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Katherine got an order of protection to keep Ashley from Tucker. Daniel and Lucy moved into Billy and Victoria's garage apartment. Caleb was secretly working with his mother in opposition to Colin. Piper saw Nick and Adam's news story about Sharon on the Internet.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 23, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, May 23, 2011

At the police station, Michael read over Ashley's case file after she was charged with attempted murder. Abby arrived and demanded that a guard remove her mother's handcuffs. Abby tried to explain what had happened, but Ashley shushed her daughter and sent her away.

Michael led Ashley into an interrogation room and asked her why she'd treated Abby so harshly. Ashley explained that Abby had tricked her into believing that Tucker was on his way to meet Diane, so Abby was responsible for what had happened. Michael recalled that Ashley had earlier claimed that she'd hit Tucker accidentally after he'd stepped out into the road. Michael wondered aloud why Ashley had previously told the detective that she and Abby had been arguing. Ashley claimed that she'd been stressed because of concern about Abby and Tucker's injuries.

Michael pleaded with Ashley to tell him the truth, and he reminded her that she'd previously withheld information from him in another case long before. Ashley insisted that hitting her fiancÚ was the horrible truth. Abby knocked on the door and said she wouldn't leave until her mother talked to her. Michael left the room, so Abby could talk to her mother.

Ashley listened as Abby insisted on taking the blame for the accident. Abby admitted that her mother wouldn't have been driving to the cabin had Abby not set up Tucker and Diane. Abby begged Ashley to claim that Abby had grabbed the steering wheel away from her mom. Ashley refused and said that Michael would prove that she was innocent. Abby said that her mother could spend the rest of her life in jail if Tucker died.

Michael later retuned after arranging bail. Ashley rose to leave and told Michael that he could reach her at the hospital. Michael advised Ashley to stay away from Tucker because something might happen to hamper the case. Ashley insisted on being by Tucker's side. Michael warned her to avoid contact with Katherine.

Michael and Abby talked over coffee at Crimson Lights. Abby admitted that she'd set up Tucker and Diane, so her mother would back out of the marriage. Michael warned Abby that she could be charged as an accessory after the fact. Michael told Abby that her testimony could swing her mother's case either way. Abby explained that she'd passed out and didn't remember the accident. Michael told Abby that she'd still be questioned about setting up the rendezvous. Michael cautioned Abby not to tell anyone anything unless he was present, and he advised her to toughen up and support her mother.

At the hospital, Sofia and Katherine watched over Tucker. Sofia encouraged Katherine to join forces to ensure that Tucker McCall, Limited, became an even stronger company by the time Tucker awakened. Neil entered, and Katherine remarked that she was touched that her son had chosen her to run his company. Katherine asked Sofia if she knew that Tucker had a son. Sofia said she'd known Tucker for a long time, and he had never mentioned having a son. Katherine theorized that Tucker had kept silent about his son because he'd regretted losing contact with him.

Katherine ordered Neil to assure the stockholders that the company was in good hands, and she asked Sofia to provide a list of mergers, acquisitions, and pending projects. Katherine also halted the purchase of Newman Enterprises' stock. Sofia explained that buying Newman stock had been a major part of Tucker's plan to strengthen his company. Sofia insisted that they honor Tucker's wishes and carry out his plan. Katherine reminded Sofia that Tucker had put her in charge. Sofia, angry, said, "Tucker had no idea you would dismantle everything he'd worked so hard to build for your own personal reasons."

Neil winced as Sofia verbally sparred with Katherine. Neil gently rested his hand on Sofia's shoulder when she forcefully suggested that Katherine should follow Tucker's vision. Katherine announced that she would follow her own vision. Neil stepped up and reminded Sofia that Tucker had arranged for Katherine to take the helm because he'd respected her business expertise and because she was his mother. Sofia didn't back down and said she knew Tucker better than either of them. Katherine bluntly announced that she was running Tucker's business, and she advised Sofia to respect her wishes. Neil and Sofia left, and Jill stopped by.

Jill learned that Katherine was in charge of Tucker's company. Jill quipped that Katherine should hire her, too, which might force Tucker to awaken. Jill was surprised to learn that Tucker had a son he'd given up. Katherine said she didn't know how long it'd been since Tucker had been in contact with his son. Jill assured Katherine that Tucker would soon awaken. Colin walked in and overheard Katherine tell Jill that Tucker's son had a grandmother who'd love to be part of his life. Katherine frowned at Colin and complained that he was interrupting.

Katherine and Jill were shocked to learn that Ashley had been charged with attempted murder. Katherine suggested that perhaps Ashley could have acted out of anger when she hit Tucker. Ashley arrived, and Jill and Colin left. Katherine refused to let Ashley into Tucker's room. Katherine told Ashley that Tucker was fighting for his life, so she couldn't take any chances.

Ashley explained to Katherine that she'd been angry at Tucker before she learned about Abby's deception. A guard stepped forward to block Ashley's access to Tucker's room. Ashley said, "You never gave a damn about Tucker. You overlooked everyone's faults except Tucker's, and you never came around and accepted him." Katherine explained that she had an order of protection to keep Ashley away from Tucker.

In the waiting area, Colin and Jill sipped coffee. Jill apologized for Katherine's rudeness. Colin said that every family was a puzzle and that a piece would be missing without Katherine. Jill insisted she get to know Colin's family. Colin agreed that it was time for Jill to meet her Aussie relatives. Colin suggested that Lily and the twins go along to see where Cane was born. Jill agreed.

Outside Tucker's room, Neil begged Sofia to give Katherine a chance. Sofia complained that Katherine had repeatedly pushed Tucker away, so it wasn't fair for her to be in charge of his company. Sofia later returned to Tucker's room, sat by his side, and talked to him. Sofia said, "I'm going to make sure it gets done the way you want it done, so you just rest and get better because Sofia's got your back." Neil entered the room and told Sofia that he was concerned about Lily. Neil said he would insist that Lily attend a get-together with family because he feared she was cutting herself off from everyone.

In the park, Cane's twin told Colin that Lily could no longer discern what was real and what wasn't. Colin replied, "Poor girl. She doesn't know whether she's lost her mind or her husband." The man mockingly said, "Yeah. That was a brilliant plan you had, Dad." The man added that if he'd had to spend one more day pretending to be his spineless brother, he just might lose his mind. Addressing his son by name, Colin promised Caleb that it would all be over soon.

Caleb told Colin that he wished he'd been present to see his brother being "taken out" on the church steps. Caleb mentioned that his father had arranged Cane's death. Without expressing remorse and revealing dim-wittedness, Caleb said, "I wish I'd did [sic] it." Colin warned his goofy-acting son to remain patient. Caleb, in a serious tone, insistently urged his father to quickly wrap up the freak show, grab his grandkids, and head back to Oz.

Colin acknowledged that their plan was working because Lily's family had begun to question her ability to care for her children. Colin explained that they'd wait it out a while longer before making their move. Caleb pleaded with his father to take the kids and immediately return to Australia. His father reminded him that they weren't rustling cattle. Caleb coldly offered to kill Lily, whom he referred to as a little princess. Caleb clicked his tongue to indicate the speed with which Lily could be dead and out of their way.

Caleb sighed after Colin insisted on sticking with the plan. Caleb maintained that Neil would never allow anyone to take his grandchildren to Australia. Caleb willingly offered to shoot Neil, Lily, and Jill. Colin cupped his hands on either side of Caleb's head and warned him to keep a cool head because he might lose his if he didn't. After Colin walked away, Caleb phoned someone and said, "We need to move forward on this right now."

At Crimson Lights, Jill ran into Lily and offered to help her with the twins. Lily assured Jill that she had everything covered and wished that everyone would stop worrying. Lily apologized for being rude. Jill acknowledged that no one understood how much Lily was missing Cane. Lily softened her tone and insisted that she was okay. Jill was relieved to learn that Lily was undergoing therapy with a psychologist. Jill asked if she and Colin could stop by for a visit. Lily said she had a therapy session, so she promised to phone Jill later. Jill seemed concerned after Lily hurried away.

Dr. Mason and Lily met at the coffeehouse patio. Dr. Mason admitted that she'd been worried because Lily had skipped several appointments. Lily announced that she felt much better and had decided she no longer needed therapy. Dr. Mason warned Lily that she might encounter tough days ahead, so she'd need a place to retreat and draw strength. Lily recalled her encounters with "Cane's ghost" and assured her doctor that she'd be all right.

After Lily left, Dr. Mason returned Neil's call. The doctor advised Neil to keep a close eye on Lily. Neil was shocked to learn that Lily had ended her sessions with Dr. Mason. Neil recalled that Jill had earlier expressed her concern about Lily, as well. Jill had advised Neil to keep a close watch over his daughter, and Neil had promised that he would.

After Lily returned home, she called out to "Cane" and apologized for having pushed him away. She begged him to visit her. Neil arrived, and Lily assured her father that she was doing much better. Lily told Neil that she'd met with her therapist and had settled some issues. Lily laughed and said she was so busy, she no longer had time to feel sorry for herself. Before Neil reluctantly left, he told Lily he'd call her in a day or two.

After Lily closed the door, she turned and found "Cane" waiting to greet her. Caleb, having transformed himself to act like Cane, kissed Lily and warned her not to let her family know she was spending time with him. Lily clung to Caleb, and he warned that her family might keep them apart if they knew about him. Lily promised to keep quiet because she needed him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Traci and Jack discussed Ashley's situation. Traci asked Jack to not bother Ashley about Jabot business. Jack assured Traci that he wouldn't bring up business. Jack was irritated that Victor had put up the bail for Ashley. Jack was surprised to learn from Traci that Ashley had gone to the hospital to see Tucker. Traci left ,and Victor approached Jack to say that he was concerned about Ashley.

Jack was surprised that Kay had been named to take over McCall Unlimited while Tucker was incapacitated. Jack warned Victor to keep his hands off of Jabot. Victor laughed at Jack and told him that Kay knew what she was doing. Jack assumed that Kay would keep Ashley to run Jabot, but Victor suspected that Kay might see things differently. Jack declared that if Ashley stepped aside, Kay would be wise to choose Jack to run the company. Jack told Victor that Jabot was on the verge of a huge success.

At the hospital, Kay questioned Ashley's emotional state. Ashley told Kay that she had a firm grasp on reality and would never hurt Tucker. Kay explained to Ashley that she'd overheard Ashley saying to Tucker that he'd disappointed her. Ashley pointed out that when she said those words, Ashley hadn't known that Abby had set up Tucker's visit with Diane. Ashley truly wanted to see Tucker, but Kay refused to allow Ashley into his room. Kay believed that Ashley was a danger to Tucker.

Kay told Ashley that she was compelled to fire Ashley from Jabot in order to protect the company. Ashley was shocked. Kay said it was a business decision. Ashley was upset, but she accepted her dismissal, as long as she could see Tucker. Kay announced that she'd petitioned the court for an order of protection to keep Ashley away from Tucker.

Kay threatened to have Ashley arrested if she didn't leave. Ashley couldn't understand why Kay was prejudging her. Kay believed that Jabot might be vulnerable in light of the Newman IPO, and Ashley would be a detriment to the company. Ashley believed that when Tucker was out of the coma, he would disapprove of Kay's actions. Kay advised Ashley to focus on her defense and her family.

Later, Ashley met with Jack at Gloworm and told him that Kay had fired her. Ashley was concerned about the order of protection Kay was getting to keep Ashley away from Tucker. Jack asked if Ashley had told Kay about the new product Ashley had developed for Jabot. Ashley said she hadn't mentioned it to Kay and added that if Jack wanted to fight to take over her position at Jabot, he'd have to do it without Ashley's help.

Victor went to the Chancellor mansion to see Kay. After making sure Kay was well, Victor asked Kay about Jabot. Victor assumed that Kay would be letting go of Ashley. Kay confirmed that she had already fired Ashley. Victor told Kay to be prepared for Jack to ask for the job. Victor contended that Jack could not objectively run Jabot and that every time Jack had tried to be in charge of the company, he'd failed. Kay asked if Victor had someone else in mind for the position.

Victor believed that Victoria would do well with on the job. Victor said that Victoria had expertise in the cosmetics industry and a passion for business. Kay assumed that Victor and Victoria had made up since the arbitration, but Victor claimed that was not the case. Victor explained that suggesting Victoria was a business decision, nothing personal.

Jack arrived at the Chancellor mansion just as Victor was leaving. Victor tweaked Jack, saying that he was always a step ahead of Abbott. Kay said that she'd expected to hear from Jack after she'd fired Ashley. Jack assumed that Victor had offered to buy Jabot from Kay and told her it would be a mistake. Kay denied that she would sell Jabot, adding that she assumed Jack wanted to take over Ashley's position at Jabot. Kay had serious doubts about working with Jack again.

Jack assured Kay that he was the man to take Jabot into the future. Jack showed Kay the new product that Ashley had created, which he claimed would revolutionize Jabot. Kay tried some of the cactus extract on her skin. Jack explained that he knew how to sell the product and was ready to roll out an amazing campaign, including a new logo for Jabot. Kay was impressed with Jack's presentation, but said she needed time to consider how she wanted to position Jabot. Jack said he could conform to whatever type of executive Kay needed him to be in order to take the reins of Jabot.

At Crimson Lights, Nina had a surprise for Chance. Nina gave Chance airline tickets for a trip to Los Angeles so they could visit old friends. Chance said that he wouldn't be able to go on vacation because he'd reenlisted in the Army. Nina was shocked and reminded Chance that he'd done three tours of duty in Iraq already. Nina wanted Chance to change his mind, but Chance explained that his orders were already cut and he was assigned to the Middle East. Chance declared that it was his life and his decision.

Nina was furious that Chance had not discussed his decision with her. Nina explained that she was proud of his service, but she believed Chance had done enough for his country. Nina feared that Chance would be hurt in battle. Chance insisted that he could take care of himself. Nina wondered why Chance couldn't return to the police department. Chance said that he had been unable to make things work in Genoa City as a cop.

Nina feared Chance was running away, but he told his mother that he wanted to reenlist. Nina was upset and wanted to leave. Chance apologized to his mother. Before they left the table, Heather walked over to say hello. Nina glared at Heather and blamed her for Chance's decision to leave Genoa City.

Victoria was stressed out waiting for Daniel to call them about Lucy. Billy reminded Victoria that Daniel was a stand-up guy and would do the right thing for Lucy. Victoria called Daniel to say that Rafe had informed them that Lucy had been released from foster care. Victoria hoped that Daniel would be in touch with them once he had Lucy back.

Traci was excited that Billy and Victoria would be getting custody of Lucy, but Victoria explained that Phyllis had been pressuring Daniel to keep Lucy. That meant that the custody issue was still up in the air. Victoria blamed Phyllis for the nasty turn the custody agreement had taken. Victoria was desperate to get Lucy back. Traci reminded Victoria that Lucy had been born in chaos, and she was being thrust into another chaotic situation with the custody battle. Traci advised Victoria to do what was best to protect Lucy.

Phyllis was happy when Daniel showed up on her doorstep. Phyllis asked if Daniel would be taking custody of Lucy. Daniel said that he'd arranged for Lucy to be taken to Phyllis' apartment because he knew Phyllis would be prepared. Phyllis anticipated that Summer would be excited to have a baby in the house. Daniel wanted Phyllis to calm down.

Phyllis asked Daniel to take the opportunity to be a father to Lucy. Phyllis wanted Daniel to spend at least a month with Lucy. Daniel feared that Daisy would return if he tried to raise Lucy. Daniel declared that he was not ready to be a father. Phyllis told Daniel that after he had custody of Lucy, everything would change.

Rafe arrived to speak with Billy. They went outside, and Victoria cried on Traci's shoulder about losing Lucy. Rafe told Billy that there was a gag order regarding Lucy's custody case, and Billy couldn't write anything in the magazine about Lucy. Billy agreed. Rafe said that the Spencer Walsh was threatening to file criminal charges against Billy for failing to cooperate in the baby broker case. Rafe told Billy to go to the D.A. with information in order to stay out of trouble with the law.

Phyllis told Daniel that Lucy was their biological family and they had to fight for her. A representative from Child Protective Services took Lucy to Phyllis' apartment. Phyllis cooed over the baby and handed her over to Daniel. Phyllis watched with the hope that Daniel would feel a connection. Daniel held Lucy awkwardly and felt ill at ease. Phyllis took pictures of Daniel with Lucy. Phyllis was thrilled, but Daniel looked uncomfortable.

Later, Lucy was asleep in the crib. Phyllis wanted Daniel to enjoy the experience of caring for the baby. Daniel asked Phyllis to stop pushing, but he thanked her for helping. After Phyllis went upstairs, Daniel heard Victoria's message on his phone. Victoria apologized for leaving so many messages and admitted that she'd been freaking out. Victoria explained that she'd forgotten that Daniel had been actively fathering Lucy since he first saw her. Victoria believed that Daniel had been doing what was best for Lucy from the start. Victoria told Daniel that whatever he decided about Lucy's future, Billy and Victoria would accept.

Traci approved of the message that Victoria had left on Daniel's phone. Traci left, and Billy and Rafe returned. Billy told Victoria that the D.A. was considering filing charges against Billy. Victoria hoped that Billy could make a deal with the D.A. Billy told Rafe to do whatever was necessary to clear his name.

Victor met Ashley at Gloworm and was relieved that she was out of jail. Ashley admitted to Victor that she was afraid that Tucker might die and she'd be sent to prison. Victor assured Ashley that Michael was working on her case and would get the charges dropped before it ever went to trial. Ashley asked if Victor was going after Jabot. Victor avoided the question and left. Traci entered and sympathized with Ashley over being fired. Traci assured Ashley that she would survive because that's what the Abbotts always did.

Victoria told Billy about her decision to accept Daniel's choice. Victoria thought that Lucy deserved better than to be the center of all the arguing and fighting. Billy understood, but he didn't want to face losing Lucy. Victoria said the decision would be Daniel's and that they had to live with it. At the penthouse, Phyllis discovered a note from Daniel saying that he was sorry.

Daniel took Lucy to Billy and Victoria's home and said that he still wanted the two of them to adopt Lucy. Daniel proposed that he live in the garage apartment until the adoption was finalized, with Lucy staying in her bedroom in the main house. Billy and Victoria were overjoyed by the arrangement. Phyllis appeared outside the house and watched Daniel with Billy, Victoria, and Lucy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From outside the Abbott house, Phyllis watched Daniel hand Lucy over to Billy and Victoria. Daniel, Billy, and Victoria all agreed that Daniel should move into the garage apartment until the adoption was finalized. Phyllis was furious and burst in without knocking. Phyllis demanded that Daniel explain why he had bolted from her penthouse with Lucy. Daniel said that he had custody and had decided that he wanted Lucy to be with Billy and Victoria.

Phyllis threatened to call Child Protective Services. Victoria asked Phyllis if that would be in Lucy's best interests. Phyllis capitulated and left. Daniel told Victoria and Billy that he would handle his mother, then he went after Phyllis. Victoria warned Billy that Phyllis was relentless and wouldn't give up Lucy without a fight. Later, Victoria fed Lucy a bottle. Billy marveled at how well Lucy was adjusting to being with them. Victoria believed that Lucy knew she was home.

Back at the penthouse, Phyllis was furious with Daniel for taking Lucy back to Billy and Victoria's place. Daniel was upset that his mother refused to listen to him. Phyllis said that she heard Daniel's words, but Phyllis believed that in time Daniel would feel different. Daniel told Phyllis he could be as stubborn as she was. Phyllis urged Daniel to make a clean break with Billy and Victoria.

Phyllis said that Child Protective Services would not let Lucy stay with the Abbotts. Daniel explained that he would move into the garage apartment with Lucy. Phyllis was skeptical about that plan and doubted that the adoption would ever be approved because of Billy and Victoria's character. Phyllis brought up the fact that Chloe was suing Billy for custody of Delia, as well as Victoria having lost custody of Reed to J.T. Phyllis added that Billy had illegally adopted Lucy.

Phyllis said that Billy and Victoria were not exemplary parents. Daniel reminded Phyllis that she hadn't been an exemplary parent either. Phyllis declared that she was a great mother to Summer, then wondered if Daniel had been trying to get back at her for his childhood. Daniel asked Phyllis to admit that Billy and Victoria would be better parents to Lucy than Phyllis would be. Phyllis insisted that she was fighting for Daniel's sake, but Daniel said the fight was over.

Daniel was glad that Daisy was out of the picture and that Phyllis had no say in his decision to give Lucy to Billy and Victoria. Daniel told his mother that there was nothing she could do about it. After Daniel left, Phyllis sat at her computer and logged onto the Restless Style web site. She wondered what if there was something she could about Lucy's custody.

Billy and Victoria planned to move some of Lucy's things into the garage apartment so it would seem as though the baby was living with Daniel. Billy and Victoria agreed that they would refer to their time with Lucy as babysitting if Child Protective Services asked them why they were with Lucy. Victoria said that as long at Billy didn't violate the gag order by writing about Lucy in Restless Style, everything would be all right. Phyllis looked at the blog she'd written called "Homewreckers of Genoa City" which included a photo of Daniel holding Lucy. Phyllis hoped that Daisy would see the picture and respond.

At the mansion, Jill found Kay working on McCall Unlimited business. Jill worried that Kay was overdoing it and suggested that Kay take it easy. Kay said she had too much to do to slow down. Kay ordered Jill to back off and leave her alone. Jill asked if Kay had done anything about finding Tucker's son. Kay said that she had no inkling of how to begin. Later, Kay called out to Esther that she was going to the hospital.

At the door, Kay discovered Sergeant Goldman, Chance's friend from the Army. Goldman had Chance's deployment papers. Goldman assumed that Kay must be proud that Chance had decided to reenlist. Goldman handed Kay the deployment orders, and asked her to give them to Chance. After he walked away, Kay looked at the documents and saw that Chance would be returning to the Middle East. Kay asked God why He would take Chance away from the family again.

At the coffeehouse, Nina said that Heather was responsible for Chance rejoining the Army. Nina said that Heather had broken Chance's heart, prompting his decision. Paul entered just as Nina declared that Heather would be responsible if anything happened to Chance. Paul told Nina not to speak to Heather like that. Chance apologized to Nina for not consulting her before deciding. Jill appeared and learned that Chance was returning to the Army. Jill was upset and challenged Chance to explain himself. Chance didn't want to spend his last few days at home, fighting with his family.

Chance said he'd thought long and hard before reenlisting. Nina left in anger. Paul told Heather that Nina was frightened for Chance. Heather worried that Chance was rejoining the Army because of their failed relationship. Chance assured her that he belonged in the Army and was happy to be reinstated.

Paul said he was proud of Chance. Heather apologized for causing a fight between Chance and Nina. After Chance left Crimson Lights, Heather was concerned that Chance might be deployed overseas. Heather told Paul she needed to speak with Chance before he left town.

At the mansion, Chance told Nina that she should take out her anger on him, not Heather. Chance explained to his mother that he was compelled to serve his country because of the man she'd raised him to be. Chance loved the rules and regulations of Army life. Nina admitted that she was being selfish, but she didn't want Chance to leave. Chance hoped that Nina would be proud of him.

Jill stepped forward and embraced Chance. Jill told Nina that they had to let Chance serve. Nina wondered if Kay knew about Chance's decision. Jill suggested that they keep the news from her. Kay overheard Jill's words and lashed out at her for trying to keep Kay out of the loop. Kay showed Chance the deployment papers. She handed them to Chance and told him that he'd be leaving on Monday.

Kay accused Jill of wanting to deprive Kay of spending time with Chance before he shipped out. Jill said anger wouldn't change the fact that Chance had to go. Chance said he was going to the Middle East because that was where he was needed. Chance shared a story about his time in Iraq and his friend, an interpreter named Hasham. Chance explained that Hasham had saved his life and that because of something Chance had done, Hasham's impression of Americans had changed for the better. Jill hated that Chance was leaving, but she understood why he chose to serve. Jill left to answer the door.

Chance asked Kay for her blessing. Kay declared that she couldn't understand Chance's reasons for leaving in light of how much the family had already lost. Paul and Heather entered despite Jill saying it wasn't a good time. Heather asked to speak with Chance. Nina walked out of the room after saying she would never forgive Heather.

Chance told Kay he wouldn't leave without her blessing. Kay asked him not to leave. Chance told Kay that he'd read her biography and she'd always done what she had to do. Kay reluctantly gave Chance her blessing. Chance and Jill headed upstairs to speak with Nina. Heather tried to stop Chance, but he said they'd have to speak later.

Alone with Kay, Paul said it was too bad that Chance and Heather's romance had not worked out. When Paul inquired about Tucker, Kay said he was doing as well as could be expected. Kay offered to hire Paul to investigate what had happened to Tucker's missing son.

Alone in her room, Sharon was in tears. Sam stopped by, and when he mentioned Piper, Sharon answered by referring to Piper as Cassie. Sharon explained that she'd meant to say Piper. Sharon told Sam that Cassie had been her daughter, and she'd died a few years before. Sharon told Sam that Cassie had been a teenager and everybody had loved her. Sharon reminisced about her daughter and told Sam that Cassie had loved horses. Sharon revealed that it was the anniversary of Cassie's death.

Sam offered to make Sharon a home-cooked meal. A while later, Sam returned from the farmer's market with fresh vegetables. Sam said that he would make pasta primavera for dinner. Sharon dropped her glass. Sharon apologized for breaking the glass. Sam advised Sharon not to be so hard on herself. Sam said that things could be replaced, but Sharon responded that the loss of a child could never be replaced. Sam was glad that Sharon had shared her burden with him. Sharon wanted to focus on good things and said she was looking forward to his pasta.

Diane and Adam walked into Gloworm. Nick was having lunch with Faith and telling her about Cassie. Nick looked at Cassie's photograph. Nick described Cassie as an angel in heaven. Adam stopped by Nick's table to say hello to Faith. Nick ordered Adam to keep his hands off Faith. Adam reminded Nick that they were in a public place. Adam threw it in Nick's face that he had a new roommate, Diane. Diane stepped over and informed Adam that the Athletic Club had a suite for them.

Nick assumed that Diane was trying to get revenge on him by being with Adam. Nick declared that Adam had never really loved Sharon if he'd already moved on with Diane. Nick said that Adam dishonored Sharon's memory. Adam countered that Nick had cheated on Sharon while they were married. Nick was ready to punch Adam, but Diane intervened. Diane said that unlike other Newmans, Adam was upfront and truthful. Nick picked up Faith and walked out of the restaurant.

Diane told Adam that it was a waste of time, trying to impress the small-minded people in Genoa City. Diane figured that Adam felt the way she did. Diane proposed raising hell with Adam and touched his hand suggestively. Adam told her they were friends and nothing more. When Diane assumed that Adam and Sharon had conspired to tick off Victor and Nick, Adam informed Diane that he'd loved Sharon. Adam said he would have gladly died in Sharon's place.

As Adam had a drink, he told Diane how Sharon had forgiven him after he'd done terrible things to her. Adam said that Sharon had absolved him and loved him, even though the world had been against them. Adam remembered the first Thanksgiving they had shared together; Sharon had made pasta primavera instead of turkey. Adam admired that Sharon took chances. Adam said that he'd sworn then to prove himself worthy of her love.

Diane told Adam that their suite was ready at the Athletic Club. Adam said he'd meet Diane there. Diane told Adam that she had believed he was as ruthless as Victor, but that she realized that he had a lot of Hope inside of him, too. After Diane walked out, Adam recalled the day he'd proposed to Sharon. Adam's eyes filled with tears.

At the barn, Sharon set the table for dinner with Sam. Sharon spoke to Cassie and said that Nick and Noah were thinking of Cassie, too. Sharon believed that Cassie had sent Sam to her when she needed a friend. Sam arrived with the pasta, and Sharon was impressed. Sharon enjoyed telling Sam about Cassie and added that she liked his cooking.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Faith about the first time Cassie had stayed at a hotel with him and Sharon. Nick said that Cassie had predicted that he and Sharon would have Faith. Nick said that Cassie and Sharon were Faith's guardian angels. Nick promised to always take care of Faith and remembered how he and Sharon had mourned for Cassie.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phyllis wrote a blog about Lucy on the Restless Style web site. Phyllis purposely planted Daisy's name in the story so it would attract her attention if she searched the Internet. Phyllis searched online to track down Daisy in Canada, but she had no luck. Phyllis continued writing and said that Daisy had tortured people.

A short time later, Daniel arrived at the penthouse and demanded to know what Phyllis was trying to accomplish with her blog. Daniel was offended by what his mother had written. Phyllis said that she'd done it for Daniel. Phyllis hoped to lure Daisy out of hiding. Phyllis thought that if Daniel spent enough time with Lucy, he'd love his daughter. Daniel assured Phyllis that he'd feel that way about Lucy.

Daniel stunned Phyllis by revealing that he'd delivered Lucy on New Year's Eve, and after holding the baby, Daisy had knocked him out and left him to freeze to death. Phyllis accused Daniel of lying to her. Daniel believed that Phyllis was trying to make up for her past when she had not been able to raise Daniel when he was a child. Daniel said that he didn't owe it to Phyllis to make up for her past. Phyllis declared that Victoria and Billy didn't deserve to be Lucy's parents. Phyllis was determined to find Daisy and use her to get custody of Lucy. Daniel told Phyllis that everyone would hate Phyllis for what she'd done.

At Gloworm, Lauren and Michael had drinks with Chloe and Kevin. Chloe checked her Blackberry and saw Phyllis' story on the Restless Style web site. Later, Chloe and Kevin watched Lauren and Michael from across the room. Chloe knew that Lauren would be upset when she saw Phyllis' blog. Kevin got a text from Angelo that he was on his way to say goodbye.

Kevin urged Jeffrey to confess to Gloria the truth about Angelo's ties to the restaurant. Gloria pressed Jeffrey until he told her that he'd been working with Angelo, but it had been a business decision. Chloe suggested to Kevin that she deal with Angelo because the mobster wouldn't hurt a woman. Kevin had a fantasy in which he was a gangster in the 1920s. Kevin imagined Angelo threatening Kevin. In the fantasy, Chloe tried to protect him, but Angelo shot Kevin to death.

Lauren told Victoria that she blamed Daisy for Jana's death. Michael was sensitive to Lauren's fears that Daisy might return to town to see Lucy after reading Phyllis' blog. Lauren and Michael left Gloworm. Later, Gloria and Jeffrey were frightened when Angelo arrived at Gloworm. Angelo sat at a table.

Kevin approached Angelo and asked why Angelo was there. Angelo said that he was there to say goodbye. Gloria and Chloe threw fruit at Angelo and asked him not to hurt Kevin. Angelo laughed at the idea that he wanted to kill Kevin. Angelo explained that the police were sniffing around the gambling business, and he was leaving until the heat died down.

Angelo gave Kevin a playful hug and said Kevin was a good kid and he'd gladly work with Kevin again. Kevin jumped into Angelo's arms when he learned that he was no longer working for the mobster. Jeffrey overheard and was also relieved to be out of the bookie business. Jeffrey asked Angelo not to hug him. Angelo laughed, then took Gloria in his arms and kissed her. Angelo told Jeffrey to try to live up to that. Later, Gloria asked Jeffrey to give her the gambling profits. Kevin and Chloe were surprised that Angelo had been the least of their problems.

At home, Billy and Victoria were happily doting on Lucy. Victoria and Billy were grateful to Daniel. There was a knock on the door. Billy found Rafe on the doorstep. Rafe walked in and was surprised that Lucy was there with them. Rafe learned that Daniel and the baby had moved into the garage apartment. Rafe told Billy that Restless Style had broken the gag order. Billy denied that he'd done anything. Rafe explained that Phyllis had written a blog all about Lucy, Daniel, and the baby situation.

Daniel returned to Victoria and Billy's house. Victoria understood that Daniel was upset out about Phyllis' blog. Daniel said his mother was acting like a spoiled brat. Victoria defended Phyllis because she realized that Phyllis was looking out for Daniel. Daniel disagreed and told Victoria that Phyllis would give up her relationship with Daniel in order to get custody of Lucy.

Billy went to Phyllis' apartment. Phyllis didn't want to hear anything that Billy had to say. Phyllis believed that Billy had won the battle over Lucy. Phyllis was vicious and vengeful as she dredged up Victoria losing custody of Reed to J.T. Billy told Phyllis he only had one thing to say to her. Billy told Phyllis that she was fired. Phyllis said Billy couldn't fire her because she had made Restless Style. Billy reminded Phyllis that she was just an employee.

Phyllis declared that Billy had stolen her son, her grandchild, and her job. Billy informed Phyllis that she'd violated the gag order. Phyllis claimed she hadn't known that there had been a gag order in place. Billy said Phyllis had been required to run content by him, and she hadn't done that. Billy said he'd have Phyllis' belongings boxed up and returned to the penthouse. Billy warned Phyllis to stay away from his house, his office, and Lucy.

Later, Michael arrived at Billy and Victoria's to see how they were doing since Phyllis' blog had hit the web. Billy said that he'd fired Phyllis and removed the article, but it would still remain on the web because that was how the Internet worked. Michael wasn't sure how Lauren felt or what she would do if Daisy returned to Genoa City. Michael believed that Phyllis had burned bridges with everyone in her life.

Lauren arrived at Phyllis' house, and Phyllis said that she was not trying to get Daisy back to Genoa City. Phyllis thought she could lure Daisy out of hiding. Lauren declared that she refused to ever be afraid of Daisy again. Phyllis swore that she would not let Daisy hurt anybody. Lauren warned Phyllis to get to Daisy before Lauren did, because Lauren had it out for Daisy.

Devon, Neil, and Malcolm met at Crimson Lights. They were concerned about Lily and wondered what they could do to help her. Malcolm said that Sofia had gone to Lily's to check up on her. Neil revealed to Devon and Malcolm that Colin had seen Lily talking to nobody. At home, Lily called out to Cane, asking him to visit her again.

Sofia arrived at Lily's, asking to see the twins. Lily suspected that Neil and Malcolm had sent Sofia there to check on Lily's welfare. Lily told Sofia that she could be of help by convincing the family that Lily was all right. Sofia joined Devon, Neil, and Malcolm at Crimson Lights. Sofia told them that Lily had been in bad shape. Later, on a lighter note, Devon asked if Sofia would name her baby after him -- Devon. Malcolm wanted to name the baby after Neil. Sofia suggested Tucker or Ethan, the latter being Cane's real name.

In the park, Colin met with Caleb and told him that his assignment was nearly done because Lily was losing it. Colin said that Neil was ready to have Lily committed for psychiatric evaluation. Colin resented Neil. Colin believed that he had more claim on the twins because Colin had been Cane's father. Colin felt that he would have custody of the twins very soon. Caleb wanted to kill Lily. Colin said that once the twins were his, Caleb could do what he liked with Lily.

Colin arrived at the coffeehouse and saw the Winters family. Alone with Neil, Colin apologized for overstepping his boundaries by caring for Lily. Colin assured Neil that his concern was sincere. Colin said his peace and turned to leave. Neil stopped him and said that the Winters family had decided to take action to keep Lily from slipping away from them. Colin had faith in Neil caring for Lily.

Lily was startled when Cane appeared. Lily hugged him and was grateful that Cane was there to see her. Lily told Cane that she needed to be with him. Lily asked Cane to make love to her. Cane said they had all the time in the world. Lily was desperate to make love with Cane before he disappeared again. Cane said his time away from Lily had been like hell. Cane kissed Lily passionately. Lily tried to convince Cane to make love to her, but Cane said it wasn't safe there. Cane wanted Lily to go away with him.

Cane suggested they leave town and go where nobody knew them. Lily was swept up in his suggestion, then stopped because she wouldn't take Charlie and Mattie away from her family. Lily said that what Cane had said made no sense. Lily wondered if Cane was real or just a figment of her imagination. Cane embraced her and told her he was real.

Cane suggested that Lily rest, and he would go away for a while. Cane asked Lily to dream of him while he was away. Later, at the park, Caleb met with Colin. Colin complained about Neil. Someone watched Caleb and Colin from the bushes. Colin promised Caleb that he would get his due for having done a good job. Colin left, and a woman approached Caleb from out of the bushes.

Alone, Lily spoke to Dru and asked her mother if Cane was real or just a vision. Lily feared that she was losing her mind. Neil knocked on the door and called to Lily. Neil entered and worried that Lily that wasn't acting like herself. Lily ordered Neil to leave and take the babies with him. Lily said that she was losing her mind.

Phyllis wrote that Lucy was lucky to have Daniel as a father. Somewhere outside of Genoa City, Daisy read the blog and wept as Phyllis described Daisy as a monster.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lily cried to Neil that he had to take the twins for her because Lily feared that she was losing her mind. Lily said she was surrounded by visions of Cane. Neil offered to stay at the house with Lily and the children, but Lily was determined to get out of the place. Lily finally agreed to stay with Neil at his home. Neil embraced his daughter and tried to calm her. A while later, Neil had put the twins in the car and was ready to leave. Lily said that she would follow in her own car.

Neil asked Lily to meet him at Kay's because he had to see Kay about Chancellor business. Lily liked the idea of spending time at Katherine's, surrounded by other people. After Neil left, Lily looked around her home and called out for Cane, but he didn't respond. Later, Lily walked out of the bedroom with a packed overnight bag. Lily looked at a photograph from her wedding and had flashbacks of returning to the house and Cane carrying her over the threshold.

Caleb had a meeting in the park with someone he recognized. Caleb told the person that he hated working with Colin. Without warning, Colin appeared and the person went back into the bushes. Colin didn't see the person. Colin told Caleb to return to Lily's home because Neil was interfering in Colin's plans for Lily.

Before Lily walked out of the house, Cane appeared and reached out to her. Lily told Cane not to touch her. Lily said that Cane had to stop visiting her because Lily needed to concentrate on real things. Lily declared that Cane was not real, and Lily was afraid that she was losing her mind. Lily begged Cane to let her go so she could take care of Charlie and Mattie. Lily pleaded with Cane to go away. Cane hugged Lily as she cried in agony. Lily screamed at Cane to go away. When Cane refused to leave, Lily ran out of the house.

At the mansion, Colin opened the door and found Neil on the doorstep with the twins. Neil explained that he had a late business meeting with Katherine, then he'd be taking the twins and Lily to stay in his house for a while. Colin offered to help care for the children. Neil accepted Colin's help. A while later, Neil had put the twins to sleep in the other room. Colin thought it was wise that Neil was taking care of the kids considering Lily's emotional issues. Neil thanked Colin to alerting him about Lily's problems.

At an A.A. meeting, Nikki sat in the front row and listened to the leader invite people to stand and speak. In the back of the room, Abby stood up and explained that she wasn't sure if she had a problem with drinking. Nikki saw Abby, but Abby didn't see Nikki. Abby told the group that she'd trashed her mother's wedding, broken up with her boyfriend, and had been drinking too much. Abby said she had no memory of what she'd done while drinking and feared it was something terrible. Abby said she was determined to learn what had happened during her blackout. Abby said she hadn't drunk in days, but she'd needed to speak with a non-judgmental forum. Nikki absorbed what she'd heard. When everyone stood for the serenity prayer, Abby saw Nikki.

At the ranch, Kay and Victor discussed business. Victor and Kay agreed on the plans for the IPO. Victor asked if Kay had considered his suggestion to hire Victoria to take over Jabot. Kay said that she hadn't had time to think about Jabot because Kay had been up to her neck, dismantling Tucker's plans to buy as much Newman stock as possible before the IPO. Victor was grateful to Kay and offered to repay her. Kay said that wasn't necessary, but Victor said he was going to put Kay on the Newman board of directors. Kay said she'd be honored to sit on the board. Kay was happy to help Victor save his company from Tucker. Kay and Victor both wondered where Nikki had been the previous few days.

After the A.A. meeting, Nikki went to Abby and hugged her. Nikki told Abby that she'd done the right thing by attending a meeting. Abby said that she admired how Nikki worked at staying sober. Nikki asked if the blackout Abby had mentioned had occurred the night of Tucker's accident. Abby said yes and explained to Nikki that she had been very angry that night. Abby said that she had no memory of what she'd done, but she had been determined to take Ashley to the cabin. Nikki repeated the words to Abby, asking if she'd taken Ashley to the cabin. Abby got flustered and left in a rush. Alone, Nikki wondered if Abby might have been driving the car the night of the accident.

When Nikki arrived at the ranch, the door opened, and she ran into Kay and Victor. Kay mentioned that she hadn't seen Nikki in days. Nikki explained that she'd been missing Kay at the hospital. Kay understood when Nikki asked if she could speak with Victor privately. Before leaving, Kay invited Victor to her Memorial Day goodbye party for Chance. After Kay departed, Nikki told Victor that she was concerned about Abby. Nikki told Victor that that Abby might have been the driver of the car that hit Tucker.

Victor asked if Nikki was suggesting that Abby had lied about the accident. Nikki informed Victor that Abby had suffered a blackout that night. Nikki suspected that Abby had been driving the car, not Ashley. When Victor learned that Nikki had spoken with Abby at an A.A. meeting, he declared that Nikki had violated the tenets of A.A. Nikki said that Abby had talked to her after the meeting, not during it. Victor thought that Nikki had concocted a wild theory. Victor threw Nikki out of the house and asked her never to mention her theory again.

At the mansion, Neil and Kay discussed Chancellor business. Kay asked about the twins sleeping in the other room. Neil explained that he was caring for the twins because Lily was having emotional problems. Later, after they'd gone over the figures, Neil said that he was pleased with their revenue stream. Kay appreciated Neil going above and beyond the call of duty for Chancellor Industries. Neil realized that Kay was worried about Chance leaving for the Middle East again. Kay assumed that Neil was just as concerned about Lily.

Instead of meeting Neil at Katherine's, Lily walked into a mental hospital. When the nurse approached her, Lily said that she was there to commit herself. Colin called Caleb and left a message saying that Neil had mucked up their plans. Colin didn't want Lily living with Neil. Later, Caleb was agitated as he met with the person from the park. The person was Genevieve. She placed cookies on a plate and offered one to Caleb, assuring her son that everything would work out.

In the barn, Sam told Sharon about the Memorial Day festival. Sam asked Sharon to attend the fair with him, but Sharon said she wasn't interested. Piper and Sam were working on a sash for her 4H project. Sharon offered to help, but explained that she wouldn't be able to go to the festival. Piper pleaded with Sharon to be there for her.

Piper tried to understand when Sharon said she needed to work. Piper was disappointed and asked if she could use Sharon's PC. Sharon said okay. Later, Sharon felt bad about saying no to Piper. Sam wondered why Sharon was afraid to go out in public. Sharon didn't answer. Sam charmed Sharon into changing her mind. Sharon agreed to go to the fair, and Piper embraced her.

At Gloworm, Doris met with Nick to tell him that the insurance company had refused to pay Sharon's insurance policy because the death certificate claimed that she'd committed suicide. Adam arrived, and Nick objected, but Doris said that she'd invited Adam to join them. Doris wanted both men to work together to prove that Sharon had died in an accident. Doris said that she'd planned to use the money to create a scholarship in Sharon's name. Doris hoped that Nick and Adam could work together to help her achieve that goal.

Doris gave Nick the paperwork, and Adam agreed to do his part. Nick didn't want to work with Adam, but said he'd do it for Doris' sake. Nick asked Adam to call the insurance company, and Nick offered to contact the coroner in New Mexico. After Doris had gone, Adam wondered why Nick hadn't told Doris that Adam was with Diane. Nick said that everyone already knew what kind of a person Adam really was.

Later, Adam reported to Nick that they had to obtain a new death certificate to satisfy the insurance company, one that said Sharon had died by accident. Adam reminded Nick that the authorities in New Mexico had cremated Sharon's body, making it difficult to challenge the coroner's opinion. Nick and Adam agreed that the New Mexican medical examiner's office had dropped the ball. Adam and Nick agreed to go to the media and pressure the authorities to re-examine the crash site to determine the true cause of death.

Abby ran into Nick at Gloworm. Nick asked if Abby was doing all right since being released from the hospital. Abby said she was doing as well as could be expected. Abby understood when Nick excused himself to attend to some business.

Nick and Adam appeared together for a video that would appear on the evening news. On camera, Nick and Adam announced that they were challenging the coroner's report that Sharon had committed suicide. Adam and Nick explained how they were financing a reexamination of the crime scene. The cameraman wished Nick and Adam well. Nick heard from an expert at a forensics institute, and they arranged to meet. On Sharon's PC in New Mexico, Piper watched Nick and Adam's news report.

When Victor arrived at Gloworm, he saw Adam. Victor scoffed when Adam said that he'd be back on the ranch soon. Nick walked over with a map of New Mexico. Nick said that he and Adam were investigating Sharon's accident to prove she had not committed suicide. Victor offered to help, but Adam refused Victor's aid. Nick told Victor it was important that he and Adam work together for Sharon's sake. Nick told Adam they would be flying to San Pueblo, New Mexico, to meet the forensics expert.

Still in Gloworm, Abby and Victor sat together at a table. Victor was concerned about Abby. Nikki entered the restaurant and ordered a vodka tonic at the bar. When she noticed Victor and Abby, Nikki canceled the order and rushed out the door. Abby told Victor that she had no memory of the night of the crash. Victor understood. In the park, Nikki sat on a bench and reached for a bottle of vodka. Nikki took a drink and said she didn't need Victor.

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