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Sharon eluded the police and drove to Sedona. Phyllis and Nick made love. Sofia and Malcolm got married, and she suspected that she was pregnant. Thieves took Sharon's car and jewelry. Everyone thought that Sharon had been killed in a car crash.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 11, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tucker and Victoria entered the office of Restless Style through the freight elevator. Tucker told Victoria that Victor's initial public offering (IPO) presented a wonderful opportunity for him to get his hands on Beauty of Nature. Katherine hid behind a doorway and listened to Tucker and Victoria's conversation.

After Tucker went into a meeting to discuss advertising, Katherine approached Victoria and said, "He can certainly charm snakes, can't he?" Katherine sat down with Victoria to discuss Newman family business. Katherine explained that her aim was to calm the waters. Victoria became livid when Katherine announced that Victor had reinstated Adam's trust, which meant that Victoria's estranged sibling owned a great deal of Newman stock.

Victoria cried that Abby had been forced to sue Victor for her trust and that she and Nick had battled their father to get their share. Victoria scoffed that their dad had handed Adam, a baby-stealing liar, a gift tied with a bow. Victoria feared that Victor might consider Adam an equal to his other children.

Victoria held her forehead and cried that she and Nick would have to deal with Adam after shares of Newman were offered to the public. Katherine explained that Victoria and Nick wouldn't be dealing with Adam because he'd sold his shares to Tucker. Victoria guessed that Tucker would combine his shares with hers and Nick's. Katherine pointedly asked Victoria if she thought Tucker had planned to consult her and Nick.

Victoria admitted to Katherine that she'd questioned Tucker about positioning himself to acquire Newman stock, and he had never mentioned Adam. Katherine warned that Tucker likely had reasons for not mentioning his deal with Adam. Victoria cried that surely Tucker wouldn't put Adam in charge of Beauty of Nature.

Katherine advised Victoria to keep her eyes open because Tucker always made deals to his advantage. Katherine promised to do what she could to protect members of the Newman family. Victoria thanked Katherine and acknowledged that what Katherine had done couldn't have been easy. Katherine replied, "Sometimes children just aren't the people we would like them to be."

Victoria, her bottled-up frustrations about to explode, told Billy that she needed to discuss something with Tucker. Billy told Victoria that he recognized her "need to hurt someone face," and he reminded his wife that Tucker was about to write a big check to the magazine. Tucker emerged from his meeting, and Victoria charged toward him. Billy stopped her and said, "Don't hurt his face. Do not hurt his wallet."

Victoria calmly approached Tucker and said, "So, you bought Adam out of Newman Enterprises." Tucker was surprised to learn that Victoria had heard about the transaction. Tucker claimed that it would help them buy into Beauty of Nature. Victoria begged Tucker to tell her about the deal he'd made to put Adam in charge of Beauty of Nature. Tucker flatly replied, "That never happened and is never going to. I'd like to know who's spreading that nasty lie."

Victoria stiffened and told Tucker that she should have heard the news about Adam from him. Tucker explained that he'd purchased Adam's stake but made no promises regarding Beauty of Nature. Victoria reminded Tucker about the agreement he'd made with Jack. Tucker emphatically stated that he would never trust Adam.

With Adam's shares, Tucker insisted to Victoria, he, she, and Nick could seize control and spin off Beauty of Nature. Tucker gave Victoria the option of backing out, but he told her that if she later regretted her decision, she would have to abide by his terms in order to reenter the deal.

After Tucker left, Victoria told Billy that Tucker was a snake. Victoria was panicky and asked Billy how she could maintain a business deal with someone she didn't trust. Billy suggested that she and Nick forget Beauty of Nature and start their own company. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes, and she cried, "I love Beauty of Nature. It's my heart, but maybe it's time to let go of that dream." Billy kissed Victoria's hands and said, "New company. New dream." Victoria sighed and said, "Thank goodness Katherine came to me with this information when she did."

At the Newman ranch, Katherine stopped by to visit Victor and recalled her conversation with Victoria at Restless Style. Katherine told Victor that she had never told Victoria, per se, that Tucker and Adam had joined as a team. Victor theorized that Victoria had easily jumped to the conclusion. Katherine smiled and added, "Oh, it's just a matter of time before Tucker and Victoria's alliance just falls to pieces." Victor and Katherine embraced as they laughed and celebrated.

Katherine told Victor that what Tucker was attempting to do to the Newman family sickened her. She vowed to poison a hundred wells in order to prevent him from doing to Newman Enterprises what he'd done to Chancellor Industries. Victor laughed and said that though everyone knew he and Katherine were friends, no one knew that they had connived to manipulate the situation.

Katherine admitted that she had pushed Victoria's buttons when she mentioned Adam's name. Victor laughed and said, "Together, you and I will divide and conquer, and all of those sharks circling my company will be pitted one against the other. They'll take each other out!" Katherine brought up Sharon's conviction, and Victor announced that Sharon had escaped. Victor said that he had hoped to help Sharon, but he admitted that she had faced a very serious situation.

In a restroom at the courthouse, a bailiff knocked repeatedly on the locked door, but the female court officer who'd accompanied Sharon inside didn't respond. Spencer kicked the door open and found the female officer unconscious on the floor. Bars from the window had been removed, and Sharon was gone.

In the hallway, Adam stood before a gathering of reporters and cameras and insisted that Sharon was innocent. Alarms sounded, and a security officer announced that a prisoner had escaped. The officer added that "she" would soon be captured. A reporter asked if Sharon had escaped, but Adam acted shocked and insisted that the escapee couldn't be Sharon.

Vance met with Adam in the emptied courtroom. Adam, indignant, asked Vance how the authorities could have lost Sharon. Adam said he was concerned that the escape might affect Sharon's chances for an appeal. Vance was questioning Adam about his role in the escape when Spencer burst in and told Adam that he would be held for questioning.

Spencer told Adam and Vance that Sharon had subdued the guard with chloroform, which someone had supplied to the prisoner. Spencer ordered Adam to appear on television and plead with Sharon to turn herself in. Victor arrived, pointed at Adam, and said, "Not him. I will call Sharon. If I appeal to her, she might come back." Adam sighed and told Victor that if he, after having pleaded the Fifth on the witness stand, attempted to communicate with Sharon, she would end up with a life sentence. Victor replied, "Do you want Sharon to stay on the run?"

Victor insisted that Sharon would return if he called her. Adam told Victor that Sharon no longer trusted Victor. Spencer again ordered Adam to appear on television and convince Sharon to return. Out in the hallway, Adam appealed to Sharon via various media outlets and begged her to return. Staring blankly and devoid of emotion, Adam said, "Come back, please. I am begging you to come back."

Victor approached Spencer and quietly told him that Adam was behind Sharon's escape. Victor explained that he knew where to look for Sharon, and he offered to help if Spencer promised not to punish Sharon when she returned. Spencer ordered his detective to confer with Victor and take notes.

At the office of Restless Style, Phyllis told Billy that her trip to Thailand and run-in with Koa might have paid off for Sharon. Phyllis maintained that Sharon was innocent of murder and just needed proof. Billy was thrilled that his magazine would have exclusive access to video footage. Phyllis reminded Billy that he wasn't the one who'd risked his life.

Phyllis happened to notice that Adam was on television, so she turned up the audio. A reporter stepped in front of Adam and announced that convicted murderer Sharon Newman had assaulted an officer and escaped custody. Phyllis told Billy that she'd find Sharon. Billy suggested that Sharon might have had help. Phyllis promised to find "team Sharon" and return with an exclusive story to print.

Nick, carrying Faith, stopped by Sharon's house to get the baby ready for a visit with her mother at the courthouse. Nick was puzzled to find a row of empty clothes hangers in Sharon's closet. Nick heard someone at the door and found Phyllis trying to peek inside. Phyllis told Nick that Sharon had escaped. Nick summoned Faith's nanny to stay with the baby.

Phyllis snooped around and told Nick that someone had obviously packed up Sharon's things quite hastily. Nick kicked an ottoman in frustration and cried that every stupid thing Sharon had ever done was because of Adam. Phyllis agreed that Adam certainly knew how to plan an escape. Nick explained that Adam had broken every connection Sharon had, so she was alone and dependent on him. Adam arrived and casually asked, "What are you two doing in my home?" Nick replied, "This is Sharon's home, and what the hell did you talk her into?"

Adam claimed he didn't want Sharon to be on the lam with police chasing her. Adam theorized that Sharon had most likely rushed home and packed her things while he was appearing on television, pleading for her to return. Adam asked Phyllis and Nick to help him search for Sharon. Adam insisted that he would search the airport. Phyllis and Nick said they'd check the train and bus stations. After Adam left, Phyllis told Nick that they should covertly follow Adam to the airport because he would lead them to Sharon.

Headlights from oncoming traffic illuminated Sharon's face as she drove into the darkness. She fished out an envelope that had been stashed above the visor. Sharon found a Kansas driver's license and a passport issued to Deirdre Shaw. Photos of Sharon, with brown hair, were affixed to each of the documents. The passport contended that Deirdre's birth date was May 25, 1974, and that she resided in Wichita. Sharon found a box containing hair dye in a duffel bag and said, "You really thought of everything, Adam."

Sharon stopped at a filthy public restroom in a deserted area. She used the items Adam had supplied to dye her hair, and she styled it to closely match the altered photo on the driver's license. Sharon emerged from a bathroom stall, dressed in black leggings, a scoop-neck tank, and sexy high heels. Her newly darkened mane, parted on the side, partially covered one side of her face. Sharon tossed her clothes and the hair dye into a waste bin before exiting the restroom.

Sharon's mother returned home and was shocked to find her daughter hiding in the dark. Doris, taken aback by her daughter's altered appearance, warned that the authorities would catch her. Sharon cried that the authorities believed that she was guilty. Doris said that Adam had appeared on television, begging Sharon to return to the courthouse. Sharon seemed surprised and said, "Adam said that?"

Doris claimed that Adam was trying to do the right thing for once. Sharon's mom explained that the district attorney had promised not to let the escape affect sentencing if Sharon returned immediately. Doris said she could phone police and claim that Sharon had escaped, so she could visit her broken-hearted, wheelchair-bound mother. Sharon reminded her mother that Sharon had no way to prove her innocence.

Sharon begged her mother to keep an eye on Faith while she was gone. Doris said, "That's your responsibility. That's your child." Raising her voice, Sharon explained that she was taking steps to ensure she'd be free to raise her daughter. Sharon begged her mother to support her, but Doris repeatedly refused. Sharon seemed crushed when her mother said, "You're so wrong, Sharon. Everything about you and the decisions you make are so, so wrong."

Sharon blasted her mother for choosing not to support her in the courtroom. Sharon cried that for once in her life, her mother should have been on her side. On her knees, Sharon pleaded with her mother to believe in her. Doris turned away and said that police were on their way. Sharon rushed out, sobbing.

As Sharon drove, she recalled Spencer's probing questions regarding her mental health, the men in her life, and her past brushes with the law. Sharon tried to shake it off, but the sting of her mother's hurtful comments tortured her. When a car sped up from behind, Sharon's heart caught in her throat. After the car passed her on the left and drove off, Sharon breathed a sigh of relief.

Adam showed up at the airport. He tried to conceal his identity by pulling a ball cap down below his eyebrows. When Adam approached the ticket counter, Spencer's detective rose from his seat and covertly listened as Adam requested a first-class, one-way ticket to Saint Martin. The agent printed a boarding pass and told Adam to enjoy his flight.

After Adam boarded, the detective spoke into a microphone hidden in his sleeve cuff. The detective said, "On his way to Saint Martin; do I follow? Tell the guys on the island that he's wearing a brown jacket and a black baseball cap."

Nick and Phyllis arrived. Nick introduced himself to the ticket agent and explained that he was supposed to meet his brother, Adam Newman. The agent said that Adam had just purchased a ticket to Saint Martin. Nick and Phyllis requested coach-class tickets to the same destination.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At the county jail, Gloria and Chloe were taken into the meeting room where Jana was waiting. Gloria and Chloe blasted Jana for having had them incarcerated. Chloe claimed that Jana was a lunatic. The guard told all the women to sit down. Chloe and Gloria learned that Jana wanted to press charges. The guard looked at the paperwork and explained that Jana could not be the plaintiff because she was not the homeowner. Jana was shocked that she could not press charges against Gloria and Chloe.

At Restless Style, Billy called home and told Victoria that he'd be working late because of the news about Sharon's escape. Billy hung up the phone and spoke to a reporter about a story. Billy received a phone call about Chloe. A short time later, Billy walked into the meeting room. Billy was told that he was the one who had to involve the police because he was the homeowner.

Billy asked Chloe what she had done. Chloe contended that Jana was a danger to Delia and Lucy. Billy was fed up with Chloe's attacks on Jana. Gloria defended what she and Chloe had done by going into Jana's apartment. Gloria called it sleuthing. Billy wondered what was wrong with Chloe and Gloria and why they wouldn't leave Jana alone. Jana asked Billy to make Chloe and Gloria pay for what they'd done.

Kevin met with Heather at Gloworm. Kevin asked Heather to do him a favor by springing Gloria from jail. Heather agreed to help Kevin by representing Gloria. Kevin added that Chloe was also behind bars, and Kevin hoped Heather would get Chloe out, as well. Heather said that Kevin couldn't do enough favors for Heather to get her to help Chloe. Heather said she liked the idea of Chloe being in jail, so she wouldn't be the right lawyer for Chloe.

Kevin said he believed that Heather could be impartial and fair. Heather didn't think that Chloe would agree to have Heather as her attorney. Heather learned from Kevin that Chloe and Gloria had broken into Jana's apartment. Later, Kevin and Heather appeared at the jail just as Billy was contemplating the charges against Chloe and Gloria. Kevin presented Heather as Chloe and Gloria's attorney. Chloe rejected Heather's help with a terse, "No way."

Gloria wanted Heather to be their lawyer, but Chloe insisted that Billy would never let them remain behind bars. Billy agreed that he wasn't inclined to involve the legal system, but when Chloe lashed out at Billy for endangering his children, Billy changed his mind. Billy walked out with the guard. Jana asked Kevin to not be influenced by Chloe's hateful accusations. Heather asked the ladies if they wanted her help. Gloria said yes; Chloe said no.

Gloria told Chloe to work with Heather, or they'd be stuck in jail overnight. Heather explained that she would arrange for a bail hearing, and the ladies agreed. A while later, Heather returned with the news that there would be no arraignment because of budget cuts. Gloria and Chloe would have to remain in jail for a while. Chloe thought that Heather was "punking" them. Heather said that unless Billy dropped the charges, there was nothing more to be done.

Billy returned to the house and entered Jana's apartment. Billy looked around and discovered that Kevin was there, too. Kevin said that he and Billy had the same thing in mind, checking out Jana's story. Billy threatened to call the cops on Kevin. Billy demanded to know what Kevin had found in the apartment. Kevin didn't trust Billy and refused to say.

Kevin suggested that he and Billy should work together. Billy laughed, but then agreed. Kevin showed Billy a receipt for the purchase of the pregnancy pad that Jana claimed had been a Halloween costume. The date on the receipt was long past October. Jana walked into her home and asked Billy and Kevin why there were there.

Lily helped Sofia prepare for her wedding day. Sofia said she'd spent the night tossing and turning. Lily approved of Sofia keeping away from Malcolm the night before the wedding. Sofia said she was too excited to eat breakfast. Sofia was thrilled that she was finally marrying Malcolm. Lily put on Sofia's makeup, and Sofia was impressed that Lily had been a Jabot model. Lily said that she'd met Cane during her tenure at Jabot. Sofia thought that had probably been a great way for Lily and Cane to get to know each other.

Lily mentioned that two years after she had fallen in love with Cane at Jabot, he had died on the church steps. Sofia was sensitive to Lily's feelings about First United and offered to switch the location of the wedding. Lily told Sofia that wouldn't be necessary. When Lily referred to Dru, she said that Sofia had similarities to her mother. Lily wondered if Sofia wanted Neil to walk her down the aisle. Sofia said that she had arranged for Tucker to escort her to the altar.

Sofia reminisced about her father and how she would have loved to have her parents in the church for her wedding. Sofia said she was lucky to have found a new home in the Winters family. Lily appreciated being able to embrace Sofia the way she'd hugged her mother when she was alive. Lily asked if Sofia had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for the wedding. Sofia had all the bases covered, except something borrowed. Lily went to the bedroom for find something to lend Sofia for the wedding.

At the Athletic Club, Devon and Neil arrived to help Malcolm get ready for the nuptials. Malcolm was a nervous wreck. Neil explained that he and Devon had gone there to make sure everything went perfectly. Malcolm searched for his to-do list. Neil found the list. Malcolm looked at it and realized he had to get the rings. When Malcolm tried to leave the room in his pajama pants, Neil took over and said he'd take care of the wedding details.

Devon said he'd be taking Roxy to the wedding. Malcolm wanted Neil to find a good woman, too, like Devon and Malcolm had. Neil agreed that Sofia was a wonderful person. Malcolm said that he and Neil always had the same taste in women. Malcolm gave Neil a bouquet of flowers to give to Sofia before the wedding. Neil said that he was happy to comply.

Later, Devon adjusted Malcolm's tie for him. Devon said that his music career had taken off in New York City, and he was anxious to see where he could go with it. Devon wasn't ready to settle down with Roxy. Malcolm urged Devon to enjoy his youth the way Malcolm had. Malcolm said he was ready to marry Sofia and become a homebody.

When Neil arrived at Lily's, Sofia opened the door and saw Neil with the bouquet. Neil explained that the flowers were from Malcolm. Sofia said she was still dressing. Neil thought she looked beautiful. Neil asked if Sofia was as nervous as Malcolm was. Neil announced that would leave immediately so that he didn't hold up the wedding. Sofia agreed that Neil should do nothing to stop the wedding.

Sofia read the lovely card that had arrived with Malcolm's flowers. Lily lent Sofia a comb that she'd worn on her wedding day, something from Dru. Sofia was touched and accepted it as something borrowed to complete the wedding tradition. Sofia thanked Lily for making her feel like part of the family. Lily said all the Winterses loved Sofia.

At Gloworm, Neil ordered more champagne for the wedding. Leslie walked in, and Neil greeted her. Neil said the wedding reception was going to be at the restaurant. Impulsively, Neil invited Leslie to be his date for the wedding. Leslie took pity on the best man without a date and said yes. Neil was pleased. Later, Neil went to the hotel, and Malcolm blasted him for being late. Malcolm hurried Neil so they would be on time to the service. Malcolm flipped out when Neil jokingly pretended that he'd forgotten the rings.

Devon left to make sure the car was downstairs for them. Neil listened to Malcolm's final thoughts before the wedding, happy for his brother. Neil said that Sofia was a special lady. Malcolm believed that he finally had it all. Neil and Malcolm embraced. At Lily's, Sofia appeared in her wedding dress. Lily said she looked beautiful. Sofia was feeling overwhelmed, but she was confident about marrying Malcolm. Sofia then looked at a photo of Neil, and there were doubts in her eyes.

Outside the church, Sofia realized that she'd forgotten her bouquet in the limousine. She went back to get it as Lily waited in front of the church. Lily gazed at the steps where Cane had been shot and killed. Daniel appeared and escorted Lily into the church.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family and friends gathered at the church for Sofia and Malcolm's wedding. Neil asked if Jill was comfortable being back in the church. Jill said she was all right, but Colin was worried about how Lily was coping. Daniel said that Lily had been upset when she first reached the steps, but after a bit of hesitation, she'd managed to make it into the church. Tucker appeared to speak with Sofia before walking her down the aisle. Tucker asked if Sofia was ready. She said she had butterflies in her tummy, but was anxious to marry Malcolm.

The music played, and Lily walked down the aisle first. Tucker then escorted Sofia to the altar. As Neil watched Sofia, he had flashbacks to the night they made love. Tucker left Sofia at the altar and returned to sit with Ashley. Malcolm kissed Sofia's hand before the minister began the ceremony. The minister read the vows out loud, and Malcolm and Sofia both said, "I do." Malcolm placed the ring on Sofia's finger and spoke from his heart, confessing his love for Sofia. Sofia put her ring on Malcolm's finger and then Malcolm kissed the bride.

Malcolm announced to the crowd that Sofia was his wife. The bride and groom walked back to the foyer, where Neil and Lily were the first to congratulate them. Jill and Colin followed, then Tucker and Ashley. Tucker said that if Sofia's father had been there, he would have been proud of her. Neil introduced Leslie as his date, and Sofia tried to cover her stunned reaction.

On the stairs outside the church, Neil told the crowd to meet join the family at Gloworm for the reception. Jill recalled that Cane had died on the steps to the church. Colin reminded Jill that there were good memories at the church, too -- their marriage. Jill and Colin agreed they were lucky to have found each other.

At the reception, Ashley asked Leslie about Sharon's escape from custody. Ashley was concerned about Faith. Leslie said there was no news to report and that she was shocked that Sharon had fled. Olivia introduced herself to Leslie and said she had once been Mrs. Malcolm Winters. The new Mrs. Winters, Sofia, appeared with Malcolm on her arm. Malcolm announced that Sofia was a smart, beautiful woman, and he was proud that she was his wife. Malcolm admitted that Sofia could have left him when he acted like a jerk, but she hadn't.

Sofia took a sip of champagne, got nausea, and ran for the ladies room. After returning, Sofia apologized for running off and leaving the party. Malcolm was concerned about Sofia, but she said she should have eaten something before the ceremony. Sofia threw the bridal bouquet, and Leslie caught it. Neil accused Leslie of putting on the pressure. Sofia watched Neil and Leslie, uncomfortable about their chemistry.

Daniel asked Lily if she was okay. Lily recalled that she and Cane had never anticipated the troubles they eventually faced, like her cancer, on the day they had gotten married. Daniel suggested that they leave the reception. Malcolm offered Sofia a bite of wedding cake, but Sofia refused because her stomach was still upset. Malcolm told Sofia that they could leave the reception.

Sofia and Malcolm said goodbye and urged everyone to stay and enjoy the party. Neil asked Leslie to dance. Ashley told Tucker she always loved a good wedding. Tucker told his fiancée that he would never let her get away from him. Jill thanked Colin for marrying her. Colin told Jill that when he arrived in Genoa City, he had never meant to fall in love. Colin said he was thankful that Jill had entered his life.

At the honeymoon suite, Malcolm felt bad that Sofia was feeling ill. Sofia asked for a glass of water. Malcolm left the room to get some ice. Sofia called to the gift shop to ask if they sold pregnancy tests.

Daniel escorted Lily home and she thanked him for showing up at the church and being her date. Daniel promised to always be there for Lily. Daniel left and Lily switched off the lights. In the window to the patio, Lily thought she saw Cane. She looked a second time, and Cane was gone. Lily said to herself that she would never stop missing Cane. Outside the door, two muddy footprints were proof that someone had been there.

Jana was stunned to find that Kevin and Billy had broken into her home. Billy said he had the key and hadn't technically broken into the apartment. Kevin asked Jana to explain why there was a receipt for the pregnancy pad, showing it had been purchased just two weeks before. Jana claimed that she had done nothing wrong and suggested that Kevin was still punishing her for leaving him for Ryder. Jana played the victim, reminding both Kevin and Billy how responsible she'd been in caring for Delia and Lucy. Jana explained that she was trying to rebuild her life, and Kevin and Billy were threatening to take it all away.

Kevin apologized to Jana, but he continued to have questions about the pregnancy pad and sonogram photos. Kevin said that Chloe and Billy were worried about the kids. Billy asked Jana why she was dodging their questions. Kevin and Billy urged Jana to tell them the truth. Jana relented and explained that she was trying to find Daisy's baby. Jana said that she didn't believe that Daisy had been pregnant in Canada because Jana thought that Daisy had been in labor the night she escaped from Genoa City.

Jana claimed that Daisy had never truly cared about keeping the baby; she simply exploited the child to hold onto Daniel. Billy asked about the sonogram photos and pregnancy pad. Jana said she suspected that Daisy's baby had been sold to a black market baby broker. Kevin was shocked that Jana had met the baby broker to try to find if Daisy had worked with her. When Billy heard that the baby broker was named Primrose, he said it was time to drop the subject. Billy told Kevin to let it go, too, then Billy walked out of the apartment.

Kevin asked Jana if his niece might still be in Genoa City. Jana wasn't sure. Kevin was crazed to think that somebody would have bought a baby and assumed that the parents had to be deranged to buy a child. Outside the apartment, Billy called Primrose and left a message saying that they had to make sure that nobody could ever connect the two of them. Billy arranged to meet with Primrose.

In St. Martin, Nick and Phyllis watched Adam unlock a hotel room and enter. Nick and Phyllis wondered if Sharon was in the room waiting for Adam. Nick decided to check into the room next door to Adam's so he and Phyllis could continue spying on Adam and Sharon. In the hotel room, Adam smirked because he knew that Nick and Phyllis were falling for his ruse. Adam said that Phyllis and Nick were both suckers. A while later, Adam walked out of the room to get ice, giving Nick and Phyllis a chance to go into the room next door.

Phyllis noticed that there was just one king-size bed in the room. Nick held a glass to the wall to listen in on Adam's room and Phyllis thought it was a very low-tech way to do surveillance. On the other side of the wall, Adam was using a glass to listen to Nick and Phyllis' room. Adam then turned on the radio. Nick told Phyllis that something was happening. Phyllis grabbed a glass and listened through the wall, too. Nick and Phyllis agreed that it was going to be a long night. In his room, Adam opened a map and checked out Sharon's route to Sedona, New Mexico.

Phyllis complained about their mission. Nick urged Phyllis to go to bed. Phyllis said that the room was too hot, so Nick told her to take off her clothes. Nick said he'd restrain himself, prompting Phyllis to strip to just her underwear -- a black bra, and matching panties. Nick noticed that Phyllis looked sexy. In the other room, Adam turned off the radio and went to bed. Nick told Phyllis he was going to sleep. Phyllis asked Nick what he was doing when he took a pillow, went to the couch and stripped off his shirt. Phyllis said she'd be glad when they were done with their assignment.

Sharon was driving to Sedona, following Adam's instructions. Struggling to stay awake, Sharon drank a cup of coffee. When a police car siren sounded behind her, Sharon sped up. Sharon pulled over and the cop asked her if she knew she was speeding.

After looking at Sharon's I.D., the officer asked her to step out of the car. The cop told Sharon that he'd stopped her for a busted taillight, but asked her out of the car because she had acted suspiciously. He asked if Sharon was nervous about something. Sharon blamed her jitters on the coffee she was drinking to stay awake. The cop urged her to go to a nearby motel and get some rest.

Rattled by her encounter with the police officer, Sharon called Adam. Adam said he hadn't expected to hear from Sharon. Nick and Phyllis listened from the other room. Adam told Sharon to hold it together. Sharon was very emotional. Adam confirmed that he would meet Sharon at the pre-arranged site, but Sharon didn't respond.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

At the ranch, Diane walked into the living room and asked Victor if he had some time to spend with her. Victor explained that that he was working. Diane sat on the couch and said that she wanted to come clean with Victor about her relationship with Nick. Diane said that when she returned to Genoa City, she'd had dinner with Nick a few times, but it hadn't amounted to much.

Diane told Victor she wanted their marriage to work and that was why she was compelled to be honest with Victor. Victor appreciated Diane's honesty. Diane asked if Victor would join her for dinner, just the two of them, since Kyle was at a friend's house. Diane proposed a romantic supper and Victor told her to surprise him. When Diane walked out the door, Victor called security to have Diane followed.

At the tack house, Nikki watched the television news coverage of Sharon's escape from police custody. There was a knock on the door, and Nikki found Jack on the doorstep. Jack was surprised to find Nikki at Nick's home. Nikki said she was watching Faith while Nick was out of town. Nikki mentioned that Noah was upstairs saying goodbye to Faith. Nikki explained that Noah was anxious to return to New York City. Jack greeted Noah and questioned whether Noah was sure about leaving Genoa City, since Sharon was on the run.

Noah said that he didn't want to put his life on hold because of his mother's impulsive decisions. Noah believed that Sharon had been wrongfully convicted of killing Skye, but he could not understand why Sharon had fled. Noah explained to Jack that good things had been happening for him in New York, and he didn't want to ruin his chance for success in the music business. Noah said that he needed space. Jack hoped that Noah wasn't simply running away. Nikki told Jack that she supported Noah's decision. Noah said that he felt terrible about what his mother had done to herself, but he was confused about the person Sharon had become since hooking up with Adam.

In St. Martins, Adam was on the phone with Sharon. Adam confirmed that Sharon would meet him in Sedona. Sharon was emotional on the phone, but said yes. Adam asked where Sharon was, and she revealed that she'd reached New Mexico, but she was having second thoughts about her decision to flee. Adam urged Sharon to stick with their plan.

Adam was concerned about Sharon and urged her to get off the road and check into a motel to rest. Nick and Phyllis listened to Adam from the other room, but they couldn't make out what Adam had been saying. Sharon told Adam the name of the motel up ahead where she'd stop for the night. Adam said that he would fly there to be with her immediately. Adam assured Sharon that she was strong, adding that he loved her and would be with her soon. Sharon hung up the phone before Adam could say any more.

Adam called the desk and said he wanted to leave the island. Phyllis and Nick heard Adam's plan to check out and were anxious to follow. Nick's phone rang, and it was Diane wanting to talk about a school play involving Summer and Kyle. Phyllis asked Nick who was on the phone, and Diane overheard a woman's voice. Diane asked Nick if he was with someone. Nick explained that he and Phyllis had followed Adam to St. Martins because they thought he might be meeting Sharon. Nick told Diane he had to run and ended the call. Adam made certain that the hallway was clear then called for a bellman to help him for a few hours, offering to pay double. Phyllis listened but couldn't make out what Adam was saying.

Phyllis' phone rang, and it was Jack asking her to meet him for dinner. Phyllis revealed that she wasn't in Genoa City. She was out of town, working on a story for Restless Style. Phyllis promised to call Jack as soon as she had time to talk. At Gloworm, Diane saw Jack and noticed that he looked rattled. Jack tried to act nonchalant when Diane informed him that Phyllis was in St. Martins with Nick. Jack said that he knew Phyllis was following a lead, but Diane guessed correctly that Phyllis hadn't told him where she was and with whom.

Jack told Diane that Phyllis was working on a story for the magazine. Jack was curious that Diane had known about Nick's whereabouts. Diane said that she and Nick were just friends. Diane told Jack that she was still a newlywed and enjoyed being married to Victor. Jack wondered what Diane wanted out of Victor. Diane said that she treated Victor with kindness and, in return, he spoiled her. Diane told Jack he should try kindness in his relationships.

Adam left his hotel room with the bellman, saying in a loud voice that he was going to the ferry. Nick and Phyllis heard, and Nick stuck his head out of the room. At the ferry, Phyllis and Nick struggled to keep Adam in sight. Adam and the bellman switched hats and Adam had the bellman go onto the ferry. Nick and Phyllis caught up with the bellman and assumed that he was Adam.

The bellman said that he'd been hired by the other man to get onto the boat. Nick and Phyllis saw Adam on the shore. Adam waved to them, smirking. Nick asked an official on the ferry if the boat could be turned around. Phyllis and Nick learned that the ferry was going to St. Barts and could not be rerouted.

Sharon was shown to her room at the roadside motel. She asked the clerk for a map to Arizona. When she was alone, Sharon sat down and wrote a letter to Noah. Sharon apologized to her son for letting him down and encouraged Noah to follow his dreams. Sharon hoped that Noah would never feel responsible for the things Sharon had done. Sharon left the letter in an envelope marked with Noah's name.

Sharon wrote another note, this time for Faith. Sharon took blame for the mistakes she'd made and said Faith would be better off with her father raising her. Sharon asked that Faith remember that her mommy always loved her. Sharon promised to be Faith's precious angel.

Sharon lined up the letters for Noah and Faith on the table. Sharon started writing a letter to Adam. Sharon admitted that she loved Adam. Sharon said that Adam had taught her that real love was not a fairy tale; it might be difficult and messy at times. Sharon explained that she could not commit to a life with Adam, even though she loved him dearly. Sharon left all three notes on the table.

As Sharon was about to walk out of the room, she ran into the clerk. He apologized for startling Sharon, but explained that he had the map for Sharon. Sharon took the map but said she couldn't talk because she had to leave. Before leaving the room, Sharon put Adam's engagement ring on her finger. Sharon walked out, taking her suitcase and leaving the notes on the table.

Ashley and Tucker were dancing at the wedding reception. Tucker said that when he walked Sofia down the aisle, he had been thinking about what she'd been like when he'd hired Sofia right out of college. Ashley liked seeing the sentimental side of Tucker. Tucker's buzzer sounded, reminding him that he had a business call to Japan. Tucker asked Ashley if she wanted to attend the conference call with him. Ashley said that she was going to the ranch and would see Tucker later.

Victor was at the Athletic Club, picking out a special bottle of wine for his dinner with Diane. Tucker ran into Victor and saw that he was speaking with the sommelier. Tucker admired Victor's taste in wine. Victor said that Tucker had crossed a line when he bought Adam's shares of Newman stock. Tucker thought that Victor would welcome anyone who appreciated what Victor had built. Victor warned Tucker to be on the lookout for an unpleasant surprise. Tucker said that he appreciated the sporting way Victor had given him notice.

Ashley arrived at the tack house, and Nikki let her into the house. Ashley wanted to help Nick with Faith in light of the Sharon situation. Nikki appreciated Ashley's offer, but said that she and Victoria could handle caring for Nick's daughter while he was out of town. Ashley was concerned about Faith not having her mother around. Nikki didn't want Faith to be confused by too many people in her life. Nikki assured Ashley that she would let Nick know about Ashley's kind offer.

Victor was home when he answered the phone and learned that Diane had gone to Gloworm after leaving the ranch. Nikki called out to Victor and then entered the living room with Faith. Victor was happy to see his granddaughter. Nikki explained that Nick had left town to follow a lead about Sharon. Victor encouraged Nikki to stay for a while.

Victor enjoyed the playtime with Faith. Nikki felt the same way about their grandchild. Nikki said that she was sorry that the arbitration had alienated the family. Diane arrived home and saw Nikki and Faith with Victor. Diane entered the living room and made a fuss over Faith. Victor told Diane how happy he was that Nikki had taken Faith for a visit.

When Nikki informed Diane that Nick was out of town, Diane acted surprised. Diane invited Nikki to stay for dinner, but Nikki declined and left with Faith. Victor showed Diane that he'd set the table with the bottle of wine. Diane appreciated his efforts, but wondered if Victor would mind if they went out to dinner after all. Victor said he couldn't resist Diane's request.

Ashley met Tucker at the Athletic Club. Ashley admitted that she'd gone to Nick's to see Faith. Ashley was worried about Faith. Tucker criticized Sharon for abandoning her child. Tucker couldn't forgive any mother who would do that to a child.

Ashley recalled how Tucker had helped Ashley when she contemplated running away with Faith. Ashley still wanted to be involved with caring for Faith. Jack approached Tucker and Ashley and said that he wanted a truce. Jack explained that he needed allies and wouldn't oppose their engagement. Jack said he didn't want to fight with Tucker any longer. Tucker shook Jack's hand.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nikki ordered dinner for one at the Athletic Club, hiding a mini-bottle of liquor in her purse. Nikki looked up and noticed Victor and Diane walking into the dining room. Victor and Diane approached Nikki's table, and Diane explained that she'd convinced Victor to take her out for dinner. Diane wondered if Nikki was eating alone.

Jack appeared suddenly, kissing Nikki's cheek, and declaring that he had been delayed. Jack said he was Nikki's date for the evening. When Victor asked Jack about Phyllis' whereabouts, Jack told Victor that Diane had informed him that Phyllis had gone to St. Martins with Nick. Victor acted cool, but he was clearly ticked off that Diane had not told him about speaking with Nick. The host appeared and escorted Victor and Diane to their table.

Victor asked Diane when she'd had spoken to Nick. Diane explained that she'd simply called Nick to tell him about the school play. Diane tried to switch subjects, but Victor persisted in asking Diane about her contact with Nick. Diane asked Victor why he continually threw his relationship with Nikki in Diane's face. Diane felt that Victor had been insensitive to her feelings about Nikki being such a big part of Victor's life.

Victor didn't deny that he still cared for Nikki. Diane declared that Nikki had been interfering in their marriage. Diane believed that Nikki and Victor still shared warmth and that Victor kept Nikki around as a backup plan. Diane wanted Victor to be as committed to making their marriage work as she was.

Victor downplayed his relationship with Nikki, telling Diane that he and Nikki were simply civil with each other. Victor reminded Diane that he had married her, not Nikki. Diane wondered why Victor had been so suspicious with her of late. Victor was surprised that Diane felt the way she did. Victor apologized to Diane and admitted that he had felt rejected by his children after the lawsuit. Victor had appreciated Diane's compassion during that time. Victor said that he liked that he could relax with Diane and feel like she was not judging him.

Diane said that she accepted Victor as he was, but she needed to know that Victor wanted her. Victor kissed Diane's hand and asked her why she'd married him. Diane explained that she'd always wanted another chance with Victor after their first marriage. Diane liked the way that Victor could make her problems disappear, and she appreciated that Victor swept her off her feet. Diane felt that there was no man better for her to be married to. Victor asked Diane to go home with him.

Nikki asked Jack if he was concerned about Phyllis being away with Nick. Jack said that he and Phyllis had been doing very well, and Jack was confident that Phyllis would be faithful to him. Nikki admitted to Jack that Nick had trouble letting go of relationships. Nikki suggested that Phyllis and Nick being alone on a tropical island wasn't a good thing. Jack confessed that he had bad memories of Phyllis leaving him for Nick.

Jack said he had to trust Phyllis or else he'd drive himself crazy. Nikki was certain that Nick and Phyllis were focused on finding Sharon and wouldn't be resuming their romance. Nikki noticed that Victor and Diane were leaving the restaurant. Jack wished that Nikki could get over Victor once and for all. Nikki changed the subject to Noah's music career rather than talking about Victor.

Victor and Diane arrived at home, and Victor asked how he could reassure Diane that he was satisfied with their marriage. Diane asked Victor to hug and kiss her. Victor complied, and he said that he and Diane were good together. Victor kissed Diane, and she responded ardently. While Diane kissed Victor, her thoughts drifted to making love with Nick. Victor, meanwhile, was thinking about being in bed with Nikki all the while he was making love to Diane.

Jack and Nikki sat at the bar and talked. Nikki sipped a ginger ale and thanked Jack for distracting her for the night. Nikki watched the bartender pour a drink and excused herself. Nikki went to the ladies room to sneak a drink. While Nikki was away, a beautiful woman approached Jack and flirted with him. She said she recognized Jack from the newspapers, and as she leaned close, she asked Jack to guess which Jabot fragrance she was wearing. Jack identified the scent and smiled at her. The lady invited Jack up to her room, but he said he was in love with another woman and had to say no.

In St. Barts, Phyllis and Nick were shown the honeymoon suite. Nick reminded Phyllis that it was the only room available. Phyllis was anxious to leave the island for St. Martins, but there was no transportation until the morning. Phyllis was upset that Adam had outwitted them. Nick assumed that Adam had hooked up with Sharon.

Nick called room service and ordered cheesecake for Phyllis, hoping to cheer her up. Phyllis suggested that they have their laundry done before the trip resumed in the morning. Nick thought Phyllis wanted to see Nick undressed again. Phyllis shook her head. Nick pointed out that the beach outside was beautiful. Nick suggested that he and Phyllis try to get along for the night, and Phyllis agreed.

On the patio overlooking the beach, Phyllis and Nick enjoyed dinner. They were both wearing only robes. Phyllis noted that Nick had ordered all her favorite foods. Nick poured wine for the two of them. Nick assumed that Phyllis believed that he was trying to rescue Sharon again. Phyllis understood that Nick cared for Sharon and couldn't stop having those feelings. Phyllis admitted that she never wanted to be in that situation again.

Nick confessed that he'd loved Phyllis, and he hadn't wanted to lose her. Phyllis assumed that Nick had bounced back after their divorce. Nick said getting over his marriage to Phyllis had been one of the toughest things he'd ever done. Phyllis suggested that they stop talking and play cards. Phyllis dealt the cards and they agreed that the winner would get the bed for the night.

A while later, Nick claimed that he'd won, but Phyllis said they hadn't finished playing. Phyllis proposed that they play slap. As the game commenced, Nick taunted Phyllis, and she gave it right back to him. As the game escalated, Nick reached over and grabbed Phyllis' hand. They then kissed and began making love.

In New Mexico, Adam stopped at a diner and asked for directions to the Sunrise Motel, where he was to meet Sharon. Adam left a message on Sharon's phone, saying that he was on his way. Sharon was sitting in her car as she listened to Adam's message. After a moment's thought, Sharon deleted it. Suddenly, a woman approached the car window and put a gun to Sharon's head, telling her to get out. A man and woman forced Sharon to give them her money and jewelry. They took Sharon's car, leaving her alone in the dark.

At Sharon's motel room, Adam knocked on the door, but there was no response. Adam spoke to the motel clerk about Sharon. The motel clerk said that Sharon had left in a hurry. The man agreed to let Adam into Sharon's room to wait for her. Adam searched the place for a clue to Sharon's whereabouts, but all her things were gone. Adam didn't see the letters on the table.

Adam called Sharon's phone and left another message. He looked across the room and saw the letters on the desk. Adam read Sharon's letters and learned that Sharon had walked out of his life and her children's lives, too. In her letter to Adam, Sharon had encouraged Adam to start his life over without her. Adam read that Sharon would always love him, but had still said goodbye.

Sharon walked alone on the road, not sure where she was heading. Sharon entered the diner, sat in a booth, and ordered a sandwich. The waitress served Sharon and asked if Sharon had moved to the area. Sharon explained that she was just passing through. In the motel room, the clerk knocked on the door. Adam pocketed the letters. The man asked if Sharon had returned and Adam said he thought she had probably gone out for something to eat.

The clerk told Adam that there'd been a report on the radio about a wreck on the highway. Adam listened to the news and heard that the description of the car in the accident was the same as Sharon's. Adam drove to the site of the accident and listened for more information on the radio. The news said there had been a fatality in the crash and that the victim might be the fugitive, Sharon Newman. Sharon heard the same report at the diner, then left.

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