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Jack went to Hawaii and proved that Victor had faked Skye's death. The D.A. dropped the charges against Adam, who moved in with Sharon. Ronan admitted that Chance was still alive. Victoria and Abby bested Victor at the mediation. Billy bought a baby for Victoria, unaware it was Daisy's newborn.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 10, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, January 10, 2011

At Kevin's apartment, Jana simmered a pot of stew and offered Kevin a taste. Kevin cited his sore throat as his reason not to eat from Jana's spoon. Jana lovingly praised Kevin for looking out for her health. Kevin quickly offered to sleep in the second bedroom to ensure that Jana wouldn't catch his illness. Jana put her arms around Kevin and claimed that catching his cold would be a small price to pay for getting their marriage back on track.

The phone rang, and Kevin quickly freed himself from Jana's grasp just as she was about to plant a kiss on his cheek. Jana picked up the phone and told Chloe that Kevin was about to sit down to dinner. Kevin overheard and took the receiver away from Jana. Kevin learned that Daniel had awakened. Kevin told Chloe he would head to the hospital right away. Jana twitched nervously when she realized that Daniel was conscious, and she menacingly grasped the handle of a knife she was about to place atop a napkin.

Jana pretended she was joyful about Daniel's improvement and asked Kevin if Daniel was coherent and communicative. Kevin said he didn't know as he rushed to the bedroom to locate his coat. Jana slumped on a stool and whispered aloud to herself, "Oh, God! Daisy had better kept her mouth shut. If she told Daniel that I let her go..." Jana sighed dejectedly.

When Kevin returned wearing his coat, he was surprised to find Jana buttoning her coat. Kevin suggested that Jana stay home and rest. Jana insisted she accompany Kevin to visit Daniel, and she dashed into the bedroom in search of her gloves. Gloria barged in just as Jana disappeared into the other room. Gloria loudly announced that she'd stopped by to see how Kevin and his ex were doing. Kevin shushed his mother, but she claimed it was about time someone jarred Jana's memory.

Kevin told his mom he was on his way to meet Chloe at the hospital, so they could check on Daniel. Gloria insisted Kevin leave without Jana. Gloria promised Kevin she'd behave. Jana returned and was surprised to see Gloria. Jana nervously bit her lip when she discovered that Kevin had gone to the hospital without her. Gloria and Jana dined on the stew Jana had prepared.

Acting coy, Gloria casually asked Jana what it was like to work with children. Jana didn't miss a beat and explained that though the employees at Crimson Lights were young, they weren't children. When Gloria suggested Jana hire Noah Newman, Jana quickly insisted that Noah was in Paris with Eden. Gloria complimented the delicious rolls Jana served. Jana mentioned that she'd purchased them at a local bakery.

Gloria insisted that the crusty rolls were even better than the ones at her favorite restaurant on Union Street. Gloria claimed she couldn't recall the name of the restaurant, and she entreated Jana to supply it. Jana readily identified the eatery as Indigo and even said she'd recommend the bakery to Neil. As a frustrated Gloria sipped her wine, Jana announced that sharing a meal together had been perfectly lovely. Gloria grimaced.

When Kevin returned, Gloria smiled widely as she covertly remarked to Kevin that "Jana was very good." Kevin asked his mom if it had ever occurred to her that Jana wasn't faking her condition, which had been confirmed by a doctor. Gloria maintained that the doctor didn't know Jana as well as Gloria did. Before Gloria left, she glared at Jana and cautioned Kevin to be careful.

After Gloria left, Jana wrapped a throw around Kevin and rubbed his arms to warm him. Kevin didn't respond to Jana's touch and told her he planned to take some cold medicine and go to bed. Jana reluctantly went to her bedroom. Kevin sat on the sofa and smiled dreamily as he thought about kissing Chloe. Jana stepped out of the bedroom and nervously bit her nails as she watched Kevin.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Chloe and Lauren nervously waited for information Daniel might offer about Daisy. In the exam room, Daniel's doctor examined him. Phyllis stood nearby. Daniel repeatedly whispered, "Daisy." Lauren tiptoed behind the curtain in the exam room and asked if Daniel was trying to say something about Daisy. Phyllis quickly escorted Lauren out and scolded her for disturbing Daniel. Lauren explained that it was important to question Daniel about Daisy's escape.

Angrily, Phyllis told Lauren that the police would handle the investigation concerning Daisy's escape. Lauren mentioned how ironic Phyllis' statement was given that Daisy would still be incarcerated had Phyllis allowed the police to handle the situation. Phyllis panicked when she saw the doctor wheeling Daniel out of the exam room. The doctor explained that Daniel was disoriented and needed an MRI. Phyllis became distraught and worried that brain damage might impair her son's ability to paint. Lauren tenderly assured Phyllis that Daniel would be all right.

Later, Kevin visited with Daniel and said he was glad Daniel had awakened. Chloe arrived. Kevin's face lit up when he saw Chloe, and she smiled warmly at him. Michael visited with Phyllis and Lauren in the waiting area. Michael announced that Daisy hadn't yet been located and that Canadian authorities hadn't reported finding an abandoned infant. Michael served coffee to a distraught Phyllis after Kevin and Chloe left.

Michael suddenly noticed that Lauren was missing. Lauren had secretly returned to Daniel's room, placed her hand on his chest, and attempted to rouse him. Lauren repeatedly asked a sleeping Daniel to wake up and tell her what had happened. Daniel's eyes fluttered, and he weakly whispered, "Daisy." Lauren asked him where Daisy was hiding. Michael and Phyllis stepped in. Phyllis was miffed and demanded that Lauren explain what she was doing.

The trio stepped out of Daniel's room, and Phyllis blasted Lauren for endangering Daniel's health. Lauren reminded Phyllis that Daisy posed a danger to everyone. After Phyllis hurried back to Daniel's room, Lauren began crying. Michael comforted his wife, who cried that her fear had taken over yet again. After Michael and Lauren went home, Phyllis sat with Daniel, and she promised to take care of him. The doctor returned and announced to a relieved Phyllis that Daniel's MRI results were normal.

Chloe and Kevin stole a few minutes together on the patio at Crimson Lights. Kevin assured Chloe that there was nothing going on between him and Jana. Chloe admitted that having to share him with Jana was frustrating. Kevin promised that the arrangement would be temporary. Chloe told Kevin that she was unsure they could maintain their relationship, but she promised to try. Jana phoned and asked about Daniel. Jana was secretly thankful to learn that Daniel hadn't said anything about Daisy. Jana begged Kevin to return home. Kevin kissed Chloe and said it was hard for him to leave.

Inside a stark building, Prim met with Billy. Prim ordered Billy to take off his shirt before she'd discuss specifics. Billy was confused by Prim's request, but she explained that Billy had to prove he wasn't wired to record their conversation. Billy raised his eyebrows when Prim added that her aim was to protect her family business. After Billy undressed and assured Prim he wasn't recording their conversation, she explained that his and his wife's names would be listed as parents on a birth certificate printed exactly like the document issued by the state.

Billy asked Prim what might happen if the birth parents changed their minds. Prim guaranteed it wouldn't be a problem because the birth mothers weren't prepared for a lifetime commitment. Prim added that the adoptive parents she helped valued their privacy and didn't want to wait for a baby. When Billy asked Prim what she charged for her service, she claimed she provided a unique service that wasn't inexpensive. Prim became irate when Billy told her he needed time to think before making a decision.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Nikki sat on the sofa and sipped tea with her daughter. Nikki noted that Victoria seemed unhappy. Victoria admitted that she couldn't have another baby. Nikki comforted a sobbing Victoria and suggested that there was more than one way to become a parent. When Billy returned home, he greeted Nikki warmly. When Nikki rose to leave and hugged Billy, she whispered into his ear and thanked him for taking care of Victoria.

After Nikki left, Victoria noted that Billy seemed too quiet. Billy took Victoria's hand and assured her they'd be parents again. After Victoria stepped out of the room, Billy phoned Prim and learned that she wanted two million dollars in cash for a baby. Billy scoffed and told Prim her price was ridiculous. Prim irately reminded Billy that other couples were waiting. Victoria returned and asked Billy if he was ready for bed. Before Prim hung up, she told Billy he had 24 hours to make a decision. Billy told Victoria the caller was a wrong number.

Sharon visited Adam at the jail. Adam feared that Jack's trip to Hawaii would be a dead end after Sharon reported not hearing from him. Sharon also told Adam she hadn't yet retained a defense attorney. Adam claimed that attorneys either feared Victor's wrath or hesitated to take a case that was doomed to fail. Sharon reminded Adam that he was innocent.

The assistant district attorney showed up and offered Adam a deal. The man explained that Adam would receive a twelve-year sentence if he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Adam turned down the offer. The man explained that Adam could be free in only eight years and could then rebuild his reputation. Adam snapped that he didn't care about what anyone but Sharon thought about him. The man told Adam that without the plea agreement, he'd likely spend his entire life behind bars.

After the man left, Adam sighed dejectedly and asked Sharon if he should have taken the deal. Sharon insisted Adam shouldn't have, and she promised to find a way to free him. Rafe phoned Sharon and told her that Nick was seeking sole custody of Faith by claiming that Sharon was an unfit mother.

After Sharon stopped by the tack house to give Nick a piece of her mind, she returned to the jail. Adam told Sharon that Nick was betting she'd have difficulties hiring a lawyer because of her association with him. Sharon told Adam that Nick's argument would fall apart if she could prove that Skye had been alive in Hawaii. Adam wondered aloud how they could get proof.

In Hawaii, at the general store where Skye had shopped and picked up her mail, Koa busied himself replenishing produce inventory. Jack, wearing dark shorts, flip-flops, and sporting tousled hair, walked in and perused the place. Koa took notice and asked the stranger if he was a newcomer. Jack pulled off his sunglasses and said, "Just landed, man. Looking forward to seeing what the surf brings in."

Michael stopped by the tack house to meet with Nick. Nick told Michael that he intended to sue Sharon for sole custody of Faith. Michael warned that breaking Faith's tie with her mother a second time could be devastating. Nick defended his decision and reminded Michael that Michael had seen for himself in New Orleans how Sharon lost her sense of judgment whenever she was with Adam.

Nick told Michael that Faith wasn't Sharon's priority wasn't because she'd twice left her child behind when she journeyed to Louisiana and Hawaii. Michael cited Adam's influence on Sharon and reminded Nick that Adam would soon be imprisoned for decades. Michael suggested that Sharon might return to her senses after Adam was out of the picture.

Nick sensed Michael's apprehension and asked if Michael would prefer not to help with the case. Michael agreed to take the case, but he warned, "If I eviscerate Sharon on the stand, there's no way to undo that. I don't believe you'll ever be able to repair your relationship with her afterwards."

Later, Nick held Faith and entertained his cherub-faced daughter by making funny faces. Sharon knocked on the door. When Nick answered, Sharon smiled at Faith, and then glared at Nick. Sharon told Nick she never thought he would stoop so low. Nick agreed that Sharon had been an exemplary mother until she became preoccupied with Adam. Sharon claimed that Nick's actions were spurred by his ego.

Nick told Sharon that no one would trust her with Faith because she'd put her trust in Adam. Sharon maintained that each time Nick didn't agree with her choices, he'd claim she was weak or had been manipulated. Sharon insisted she could withstand Nick's harassment and win. Nick asked what Faith might someday think of her mother's actions. Sharon said that Faith would respect her mother and hate her father for threatening to separate the child from her mother.

Later, Nikki stopped by and told Nick she supported him. Nikki agreed that Adam should not be part of Faith's life. Nick said he hoped Faith would someday understand why he had to take her from her mother. He said that Sharon had accused him of being vindictive. Nikki claimed that Sharon's thinking was muddled, so Nick would have to make the decision to protect his child. Nick admitted that it would be devastating for Faith to be separated from her mother.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diane and Kyle arrived at Victor's ranch. Kyle was anxious to go skating on the pond. Victor said that he wasn't able to show them around the property because he had to prepare for the mediation. Victor sent Kyle into the kitchen to get something to eat before he hit the ice.

Diane said that she was anxious to get started on renovating the ranch. Victor again asked Diane to move into the ranch with Kyle. Victor pointed out that Diane could save money by living on the ranch. Victor also thought that Kyle would benefit from living on the ranch more than staying at the Athletic Club.

Victor asked Diane to move into the carriage house. Victor believed that if Diane lived on the ranch, she would deliver a perfect renovation. Diane assumed Victor wanted more from her. Victor admitted he might enjoy Diane's company if she were living nearby. Kyle returned, and Diane asked her son if he would like to move to the ranch. Kyle loved the idea.

Diane told Victor that if Kyle said yes, then she would go along with him. Victor asked them to move in immediately. Diane said that they could have their things sent over the next day. After Kyle and Diane left, Victor called Michael to arrange for a pre-mediation meeting so Victor would be as prepared as possible.

At the house, Billy was unable to find his keys as he prepared to go out. Victoria found the keys and counseled Billy to calm his nerves. Victoria wondered if Billy was upset about their inability to have a child together. Billy denied that he was disappointed in Victoria. Billy knew that Victoria was concerned about the mediation with Victor, and he promised to support her efforts.

Nikki arrived at the house to see Victoria. Billy said goodbye to Nikki and Victoria and walked out. Billy called Prim, the baby broker, to arrange a meeting. At Prim's, Billy said that her asking price of two million dollars was too much for a baby. Prim said other couples would be willing to pay.

Prim offered to show Billy a photo of the baby. Billy wanted to see the baby in person. Prim said plenty of other people would make the deal without proof. Billy insisted on not only seeing the baby, but holding the baby, too. Prim took the baby out and showed Billy her face.

Prim insisted that Billy not take any photos of the child. Billy held the baby in his arms. Prim urged Billy to notice that the baby was beautiful. Prim told Billy that it was the last chance he'd have to see the baby unless they made a deal. After a moment's hesitation, Billy told Prim not to show the baby to anyone else. Billy declared the baby was his and Victoria's.

Victoria told her mother that she credited Billy with helping her deal with the stress in her life. Victoria wished she could help Billy deal with his feelings. Nikki hoped that Victoria would relieve her stress by speaking directly to Victor and avoiding the legal mediation. Nikki regretted that she had not been able to help Victoria at the first round of mediation because Nikki had been in rehab.

Nikki believed that Victor wanted to make peace. Victoria disagreed. Nikki said Victor and Victoria were too stubborn. Victoria believed that Nikki being in rehab did not matter in the mediation process. Victoria felt that Victor saw her as a disgruntled employee.

Nikki said she was angry with Victor, too. However, Nikki said that she did not believe that Victor was a lost cause. Victoria blamed Victor for destroying her family. Victoria said Victor was responsible for her losing custody of Reed. Victoria also held Victor responsible for her miscarriage.

Nikki was surprised that Victoria blamed her father for the loss of the baby. Nikki claimed that Victor was crushed when Victoria had the miscarriage. Victoria said she had joined Abby's lawsuit as a way to exorcise her anger for Victor. Vance knocked on the door, and Victoria let him in. Nikki said goodbye.

Nikki went to the ranch to speak with Victor about the upcoming mediation. Nikki reminded Victor that at Christmas, he and Victoria had been able to communicate. Nikki hoped that they could again. Victor said that what had happened over the holidays was completely different. Victor said that when it came to Newman business, Victor would never bow down to his daughters.

Nikki reminded Victor about how he'd adored Victoria when she was born. Nikki told Victor that Victoria was crushed about being unable to have any more children. Nikki believed that Victoria needed her father's emotional support, and Nikki hoped that Victor would reach out to Victoria. Victor listened as Nikki pleaded with him to fix the situation with Victoria.

With Victoria, Vance said he'd received some inside information to use in the mediation. Vance had learned that Victor was selling a Newman Enterprises company in Dubai. Victoria knew about the sale. Vance claimed that the sale would devalue Newman Enterprises.

Victoria explained that a huge part of Newman Enterprises was mergers and acquisitions. Vance said that he was going to ask the judge to restrict Victor from moving one-third of Newman properties in any transactions. Victoria said that would be a severe restriction to the company. Vance asked if Victoria was prepared to play hardball with her father.

As he was heading into the house, Billy called his broker to ask him to sell a large block of stock. Victoria interrupted, and Billy quickly ended the call. In the house, Victoria told Billy about her meeting with Nikki. Victoria admitted that she was not handling the baby situation very well.

Billy told Victoria to do whatever she needed to do to get through the stress she was feeling. Victoria told Billy that Vance had visited, too. Victoria described Vance as a shark. Victoria wasn't looking forward to the mediation. Victoria imagined Vance and Victor going at it like gladiators. Billy told Victoria she had the power to walk away from the lawsuit if that was what she wanted to do.

Victoria suggested that Billy wanted her to drop the lawsuit. Billy said it was Victoria's decision, but he felt they should concentrate on a bright future together. Victoria said it was too late to stop the mediation. Victoria was determined to go through with the lawsuit.

At the ranch, Nikki urged Victor end the mediation or risk losing Victoria forever. Victor told Nikki to get out of the house. Victor said he didn't give a damn about what Victoria wanted. Victor was determined to win the lawsuit.

Nick called Jack's cell phone and discovered that Jack had flown to Hawaii. Jack said that he was acting like a tourist while snooping around for information about Skye. Nick wondered if Sharon's story about Skye was the truth. Jack said he was determined to find out.

Jack asked Nick to keep Jack's whereabouts confidential. A while later, Sharon arrived at Nick's and told him she was going to fight him for custody of Faith. Nick asked Sharon to tell him more about what had happened in Hawaii. Sharon wanted to know why Nick was curious when she'd already told him that she'd seen Skye in Hawaii.

Sharon said that if Nick was asking her about Skye in Hawaii, he had to believe that Adam wasn't a killer. Sharon declared that she wanted to talk with Nick about Faith. Sharon didn't want to lose any more time with Faith. Sharon declared that when Faith woke from her nap, Sharon was taking her home.

Nick reconsidered his position and agreed with Sharon that Faith needed to be with her mother. Nick would let Faith go home with Sharon as long as Sharon remained on the ranch and kept the child away from Adam. Sharon assured Nick that she had no intention of taking Faith to visit Adam. Nick went upstairs to retrieve Faith. Sharon listened on the monitor to her baby girl.

At her house, Sharon played with Faith and was happy to have her home. At the tack house, Diane visited with Nick. Nick was happy that Diane was moving into the carriage house. Nick assumed the rent-free place would help Diane with her finances. With Kyle and Summer attending the Walnut Grove school, Nick and Diane said they had to work out a car pool. Diane said she'd be free for lunch dates. Nick kissed her passionately.

In Hawaii, Jack asked Koa about good beaches for surfing. The volcano guide showed up and offered to point Jack in the right direction. The guide told Jack where to go and mentioned the burned-out shack near the jungle. Jack was curious about how a shack was burned on the jungle.

The guide thought a tiki torch might have set the shack on fire. The guide said that there had been a woman in the shack, but she'd disappeared. Koa listened as Jack asked about the fire. The guide told Jack that the fire had been sudden and had occurred just a few days before.

In the jungle, Jack found the burned-out shack. As Jack looked around, he wondered if Skye had been living there. Koa called Victor to report that an American man had been asking questions. Koa sent Victor a photo of the man. Victor recognized Jack.

Jack called Nick to tell him about what he'd found at the burned-out shack. Jack revealed that Skye's very rare perfume was in the rubble. Jack declared that he believed that Victor had set up Skye's fake murder in Genoa City. Jack said that Sharon had told the truth, and Skye had died in Hawaii.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At the ranch, Michael and Victor met before the mediation. Michael wondered if Victor was nervous. Victor said that he was anxious to go after attorney Vance Abrams. Victor felt Vance had taken advantage of his daughters.

Michael presented Victor with analysis from the forensic accountants. Victor asked Michael to summarize the results. Michael reported that nothing illegal or unethical had been found. Victor had done nothing wrong with the company's finances. Victor said he'd known that would be the findings.

Victor arranged to meet Michael at the mediation. After Michael left, Victor called Koa in Hawaii to say that the American in the photo Koa had emailed him was Jack Abbott. Koa said Jack had not been around in the past day.

Vance told Abby and Victoria that the forensic accountant report had found Victor had not done anything wrong. Vance still felt they had an ace in the hole. Vance said that Victor selling parts of Newman Enterprises would devalue the corporation. Abby didn't think that Victor would do that. Vance reminded Abby and Victoria that they needed to present a united front.

Victoria reminded Abby that Victor would only respect them if they stuck to their guns. Abby was uncomfortable with the idea of attacking their father. Victoria convinced Abby that they would regret buckling under at that point in the process. Vance left after warning the girls not to speak with Victor about the case.

Victoria assured Abby they had to remain strong. Abby said she had a bad feeling about using the Dubai information against Victor. Abby mentioned that Daniel had regained consciousness, and she was concerned about him. Victoria warned Abby not to let Victor take advantage of her feeling vulnerable because of Daniel. Victoria offered to go alone to the mediation, but Abby said she'd be there.

Vance greeted Abby and Victoria when they showed up at the mediation. In the hearing room, the judge called everyone to order. Michael declared that the forensic accountant report had cleared his client completely. Michael said that it was Victor's right to transfer funds as the CEO of Newman Enterprises.

When Vance spoke, he determined that Victor had been devaluing the corporation's assets by selling a property in Dubai. Vance asked that one-third of Newman assets be frozen until the mediation was resolved. Victor denied that he was dismantling the company. Victor looked at Victoria and told her that she knew the truth.

Vance declared that Victor ran the company like a dictatorship. The attorney argued that by setting up an escrow account, the value of the company would remain exactly where it was. Michael resented Vance's insinuation that Victor was gutting the corporation. Victor said that a freeze in the financial assets of the company would affect many Newman Enterprises deals that were still unresolved. Victor claimed he could not do business under those restrictions. The judge said he would consider Vance's request and stepped out.

Michael criticized Vance for his legal tactics. Victor asked Victoria why she had turned on him about the Dubai deal. Victoria reminded Victor that she had lied for him when the Dubai deal went down. Victor ordered Victoria to stop the litigation immediately. The judge returned and ruled in Vance's favor. Victor told Victoria and Abby that they had made a crucial error because their trusts wouldn't be worth a damn because of the legal restrictions they'd forced on him.

Ronan gave D.A. Walsh a recording of Chance's shooting. Ronan believed the judge had to include the recording in the case in order to get a conviction against Owen Pomerantz. The D.A. walked out to deliver the tape to the judge and argue for its inclusion. When he returned, the D.A. told Ronan he'd made a compelling argument, but it was in the judge's hands.

At Crimson Lights, Paul was happy to see Heather. Heather said she was preparing for her testimony at Owen's trial. Heather was making sure she had all the information in her head before going on the stand. Heather told Paul that the prosecution had a secret witness. Heather was in the dark about who the witness was, but she knew the Feds were involved. Paul told Heather to trust the D.A. Heather said she had trusted Owen and that was a mistake. Heather asked Paul to help her learn who the mystery witness was.

Paul placed a call to Christine in Washington to ask for her help. Heather told Paul that she was going to confront D.A. Walsh about the case and the identity of the witness. Paul wondered if Walsh would help Heather, considering the fact that he'd fired her. Heather was determined to speak with Walsh anyway.

Spencer Walsh was curious about why Heather wanted to help with the case. Heather said she knew more about the case than anyone because she'd been working on it for months. Walsh said that he and Ronan had the case in hand and didn't need Heather's help. Despite her request, Spencer would not reveal the identity of the mystery witness. When Walsh took a phone call, Heather walked out in frustration. Impulsively, Heather took the recording of Chance's shooting with her.

Paul greeted Nina when she arrived at Crimson Lights. Nina was grateful to Heather for telling her the truth about Ronan's illness. Nina wasn't sure when she'd tell Ronan that she knew he needed a liver transplant.

Later, outside of Ronan's apartment, Nina met Ronan. Ronan asked why she was there. Nina said that she was determined to speak with Ronan. Nina told Ronan that she was donating part of her liver to him. Nina had contacted Ronan's doctor and was awaiting word to see if she was a match.

Ronan was angry with Heather for betraying his trust. Ronan told Nina that his health issues were none of Nina's business. Nina said that no matter how hard Ronan tried to push her away, Nina refused to back off. Nina couldn't change their past, but she was determined to be a part of Ronan's future.

Ronan told Nina that he hadn't moved to Genoa City for a liver donation. Nina told Ronan that he was a stubborn as she was. Nina offered to have Paul search for Ronan's biological father as a possible donor. Ronan told Nina that his father was dead. Nina was surprised to hear that Ronan's biological father had died. Ronan said the he'd investigated his father based on clues he'd found in Nina's book. Ronan explained that his father died from the same disease Ronan had, and at the very same age.

Nina believed that she'd be a match for Ronan. Ronan said that if she weren't a match, Ronan would die. Ronan didn't want to hurt Nina by dying on her. Nina said that she would not walk out on Ronan's life. Nina promised to stay close to Ronan through the transplant process no matter what happened.

Heather returned to Paul at Crimson Lights and told him that Walsh had refused to reveal the identity of the mystery witness. Heather showed Paul the recording of Chance's shooting. Heather said that even though she'd heard it before, Heather had been too close to the case to be objective. Heather hoped to learn something relevant by listening to it again, before returning it to Walsh. Paul offered to listen to the recording for Heather. Heather felt that she owed it Chance to listen herself. Paul suggested that they listen together.

Heather inserted the disk into the PC, and she and Paul listened together. Heather told Paul it was hard to listen to the shooting because of her love for Chance. Paul asked her to play the recording again. Heather asked why. Paul said that he had a good ear for ballistics. Paul suspected that Ronan had been shooting blanks.

Sharon was home with Faith, playing on the floor. Adam called and was happy to hear that Sharon was in a good mood. Sharon explained that she'd convinced Nick to let her have Faith for a visit. Adam was happy for Sharon.

In Hawaii, Jack told ChEsther, the volcano guide, that he'd found the burned-out shack. Jack said that he knew the lady who'd lived there. When Jack showed ChEsther the picture of Skye, ChEsther didn't recognize her. Jack called the local cops to report the information he'd uncovered.

Jack called Sharon and told her about finding Skye's shack. Jack said that everything was destroyed, but Skye's perfume bottle had survived. Jack said the cops weren't impressed with his evidence. Jack told Sharon he believed that Victor had plotted the entire Skye scam. Sharon was relieved that Jack believed her.

Jack said there was no death certificate for Skye because a body had never been recovered. Jack wanted to speak with the detective that had worked the case with Sharon. Sharon told Jack that Detective Akana had been her contact when she tried to report Skye's death at the volcano. Adam called Sharon again and was stunned to learn that Jack was in Hawaii. Sharon said that she had set up a meeting with the D.A. because of the information Jack had uncovered in Hawaii.

Later, D.A. Walsh arrived at Sharon's house, and she told him about Jack's new evidence. Walsh shot holes in Jack's findings and refused to believe Sharon's theory. Walsh warned Sharon that he would file charges against her for obstruction of justice if she continued to Pesther him. Adam spoke with Sharon again, and she told him that Walsh was unconvinced. Adam wondered if Victor had bought Walsh. When Adam said he thought the case was hopeless, Sharon said they had to have faith in Jack.

Jack called Detective Akana with his findings, but Akana wanted more solid information. Jack said hello to Koa. Koa addressed Jack as "Mr. Abbott," and Jack knew that Koa had spoken with Victor. Jack offered to pay Koa twice as much as Mr. Newman if Koa would tell him what he knew about Skye. Koa said nothing.

Without Koa's help, Jack began asking strangers if they recognized Skye's photo. ChEsther entered the store and returned mailbox keys that had been found on the volcano trail. Koa told ChEsther to put them in the box. Jack picked up the set of keys and recognized the key ring. Jack looked through photos of Skye and noticed the same key ring. It proved that the key ring was Skye's and she had been in Hawaii.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Victoria entered the living room, and Billy offered to make her breakfast. Billy wanted Victoria to celebrate besting Victor at the mediation. Victoria was feeling guilty about the tactics Vance had employed. Billy reminded Victoria of the dastardly things Victor had done to her.

Billy admired how tough Victoria had been in the mediation. Billy sent Victoria back to bed and promised to pamper her. Prim called Billy and asked about the payment for the baby. Billy said he'd sent the first half of the payment and would deliver the balance later.

Victoria returned to the living room and caught part of Billy's conversation. Victoria asked Billy what was going on. Victoria noted that Billy had been very secretive of late. Billy said he didn't want to burden Victoria.

Phyllis called Billy to say she had a story for Restless Style. Billy told Victoria that he had to meet Phyllis at the hospital for the magazine. After Billy left, Victoria recalled speaking with Victor at the mediation. Victoria was haunted by Victor's threats.

At Crimson Lights, Jack called Phyllis and learned that Daniel had not yet regained lucidity. Phyllis wanted Daniel alert and talking. Jack told Phyllis he had bombshells to share with her from Hawaii. Nick met Jack at Crimson Lights. Jack showed Nick a keychain that had been found on the trail in Hawaii.

Nick recognized that it was Skye's. She'd held the keychain in surveillance photos. Nick asked Jack to withhold the information for a while. Jack refused to be complicit in Victor's scheme. Nick said he would let his father deal with the situation on his own.

Michael told Victor that the reporter from the financial news network was waiting to interview him. Michael said how Victor answered his questions could mitigate the damage from the mediation. Victor was skeptical.

Nick walked into Victor's office. Nick was there to support Victor during the interview. Victor thanked Nick for his loyalty. Victor greeted Scott Wolf, the reporter, and assured him that he would answer Wolf's questions and calm the waters after the previous day's mediation. Victoria turned on the TV and heard Victor's interview on the financial news channel. Victor said his greatest regret was that Victoria had turned on him.

At the ranch, Bonnie welcomed Kyle and Diane to the house. Bonnie offered to show Kyle to the game room. Diane admired the house and liked the idea of living there.

At the jail, Sharon told Adam how she had stood up to Nick. Sharon suggested that Adam stand up to the D.A. in the same way. Sharon promised Adam that she would find him another attorney. Adam felt that Victor had won. Jack went to the jail and showed Sharon and Adam the keychain to mailbox 18 from Koa's general store. The keychain was Skye's, and it matched photos of Skye from the elevator. Jack refused to accept their thanks because he hadn't found the evidence to clear Adam.

At the hospital, Phyllis was watching the interview with Victor. Billy approached, and so did Jack. They all watched Victor's interview. Vance and Sharon watched at Crimson Lights. Kyle and Diane saw the show on a television set at the ranch. Victor said that Nick was someone he trusted implicitly. Victor assured Wolf that Newman Enterprises would thrive.

Victor thought the interview had gone well. Nick said that Victor had answered all the questions, but he hadn't told the truth. Michael entered as Nick said that the Dubai deal was falling apart. Other deals were falling apart as well. Nick said there would need to be layoffs. Victor wanted Beauty of Nature to suffer layoffs first, and he wanted Victoria to take the blame. Nick said there was a need for a ten percent cut on the executive level. Michael objected.

Victor said that he was under siege from within. Victor declared that if Jack Abbott and Tucker McCall thought they could benefit from his troubles, he would go to war with them. Michael and Nick watched as Victor stormed out of the office. Michael said he was going to the hospital to see Phyllis. Nick said he had someone else to visit.

At the hospital, Billy tried to talk with Daniel. Phyllis complimented Abby on her concern for Daniel. Jack said that Victoria had done a great job going after Victor in the mediation. Phyllis wanted to know what Jack had learned in Hawaii. Jack told Billy about Hawaii. Jack said that it was Billy's decision whether to run the story in Restless Style or not. Jack believed that Victor had set up the entire Skye scam.

Billy was willing to take the risk of Adam being freed in order to entrap Victor. Phyllis felt that Victor had learned nothing when Summer had been a coma. Phyllis urged Billy to publish the story. Michael and Phyllis were speaking when Daniel called out for Phyllis. Daniel said he remembered New Year's Eve.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon showed Vance the new evidence from Jack. Vance thought Sharon should be an attorney. He admired that she'd gotten Jack to find evidence for Adam. Vance agreed to take the evidence to the D.A.

Sharon returned to the jail and told Adam that Vance was back on board. Sharon was optimistic that Adam would be out of jail soon. Adam kissed Sharon. A while later, Vance entered and said hello to Adam. Adam wanted to know if the D.A. had been impressed with the new evidence. Vance said the D.A. agreed to show it to a judge.

Heather arrived at Walsh's office and asked to speak with Ronan. Ronan was reluctant to help Heather because he felt that Heather had betrayed him. Heather would not apologize for telling Nina about Ronan's illness. Heather said that she had listened to the recording of Chance's shooting again. Ronan told Heather she'd crossed the line. Ronan ordered Heather to stay out of the case.

The A.D.A. stopped Heather as she was walking in the hall. Heather asked him if he would do her a favor. The A.D.A. said he'd help Heather. Ronan walked into Walsh's office and said hello to Christine, who had just arrived from Washington. Ronan assured Chris that he had shut down Heather's investigation.

Walsh returned and Chris said that Heather should not be underestimated. Ronan admitted that Heather was persistent. Ronan said he had threatened to go after Heather for evidence tampering if she didn't stop snooping into the case.

At Crimson Lights, Heather met with the head of the EMT staff and showed him photos from Chance's shooting. The man said that the EMT men in the photo were not Genoa City EMT staff.

At the ranch, Victor was surprised to see Diane at work on the house. Diane reminded him that she and Kyle had moved in. Diane sympathized with Victor about the interview and having lost the closeness he'd had with his daughters. Victor appreciated Diane's concern. Since the cook was off for the night, Diane offered to make dinner for Victor. Victor was surprised that Diane knew how to cook. Diane said she had some secret recipes. Victor accepted her invitation.

The doorbell rang, and Jack entered. Jack said he wasn't there to talk about the interview. Jack said things would soon be getting worse for Victor. Victor said that Jack would never get the upper hand with him. Victor took a shot at Jack about not having spent any Christmases with his own children. Kyle walked out of the kitchen and said hello to his father. Diane followed and Jack asked her to explain why they were at the ranch.

Nick went to see Victoria and told her that she had gone too far with the lawsuit. Victoria defended her actions. Nick said the competition was taking advantage of Newman Enterprises because of the judge's ruling. Nick believed that Victoria knew better than to use the tactics she had. Nick said that Victoria was turning into Victor with her greed and selfishness.

Billy arrived and told Nick to get out of his house. Billy defended Victoria and told her that she had fought her father on his turf. Victoria felt that she'd lost her father and her son, and she couldn't take it anymore. Alone, Billy called Prim and asked her to take the baby to him. Billy was ready to transfer the rest of the payment.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jack was surprised to see Diane and Kyle at the Newman ranch. Kyle and Diane told Jack that they were living in the carriage house. Jack was seething with anger. Diane explained that she was living on the premises while she worked for Victor on a renovation project. Jack warned Diane that Victor was evil, but Diane said that Victor had only been kind to her since her return to Genoa City.

Jack told Victor that he'd just returned from Hawaii. Jack declared his theory about how Victor had faked Skye's death, but Diane was skeptical. After telling Diane about finding Skye's keychain on a trail in Hawaii, proving that she'd been there, Diane paused. Victor said it was a wild story. Jack said the D.A. had the evidence and would be acting on it.

Jack warned Diane that Victor was not a good man, pointing out how Victor had gone after his daughters, and wondering what Victor might do to Diane and Kyle if they disappointed him. Victor resented Jack trying to disparage him in front of a houseguest. Diane walked out of the room. Victor dismissed Jack as an unworthy adversary. Victor accused Jack of going soft.

Jack said that he had a conscience, something Victor lacked. Victor offered to give Jack a loan to cover his losses from the Newman Fund. Jack said that he would be recouping his losses because he'd bought the fund assets for pennies on the dollar. Jack expected Victor to be arrested very soon. Victor told Jack to leave and walked to the door. Diane was standing there.

Jack told Diane he didn't want Kyle living so close to Victor. Jack reminded Diane that he had won sole custody of Kyle and then allowed Diane to raise him. Jack offered to let Kyle and Diane live in a wing of the Abbott estate. Jack warned Diane that bad things happened to people who got in the middle of Jack's feud with Victor.

At the jail, Vance explained to Adam that he and the D.A. had been ordered to see the judge. Sharon said that if Adam were released, she wanted Adam to move in with her. Adam was shocked that Sharon loved him enough to have him live with her. Adam said that only his mother had believed in him the way Sharon had. Adam felt that he didn't deserve Sharon's love.

Sharon told Adam that she remained shocked that Victor would go after her the way he'd gone after other people. Victor had always been like a father to Sharon. Adam said that Victor was ruthless and would do anything to hurt Adam. Sharon wanted to confront Victor with the truth.

At the hospital, Daniel told Phyllis that he had some memories of what had happened on New Year's Eve. Michael and Phyllis told Daniel that based on the evidence of the security footage from Canada, Daisy was still pregnant. Daniel explained how he'd found Daisy that night. As he relived the night, Daniel remembered that he had argued with Daisy. Phyllis urged Daniel to remember why they'd fought.

Billy called to arrange for the second payment for the baby. Victoria interrupted and asked if Billy had good news. Billy dodged her question and took another call. Nick showed up again, and Billy was upset to see him. Nick said he was there to apologize to his sister.

Nick said he was sorry for the things he'd said to Victoria. Nick and Victoria agreed that they were not good at fighting. Victoria wanted to give Reed a little brother or sister. Nick was stunned to learn that Victoria couldn't have more children. Victoria said she had a lot, but what she really wanted was a baby.

Victoria told Nick that she felt her family was slipping away from her. Nick wondered if Billy and Victoria had considered adoption. Victoria said that they hadn't discussed it. Victoria wondered if Billy had yet to accept that they were unable to conceive. Victoria confided to Nick that Billy had been preoccupied of late with work. Nick urged Victoria to talk to Billy and bring up the adoption option. Victoria said that even though she and Nick had not grown up together, it was great having him around.

Billy arrived at Prim's and asked for the baby. Billy wanted to see the child before giving Prim the second million. Prim played hardball and refused to follow Billy's orders. Billy reminded Prim that there were other babies in the world he could adopt and other people who would want his millions.

Billy placed the call to transfer the funds. Prim confirmed the transfer, then handed Billy the baby. Prim had all the paperwork for Billy. Prim gave Billy a cover story in case there were questions. Prim kissed the baby goodbye and left the building. Billy walked out with the child to return home to Victoria.

When Billy arrived home, Victoria wanted to talk to Billy. Billy said he had to speak with Victoria, too. The baby cried, and Victoria asked what was going on. Billy showed Victoria the baby.

D.A. Walsh told Ronan that he would put him on the stand last in Owen's case. Walsh and Ronan were confident that they'd nail Pomerantz. Heather burst into the office and demanded to know what Ronan and Walsh were hiding about the night Chance had died. Heather declared that Ronan had fired blanks the night Chance had been shot. Heather also said that the EMTs on the scene that night had not been Genoa City EMTs. Ronan ordered Heather to back off. Walsh threatened to level charges against Heather. Heather remained determined.

Ronan admitted that the EMTs had been Feds. Ronan denied that the bullets had been blanks. Heather asked Ronan why he was hiding the truth from her. Heather reminded Ronan that she had been supportive of him throughout his health crisis. Ronan said he couldn't confide in Heather because she had betrayed his trust by telling Nina about his liver disease.

Heather threatened to tell Billy Abbott whom she suspected was the mystery witness. Heather figured that the identity had to be someone close to the investigation. Heather said if Ronan had been firing blanks and the EMTs had been fake, Chance might be alive. Heather guessed that Chance was the secret witness.

Ronan couldn't speak. Heather demanded to know if Chance was still alive. Ronan finally admitted that Chance had not been killed that night.

Chris went to see Nina and asked if Nina and Ronan had grown closer. Nina told Chris about Ronan's illness, assuming that Chris already knew. Nina said that Ronan was dying. Nina explained that Ronan had a fatal liver disease. Chris said that if Ronan needed a liver transplant, he had to get it. Chris assumed that Ronan didn't want to accept Nina as a donor because of his stubbornness.

Nina said she would accept being close to Ronan under any circumstances, even a health crisis. Nina received a call. After hanging up, Nina told Chris that she was not a match for the transplant. Nina said that Chance was the only hope left for Ronan. Chris said that Chance could not be released from Witness Protection.

Sharon met with Victor at the Athletic Club. Sharon accused Victor of lying to her about sending Skye to Hawaii. Sharon declared that Victor was responsible for Skye's fake death. Victor asked what he could do to alleviate Sharon's concerns. Sharon reminded Victor that she had always defended him. Sharon wondered how Victor could claim to have her back and yet lie to her. Sharon told Victor that Adam was going to receive bail.

Vance arrived at the jail and said Adam had not been granted bail. Victor pointed out that he'd always seen the goodness in Sharon. Victor said that Adam was a deviant. Victor felt he'd given Adam numerous chances to reform. Victor warned Sharon that Adam would wind up hurting Sharon. Victor offered to help Sharon some day in the future when Adam failed her, as long as Sharon would admit that she'd been wrong about Adam. Sharon felt that she'd never need Victor's protection again.

Adam walked into the Athletic Club. Sharon rushed to see him. Adam said that Vance had gotten the D.A. to drop all the charges against him. Adam was a free man. Sharon asked Adam to move in with her right away.

Diane and Nick were at the tack house. They were kissing passionately. Diane said that Jack was not going to dictate where she lived. Nick warned her not to get in the middle of Jack and Victor's war. Diane stopped kissing Nick because she had to return to the ranch to make dinner for Victor.

Jack arrived at Daniel's hospital room. Daniel was glad to see Jack. Phyllis asked Daniel if he had more memories from the night with Daisy. Daniel could only recall fighting with Daisy. Phyllis said that if Daisy had delivered the baby, they needed to find the child. Daniel's memory remained blocked. Phyllis asked more questions, but Daniel was unable to recall why Daisy had hit him.

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