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Kevin told Jana that he loved Chloe. Phyllis and Jack found video evidence that Victor had been at the volcano when Sharon had tried to save Skye. Adam schemed to make it seem like Skye was alive. Victor saw Diane kissing Nick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 7, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, February 7, 2011

At Lily's apartment in the middle of the night, Lily meandered aimlessly around her living room carrying baby Matty. Neither the baby nor her mother could sleep. Lily showed the baby a frozen video shot of Cane and cooed that Matty's daddy had been an amazing man. Devon awoke. Lily told him that whenever she attempted to fall sleep, she would dream about Cane. Neil joined his family just as Lily cried, "Charlie and Matty's father is dead. It should not have happened, but it did; and I want to know why."

From Lily's front porch, Daniel sent Lily a text message and asked if he could enter. Neil and Devon went to the store for diapers and food. Lily told Daniel that she couldn't understand what was happening. Daniel agreed that it didn't make sense, and perhaps it wasn't really happening at all. Lily seemed puzzled. Lily told Daniel about the video recording Cane had made for the babies after she shut the door in his face and refused to see him.

Daniel suggested that Lily remember what a great man and father Cane had been and focus her attention on the sense of presence Cane had left behind. Lily cried that her babies would carry their father's name, but they would never know him. Daniel cradled Matty and reminded Lily that her children were surrounded by caring, loving family members.

Privately thinking about Lucy and her devoted adoptive parents, Daniel said, "Her father will always watch over her. He'll watch her grow up happy, healthy, and loved." Lily assumed Daniel was talking about Matty. Neil and Devon returned just as Daniel left. Lily, exhausted, went to bed. Devon acknowledged that the sorrowful expression on Lily's face reminded him of the look on Neil's face after Dru died.

On the front portico at the Chancellor estate, Chloe told Kevin she was miffed because he hadn't told her about Billy having adopted baby Lucy. Chloe was also stunned by Cane's death. Kevin recalled that both Cane's and Chance's untimely deaths had been horrible incidents. Exasperated, Chloe told Kevin she was no longer interested in becoming entangled with a man who might leave her for another woman or end up dead. Chloe remembered how Chance had broken her heart when he fell in love with Heather. Chloe added that Chance's death had crushed her.

In a bedroom at the Chancellor estate, Nina reunited Jill with Chance. Jill was shocked to see her supposedly dead grandson. Jill was further shocked to learn that Nina had known for a while that Chance was alive. Chance said that Phillip had also known the secret and had returned to Australia abruptly because he hadn't been able to bear watching Jill suffer. Jill promised to keep mum as she enveloped her grandson in a tight bear hug.

Jill was overwhelmed to learn that Chance had arrived in to town to give part of his liver to Ronan. Chance promised to stay safe and see Jill again soon. Chloe sauntered past Chance's bedroom and paused in front of the closed double doors, but she took off before Chance emerged with his head obscured by the furry-edged hood of a parka.

In the sitting room at Katherine's estate, Colin sat on the stairway landing, gazing at a family photo of Cane, Lily, Charlie, and Matty. Colin remarked to Katherine what a beautiful family the Ashbys were. Colin supposed that the children could be considered his grandchildren because Jill had embraced Cane as her son. Katherine explained that they had needed Cane, and he had needed them because he hadn't had family in Australia.

Near Lucy's stroller, Daniel learned during a hushed phone call to the lab that he was indeed the infant's biological father. Billy and Victoria noticed that Daniel seemed mesmerized by Lucy. Victoria suggested that Daniel hold the baby. Billy, concerned, asked Daniel if he was all right. Daniel said he should leave, so Cane's family could comfort each other.

When Daniel walked out, he heard Chloe angrily imploring Kevin to go home. After Daniel rushed away, Chloe insisted that she and Kevin could not be a couple because of his ties to Jana. Kevin pressed his lips against Chloe's and kissed her. Chloe pulled away and told Kevin that their relationship wasn't working. Chloe sobbed and told Kevin she was tired. Kevin promised Chloe that he would fix their relationship.

After Chloe went inside, she ran upstairs. Colin told Victoria and Billy that certain people needed solace. He explained that Jill was the opposite and that Lucy had provided comfort to her grieving grandmother. Victoria asked Colin if he had children. Colin didn't answer, but he seemed lost in thought. Victoria's attention was drawn to Lucy after she sneezed. Victoria and Billy took their baby home.

Jill walked downstairs. Katherine and Murphy noted that Jill seemed somewhat cheerful. Chloe bounced downstairs and poured herself a drink. She irately claimed she should have begun imbibing drinks hours beforehand. Jill prompted Chloe to talk about her problems. Chloe clammed up, but Jill said, "I know it's hard, but give yourself a break. Things are going to get better. There's always a second chance." Dejectedly, Chloe turned and said, "I think I am fresh out of those," as she huffed away.

Later, Chloe sat on the sofa, staring out into space. Katherine sat beside Chloe and comforted her. Katherine tried her best to dissuade Chloe when she claimed that she was about to give up on Kevin.

Upstairs in Jill and Colin's bedroom, Jill told Colin she would confer with Lily about choosing flowers and music for Cane's funeral service. Colin noted that it wasn't what he'd anticipated for their wedding night. Colin climbed into bed and snuggled with Jill. Colin nestled his chin on Jill's shoulder after she said, "There are little reminders everywhere, assuring me that everything will be okay."

Jana awoke on the sofa in Kevin's apartment. Having fallen asleep while waiting for Kevin, she checked her watch and called out his name. She was about to phone Kevin when she noticed a news segment being broadcast on television. Horrified, Jana learned that Cane Ashby and Blake Joseph, both Australian nationals, had died during a shooting outside First United Church. The broadcaster reported that both men had recently been fired from McCall Unlimited. Aloud to herself, Jana expressed sorrow forCane's bereaved family and friends, insincerely tacking Chloe's name to the list.

Jana greeted Kevin with a tight grip. Kevin resisted, but Jana refused to loosen her grasp and claimed she had been worried after learning about Cane's murder. Before Jana could protest, Kevin blurted out that they had been divorced for quite some time. Kevin explained that Jana had pushed him away after her rescue, so he had ultimately given up on their relationship.

Jana profusely apologized and claimed she hated herself for having hurt Kevin. Jana was crushed when Kevin explained that he'd been with someone else for a while. Jana sobbed pitifully. Kevin announced that he wanted to be with Chloe. Jana rested her head on Kevin's shoulder when he explained that he was prepared to make the transition as easy for Jana as possible.

At the hospital, Christine announced to Ronan, Heather, and Paul that Chance, a donor match, had already arrived in Genoa City. Ronan was relieved but stressed. Ronan worried about the upcoming drug ring's trial, which would put Chance, as the key witness, in harm's way. Heather stepped out of Ronan's room and remembered Chance having promised her that he would protect himself and return to her after the drug ring ordeal was over.

Paul's unexpected touch on Heather's shoulder startled her. Paul noted that Chance's return meant much more than just donating a portion of his liver and testifying in court. Heather insisted that she and Chance hadn't been a couple. Paul advised Heather to take things slowly.

Christine issued orders over a radio to the security staff, a few of whom she noted were dressed in hospital scrubs. Christine assured Nina, Heather, and Paul that Chance would remain safe, but Christine cautioned Nina not to celebrate until after the surgery was completed. After Heather went to tell Ronan about the security plan, Christine received a text message about Chance's arrival. Two uniformed men pushed Chance into the hospital on a gurney. Chance's face was covered by a sheet. Nina, grinning broadly, walked beside her son. Chance uncovered his face and shook Paul's hand.

In Ronan's room, Ronan drilled Heather about safety protocols put into place to ensure Chance's safety. Heather jokingly asked Ronan if he planned to get out of bed and beat up anyone that went near his brother. Heather was lovingly stroking Ronan's hand when Chance walked in. She embraced Chance, and he chided her for never giving up her search for him. Ronan and Chance jokingly bickered as they prepared to play a game called "Spit." Heather, Paul, and Nina arrived. Nina prided herself for having taught Chance the game. Nina smiled as she watched her sons interact.

Victoria and Billy phoned Lucy's pediatrician and learned that the baby likely had croup and should be exposed to the steam from a hot shower. Billy took off his shirt and turned on the hot water. As steam filled the room, Victoria claimed that if anyone ever tried to hurt her baby, she would fight to protect Lucy.

After Lucy began breathing easier, Victoria and Billy gazed at their infant. Victoria cooed, "She really is ours." Later, Victoria and Billy cradled their baby and marveled at her quick recovery. Victoria told Billy that her family meant everything to her, and she made Billy promise to never die.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine asked if Chloe still felt her relationship with Kevin was hopeless. Chloe said that she'd had a premonition that she and Kevin were doomed. That was why Chloe had felt the need to end things with him. Kevin called and asked if he could visit Chloe at the mansion.

Christine entered the mansion to see Kay. Chloe left to make another pot of coffee. Chris told Kay that Ronan's transplant was scheduled for later that morning and that Chance was the donor. Kay was anxious to see Chance.

In the living room, Chloe apologized to Jill for acting so bitchy the night before. Jill said she had no time to talk and rushed out. Chloe watched as Kay announced that she had to run. Kay told Chloe not to do anything rash until Kay returned. Chloe wondered where Kay and Jill were going.

At the hospital, Nina watched as Chance was prepped for surgery. Chance told Nina there was nothing to worry about, especially with all the security at the hospital. Ronan entered the room and asked to speak with Chance. Nina stepped out, but promised to return and hover over her sons.

Ronan assured Chance that if it had been up to him, Ronan would never have asked Chance to be the donor. Ronan said that Chance owed Ronan nothing as a brother. Ronan offered Chance to option of backing out of the surgery. Chance joked that he was giving up half his liver so he could be Nina's favorite son. Chance told Ronan that there had been no question that he would be the donor if he were a match.

In the waiting room, Paul comforted Heather. Paul understood that Heather was emotional about the surgery. Nina entered and said that she was grateful to Heather. Heather's persistence was the reason why they learned about Ronan's condition.

Dr. Hastings appeared and introduced himself to the group. Paul and Nina were shocked to learn that the doctor was Nate Hastings, Olivia's son. Nate was aware of Lily's loss and said he was going to see his cousin after the operation. Christine returned to the hospital and met Nate Hastings. Nate thanked Chris for helping to get him hospital privileges so he could perform the surgery.

In Chance's hospital room, Nate had some questions for Chance. Nate asked Chance if he was sure about going through with the operation. Chance said he was ready to be the donor; he had not changed his mind.

In the hospital hallway, Jill was surprised when she ran into Kay. Kay confessed she was there for the same reason as Jill, to see Chance. Jill was excited that Chance had returned to Genoa City. Jill was overjoyed that Chance had not been killed in the shooting. Kay was anxious to see Chance. When Jill realized that Katherine had known that Chance was alive for months, Jill was upset. Jill asked Kay why she hadn't shared the information with Jill.

Kay said that she had been sworn to secrecy and could not risk Chance's life by telling Jill that he was in Witness Protection. Jill told Kay that she'd been grief-stricken over Chance's death and would have benefited from knowing Chance was alive. Kay reminded Jill that Kay had been hospitalized before the shooting and was not in good shape. Kay explained that Christine had told Kay the truth about Chance in order to help Kay recover.

In the waiting room, Jill confronted Nina, Paul, and Heather about their knowing that Chance was alive and keeping Jill out of the loop. Nina assured Jill that keeping the secret had not been intended to hurt Jill. Nina said that she could not risk telling anybody about Chance being alive.

Kay and Jill were introduced to Dr. Hastings. They were amazed that he was Olivia's son. Nate explained the details of the procedure, including the fact that it might take as long as twelve hours.

In the hospital room, Chris approached Ronan to apologize for contacting Chance against Ronan's wishes. Chris said it had been a judgment call. Ronan accepted Chris's apology, and said that he would never have fired Christine for something like that. Chris told Ronan that if he survived the surgery, she'd give him back his job.

Kay was happy to see Chance. Kay handed Chance some treats from Esther, snickerdoodle cookies. Kay said Chance couldn't eat them until after surgery. Chance promised not to leave again without saying goodbye to Kay.

Nina thanked Christine for everything Christine had done for Nina's sons. Chris said that she was sorry for what she'd put Nina through during the investigation. Paul told Chris that he was grateful, too, because Paul had reunited with Nina thanks to Chris. Paul said he had nearly blown a great thing with Nina. Chris thought that Nina needed Paul.

On the phone, Kevin explained to Dr. Mason, Jana's therapist, that Jana had been very upset when Kevin told her that they were divorced. Jana overheard Kevin and rushed out of Crimson Lights. A short time later, a waitress entered and told Kevin that there was a major water leak in the basement.

Jana went to the mansion and confronted Chloe about stealing Kevin from her. Jana accused Chloe of betraying their friendship. Jana accused Chloe of having worked a long time to steal Kevin from Jana. Chloe explained to Jana that Kevin had pursued her. Jana said that Chloe and Kevin would be a disaster together.

Jana made a crack about Chloe being the kiss of death. Jana pointed out that Chance had died as well as Cane, and they'd both been involved with Chloe. An angry Chloe ordered Jana to leave the house. Jana said that if anything happened to Kevin, Jana would hold Chloe responsible.

A short time later, Kevin arrived at the mansion and informed Chloe that he'd told Jana that they were divorced. Kevin tried to kiss Chloe, but she pushed him away. Kevin was excited that they were alone in the mansion, but Chloe continued to be guarded. Chloe declared that she was all wrong for Kevin. Kevin was confused by Chloe's reaction to his news about Jana. Kevin believed that Chloe was simply scared of committing to their relationship. Chloe said that Chance had said the same thing to her.

Chloe confessed that she drove men crazy. Kevin knew that about Chloe and didn't care. Chloe thought that Jana was right about Chloe being a black widow. Kevin was stunned that Jana had spoken to Chloe about their relationship. Kevin said he was excited about being with Chloe, but if she was going to be a coward, Kevin wasn't interested in Chloe. Kevin walked out of the mansion. Chloe was in tears.

Kevin entered his apartment and asked Jana to tell him what she had said to Chloe. Kevin accused Jana of saying that Chloe was cursed. Jana said she understood that she and Kevin were divorced, but Jana still wanted to reach out to Kevin. Jana declared that she was lost. Kevin told Jana not to lean on him. Dr. Mason arrived to speak with Jana. Kevin told the doctor that Jana had said that she was feeling lost. Kevin urged Dr. Mason to deal with Jana.

Kay urged Chance to make it through surgery. Heather hugged Chance before he was out of the hospital room. Chance told Heather that the hardest part of leaving Genoa City was leaving Heather. Chance realized that Heather had moved on with Ronan. Chance told Heather that it was okay for her to be happy with his brother. Chance believed that Ronan was a good man.

Paul told Ronan to do right by Heather by pulling through the surgery in one piece. Jill told Chance that she had always worried about him. Jill wished Chance could be a more boring guy. Chance said that he took after Jill. Heather asked Ronan to do his best to get through the surgery quickly.

Nina addressed both Ronan and Chance, saying that she always imagined the three of them together as a family. Nina had never expected that their get-together would occur before surgery. Nina said that even though Ronan and Chance were raised in different ways, she thought they were very much alike.

Nina pointed out how brave and determined they both were. Nina said she was proud of both of them. Chance assured Nina that everything would be fine. Nina hugged and kissed both her sons. Nate entered and said it was time for them to be taken to the operating room.

Heather stepped out of the hospital and saw Chloe about the walk in. Chloe wondered why Heather was there. Heather said that Ronan had collapsed, and she was visiting him. Chloe realized that something was going on because Jill and Kay had left the house in a rush. Chloe saw the security around the hospital and wondered if something was wrong. Heather assured her that nothing was happening. Chloe threatened to call the media, including Restless Style, unless Heather told her the truth.

Heather swore Chloe to secrecy, then revealed that Ronan was having emergency transplant surgery. Heather admitted that that donor was Chance.

Chris appeared and was upset that Heather had confided in Chloe. Heather said that she wanted Chloe to see Chance. Heather arrived just as Ronan was being wheeled out of his room. Nina said goodbye to both her sons. Chloe rushed in and saw Chance on a gurney going to the operating room.

Jack, Phyllis, Sharon, and Adam went over the notes about Skye's stay in Hawaii. Jack pointed out that somebody had to be covering for Victor. Adam doubted that someone on Victor's payroll would turn on Victor. Jack was determined to establish a timeline so they could figure out where Victor was in relation to Skye. Phyllis suspected that the Hawaiian convenience store clerk, Koa, had been part of Victor's conspiracy. Jack pointed out that Koa knew who Jack was before he introduced himself. Phyllis suggested that they question the pilot of the Newman jet.

Sharon had a hard time believing that Victor would do so much damage to her. Phyllis said that nobody was exempt from Victor's machinations, recalling how Victor had arranged for Patty's arrival in town, and Patty had nearly poisoned Summer. Phyllis advised Sharon to stop thinking of herself as a princess on a pedestal. Sharon got on the phone and discovered that the pilot of Victor's jet had retired soon after Skye's death.

Adam felt that they needed to go to Hawaii and speak with Koa. Sharon couldn't go because she was out of jail on bail. Adam said he'd stay in Genoa City with Sharon. Jack and Phyllis agreed to go to the island. A while later, Jack and Phyllis had made their arrangements and were ready to leave. Adam reminded them that they were going to exonerate Sharon, not to uncover stories for Restless Style. Jack told Sharon and Adam to trust them.

After Jack and Phyllis walked out, Adam told Sharon that they couldn't just count on Jack and Phyllis. Adam felt that they had to pursue other options to clear Sharon's name.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In their Hawaiian hotel room, Phyllis and Jack prepared to go out investigating the island. Jack recalled that Koa had been on the verge of confiding in Jack when Jack questioned him about Skye, but then Koa backed off. Phyllis' phone rang, and it was Nick calling to consult about Summer. Phyllis asked Nick to watch their daughter for a few days. Phyllis admitted that she was in Hawaii working on a story. Nick suspected that Phyllis was out to cause trouble for Sharon.

Jack and Phyllis went to Koa's convenience store, but the place was closed. Phyllis left one of her flyers on the door. Jack devised a way to track down Koa. A short time later, Jack greeted ChEsther, the surfer dude and volcano guide. Jack introduced Phyllis to ChEsther, and the two hit it off. When Jack asked about Koa, ChEsther told Phyllis and Jack that Koa had abruptly closed the store and put it up for sale. ChEsther said that Koa had won the lottery.

Jack and Phyllis pumped ChEsther for information about Koa, especially since there was no Hawaiian lottery. ChEsther said Koa's relatives had bought him California lottery tickets. Phyllis told Jack that it was very suspicious that both the Newman pilot and Koa had "retired" soon after Skye's demise. Jack and Phyllis worked the phones to try to confirm the story that Koa had won the lottery.

A while later, Jack suggested that he and Phyllis take some time for romance. Jack kissed Phyllis passionately, and they made love. Jack and Phyllis were in bed, after having made love, when their phones rang. They each answered their phone, and Jack informed Phyllis that Koa had never won the California lottery.

Adam and Sharon spoke about Jack and Phyllis, assuming they had reached Hawaii. Sharon and Adam believed that Jack and Phyllis were sincere in trying to prove Sharon's innocence. Nick called Sharon to ask if she would stop by to help Faith get to sleep. Sharon told Nick that she'd be right over. Sharon was surprised that Nick had called her, but she was anxious about spending time with Faith. Adam urged Sharon to enjoy seeing Faith and to put her anger for Nick aside.

After Sharon left, Adam decided to do more research into Skye's bank accounts. Adam said he needed to create the illusion that Skye wasn't really dead. Adam hunted through a variety of offshore banks, trying to find where Skye might have stashed her fortune. Adam remembered that Skye had always wanted to visit the Seychelles islands. Adam successfully found one of Skye's accounts at a Seychelles bank. Adam figured out what password Skye would have used and gained access to the money.

Adam was impressed with how much money Skye had in the bank. Adam linked a credit card to the account, then used the credit card account to purchase a Paris post office box in one of Skye's favorite aliases. Adam made purchases with the credit card and had them sent to Skye's post office box, making it look like Skye was still alive.

At the tack house, Nick listened while Sharon read a story to Faith and calmed the child. Sharon took Faith to the bedroom to tuck her into the crib. After Sharon got Faith to bed, Nick told Sharon he wished that things could be different.

Sharon blamed Nick for creating the situation by getting full custody. Nick said he was worried about Faith. Sharon was concerned, too. Nick said he'd called a therapist for Faith, but Sharon felt a therapist wasn't what Faith needed. Sharon said that Faith needed more time with her mother.

Nick warned Sharon that Phyllis was in Hawaii and probably working on a Restless Style story about Skye's murder. Sharon appreciated Nick's warning, but admitted that she already knew about Phyllis's trip. Sharon explained that she had a tenuous peace with Phyllis and Jack. Nick was surprised that Sharon trusted Phyllis. Sharon said that she believed Jack was sincere. Nick was curious about Jack's motivation. Sharon claimed that Jack had sincerely cared for Skye.

Sharon was surprised when Nick offered to help her. Nick said that he believed Sharon hadn't killed Skye. Sharon asked Nick if he would get her information about Victor. Sharon sensed that Nick had suspicions of his own about his father. Sharon wondered about the trip Victor had taken after Skye's disappearance. Nick said that he'd checked Victor's itinerary, and Victor had been in every Newman office on the list.

Nick mentioned that after that trip, Victor had gone to Colorado. Nick said that trip had been at the same time Sharon was in Hawaii. Nick called Louis, the Newman caretaker at the house in Telluride to find out if Victor had been there or not. Nick learned from Louis that Victor had been there, but nobody on the staff had seen Victor.

Nick told Sharon that Victor had given the Telluride staff time off because Victor had said that he wanted to be alone. Sharon told Nick that she thought that was curious behavior for Victor.

At the hospital, Jill waited impatiently for Ronan and Chance's operations to be over. Paul, Heather, and Christine tried to comfort Jill. Jill declared that Chance was a hero for donating half his liver to Ronan. Paul offered to go for coffee. Jill complained about being out of the loop when Chance went into the Witness Protection Program. Murphy and Kay arrived at the hospital. Murphy understood why Kay had kept the truth about Chance from him.

Nina apologized to Chloe for keeping Chance's secret from her. Chloe said that she wasn't angry, but she felt numb. Chloe regretted not having spoken to Chance before the surgery. Nina wondered why they hadn't heard anything about the operations.

Paul and Heather returned with coffee and snacks. Chloe asked to speak with Heather. Chloe thanked Heather for letting her know about Ronan and Chance. Chloe wondered how Heather was going to handle her romantic feelings for two brothers.

Chris and Nina were commiserating about waiting. Paul offered to take Nina for a walk, but she didn't want to leave the hospital. Paul assured Nina there would be good times ahead for both her sons. Paul was certain that Nina would be spending time with both Ronan and Chance.

Jill spoke with Colin on the phone and appreciated his offer to go to the hospital. Kay told Jill that she was going to the chapel to pray for Ronan and Chance. Jill asked Kay to sit with her. Jill took Kay's hands and said a prayer for Ronan and Chance. Kay added good thoughts for Nina.

Kay checked with Chloe and said she was happy Chloe was at the hospital with them. Kay asked if Chloe had been in touch with Kevin. Chloe admitted her relationship with Kevin wasn't the most important thing in her life at the moment.

Nina returned to the waiting room and spoke with Jill. They were both exhausted from waiting. Jill was certain that Chance and Ronan would survive the operations.

Dr. Hastings emerged from the operating room to tell the family that Chance's part of the surgery had gone well. Nate said Ronan's liver had been removed, but his surgery was still ongoing. The doctor allowed Nina to visit Chance.

Chance was groggy from the surgery. Nina told Chance that he was a hero. Chance asked Nina to send Chloe in to see him. Nina reported to Kay, Jill, and the group that Chance was doing well. Nina announced that Chance wanted to see Chloe. Chloe went into the hospital room and smiled at Chance. Chance said he was happy to see Chloe.

Chloe confessed that she had been very angry about Chance's death. Chance explained why he'd done what he had. Chance hadn't wanted to put the people he loved in danger. Chance felt the only way to protect everyone was to fake his death. Chloe said she forgave Chance. Jokingly, Chloe advised Chance to shave the beard. Chance laughed, which was painful because of the procedure.

Nina was concerned when she couldn't find Christine. A short time later, Chris returned and had Philip with her. Philip had just arrived from Australia. Philip apologized for not showing up before the operations began. Jill, Kay, and the others were overjoyed to see him.

Philip explained that he'd heard from Cane right before Cane died. Jill told Philip that Cane had died saving Lily and the twins. Philip said he hadn't known about Chance and Ronan's operations until Nina reached him on the plane. Nina led Philip in to see Chance. Chloe stepped out of the hospital room so Chance could speak with his parents. Chance was happy to see Philip.

Nate walked out of the operating room and asked to see Nina. In Chance's room, Nate faced Nina, Philip, and Chance to tell them that Ronan was gone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lily and Neil spoke about the arrangements for Cane's funeral. Neil wanted Lily to unwind for a while, but Lily was focused on making Cane's funeral perfect. Lily asked Neil to choose the best photo of Cane for the service. When she went to retrieve the box, Lily noticed the calendar on the desk and realized Valentine's Day was soon.

Lily told Neil that Valentine's Day had always been a special holiday for her and Cane. Lily felt that this year the holiday would be a reminder of all she'd lost. Neil and Lily looked at the photos of Cane. Lily laughed at a funny picture of Cane. Neil showed Lily another one that revealed what a good father Cane had been.

Lily told Neil that she had lingering memories of Cane that weren't happy. In her mind, Lily was unable to forget the moment when she was holding Cane's head while he was dying on the steps outside the church. Lily said in that moment she knew that Cane was gone.

Lily explained that the scene played over and over in her mind. Lily wondered if Cane had been at peace when he died. Neil assured her that he was. Lily knew that Cane had heard her say she forgave him, but Lily felt there was something else that Cane wanted to tell her. Neil told Lily to accept that she would never know.

Lily was bitter about not knowing. Neil urged Lily to hold onto Cane's love. Lily wanted to know what Cane's last secret had been. Neil told Lily not to torment herself with questions that were unanswerable.

At Crimson Lights, Sofia got off the phone and told Malcolm that their wedding had been officially cancelled. Malcolm said that most of the vendors had understood about the late cancellation. Sofia was upset about their Valentine's Day nuptials being nixed. Malcolm said they would have cancelled the wedding even if Cane had not died. Sofia insisted that she and Malcolm talk about their relationship.

Malcolm accused Sofia of not trusting him. Sofia said her decisions about business had never required her to consult with Malcolm. Malcolm said the situation with Cane had not been about business. Malcolm said that Cane had been Lily's husband, and he'd been family. Sofia asked Malcolm if he wanted his ring back. Malcolm didn't answer.

Malcolm told Sofia that he still loved her, and he didn't want the ring back. Sofia asked Malcolm for understanding. Sofia explained that she had wanted to help Cane, and her judgment sucked. Sofia declared that she had never meant to hurt anyone in the family.

Sofia said that she had never intended for Cane to die. Malcolm told Sofia that he couldn't predict when he would forgive her. Malcolm said his experience with Dru and Neil and the lies they'd told had burned him. Malcolm believed that his life had been a web of lies, and it had taken Malcolm years to overcome being deceived by his family.

At the hospital, Paul, Chris, and the others were worried about Nate's attitude when he was looking for Nina. In Chance's room, Nate told Nina that Ronan had been taken from the hospital right after the transplant procedure. Nina and Philip were stunned. Nate claimed that the FBI had ordered Ronan transferred. Ronan had been helicoptered out of the hospital.

Nina confronted Chris to ask if she had arranged for Ronan to be whisked away right after the transplant surgery. Chris said that she knew nothing about the transfer. Everyone was shocked. Nina demanded that Chris tell her the truth. Chris assured Nina that she was not responsible for Ronan's transfer. Nina was determined to find out who had ordered it. Paul offered to speak to the authorities.

Nina said that Nate had been upset because moving Ronan right after the surgery was dangerous. In Chance's room, Nate said was pleased with Chance's recovery. Philip warned Chance not to move from the bed.

Colin called Jill to say he was at the house and wanted to know how Nina and Ronan were doing. A while later, Jill called Colin to report on Ronan's operation, not mentioning that Chance was alive. Esther served Colin a cup of tea. Colin was curious about why Esther was being nice to him. Esther admired how kind Colin had been to Jill and Kay since Cane's death.

Chris said that she had called the FBI and was waiting for answers. Nate had to leave and said goodbye to the group. Nina thanked him for doing a good job on both her sons. Nina encouraged Kay and Jill to visit Chance.

Malcolm arrived at Lily's to see how she was doing. Lily said she was struggling with the details for the funeral. Malcolm offered to take over picking photos of Cane for the service. Malcolm offered to spend the night at Lily's and urged Neil to leave. After Neil walked out, Lily handed Malcolm the box of photos.

Lily showed Malcolm a bag filled with Cane's belongings from his childhood. Lily found a picture of Cane as a boy. There was a knock on the door, and Nate entered. Lily and Malcolm were excited to see him. Lily asked about Ronan's surgery and Nate said it had gone well. Nate gave Lily his condolences about Cane. Lily led Nate into the nursery to see the twins.

Lily told Malcolm that she'd thought her life with Cane had been perfect. Lily realized she'd closed her eyes to the truth. Lily said that Cane had promised her there were no secrets between them. Malcolm related to Lily's feelings. Lily mentioned that when she'd bought tickets for a trip to Australia, Cane had flipped out. Lily had known something was wrong. Lily told Malcolm that she wished she had demanded the truth from Cane.

Malcolm recalled that he'd run from troubles most of his life. Malcolm said that he had returned to Genoa City to fix things. Lily agreed that they all made mistakes. Malcolm urged Lily to forgive, starting with herself. Lily wondered what she could believe in. Malcolm told her to believe in Neil, Malcolm, Devon, Nate, Liv, and the twins. Family mattered most. Lily hugged Malcolm.

Chance visited with Kay and Jill, then urged them to go home and get some rest. At the mansion, Colin looked at a photo of Cane as a boy. It was similar to the picture that Lily had found in Cane's belonging.

Paul returned to the waiting room. Paul told the other that the surgical team had not known about the transfer. Heather said the FBI had definitely ordered the transfer. Nina wanted answers. Heather suspected that Ronan had known he would be transferred.

Heather recalled that when Ronan said goodbye to her, she felt like he wasn't returning. Chloe suggested that the transfer had been Ronan's idea, that he had contacted the FBI himself. Heather said Chloe was nuts. Chloe reminded them that Ronan had been lying since he'd arrived in Genoa City. Chris said that Ronan would not have gone over her head to arrange an FBI transfer.

Chloe believed that Ronan had gotten what he'd wanted from them and had left town. Philip suggested that Ronan could arrange to testify in court via satellite. Nina was stunned that Philip believed Chloe's story. Philip pointed out that nobody in the room truly knew Ronan. Philip theorized that Ronan had lied and manipulated to get Chance to sacrifice half his liver because that was the only way Ronan could survive. Without the transplant, Ronan was a dead man. Nina, Chris and the others couldn't believe that Ronan would have done that.

Jill told Philip about her marriage to Colin. When Jill expressed her love for Colin, Philip was supportive. Kay told Philip that she wanted to speak with him about Cane's past in Australia. Philip agreed to go to the mansion and answer all of Kay and Jill's questions.

Chris was upset because all her calls to the FBI were not being returned. Chris knew that her contacts were shutting her out.

Chloe went into Chance's room to say goodnight. Chloe told Chance that she believed that Ronan had conned Chance. Chloe declared that Ronan had called in his friends at Quantico to pull him out right after the surgery. Chance wasn't convinced.

Nina told Chance that she wished Chloe hadn't shared her theory with him. Chance said that he had trusted Ronan and thought he was a good agent. Nina refused to believe that Ronan would deceive them all. Chance said that he wouldn't condemn Ronan based on supposition.

Heather felt Chloe had judged Ronan too harshly. Heather said she knew Ronan better than Chloe. Chloe said that Ronan had played Heather and Chance. Chloe believed that Ronan was incapable of real feelings.

Murphy, Jill and Kay went home and told Colin about Philip's arrival. Kay said that Philip would be answering their questions about Cane's life in Australia and the criminals Cane had testified against. Chloe returned home and declared that Ronan had not been located.

Still at the hospital, Heather told Paul that she was worried that Chloe had been right about Ronan. Paul chose to trust the Ronan he'd known. Nina met with Chance and told her son that she believed that Ronan had truly loved her as a mother.

Sofia met Neil at his apartment. Sofia apologized to Neil for Cane's death, taking responsibility for the shooting. Sofia said that she'd kept Cane's secrets even though she'd known it was wrong. Neil admitted he wouldn't have handled the situation the way Sofia had. Neil said that some secrets were best left hidden. Neil believed that Cane could have been killed no matter what they'd done. Sofia expected Neil to be furious with her. Neil said he wished he'd done things differently, too.

Neil said he'd sacrifice anything for his family. Neil appreciated that Sofia had done what she did for the Winters family. Neil embraced Sofia.

Friday, February 11, 2011

At Gloworm, Gloria presented Jeffrey with a Valentine's Day gift. Jeffrey opened the box and found a document that revealed Gloria had bought him a royal title. Jeffrey was officially a count. Jeffrey was pleased. Looking at the reservation book, Jeffrey asked Gloria why there were so few people dining at the restaurant for Valentine's Day. Gloria said everyone was depressed about Ronan and Cane. Gloria suggested that they have a fundraiser to draw in the crowds.

Kevin arrived at Gloworm and told Jeffrey and Gloria he was there to check the books. Gloria wondered why Kevin wasn't celebrating the holiday with Chloe. Kevin repeated that he was only there for the accounting. After looking at the receipts, Kevin reported that the bookmaking business had done well thanks to the Super Bowl. A beefy man arrived and introduced himself as Angelo. Angelo said he worked for Hogan and was there to collect.

Angelo carried a dog named Vig. Gloria told Angelo the dog was not allowed in the restaurant. Angelo explained the Vig was a therapy dog. When Gloria said that she was anxious to choose a charity that would benefit from the fundraiser. Jeffrey impulsively suggested rescue dogs. Gloria declared that they would call the party Puppy Love. When Gloria walked off, Angelo warned Jeffrey not to disappoint Hogan. Jeffrey told Angelo he would make Hogan's payment on time.

At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy gave Chloe heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for her and Delia to celebrate Valentine's Day. Murphy had a box of candy for Nikki, too. Chloe was down in the dumps about romance. Chloe declared that Valentine's Day was a commercial holiday created to sell candy and greeting cards. Chloe said the only good thing about Valentine's Day was that it was also Delia's birthday.

A bouquet of flowers was delivered to Nikki, but there was no card attached. Everyone assumed that Victor had sent the flowers. Suddenly, Victor entered the living room and declared that the flowers were not from him.

Nick called Diane and asked her to share Valentine's night with him. Diane was excited about seeing Nick and said yes. Before Diane could leave the Newman ranch, Victor arrived home and was happy to see Diane was still there. Victor said he'd spoken to the cook and arranged dinner.

Diane told Victor that she wasn't able to have dinner with him. Gloria showed up on Victor's doorstep and asked him to go to the Puppy Love fundraiser. Gloria urged Diane to go, too. Victor had two stuffed animals to give as gifts for Valentine's Day.

At Nick's, Nikki arrived with Valentine's Day gifts for her grandchildren. Nick suggested that Nikki leave so he could put the children to bed. Nikki said that they were both in the same boat. They were single and had no plans for the night.

Nick said goodbye to Nikki and attended to Summer. Upstairs, Faith was crying in her room. Summer told Nick that the baby needed to be fed. Nick felt harried. Gloria arrived at the tack house to invite Nick to the Gloworm party.

A while later, Diane showed up at the tack house. Nick told Diane that the girls were asleep. Diane was glad they could have time alone and kissed Nick passionately. After some talk, things grew heated between them. Victor walked to the door of the tack house. Before knocking, Victor looked through the window and saw Nick and Diane locked in a kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Abby met Daniel. Abby had shopping bags filled with gifts for Delia's birthday. Ashley arrived and said that she'd rushed back to Genoa City for Delia's party. Abby explained that she was determined to be a great aunt and wanted to spoil Lucy. Abby showed Ashley the gift she had for Lucy. Daniel told Abby he was going to skip the party, but Abby insisted that Daniel be her date for the night.

Victoria was nervous about hosting Delia's birthday party. Billy assured Victoria that everything would be fine. Daniel, Abby, and Ashley arrived at the party and saw that Jill, Murphy, Kay, and Chloe were already there. Everyone fussed over Lucy and Delia. Daniel looked at Lucy in her carriage. Daniel acknowledged that they shared a secret because Daniel knew that Lucy was his daughter.

Ashley apologized to Kay and Jill for being away when Cane died. Kevin arrived for the party, but said he was just there to give Delia a gift. Esther told Chloe that she had invited Kevin and added that Kevin had always been wonderful with Delia. When a cake was put before Delia, she blew out the candles.

Billy announced that it was time to open presents, including a big one from Uncle Jack, who was out of town. Kevin said he had to leave, but Kay told him to stay put and watch Delia open her gifts. Chloe said Kevin could leave whenever he wanted. Kevin walked out of the party.

Billy said goodbye to Abby and Daniel. Abby noticed that Daniel was quiet. Abby apologized for forcing Daniel to go to the party. Abby realized that seeing Lucy reminded him of Daisy's baby. Abby felt that Lucy had won a jackpot when she wound up with parents like Billy and Victoria.

Billy handed Victoria a package that he'd found on the doorstep. Victoria saw that it was from Washington. Victoria opened it to find a hand-drawn Valentine from Reed. Victoria was overjoyed. Billy opened his laptop, and Victoria asked him if he was doing work. Billy told Victoria and Delia that he'd arranged with J.T. for Reed to make a video call. Billy said it would be the first chance for Reed to see Lucy.

Back home at the mansion, Chloe noted that Delia had enjoyed the party. Jill found a gift from Colin. It was a diamond necklace in the shape of a boomerang. Chloe mocked the Australian connection. Chloe expressed more negativity about love. Chloe said that relationships were nothing but pain and anguish. Kay and Jill laughed at her sour sentiments.

In Hawaii, Phyllis and Jack returned from a dinner cruise. In their hotel room, Jack had prepared for Valentine's Day with flowers and romantic trappings. Phyllis found a gift. Phyllis opened the box and discovered a diamond necklace from Jack. Phyllis was disappointed that her flyers hadn't dug up any information about Skye's death. Jack said that they would continue digging for someone who had seen what happened on the volcano.

A short time later, Phyllis received a call in response to her flyer. Phyllis confirmed to the caller that there would be a reward for information. After hanging up the phone, Phyllis told Jack that the caller said he had video footage from the volcano. Jack didn't want to get over-excited, but he was hopeful. Phyllis had high hopes that the footage would be substantive. Phyllis said the man wouldn't be stopping by for a couple of hours. Phyllis kissed Jack to thank him for the necklace.

The caller showed up and handed a video to Phyllis. He said his wife had experienced trouble with the camera, so there were a lot of shots of the ground. Jack and Phyllis bought the tape and hoped the time stamp would give them the evidence they needed. Jack and Phyllis looked at the footage. Phyllis couldn't see anything that was helpful, but Jack thought he did. Slowing the footage down, Jack and Phyllis both saw that while Sharon was at the volcano trying to save Skye, Victor was standing nearby.

Adam was purchasing items on the web in Skye's name. Adam was making it look like Skye was still alive. Sharon was curious about what Adam was doing, but Adam said he wanted it to be a surprise for Sharon. Adam was confident that Sharon would like his surprise.

Gloria went to Sharon and Adam's to ask them to go to the fundraiser. After Gloria left, Adam wondered why Gloria had asked them to the party. Sharon said that she and Adam were the subject of local gossip. Adam said once Sharon was exonerated, the talk would stop.

Gloria arrived at the Chancellor mansion with a condolence gift for Jill. Gloria asked Kay and Jill to go to the Puppy Love fundraiser. Gloria said everyone would be there. Gloria asked Chloe to go, too, but Chloe nixed the idea. Kay told Gloria that she'd push Chloe to take part.

After Gloria left, Kay urged everyone to have some fun. Kay said they all had to live until they died. Kay declared that they should all go to Gloworm for the party. Nikki said she was busy, and Jill told Kay she had to see Colin. Chloe tried to sneak out unnoticed. Kay insisted that they were all going to Puppy Love.

Adam reminded Sharon that it was Valentine's Day. Sharon said they could celebrate at home. Adam wanted them to dress up and go out. Adam said the only important people were the two of them, and he felt lucky and happy with Sharon. Adam declared that it was a miracle that Sharon loved him, and he wanted to take Sharon out to celebrate Valentine's Day. Adam said that he wanted every day with Sharon to be perfect. Adam kissed Sharon deeply.

Later, Sharon appeared in a beautiful red dress for the party. The phone rang, and Sharon saw that it was Vance Abrams. After talking with Vance, Sharon told Adam that the attorney had no new evidence. All Sharon had to prove her innocence was her testimony. Adam was convinced that something would turn up.

At Gloworm, Gloria complimented herself because the phone was ringing off the hook for the fundraiser. Kevin reminded Jeffrey that the charity would expect to collect a donation after the party. Jeffrey was prepared to share the proceeds. Kevin told Gloria and Jeffrey that he had finished working on the books. Gloria asked him to stay, but Kevin wanted to leave. Gloria told Kevin that he'd promised to clean up her computer. Gloria watched as Kevin went upstairs to the office.

Gloria welcomed Nikki, Kay, Chloe, and Murphy into the restaurant. Nikki and Chloe wondered how they'd gotten dragged to the party. Nikki commented that Chloe could at least drink. After talking with Gloria privately, Kay asked Chloe to get her some aspirin in the upstairs office. Gloria followed Chloe upstairs. In the dining room, Deacon approached Nikki and asked if she had received his flowers.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Daniel exchanged Valentine's Day cards. They each gave the other tickets to a concert in Chicago. Daniel suggested they sell two of the tickets and use the proceeds for a hotel room after the concert. Abby said she liked Daniel's idea.

Victoria told Billy she was exhausted from the day's events. Billy hoped Victoria wasn't too exhausted because he wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day. Victoria led Billy to the bedroom.

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