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Sharon saw Adam at the San Pueblo fair. Nick had sex with Diane. Victor escorted Nikki to rehab. Genevieve plotted with Cane to keep Lily and the twins safe from Colin. The judge awarded Daniel custody of Lucy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 30, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, May 30, 2011

At a forensics expert's office in San Pueblo, Nick and Adam instructed the expert to disregard the report indicating that Sharon had committed suicide. Nick was livid when Diane showed up uninvited to help him and Adam search for Sharon. Nick accused Diane of going after another man with a fat wallet, but Adam defended Diane and reminded Nick that his focus should remain on Sharon.

The forensics expert explained that his crew was retrieving Sharon's vehicle and another vehicle. The expert invited Nick and Adam to accompany him to the accident site, but Adam explained that having been there once was all he could handle. Diane seemed sympathetic to Adam's feelings. The man pointed to a place on a map, so Nick would know where to meet. Nick told Adam he planned to head home after visiting the site. Adam offered to stay in San Pueblo to answer the investigator's questions. Diane wished Nick a safe flight.

After Nick left, Diane approached Adam and offered to book a couple of motel rooms. Diane told Adam that she hadn't realized how much in love he'd been with Sharon. Diane offered condolences for Adam's loss. Adam told Diane that he appreciated her efforts and suggested they visit the town's festival, so he could clear his mind. Diane agreed to accompany Adam, but he suddenly changed his mind and echoed Nick's sentiment that there was no place for her there.

Diane ended up in the seat next to Nick's on a plane. Nick was miffed. Diane told Nick that she thought he'd planned to visit the accident site. Nick coolly explained that he had. Diane told Nick that he could either enjoy her company or completely ignore her.

At Sam's ranch, Sharon tried to back out of attending the festival with Sam and Piper. Sam reminded "Sheri" that she'd be letting herself down because she'd just begun to live her life again instead of merely hiding out. Later, at the fair, Sharon learned that the townspeople loved and respected Sam. Piper told Sharon that Sam had once rendered care to a friend's horse free of charge because the young owner's father could not afford to pay. Sharon seemed charmed and smiled at Sam.

After enjoying a picnic lunch, Sam told Piper that it was time to head to the barn for the best-in-show livestock competition. "Sheri" reminded Piper that no matter what, Fanny was the best lamb in all of San Pueblo. After Fanny won a blue ribbon, "Sheri" told Piper that she could celebrate by buying a large cone of cotton candy. While Sam and Piper were at the concession stand, Sharon spotted Adam at a balloon stand.

While Paul and Heather dined together at Gloworm, Paul learned that his daughter was heading to New York to work out the details of Newman Enterprises' IPO. Paul wondered aloud if Heather was making a quick exit to avoid Chance. Heather said she believed she was mostly to blame for Chance's sudden decision to return to combat duty in Iraq.

Poolside at the Chancellor estate, family and friends celebrated Memorial Day with Chance, but they were saddened knowing that he would soon leave for Iraq. Nina became upset and rushed out to take a walk.

In the sitting room, Chloe snapped a photo of Delia with Chance, and he asked for a copy of the photo. Chloe prompted Chance to promise Delia that he would return from Iraq, but he cleverly avoided uttering a response. Chance later promised Chloe that he would return and explained that his safety during a tour in Iraq was uncertain. Chloe asked Chance if his affair with Heather had influenced his decision to return to active duty. Chance insisted that he was returning to active service because it was his duty to serve. Chloe hugged Chance and told him she was thankful that they were good friends.

Chance later met privately with Phillip and told him that Nina was angry with Heather and Paul. Chance apologized for the turmoil his decision had caused. Nina returned from her walk, and Phillip left the room. Through tears, Nina told Chance that his training and experience, combined with three previous tours of duty, had equipped him to handle himself. Chance said he was thankful to have a mother like Nina.

Outside on the patio, Katherine told Murphy that she recalled having had a crush on a young man when she was a teenaged girl. Katherine explained that the man's mother placed in the window of her home, a banner bearing a blue star to signify that her son was serving in the armed forces. One day, Katherine noted, the banner with the blue star had been replaced with a gold one after her friend, Tony, lost his life serving his country. Seeing the star banner Nina had placed on a table had sparked the memory, Katherine said. Murphy promised to pray every day for Chance's safety.

Katherine rebuffed Colin when he offered to serve her a plate of food. Chloe advised Colin to be patient. Jill approached Chloe and blasted her for filing for custody of Delia. After Jill walked away, Chloe and Colin acknowledged that they were outsiders fighting for acceptance.

Chance asked Jill to keep an eye on Nina while he was in Iraq. After Chance walked away, Phillip approached Jill and drew her attention to the arrival of two uninvited guests. Nina raced toward the entryway when she spotted Paul and Heather. Nina told Heather to leave, but Chance explained that he'd invited Heather. Paul begged Nina to let Chance and Heather talk privately.

Nina told Paul that she blamed Heather for Chance's decision to leave. Later, Katherine assured Paul that Nina would calm down in time. Paul agreed that he and Nina would eventually work things out. Paul offered to postpone the search for Tucker's son, but Katherine insisted that Paul have access to Tucker's private files, so he could conduct the search in earnest.

In the sitting room, Heather told Chance that Nina had a right to be angry. Heather explained that she would be in New York for a while. Chance assured Heather that she was not responsible for his decision to return to active duty. Heather embraced Chance and ordered him to dodge bullets.

Heather spoke privately with Chloe in the sitting room. Heather explained that she'd be out of town and had passed the custody case to another attorney. Chloe berated Heather for enticing people to rely on her before dumping them, just as she'd done to Chance. Heather acknowledged that Chloe was having a tough day. Paul entered the room and told Heather that it was time for them to leave. Paul and Heather later parted ways at the coffeehouse, and Heather promised to return as quickly as possible.

Jill cheered Nina by reminiscing about their past squabbles. Nina and Jill shared kind words before Nina stepped away to remind Chance that it was time for him to leave. Chance went to gather his gear. Chloe stepped outside and suggested that no one shed a tear. Chance returned dressed in fatigues. Friends and family each offered best wishes to Chance. Chloe kissed him on the lips. Chance stood behind Chloe while Murphy affixed a banner with a blue star beneath the American flag and raised both to the top of a pole.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the jet back from New Mexico, Nick was unhappy that Diane was sitting next to him. Diane noticed that Nick was drinking scotch after scotch and assumed something was bothering him. Nick was unhappy that Diane had followed him and Adam to the site of Sharon's accident. Diane said that she had not stalked Nick, but then admitted that she'd researched his travel plans. Instead of being flattered, Nick was ticked off. Nick tried to explain to Diane that he was still upset over seeing the place where Sharon had died. Diane wondered why Nick had been able to forgive Sharon for all of her transgressions, but Nick had no forgiveness for Diane. Nick declared that Diane's behavior had been disgusting, like marrying Victor when she wasn't in love with him. Diane said that Nick had enjoyed spending time with her before she married Victor.

Nick laughed at Diane. Nick told Diane that the day he found out about her affair with Victor was when Diane left his house on Valentine's Day to meet Victor at Gloworm. On that night, Nick had been slapped in the face when he saw Victor kissing Diane. Nick didn't think he knew the real Diane. Diane accused Nick of having given her mixed signals and never wanting to commit to a relationship. Nick thought that Diane jumped into Victor's bed because she needed a rich man to support her. Nick said that Diane was looking for an easy landing with another man. Nick assumed that Diane was interested in him again because she wanted a piece of his $500 million settlement. Suddenly, there was turbulence and the plane shook. Nick protectively reached for Diane's hand.

At the San Pueblo festival, Sharon freaked out when she saw Adam across the way. The forensics expert, Bob, approached Adam and said that he'd determined that Sharon had not driven her car into the ravine on purpose; it had been an accident. Adam was happy to hear Bob's conclusion. Bob explained that there had been water on the road that caused Sharon's car to hydroplane and she'd lost control. Bob said that his report would exonerate Sharon of suicide. Adam said that he could move on with his life once Sharon's name was cleared.

As Bob and Adam were speaking, Sharon listened from nearby, hiding so that Adam couldn't see her. Another man was also listening to Bob and Adam's conversation. The man was very curious, especially when he heard that the woman's body had been unidentifiable. Sharon was startled when Piper and Sam asked her if she was ready to go. Sharon was tempted to reach out to Adam, but she chose to leave the fair with Sam and Piper. A woman offered Adam flowers for his lady. Adam said that his lady had died. Adam talked about Sharon's demise. The man who'd been listening to Adam and Bob's conversation approached Adam. He explained to Adam that his wife had been missing since the night of Sharon's accident. The man asked Adam if there was a chance that there might have been a mix up and his wife had been killed in the crash.

Adam was stunned, but assured the man that the forensic evidence identified Sharon as the driver. Adam urged the man to file a police report to find his wife, but the man recalled that on the night in question, he and his wife had robbed Sharon's jewelry and taken her car. On the plane back to Genoa City, Adam looked at a picture of Sharon on his phone. The woman next to him commented on how pretty Sharon had been.

Diane returned to the hotel room in the Athletic Club. Diane talked to herself, complaining that it had been futile for her to try to help Nick. Diane left a message for Kyle to call her. There was a knock on the door and Nick was there. Nick said he was pissed at Diane, then he threw her on the bed and began kissing her ardently. Later, Adam returned to the Athletic Club suite he was sharing with Diane. When Adam opened the door, he saw Nick and Diane in bed together. Nick and Diane didn't see Adam. Adam closed the door and stood in the hallway.

Back at the barn, Sam, Piper and Sharon all had a bottle of soda. Piper proposed a toast to Fanny, the lamb, who had never given up and won a ribbon. Piper thought the lamb might be the next state champion. Piper wished her parents had been at the fair to see Piper's victory with Fanny. Sharon told Piper that nobody liked letting down the people they love. Piper went to visit with Fanny. Sam wondered if Sharon was upset that he'd pushed her to go to the fair. Sharon said she was happy that she'd gone because it proved to her that she could not return to her old life. Sharon said that she needed some time to adjust to her new life. Later, after having driven Piper home, Sam asked Sharon if she needed anything. Sharon thanked Sam for convincing her to go to the fair. Sam was happy for Sharon and pleased that she'd decided to stay.

Neil arrived to see Lily at the mental hospital. Lily was concerned about Mattie and Charlie. Neil assured Lily that the twins were fine. Lily told Neil that she'd been doing much better since checking into the hospital. Lily explained that she had to check herself into a sanitarium for the sake of the twins. Lily didn't feel safe around the twins because she was convinced that there was something wrong with her, something more than grief. Lily confessed to Neil that she'd been seeing Cane and speaking with him. Lily said that Cane had not been in her dreams, he was with her. Neil embraced Lily and assured her that she was not crazy. Neil said grieving came in many forms. Lily said she felt like she was losing control. Neil promised Lily that she'd be all right. Lily asked Neil not to mention to anyone that Lily had been seeing Cane.

Colin called Caleb and vented his frustration that Neil had taken custody of the twins with Lily in the sanitarium. Colin said it would more difficult to get to Lily for Caleb. When Jill arrived to meet him, Colin said they needed to speak about Lily. Jill wished they could do something to help Lily. Colin was concerned for Cane's widow. Jill loved that Colin cared so much for Lily and the twins. Colin suggested that they might offer to look after the twins for Neil. Jill thought the twins were lucky to have Colin in their lives.

Jill and Colin went to the sanitarium to visit Lily. Jill said that Colin had suggested that the twins might spend time at the Chancellor estate with them, giving Neil more time to be with Lily. Lily appreciated their offer and thanked them for all they'd done. Neil promised to be at Lily's beck and call. Alone with Colin, Lily told him that she was glad that Colin had told Neil about Lily's bizarre behavior. Lily hugged Colin and thanked him for treating her and the twins like family.

Later, at Gloworm, Colin and Jill discussed their vacation to Australia. Neil was in the restaurant, too, and he thanked Jill and Colin for offering to care for the twins. After Neil walked off, Colin told Jill that he believed that he had Lily on his mind so much because she reminded him of Samantha.

Caleb told his mother that the plans had changed because of Lily's hospitalization. Genevieve reminded Caleb that she was in charge. Caleb lost his temper and Genevieve warned him not to cross her. Alone, Genevieve had memories of her marriage to Colin. She remembered how Colin had spoiled her. In a flashback, Genevieve recalled the night that Samantha died. Caleb had shot the gun. Cane grieved for his sister. Colin had held Genevieve back from rushing to Samantha's side. Genevieve recalled how Caleb had threatened to hurt Cane, prompting Samantha to intervene to protect Cane. On the day of Samantha's funeral, Genevieve rejected Colin when he reached out a hand to take her to say goodbye to their daughter. Genevieve walked away from Colin, refusing to touch his hand.

Genevieve remembered that Caleb had blamed Cane for Samantha being shot. Drinking a cup of tea, Genevieve remembered that Caleb stayed by her side while she had been mourning and said that he was sorry that Samantha had died. Genevieve had told Caleb that night that nothing would ever be the same.

Caleb returned to Genevieve's room and apologized for having lost his temper. Caleb understood how important this project was for Genevieve. Genevieve said that she was determined to get what she wanted. Caleb thought that Genevieve had been anxious to reveal the truth. Genevieve said that the time was not right to reveal that Caleb died on the steps of the church and Cane was still alive. Genevieve told Cane that Colin could not know the whole truth yet.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Chloe complained to Kevin about Heather passing Chloe's custody case to another attorney. Kevin questioned whether Chloe was sure she wanted to continue seeking sole custody of Delia. Chloe was committed to following through because she felt Billy was up to his neck in dirty dealings. A while later, Chloe met her new attorney, Landon Young. Young had some questions for Chloe about the case.

Chloe told Young about Billy's illegal adoption of Lucy. From Chloe's perspective, Billy was an unfit parent, and Chloe didn't want Delia to be exposed to him. When asked about her home environment, Chloe said that Delia lived at the Chancellor mansion. The lawyer said that Chloe's address would qualify as a stable home environment.

At Gloworm, Nikki received a happy birthday call from Victoria. Nikki lied to her daughter, saying that she was getting a manicure and pedicure. In fact, Nikki was staring at the liquor bottles at the bar. Nikki ordered a ginger ale. Victor entered and saw Nikki at the bar. A short time later, Victor approached Nikki and assured her that Abby had not been driving the night of the accident. Nikki believed that Abby had been so determined to drive Ashley to the cabin that she had been behind the wheel.

Victor was surprised when the bartender served a pastry with a candle to celebrate Nikki's birthday. Nikki absolved Victor from giving her a gift, since he'd been treating her like an annoying child. Victor warned Nikki to keep her speculation about Abby to herself. Nikki left to go shopping. Later, Victor finished his business meeting and asked for the check. Victor recalled that on his birthday, Nikki had given him a gift and comforted him when he needed it.

In the park, Nikki sat on a bench and drank from a bottle of booze. Nikki wished herself a happy birthday and took another swig. At an A.A. meeting, Deacon was at the podium, talking about his struggle to remain sober. Deacon said that as a bartender, he had a hard time not taking a drink. Nikki walked in and gave Deacon a round of applause for his speech. Nikki made fun of Deacon, saying that he made a career of getting other people drunk.

Nikki asked the group if Deacon had revealed that he'd pushed Nikki off the wagon. Nikki explained that Deacon had spiked her drinks to spur her desire for booze again. Nikki blamed Deacon for ruining her life. Nikki declared that she was an alcoholic and urged everyone there to go on drinking. Nikki said that it was easier to deal with life when she was drunk.

At the podium, Nikki announced that the A.A. meetings were ridiculous. Nikki laughed at all the tenets of the meetings. Nikki said everyone returned to his or her vices, like a bad relationship that continued year after year and year. The leader of the meeting tried to get Nikki to step down, but Nikki refused. Nikki accused Deacon of being an enabler. Deacon begged Nikki to stop. Nikki told Deacon to stay away from her and then she walked out. Deacon walked out, too.

Deacon went to the ranch and knocked on the door. When Victor saw Deacon on his doorstep, Victor slammed the door in Deacon's face. Deacon pounded on the door until Victor finally listened when Deacon told him that Nikki had been spiraling out of control. Deacon urged Victor to take care of Nikki. Victor told Deacon to leave and closed the door on him. Nikki went back to the park and sat on a bench. She was in tears. A while later, Victor found Nikki in the park.

At Billy and Victoria's house, Daniel told Victoria he had to run errands and asked Victoria to watch Lucy. Victoria thanked Daniel for agreeing to move into the garage apartment for Lucy's sake. Billy and Rafe returned from their meeting with the judge. Rafe said that the judge understood that Phyllis had violated the gag order, not Billy. Billy told Victoria that he'd promised the judge that Restless Style would not violate the gag order again.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was at her laptop. Phyllis had hacked into the Restless Style web site to write a final blog. Phyllis was determined to lure Daisy out of hiding. Phyllis told her readers that she'd been responsible for the previous blog and that she would not be writing for Restless Style again. Phyllis said it was her final blog. Phyllis wrote about Daisy and suggested that even Daisy had redeeming values, since she had given birth to Lucy. Phyllis wrote that she wanted to hear Daisy's side of the story. Phyllis described Lucy as a miracle. When Phyllis had finished the blog, she posted and published it on the magazine's web site.

Phyllis approached Chloe at the coffeehouse and mentioned some Restless Style business. Phyllis told Chloe that she'd been fired. Chloe was supportive of Phyllis and took her side in the custody dispute.

Daniel was leaving Billy and Victoria's place when Kevin arrived, asking if he could visit with his niece. Victoria approved, and Kevin asked to hold her. Billy treated Kevin with derision, but let him pick up Lucy. Billy received a text message and logged onto the Restless Style web site. Billy showed Rafe, Victoria, Daniel, and Kevin that Phyllis had hacked into the web site to post another blog about Lucy. Billy was furious. A while later, Kevin was examining the web posting and discovered that Phyllis had used password protection to make sure that the blog could not be removed from the site. Rafe urged Billy to speak with the judge immediately to explain that Restless Style had not violated the gag order.

Rafe advised Billy and Victoria that Daniel and Lucy should move from the garage apartment so as not to jeopardize Daniel being granted parental rights. Daniel said that he could care for Lucy on his own. Victoria tearfully said goodbye to Lucy. Billy promised Lucy she'd be home very soon. Daniel took the diaper bag and left with Lucy. Kevin informed Billy and Victoria that he'd managed to get the blog deleted from the site, but not before there'd been a few thousand hits. Kevin thanked them for letting him visit with Lucy. Alone with Billy, Victoria lashed out at her husband for allowing Lucy be taken from them again.

Later, Billy told Rafe that he was fed up with playing nice. Rafe warned Billy to release his anger in a safe way. Billy placed a call to Phyllis, but she refused to answer. Phyllis returned to her writing and was stunned when Victoria slammed Phyllis' laptop closed. Victoria told Phyllis that because of her blog, Daniel had moved back to his loft with Lucy. Phyllis declared that Victoria had no chance of adopting Lucy. Victoria said that Phyllis was delusional if she expected Daniel to give Phyllis time with Lucy. Chloe intervened and told both women to quiet down. Phyllis told Chloe that she was going to put her family together.

Back at his apartment, Daniel enjoyed his time alone with Lucy. There was a knock on the door, and Victoria showed up to visit with Lucy. Daniel invited Victoria into the place. There was another knock on the door, and Phyllis appeared. Phyllis taunted Victoria. Victoria told Daniel that she'd sent over a changing table and crib for Lucy. Phyllis had also had furniture ordered for Daniel and Lucy. Daniel said that he had made his own arrangements. Daniel told Phyllis and Victoria to leave. Daniel suggested to Lucy that they stop answering the door.

Kevin returned to the coffeehouse and met with Chloe again. Chloe told Kevin that her attorney was optimistic that Chloe could be awarded full custody of Delia. Kevin questioned the wisdom of Chloe taking Delia away from Billy. Kevin asked if Chloe's decision was really what was best for Delia. Chloe insisted that Billy was a danger to Delia. Chloe feared that Billy would slip into bad boy behavior. Chloe feared that Billy would make reckless decisions. Chloe wondered why she and Kevin couldn't be a normal couple. Chloe wished that she and Kevin had a stress-less relationship.

Billy spoke to an IT guy about his web site when a gambling link appeared on the screen. At a bus station, Daisy looked at her ticket to Genoa City.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ashley let herself into Tucker's apartment and looked around. She picked up a framed photograph of herself with Tucker and smiled sadly. Ashley told Tucker that she was sorry she hadn't been around to see him. Ashley blamed herself for having been unaware of how Abby really felt about their marriage. Ashley spoke to Tucker's photo and said that she had to let the world think she'd been driving in order to protect Abby. Ashley believed that Tucker would understand why Ashley had accepted the responsibility for the accident, even though Abby had been driving.

Kay was seated beside Tucker's hospital bed. Tucker remained in a coma with a ventilator breathing for him. Paul arrived and reported to Kay about the search for Tucker's son. Paul said that Tucker's lawyers in England had been handling Tucker's business for many years. The lawyers were investigating Tucker's documents for any clue to find the name of Tucker's child. Paul asked if Kay had access to Tucker's apartment. Kay said she had the keys, and she and Paul decided to search Tucker's home for clues.

Later, Paul and Kay entered Tucker's place, but they were unaware that Ashley was in the bedroom, packing her things. Kay asked what to do, and Paul suggested they look for anything that might suggest the name of a child. Paul said to check for old day planners, calendars, files, and photographs. Just as Paul mentioned that they needed to find any clue to the name of Tucker's son, Ashley walked into the room and was stunned by the news. Kay demanded to know why Ashley was in Tucker's apartment. Ashley explained that she had been collecting her clothes. Kay reminded Ashley there was an order of protection to keep Ashley away from Tucker. Ashley assured Kay that she had not gone to the apartment for any nefarious purpose.

Ashley wanted to know about Tucker's son. Paul suggested that Ashley might be able to help Kay and Paul with the search. Ashley said that Tucker had never told her about his son. Kay thought it was interesting that Tucker had kept Ashley in the dark about something so important to him. Kay wondered if Tucker had ever truly trusted Ashley. Ashley suggested that Tucker had trust issues with women because his mother had abandoned him as a baby.

Kay said she had every reason to believe that Ashley had purposely run down Tucker with the car because Ashley had done nothing to prove her innocence. Ashley reminded Kay that Kay had known Ashley since Ashley was a little girl. Kay said that she couldn't take Ashley's word, especially because of Ashley's history of mental illness. Kay claimed that her top priority was protecting Tucker's life. Kay insisted that Ashley stay away from Tucker and keep out of his affairs.

After leaving the apartment, Ashley went to visit Tucker at the hospital. Even though Tucker was in a coma, Ashley spoke to him. Ashley revealed that she'd learned about Tucker's son. Ashley understood why Tucker might have kept his son's existence from her. Ashley asked Tucker to wake up and return to them. Ashley told Tucker that she accepted that he had kept his son a secret from her because Ashley had secrets, too.

At Tucker's apartment, Kay and Paul continued searching. Paul spoke on the phone with the attorneys in England. Paul informed Kay that Tucker's son had first been mentioned in documents 20 years before. Paul asked if Kay had discovered anything in the papers she was examining.

Kay opened an envelope and found a letter. Kay read it to Paul. It was from a woman who wrote that Tucker had not kept his promise to her, so she was promising that he would never see his son. Paul took the letter and carefully placed it back in the envelope. Paul told Kay he'd have it checked by a forensics lab. Kay said she was going to head back to the hospital to see Tucker.

Later, Kay arrived at the nurses' station and asked about Tucker's condition. In Tucker's room, Ashley told Tucker she loved him and kissed him. The alarms went off around the bed, and Ashley called to the nurses for help.

Billy arrived home and told Victoria that he'd picked up Nikki's birthday cake. Victoria was uptight about Lucy not being in the house. Billy was sure that Lucy was doing all right with Daniel. Victoria feared that Daniel might change his mind about the adoption. Nick showed up with flowers for Nikki's party. Nick was surprised to learn that Lucy wasn't there.

Billy explained that the judge had been ticked off about Restless Style violating the gag order. Nick blasted Billy for going public, but then learned that it had been Phyllis who had written a blog about Lucy. Nick apologized for jumping to conclusions. Nick warned Billy and Victoria that Phyllis was dangerous when she was obsessed. Victoria suggested that for Nikki's birthday, they refrain from talking about their troubles. Billy and Nick agreed.

In the park, Victor sat beside Nikki on the bench and told his ex-wife that he wanted to help her. Nikki didn't want Victor to see her looking so distressed. Nikki apologized for drinking again, but Victor understood. Victor said that Nikki had a disease and needed help. Victor apologized for having pushed Nikki away when she reached out to him.

Victor offered to stand by Nikki as she worked to become sober again. Victor embraced Nikki and told her that he would arrange for her treatment. Nikki remembered that she had to go to Victoria's for a birthday party. Victor offered to go with her and explain everything to the family. Nikki thought she looked awful, but Victor assured Nikki that she looked beautiful.

Victoria greeted Nikki and welcomed her parents into her home. Victoria was surprised that Victor was with Nikki, but glad to see her father. Nikki confessed to her family that she'd be returning to rehab. Nikki admitted that she had been drinking again. Later, Victoria told Nikki that she was proud that Nikki was facing her problems. Nick agreed with his sister.

Victor held Nikki's hand. Nikki was relieved that through all the troubles they'd faced, the family remained together. Nikki blew out the candles on her cake. Nick asked Nikki about Victor, and Nikki said that Victor had stepped in and taken charge. Nikki told Victoria that she'd miss her daughter while she was away. Victor got off the phone and announced that he'd found a place for Nikki, and she could leave immediately. Victor offered to take Nikki there on his jet and stay until she was settled.

Devon visited Lily at the sanitarium. Lily told Devon that she had been pretty messed up. Lily confessed to Devon that she'd been seeing Cane and had even taken the twins to the cemetery so Cane could see the children. Lily said that in the time she'd been in the hospital, she had not seen Cane. Devon pointed out that if Lily were truly ill, she might be seeing Cane everywhere.

Cane complained to his mother that he didn't want to continue to lie to Lily. Genevieve reminded Cane that he had to stick to the plan in order to protect the twins from Colin. Genevieve assured him that Lily would get better and that in good time, Lily would forgive Cane for his lies. Genevieve reminded Cane that Caleb had found Cane before she had. In a flashback, Cane met with his twin brother in a warehouse. Cane had been stunned to see his twin. Caleb had said that Colin had arranged for Caleb to be in Genoa City. Caleb had planned to attend Colin's wedding to Jill, letting Jill believe that he was Cane.

Caleb had told Cane that Colin had wanted to be in charge of raising the twins. Since Cane had refused to follow Colin's orders, Caleb had decided to take over Cane's life. Caleb had attacked Cane and had left him to die. Genevieve told Cane that Caleb had believed that he'd completed Colin's assignment -- killing Cane -- but Genevieve had intervened. Genevieve had known that Caleb would be walking into a bullet at the church.

Cane was shocked by his mother's cold attitude about Caleb. Genevieve revealed that Caleb had always been evil, even when he was a child. Genevieve said that there'd never been anything good in Caleb. Cane told his mother they needed time to rethink their plan. Genevieve assured Cane that she had everything figured out. She expected Colin would be overly optimistic about getting the twins to Australia. Genevieve said she could anticipate Colin's every move. Cane was worried about wild cards, like Caleb.

Genevieve reminded Cane that she'd found him in that warehouse when Caleb had left Cane to die. Genevieve told Cane that it had been Caleb that Blake had shot on the steps of the church, even though everybody believed that it had been Cane. Genevieve made sure that Cane understood that only she could keep him safe. Cane still didn't want to use the twins as bait in Genevieve's plan, and asked his mother to find another way.

Genevieve reminded Cane that when he'd tried to stop Colin in Australia by testifying against him, Colin had still managed to remain a danger to Cane. Genevieve said that if Cane could get Colin convicted of a crime in America, the Aussie mob would leave Cane alone and let Colin rot. Genevieve said that the alternative to her plan was Cane reuniting with his father and letting Colin raise the twins. Cane was concerned and agreed to follow Genevieve's instructions. Genevieve recognized that Cane wanted to protect Jill, too. Genevieve said that it hurt her to know that Cane felt as close to Jill as he did to his own mother.

At the coffeehouse, Colin held one of the twins. Jill returned to the table with iced tea for herself and Colin. Jill thanked Colin for going with her and the twins to the zoo. Colin confided to Jill that the children were important to him. A while later, Colin said that he had to leave to attend to some business. Jill said she'd meet him back at the mansion.

Colin went to the hospital to see Lily. Colin showed Lily the photos he'd taken of the twins at the zoo. Lily mentioned that someday she hoped to take the twins to Australia to see Cane's homeland. Later, alone in her room, Lily looked at the photos of Mattie and Charlie. In the park, Colin met with a man and ordered two fake Australian passports for the twins.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The nurses rushed into Tucker's room when Ashley called for help. Kay followed the medical team into the room and demanded to know why Ashley had been alone with Tucker. Kay screamed for somebody to throw Ashley out of the room. At Gloworm, Deacon served Abby a drink. Abby said that she probably shouldn't be drinking. Deacon invited Abby to an A.A. meeting, but Abby said "Thanks, but no thanks." Deacon advised Abby not to turn to liquor for answers.

On the other side of the restaurant, Jack approached Michael to get information about when the Newman IPO would commence. Jack was anxious to use the Newman shares he'd acquired. Michael explained to Jack that he could not discuss Newman business. Jack declared that he was looking out for his family's interest in Jabot, especially since Ashley was no longer the CEO. Jack asked Michael about Ashley's case, and Michael wasn't optimistic.

Abby walked over to Michael and Jack just as Jack's phone rang. Ashley called Jack to say that she was at the hospital, and she was in trouble. Ashley told Jack that Tucker had suffered an episode, and Ashley needed Jack to go to the hospital right away. Jack ended the call, told Michael and Abby what Ashley had said, and they all left for the hospital.

As Victoria, Nick, and Billy cleaned up after Nikki's party, they discussed how Victor had stepped up for Nikki. Nick said that Victor always enjoyed the grand gesture. Billy believed that Victor owed Victoria a grand gesture, considering all that she'd been through. Billy was aggravated that Phyllis had used the magazine web site to lure Daisy back to Genoa City.

From the hospital, Kay called Victoria and explained that Tucker was in serious condition. Kay said she needed to concentrate on caring for Tucker, and she hoped that Victoria would consider taking over Jabot, since Ashley was no longer in charge. Victoria was flattered, but wanted time to consider Kay's offer. Kay asked Victoria to get back to her as soon as possible with an answer.

In Tucker's room, Ashley explained to a detective and Kay that she'd been sitting beside Tucker's bed, holding his hand. Ashley said the alarms had gone off when she kissed Tucker. Kay fumed that Ashley had been warned to stay away from Tucker. Ashley told Kay that she'd been compelled to see Tucker after learning about his son. Kay told Ashley that she'd violated the order of protection. Later, in the hallway, Jack and Michael appeared, and Kay told them about Ashley's actions. Kay threatened to make Ashley pay for hurting Tucker.

When the D.A. arrived at the hospital, Kay grilled Walsh about why Tucker had not received the proper protection. When Kay warned that she would use her clout to have Walsh beaten in the next election unless he did as she wanted, Walsh said that a guard would be posted outside Tucker's room.

Jack and Michael reached Ashley at the hospital, and she defended her actions, claiming that she'd needed to see Tucker. Michael told Ashley that she'd violated the terms of her bail and might be put back in jail. Ashley begged Michael to explain her side of the situation. Walsh entered the room with the detective and an officer. Michael wondered why Walsh was at the hospital. Walsh announced that he was there to arrest Ashley for violating the conditions of her bond. Abby watched as Ashley was handcuffed and dragged from the room to the elevators.

Later, Abby was with Kay when the doctor explained that Tucker's spike in blood pressure and heart rhythm could have happened at any time, and Ashley had probably not done anything to harm him. Kay was glad to hear that. Abby assured Kay that Ashley would never hurt Tucker. Kay countered that perhaps Abby was a danger to Tucker, too.

Victoria told Nick and Billy about Kay's offer to hand Victoria the reins of Jabot. Billy was surprised that Ashley had been fired as CEO. Nick left when Victoria stunned Billy by saying that she was seriously considering Kay's offer. Billy questioned if it was a good move for Victoria to take over his family's company. Billy thought that Victoria should concentrate on getting Lucy back.

Victoria felt that she had to be prepared to handle loosing Lucy permanently. Victoria said that she had hoped their marriage would be like Father Knows Best, but it wasn't. Billy tried to comfort Victoria, but she rejected his platitudes. Billy was stunned that Victoria felt the need to have something else in her life in case they had to go on without Lucy.

In his apartment, Daniel was taking care of Lucy. Phyllis was coaching Daniel and offering him unwanted advice about how to burp the baby. Rafe arrived to tell Daniel that the court would be ruling on terminating Daisy's parental rights that day. Phyllis was happy to hear that Daniel would be getting full custody once Daisy's rights were legally severed. After Rafe left, Phyllis wanted to know what Daniel planned to do after the hearing. Phyllis argued with Daniel about his decision to let Billy and Victoria raise Lucy. Phyllis said Daniel was making a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Daniel asked Phyllis to be supportive, or else she would not be a part of Lucy's life.

At Gloworm, Phyllis called Michael to discuss Lucy's custody situation. Michael told Phyllis he couldn't speak and hung up on her. Nick walked into Gloworm and confronted Phyllis about her desire to take Lucy away from Billy and Victoria. Phyllis said that Lucy was part of her family and belonged with Daniel. Nick was furious with Phyllis, but Phyllis felt justified in taking Lucy from Billy because he'd taken Restless Style from her. Nick mentioned that Billy wouldn't need the magazine much longer if Victoria accepted Kay's offer for Victoria to run Jabot. Phyllis seized on the news about Jabot, and Nick regretted that he'd even mentioned it to Phyllis.

Phyllis approached Michael at the hospital to speak with him about Lucy. Michael told Phyllis that it was a conflict of interest for him to discuss the case with Phyllis because Michael was the Newman family attorney. Michael added that he did not approve of Phyllis' blogs, which had stirred up a lot of trouble. Michael said that he was not on Phyllis' side and didn't sympathize with her. Michael warned Phyllis to stop asking him for legal advice regarding Lucy's custody.

Victor escorted Nikki into her room at a rehab center. The doctor said that Victor had to leave shortly. Victor commented that the place seemed nice. Nikki was disappointed that she needed to kick booze again. Victor hugged Nikki and said he was confident that she would successfully get through rehab. Victor helped Nikki unpack her belongings and urged Nikki to think positively. Nikki felt that she'd rushed into rehab without saying goodbye to Kay. Victor offered to speak with Kay for Nikki.

Nikki was grateful to Victor for all he'd done for her again. Victor recalled the time when Nikki had sent Ashley to Paris after Victor was down and out over Sabrina's death. Victor said that Nikki had been very generous to him, and he'd appreciated Nikki's intervention. Nikki was touched by Victor's words. Victor asked Nikki to forget about anything he'd said about Deacon that had hurt her.

Before he had to say goodbye, Victor handed Nikki a birthday present. Nikki thought his taking her to rehab was her gift. In a jewelry box, Nikki saw a Chinese charm. Victor said it was the Chinese symbol for courage and strength. Victor told Nikki that no matter what had happened to them, Nikki's strength had kept them together. Victor kissed Nikki.

Rafe and Daniel took Lucy home to Billy and Victoria. Daniel said that he had good news. Daniel and Rafe invited Billy and Victoria to go to court with them to formally terminate Daisy's parental rights and finalize Billy and Victoria's adoption of Lucy. Victoria and Billy were excited to see Lucy and happy to go with Rafe and Daniel. Billy embraced Rafe gratefully.

Phyllis found Jack at the hospital and asked him to speak to Daniel about Lucy. Phyllis said that Daniel would listen to Jack, and she hoped Jack would convince Daniel not to let Billy and Victoria adopt Lucy. Jack said that he respected Daniel's decision to put Lucy's welfare before anything else. Phyllis wondered why Jack was loyal to Billy all of a sudden, when Billy hadn't reciprocated. Jack wondered what Phyllis was talking about.

Phyllis revealed that Kay had asked Victoria to be CEO of Jabot. Phyllis threw it in Jack's face that Billy hadn't bothered to tell Jack about Victoria's offer. Jack warned Phyllis to stop trying to take Lucy from Billy and Victoria. Jack said that Lucy wasn't Phyllis' child, and Phyllis was fighting a battle that she'd never win.

At court, Walsh told the judge that Ashley had willfully violated the order of protection. Michael tried to defend Ashley's actions, but the judge was angry about Ashley's disregard of the court order. Ashley asked to speak for herself; she insisted that she loved Tucker and that the medical alarms had gone off when she kissed him. Ashley had felt that she could draw Tucker out of his coma if she were allowed to spend time with him. The judge revoked the bond and sent Ashley back to county jail. The judge refused to listen to Michael. Ashley was taken away in cuffs.

At the jailhouse, Michael told Ashley that he could not get her bail reinstated. Michael advised Ashley to try to remember all the details of the night of Tucker's accident. Ashley seemed distracted. Michael told her to hang tight. After he left, Ashley vividly recalled the accident and how she tried to take the steering wheel out of Abby's hands.

Abby returned to Gloworm. Deacon approached Abby, and she admitted that she had booze in her glass. Nick appeared and told Abby to stop speaking with Deacon. Nick blamed Deacon for Nikki winding up in rehab again. Abby resented Nick's interference. Nick was stunned, but Abby reminded Nick that since the lawsuit, he and Victoria had checked out of Abby's life. As Abby held the drink in her hand, she had a vision of hitting Tucker with her car. Nick asked Abby what was wrong, and she said that she remembered Tucker's accident.

At the hospital, Kay told Jack that Ashley had been returned to jail. Jack told Kay he knew that she'd offered Victoria the Jabot job. Jack resented Kay for treating Ashley like a criminal. Kay blamed Ashley for creating the trouble she was in. Jack wondered how Kay could claim to have been John Abbott's friend when she wanted to destroy Jabot by putting a Newman in charge. Kay defended Victoria as a fine choice to run Jabot, and reminded Jack that Victoria was an Abbott.

Billy and Victoria waited in the hallway at the courthouse. Rafe and Daniel were there, too, with Lucy. Victoria told Billy that although she was tempted to run Jabot, Victoria had decided to not take the job. Victoria speculated that she might have lost custody of Reed because she'd tried to be a businesswoman and a mom at the same time. Victoria explained to Billy that she wanted to be a stay-at-home mother.

Daniel was surprised to see Phyllis arrive for the hearing. In the hearing, the judge awarded Daniel full parental rights. Daniel, Billy, and Victoria were thrilled. Phyllis walked out alone.

Daisy let herself into Phyllis' penthouse. Daisy looked around, then picked up a framed photo of Lucy. Daisy spoke to the picture and said, "Mommy's home."

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