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Lily met with a therapist. Adam sold his Newman shares to Tucker. Katherine reported Tucker to the SEC for reprehensible business tactics. Sharon was found guilty of Skye's murder. Adam arranged an escape plan for Sharon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 4, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Billy was about to leave for work when Victoria announced that Chloe was insisting that Jana be fired. Victoria explained that Chloe wasn't about to back down because she was concerned about Delia spending time with their unstable nanny. Billy assured Victoria that he'd handle the situation.

In her garage apartment, Jana applied make-up to help disguise her facial features. As she coated her lips to make them glossy, she said, "Okay. Whoever sent Primrose this money is the one who bought Daisy's baby." Later, Jana, wearing a blonde wig, was waiting in line at the bank for her turn at a teller station when Victoria phoned. Victoria told Jana that she had something to discuss. Jana claimed that she had an errand to run and would be home soon.

Jana showed the teller an account number scribbled on a slip of paper. Jana explained that a transfer had been made from the account, but the recipient had complained that the money hadn't been deposited. The teller checked the accounts and verified that the transaction was completed. Jana requested a printed confirmation, and the teller asked to see Jana's bank card and photo identification. Jana first claimed that she didn't have her wallet. Losing her composure, Jana seemed edgy as she told the teller that she was gathering the information for her boss.

The cautious teller offered to phone the account holder, but Jana said her boss was out of the country. Nervously, Jana collected her things and hurriedly rushed away. After Jana returned to the Abbotts' house, Victoria told Jana that Chloe was concerned about Delia being around her. Jana seemed shocked when Victoria explained that Chloe was insisting that Jana be fired. Jana was livid and flailed her arms as she defended herself against Chloe's accusations. Victoria told Jana that she and Billy didn't intend to let her go. Jana was relieved.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe trailed Kevin around the coffeehouse, complaining that Victoria had refused to fire Jana. Chloe said, "There's no way that my daughter is going to spend one more millisecond with that wackadoodle Jana." Kevin suggested to Chloe that she approach Billy and calmly share her concerns. Chloe tenaciously maintained that as long as Billy lived in the same house with Jana, Delia wouldn't be allowed to stay there with her father.

Chloe told Billy that Jana's investigation of the bank account numbers and her insistence that the ultrasound image she had dropped belonging to a friend were just too much to swallow. Gloria suddenly appeared and said, "Never trust an ex with an ax to grind." Chloe, disheartened, claimed that she'd take Billy to court if she had to. Kevin picked up the phone and called Michael, who explained that Chloe would be in contempt of court if she didn't honor the custody agreement. Chloe sighed and became even angrier when Kevin reminded her that Billy trusted Jana with Delia.

Gloria, in support of Chloe, claimed that family court representatives cared only about legal documents and court orders instead of protecting a child from a certifiable crazy woman. Kevin insisted that Jana would never hurt a child. Chloe left in a huff because Kevin had defended Jana. Later, Gloria told Kevin that Chloe was right about Jana being unstable, but Kevin rebuffed his mother's claims.

Billy met with Chloe at the Chancellor mansion and told her to drop her campaign to have Jana fired. Billy claimed that Chloe felt threatened by Kevin's association with Jana. Chloe said she planned to take Delia out of school and away from Jana. Billy reminded Chloe that she'd never voiced her concerns during the two months Jana had taught Delia at Tiny Tots. Chloe suddenly claimed that Delia was sick, but the healthy child walked into the room and ran to her dad.

Chloe told Delia that her father was busy, so Mommy would pick her up from school. Billy corrected Chloe and explained to Delia that Daddy would take her and pick her up. Billy pressed his face close to Chloe's and warned her to never lie again about their daughter being sick. After Billy and Delia left, Chloe said aloud, "They're all wrong. Jana is dangerous. I'm not backing off." Gloria phoned and said that she was on Chloe's side.

Just after Billy and Delia stepped outside, the teller phoned Billy and explained that a woman posing as his employee had requested a confirmation receipt for the transfer he'd made on January 13 of two million dollars. The teller said the woman had claimed that Mr. Abbott had sent her to pick up the document because he was out of the country. Billy said he hadn't left the city in months. The teller told Billy that the woman was tall and blonde, and she advised Billy to change his passwords.

At the Newman ranch, Victor seemed disheartened. Diane mentioned that the day's newspaper headline was Victor's testimony at Sharon's trial. In a comforting tone, she told Victor she was sorry it had not gone well. Victor remained moody and cried that the newspaper had likely claimed that he hadn't helped Sharon. Victor remained aloof, and Diane asked him exactly what had happened. Victor said he'd testified about what had truly happened to Skye in Hawaii, but added that the district attorney was only interested in convicting Sharon.

Diane offered to spend the day with Victor, but he remained distracted. Victor persuaded Diane to carry on with her own plans, but someone from Kyle's school phoned and informed Diane that Kyle had injured himself playing basketball. Victor insisted that he accompany Diane, and she seemed pleased. After Victor and Diane took Kyle home, they doted on the boy.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Jack told Nick that at one time he'd blamed Adam for Sharon's predicament, but after the previous day's testimony, Jack condemned Victor for not having stepped forward weeks earlier. Nick said he hoped that Phyllis and Adam would soon return from Thailand with evidence to clear Sharon.

In an interrogation room, Vance instructed Sharon to stay focused and answer Spencer's questions with brief responses. Sharon cried, "I am afraid the damage has been done already." After Sharon took the stand, she testified that she had been determined to prove Adam's innocence. Spencer noted that Sharon's fiancé had left the country even though there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Vance objected, but the judge allowed Spencer to continue. Spencer expounded, in the form of a question, about how Sharon's relationship with Adam had alienated her from friends and family.

Spencer reminded Sharon that even she had accused Adam of kidnapping her child. Vance objected again, and Sharon cried, "No!" The judge admonished Spencer, but before he ended his tirade, he managed to let the jury know that Nick had successfully petitioned for full custody of his and Sharon's baby. Sharon explained that she'd flown to Hawaii to find Skye on her own because authorities would never have believed that Skye was still alive. Spencer claimed that Sharon's aim was to find Skye in order to punish her for what she'd done to Adam.

Sharon made eye contact with jurors as she testified that she'd taken a photo of Skye to use as evidence. Sharon noted that her camera had fallen out of her hands when the ground collapsed. Sarcastically, Spencer noted that both Skye and the camera had simply fallen. The judge reprimanded Spencer, and the district attorney relented and dismissed Sharon.

As Sharon rose from the witness stand, she glanced toward the entryway and smiled brightly. Nick turned his head and saw that Adam had entered the room. Spencer immediately ordered the bailiff to arrest Adam. Vance requested a day's recess, but the judge granted a short break. As the bailiff handcuffed Adam, he told Vance to hold onto his bag. As a court officer handcuffed Sharon, she mouthed a message to Adam.

Sharon rushed into Adam's arms in the interrogation room. Adam told Sharon that she was the strongest person he knew. Sharon kissed Adam and told him that all she wanted was to be with him and Faith. Vance entered carrying Adam's bag with the camera tucked inside. Sharon was thrilled to see her camera, but Adam explained that the video of her and Skye at the volcano had been lost when the memory card was removed.

Adam offered to testify that he'd seen the video on the camera before someone stole the video card. Vance maintained that Adam wasn't credible because he'd forged his father's diary, perjured himself at the arbitration, and had told Sharon that her baby was dead. Adam cried that he was trying to right some wrongs, but Vance explained that it would only hurt Sharon in the end. Sharon thanked Adam for all that he'd done. Vance took a phone call. After the phone call ended, Vance announced that the prosecution intended to call Adam to the stand.

In the hallway, Nick, Billy, and Jack discussed Adam's sudden appearance. Nick said he hoped Phyllis would show up soon. Jack checked his phone and learned that Kyle had been injured, so he dashed away. Nick told Billy he was worried about Noah and Faith. Billy left to check on Delia. Nick phoned Victoria and asked her to meet him at the Genoa City Athletic Club because he'd had a rough morning.

Jack arrived. Kyle seemed puzzled that Jack had shown up. Victor smugly announced that he and Diane had taken great care of Kyle. Jack sat on the sofa beside Kyle and examined the boy's bandaged hand. Diane took Kyle to the kitchen to get something to eat. Victor again mentioned that he and Diane had taken care of Kyle. Jack replied, "Nice of you to be so concerned about my son; maybe you should put some of that effort into your own because Adam is back."

Nick poured out his heart to his sister and said that as Newmans, they seemed destined to live stressful lives. Victoria comforted Nick and said she wished she could help. Nick said he was worried about what would happen to Faith if Sharon went to prison. Victoria, insistent that Sharon hadn't murdered Skye, said she was disturbed by the possibility that Sharon could go to prison for something she didn't do. Nick cried that Adam and their dad were responsible for Sharon's predicament.

Billy phoned Victoria, who was waiting for Nick at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and told her about the suspicious activity at the bank. Billy asked Victoria to shred their bank statements. Victoria told Billy that she'd have Jana do it. Jana found the bank statement and promised Victoria she'd handle the matter. While Jana shredded the statements, she said, "Oh, Chloe, how I'd love to shred you."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At the courthouse, Billy and Nick were stunned that Adam was going to be called to the stand at Sharon's trial. Billy thought the trial had already been going badly for Sharon. Billy said Adam's testimony would make things even worse for Sharon. Nick was hopeful that Adam had found some evidence in Thailand to save Sharon.

In the jail, Vance spoke to Sharon and Adam about how the trial was progressing. Vance was concerned that Sharon was going to be convicted. Adam was determined to let the jury hear about the video he'd found in Thailand. Sharon was worried about Adam taking the stand because D.A. Walsh was so good at twisting the truth. Adam was confident that he could let the jurors know about the video. Vance warned Adam not to underestimate Walsh.

As the trial resumed, Walsh asked the judge to consider Adam a hostile witness. The judge agreed. Vance told Sharon that since Adam was a hostile witness, Walsh would be allowed to tear Adam apart. Walsh began questioning Adam by talking about his past crimes. Walsh asked Adam about having been married to Skye at the time of her death. Walsh wanted to know about the Newman Fund, and Adam testified that he'd transferred his shares of the fund to Skye, but the transfer had never been finalized.

Adam admitted that he'd left Genoa City the night that Skye had disappeared. Walsh asked if Adam had sent Sharon to Hawaii to kill Skye. Vance objected, but Adam wanted to answer. Adam declared that Sharon had gone to Hawaii to get Skye back to Genoa City. Adam said that he'd seen a video that showed Sharon had tried to save Skye's life. Adam continued talking about the video even as Walsh objected. The judge warned Adam to stop mentioning the video, or she'd hold him in contempt.

Adam was dismissed from the stand and marched out of the court. Billy and Nick followed Adam into the hallway. Billy asked Adam about the video. Nick demanded to know if Adam had been telling the truth on the stand. Adam said that he had found Koa in Thailand, and he had seen the video on Sharon's camera. Adam explained that he'd managed to obtain the camera, but the memory card had been missing. Billy asked Adam if Phyllis had returned to Genoa City, too. Adam told Billy that he had no idea if Phyllis was back in town.

Vance met with Sharon and Adam at the jail to discuss strategy. Adam was unhappy that Vance was acting as though they'd already lost. Vance proposed that Sharon accept a plea bargain. Vance explained that if Sharon pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, she might do better than waiting for the jury's decision. Sharon asked about the plea deal, and Vance assumed that Sharon would get twenty years, but would likely do much less time behind bars. Adam criticized Vance for being negative.

Vance told Sharon that she had to make up her mind soon so he could proffer a deal to Walsh. Sharon listened to Vance's advice, but she refused to say she had killed Skye. Vance explained that the jury was turning against her. Sharon couldn't accept a plea because she wouldn't want Noah and Faith to believe that she'd killed Skye. Adam supported Sharon's decision. When Vance left the cell, Adam told Sharon that he would arrange for her to escape before being sent to prison.

Chloe was surprised that Gloria was interested in collaborating with her to find damaging information about Jana. Gloria agreed that Jana deserved to be fired. As Gloria and Chloe were leaving the mansion to search Jana's apartment, Jana showed up on the doorstep. Jana asked Chloe to leave her alone and stop trying to get Billy and Victoria to fire her. Jana defended her friendship with Kevin, telling Chloe and Gloria that she and Kevin would always have a connection.

Chloe accused Jana of lying about her brain injury. Jana was shocked and told Chloe she was off-base. Chloe said that she was onto Jana because Chloe had once been a stalker. Gloria suggested that Jana leave Genoa City. Chloe asserted that Kevin didn't want Jana in his life. Jana said she knew what Kevin wanted, and she could get it for him. After Jana walked out, Chloe wondered what Jana had meant. Gloria revealed that she had taken Jana's house keys from her purse so they could get into her apartment.

Jana and Gloria unlocked the door to Jana's garage apartment and walked in. When they saw the security monitor on the table, Gloria and Chloe were surprised to see Jana in Billy and Victoria's house. They thought she'd be out. Gloria decided to go to the main house to keep Jana occupied while Chloe searched. Chloe watched Gloria and Jana on the video while she looked for evidence to use against Jana.

Jana wanted Gloria to leave. Gloria started to rise from the couch, then faked a twisted ankle. Gloria tried to stop Jana from forcing her to leave, but Jana had no patience with Gloria. Chloe used a nail file to get into Jana's cabinet. Back in the main house, Jana walked out with Gloria following her. Chloe wasn't looking at the monitor, so she wasn't aware that Jana was on her way to her apartment.

Chloe opened the cabinet and found the pregnancy pad that Jana had used when she met with Primrose. Chloe heard Jana and Gloria on the steps outside the front door, and Chloe raced out the side door. Jana entered the apartment and wondered why the door had been unlocked. Gloria hurried away. In front of the house, Billy stopped Chloe as she rounded the corner. Billy asked what Chloe was doing there. Gloria appeared suddenly, and she and Chloe ran off.

At Crimson Lights, Lily was anticipating her first therapy session, and Daniel offered to be there for her after the appointment. Colin and Jill entered and asked how Lily was feeling. Lily said she was fine, but she had to leave to start therapy. Jill assured Lily that even though Cane was dead, Colin and Jill were still family to Lily. Lily was grateful. When she left, Jill confirmed with Daniel that Lily had gone to meet with a psychiatrist. Jill was concerned. Colin said that he understood the pain of losing a loved one. Jill sympathized with Colin.

Later at the mansion, Colin told Jill that he'd been intrigued by Cane from the first time she'd talked to Colin about him. Jill asked Colin to share the reason for the huge sadness he carried inside. Jill asked Colin to be open with her and explain how he'd lost his children. Colin said that his son had killed Samantha.

Colin said he'd been reluctant to tell Jill about his son and daughter because the story was so sordid. Colin said that Samantha had gotten involved with a bad crowd at school. Colin explained that Samantha's brother had set the wheels in motion that had led to Samantha's death. Colin realized that nothing could return his kids to him, but he felt that Jill had become a safe harbor for him. Jill said that she and Colin needed to know each other better.

Sofia and Neil were finishing up some McCall/Chancellor business at the Athletic Club. In between work, Sofia flirted with Neil. Neil told Sofia that their fling had been a one-time-only thing. Malcolm appeared and let Sofia know that they could be married at the First United Church by the end of the week because there'd been a cancellation. Sofia didn't like that it was the same church where Cane had been killed.

Neil also objected to Malcolm getting married at First United Church. Malcolm said the church had been part of the Winters family. Malcolm offered to consult with Lily before deciding on having the wedding in that church. Lily walked in and asked why they'd called her over. Malcolm explained that there was an opening at the First United Church. Sofia reminded Malcolm that there were other churches. Lily asked if she could think it over. Lily said she'd mention it to her therapist.

Lily met with Dr. Mason and said that she was there because of Cane's death. Lily mentioned that Cane had helped her get through cancer. She also talked about the twins. Lily said that Cane had kept her alive, and he was gone. Dr. Mason asked if Lily had attended the session to please her family. Lily struggled to talk about Cane. Dr. Mason urged Lily to take her time.

Lily said that she missed being able to tell Cane what was in her heart. Dr. Mason learned that Lily was still talking to Cane. Lily said that her family thought it was a sure sign that Lily was crazy. When Lily mentioned anger, Dr. Mason asked if Lily needed to forgive Cane for some reason. Lily recalled that Cane had never been able to explain his last words to her. Dr. Mason asked Lily if she wanted to return for another visit.

Malcolm asked Neil if Lily was in trouble. Neil said that Lily was determined to be self-sufficient, but she was emotionally traumatized by Cane's death. Neil explained that Lily has been having more visions of Cane. Malcolm agreed that he'd been wrong to suggest the First United Church as a place for his wedding to Sofia.

Lily returned to Crimson Lights, and Daniel was there for her. Lily called Neil to say that her meeting with Dr. Mason had been helpful. Lily asked to speak with Malcolm, too. Sofia was there as well. Lily gave them the go-ahead to be married at First United. Neil wanted to talk to Lily more, but Lily hung up the phone.

Neil felt that Malcolm had coerced Lily. Sofia felt that Malcolm was rushing her. Malcolm urged Sofia to stand by his side in church, and Sofia agreed. Alone, Sofia asked Neil to support her wedding to Malcolm. Neil wondered if Sofia was sure she wanted to marry Malcolm.

Daniel asked if Lily could handle Sofia and Malcolm's wedding at the church. Lily hoped the wedding would change her memories of the church. While speaking with Daniel, Lily suddenly heard Cane's voice. Lily was alarmed. Daniel said he hadn't heard Cane, but he believed that Lily had.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis rushed in and grabbed Malcolm. Phyllis said she had an emergency and needed Malcolm's help. Phyllis told Malcolm about the erased memory cards she had found. Phyllis asked Malcolm to lift the lost images from the card because she was sitting on the biggest scoop ever.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ashley and Tucker were with Abby as they checked out possible locations for their wedding. Jack appeared, and Ashley was surprised to see him. Jack reported to them that Sharon's trial was not going very well. Ashley expressed her concern about Faith. Ashley wished that Sharon had heeded her warnings to steer clear of Adam. Jack was surprised that Ashley criticized Sharon for choosing the wrong man when Ashley had a history with Victor. Ashley told Jack to stop being judgmental. Ashley said she had to leave, and Abby announced that she had a meeting with Kent.

At jail, Sharon was shocked that Adam suggested that she allow him to break her out of jail. Adam was certain that he could do it, but Sharon didn't want to discuss it. Adam explained that Sharon would be on the run, but perhaps for just a short time. Adam said that once they found the evidence to exonerate her, Sharon would be freed. Sharon pointed out that an escape would be violating the law. Adam was afraid that Sharon might be imprisoned for twenty years. Adam knew what prison was like, and he warned Sharon that he would not let her go through something like that.

Adam wanted to protect Sharon by helping her to go on the run. Sharon remained convinced that at least one person on the jury would believe her. Adam didn't think that Sharon wanted another trial, but Sharon said she was prepared to try again. Adam was adamant that Sharon not be separated from Faith. Adam was determined to find a way to give Sharon back her life and her children. Sharon said that she didn't want to be saved. Adam begged Sharon to reconsider his escape plan. The guard arrived and led Adam away.

At Crimson Lights, Malcolm was at work on the project for Phyllis, lifting the videos from the memory cards. Phyllis arrived to check in with Malcolm. Malcolm explained that it was slow going, and Malcolm needed to work on his wedding as well. Phyllis urged Malcolm to attend to Sofia and the wedding plans. Malcolm said he would be able to do the memory cards and the wedding. Phyllis got a call from Billy to return to the office. Malcolm said he'd consult with a friend in the forensics lab about the memory cards.

Later at Restless Style, Phyllis greeted Jack. When Jack asked about what had happened in Thailand, Phyllis confided in him that she might have uncovered something to help Sharon. Phyllis was confident that she'd have a definitive answer in 24 hours. Jack urged Phyllis to hurry because Sharon's trial was nearly over. Jack asked Phyllis if she had some time to spend with him, but Phyllis said she'd promised her night to Summer.

At the Athletic Club, Neil asked Sofia if she was sure about marrying Malcolm. Sofia said she loved Malcolm. Neil wondered if Sofia had confidence in the success of her relationship with Malcolm. Neil told Sofia he'd made a lot of romantic mistakes, and he wanted Sofia to be certain that she and Malcolm were the real thing. Neil reminded Sofia that Malcolm had overreacted to her helping Cane. Sofia suspected that Neil was saying those things because he had feelings for her. Neil told Sofia that she could change her mind about the wedding if that was what she wanted to do.

Sofia explained to Neil that she was aware of Malcolm and Neil's history with Dru. Neil urged Sofia to look deep inside to determine if she was ready to marry Malcolm. Neil said that the truth about their one-nighter would never come out. Sofia was not ready to walk away from Malcolm, the Winters family, and her job in Genoa City just to make it easier for Neil. Malcolm arrived and noticed that Sofia was upset.

Sofia asked Neil to support their wedding plans. Neil agreed to do whatever was necessary for Sofia and Malcolm's wedding. Malcolm asked Sofia why she was perturbed. Sofia explained that Neil got on her nerves. Malcolm thought that Sofia had taken out her anger at Malcolm for not helping with the wedding on Neil. Sofia embraced Malcolm, and he urged her to open up with him in the future.

Malcolm said they could never have secrets. Sofia got emotional as she observed that she'd nearly lost Malcolm. Malcolm said that Sofia was the best thing that had ever happened to him. At the coffeehouse, Neil was recalling the sexual encounter with Sofia. Leslie appeared and Neil invited her to join him.

Victor gave Michael instructions about how to proceed with the IPO. Diane excused herself to go to the game room with Kyle. As they walked to the lobby, Nick and Summer entered the Athletic Club. Kyle greeted Nick, calling him big brother. Kyle invited Summer to go with him to the game room. The kids ran off, and Nick and Diane spoke for a moment. Nick told Diane that Victor wouldn't appreciate their speaking. Diane said that Nick was hard to ignore. Diane asked about Faith and said that the toddler would be fine as long as Nick was around.

Victor looked over from the table and saw Diane and Nick chatting. Michael asked why Victor was concerned with Diane and Nick speaking. Victor said that Diane had an impulsive streak that might be a problem. Victor said he would turn her flaws to his advantage. When Kyle and Summer returned to the lobby, Nick said goodbye and took Summer to dinner. Kyle and Diane went to Victor's table to say goodbye. Victor arranged to meet Diane at Gloworm later that night. Victor told Michael he intended to keep Diane and Nick's relationship from developing into anything more than friendship.

When Tucker and Ashley arrived at Gloworm, they said hello to Diane, who was at the bar alone. Tucker went to the table, leaving Ashley with Diane. Ashley told Diane that life without Victor was much happier in the long run. Ashley warned Diane that Victor was a selfish man who was still obsessed with Nikki. Ashley suggested that Diane find someone who was emotionally available; that was what Ashley had done with Tucker. Diane was speechless as Ashley walked off.

Abby entered the Athletic Club and saw Victor with Michael. Abby asked her father if he'd have a drink with her, but Victor said he had an appointment and walked out. Abby was visibly disappointed. Michael told Abby that her father was a stubborn man. Michael squeezed Abby's shoulder and assured her that she'd wear down Victor eventually.

Abby caught up with Ashley and Tucker at Gloworm, explaining that her appointment had been cancelled. Abby made a crack about Tucker's ex-lovers, then excused herself to get a drink. Tucker followed Abby to the bar. Abby admitted that she was frustrated that she didn't have the money to finance her television show.

Tucker had a solution to Abby's problem. Tucker offered to buy Abby's shares of Newman Enterprises stock that Brad had left her, at a fifty percent mark up. Abby recalled that Tucker had cheated on Ashley with Diane and lied about it. Abby rejected Tucker's offer.

Jack went the bar and sat beside Diane. She informed him that Victor was joining her. Jack decided to leave. Victor arrived and asked Diane what had happened to her meeting with the contractor. Diane said he'd been delayed. Jack and Victor got into it a dustup about the IPO. A short time later, Abby watched Tucker and Ashley dancing together. Abby met Jack at the bar and said she wanted to stop her mother's wedding.

Diane and Victor were at a table, and she told him that they could go home. Victor said that he was staying until the contractor appeared. Diane asked if Victor's hovering was a reaction to her speaking with Nick at the club. Diane declared that it had been an innocent conversation. Victor told Diane that he knew better.

Nick helped Summer pack an overnight bag. Summer opened the door to let Phyllis into the house. Nick noticed that Phyllis looked tired, so he offered her a beer. Phyllis comforted Summer when she was agitated, then enjoyed the beer with Nick. Phyllis said working on the web site was an all-day job. Phyllis complained that she had a stiff neck from the airplane. Nick reached over and rubbed Phyllis' neck. Summer joined her parents downstairs, and Phyllis left with her daughter. Phyllis and Nick shared a look through the window.

As he walked into the coffeehouse, Michael left a message for Phyllis. When Michael saw Neil and Leslie having coffee together, he asked how long they'd been dating. Michael threatened to tell the arbitration judge that Leslie's star witness was having a relationship with her. Neil started to respond, but Leslie held up her hand. Leslie told Michael that the judge might also have a problem with Michael allowing Adam to lie about forging the trust documents. Michael walked off. Neil smiled approvingly.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Jana spoke with Kevin about her plans for the children in her art class. Jana asked Kevin if he would give her coffee stirrers for the art project. Kevin was happy to comply. Jana suddenly realized that she'd forgotten the rest of her supplies at home. When Jana became upset, Kevin asked her to talk to him. Jana admitted that she was stressed because Gloria and Chloe were on her case. Jana was afraid to make a single mistake at work because Chloe had been trying to get her fired. Kevin was sympathetic and hugged Jana.

Gloria and Chloe met at Gloworm to discuss what they'd found when they searched Jana's apartment. Chloe showed Gloria the fake baby pad and told Gloria that she'd caught Jana with sonogram photos. Chloe surmised that the evidence indicated that Jana would fake a pregnancy and convince Kevin that he was the father. At the garage apartment, Jana gathered her art supplies and was walking out the door when Chloe and Gloria showed up on her doorstep.

Gloria was wearing the baby pad and Chloe accused Jana of planning to use it to fake a pregnancy. Jana realized that Gloria and Chloe had "burgled" her apartment. Chloe and Gloria declared that Jana was trying to win Kevin back by pretending to have a baby. Jana laughed out loud and told Chloe and Gloria that the baby bump had been a Halloween costume. Jana demanded that Gloria and Chloe leave her home. After Gloria and Chloe had gone, Jana called Liza at the pre-school to say that she needed the day off.

Back at Gloworm, Chloe and Gloria met with Kevin to tell them about Jana's alleged ruse. Gloria and Chloe showed Kevin the pregnancy pad. Kevin was upset that they'd broken into Jana's apartment. Chloe explained to Kevin that Jana had been planning to fake a pregnancy to get him back in her life. Kevin told Gloria and Chloe that even though he and Jana were divorced, he still cared about her. Two cops walked into the restaurant and, after identifying Gloria and Chloe, arrested them for breaking and entering. Kevin offered to call Michael for Gloria and Chloe, but Gloria asked if Kevin could find another way to get them out of jail.

Kevin went to see Jana about Gloria and Chloe's arrest. Kevin agreed that Jana had every right to be upset about what they'd done. Kevin pleaded with Jana not to press charges against Chloe and Gloria. Jana reminded Kevin that Chloe had tried to get her fired, and that Gloria and Chloe had broken into her home. Jana believed that Chloe and Gloria needed to learn a lesson. At the jail, Chloe and Gloria were together in a cell.

Phyllis and Billy were in the Restless Style office, talking about Sharon's story. Phyllis asked if Billy knew the inside scoop about the verdict. Michael and Lauren burst into the place, and Michael blasted Phyllis because she hadn't returned any of his messages. Phyllis explained that she'd been halfway around the world. Michael told Phyllis that he'd found Daisy in Canada, but Daniel had let Daisy get away. Phyllis was stunned. Michael wanted Phyllis to speak with her son and find out why Daniel had bungled Daisy's capture in Saskatoon. Lauren backed up Michael's suspicions, declaring that Daniel had never wanted to be a father and that was why he had allowed Daisy to get away.

At the Abbott house, Abby kissed Daniel and invited him to join her for a shower. Before Daniel could follow her up the stairs, the doorbell rang, and Daniel answered it. Victoria handed baby Lucy to Daniel and explained to him that Abby had volunteered to babysit. Before Daniel could determine if Abby knew about Lucy's visit, Victoria said goodbye and took off. Daniel sat on the couch with Lucy and smiled at her.

Abby returned to the living room and was surprised to see her niece. Daniel explained that Victoria had left Lucy for Abby to watch for the day. Abby received a text message from Ashley and left Daniel to care for Lucy. Daniel enjoyed spending time with Lucy. When his phone rang, Daniel listened as Phyllis told him to meet her at the office. Daniel assured Lucy that nobody would ever know that she was his daughter.

Abby arrived at the McCall Unlimited offices to meet Ashley, but Tucker was waiting for her. Tucker admitted that he'd sent the text message to Abby. Tucker wanted to discuss buying Abby's shares of Newman stock, and he'd sweetened the deal since the last time they'd talked. Tucker showed Abby the check he'd prepared, which was double the previous offer. Tucker reminded Abby that he was going to be her stepfather, but Abby wasn't influenced. Abby turned down Tucker's offer because Tucker was going to use the shares to hurt Victor. Abby walked out of the office.

At the jail, Sharon was overjoyed to see Noah had stopped to visit her. A moment later, a guard awakened Sharon. Sharon realized that she'd only dreamed that Noah had been there. At the tack house, Nick opened the door to find Noah had returned home. Nick and Noah spoke about Sharon. Noah was shocked that his mother had tried to leave the country, using Faith's birth certificate to create a fake passport. While Nick went upstairs to get dressed, Noah looked at his mother's photo.

Victoria arrived at Nick's. Nick was surprised to hear from Victoria that Noah had driven off. Victoria agreed to stay with Faith so Nick could find Noah. Nick assumed that Noah had gone to the jail to see Sharon.

Daniel arrived at Restless Style with Lucy in his arms. Billy wondered how Lucy had wound up with Daniel. Daniel explained that Victoria had dropped Lucy off for Abby to babysit, but Abby had gone to an appointment. Billy took Lucy from Daniel as Michael, Lauren, and Phyllis demanded answers from Daniel about his actions in Canada. Victoria arrived and was surprised, but pleased, to see Billy had Lucy. Daniel admitted that he'd made a mistake in Saskatoon by hoping that Daisy would lead them to the baby. Daniel apologized again, but added that he was sure that Daisy would never return to Genoa City.

Phyllis asked Daniel how he knew that for certain. Daniel said that Daisy would never risk landing in prison. Lauren reminded Daniel that Sheila had risked imprisonment time and again. Michael and Lauren continued attacking Daniel, but Billy supported Daniel's reasoning about Daisy. Michael and Lauren walked out angrily. Phyllis told Daniel that she knew that he was lying. Phyllis said that she would never stop searching for Daniel's baby. Billy and Victoria held onto Lucy and agreed they were happy compared to the others.

The guard told Sharon that she had some visitors. Sharon was thrilled when Noah walked into the jail. Sharon told Noah how grateful she was that he was there to see her. Noah blasted Sharon for not heeding the warnings he'd given her to stay away from Adam. Noah listed Sharon's crimes and said he was shocked by her behavior. Noah said he didn't know his mother anymore. Noah said he was afraid that Faith would never know the mother he'd had growing up. Noah turned his back and left, even as Sharon asked him to stay.

Noah went to see Abby and told her about his emotional visit with Sharon. Abby sympathized with Noah. Noah told Abby that he'd enjoyed being in New York, and urged Abby to move to the city, too. Abby said she would never do that.

Adam walked into the meeting room at jail and found Victor waiting to see Sharon. Adam was shocked that his father cared enough to be there. Victor said that Adam had let him down at the arbitration hearing. Adam didn't care. Victor informed Adam that he would be a rich man after the IPO because Adam's trust had been irrevocable. Victor said he found it hard to believe that Adam was really his flesh and blood.

Adam told Victor that he'd been to Thailand, where he'd found Victor's accomplice, Koa. Adam declared that he had uncovered all the details of Victor's machinations with Skye and Koa. Adam thought that none of Sharon's woes would have occurred if Victor hadn't been intent on destroying Adam. Victor told Adam that he was poison and should stay away from Sharon. Adam walked out of the room.

Adam arrived at Tucker's office. Adam said he wanted to make a deal for his Newman stock options. Adam asked Tucker to make him an offer. Tucker said he'd pay double the price. Adam wanted an immediate wire transfer of the funds. Tucker said that could be arranged. Tucker made a call to the bank and transferred the funds. Adam signed over his Newman stock options. Tucker shook Adam's hand. Adam wished Tucker luck in sticking it to Victor.

Nick walked into the meeting room at the jail and saw Victor was there, waiting to see Sharon. Victor was surprised to learn that Noah had returned home. Victor wanted to see his grandson. Sharon was led to the meeting room and said that Noah had visited her in jail, but it had gone badly. Sharon said that she had failed Noah. Nick offered to speak with Noah for Sharon.

Sharon feared that someday in the future, Faith would grow to feel the same as Noah. Victor assured Sharon that it would never happen. Victor was confident that the jury would not convict Sharon. Adam arrived and went to Sharon's side. Sharon explained that Noah had visited, but her son had turned on her. Sharon asked Nick if he would take Faith for a visit. Adam received a phone call from Vance. Adam told the others that the jury had returned with a verdict.

Friday, April 8, 2011

At the jail, Adam informed Sharon that he'd made the arrangements for her to escape from police custody if she was found guilty. Sharon was afraid of what Noah would think of her if she went on the run. Adam believed that if Sharon didn't escape, she'd never be able to find the evidence to exonerate herself. Vance appeared at the door and told Sharon it was time to get ready for court.

Nick found Noah in the empty courtroom. Nick asked Noah if Noahhe was prepared to be there for the verdict. Noah said he had to stay for his mother. Nick mentioned that Sharon had been very upset by Noah's visit. Noah explained that he hadn't intended to hurt Sharon. Noah assured Nick that his love for his mother hadn't changed, even though he was disappointed in her choices.

Outside the courtroom, Jack complained to Billy that he hadn't had any time with Phyllis because she'd been working non-stop on Sharon's story. Billy hoped that Phyllis had found the evidence to exonerate Sharon. At the Restless StyleRestless Style office, Phyllis was writing a story about the trial for the web site. Phyllis called Malcolm to check on his progress restoring the images on the memory cards. Malcolm said he still hadn't found the video of Skye and Sharon.

A while later, Jack greeted Phyllis when she arrived at the courthouse. Phyllis assumed that Jack was hoping that Victor might show up. Jack learned from Phyllis that she'd been trying to get the evidence to clear Sharon, but so far her efforts had been for naught. Nick joined Jack and Phyllis in the hallway. Jack wondered how Sharon was doing. Nick revealed that Sharon was a wreck because of her visit with Noah.

Phyllis offered to speak with Noah. Nick reminded Phyllis that anything Noah said to her would be off off-the the-record. Phyllis assured Nick that she wouldn't take advantage of Noah. Phyllis entered the courtroom and approached Noah. Phyllis encouraged Noah to stay strong no matter what happened to his mother. Noah said that he was embarrassed about Sharon's antics, as well as Victor's actions. Noah confessed that he was ashamed of his family. Jack went to Phyllis' side. Noah thanked Jack for being there.

Vance and Adam were walking to the courtroom. The media surrounded them, and Billy asked for a quote. Vance said that he expected a positive outcome. Sharon was brought led into the courtroom in handcuffs. Nick asked the guard for a moment alone with Sharon.

The guard stepped aside, and Nick noticed that Sharon was agitated. Sharon was concerned that Noah was there. Sharon asked if Nick had brought taken Faith. Nick said he'd decided not to bring take her because of the press. Sharon feared that she might not get to see her baby before being sent to prison. Vance asked Nick to leave Sharon alone so she could compose herself.

Tucker called Michael to arrange a meeting at his office. Michael was reluctant to go to McCall Unlimited, but Tucker insisted. Michael was heading out of Gloworm when he ran into Katherine. Nikki joined them at the door and said that she'd just heard that the jury had reached a verdict in Sharon's trial. Michael's phone rang and it was Victor summoning Michael to the ranch to discuss business. At the ranch, Diane and Victor watched a news report about Sharon's trial.

Katherine complained to Nikki about Tucker. Kay disapproved of Tucker making a move against Newman Enterprises. Kay asked if Nikki had been in touch with Victor. Nikki reminded Kay that Victor had a wife, Diane. Kay assured Nikki that Victor would rather have Nikki at his side than Diane. Katherine admired that Victor had testified for Sharon at the trial. Nikki said that Victor had been compelled to do that by his guilty conscience. Kay urged Victor Nikki to visit the ranch and speak honestly to Victor.

As they Victor and Diane watched the television, Diane announced that the jury would be reading the verdict. The foreperson said that Sharon was had been found guilty of murder in the first degree. Everyone reacted in shock, -- those in the courtroom and those watching the proceedings on television. Sharon collapsed in tears. The judge ordered the courtroom to calm down. Sharon was remanded to custody until sentencing. Vance said that Sharon was sick and needed help. Sharon was allowed to go to the restroom before returning to her cell. As she was being lead led out of the courtroom, Adam told Sharon that he was sorry.

Victor was distraught about the verdict. Diane pointed out that Noah had been in the courtroom. Victor blamed Vance for bungling Sharon's defense. Michael agreed that Sharon might win an appeal. Victor asked Michael to take Sharon's case if there was an appeal. Diane excused herself so Michael and Victor could speak. Michael told Victor that Tucker had requested a meeting with him. Victor instructed Michael to give McCall whatever he wanted with interest.

Nikki said goodbye to Kay and walked out of Gloworm. Kay received a call from her stockbroker and was interested in what he had to say. When Tucker entered the restaurant and said hello to Katherine, she sneered at him. Kay knew that Tucker had purchased Adam's stock options, and she was appalled by Tucker's actions. Tucker told Kay that Adam had approached him.

Kay accused Tucker of trying to destroy the Newman family. Tucker declared that the Newmans were responsible for their own problems. Tucker accused Kay of being a hypocrite, saying that Kay placed everyone else's interests above her own son's. Kay said that Victor had earned her loyalty, ; Tucker had not. Kay assured Tucker that she had vast experience as a CEO. Tucker reminded Kay that he had offered to team with her on the Newman stock deal. Kay warned Tucker not to underestimate her. Tucker said that Kay was past her prime when it came to conducting big business.

Michael arrived at McCall's office. Tucker reported that he'd purchased a huge amount of Newman Enterprises stock. Michael was unimpressed and questioned why Tucker had wanted to see him. Tucker said he had a message for Victor, and Michael was the messenger. Tucker said that if Victor needed to sell shares of Newman Enterprises, Tucker would be willing to buy them all at above market prices. Michael said Victor would never sell to Tucker. Michael walked out.

Kay pulled out her phone and placed a call to the SEC. Kay said that the SEC needed to know about unethical business dealings, and she wanted to file a complaint against Tucker McCall. She said his business practices were reprehensible. When she was asked to identify herself, Katherine said she was Tucker McCall's mother.

After hearing the verdict, Phyllis and Billy announced that they were going to the office to write Sharon's story. Jack decided to stay behind. Vance informed Walsh that he planned to appeal the case and get Sharon off. Walsh explained that he'd done his job and won his conviction legitimately, exactly what Vance would have done if the situation had been reversed. Adam asked Vance what they could do for Sharon right away. Vance said that an appeal might take months.

Nick caught up with Noah outside the courthouse. Noah said that he'd decided to return to New York. Nick asked if Noah was leaving because of Sharon. Noah explained that he had a good life in New York, and nobody there cared about him being a Newman. Nick supported Noah's decision. Noah promised to stay in touch with Nick, and asked Nick to continue watching out for Sharon.

After Noah had walked away, Diane appeared and told Nick she'd needed to see him. Diane said that she'd overheard Victor asking Michael to prepare an appeal for Sharon. Nick asked Diane why she'd told him about his father's plans. Diane thought it might make Nick feel better. Nick resented that Diane shared information about his father with him. Jack appeared as Nick walked off. Jack wondered what angle Diane was playing with Nick. Diane said she'd felt bad for Nick, but Jack suspected that Diane was lying.

Nikki arrived at the ranch and asked Victor where Diane had gone. Victor told Nikki she wasn't welcome in his home. Victor didn't want to hear any criticism from Nikki about his testimony in Sharon's trial. Victor told Nikki to leave. Nikki said that when she drove to the ranch, her intentions had been to blast Victor, but then she changed her mind.

Nikki thought it was admirable that Victor had testified for Sharon. Nikki implored Victor to fix things for Sharon and the Newman family. Victor bemoaned what had happened to their family. Nikki assured him that he would comepull through for everyone in the end. Victor said he wouldn't give up fighting for Sharon. Victor hugged Nikki.

At Restless StyleRestless Style, Phyllis began Sharon's story, but Billy didn't care for the angle. Phyllis agreed to do a rewrite it and make Adam the focus of the piece. A while later, Phyllis told Billy that she might have found a video of Sharon and Skye at the volcano. Phyllis had just heard from Malcolm about the evidence.

Jack discovered Adam lingering in the courtroom. Adam said he would continue fighting for Sharon in spite of the verdict. When Adam walked out of the courtroom, the press asked him for a comment. Adam declared that Sharon was innocent, and her conviction would be overturned on appeal.

The matron took Sharon to the restroom. She removed the handcuffs from Sharon's wrists and let Sharon go into the stall. Sharon found the items Adam had hidden for her escape in the back of the toilet. When the guard tried to enter the stall, Sharon rushed her, using a chloroformed rag to knock out the guard. Sharon worked on the window and found that the bars that had been loosened. Sharon climbed out the window.

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