The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 7, 2011 on Y&R

Victor testified on Sharon's behalf. The judge ruled in favor of Nick, Abby, and Victoria at the arbitration hearing. Nick rejected Diane's attempts to resume their affair. Nikki and Victor made love. Nikki learned that Victor had eloped with Diane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 7, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, March 7, 2011

At the tack house, Sharon told Nick that Adam seemed to feel pressured by Victor. She added that it was unlike Adam to drink heavily. Nick barely reacted, which made Sharon curious. She demanded Nick tell her what he knew about Adam's sudden change. Nick said he was due at the arbitration. Sharon told Nick that she planned to be there in case Adam showed up.

Michael stepped aside and phoned Heather. He implored Heather to get Victor to the conference room at once. Heather cautiously approached District Attorney Spencer Walsh's door. After Spencer opened the door, Heather entered and told Victor that Michael had been trying to contact him. Victor asked Heather to tell Michael that he'd be there as soon as he could. Heather offered to stay, but Victor sent her away.

After Heather left, Victor told Spencer that he had overheard Skye Lockhart and Sharon Newman talking near the volcano. Spencer tape-recorded Victor's statement and jotted notes. Victor recalled that it had been very dark the night he had hiked up to the volcano. He added that he couldn't see faces clearly, but he had heard Skye and Sharon arguing, and Skye had yelled at Sharon when Sharon attempted to take a picture. Victor explained that the women seemed to have tussled. Victor insisted that he'd heard Sharon yell repeatedly, telling Skye to hang on. Victor had assumed that Skye had slipped to her death because Sharon had become frantically upset.

Victor assured Spencer that Skye's death had been an accident. Spencer questioned Victor's reason for being in Hawaii after having helped his daughter-in-law fake her death. Victor evaded Spencer's inquiry and explained that he'd stepped forward on Sharon's behalf because she was the mother of his grandchildren. Victor left before Spencer could complete his interrogation.

Heather, relieved to see Victor, cheerily announced that his driver was waiting to take him to the arbitration. After Victor walked away, Spencer whispered to Heather that she should let their "friend" know that jury selection would take longer than expected. Heather informed Spencer that she no longer delivered messages for the district attorney's office. Spencer replied, "I thought he might want to know, and I thought you might want to tell him."

Outside conference room before the arbitration reconvened, Abby nervously fiddled with her hair and lamented that neither Victor nor Nick had shown up. Victoria attempted to comfort Abby, but both women seemed concerned as they watched attorneys for both sides study the screens of their smart phones, as if they'd received information pertinent to the case. After Victoria stepped away, Michael approached Abby and pitched an idea about a television show. Abby rebuffed Michael and told him she knew he didn't truly care about her dreams. Michael insisted that he cared deeply about her, Victoria, and Nick, and would no matter the outcome of the proceedings.

Victor arrived, and Nick glared at this father. After Abby, Victoria, Nick, Victor, and Leslie entered the chamber, Michael whispered urgently to Heather and told her to find Adam. Sharon, standing next to Heather, was obviously distraught over Adam's absence. The judge announced that he had a few questions to ask of each person present, including Adam Newman. The judge seemed surprised that Adam wasn't present. Michael announced that his colleague was trying to contact Adam.

The judge said that the amount set for punitive damages was excessive. Leslie claimed that the damages were calculated on the net worth of the defendant, in order to serve as a deterrent. Michael explained that the plaintiffs had claimed they were due damages because they had once been employed at Newman Enterprises. Michael added that to follow that logic would mean that every person ever employed at Newman would be due a share of the company.

Victor explained that he'd taken Nick and Victoria into the company when they were young adults in order to teach them about the business. Victor maintained that neither of his children had contributed substantially to the growth of the company, and he regretted having given them positions of authority. In a flashback, Victor recalled the day Nick, stone-faced, had announced that Sharon would become part of Newman Enterprises. Victor had not approved and told Nick he regretted appointing him a CEO. Nick had told his father that he couldn't handle being the underdog. Victor had told Nick that he would never be the underdog. Victor's attention was diverted from the past when Nick prompted him to tell the judge how many times Nick and Victoria had taken over whenever their father had endured a crisis.

Victor recalled, in a flashback, the day he had appointed Nick to take charge of the company before the young man had felt prepared to handle the corporation. After the flashback, Victor admitted that he had appointed his children to take the reins of the company, but Victor added that his children had never managed to run the company with any degree of success. Victoria admonished her dad and reminded him that he had given them praise for the successes they had achieved. Victor attacked Victoria for getting in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Victoria reminded her father that she'd been reprimanded only because she'd covered for her father when he had become incapacitated.

Victoria told her father that he'd punished his children for the choices they'd made in their personal lives. Nick added, "You wanted to control Newman Enterprises and our lives." Victoria cried that their father had repeatedly given each of them positions of power, and then demoted them whenever they had made choices their father had disapproved of. Nick and Victoria rose from their seats and told their father that they'd suffered because they hadn't lived their lives the way their father had dictated.

Victor harshly declared that the company was his. Nick blasted his father and cried that he had reminded his children that the company was his every day of their lives. Each time Victoria and Nick offered testimony regarding their father's past actions and behavior, Victor experienced a flashback that proved his children's testimony to be truthful. In another flashback, Victor recalled having told Nick that he'd declare war if Jack Abbott and Tucker McCall intended to pick up the spoils of his destroyed empire. With fire in his eyes, Victor had menacingly pointed his finger at Nick and yelled, "No one threatens me and gets away with it."

Regaining his composure before the judge, Victor addressed his children and insisted that he had single-handedly built Newman Enterprises into a billion-dollar corporation. Victor told the judge that he would rather see his company destroyed rather than give his ungrateful children one penny of it. The judge ended the fray and ordered Victoria and Nick to take their seats. During a break, Abby walked to a corner of the room. Victor approached Abby and asked about her dream of a television show, her dream of making a statement, and her plans for creating her own brand. Victor added that Abby could blame Jack, Victoria, or Nick, but Victor reminded Abby that she had started the lawsuit. Victor kissed Abby's forehead and assured her that he was about to end it.

After the proceedings reconvened, the judge acknowledged that Adam would be a no-show. Victor told the judge that he had nurtured his children, mentored them, and had compensated them generously while they were employed at the company, and yet they were attacking the company they had claimed to cherish. Victor said, "I don't think my children deserve more than they have been given so far. I am not trying to withhold what is rightfully theirs, but I should decide how much they will be compensated."

Abby nervously bit her lip. Nick and Victoria shifted uncomfortably in their seats. The judge requested a break. Michael met with Leslie. Nick and Victoria abruptly left, but Abby tarried near the door and gazed at Victor before she walked away. Victor was alone when Neil showed up, carrying a file folder. Victor was baffled by Neil's presence.

Sharon tried to phone Adam and left a message asking him to call. Heather said she was also trying to contact Adam, but she facetiously added that her reasons for calling Adam differed from Sharon's. Sharon explained that she was truly worried about Adam and that her relationship with him was nothing like Heather's had been. Heather said, "Oh, so he never told you that you're the first person since his mother to really understand him and make him feel good about himself? Adam is a master at luring women into his web."

Heather warned Sharon that Adam would pounce hard when his victim least expected. Heather said she couldn't understand why Sharon would remain fixated on Adam, since she was as good as cleared from murder charges. Heather explained that Victor had just left Spencer Walsh's office after giving a statement to clear Sharon of murdering Skye. Sharon asked what Victor had said, and Heather reported that Victor had told Michael he would ensure that Walsh knew that Skye's death had been an accident.

Sharon recalled Adam having told her that everything would be okay. Heather insisted that Victor was likely getting something out of the arrangement. Heather asked Sharon to tell Michael that Adam couldn't be located because he likely didn't want to be found. Sharon rushed home and found that Adam had packed his bags. Sharon left a message and told Adam she knew he loved her. Sharon recalled Heather's words at the courthouse and realized that Victor had agreed to testify on her behalf in exchange for Adam leaving town.

In Chance's bedroom at the Chancellor Estate, Chance greeted Chloe with a warm embrace. Chance told Chloe that he had missed the changeover to spring and the smell of rain while he was living in California. Chloe was fixated on her own problems and recalled that Kevin had promised her a new start at springtime. She lamented being separated from Kevin because of Jana's emotional problems and issues with Angelo. Chance became disgusted with Chloe's tirade and suggested that she step back and reevaluate her life.

Later, Chloe returned in a better mood. Chance admitted that the hardships of living in Witness Protection without the support of family and friends had taken a toll. Chance worried about telling his mother and grandmother that he would reenter the program after testifying. Chloe became frustrated and told Chance he was a jerk. Chance again mentioned the emotional pain he'd suffered while living under Witness Protection.

Chloe rose to leave, but Chance took her hand and advised her not to live a fake life by hiding, lying, and pretending. Chance said, "Be with Kevin. Don't be with Kevin. Just be real because living a fake life is worse than living no life at all." Later, Chloe went to Crimson Lights and said aloud to herself, "Well, I wish you were here, Duckie."

After Chloe left, Heather stopped by. Chance greeted her coolly. Heather told Chance that the trial would be delayed. Chance complained about being trapped. With tears in her eyes, Heather reminded Chance that he had promised to return. Heather's temper flared, and she told Chance that he had lied about everything and that she hated him. Heather charged at Chance and attempted to pound her fists into his chest, but he caught her wrists with his hands. Chance suddenly released Heather's hands, embraced her tightly, and kissed her passionately on the lips.

At Crimson Lights, Sofia showed up and took a seat at Neil's table. Sofia admitted she knew that Neil had helped get her job back. A bit miffed, Sofia asked Neil if he'd helped her job because she'd slept with him. Neil quickly told Sofia that it couldn't happen again because they had made love during a weak moment when both had felt emotionally vulnerable. Sofia's posture stiffened when Malcolm arrived.

Malcolm presented Sofia with a lovely bunch of spring blossoms, a recreation of what would have been her bridal bouquet. Malcolm admitted that he'd overreacted. Malcolm asked Sofia to marry him. Neil fidgeted in his seat before offering an excuse to leave. Sofia was taken aback. Malcolm stalled Neil and asked his brother to be the best man.

Malcolm knelt before Sofia, took her hand, and awaited her reply. Sofia agreed to marry Malcolm. Sofia's moment of joy quickly turned to angst when she glanced at Neil and saw him grimace. After Malcolm left, Neil told Sofia he was glad the wedding was back on. As Sofia turned to leave, Neil handed her the bouquet and said, "You wouldn't want to forget these, would you?" After Sofia walked away, Neil seemed lost in thought.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

At the Athletic Club, Jack spoke on the phone with Abby, offering her support as the lawsuit progressed. Tucker overheard the conversation and complimented Jack for being a good coach. Jack noticed that Sofia was with Tucker and clearly back on the job. Sofia and Tucker went to their table. Kyle appeared, and Jack was happy to see him. Jack suggested that they go to the park and play football. Jack handed Kyle his football.

Phyllis appeared unexpectedly and invited herself to join Kyle and Jack in the park. Kyle wondered why Phyllis wasn't working on an article. Phyllis apologized to Kyle for writing the article she had about Diane. Phyllis admitted that she hadn't estimated the collateral damage from the story. As a peace offering, Phyllis handed Kyle a gift. Kyle unwrapped it and found a new football. Kyle said thanks and said that Phyllis could play football with them.

At the park, Jack and Kyle were throwing the ball back and forth. Jack's phone rang, and he saw that Abby had left him a message. Jack commented to Phyllis that he would never allow his son to be estranged from him the way Victor had let his relationship with his children get off track. Kyle threw the ball low, and when it bounced in the mud, Phyllis got splashed with water and dirt. Kyle apologized, but he was smirking. Later, Phyllis, Jack, and Kyle left the park. Jack was distracted. Jack admitted to Phyllis that he was anxious to get his hands on Beauty of Nature.

Sofia was curious about Tucker's interest in the outcome of the arbitration. Tucker played coy, but Sofia noticed that Tucker had been talking with Jack about Abby. Sofia believed that Tucker was ready to pounce on Newman Enterprises, depending on what happened in the arbitration. Tucker told Sofia that Neil might influence the outcome of the hearing because he was going to testify about his time at Newman Enterprises. Sofia was impressed that Neil would go up against Victor. Tucker believed that Neil and Sofia were kindred spirits, and told her that Neil had fought very hard to get Tucker to rehire Sofia.

Nikki walked through the front door of the ranch house. Diane told Nikki that she should know better than to enter without knocking. Nikki said she was unaware that Diane was there. Nikki explained that she was there to drop off Victor's birthday gift. Diane was surprised, but covered by saying that she knew it was Victor's birthday. Diane claimed that she would be offering Victor a special gift when he returned home. Nikki told Diane that Victor would need more than sexual comfort from Diane after the arbitration was decided. Instead of leaving the gift, Nikki said she would present it to Victor another time.

At Crimson Lights, Michael confronted Abby, Victoria, and Leslie about the latest development with the arbitration. Michael was fuming because Neil had filed an amicus brief with the court, stating that Neil knew that Adam had lied about the trust documents. On the patio, Sharon confronted Nick and asked if he knew where Victor was. Nick assumed that his father would be at the hearing after the recess. Sharon told Nick that Victor had confessed to the D.A. that he had been in Hawaii the night Skye had died. Nick was glad to hear that his father had finally cleared Sharon's name. Sharon believed that Adam had left town in exchange for Victor's confession. Sharon blamed Victor, but Nick said that Adam leaving town had been Nick's idea.

Abby and Victoria interrupted Sharon and Nick to tell Nick about Neil's brief. The Newman siblings were optimistic about the outcome at the hearing. Sharon asked if Nick had struck a deal with Adam, using Faith as a pawn. Nick said that he had refused to deal with Adam at all. Nick told Sharon that he'd suggested that Adam could prove his love for Sharon by leaving town. Sharon resented that Nick had issued an ultimatum to Adam. Nick conceded that Adam might love Sharon, but he refused to accept that Adam cared for Faith. Sharon accused Nick for turning into another Victor Newman.

Sharon went to the ranch, hoping that Adam might be there. Diane said that Adam was not there. Diane told Sharon that she was insane to be involved with a psychopath like Adam.

At the hearing room, Neil faced Victor as Victor read Neil's amicus brief. Victor accused Neil of turning on him just like Nick, Victoria, and Abby. Victor was surprised that Neil wanted revenge on him. Neil said that he felt a responsibility to tell the truth. Victor told Neil that he had no right sticking his nose in Newman family business. Victor said that if Neil had a problem with him, Neil should have confronted Victor like a man. Victor declared that Neil's actions were an attack on the employees of Newman Enterprises, and Neil had helped to destroy the company.

Abby, Victor, Nick, and Leslie arrived at the hearing room along with the judge. Judge Phelps agreed to let Neil testify. Neil said that while he had been employed at Newman Enterprises, Adam had gotten no access to the Newman trusts. Neil explained that while Adam had been the CEO, Neil had personally created firewalls to protect the trusts, which had not been violated. Neil said that Adam had lied about forging the documents.

Nick asked if Neil could be allowed to testify about Nick and Victoria's input into the business during his tenure. The judge posed the question to Neil for Nick and Victoria, and Neil claimed that he had left Newman Enterprises because Victor consistently had handed the reins to his children when Victor was away. Victor declared that he had never ceded control of the company. Victoria and Nick responded to Victor's remark, and angry words were exchanged. Abby asked them all to stop the sniping. Abby said that no amount of money was worth the fighting. The judge called a recess and said he would rule shortly.

During the recess, Victoria and Nick thanked Neil for his testimony. Neil suspected that Victor would resent his involvement. The judge returned and said he was ready to issue his ruling. Neil told Victor he wouldn't apologize for what he'd done, but Neil hoped that someday Victor might understand. Victor said he would never understand. Neil walked out, and Victor returned to the hearing room. At the table, the judge prefaced his remarks, saying that his decision was final and binding.

The judge condemned Adam for lying and said he would be prosecuted for perjury. Judge Phelps explained that after being immersed in the Newman Enterprises case, the three billion dollar request from the children was far too much. But the judge acknowledged that Victor had flagrantly ignored the terms of the trusts. Therefore, the judge ordered that Nick, Abby, and Victoria be awarded 1.5 billion dollars, 500 million dollars each.

Victor walked out without saying a word. Michael followed. Victor asked Michael to find a loophole to overturn the decision. Michael reminded Victor that the decision was binding. Victor stated he would not dismantle his company for his spoiled brats. Victor asserted that "nobody beats Victor Newman."

In the hearing room, Victoria and Nick thanked the judge. The judge wished them luck. Leslie walked out. Abby, Victoria, and Nick were all in shock. Victoria declared that they had beaten Victor Newman. Later, at Nick's house, Abby called Jack to tell him that they'd won the case. Abby told Jack that Neil's amicus brief had swayed the judge.

Sharon arrived at the house to pick up Faith. Sharon overheard Abby dissing Adam. Sharon told Nick that everything was working out for him. Later, Sharon went to Crimson Lights. She called Adam and left a message, asking him to return home.

Victoria called Tucker and told him that the arbitration was over, and she and her siblings had won. Tucker asked about Beauty of Nature. Victoria said that Beauty of Nature had not been part of the negotiation, but Victoria was confident that she could get the company from her father. Moments later, Tucker received a call from Jack. Jack told Tucker about the outcome of the Newman arbitration. Tucker let Jack believe that Jack would remain Jabot CEO if he acquired Beauty of Nature for Tucker Unlimited.

Nikki arrived at the tack house and saw that Abby, Nick, and Victoria were toasting with champagne. Nikki guessed that they had won the arbitration. Victoria told her mother that it was better that they had won because there wouldn't be any more fighting. Nikki understood that Victoria, Abby, and Nick felt that way, but Nikki said that she was ashamed of all three of them. Nikki pointed out that the decision had occurred on Victor's birthday.

Nick and Victoria were sorry that they'd forgotten that it was their father's birthday. Abby felt bad for Victor and assumed that her father felt very much alone. A short time later, Michael arrived and said that Victor would not be happy that Michael was there. Michael said he felt responsible to all of them, and he wanted Victoria, Nick, and Abby to know that Victor was not going to give up without a fight.

A dejected Victor arrived home and saw that Diane had decorated the living room for his birthday. Victor went to the table and saw a birthday cake. Diane sidled over to Victor and stroked his arm. Diane said she was ready to either celebrate his birthday or cheer him up over the arbitration. Diane asked Victor what had happened in court. Victor suddenly turned over the table, flinging the cake and the candles onto the floor. Victor charged out of the house.

Nikki ran into Victor at the stables. Nikki said that she was sorry about how things had turned out at the arbitration. Nikki assumed Victor wanted to ride alone. Nikki said she'd return another time for a ride. Before leaving, Nikki gave Victor the birthday gift.

Victor said that he'd forgotten it was his birthday. Victor hugged Nikki and asked her to stay. Victor took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. Later, Victor and Nikki were making love. Diane walked into the stables and saw Victor and Nikki wrapped in each other's arms. Diane backed out without either Nikki or Victor having seen her.

Neil was at the Athletic Club bar. Leslie walked in and thanked Neil for stepping up at the arbitration. Neil was impressed that the judge had awarded the Newman siblings 1.5 billion dollars. Leslie thought that Victor had caused his own destruction. Leslie said it was a pleasure meeting a man like Neil. Neil picked up on Leslie's flirting and invited her to dinner. Leslie suggested that they ask to be given a table in a dark corner, but Neil countered that they could order from room service. Leslie agreed. Sofia watched Neil walk away with Leslie.

Sofia asked Tucker if Jack and Victoria were aware that he was negotiating with both of them for the same job. Tucker said it was complicated, especially since Ashley was involved. Tucker said that he adored Ashley, but Tucker had doubts about marriage in general. Tucker asked Sofia if she could see him settling down with Ashley.

In a hotel room, Neil and Leslie made out on the couch. Leslie was passionate and began to undress Neil. After a moment, Neil stopped Leslie. Neil said that he wasn't into it. Leslie encouraged Neil to be naughty. Neil pulled back and suggested that they get to know each other better before making love. Leslie was impressed that Neil was a gentleman. Neil advised Leslie to call room service to satisfy her hunger.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abby went to see Ashley at Jabot. Ashley wondered if Abby was still celebrating the victory over Victor. Abby said that she was happy that she, Nick, and Victoria had won the case, but Abby felt bad for Victor. Abby was upset that she had forgotten that it had been her father's birthday. Ashley assured Abby that Victor was a very strong man and would adjust to losing the case.

Nick called Victoria and they both agreed that winning the arbitration had been a game-changer. Victoria regretted that the judge had rendered his decision on Victor's birthday. Nick said that he felt the need to turn off his brain for a while and planned to unwind for the day. Nick discouraged Victoria from contacting Victor. Victoria said goodbye to Nick when there was a knock on the door.

Tucker appeared and had a bottle of champagne. Tucker wanted to celebrate that he and Victoria were closer to getting Beauty of Nature. Tucker wondered how long it would take Victoria to acquire Beauty of Nature from Victor. Tucker said that once Victoria had the company, he would merge it with Jabot, and Victoria would be in charge of the biggest cosmetics company in the world. Victoria questioned Tucker's part in the deal.

Tucker explained he would be an equal partner. Victoria asked about Jack's place in the deal-making. Tucker said he'd offered Jack the same opportunity that he'd offered Victoria. Tucker had no problem pitting Victoria and Jack against each other. Tucker asked if Billy was aware that Victoria was negotiating with him. Tucker said that Billy might not support Victoria becoming Jabot's CEO.

At Jack's house, Billy popped the cork on a bottle of champagne, believing that he and Jack should celebrate the fact that Victor had suffered a major defeat. Billy gave Jack credit for convincing Abby to start the lawsuit. Jack and Billy drank the champagne as they laughed at Victor's loss. Jack made fun of Victor. Jack commented that John had never gotten over losing Jabot to Victor Newman.

Jack told Billy that Victor's loss could lead to something good for the Abbotts. Billy wanted details, but Jack was reluctant to speak too soon. Ashley walked in and saw Billy and Jack celebrating. Ashley passed on joining them. Ashley didn't think there was anything joyous about seeing a family torn apart. Billy assumed that Abby was happy to have won half a billion dollars, but Ashley said that Abby had lost her father in the process.

At the ranch, Diane walked into the living room. She recalled Victor turning over the table the night before and seeing Victor making love to Nikki in the stables. Michael arrived and said that Victor had been riding and was on his way back to the house. Victor entered and heard Michael telling Diane about the case. Victor asked Michael if there were grounds for an appeal. Michael said the arbitration was binding.

Michael advised Victor to accept the judge's decision and make up with his children. Victor declared that he would never accept the decision. Victor urged Michael to initiate litigation and tie up the decision for years. Michael tried to advise Victor, but Victor refused to listen. Victor was determined to delay paying off his children. When Victor walked out, Michael told Diane he was leaving for Crimson Lights. Michael suggested that Diane give Victor some space.

Later, Abby went to the ranch and told Victor that she had missed his birthday. Abby had a card for him. Abby reminded her father that he'd always said he could separate family from business. Abby wanted to know if Victor still loved her, because she still loved him. Victor observed that it was his fault that his children were spoiled. Victor said he never should have given Abby her horse, Pericles. Abby said that she had never wanted a million-dollar horse.

Victor declared that Abby had not earned a penny of the money that was in her trust. Victor said that he would have to tear his company apart to pay off Abby, Victoria, and Nick. Victor recalled that he'd built Newman Enterprises with his own hands. Victor was in tears as he said that Abby and her brother and sister had destroyed the family legacy that he had intended for them and their children. Abby asked if they could work through the differences. Victor said he loved Abby, but too much had happened. Victor told Abby to leave, then he stood up and turned his back to her. Abby left the birthday card on the table and walked out.

Nikki was in her room at the Athletic Club. Deacon arrived and said hello, wondering why Nikki had been late the night before. Nikki explained that her children had won their lawsuit. Deacon nodded and left to take a shower. Nikki looked at her jacket and remembered making love with Victor in the stables the night before.

A while later, Deacon told Nikki that she couldn't save her children. Deacon said he was proud that Nikki hadn't resorted to drinking again. Deacon's phone rang, and Meggie told Deacon to visit her or else. Deacon made an excuse and left. Soon after, Nikki walked out.

At Crimson Lights, Michael asked Diane about her relationship with Victor. Diane implied that everything was working out fine. Diane learned that Nick, Abby, and Victoria had won five hundred million dollars each. Diane was stunned and said she had to run. At the counter, Victoria greeted Billy. Billy said he'd had too much champagne at Jack's. Billy told Victoria that Jack had indicated that the arbitration decision might be good for the Abbotts. Victoria acted surprised. Billy said that Jack was determined to get the Abbotts back in control of Jabot.

Jack walked into Tucker's office to talk about Jabot. Tucker said there was nothing to discuss unless Jack had locked down Beauty of Nature. Jack wondered if Victoria had acquired the company yet. Jack warned Tucker not to cross him, but Tucker countered that he could cut the Abbotts out of Jabot entirely, or shut down the company. Jack reminded Tucker that Jabot made a profit and Tucker wouldn't hurt Ashley by selling the company.

Tucker said it would take careful negotiating to pry Beauty of Nature away from Victor. Tucker promised Jack a seat at the head of the largest cosmetics company in the world if Jack pulled off the merger. Tucker offered Jack the same terms that he had offered Victoria. Jack told Tucker that Victor would never turn over Beauty of Nature to Victoria. Jack said that it was a matter of principle for Victor, and Newman would keep Beauty of Nature just out of spite.

Later, in response to Jack's call, Billy entered Jack's office. Jack offered Billy a story about the Abbotts taking back Jabot. Jack said that Billy could help make it happen. Jack recalled all the times Victor had tried to take Jabot from the Abbott family. Jack was thrilled that this time, it was Victor's company that was under attack. Billy took a photograph of Jack behind the desk.

Tucker went to see Ashley at the house. Tucker said it had been three days since they'd spoken. Ashley told Tucker that he should have told her that he was using Abby and Jack to get Beauty of Nature. Tucker promised to be more up-front in the future. Tucker then told Ashley that he had pitted Victoria and Jack against each other in a competition for acquiring Beauty of Nature. Tucker added that Victoria and Jack were both aware of the competition.

Tucker said that he was being honest with Ashley about his business dealings. Tucker told her that he would understand if she couldn't handle his tactics. Ashley asked Tucker about his offers to Jack and Victoria. Tucker said he would be an equal partner. Tucker was confident that he could pull off the merger. Ashley said that she loved Tucker and wasn't turned off by his business dealings. Ashley insisted that she would not get in the middle of the Jack and Victoria battle. Tucker kissed Ashley.

Victoria walked into the living room and faced Victor. Victoria said that she had neglected to wish him a happy birthday. Victoria assumed that Victor had instructed Michael to file an appeal. Victoria offered to end the conflict immediately, saying that it had not been her intention to destroy Newman Enterprises.

Victor correctly surmised that Victoria was talking about Beauty of Nature. Victoria said that Victor could give Beauty of Nature in lieu of the financial settlement to her, Nick, and Abby. Victor said that he would never yield to extortion. Victor told Victoria that she had been the closest to him, and she had betrayed him. Victoria turned and walked out of the house.

A short time later, Victor opened the door and saw Nikki. Nikki said she had been thinking about what had happened with them the night before. Nikki wanted there to be no misunderstanding. Victor said it had been wonderful making love again. Nikki agreed. They both felt that it had been a wonderful moment, but they could not go back in time. Nothing had changed between them. Victor said that Nikki knew him better than anyone else.

At the prison, Deacon played checkers with Meggie, and she asked him why he had not gotten her out of jail yet. Deacon suggested that Meggie start digging a tunnel. Meggie went to the phone and left a message for Nikki. Deacon stopped Meggie before she could say anything to implicate him.

Diane knocked on Nick's door and congratulated him on winning the arbitration. Nick wondered why she was there. Diane said she wanted to be a friend, but Nick disagreed. Nick told Diane if she wanted to be supportive, she should go home to Victor. Later, Victoria showed up at Nick's and wanted to discuss the settlement. Victoria thought that Victor would tie up the judgment in litigation. Nick said Victor could try his best to overturn the judgment, but he wouldn't succeed.

Victoria proposed accepting a settlement from Victor to make the litigation go away. Victoria told Nick about the plan to get Beauty of Nature, merge it with Jabot, and create a mega-corporation. Nick was suspicious and thought Victoria was insane to go into business with Tucker. Nick said that Tucker was just like Victor. Victoria said it would be strictly business with Tucker, no emotional ties. Nick said that he was not interested.

Diane returned to the ranch and discovered that Victor and Nikki were talking. Victor asked Diane to give him and Nikki some privacy. Nikki said she loved Victor and always would. Nikki and Victor said goodbye, content that they were not meant to stay together.

Deacon returned to the hotel room and called out for Nikki. Before Nikki emerged from the shower, Deacon retrieved Nikki's cell phone and erased Meggie's message. Deacon asked if Nikki was feeling all right. At the ranch, Victor called for Diane. Diane walked into the living room and was surprised when Victor asked her to pack her bags. Victor said he wanted them to elope immediately. Diane was stunned.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nick greeted Kay when she walked into Crimson Lights. Kay embraced him and mentioned that she'd heard about the success he and his siblings had met with at the arbitration hearing. Nick said that he was glad it was over. Kay thought it this would be a good time for Nick and his family to begin healing. Kay informed Nick that Nikki had moved into the Athletic Club with Deacon. Nick was shocked that his mother was living with a loser like Deacon Sharpe. Kay suggested that Nick offer his mother his support.

Nick said that in the past few months, his family had fallen apart. Kay suspected that Nick regretted joining Abby and Victoria in the lawsuit. Kay asked if Nick had seen Victor since the hearing. Nick said he and Victor had not been in contact. Kay assumed that Victor was suffering in the wake of the judge's decision.

In their hotel room, Deacon massaged Nikki's shoulders. The phone rang, and Deacon decided not to take the call. Nikki appreciated that she had his undivided attention. Meggie called again and left a message for Deacon. Meggie told Deacon to find a way to bust her out of prison, or Meggie would hurt Nikki.

Nikki checked her phone and discovered a message from Nick. Nikki said goodbye to Deacon so she could meet Nick at Crimson Lights. Deacon understood, and after Nikki left the room, Deacon opened his laptop. Deacon searched the Web for information about how to break a person out of prison. Deacon read about bribing guards and smuggling in a weapon. Meggie called, and Deacon told her that he'd found something helpful.

A short time later, Deacon arrived at the jail. Meggie was told that she was eligible for a conjugal visit. Deacon and Meggie were led to a private room. Deacon undressed and showed Meggie that he had worn a pair of hospital scrubs under his clothes. Deacon told Meggie she could get out of jail while wearing the scrubs. Deacon declared that he'd done his part and never wanted to hear from Meggie again.

Meggie put on the scrubs, hiding them under her prison uniform. Meggie believed the scam might work. Deacon told her never to call him again. Meggie said they were even. After Meggie left the cell, Deacon told the guard that Meggie had taken the bait.

Nick met his mother at Crimson Lights. Nick was upset that Nikki had moved in with Deacon. Nikki conceded that Deacon's past was questionable, but Nikki said that Deacon had been very supportive of her. Nikki appreciated that unlike Victor, Deacon had never tried to manipulate her. Nick asked if Nikki was in love with Deacon. Nikki lowered her eyes and didn't answer. Nick offered to be there for Nikki if Deacon disappointed her.

Nikki learned that Nick had not seen Victor since the hearing. Nikki said that Victor truly loved his children, but Nick doubted that was the truth. Nick said he would never do to his children what Victor had done to his. Nikki reminded Nick that Victor had been raised in an orphanage. She asked if Nick remembered the day Victor had tried to reconnect with Albert Miller, Victor's cold and unfeeling father. Nick remembered.

Victoria spoke with Reed via a video link on her laptop. Reed was excited about the imminent birth of Mac's baby. Reed said he was anxious to see Lucy and Delia again. Victoria told Reed to eat his lunch, and Billy and Lucy waved goodbye. Victoria said that she loved Reed.

After ending the call, Victoria worried that she may someday be estranged from Reed like she was from Victor. Billy assured Victoria that she would never treat Reed the way Victor treated her. Billy was anxious to put a smile on Victoria's face. Victoria's mind was on Victor. Billy told Victoria that Victor was probably not thinking about his children. He suspected that Victor was thinking of a way to feel better.

Victoria reminisced about her childhood. Victoria had fond memories of learning to ride a horse with Victor sitting behind her in the saddle. Victoria said that Victor had taught her well, but Billy figured that Victor had been more concerned about the horse than Victoria. Victoria said that when she joined Abby in the lawsuit, she'd never contemplated a time when her father would not be in her life. Billy reminded Victoria that Victor had hurt her many times. Victoria said the lawsuit had not been about revenge.

Victoria wondered if she should have accepted the compromise settlement that Victor had proposed. Victoria felt guilty for breaking her father's heart. Billy urged Victoria not to beat herself up for the lawsuit because Victor had forced her hand. Billy wanted Victoria to think about what she'd won with the suit, not the money, but her freedom. Victoria appreciated Billy's supportive words, but she still felt sad. Billy announced he'd arrange to have the rest of the day off so he could be with her.

Victoria realized that she had news for Billy. She told him that Nikki had moved into the Athletic Club with Deacon. Billy was disgusted. Victoria agreed that Deacon was a lowlife, but she conceded that her mother seemed very happy with him. Victoria pointed out that Billy always cheered her up. Victoria didn't like being such a mope.

Impulsively, Victoria declared that she would plan the next celebration. She asked Billy to stay put while she went upstairs. A short time later, Victoria returned wearing her Halloween costume, the Playboy bunny suit. Billy was thrilled. Victoria said her name was Bambi. Billy got very amorous. Victoria told Billy that wearing the costume was her thank you gift to him.

At the ranch, Victor asked Diane to marry him in Las Vegas. Diane was shocked. Victor said that he intended to make Diane his wife again. Diane wondered if Victor assumed that she would simply follow his lead as she had years before. Diane told Victor that she could not accept his proposal. Victor smiled at her mock indignation. Diane didn't think an elopement was a proposal.

Diane also reminded Victor that she had recently watched him talking intimately with Nikki. Victor said that his wanting to marry Diane had nothing to do with Nikki. Diane suspected that Victor's need to elope was a knee-jerk reaction to losing the lawsuit. Victor wondered if Diane wanted him to get down on one knee.

Diane brought up Kyle's feelings about her remarrying. Victor believed that Kyle should move back to the ranch and live with them full time. Diane liked that Victor cared about her son. Victor mentioned that Diane would approve of the pre-nup, too. At the door, Victor let Kay into the house. Kay handed a gift to Victor, macadamia nuts. Victor was glad to see Kay. Diane excused herself so Victor and Kay could speak privately.

Kay asked Victor about the hearing. Kay was concerned about Victor. Victor said that he'd been shocked that his children had betrayed him the way they had. Victor had never thought that would happen to him. Kay sympathized and said that it was a slap in the face to Victor. Victor felt that he'd built the company from nothing and had suffered for his success. Victor remembered the dark days when he slept in his car, before becoming a success. Victor felt that his children thought his stories of building the business from scratch were clichés.

Kay said that she understood because she'd been in a similar situation when Tucker had acquired a chunk of Chancellor Industries. Kay said that eventually she had forgiven Tucker because he was her son and she loved him. Kay said that one day the Newmans would reunite, too, because they were a family. Kay handed Victor a framed family portrait from the end table. Victor looked at it, then turned it facedown on a coffee table.

Diane went to the Abbott house to visit with Kyle. Diane asked Kyle if he would like to move back to the ranch. Kyle was intrigued. Diane said that Victor wanted to marry her and make them a family. Kyle was surprised and wondered if his mother was going to say yes. Diane said she wouldn't say yes to Victor if Kyle objected. Kyle liked Victor, but wondered how Jack would feel if Diane married Victor. Diane was certain that Jack wouldn't like it.

Diane asserted that Jack would still be Kyle's dad and that was all that mattered. Kyle said that he had once hoped that Diane and Nick would get together. Kyle would have liked Nick as a stepfather because he had a lot in common with Nick. Kyle accepted that Diane and Nick were just friends. Kyle gave Diane the okay to marry Victor.

Kay interrupted Nick and Nikki at the coffeehouse. Nick said he would let the ladies talk and walked away. Kay told Nikki that she'd been to the ranch to see Victor. Kay said that Victor seemed like a broken man to her. Nikki said she'd seen Victor, too. Kay was surprised that Nikki had not mentioned that to Kay. Nikki said it hadn't seemed significant for her to tell Kay about the visit.

Kay pressed Nikki to confide in her, and Nikki finally told Kay that she and Victor had made love. Kay said that she wasn't surprised. Nikki assured Kay that the encounter had been a one-time only thing. Nikki accepted the fact that she and Victor were just not meant to be. Kay told Nikki that she was kidding herself. Nikki declared that she was not interested in reuniting with Victor. Nikki was more interested in seeing where her relationship with Deacon might lead. Nikki told Kay that despite his past, Nikki believed that Deacon was a good man.

After ending a call, Nick sat alone on the Crimson Lights patio. Nick remembered going with Victor to see Albert Miller. After being rejected by his father, Victor had cried. Nick recalled his father's emotional breakdown back then.

Diane returned to the ranch. Victor asked if Diane had accepted his proposal. Diane was still unsure. Victor said that he was serious about her, otherwise he would never had kissed her in public at Gloworm. Victor thanked Diane for having given him a reason to smile.

Diane thought that marriage was huge step and they'd failed at it once before. Victor said he'd left a dress for Diane upstairs, and he would be waiting for her on the Newman jet. Victor walked out of the house. Diane picked up the Newman family picture that Victor had turned over. Diane studied Nick's face.

Victor was on the jet, waiting for Diane. The pilot asked if Victor was ready to take off, but Victor said he was waiting for Ms. Jenkins. At the ranch, Diane walked downstairs in the white dress Victor had left for her. When Diane opened the front door, she discovered Nick standing there.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sharon arrived at home from the grocery store. She looked at her engagement ring and thought about Adam. Sharon picked up the telephone and called Adam. When the call went through, Sharon learned that the number had been disconnected. Sharon placed a call to Paul Williams and left a message.

A short time later, Paul arrived at Sharon's and asked why she had called him. Sharon explained that she was concerned about Adam. Sharon asked Paul if he could find Adam for her. Paul listened as Sharon revealed that Adam had left Genoa City because Nick had urged him to do it for Sharon's sake. Paul suggested that Adam was trying to do the right thing by her. Sharon said that she had to speak with Adam.

Paul suspected that Adam was standing by his decision. Sharon told Paul that she had to be sure that Adam was alive and well. Paul reported to Sharon that Adam had withdrawn a large sum of money before leaving town. Sharon asked about the disconnected telephone number. Paul said that Adam's phone had been abandoned outside Genoa City. Paul told Sharon that Adam was off the grid.

Sharon wasn't satisfied; she wanted more information about Adam. Paul agreed to continue searching for Adam. Sharon was grateful, but Paul confessed that he was only helping her to provide closure for Sharon. Paul left, and Sharon looked at her engagement ring again. Sharon started to cry.

Adam walked into a tropical bar and took a seat at the bar. Adam looked at Koa, the convenience store clerk from Hawaii who'd been working with Victor, as Koa sat on a nearby stool.

In Deacon and Nikki's hotel room, Deacon made sure that Nikki's cell phone was switched off. Deacon didn't want Nikki to receive a call from Meggie. Deacon told Nikki that he wanted them to take a trip to the Bahamas. Nikki was tempted, but she felt that it wasn't the right time. Nikki said that her children needed her.

Deacon reminded Nikki that the lawsuit had ended. Deacon said the he'd hoped that Nikki could relax for a while. Deacon claimed that he wanted to be able to take a walk with Nikki or go out to dinner in public with her without anybody caring. Deacon felt that was difficult in Genoa City because Nikki was so well-known. Nikki was flattered that Deacon wanted to take her away. She agreed that taking a trip was a good idea.

At the county jail, Meggie slipped away and removed her uniform. Meggie had the hospital scrubs that Deacon had given her underneath the orange jumpsuit. Once in the scrubs, Meggie put on a hairnet and clipped an I.D. badge to her pocket. Meggie hoped the costume was convincing as she prepared to walk out of the jail.

Meggie showed her I.D. to the guard and passed through the main door to the outside. Meggie was apprehended immediately and told that she would be heading for state prison. Meggie declared that she had been set up. As she was handcuffed, Meggie announced that Deacon Sharpe had messed with the wrong person.

Nikki was packing and tying up loose ends. Deacon left to put their luggage in the car. Nikki received a call from Meggie. Before Nikki could tell Meggie that she didn't want to speak with her, Meggie said that she had not worked alone in her scam. Meggie said someone close to Nikki had helped her push Nikki off the wagon. Meggie urged Nikki to visit her in jail to find out the truth. Deacon returned to the room and discovered that Nikki had gone. Deacon read Nikki's note and guessed that Meggie had contacted Nikki.

At the jail, Nikki met with Meggie. Nikki was impatient to hear what Meggie had to say, but Meggie held back from telling Nikki right away. Nikki stood up to leave. Meggie told Nikki to stay long enough to hear the truth. Nikki sat again. Meggie explained that Deacon had been her partner in getting Nikki to begin drinking again. Meggie conceded that she could put booze in Nikki's drinks at the ranch, but Meggie had needed a partner on the outside.

Deacon arrived at the visitor's room before Meggie could spill the beans. Meggie told Nikki that she and Deacon were old friends. Nikki was stunned to hear from Meggie that Deacon had been her partner in crime. Meggie revealed that Deacon had caught Meggie spiking Nikki's iced tea at Gloworm, then he asked to be let in on the scam. Meggie told Nikki that Deacon had just pretended to drink vodka with her; Deacon had been drinking water.

Nikki was skeptical until Meggie revealed that Deacon had smuggled bottles of liquor into rehab. Nikki believed that was something only she and Deacon knew. Nikki asked Deacon if Meggie was speaking the truth. Deacon claimed that Meggie was lying.

At the Abbott house, Jack hugged Phyllis. Phyllis recoiled and told Jack that she was still sore from playing football with Kyle and Jack. Jack was happy that Phyllis and Kyle were becoming friends. Jack said he hadn't heard from Abby since the judge's ruling. Phyllis was surprised to learn that Billy was planning a Restless Style story about the Abbotts and Jabot.

Phyllis questioned Jack's involvement with Tucker. Jack said that before he could proceed, he needed to consolidate a plan with Nick. Phyllis encouraged Jack to contact Nick immediately. Phyllis advised Jack to tread carefully with Nick.

Later, Kyle arrived home from hockey practice. Kyle told Phyllis that he wanted to have dinner with a friend, but Phyllis said the decision was Jack's. Phyllis texted Jack and got his approval for Kyle to spend the evening with his friend. Kyle asked Phyllis to give him a ride, and Phyllis agreed to drive him. Kyle let Phyllis know that he would be moving back to the ranch very soon and wouldn't be a bother to her.

Phyllis asked why Kyle was moving out of Jack's house. Kyle explained that Diane was getting married. Phyllis said that Jack would miss having Kyle there. Kyle told Phyllis not to pretend that she cared about him. Kyle said that Phyllis didn't like him and he didn't like her. Kyle walked out of the room. Phyllis was shocked about Diane's plans to marry again.

On the Newman jet, Michael delivered the pre-nuptial agreement for Victor and Diane to sign before the wedding. Michael was also there to witness the nuptials. Michael was surprised that Diane hadn't arrived yet. Victor was confident that she'd appear. Michael recalled when Diane had told him about another man in her life besides Victor.

Michael asked Victor why he was rushing into marriage. Victor thought he could have a wonderful partnership with Diane. Michael believed that Victor had suffered a great deal of stress in the past week or so. Michael advised Victor to postpone the wedding for a while.

Nick went to the ranch to see his father. Diane invited Nick to enter and wait for Victor. Diane decided to wait with Nick because she wanted to speak with him. Diane asked why Nick continued to shoot down her efforts to be his friend. Nick said he was there to speak with Victor. Nick believed that he could still have a relationship with his father.

Diane had faith that someday Victor would appreciate Nick's efforts to reach out to him. Nick didn't agree, but he said he was doing it for his children. Nick knew that Victor had never reconciled with his father, Albert Miller. Nick wanted to know that at least he'd tried to mend fences with his father.

Diane admired Nick's integrity. Nick said he'd lost a lot in the past few months and he didn't feel like a winner. Diane put her hand on Nick's. Nick pulled his hand away and said he was leaving. Nick didn't appreciate how Diane had altered the conversation into something intimate between them.

Diane insisted that she cared for Nick, but he reminded Diane that she'd chosen Victor over him. Nick said they couldn't go back to the way they had been. Nick walked out of the house, leaving Diane alone. Later at the tack house, a messenger delivered a box from Newman Enterprises to Nick. Nick opened the box and found items from his office, including framed photos. Nick realized that it was his father's way to say that Nick had been fired from the company.

A short time later, Jack arrived and asked how Nick was doing. Jack noticed the box. Nick explained that he'd been fired from Newman Enterprises. Nick said that nothing would be the same in his family ever again. Jack congratulated Nick on winning the lawsuit. Nick didn't feel like a winner. Jack said that Nick had won his independence, and that was quite a feat. Jack asked if Nick had any plans for the future.

Jack suspected that Nick wouldn't sit on all the money he'd won because Nick was a savvy businessman. Nick told Jack that what he decided to do in the future was not a game. Jack asked Nick to be his partner in a new business venture. Nick wasn't interested in a partnership with Jack that involved going after Victor.

On the jet, Victor wondered why Michael cared if he married Diane. Michael said he wished Victor only the best. Victor told Michael to be supportive because that was all he wanted. Diane appeared, and Victor said she looked lovely. Victor explained that Michael was there to be their witness. Victor called the pilot and said they were ready to take off. Victor said that they would be married in Las Vegas, then return home the same night.

Michael explained the terms of the pre-nup, which were generous, to Diane. Victor asked if Diane could live with the agreement. Diane's only concern was Kyle's future. Victor said that he had established a trust for Kyle; it was in the pre-nup. Diane signed the documents.

Victor said that they would be married on the jet once it landed in Las Vegas. Diane scolded Victor for dictating the plans to her. Victor remembered that he'd bulldozed her the first time they were married. Victor apologized and Diane said being married on the jet was fine with her. When Victor left to speak with the pilot, Michael confronted Diane. Diane assured Michael that she understood what it meant to be Mrs. Victor Newman, and she had made her choice.

In Las Vegas, Judge Newton boarded the jet to conduct the wedding. While he asked Diane and Victor for identification, Michael answered his phone. Phyllis asked Michael enough questions to confirm that he was with Victor and Diane and they were getting married. Victor and Diane recited informal vows. Diane said she would be a comfort to Victor, as well as a friend and a companion. She said she'd love him. Victor put a ring on her finger. Diane was impressed with the size of the diamond. The judge declared them husband and wife, and they kissed.

Phyllis went to the tack house and told Jack and Nick that she had big news. Phyllis said that Victor and Diane were eloping in Las Vegas. Nick was shocked that his father had decided to marry Diane.

At the jail, Meggie told Nikki that Deacon had always hated the Newmans. When Deacon tried to explain that he loved Nikki, the guards took Meggie away. Nikki realized that Deacon had gone along with Meggie's plan from the start.

Nikki was devastated and rushed out. Nikki called Nick and said she'd made a terrible mistake. Nikki declared that she needed to speak with Victor. Nick said Victor wasn't available. Nikki was floored when Nick explained that Victor had eloped with Diane.

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