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Daniel realized that Lucy might be Daisy's baby. Nikki found comfort in Deacon's arms. Adam and Jack teamed up. Lily learned that Cane had been part of an Australian crime family. Victor and Diane began an affair.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 24, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lily led a blindfolded Cane into a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Cane was charmed to find the room transformed with Parisian-themed décor. Lily announced that the room would be their secret hideaway for the evening. Cane awed Lily when he produced from his wallet a slip of paper on which was written the date of their first kiss. They both recalled September 17, 2007, as the day Lily told Cane she'd settle for a kiss in lieu of a gift.

Cane told Lily that he fondly remembered each of the special moments they'd shared. A waiter delivered champagne and strawberries with whipped cream. Lily pulled off her dress to reveal the skimpy, lacy underwear she'd donned for the occasion. Lily stretched out on the bed, which had been strewn with silk rose petals.

Cane stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. Lily told Cane that she was happier than she'd even been in her life. After Cane and Lily made love, he promised he would always give her and the twins the best of everything. Lily maintained that their family had already weathered grave difficulties, so nothing could ever change what they had.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon was horrified when Christine, accompanied by two uniformed officers and Victor, served an arrest warrant. Sharon refused to be handcuffed and told Faith that the embarrassing scene was only make-believe. Adam, incensed, approached Victor and asked him if his aim was to separate Faith from her mother.

Sharon entreated Victor to admit that he'd taken Skye to Hawaii and that Sharon had traveled to the island only to take Skye back to Genoa City. Adam angrily added, "You made this happen. Fix it, now." Victor instead offered to take Faith to Nick.

After the officers whisked Sharon away, Adam phoned Leslie and summoned her to the police station. Victor asked Christine about the evidence regarding Sharon's case, but Christine refused to share the information. Victor phoned Nick and learned that he was at Victoria's.

At the police station, Christine gave Leslie an envelope and explained that it contained an audio transcript extracted from a video captured by a tourist who'd aimed his camera at the lava flow. Adam and Leslie scanned the document as Sharon explained that Skye's death had been a horrible accident. Spencer, the district attorney, told Sharon that a little honesty on her part just might impress the judge.

Spencer told Adam that Adam's girlfriend, Sharon, had ventured to Hawaii on Adam's behalf. Christine played the digital audio recording. Sharon could be heard telling Skye that she shouldn't ruin a man's life just because he'd broken her heart. Skye had replied, "You can't stop me." Sharon sternly replied, "Oh, yes I can!" The rumbling volcano drowned out the remainder of Sharon's conversation with Skye.

Sharon cried to Christine and Spencer that she'd tried in vain to save Skye's life after Skye slipped and fell. Christine told Sharon that the audio evidence was quite damning. Leslie ordered Adam and Sharon to remain silent when Christine and Spencer tried to explain what had transpired. Spencer announced that Sharon's actions seemed premeditated, and he predicted that a jury would agree. Christine noted that Sharon could face a twenty-year-to-life prison sentence without the possibility of parole.

Leslie privately told Sharon that she could contest the recording, but Leslie reminded Sharon that Sharon had already admitted being with Skye the night of the accident. Sharon assured Leslie that although she'd been angry with Skye, she had done everything possible to save the woman's life. Christine abruptly ended Sharon's impromptu conference with her counsel.

Spencer claimed that Sharon had lied in an attempt to cover Skye's murder. Sharon cried that the incident with Skye had not happened the way Spencer had described it. Leslie again shushed Sharon. Adam pointed his finger at Christine and Spencer and told them that they were ruining an innocent woman's life. As an officer led Sharon away, she cried, "I didn't do it! I swear I didn't kill Skye!"

After the arraignment, Sharon returned to the station and complained that the judge had set bail at five million dollars. Adam noted that bond would amount to $500,000. Sharon cried that it would take days for her to raise that amount of cash. Adam stepped aside with Leslie and said he didn't want Sharon to spend even one night in jail.

Nick arrived at the police station and glared at Sharon. Sharon rushed to Nick and told him that she'd suddenly been labeled a killer and would be jailed unless she could pay bond. Nick assured Sharon that Faith would be fine. He harshly added, "You'll just have to deal with whatever it is you have to deal with." Shocked by Nick's tone, Sharon asked, "Do you think that I am a killer?"

Nick told Sharon that he didn't believe she'd gone to Hawaii to kill anyone. Sharon asked Nick if he thought she'd pushed Skye or just let her fall into the volcano. Nick responded, "Who knows? I thought we'd be married by now, Sharon." Sharon claimed that Nick feelings about her were based on his grudge with Adam. Nick noted that none of what had taken place would have happened had Sharon not endeavored to clear Adam. Nick reminded Sharon that Skye was dead, but all Sharon was concerned about was making bail.

Nick told Sharon that the family judge would likely reverse the custody order because of her arrest. Christine and Adam joined Nick and Sharon. Adam told Nick that their father was responsible because he'd taken Skye to Hawaii. Adam reminded Nick that they'd all been in New Orleans when Skye disappeared. Nick had a flashback of asking his father where he'd been when Skye disappeared. Victor had claimed he'd been skiing in Telluride.

Nick asked Christine for a copy of the arrest report. Sharon cried that Nick wanted to take the report to family court, so he could convince the judge to take Faith away from her mother. Sharon became despondent and told Nick that she needed to be with Faith. Nick pointed at Adam and responded, "If you could hand our daughter to a psychopath, I think you could be capable of anything."

After Nick left, Adam told Christine that Victor was responsible for Skye's death because he'd taken her to Hawaii in order to frame Adam with murder. Christine seemed exasperated and told Sharon that whatever Victor might have done didn't matter because her murder charges warranted the prosecutor's full attention. Before Sharon was taken to her cell, Adam promised he would clear the charges, so she could return home with him and Faith.

At Billy and Victoria's, while the family gathered to meet baby Lucy, Abby placed the infant in Daniel's arms. As Daniel gazed at the baby's face, he recalled in a flashback that he'd helped Daisy give birth the night she'd hit him in the head and knocked him unconscious. Daniel seemed shaken that the very last thing he could remember was admiring his daughter seconds after she'd been born.

Jack and Ashley arrived, joining Nikki, Daniel, Abby, Nick, Billy, and Victoria. Ashley was stunned to discover that Billy and Victoria had adopted an infant daughter. Nikki cradled the baby. Jack noted that Billy and Victoria had circumvented the red tape an adoption usually entailed. Victoria insisted that fate had stepped in because baby Lucy was meant to part of their family.

Abby suddenly missed Daniel's presence and found him standing on the front porch. Daniel seemed distracted, and Abby realized that his attention had been redirected to Daisy's baby while he'd been cradling Lucy. Daniel readily admitted that he hadn't wanted to raise his and Daisy's baby. Daniel added that he had wanted to ensure that the child would be safe and loved. Abby comforted Daniel and hugged him.

Jack seemed amused as he watched Billy doting on his youngest child. As Nikki sipped iced tea, Nick told his mom and Victoria that Victor was on his way over with Faith. Victoria protested Victor's unwelcome visit, but Nikki insisted that grandbabies had a magical way of healing broken families.

After Victor arrived, he announced that Sharon had been arrested for Skye's murder. Victor admitted that he'd coincidentally been present during the arrest. Billy sarcastically remarked, "Sure -- coincidentally." Victor glared menacingly at Billy.

Jack explained that Sharon had gone to Hawaii, hoping to find Skye alive, so murder had never been part of her plan. Jack added that Skye had traveled to Hawaii because Victor had been attempting to frame Adam with her murder. Nick seemed stunned as he held Faith close. Jack noted that another of Victor's acts of revenge had this time hurt Skye and Sharon. Nick grabbed his coat and headed to the police station. Victor took Faith and said he would take the child home.

On the other side of the room, Daniel hovered over Lucy's bassinette and whispered softly, "You already look so different, but it's you, isn't it? How'd you get here? What did Daisy do? What am I supposed to do now?" Victoria approached Lucy and Daniel and remarked that babies had an amazing capacity to draw attention. The baby fussed, and Daniel seemed anxious for Victoria to attend to Lucy's needs.

While Victor held Faith, Victoria approached, cradling Lucy, and introduced the baby as Victor's new granddaughter. Victor angrily noted that Victoria had summoned her mother and brother to see the new baby, but she had neglected to invite her father. Billy claimed he was to blame and told Victor to redirect his attention to Lucy. Victoria said she'd merely wished to surround Lucy with love and joy.

Victoria told her father she had hoped he could be happy for her family. Victor turned his back to Victoria and left with Faith. Nikki followed Victor out on the porch and ordered him to forget the lawsuit and share a special day with his daughter. Ashley stepped out to take Faith back inside while Victoria and Nikki talked with Victor.

Victoria pleaded with Victor to forget about the lawsuit for a while and embrace his new granddaughter. Victor asked if he should step back inside and lie about being joyous. Victoria and Nikki were stunned. Victor embarked on a tirade and said that the adoption of the baby would forever bind Victoria to the useless Billy Abbott.

Victor noted that the innocent child would forever link Victoria to a useless punk. Victor asked Victoria if she had considered the consequences of saddling a precious child with a fool for a father. Victoria seemed crushed when Victor added that he was ashamed by his daughter's poor judgment.

Inside, Billy cradled Lucy as she hungrily consumed a bottle of formula. Billy reminded his family that a year before, he'd considered crashing his car into a tree. Jack, Ashley, and Abby seemed stunned to learn that Billy had intended to end his life. Billy proudly noted that Victoria had stepped in and changed his life for the better. Billy happily announced his future intentions to dance with his daughters at their weddings.

Victor haughtily marched in, took Faith, and walked back out the door. Nikki seemed anguished by Victor's ambush. Billy jokingly asked Victoria if he needed to kill someone for her. Victoria lovingly rested her elbow on Billy's shoulder, admired their infant, and responded, "I'm okay. I have everything I need."

Abby was stunned by Victor's behavior. Victoria maintained a fake grin and insisted that everything was all right. Daniel seemed pensive as Billy and Victoria insisted that no matter what Victor did or said, baby Lucy was where she belonged, with a family that loved her.

After the guests left, Victoria and Billy talked about how happy their family, except Victor, had been about the new addition to their family. Victoria kissed Billy and explained that her father had been correct in stating that Lucy had created a lasting bond.

Victor took Faith to the tack house and discovered that Nick hadn't yet returned. Victor entertained Faith and told her that no matter what, he would do anything necessary to protect her. Nick returned and told Victor that Adam and Sharon had been throwing out accusations against him. Victor handed Faith to Nick and insisted that whatever Adam and Sharon said didn't matter. Nick hesitantly agreed when Victor added that Faith was their only concern.

Jack, Ashley, Nikki, Daniel, and Abby went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to enjoy champagne. Daniel and Abby paused in the entrance for a private moment. Daniel told Abby that people often stated that everything happened for a reason. Daniel asked if those instances might also include things that seemed bizarre. Daniel said he'd been awed to discover that a horrible situation had turned around to a perfect outcome. Abby admitted she didn't quite understand what Daniel meant, and he dropped the subject.

At the bar, Jack proposed a toast to baby Lucy. Nikki toasted with a glass of iced tea. After Jack and Ashley moved to a table, Nikki lingered at the bar. She spied a bottle of vodka and seemed spellbound by its looming presence. Nikki phoned Deacon and left a message telling him that she was having a rough day and needed to be with someone who understood.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lauren and Michael arrived at the Chancellor mansion for Jill's impromptu brunch. Esther welcomed them and said that Jill was late for her own party. In the living room, Cane and Lily wondered why the family had all been invited to a party for Jill. Tucker and Kay finished some work while Murphy and the others speculated what Jill's surprise might be.

Colin and Jill were at the door outside the mansion. Before entering, Colin asked Jill if she was sure about announcing their engagement to her family all at once. Jill was confident that they'd be happy for her. Jill entered the house with Colin and said hello to everyone. Tucker said that he was leaving, but Jill asked him to stay for her announcement.

Kay encouraged Jill to make her announcement. Cane agreed that Jill should just spill the beans. Colin told Jill to tell everyone. Jill finally declared that Colin had proposed to her, and Jill had agreed to become his wife. Cane was stunned and stormed out of the room. Lauren asked if Jill knew what she was doing.

Kay laughed at the idea of Jill marrying Colin, and then asked Tucker to talk sense to Jill. Esther reminded Jill about her terrible history with impulsive marriages. Esther said that she'd made mistakes with Norman and Roger. Esther recalled that Jill had given her good advice about being patient, but Esther hadn't listened. Esther hoped Jill would be smarter than Esther and not rush into marriage to Colin.

Cane was in front of the house. Lily told Colin that she thought Cane was getting some air. Colin approached Cane, and Tucker followed. Tucker offered Colin his congratulations. Colin appreciated Tucker's graciousness. After Tucker left, Cane told Colin that he would not allow Colin to marry Jill.

Cane demanded that Colin call off the engagement. Colin said that he would never abandon family. Colin said that Jill was family to him. Colin returned to the house, and Lily was concerned about Cane. Colin said that Cane was all right. Lily mentioned that the twins were at the house, and Colin asked if he could see them. Lily led Colin upstairs.

In the living room, Lauren advised Jill to consider having a long engagement and getting to know Colin before rushing into a wedding. Jill said that she had not been lucky in love -- like Lauren had -- and Jill wanted a companion to grow old with. Lauren wondered why marriage was necessary, suggesting that Jill just live with Colin.

Jill said that Chance's death had taught her that anything could happen in life. Jill said that she wasn't going to let Colin get away. Lauren was worried that Colin might be after Jill's money, or perhaps he had his eyes on Fenmore's. Jill was offended and accused Lauren of caring only about the company. Jill walked off angrily. Michael entered and sympathized with Lauren.

At the Athletic Club, Diane had Jack sign Kyle's report card. Jack told Diane that he was glad Kyle was doing so well at school, but Jack objected to Kyle and Diane living at the ranch. Diane pointed out that Kyle was happy at the ranch. Jack was certain that Victor would use Kyle's living there to get back at Jack.

Jack pointed out to Diane that Victor's latest scheme had resulted in Sharon being put behind bars. Diane had no idea what Jack was talking about. Jack told Diane to read the newspaper. Jack warned Diane that Victor was a dangerous sugar daddy.

Later, Adam approached Jack at the Club. Jack told Adam to get lost. Adam explained to Jack that Sharon couldn't raise the money for bail, and she needed Jack's help. Jack said that he was fed up with trying to save Sharon from herself. Jack said that he had already saved Adam's butt by going to Hawaii. Jack declared that Adam should save Sharon himself.

At the tack house, Victor asked Nick about the Sharon situation. Nick was concerned about Sharon wallowing in jail because she hadn't made bail. Noah opened the door and let Devon into the house. Noah and Devon were on their way to Crimson Lights. Nick asked Noah to sit down for a moment. Devon said he'd meet Noah later.

Nick explained to Noah that Sharon had been arrested for Skye's murder. Noah was surprised and said the he believed his mother had tried to save Skye. Noah wondered why Sharon wasn't out of jail. Nick said the bail was very high, and Sharon hadn't raised the money. Victor told Noah that Sharon had a good attorney. Noah told Nick and Victor that he was going to the jail to see Sharon.

After Noah left, Nick said it was time for Victor to answer Nick's questions. Nick pointed out that there were holes in Victor's story about flying around the world. Victor ignored Nick's insinuation and said that Skye was smart enough to have set up Adam for murder herself. Nick was concerned that Sharon might be implicated in a crime she hadn't committed simply because of her association with Adam. Nick didn't believe that Sharon was guilty. Nick asked Victor to tell him the truth, even though he doubted that his father would be honest with him.

Before Victor could answer, Diane knocked on the door. Nick let Diane into the house, and she told Nick that she had just heard about Sharon being in jail. Diane was surprised to see Victor was there. Victor asked Diane what she was doing visiting Nick. Diane said that she thought Nick might need a hand with Summer and Faith, since Sharon was locked up.

Victor was unaware that Nick and Diane were friends. Diane said that Kyle and Summer carpooled to school, so Diane and Nick had become friends. When Victor left the house, Nick complimented Diane for coming up with an excuse for Victor. Diane was curious about Sharon.

Nick said that Sharon might have been set up for Skye's murder, and it was possible that Victor was the mastermind. Nick didn't want Faith to suffer because of Sharon's mistake with Adam. Nick claimed that he might put up the money for Sharon's bail to keep Faith's mother out of jail. Nick apologized to Diane for going on about Sharon.

Diane understood that Nick's concern for Faith was genuine. Diane assured Nick that Faith was very healthy and happy, so Nick was clearly doing something right. Diane said that she had to get back to work. Nick asked Diane if she would like to return for dinner. Diane kissed Nick and said she'd let him know. Outside the tack house, Diane smiled.

Sharon was surprised when Phyllis went to see her in jail. Sharon assumed Phyllis wanted to gloat about Sharon's predicament. Phyllis said she was following the evidence. Phyllis asked if Sharon was standing by her story that Skye had fallen into the volcano accidentally.

Sharon couldn't believe Phyllis was questioning her about Skye's death. Phyllis wondered if Sharon might have snapped in the heat of the moment and let Skye die. Sharon called for the guard to take Phyllis away. Sharon told Phyllis that if she had wanted to kill someone in the heat of the moment, Sharon would have gone after Phyllis.

Phyllis arrived at the club just as Adam was leaving Jack's table. Phyllis said she'd gone to the jail to get a quote from Sharon for Restless Style. Phyllis told Jack that Sharon claimed that if she had ever wanted to murder anyone, it would have been Phyllis. Phyllis didn't think that Sharon was a strong enough person to commit murder.

Phyllis said that at Sharon's worst, Sharon had pushed Phyllis into a chocolate fountain. Jack agreed that Sharon wasn't a killer. Phyllis had a theory about what had happened at the volcano. Jack asked Phyllis if they could talk about something else. Jack cared about Phyllis and their relationship. Jack wasn't interested in talking about Sharon anymore.

At the jail, Noah told Sharon that he believed in her innocence. Sharon was grateful for Noah's support. Noah told Sharon that her reuniting with Adam had been a mistake. Sharon said that Adam made her happy. Noah wanted Sharon to be happy with someone else.

After Noah left, Victor showed up at Sharon's jail cell. Sharon asked if Victor was there to gloat or to help. Sharon realized that Victor didn't care about her. Victor said he was sorry about her predicament, but he would not lend her the money for bail. Sharon reminded Victor that he'd promised to help her if she ever got in over her head.

Victor reminded Sharon of what he actually had said. He would only help Sharon if she admitted that she'd been wrong about Adam. Adam appeared and told Victor that unlike Victoria, Abby, or Nick, Adam wouldn't attack Victor from the heart. Adam said he was cerebral like Victor and would outwit and outthink his father. Victor sarcastically wished Adam good luck. Victor walked off and called Michael to meet him at the ranch.

Michael ended the call with Victor and told Lauren he had to leave the party. After he walked out, Lauren told Kay and Murphy that Jill had refused to listen to Lauren's advice. Jill entered the room and told them to stop whispering about her. Jill reminded Kay that she had supported Kay's marriage to Murphy. Kay said her marriage to Murphy was nothing like Jill's engagement to Colin. Cane returned and asked Lily if they could get the children and leave. Colin apologized to Jill for the party turning out so badly.

Kay declared that Jill's party was a bust. Murphy pointed out that Colin was a criminal. Colin stood up and told Murphy and Kay that the family owed Jill an apology. Kay said that if Jill went ahead with the wedding, it would be a disaster. Jill asked Kay to be her friend. Kay declared that it was what she was trying to do by counseling Jill not to marry Colin.

At the ranch, Victor asked Michael to arrange for Sharon's bail, but to make sure it was a secret that Victor had been the beneficiary. Michael said he would be discreet. Diane arrived at the ranch and just missed seeing Michael. Victor asked Diane to have dinner with him while they went over the blueprints. Diane wondered how she could get out of dinner with Victor so she could go to Nick's.

At Crimson Lights, Noah met with Tucker and Devon. Noah apologized for being late. Tucker understood and was sorry to hear about Noah's mother being in jail. Tucker told Devon that he liked Noah's music. Tucker wanted to put Devon and Noah to work. Tucker suggested that Noah and Devon get into the recording studio in New York and begin laying down tracks for a CD. Tucker wanted Devon to produce Noah's music and to move quickly. Noah agreed to go to New York with Devon right away.

Adam and Sharon discussed how to raise the money for her bail. Leslie stopped by to tell Sharon that her bail had been paid. Sharon was overjoyed, even though Leslie had no idea who had put up the funds.

Victor congratulated Michael for getting the bail posted so swiftly. When Victor ended his call, Diane told Victor that she couldn't have dinner with him because she had another engagement. Victor understood.

Diane called Nick. Nick was happy to hear from Diane, especially when she told him that she would be joining him for dinner. Noah returned to the tack house and told Nick about the record deal with Tucker. Nick was stunned that Noah was leaving for New York to begin recording. Noah told Nick that he wasn't asking for permission.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren told Michael that Jill and Kay had nearly come to blows over Jill's desire to marry Colin. Lauren felt sorry for Jill because she realized her sister was lonely. Michael was impressed by how confident and unafraid Lauren was acting. Lauren said Jill had given Lauren a distraction from her worrying about Daisy.

Lily left the Chancellor mansion, pushing the twins in their carriage. Lagging behind, Cane told Jill that she did not know Colin well enough to marry him. Cane wanted Jill to call off the wedding. Cane joined Lily and the twins in front of the house. Lily asked Cane why he was so negative about Colin. Cane didn't answer, and Lily believed that Cane was keeping the truth from her. Cane insisted on keeping secret what he knew about Colin. Lily was unhappy.

In the living room, Jill asked if Kay would give her blessing to Jill's decision to marry Colin. Kay refused and said that Liz wouldn't approve either. Jill told Colin that there was no need for a wedding, since her family had shown no support for their marriage. Colin proposed that he and Jill elope. Jill thought that was a wonderful idea.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At the Athletic Club, Nikki confronted Victor about his abominable behavior toward Victoria when Victoria introduced Victor to Lucy, Victoria's new baby. Nikki questioned Victor's criticism of Victoria. Nikki had hoped that Victor would have reached out to Victoria when their daughter was so happy about the new baby. Victor told Nikki he didn't appreciate her criticism and didn't want her advice. Victor asked Nikki to stop pestering him. Victor said that Victoria had chosen Billy over her family, and Victor would never forgive her.

Victor reminded Nikki that Victoria was suing him to take the company away. Victor thought that Victoria had a sense of entitlement just like Nikki had. Victor told Nikki to open her eyes and acknowledge the truth. Nikki was still at the club when she called Deacon and arranged to meet him at his room. Nikki told Deacon that she'd be right over.

Nick was happy when Diane arrived at his house for dinner. Diane said that she preferred spending the evening with Nick rather than having a business dinner with Victor. Diane said she was sincerely hoping to be a comfort to Nick as he dealt with the Sharon situation. Nick asked Diane if they could not talk about Sharon.

Diane sensed that Nick wanted to talk about where their relationship was heading. Nick said that Diane was easy to be with, and he thought she was an awesome person. Diane assumed that Nick had something to tell her. Nick explained that his life was so chaotic that he didn't want to drag Diane into the middle of the mess. Nick said he couldn't think about having a serious relationship with Diane at that time. Nick told Diane he wanted them to go back to being just friends.

Sharon was relieved to be out of jail and back in her home on the ranch. Adam said that he'd spoken to Leslie about who had put up the bail for Sharon. Leslie had no idea who the anonymous donor had been. Sharon tried to figure out who might have bailed her out, eliminating Jack, Victor, and Nick for a variety of reasons.

Adam was concerned about Sharon's case. Sharon told Adam that she was determined to fight to prove her innocence. Adam regretted that Sharon had gone to Hawaii for him and had wound up getting arrested for Skye's murder. Adam couldn't believe that Sharon was suspected of killing Skye. Sharon felt that if they could prove that Skye's death had been an accident, Adam and Sharon would be in the clear. Sharon looked forward to a future with Adam once all the trouble was behind them.

Diane understood Nick's situation and said that she could accept his terms. Nick offered to be there for Diane. Diane suggested a friendly hug. There was a knock, and Nick opened the door to find Sharon. Sharon said hello to Diane. Sharon complained to Nick and Diane that Phyllis had confronted Sharon in jail, hoping for a story.

Sharon asked to speak with Nick alone. Diane said goodbye and left. Sharon wondered if Nick if he had posted her bail. Nick said he'd thought about it, but he hadn't done it. Nick wasn't sure who might have put up the bail for Sharon. Based on his attitude, Sharon believed that Nick would have liked it if she were still in jail.

Sharon lashed out at Nick for using Sharon's situation to try to get full custody of Faith. Nick said he was doing what was best for Faith. Sharon declared that she would be taking Faith home with her. Nick said no, but Sharon was determined. Nick declared that as long as Sharon was with Adam, he would fight Sharon for Faith.

Nick pointed out how Sharon had brought scandal to her children's lives. Sharon was surprised to learn that Noah had gone to New York to work on his music. Nick said Noah had been anxious to get out of Genoa City because of Sharon's incarceration. Nick pointed out that Noah wanted Sharon to leave Adam.

Sharon told Nick that Adam was in her life, and he would be in her life for good. Nick told Sharon to look at the situation from Nick's perspective and then she'd understand why Nick was doing what he was doing. Nick asked Sharon to keep Adam away from their children. Sharon said that she couldn't see it from Nick's point of view. Sharon said she was taking Faith and going home. Nick was ticked off.

Adam made a call and arranged to meet with someone who didn't wanted to give Adam the time of day. Adam convinced the person to meet him anyway.

At Restless Style, Billy was disappointed that Phyllis hadn't gotten the scoop about Sharon's arrest. Phyllis reminded Billy that she'd been busy with Daniel in the hospital. Phyllis also pointed out that Billy had been preoccupied with adopting Lucy.

Jack asked to see a photo of Lucy. As Phyllis and Jack looked at a picture of Billy and Victoria's new baby, Phyllis wondered about Daisy's baby. Jack said that Daisy was long gone from Genoa City, along with her child. Billy mentioned that Victor had not been very kind to Victoria about the new baby.

Mentioning Victor, Phyllis told Billy and Jack that Skye might not be dead if Victor hadn't set her up in Hawaii. Jack didn't believe that Sharon killed Skye. Billy thought that Sharon might have killed Skye in the heat of the moment, but Phyllis and Jack weren't so sure. Phyllis got a call from the jail, informing her that Sharon had made bail.

Phyllis asked Jack if he had posted Sharon's bail. Jack assured Billy and Phyllis that he hadn't put up the money for Sharon. Billy and Jack thought that if Nick had done it, he wouldn't keep it a secret. Jack wondered who had been in a rush to bail Sharon out when she was likely to come up with the money on her own in a few days.

Billy pointed out to Phyllis that they had nothing solid for a story. Jack said that he'd heard that the police had new evidence. Phyllis wondered what the evidence was. Billy urged Phyllis to write up the scoop about Sharon making bail and being sprung from jail. Phyllis posted the story on the web site.

Jack and Phyllis were about to leave the office when Billy stopped them. Billy said that he'd received an email from a source willing to sell the evidence that the cops had against Sharon. Billy agreed to buy the information if it was legitimate. Billy received an audio file from the encounter between Sharon and Skye on the trail to the volcano. Billy made the deal with the anonymous source and bought the file.

Billy felt bad about using the evidence against Sharon, but Phyllis said that Sharon deserved to be exposed. Phyllis uploaded the file to the web site and wrote a salacious item that painted Sharon as a potential killer. Phyllis was pleased with herself. A short time later, Billy told Phyllis that the audio clip had gone viral. Phyllis had second thoughts about putting the information on the web site. Phyllis felt that Sharon wasn't a killer.

Phyllis also wondered why Sharon had gone to the authorities after Skye fell in the volcano. If it had been murder, Sharon would have tried to cover up what she'd done. Phyllis said that the facts didn't add up.

Jack met Adam at the Athletic Club. Adam asked if Jack had posted Sharon's bond, and Jack denied that he'd done it. Jack wanted to know why Adam had called him. Adam had a business proposition for Jack. Adam believed that the only reason Skye had accepted Victor's deal was for a lot of money. Since Adam was Skye's next of kin, Adam said that he was going to dig up Skye's fortune and use that money to make more money.

Adam proposed to make billions if Jack worked with him the way Jack had worked with Skye on the hedge fund. Adam pointed out that nothing would tick off Victor more than seeing Jack and Adam making billions together. Jack said he wouldn't work with Adam. Adam urged Jack to think it over.

At the ranch, Victor made a call regarding layoffs at Beauty of Nature and Newman Enterprises. Diane returned to the ranch and told Victor that she was available for dinner after all. Victor was pleased and said he'd tell the cook. Later, Diane and Victor went over the blueprints. Diane and Victor reminisced about her design for the Newman Towers years before.

Victor said that Diane had broken his heart. Diane said that she was enjoying the time they were spending on the new project. Victor had heard that Diane was in financial straits, and he was glad that he could help her and Kyle with the new project. Diane sympathized with Victor about his difficult times. Victor admitted that fighting with his daughters for the survival of his company had depressed him.

Diane remembered that Victor had begun with nothing. Diane believed that even if he lost it all, Victor would rise again. Victor felt that Diane knew him well. Victor kissed Diane. Diane stepped away, then unzipped her dress and turned to face Victor.

At his motel room, Deacon greeted Nikki. Nikki told Deacon that she'd been struggling with her sobriety. Nikki said she needed a friend. Deacon was glad she thought of him as a friend. Nikki said her family was falling apart. Nikki revealed that she'd had another ugly encounter with Victor over how he treats his children.

Deacon reminded Nikki that the first step in the program was to admit you're powerless. Nikki told Deacon that she had been tempted to drink, but she hadn't succumbed as yet. Deacon was sorry that Victor had been giving Nikki such a hard time.

Deacon reminded Nikki that she needed to go to A.A. meetings and use the program to survive. Deacon told Nikki that she was stronger than she knew. Deacon told Nikki that Meggie had sabotaged her sobriety, but Deacon admired how Nikki had saved herself. Nikki embraced Deacon.

Nikki was grateful to Deacon. After they kissed, Deacon reminded Nikki that they said that they weren't going to make love again. Nikki said that she had changed her mind.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nikki woke up in Deacon's motel room, wrapped in his arms. Deacon said good morning and Nikki was a little shocked that they had spent the night together. Nikki admitted that she had been tempted to drink the night before. Nikki said she shouldn't have used Deacon as a substitute for booze. Deacon offered Nikki a cup of coffee. Deacon felt bad about Nikki saying they couldn't be together anymore.

Nikki realized she'd been giving Deacon mixed signals. Deacon was happy sharing whatever part of Nikki's life she wanted to share with him. Nikki believed that Deacon was really a good man, not the "evil bastard" others believed him to be. Nikki told Deacon that she was going out of town for a while to visit her sister. Nikki said that she needed some time to think things over and figure out what she was feeling.

In the living room at the ranch, Diane found Victor was already at work. Victor asked if Diane had slept well. Diane said Victor's silk sheets were especially comfortable. Victor mentioned that Diane was wearing the same dress as the day before. Diane told Victor that she hadn't needed to return to the carriage house because Kyle had spent the night with his father. Diane said that she was all Victor's for the morning.

Diane and Victor went over the blueprints for the new building. When Victor couldn't find his glasses, Diane recalled where he'd stashed his spare pair. Victor was impressed by Diane's memory. There was a knock on the door, and Diane offered to answer it for Victor. Diane opened the door and found Nikki standing there. Diane asked if she could help Nikki.

Nikki walked past Diane and called for Victor. Victor said he had nothing to say to Nikki. Diane excused herself so Nikki could speak with Victor. Nikki told Victor that she wasn't happy with the way they had parted the day before. Nikki explained that she would be out of town, visiting her sister Casey, and before she left, Nikki wanted to clear the air with Victor.

Nikki apologized to Victor for her part in their argument. Victor said that he didn't accept Nikki's apology. Victor said that he still resented that Nikki had cheated on him with Deacon. Victor demanded that Nikki get out of the house. Diane entered and said that the cook had inquired about lunch. Victor asked Diane to join him for lunch. Diane said she'd be happy to stay. Nikki declared that she was leaving.

Victor was surprised that Diane had not rubbed Nikki's nose in the fact that Victor and Diane had spent the night together. Diane said she wasn't looking for trouble from Nikki. Diane said that she was happy to have fun with Victor, but Diane wasn't looking for romance. Diane told Victor she had no interest in falling in love with him again. Diane said what was most important to her was keeping her job and a roof over her and Kyle's heads.

Victor appreciated Diane's pragmatic point of view. Diane reminded Victor that he already had enough drama in his life. Victor agreed, adding that he wanted to continue seeing Diane as long as it was beneficial to both of them. Diane liked that arrangement.

In his room, Deacon was on the phone with Meggie. Deacon wasn't happy that Meggie was still calling him. Deacon told Meggie to stop using her phone privileges to call him. Deacon dared Meggie to call Nikki with the information that Deacon had collaborated with Meggie. Deacon didn't think Nikki would believe that Deacon had helped Meggie to push Nikki off the wagon.

After leaving the ranch, Nikki returned to Deacon's room. Nikki said that Victor had mistreated her again. Deacon wasn't surprised because Victor was a bully. Nikki told Deacon that Victor had taken comfort in Diane's arms just as Nikki had done with Deacon. Nikki said that she should have suspected Diane was working her way back into Victor's life. Nikki told Deacon that Diane had been very smug about the fact that she and Victor were lovers.

At Restless Style, Victoria arrived with Lucy. Billy was surprised that Victoria was there with the baby. Victoria said it was time for Lucy to meet the staff. Billy announced to the staff that Lucy was their new daughter. Jonesy, a photographer on the magazine, offered to do a photo spread of Billy and Victoria with Lucy. Victoria loved the idea, but Billy lashed out at Jonesy for suggesting that the pictures be posted online.

Later, Victoria reprimanded Billy for jumping down Jonesy's throat. Victoria asked Billy if he was concerned about the legality of the adoption. Billy said that everything was legal, and they were officially Lucy's parents. Victoria was relieved to hear Billy confirm that Lucy was theirs.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel was lost in thought about Lucy. Kevin approached Daniel and wondered if his memory had returned. Daniel said he had flashes. Daniel said that Daisy had most likely had the baby already. Kevin pressed Daniel to tell him if he knew where the baby was. Daniel said he'd had a dream that the baby was being taken care of by adoptive parents. Kevin wondered if Daniel's dream was a premonition.

Daniel said that if he could answer questions about what had happened to Daisy's baby, he didn't know if he would. Daniel hoped that people who loved her were caring for the baby. Kevin believed that the baby was still with Daisy.

In the kitchen, Cane fed the twins, and Lily offered Cane a second cup of coffee. Cane enjoyed spending time at home with her and the kids. Lily said that she'd enjoyed their "Paris" getaway at the Athletic Club. Lily told Charlie and Matilda that their daddy was a special guy. Cane was uncomfortable being complimented by Lily. Lily wondered why Cane felt the way he did.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker and Sofia were having a business meeting. Tucker had a question about one of the figures in the bio-fuels report. When Tucker saw Blake across the room, Tucker called him over to explain the numbers. Before Blake could respond, Sofia answered the question. Blake evaded Tucker's questions and told Tucker to speak with Sofia. Tucker was confused, but Sofia said that Blake was working very hard.

Lily dressed the twins and put on her coat before going out. Lily suggested that she and Cane have a movie night together. Cane wanted them to watch To Have and Have Not. Sofia arrived and Cane let her in while Lily walked out with the kids. Sofia said they had to talk about work. Sofia warned Cane that they had to do something about Blake or there would be a major "beatdown."

Sofia told Cane that Blake needed to do damage control with Tucker because Tucker suspected that something was up. Cane said that Blake had no incentive to help them anymore. Cane told Sofia that he would not back down from Blake or his boss. Cane said that he would be calling the shots. Cane was not going to be blackmailed by Blake any longer. Sofia wondered why they couldn't just pay off the debt to Blake.

Cane said that Blake's boss was a dangerous man. Sofia wanted the details. Cane said they didn't really want money. The men involved wanted Cane to return to the man he'd been in Australia. Cane said that it was his war, and Sofia could not help him. Cane explained that the only solution left for Cane was to go to Lily with the truth. Cane told Sofia that if Lily knew the truth, Blake and his boss would have no power over Cane.

Sofia urged Cane to do what he had to do, but cautioned him not to hurt Lily. Sofia felt that Lily had been through enough. Cane agreed that he wanted to protect Lily.

Tucker called his investigator to ask for another look at the background check on James Collier. Tucker then accessed the Crimson Lights PC. Tucker went on the Internet and looked up James Collier. Tucker discovered that someone else had searched for the name James Collier on that computer. Tucker asked Kevin if there was a way to determine when the previous search for James Collier had been done on that PC.

As the administrator, Kevin was able to help Tucker access the information. Kevin found that the search had been done in October. Tucker thanked Kevin. Tucker then called to determine when Cane had hired Collier to work for McCall. Sofia received a call from Tucker to meet him at the office. When Sofia arrived at McCall, Tucker told Sofia that he need to talk to her about Collier. Tucker said he'd done a search on the Crimson Lights computer and discovered that Collier was a dead man.

Tucker had uncovered the entire scam involving Collier's fake identity. Tucker declared that Cane had conned them. Sofia told Tucker that Cane wasn't a con artist, but Tucker believed otherwise. Tucker said that Cane had ripped him off for a small fortune. Sofia said Cane hadn't conned Tucker because Cane and Sofia had done the work.

Tucker was incredulous when he realized that Sofia had been in on the scam. Tucker reminded Sofia that she was his right hand. Sofia said that she could explain. Tucker felt that Cane had punked him. Sofia defended Cane to Tucker, but Tucker wasn't buying her excuses. Tucker declared that Cane was through with McCall. Tucker said the Cane was fired, and so was Sofia.

Lily ran into Blake at Crimson Lights. Lily asked Blake why he'd told her about Samantha when they were in the wine cellar. Lily said that she would never have mentioned Cane's dead sister to her husband if she'd known that it was a painful memory. Blake said that he hadn't meant for Lily to hurt Cane by bringing up Samantha's name, but Lily wasn't so sure. Blake told Lily that he was a really good guy. Blake walked out.

Daniel said hello to Lily and the twins. Lily seemed upset, and Daniel asked if she was all right. Lily admitted that she had believed that Blake was a nice guy, but her confidence was shaken. Daniel wondered if Blake was trying to get between Lily and Cane. Lily said that Blake had seemed familiar to her from the start. After Daniel walked away, Lily recalled being at the cabin. Lily remembered that Blake had arrived at the door and introduced himself as the local sheriff.

Billy and Victoria entered the coffeehouse with Lucy. Daniel approached them and admired the baby. Kevin walked over, and Victoria said that Lucy was Delia's little sister. Kevin congratulated them on the adoption. After Billy and Victoria left, Kevin told Daniel that Daisy's baby was probably the same age as Lucy. Daniel noticed that Lucy's pacifier was still on the table. Daniel picked it up and thought about his daughter.

When Cane returned home, Lily confronted him. Lily said she had something to tell Cane. Cane said that he had some things to tell Lily, too. Cane wanted her to know some things about his past. Cane said he had to tell her the truth.

Friday, January 28, 2011

In a motel room, Jack met with Adam to discuss the plan to resurrect the Newman Fund using Skye's money. Adam was a bit surprised that Jack had arranged the meeting. Jack told Adam the opportunity was too good to pass on, even though Jack didn't want to collaborate with Adam again.

Jack said that he had been buying up the remainder of the Newman Fund, but it was taking too long to make a killing. Adam realized that Jack recognized that his plan would pay big dividends. Adam also suspected that Jack wanted to get revenge on Victor.

Jack told Adam that he still hated him. Adam said he hated Jack, too. Jack asked Adam where they were getting the capital to rekindle the Newman Fund. Adam explained that he'd known Skye very well and she had been a creature of habit.

As Skye's next of kin, Adam was entitled to inherit Skye's fortune. Adam had already tracked down Skye's secret bank accounts and acquired the funds. Adam was prepared to use Skye's money, the pay-off from Victor, to make a fortune.

Ashley showed up at Sharon's and was relieved that Adam wasn't there. Ashley wondered how Sharon could let Adam back into her life. Ashley was furious with Sharon for forgiving Adam and letting him be near Faith.

Ashley said she would have never given Faith to Sharon if she'd known that Sharon would reconcile with Adam. Sharon told Ashley that she was wrong about Adam. Ashley wondered if Sharon had killed Skye for Adam.

Sharon denied killing Skye. Ashley told Sharon that she'd seen the video online and heard Sharon's confrontation with Skye at the volcano. Based on the video, Ashley accused Sharon of killing Skye.

Sharon explained to Ashley that she had tried to save Skye, but Skye's hands slipped out of her grasp. Ashley didn't believe Sharon. Sharon pointed out that she had needed Skye to return to Genoa City to prove Adam's innocence.

Ashley countered that Adam had never been innocent. Ashley reminded Sharon of the horrible things Adam had done to them, including taking Faith. Sharon said that Adam was sorry for the things he'd done.

Sharon asked Ashley to leave. Adam arrived home and told Ashley to do as Sharon asked. Ashley told Sharon that it was frustrating when people doubted your veracity. Ashley had gone through a time when people didn't believe she was telling the truth, thanks to Adam's manipulation.

Ashley said Sharon was suffering that kind of derision and it was karma. Ashley left. Sharon told Adam that the volcano video had been posted on the Internet.

At the Restless Style office, Phyllis was answering calls in from readers inquiring about the volcano footage on the web site. Leslie entered and handed Phyllis a cease and desist order to get the footage off the web site.

Phyllis called her attorney. Rafe told Phyllis she had to comply with the court order. Leslie listened as Phyllis ordered Giselle to remove the footage from the web site. Leslie wasn't satisfied. Leslie explained that Phyllis' actions had consequences.

Leslie was concerned that the volcano footage impaired Leslie's ability to get Sharon a fair trial. Phyllis said if Restless Style hadn't posted the video, another site would have. Leslie told Phyllis that freedom of the press meant Sharon would be tried in the media.

A short time later, Leslie arrived at Sharon's. Leslie told Sharon and Adam that the video was being pulled from the web, but Leslie feared that the jury pool had been tainted because it had gone viral. Sharon was stunned that Leslie believed Sharon would be put on trial. Leslie said that the tape was very damaging.

Leslie told Sharon and Adam that the D.A. was fast-tracking the case. Sharon could be on trial within weeks. Sharon was devastated by the news. Adam assured her that it would be okay. Sharon told Adam that she was afraid. Sharon said being innocent wasn't enough.

Jack arrived at Restless Style. Jack thought Phyllis was handling the cease and desist order well. Phyllis said she was glad to take the video off the site because Phyllis didn't want to be at war with Sharon.

Phyllis told Jack that in her heart, she didn't believe that Sharon had killed Skye. Jack agreed that Sharon wasn't a killer. Phyllis told Jack she didn't want to feud with Sharon like Jack feuded with Victor.

Phyllis ordered the web site to continue hawking the story. Jack was intrigued by Phyllis' actions. Phyllis said the public was still hungry for information about Sharon and Skye's murder. Phyllis asked Jack to help her to help Sharon.

Neil ran into Malcolm at Crimson Lights. Neil commented that Malcolm has been away for quite a while. Malcolm said that Sofia hardly had time to miss him because she'd been so busy with work.

Malcolm hoped to get Sofia to pin down the arrangements for their Valentine's Day wedding. Neil agreed to be Malcolm's best man. Neil told Malcolm that he'd come to recognize that Sofia was a special woman.

Malcolm was waiting for Sofia to meet him to discuss wedding plans. Malcolm and Neil agreed that the Winter family could use a happy celebration.

At Tucker's office, Sofia told Tucker that he couldn't fire her. Sofia said that she always had McCall's best interests at heart. Sofia claimed that she had protected the company and the work had been done correctly.

Tucker said that Sofia had betrayed his trust. Tucker demanded her keys, credit cards and all her ties to the company. Sofia turned in her belongings and apologized to Tucker.

Later, Neil arrived at McCall's office. Tucker told Neil that they needed to find somebody new to take over the biofuels deal because Tucker had fired Cane and Sofia. Neil was stunned.

Tucker told Neil what had happened with Blake at Crimson Lights. Tucker said that he'd discovered that James Collier was a dead man. Blake had pretended to be Collier because Cane had given him a fake identity.

Tucker noted that Neil was surprised. Tucker had wondered if Neil knew about the con. Neil assured Tucker that he had not been in on the scam. Neil was surprised that Sofia had been willing to deceive Tucker to protect Cane.

Sofia met Malcolm at Crimson Lights. Malcolm noticed that Sofia was upset. Sofia told Malcolm that Tucker had fired her. Malcolm was shocked because Tucker needed Sofia to run the company. Sofia told Malcolm that she had screwed up.

Malcolm was stunned that Sofia had risked her job to help Cane con Tucker. Malcolm said he'd suspected that Blake was a bad guy. Malcolm wanted to throttle Cane. Malcolm couldn't believe that Cane had involved Sofia in his scheme.

Sofia said she didn't blame Cane because he had been put in a tough position. Malcolm demanded to know why Sofia had kept the truth from him. Malcolm claimed that he was Sofia's fiancé and she should have confided in him.

Cane was ready to tell Lily the truth. Lily said she was afraid of what Cane was going to say. Cane explained that Blake was not his friend. Blake had been sent to Genoa City to blackmail Cane about his life in Australia.

Lily asked Cane to explain. Cane said that he had been part of a crime family in Australia. When his sister Samantha died, Cane decided to get out of that life. Cane turned in the other members of the syndicate and was going to never return to Australia.

When Cane met Philip, Chancellor had given Cane the opportunity to use his identity and move to Genoa City. Cane said the syndicate was more powerful now and they wanted pay back from Cane.

Lily said she remembered seeing Blake at the cabin. Lily accused Cane of lying to her all along about Blake. Cane said that he had lied about Blake. Cane believed that if he paid off Blake, they would be safe.

Cane said everything he did was to protect Lily and the twins. Lily was worried that Cane wasn't able to protect her and the children anymore. Lily reminded Cane that she had forgiven him before for lying about being Philip.

Cane apologized for hurting Lily. Lily couldn't stand that Cane had kept a secret life from her. Lily reminded Cane that her marriage to Daniel had ended because of lies, and yet Cane lied to her over and over again.

Cane said that he couldn't risk stressing out Lily with the truth. Cane feared that Lily's cancer might return. Lily said that Cane hadn't trusted her enough to confide in her.

Malcolm arrived at Cane and Lily's. Cane told Malcolm it wasn't a good time to visit, but Malcolm informed Cane that the jig was up. Malcolm told Cane that Tucker knew about the James Collier scam. Malcolm told Cane that Sofia had been fired, and so was Cane.

Lily was confused. Cane told Lily that in order to get the five million dollars for Blake's blackmail, Cane had conned Tucker by creating James Collier and using his salary to pay off Blake. Lily realized that was why Cane had been so overworked.

Cane explained that when Sofia discovered what Cane was doing, Sofia had volunteered to help Cane. Lily was incredulous that Cane had taken advantage of Tucker and Neil and involved Sofia in his scheme.

Malcolm was disgusted in Cane and called him a gangster. Malcolm was incensed that Cane had knowingly put his family's lives in danger. Lily urged Malcolm to let her handle the situation.

Cane wanted to fix things with Lily. Lily said what was wrong with their marriage could not be repaired. Cane said their love could overcome anything. Lily asked Cane to leave the house immediately. Cane turned and walked out.

Sofia arrived at Neil's and expected him to ask her about what had happened. Neil finally asked Sofia what she had been thinking by helping Cane and risking her career for him.

Sofia said that she had only recently discovered Cane's lies. Sofia said that she had once been in trouble, so she sympathized with Cane. Sofia claimed that by helping Cane, she was paying it forward.

Sofia told Neil that Cane had been blackmailed. Sofia asked for Neil's help. Neil said that he had to go to see Lily.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at Sharon's. Phyllis said that she didn't believe that Sharon killed Skye. Jack also thought Sharon was innocent. Phyllis was sorry about posting the video on the web site.

Phyllis told Sharon that she wanted to prove Sharon's innocence. Adam didn't trust Phyllis. Jack told Adam to listen to Phyllis' plan.

Sharon agreed to work with Phyllis because she trusted Jack. Privately, Jack told Adam they should keep the hedge fund business separate from this effort. Phyllis urged Sharon to tell her everything that had happened from the very beginning.

Ashley arrived at Tucker's and accepted a drink and some chocolate. Ashley said that she'd had a run in with Sharon over Adam. Tucker said he'd had a bad day, too. Tucker explained that he'd been forced to fire Sofia.

Tucker was bitterly disappointed that Sofia had betrayed him. Tucker said that he had let Sofia get close to him and he'd trusted her. Tucker was grateful that he could trust Ashley. Later, Ashley and Tucker were in bed together. Ashley was happy to know that she had Tucker to turn to no matter what happened.

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