The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 28, 2011 on Y&R

Ashley learned about Tucker's duplicitous business dealings. Angelo threatened to hurt Chloe if Kevin didn't get Jeffrey to pay Hogan. Adam slugged Nick when he caught Nick comforting Sharon. Nick said he'd give Sharon joint custody of Faith if Adam left town.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 28, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, February 28, 2011

At Gloworm, Phyllis told Jack that Adam had agreed to attend the arbitration hearing on Victor's behalf. After Phyllis mentioned that Victor was dangling Sharon before Adam as a carrot, Jack realized that Victor had agreed to testify on Sharon's behalf in Skye's murder case. Phyllis agreed to keep Jack informed of developments at the courthouse.

At the courthouse, Sharon tried to phone Adam from a waiting area, but Adam, seated at the conference table, turned off his phone. Phyllis showed up as Sharon was composing a text message to send to Adam. In the text, Sharon pleaded with Adam to leave the room and let her know what was going on. Phyllis snidely asked Sharon if Adam was in the conference room, attempting to secure his fiancée's freedom.

When Judge Phelps asked Adam if he'd forged the trust documents, he claimed that he had. Nick immediately proclaimed Adam to be a liar and maintained that Victor had drawn up and signed the trusts. Michael belligerently explained that Victor had drawn up the original trusts. Michael claimed that Adam had later rewritten the trusts and forged his father's signature. Victoria protested, too, but Michael claimed that Adam had grossly mismanaged the company during his father's absence.

Victoria, Nick, and Abby rose from their seats and in unison complained that Adam was lying for Victor. The judge told Victoria, Adam, and Abby that they were suing their father for three billion dollars and that Adam's testimony was admission of a crime; therefore, the judge declared, he would study every bit of information in order to discern the truth. Judge Phelps said that the signatures on both sets of documents would be examined and compared with Adam's handwriting.

Judge Phelps also ordered Adam to give a full and truthful deposition, and he warned that if Adam lied, he'd be prosecuted. Leslie told the judge that she would also send a handwriting expert to examine the documents. After the judge and the court reporter left the chamber, Victoria asked Adam what Victor had promised to do for him if he lied. Victoria warned Adam not to count on their dad. Victoria warned that after Victor was through with Adam, he would toss Adam aside.

Adam claimed that his relationship with Victor was different than Abby, Nick, and Victoria's. Nick replied, "We actually meant something to him. Imagine what he's going to do to you." Sharon entered and asked Adam to leave the room and speak with her, and he stepped out. While Phyllis eavesdropped, Sharon demanded to know what Adam had been doing. Nick approached and responded to Sharon's question. Nick explained that Adam had just confessed to forging Victor's signature on the trusts, which could lead to having their case thrown out.

Before Nick stepped back in a corner, he snarled at Adam and claimed that his half-brother's testimony would be a false one. Sharon told Adam that she knew he hadn't forged the trusts. Adam insisted that he had. Leslie, Victoria, and Abby emerged from the chamber. Leslie left to hire a handwriting expert. Victor and Michael exited the chamber. Phyllis asked Victor what he'd promised to do for Sharon in exchange for Adam's testimony. Abby turned to Victoria and Nick and asked what Phyllis meant by her question. Michael swiftly whisked Phyllis away.

Adam told Sharon that she'd just have to trust him. In hushed tones, Adam promised Sharon that everything would be all right and that he'd explain later. Before Sharon walked away, she replied, "You can't." Sharon seemed crushed as she glared at Adam. Nick told Victor he was surprised that his dad had stooped so low. Victor claimed that his children were to blame. Nick said, "No matter what happens after this, I am done with you." Victoria meekly added, "We all are done."

Adam and Victor left together. Abby fought back tears and later realized that she would end up with nothing. Victoria admitted that losing everything was a possibility. Abby was angry and told Victoria and Nick that she could have had her trust fund and a relationship with her father had she not listened to them, Jack, and the attorneys. Victoria blamed Victor because he had used Adam to win the suit. Abby shot back, "And you used me. What's the difference?"

Michael took Phyllis to Crimson Lights for coffee. Phyllis told Michael that Adam was lying. Phyllis claimed that Sharon was manipulating Adam in order to evade a murder charge. Michael told Phyllis that the matter didn't concern her, but Phyllis reminded Michael that Victor was Summer's grandfather.

Phyllis told Michael that she couldn't sit back and condone what Victor was doing. Phyllis defended Nick's lawsuit because it wasn't an illegal action. Phyllis warned that she planned to write and publish what she knew about the case. Michael mentioned that Jack had initiated the lawsuit. Phyllis claimed that she had known all along about Jack's role in the lawsuit as she calmly sipped her coffee. Michael knowingly told Phyllis that she was lying.

In Tucker's office, Ashley asked Tucker if he'd thought about their plan to marry at Katherine's estate. Tucker said he believed marrying there could help cement his relationship with his mother. Ashley read the headlines in the newspaper about the possible shattering of the Newman Empire. Ashley worried that Abby would lament losing her father. Tucker suggested that the outcome might not be as bad as Ashley thought.

Tucker showed Ashley a report with Jabot's sales figures. Ashley was pleased. She was even more elated when Tucker gave her the report on Beauty of Nature that reflected an impressive increase in sales. Tucker mused about merging the two companies, but Ashley quickly stated that Victor would never sell Beauty of Nature, even if Newman Enterprises became a public company. Tucker smugly replied that Victor might not have a choice.

Jack arrived. Not noticing Ashley, Jack announced to Tucker that they had a big problem. Ashley asked Jack what he'd meant. Jack hastily concocted a story about a distributor canceling a contract. Abby phoned her mom and told her what Adam had done. Ashley said she'd head home to console her daughter.

After the call from Abby ended, Ashley told Jack and Tucker that Adam had testified on Victor's behalf and had claimed he'd forged the trusts. Ashley added that Abby was upset because it seemed that the case would be thrown out. After Ashley left, Jack said, "This man has no problem screwing over his own kids." Tucker added "And you! If Victor wins, we'll never get our hands on Beauty of Nature."

As Jack sipped whiskey, he smugly assured Tucker that even if Victor won, it didn't necessarily mean that they couldn't acquire Beauty of Nature. Jack claimed that he had an inside track on the situation and planned to run the new conglomerate. Tucker reminded Jack that no such deal had been made in writing. Tucker added that the only written agreement specified that Jack would run Jabot only if he delivered Beauty of Nature. Tucker drew Jack's attention to a specific line in the contract. Tucker informed at stunned Jack that he was suspended until he delivered control of Beauty of Nature to Tucker.

At the Abbott estate, Abby trashed the contents of Jack's briefcase and smashed a framed photo of him with her. After Ashley arrived, Abby claimed she hated Jack and called him a lying, manipulative jerk. Ashley seemed baffled until Abby admitted that Jack had prompted her to file the lawsuit. Jack had, Abby explained, assured her that the money she'd get from Victor would finance her television show. Becoming increasingly irate, Abby told her mom that each time Victor had made an offer, Jack had pressured her not to back out of the lawsuit.

Ashley was shaken and assured Abby that she'd handle Jack. As Abby picked up the broken glass, she said she regretted not backing out of the lawsuit. Ashley assured her daughter that it wasn't too late to fix the situation. Abby realized that Ashley wasn't about to dictate a specific plan to rectify the dispute, so Abby picked up her coat and purse and said, "It's as good a time as any to start acting responsibly." Jack arrived, and Abby left.

Ashley blasted Jack for using Abby to get to Victor. Ashley reminded Jack that someone always got hurt whenever Victor and Jack battled each other. Ashley railed that her daughter had borne the brunt this time. Jack admitted that his aim had been to run Jabot just as their father had envisioned. Jack added that he'd vowed to do whatever was necessary to ensure he didn't lose his position at Jabot.

Ashley didn't understand how pushing Abby into a lawsuit with Victor had played into Jack's plan because Tucker had agreed to let Ashley and Jack run the company. Jack corrected Ashley and explained that Tucker had agreed to let Ashley run the company. Jack explained that he would be dismissed unless he could deliver Beauty of Nature. Jack added that he'd pressured Abby to sue Victor because he was certain that the plan would work to his advantage.

Ashley returned to Tucker's office. She told Tucker that she knew about his agreement with Jack. Ashley, upset, cried to Tucker that her family meant more to her than anything. Tucker claimed that what he'd done was only business. Ashley asked Tucker if he was a ruthless user like Victor. In tears, Ashley told Tucker that her feelings toward him had changed. Tucker told Ashley that money and power meant nothing if he didn't have her. Ashley told Tucker that she was no longer sure what she should believe, and she left.

Later, Jack was alone when Phyllis stopped by and asked him why he hadn't told her that he was behind Abby's lawsuit against Victor. Jack told Phyllis about the agreement with Tucker. Phyllis was supportive when Jack told her that he'd been fired. Phyllis, stripping off her clothes, seemed turned on by Jack's plan to acquire power, and she told him not to give up the fight for Beauty of Nature.

At Victoria's, Nick and Victoria blamed Victor and Adam for their predicament. Victoria told Nick about her awkward encounter with a former employee, who'd been fired from Newman Enterprises. Victoria added that poor Abby's only desire was to have Victor's love. Victoria phoned Abby and left a message for her to call back.

Victoria asked Nick if they'd made a mistake. Nick reminded Victoria that their father had lied to them, used them, and had manipulated them since the day they'd been born. Nick assured Victoria that he wouldn't give up, and he suggested they await a call from Leslie.

Sharon stopped by. Nick asked Sharon if Adam had sent her. Sharon explained that she didn't condone what Adam was doing and planned to do everything in her power to stop him. Nick warned that Victor wouldn't appreciate Sharon's interference. Sharon emphatically replied, "I know." Sharon acknowledged Nick and Victoria's concern that Victor might have won, but Sharon insisted that the battle wasn't yet over.

After Sharon left, Abby showed up with a gift for Lucy. Abby recalled what Victor had said about Victoria having chosen Abby as the baby's godmother so she would remain on her siblings' side. Nick told Abby that Victor was trying to manipulate her. Nick and Victoria warmly assured Abby that they were family and would support each other.

Inside Victor's office, Michael delivered original documents to court officials while Adam provided samples of Victor's forged signature. After the court officer left, Michael told Adam to be prepared for his deposition the following day because a lot was riding on it.

After Michael left, Victor told Adam that Judge Phelps would promptly render a decision and afterward, Victor promised to tell police what he knew about Skye's death. Victor added that they would both get what they wanted. Adam explained that Sharon knew about the plan and wasn't pleased.

Adam told Victor that the look on Sharon's face had been utter shame. Victor claimed that Sharon would be grateful in the end. Adam replied, "Not everyone is like you. The ends don't always justify the means." Victor agreed that not everyone was like him, but he added that Adam certainly was. Adam, forcing himself to remain civil, said that he'd see Victor the next day. Before Adam walked out, Victor assured his son that he'd done a good deed.

At Sharon's, Adam waited for Sharon, who said she'd visited with Nick and Victoria. Sharon explained that she'd promised Nick and Victoria that she would convince Adam to recant his story. Adam told Sharon she shouldn't have made such a promise.

Sharon reminded Adam about his claim that being with her had inspired him to be a better man. Sharon begged Adam to stop hating himself for the things he'd done in his past and to strive to become the man she knew he could become. Adam claimed it was too late. Sharon pleaded with Adam to approach the judge and admit that he'd lied.

At Gloworm, Victor was seated at a table when Abby, Victoria, and Nick arrived. Victor quickly rose to leave after he and his children noticed each another's presence. Victor glared at his children on his way out of the club. Nick fiercely set his jaw, Victoria sighed heavily, and Abby looked dejected.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor finished an interview with a reporter named Cassidy. Victor explained that contrary to the rumors, Newman Enterprises was as strong as ever. Victor added that despite the lawsuit, he still loved his children very much. After Cassidy left, the Newman publicist told Victor that Billy Abbott was waiting for an interview. Billy entered the office and declared that he wanted an interview like the rest of the publications.

Victor accused Billy of using the Newman name to sell magazines. Victor said rumors of his company's demise had been greatly exaggerated. Billy was skeptical. Victor told Billy about how Adam had confessed that he'd forged the trust documents. Billy accepted that Adam was capable of forgery, but Billy mistrusted Victor. Billy questioned the platitudes Victor had been dishing out about how he loved his children. Victor dismissed Billy.

Sharon walked into the living room and was perturbed that Adam was not in the house. A moment later, Adam entered and explained that he'd been unable to sleep so he had gone out jogging. Sharon assumed that Adam had a lot on his mind. Adam declared that he would go to any lengths to have the case against Sharon dismissed, but Adam realized that making a deal with Victor had been wrong. Adam said that he would recant his testimony.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam ducked out of sight to avoid running into Billy. Adam stepped into Victor's office. Victor handed Adam some files and told him to prepare for the deposition. Adam said that he didn't need to prepare because he had changed his mind about testifying. Adam declared that he would not perjure himself for Victor. Adam said that he'd find another way to save Sharon. Victor asked if Adam was going to try to insinuate that Skye was still alive. Adam stopped in his tracks.

Victor read from a file that noted all the online transactions that Adam had made using Skye's alias. Victor threatened to make the report public, which he suspected would be damaging to Sharon's case. Adam said that Sharon knew nothing of his actions. Victor pointed out that Adam would face obstruction of justice charges even if he testified that he had worked alone. Victor told Adam to forget about recanting and to prepare for the deposition.

Nina served a breakfast tray to Chance. Chance was frustrated about his recovery. Nina reminisced about Chance's childhood and said that Chance had always been a kind person. Chance felt bitter about giving up half his liver for Ronan. Nina knew that Chance really didn't feel that way. Nina said that she was thrilled to have Chance home.

Murphy asked Kay about Nikki's whereabouts. Kay confided to Murphy that she wasn't happy that Nikki was involved with Deacon. Victoria showed up to see Nikki, and Kay explained that Nikki was out of the house. Later, Kay told Murphy that she'd left a message for Nikki about Victoria's visit. The D.A. arrived to see Chance, and mentioned to Kay and Murphy that he wanted to talk with them about Meggie.

Kay hurried Mr. Walsh upstairs to see Chance first. Murphy was surprised to learn that Meggie was back in town. Kay explained that the case against Meggie in Alaska had fallen apart. Meggie was going on trial in Genoa City. Murphy was upset that Kay had kept the information from him. Murphy scolded Kay for being overprotective.

Walsh informed Chance that the trial against Pomerantz had begun and jury members had been selected. Walsh anticipated that Chance would be needed to testify in the next day or so. Walsh assured Nina that Chance would be protected. Nina was relieved that after the trial, Chance would be free to go out of hiding. After Nina walked out of the room, Walsh asked why Chance had been lying to his mother. Chance said he was not interested in returning to the Witness Protection Program.

Walsh believed that Chance's testimony would put away a lot of the drug syndicate, but Chance would still be a target. Walsh brought up Cane's death as a cautionary tale, saying that Cane had been unable to protect himself from mob violence. After Walsh left, Nina said that life would return to normal once the trial was over. A while later, Nina delivered some movies that had arrived for Chance. Nina offered to make popcorn and watch a film with him. Chance said yes.

Nikki woke up in Deacon's bed at the motel. Nikki said that Deacon had provided a steady influence in her life. Nikki wished her family could see Deacon the way she did. Nikki enjoyed having a drama-free relationship. After sharing a shower and getting dressed, Nikki checked her messages and returned Victoria's call. Nikki told her daughter that she was going to an A.A. meeting. Victoria explained that Victor had pulled a fast one at the arbitration hearing. Victoria and Nikki agreed to meet and discuss Victor's actions.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Victoria that Victor would have known about the forged trust document because he was meticulous about his business. Victoria believed that Adam had lied for Victor in order to help Sharon get exonerated. Nikki decided to let Victor know that his bargaining with Sharon's freedom was reprehensible.

When Nikki walked out, Sharon greeted Victoria. Sharon asked Victoria about Lucy, but Victoria wasn't interested in having chitchat with Sharon. Victoria wanted to know if Adam was going to recant his testimony. Sharon asked Victoria to have faith in Adam, but Victoria said that Adam could not be trusted. Victoria suspected that Adam would eventually disappoint Sharon.

Nikki entered Victor's office as Adam walked out. Nikki blasted Victor for using Sharon's freedom to get what he wanted from Adam. Nikki objected to Victor making a deal with someone as despicable as Adam. Nikki told Victor that he had gone too far. Victor believed that Nick and Victoria had upped the ante, forcing Victor to respond in kind.

Murphy went to see Meggie in jail. Meggie laughed at the fact that Murphy was up and around. Meggie also made an insulting comment about Kay. Murphy said that Meggie was behind bars where she belonged. Kay arrived and told Meggie she was going to make sure that Meggie spent the rest of her life in jail. Murphy told Meggie that her attempt to kill him was a good thing because it had resulted in justice for his son's death. After Murphy and Kay left the jail, Meggie asked the guard if she could make a phone call.

Deacon spoke at an A.A. meeting and confessed that he'd fallen in love with a woman but couldn't be honest with her because his initial motives for pursuing her were disreputable. Deacon said the situation was tearing him apart. Deacon showed up at jail. Deacon told Meggie to leave him alone. Meggie showed Deacon a clipping that proved that Deacon was involved with Nikki. Meggie threatened to tell Nikki about Deacon's role in Victor and Nikki's breakup. Meggie wanted Deacon to get her out of jail or else Meggie would tell Nikki about the real Deacon.

Billy arrived at the coffeehouse and told Victoria that he'd interviewed Victor. Billy said that Victor had portrayed himself as the injured father. Billy said that he had seen Adam slink into Victor's office when Billy walked out. Victoria worried about how the case would turn out. Victor walked into the coffeehouse, and Victoria confronted him. Victoria asked Victor to prove his love for his children by admitting that he was colluding with Adam.

Victor accused his daughter of trying to steal the company from him. Victor said that Adam was trying to keep the company from falling apart. Victoria said that the lawsuit wasn't about money or the company. Victoria declared that in the end, Victor would have nothing but the company because he'd have lost his children.

Billy told Victoria that he had decided to write a Restless Style story about Victor after all. Victoria was against it, until Billy explained that he had a great angle. Billy wanted to list all of the terrible things Victor had done to Victoria compared to his quotes about how much he loved his children. Victoria urged Billy to write the article. Victoria contributed to the effort by writing a list of all of Victor's actions against her.

Adam returned home and told Sharon that he had spoken to Victor. Adam said that he realized that he could not recant his testimony. Adam explained to Sharon that he had created a false trail to make it seem like Skye was still alive. Adam said that Victor knew about Adam's machinations. Sharon was stunned that Adam had done such a thing. Adam said he had been trying to create reasonable doubt. Sharon feared that Adam's fiction would be revealed and would screw up Sharon's case. Adam said that nobody would ever know about Adam's actions if he went along with Victor.

Sharon resented that Victor was blackmailing Adam. Sharon hugged Adam and said that they could get through anything as long as they were together. Back at the court, Adam told Sharon that it was the last time he would ever collaborate with Victor. Sharon was in tears as she realized that Victor had never really cared about her. Sharon said she'd thought of Victor like a father. Adam kissed Sharon and went into the hearing room. Sharon stayed in the waiting room. Victor entered, and Sharon locked eyes with him.

Kay complimented Murphy on the way he'd handled Meggie. Kay offered to do whatever was necessary to help Murphy get Meggie prosecuted. Kay remained mortified that Meggie had hurt so many people. In his motel room, Deacon wondered what he was going to do about Meggie. Nikki returned and was upset about her encounter with Victor. Deacon encouraged her to consider his place a Victor-free zone. Deacon said he wanted to make Nikki happy. Nikki believed that Deacon would always protect her and be supportive.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the hearing room, Leslie and Michael prepared Adam for the deposition. Leslie suggested that Adam set the record straight and tell the truth. Michael anticipated that Abby, Victoria, and Nick's lawsuit would be dismissed once Adam's testimony was official and the trust documents deemed fraudulent. Leslie began the questioning, but Adam responded with sketchy answers. Leslie asked Adam if he remembered the truth. Adam said that at the time when he ran Newman Enterprises, everything was a blur to him.

Adam flirted with Leslie, admiring the color of her blouse. Michael wondered what Adam was doing. Leslie had questions about the forged trust funds and was surprised that Adam had not consulted with a lawyer about the documents. Adam said everything necessary was available on the Internet. Adam suddenly suggested that they order something to eat because he was hungry. Leslie proposed that they stop the deposition because Adam wasn't taking the process seriously.

Privately, Michael told Adam that he had to convince Leslie that he had forged the trust documents or else risk Victor's wrath. Adam assured Michael that he was well aware of what was at stake. When Leslie returned, Adam confessed to the forgery and signing Victor's name to all three trust funds. Leslie wondered why Adam had testified for Victor.

Adam said that many people had experienced high expectations of him once upon a time, but he had failed to live up to them. Leslie said that Sharon still believed in him. Adam said that Victor was right when he called Adam an arrogant punk. Leslie asked Adam what Victor had over Adam. Michael declared that the deposition was over.

Sharon confronted Victor about blackmailing Adam into perjuring himself for Victor. Sharon accused Victor of using Adam as a weapon against Abby, Victoria, Nick, and her. Victor said that Adam had made his own choice. Victor warned Sharon to stay out of his business. Sharon thought that Victor was using Adam, but Sharon didn't believe that Victor would pull through for Adam.

Sharon doubted that Victor cared about his image as a man of integrity. Victor pointed out that if there was a pariah among them, it was Sharon, not him. Victor said that Nick, Victoria, and Nikki had all turned against Sharon. Victor declared that Sharon was a fraud.

Adam walked out of the hearing room, and Victor thanked him for doing the right thing. Adam said that Victor should be proud of him. Sharon watched in dismay. Victor consulted with Michael about how Adam's deposition had gone. Michael gave Adam's performance a mixed review. Victor wasn't happy that Adam's performance had been inconsistent. Michael left.

Adam approached Victor and asked if his father was aware of what Adam had done in the deposition. Adam said he'd lived up to his end of the bargain. Victor told Adam that unlike Adam, Victor was still a man of integrity. Adam wanted assurances that Victor would do his part.

Back home, Adam told Sharon that he was ashamed of perjuring himself because Sharon was aware of his sin. Sharon said that Victor was the one who should be ashamed, not Adam. Sharon said that they were better off without Victor in their lives. Adam said he wanted to take a walk, but Sharon stopped him. Sharon had a gift for Adam. It was a statuette similar to one they'd seen in New Orleans. Sharon said that what happened in the deposition did not define Adam. Sharon handed him the statuette.

Victoria and Lucy met with Jana at Crimson Lights. Kevin and Chloe walked in with Daniel. Chloe was ticked off to see Jana as Lucy's nanny. Kevin noticed that Hogan's man was watching him. Daniel was curious about Jana being hired as Lucy's nanny. Kevin reminded Daniel that he had wanted to give his baby away to strangers. Daniel watched Jana caring for his daughter.

Chloe fumed about Jana, calling her Scary Poppins. Kevin handed Jana the baby blanket when it fell on the floor. Jana told Kevin that she was enjoying her new job. Kevin poured coffee for Hogan's man and asked if they could keep the bookie business in Gloworm and away from Crimson Lights. Hogan's enforcer warned Kevin that if Jeffrey failed to make his payments on time, Kevin and the women in his life would be targets for revenge.

At the mansion, Kay asked Jill if Lily was ready for guests. Jill was pleased that Kay had asked her advice. Jill informed Kay that Colin would be moving into the mansion. Kay was concerned about Chance's security being threatened by Colin. Jill said that she would wait until after Chance testified in court before Colin moved in. Kay was upset, claiming that they didn't know enough about Colin's background. Jill said her husband would be living with her whether Kay liked it or not. Jill walked out and went upstairs.

The bell rang, and Jill opened the door to find the governor. She greeted him warmly, and he offered condolences for Cane's death. The governor suggested that they share a drink and compare their lives. Jill walked out and found Kay in the foyer. Jill accused Kay of inviting the governor to the mansion. Kay said that if Jill had acted differently, Jill might have been the first lady of Wisconsin. The governor said hello to Kay and asked her to join him and Jill in the living room. Kay walked away so Jill and the governor could be alone.

Jill told the governor that she was a married woman. The governor accused Jill of having a green card wedding with Colin. He promised to keep things quiet as long as Jill had sex with him. Jill rushed out of the room and bellowed for Kay to fix things.

Lily entered Crimson Lights, where she thought she saw Cane. Lily called to him, but he wasn't Cane. Colin stopped Lily. Lily looked up at Colin and threw herself into his arms. Colin served a cup of tea to Lily. Colin offered to be a sounding board for Lily.

Lily said that she felt overwhelmed since Cane's death. Lily had trouble getting through the days. Lily said little things reminded her of Cane, and she had counted on him to help her raise the twins. Colin assured Lily that the twins would never want for anything. Lily acknowledged that she and the twins had family support. Colin said he and Jill would always be there for the twins. Lily appreciated Colin's kindness. Colin said he was off to see Jill.

Daniel approached Lily, and she was startled. Daniel asked if she was all right. Lily said that she was still having visions of Cane. Lily wasn't sure she wanted the visions to stop. Lily wondered how Daniel was doing. Daniel told Lily about Lucy being in the other room and Abby being named Lucy's godmother. Lily and Daniel agreed they were quite a pair.

Colin went to the mansion. Jill said that the governor was there. Colin introduced himself to the governor. When Jill told Colin about how Kay had asked the governor to visit and why, Colin decided to handle things himself. Colin flirted with the governor, throwing the politician off completely. Kay was astonished by Colin's behavior and escorted the governor out of the mansion. In a quiet moment, Colin told Jill about his encounter with Lily. Colin said that he'd told Lily that they would spend more time with the twins, in Cane's memory. Jill was touched by Colin's generosity.

Nikki was freaked out when she saw a cockroach in Deacon's motel room. Deacon was upset that Nikki was forced to be with him in such a dump. Nikki suggested that she and Deacon get a place together. Deacon was surprised, but Nikki said that it made sense for both of them. Later, Nikki called Kay to say that she was moving out. Kay heard Deacon in the background and criticized Nikki for falling into the same bad pattern with men like Deacon. Nikki ended the call quickly. Deacon said that Nikki had better be prepared for others to criticize Nikki the way Kay had. Nikki was defiant.

Victoria overheard Nikki saying that she and Deacon were moving in together. Deacon left, saying that he would go to Kay's mansion to pick up Nikki's belongings. Victoria accused her mother of turning to Deacon because Victor had rejected her. Nikki defended her relationship with Deacon. Victoria invited Nikki to live with her and Billy. Nikki assured Victoria that she knew what she was doing with Deacon. Victoria said that Deacon was a slimeball who would eventually hurt Nikki.

In jail, Meggie watched television and wished she were anywhere else. Kay was surprised to see Victor at her door. Victor wanted to know about Kay's encounter with Meggie. Kay said that Meggie was unrepentant. Deacon arrived to get Nikki's belongings and ran into Victor. Victor said goodbye to Kay and walked out.

Deacon was tempted to tell Victor to leave Nikki alone, but Kay warned Deacon not to cross Victor. Kay closed the door in Deacon's face. Deacon's phone rang, and it was Meggie. She warned Deacon to find a way to get her out of jail or else Meggie would tell Nikki the truth about Deacon. Meggie suspected that Nikki might fall off the wagon again. Later, Victor went to see Meggie. Meggie said that Victor looked very handsome. Victor told Meggie that he was going to make sure that she was locked up for life.

Deacon met Nikki at the Athletic Club and sympathized with her about Victoria's reaction to their living together. Deacon believed that Nikki needed her family. Nikki said she needed to settle into her new room with Deacon.

Victoria heard from Michael about the deposition and learned that Adam had not recanted his testimony. Victoria walked out of the coffeehouse. Hogan's man said goodbye to Kevin, reiterating that he wanted Jeffrey's payments to be prompt. Chloe was stunned to hear that the mob guy had threatened to hurt the women in Kevin's life. Chloe suspected that the guy had been bluffing.

Jana arrived back at Victoria and Billy's. When she noticed that Lucy's blanket wasn't in the stroller, Jana went outside to retrieve it. When Jana reached for the blanket, a gloved hand grabbed her around the mouth.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

At Gloworm, Gloria greeted Kevin. Gloria asked Kevin to help her with her financial portfolio because she needed to generate more income. Kevin ducked Gloria and said he needed to speak with Jeffrey. Jeffrey appeared with his arm in a sling. Kevin learned that Angelo, Hogan's enforcer, had roughed up Jeffrey and caused his separated shoulder. Kevin urged Jeffrey to pay Hogan before someone else got hurt.

Off to the side, Kevin asked Jeffrey why he hadn't been paying off Hogan. Jeffrey slunk away, leaving Kevin to handle Angelo. Neil arrived at Gloworm and said hello to Jeffrey. Neil reminisced about the place having once been his club, Indigo. Victoria arrived, and Billy greeted her. Nick said he had to run, but Victoria wanted to him to stay and talk with her. Victoria told Nick that Adam had not recanted his testimony. Nick said he had an idea about how to fix things regarding Adam, and his plan involved Sharon.

Nick left, and Billy asked Victoria to refrain from talking about the lawsuit for the rest of the night. Billy said he was excited to be alone with Victoria. Gloria interrupted to ask Billy and Victoria if she could photograph their home for her real estate brochure. Victoria told Gloria if was perfectly fine. Chloe walked in and told Billy she was looking for Kevin. Angelo had Kevin cornered near the bar. Billy recognized Angelo from his gambling days and asked Chloe if Kevin was involved in gambling.

Billy wondered if Chloe had gotten arrested a few months back because of Kevin's involvement with guys like Angelo. Chloe refused to say anything bad about Kevin. Billy warned Chloe that he would sue for full custody of Delia to keep her away from Kevin's mob friends.

Angelo got in Kevin's face and advised him to find a way to pay off Jeffrey's debt himself. Kevin said he'd only been taken in to balance the books. Kevin said he wanted out of the bookie business. Angelo told Kevin that was not an option. Kevin approached Billy about Chloe. Kevin wanted to know what Billy had said to Chloe. Billy told Kevin that if he didn't stop his gambling activities, Billy would take Delia away from Chloe.

Victoria walked to the bar and said hello to Neil. Neil said he'd heard about Adam's testimony at the hearing. Victoria recalled that Neil had been at Newman Enterprises when Adam was in charge. Victoria suggested that Neil could file a friend of the court deposition and testify against Adam. Neil said that because Adam had fired him, his testimony might not carry much weight. Neil was also in a tough position because of his connection to Kay and his leadership of Chancellor. Neil wasn't comfortable taking sides in the lawsuit.

Sharon was enjoying a visit with Faith, but Adam was down in the dumps over his perjuring himself for Victor. Adam felt that he'd fallen into Victor's trap. Adam was determined to make Victor live up to his end of the deal so that Sharon would be exonerated for Skye's murder. Sharon told Adam that he could not force Victor to do the right thing. Adam was desperate to do something to force Victor's hand. Sharon asked Adam to keep from turning into a man as unscrupulous as Victor. Adam said he needed some air and walked out of the house.

Adam entered Gloworm and ordered a drink at the bar. Victoria stepped away from Neil to speak with Adam. Victoria believed that Adam had been swayed to help Victor because of some emotional connection. Victoria wondered if Adam really thought he could win Victor's love. Adam downed his drink.

Victoria taunted Adam about not being as strong a man as their father. Victoria said that Sharon would never love Adam the way she'd loved Nick. Neil intervened when Adam sneered at Victoria. Neil told Adam to back off. Adam said he should have fired Neil as soon as he'd taken over Newman Enterprises. Billy stepped in when Adam and Neil were nose-to-nose, ready to fight.

Adam finally backed away, paid his bill and walked out. Neil appreciated Billy and Victoria for keeping him from getting into a brawl. Victoria asked Neil to think about their conversation and consider speaking at the arbitration. After Neil left, Jeffrey appeared with drinks for Billy and Victoria. Billy had arranged for tropical rum drinks and a limbo contest to remind Victoria of their quickie wedding in the islands.

Chloe was worried about Angelo's threats to Kevin. Kevin told Chloe that the only way he could protect her and Delia from Angelo's threats was to stay away from them. Chloe was frustrated by Kevin's plan to freeze Chloe out of his life. Chloe hadn't liked it when she and Kevin were separated because of Jana's illness. Chloe warned Kevin to fix things quickly.

At Billy and Victoria's house, Jana struggled with her attacker outside the front door. The attacker released her, and Jana saw that the man was Ryder. He followed Jana into the house and demanded that she listen to him. Jana asked him to leave. Ryder told Jana that Daisy had told him that she'd had the baby.

Ryder claimed that Daisy had left the baby in a church called St. Joseph's, but he didn't know where it was located. Ryder said he needed Jana's help to find the baby. Jana thought Ryder was out of his mind to think that she would help him. Ryder threatened to tell the police that Jana had helped Daisy escape if Jana refused to help him.

Ryder was ready to tell the cops everything he knew about Daisy's escape unless Jana cooperated with him. Ryder knew that Jana had wanted to raise Daisy's baby with Kevin. Jana thought Ryder was mad, but she listened to him. Ryder suggested that Jana could be the one to hand Daisy's baby to Kevin and win his heart again. Ryder refused to leave until Jana agreed to help him.

The doorbell rang, and Jana was frightened. Ryder warned Jana not to reveal that he was there, and then he hid in the closet. Gloria walked into the house with her camera, declaring that she was there to photograph the house. Gloria was stunned that Jana was the new nanny. Gloria suspected that Jana was up to something.

Jana urged Gloria to return another time to take photos. Gloria said that she would be watching Jana very closely. Gloria left, and Ryder emerged from the closet. Ryder thanked Jana for not telling Gloria about him. Ryder said that he needed to know that Daisy's baby, his niece, was safe. That was his reason for approaching Jana. Ryder pleaded with Jana to help him find the baby. Ryder told Jana that could have a family with Kevin and the baby she always wanted. Ryder left.

When Gloria returned to Gloworm, Jeffrey urged her to dance the limbo with him. Gloria told Billy and Victoria that she had seen Jana at the house. Gloria warned them to keep an eye on Jana. Billy got romantic with Victoria, but she was still preoccupied with the arbitration. Victoria hoped that Neil would consider her suggestion to testify and discredit Adam.

Lily was at home alone with the twins. She watched Cane's video on her laptop. Later, Lily was asleep in bed. Cane visited her and asked if she wanted something to eat. Lily wanted to talk with Cane. She wanted to know if Cane heard her last words on the steps of the church. Lily woke up with a start and realized that she'd been dreaming. Lily looked around the house and saw Cane's image in the window. He drew a heart on the window, then disappeared. The apparition frightened Lily, so she called Neil and asked him to go to the house.

When Neil arrived, Lily told her father that Cane had been there. Lily said that he'd drawn a heart on the window, but when Lily pointed to the spot, nothing was there. Lily admitted that she'd been dreaming of Cane. Neil told Lily that Cane was really gone. In the bedroom, Lily retrieved some blankets for Neil. Suddenly, Lily heard a new message from Cane on the laptop. When Neil walked in, Lily decided not to tell him about the laptop message.

Nick went to Sharon's and found her playing with Faith. Nick told Sharon that she was a good mother. Sharon was surprised by Nick's kind words. Nick told Sharon that he was certain that Victor would not let Sharon be convicted for Skye's murder. Nick said he didn't believe that Sharon was guilty of murder. Sharon was relieved that he felt that way. Nick said that Adam didn't need to perjure himself for Victor.

Sharon thought otherwise and suggested that Nick was so desperate to win the lawsuit that he wanted Adam to recant his testimony. Nick informed Sharon that Victor had put up the money for Sharon's bail. Nick believed that posting the bail was proof that Victor would never allow Sharon to go on trial for Skye's murder. Sharon was surprised. Nick said that Victor believed that Sharon was innocent and so did he. Nick had faith that Victor would step up for Sharon. Sharon thanked Nick and hugged him affectionately.

Adam opened the front door and saw Sharon hugging Nick. Without warning, Adam walked into the room and slugged Nick in the jaw. Nick landed on the floor. Sharon told Adam to stop. Nick picked himself up and gathered Faith. He said he was taking Faith home. Sharon was furious with Adam for fighting with Nick when Faith was visiting.

Sharon told Adam that Nick had revealed that Victor had paid her bail. Sharon claimed that Nick was sure that Victor would help Sharon with the D.A. Adam didn't believe that Nick was right. Adam said that if he recanted, Victor would never stop going after them. Sharon struggled to keep from lashing out at Adam and went to bed. Adam looked at the angel statuette she'd given him and wondered what he should do.

Friday, March 4, 2011

At Victoria and Billy's, Nick and Victoria looked over some of the newspaper articles that depicted Victor as a good parent with ungrateful children. Victoria said that the media loved Victor. Nick told his sister that he'd had a run-in with Adam when he went to see Sharon. Nick explained that he had to leave. After Nick had gone, Billy walked in with his laptop. Billy had finished his story about Victor. Billy showed it to Victoria, and she was surprised that it compared Victor to John Abbott. According to Billy's piece, John was an example of a great father.

At the Chancellor mansion, Victor read Billy's story to Kay. Victor was irritated, and Kay understood why Victor felt the way he did. Kay also thought Billy had honored his father in the article. Kay pointed out that there was truth in Billy's story, even if Victor didn't want to admit it. Victor believed that Billy had tried to shame him. Kay wondered if Billy had succeeded. Victor was adamant that he had only been defending himself. Victor said that he had never wanted the lawsuit to happen.

Victoria read more of Billy's story and told him that she was proud of his work. Billy urged her to finish the article. Sitting alone on a park bench, Victor also read the rest of the article. Victor read about the time John Abbott had punched Victor in the face after the death of Ashley's baby. Nearby in the park, Sharon and Nick arrived with Faith. Sharon and Nick didn't see Victor. Sharon knelt down and apologized to Faith for causing so much turmoil in the little girl's life. Victor listened as Sharon spoke about the murder trial and how much Sharon would miss Faith if she were convicted.

Victoria continued reading. Billy had written that he tried to live up to the example his father had set for him. Victoria read that Billy believed that she spent each day living down to her father's example. Victoria was impressed with Billy's writing. Billy said he should have been harder on Victor. Billy admitted that he hated Victor, but he also wanted to give Victoria back the father she loved.

Billy spoke with Lucy about becoming a nice guy. Billy said that he wished John could see Lucy. John's ghost appeared and said that Billy was already a terrific father.

Still at the park, Nick saw Sharon was in tears. Nick said he had to leave for the arbitration. Sharon didn't want to be separated from Faith. Victor listened and was moved. Nick wished he could make it easier for Sharon. Sharon said goodbye to Faith. After Nick walked off, Victor approached Sharon. Victor told Sharon that she would be all right. Victor then called Michael and asked to meet with him at the ranch.

Neil approached Tucker at the Athletic Club to explain that he would be taking a personal day in order to attend the Newman arbitration hearing. Tucker was curious. Neil told Tucker that Victor, and possibly Kay, might be ticked off by Neil's testimony at the hearing, but Neil was compelled to step forward with what he knew. Tucker said that Neil was a man of integrity and should follow his conscience.

Ashley and Abby were having coffee at Crimson Lights. When Michael entered, Abby walked away rather than speak with the opposition's attorney. Ashley questioned Michael's decision to use Adam's testimony to try to win the case. Ashley reminded Michael about how Adam had lied to her and stolen Faith. Michael said that he knew what he was doing by working with Adam.

Adam was suffering with a bad headache. Adam told Sharon that he could not cross Victor because Victor would take it out on Sharon. Sharon believed that Victor would never let her be convicted for Skye's murder. Adam thought that Sharon saw good in people when it wasn't really there. Sharon asked Adam to be the kind of man that she knew he could be. Adam doubted that Nick's opinion of his father was unbiased. Sharon reminded Adam that it was the last day of arbitration.

Later, Abby ran into Adam at the coffeehouse. Abby said she hated that they were related. Ashley intervened and told Abby to walk away. Michael approached Adam and reminded him that it would be a mistake if Adam recanted his testimony.

Ashley and Abby arrived at Victoria and Billy's. Abby and Victoria left for the arbitration. Ashley hit Billy playfully, then thanked her brother for writing the story about Victor and making it a tribute to John. Ashley welcomed Billy to the wonderful world of being an adult. Billy asked Ashley about her wedding plans. Ashley didn't want to talk about it, but wouldn't go into details about her feelings for Tucker. Ashley answered her phone and agreed to meet Neil before the arbitration hearing.

Neil spoke with Ashley at Crimson Lights. Neil said he had information that could prove that Adam had lied about the trust documents. Ashley urged Neil to step forward with the truth.

At the tack house, Adam stopped Nick. Adam said that didn't want to fight. Nick wondered what Adam wanted. Adam said that he would recant his testimony if Nick agreed to share custody of Faith with Sharon. Nick thought Adam wasn't good enough for Sharon. Adam didn't care what Nick thought of him. Nick told Adam to leave Genoa City if he wanted Sharon to have open access to Faith. Nick said if Adam really loved Sharon, he would get out of her life and leave Genoa City.

At the ranch, Victor met with Michael. Victor said he didn't want to discuss the arbitration. Victor said he was going to tell the D.A. what he had seen the night Skye died. Michael was shocked to learn that Victor had been on the volcano when Sharon confronted Skye. Victor said that Sharon had tried to save Skye, but that Skye had fallen into the volcano. Victor was sure that it was not murder. Victor lied to Michael about his part in the incident, saying that he had been too late to help Skye.

Michael told Victor that they would deal with clearing Sharon after the arbitration was done. Victor wasn't taking Michael's advice. Victor said that he was determined to confess and would not wait until after the arbitration. Michael tried to explain to Victor that going to the D.A. at that moment could torpedo the lawsuit. Victor said that he would be heartbroken if Sharon lost Faith because he had cared more about his own interests than his granddaughter's future. Michael realized that Billy's article had gotten to Victor. Defiantly, Victor said that nobody could ever say that he didn't love his family.

Tucker was reading the Restless Style story when Kay approached him. Tucker said that after reading about Ashley's father, he wished he had known John Abbott. Kay said that she was touched by Billy's article, even though it was biased. Tucker asked Kay to join him. Kay agreed that they could talk business, but Tucker said he just wanted to have breakfast with his mother. Tucker held Kay's chair for her. After breakfast, Tucker asked Kay if he and Ashley could have their wedding at the mansion. Kay said the she and Murphy would be happy to host Tucker and Ashley's wedding.

Adam went home, but before walking in, he made himself look drunk and doused himself with scotch. When Adam entered, Sharon was shocked to see him in that condition. Adam said that he couldn't be the man Sharon wanted him to be. Sharon said they could overcome anything together because they loved each other. Adam said he wasn't sure he loved her. Adam doubted that he had ever really loved her. Sharon said she didn't believe him. Sharon thought that Adam was trying to push her away. Adam continued saying that he didn't love her and was incapable of loving anyone.

Adam claimed that he needed to win Sharon because Nick had wanted her and that was why he had pursued her. Sharon asked about their time in New Orleans. Adam said it had all been a charade. Sharon protested, but Adam told her to shut up. Sharon walked out, refusing to listen to any more of his insults. After she had walked out, Adam said, "I'm so sorry, Sharon." Sharon sought out Nick, turning to him for comfort. Adam went to the airport and bought a one-way ticket out of town.

Abby and Victoria arrived at the courthouse. Victoria said that Nick was working on a plan to combat Adam's testimony. At the courthouse, Michael arrived and saw Abby and Victoria. Victor went to the D.A.'s office and asked to speak with him.

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