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Sharon was sentenced to 30 years in prison without parole. Walsh offered Sharon a deal if she revealed Adam's role in her escape. Billy was hospitalized after a car crash. Adam schemed to frame Victor for Diane's murder.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 18, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Victor stopped by Victoria's with dinner and insisted he keep her company even after she'd told him she'd needed time alone to think. Victoria admitted that she missed being able to share her problems with her mother. Victor offered to listen. Victoria said she'd been reflecting on the numerous times her father and mother had split up, and then reunited. She asked her father if he and Nikki had felt compelled to stay together because they had children. Victor emphatically stated that having children could not save a marriage.

Victor slightly winced when Victoria said that she was still attracted to Billy. She admitted that she and Billy seemed mismatched, but her eyes sparkled when she insisted that they were strongly drawn to each other. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes when she cried that the attraction alone might not hold her and Billy's relationship together.

Victoria told her father that Billy had been arrested for solicitation. Victor scowled, but Victoria maintained that Billy had been falsely arrested. Victoria said worriedly that Billy had lately made a succession of mistakes, the worst of which was losing custody of Delia. Victoria's temper flared when she told her father that she'd trusted Billy's assurances that he would pull himself out of his tailspin. She admitted that Billy was gradually sinking lower, and she felt it might be time to walk away.

Victoria sounded empathetic as she talked about having once believed that she and Billy would be together forever. Victoria vowed not to sit back and watch Billy self-destruct because it was too painful not to intervene. Victor acknowledged that Billy's loved ones wouldn't emerge unscathed while he dealt with his demons. Victor advised his daughter not to try to solve Billy's problems because she would also be drawn into peril. After Victor left, Victoria was beside herself, so she rushed out to request help for Billy.

Billy planted himself at Jimmy's Bar and told the bartender standing in the shadows to set him up with tequila shots. After Cane stepped forward and announced that he was again tending bar, Billy scoffed and said, "This night can't get any worse." Billy mockingly promised not to jump over the bar and beat up Cane for hurting Jill and Lily, if Cane kept the booze flowing. Cane told Billy to consider how his behavior would affect the people that cared about him. Cane warned that downing booze to forget problems could become a vicious, never-ending cycle.

Cane told Billy that he'd learned from his own experiences that it was best to "man-up" and deal with one's problems. After Billy admitted that he had lost his wife and kids, Cane said that he and Billy had much in common. Dismayed, Billy insisted that he was nothing like Cane. Billy later relented and admitted that there were similarities. Cane encouraged Billy to share his story. Billy did and said that what had hurt the most was seeing Victoria's face after he'd let her down once again.

Cane admitted that he'd hurt Lily and couldn't expect her to fall back into his arms. He advised Billy to fight for what he wanted and let his family know that he'd made mistakes. Billy scoffed and said he didn't need anyone telling him what to do, especially not Cane. Cane challenged Billy to walk out the door, but Billy lingered. Playing devil's advocate, Cane set up a row of shot glasses and filled them with tequila. "Drink it! Drink it, if that's what you want," Cane taunted after slamming the half-emptied bottle down on the bar.

At Fenmore's Boutique, Tucker and Ashley showed up unexpectedly while Jack was touting Ashley's new line of skincare products. Jill whispered into Katherine's ear and asked if she'd known that Tucker had been released from the hospital. Katherine sarcastically responded, "The mother is always the last to know." Jack graciously introduced Tucker to the gawking audience and reminded everyone that Jabot was a family company housed under the McCall umbrella.

Sofia managed to give Tucker a quick embrace before he made his way to podium. From the back of the boutique, Abby studied the interaction between Tucker and Ashley. Tucker thanked Jill and Lauren for allowing the new skincare and fragrance line to be introduced at Fenmore's. Ashley and Jack stood behind Tucker as he addressed the press and the audience.

Tucker was confidently articulate as he proudly introduced the woman who had conceived and produced the new line of miraculous anti-aging products. Ashley approached the microphone, but she only uttered, "Thanks," before stepping back and anchoring herself beside Jack. Tucker seemed sure of himself while he spoke about Ashley's revolutionary beauty products derived from cactus pectin.

Tucker didn't miss a beat when a reporter challenged him about investing in new products during an economic downturn. When the reporter asked Tucker about sales forecasts for the new line compared to the debut of the Starblaze line, Tucker hesitated. The reporter asked Tucker if he planned to create brand awareness via social media. Tucker stood silent before stepping back and allowing Ashley to respond.

Smiling, Ashley announced that Jabot had put into place a comprehensive marketing strategy. She referred reporters to information contained in press kits and directed them to Jabot's web site. Sofia seemed taken aback because Tucker had deferred so quickly to Ashley. Ashley pulled Jack and Tucker close and announced that she was happy to share the spotlight with her two favorite men.

A reporter asked Ashley about a signed marriage license on file, indicating that Tucker and Ashley had married while he was still hospitalized. Sofia turned to look at Abby and gauge her reaction. Abby pursed her lips. Ashley explained that she and Tucker were just about to make an official announcement of the marriage. Asked why the couple had wed in secret, Tucker explained that their ceremony had been intimate.

A reporter asked Abby about her feelings, given that she'd not initially approved of her mother's wedding plans. Abby claimed that the newlyweds had thoughtfully broken the news to her because they'd feared backlash. Katherine, whispering to Jack, confirmed that Abby had no prior knowledge of the nuptials. Abby said that during therapy sessions at a rehabilitation clinic, she'd realized that she'd been too harsh about her mother's decision to marry Tucker. Abby smiled and announced that her mother deserved to be happy.

As Abby raced to the podium to embrace her mother and Tucker, Lauren whispered to Jill that it was nice to see Abby pulling herself together. Jack whispered to Katherine, "Are you buying this?" Katherine, grimacing, shook her head from side to side while she watched Abby pretend to be elated. News photographers eagerly snapped photos of what one reporter hailed as the "happy family."

Sofia, sneering, approached Katherine and Jill and said, "Isn't it wonderful that Tucker could make it tonight?" Abby quietly exited the boutique while her mother, Tucker, and Jack mugged for photographers. Sofia congratulated Tucker and Ashley on their marriage before Ashley excused herself to look for Abby.

Tucker told Sofia that her presence had cheered him. Sofia tried to avoid discussing what had transpired while he was in a coma, but she admitted that Katherine had placed her on a paid leave of absence. Tucker was livid and reinstated Sofia immediately. Sofia was ecstatic. Tucker glared at Katherine from across the room.

Victor arrived late, and Jack told him that he'd missed the excitement. Jack smiled and added, "We're going to bury Beauty of Nature with this new line because it's a game-changer." Victor laughed and quipped, "Well, you enjoy the moment, Jack." Ashley begged Victor not to cause a scene when he approached her, looking for Abby. Ashley promised Victor that she'd check on Abby. Across town at Gloworm, Abby sat drinking and purposely ignoring calls from her worried parents.

Sofia stopped to talk to Ashley before she left and said that Tucker had seemed befuddled. Ashley said she hoped that Tucker would ease himself back into work, but Sofia warned that Tucker never eased into anything. Tucker thanked Jack for getting Ashley's line on the market and praised him for being a good brother. After Tucker walked away, Jack seemed to suspect something wasn't quite right.

Victor told Katherine that he was surprised to see Tucker. Katherine said she was grateful that Tucker seemed healthy. Tucker greeted Victor warmly and asked to have a private word with his mother. Tucker blasted Katherine for making decisions that had directly countermanded his wishes. Tucker warned that he'd take legal action to regain control if she didn't step down voluntarily because he was fit and ready to take the helm.

Lauren asked Jill about Billy. Jill, fretful, said she hadn't heard from him. Jill left Billy another message and said she hated the way they'd ended things. Victoria arrived and rushed by her father. Anxious, Victoria told Jack, Ashley, and Jill that she needed their help with Billy.

Ashley was shocked to learn that Billy had lost custody of Delia. Jack insisted that Billy had gone back to his old ways of drinking, lying, and soliciting prostitutes. Victoria insisted that Billy hadn't been involved with the prostitute, but Jack claimed that if Billy's lips were moving, then he was lying.

Victoria cried that Billy's life was a wreck and that he wouldn't listen to reason. She pleaded with Billy's family to help him because she feared they'd lose him if someone didn't intervene. Jack promised to help his brother. Jill thanked Victoria for stepping forward on Billy's behalf. Victoria cried that Billy might have gotten himself into serious trouble.

Across town, Billy, his bloodied face resting against a deflated airbag, sat unconscious in his wrecked car.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the Jabot launch party in Fenmore's, Victor called Abby and left a message for her to call him back because he was concerned about her reaction to the news of Tucker and Ashley's marriage. Kyle arrived at the party with Diane. Kyle was wearing his Little League baseball uniform and told Jack that he'd pitched a no-hitter. Jack was sorry that he missed the game. Kyle said that he understood that Jack needed to be at the Jabot launch.

Victor overheard about Kyle's great game and congratulated him. Victor offered to have his pilot fly over the field with a banner attached to the jet to celebrate the team's success. Jack topped Victor's generous offer by saying that he would take Kyle's team to Great American ballpark at the end of their season. Kyle was thrilled. Diane sent Kyle to get something to eat. After Kyle left, Diane told Jack and Victor to stop using Kyle to one-up each other. Jack reminded Diane that she'd used Kyle when it was good for her. Victor backed up Jack's claim, reminding Diane that she hadn't been thinking about Kyle when she hooked up with Adam.

Abby was at Gloworm, having a drink. Deacon asked her to tell him what was bothering her and offered to listen to her. Abby told Deacon that his job was to serve drinks and not be her friend. When Diane arrived at the restaurant, she sat near the bar and said that she was grateful that the day was over. Abby and Diane exchanged nasty comments about who had class. Diane wanted to smack Abby for disrespecting her, but Deacon got between the women and told Diane to calm down. Later, Victor arrived, and Deacon told him that Abby had left the bar.

Victor and Diane exchanged barbs. Victor defended Abby's actions to Diane. After Victor walked away, Deacon sympathized with Diane. Diane said there were too many people with money in Genoa City who thought they could get away with anything. Deacon told Diane that he knew for a fact that Abby had run over Tucker McCall, not Ashley. Deacon suggested that Diane use that information to get back at Victor.

Diane asked if Abby had really confessed to running down Tucker as Deacon had said. Deacon explained that the information was legit but that the tape with Abby's confession had disappeared. Diane said she wanted to use the information, plus some other secrets she knew to take down the people who'd hurt her in Genoa City. Deacon volunteered to help.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria approached Chloe and berated her for going to court to take Delia from Billy. Chloe said she had put Delia first, but Victoria disagreed and accused Chloe of taking out her anger at Billy by using Delia. Victoria pointed out that Chloe had used Delia since before the child was born. Chloe countered Victoria's claims and said that she'd witnessed Billy's downward spirals before, when they were in New York. Chloe told Victoria that it had been difficult to watch, and Chloe didn't want her child exposed to Billy when he was like that.

Billy was in a hospital bed. The police officer told a doctor that he'd been unable to reach any of the Abbotts to report Billy's accident. At Fenmore's, Jill and Jack agreed that the launch had been a big success. Jack's phone rang, and the cop told Jack about Billy's accident. Jack shared the information with Jill, and they left for the hospital.

After the party, Ashley and Tucker went home to his apartment. Tucker was happy to be out of the hospital. Tucker was upset that he had flubbed one of the answers to a media question and regretted that he had gone to the Jabot launch. Ashley thought they'd handled the question well together. Ashley was concerned because Abby hadn't answered Ashley's calls. Ashley left another message for Abby. Tucker said that Abby had been through a lot.

Ashley received a call from Jack and told Tucker that she had to go to the hospital immediately because Billy had been in an accident. Ashley told Tucker to stay in the apartment and rest. Later, Abby arrived at Tucker's, looking for Ashley. Tucker informed Abby about Billy's accident. Tucker said that Ashley was concerned, but Billy had not been seriously injured.

Tucker apologized to Abby for breaking the news about the wedding at the press conference. Tucker was kind to Abby and asked Abby to be sensitive to Ashley. Abby knew that Ashley had been through a lot. Abby confessed to Tucker that she had been driving the car that had hit him. Tucker said he knew; he'd seen Abby behind the wheel. Tucker was relieved that Abby had admitted the truth to him. Tucker asked Abby if she had been trying to kill him. Abby said her memory of the night was fuzzy and she didn't think she was capable of killing someone intentionally. Tucker believed Abby.

Abby said that she had wanted to confess the truth for weeks, but Ashley hadn't let her. Abby said that people had treated Ashley badly when Ashley claimed she'd been the driver. Abby revealed that she had sent Tucker a text message from Malcolm's phone to lure him to the cabin and then lured Diane to the cabin to meet Tucker by sending Diane a text from Tucker's phone. Abby had wanted Ashley to realize that Tucker had once had a fling with Diane. Abby asked Tucker to admit to her that she'd walked in on Tucker's one-night stand with Diane. Tucker lied and said there had never been anything between him and Diane. Abby said she had to leave.

At the hospital, the doctor told Ashley, Jill, and Jack that Billy had a separated shoulder, but no major injuries. The cop explained to Ashley that it had been a single car crash. The cop suspected Billy had been driving while intoxicated. If Billy were over the legal limit, he'd be arrested. In the hospital room, Jill, Jack and Ashley confronted Billy.

Jill asked Billy what he had been thinking by driving while intoxicated. Billy told his family that he was not drunk. Jill said that he had been spotted leaving Jimmy's. Billy said he'd been there to drink, but he actually hadn't had a sip. Billy recalled paying for the booze that Cane had poured, but never drinking the five glasses of tequila.

Chloe said that Victoria wasn't to blame for Billy's screwup. Jack called Victoria to tell her about Billy's car accident. Victoria was relieved the injuries weren't too bad. Chloe asked if Billy was all right. Chloe was concerned because Billy was Delia's father. Chloe asked Victoria to call her with an update on Billy's status.

Chloe went to Jimmy's and saw Cane. Cane said he needed an honest job, and bartending qualified. Chloe didn't think Cane was capable of doing honest work. Chloe was not surprised to learn that Billy had been at the bar the night before. Cane told Chloe that what she had done to Billy by taking Delia from him had been cruel. Chloe thought Cane had been cruel to Lily, too. Chloe believed she had done what was best for Delia. Chloe didn't want to be considered a selfish monster anymore.

In the hallway outside of Billy's room, Ashley, Jack, and Jill all agreed that Billy needed a reason to wake up in the morning. They agreed that Billy needed a job, but they wanted him to remain in Genoa City, where they could watch out for him. Victoria arrived, and Jack, Jill, and Ashley encouraged her to go to see Billy. In Billy's room, the nurse told Victoria that Billy had been given some pain medication and would probably be out for the rest of the night. While Billy was asleep, Victoria asked Billy why he did these things to the people who loved him. Victoria recalled her breakup with J.T. and losing Reed.

Victoria said that she'd had lost all the joy in life until Billy had entered it. Victoria credited Billy with changing her from a drudge into another kind of woman. Victoria recalled the spur-of-the-moment trip to Jamaica and the tattoo of Billy's name. Victoria said she'd fallen deeply in love with Billy, but that was in the past. Victoria said that they were not Jim and Margaret from Father Knows Best, with a houseful of kids. Victoria said that she couldn't live any longer, worrying if Billy was going to return home or wind up in jail. Victoria said it had to end.

Victoria was grateful that Billy would be all right, but she would not pick up the pieces for Billy. Victoria kissed him gently, then walked out of the room. Billy opened his eyes, having heard what she said. The cop told Jack and Jill that Billy had not been intoxicated. He said there was no booze in Billy's system. Billy would not be arrested. Jill hoped the accident would be a wake-up call for her son.

When Ashley returned to the apartment, Tucker told Ashley that Abby had confessed to him that she had driven the car that hit him. Ashley insisted that she'd been driving. Tucker said that he remembered seeing Abby behind the wheel. Tucker told Ashley that he'd offered to put the accident behind them, and Abby had agreed. Ashley was grateful to Tucker.

Later, Ashley and Tucker went to bed together. Tucker was glad to be home in bed with his wife and presented Ashley with her wedding band. He placed it on her hand, and Ashley did the same for Tucker. Tucker and Ashley were happy to finally, truly be married. Tucker became amorous, and Ashley asked if the doctor had approved of him being able to have sex again. Tucker said it was their wedding night, and nothing was going to stop him from making love to her.

Abby went to the ranch to see Victor. Abby said that she had set things straight with Tucker by admitting to him that Ashley had not been the driver. Abby told her father that she had confessed to Tucker that Abby had hit him with the car. Victor was worried about Abby because Victor believed that Tucker was a vindictive man. Abby was sure that Tucker had agreed to put the accident behind them. Abby was grateful that Victor had kept her from confessing on television. Victor said that he always did what was best for Abby. Victor was happy that the ugly business was behind them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A police guard escorted Sharon into the courtroom. Leslie approached Sharon and asked how her client was doing. Sharon said she wasn't ready to be sentenced, but she had no choice. Sharon realized that she was going to be in prison for a long time. Jack arrived and greeted Sharon with a comforting hug. Jack said that he was grateful that Sharon was alive, but he felt bad that she had made things so bad for herself and would have to face the judge.

Victor ran into Sam at Crimson Lights. Victor thought Sam had returned to New Mexico. Sam said that he'd decided to stay in town for Sharon's sentencing. Victor appreciated that Sam cared about Sharon.

From his suite, Adam called Diane and said he wanted to get moving on their plan to put Victor behind bars. Adam said he was going to the courthouse and would meet with Diane afterwards. At Gloworm, Diane saw Nick walk in with Phyllis. Diane watched Nick take a table with Phyllis and kept an eye on them as they ate. Nick told Phyllis that he was surprised that Phyllis had decided not to wait outside the courtroom to hear Sharon's sentence. Phyllis said she wanted to be with Nick. Nick assured Phyllis he was fine. Phyllis wondered why Nick had chosen not to be there.

Nick explained that he would have gone to the courtroom to hear Sharon's sentence for Noah's sake, but Noah had decided not to go. Phyllis felt bad that Sharon had disillusioned Noah. Nick said he couldn't forgive Sharon for letting the family believe she had died. Nick was especially concerned for Sharon's mother, Doris. Nick said Sharon had made multiple mistakes, which were beyond forgiveness. Nick didn't want Sharon to go to prison, but Sharon had chosen her fate.

Phyllis noted that Adam had been intent on proving Sharon's innocence for a long time, and recently Adam had said he was sure he'd found something on the memory card. Phyllis wanted to know if Adam had really been on the brink of finding something or not. Phyllis told Nick she was heading back to the office to write about Sharon's sentencing. Nick said he'd meet Phyllis at the office. Phyllis felt that it was the wrong time for the two of them to give in to their desires to become lovers again. They agreed to simply be business partners.

After Phyllis left Gloworm, Nick noticed Diane at another table. Nick approached and asked Diane why she'd been staring at him and Phyllis so intently. Nick blasted Diane for having turned to Victor and then Adam after her fling with Nick. Diane told Nick that she'd never slept with Adam. Diane said that Adam had been the only person willing to help her at the time she had moved in with him. Nick told Diane that the grand jury would probably indict her for helping Adam with the IPO scam. Diane asked Nick why he hated her.

Nick said that he didn't hate Diane. Diane was surprised. Nick said that Diane was her own worst enemy. Nick said that she had many positive traits, but she had to stop running after wealthy men with her tricks and schemes. Nick told Diane to make her own fortune as an architect. Nick encouraged Diane to believe in herself. Nick said that if Diane didn't stop the scheming, things would never change for her. Diane said she missed her talks with Nick. Diane's phone rang, and Nick walked away.

Adam entered the courtroom and saw Sharon speaking with Jack. Jack stepped away so Sharon could speak with Adam. Sharon had hoped Adam would be in court for her. Adam told Sharon he wouldn't miss her sentencing. Sharon offered to answer whatever questions Adam had for her. Adam told her to worry about her prison term, not his questions. Adam claimed that he'd worked very hard to find the evidence to exonerate her. Sharon appreciated Adam's efforts for her. Adam wondered why Nick hadn't shown up for the sentencing. Sharon said she'd told him to stay away. Victor and Sam arrived, and Jack told them that Sharon had asked for a private meeting with Adam.

Sharon noticed that Sam had walked into the courtroom. Sharon told Adam that she'd assumed that Sam had returned to New Mexico. The judge called court to order. The judge listed Sharon crimes. When Leslie tried to offer an explanation, the judge told Leslie to take a seat. The judge sentenced Sharon to 25 years in prison for the premeditated murder of Skye Newman and five more years for escaping from custody. The judge said those 30 years would be without the possibility of parole. Sharon was to be taken back to jail until she was transported to the state penitentiary.

Victor confronted Walsh about his decision to prosecute Sharon when real criminals like Adam and Diane were free. Walsh said that eventually the others would be brought to justice. Sharon received sympathetic words from Jack, Adam, and Sam. Adam left to give Sharon a chance to speak with Sam. Jack said he'd be in touch with Sharon. Alone with Sam, Sharon complained that she'd be an old lady by the time she had done her time. Sharon apologized for dragging Sam into the mess.

Sharon told Sam that he'd be better off just forgetting that he'd ever met her. Victor stepped over and told Sharon that they would file an appeal. Victor said that he and Sam would fight together to get Sharon exonerated. Victor said he had not forgiven himself for letting her down in the past. Victor embraced Sharon and told her that it wasn't over. Victor walked out with Leslie. In the doorway, Victor blasted Leslie for the work that she and Vance Abrams had done on Sharon's case. Leslie explained that Vance had other commitments, but Victor was incensed.

Sharon told Sam he should leave her. Sam assured Sharon that he knew exactly who she was, based on what she'd done for him in her time on the ranch. Sharon said that he had a great life in New Mexico. Sharon wondered if Victor had asked Sam to stay. Sam said that he had chosen to stay, and Victor had not influenced him. Sharon believed Victor might use Sam to make Adam jealous.

From the jail, Sharon used the pay phone to call Adam. Sharon left a message on Adam's phone, apologizing for hurting him and asking Adam to visit her. Victor found that Sam was still in the courtroom. Victor offered to help Sam while he was in town if he needed a place to stay or work. Sam said he'd take care of himself.

Sam mentioned that he'd read about Sharon's life and the colorful characters she'd been involved with. Sam was curious about Adam. Victor said the truth about Adam was worse than what was in print. Victor said that Adam was dangerous and evil. Victor warned Sam to never trust Adam. Sam said he would only team up with Victor as a way to help Sharon. Sam didn't want to be used to get back at Adam.

Diane returned to Adam's room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Adam said that Sharon's fan club of men had been at the sentencing. Adam was ready to go through with his plan with Diane to destroy Victor. Diane said that she had concerns. Adam reminded her that they were partners, and they were going to frame Victor for Diane's murder. Adam would not allow Diane to back out of their scheme. Diane feared that if they screwed up the plan, they could end up in jail. Diane said she had a lot to lose.

Adam said that Victor's interest in Kyle was Victor's way to corrupt another child. Adam told Diane that Victor despised Diane, and that meant Victor had a motive for murder. To go through with the plan, Diane had a condition. Diane asked Adam to transfer a large amount of money into her account. Diane wanted to send Kyle away. After her "death," Diane would then pick up Kyle, and they would get on with their lives. Adam said she'd need to go far, far away. Adam agreed to Diane's terms. Adam said that to get started, Diane needed to sign custody of Kyle over to Victor.

Eden ran into Noah at Jimmy's. Noah was drinking a cup of coffee. Noah said that he was avoiding the courthouse. Eden offered to keep him company. Noah said he'd planned to go to the courthouse, but Sharon had asked him to stay away. Sharon hadn't wanted him to have to face the press. Eden told Noah that rehab had been helpful for her. Eden noticed that Noah wasn't eating.

Jack ran into Nick at Gloworm and told him about Sharon's sentence. Nick called Noah with the news about Sharon. Noah was shocked by the sentence, but hoped she'd get out on good behavior. Nick blamed Sharon for hurting Noah. Noah told Eden he believed the Newman family was cursed. Noah realized that Sharon would miss hundreds of family moments over the years. Eden said it was still better than Sharon being dead. Noah felt especially bad for Faith. Eden embraced Noah. When Noah went to kiss her, Eden pulled back. Eden said that she'd be there for him, but not romantically.

Jack told Nick that Sharon had been devastated in court. Jack mentioned Sam Gibson, and Nick was curious about the veterinarian. Nick assumed that Adam would be ticked off by Victor's alliance with Sam. Nick was surprised to hear that Adam had not made any grandstand plea in the courtroom to insist that Sharon was innocent.

Sharon called Adam's room, and Diane answered the phone. Meanwhile, Adam went to see Phyllis at Restless Style. Phyllis told Adam that she knew he had the evidence to free Sharon, and he hadn't used it. Phyllis wanted to know where Adam had put the memory card.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jack ran into Sam at Gloworm and introduced himself as a good friend of Sharon's. Jack thanked Sam for having taken care for Sharon while she was in New Mexico. Jack blamed Victor for Sharon having been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Jack told Sam that Victor was looking out for himself, not Sharon. Jack told Sam that Victor caused all the problems Sharon had. Sam commented that Victor seemed sincere about helping Sharon with an appeal.

Jack explained to Sam that if Victor helped Sharon, it would be for Victor Newman's own benefit. Jack warned Sam not to get caught in the crossfire of Victor's battles because that was how Sharon had wound up getting hurt. Sam mentioned Adam, and Jack told Sam that as evil as Victor was, Adam was worse because he was diabolical. Sam thought that Jack had warnings about everyone in Sharon's life. Sam said he had no intention of taking sides in all the feuds around Sharon. Jack received a call from Kyle saying he was running late.

Across the dining room, Victor met with Nick and told his son he was concerned about Sharon's disposition. Victor felt that Sharon was pushing away the people she needed close to her, like Noah. Nick told Victor that Noah was torn up about Sharon's situation. Nick asked about Sharon's new friend, Sam Gibson. Victor reported that he'd had Sam investigated and discovered that Sam had a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Victor spotted Sam speaking with Jack at the bar. Victor told Nick that the wrong people could corrupt Sam if he wasn't careful. Nick said that he'd help Sharon, but he did not want to be the one she leaned on any longer. Nick offered to use the pages of Restless Style to support Sharon's story and lobby for her to get a new trial. Nick informed Victor that Phyllis believed that Adam had been close to finding evidence to exonerate Sharon. Victor was curious about Adam's investigation.

Kyle arrived at Gloworm to see Jack. Jack asked Kyle about his problems with Sebastian, a kid on his team. Kyle told Jack that everything was all right. Jack worried that things might not be all right with Diane. Kyle wouldn't say anything bad about his mother. Jack feared that Diane might trust the wrong people.

Jack assured Kyle that no matter what happened with Diane, Kyle could always trust in Jack. Kyle was pleased when Jack said he had a gift for him. Kyle opened the envelope and found airline tickets for a weekend at a baseball camp in West Virginia. Jack explained that it was a father and son camp, and he'd be going with Kyle, if that were all right with him. Kyle was thrilled and hugged his father gratefully.

On the phone, Sharon asked the woman in Adam's suite to put Adam on the line. Diane didn't identify herself, but said that Adam was out. Sharon asked for the woman's name. Diane refused to cooperate. Diane implied that she was intimately involved with Adam. Diane offered to take a message. Sharon asked her to tell Adam that she'd called and needed to speak with Adam.

At Restless Style, Adam explained to Phyllis that he'd never found the evidence to clear Sharon. Phyllis reminded Adam that they'd been in Thailand together and bought dozens of memory cards. Phyllis remembered that Adam had been certain that the memory cards were not a dead end. Adam told Phyllis that he'd been wrong. Phyllis busted Adam by saying that she'd contacted Emmet, the man she hired to restore the memory cards, and Emmet had been with Adam when Adam successfully restored the audio on the memory card.

Adam said that Emmet had been mistaken. Adam claimed that he'd misidentified the voices on the disk. Phyllis doubted that Adam would have made that kind of mistake. Phyllis wanted to hear the track herself. Adam grew indignant with Phyllis. Adam claimed that he didn't have the memory card anymore.

Phyllis wondered why the evidence for Sharon was suddenly worthless. Adam accused Phyllis of spinning another tall tale for the pages of the magazine. Adam implied that Phyllis had become a paranoid busybody. Phyllis was amused by Adam's insights and said that she'd use his observations in her next piece. Phyllis asked again for the memory card. Adam walked out of the office. Phyllis called Nick to report to him about Adam's visit.

Nick arrived at Restless Style a while later, and Phyllis told Nick about Adam having found the memory card with Emmet and restoring the data to prove that Sharon was innocent. Phyllis said that the memory card would have saved Sharon. Phyllis told Nick that Adam had been defensive with Phyllis and had been trying to cover his tracks. Nick couldn't figure out what Adam was up to.

Phyllis theorized that Adam wanted to punish Sharon. Phyllis explained that Adam had been faithful to Sharon, even after he thought she'd died. Adam then had seen Sharon with Sam. Phyllis assumed that Sharon had had a hot fling with Sam and that Adam would have hated Sharon for her disloyalty. Phyllis believed that Adam would think that Sharon deserved 30 years in prison. Nick thought it was an extreme punishment.

Phyllis suggested to Nick that she write the story even though they didn't have the memory card. Phyllis was anxious to include Sam in Sharon's tale. Nick agreed to let Phyllis put it online. Phyllis felt the story would open Sharon's eyes to the real Adam. Nick asked Phyllis to get Emmet's input for the piece. When it was finished and on the site, Phyllis thought the story had turned out great. Nick wanted a bigger print run. Phyllis hugged Nick and the attraction between them heated up. Nick went to his desk, but his eyes were on Phyllis.

Adam returned to the hotel room. Diane told him that Sharon had called and wanted to see him. Diane said Adam should go to see Sharon. Later, Adam went to the jail. Sharon learned that Diane had been on Adam's phone. Adam said his relationship with Diane was all business. Sharon was jealous of Diane, but Adam told Sharon that he had never moved on with any other woman after she was reported dead.

Adam said that Diane meant nothing to him. Sharon told Adam that Diane had implied otherwise. Adam explained that after New Orleans, Adam had been committed only to Sharon. Sharon asked if Adam still loved her. Sharon was sorry that she hadn't reached out to Adam when she was in New Mexico and had instead turned to Sam. Adam claimed that he understood.

Adam said it was hard to see Sharon with Sam. Sharon said that she'd asked Sam to go back to his ranch. Sharon wondered if Adam was angry with her. Sam entered the room, and Sharon introduced Adam to Sam. Adam thanked Sam for protecting Sharon. Adam left, and Sam spoke with Sharon alone.

Sam warned Sharon that Adam was not really her friend. Sharon said that Sam had been listening to the Newmans and the Abbotts. Sharon defended Adam to Sam and said Adam had stood by her when everyone else had abandoned her. Sharon said she still wished that she were at the barn on Sam's ranch. Sam felt that Sharon had been her real self on the farm. Sam was determined to save Sharon.

Leslie visited Sharon and showed her the story from Restless Style. Sharon was shocked that Adam had gotten the proof to clear her and hadn't used it.

Diane went to see Victor at the ranch. Victor only agreed to speak with Diane because it involved Kyle. Diane said that Kyle needed Victor's help. Diane believed that Adam would want her dead because of some things she'd done. Diane was leaving town but wanted Kyle to stay with Victor for his protection. Victor asked if Adam had threatened Kyle.

Diane said that Adam still believed that Diane was an ally, but Diane had made a deal with the D.A. Thanks to Diane's testimony against him, Adam would be indicted for the Newman stock scheme. Diane said she had to go into hiding. Victor called Walsh to confirm Diane's story. Walsh said that it was true. Victor was suspicious of Diane and wondered why she'd turned on Adam. Diane said that since Sharon's return, Adam had been ready to snap. Diane said she didn't want to be around when that occurred. Victor reminded Diane that she'd returned to Genoa City so Kyle could be with his father, Jack.

Diane told Victor that Jack was too obsessed with Jabot to be a good father to Kyle. Diane flattered Victor by saying that Victor had always found time for Kyle. Victor remembered that the night before, Diane had blown up at him at the Jabot launch when he tried to be nice to Kyle. Diane said that she had been on edge because of Adam.

Diane cried and begged Victor to take care of Kyle for her. Victor said he'd only do it for Kyle's sake. Victor predicted that Jack would fight for custody. Diane was certain that Victor would win in any battle with Jack. Victor had conditions, starting with Diane keeping their deal top-secret. Victor would not let Diane use the situation against Jack. Victor called Michael to get the documents written immediately. Diane was surprised by Victor's haste, but when he turned his back, she smiled with satisfaction.

Once the documents were delivered to the ranch, Victor insisted that Diane sign. Diane did as he asked. Victor warned Diane not to double-cross him, that he was much more of a danger than Adam. Diane walked out of the house and called Adam. Diane told Adam that Victor had signed the custody papers. Diane ordered Adam to arrange for Kyle to be whisked out of town immediately.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Victoria accepted a delivery, and when she read the label on the box, she realized that it was Billy's birthday. She opened the package and gazed at a portrait she'd had painted of her and Billy in their Halloween costumes. She flashed back to making love with Billy after she'd surprised him in her skimpy outfit.

At the hospital, Billy spoke on the phone with Traci and said that he wanted someone to gift-wrap his life and give it back to him. He hung up, and a nurse reprimanded him for leaving his room. He declared that he was checking out, but she retorted that it wasn't a hotel and that he needed to be released. He requested a cab, because he didn't have anyone to drive him, but Ashley and Jack appeared behind him and offered to take him home.

The nurse ordered Billy to wait for a wheelchair, and Billy indicated his surprise that his siblings were there, because he'd screwed up. Jack pointed out that Billy could have died, and Billy joked that it would have saved them from having to purchase a birthday gift. Ashley scolded Billy, but Billy assured her that he was just being the same "pain in the ass" he'd always been. She announced that they were having a birthday party for Billy at her home, and she suggested the men head there, while she ran an errand.

Ashley arrived at Victoria's home, and she reported that Billy's blood tests had indicated that he hadn't been drinking before his accident. Ashley informed Victoria that Billy had been released and that Ashley was hosting a birthday celebration for him. Victoria showed the painting to Ashley, and Ashley suggested that Victoria deliver it to Billy at the party. Victoria didn't want to give her husband false hope, because they'd hurt one another, and she didn't think they could work things out.

Ashley expressed sadness that not long before, Billy and Victoria's home had been filled with love and laughter. Victoria was glad she still had Reed, who was about to arrive for a visit. Ashley headed toward the door, but Victoria asked her to wait. Victoria scribbled a quick note to Billy so he wouldn't think she forgot his birthday, and she requested that Ashley give it to him.

Tucker tried to read a document, but he threw his glasses on the desk in frustration. He answered the door to Billy and Jack, and he inquired about Billy's recovery. Billy said it had been nothing compared to Tucker's ordeal, and Tucker commented that he didn't remember much of his hospital stay, due to his coma. Jack asked Tucker about a sales report Jack had sent over, but Tucker declared that it was a party and offered to serve drinks. Jack cautioned that it was too early for alcohol, but Billy requested a Bloody Mary.

Ashley joined the party and echoed Jack's concern about drinking too early, and Billy wished Abby were there. Jack advised Billy to minimize the celebrating, but Billy asserted that he had no job to go to in the morning. Jack again mentioned work, but Ashley quickly cut him off and reminded him of the occasion. Jack said that his gift was increasing Billy's stock price. Tucker credited Ashley for Jabot's success, and Jack stated that Katherine would concur that Jack and Ashley made a great team. Tucker scoffed, and Ashley explained that they'd started the process to remove Katherine from the company.

Jack presented an uncomfortable Tucker with some paperwork and started to go over sales projections, but Ashley again turned the subject back to Billy's birthday. Ashley handed Billy a small box, and he opened it and found their father's ring. Ashley recalled how she'd played with the ring after John had returned home from work, and it reminded her that at the end of the day, their father had belonged to them. She commented that the ring had made her feel safe. Billy remembered that when he was young, he'd thought the ring had superpowers, and he'd wanted one just like it, so he could be like John.

Ashley assured Billy that he was a good dad and a good man. Billy thought Jack should have the ring, but Jack shook his head and said they'd agreed to give it to Billy. Billy thanked his family for making his birthday special. Ashley pulled Victoria's note from her purse and handed it to Billy. Billy wondered if Victoria planned to stop by, but Ashley explained that Reed was in town. "Billy, hope you have a happy birthday, Victoria," he read aloud, unable to disguise his disappointment.

Billy left to walk home, and Jack told Tucker that they needed to make some business decisions about what they'd discussed. Tucker became incensed, and Ashley intervened and said they'd get back to Jack. Jack apologized if it was too early for Tucker to resume working, but Tucker calmed himself and promised he'd look over Jack's reports, and Jack departed. Ashley said she missed her dad, and she noted that Billy hadn't been the same since John's death. Tucker mused that he could relate. Ashley inquired why Tucker had never told her that he had a son.

Victoria excitedly arrived home with Reed and talked about all the plans she had in mind for his visit. Reed showed her a photo of his new baby brother, and she said that J.T. and Mac were lucky to have a beautiful family. Reed asked if Billy didn't live there anymore, and Victoria confirmed Billy had moved out. She explained that Billy missed and loved Reed, but he couldn't see Reed during that visit.

Reed asked about Lucy and Delia, and Victoria suggested that his trip consist of only mother-and-son time. Reed thought he should stay with her, so she wouldn't have to live alone. She kissed him and praised her son's sweetness. Later, Billy arrived to see Victoria, but he hesitated to knock on the door. He peered through the window and spied Victoria and Reed happily playing, and he turned and walked away.

At the prison, Sam visited Sharon, who confirmed she'd read Phyllis' blog. Sharon insisted that it wasn't true, because she believed Adam would never withhold evidence. Sam had a bad feeling about Adam, but Sharon argued that Adam had spent hours searching through the memory cards. She urged Sam to give up the hope that there was evidence that could clear her name, but he considered Adam's word to be worthless. Sharon thought her only choice was to accept her fate in prison, but Sam implored her to trust him.

Sharon explained that Adam's issues had revolved solely around Victor's abandonment, but Sam believed Adam was trying to hurt Sharon, because she had betrayed Adam with Sam. Sharon asserted that she'd spoken with Adam, and she was certain that Adam understood why she'd turned to Sam. Sam didn't think Adam was being honest, but she continued to staunchly defend Adam. Sharon wished Sam would go back to his simple life on the ranch, but he said he couldn't leave if there was anything he could do to clear her name.

Diane informed Adam that Victor had agreed in writing to assume custody of Kyle, should anything happen to her. Adam was impressed and inquired how she'd done it, but she said it didn't matter. He wanted to proceed with their plan to "kill" her, but she wanted to ensure Kyle safely left town first. Adam suggested that Kyle could help sell her "death," but she adamantly refused to involve her son. Adam instructed her to make travel arrangements quickly, so he could make it appear that the custody document was motive for Victor to murder Diane.

Adam handed Diane an envelope full of cash and fake passports. Diane disclosed that she planned to send Kyle away that day, and she warned Adam that she'd call off the deal if Adam acted too soon. She lamented that she had to disrupt Kyle's life, because her son had finally been happy. Adam cynically quipped that happiness was a mirage, and Diane remarked that it was a good thing that he didn't have any children. Adam countered that she was hardly the perfect parent, and she replied that despite her faults, she had been a good mother.

Adam assured Diane that she would have no problem with the falsified documents, and Diane wondered if he'd promised Sharon the same thing before Sharon had ended up in prison. Adam stated that Sharon had made her own choices, and he warned Diane not to cross him, or she'd wind up in the same place. Adam and Diane checked out flights online, and he became irritated by her pickiness. She lectured that her son was her top priority, and she inquired whether his mother hadn't put him first. Adam opened the door to leave, but he stumbled into Sam, who had been on his way to Adam's room.

Sam stated that he had read Phyllis' blog, and Adam spoke disparagingly of Sam's lifestyle and ordered Sam to return home. Sam grabbed Adam by the throat and yelled that he didn't care what Adam thought about him, but he demanded the memory card that could clear Sharon. Adam pushed Sam away and berated him for not acting civilized. Sam apologized to Diane for his uncharacteristic behavior, and Diane acknowledged that Adam tended to make people show their worst sides.

Adam claimed that he'd already told Sharon everything, but Sam believed Phyllis' blog. Sam accused Adam of hurting Sharon intentionally, and Adam retorted that Sam meant nothing to Sharon. Adam recounted his ongoing feud with Nick and Phyllis, and he told Sam that if he believed the blog, Sam was just as dumb as Nick. Sam vowed to uncover the truth.

Later, Kyle returned from a friend's house, and Diane said they needed to have an important talk. She informed her son that she'd changed her mind about leaving town, and he needed to depart that day. Kyle was upset about the sudden change in plans, but she begged him to trust her. Kyle whined about having to leave everything he'd grown to love, and she promised she'd explain, but he had to pack quickly. He steadfastly refused to go.

Diane handed Kyle the name of a man he'd meet at the airport, and she explained that the man would take Kyle to a boarding school in Switzerland, where he was registered under a different name. She said she hated the situation, but she claimed that people were trying to take Kyle away from her, and she couldn't lose him. Diane vowed to meet him as soon as she could, and she asked Kyle to repeat her instructions. She handed him an untraceable phone, and he hesitated to take it, but she insisted she was doing it all for him. There was a knock at the door, and she opened it to Jack.

Leslie stopped by the prison, and she informed Sharon that law enforcement intended to move her upstate. Sharon cried that she hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to everyone, but Leslie said that the judge had already agreed to an immediate transfer. Sharon asked if Leslie could delay the move. Leslie revealed that Spencer was willing to make a deal, and she could arrange for a meeting if Sharon was interested. Later, Spencer met with Sharon and offered to allow Sharon to remain in county lockup while she waited for her appeal, if Sharon agreed to help Spencer nail Adam.

Spencer explained that Adam had gotten away with murder and numerous other crimes, but Spencer finally had enough evidence to convict Adam of stock manipulation. Leslie asked what Spencer wanted from Sharon, and Spencer handed Sharon an affidavit that stated that Adam had helped her to escape. Sharon refused to betray Adam, even after Spencer reminded her that Adam's actions had added five more years to her sentence. Leslie referred to the allegations in Phyllis' blog, but Sharon swore they weren't true.

Spencer advised that his investigators would be more motivated to find proof of Sharon's innocence if they knew she was helping the D.A.'s office. He told her to think about his offer, and he left. Sharon insisted to Leslie that she couldn't sign the document, but Leslie urged her to consider whether it was possible that Adam had turned on her. Leslie advised that Sharon be absolutely sure before she turned the offer down, because the state penitentiary was horrific.

Sam returned to the prison, and he told Sharon that he'd seen Adam. Sam was certain that Adam had been holding something back. Sharon informed him about the deal the D.A. had offered, and Sam encouraged her to accept it. Sam realized that at one time, only Adam had been on Sharon's side, but that was no longer true. Adam entered and asked to speak with Sharon alone. Sam told her to think about what he'd said, and he exited. Later, Sam spoke on the phone with Piper and reported that Sharon was doing fine, but he'd be away a little longer to make sure Sharon was okay.

Once alone with Sharon, Adam admitted that he had been holding back, and Sharon's involvement with Sam had hurt him, but he understood that she had thought she'd never see Adam again. Adam suggested that they leave the past in New Mexico, because he still loved her and hoped she felt the same way. He recalled the life they'd once shared, and she said she'd thought about it while she had been away, but she'd concluded that they had been living a fantasy.

Sharon doubted that she and Adam would ever be able to have a life together, but Adam swore they could. He suspected that she wasn't seeing things clearly because she was scared, but he was confident about their future. Adam pulled out her engagement ring and declared that they'd be officially together, once she agreed to marry him.

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