The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on Y&R

Adam proposed to Sharon. Kevin and Chloe made love. Lily spoke to Cane's spirit. Diane moved in with Victor. Tucker plotted with Victoria to merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature. Nick sided with Abby and Victoria at the arbitration hearing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sofia was sipping a drink at the Genoa City Athletic Club when the florist delivered her bridal bouquet. To spare Sofia's feelings, the club manager turned the flowers away, but Sofia said she'd take delivery of the bouquet. Malcolm arrived and saw Sofia sitting alone. Malcolm told Sofia he'd just returned from the funeral home after helping Lily plan Cane's funeral. Sofia explained that she'd stopped by because she was attempting to make a surreal day seem grounded in reality.

As Sofia lifted her colorful bouquet, she said it looked like a bundle of happiness. Sofia added that she'd felt a twinge of hope when she saw Malcolm arrive. Sofia told Malcolm she loved him. Sofia offered to accompany Malcolm home to resume their relationship. Malcolm explained that taking care of Lily's needs was his priority at that moment.

Victor arrived outside the tack house with Valentine's Day gifts for Summer and Faith. Glancing through the window, Victor noticed Nick and Diane kissing. Victor turned and walked away. Victor later phoned Diane and let her know he expected her to show up at Gloworm. Before Diane left, she promised Nick a rain check in lieu their interrupted plans. Nick later summoned a sitter to stay with his sleeping children.

Sharon had been excited about attending the Valentine's Day affair at Gloworm before Vance phoned and told her she'd likely face a trial. Adam encouraged Sharon to spend one night out with him and pretend that no one else mattered. Sharon agreed.

In the dining area at Gloworm, Jeffrey collected funds from compassionate patrons for abandoned dogs. Jeffrey covertly phoned Angelo and said, "Come at closing. I'll have your money then, all right?" Jana stopped by, searching for Kevin, but Gloria insisted he wasn't there. Jana noted that Kevin's car was parked nearby.

After Gloria locked Chloe and Kevin into an office above Gloworm, the feuding couple bickered about how the emotional baggage in their personal lives had continually spoiled their plans to become a bonded couple. Just before Jana unlocked the door, Kevin and Chloe ended their argument and began kissing.

Kevin and Chloe were initially unaware of their stunned gawker. Jana told Kevin she'd been worried about him. Kevin told Jana that she needn't be concerned about his welfare, and he sent her away. After Jana left, Kevin locked the door. Chloe pulled off Kevin's shirt, and the couple made love on a futon in the office.

Nikki, festively dressed in a red fur cape, ran into Deacon and told him she was concerned about him tending bar at Gloworm. Deacon declared it time for a break and begged Nikki to dance with him. Victor arrived and asked Nikki if she happened to be drunk. Victor claimed that Deacon was after something from Nikki. Victor warned Nikki that she was about to crash.

After her unfortunate encounter with Victor, Nikki escaped to the alley outside Gloworm. Deacon accompanied Nikki and wrapped his coat around her to ward off the chilly air. Nikki claimed that she was proud of herself for having stood her ground against Victor. Nikki thanked Deacon for being a great friend and for offering support without ever attempting to tear her down. Nikki and Deacon returned to the club to finish their dance.

Michael and Lauren arrived with their generous donation for the animals. After Sharon and Adam arrived, they began dancing. Sharon seemed to forget her troubles. Diane arrived and quickly scurried toward Victor, who ordered champagne for his date. Victor noted that his and Diane's relationship had seemingly matured. Victor told Diane that he wanted her to remain by his side.

Diane smiled demurely at Victor. Responding to Victor's offer to remain by his side, Diane told him to fill her glass because she had no intentions of leaving. Nick arrived just before Victor addressed the audience and thanked the host and hostess for the evening festivities. Diane seemed uncomfortable standing next to Victor while everyone in the room listened to his speech.

Nikki's jaw dropped when Victor claimed that his own dog, Segundo, had been rescued from the streets. Gloria was overwhelmed when Victor handed over his generous donation. Onlookers were amazed when Victor claimed that his donation was being given on behalf of the woman in his life. Victor drew Diane into his arms and kissed her passionately. Nikki shook her head in dismay. Nick angrily set his jaw.

At the bar, Gloria quickly filled glasses with champagne as Jeffrey ogled the string of zeroes on Victor's check. Jana secretly lifted the key to the locked office and headed upstairs. Sharon and Adam approached Nikki and Deacon. Sharon chided Nikki for taking up with the man who'd ruined Victoria's marriage. Sharon added insult to injury when she noted that Victor was back with Diane, the gold digger. Nikki rolled her eyes at Sharon and Adam.

Back at their table, Diane told Victor she thought he would have been a bit more pragmatic. Victor claimed that Diane hadn't seemed to mind. Diane replied, "You get to me. You always have." Diane saw Nick glaring at her from the bar. Diane followed Nick into the alley.

Away from prying eyes, Nick asked Diane why she had never mentioned that she was seeing Victor. Diane explained that Victor's announcement had been a surprise. Nick claimed that he and Diane enjoyed being together and having sex, but they hadn't been an exclusive couple. Nick added that evidently, he and Diane didn't share the same bond she'd formed with Victor.

Nikki stopped by Victor's table and warned him about Diane. Victor again told Nikki that Deacon was using her. Victor rose from his table and approached Nick, who asked his father how long he'd been with Diane. Victor explained that Diane was a complicated woman and needed a take-charge man.

After Lauren went outside, Michael shared a few awkward moments with Diane. She told Michael she hadn't known beforehand about Victor's plans to announce that he and Diane were a couple. Michael noted that it was what Diane had always wanted. Victor sidled next Diane, and she insisted that they couldn't be happier. Nick glared at Diane and Victor from across the room.

With a flourish, Gloria served a covered-dish dessert to Adam and Sharon. Sharon was overwhelmed to find a ring atop a mound of sliced bananas. Adam told Sharon that her love meant the world to him. Adam noted that the ring had been his mother's. Adam knelt before Sharon on one knee and promised to make each of her days better than the one before. After Sharon accepted Adam's proposal, Nick left hurriedly.

Out in the alley, Jeffrey was about to deliver the checks collected during the evening to Angelo to repay what was owed to Hogan. Suddenly, Gloria emerged with a woman from the animal charity to pick up the donated funds. After Gloria and the woman left with the money, Angelo agreed to give Jeffrey more time to pay.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At the Chancellor mansion, the Winters family, as well as Kay, Murphy, and Traci gathered after Cane's funeral service at the church. Malcolm was concerned about Lily because she'd stayed behind. Traci said that Lily was grieving in her own way. Sofia reminded Malcolm that Devon and Neil were with Lily, and she'd be all right. Malcolm was especially concerned because Lily had been acting so strangely during the ceremony.

A short time later, Devon and Neil arrived at the mansion with Lily. Esther offered Lily some soup, but Lily said she had no appetite. Sofia told Lily that it had been a lovely service. Lily said she'd worried that Cane's funeral wouldn't go smoothly. Chloe handed a vase of flowers to Lily as a condolence gift. Lily commented that Cane had disliked cut flowers because the flowers would die eventually.

Neil and Malcolm looked on worriedly as Lily wondered why people killed. Lily said it was too late for Cane. Neil said Lily had to hope for a better world for the twins. Lily said she couldn't stop thinking about Cane.

In flashback, Lily recalled arriving at the church as the pallbearers carried Cane's coffin to the altar. Lily had looked behind her and seen a vision of Cane. He had been dressed all in white. Lily had smiled as Cane took her arm and escorted Lily to a pew. The minister had said the service was about saying goodbye. Cane would be remembered as a friend, a husband, a son, and a father.

Devon reminded Lily that they had experienced loss before and it would get better over time. Lily wasn't ready for things to get better. Kay sent everyone into the dining room to partake of the buffet. Alone with Lily, Kay said she understood Lily's feelings because Kay had felt loss many times in her life. Kay volunteered to speak with Lily about how she coped with loss, but Kay would wait until Lily was up to it.

Lily had a memory from the service. The spirit of Cane touched her hand. The remembrance caused Lily to drop Chloe's flowers. Everyone rushed into the living room. Lily apologized for the mess. Lily asked Neil to drive her home.

At the church, Jill stood at Cane's coffin with Colin by her side. Billy and Philip watched Jill and Colin. Philip told Billy he knew Cane's funeral would be hard on Jill, but he was surprised that Colin was so affected by Cane's passing. As Colin walked out of the church, he told Billy that Jill didn't want to leave.

Billy walked to Jill's side. Jill said that Cane's life had touched many others in a very short time. Jill felt like she couldn't leave Cane alone. Billy said Cane wasn't really alone. Jill kissed her fingers and pressed them to the coffin, then left with Billy.

Ashley and Tucker arrived at the mansion to pay their respects to Kay. Tucker assumed that Lily would be there, too, but Kay said Neil had taken her home. Esther asked Tucker and Ashley to stay and have some food. Tucker said he'd gone to the funeral because Cane had worked for him. Kay blasted Tucker for turning on Cane when Cane needed Tucker the most. Tucker reminded Kay that Cane had stolen from him.

Kay defended Cane's actions because he'd been compelled to steal in order to protect his family. Tucker believed that Cane should have asked Tucker for help. Tucker said that Cane had seen him only as an employer. Kay accused Tucker of hanging Cane out to dry. Tucker said that if he'd been given a chance, he would have treated Cane like family. Ashley apologized to Kay, then followed Tucker out of the house.

At home, family surrounded Lily. Traci was there, as well, and told Lily that the twins were asleep. Traci explained that she'd sent the sitter home, and the babies were in Lily's bedroom. Lily said that she wanted to take a nap. Devon said Humphrey was at the park. Malcolm was frustrated because he wanted to help Lily. Traci wasn't sure anything would help Lily.

In the bedroom, Lily looked at the twins in their cribs, then reclined on the bed. The vision of Cane appeared beside her.

Devon said that he'd served a cup of tea to Lily. Devon revealed that when he was in the bedroom, Lily had been sitting up in bed and nodding like she'd been speaking to someone. Traci recognized that action because Lily had been doing the same thing at the church. Nate said that everybody grieved in his or her own way. Nate believed that Lily needed space, but Malcolm didn't want to leave Lily alone.

Cane's spirit told Lily that he'd liked the service. All the nice things everyone had said about Cane impressed Lily. Lily smiled as she recalled Billy's anecdote about Cane. Billy had said that he and Cane had not liked each other when they'd first met. Billy said that he'd been jealous of Cane because Cane had earned all the things Billy thought he was entitled to simply because he was Billy Abbott.

Lily told Cane that Billy had loved Cane in his very Billy way. Cane hoped that Philip and Billy would learn to bond like real brothers. In the service, Philip's recollection of Cane had included the scheme for Cane to assume Philip's identity in Genoa City. Philip had said that they'd both thought it was a perfect solution. Philip had cried as he'd said that Cane's death was not what he'd wanted for Cane. Philip was upset that things had ended the way they did. Lily didn't believe it was the end at all.

Jill and Colin returned to the mansion after meeting with the funeral director. Philip asked if they knew when Cane could be buried because the ground was still frozen. Colin offered to bulldoze the ground if necessary. Kay questioned Colin's offer. Jill was incensed by Kay's skepticism. Colin said he had to attend to business and left.

Kay asked why Jill allowed Colin to take advantage of her. Jill was offended by Kay's treatment of Colin considering that he'd been trying to help. Jill said Colin had been providing all the support she needed.

Colin arrived at Crimson Lights. At a table, Kevin, Chloe, and Daniel recalled the funeral. Daniel said that Lily had acted oddly and Kevin said it reminded him of Jana when she'd had a psychic connection. Chloe wondered if Lily was in touch with Cane's spirit. Daniel left to see Lily. Chloe asked Kevin to take her to the church because she had issues to clear up with Cane. At the church, Chloe approached the coffin. Chloe spoke to Cane.

Chloe thought she'd have a longer time to be friends with Cane. Chloe said that it was understandable that she'd wanted Cane as a husband and the father of her child because he was such a great guy. Chloe admitted that she'd selfishly kept Cane away from Lily. Chloe was grateful that Cane and Lily had reunited and had been able to have the twins, but Chloe was sorry for lying and tricking Cane.

At the church, Colin approached Chloe. Colin realized that Cane and Chloe had a history together. Chloe wasn't happy about how she'd treated Cane. Colin observed that they'd worked through it. Colin wondered if Lily would be able to handle raising the twins alone. Chloe wasn't sure because of how strangely Lily had acted at the service. Chloe said she'd always thought Lily was tough, but Chloe feared that Cane's death might have broken Lily.

In Lily's bedroom, Lily cared for one of the babies. Cane told Lily how lucky their children were to have Lily as a mother. Lily mentioned Jill's testimonial at the service. Lily said that Jill had always treated Cane like he was her child.

In a flashback, Jill remembered how Cane had presented himself to her as a son. Jill said she'd been angry when she learned the truth, that Cane was not really Philip. Jill had thought she'd lost something, but Jill had said she'd discovered that she hadn't lost anything because Cane had remained a son to her.

Lily told Cane's spirit that Jill couldn't have loved him more. Lily said she couldn't have loved Cane more, either. Traci walked into the room and asked Lily if she had been speaking to someone.

Lily noticed that it was snowing again. Traci understood Lily's allusions to snow. Traci explained that the snow helped to create new life. Lily said she didn't want to forget Cane. Traci assured Lily that she wouldn't, any more than Traci could forget Colleen.

Traci realized that Lily feared forgetting the little things about Cane. Lily said that she had found an old photo of herself with Dru. Lily said that she remembered the day the picture had been taken. Lily recalled going to lunch with her mother that day, but she couldn't remember what they had spoken about or the sound of her mom's laugh.

Lily regretted that the memories she had of Dru were only bits and pieces. Lily wanted to remember every detail of Cane. Traci said that it was impossible to hold onto the entire memory. Traci said the memories people kept were like a panorama picture, not a close-up photo. Traci assured Lily that it was just as beautiful as a memory.

Traci returned to the living room and told the Winters family that Lily wasn't going crazy. Traci said that Lily was coping with Cane's loss by speaking to Cane. Traci explained that imaging Cane was a defense mechanism and that Lily knew Cane wasn't really there. Traci was sure that Lily would let go of Cane when she didn't need him any longer.

Daniel arrived and asked the Winterses if he could visit with Lily. In the bedroom, Cane told Lily that he would be there whenever she needed him. Lily said she wasn't sure what she'd done to deserve Cane, but she was glad she'd done it. Daniel knocked and entered. Daniel offered to be a friend to Lily.

Lily said that Kay had been right when she had said at the service that they'd been lucky to find Cane. Cane's spirit urged Lily to remember all of Kay's words. At the funeral, Kay had said that Cane had entered their lives because it was destiny. Kay had said they were all meant to meet him, to know him, and to love him. Kay had said God had put Cane in their lives.

Tucker and Ashley returned to the mansion. Kay had something to say to Tucker. Ashley thought they needed to have a real conversation. Tucker didn't want a lecture.

Kay stood by her criticism that Tucker had been too hard on Cane, but she realized the Cane had stolen from Tucker the chance to prove that Tucker wasn't just a hard-hearted businessman. Cane had never given Tucker a chance. Kay suggested that Tucker learn from Cane's death. Kay said that she would not squander Cane's sacrifice. Tucker agreed with his mother.

At the church, Colin stood by Cane's coffin. He opened the lid and took one last look at his son. Colin said, "This isn't over."

Daniel told Lily that the pain would pass and the mourning would end. Lily feared what that end might be like for her. Daniel said that Cane had faith in Lily making it through. Daniel said Lily would take good care of the twins for Cane's sake. Daniel offered to stay with Lily. Lily said she was all right. Daniel left.

Cane's spirit told Lily that she was not alone. Lily told Cane's spirit that she knew that he was not real. The window flew open and Cane's spirit vanished. Lily recalled the service in her mind, then closed the window.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Nikki arrived at Gloworm, Deacon greeted her with a kiss. Deacon offered to take Nikki to dinner after his shift ended. Paul appeared and said that he needed to speak with Nikki. Paul pulled Nikki aside, and Deacon watched them talk. Nikki returned, and Deacon noticed that she looked upset. Nikki told Deacon that Meggie was in Genoa City.

Nikki explained that Meggie had been transferred to Genoa City county jail because the Alaskan authorities couldn't make the charges against her stick. Nikki was determined to confront Meggie to gain closure. Deacon tried to convince Nikki that it would be a mistake to visit Meggie, but Nikki would not be deterred. Nikki left to tell Victor about Meggie's return.

Meggie was in her cell at the county jail when Rafe arrived. Rafe looked over Meggie's file, reading the charges against her. Meggie realized that she was in deep trouble. Rafe said that if Victor Newman wanted her punished, she'd be buried in prison. Rafe recommended that Meggie seek a plea bargain. Meggie said that wasn't her style.

After Rafe had gone, Deacon arrived at the jail to see Meggie. She was surprised Deacon showed up. Deacon said he had been seeing his parole officer. Meggie asked Deacon to cough up some money for her defense fund. Deacon wanted nothing to do with Meggie.

When Meggie asked if Deacon was still seeing Nikki, Deacon got mad. Deacon warned Meggie to keep her mouth shut about Deacon's part in the scheme against Victor and Nikki. Deacon threatened to testify against Meggie in her trial. Meggie reminded Deacon that they had been working together. Deacon walked out.

At the ranch, Victor looked for Diane, but she wasn't in the living room. Seeing a photo of Nick, Victor recalled spying on Diane and Nick kissing at the tack house. Diane entered the room. Victor asked her about some the blueprints. Diane answered his question, then announced that she had to leave to pick up Kyle at Nick's place.

Before she could leave, Victor stopped her to ask her a question. Victor said he wanted Diane and Kyle to move into the ranch house with him. Diane was reluctant to do it, and Victor was confused by her reticence. Diane said that she didn't want Kyle to be upset by such a drastic action. Diane also said she didn't want to antagonize Jack any further. Victor didn't care about Jack's feelings. Victor was insistent and Diane asked if he was giving her an order. Victor said it was his preference.

Diane wanted to wait for a while to see how their relationship progressed. Victor was displeased with her excuses. The doorbell rang, and Nikki walked in. Diane said hello, then left to check on Kyle. Nikki told Victor that Meggie was at the county jail. Victor was unconcerned. Nikki thought Victor would want to see Meggie punished for her crimes. Nikki wanted Victor to use his influence to make sure Meggie did not avoid prosecution. Victor was unmoved, even when Nikki reminded him that Meggie had destroyed their relationship.

Victor coldly told Nikki he didn't care about Meggie. Before Nikki walked away, Victor told her that he'd asked Diane to move in with him. Nikki had no comment; she just left the ranch. Later, Victor called Michael and told him to investigate Meggie's case. Victor wanted to be sure that Meggie would be convicted.

Nikki went to the jail and confronted Meggie. Nikki blasted Meggie for accepting Nikki's friendship and assistance when she arrived in Genoa City, only to turn on Nikki by pushing her off the wagon and wrecking her relationship with Victor. Nikki called Meggie a sick and destructive woman.

Meggie denied all the allegations made against her. Meggie said Nikki would have noticed it if Meggie had spiked her drinks with liquor. Meggie suggested that Nikki had slipped the booze into her drinks herself and had made Meggie the scapegoat. Meggie taunted Nikki by asking if Nikki was still going to AA meetings with Deacon.

Nikki showed up at Deacon's motel room, declaring that she really had wanted to drink, but had gone to see him instead. Deacon had set the table for dinner and Nikki was impressed. Deacon said he wasn't hungry for food. Nikki agreed with him. They kissed and moved to the bed.

Meggie received articles about her case. Meggie read that Nikki was no longer engaged to Victor and had been seen dancing with Deacon at a charity event.

Nick took Kyle and Summer home from school. Nick arranged to take Kyle and Summer skating. Nick retrieved his skates, and Kyle laughed at Nick's hockey stick. Kyle offered to fix the tape job. Kyle asked Nick about his childhood, and Nick replied that he'd spent most of it at school in Switzerland.

Kyle wondered what that Nick's life had been like. Nick said that he'd missed his father, but he'd learned to be independent. Kyle wished he could be more independent. Kyle explained that he worried about his mother and felt the need to look out for her.

Diane arrived at the tack house and found Kyle and Nick playing hockey with Summer. Diane spoke with Nick alone and apologized for what had happened at Gloworm. Diane told Nick that Victor wanted her to move in with him, but Diane was going to turn him down. Nick told her not to say no on Nick's account.

Diane said she really didn't want Victor. Nick rejected Diane's attempt to touch him, saying that Diane had made her choice when she kissed Victor at Gloworm. Nick felt Diane was a lot like Sharon, unable to make up her mind about men. Diane resented being compared to Sharon.

Kyle and Summer returned, but Diane was upset and told Kyle he couldn't play hockey with Nick and Summer because he needed to do his homework. Kyle was ticked off. Diane and Kyle left. Summer asked if Nick was all right.

Diane returned to the ranch and told Victor that she'd made a decision about moving in. Diane agreed to live with Victor, but only if she and Victor had separate rooms, for Kyle's sake. Diane agreed to move in the following day. Diane hugged Victor, but she looked at Nick's photo longingly.

At the Chancellor mansion, Philip got off the phone with the doctor with instructions about how to care for Chance. Kay was concerned about security once Chance arrived. Chris said the house was guarded. Chance walked into the living room with Nina. Esther entered from the kitchen saw Chance, and fainted. Paul arrived and asked what had happened. Esther came to and was overwhelmed to see Chance. Esther hugged Chance.

After Esther left the room, Nina helped Chance up the stairs. Chloe walked into the house, and Chris confirmed that Chance's recuperation would be in the mansion. Chloe wondered if there had been any news about Ronan. Chris called her source at the FBI to check on Ronan once again. Kay urged Chloe to go upstairs to visit Chance.

In Chance's room, Paul told Chance he was probably in the safest place in town. Nina was hovering, and Chance told her in a nice way to give him some space. Chance realized Nina was worried about Ronan. Chance assured Nina that everything would be okay. Nina and Paul left Chance alone.

Chris received a call from her FBI source. Nina, Paul, Kay, and Philip waited for the news. Chris told them that Ronan had ordered the transfer. Ronan had arranged it long before the operation. Nina refused to believe that Ronan would have lied to all of them the way he did.

Philip said that Ronan was FBI, and it was his job to deceive them. Paul said that Philip had a point, but Nina wouldn't accept that possibility. Esther served Nina some tea. Nina recalled all the moments she'd cared for Ronan and wondered if his feelings for her had all been a lie. Nina opened her book and saw the first clue she had found when trying to identify Ronan. Looking at the picture, Nina admitted she hadn't really known Ronan at all.

Chloe walked into Chance's room. Chance asked her to talk, but Chloe had trouble being alone with Chance. Chloe told Chance that she had been seeing someone else -- Kevin. Chance thought that Chloe might have been involved with Ronan. Chloe said that Heather could have Ronan.

Chloe was curious about how Chance had adjusted to living in Witness Protection. Kay entered with the news about Ronan having planned his own transfer. Chance asked if that meant that Ronan had duped him. Chance recalled that Ronan had offered him a chance to pull out before the surgery before they were wheeled into the operating room. Chance was resentful and wanted to find Ronan. Chance said he would rip Ronan apart and take back his liver.

Philip and Paul sympathized with Nina about Ronan. Nina said she would hold out hope that Ronan had a good reason for what he'd done. Ronan was alone in a hospital bed, doing a crossword puzzle. After he answered a clue, "A ____ is born every minute" with the word "sucker," Ronan angrily threw the newspaper across the room.

At Gloworm, Nick was having a drink when Chris entered. Nick invited Chris to join him. Chris vented about her miserable day. Nick told Chris about his lousy love life, but never mentioned Diane by name. Nick described her as a cold, calculating bitch.

Nick said he'd known about Diane's past, but he'd thought that she might treat Nick differently. Nick declared that he'd learned his lesson. Chris thanked Nick for the drink. Chris commented that Nick really seemed to care about the woman he described. Nick said that he actually hated her.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Billy and Victoria were getting ready for the day and caring for Lucy. Billy had to hurry out to meet Ashley, while Victoria was getting ready for the arbitration hearing. Billy assured Victoria that they would work out taking care of Lucy and still make their appointments.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Jack watched the video they'd acquired in Hawaii on Phyllis' laptop. Jack was sure that it was Victor on the tape. Phyllis said that the video wasn't enough evidence to exonerate Sharon. Jack recognized Victor in the video, but he wasn't sure if it could be proved. Jack and Phyllis agreed to keep the tape under wraps, including not letting Billy or Victor see it. Jack said they had to prove that it was Victor in the video before going public.

Nick arrived at the ranch just as Kyle and Diane walked into the living room. Kyle told Nick that he and Diane were moving into the ranch with Victor. Victor told Kyle that he was very pleased. Victor said he was looking forward to spending a lot of time with Kyle and Diane.

Diane and Kyle left to help move their belongings into the house. Victor asked Nick to stay so they could discuss business. Victor said he needed Nick's help with the arbitration hearing. Victor wanted Nick to testify on Victor's behalf, confirming that Victor was a responsible businessman. Victor believed the case was on the verge of being resolved and Nick's testimony could sway the judge. Nick agreed to go to the arbitration for his father.

Diane returned to the living room as Victor left for the study. Diane stopped Nick from leaving the house. Nick said he didn't want to be friends with Diane. Diane tearfully told Nick that he'd pushed her into agreeing to move in with Victor. Nick wasn't convinced. Kyle entered and told Diane he was happy to be moving in.

After Nick walked out, Victor told Diane he was leaving for the office. Diane pulled back when Victor stepped forward to kiss her. Victor wondered why Diane had not told Kyle about their relationship. Diane said she hadn't wanted to overwhelm Kyle with too much information. Victor accepted Diane's excuse and said he'd see her later.

At Gloworm, Abby ran into Tucker and Ashley. Abby explained that she'd just done an interview about for the Naked Heiress. Tucker thought Abby had given up her reality television show. Abby told Tucker that the Naked Heiress was still her career.

Abby mentioned the arbitration hearing and Ashley was not happy about Victoria and Abby continuing their battle with Victor. Ashley told Abby that because of the Newmans' frozen assets, people had lost their jobs. Ashley tried to make Abby feel guilty. Abby walked out.

At Victoria's, Leslie met with Abby and Victoria to discuss the arbitration. Abby was freaked out that Vance had left Leslie to handle the case. Victoria had confidence in Leslie. When Leslie said that Victor had filed a motion before the hearing, Victoria was suspicious. Leslie finished going over her checklist with Abby and Victoria. Victoria believed that Victor's motion was ominous. Abby was afraid of what might happen. Leslie said that she'd try to uncover Victor's motives.

Victoria felt that they were close to resolving the case. Abby told Victoria that she wanted out of the lawsuit. Abby said that she hated fighting with Victor and wanted things to return to the way they had been before she rebelled. Victoria built up Abby's confidence by reminding her of how Victor had always squashed their dreams. Victoria told Abby even if they had done everything Victor's way, they would have never been good enough for him. Victoria believed that Victor had put them in this position, and they'd been forced to fight back.

The phone rang, and Victoria answered it. Tucker wanted to touch base with Victoria about his offer to put her in charge of Jabot and Beauty of Nature if Victoria won the arbitration. Victoria told Tucker that nothing had changed; she was still interested in the deal. When Abby asked Victoria about the call, Victoria said that Tucker had been trying to hire her to work for Tucker Unlimited. Victoria refrained from telling Abby about Beauty of Nature and Jabot.

Tucker called Jack and left a message that Abby was preparing for the arbitration hearing. Tucker asked Jack to call him back.

Ashley overheard Gloria congratulate Sharon and Adam on their engagement. Ashley asked Sharon if it she was really planning to marry Adam again. Ashley returned to the table and told Tucker that Sharon and Adam were engaged. Ashley was concerned that Sharon's relationship with Adam would have a negative effect on Faith. Tucker told Ashley to calm down.

Gloria served complimentary drinks to Adam and Sharon and assured them that they were always welcomed at Gloworm. Adam went to the bar for hot sauce, where Ashley confronted him. Ashley wondered if Adam was plotting to hurt Sharon. Ashley told Adam that if he really loved Sharon, he would leave her alone. Adam said that he would never hurt Sharon or Faith. Ashley said that she would haunt Adam if he ever hurt Faith.

Jack arrived at Gloworm and sat at Sharon's table. Sharon asked about the evidence Jack had found in Hawaii. Jack said he couldn't tell Sharon about what he and Phyllis had found, but he wanted Sharon to know that she had reason to hope. Sharon wanted more than hope. Jack said that he could not reveal what he had uncovered until he was certain that it would stand up in court. Jack noticed Sharon's engagement ring and was disappointed to hear that she'd accepted Adam's proposal. Jack thought Sharon was borrowing trouble.

Jack said that Sharon would receive bad publicity at a time when she couldn't afford it. Jack reminded Sharon that she was still going on trial for murder. Sharon mentioned to Jack that in addition to Sharon and Adam getting engaged that night, Victor and Diane had made a public announcement of their relationship, too. Jack was furious and rushed to leave.

Tucker saw Jack and stopped him from walking out of Gloworm. Jack had no time to talk about Abby and the arbitration. Jack left Tucker in the doorway.

Later, Billy joined Tucker at his table. Billy saw that Ashley was talking to Adam at the bar. Billy started to go to the bar, but Tucker told Billy not to interfere. Tucker said that Ashley wanted to handle Adam in her own way. Ashley returned to the table and met with Billy and Tucker. Ashley wasn't happy about Victoria and Abby taking Victor to arbitration, but Billy understood and approved of what Victoria and Abby were doing. Billy believed in Victoria's prowess as a businesswoman and said that Victor had met his match in Billy's wife.

Jack arrived at the Newman ranch and confronted Diane about her involvement with Victor. Jack didn't want Kyle's life messed up by Diane's relationship with Victor. Jack told Diane that Victor was using her. Diane said that her relationship with Victor had nothing to do with Jack. Diane accused Jack of being jealous. Jack said he would take Kyle to live with him at the Abbott house. Diane didn't disagree, and Jack left to visit with Kyle.

When the housekeeper asked Diane if Kyle was moving out, Diane was confident that Kyle would choose to live at the ranch. Later, Diane and Kyle shared a pint of ice cream. Kyle thought Victor's servants would be moving their belongings into the house. Diane told Kyle not to get used to having servants. Diane asked Kyle about Jack's visit.

Diane told Kyle that he needed to spend more time with Jack at the Abbott house. Diane manipulated Kyle into thinking that it would be a good idea to give it a trial run at Jack's. Kyle understood that Diane wanted Jack to feel like Kyle was living there permanently.

Nick walked into his home and was surprised to find Phyllis waiting for him. Phyllis said she'd discovered something in Hawaii, and she felt Nick needed to know about it. Phyllis said that Jack would not approve of her showing Nick the video. Phyllis reminded Nick that she had never forgiven Victor for his part in Summer's hospitalization. Phyllis believed that Victor would never change. Phyllis claimed that the video she was going to show Nick would prove that Victor was unredeemable.

Phyllis ran the video, and Nick looked at the screen. Nick saw that his father had been in Hawaii when Skye died. Nick couldn't be sure that it was Victor in the video. Nick tried to convince himself that Victor couldn't have been there and that he wouldn't have let Skye die. Nick thought that Victor loved Sharon and would never allow Sharon to be blamed for Skye's death. Phyllis reminded Nick that he had suspected that Victor had been behind Skye's disappearance.

Nick had flashbacks, recalling the research he'd done about his father's whereabouts during the time Skye went missing. Phyllis pointed out that when Sharon went to Hawaii to search for Skye, Victor would have been compelled to keep Sharon from destroying Victor's plot to keep Skye in hiding.

When Adam and Sharon arrived home, Sharon told him about her meeting with Jack at Gloworm. Adam wanted to know about Jack and Phyllis' evidence, but Sharon said that Jack hadn't revealed what they had. Adam wanted more than hope; he wanted to see the evidence. Sharon advised Adam to play it cool.

At Crimson Lights, Jack approached Abby and asked why she hadn't called him about the arbitration. Jack gave Abby confidence and reminded her that she'd be rich enough to do what she wanted professionally once she beat her father in court. Jack asked Abby to keep him updated about the lawsuit. Abby was concerned about the hearing, but Jack assured her that her lawyer and Victoria would make sure Abby was well represented. Abby mentioned that while she'd been with Victoria, Tucker had called. Abby told Jack that she was curious about Tucker and Victoria's conversation.

Billy and Victoria met Tucker and Ashley at Gloworm. Ashley enjoyed seeing Lucy. Billy and Victoria mentioned they were looking for a nanny to care for Lucy. Billy saw Phyllis enter the restaurant. Billy excused himself to speak with Phyllis. Billy asked Phyllis if she had found a story on her trip to Hawaii. Phyllis said she'd come up empty-handed.

At his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor spoke to Michael on the phone. Victor felt that with Nick testifying for Victor at the arbitration, Victor was certain they would "have it in the bag." Nick burst into Victor's office and demanded to know if his father had been lying to him.

Friday, February 18, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis ran into Malcolm. Phyllis asked about Lily and expressed her sympathy about Cane's death. Phyllis felt bad that she and Jack had been out of town for the funeral. Malcolm confirmed that Cane had not been buried yet. Phyllis offered to go to the internment, but Malcolm said that Lily would not allow anyone to attend. Phyllis listened to Malcolm complain about Sofia. Malcolm could not forgive Sofia for lying to him. Phyllis advised Malcolm to be more compassionate.

Lily was getting ready for the burial. Neil asked Lily to reconsider and let him accompany her to the cemetery.

Jill told Colin that she wanted to be at the burial. Jill's phone rang, and it was Neil. Neil explained that he'd convinced Lily to let him go to the cemetery with her, but Neil needed Jill to watch the twins. Jill told Colin about Neil's request. Colin offered to watch the children with her. Jill told Neil they were on their way.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick accused his father of being a liar. Nick said that Victor had been in Hawaii the night that Skye had died. Victor asked Nick what he was talking about. Nick said he'd seen a video that showed Victor had been on the volcano.

Victor denied that it was him the video. Nick believed that Victor had been in Hawaii when he claimed to be in Telluride. Nick was disgusted that Victor would let Sharon be arrested for a crime she hadn't committed. Victor said he would never let Sharon be harmed.

Victor laughed at the evidence and refused to tell Nick the truth. Victor was certain that Sharon would not be convicted. Victor reminded Nick that he had put up the bail for Sharon. Nick accused Victor of throwing money at problems to make them go away. Victor asked Nick what he wanted. Nick wanted to know if Victor was lying to him or not.

At Gloworm, Jack questioned Michael about the arbitration. Jack tried to get Michael to reveal Victor's secret strategy. Michael refused to share any information with Jack.

Tucker asked Victoria to inform him about the outcome of the arbitration hearing. Victoria and Tucker agreed that if she and Abby won the case, including the acquisition of Beauty of Nature, Victoria would become CEO of Jabot and Beauty of Nature, too.

Jack stepped up to Tucker and Victoria's table and asked what they were conspiring about. Tucker left the restaurant, and Jack took his seat across from Victoria. Jack asked Victoria about her future plans. Victoria said that Tucker wanted to hire her for his executive team.

Jack wondered if Victoria had made a separate deal with Tucker. Victoria countered that Jack seemed very interested in Abby's part of the arbitration. Since he'd been encouraging Abby from the start of the lawsuit, Victoria suspected that Jack had an ulterior motive of his own.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Daniel that she was worried about the arbitration. Abby felt that her father would never forgive Victoria and Abby for their actions.

Esther entered the coffee shop, wheeling Lucy in a carriage. Phyllis stepped over to help Esther, then lifted Lucy out of the stroller to rock her. Daniel and Abby walked in from the other room, and Daniel watched his mother holding his daughter. Phyllis asked Daniel if he'd met Lucy yet.

Malcolm and Phyllis cooed over the baby. Daniel wondered why Phyllis was holding Lucy. Esther said that she had been babysitting Lucy and Phyllis had greeted them. Phyllis asked if seeing a baby reminded Daniel of the baby he and Daisy had, but Daniel had yet to see. Daniel was uncomfortable with the conversation. Abby and Phyllis agreed that Daniel should want to find out about Daisy's baby just to ease his mind.

Leslie arrived at Crimson Light and was introduced to Malcolm and Esther. Leslie said that she had news for Abby and Victoria. Abby and Leslie headed to Gloworm to meet Victoria. Phyllis was worried about Abby going up against Victor in court. Daniel told his mother that Abby was determined to win the arbitration and get her trust fund from Victor.

Leslie and Abby arrived at Gloworm and sat down with Victoria and Jack. Leslie said that Victor's secret weapon in the arbitration would be Nick. Leslie explained that Nick would be testifying on Victor's behalf. Victoria felt that Nick would never side with Victor against her and Abby.

Nick said that Victor had blown it with him. Nick felt that Victor was not working in the best interest of the family and the company. Nick felt that Victor was loyal only to himself. Michael arrived and realized that Nick and Victor were at odds. Victor believed that someone had turned Nick against him and that Nick had been manipulated. Victor warned Nick to show up at the arbitration hearing because the future of Newman Enterprises was at stake. Nick said he would be there.

Before leaving Crimson Lights, Phyllis asked Daniel to think about finding Daisy's baby. Malcolm told Daniel that Phyllis was only watching out for Daniel. Malcolm revealed that he'd lost years with Lily because he didn't know that she was his daughter from the time she was born. Malcolm wondered how Daniel would feel if someday his daughter asked why Daniel had never searched for her.

Later, Tucker arrived at Crimson Lights and Malcolm greeted him. Tucker admitted to Malcolm that he missed Sofia. Tucker wished that things had gone differently. Tucker and Malcolm both had trust issues with Sofia. Tucker declared that Cane had been a punk. Tucker thought Cane had used Jill, and Malcolm said Cane had taken advantage of Sofia.

Malcolm said he'd known that Blake was a bad dude. Tucker had no respect for Cane, even if he was dead. Tucker felt that Cane had placed Lily in the line of fire. Tucker was also upset about the way Cane had used Sofia. Tucker declared that Sofia had been like family to him. Malcolm wondered if he and Tucker were too hard on Sofia.

Colin and Jill arrived at Lily's and were ready to take care of the children. Lily thanked Jill and Colin. Lily told Jill that Cane had valued his relationship with Jill. Colin assured Lily that the children were in good hands.

At the cemetery, Lily told Neil that she and Cane had planned to take the twins to Paris. Lily thanked Neil for being there with her. Neil said a prayer for Cane. Neil said that Cane's legacy would live on through his children. Neil assured Lily that Cane would never be forgotten.

Neil stepped aside so Lily could have a few minutes alone. Lily prayed that Cane would always be part of her life. Lily said that she regretted not leaving town with Cane when he'd wanted to run with her and the children. Lily admitted that she would have never survived cancer without Cane's support. Lily said that she needed to know that Cane was still watching over her and the twins. Lily turned and saw the spirit of Cane in the cemetery.

Neil approached Lily, and she claimed that she had seen Cane. Lily believed that Cane had really been there. Neil comforted her.

Jill and Colin talked about how special the twins were. Jill appreciated how Colin was becoming part of her family. Jill asked about Colin's family and learned that Colin had lost a son and a daughter. Colin mentioned his daughter was named Samantha. Jill recalled that Cane had known Samantha. Jill wondered if Colin had known Cane in Australia.

Colin explained that he and Samantha had been estranged the last years of her life. Colin claimed that he had never known Samantha's friends while she was growing up because he'd been busy with work. Colin said Samantha had died too young. Jill realized that Cane's funeral had reminded Colin of Samantha. Colin admired how Jill cared for Charlie and Matty. Colin wanted to be part of the kids' lives, too. The bell rang, and Jill answered the door. Malcolm entered and saw that Jill and Colin were babysitting.

Phyllis arrived at Nick's to pick up Summer, but she'd gone out with Nikki. Nick told Phyllis that he'd confronted Victor about the video, and Victor had denied being involved in Skye's death in any way. Victoria called Nick and asked if he would be testifying for Victor. Nick said that he couldn't talk. Victoria asked Nick to remain neutral. Nick said he couldn't discuss it with her. Victoria asked Nick not to attend the arbitration.

Phyllis wondered what Nick was going to do about Victor and the arbitration. Phyllis suggested that Nick run away, but Nick said that couldn't do that. Phyllis apologized for showing Nick the video and complicating his life. However, Phyllis believed that Nick had needed to know the truth. Nick said that he had an obligation to the company, not just Victor.

Later, Phyllis confronted Daniel at Crimson Lights. Phyllis said that she'd checked with the authorities in Canada about Daisy. The Canadian Mounties had found no trace of Daisy or the baby. Phyllis wanted to go after Daisy and asked Daniel to accompany her. Phyllis urged Daniel to help her find Daisy and deal with being a father.

At the courthouse, Abby wondered if Nick was going to appear for the arbitration hearing. Victoria wasn't sure. Abby was worried and suspected that Nick might have made a secret deal with Victor. Victoria asked Abby if she knew why Jack had suggested that Victoria had a secret deal with Tucker.

Abby said she wasn't na´ve about business. Abby suspected that Victoria had her own motives for the lawsuit. Abby suggested that she could go to Victor and make a deal on her own. Victoria urged Abby to stick with the plan so they would both achieve their objectives. Leslie arrived at the same time as Michael and Victor. They all walked into the hearing room.

Nick showed up at the arbitration hearing and apologized for being late. Victor expected Nick to sit beside him, but Nick sat with Abby and Victoria, on the opposite side of the table.

Jack arrived at Tucker's office, boasting about the Valentine's Day sales for Jabot. Jack said that he was still confident about delivering Beauty of Nature to Tucker. Jack questioned Tucker about hiring Victoria. Jack suspected that Tucker might be plotting to merge Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Jack asked if Tucker was serious about hiring Victoria. Tucker said Victoria was more interested in being a new mother than working for him.

Jack reminded Tucker that he had a contract to run Jabot with Ashley. Tucker said if there were a merger, Jabot and Beauty of Nature would become a new conglomerate. Jack threatened to get back at Tucker if Tucker double-crossed him in any way. Jack suspected that Victoria would turn on Abby, Jack, and Ashley in a heartbeat if it meant she could take over Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Jack warned that he could blow up the Beauty of Nature deal with one word to Abby.

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