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Child Protective Services took Lucy from Billy and Victoria. Abby sold her Newman stock to Jack. Olivia helped Sofia alter her baby's conception date. During a fight with Chloe, Jana collapsed and appeared to be dead.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 2, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, May 2, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Malcolm, with Sofia by his side, happily announced to Lily and Devon that his new bride was pregnant. After Devon asked when the baby was due, Sofia seemed uneasy. Malcolm explained that they'd know after visiting Sofia's doctor later in the day. Lily and Devon decided to throw an impromptu party to celebrate, but Sofia quickly nixed the idea.

Later, Sofia asked Devon and Lily to phone and invite Neil, so everyone could celebrate. Devon called Neil and invited him to the party. Neil explained that he was having breakfast with Olivia and had a meeting to attend later, so he would be unable to show up. Neil asked to speak to Sofia and told her to make an excuse to meet him at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Later, Olivia arrived at the coffeehouse and congratulated Malcolm. Olivia learned that Sofia had to leave to attend to a business matter. Olivia rushed back to the Genoa City Athletic Club when she discovered that she'd left her cell phone at the bar. When Neil later arrived, Malcolm asked him what he thought about his brother becoming a father. Neil managed a stiff grin.

Devon found a bouquet of flowers on a table and directed Lily's attention to it. Lily picked up the flowers and saw a tiny Eiffel Tower charm affixed to the ribbon. A card attached to the bouquet instructed Lily to "meet me at the usual place." Lily seemed stunned.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Olivia easily sensed that Neil wasn't pleased to learn that Sofia was pregnant. Olivia explained that Malcolm was no longer the irresponsible man who'd left town because he wasn't prepared to be a father to Lily. Neil agreed with Olivia when she suggested that it would boost Malcolm's sense of pride for him to have a child of his own.

Olivia returned to Neil's table after excusing herself to take a phone call. Neil told her about the party to celebrate Sofia's pregnancy. Olivia was upset when Neil said he couldn't attend and explained that he'd be missing a wonderful opportunity to bond with Malcolm. Just after Olivia walked away, Sofia arrived and seated herself at Neil's table. Olivia was at the bar, getting change, and later stomped out of the club without noticing Sofia.

Sofia assured Neil that the baby wasn't his. Neil replied, "We both know that's not true." Sofia claimed that the date they'd made love didn't correspond to the timing of her pregnancy. Neil told Sofia that she couldn't be positive without a DNA test. Sofia heatedly told Neil that she would not take a DNA test. Neil warned that he'd tell Malcolm that the baby might not be his if Sofia refused. Neil instructed Sofia to ask her doctor to determine when the baby had been conceived, and if the baby were Neil's, they would have to inform Malcolm.

Sofia told Neil that she couldn't admit to Malcolm that the baby might not be his. Neil insisted on telling his brother the truth. Neil explained that he had been through a similar situation with Lily when it was determined that Malcolm was her father. Sofia slipped her hand into Neil's and begged him to forget about the paternity test. Olivia returned to retrieve her cell phone and saw Sofia and Neil holding hands. Neil left abruptly without noticing Olivia. Olivia told Sofia that she'd seen Sofia holding Neil's hand. Olivia demanded to know what was going on between Sofia and Neil.

At Gloworm, Chloe reviewed security footage from the train station and noticed that Kevin had covertly displayed the symbols for "rock, paper, scissors" with his hand. Chloe told Gloria that the symbols meant that Jana was holding Kevin hostage. Gloria summoned a detective, and Chloe replayed the video. Chloe explained that the "rock, paper, scissors" symbols Kevin displayed to the camera had been a signal letting her know that Jana was holding him hostage. The detective said that he'd keep Chloe's theory in mind, but he riled Gloria when he reminded her that her son was a fugitive and would be treated as such.

Chloe contacted the local television station and hatched a plan to air the video of Kevin and Jana. A camera operator and a reporter arrived to interview Chloe and Gloria. The camera operator noted that everyone wanted to get a scoop on "Bonnie and Clyde." Gloria noted that Kevin was not an outlaw. After the interview began, Gloria announced that Kevin was innocent. As the video taken at the train station aired, Chloe explained that she had proof that Kevin's ex-wife was holding him against his will. Chloe explained that she'd seen Kevin's signal, and she tearfully begged Kevin to "hold on."

Later, Gloria and Chloe learned from Lauren that Michael had left Gloworm. Gloria and Chloe told Lauren that they could prove that Jana had kidnapped Kevin and needed to tell Michael. Lauren told Chloe and Gloria that Billy had bought Daisy's baby from a baby broker. Chloe was livid and said she would sue Billy for full custody of Delia.

Chloe summoned Heather to Gloworm. Chloe told Heather that she needed an excellent attorney because Billy had made some poor decisions that might adversely affect her daughter. Heather was shocked to learn that Billy had purchased Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti's daughter from a baby broker. Heather was sympathetic to Chloe's plight and agreed to draw up a petition for custody. Heather warned that innocent bystanders could get hurt if the petition was used as a weapon. Chloe said she would do anything to protect her daughter.

Seated in a booth at Gloworm, Michael shocked Lauren when he told her that Lucy Abbott was Daisy's daughter. Lauren worried that Daisy could find out where her baby was. Michael explained that Phyllis had insisted on filing for custody and had asked him to act as her representative. Lauren worried that publicity surrounding the case might lure Daisy back to Genoa City. Unnerved, Lauren ordered Michael not to represent Phyllis, and he agreed he wouldn't. Michael left to meet with Phyllis.

Michael met Phyllis at the Genoa City Athletic Club and told her that he would be unable to help her because he had to protect Lauren. Phyllis was angry and said she'd be forced to contact Vance for help. Phyllis pleaded with Michael to help her. Lauren arrived and crossly informed Phyllis that Michael wasn't obligated to help her get Daisy's baby.

Lauren reminded Phyllis that Daisy and Ryder, Shelia Carter's offspring, were just as crazy as their mother was. Phyllis said she needed Michael because he was the best. The two women argued until Michael explained that he could help Phyllis quietly without involving the press.

At Billy and Victoria's, Phyllis was livid when Daniel signed over his parental rights. Before Phyllis stormed out, she promised to return with her attorney. After Daniel left, Victoria made Billy promise that they wouldn't lose their daughter.

Daniel met his mom to the Genoa City Athletic Club and pleaded with her to leave Lucy with Victoria and Billy. Phyllis became emotional and reminded her son that she regretted not fighting for him after Danny took him away. Phyllis warned Daniel that he would regret giving up his baby. Daniel insisted that Lucy would be better off to stay with the Abbotts. Phyllis, defiant, said, "Like hell she is."

Later, Rafe stopped by and explained to Billy and Victoria that Daisy could still claim her parental rights. Even if Daisy's rights could be legally terminated, Rafe explained to Billy and Victoria that they'd still have to deal with Phyllis because her attorney would first determine whether or not the adoption had been legitimate. Billy said that Primrose had given him documentation and had assured him that no one would question it.

Victoria asked Rafe what would happen to Lucy if the adoption were challenged. Rafe explained that child-protective services might step in if a judge questioned the adoption's legitimacy. Victoria panicked. Rafe told Billy to stop Phyllis from pursuing custody. Daniel returned and said that his mother had refused to back down. Victoria cried that she hated the idea of fighting Phyllis for Lucy.

Phyllis retuned with Michael. Victoria and Billy told Phyllis that she could not take Lucy away from them. Phyllis shot back that she would not give up. Michael calmly explained that the best way to handle the matter and protect Lucy was to work together privately and quietly and reach a mutual agreement.

At the abandoned daycare center, Kevin called out from the closet and told Jana that she was no better than Daisy for locking him up. With her hair coifed into pin curls and wearing a tulip-skirted sheath dress, Jana opened the closet door and announced that she was very much different from Daisy.

Jana prepared a special dinner for Kevin. She thrust the gun into Kevin's chest and explained that she had locked him up because she loved him. Jana led Kevin to a seat and handcuffed him to the chair arm. Jana promised Kevin that she would no longer control him with the gun and the handcuffs after he was over Chloe.

When Jana heard police radios outside the door, she shushed Kevin, hid the food, and forced Kevin into a corner of the closet. Jana warned Kevin to remain silent as she threatened him with the gun. Kevin told Jana that people weren't supposed to hurt the ones they loved. Jana agreed, but she told Kevin she couldn't let him spoil her plan.

Jana saturated a paper towel with ether and held the towel over Kevin's mouth and nose until he fell unconscious. Kevin slumped to the floor. Police stepped in, looked around, and even illuminated an area inside the closet. Noting that no one was inside, the two police officers closed the door and left. Jana breathed a sigh of relief.

Jana tried to rouse Kevin, but he remained unconscious. Jana was relieved when she felt Kevin's pulse. She stroked Kevin's face and cried that they could be happy if he would just learn to love her again. Jana tenderly kissed Kevin's limp hand and told him that their life could be wonderful again. Jana seemed desperate as she supported Kevin's head against her chest.

Kevin later awoke and found himself alone behind the locked closet door. He called out to Jana, but she didn't respond. Kevin first played with Delia's yellow ball, and then he repeatedly whispered to himself, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot."

Jana called out to Kevin and asked him if he was ready to be released and behave. Kevin quickly messed up his hair and rubbed his eyes until they were reddened. When Jana opened the door, she found Kevin curled into a fetal position. In a flat, monotone, Kevin said, "Please let me out. I'll do anything you want." Jana bit her lip and seemed saddened by Kevin's pitiful demeanor.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daniel met Abby at Gloworm to talk. Abby was still miffed about Daniel having kept the secret about Lucy from her. Daniel hoped that Abby understood why he'd only confided in Lily about Lucy being his daughter. As Daniel explained that Phyllis was determined to fight for custody of Lucy, Daniel implored Abby to keep the information quiet. Abby assured Daniel that she'd tell nobody. Daniel wished that Phyllis would simply back off and let Billy and Victoria raise Lucy. Abby said she had troubles with her mother, too, and believed Ashley would be making a terrible mistake if she married Tucker.

At the Abbott house, Ashley and Tucker were pleased with the idea that the wedding planner had for them. Tucker kissed Ashley and said that he was excited about their upcoming wedding. Jack entered and was glad to see that Ashley seemed happy. Jack was relieved that Ashley wasn't marrying Victor again. Tucker revealed to Jack that he'd bought Adam's Newman Enterprises stock options. Ashley expressed her regret that the merger between Beauty of Nature and Jabot had never materialized.

Tucker left for a business appointment, and Ashley asked Jack if he would do her a favor. When Ashley requested that Jack give her away at the wedding, Jack was surprised. Jack reminded Ashley that he didn't really like Tucker very much. Ashley pressed the issue, reminding her brother that he'd made a speech about the importance of family. Ashley asked Jack to respect the fact that Tucker was her choice. Jack apologized for upsetting Ashley and agreed to stand up for her at the wedding.

Tucker walked into Gloworm and sat at Daniel and Abby's table. Tucker asked for Abby's help in choosing a wedding gift for Ashley. Abby asked Tucker if they could talk some other time. Daniel offered to leave, but Abby asked him to stay. Daniel felt uncomfortable and left anyway. Abby disapproved of Tucker interfering with her date.

Tucker told Abby that the wedding was imminent, and he needed Abby's advice. Tucker asked Abby to sell her Newman Enterprises stock options to him, which he would then present to Ashley as a wedding gift. Tucker offered 300 dollars for every share Abby sold him. Tucker assured Abby that Ashley would receive every share, and Abby could keep them in the family. Abby was non-committal, so Tucker asked Abby to take some time to consider his offer.

Ashley joined Tucker at Gloworm, where they had dinner. Tucker was happy to hear that Jack had agreed to walk Ashley down the aisle. Tucker said he had a surprise for Ashley, then explained that he'd approached Abby about buying Abby's Newman stock options. Tucker said he wanted to give Ashley the shares as a wedding gift. Ashley was overwhelmed that Tucker would give her such a generous present. Tucker said he'd offered Abby a rich deal, $300 per share. Tucker said that he still dreamed of someday merging Jabot with Beauty of Nature. They toasted the possibility.

Abby went to tell Jack about Tucker's offer. Jack revealed to Abby that Tucker had already purchased Adam's options. Abby didn't know about Adam's deal with Tucker. Abby told Jack that she didn't believe that Tucker wanted to give the stock options to Ashley as a wedding gift. Jack asked what Abby what she wanted to do with the Newman stock.

Abby proposed selling her shares to Jack, which would keep them in the family, but away from Tucker. Abby even proposed a sale price of 299 dollars a share, just one dollar less than the amount Tucker had offered her. Jack said that he would arrange the transfer of funds right away. Later on, Jack looked at the stock transfer report. Jack picked up a photo of his father and told his father's image that he'd become a major shareholder in Newman Enterprises.

Over dessert, Ashley told Tucker how thrilled she was about the gift he had in mind for her. Ashley loved the prospect of owning a large piece of Newman Enterprises. Tucker was excited about their future together. Abby returned and sat at Ashley and Tucker's table. Tucker explained to Abby that he'd revealed his wedding gift plans to Ashley.

Abby broke the news to her mother and Tucker that she'd decided to sell her Newman stock options to Jack. Abby handed Tucker the transfer sheet. Tucker noticed the price, and Abby joked that she'd given Jack a family discount, 299 dollars a share instead of 300 dollars. Tucker looked like he'd been punched. Abby was very pleased with herself.

After Tucker left, Ashley confronted Abby. Ashley assumed that Jack had instigated the stock transfer, but Abby countered that it had been her idea. Abby resented that Tucker had hounded her for weeks about buying her stock options. Ashley disapproved of the way Abby disrespected Tucker by throwing it in his face that she'd made the deal with Jack rather than Tucker. Abby declared that Ashley was making a colossal mistake by marrying Tucker. Abby reminded Ashley that Tucker had cheated on her with Diane.

Abby wondered if her mother was so desperate to marry Tucker that she didn't care whether he'd been true to her or not. Abby said that she would not be at the wedding. Ashley declared that Tucker had gone out of his way to be good to Abby, but that Abby had never been fair to him. Abby insisted that Tucker would hurt Ashley. When Abby brought up Tucker's liaison with Diane, Ashley demanded proof. Abby admitted that she had none, but she had a bad feeling about Tucker. Ashley hoped that Abby would attend the wedding to show that she loved her mother. When Ashley left, Abby called Daniel and asked him to call her back. Abby then ordered a drink.

Tucker went to the Abbott house to speak with Jack about his purchase of Abby's Newman options. Jack gloated about buying the stock. Tucker proposed that he and Jack combine their shares of stock to make something happen, perhaps forcing Victor to sell Beauty of Nature. Jack reminded Tucker that he'd said he didn't need Jack. Tucker asked Jack to be his partner. Jack said he'd think about it.

At Crimson Lights, Devon noticed Lily's flowers and asked who'd sent them to her. Lily dodged the question. When Devon grabbed the note that had arrived with the bouquet, Lily was upset. Devon read the note, "meet me at the usual place," and Devon assumed Lily was meeting Daniel. Lily denied that Daniel had sent the flowers. Devon remained curious, but Lily asked him to forget about the note.

On the patio, Malcolm asked Neil to congratulate him on being a father. Neil embraced his brother. Malcolm said he was very excited and believed that the baby was a sign that things were turning around for the Winters family. When Neil and Malcolm walked into the coffeehouse, they saw the flowers in Lily's arms. Devon covered to his sister, saying that he'd given them to her. Malcolm was leaving for Sofia's first prenatal doctor's exam. Neil advised Malcolm to take careful notes at Sofia's appointment.

At the Athletic Club dining room, Sofia lied to Olivia, claiming that her meeting with Neil had been about business. Olivia could tell that Sofia was lying to her. Sofia asked Olivia to respect her privacy. Olivia realized that Sofia's discomfort was due to the fact that Sofia's baby might be Neil's. Sofia admitted that she and Neil had enjoyed a one-night-stand when she was estranged from Malcolm. Sofia told Olivia that it had been a mistake.

Olivia questioned the date of Sofia's encounter with Neil, then used a calendar to determine the date that the baby was conceived. Sofia believed it had to be Malcolm's baby, but Olivia said that the February night Sofia had spent with Neil was likely the time that Sofia had become pregnant. Sofia asked if Olivia was certain and when Olivia said she was positive, Sofia fretted and contemplated leaving Genoa City. Olivia told Sofia to clear her head and think things through.

Sofia felt she had to keep her night with Neil a secret. Olivia agreed that the family would be devastated if the truth was revealed. Sofia feared that Malcolm would discover the conception date at the doctor's visit. Olivia told Sofia to push the date up two weeks. Olivia explained that once the baby was born, a two-week discrepancy wouldn't matter. Sofia was grateful to Olivia. Olivia admitted that she was breaking her medical ethics by advising Sofia to lie, but Olivia felt that she had to protect the family.

Devon ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights and asked if Daniel planned to meet Lily. Daniel had no idea what Devon was talking about. Devon questioned the wisdom of Daniel renewing his relationship with Lily so soon after Cane's death. Daniel said that he and Lily were only friends. Devon assumed that Daniel had sent the flowers, but Daniel denied knowing about the flowers.

Lily arrived at the cemetery and found Cane waiting for her. Cane said that he was glad that Lily had received his message and the flowers. Lily told Cane that she missed him. Cane said the he and Lily belonged together. Lily explained that the psychic had told her that Cane wanted to protect her. Lily asked Cane if he'd said all he wanted to say before he died. Cane claimed that he couldn't remember. Cane asked Lily to help him figure out why he was there.

Lily asked if Cane had been unable to cross over. Cane thought he was somewhere in between life and death. Lily was amazed that she could hold Cane in her arms. Cane hugged her close. Cane told Lily that he would do anything to be with her in this world or the hereafter. Cane said that he had to leave, but promised to return. Cane kissed Lily and left.

Daniel showed up and asked Lily if she had met someone. Lily said that visited the cemetery to be close to Cane. Daniel worried about Lily being there so late at night. Daniel hugged Lily. Devon showed up at the cemetery and saw Daniel holding Lily in his arms.

Sofia and Malcolm arrived at the coffeehouse after the doctor's appointment. Olivia and Neil greeted them with questions about the baby. Sofia said she had conceived in early March. Malcolm announced the baby would be arriving in November, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tucker met Ashley at the Athletic Club bar and wondered why they were having a nightcap. Ashley admitted that she'd had a fight with Abby at Gloworm. Ashley surmised that Tucker had gone to see Jack about the stock transfer. Tucker was impressed that Ashley knew him so well. Tucker explained that he'd proposed a partnership with Jack, but Jack wanted time to think it over. Ashley was depressed about her bout with Abby.

Tucker felt bad when Ashley informed him that Abby had said that she wouldn't attend their wedding. Tucker felt that Abby's actions were a tantrum. Ashley still wanted Abby to be at her wedding. Tucker wondered if Ashley was considering a postponement, but Ashley assured Tucker that she wouldn't allow Abby to hold their marriage hostage. Tucker offered to do whatever was necessary to win over Abby. Ashley said that she'd sensed that Abby was more sad than angry during their fight.

At Gloworm, Abby ordered another drink and was disappointed to see that Deacon was tending bar. Abby admitted that she was upset because Daniel had failed to show up for her. Deacon listened patiently as Abby complained. Abby told Deacon to leave her alone. Deacon asked Abby when things had started to go wrong for her. Abby explained that she hated Tucker and had told her mother not to marry him.

Abby wished that Daniel cared about her the way she cared about him. Deacon told Abby that Daniel would call her back as soon as he heard her message. Abby resented that Daniel always responded to Lily's calls. Deacon stopped Abby from drinking so many Moscow mules. Deacon declared that Abby wouldn't find any answers in the bottom of a glass. Deacon advised Abby to confront her problems head-on.

At the cemetery, Lily appreciated Daniel appearing because he was worried about her. Devon approached them and asked why the two of them were meeting in front of Cane's grave. Devon thought Lily had disrespected Cane's memory. Lily explained to Devon that he'd misunderstood what he'd seen. Lily's phone rang, and she received a call from Abby. Lily agreed to meet Abby at Gloworm, then told Daniel that Abby sounded strange. Devon suspected that Abby was as suspicious of Daniel and Lily's relationship as he was.

Deacon offered Abby a large glass of water instead of another drink. Lily arrived, and Abby was glad to see her. Abby was clearly drunk. Lily sat with Abby and listened while Abby explained how she was going to face her problems. Daniel appeared and asked Abby why she'd wanted to see Lily. Abby realized that Daniel had been with Lily when Abby had needed him.

Abby felt that Daniel abandoned her with Tucker. Daniel asked if Abby was drunk. Abby claimed that she was fine and wanted to work things out with Lily. Daniel was hesitant to leave, but Lily convinced him to let them talk. Abby and Lily sat at a table in the dining room. Watching them together, Devon accused Daniel of fooling around with two women at the same time.

Lily suggested that Abby stop drinking, but Abby downed her Moscow mule. Abby told Lily that she thought Lily was an amazing person. Abby said that she'd never have handled all the troubles that Lily had with the same strength Lily had shown. Lily interjected that she was not strong at all. Abby accused Lily of being humble. Abby declared that Lily had it all together, and Abby could not compete with Lily. Abby said that Lily could take Daniel from her if that was what Lily wanted.

Lily confessed that she and Daniel were close, but revealed that it was not a romance. Abby resented that Daniel trusted Lily. Daniel walked over to the women and assured Abby that he hadn't chosen Lily over Abby. Daniel said that he wanted to be with Abby, but Abby believed that Daniel didn't trust her. As their voices grew louder, Deacon walked over and asked Abby and Daniel to take their fight outside. Abby screamed for everyone to shut up, then she apologized to the crowd. Abby began to feel sick and then said that she was over Daniel. Daniel was stunned by her words. Devon announced that he would take Abby home.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki reached into her purse for her flask to spike her coffee, then changed her mind and put it away. At the ranch, Diane complained to Victor that they had not had much time together because he'd been working so hard. Diane proposed a romantic night for the two of them. Diane wanted to really speak with Victor. Victor was intrigued, especially when Diane said she'd be wearing next to nothing.

The bell rang and Diane answered the door to Jack. Victor was not happy to see Jack, but Jack was all smiles. Jack announced that he was a Newman Enterprises stockholder. Victor assumed that Jack had convinced Abby to sell her stock options. Jack claimed that it had been Abby's idea. Victor asked what Jack wanted, and Jack explained that as a stockholder, he would want a say in how Victor ran Newman Enterprises. Victor laughed in Jack's face.

After Jack left, Diane sympathized with Victor about Abby's betrayal. Diane was frustrated because Victor wouldn't talk with her about his family. Victor said that he wasn't open to discussing the subject. Diane said that she'd go prepare for their romantic dinner. Victor told her not to bother because he was no longer in the mood. Diane left the house, saying that she'd go to a movie or get a massage. Victor told her to have a good time.

Jack arrived at the Athletic Club and ran into Nikki. Jack boasted about buying Abby's shares of Newman Enterprises. Nikki was concerned about Victor's reaction. Jack said that he'd already told the mustache. Jack explained that Abby had sold her Newman shares because Tucker had wanted them. Abby's intention had been to hurt Tucker, not Victor. Nikki was disappointed that Jack had rushed out to the ranch to rub the deal in Victor's face. Nikki left the club.

A short time later, Nikki arrived at the ranch, where Victor said he was alone. Nikki told Victor that she'd seen Jack. Nikki said she was concerned about Victor. Nikki sympathized with Victor about Abby's decision to sell the Newman stock. Nikki explained that Abby had been trying to hurt Tucker by selling the options. Victor bellowed that Abby had betrayed him. Nikki told Victor that everyone could not meet his standards. Nikki realized that Victor was hurting, but she didn't want to see Jack and Victor resume their feud. Nikki asked Victor to stop and think before reacting to Abby's action.

Diane walked into the house and overheard Nikki and Victor's conversation. Diane didn't let Victor or Nikki know that she had walked into the foyer. Nikki reminded Victor that Sharon's death had drawn the family back together. Victor didn't see the point, but Nikki said they should treat each other that way all the time. Victor agreed. Nikki asked Victor to accept that the lawsuit had ended and he'd lost.

Nikki told Victor that he had everything that was truly important. Victor appreciated Nikki's words and embraced her. Diane spied the two of them hugging. Victor told Nikki he was glad that she'd visited. After a close moment, Nikki and Victor agreed it would be best if she'd left.

Jack approached Ashley and Tucker at the bar. Jack told Tucker that he'd sell Tucker all of his Newman stock in exchange for Jabot. Tucker said no. Jack explained to Tucker that he should give up Jabot for Ashley, because Jack believed that Ashley wanted Jabot back in the Abbott family. Tucker outlined his plans for a cosmetics conglomerate that was only possible if Tucker retained Jabot.

Jack showed Tucker how he would benefit by selling to Jack and asked Tucker to think it over. Ashley asked Tucker to let her speak with Jack alone. Ashley was upset with Jack for making the Newman deal with Abby. Jack had not realized that Abby wanted to use the sale as a weapon against Tucker. Jack apologized to Ashley, but Ashley didn't want his apology. Ashley wanted Jack to speak with Abby and convince Abby to be at the wedding for the family.

Later, Ashley told Tucker that she'd asked Jack to convince Abby to be at the wedding. Tucker told Ashley that he loved her. Back home, Jack called Abby and left a message for her to call him. Diane arrived at Jack's and asked if he and Phyllis were still a couple. Jack said they were not. Diane took off her raincoat and stood there naked. Diane offered Jack a chance to give it to Victor by giving it to her. Jack kissed Diane ardently.

Michael arrived at Gloworm, looking for Gloria. Jeffrey said that Gloria was very worried about Kevin. Jeffrey urged Michael to speak with Angelo, who was eating at a table, to learn if he knew what had happened to Kevin. Michael approached Angelo. Angelo showed Michael the newspaper article in which Chloe defended Kevin. Angelo said he'd been unable to find out anything about Kevin's disappearance. After Michael left, Angelo went to the bar and told Jeffrey that he was sorry that Gloria wasn't there. Jeffrey explained that Gloria was searching for Kevin. Angelo denied that he'd been involved in Kevin's disappearance.

Jeffrey reported he'd be doing the books while Kevin was gone. Angelo demanded to see the ledger because Angelo didn't trust Bardwell's accounting. Jeffrey admitted his actions in the past had been improper. Jeffrey refused to give Angelo the books. Angelo threatened Jeffrey, but Jeffrey played hardball with Angelo. A cop walked into the restaurant and told Angelo that he was needed at the station for questioning. Angelo assumed that Jeffrey had called the cops on him. Jeffrey denied that he'd done any such thing.

At the abandoned daycare center, Kevin remained locked in the closet. Kevin pretended that his claustrophobia was getting to him and asked Jana to let him out. Jana read Chloe's interview in the newspaper in which Chloe claimed that Kevin was innocent. Jana cut the story out of the newspaper and stashed it in the desk. Jana let Kevin out of the closet, but continued to hold a gun on him. Jana forced Kevin to handcuff himself to a chair, then she fed him an apple. Jana recalled bobbing for apples with Kevin on Halloween. Kevin remembered their first Christmas together, when he gave Jana a book about serial killers.

Jana confessed that she'd always loved Kevin. Kevin told Jana he wanted to be close to her again. Jana wasn't sure if she could believe Kevin because Chloe had brainwashed him. Jana felt she needed to change Kevin's mind by forcing him into the closet again. Kevin resented that Jana was trying to break him. Jana was convinced that Kevin would leave her if she let him loose. Kevin said that he would love Jana again if she treated him better.

Chloe was upset that her story in the newspaper had buried the information she wanted the public to read about how Kevin had signaled her on the security video. Chloe told Kay that the detectives still believed that Kevin was a fugitive. Heather called Chloe to inform her that Billy had not responded to her request for full custody. Gloria arrived at the mansion to see Chloe. Gloria feared that Jana had done something awful to Kevin. Kay entered the living room with a box of tee shirts. Kay explained to Gloria and Chloe that Kevin had made up the shirts when Kay had been missing. Kay advised them to create a grassroots campaign, using tee shirts and flyers, to get the word out that Kevin was missing.

Kevin reminisced with Jana about their first date. Jana remembered that she'd been shocked when Kevin asked her out. Kevin charmed Jana with his memories of their courtship. Jana said those were the best days of her life. Kevin pulled back when Jana tried to kiss him. Jana became incensed and forced him to go back into the closet. Jana blared the music from the radio to drown out Kevin's cries. Later, Jana heard the news that the police were looking for Kevin and Jana. Jana listened to the news report in which Chloe revealed how Kevin had signaled for help at the train station. Jana looked at the gun and tried to figure out what to do.

Jana unlocked the closet door and showed Kevin that she was the old Jana. Her Goth look and wide-eyed gaze shocked Kevin. Jana's hair had a red streak. Jana declared that she had reverted to her real self.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria and Chloe passed out flyers that explained that Kevin was missing. When Gloria became impatient with patrons who weren't helpful, Chloe urged Gloria to keep her cool. Kay arrived at the coffeehouse. Chloe told Kay that nobody seemed to care that Kevin was missing. Kay went into the coffeehouse lobby. Heather arrived and told Chloe the police had flagged her paperwork for custody of Delia.

Kay addressed the people inside Crimson Lights about Kevin's abduction. Chloe interjected that Jana was a crazy woman and might be dangerous. Kay passed out the tee shirts and asked everyone to keep their eyes open for Kevin. Chloe spoke with Heather about the police investigating Lucy's adoption. Chloe said that she'd never meant to cause trouble for Billy and Victoria with regard to Lucy. Heather said that Chloe had been concerned about Delia.

Jeffrey was determined to fight Angelo for the profits from the gambling ring. Jeffrey left a message for Gloria that everything was okay and he loved her. Gloria thanked Katherine for her help in the search for Kevin. Gloria hoped that Kevin would be strong enough to get through what Jana had done to him. Kay was confident that they'd see Kevin again.

Billy and Victoria were marveling at how Lucy was ready to start walking. Billy answered the door, and Phyllis arrived with Daniel. Billy suggested that they all try to be calm as they worked out an arrangement to share Lucy. Daniel and Phyllis said that they wanted what was best for Lucy. Victoria wondered why Phyllis was intent on taking Lucy from them. Michael and Rafe appeared to begin the negotiation. Billy said the he and Victoria had spoken, and they would not want to give up Lucy. Phyllis became irate.

Rafe cautioned everyone to cooperate, or Billy and Victoria could be arrested and Lucy might wind up in the system. Phyllis offered to let Billy and Victoria visit with Lucy. Victoria objected vehemently, saying that Lucy only knew her and Billy as family. Phyllis declared that Lucy's DNA made her family to Phyllis and Daniel, and the child belonged with them. Victoria had a different definition of family. Victoria thought Phyllis needed to compromise.

Phyllis said she'd never had the opportunity to be close to Lucy as an infant. Victoria and Phyllis debated Lucy being taken from her birth parents. Victoria pointed out that Daniel had rescinded his rights to Lucy. Phyllis accused Billy of breaking the law by purchasing Lucy on the black market. Victoria didn't want to see Lucy traumatized by being taken from her home. Daniel agreed with Victoria. Phyllis couldn't deny that Lucy needed a stable home. Billy offered Phyllis access to Lucy. Daniel urged Phyllis to agree. Phyllis needed some assurances.

Phyllis wanted Lucy to know that Daniel was her father. Phyllis also asked for one weekend a month with Lucy as well as a say in the major decisions in the child's life. Billy and Victoria asked for a moment to talk. Privately, Victoria complained that Phyllis was asking too much. Billy didn't want to risk losing Lucy in a court case. Rafe asked them if they'd made a decision. The Abbotts agreed to Phyllis' demands. Rafe announced to the gathering that they had a deal.

There was a knock on the door. Billy discovered a woman from Child Protective Services on the doorstep with a uniformed cop. The woman told Billy she needed to speak with him about Lucy's adoption. The Child Protective Services representative explained that Chloe had filed a custody suit against Billy, and the office had noted that Chloe had claimed that Billy had illegally adopted Lucy. The woman demanded to see Lucy's adoption papers. Victoria picked up a fussy Lucy and assured her that everything would be all right.

The woman from Child Protective Services was not satisfied with the validity of the adoption papers. She announced that she would be taking Lucy immediately. Daniel declared that he was the biological father and could prove it. The Child Protective Services representative needed authentic information, so Daniel offered to take another test. Phyllis declared that Lucy had to remain at home. Victoria pleaded with the woman to allow Lucy to remain at home with her and Billy. Michael left to expedite the DNA test for Daniel, hoping to keep Child Protective Services from taking the baby.

The woman from Child Protective Services insisted on taking Lucy. The police officer stepped in front of Billy, warning him to back off. Victoria reluctantly handed over Lucy. The cop and the Child Protective Services lady walked out. Billy hugged Victoria and assured her that Lucy would be back soon. Victoria pulled away from Billy and ran upstairs. Daniel and Phyllis were certain that Lucy would be home very soon. Billy asked if everyone would leave because he needed space. Alone, Billy beat his fist into the coffee table and then began to cry.

Michael arrived at the police station and confronted Walsh about Lucy Abbott being taken from her parent's home. Angelo entered with the cop and said he knew nothing about Kevin's disappearance. Walsh wanted to speak with Angelo, but Angelo suggested that Walsh consult with Angelo's attorney, Michael Baldwin. Michael was shocked.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

by Allison J. Waldman

At the police station, Chloe spoke with Michael about Angelo's knowledge of Kevin's whereabouts. Michael told Chloe that because of her custody suit, Victoria and Billy's baby had been taken from them and put into Child Protective Services. Phyllis and Daniel showed up and asked how they could help, but Walsh said he was unable to intervene. Michael told Walsh that the suit never should have gone to Child Protective Service. Michael suggested that Walsh might use his influence to help Billy and Victoria. Daniel wanted Lucy with Billy and Victoria and offered to prove he was the baby's father. Phyllis assured Daniel that he'd get his child back. Daniel reminded Phyllis that he wanted Lucy to remain with Billy and Victoria.

Billy told Victoria that he'd go to the station to convince the authorities to return Lucy to them. Victoria said she'd go with him because she couldn't bear doing nothing. When Billy and Victoria arrived at the police station, they saw Chloe. Victoria blamed Chloe for Lucy being taken away from them by Child Protective Services. Chloe said that she hadn't known what would happen when she filed the custody suit. Rafe appeared and told Daniel that he could take the DNA test immediately.

Ashley ran into Nikki at Crimson Lights and they both commented on Kay's plan to find Kevin. Ashley mentioned that she was on her way to Victoria's. Ashley left, and Nikki's phone rang. It was Victoria. Nikki showed up at the police station to support Billy and Victoria, but saw Victoria and Billy confronting Chloe. Victoria accused Chloe of being no better than Jana. Billy asked Nikki to take Victoria home. Before walking out, Victoria blasted Billy for messing things up.

Billy and Chloe went into the meeting room, and he fumed at her for causing so much trouble in his life. Billy said that Chloe had been responsible for Lucy being taken away. Chloe agreed that she shouldn't have mentioned the adoption in her legal action. Billy declared that while he might not have been the best boyfriend or husband, he'd always been a good father. Chloe said that she had problems trusting Billy's judgment since he'd hired Jana. Billy pointed out that Chloe had chosen to be with Kevin, who had a history of violence and mental problems just like Jana.

Back home, Victoria explained to her mother how Billy had bought Lucy from a black market baby broker. Nikki wondered why Victoria had not asked more questions. Nikki was stunned that Victoria had been raising Sheila Carter's grandchild. Nikki was certain that Billy and Victoria would get Lucy back. The doorbell rang and Ashley appeared.

Nikki explained that Child Protective Services had taken Lucy away. Nikki asked Ashley to speak with Victoria about losing a child since Ashley had been in a similar situation with Faith. Victoria resented that a judge could tear her family apart. Ashley said that she'd finally accepted that she was not Faith's mother. Ashley started to get emotional about the fact that Faith had no mother since Sharon had died.

Kevin called out to Jana to release him from the closet. Kevin suspected that Jana had left the abandoned daycare center. A moment later, Jana returned and unlocked the closet. Jana claimed she had a surprise for Kevin. Jana handcuffed Kevin to the chair and told him that she was determined to resurrect the Kevin and Jana they'd been when they first got together. Jana said that she was the old crazy Jana. Kevin said he preferred the Jana whom he married at the ashram. Kevin told Jana that torturing him would not rekindle their love.

Kevin reminded Jana that she'd save him from Clint. Jana admitted that it had been Amber who'd saved him and that had made Jana jealous of Amber. Jana referred to Kevin and Amber as Bonnie and Clyde, then and suggested that she and Kevin could become criminals, too. Jana wanted Kevin to rob a bank. Jana threatened to put Kevin in the closet if he didn't do what she demanded.

Kevin was shocked when Jana wanted him to pull a job right away without any planning. Jana insisted that she knew exactly what she was doing. Jana then apologized to Kevin but said that she would push Kevin to the edge in order to fix things between them. Kevin said Jana could run the show as long as long as he didn't wind up in jail. Jana said she would protect Kevin. Jana showed Kevin that she had created a mask that looked like a clown, and she held it to her face.

Jana then presented Kevin with a chipmunk head that she said she'd found online for him. Jana claimed that the Ouija board wanted her to buy it for Kevin because every time she asked a question, the answer was "nuts." Jana tried to put the chipmunk head on Kevin, but he fought back. Jana pointed the gun at Kevin. Jana said she knew what she had to do. Jana called Chloe, and Kevin screamed out the location.

Jana told Chloe to go alone, or Kevin would be killed. Jana hung up the phone. Kevin asked Jana to leave with him before the authorities showed up and arrested her. Jana declared that she'd kill Chloe in order to free Kevin from being obsessed with her. When Chloe burst in through the front door, Kevin screamed for Chloe to watch out. Kevin kicked Jana's hand, and the gun flew across the room.

Jana and Chloe dove for the pistol and they wrestled on the floor. Kevin tried to free himself from the handcuffs. Chloe fought with Jana, but Jana suddenly stopped fighting back. Kevin thought Jana was trying to trick Chloe, but Jana's eyes and mouth were frozen. Chloe told Kevin that Jana was dead.

At Crimson Lights, Rafe told Daniel and Phyllis that Lucy was in good hands even though she might be in a foster home. Daniel was frustrated because he didn't want Lucy in the system. Michael approached Phyllis and was glad to see that she had decided to give Daniel some space. Phyllis felt that Daniel finally understood how it felt to lose a child. Phyllis didn't want Daniel to suffer the way she had when she'd lost him. Michael reminded Phyllis that she'd agreed to let Billy and Victoria raise Lucy. Billy arrived to pick up some sweets for Victoria. Michael told Billy that Daniel had submitted a new DNA test. Billy told Phyllis he was grateful that she'd compromised about Lucy's custody.

Victoria told Ashley that Lucy was a funny baby, maybe because she was named for Lucille Ball. Ashley suggested that Victoria hold onto all her memories of Lucy and write them down. Billy arrived home, and Ashley comforted him with a hug. Nikki walked out of the room, and Ashley followed her. Billy told Victoria that he'd taken brownies home for her. Victoria asked Billy to spend the night somewhere else.

Later, Michael consulted with Ashley and Nikki while Victoria and Billy talked in the other room. Victoria told Billy she couldn't deal with him. Billy explained that he'd lost Delia and Lucy, and he wasn't prepared to lose Victoria, too. Billy left the house, determined to fix the problem. Nikki left a message for Victor, telling him that Victoria needed him.

Lily went to the cemetery, hoping to see Cane again. Lily wondered if she'd gone mad. Cane appeared and told her that she was perfectly sane. Cane assured Lily that their meetings had been real. Cane urged Lily not to tell anyone about their encounters because they were inexplicable.

Lily said she'd missed talking with Cane. Cane said he'd missed kissing her, so he did. Cane asked about the twins, and Lily told him about Mattie and Charlie. Cane said he wanted to see the children. Lily was reluctant to take the twins to the cemetery. Cane announced that he had to leave, kissed Lily again, and then walked away. After Lily had gone, Cane placed a phone call.

Lily ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights. Daniel said everything had gone wrong with Lucy's custody, and Child Protective Services had taken her. Daniel was anxious to get Lucy out of the system and back to Billy and Victoria. Lily was not surprised that Daniel felt a connection to Lucy. Daniel thought Child Protective Services shouldn't have interfered where Lucy was concerned. Lily left, and Phyllis gave Daniel a cup of coffee. Phyllis told her son that she'd fight for him. Phyllis explained that if Daniel was awarded custody of Lucy, Daniel might have second thoughts about returning the child to Billy and Victoria.

Lily returned to the cemetery with Mattie and Charlie. Lily was confused and disappointed when Cane failed to appear.

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