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Kevin threatened to send a copy of the Gloworm betting records to the D.A. Phyllis and Adam found Sharon's camera, but the memory card was missing. Kevin identified the figures in Primrose's documents as bank account numbers.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 28, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, March 28, 2011

At the miniature golf course, Jana met with Prim and told her she'd gotten the woman's name from some friends. Jana, concealing her British accent and pretending to be a pregnant woman seeking help, told Prim that her name was Stella. Prim asked when the baby was due as she rushed forward to touch Jana's belly. Jana stepped back and ordered the woman not to touch her.

Prim received a phone call and barked that she'd call back later. Prim promised to give Jana $5,000 in exchange for her baby, who would go to a good home. Jana asked to meet with satisfied adoptive parents. Prim snapped that her adoptions were private. Prim opened the door and told Jana to leave because she asked too many questions. Jana claimed she had no other options and begged Prim no to turn her away.

Jana told Prim that she had been checked by a doctor and would give Prim a full medical report. Jana explained that she couldn't stand to have strangers touch her. Prim told Jana that she might be willing to help if Jana returned with a medical report and an ultrasound photo. Jana went to Crimson Lights and utilized her laptop to download an ultrasound photo of a 32-week fetus and a set of medical records.

Jana slipped the documents into her purse before returning to Billy and Victoria's. Jana said she was feeling better, and she took Lucy from Billy. Prim phoned Billy and told him that someone had approached her asking questions about private adoptions. Billy told Prim that he hadn't told anyone, and he reminded her that she'd been paid a great deal of money to ensure that no problems ever surfaced with the adoption.

From Canada, outside a police station, Michael phoned Lauren and told her they'd found Daisy. Michael assured Lauren that Daisy would be in the custody of police in Genoa City by nightfall. Back at the motel room, Daniel told Daisy that it would be best for everyone if she ran away. He warned that if she returned to Genoa City, he wouldn't be able to help her. Daisy told Daniel he could just go home and get naked with his little heiress. Daniel held up his phone and told Daisy he had a plan.

When a Canadian police officer and Michael arrived at the motel, Daniel explained that Daisy had escaped through the bathroom window. Daniel admitted that he'd let Daisy go. Michael was perturbed. Daniel explained that he'd given her his cell phone, so he could track her. Daniel claimed that he also hoped to find his daughter.

Daniel traced Daisy to an alley. Michael and Daniel searched the alley without results. The police officer checked inside a nearby building. Michael searched under a tarp and found the phone. Michael fumed and asked how he would explain Daisy's escape to Lauren. Daniel apologized for letting Daisy go.

At a press conference, Victor told the media that it was time for him to go in a different direction, so he planned to take Newman Enterprises public. Back at the ranch, Kyle summoned Diane when he saw Victor on television. Diane and Kyle listened as Victor explained that the money generated by the public offering of his company would increase the capital of Newman Enterprises exponentially and present an opportunity to expand both laterally and vertically.

Victor said, "This is the beginning of a new era for Newman Enterprises." Kyle asked if Victor would no longer be in charge of his company. Diane turned off the television and told Kyle that Victor had built his company, owned it, and would always be in charge. Diane further explained that investors would become shareholders and give input, but the company would become better than before. Kyle concluded that Victor would become richer. Diane smiled and mumbled, "Yes. He will."

Along with Billy and Victoria at their home, Abby, Tucker, Ashley, Jack, Nick, Katherine, and Nikki watched Victor's press conference. Jack said he never thought he'd live to see the day because Victor had sworn that no one but him would ever own his company. Billy and Victoria claimed that the arbitration had prompted Victor's actions. As Billy walked toward the door to leave, Victoria said, "Nail his ass."

Nick told Victoria he'd believed that their father had planned to give them Beauty of Nature. Victoria told Nick she couldn't believe their father was taking the company public just to spite them. Nick said, "If we can get in on this IPO, we can still take control." Victoria insisted that Victor would do everything possible to block their access to the stock offering.

In a corner of the room, Ashley whispered to Tucker and told him he couldn't acquire Beauty of Nature from Victoria. Tucker replied, "I can live with that when getting Newman stock is a consolation prize." Abby, who fidgeted in her seat while she watched Victor's startling announcement, jumped to a standing position and cried, "I just want this to be over!"

Abby approached Victoria and Nick and said she was sad for their dad. Nick announced that they could become major players at Newman Enterprises with the stock they already owned combined with the potential to acquire a great deal more. Abby grimaced and said she planned to take her one-half billion and go home because she'd had it with battles and lawsuits. Ashley and Jack trained their gazes on Abby as she adamantly expressed her feelings and walked away.

Jack approached Tucker and said that they could own Beauty of Nature if they could get their hands on sufficient shares of Newman. Tucker replied, "I can." He reminded Jack that he'd failed, as their agreement had specified, to deliver Beauty of Nature, so he was fired. Nikki, in tears, cried that she could see the pain in Victor's eyes.

Nikki told her children that she most regretted the sad events that had torn their family apart. Katherine approached Victor's children and scolded them for having no remorse after destroying their father. Nikki, exasperated, addressed Victoria and said, "Your father came to the christening. It's your move."

After Nikki and Katherine stormed out, Nick, Victoria, and Abby noticed that Billy had arrived at the press conference. Billy asked, "Why would you turn down an offer to keep your company out of the hands of strangers rather than give your kids what they want?" Victor replied that unscrupulous people had misguided his children. Victor added that he loved his children and was sad that they hadn't joined him. Victor proudly announced that he was about to embark on an exciting journey, which would lead to a new phase of Newman Enterprises.

Jack tried to comfort Abby and admitted that he'd crossed a line with his meddling. Jack apologized and told Abby he hadn't meant to hurt her. Abby told Jack that his plan had netted her one-half billion dollars. Jack, dejected and cross, cried that Tucker had fired him. Abby labeled Tucker a jerk for firing Jack.

Victoria, her arms folded at her waist, told Nick that he'd led her to believe that their dad was about to offer them Beauty of Nature. Nick told Victoria that Diane had told him that, so he thought it was a done deal. Nick wondered aloud if Diane had lied to him. He grabbed his coat and said he intended to find out.

On the front porch, Nikki commended Katherine for standing up for Victor. After Nikki rushed away, Tucker and Ashley stepped outside. Tucker told Katherine that they could help Victor by buying up a great deal of Newman stock. That way, Tucker explained, Victor would have the money he needed, and they would own a piece of the competition. Katherine was livid that Tucker thought he could marry at her estate while planning to destroy her lifelong friend. Before Katherine left, she yelled, "Go to hell, and take the plan to fool an old fool with you!"

At the ranch, before Kyle left for a sleepover, he asked his mom if she'd also become rich, so she'd never again fret about not being able to pay her bills. Diane hugged her son and said, "No more stress for me or you."

After Kyle left, Nick stopped by. Diane told him that Victor wasn't home. Nick asked Diane what his father had promised her for convincing Nick that he was about to be offered Beauty of Nature. Diane slapped Nick's face. Diane insisted that Victor hadn't asked her to lie. She explained that she'd overhead Victor telling Michael that he was ready to settle. Diane claimed that she'd never hurt Nick. Nick said Diane had proved she was the kind of person everyone in town had accused her of being.

Billy returned home, and Nick stopped by. Nick announced that they'd beat Victor at his own game. Nick asked Billy if he'd happened to overhear how Victor would structure the deal. Billy asked Victoria and Nick why they didn't cut themselves loose from Victor and start their own company. Nick warned that their battle would get uglier. Victoria proposed enlisting Vance to determine how many shares their father had to sell, so they could leverage their combined shares. Nick agreed to the plan.

Victor returned to his office, and Heather assisted while he signed the paperwork to put his plan in motion. Heather apologized for Billy's presence at the press conference. Katherine stopped by and told Victor that losing control of his company probably felt like someone was ripping out his heart. Katherine suggested that she and Victor dream up a strategy to avoid having to take Newman public.

Nikki stopped by the Newman offices. She hovered outside Victor's office, took a swig from mini bottle, and covered the scent on her breath with spray freshener. Katherine emerged and said she was glad to see Nikki. Katherine advised Nikki not to let anything stop her from seeing Victor.

Diane, clad in a trench coat, arrived at Victor's office with champagne and a pair of crystal flutes. She smugly announced that she was there to see her husband. Before Diane entered Victor's office, she addressed Nikki and said, "I know you usually pick up the pieces of Victor's life, but I've got it covered this time." Katherine told Nikki that Diane couldn't help Victor. Nikki said that Victor's door was closed to her.

Inside Victor's office, Diane, wearing her diamond-encrusted choker, poured champagne and told Victor that it was worth popping a cork because the IPO would make Victor so rich that no one would be able to estimate his worth. Victor claimed it was just another day. Diane proclaimed that it was a special evening as she opened her trench coat, stood nude before Victor, and smiled seductively.

Tucker and Ashley relaxed at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Tucker proposed a toast to Ashley and proclaimed her the sole CEO of Jabot Cosmetics. Ashley was shocked to learn that Tucker had fired Jack. Jack and Abby arrived, and Tucker left to get a refill. Abby escaped to the bar, and Jack sat down at Ashley's table.

Jack asked Ashley to help get his job back, but Ashley refused because she didn't want to take sides. Ashley told Jack that he'd become obsessed, so she believed their late father would have approved of her taking the reins. Ashley promised to take good care of Jabot, and she advised Jack to do something else with his life.

At the bar, Abby told Tucker that he was an ass. Abby advised Tucker to rehire Jack, so Ashley wouldn't become resentful. Abby told Tucker that he was an idiot and a jerk if he couldn't recognize that Jabot was part of Jack and the Abbott family.

Later, Abby called Kent and explained that she'd be able to finance her show because she'd received her settlement in cash. Ashley phoned Howard, and told him she wanted in on the Newman IPO. Jack instructed his financial manager to amass capital from his accounts, so he'd be prepared when Victor issued invites. Tucker phoned his broker and demanded the broker acquire all the stock he could get his hands on for Tucker.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Thailand, Adam woke up in the hotel bathtub, where he'd spent the night. Phyllis was asleep in the bed and had booby-trapped the doorway with luggage so she would know when Adam had stepped out of the bathroom or tried to leave the room. Adam was frustrated that they hadn't found any leads to finding Koa. Phyllis noticed that when Adam tossed aside Koa's dice, they landed on seven. Phyllis wondered if that would mean good luck for them.

Adam told Phyllis they had to work together to find Sharon's camera. Phyllis asked Adam why he was going through Koa's belongings again. Adam said that he was desperate to find a lead to Koa. Phyllis believed that Adam truly cared about Sharon, as much as he was capable of caring for anyone other than himself. Adam said that he wouldn't be in Thailand with Phyllis except to help Sharon.

Phyllis threw the dice at Adam. They landed on seven. Adam realized that the dice were loaded. Phyllis and Adam surmised that Koa was a grifter. Phyllis and Adam headed out of the hotel room. Adam asked a bellman if he knew a place where Adam could play craps.

The bellman declared that gambling was illegal. Adam offered him some money and the bellman wrote down the name of a place. He handed the slip of paper to Adam. Later, Phyllis and Adam walked into the illegal gambling house. Adam wondered if they were in the right place.

Just then, Koa appeared at the door. Adam was afraid that Koa would recognize him, but Phyllis said she'd get close to Koa. Phyllis dressed in a slinky dress and agreed to run the con. Adam appreciated that Phyllis would be a sexy distraction in the dress. Phyllis took the loaded dice and confidently walked into the gambling house.

At the jail, Vance advised Sharon about how to act in court. Sharon asked Vance if he'd heard from Adam. Vance told Sharon that Adam had abandoned her by fleeing the country. Vance counseled Sharon to concentrate on herself. Vance handed Sharon a shopping bag with a change of clothes for court.

The guard told Sharon she had a visitor. Vance left when Sharon's mother arrived. Sharon was glad to see Doris, but Doris wasn't smiling. Doris noticed that Sharon was still wearing Adam's ring. Doris said that Sharon had been a disappointment to her. Doris believed that Sharon had made bad decisions that resulted in her being on trial for murder. Sharon said she'd been through a trial before and would survive this experience.

Doris said that in the previous trial, Sharon had been set up. This time, Doris blamed Sharon for creating the mess she was in. Doris could not stand by Sharon as long as Sharon was loyal to Adam. Doris believed that Sharon owed her loyalty to Faith, not Adam. Sharon tried to defend herself, but Doris said she wouldn't support Sharon any longer. Doris said she loved Sharon and Faith too much to appear in court. Sharon was in tears as her mother left her alone in the cell.

Sharon was taken into the courtroom in handcuffs. She wore a simple black skirt and white blouse. Vance asked about Sharon's mother and learned that Doris would not be there. Vance was disappointed. Sharon recalled times when Adam had assured her that she was strong and would prove her innocence.

The judge asked Walsh and Vance to proceed. Sharon looked at the jurors. Vance questioned the individuals; he heard from a man who resented people who didn't work for a living. Another woman was down on men who cheated on their wives. Vance asked if a lady on the jury read tabloid magazines.

Sharon made notes about the jurors. Vance told Sharon his opinion about the jurors. Sharon disagreed, but Vance warned her to let him do his job. Sharon agreed. Vance continued questioning a juror. When the jurors were selected, Vance told Sharon the trial was going to start immediately.

Lauren greeted Michael and Daniel when they returned from Canada. Kevin and Lauren asked if they'd found Daisy. Michael said that they had captured Daisy, but Daniel had let Daisy to escape. Michael told Kevin and Daisy about Daniel's ridiculous scheme to entrap Daisy with the baby. Daniel apologized for screwing up. Daniel said that Daisy had refused to talk about the baby.

Michael was angry that a violent criminal was still free. Daniel claimed that Daisy most likely still had the baby. Kevin accused Daniel of speculating. Kevin followed Daniel out to ask him more questions. Lauren criticized Michael for being too hard on Daniel. Michael fumed about how Daniel had blown it in Canada. Lauren said that Daniel was concerned for the baby. Lauren believed that Michael would have done what Daniel did if Fen had been involved.

Michael suddenly realized that Daniel's plan was completely illogical. Michael declared Daniel's actions were a smoke screen. Michael said that Daniel did not want the baby found. Lauren wondered why Daniel would have betrayed her by letting Daisy go. Michael said that if he were the man he'd been ten years before, he would have thrown Daisy into his trunk to stop her from getting away. Michael wished he had done that after all. Lauren appreciated Michael's reaction because she'd felt that same type of anger in the past herself. Michael promised Lauren that he would find Daisy and make her pay for hurting Lauren.

At Crimson Lights, Jana was excited because she believed she was on the verge of finding Daisy's baby. Jana told Lucy that she would be able win Kevin back, since he was no longer with Chloe. Chloe entered the coffeehouse and Jana sympathized about Chloe and Kevin's breakup. Chloe knew that Jana was happy Chloe and Kevin were no longer together. Jana told Chloe that Kevin was on the rebound when he was with Chloe, so it wasn't a real romance.

Jana left, but the ultrasound report fell from the stroller. Chloe picked it up and recognized what it was. Jana grabbed it from Chloe's hands and started to leave. Chloe stopped Jana and asked how she had gotten someone else's ultrasound. Jana claimed it was a friend's, but Chloe thought Jana was crazy. Chloe believed that Jana had stolen the ultrasound. Chloe declared that she would get Billy and Victoria to fire Jana as Lucy's nanny because she was unstable and dangerous.

Kevin followed Daniel into Crimson Lights. Daniel explained to Kevin that he'd believed he could control Daisy in Canada. Kevin found that hard to believe. Daniel asked Kevin to back off the criticism, since Michael had been on his case. Jana and Chloe walked out the patio when they heard Kevin and Daniel talking.

Jana asked if she'd heard right, that Daniel had found Daisy. Daniel said that Daisy had eluded them. Chloe trailed Kevin into the shop. Kevin said that he and Chloe could not be together because of Angelo. Jana and Daniel entered the shop, too, and Jana asked Kevin about Daisy. Kevin told Jana that he didn't care about Daisy, just the baby. Kevin did not want Daisy raising the baby under any circumstances.

Jana announced that she had to take Lucy home. Jana asked them to keep her in the loop if they had any more information about Daisy. Alone with Lucy, Jana told the child that she would find Daisy's baby for Kevin. As she left the coffeehouse, Chloe called Angelo to s et up a meeting at the Athletic Club.

Colin and Jill were eating at the Athletic Club. Colin hoped they would see Lily and the twins later in the day. Colin went to make a call and ran into the Winters family in the dining room. They were all together for Sophia's birthday. Colin wished them a happy celebration.

Sophia and Malcolm arrived, and Sophia was thrilled about her birthday party. Sophia opened all the gifts she'd received. Sophia especially liked the photo that Neil had given her of a chessboard. Neil said that he remembered that Sophia had told him about watching her father play the game as a child. Jill and Colin stopped by to wish Sophia a happy birthday. Sophia invited them to join the party.

Suddenly, Lily jumped up and grabbed a man who looked like Cane. Lily apologized when the man wasn't Cane. Neil led Lily back to the table. Neil and Colin both agreed that when you lost someone, it was hard to let go. Malcolm thought the man looked like Cane.

Lily went to the ladies room. Jill followed and comforted Lily. Lily explained that she wished that Cane would reappear the way that Philip had when he returned from Australia. At the table, Olivia was concerned that Lily was losing her grip on reality. Malcolm said that seeing Cane shot had traumatized Lily. Lily returned just as Liv suggested that Lily needed to seek professional help.

Olivia apologized to Lily. Lily resented Olivia's suggestion that she see a psychiatrist. Lily insisted that she was not crazy. Olivia explained that she believed her niece. Lily said that if she saw Cane again, she'd tell Olivia. Jill and Colin agreed to visit Lily more often. Neil said that they should not push Olivia's idea on Lily.

Colin was sure that Lily was a resilient woman and would get through the tragedy. Lily returned to the ladies room again because she'd forgotten her purse. Malcolm asked Sophia to marry him again. Sophia said yes again, but as she embraced Malcolm, she gazed at Neil's gift. Neil and Olivia met Lily by the elevator. Lily was alarmed when she thought she saw Cane on the elevator as it closed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the courtroom before the trial, a guard told Vance and Sharon that the judge was delayed. Sharon looked around at the crowd of onlookers and wondered why they wanted to watch her trial. Vance explained that people loved anything having to do with the Newman family. Sharon said she felt like she was on display. Vance was sorry that Sharon's mother had decided not to stay for the trial. Sharon said that she had to accept that everyone had turned against her, even her mother.

In the hallway to the courtroom, Billy stopped Nick. Billy was surprised that Nick was there for the trial. Nick explained that he felt bad for Sharon. Billy blamed Victor for Sharon's predicament. Nick mentioned that Victor would be testifying for Sharon and that might sway the jurors. Nick believed that Sharon was incapable of murder. Billy said he had yet to hear from Phyllis, who was in Thailand, searching for evidence to clear Sharon. Billy added that he'd refrained from telling Sharon about Phyllis's efforts.

After Nick walked off, Billy called Phyllis and left her a message that Sharon's trial was beginning. Billy said that he needed Phyllis to pull through with some information before it was too late for Sharon. Nick walked into the courtroom, carrying Faith. Sharon was ecstatic to see Faith, but she was not allowed to touch her child. Sharon thanked Nick for caring enough to take Faith to see her. Nick told Sharon to fight hard because Faith needed her. Nick said that he would stay to watch the trial. Sharon was grateful.

The jury returned, and D.A. Walsh was told to continue. Billy whispered to Nick that it had been a good move bringing Faith to see Sharon. Walsh addressed the jurors and described Sharon as a woman with a lethal temper. He claimed that Sharon could not live without a man and would kill to get her way. When Walsh cited Cassie's death as proof that Sharon would risk her children's lives to get what she wanted, Sharon was outraged and jumped out off her chair. Vance held Sharon back. The judge admonished the D.A. as well as Sharon for causing a scene.

Walsh apologized to the judge, then resumed his opening statement. Walsh said that Sharon was an angry woman and that she had attacked Skye in Hawaii. Walsh declared that Sharon was in love with Adam Newman and would do anything for him. Walsh revealed that Sharon had tried to flee the country recently, which he said were not the actions of an innocent woman. Walsh told the jurors that he would play an audiotape to prove that Sharon had killed Skye in a pique of anger. Billy commented to Nick that Walsh was good at his job.

Vance began his opening remarks by clarifying what Walsh had said about Cassie's death. Vance said that Cassie had died in a car accident, and Sharon had not been responsible for her daughter's death. Vance believed that Sharon had a right to be upset with Mr. Walsh's comment. Vance pointed out to the jurors that Skye had been evil, not Sharon. Vance described how Skye had bought a new life and new identity in Hawaii, while Adam had been arrested for her murder and left to rot in jail.

Vance said that Sharon had gone to Hawaii to find Skye and return her to Genoa City. Vance explained that Sharon had not had any motive to kill Skye; she had needed Skye alive. Vance added that the prosecution had failed to produce a body and couldn't prove that a murder had been committed. Billy and Nick agreed that Vance had made a strong case for Sharon to be found not guilty. The judge called an adjournment until the next day. As Sharon was being handcuffed to be returned to her cell, Nick told her to stay strong.

Outside the gambling club, Adam waited anxiously to learn if Phyllis had pulled the con on Koa. At the craps table, Phyllis flirted with Koa, and he liked what he saw in Phyllis. While Koa made a bet, Phyllis put a sedative in Koa's cocktail then handed it to him. Koa took a sip. Phyllis picked up the dice and blew on them. While she was admonished for doing that, Phyllis switched out the real dice for the loaded set from Koa's hotel room. Phyllis left and reported what she'd done to Adam.

A short time later, Koa was thrown out of the gambling house for using the loaded dice. Koa saw Phyllis in the alley and accused her of setting him up. Koa then passed out from the drugged drink. Adam stepped forward and told Phyllis that they had to get to work. Adam and Phyllis dragged an unconscious Koa to the hotel room. Phyllis asked Adam what the next step was, since Koa was unable to speak.

When Koa came to, he was handcuffed to the bedpost in the hotel room. Koa was shocked to see that Adam and Phyllis were together. Phyllis asked Koa to tell them where Sharon's camera was. Koa denied that there was a camera. Adam reminded Koa that he'd hit Adam on the head to retrieve the camera. Adam wondered if Skye had given Koa the loaded dice because Skye liked to cheat at dice and cards. Adam threatened to call the authorities and tell them what Koa had been doing. Koa admitted that Skye had given the dice to him as a gift.

Phyllis told Koa that Victor was testifying for Sharon, but Koa didn't believe that. Adam said that Victor had confessed to the D.A. that he'd seen Sharon trying to save Skye at the volcano. Adam explained that if Koa gave them the camera, the evidence on the camera would support Victor's testimony. Koa wouldn't talk. Adam threatened to continue questioning Koa all night long. Adam mentioned that he might do nasty things to get Koa to talk. Koa finally admitted that he had given the camera to a kid at the market.

Chloe arrived at Crimson Lights and approached Kevin. Chloe wanted to talk, but Kevin was still upset about Daniel's actions in Canada. Chloe tried to comfort Kevin, but he backed away. Kevin urged Chloe to leave the coffeehouse because he feared that Angelo might see them together. Chloe said she was leaving, but only because she had a meeting. Chloe passed Heather as she was going out the door. Heather received a call from Chance and agreed to meet him later so they could talk.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina and Paul walked in and saw Chance in the living room. Nina still couldn't get used to seeing Chance each day. Nina asked her son about his plans for the day. Chance mentioned that Heather would be stopping by. Nina wondered if Chance had made a decision about returning to the Witness Protection program.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin saw Heather eating lunch. He stopped at her table and told Heather that he was happy that she'd survived the abduction and fire. Kevin was shocked to discover that Chance was still alive. Heather mentioned that Chloe had known, but hadn't been able to tell anyone. Kevin stated that he and Chloe were no longer dating. Heather revealed that there had been two men involved in her abduction and one was still on the loose.

Paul and Nina greeted Heather when she arrived at the mansion. Chance was happy to see Heather. Nina and Paul left to give Chance and Heather some privacy. Heather apologized for not being in touch with Chance. The two sat down to talk, and Heather assured Chance that she had not been hurt in the abduction. Heather revealed that the fire had been her fault. Chance asked Heather to be honest about her feelings, and Heather admitted that she'd feared for her life. Heather was proud that they'd put the bad guys away.

Chance reminded Heather that he'd confessed that he was in love with her. Chance wanted Heather to share her feelings about their possible future together. Chance said he wouldn't pressure Heather. Heather feared that if Chance did not return to Witness Protection, she would be responsible if something happened to him. Heather was happy that Chance was back, but she had never contemplated that they might have a future together. Chance told Heather to take her time to decide.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Nina about the night of the fire, when Chance had blurted out that he loved Heather. Paul knew that Heather cared for Chance, but he wasn't sure if Heather was in love with Chance. Nina felt that everything had gotten very complicated for their children. Paul said that Chance and Heather were both at risk if they decided to commit to each other. If Chance stayed in Genoa City, he'd be in danger, but if he returned to WITSEC, Heather might go with him. Paul and Nina agreed that there was no perfect outcome.

Chance asked Heather if she wanted to go out for a bite to eat or maybe to a movie. Heather told Chance that she couldn't go out with him. Chance said they could stay there. Heather explained that she was ready to answer Chance's question. Heather explained that she cared for Chance, but she didn't love him the way he deserved to be loved. Heather couldn't ask Chance to stay in Genoa City for her.

At the Athletic Club, Angelo was on the phone. He said that it had not been his fault that Heather had escaped from the taxidermy shop. Chloe sat down at Angelo's table. Angelo was curious about why Chloe had asked to meet with him. Chloe wanted a more amicable relationship with Angelo. Chloe explained that she wanted to spend time with Kevin, and Angelo's threats were making that impossible. Angelo admired Chloe's guts. Chloe heard Angelo's dog, Vig. Angelo said that wherever he went, so did Vig. Angelo confided to Chloe that he would never hurt a woman. Chloe realized that Angelo's tough guy act was mostly for show.

When Chloe returned to Crimson Lights, Kevin mentioned that Chloe had kept him in the dark about Chance. Chloe explained that she had been compelled to keep Chance's return in confidence, and Kevin said he admired Chloe. Chloe told Kevin that she'd met with Angelo at the Athletic Club. Kevin was concerned, but Chloe assured him that Angelo would never hurt her. Chloe explained that Angelo's threats were just business. Chloe wanted to spend time with Kevin. Fed up with the whole situation, Kevin called Angelo to set up a meeting. Chloe tried to stop Kevin from leaving, but he insisted on confronting Angelo.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin declared that he had made a copy of all the betting transactions done from Gloworm. Kevin threatened to send a flash drive with all the information to the D.A. Angelo said that Kevin was bluffing, but Kevin told Angelo to check out Kevin's history online. Kevin declared that he was a dangerous man when things didn't go his way. Chloe smiled as she listened to Kevin and Angelo's conversation. Angelo agreed to not hurt Chloe as long as Kevin kept quiet about what he knew. Chloe stopped Kevin as he was leaving. They kissed passionately, and Kevin said they needed to get a room.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adam and Phyllis searched a local Thai market, trying to find the boy who'd bought Sharon's camera from Koa. Adam spoke to a woman, asking about the boy, but the woman didn't speak English. Phyllis was losing hope, but Adam continued asking locals if they knew Koa.

Nick took Faith to Victoria's house and thanked his sister for babysitting so that Nick could attend Sharon's trial. Phyllis called Nick to inquire about Summer's field trip. Nick had taken care of it. He asked Phyllis when she was returning. Phyllis explained that they had a lead. Nick said that Sharon's trial was underway, and Phyllis needed to find something quickly in order to save Sharon.

Phyllis questioned young men and showed a photo of Koa, but nobody recognized him. Phyllis was frustrated and lashed out at Adam. A guy approached Adam to ask if he was paying for a camera. Phyllis and Adam followed the man, but he was just trying to fleece them for a buck. Adam started to complain, and Phyllis called him "Nancy negative." Suddenly, a kid appeared and held up Sharon's camera. Adam and Phyllis bought it, but when they searched for the digital images, Adam discovered that the memory card had been removed.

Michael met Victor outside the courtroom. Michael cautioned Victor about the dangers of testifying for Sharon. Victor said that he knew what he was doing. Michael said that Walsh would be out to get Victor because Victor had backed Heather's campaign against the D.A. Michael also pointed out that Vance had no loyalty to Victor and would not protect him when Victor was on the stand. Victor remained determined to testify for Sharon because he was certain that she had not killed Skye.

As the trial resumed, Walsh played the recording of Sharon's confrontation with Skye at the volcano, which a tourist had captured on disk accidentally. Sharon listened to the recording and realized how bad it was for her case.

Jana called Primrose again and pretended to be Stella, a pregnant woman in need of Prim's adoption service. Prim urged Jana to stop by immediately. Jana ran into Daniel as she was heading back to Billy and Victoria's. Jana had no time to talk and rushed off. Daniel walked into Trumble's and saw Neil and Lily. Neil kissed Lily goodbye and walked out of the shop. Daniel told Lily about his experience searching for Daisy in Canada.

Daniel said that the secret of Lucy being his daughter had nearly been uncovered. Lily was surprised that Daniel had let Daisy get away. Daniel believed that Daisy was better off far away from Lucy. Daniel hoped that he had done the right thing by letting Daisy flee. When Daniel asked Lily how she'd been doing, Lily confessed that she'd seen Cane again. Lily wondered if Daniel thought she was crazy. Daniel thought Lily might benefit from seeing a therapist.

Daniel told Lily he had to run. He embraced her and said if she needed to talk, to call him. A stranger approached Lily. He introduced himself as a friend of Cane's. Lily appreciated meeting a friend of her husband's. At Trumble's, Lily was checking out. She reached into her purse and found a book about the afterlife. Lily decided to buy it because she thought Cane might have put it in her bag.

Jana arrived at Victoria's and asked for the afternoon off. Victoria agreed, saying that she could handle caring for both Lucy and Faith. Jana left just as Neil showed up to deliver a christening gift to Lucy, and Victoria served him tea. Neil cooed over Lucy, noting how much the baby had grown. Victoria thanked Neil for testifying at the arbitration. Victoria and Neil agreed that Victor's decision to take Newman Enterprises public was a surprise.

Neil advised Victoria to accept the fact that Victor would never give her Beauty of Nature. Neil told her that he had never regretted walking away from Victor and his company. Neil urged Victoria to create distance from her father, but Victoria said her heart was set on getting Beauty of Nature. Neil wished her luck. Neil looked at Lucy and told Victoria to enjoy her daughter.

Neil confessed to Victoria that he was concerned about Lily. Victoria understood how Neil felt. She wished that they could protect their children. Neil thanked Victoria for the tea and said goodbye. At Crimson Lights, Daniel ran into Neil. Daniel said he'd just been with Lily at the bookstore. Neil thanked Daniel for being such a loyal friend to Lily. Daniel said that he had spoken with Lily about seeing a therapist. Neil thought that Lily would appreciate talking to someone not involved in her life.

Jana met Primrose and handed her the sonogram and medical records. Jana sat down and said she had a lot of questions about the adoption. After a while, Primrose was upset because Jana asked too many questions. Jana pressed for information about the perspective parents. Prim said all her adoptions were closed.

Jana feigned a dizzy spell, and Prim left to get a protein bar for her. While Prim was away, Jana searched for evidence. Jana tried to shoot pictures of Prim's paperwork. Prim entered the room and caught Jana with the camera. Prim demanded to know why Jana was snooping around. Jana said she had to be sure that Prim was legitimate. Prim grabbed Jana and discovered the fake pregnancy belly.

As Victor was called into court, he saw that Billy and Nick had arrived. Victor was sworn in as he took the witness chair. Vance began his examination by asking Victor why he was there. Victor explained that he'd been in Hawaii when Skye and Sharon had gotten into their confrontation. Victor had been on the trail when he recognized their voices and heard their conversation.

Victor told Vance that the terrain on the trail was treacherous near the top of the volcano. Victor said that he'd heard Sharon trying to save Skye. Sharon remembered Skye's hands slipping from her. Victor said that he'd heard Sharon say to Skye, "I'm not going to let you die." Victor testified that Sharon was a kind woman and an excellent mother. Victor believed that Sharon could never kill anyone.

Walsh asked Victor about his relationship with Sharon, implying that Victor's sons were jealous of Victor and Sharon's kinship. Walsh questioned why Victor had been in Hawaii when Sharon was there. Victor refused to answer questions about the Newman Fund collapse. He evoked his rights under the Fifth Amendment. Walsh continued asking questions about Skye's faked death in Genoa City. Vance interrupted with objections. The judge stopped Walsh from continuing.

Vance asked why Victor had invoked the Fifth. Victor said he had sworn to tell the truth. Victor described how dark the trail had been in Hawaii. Victor said that he had lost his footing a few times. Victor testified that Sharon had done everything in her power to save Skye. The judge ordered a recess. Victor walked out of the courtroom. Vance told Sharon that Victor's testimony probably hadn't helped Sharon. Victor was critical of the way Vance had questioned him in court.

Nick thanked Victor for testifying. Nick asked Michael if Victor's appearance had helped or hurt Sharon. Michael said that if Sharon were his client, he would prepare her for a guilty verdict. Victor blasted Vance for doing a poor job in cross-examining him on the stand. Vance said that Victor was to blame for presenting himself so poorly.

Nick approached Sharon and told her that the case wasn't over yet. Sharon believed that she would wind up in prison. Sharon was afraid that Faith would have to grow up without her mother. Nick told Sharon that there was hope, then revealed that Phyllis and Adam were tracking a lead in Thailand.

Billy arrived home, and Victoria was happy to see him. He told Victoria about Victor's testimony in court. Victoria said that Neil had visited and advised her to give up on Beauty of Nature. Billy asked Victoria to refrain from talking about business so they could enjoy playing with Faith and Lucy.

Michael confronted Daniel at the coffeehouse. Michael wanted to know the real reason Daniel had let Daisy escape. At the bookstore, Lily gazed at the book about the afterlife. Neil returned, and Lily told him about all her Cane sightings. Neil said that he believed her, but Neil looked skeptical.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lily arrived at the Athletic Club to meet Lauren for lunch. Lily asked for Lauren's advice about consulting a therapist. Lauren explained to Lily that it was all about finding the right therapist and recommended Dr. Mason. Lauren said that Dr. Mason had helped her and Jana quite a bit. Lily was nervous about opening up to a professional. Lauren mentioned that after her father's death, she wished a psychologist had treated her.

Lauren said she hadn't been able to deal with the grief she'd felt over losing her father. Lily assured Lauren that she had help getting over Cane's death, because her family was very supportive. Lauren sensed that Lily might be holding back with her family so that she wouldn't be a burden to them. A short time later, Lily returned to the table after making an appointment with Dr. Mason. Lauren approved of Lily's decision. Lauren and Lily left the club to go shopping and do some "retail" therapy.

Chloe was excited to see Kevin when she walked into Crimson Lights. They kissed lovingly and were both smiling about their romantic night at the Athletic Club. On the patio, Daniel assured Michael that he had not purposely let Daisy get away when they were in Saskatoon. Michael analyzed what had happened, and he didn't believe Daniel's claim. Michael felt that Daniel had been working against him.

Daniel claimed that Michael had been hanging out with criminals too long and was overly suspicious. Michael wondered why Daniel was lying to him. Michael said that Daniel had been putting on an act. Kevin and Chloe interrupted. Kevin asked why there was a commotion. Michael said that Daniel's actions in Canada didn't make sense because he'd never been interested in keeping the baby. Michael claimed that Daniel's story didn't add up.

At home, Victoria and Billy were spending time with Lucy after her visit with Faith. Billy said that it was possible that Faith would have to spend more time with them if Sharon ended up in prison. Victoria felt sad that Sharon might be separated from her child. Victoria promised that Lucy would never lose Victoria. Billy agreed and kissed Lucy. Billy received a message about Sharon's trial. Victoria was certain that Vance would save Sharon, but Billy was skeptical.

At the golf hut, Primrose demanded that Jana reveal who'd sent her and why Jana snooping into Prim's business. Jana was frightened. When Prim demanded answers, Jana explained that she was looking for a particular baby who'd been left in St. Joseph's church. Jana assured Prim that she wouldn't cause trouble. Jana claimed that she was friend of the baby's mother.

Jana said she simply wanted to know what had happened to her friend's baby. Prim asked how Jana had gotten her name. Jana refused to answer, saying she'd been sworn to secrecy. Prim threatened to make Jana disappear. Jana assured Prim that people were aware that she was there, but Prim didn't believe Jana. When Prim started to make a call, Jana knocked her aside and ran off.

When Jana reached the garage apartment, she locked the door and threw off the fake baby belly. Jana looked at the photos she'd taken of Primrose's files. Jana found a list of numbers and wondered what they meant. She sat at the desk and copied the information onto a pad.

Daniel apologized to Michael, then stated that Daisy had left him for dead on New Year's Eve. Michael thought Daniel was dodging questions. Jana appeared and asked to speak with Kevin. Kevin and Chloe followed Jana into the other room. Jana asked Kevin if he could help her decipher a list of numbers she'd found in a book her father had left her.

Chloe was ticked off by Jana and suggested she show her numbers to someone else. Kevin looked at the figures and recognized that there was a pattern in the figures. Despite Chloe's pouting, Kevin was intrigued by Jana's problem. Chloe kissed Kevin goodbye so he could work on the numbers with Jana.

Jana couldn't hide her jealousy. Jana leaned close to Kevin as he studied the numbers. A while later, Kevin was at a table, working on his computer. Jana asked Kevin what he'd learned. Kevin told Jana that the numbers were bank accounts. One of the accounts was located in Genoa City, but there were no names attached to the numbers. Kevin told her it was impossible to find out the identity of the account holders without breaking the law.

In the courtroom during a recess, Sharon spoke with Nick. She was surprised to learn that Phyllis and Adam were searching for evidence in Thailand. The judge returned, and the trial resumed. Vance told the judge that his next two witnesses had been delayed. The judge told Vance to proceed without them or produce them in fifteen minutes.

Nick and Sharon told Vance about Adam and Phyllis following a lead in Thailand. Vance was discouraged because they were nine thousand miles away. Leslie entered and said that Vance's witnesses would not be able to appear in court. Nick asked Vance how he would proceed. Leslie looked at Vance and surmised that he was going to ask Sharon to take the stand.

Vance informed Sharon that there might be no other choice, unless he asked for a mistrial. Sharon was loath to go through another trial, so she was willing to testify. Leslie cautioned Sharon against it, reminding Sharon that she had not been prepared. Sharon thought that there were jury members who would be sympathetic to her. Sharon told Vance she was ready to take the stand.

Still at home, Billy opened the mail and saw a bill from Fenmore's. Victoria told him she had spent a bit on Lucy. Billy left the bills opened on the side table when his phone rang. Billy answered it and learned that Sharon would be testifying at the trial. Billy said goodbye to Victoria and left for the courthouse.

When the judge returned, Vance called Sharon to the stand. Vance asked if Sharon had killed Skye Newman. Sharon said she had not, and explained that her goal in going to Hawaii was to get Skye to return to Genoa City. Sharon needed Skye alive so that Adam would be cleared of the murder charge. Sharon told the jurors she'd tried to convince Skye to do the right thing.

Vance asked Sharon about the audiotape in which she sounded angry. Sharon admitted that she was furious with Skye because Skye had set up Adam for murder. When Sharon told Skye she wanted her to fly back to Genoa City, Skye had laughed in Sharon's face. Vance asked Sharon how she responded. Sharon said she taken a photo of Skye, believing that would be proof that Adam hadn't murdered Skye. Sharon described how Skye had then lunged for the camera and the ground had shaken under them. Sharon recalled that Skye had fallen into the volcano and Sharon had tried to save her. Sharon said she had promised not to let go of Skye's hands, but she had been unable to hold on.

Vance asked questions about Sharon's character. Sharon declared that she was not a saint. She admitted that she'd made mistakes. However, Sharon asserted that she was a good person and a good mother. Sharon declared she'd had no reason to kill Skye, but a good reason to save her. When Sharon got emotional, Vance handed Sharon a glass of water. A woman on the jury wiped a tear away from her eye.

Walsh began his cross-examination and asked Sharon about her previous arrests. Vance objected, and Walsh moved on to questions about Sharon being committed to a psychiatric hospital. Sharon was upset and tried to explain her situation at the time. Walsh brought up the fact that three men had to have paternity tests to determine who was the father of Sharon's last child. Vance objected, and Sharon was distraught. The judge called a recess. Billy and Nick looked at each other with concern.

Lauren and Lily walked into Crimson Lights. Michael was still grilling Daniel about Daisy. Lauren chimed in that Michael was right, that Daniel had a lot of questions to answer. Daniel said he'd done the best he could with Daisy. Michael said that when Phyllis returned, she would expect Daniel to tell the truth about what he'd done in Canada. Lauren blasted Daniel for allowing Daisy to remain free.

Chloe went to Victoria and Billy's to talk about Jana. Chloe advised Victoria to fire Jana as Lucy's nanny. Chloe claimed that Jana was spinning out of control and couldn't be trusted to care for their children. Victoria declared that Jana was a wonderful nanny to Lucy, and Victoria was not about to let her go. Chloe threatened to keep Delia away from Billy if they continued employing Jana. Victoria said Chloe couldn't threaten to take custody of Delia; Chloe didn't have that power. Victoria warned Chloe to mind her own business.

In the Thai marketplace, Adam and Phyllis were upset when they realized that the camera's memory card was missing. There were no images on the internal memory either. Phyllis and Adam agreed to find the boy who'd sold them the camera to retrieve the memory card. A short time later, Adam and Phyllis reconnected. They had been unable to find the seller.

Adam finally found the kid and asked him for the memory card. Adam offered to pay. The boy returned with his cousin, but they had only one thing in mind -- ripping off Adam for more money. They grabbed some bills and ran away.

Frustrated and angry, Adam told Phyllis that he would return to Genoa City to save Sharon. Adam said he'd testify about the video, since he'd seen it. Phyllis stopped Adam to point out that Koa had seen the video, too. Adam and Phyllis raced back to the hotel to question Koa. When Adam and Phyllis opened the door to the room, Koa was gone. He'd destroyed the headboard to break free.

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