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Sofia confessed to Malcolm that she wasn't sure who the father of her baby was. Diane, Adam, and Jack were called before a grand jury because of the Newman IPO stock manipulation. Tucker awoke from his coma.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 20, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, June 20, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Abby rushed in and asked Chloe and Kevin if they'd heard whether Billy and Victoria had won custody of Lucy. Daniel arrived a minute after Abby and broke the startling news. After Chloe heard that the judge had appointed Phyllis as the baby's legal guardian, she cried that Lucy barely knew Phyllis. Daniel explained that the judge had admonished Billy for having bought Lucy from a baby broker. Kevin insisted that Phyllis had made a horrible mistake by dragging Daisy into the situation because she had parental rights and might complicate matters should she be released from jail.

Chloe blamed Billy for lying about Lucy's adoption. Abby blamed Phyllis for having pushed the matter too far. Daniel agreed with Abby. Chloe bragged that she would assuredly gain custody of Delia since a judge had cast doubt on Billy's character. Kevin defended Billy and scolded Chloe for kicking Billy when he was down. Angry, Chloe left abruptly. Kevin quickly rose from the table and tried to catch Chloe, but she was gone.

Abby told Daniel that she was sorry about Lucy. Daniel apologized for not having told her the truth. Daniel stepped away, and Abby phoned Victoria and tried to comfort her. Later, Victor dropped by, and Abby was happy to see that he was still alive. Abby asked why someone would spread such a terrible rumor. Nick arrived just after Victor did and told Abby that someone had perpetrated a hoax in an attempt to take down a rich and powerful man.

Victor was distraught when he learned that Phyllis, after arranging to pay Daisy's legal fees, had gained custody of Lucy while Daisy was in jail. Nick added that when he'd stopped by to visit, Phyllis had seemed somewhat overwhelmed by caring for Lucy. Victor angrily explained that he'd been prevented from hearing the outcome because three people who'd messed with his company had deterred him when his daughter had needed him the most.

Nick later caught up with Daniel at the coffeehouse's patio and told him that he wasn't happy with Phyllis, either. Nick expressed concern for the sad state of Daniel's relationship with his mother. Daniel insisted that he didn't need his mother and didn't feel sorry for her. He told Nick that they should feel sorry for Lucy, Victoria, and Billy.

Kevin seemed distracted when Chloe later returned with a bag of gourmet popcorn, which she presented to him as a peace offering. Kevin seemed charmed that Chloe had remembered his favorite snack and had gone out of her way to get it. Chloe thanked Kevin for accepting her apology, and she admitted that Billy wasn't the worst father in the world. The couple kissed.

Victoria rushed to her father's ranch to check on him after hearing the erroneous news reports of his illness and death. Nick greeted Victoria and assured her that their father was all right. Nick comforted his sister after she cried that she'd lost Lucy. Victoria said she realized that Billy had taken Lucy into their lives because he'd wanted to lessen the emotional pain she had felt after suffering a miscarriage.

Victoria told her brother that she regretted having unloaded her anger on Billy. Nick said he understood. Victoria feared that J.T. would take Reed away from her. Victoria said she hoped to work things out with Billy. Nick explained that he'd left the hearing early after discovering that their dad had supposedly suffered a stroke. Growing angry, Nick explained that someone had orchestrated the false report, which had driven down the price of the stock offering.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy was frustrated and kicked a pile of baby toys off the coffee table. Rafe stopped by to check on his friend. Billy defended his decision to buy an abandoned baby from a broker in order to give the infant a good home. Billy pointed out that his actions shouldn't have compared unfavorably against Daisy's for kidnapping, torture, and attempted murder. Rafe explained that the courts would never support Billy for illegally acquiring a baby. Devastated, Billy said he'd already lost his daughter and had likely lost his wife.

After Rafe left, Victoria returned. Billy seemed surprised to see her. Victoria explained that Reed would be home soon, and Billy thought that was the only reason she'd returned home. Billy, dejected, replied, "Don't worry. I have already packed my bags." Victoria grew angry and didn't try to reason with Billy when he announced, "I'll get the hell out of your way."

Billy went upstairs to get his bags. When he returned, he said, "I'm going. Bye." Billy hesitated at the door, and Victoria started to say something. Victoria remained silent until after Billy left, and then she quietly whispered, "Goodbye." Billy, looking forlorn, sought solace at Jimmy's Bar. He ordered tequila. Billy gulped a shot and instructed the bartender to leave the bottle.

After Reed arrived at home, Victoria explained that Lucy had just been staying with them for a while. Victoria calmly added that Lucy had gone to live with her "first" family. Victoria promised Reed that Lucy would be happy and loved. Victoria stammered when Reed asked about Billy. Reed seemed confused.

Victoria played with Reed and tried to distract him. She told him that they could make popcorn and watch a movie. Victor arrived, and Reed eagerly jumped into his grandfather's arms. After Reed left the room, Victoria tearfully told her father that she couldn't bear to hear him say, "I told you so." Victor wrapped his arms around Victoria, comforted her, and said, "That is not why I am here."

Phyllis took Lucy to the penthouse. Phyllis told the baby, "I know you've been bounced around a lot, but you're here where you belong." Nick arrived. He asked Phyllis if she was happy. Lucy became fussy and started crying. Phyllis replied, "I'm happy that Lucy's with family. I'm not a monster, and I'm not taking any pleasure in someone else's pain or the fact that my son refuses to speak to me."

Phyllis admitted to Nick that Lucy had been crying for a while. Nick told Phyllis that the baby didn't know her or the strange surroundings and needed Victoria, the mother she knew. Phyllis cradled Lucy and in a singsong voice, she said, "Hi, baby girl! We're going to have so much fun!" The sitter dropped Summer off. Summer was puzzled when she saw her mother holding Lucy. Phyllis tried to explain that Lucy belonged to Daniel.

Phyllis maintained an animated air as she explained to Summer that Lucy was staying with them until Daniel was ready to take care of her. Summer cried, "But you're my mommy!" Phyllis promised Summer that the three of them would have a lot of fun. Doubtful about Phyllis' capabilities, Nick frowned. After Lucy fell asleep, Nick asked Phyllis what she was getting out of all the pain she'd caused. Phyllis cried, "I've lost everyone important in my life because I'm doing the right thing for my family."

Nick warned Phyllis that she'd teamed up with a psychotic woman who had tried to kill Lauren. Phyllis maintained that the baby deserved to be in a loving home with her family. Phyllis berated Nick for having taken Faith away from Sharon. Phyllis added that if Noah were in the same situation, Nick would fight to give Noah the chance to raise his own baby. Later, Lucy became fussy and cried. Phyllis rocked the baby in her arms and promised the squealing infant that they'd have fun.

At Tucker's bedside, Katherine told her comatose son that she'd been second-guessing herself on every business decision. Teasing, she added, "It's all your fault." Katherine massaged Tucker's hand as she asked him if he'd appointed her to take charge during an emergency because he'd had faith in her abilities.

Tucker seemed unaware of Katherine's presence as she said, "I am going to take charge, and when you wake up, don't you dare give me any grief! Just wake up, please." Katherine rose, stood beside the bed, and told Tucker that she'd made some decisions. She challenged him to awaken and stop her, but Tucker didn't flinch.

After Katherine left, Abby walked into Tucker's room and announced her presence. Distraught, she told him that horrible things had happened because someone had told lies. Abby stood near Tucker, learned forward, and said, "I need you to know something." With tears in her eyes, Abby told Tucker that she'd run him down but hadn't meant for it to happen. She repeatedly apologized and pleaded with him to get better.

At his office, Victor, on the phone with Michael, asked him how far he'd gotten with an inquiry to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Victor learned that the SEC was about to launch an investigation into possible stock manipulation and fraud, both of which Victor acknowledged were felonies.

Victor said he had a feeling that Adam and Diane would be celebrating because they'd mistakenly believed that that'd outsmarted the system. Victor later learned that there'd been two extraordinary purchases of stock when the price dropped to its lowest. Victor instructed Michael to phone him after he discovered the names of the purchasers.

At Gloworm, Diane and Adam drank champagne and celebrated as the price of Newman stock soared. Adam lifted his glass in honor of Diane's assistance, and he praised her for having been a trustworthy partner. Jack barged in and loudly ordered the bartender to bring another glass to Adam and Diane's table. Diane shrunk back in her seat as Jack announced that he'd made a killing on the stock market thanks to her tip. Adam glared at Diane.

Jack told Adam that Diane had sold him the inside information. Jack praised Adam for devising such an amazing scheme "to stick it to [his] old man." Just after Jack proposed a toast, Victor walked in. Diane seemed fearful as Victor approached. Adam remained aloof. Jack said, "Good thing Newman stock has a little bounce in it." Victor replied, "I should have known you were involved."

Jack boasted that he owned a good deal of Newman stock. Victor warned that the SEC would surely investigate him for fraud regarding his purchase of Newman stock. Victor sent a bottle of pricey champagne to Adam, Diane, and Jack's table and instructed the trio to drink up. Victor solemnly announced, "Tomorrow will be a day of reckoning."

Jack and Adam seemed unfazed by Victor's warning. Diane squirmed. She asked, rhetorically, why Adam and Jack weren't afraid of the SEC, given the way in which Victor dealt with such matters. Diane was in a hurry to leave, and Adam followed her to the door. Diane apologized for blabbing to Jack. Adam replied simply, "Well played." Diane smiled, and she and Adam left.

Katherine arrived at Gloworm and approached Jack's table, and he stood to greet her. Katherine placed her hand on Jack's shoulder and said she had decided to hire him as her new CEO. Jack was elated. Katherine promised to get the contracts to him soon. Before Katherine left, she said, "Enjoy, Jack, enjoy." After Katherine left, Jack continued sipping his champagne all alone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alone at home, Victoria remained upset about losing custody of Lucy. Chloe arrived and told Victoria she sympathized with her and Billy about Lucy. Victoria found it difficult to deal with the fact that Phyllis had Lucy, and Victoria and Billy couldn't appeal the judge's decision. Chloe said that she'd reconsidered going ahead with her custody suit against Billy. Chloe didn't want to take Delia away from Billy. Victoria said that Billy had moved out.

Chloe thought Billy had acted foolishly. Victoria had no idea where Billy had gone. Chloe assumed that Billy would return eventually, and Chloe offered to help Victoria in any way she could. Chloe admitted that Billy had been a good father to Delia. Chloe didn't want her anger at Billy to scar her daughter. Chloe told Victoria that she'd discuss dropping the custody suit with Billy. Reed ran into the room and told Victoria that he'd talked to J.T. about Mac's new baby.

Victoria told her son that she was happy about Mac having had her baby. Chloe offered to arrange a play date for Reed and Delia. Chloe left, and Victoria suggested to Reed that they make a card to send to J.T. and Mac. Reed asked Victoria when Lucy would be returning home. Victoria reminded Reed that Lucy was living with her first family and would not be back with them. Reed was curious why Billy wasn't home. Victoria sent Reed upstairs to find more crayons. Alone, Victoria wrote a note to J.T. and Mac, congratulating them on the birth of their son, Dylan.

Kevin went to Jimmy's dive bar and discovered Billy sleeping in one of the booths. Kevin accused Billy of being a drunken fool. Billy was feeling sorry for himself over Lucy's adoption being overturned. Billy sat at the bar and ordered a beer and some whiskey. Billy asked Kevin to drink with him, but Kevin noted that it was early in the morning. Kevin said that he sympathized with Billy about Lucy.

Kevin added that he'd testified for Billy and Victoria because he believed his niece was better off with them than with Phyllis. Billy felt that Phyllis had made a deal with the devil by leading Daisy back into their lives. Kevin had a beer with Billy and agreed that they'd never be friends. Kevin believed that Billy sincerely loved Lucy. Billy said that he'd been a good father to Lucy. Kevin condemned Phyllis for her actions. Kevin finished his drink and left the bar.

Billy continued drinking alone. Chloe showed up, and when she saw Billy was drunk, she blasted him for acting like a jerk. Chloe reminded Billy that Delia and Reed were confused about what was happening with Lucy. Chloe told Billy that the children needed Billy's guidance. Billy was surprised when Chloe mentioned that Reed had a new little sister. Chloe explained that J.T. and Mac's baby had been born. After Chloe left, Billy pulled himself together and called Mac in Washington. Billy wished Mac well with the new baby, but didn't let on to her that he and Victoria were separated because they'd lost Lucy.

Piper visited Sharon and offered to help cleaning the barn. Sharon handed Piper a pitchfork, and they worked together. Piper told Sharon that Sam wanted Sharon to never leave the farm. Piper's father arrived, and Piper introduced her father to Sharon. Sharon explained that she'd been working for Sam for a few months. When Piper's dad reached for his cell phone, Sharon saw he had a badge. Piper told Sharon that her father was a U.S. Marshal and that he was getting a commendation for having done a good job.

After her father stepped outside, Piper asked Sharon to join her and her folks on a picnic. Sharon said she didn't want to intrude on Piper's family time. Piper was disappointed but understood that Sharon preferred the comforts of the farm. Piper wondered if Sam was Sharon's boyfriend. Sam listened from outside the barn as Sharon insisted that Sam was a friend and nothing more. Sharon told Piper she had no room in her life for a boyfriend.

When Piper and her father were gone, Sharon asked Sam why he'd never mentioned that Piper's father was a federal marshal. Sam said that Piper's father kept a low profile about his position. As Sharon turned to leave, she tripped and fell on the pitchfork. Sharon grabbed her leg. Sam examined the wound on Sharon's leg and said that she needed stitches. Sharon asked Sam to care for the wound, but Sam said he had to take her to the hospital. Sharon refused to go to the hospital, prompting Sam to ask Sharon why she was so afraid. Sam said that he respected Sharon's privacy, but he demanded that Sharon tell him what kind of trouble she was in.

Victor greeted the SEC investigator, explaining to Michael that Gus had been a former Newman Enterprises' employee. Gus informed Michael and Victor that an investigation had been launched into the Newman IPO stock manipulation. Michael thought there was significant evidence to go after Adam. Gus said he first needed to interview Victor. Gus explained that Adam was not the only suspect, and that Jack and Diane were also implicated in the stock manipulation. Victor was almost certain that Adam had engineered the hoax, but he had no proof.

Victor told Gus how Diane had lured him into an ambulance by feigning a miscarriage. Gus needed concrete evidence. Victor and Michael wondered how Jack and Adam had known when to buy Newman stock at the lowest point. Gus wondered about Diane's motivation, assuming she bought stock, too. Victor said that Diane had not been a buyer, but that she had been living with Adam. Gus explained that there was no way to be sure that Diane's actions on the day of the IPO had been intended to drive down the price of the Newman Enterprise's stock. Michael thought they had plenty of evidence, but Gus said it was speculation at best.

In their Athletic Club suite, Adam gave Diane an envelope filled with cash. Adam said it was Diane's reward for a job well done. Diane suspected that Adam was being too nice to her. Adam said that he was in the clear with the SEC, thanks to Diane tipping off Jack the way she had. Adam was grateful that Diane had involved Jack because it had cleared him.

Adam pointed out that it looked like Diane and Jack had conspired to drive down the Newman stock. Diane was stunned to think that the SEC would investigate her, but Adam pointed out that Diane and Jack were prime suspects. Diane said she'd make a deal with the Feds and give up Adam. Adam laughed and assured Diane that it would be his word against hers. Diane was frustrated that Adam had turned on her, but Adam reminded Diane that she'd double-crossed him first by going to Jack.

Later, Diane found Kyle at Crimson Lights. Kyle was curious why Diane had her suitcase in hand. Diane said they had to leave Genoa City right away. Kyle was upset and didn't want to leave. Kyle told his mother that he liked living in Genoa City and wanted to stay near his father. Diane said they had to leave immediately, and she wasn't making it a request.

Gus, the SEC investigator, approached Diane and introduced himself. Gus said that he'd been looking for Diane. The SEC agent said that Diane was under federal investigation for stock manipulation. Diane was told not to leave the jurisdiction or she'd be under arrest.

Michael informed Victor that the SEC would continue the investigation in the stock manipulation. Victor was determined to pin the crime on Adam. Michael said he'd continue working on the case. Adam knocked on the door and entered Victor's office. Victor accused Adam of orchestrating the hoax to drive down the price of Newman stock on the day of the IPO. Adam denied that he'd had anything to do with the reports of Victor's death. Victor reminded Adam of all the opportunities he'd given Adam when he had drawn Adam to Genoa City after Hope's death. Adam scoffed and told Victor that he'd been an Ivy League graduate long before he worked for Newman Enterprises.

Victor told Adam that the SEC was investigating the stock manipulation that had occurred on the day of the IPO. Adam assured Victor that he had nothing to hide from the SEC. Victor warned that Adam would be thrown in prison for his shenanigans. Adam insisted that he'd done nothing illegal. Victor thought it was quite a coincidence that Jack and Adam had been the biggest buyers of Newman stock. Adam suggested Diane and Jack might have teamed up to swindle Victor.

Victor believed that Adam had instigated the plan, but Adam refused to take credit for getting Diane to do anything. Adam informed Victor that he expected to sit on the Newman board and showed Victor a piece of paper with the number of shares he owned of Newman Enterprises. Adam said that he'd demand a seat on the board of directors. Adam took a seat across the office, put his feet on the table and offered to be co-CEO of Newman Enterprises with his father. Victor said that Adam's proposal was interesting. Adam walked across the room. Victor stood up and took the chair that Adam had been using and threw it out of the window.

Michael visited Victoria to offer his sympathy about the Lucy situation. Kevin arrived and was surprised to see his brother there. Victoria thanked them for stopping by, but she told them that she wasn't interested in talking about losing Lucy. Kevin agreed to return another time. Later, Kevin spoke on the phone with Mac, congratulating her about the new baby.

Chloe met Kevin at Gloworm and told him that she'd seen Billy at Jimmy's. Chloe said she had decided to drop the custody case against Billy, but after seeing Billy in a drunken haze, Chloe was sticking to her guns. Chloe felt that Billy deserved to be alone because he was too immature to be a husband and father. At Jimmy's, Billy wistfully looked at a photo of himself with Lucy and Victoria. At home, Victoria was in tears about the disintegration of her family.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sam looked at Sharon's wound and said that it was serious. Sharon claimed she was all right, but the wound continued to bleed. Sharon insisted that the cut would heal by itself, but Sam knew better. Sam asked why Sharon was so afraid. Sam assured Sharon that she could confide in him about anything. Sharon asked Sam to treat the wound, and Sam agreed to do his best.

Sharon sat back and let Sam examine her leg. Sam said that he'd numb her before stitching up the cut. Sam compared Sharon's injury to a filly he'd once treated. Sam said the horse had nearly torn apart the stable because she had wanted to run. Sharon told Sam she was running from mistakes that she could never repair.

Sharon told Sam that her old life had stopped working. Sam said that everybody had a past. Sharon explained that she'd broken the trust of the people who loved her. Sam said that he'd observed Sharon and believed that she was a good, kind, and trustworthy person. Sharon said that she had made one very bad decision, but Sharon wouldn't say what it had been. When Sharon tried to stand up, she nearly toppled over. Sam caught her, and after a tense moment, Sam kissed Sharon deeply. Sharon told Sam she needed to get some rest. Sam agreed and left the barn.

At Crimson Lights, Adam met with a reporter. Adam had a great story for the reporter, all about how Victor had interrupted a business meeting with Adam to throw a chair out of the office window. Nick overheard Adam and interrupted to tell the reporter that Adam had nothing of value to share with the press. The reporter continued listening to Adam. Adam told the reporter that Nick was jealous of him and that was why he had suggested that Adam's story had no merit.

The reporter noted that Adam had been very successful, including this major acquisition of Newman Enterprises' stock. The reporter was also impressed that Adam had gotten Sharon's name exonerated. Adam insisted that Sharon had never committed murder. Adam told the reporter that he felt that Sharon was still with him. The reporter told Adam that he was going to publish the story.

Nick accused Adam of exploiting Sharon's name to get his name in newspaper. Adam told Nick that he still loved Sharon and wasn't using her in any way, shape, or form. Noah approached and asked why Adam and Nick were still fighting over Sharon. Adam mentioned that he was glad that Noah was comfortable living at Sharon's house. Nick invited Noah and his friend to lunch at Gloworm. Alone with Adam, Noah asked Adam to stop reminding Nick that Noah was living in Sharon's home. Adam admitted that he'd found it difficult to live there because so many things had reminded him of Sharon. When Adam suggested to Noah that he would talk with him about Sharon, Noah said that he wasn't interested in being Adam's buddy.

Noah commented that Nick and Adam were always at odds. Noah believed that Sharon had hated their fighting too. After Noah and his friend left, Nick warned Adam to leave Noah alone. Adam observed that Nick disliked the fact that Adam and Noah had remained friends. Adam sincerely missed Sharon and didn't mind talking about her. Nick said that he didn't need to parade his grief over Sharon's death like Adam did. Nick believed that Sharon was finally free of Adam.

Lily and Neil left Malcolm and Sofia to babysit the twins. Lily said she was anxious to go shopping, and Neil wanted to spend the day with his daughter. After Lily and Neil left, Sofia said that Lily seemed to be pretending to be all right. Malcolm blamed Cane for Lily's distress. Malcolm and Sofia talked about their relationship and how good things were between them. Sofia was impressed with Malcolm's attentiveness. Malcolm said that after everything they'd gone through, he feared something else might go wrong.

Sofia urged Malcolm not to dwell on the negative. Olivia arrived at the house and offered to help with the babysitting. Sofia asked Malcolm to go to the store to buy formula for the twins. Sofia surmised that Olivia needed to speak with her. Olivia said that after getting into Neil and Malcolm's medical records, she'd learned that Neil's Rh factor was positive and Malcolm's was negative. If Neil were the father, Sofia's baby would be at risk because Sofia was Rh negative.

Sofia didn't want either of the Winters men to know that there might be a problem with the baby. Sofia wondered if God was punishing her baby. Olivia sympathized, but she didn't think God wanted to harm Sofia's unborn child. Sofia said that she loved Malcolm, but the secret was bothering her. Olivia also felt terrible about the lie they'd told. Sofia was determined not to hurt Malcolm. Olivia offered to support Sofia in whatever she decided.

Later, Malcolm was back at Lily's, and he and Sofia were alone. Malcolm talked with Sofia about decorating the nursery. Malcolm noticed that Sofia had something on her mind. Sofia told Malcolm that she'd been with someone else. Malcolm was stunned as Sofia confessed that when they were separated, Sofia had slept with another man.

Malcolm wanted to know how it had happened. Sofia explained that it had happened because Malcolm had left her. Sofia admitted that the man she had slept with was Neil. Malcolm was in tears. Sofia apologized, but Malcolm was furious. Malcolm refused to accept any of Sofia's excuses. Sofia said that she'd only been with Neil once. Malcolm wondered about the baby, and Sofia confessed that she was unsure if Malcolm was the father.

Colin was joking with the guards about being well enough to be transferred to jail. Genevieve and Cane arrived at the hospital while Colin was out of the room in radiology. Genevieve wondered if Colin had already left for the arraignment. Genevieve was glad that Colin would be spending years in prison, feeling that justice had finally been done.

Cane said that he was concerned about repairing the damage he'd done to Lily and the twins. Cane wanted Genevieve to leave town. Genevieve told Cane to stop sulking and to go see Lily. Cane didn't think Lily would want to see him anymore. Genevieve wondered if Cane and Lily had the kind of devotion necessary to get beyond what they'd been through. Colin was wheeled back to the room and was surprised that Genevieve and Cane were there to see him.

Genevieve wondered why Colin's wife, Jill, wasn't there for him. Genevieve warned Colin that after the arraignment, he'd be behind bars for the rest of his life. Colin was confident that the judge would understand that he'd been trying to reclaim his grandchildren. Genevieve scoffed and suggested that Colin would get a hundred years in prison. Colin said that would be fine with him so long as he didn't have to see Genevieve anymore. Genevieve stepped forward, seemingly to kiss Colin. Colin warned Genevieve that if she bit him again, he'd bite back.

Colin dressed for court. Cane watched his father and said he was looking forward to watching Colin suffer in court. Colin saw murder in Cane's eyes. Colin remembered a time at the Chancellor mansion when Cane wanted to murder Colin. Colin regretted that Cane had never developed a killer's mentality in Australia. If he had, Colin said they might have avoided the entire mess they were in. Cane told Colin that he expected the other prisoners to be rough on Colin. Cane intended to go to court to watch Colin get indicted for kidnapping.

Kay confronted Jill at Gloworm, upset that Jill had not returned her calls. Jill didn't want to talk about Colin. Kay said that Jill was acting like she was addicted to Colin. Kay informed Jill that she'd thrown Colin's things out of the mansion. Jill said that she had wanted the pleasure of doing that. Jill ordered another drink, but Kay told the bartender to water down the booze.

Kay questioned Jill about Colin, but Jill refused to discuss him. Kay showed Jill a photo of Dylan, Mac's baby, to let Jill know that life was moving on while she was moping about Colin. Jill asked Kay to leave her alone. Kay was determined to make Jill sober up and face the reality of her sham marriage to Colin. Kay said it was up to Jill to fix the situation.

At Gloworm, Lily and Neil discussed Cane. Lily blamed Cane for causing Jill so much pain by leading Colin into her life. Lily said that she should have left Cane a long time before. Neil saw Jill and Kay talking. Jill told Kay that she should have known better. Kay said that Colin had bamboozled Jill, and Jill admitted that she'd believed Colin was a good man. Kay said that Colin would have found another woman to take advantage of if it weren't Jill. Kay said she'd known Colin was a charlatan from the start. Kay told Jill to turn her anger outward, not inward. Jill took Kay's hand supportively.

Lily and Neil saw Jill and Kay across the dining room. Lily told Neil that she'd seen sadness in Jill's eyes. Neil said that Cane was dirt, and he wanted Lily to stay away from Cane. Lily said that she would never return to Cane. Neil worried that Lily loved Cane so deeply that she'd forgive him.

Lily said that she had forbidden Cane to see the twins. Neil offered to make it official by consulting with an attorney. Lily wondered what she would tell the children in the future about their father. Lily didn't want Cane in their lives ever again. Genevieve walked into the restaurant and said hello to Lily.

Neil told Genevieve that she had intruded on his lunch with Lily. Genevieve explained that she wanted to get to know Lily. Genevieve believed that she and Lily had a lot in common. Lily declared that Genevieve was no better than Cane and Colin. Genevieve explained that Colin was the enemy, and said that since they were family, Lily owed it to Genevieve to find some common ground with her.

Jill and Kay saw Genevieve with Lily and Neil. Jill intervened and told Genevieve to leave Lily alone. Jill ordered Genevieve to "get the hell out of town." Genevieve said she had no intention of leaving Genoa City. Kay backed up Jill and urged Genevieve to pack up her things and go. Genevieve said that she'd never meant to upset them.

Before leaving, Genevieve called to the bartender and ordered a round of drinks for everyone in the restaurant. Genevieve wanted to prove that she was a magnanimous person. Suddenly, the door opened, and Colin entered loudly. Colin said he was happy to be there. Cane walked in after Colin and watched his father.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

At Gloworm, Colin explained to Genevieve, Kay, Jill, Neil and Lily that the charges against him had been dropped. Genevieve was shocked that Colin had been set free. Cane confirmed that Colin was telling the truth. Colin said that he'd been allowed to go free because of diplomatic immunity, but that he was still being monitored by the police and had to be on his best behavior. Neil said he'd heard enough. Neil gathered his and Lily's shopping bags and said they were leaving. When Cane tried to speak with Lily, Neil told Cane he was out of the family. Neil warned Cane to stay away from Lily and the kids. Lily confronted Colin to say that she'd never let him have access to the twins.

Genevieve told Colin that he would not get away with his crimes. Colin said that he had no interest in dealing with Genevieve. Colin had only gone to Gloworm to speak with Jill. Kay declared that Jill wouldn't give Colin a moment of her time. Colin asked for just a minute, and Jill agreed to hear what Colin wanted to say.

Colin told Jill that he'd told her many lies since arriving in town, but he'd been honest about falling in love with Jill. Colin said he would be staying in Genoa City to try to win Jill back. Colin told Jill that she was the only bright spot in his life. Colin said that loved talking with Jill and loved the way she smiled. Colin said that he'd be a "stupid SOB" if he let her get away from him. Jill shook her head and said she'd lost track of all the lies Colin had told her.

While Jill spoke with Colin, Kay questioned Cane about the things he'd done to them. Kay blasted Cane for hurting Lily by pretending to be a ghost. Kay couldn't believe that Cane had allowed everyone to believe that he'd died, and that he'd allowed Jill to marry Colin when Cane knew how dangerous Colin was. Kay told Cane how Jill had grieved for Cane when she believed that he'd died. Cane blamed Colin for Cane's deception, but Kay said that Cane was just as responsible for the pain he inflicted as Colin had been.

Kay interrupted Jill and Colin. Kay told Colin that his time with Jill was over. Jill walked out with Kay, leaving Colin behind. Genevieve mocked Colin for trying to reconcile with Jill. Colin told Genevieve and Cane that he was staying in Genoa City. Cane was disgusted with both his parents and wanted nothing to do with either of them. Genevieve reminded Cane that he was still part of the Atkinson family, whether he liked it or not.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Esther learned from Kay and Jill that Colin had been set free. Kay and Jill assured Esther that Colin would not be returning to the house. Esther gave Jill an envelope that had been delivered while she was gone. Jill opened the envelope and read that her marriage to Colin had been deemed null and void. Esther thought it was a relief that Jill didn't have to divorce Colin. Sensitive to Jill's feelings, Kay urged Esther to leave the room so Jill could have some time alone.

Daniel walked into Jimmy's and ordered a beer. Daniel then called Lily to see how she was doing and left her a message. A short time later, Lily arrived at Jimmy's to spend time with Daniel. Lily asked Daniel to talk to her about how he was feeling. Daniel admitted that he needed an emotional pick-me-up.

Daniel was feeling bad for Victoria and Billy and couldn't feel good about Phyllis having custody of Lucy. Lily told Daniel that his feelings mattered, too. Daniel admitted that he was angry with Phyllis for pushing her agenda and disregarding his feelings. Lily pointed out that Daniel's number one priority was making sure that Lucy was well taken care of. Lily declared that Lucy was safe with Phyllis.

Malcolm was in a state of shock after Sofia told him that her baby's father might be Neil and not Malcolm. Sofia apologized for her indiscretion. Malcolm wondered if Sofia had slept with Neil out of spite. Sofia said she hadn't meant to hurt either Malcolm or Neil. Malcolm couldn't forgive Sofia for being with his brother. Sofia asked Malcolm to talk to her, but Malcolm said he couldn't look at her anymore. Malcolm slammed the door as he charged out of Lily's house.

A short time later, Neil arrived at Lily's and found Sofia crying. Neil wondered what was wrong and Sofia confessed that she'd told Malcolm the truth about her one-night stand with Neil. Neil was stunned that she'd told his brother, but Sofia said that she hadn't been able to keep the secret any longer. Sofia told Neil about the Rh factor situation with her baby. Sofia admitted to Neil that she'd lied about when the baby was conceived, which meant that Neil might be the baby's father.

Neil was shocked and reminded Sofia that Malcolm and Neil had gone through a terrible time when Lily's paternity was a lie. Neil wondered if Sofia would have continued lying if not for the Rh factor question. Sofia wasn't sure about what she might have done, but she did care about where Malcolm had gone. While Neil went to attend to the twins in the other room, Malcolm returned to the house. Malcolm asked Sofia when they could learn for certain who the baby's father was. Before Sofia could answer, Neil returned, and Malcolm went after him. Neil held Malcolm back and asked him not to start a battle. Malcolm agreed because Malcolm was sure that one of them would end up in a box if they continued fighting. Malcolm left in a huff.

Victoria watched home movies of her with Lucy and Billy on the camcorder. The doorbell rang, and Victoria welcomed her father. Victor hugged Victoria and asked if she was all right. Victoria said that she had been trying to act normal for Reed's sake. Victoria said she had been missing Lucy terribly. Victor understood and related to her feelings.

Victor said that he'd given up Adam so that Hope could raise him in Kansas when he was just a boy. Victor said that he regretted the decision he'd made because of how Adam had been affected. Victoria told her father that she'd rejected Michael's offer to file an appeal because she didn't want to put Lucy through more legal wrangling. Victoria accepted that she had to let Lucy go because there was no way to get Lucy back.

Victor thought Victoria needed to get her mind off of her loss. Victor offered Victoria a seat on the Newman Enterprises board of directors. Victoria was stunned that Victor could trust her again after the lawsuit. Victor admitted that he wanted his family around him again. Victor thought Nikki would be ecstatic if Victor and Victoria were working together at Newman Enterprises. Victoria said she'd turned down Kay's offer to run Jabot because Victoria wanted to devote more time to family. But that was before Victoria had lost Lucy.

Victor suggested that Victoria take some time to consider his offer and discuss it with Billy. Victoria revealed that Billy had left her. Victoria said she'd lost her baby and her husband. Victor was surprised to hear that Billy had moved out. Victoria said the marriage had fallen apart because they couldn't bear losing Lucy. Victor refused to say "I told you so," but Victor admitted that he'd never thought that Billy was right for Victoria. Victor declared that Billy was an Abbott and had reverted to his old self-destructive ways. Victor kissed Victoria and told her to call him if she needed anything.

Jack helped Billy move into Murphy's trailer. Jack believed that Billy would be back with Victoria very soon. Billy had no faith in Victoria ever forgiving him. Chloe arrived unexpectedly to see Billy. Chloe had Delia with her, reminding Billy that it was his day to have Delia. Billy was excited to see Delia. Billy told Chloe that he was surprised that she'd stuck to their custody agreement. Chloe said that she'd hoped Billy had cleaned up for his daughter. Billy offered to shower and clean up for Delia's visit.

Jack told Chloe that taking Delia for a visit wasn't a great idea, and Chloe agreed that Delia should visit with her Daddy another day. Chloe left with Delia. Billy reached for a bottle of booze, and Jack told him it was time to stop drinking. Billy took a drink anyway. Jack saw some gambling papers and warned Billy not to fall back into that trap. Billy assured his brother that he wasn't doing any gambling. When Jack left, Billy took the newspaper with the gambling information and walked out of the trailer.

Cane ran into Chloe and Delia at Crimson Lights. Cane said hello to Delia, and Chloe was upset that Cane acted as though nothing was wrong. Chloe reminded Cane that he was a liar of epic proportions. Cane reminded Chloe that she'd tried to pass Delia off as Cane's child. Chloe said that compared to Cane passing himself off as a ghost, Chloe had been a saint. Cane said that what had been done could not be undone.

At Gloworm, Jack arrived and went to the bar. Jack saw Genevieve sitting at a table with Colin. Colin told Genevieve that the town wasn't big enough for both of them. Genevieve laughed at him. Colin said that he'd moved on from her and suggested that she do the same by getting over her crush on him. Genevieve told Colin that she was staying in town to remind him over and over again that he'd killed Samantha. Jack watched Genevieve with Colin.

Colin believed that Genevieve was happy Colin had been set was free so she could stalk him. Genevieve physically lashed out at Colin, and he pushed her away. Genevieve turned to the crowd in the restaurant announced that Colin was a criminal who'd gotten away with his crimes. Genevieve warned all the people to keep an eye on Colin because he was dangerous. Colin laughed and told the gathering that Genevieve was a sick woman, and she deserved their sympathy. After Colin had walked out, Jack saluted Genevieve.

After Victor left Victoria's home, Victoria picked up her phone and called Billy. Billy's phone was in the trailer, but he wasn't there. Billy entered Jimmy's and saw Daniel and Lily. Billy said hello and watched them leave. Billy asked the bartender to give him a beer and a shot and keep his glass filled. A blonde walked into Jimmy's and sat next to Billy. When she flirted with him, Billy smiled.

Colin returned to the mansion, but didn't knock on the door. Inside, Jill cried as she looked at the notice that her marriage was dissolved. At Crimson Lights, Lily saw Cane.

Friday, June 24, 2011

At the prison, Abby visited Ashley, who sympathized with Victoria and Billy. Abby thought Billy was responsible for his own anguish, even though he'd acted out of love, just like Ashley had when she'd switched places with Abby in the car. Abby lamented that the people Ashley and Billy had tried to protect had only ended up worse off, and she felt awful watching Ashley pay for Abby's crime. Ashley called it an accident, but Abby said she knew what had happened and demanded that the truth be told. They argued as Victor entered with the D.A. and announced that Ashley was being released.

Victor explained that Diane, the key witness in the case, was under federal investigation for sabotaging Victor's initial public offering. Ashley told Abby that everything would be okay. D.A. Walsh warned Ashley that her restraining order from Tucker was still in effect, and she'd be put back in jail if she violated it. Abby pulled Victor aside and said she had to speak with him about something important, and they stepped outside.

At Crimson Lights, Victor observed that something was weighing on Abby, and she conceded that she couldn't hide her secret anymore. She confessed that she had been the one driving the car and that she had hit Tucker. Abby explained to Victor that at first, she had believed Ashley's story and hadn't been aware that she herself had been driving. Abby said that Ashley had maintained the lie, even after Abby had confessed to tricking Tucker and Diane into going to the cabin. Victor asked how Abby could be sure, since she had been drunk, but Abby said the memory of the crash had been burned into her mind.

Victor offered to talk to Michael to see how they could handle the situation. Abby said she'd already tried to confess, but the D.A. hadn't believed her. Victor remarked that Ashley was out on bail, but Abby wailed that Ashley couldn't see Tucker. Victor was determined to take care of both women, and he didn't want Abby to throw her future away. Abby pointed out that he'd lectured her to act responsibly, but she was irritated that he saw her as a helpless child, and she stormed out. Victor called someone with instructions to follow Abby.

At Gloworm, Abby asked Kent how long it would take to get a video on the web, and he replied just a few minutes. She proclaimed that she wanted to correct a wrong that had hurt her family, so she and Kent prepared to shoot a special edition of The Naked Heiress. With the camera rolling, she announced that she had the guts to bare it all, and she intended to expose herself in a different way than usual. She said the truth could be naked, and she confessed that she'd run over Tucker and that she might have tried to kill him. Deacon watched with interest from behind the bar.

Adam answered a knock at his hotel room door and found Diane. He was surprised to see that she was still in town, but she explained that the SEC had objected to her travel plans. He called it tough luck, but she expected him to make sure everything worked out. He didn't want to get involved, but she threatened to make his life miserable. He responded with a smirk, and she demanded more money to pay for her defense, or she'd give the Feds enough information to nail him.

Adam noted that he'd already given Diane money, but she reiterated that she needed a lawyer. He thought no one could prove that she hadn't been in pain and possibly having a miscarriage, just like no one could prove that he hadn't simply stumbled upon a lucky stock purchase. He warned her that if she gave him up to the Feds, she'd have to admit her own involvement. She said she could put a spin on the story by mentioning his history of manipulating vulnerable women. He scoffed at the idea that she was vulnerable, and he countered that with her history of pulling fast ones on Victor, he could convince the Feds the scheme had been entirely her idea.

Diane doubted that Adam could convince Victor, and she wondered if Victor might help her if she told Victor the truth. She argued that even though Adam knew how to play the system, Victor had his own brand of justice. Adam advised Diane to stick to her original story. She snapped that he didn't have the Feds after him, but he reminded her that there was no evidence. She said that sometimes innocent people were convicted anyway, like Sharon, and she vowed not to go down alone.

Adam assured Diane that they were on the same side, and she asked again if he'd give her the money. He said he would, if she continued helping him stick it to Victor, because he was just getting started. Adam promised that if his plan worked, she'd have more money than she could ever spend. Diane worried that she was putting her son's future in Adam's hands, but he said she had no alternative but to accept his offer of financial independence. She agreed, but threatened him if he double-crossed her. He replied that it wouldn't be in his own best interest to do so, but she warned him that she'd have nothing to lose.

Adam mused that he liked Diane and that her killer instincts reminded him of Skye, and he was certain that Victor would never anticipate what Adam had in store. Adam answered the door to Victor, who calmly stated that he was glad Diane was there. He handed her a subpoena and announced that she'd been served. She angrily grabbed the envelope from him. Victor informed Diane that the SEC and the D.A. had considered her behavior suspicious enough to warrant a grand jury investigation. Diane suspected that Victor was behind the subpoena, and she barked that it wasn't illegal to have stomach cramps.

Victor reported that Adam wasn't off the hook either, and Adam countered that he'd simply made a legal stock purchase. Victor revealed that he had convinced the D.A. that Adam had defrauded the public. He handed Adam another subpoena, and he stalked out. Diane worriedly asked Adam how seriously she needed to take the grand jury investigation, and Adam confidently stated not at all. She worried about potential charges; however, Adam purported that Victor had thrown his weight around to get to the D.A., but Victor couldn't affect the grand jury. Adam asserted that they'd settle the score before the investigation was completed.

At the hospital, Katherine told Tucker's doctor that she wanted progress, not sympathy. He said they'd done everything medically possible, but she refused to accept it. She pushed the doctor to consider alternative therapies, but she was interrupted by a phone call. The doctor left, and she spoke with Jack; he wanted to make his CEO appointment official. She offered to drop by to sign the contracts on her way home. After she hung up, she told a comatose Tucker that if he had issues with her decision, he needed to get out of bed and tell her so. After she departed in frustration, Tucker moved his fingers.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria forlornly gazed at a photo of Lucy on her cell phone. She tried to call Billy again, but he had left his phone at home. At Jimmy's, a sexy blonde woman asked if he was new in town, because she'd never seen him there. He divulged that it had been a while since he'd been there, and she flirtatiously said she would have remembered him. He smiled uncomfortably.

Billy and the blonde playfully bantered over which one of them was more of a regular at Jimmy's. She said she'd let him buy the next round, which he ordered. She hoped she'd see him there more often, and he said the odds were pretty good. She declared that she considered herself part of the Jimmy's family, because she preferred to choose her family than be stuck with the one she had. Billy suddenly decided to head home and grabbed the phone to call a cab, but she offered to give him a ride.

At Jabot, Victoria arrived and congratulated Jack. He noted that the CEO position had almost been hers, but she realized that it meant more to him than it would have to her. She admitted that she wished that she had accepted it, since she no longer had Lucy to care for. She asked if Jack had seen Billy, but Jack informed her that Billy hadn't returned his calls, either. Jack inquired whether she wanted to work things out, and she said she hadn't wanted Billy to leave. Jack suggested she search at Jimmy's.

Billy returned to his trailer and grabbed his gambling papers. There was a knock at the door, and he opened it to the blonde from the bar, who declared that she'd had second thoughts about driving away. She asked if he'd reconsidered letting her go. He balked and claimed that his trailer was messy, but she said she didn't mind and sauntered in. She saw the papers and called him a betting man. He denied that he was a gambler, and she pointedly said it was always better to go for a sure thing.

The woman began to take off her shirt and suggested that she and Billy have some fun. She amorously threw her shirt at him, but he gently told her to go home. He pointed to his wedding ring and explained that he was married. She understood and moved to kiss him on the cheek as Victoria walked in. Billy begged Victoria not to leave, as the blonde got dressed. He said it hadn't been his idea, and the blonde apologetically confirmed that she had pursued Billy.

After the woman left, Victoria angrily confronted Billy. Billy explained that the woman had just given him a ride home and that he hadn't even known her name. Victoria asked if he was drunk, and she spotted the gambling papers. He admitted that he'd been drinking and gambling a bit, and she moved to leave. He asked her to give him two minutes to plead his case.

Billy insisted the gambling was nothing, but Victoria said he had an addiction. He claimed that he had been blowing off steam, but that he was done. He took the blame for losing Lucy and explained that he'd had a bad night. She sarcastically asked if he'd needed cheering up, and he retorted that he had a right to be sad. He pointed out that while he'd messed up, he hadn't cheated on her and he wanted her back. He moved toward her, but she refused to trust him, since he'd turned to drinking and gambling when things had gone wrong. She spat that Victor had been right about him.

Ashley sneaked into Tucker's hospital room. She apologized for not being around, though she had been thinking about him. She wished he could hear her, so he'd know how much she loved him. She took his hand, and he squeezed hers. She wondered if he had done so on purpose and if he could hear her. She begged him to open his eyes, but when he didn't, she softly touched his hair and said it was okay, because she knew he was trying hard, and she'd be there when he finally returned to her. She was stunned when his eyes fluttered open.

Ashley joyously welcomed Tucker back as medical personnel entered. She explained what had happened, and Tucker attempted to speak. The doctor warned Ashley that she shouldn't be there, but she maintained that she was glad she had been, because Tucker had opened his eyes for her.

Jack spoke on the phone about expanding production, and after he hung up, he looked up and saw Katherine in the doorway. She commented that he looked right at home, doing the job John had raised him to do. He claimed that no one was more motivated to run Jabot. She declared that she'd made the right choice, and she asked to see his employment contract. Katherine signed the paperwork and hoped the company performed up to her expectations.

Jack bragged that he would surpass all of Jabot's targets. Katherine said that she wanted to show Tucker how much she appreciated her son's faith in her, and she was willing to take a chance on Jack, but she wouldn't cut him slack because of old times. She vowed that she would always do what was right for Jabot, even if it meant selling the company to Victor. Jack swore that the new product line would be amazing, and he offered to retrieve some samples for her to take home. Katherine took a call while Jack left to fetch the samples. She cried out in joy when she learned that Tucker had awakened.

Jack returned to his office and found Victor, who warned Jack not to get too comfortable. Jack jokingly inquired whether Victor planned to throw another chair out the window. Victor predicted that Jack would soon be conducting business from a jail cell, and he handed Jack a subpoena.

As Tucker struggled to speak, Ashley begged him to give himself a break. Katherine entered as Ashley promised Tucker that she wasn't going anywhere. Katherine was visibly affected when Tucker made great effort to say Ashley's name. Ashley started to defend herself to Katherine, but Katherine conceded that Tucker needed Ashley. Tucker tried again to speak, and he slowly managed to croak, "Why did Abby try to kill me?" Katherine gasped in shock.

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