that his focus was on the case against Owen. Heather observed that if it hadn't been for Owen, Chance would still be around, and Ronan would have a donor.

Ronan was adamant that it wasn't about a donor. It was about what had happened to Chance and the people who'd loved him. Heather pointed out that Ronan had his biological mother, Nina, who could be a donor. Ronan said he had always known that his disease could be fatal. That was why he had never wanted Nina to know he was her son. He added that if Heather wanted to help him, she would respect his choice.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kevin and Jana were asleep in the living room of Kevin's apartment when the phone rang. It was Chloe calling Kevin to find out how Jana was doing. Kevin said Jana was still sleeping. Chloe told Kevin that Daniel had yet to regain consciousness. Kevin was concerned for Daniel, but said he was at least happy that he and Chloe had realized on New Year's Eve that they wanted a romantic relationship. Jana woke up and stopped Kevin from answering Chloe's question about when Kevin and Chloe could be alone together.

When Kevin spoke with Jana, he was surprised that Jana had no memory of what had happened to her the night before with Daisy. Jana assumed that she'd drunk too much champagne for New Year's Eve while she and Kevin were having a romantic dinner at the Athletic Club. Jana brought up Ryder and suggested that there was a connection between Daisy and Ryder. From Jana's rambling comments, Kevin realized that Jana had suffered a memory loss. Kevin said that Jana needed to see a doctor right away.

At Crimson Lights, Esther asked Chloe about the Daisy situation. Esther was concerned about what had happened to Daisy's baby. Chloe was more concerned about Daniel because he was still unconscious. Chloe confided to her mother that she and Kevin had decided to pursue a relationship. Esther believed that Chloe and Kevin were made for each other.

At the hospital, Kevin met with Jana's doctor and told him about Jana's memory loss. The doctor said the memory loss might be the result of Jana's brain trauma. Kevin agreed to wait for Jana while she underwent a series of tests. After Jana went to radiology with the doctor, Kevin called Chloe. Kevin explained to Chloe that Jana seemed to have suffered a severe memory loss. Kevin said that Jana couldn't remember what had happened in 2010.

Chloe arrived at the hospital, and Kevin explained that Jana's memory loss had been very sudden. Kevin believed that the memory loss was real because Jana had brought up specifics from 2009 as if she had just experienced them. The doctor called Kevin and Chloe into the examination room with Jana to discuss Jana's condition. Jana asked Chloe about Chance; seemingly unaware that Chance was dead. Jana asked Chloe agreed to wait outside while Jana and Kevin spoke with the doctor.

Phyllis and Jack were sitting by Daniel's bedside in the hospital. Phyllis was afraid that Daniel might not come to and if he did, she wondered if he would be unharmed by the hypothermia. Phyllis blamed herself for what had happened to Daniel. Phyllis tried to get Daniel to respond to her voice, but Daniel remained unresponsive.

At the jail, Adam was frustrated by the lack of progress in his case. Leslie reported that there were no new leads in Hawaii. Leslie offered to call Vance for his input on how they should proceed. Leslie left, and Sharon told Adam that Nick had threatened to sue for full custody of Faith. Sharon feared losing her daughter to Nick.

Sharon said that she had confronted Victor to ask if he was responsible for Skye being in Hawaii. Adam was not surprised to hear that Victor had denied any involvement. Adam was convinced that Victor had set up Adam by staging Skye's death and then sending Skye to Hawaii.

At the Newman offices, Nikki told Nick that she supported his decision to seek full custody of Faith. Nikki offered to help Nick in any way, including taking care of Faith for him. Victor emerged from his office and said hello to Nikki. Nikki said she'd been speaking with Nick. Victor invited Nikki into his office.

Nikki and Victor reminisced about Christmas and how much fun it had been to spend time with the family. Nikki mentioned that she was staying at Katherine's until she found her own place. Victor approved of Nikki staying with Katherine, especially since Katherine could help Nikki remain sober.

Nikki and Victor looked together at some Christmas photos of the family. Victor wished the good feelings between him and the children had lasted beyond the holidays. Nikki asked if she could visit the ranch and spend time with Segundo. Victor said that Nikki was welcomed whenever she liked.

Nick went to the hospital to be with Phyllis. Jack asked Nick to sit with Phyllis while she was at Daniel's side. Phyllis told Nick that the doctors were advising her to have patience with Daniel. Phyllis realized that Nick was thinking about Cassie.

Phyllis understood how Nick felt seeing Daniel in a coma the way Cassie had been. Phyllis hoped that Daniel would survive. Phyllis regretted her last conversation with Daniel because it hadn't gone well. Phyllis feared that she'd never get a chance to see Daniel open his blue eyes again.

Nick assured Phyllis that her being beside Daniel was helpful. Nick reminded Phyllis that Summer had survived her allergic reaction to peanuts. Phyllis kicked herself for being so single-minded about Daisy and the baby. Nick told Phyllis to stop blaming herself. Nick advised Phyllis to have a positive attitude.

Phyllis was grateful to Nick for his support. Nick said that he would always care about Phyllis. Phyllis felt the same way about Nick. Nick put his arms around Phyllis and comforted her.

In the hallway, Chloe told Nick and Phyllis that Jana had suffered a setback. With the doctor, Jana learned that she had blocked out a year of her life. The doctor said Jana had a significant memory lapse. The doctor spoke with Kevin privately and explained that Jana might be suffering from a psychological break, rather than a physical one.

The doctor recommended that Chloe and Kevin humor Jana and let her believe that it was still 2009. The doctor felt that Jana could not handle the reality of being divorced. Kevin was shocked that the doctor wanted Kevin to pretend to still be Jana's husband. The doctor said that Jana needed time to recover. Kevin and Chloe were upset because they wanted to be together. Chloe said it was lousy timing, but implied that Jana might benefit from a delay in Chloe and Kevin's relationship.

The doctor assured Jana that she would get better with time. After the doctor walked out, Jana was pleased that the doctor referred to Kevin as her husband.

At Crimson Lights, Jack placed a takeout order for Phyllis. Sharon approached Jack and asked about Daniel. Sharon told Jack that Nick had threatened to seek full custody of Faith from her. Sharon believed that unless Adam was exonerated, Sharon would lose custody of Faith. Jack listened as Sharon recalled how upset she'd been when Skye had slipped to her death in Hawaii. Jack thought it was a far-fetched story. Jack still believed that Adam had killed Skye in Genoa City.

Sharon explained that Victor could have set up Adam as a murderer and then whisked Skye out of Genoa City to Hawaii. For the sake of Jack's affection for Skye, Sharon asked Jack if he would consider finding the truth about how Skye had died. Adam was surprised when Jack appeared at his jail cell. Jack revealed that Sharon had told him her story about Skye dying in Hawaii. Jack asked Adam to explain his theory that Victor had absconded Skye to Hawaii.

Adam declared that Skye and Victor had planted the clothes that Jack and Phyllis had found in the alley. Adam said that Victor and Skye had a history of working together. Adam pointed out that after the hedge fund collapse, Skye had nothing left in Genoa City.

Sharon appeared at the jail cell, glad to see that Jack was there. Sharon said that Leslie had news for Adam. Sharon thanked Jack for talking with Adam. Jack said that she and Adam were still on their own. Leslie appeared and told Sharon and Adam that Vance was dropping Adam as a client.

Leslie explained that Vance didn't believe he could win Adam's case. Leslie said that Vance's win-loss record was more important to him than money. Leslie wished Sharon and Adam good luck. Sharon and Adam said that Jack was their last hope.

Jack returned to the hospital. Phyllis went back to Daniel's side. Alone with Nick, Jack told Nick about Adam's theory that Victor had set up Adam by sending Skye to Hawaii. Nick wasn't buying Adam's theory. When Nick told Jack about how Victor and Skye had been trapped in an elevator together and had barely spoken, Jack was intrigued. Jack asked if he could see the elevator surveillance footage.

Jack appealed to Nick's sense of decency. Jack wanted to know who was really responsible for Skye's death. Nick refused to look at the elevator photos. Jack asked Nick to consider his request. Nick recalled the day he had found Victor and Skye in the elevator. After Jack walked away, Nick called his secretary and asked her to get the elevator footage for him. Nick told the secretary to keep it confidential.

Victor thanked Nikki for convincing him to be with the family for Christmas. Victor was grateful. Nikki thanked Victor for getting her into rehab. Victor and Nikki agreed that they would always look out for each other. Nikki said goodbye and walked out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ronan spoke with his doctor to confirm that Ronan's name was the transplant list. Nina walked into Crimson Lights and said hello to Ronan. Nina thanked Ronan for joining the family for Christmas.

Heather arrived at Crimson Lights and handed Nick an envelope from his secretary. After Heather walked off, Nick opened the package and looked at the photos from the elevator camera at Newman. Nick saw that in the photo, Victor and Skye had engaged in a conversation. Nick recalled that Victor had denied speaking to Skye at all.

Heather had coffee with Ronan and Nina. Nina hoped Ronan would join her for dinner one night soon. Alone with Ronan, Heather learned that Ronan had submitted his paperwork for a transplant. Ronan said that the odds were against him. Heather asked Ronan to reconsider asking his family for help.

Heather asked about Ronan's biological father. Ronan said that he had researched his father based on the facts in Nina's book. Ronan's father had died of the same liver disease that afflicted Ronan, and at the same age. Heather pleaded with Ronan to talk with Nina and learn if she might be a donor. Ronan asked Heather to back off. Back at Heather's apartment, Ronan explained to Heather that the operation was very risky.

Heather said that she was not all right with Ronan refusing to pursue every angle to save his life. Ronan said that he could die in surgery. Ronan would not allow his mother to risk her life to save his. Heather was sure that Nina would offer to be the donor. Ronan agreed, but didn't want her help under any circumstances.

Later, in Heather's apartment, Nina met with Heather. Nina was curious about why Heather wanted to see her. Heather was troubled about betraying Ronan's confidence. Heather finally revealed to Nina that Ronan was dying from a rare liver disease. Heather explained that without a liver transplant, Ronan might die. At Crimson Lights, Ronan met with Rafe and asked the lawyer to prepare a will for him.

Jack entered Victor's office and announced that he was there to speak with Victor about Skye. Victor said Jack wasn't welcome. Jack told Victor that Adam hadn't murdered Skye. Jack believed that Skye had skipped town after the hedge fund collapsed. Jack suggested that Victor had set up Adam for Skye's murder. Victor wondered why Jack would believe Adam's lies. Jack told Victor that it bothered him that Skye's body had never been recovered.

Jack didn't think that Adam was capable of dumping the body in the time he'd had that night, especially without a car or a driver, and rushing to catch a train. Jack said that if there were no body, all the pieces fell into place. Jack pointed out that the night of the fund collapse, Victor had taken off in his private jet for parts unknown. Victor had no flight plan and the plane had gone around the country. Jack had investigated and discovered there was no paper trail.

Jack suggested that the money from the hedge fund collapse had financed the entire operation. Victor thought that Jack should have been a novelist or a comic book writer based on the story Jack was conjuring. Another plot twist, according to Jack, was that when Sharon went to Hawaii, Victor had disappeared again. Jack said that Sharon had found Skye in Hawaii. Jack thought Victor was probably relieved that Skye had died because dead women told no tales.

Victor denied having any association with Skye. Jack marveled at how easily Victor lied. Jack claimed that Victor lied to his children, his family, and his friends without a flicker of conscience. Jack said that Victor lied to Sharon and the police, too.

Victor told Jack to leave the office. Jack said that if his story was accurate, Skye had been in Hawaii for at least a month. Jack was certain somebody would remember Skye. Jack suggested that a resourceful man could go to Hawaii and find proof that Sharon had told the truth.

Victor urged Jack to go ahead and fly to Hawaii. Victor then ordered that Jack get the hell out of his office. After walking out, Jack ran into Nick. Jack said that Victor hadn't raised an eyebrow about the idea of Jack flying to Hawaii to confirm Sharon's story.

Nick was curious if Jack truly intended to pursue Skye's trail. Jack asked about the security photos. Nick said that he could not allow a competitor to look at Newman security footage. Jack appreciated that Nick was an honorable man.

Nick walked into Victor's office and showed him the security photos. Nick asked what Victor and Skye were discussing in the pictures. Victor demanded to know where Nick had gotten the pictures. Victor felt that Nick was working behind his back.

Victor was offended that Nick had investigated what had happened in the elevator months before. Victor said that Skye had been claustrophobic and he had been calming her nerves. Nick had questions about how well Victor and Skye knew each other.

Victor accused Nick of being manipulated by Jack. Nick apologized if Victor was offended by his questions. Victor pointed out that Nikki had betrayed him, Victoria and Abby were suing him, and Nick was stabbing him in the back. Nick said that he planned to sue Sharon for custody of Faith and needed to be sure that there were no secrets that would ruin his chances. Victor promised to support Nick completely in his custody battle. Victor denied that he'd had anything to do with Skye and told Nick to stop pursuing the matter.

Abby sat by Daniel's bed and spoke with him about pop culture. Abby hoped that Daniel would wake up and tell her to stop reading him all the nonsense in the magazines. Phyllis entered and told Abby that there was an update on Daisy. The Canadian authorities had not found a trace of Daisy. Phyllis suggested that Daisy couldn't be found because she'd already had the baby.

Abby asked how Phyllis managed to withstand waiting for Daniel to reawaken. Phyllis said she spent time plotting to do harm to Daisy once she was captured and the baby recovered. Phyllis thanked Abby for being so devoted to Daniel. Abby admitted that the situation was familiar to her, recalling Colleen's coma. Abby was determined that this time there would be a happy ending. Abby had a hard time imagining Daniel having a child.

Still, Abby believed that Daniel would be a great father. Abby thought Daniel would teach his children to see the world through fresh eyes. Phyllis was impressed by Abby. Phyllis said that Abby was all right. Abby was stunned that Phyllis gave her a compliment. Phyllis noted that Abby truly cared for Daniel. Phyllis appreciated Abby's concern. Phyllis offered to stick around while Abby went to clean up.

Alone with Daniel, Phyllis told Daniel that she had been saying nice things to Abby. Phyllis told Daniel to wake up so he wouldn't miss moments like that.

Jack arrived at the hospital to see Phyllis. Jack told her about his encounter with Victor. Jack said that Victor hadn't taken the bait, but Jack was more convinced than ever that Victor set up Adam for Skye's murder.

Phyllis was stunned that Jack would consider a trip to Hawaii based on Sharon's story. Phyllis said it was only a hunch. Phyllis believed that Jack was letting his contempt for Victor motivate him. Jack reconsidered and told Phyllis he would stay in Genoa City with her.

Daniel came to and reached for Phyllis. Phyllis urged Daniel to lie still. Phyllis called for a doctor. Daniel tried to speak, but only could say one word: "Daisy."

Nick met Jack at Crimson Lights. Jack said that he'd decided not to go to Hawaii based only on Sharon's word. Nick handed Jack the security photos and told Jack that he might want to reconsider the trip after all. Jack agreed with Nick that Victor and Skye seemed to be making a deal in the elevator. Jack wondered what Nick expected Jack to do with the information.

Nick said it was up to Jack, but he asked Jack to report back to him when and if he discovered what had happened to Skye. Nick wished Jack luck. Jack called a travel agent to arrange for a flight to Hawaii. Victor called Koa at the General Store. They exchanged the code to confirm confidentiality. Victor warned Koa that a man might be arriving to investigate Skye. Victor said he'd be sending Koa a check shortly.

Bert, the man who'd found Daisy's baby at the church, was home with his wife, Agnes, and the baby. Bert warned Agnes not to get too attached to the infant. Bert had contacted a woman about selling the baby. Agnes objected to Bert's plan. Bert felt that they deserved to be rewarded for saving the baby's life. Bert asked Agnes not to ruin their chance to make more money than they ever had before.

Agnes and Bert let Primrose hold the baby. Prim thought the baby was adorable. Agnes wanted to be sure the child went to a good couple. Prim gave Bert an envelop with $5,000 in exchange for the baby. Prim said that the baby would wind up with a nice family.

Agnes said the baby's name was Rose. Prim said her aunt had been named Rose, too. Aunt Rose had given Prim the name Primrose DeVille.

Victoria called Reed to say that she missed him and wanted to speak with him soon. Billy entered the house and told Victoria that she didn't have to pretend that everything was all right. Billy knew that Victoria was upset about not being able to have a child.

Victoria told Billy that she was angry about being unable to conceive. Billy agreed that it wasn't fair. Victoria was angry with herself, but Billy said she wasn't to blame. Victoria got emotional and walked out of the room. Billy called Rafe.

Rafe met Billy at Crimson Lights. Rafe explained that the chances of Billy adopting a healthy infant were not promising. Billy hoped to go around channels. Rafe said that would be a private adoption. Billy wanted Rafe's help and was willing to take shortcuts.

Rafe admitted that he had a contact who could help Billy. Billy was anxious to get started. Rafe told Billy that he might have a lead. Rafe wanted to know why Billy was rushing into an adoption. Billy admitted that Victoria had suffered a miscarriage and was unable to have another child. Rafe sympathized with Billy and Victoria. Billy wanted to give Victoria a houseful of kids. Rafe said that he would make the introduction for Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Billy met with Rafe's contact. The man said he had the item that Billy sought. Billy offered to wire the money directly and even give a bonus if the baby could be acquired quickly.

Abby went to see Victoria. Victoria poured them both shots of rare whiskey from Billy's best stock. Abby gagged on the drink and so did Victoria. The sisters toasted and said, "Ignorance is bliss." Victoria suggested that they commiserate about their lives, but Abby thought they should simply wallow. Victoria and Abby agreed that hot chocolate would be more conducive to their wallowing.

Billy arrived at Primrose's home. Billy wanted to complete the transaction quickly. Prim said it was possible to deliver if the price was right.

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