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Blake ran Sofia down with his motorcycle. As Colin and Jill were married in the church, Cane was killed, and Blake fell to his death. Chance was a donor match for Ronan. Daniel got proof that he was Lucy's father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 31, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Inside a shabby motel room, Jack asked Adam how much Victor had paid Skye to disappear. With a wry air, Adam maintained that nothing had ever happened, that he'd never tracked down the accounts, and that he'd never acquired any funds. Jack caught on and told Adam that he didn't have to mention an amount. However, Jack demanded that Adam transfer a substantial amount of capital into the fund before Jack would give Adam access. Adam sighed flippantly and said, "But we're partners, Jack, just as we are with Phyllis and Sharon in proving Sharon's innocence."

After Adam told Jack that they'd make a killing on the resurrected speculation fund, Jack added that they'd also ensure that Victor got what he deserved. In a serious tone, Adam replied, "Sounds good to me." Jack was elated to discover that Adam had transferred funds into the account. Adam noted to Jack that Skye had been successful because she had meticulously gathered and thoroughly weighed information regarding trades to earn huge profits.

Jack told Adam that Skye had also consulted with an advisor named David Pelson, of Pelson, Stefano, and Belford. Adam's brow furrowed as he tried to recall the names Jack had mentioned. Jack said he'd discovered that regular deposits had been transferred from the fund to David Pelson. Adam couldn't initially recall the man, but Jack said he'd hired someone to investigate.

Jack later received his awaited call and afterward told Adam that David Pelson had handled the transactions of companies holding stocks that Skye traded. Jack added that Skye had gleaned inside information from Pelson, who'd studied at Harvard during the time Adam and Skye were students. Adam insisted that he never knew about Skye's insider trading. Jack said, "You were so obsessed with Sharon, you didn't know that your own partner was cheating the system."

Adam asked Jack whether or not they would follow Skye's example. Jack explained that he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the fund because it was thrilling for him to own a company identified with Victor's last name. Jack and Adam agreed to compete with their respective deposit shares to determine which investor could earn the most.

Jack later ran into Victor and Michael near the entrance to the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack noted to Victor that it probably stung knowing that one-third of his assets were frozen. Jack cheerily announced that the Newman Fund was faring quite well. Michael sarcastically quipped that he never tired of Jack's diatribes. Jack told Victor that questionable trading, which took place when Skye and Adam possessed the fund, might lead to the downfall of Victor's offspring. Victor chuckled.

While dining at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick told Victor that Sharon was about to lose custody of Faith. Michael arrived and announced that Judge Wilkerson had agreed to revisit Sharon and Nick's custody arrangement, given the change in Sharon's circumstances. Nick and Victor headed to the courthouse with Michael.

Leslie phoned Sharon, who was home with Faith, and instructed her to take Faith and go to the courthouse because the judge was about pronounce judgment after Nick petitioned for full custody. Leslie assured Sharon that she'd return home with Faith in tow. Sharon insisted that she and her daughter belonged together.

From the courthouse, Sharon phoned Adam and explained that the judge was about to rule on Nick's custody appeal. After Sharon begged Adam to go, he nixed the idea because he feared his presence would do more harm than good. Adam reminded Sharon that the murder charge was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Sharon promised to phone Adam after the proceedings concluded.

Nick and Victor arrived at the courthouse, accompanied by Michael. Leslie emerged from the courtroom and announced that the judge was ready. Victor took Faith from Sharon's arms. Before Sharon entered the courtroom, she addressed Victor and said, "You're always there for her just like you always promised to be there for me. I hope she never knows what it's like to have you break your promise."

Before the judge, Michael explained that Sharon could soon be imprisoned for murder. Leslie countered that Sharon was a loving, capable parent. Sharon rose and spoke on her own behalf and explained that Nick's case was based on his hatred of the man she loved. Sharon added that after Nick had a child with another woman Sharon disliked and distrusted, she had never interfered with Nick's relationship with their son.

The judge listened as Sharon insisted she'd die for her children. The judge noted that the charges against Sharon were serious; therefore Nick would gain full custody of the minor child. Sharon was crushed. Leslie promised that they'd revisit the custody issue after the murder charge was dropped.

Outside the courtroom, Adam left a message for David Pelson while he waited for Sharon to emerge from the hearing. Sharon was sobbing as she walked out after the judge awarded full custody to Nick. Sharon hugged Faith, and then handed the baby to Nick. Sharon sought comfort from Adam. Nick, holding Faith, turned and walked away.

Sofia met Tucker in the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club and said she wanted to explain why she'd helped Cane. Incensed, Tucker told Sofia that she could face time in jail. Tucker ordered Sofia to reimburse the salary paid to Blake. Sofia seemed crushed when Tucker warned that she'd have to cooperate with police if Cane and Blake were charged with larceny and fraud. Sofia agreed to Tucker's demands, and she reminded him that he'd be lying if he didn't admit that he'd once taken drastic measures to help someone.

Sofia reminded Tucker that he'd changed her life forever when he'd lied save her father. Sofia reminisced about what good friends Tucker and her father had become after Tucker spoke at her father's university business class. Sofia said that after her father started a business with his university class but forgot to share the profits with the university, he faced losing his position and tenure. Tucker chimed in and recalled that he'd owned that company and that there had been a misunderstanding about the profit-sharing.

Sofia explained that Tucker's lie had helped save her father's job and had allowed her to obtain a free education. Sofia chuckled when she remembered brazenly asking Tucker for a job after graduation. Tucker's eyes misted when he told Sofia that he was ashamed of her. Sofia said that Cane was also part of his family, so if Tucker wouldn't have done exactly what she had done to protect Cane and his family, then she was ashamed of him, too.

At Jimmy's Bar, Blake insisted to Colin that Cane was solely responsible for perpetuating the "James Collier scam." Colin ordered Blake to step aside, so he could handle Cane. After Colin left, Sofia arrived and told Blake that Tucker wanted his money back. Sofia added, "Your ass is going to jail!" Blake said he answered only to his boss, so McCall was Sofia's problem.

Blake threatened Sofia by mentioning his associates. Sofia aggressively noted that she, too, had connections. She warned Blake to get out of her face before she summoned police. Blake glared menacingly at Sofia before he stomped out. Sofia fumed as she plopped her purse on the bar and ordered a drink to calm her nerves.

Malcolm met Sofia outside Jimmy's Bar. Sofia nervously explained that she'd done what she had in order to protect his family. Sofia mentioned tasting samples of wedding cakes, but Malcolm claimed he wasn't interested and announced plans to spend a few days at a hotel. Sofia asked if he was calling off their wedding just because their relationship had hit a rough patch.

Malcolm insisted to a despondent Sofia that he was simply taking a break and hoped she would soon admit that she had been wrong. Sofia scoffed and asked Malcolm if she was supposed to crawl back after learning a lesson. Before Malcolm walked away, he said, "We're done!"

Sofia seemed disheartened as she watched Malcolm walk away. As Sofia entered the darkened street, she was startled by the headlights of a fast-approaching motorcycle. The glare of headlights blinded Sofia, and she threw up her arms and screamed.

In distress, Cane sought solace with Jill and Katherine at the Chancellor mansion. Blurting out his frustrations in a train-of-thought fashion, Cane noted that becoming Phillip Chancellor had given him an opportunity to turn his life around. Noting all the difficulties that had prevented him from telling the truth beforehand, Cane lamented that his checkered past had followed him to Genoa City.

Katherine reminded Cane that he'd straightened out his life, so his past no longer mattered. The doorbell rang just as Katherine asked Cane to name Blake's business associates. Colin arrived, and Cane met him on the porch. Cane revealed that he'd told the truth about Blake. Cane ordered his father to return to Australia. Colin staunchly replied, "I don't take orders."

Cane labeled his dad as a thug, who was responsible for the death of his own daughter. Cane threatened to tell Jill the whole truth. Colin reminded Cane that he'd been a patient, resilient prisoner before and would bide his time again until an opportunity arose for him to kill the woman who loved Cane like a son.

After Cane and Colin entered the sitting room, Colin quickly announced that he knew about Cane and would stay and support him and Jill. Just as Cane was about to announce the name of the man who headed the crime family, Colin knocked a photo of Jill to the floor, which cracked the glass.

Cane mentioned that he'd had a sister who died because she'd stood up to the boss. Jill was horrified to learn that Cane's sister had been murdered. Jill and Katherine vowed to support Cane, and Katherine said that she'd never give in to the thugs. Jill stepped out to talk to Colin. As Cane picked up the pieces of broken glass, he told Katherine he needed to see Lily. Katherine advised him to let her phone Lily first. Katherine smiled at Cane when Lily agreed to see him in person.

After Cane left, Colin and Jill stepped back inside. Colin was happy to hear about Cane's attempt to patch things with Lily. Katherine asked to speak to Jill alone, but Jill refused to send Colin away. Katherine suggested that Cane needed Jill's individual attention. Jill shot back that she could love Colin and Cane at the same time.

Jill angrily noted to Katherine that Colin wasn't marrying her just so he could move from a trailer into a mansion. Katherine slapped Jill on the cheek and cried, "Wake up." Jill asked Colin leave with her at once. Katherine triumphantly sang, "Finally getting rid of you!" Jill screeched, "I'll be back, you stupid shrew, with my husband."

After Jill rushed out, Colin addressed Katherine and announced, "I'll get to call you 'Mum.'" Katherine defiantly balled her fist. After Jill and Colin stepped outside, Jill told him that the sooner he was her husband, the better.

Neil arrived at Lily's, demanding details about Cane. Malcolm was still furious because Cane's actions had placed Lily and the babies in danger. Lily explained that she'd once applauded Cane for standing up to the criminals not knowing he was one himself. Malcolm noted that Cane's partners in crime were after him. Neil said that Cane's actions had placed a target on Lily's back. Lily insisted that she wasn't in danger.

Malcolm said that their priority was protecting Lily and the babies. Lily said she hadn't yet considered what to do in the future. Lily reminded Neil and Malcolm that Cane was the twins' father. Malcolm noticed a call coming from Sofia and bashed her for covering Cane's tracks. Neil insisted that Sofia's protective instincts had kicked in, so she'd thought she was helping.

After Malcolm left, Neil offered to support Lily. Lily cried that after enduring so much with Cane, she couldn't face the thought that they weren't truly meant to be. Lily said she felt she'd known Cane deep inside her soul even after he hurt her when he admitted he wasn't Phillip. Neil cautioned Lily not to forgive Cane again.

Later, Lily nervously smoothed her hair before Cane was set to arrive. Lily asked Neil to let her talk to Cane alone. Neil reluctantly agreed. Cane arrived as Neil was leaving, but Neil didn't say a word to his son-in-law as he walked coldly past him.

Cane apologized to Lily. Sobbing gently, Lily said she knew Cane loved her because the deep connection they shared had saved her life. Lily pleaded with Cane to tell her the truth about everything because it would be his last chance to save their relationship. Cane hesitated as he attempted to speak, but he remained silent. Lily cried, "You were never even real. You never even existed at all."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lily demanded to know if Cane had told her the whole truth. When Cane hesitated, Lily realized that Cane was still keeping things from her. Lily accused Cane of being a liar. Cane said he'd been trying to protect Lily. Lily said she was taking the twins for a walk and wanted Cane to move out of the house permanently.

Alone in the house after Lily left, Cane gathered his things into a satchel and prepared to leave. Cane opened the laptop and recorded a video message for Matty and Charlie. Cane told his children that he loved them and that would never change. Cane said that even if they didn't see him, he would always care for them.

Outside of Jimmy's, a motorcycle nearly ran down Sofia. Neil and Malcolm rushed to Sofia's side. A cop approached and asked if Sofia had been able to recognize the driver or the motorcycle. Sofia said that she recalled that on the helmet, there was a skull. Malcolm helped Sofia into Crimson Lights.

At the coffee house, Jill told Colin her ideas for an intimate wedding. Blake was carrying a motorcycle helmet with a skull logo on the side. Colin noticed Blake and signaled for him to leave. When Jill saw Sofia, she and Colin walked over to see what had happened.

When Jill and Colin heard about the motorcycle accident, Jill sympathized with Sofia. Colin excused himself. Colin called Blake and told Blake to meet him at Jimmy's. Colin also told Blake to get rid of his motorcycle helmet.

At the Athletic Club, Blake approached Lily and the twins. Lily told Blake to get lost because Lily knew that he had been blackmailing Cane. Lily declared that Blake was not her friend. Blake tried to explain, but Lily refused to listen to him. Lily warned Blake to stay away from her and the twins.

A short time later, Lily returned and saw that Cane was in the house. Cane understood why Lily hated him. Cane said that he had a way to make things right and asked Lily to hear him out. Lily said that she'd had enough of the whole mess, especially after running into Blake at the club.

Lily told Cane that she had warned Blake to keep away from her and the children. Cane said his plan would protect them from Blake. Cane urged Lily to run away with him, taking the twins with them. Cane wanted time to regroup with his family, far away from Blake.

Lily wasn't sure she wanted to restart her life with Cane. Cane said everything he'd done had been to protect Lily and their children. Lily refused to be guilted into leaving with Cane. Lily told Cane to say goodbye to the babies because she wanted him out of the house. Cane said goodbye to Matty and Charlie. Cane told the babies that he loved them both and that all the things he'd done had been to protect them. Cane promised to be back. Lily told Cane not to make promises he couldn't keep.

Cane asked Lily to consider his idea. Lily told Cane that she needed time to rest and think. Lily wanted Cane to leave her alone. Cane picked up his satchel and walked out. Cane told Lily that he would see her the next day.

At Jimmy's, Colin reminded Blake that he had been ordered to keep a low profile. Blake said that Sofia had threatened to call the cops on them. Colin appreciated Blake's loyalty, but disapproved of his methods. Colin told Blake to fly back to Australia immediately.

At Crimson Lights, Malcolm told Sofia that he believed the rider was probably from out of town. Neil reported that he'd call Devon in New York and he was safe. Jill wondered why Neil was worried about Devon. Neil asked if Jill knew about Cane's situation. Jill said the Cane had confessed to her and Katherine that he was being blackmailed. Neil told Jill that Cane's involvement with the blackmailer had endangered Lily and the Winters family. Jill was stunned.

Sofia wondered if someone might have targeted her because she knew about Blake blackmailing Cane. Sofia said they had no way of knowing if Blake had been on the motorcycle. Neil and Malcolm agreed that they all had to be more careful. Sofia was frustrated and told Malcolm that she would not live in fear.

Malcolm understood and comforted her. Malcolm told Sofia that he was worried about her. Sofia asked if Malcolm would be sleeping in her bed. Malcolm said yes. Sofia and Malcolm kissed and made up.

Neil reminded Sofia and Malcolm that they had to be careful. Jill wondered what had happened to Colin. When she tried to call him, Colin entered the coffeehouse. Jill was glad to see him. Colin said he didn't want to wait to marry Jill any longer. Colin asked Jill to marry him that night.

Jill was surprised, but Colin felt that it was a case of the sooner the better for their wedding. Jill asked why Colin was in such a hurry. Colin said that Sofia's accident had shaken him up. Colin didn't want to have any regrets. Jill agreed to marry Colin the next day. Colin agreed.

At Jimmy's, Blake watched the video of Lily at the house from months before, clearly intrigued by her.

At the ranch, Kyle was frustrated with Diane because she had spent so much time on her work. Diane said she'd be finished soon. Victor entered, and a sullen Kyle walked out of the room. Diane asked Victor about the hearing. Victor told Diane that Nick had won custody of Faith.

Diane said that Sharon had nobody to blame but herself. Even though Victor agreed with Diane, he still expressed sadness for Sharon. Victor was glad for Nick, but Victor wished that Sharon had never gotten involved with Adam. Diane asked Victor to keep an eye on Kyle while she went to see the contractor. Victor found Kyle looking at the framed family photos. Victor admitted that his children and grandchildren had not visited the ranch very much of late.

Victor asked if Kyle would be interested in going snowmobiling. Kyle was excited about the idea. Victor offered to meet the boy outside after changing into winter gear.

Nick arrived home with Faith. Nick promised to take good care of her. There was a knock on the door, and Nick found Diane there. Diane thought Nick might need a friend. Diane poured a couple of glasses of wine while Nick put Faith to sleep. Nick returned and told Diane that he sensed that Faith knew something was different. Diane recalled how Kyle had cried when she moved away from Genoa City. Diane said she worried that she'd been a bad mother.

Diane had no regrets about her decision at that time because it had been the right thing to do. Diane said she had always tried to put Kyle's needs before her own. Nick thought Diane was a great mother. Nick felt that Faith was being cheated. Diane assured Nick that he was a good father. Nick told Diane he was wrong when he said that they should only be friends.

Diane was surprised by Nick's change of heart. Nick said that Diane had changed his mind. Nick said that he wanted to spend a lot more time with Diane. Nick kissed Diane and assured her that he wanted her. Diane asked for more than kisses. Nick invited Diane to dinner.

In the kitchen, Diane helped Nick with the cooking. Diane wanted to add jalapenos to Nick's Tuscany sauce, and he objected. Diane accused Nick of being a lightweight. Nick denied that and watched as Diane put the peppers in the sauce. Nick complained that the sauce was too hot.

Diane answered her phone. Kyle told her that there'd been a snowmobile accident. Victor took the phone and explained that he'd hit his head when he drove into a tree. Diane said she'd return to the house. Victor was grateful. Nick understood that Diane had to leave, even though Diane said it was Kyle that needed her. Nick said he'd save the sauce for another time with Diane.

Diane returned to the ranch and inspected Victor's head. Diane sent Kyle for supplies to bandage Victor's gash. Victor said that he and Kyle had been having fun. Kyle agreed that it had been a blast. Diane told Victor that she had once fantasized about Victor and Kyle becoming good friends. Victor said he'd been pleasantly surprised by how things were turning out with Diane and Kyle living at the ranch.

Victor asked if Kyle wanted to watch a movie in the media room. Kyle asked Diane to join them Diane agreed, but first called Nick to say she wouldn't be returning. Nick agreed to give Diane a rain check. Kyle and Victor returned with a big bowl of popcorn. Victor asked Diane to follow them into the media room to watch a movie.

When Adam and Sharon arrived home, Adam offered to start a fire for Sharon. Sharon didn't want a fire. Sharon wanted Faith. Adam embraced Sharon. Sharon believed that Nick would never give up Faith. Sharon was furious with Nick for using their daughter to punish Sharon. Adam urged Sharon to fight Nick.

Sharon wasn't sure she could do it anymore, so Adam offered to fight for her. Adam put on his jacket and was ready to leave to confront Nick. Sharon told Adam she didn't want him to punch it out with Nick. Sharon asked Adam to stay with her. Adam kissed Sharon. Sharon said that Adam beating Nick wouldn't improve the situation.

Adam blamed himself for the entire situation. Sharon forgave Adam for the mistakes he'd made in the past. Adam pointed out that Victor was an "unforgiving bastard." Sharon felt sorry for Victor and Nick because both men loved only the fantasy of someone, not the reality. Sharon said her love for Adam was the real thing. Adam kissed Sharon.

Later, in front of the fire, Adam and Sharon cuddled. Sharon said that what she felt with Adam was real, not a fantasy.

Nick served himself a plate of pasta for dinner with the sauce that Diane had spiced up. Nick told Faith that the sauce was better with Diane's addition of peppers. Nick said that Diane was a positive addition to his life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neil tried to comfort Lily, offering to make her something to eat. Neil acknowledged that it had been a rough night for his daughter. Lily was grateful that Neil had let her move back home with the twins. Lily said she couldn't stay in the house after Cane left. Lily worried that the twins realized that their father was gone. Lily had second thoughts about asking him to move out.

Lily told Neil that she couldn't understand why Cane had kept secrets from her. Lily still loved Cane and felt that after all they'd overcome, they belonged together. Lily said that she'd always believed in Cane, even when she learned that he had lied about being Philip. Lily felt awful about keeping the twins from their father. Neil believed that Lily had to look out for herself and her children.

Cane went to see Kay at the mansion. Kay asked about Lily, and Cane admitted that Lily had asked him to move out of the house. Kay suggested that Cane give Lily some time to think things over. Kay offered to let Cane stay in the house, but Cane said that he didn't want to run into Colin and Jill. Kay told Cane that Jill had left the mansion to move in with Colin. Cane told Kay that he was dead set against Jill marrying Colin.

Kay asked point-blank if Cane had been honest with Lily. Cane said he was unable to tell Lily the entire truth about his past. Cane feared that revealing everything he knew about the syndicate would endanger the people he loved. Kay told Cane that living in fear and hiding the truth was no way to live. Cane said that if the syndicate wanted him dead, they would have killed him already. Cane believed that the criminals wanted to negotiate with Cane.

Cane told Kay that if he kept the remaining secrets, the syndicate would not hurt him and his family. Kay advised Cane to put his faith in the people who loved him. Kay reminded Cane that Lily was Cane's strongest ally. Cane said goodbye to Kay and returned home. Cane was surprised that Lily and the kids weren't there. Cane picked up a pad and began to write a note to Lily, telling her the last of the secrets he'd been keeping from her. Cane explained his last secret about his father.

At Crimson Lights, Sofia noticed that Malcolm was upset. Malcolm was concerned about the motorcycle attack on Sofia. Malcolm believed that Blake had been riding the bike that had run Sofia down. Sofia wasn't sure. Sofia told Malcolm that she was looking forward to spending time with Lily. Sofia explained that since Tucker had fired her, she had time on her hands. Malcolm told Sofia that he was going to stay close to Lily no matter what Neil said.

Sofia revealed to Malcolm that she needed to recover James Collier's money from Blake in order to repay Tucker. Sofia wasn't sure she'd be able to pull it off, and she was concerned about confronting Blake.

Malcolm and Sofia arrived at Neil's to visit with Lily. Lily was glad to see them. Lily asked Sofia about her bandaged hand. Sofia told Lily about the motorcycle accident. Malcolm said the cops were still investigating the case, but Malcolm suspected that Blake had been the driver.

Malcolm told Lily that Cane could no longer be trusted. Neil said the Australian syndicate was dangerous, and Cane had led them into Lily's life. Lily was afraid for Cane. Malcolm thought Cane had caused his own troubles. Neil and Sofia assured Lily that Cane could take care of himself.

Lily was worried about Cane. When Malcolm and Neil criticized Cane, Lily defended her husband. Lily reminded them that Cane was the father of her children. Lily declared that she'd decided to go home with the twins in case Cane needed her. Lily said that she didn't want Cane to fight the bad guys without her by his side.

From his motel room, Blake called Colin and left a message asking his boss for a second chance to prove himself. Blake said that he would return to Brisbane as he was told, and he hoped to restore Colin's faith in him. Blake called the airport to arrange for a ticket. Blake received a text from Colin telling him not to return. Colin saw Blake's message on his phone, but didn't open the voicemail. Colin met the minister at the church and explained that he was anxious to marry Jill.

At the Athletic Club, Jill met Billy and asked him to attend her wedding. Billy was floored that the wedding was that same day. Billy told Jill that she was nuts. Billy reminded Jill that she had just met Colin. Jill explained that she and Colin clicked and when Colin proposed, she'd said yes. Billy scoffed at Jill's decision to marry a guy she barely knew. Jill accused Billy of being hypocritical, considering his quickie marriage to Victoria. Billy defended his marriage because he'd known Victoria for years.

Jill asked Billy to meet Colin before the ceremony. Later, Colin arrived at the Club, and Jill introduced him to Billy. Billy was surly with Colin. Jill left to get a manicure for the wedding. Billy asked why Colin wanted to marry Jill. Colin said he loved Jill.

Billy suggested that Jill and Colin just live together. Colin said he believed in marriage. Billy wondered if Colin wanted Jill's money and business connections. Colin told Billy that his life was an open book. Colin admitted that he had done time in prison for tax evasion.

Colin told Billy that he was genuine in his love for Jill. Jill returned and asked how Colin and Billy had done alone together. Billy complimented Colin for being a good liar. Billy asked Colin to postpone the wedding. Colin refused, saying they had made arrangements.

Jill told Billy that he was being as judgmental as everyone else in her life. Billy realized that nobody supported the marriage, and he'd been the last to learn about Jill's wedding. Billy told Jill to think about why everyone who loved her was so down on the wedding. Billy left the dining room. In the foyer, Billy called Cane and asked why nobody had told him about Jill and Colin's engagement. Cane apologized for not telling Billy about Colin.

Billy informed Cane that Colin and Jill were getting married that night at the First United Church. Cane was upset and hung up the phone. Colin apologized to Jill for things not going well with Billy. Jill said that she expected too much of Billy. Colin's phone rang. Jill told Colin to take the call.

Colin was surprised to hear from Cane. Cane warned Colin not to marry Jill. Cane threatened to stop the wedding. Colin asked Cane to be a part of his life. Cane reminded his father that he'd threatened the people Cane loved.

Colin apologized for his threats. Cane insisted that Colin cancel the wedding or Cane would reveal everything he knew about Colin to Jill. Colin said that Cane had already tried to play that card. Cane reminded Colin that he had more to lose. Cane warned Colin that if he didn't give up Jill, Colin would find himself taking on formidable foes, people like the Winterses, the Fenmores, Tucker McCall, the Abbotts, the Chancellors, and others in Genoa City.

Colin hung up on Cane and returned to the table. Jill noticed that Colin was upset. Jill apologized for Billy's reaction. Colin asked if Jill was having second thoughts. Jill said she didn't care about her family's lack of faith in her. Colin told Jill that he would meet her at the church because he was going to the jewelry store to pick up rings for the ceremony.

Cane finished writing the letter to Lily. Cane left the letter on the desk. Cane called Jill's phone and left a message for her. Cane said that Jill should not go ahead with the wedding. Cane assured Jill that he was on his way to the church.

Lily left a message for Cane saying that she wanted to speak with him. Kay welcomed Billy into the mansion. Kay was fuming when Billy told her that Jill was getting married that night. Billy said that Jill wasn't using her head.

Billy believed that Jill was completely snowed by Colin's charm. Kay agreed that Colin was a smooth operator. Kay said she'd been unable to get Jill to see that she was acting impetuously. Kay declared the Jill was her own worst enemy. Kay told Billy that nothing good would result from Jill's marriage.

Lily called Kay to see if Cane was still there. Kay said that Cane had left the house and was looking for Lily. Billy took the phone from Kay and told Lily that Cane might be at the First United Church for Jill's wedding to Colin. Lily said that she'd meet Cane there.

Colin arrived at Blake's, saying that he'd give him one last chance to prove himself. Colin wanted Blake to make sure that Cane stayed away from the wedding. Blake told Colin that even if Colin married Jill, Cane would keep Colin away from the twins. Blake believed that he could solve Colin's problem. Blake said that he would get close to Lily and make sure that Colin was a part of the twins' lives. Blake wanted to get rid of Cane permanently. Colin didn't want that.

Colin warned Blake not to do anything stupid. Colin said that he would take care of Cane himself. Blake agreed to Colin's terms. Blake would keep Cane from disrupting the wedding and nothing more.

Neil called Lily and learned that she was at the church to meet Cane. Malcolm said that he'd go to Lily's while Neil went to the church. Neil wanted to protect Lily in case the guys who were after Cane showed up. Jill arrived at the church and saw Lily and the twins were there. Lily said she believed that Cane might be going to the wedding. Lily told Jill that she and Cane had fought, but Lily couldn't walk away from their marriage.

Lily told Jill that she loved Cane and the twins needed their father. Jill was pleased that one of her sons might attend her wedding. Colin arrived at the church and was surprised to see Lily and the twins. Jill said that Cane might be on his way. The minister appeared and said he was ready to start. Colin asked Lily to invite Cane to stay for the ceremony. Cane arrived outside the church. Blake stepped forward and said he wasn't going to let Cane enter.

Lily waited for Cane at the church. When Malcolm and Sofia reached Lily's and swung open the front door, Cane's note blew off the desk.

In front of the church, Blake pulled a gun on Cane and told him to back off. The two struggled for the gun. Lily pushed the stroller out of the church. When Lily saw Cane and Blake fighting, Lily screamed. Blake pointed the gun at Lily. Cane stepped in front of the gun and when it went off, Cane was hit point-blank in the chest. Blake fell on the steps and hit his head.

Lily screamed at the sight of Blake and Cane and fell to the ground. Lily lost her grip on the stroller, and it rolled down the steps. Neil arrived just in time to catch the stroller before it rolled into the street.

At the altar, Jill and Colin were declared husband and wife. Before Colin could kiss the bride, Jill and Colin

Thursday, February 3, 2011

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy and Kay were in the living room, discussing Jill's wedding. Murphy entered and noticed that Kay and Billy seemed to be upset. Kay said it had been a bad night. Kay told Murphy that Jill was at the church getting married to Colin. Murphy said that Jill had a mind of her own. When Murphy mentioned to Billy how cute Delia was, Billy admitted that he still hadn't told Delia about Lucy. Kay said she was tempted to go to the church and drag Jill back.

Outside the church, a gun went off, and Cane was shot in the chest. Neil caught Lily's stroller before it rolled into the street. Lily rushed to Cane's side and saw that he was bleeding profusely. Jill and Colin knelt beside Lily and Cane. Jill told Cane to hold on. Lily screamed for help. Neil called 9-1-1 and told them to hurry because Cane was bleeding to death.

Colin removed his jacket and put it on Cane's chest to try to stop the bleeding. Lily urged Cane to hang on. Despite Lily's plea, Cane drew his last breath. Jill and Lily cried in agony at the sight of Cane's lifeless body. Neil looked on helplessly. Colin was stunned.

At Lily's house, an angry Malcolm told Sofia that he wanted Cane out of Lily's life. Malcolm called Neil to find out if Lily was all right. Neil told Malcolm about the shooting. Malcolm said he was on his way.

The medics arrived at the church and went to Cane's side. They were unable to resuscitate him. Cane was declared dead. Malcolm and Sofia arrived at the church. Neil asked them to watch the babies while Neil cared for Lily. Lily asked the medics to continue working on Cane, but they said it was too late. The detective declared that the steps were a crime scene.

Neil led Lily into the church, while Sofia said that she'd take the babies home. Malcolm asked Neil what had happened. Neil told Malcolm that Blake had shot Cane. Neil theorized that Blake had fallen on the steps and broken his neck. Malcolm was concerned about Lily and the twins. Neil agreed with Malcolm, but asked his brother to calm down. Malcolm left with Sofia to care for the twins.

At Lily's, Sofia told Malcolm that the babies had fallen asleep. Malcolm said he was going to go back to the church for Lily. Malcolm blamed Cane for what had happened. Malcolm wished that Sofia had told him the moment she had learned about Cane being blackmailed. Malcolm said that he had trouble trusting Sofia because she had kept secrets from him. Sofia defended her decision.

Malcolm suggested that Sofia was responsible for Cane's death because she'd kept Cane's secrets. Malcolm asked why Sofia had risked her career for Cane. Sofia said her intentions had been good. Malcolm compared Sofia's lies to Dru's. Sofia declared that she was not Dru. Malcolm said that if he married Sofia, he had to trust her, and Malcolm had doubts. Malcolm left to return to the church.

In front of the church, Jill was confused and asked Colin what had happened. When the police asked about Cane, Jill explained that she'd been a mother to him. Colin was in stunned silence. Jill told the cop that the other dead body was Blake's, and he'd been blackmailing Cane. Jill said that Cane had testified against a crime syndicate in Australia, and Blake had worked for them.

Neil tried to lead Lily into the church, suggesting that they pray. Lily said that she had nothing to pray for, since Cane was dead. Lily feared that Matty and Charlie would remember the incident. Neil said that Malcolm had texted that the babies were asleep in their cribs. Lily told Neil that she'd seen Blake and Cane fighting on the steps. Neil was grateful that Lily had not been injured.

Lily said that Cane had fought very hard to keep her alive during her bout with cancer. Lily had feared her children would never know their mother, and it was their father who had died too young. Lily blamed herself for pushing Cane away when he told her about his being blackmailed. Lily was grateful that she had been able to tell Cane she loved him moments before he died. The police detective interrupted to ask Lily about the shooting.

Neil asked the detective to leave Lily alone. The detective needed Lily to identify Cane's body in the morgue. Neil said to find someone else to do that.

Colin entered the Chancellor mansion with Jill. When Kay saw Jill's dress covered in blood, Kay asked what had happened. Jill said that Cane had been killed. Colin explained that after the wedding ceremony, they'd heard a shot. Jill said that Blake, Cane's blackmailer, had shot Cane in the chest. Blake had died, too, when he fell on the steps.

Jill said that Lily had walked into the middle of Blake and Cane's encounter. Billy said he was going to the church to try to help Lily. Billy arrived at the church and approached Neil. Billy was worried about Lily. Neil asked Billy to go into the church to speak with Lily. When Billy reached Lily, she cried in his arms.

Lily told Billy that Cane had stepped in front of Blake's gun to keep Lily and the kids from being shot. Billy realized that Cane had been protecting his family. Billy believed that Cane had been a hero. Billy promised to write a cover story in Restless Style to ensure that the twins would someday read about their father's bravery. Lily thanked Billy.

Jill cried about Cane's death, and Kay embraced her. Later, Jill was upstairs in her room. In the mirror, she saw the blood on her dress and began to weep. Kay entered and helped Jill undress. Kay slipped a robe around Jill's shoulders. Jill thanked Katherine. Jill told Kay that it didn't matter who Cane really was; he was still family. Kay agreed. Kay left, and Jill wept for Cane.

Murphy offered Colin a change of clothes. Colin was grateful to Murphy. Colin thought Jill had seen enough blood. Murphy asked if Colin was okay. Colin said he was fine. Murphy mentioned to Kay that Colin had been rattled by Cane's death. Kay was surprised because Cane had never liked Colin.

In Jill's room, Colin comforted his bride. Colin thought Cane's death had been a senseless killing. Colin said that Cane had a lot of promise. Colin told Jill that he would try to make it right for Jill, Lily, and Cane's children. Jill said that Colin was a good man.

Malcolm met Neil outside the church. Neil said that Lily was a mess. Malcolm was anxious to go after the people who'd killed Cane. Neil advised Malcolm to calm down. Malcolm blamed Sofia for keeping secrets and causing Cane's death. Neil thought Sofia shouldn't have kept the truth from them, but Neil also felt that Sofia had been trying to protect the Winters family.

Billy told Neil that Lily was ready to speak with the police. Lily told the detective that she had feared for the babies when Blake and Cane were fighting. Lily had slipped on the ice and that was when the stroller had rolled down the steps. Lily said Cane had lunged for the gun and Blake had shot him.

Malcolm and Neil told Lily she had done well with the police. Malcolm admired that Cane had sacrificed his life for Lily and the twins. Neil and Malcolm left the church with Lily. Lily blanched when she saw the spot where Cane had died.

The police detective arrived at the Chancellor estate. He asked if Jill could identify the body at the morgue. Colin said that he would do it for Jill. Colin told the cop that he was Cane's father-in-law. At the morgue, Colin officially identified Cane's body. Colin asked for a moment alone. Colin said that he had sent Blake to the church to keep Cane away from the wedding. Colin said he had never meant for Cane to be killed.

Colin mentioned that he was sorry for Samantha's and Cane's deaths. Colin wondered how his life had led him to that place. Colin said he had to end the cycle of violence or he would die like his children had. Colin said that the twins could never be part of Colin's world. Colin promised to keep them out of his criminal world. Colin told Cane that he loved him. Colin promised to make it right. Colin was moved to tears.

Lily appeared unexpectedly and asked Colin why he was in the morgue. Colin said that he'd identified the body because it was too much for Jill to handle. Colin said he would leave Lily to pay her last respects. Lily asked Neil to let her be alone with Cane. Lily stared at Cane's body and wondered how to say goodbye.

When Blake's body was wheeled into the hallway, Colin looked at it.

Sofia rocked one of the babies in her arms. Sofia spoke to herself, saying that she was sorry for what had happened, and she apologized to Cane. Malcolm arrived back at the house, and Sofia said she had just put Charlie to sleep. Sofia asked Malcolm to be patient with her. Malcolm agreed, but he was clearly upset with Sofia.

Billy was surprised that Colin had agreed to go to the morgue for Jill. Jill was impressed with Colin's efforts to be supportive. Murphy and Billy agreed they might have been wrong about Colin.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nina and Paul arrived at Crimson Lights for a hot drink before going ice-skating. Nina was preoccupied with worry about Ronan. Nina wished that Christine would contact them about the results of Chance's test. Heather appeared and told Nina and Paul that she hadn't heard from Ronan either. Paul invited Heather to join them on the ice.

Ronan walked into Crimson Lights and saw Paul, Heather, and Nina. Ronan went with them to the lake, telling Nina, Paul, and Heather that he could skate rings around them. Ronan explained that he'd played ice hockey as a kid. Ronan mentioned that his mother had been a great skater. Heather encouraged Ronan to show them all his moves on the ice.

Ronan left to get his skates. A short time later, Ronan was back and laced up his skates. Heather urged Ronan to show them what a great skater he was. Ronan went onto the ice, but after a moment, he said he'd done enough. Ronan suddenly collapsed. Paul called 9-1-1 for an ambulance. Ronan was unconscious as Heather and Nina knelt by his side.

At the hospital, the doctor told Nina, Heather, and Paul that Ronan needed a liver transplant soon or he would die. The doctor explained that the drugs stabilizing Ronan's condition were no longer working. Paul called Christine and left a message for her to call him immediately. A while later, Heather, Nina, and Paul entered Ronan's room to check on him. Ronan asked if Chris had called. Paul said they were still waiting to hear from Chris. Ronan said he'd be in the hospital if they wanted to visit him.

Ronan clicked on the television just as the news reported that Cane Ashby had been killed. Paul, Nina, Heather, and Ronan were shocked. Nina said she had to get home to check on Jill. Paul walked Nina to the elevator. Heather told Ronan she would stay with him. A short time later, Paul and Heather were in Ronan's room when Chris showed up suddenly. Chris announced that Chance was a donor match for Ronan.

At Jimmy's, Daniel called about the paternity results and learned they weren't ready yet. Daniel recalled picking up Lucy's pacifier. Chloe entered and asked Daniel about Daisy. Daniel said if there was no news. Chloe confided to Daniel that she was frustrated about Kevin still being with Jana.

Kevin appeared and kissed Chloe passionately. Daniel left them alone. Kevin told Chloe that Jana had gone to group therapy, and he was free for the evening. Chloe was thrilled because that meant she and Kevin could be alone for the night. Kevin said he'd reserved a room at the Athletic Club for the two of them. Chloe was anxious to finally make love with Kevin. Chloe wanted to pop the cork since they hadn't been able to do it on New Year's Eve.

Kevin told Daniel that he and Chloe were leaving for the Club. Daniel agreed not to tell anyone about Chloe and Kevin's plans for the night. Before Chloe and Kevin walked out, the TV news announced that Cane had been murdered. Kevin and Chloe stopped in their tracks.

Chloe was stunned. Daniel left to find Lily. Chloe started to freak out and Kevin tried to calm her. Chloe said that Cane's death was like Chase's death. Chloe couldn't believe it was happening again.

Victoria and Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Victoria told Kay she was sorry about Cane's death. Murphy said that Jill was not in good shape. Billy took Lucy to see Jill. Jill said she needed family and smiled at her granddaughter. When Lauren entered the room, Jill embraced her sister.

In the morgue, Colin spoke to Blake's corpse and said that he had gotten off easy by dying at the scene of the crime. Colin hoped that Blake would be punished in the afterlife for killing Cane. An attendant asked Colin about the disposition of Blake's body. Colin responded that he hoped Blake would rot in hell.

While trying to pour a cup of tea, Esther spilled. Kay realized that Esther was rattled about Cane. Esther wished there was something they could do. Billy said he was going to write a piece about Cane for Restless Style. Jill stopped Billy. Victoria told Billy it was inappropriate.

Billy explained that he was writing the story for Lily. At the church, Lily had given Billy the okay to tell Cane's story. Billy revealed that Cane had died to protect Lily and the twins from Blake. Billy wanted the world to know that Cane had died a hero. Colin walked into the mansion and overheard Billy. Kay told Billy to set up his laptop and do the story.

Jill said that she needed to call her brothers with the news. Lauren offered to make the calls. Jill couldn't find her phone with Snapper and Greg's numbers. Colin said he'd found Jill's phone at the church. Colin had the phone in his car. At the mention of the church, Jill told Lauren that she had married Colin earlier. Lauren was shocked. Victoria wondered if Cane was at the church for Jill's wedding. Jill wasn't sure because she hadn't seen Cane before the ceremony.

Chloe and Kevin arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Chloe sympathized with Jill about Cane's death. Jill said family was important to her, and commented on Lucy being there. Chloe was surprised to learn that Victoria and Billy had a new baby.

Chloe blasted Billy and Victoria for getting a private adoption. Chloe felt that Billy should have told Chloe right away. Chloe needed time to prepare Delia. Billy said that Delia hadn't been told about her new sister yet. Billy excused himself to work on his story. Chloe was ticked off at Kevin when he revealed that he'd know about Lucy for a while.

Lauren, Kay, and Murphy were concerned that Jill was in a very vulnerable state. Jill felt confident that Colin would take care of her. Kay reminded Jill that she hadn't known Colin very long. Jill remained sure that Colin was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Outside the house, Colin had Jill's phone. Colin listened to the message that Cane had left for Jill. Cane had warned Jill not to marry Colin. Cane had asked Jill to wait until Cane reached the church before going ahead with the ceremony. Colin erased Cane's message.

Nina arrived at the mansion and went to Jill. Nina expressed her sympathy about Cane. Nina then told Kay and Jill that Ronan had collapsed and was in the hospital. Billy announced that he had finished with the story. Billy read the story of Cane's death to the group. Jill complimented Billy for getting the story right.

Colin suggested that there was nothing left to investigate because Blake had died after shooting Cane. Jill said she wanted the people who had hired Blake to blackmail Cane to face justice.

Nina received a phone call that left her stunned. Nina returned to the living room, and Kay asked if she was all right. Nina accidentally spilled wine on Jill's blouse. Jill was upset and left for her bedroom. Nina followed Jill upstairs.

Jill walked into her room and saw a man standing there with his back to the door. Before he turned around, Nina told Jill to calm down. The man faced Jill and Nina. Jill exclaimed when she saw that it was Chance.

Daniel received a call from the lab. The technician told Daniel that the paternity test was a match. Daniel was Lucy's biological father. Daniel watched Lucy with Billy and Victoria.

At the morgue, Lily stood beside Cane's body. Lily was reluctant to let go of Cane's hand. Lily spoke to Cane's corpse and said they'd wasted too much time. Lily said that she forgave Cane and understood why he'd kept his past a secret. Lily needed to know that Cane heard that Lily had said she loved Cane before he died.

Lily promised Cane that Matty and Charlie would know all about him. She also said she'd take the twins to Australia. Lily told Cane that she needed him, and so did the children. Neil entered and comforted Lily. Neil told Lily it was time to say goodbye to Cane. Lily said "I love you" to Cane and kissed him one last time. Neil led her out of the morgue.

Back home, Lily held Charlie as she spoke to Neil about how life moved on. Lily wished that Cane were there to see Charlie. Lily assumed that Cane would wake up in the morning and make coffee like usual and regretted that life would never be that simple again.

Devon arrived and hugged Lily. Lily told Devon that she and Cane had planned to go to Paris together. Lily had dreams of watching the sunrise over Paris with Cane by her side. Lily had imagined bike-riding with Cane and the twins through the French countryside. Lily said that she would never get to do those things with Cane.

Devon said that Lily and Cane had shared a lot in the time he had lived. Devon reminded Lily that she and Cane had two amazing children. Lily felt that her future with Cane had been taken from her. Lily remembered how painful Dru's death had been, and thought that this was worse. Neil suggested that Lily try to get some sleep. Lily said she would rest on the couch. Devon and Neil went to the guest room.

Alone, Lily clicked on the laptop and saw that Cane had left a video. Lily watched Cane's message to Matty and Charlie. Lily was moved as she saw Cane's tearful, loving message to the twins. Lily finished watching Cane's message, wiping away tears as she heard Cane promise his children that he would always be with them.

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