The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 17, 2011 on Y&R

Christine fired Ronan. Nick's petition for sole custody of Faith was denied. Daniel held Lucy and remembered delivering Daisy's baby. Jill accepted Colin's proposal. Kevin resisted Jana's attempts to seduce him. Sharon was arrested for Skye's murder.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 17, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, January 17, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Chloe drank coffee with her mom while she waited to see Kevin at the hospital. Esther praised Chloe's compassion for Jana's situation, but Chloe said she just wanted Jana to recover quickly. Chloe added that she and Kevin could move on with their lives as soon as Jana recuperated.

After Chloe returned to the coffeehouse from her visit with Daniel and Kevin, she told her mom that Daniel had been released from the hospital. Esther offered to help Kevin and Chloe with their clandestine romance by providing cover stories. Chloe explained that hiding wouldn't be necessary much longer because Jana was about to learn that she and Kevin were no longer married.

Kevin was in a hurry to leave his apartment to meet up with Chloe, but Jana feigned a headache and begged him to stay. Kevin said he needed to check on Daniel and reminded Jana that her psychologist would arrive shortly. Before Kevin walked out, Jana told him she loved him. Kevin merely replied, "Okay."

Kevin ran into the psychologist in the hallway and pleaded with her to move things along with Jana because pretending to be married to her was hell. Jana pressed her ear to the door and overheard Kevin's comment. The psychologist told Kevin she would test the waters to see if Jana might be ready to face the truth. Kevin explained that Jana was no longer part of his life.

Jana became upset when she told her psychologist that her captors had locked her inside a cage. Jana stared at the ceiling as she recalled her nightmare with Sheila's children, Ryder and Daisy. Jana told the psychologist that she might not recall everything, but she insisted that Kevin's love had kept her alive through her ordeal. Jana maintained that she and Kevin had an unbreakable, powerful, and spiritual bond.

The psychologist asked Jana if her relationship with Kevin might have shifted more than she realized. Jana emphatically insisted that she and Kevin were two halves of a whole. Jana added that she and Kevin drew strength from each another. She cried that she wouldn't have survived her ordeal without Kevin.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina entreated Christine to let Chance know about the serious issues with Ronan's health. Christine warned that Chance's life could be endangered if she did. Christine said she could contact Chance, but she first wanted to discuss the matter with Ronan. Nina explained that Ronan had seemed hopeful when she told him she was being tested as a possible organ-donor match. She begged Christine not to take away Ronan's only hope to find a matching donor.

Heather learned that Chance was alive after she pressured Ronan to reveal the truth about what had happened the day of the shooting. Ronan yelled, "Because of you, we're all screwed." Tears welled in Heather's eyes, and she cried, "He's alive. Chance is alive." Heather realized that Chance was in Witness Protection. Heather was devastated when Ronan admitted that Chance didn't want her to know he was alive.

Heather sobbed quietly as Ronan explained that Chance's goal had been to protect people, so few knew the truth. Nina and Christine arrived and were stunned when Heather admitted knowing that Chance was alive. Christine was livid and reminded Ronan that his job was to control information. Nina maintained that their top priority was keeping Chance safe. Christine blasted Ronan for not telling her about his medical condition.

Nina sadly announced that she wasn't a match and could not be Ronan's organ donor. Nina begged Ronan to let Chance be tested. Ronan quickly refused. Christine warned that other lives, in addition to Chance's, would be at stake. Heather insisted that Chance would want to help. Nina explained that Chance had scribbled notes in the margins of her book, so she knew he'd wanted to find his brother.

After Nina and Heather stepped out, Ronan admitted to Christine that he'd screwed up. Christine replied, "Yeah, and this changes everything." Ronan blamed Christine for Heather's insatiable inquisitiveness because Heather had been told that Ronan was with the FBI. Ronan insisted that his illness was being treated. Christine said that undergoing treatment wasn't the same as seeking a cure because he needed a liver transplant.

Christine questioned Ronan's judgment after she accused him of being personally involved with Heather. Ronan insisted that his relationship with Heather was over. Christine refused to back down and relieved him of active duty. Christine admitted that Ronan was the best man on her team, but she added that she couldn't allow her personal feelings to cloud her decisions.

In the hallway, Heather told Nina she knew that it had been Chance's decision not to let her know he was alive. Nina tried to comfort Heather and told her that it couldn't be easy for Chance to live a secret life. Nina said that Chance hadn't contacted her because he always played by the rules. Nina insisted she would have played by the rules, too, if Chance hadn't become ill.

Nina told Heather that she had a right to grieve because Chance was still away. Nina explained that circumstances for Chance wouldn't change even if he could help Ronan. Nina and Heather returned to the office just after Christine fired Ronan. Heather quickly accepted blame. Before Ronan left in a huff, he warned Heather to keep her mouth shut. Nina, terrified, asked Christine why she had fired Ronan because he would assuredly leave town and have no one to look after him.

At the hospital, with Phyllis at his side, Daniel told a police officer that Daisy had been driving Jana's car. Daniel said that Daisy had been screaming at him about something. Daniel shook his head and said he regretted that he couldn't recall everything that had happened. Phyllis, fiercely protective, suggested the officer give Daniel time to recover.

Chloe arrived to visit Daniel and told him that Jana had supposedly forgotten the past year of her life. Phyllis and Daniel were astonished to learn that doctors had enlisted Kevin to pretend he and Jana were still married. Kevin arrived and learned that Daniel couldn't recall what had happened with Daisy. Phyllis reminded Daniel that his goal was to get better and let the authorities worry about Daisy.

Daniel told Kevin that Chloe had filled them in about Jana. Kevin said he felt bad for Jana because her memories of their marriage were real. Kevin placed his arm around Chloe and explained that he also didn't want to feel guilty about the good things in his life. Phyllis and Daniel congratulated the couple. Before Chloe and Kevin left, Kevin assured his friends and Chloe that his days as a make-believe husband would soon end.

After Daniel's doctor released him from the hospital, Phyllis helped Daniel hobble into his apartment. Daniel complained that his mother was smothering him. Daniel spotted Daisy's things on the sofa and said he'd hoped they would have sparked a memory. Phyllis offered to stay, but Daniel insisted the doctor wouldn't have released him had he not been capable of staying alone.

Phyllis begged Daniel to let her do something for him, and she reminded her son that she'd almost lost him. Phyllis sobbed and told Daniel she didn't know what she would have done without him. Phyllis promised Daniel that his memories would return. Daniel told his mom he hoped that Daisy's baby had a home far away from her crazy mother. After Phyllis left, Daniel opened his sketchbook and gazed at a drawing of an infant he'd made.

Kevin and Chloe rendezvoused in Kevin's car, which he had parked in a dark, secluded corner of the hospital's parking garage. Kevin and Chloe groped each other and kissed in the backseat. Chloe told Kevin that a car wasn't an appropriate place for them to make love for the first time.

Kevin told Chloe that he should return home because Jana's psychologist was about to determine if Jana was ready to learn the truth. Chloe told Kevin that waiting was hard, but admitted that she got her kicks from sneaking around to be with him. Kevin smiled and said they'd find a new way to get their kicks after Jana moved on.

After the psychologist stepped out of Kevin's apartment, Kevin returned and asked if he was a free man. The psychologist explained that Jana firmly believed that the only thing keeping her sane was her connection to him. Jana listened through the door and breathed a sigh of relief.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria was stunned to learn that the infant girl Billy cradled in his arms was their baby. Victoria coyly admired the baby's delicate features. Billy insisted that the baby belonged to them, but Victoria refused to hold the baby until Billy explained how he could have obtained the child so quickly. Billy insisted the facilitator had told him that the family slated to adopt the baby hadn't been able to take her.

Billy asked Victoria if she would rather have the baby's fate be decided by callous bureaucrats who punched a clock. After Victoria handed Billy a blanket for the baby, she stepped back and stood with her arms folded at her waist. Victoria ventured near the baby and gazed at the sleeping infant. Victoria told Billy that something didn't feel right. Billy admitted taking shortcuts, but he showed the baby's birth certificate to Victoria and insisted he'd do it all over again if he had to.

Billy placed his arm around Victoria and told her the only thing missing was a mom and dad to love the baby. As Billy fed the baby a bottle, he told Victoria that friends wouldn't question the quick arrival of the baby if they said they'd just gotten lucky. Victoria said the baby might someday want to know who her parents were. Billy said they'd tell the baby what she needed to know when she needed to know it.

Victoria refused to back down and told Billy she wanted to know about the baby's parents. Billy told Victoria that if she didn't want the infant, he'd take the child back. Victoria paced nervously as Billy continued feeding the infant. Victoria explained that she feared losing the baby after falling in love with her.

Victoria cried to Billy that someone might show up claiming that letting the child go had been a mistake. Billy promised Victoria it wouldn't happen. Billy insisted that the baby was theirs and needed their love. The baby began fussing and crying. Victoria took the baby from Billy's arms. As Victoria rocked the baby, she said soothingly, "It's okay. Mama's got you now."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diane arrived at Nick's to arrange their tryst for later that night. Diane explained that she had yet to eat dinner with Victor as planned. Nick said it seemed like she had a full night ahead of her. When Nick asked if Diane would definitely be back later, Diane kissed him and promised more when she returned.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis called to check in on Daniel. Phyllis said she'd sent over dinner for Daniel. There was a knock on the door, and Abby carried in takeout from Geno's, having met the delivery boy in the lobby. Phyllis urged Daniel to enjoy dinner with Abby and have a nice night.

Abby and Daniel feasted on lasagna. Abby said she'd missed spending time with Daniel. Abby was glad the bad times were behind them. Resting after dinner, Abby wanted a magic elf to clean up the dinner dishes. Abby then volunteered to clean the apartment for Daniel.

Daniel was impressed by Abby's generosity and grateful for all she'd done for him. Abby said she expected Daniel to win her back like he'd promised he would. Abby said she cared deeply for Daniel, explaining that Daniel wasn't just any guy. Daniel kissed Abby.

Abby agreed to spend the night. Daniel confessed that he was upset that his memory was so spotty. Daniel assumed that Daisy had given birth, but he had no memory of why he'd fought with her in the car that night. Daniel wanted his memories back.

Daniel was irked that Daisy's belongings were all over his place. Abby offered to take them away to Goodwill. Daniel studied the drawing Daisy had made of a baby. Abby noticed and asked what Daniel would do with it. Daniel wasn't sure.

Daniel remained mesmerized by the picture. Daniel wanted to recall New Year's Eve. Abby told Daniel that he might never remember what had happened with Daisy. Daniel threw the picture into the garbage can.

Phyllis thanked Jack for being so supportive to her the previous week while Daniel had been hospitalized. Jack said she'd handled it all like a champ. Phyllis blamed herself for all the havoc she'd caused by getting Daisy out of jail. Phyllis admitted to Jack that she'd had fantasies of adopting Daisy's baby and being a mom again. Phyllis wondered why it hurt to lose a child she'd never had.

Jack entertained Phyllis by telling her about his easy-going surfer dude guise in Hawaii. Phyllis received a call that she needed to get some checks to Billy for a photo shoot. Jack understood that she had to get her work done and offered to deliver Summer to Nick's as planned. Phyllis said that Jack was a peach.

Billy returned home with supplies for the new baby. Victoria was bonding with the infant and brimming with happiness. Billy was excited, too. Victoria bathed the baby and with Billy, she gave the infant a bottle. Victoria and Billy were both ecstatic to be parents again. Victoria felt like it wasn't real.

Victoria said they had to name the baby. They decided that they wanted a retro name, but one that wasn't old-fashioned. Mary, Betty, Candace, and Trixie were no good. Victoria suddenly freaked out when she realized they were naming the baby. Victoria felt that Billy had gotten time to adjust while he arranged the adoption, but Victoria was still getting used to the idea.

Billy explained that everything had fallen into place, and it was a miracle. Victoria wanted to be sure it was legitimate. Victoria feared that once they named the baby and bonded with her, Billy and Victoria would never be able to let her go. Victoria begged Billy to assure her that the adoption would not be undone or that another couple wouldn't show up and take the child back. Billy swore that the baby was theirs.

Phyllis arrived at Billy's with the checks to be signed. Phyllis walked in and saw Victoria with the baby. Phyllis wondered if they were babysitting, but Billy explained that the child was theirs. Billy and Victoria explained that there had been a last-minute adoption snafu. Billy and Victoria were in the right place at the right time to get the infant. Phyllis was surprised.

Victoria and Billy told Phyllis that it was meant to be. Phyllis congratulated them and admired the baby. Billy handed Phyllis the checks, and Phyllis offered to deliver them. Phyllis left, and Victoria appreciated that she'd seemed happy for them.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis called Jack and left a message. Phyllis apologized for being so needy earlier. She thanked Jack for holding her hand. Phyllis added that Jack would never guess who had their own "little one."

Billy noticed that the baby had red in her hair. Victoria suddenly had a thought, and Billy picked up on it, too. They decided to name the baby Lucy, after Lucille Ball.

Nick arrived at the ranch to meet with Victor. Victor told him that Adam had been released from jail and the charges had been dropped. Nick was disappointed and assumed that Sharon's story from Hawaii had been verified. Victor had expected a different reaction from Nick. Nick said he wasn't happy that Adam was free.

Victor told Nick there was something else; Adam had moved into Sharon's place. Victor said that the house belonged to Sharon, and legally she was entitled to have him move in with her. Nick didn't want Adam near his children or Diane's. Diane walked in and asked if there was a problem. Nick left Victor to explain to Diane while Nick went to confront Sharon.

Diane was stunned that Sharon had allowed Adam to move into the ranch. Diane didn't believe Sharon was the vindictive type. Victor said that was the situation, and they had to deal with it. Diane admired how well Victor was handling the stress in his life. Victor asked about dinner. Diane explained that Kyle was not joining them, so she and Victor could work through dinner. Victor was pleased.

At Sharon's, Adam was getting comfortable. Adam said it felt like a dream that Jack had freed him. Sharon believed that Jack had done it out of loyalty to Skye. Adam expected that Victor was still out to get him. Adam said that Victor underestimated him. Adam thanked Sharon for supporting him, but worried that Sharon was risking custody of Faith by having Adam live there.

Sharon offered to make dinner for Adam. Adam wasn't hungry, but he wanted to enjoy their time alone before Victor or Nick blew in with their criticism. Sharon assured Adam that she could handle the Newmans. Later, Sharon mentioned that they needed to buy groceries because there wasn't much in the house. Adam remembered when he and Sharon had first been married and he'd advised her to make him a steak.

Nick showed up at the door, and Sharon faced him. Sharon asked Nick to speak his mind and leave. Nick resented that after he'd given Sharon time with Faith, Sharon had repaid him by taking Adam into her home.

Sharon said that Adam's name had been cleared, and he was a free man. Adam told Nick that Nick's bullying Sharon about Faith was going to end. Nick didn't want Adam anywhere near his children. Nick couldn't see Sharon's side, and she couldn't see his. Nick thanked Sharon for making his custody case easier.

After dinner with Victor, Diane commented that it had been fun. Victor's phone rang, and it was Nick to report that Adam had stood by Sharon when Nick confronted her. Nick said that Sharon was under Adam's influence. Victor offered Nick his complete support. Victor told Diane that Sharon's behavior was inexplicable. While Victor walked out to get some paperwork, Diane called to check in on Nick.

Diane wasn't sure she could make it until late because of the work she was doing with Victor. Jack showed up at the door with Summer. Nick told Diane that they would have to make it another night. Nick thanked Jack for delivering Summer. Jack agreed to stay and have a beer with Nick.

Jack and Nick agreed it had been an eventful week. Jack wanted to know more, but Nick said he'd explain after putting the children to bed. Nick went to bathe Faith, but Jack volunteered to do a puzzle with Summer. Nick and Jack agreed it wasn't the night they'd envisioned.

Later, Jack and Nick commiserated over Sharon's bizarre decision. Nick believed that Sharon had lost it. Nick thought Faith would suffer most. Jack felt the same way about Diane moving Kyle into Victor's house. Jack was determined to get his son away from Victor. Nick didn't want Adam living near his children.

Diane gave Nick an update on the specs for a Japanese building. Victor wanted to break ground by May of 2011, but Diane said that would be difficult. Victor claimed that he could arrange for the permits in Japan and urged Diane to deal with his legal team.

Diane thought that Victor was very Zen. Victor had never heard that before. Diane expected Victor to have been upset about Sharon. Victor predicted that Sharon's world would crash down around her thanks to Adam.

Diane was surprised that Victor didn't want to teach Sharon a lesson. Diane pointed out that it wasn't like Victor to just let things play out. Victor said he did have something planned for Adam. Victor had no sympathy for Adam and planned to hurt him badly.

Adam was upset by the way Nick had spoken with Sharon. Sharon felt that the courts would not side with Nick just because he didn't like Adam. Sharon was determined to hire an attorney and fight Nick. Adam believed that Sharon was very strong.

Sharon said in her entire life, only Adam had showed faith in her ability to be a competent adult. Sharon recalled how her mother had babied her, and people like Phyllis had considered her a damsel in distress. Sharon loved Adam and knew that the rest of the world was crazy not to see him as she did.

Adam and Sharon shared a fantasy about opening a Creole restaurant in Genoa City. They'd call in the Quarter, and investors would rush to support them. Adam said he'd turn them down because Adam wouldn't share Sharon with anyone else. Adam and Sharon made love in front of the fire.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chloe called Kevin and asked Kevin if the psychiatrist had finally told Jana that Kevin and Jana were no longer married. Kevin explained that Jana was too fragile to be told in a blunt way, but Kevin said he had a plan. Jana listened as Kevin told Chloe that Jana had to have her memory returned in a natural way. Kevin said he was going to take Jana to the movie revival house where she and Ryder had gone in 2010. Kevin believed that the movie would jog Jana's memory.

At the movie house, Jana was charmed by the place. Jana asked Kevin about the movie they'd be seeing. Kevin said they were going to see The Lady from Shanghai<.i>. Kevin left Jana to get a bag of popcorn. In the back row, Kevin saw Chloe was in the theater. Kevin rushed over to her. Kevin was sure that Jana's memory would return as a result of the images in the movie.

During the movie, Jana was distracted. Kevin asked if Jana remembered anything in the movie. Jana lowered her head, then looked up at the screen and said she remembered. Jana recalled being there with Daisy and Ryder, and how they had locked her in the theater. Jana asked if Kevin had deliberately taken her to that place to force her to remember. Kevin said he hadn't been trying to trick her. Jana was upset, and Kevin left with Jana when she said she wanted to go home.

Christine was in Ronan's office when Heather arrived. Christine said that Ronan wasn't there. Heather wanted to speak with Chris. Heather asked Chris what it would take for Chris to give Ronan back his job. Heather pointed out that Ronan would leave Genoa City if he didn't have this job, and in his precarious health condition, he would have nobody to take care of him. Chris said that Ronan was out of the FBI because he had put other lives at risk.

In his motel room, Ronan called his doctor and learned he had not moved up on the donor list. Nina stopped by for a visit and insisted on speaking with Ronan about his troubles. Nina blamed Chris for firing Ronan, but Ronan understood why Chris had done what she did. Ronan had never told Chris about his health condition.

Nina asked Ronan to use the information he had about Chance's whereabouts to have Chance tested as a donor. Ronan said it wasn't worth risking Chance's life for his own. Ronan said he was grateful for the time he had left. Nina asked if Ronan was giving up. Ronan advised Nina to figure out how to let go of him because Ronan wouldn't be around for long.

Ronan apologized to Nina for disappointing her. Ronan felt that Nina was a great woman, and he said he was honored to have Nina in his life. Nina didn't want to say goodbye. Nina said she wanted to find a way to make Ronan well enough to enjoy life before the disease killed him. Nina knew that Ronan was angry and in fear.

Nina wanted Ronan to fight the disease. Nina urged Ronan to consider Chance as an option. Ronan was reluctant to jeopardize Chance's life. Nina asked Ronan to let her be there for him even if she couldn't save his life.

Heather knocked on Ronan's door. Nina said goodbye and left Ronan to be alone with Heather. Heather apologized to Ronan for getting him fired. Ronan didn't know what Heather expected him to say. Ronan said that the day he and Heather had spent eating Chinese food and in the snow had been a mistake. Heather admitted that she had pushed too hard on the case, and she had pushed Ronan too hard to tell her the truth about Chance.

Heather revealed to Ronan that she thought she'd die the day of the car bomb. Heather believed that her life had changed because Chance had saved her. Heather confessed that she had fallen in love with Chance and she had never gotten over his death. Heather took the blame for how her life had fallen apart in the wake of Chance's death and her ambition to become the D.A.

Heather appreciated that Ronan helped pull her out of that tailspin. Heather said her romance with Ronan had not been a mistake. Heather had never meant to hurt Ronan by being so pushy about Chance's shooting. Heather said she felt vulnerable with Ronan, and she wished she'd been more brave and strong for him.

Heather felt she'd lowered all her walls because she'd lost so much, and she didn't want to lose Ronan, too. Heather begged Ronan to forgive her. Heather demanded that Ronan say something. Ronan kissed Heather. A moment later, Ronan pushed Heather away.

Ronan said hurtful things to Heather to force her to leave. He mentioned how she had let guys like Adam use her. Ronan opened the door and demanded that Heather leave. Ronan slammed the door shut and then collapsed on the floor in pain. Ronan called the front desk to arrange for his bill. He was leaving Genoa City.

Paul met with Kay and told her what he'd learned about Colin. Paul said Colin had been imprisoned for tax evasion. Kay said Colin was charming, but her instincts told her that Colin was a dangerous man. Kay was determined to protect Jill, even if Jill didn't want her protection.

In Jill's room, Jill and Colin were in bed together, enjoying each other and sharing stories about making love. A while later, Kay walked into Jill's bedroom and expected to find Colin in bed with Jill. Colin came out of the bathroom in a pink bathrobe.

Kay asked Colin how he'd wound up in prison. Colin said was a venture capitalist, and when he'd crossed the line, he'd been caught. Colin blamed the authorities for impeding his investments. Jill told Kay to stop being self-righteous. Kay's instincts told her that there was more to Colin's story then just tax evasion.

Colin recalled reading about Kay's former husband having a less than spotless record and being in trouble with the law. Kay said she would find the skeletons in Colin's closet. A while later, Colin was dressed and told Jill he had to leave. Colin kissed Jill goodbye and walked out of the room. Kay watched Colin leave then burst into Jill's room. Jill told Kay to butt out of her life.

In the living room, Jill was working on Fenmore's marketing at the same time as Kay was on the phone about Chancellor business. The two women clashed. Kay asked Jill what Colin wanted from her. Jill said that Colin was hot, and she loved being with him.

Sofia and Cane were at the Athletic Club, having a breakfast meeting, when Blake appeared. Blake tried to charm Sofia, but she told him to save the fancy words for someone else. Sofia accused Blake of being a fake and told him to leave town, or Sofia would report him to the authorities. Blake said that Cane still owed his boss a fortune, and Cane had better pay his debt or suffer the consequences.

Cane told Sofia that he would go to the cops himself. Sofia said that she had another solution. Sofia proposed that she and Cane do James Collier's work together to pay off the debt. Cane asked Sofia why she would jeopardize her career for him. Sofia admitted that she'd been in trouble in her life and someone had helped her out. Sofia said it was her way of paying it forward. Cane said many people in America had helped him, including Kay and Jill.

Sofia wondered if anyone had helped Cane in Australia. Cane had memories of a woman caring for him. Cane said if that woman had lived, his life would have been very different. Lily called, and Cane spoke to his kids. Colin entered and saw Sofia and Cane at the table.

Blake told Colin that Cane had tried to renegotiate the deal. Colin said that Cane was ready to cave in to the pressure. Colin told Blake to demand payment in full and apply more pressure.

Sofia said goodbye to Cane and left the Club. Colin and Blake confronted Cane. Colin told Cane that he had decided to let Cane continue living in Genoa City. Colin said he liked the city and liked Lily and Jill. Colin ticked Cane off by telling him that he'd really enjoyed holding his grandchildren.

Chris ran into Paul at Crimson Lights. Chris couldn't discuss the case she was working on, despite Paul's questions. Chris explained that she'd been forced to fire Ronan because he'd compromised a case. Chris told Paul that the news about Ronan's transplant wasn't good. Nina wasn't a match. Nina arrived at the coffeehouse and said hello to Chris and Paul. Nina said she wasn't giving up on Ronan even though she wasn't a donor match.

Paul said goodbye because he had to get back to work. Nina pleaded with Chris to find a way for Chance to be tested as a possible donor. Nina made a good case for why Chance had to be contacted. Chris agreed to speak with Chance, but only if Ronan agreed.

Paul met with Kay again about Colin. Kay told Paul that Colin was unconcerned about his prison record. Jill walked in and was disappointed that Paul had been hired to investigate Colin. Paul said that he had learned some troubling things about Colin. Jill demanded to know what Paul had discovered. Paul remained quiet. Jill said that she would not stop seeing Colin.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Esther that she was fed up with her relationship with Kevin. Chloe didn't like sneaking around to be with Kevin. Esther suggested that Chloe and Kevin have a secret picnic in the country. Chloe liked the idea, but she wanted it to be a romantic dinner that included their making love.

Back at Kevin's apartment, Jana told Kevin that she remembered being in the cage. Jana also recalled screaming for Kevin to go and rescue her. Jana said that she had feared that Kevin thought she'd left him. Kevin said he knew Jana had been abducted. Jana told Kevin that she loved him and that he was her life. Kevin hugged Jana, and she asked him to make love to her. Jana wanted the nightmare to be over. Jana pleaded with Kevin to prove his love for her.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sharon returned home from the grocery store, carrying a shopping bag. Adam was glad to see her and promised to make her bananas foster with all the goodies she'd bought. Adam asked if Sharon was seeing Faith. Sharon said it was her day, but she was worried that Nick would give her a hard time. Adam assured Sharon that Nick would not get full custody of Faith. Sharon called Nick to arrange to see Faith.

Nick was at the ranch with Victor. Nick told Sharon that Faith would be staying with him until the judge ruled on his custody petition. Until then, Nick said Sharon could not see Faith. Nick hung up the phone as Victor returned to the room, carrying Faith in his arms.

Victor supported Nick's decision to keep Sharon away from Faith. Nick asked Victor if he had spoken to the judge on Nick's behalf. Nick didn't want Victor to interfere with the case the way he had in Victoria's custody case. Victor laughed at the idea that he had any influence, but he admitted that he had spoken with the judge casually. Victor said he'd told the judge that Sharon had shown poor judgment by moving in with Adam. Victor felt Faith was better off without Sharon in her life.

Sharon was upset about Nick's decision and wanted to confront him. As she went to the door, a government agent named Barnhart appeared. The agent wanted to speak with Sharon about Skye's disappearance in Hawaii. Sharon was thrilled that somebody from the government was finally interested in hearing what had happened to Skye and what Sharon had witnessed in Hawaii. The agent asked about Skye's trashed hotel room Genoa City.

Adam said that the blood had been planted in the hotel room. Sharon explained how she followed a lead about Skye's rare perfume. A shipment had been sent to a post office box in Hawaii. Sharon said that she had run into Skye on the trail to the volcano because Adam had told Sharon that Skye was attracted to that kind of activity. The agent was interested in the encounter on the volcano. Barnhart asked if Sharon had been angry with Skye.

Sharon said she was upset, but Skye was angry, too. Sharon admitted that she had tried to take a picture of Skye, and they had struggled for the camera. Adam resented Banhart's questions because he was implying that Sharon had a motive to kill Skye. Sharon said that Skye had refused to return to Genoa City. Adam explained that Sharon needed Skye to return to prove that Adam was not guilty of killing Skye. Adam pointed out that Sharon had no motive to let Skye die.

The man said that the likelihood of Skye falling into a volcano were astronomical. Adam couldn't believe Banhart was citing statistics. Sharon and Adam told the investigator to talk to Victor because he was responsible for setting up Adam for Skye's death. Banhart left Sharon's house. Adam didn't think Banhart had enough evidence to hurt Sharon. Sharon was worried about her chances in the custody battle with Nick. Adam said that Banhart could not hurt her chances, but Sharon pointed out that Nick had more power than she did.

Banhart arrived at the ranch. Victor asked what he wanted, and Banhart said he had questions for Victor about his daughter-in-law, Skye Lockhart Newman. Victor said he'd had nothing to do with Skye being in Hawaii. Victor offered to show the man his flight plans. Banhart asked if Nick knew where his father had been during that time. Nick backed up Victor's claim that he'd been to Asia.

Banhart said that Jack and Adam believed that Victor had set up Skye's new life in Hawaii. Victor denied any involvement with Skye. Victor accused Jack and Adam of having a vendetta against him. Banhart said that it had been Sharon who insisted on him speaking with Victor about Skye winding up in Hawaii. Victor was surprised.

Sharon complained to Adam about how Nick was using Faith as a weapon. Sharon said that Faith needed consistency in her life and the presence of her mother. Sharon feared that the judge would give Nick sole custody. The phone rang; it was Leslie calling with the judge's ruling on Nick's petition.

Banhart left the ranch. Nick was furious that Sharon had sent Banhart to interrogate Victor. Victor said that Adam had Sharon under his control. The phone rang, and Nick said it was Michael.

Nick heard that his petition had been denied and he had to share custody with Sharon. Victor was shocked. Nick said that the judge wanted Faith to spend time with her mother. The doorbell rang, and Sharon and Adam arrived. Sharon asked Nick to give her Faith.

At the Athletic Club, Colin told Cane that he intended to make Genoa City his home. Colin sent Blake away so he could speak with Cane alone. Blake ran into Lily in the lobby. Lily said she was arranging a surprise for Cane. Blake offered to help Lily with her plans. Blake got the key to the wine cellar.

Cane told Colin not to stay in Genoa City. Colin said he had other reasons to remain in Genoa City; it wasn't all about Cane. Jill walked in, and Cane noticed that Colin and Jill had become intimate. Jill said she missed Colin while she was away from him. Colin promised to remedy that by spending more time with Jill. Colin asked Jill to stay for lunch. Cane sat down and said he'd love to join them.

Jill told Cane that she wanted to be alone with Colin. Cane told Jill he didn't want Jill to spend time with Colin. Cane told Jill he was concerned about her rushing into a relationship with Colin. Jill took a phone call, and Cane warned his father to leave Jill alone. Colin said he cared for Jill and was thinking about marrying her.

Cane said that he would tell Jill everything about Colin. Colin said he could tell the truth about Cane, too. Colin didn't believe that Lily would accept who Cane really was and what their life had been like in Australia. Jill returned and asked Cane to explain his objections to Colin.

Blake took Lily to the wine cellar to help her choose a selection for a romantic night with Cane. Blake flirted with Lily while explaining the differences in wine. Lily suggested a French wine. Blake found a $4,000 bottle of wine that would have been perfect. Lily asked for something more reasonable. Blake obliged by finding another bottle. Lily went to leave and discovered the door was locked, and the key was in the door on the outside. Blake called in vain for help.

Neither Blake nor Lily could get a cell phone signal. Blake suggested they celebrate their entrapment by having a drink. Blake opened the bottle of wine using a shoe, impressing Lily with his ingenuity. Lily took a swig from the bottle and then Blake took a shot. They poured glasses of wine and chatted while waiting for someone to find them.

Lily said she had planned the night for Cane. It was their way to recreate Paris in Genoa City. Lily said she wished she knew more about Cane's life before he came to Genoa City. Blake mentioned Samantha, and Lily was curious. Blake tried to change the subject, but Lily wanted to know more. Pierre showed up and unlocked the door to the wine cellar.

Lily paused before leaving. Blake asked her why she wasn't rushing to the hotel room to meet Cane for his surprise. Lily said she was ready to leave.

Back at the table, Jill asked Cane to try to get along with Colin. Jill brought up a common bond, Samantha. Jill asked Cane and Colin to try to be friends. Colin agreed, but Cane had a bitter memory of a seemingly dead Samantha. When Blake and Lily appeared from the wine cellar, Cane lashed out at Blake and told him to keep away from Lily.

Cane asked why Blake was with Lily. Lily said that Blake had been helping Lily plan a surprise for Cane. Cane apologized for flying off the handle. Jill told Cane to calm down. Blake paid off Pierre for getting him into the wine cellar and alone with Lily.

In the lobby, Cane hugged Lily and said he was sorry. Lily asked Cane to tell her who Samantha was. Cane told Lily that Samantha had been his sister and she had died. Lily asked why Cane had never told her. Lily felt that Cane hadn't trusted her with the truth. Lily was frustrated with Cane.

Lily asked if Cane was hiding anything else. Cane promised that there was nothing more. Lily suggested that they go to their room. Cane looked back at Jill and Colin.

Colin impulsively asked Jill if she would marry him. Jill nearly spit out her water. Jill said she couldn't marry a man she hardly knew. Colin said he was serious. Colin told Jill not to think, just to react. Jill said yes. Colin kissed her.

Esther called a bed and breakfast to arrange a romantic night for Chloe and Kevin, but there was nothing available. Esther offered to get Chloe a room at the Athletic Club, but Chloe wanted to sneak away from Genoa City with Kevin. Chloe was frustrated that Jana's memory was still frozen in time. Chloe was determined to be with Kevin that night.

At Kevin's, Jana tried to seduce Kevin, begging him to make love to her. Kevin resisted her advances, but Jana insisted that Kevin was what she needed. Kevin said that he had a sore throat and didn't want to infect Jana. Kevin told Jana that making love wasn't a good idea. Kevin wanted Jana to see her therapist about the breakthrough at the movie house. Jana asked Kevin why he didn't want to make love to her.

Chloe called and asked Kevin when they could be together. Kevin said that Jana was insisting on making love. Chloe proposed some ideas for Kevin to use to fend off Jana's advances. Jana took Kevin's phone and ended the call. Jana told Kevin that she found him very sexy and wanted him badly.

Kevin refrained from having sex with Jana. Kevin said they couldn't make love. Jana asked why Kevin didn't want to be what they were before Ryder and Daisy entered their lives. Kevin said that he wasn't able to stand at attention for Jana because he wasn't in the mood.

Jana asked Kevin to hold her. Kevin cuddled uncomfortably with Jana on the couch. Jana tried to stimulate Kevin, and he pushed her away. Kevin declared that he was gender confused. Jana was stunned. Esther knocked on the door and burst in with the fixings for chicken soup to cure Kevin's cold.

At the Chancellor house, Chloe spoke to the cook about making Kevin's favorite foods for their romantic dinner. Chloe tried to reach Kevin, but his voicemail picked up.

Chloe called Esther and learned that there was a problem with Kevin getting away for the surprise dinner. Kevin asked Esther what was going on, and Esther tipped him off about the dinner. Kevin told Jana he needed to go out. Jana asked Kevin not to leave her alone.

Esther shared the chicken soup with Jana and Kevin. Jana asked Esther to leave so that she could be alone with Kevin. Esther said she understood, and Kevin walked her to the door. In the hallway, Esther said that Kevin and Chloe would not be able to be together as planned. Esther knew that Chloe would be very disappointed. Kevin asked Esther to do him a favor.

Esther gave Chloe a gift bag from Kevin. It included a New Year's hat and a jewelry box. Inside was a necklace. The cell phone rang, and Chloe heard from Kevin. Kevin promised that they would be together very soon. Jana called to Kevin, and he had to hang up.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nina and Paul arrived at the Chancellor house. Nina apologized for changing her mind about seeing a movie, but she was hoping that Ronan would call. Paul said he understood. Paul also told Nina that he had gotten himself tested as a possible donor match for Ronan.

Paul explained that he wasn't a match for Ronan. Nina appreciated that Paul had tried. Nina was concerned about Ronan and wished that he could find a job to keep his mind occupied while he was dealing with his illness. Paul offered to hire Ronan as a private investigator. Paul was curious about why Chris had fired Ronan from the FBI.

Paul and Nina greeted Nikki when she entered the living room. Nina went to the kitchen to give Nikki a chance to speak with Paul. Paul was glad that Nikki was staying at Kay's rather than being all alone. Paul told Nikki that he and Nina had a good relationship. Paul wanted Nikki to find someone special in her life, too.

Outside the Chancellor house, Heather ran into Chris. Neither had been in touch with Ronan. Chris said that she had contacted Chance's Witness Protection handler. The door opened and Nikki walked out, saying she had to leave. Paul greeted Heather and Chris.

Heather and Chris entered the house and said hello to Nina. Paul went to the kitchen so Nina could speak with Heather and Nina. Nina urged Chris to trust Paul with the information about Chance still being alive. When Paul returned to the room, Nina told him that she'd been keeping a secret from him. Nina asked Paul not to be upset. Nina told Paul that Chance was in the Witness Protection program and had not been killed by Ronan.

Paul was stunned, but all the pieces added up to him. Paul learned that Nina had found out about Chance's relocation soon after the shooting. Paul was happy for Nina and embraced her. Chris told Nina, Paul, and Heather that she'd contacted Chance, and he was being tested as a possible donor for Ronan. Chris explained that if Chance were a match for Ronan, the surgery would take place when Chance returned to Genoa City to testify against Pomerantz.

Nina and Paul went to Ronan's motel room to tell him the good news about Chance. Paul told Nina to give Ronan space. Nina knocked on the door. A strange woman answered the door and said that Ronan had checked out. Nina was upset to see that all of Ronan's things were gone. Nina feared that Ronan would die if they didn't find him.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel was happy to be out of the apartment. Abby told Daniel to take it easy and offered to buy him a coffee. Daniel wished there was a drink to help him remember what had happened the last night he'd spent with Daisy.

Daniel apologized for being a downer and obsessing about his memory loss. Abby told Daniel he didn't need to apologize. Abby said that she had not treated Daniel right when Daisy showed up. Daniel understood why Abby had reacted as she had. Daniel hoped that Daisy's baby had wound up in a good family.

Chris and Heather entered the coffeehouse. They were discussing the fact Ronan might not appreciate the good news about Chance agreeing to be tested as a donor. Chris and Heather saw Daniel with Abby. Chris asked Daniel if there was any news about Daisy or the baby. Paul called Chris to tell her that Ronan was missing. Chris said she and Heather would meet Nina and Ronan at the motel.

D.A. Walsh and agent Banhart stopped Chris from leaving Crimson Lights. While Heather went on to Ronan's, Walsh and Banhart told Chris they had information about the Skye Newman case. Chris looked at the evidence. Walsh said that Chris was in charge of the case, and she ordered an arrest warrant.

Billy arrived home and saw that Victoria was pampering Lucy. Billy had packages of new clothes for the baby. Victoria thought that it might be time for Lucy to make her public debut. Billy wanted to be sure they had their story straight about Lucy. Victoria called Abby to invite her to the house for a big surprise. Abby said she'd be right over.

At the ranch, Sharon asked Nick to let her have Faith, since it was her time with their daughter. Sharon said that the judge had ruled, and she was entitled to shared custody of Faith. Nikki arrived at the ranch and was stunned to see Sharon and Adam in the living room. Nikki took Nick's side against Faith. Sharon didn't care that the Newmans disapproved of her and her choices.

Sharon told Nikki, Nick and Victor that they had no right to judge her considering their indiscretions. Sharon took Faith from Nick and walked out with Adam. Nikki asked Victor to do something to stop Sharon. Nick thought it was too late, since the judge had already made her ruling. Victor said that Michael could petition a higher court. Victor said the judge who ruled against Nick would never win another election.

Nikki was incensed over Sharon's behavior. Victor felt that Sharon would be punished for her actions. Nick told Victor that he was going to ask Michael to file the appeal right away. Nikki received a call from Victoria. Victoria wanted Nikki to go to her house immediately.

Victoria then called Nick with the same message. Victoria told Billy that her family was on their way. Nikki and Nick had no idea what Victoria's surprise might be, but they decided to go to Victoria's together. Victor offered to call Michael to file the appeal.

Victor called Michael's phone and left a message. Victor was frustrated that Michael's phone kept going to voicemail. Victor called Michael's associate to tell him to arrange for Michael to meet Victor at the Athletic Club dining room immediately.

At Billy and Victoria's, Nikki, Abby, and Nick were curious about Victoria's surprise. Victoria walked into the room with new baby Lucy. The sight of the new baby stunned the family. Lucy dazzled Nikki, Abby, and Nick. Victoria assured her family that she and Billy were blessed to have gotten Lucy so quickly, that the pieces had fallen into place for them. Nick welcomed Lucy to the family and congratulated Billy. Victoria said that Lucy was a wonderful baby.

Daniel arrived at the house to pick up Abby. Abby asked Victoria if she could invite Daniel into the house, and Victoria said yes. Nikki wondered why Victoria had not invited Victor to meet Lucy. Victoria said that she didn't want any undue drama. Abby welcomed Daniel into the house.

Daniel saw Lucy in Victoria's arms. Nikki and Nick were happy for Victoria and Billy. Nikki approved of how Billy and Victoria were handling the baby. Abby intervened and asked Victoria to show Daniel the baby. Daniel said all babies looked the same.

Abby's cell phone rang, and Daniel was handed the baby. Daniel held Lucy in his arms and had a flashback of Daisy giving birth in the car. Daniel remembered Daisy screaming at him and pushing the baby out. Daniel recalled holding the newborn right before Daisy hit him over the head with a flashlight.

Abby approached Daniel and asked if he was all right. Daniel couldn't speak.

Sharon and Adam were playing with Faith at Sharon's house. Adam was proud of the way Sharon had stood up to Nick, Victor, and Nikki. Sharon felt victorious. Adam noticed that Faith had a lot of Sharon's physical traits. Adam apologized to Sharon for taking the infant Faith from her. Adam promised to spend the rest of his life earning the second chance that Sharon had given him. Adam told Sharon that he couldn't think of another thing he wanted.

Sharon wanted a good life and happy future for Faith. Adam was sorry about the war between him and his family. Sharon asked Adam to forget about the past and drop his need for revenge. Adam said if he could live and let live, he would, but it wasn't up to him because Victor wanted Adam to suffer.

Adam suggested that they go to the Athletic Club to celebrate. At the Club, Adam and Sharon drank champagne. Adam proposed a toast to the future. Victor appeared and told Sharon and Adam they had a lot of nerve, celebrating in public. Victor warned Sharon to stop what she was doing with Adam. Sharon said that she and Adam were planning their future together. Victor predicted that Sharon's world would be crashing down very soon.

Sharon said she didn't recognize Victor anymore. Sharon denied being brainwashed by Adam. Sharon said that Victor had been the culprit behind Skye's death, and Victor knew the truth.

Chris showed up at the Club and handed Sharon a warrant for her arrest. The D.A. arrested Sharon for the murder of Skye Newman. Adam and Sharon were stunned.

At the bus station, Paul explained that if Ronan were leaving town, he'd take a bus. Nina saw Ronan and stopped him from boarding the bus. Ronan reminded Nina that he'd asked her to let him go. Nina accused Ronan of being a coward and running away. Nina challenged Ronan to stay and fight.

Ronan told Nina that he didn't want her to watch him die. Nina told Ronan that Chance was being tested as a donor match. Ronan thought it was a bad idea. Nina said that she loved Ronan and wanted to help him. Nina asked Ronan to let her help him. Nina said that life might be chasing Ronan, and he had to stop and let life catch up.

Heather and Paul approached Nina and Ronan. Ronan realized they all cared about him. Ronan agreed to stay. Nina hugged him.

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