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Delia was diagnosed with leukemia. Katherine changed her will to include Devon, but she kept it secret that Devon was Tucker's son. Phyllis offered to testify for Sharon but only if Avery kept quiet about Phyllis' past. Billy was locked up in a foreign prison cell.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Due to the Labor Day holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This was a planned pre-emption and there will no be "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 6, and pick up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At the police station, Sharon met with Avery before court. Avery had Sharon's dress for the hearing and suggested Sharon change. Avery was very confident, but Sharon was apprehensive about returning to the courtroom. Sharon was curious if her family would be in court. Avery said that she had mentioned the hearing to Noah and Nick. At Crimson Lights, Noah was on the telephone with Jack about Sharon's hearing. Jack explained that he had to be with Kyle for the first day of school and couldn't be in court. Noah understood and said that Sharon would as well.

Jack asked Noah if Devon had understood about Noah opting out of his recording contract with Tucker. Noah said he was grateful to Jack for dealing with the legal questions for him. Jack was happy to get Noah to work for Jabot. After Noah hung up the phone, Nick approached and complimented Noah for being so supportive of Sharon. Noah hoped that Sharon would eventually be acquitted.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Sam was getting ready to go to Sharon's hearing. Sam mentioned to Victoria that the hot water heater at her house needed to be replaced. Victoria said that she'd hire a repairman, but Sam offered to install the new heater for Victoria if she purchased it. Victoria was grateful and revealed that she and Billy were not very handy around the house. As Sam began to leave for the hearing, he and Victoria ran into Nick and Noah. Victoria told Noah that she was rooting for Sharon. Noah asked Victoria to go to the trial with them, but Victoria wasn't sure. Victoria revealed that the day was Nikki and Victor's wedding anniversary.

In the courtroom, Victor spoke on the phone with Nikki and told her that he loved her. Heather arrived, and Victor was surprised that she'd decided to return to the prosecutor's office and give up her work with Michael. Victor wondered if Heather had seen Adam. Heather said the D.A. had decided to let Adam leave town. Heather explained it had been the D.A.'s decision to let Adam leave Genoa City for a surgical procedure. Heather said that Adam would return.

Victor surmised that Heather had chosen to help Adam and prosecute Sharon. Heather disagreed with Victor's assessment. Victor contended that Heather's career would be short-lived if the judge interpreted her actions the way Victor had. Heather met with Walsh as he arrived in court. Walsh declared the he'd take second chair because Heather was going up against Avery Bailey Clark.

Walsh pointed out to Heather that Avery had a marked edge in victories in court when she was competing with a female attorney. Avery walked in and complained that she'd broken the heel of her shoe. Heather and Walsh noticed that Avery seemed very frazzled. Heather told Walsh that she felt confident that she could beat Avery.

Nick and Noah entered the courthouse. Sharon was overjoyed to see them and wanted to hug Noah. Sam and Victoria arrived, as well, saying they were there to lend support to Sharon. Victor joined them in the hallway. When Victor saw Sharon, he told her that she looked lovely. A guard arrived and led Sharon to the courtroom. Victoria mentioned to Victor that Nikki had told Victoria that she'd loved the flowers that Victor sent Nikki. When Victoria walked into the courtroom with Sam, Victor mentioned to Nick that he liked Sam and thought Victoria might like him, too.

The judge took the bench, and Sharon's trial began. Avery said that in the previous trial, the D.A. had brought up Sharon's former crimes and prejudiced the jury against her client. Heather defended the prosecutor's office. Avery asked the judge to rule that Sharon's escape be stricken from the upcoming new trial. The judge ruled in Avery's favor. The judge said that Heather would be cited for contempt if she brought up Sharon's escape in the trial. Sharon was very pleased with Avery's maneuvers. Avery said she was just getting started.

Victor informed Avery that Heather had been engaged to Adam before Adam became involved with Sharon. Avery spoke with Heather to let her know that she wouldn't bring up Heather's relationship with Adam to the judge. When the hearing resumed, Avery asked that the recording of Skye and Sharon at the volcano be disallowed because it had been illegally obtained. When Heather disagreed, Avery told the judge that Heather was biased against Sharon because Heather had been engaged to Adam before Adam fell in love with Sharon. The judge initially ruled in Avery's favor, but when Heather cited why the evidence was legitimate, Avery fumbled in her response. Heather pressed her point, and the judge denied the motion to disallow the audiotape. Sharon looked concerned.

Phyllis was spending time with Lucy and the nanny at the coffeehouse. Kevin stepped over, and Phyllis let him see how Lucy was thriving. Phyllis invited Kevin to visit her home to spend time with his niece. Phyllis told Kevin he'd have to be a responsible uncle and attend all of Lucy's school functions and recitals. Kevin said that Lucy seemed happy. Kevin wondered if Phyllis had been in touch with Daisy, and Phyllis said they were in touch. Phyllis didn't want to have a relationship with Daisy. Phyllis said she wanted Daisy to stay out of Lucy's life.

Chloe raced into the hospital, frantic about Delia. Jill said that Delia's temperature had spiked. Delia was wheeled back into the room. The doctor told Chloe that Delia might have a bone marrow problem. Delia was burning up with fever. Jill, Esther, and Chloe were all concerned. Kevin received call from Esther that Delia was in the hospital and very sick. Kevin rushed out of the coffeehouse to go to the hospital.

The doctor told Chloe and the family that Delia needed additional tests. Esther told Chloe that Kevin was on his way. Chloe said that Billy needed to be there. Jill blamed Chloe for having pushed Billy out of Delia's life by refusing to let him see his daughter. Delia was taken from her bed to be taken for more tests. Chloe declared that Billy had abandoned Delia, and Chloe would never forgive him.

Kevin called Victoria at the courthouse to say that Delia was very ill, and they needed to find Billy. Victoria told Nick and Victor about Delia being in the hospital, then she went to see her. When Kevin got to the hospital, Esther explained to him that Delia had been taken to the lab for bone marrow tests. Jack arrived and spoke with Jill about Chloe's attitude towards Billy. Jack thought that Billy would be very upset to hear about Delia's illness. Jill explained to Jack that Chloe was blaming Billy for Delia's condition.

Kevin spoke to Chloe about Delia's sudden illness. Chloe explained that Delia had been feeling better from her cold, and Esther had taken Delia to the zoo. Kevin wondered why they'd had trouble finding Chloe. Kevin picked up on the fact that Chloe had been out of touch, that she had not been at the office, and that her phone had been turned off. Chloe admitted that she'd been with Ronan. Kevin wasn't going to judge her. Kevin told Chloe not to beat herself up, because Delia needed Chloe to be strong.

Kevin left to get Chloe a coffee. Delia was back in the hospital bed. Jack spoke with Delia and encouraged the child to fight the fever. Chloe admitted to Jack that she was frightened for Delia. Jack said that Chloe was a very good mother. Chloe feared that she'd have many difficult decisions to make for her daughter.

Ronan went to the Chancellor mansion, looking for Chloe. Nina answered the door and was surprised to see him. Ronan said that he'd had a fight with Chloe and wanted to apologize. Nina was shocked that he hadn't gone there to make things right with his mother, but wanted to make up with Chloe. Nina realized that Ronan was interested in Chloe romantically. Nina assumed that Chloe was irresistible to Ronan because she'd been engaged to Chance, and Ronan always wanted what his brother had had. Nina suggested that Ronan leave Chloe alone.

Ronan was amused that Nina was protective of Chloe since Nina had never really liked her. Nina said that Ronan would use Chloe the way he'd used Nina and Chance. Ronan refused to explain himself to Nina. Ronan asked Nina to trust him about only wanting to be good to Chloe. Nina said that she couldn't do that. Nina mentioned that Chloe was at the hospital with Delia because the child was ill.

Nina met Jill at the hospital. Victoria arrived to see Delia. Phyllis showed up to be a supportive friend to Chloe. Phyllis was glad to see Jack, and they embraced. Victoria told Chloe that she had no way to contact Billy. Chloe didn't want to talk about Billy. Delia saw Victoria and reacted positively, asking Victoria if Billy was there. Delia wanted to see her daddy. Victoria said that Billy missed Delia. Chloe walked out of the room.

Ronan appeared, and Chloe was shocked to see him at the hospital. Chloe said that Delia was ill, and she had no time for Ronan. Ronan was sympathetic, but Chloe rejected his attempts to reach out to her. Chloe said that Chance might've been there for Delia if Ronan hadn't been responsible for Chance reenlisting. Chloe said being with Ronan had been a mistake. Ronan tried to reason with Chloe, but she was not interested in talking with him. Chloe asked Ronan to leave her alone. Kevin appeared and saw Chloe with Ronan. After assessing the situation, Ronan left.

Phyllis was sympathetic to Chloe. Jack wanted to find Billy. Phyllis asked Jack it would be strange if Lucy called Phyllis "mommy." Jack wondered why Phyllis had brought that up, and Phyllis said that Lucy heard Summer calling Phyllis "mommy." Phyllis also told Jack that Daniel was uninvolved in Lucy's life, and Daisy would never be in the picture. Jack told Phyllis to love Lucy as she saw fit.

The doctor spoke with Chloe and the family and friends. Chloe heard that Delia had leukemia. Chloe learned that Delia needed a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. The doctor said it was not a cure, but it was the best chance Delia had. Chloe wanted to be the donor, but she had to be tested to see if she was a match. The doctor told Chloe to go to the lab in a little while.

Chloe went to see Delia. Everyone else waited in the hallway. Kevin told Ronan to leave. Chloe was crying as she told Delia that she'd be okay. Jill and Esther were in tears, too. Phyllis, Nina, and Victoria were upset. Victoria said they had to find Billy. Victoria was determined to get him home.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Michael finished up a phone call to Lauren, saying that he'd be working late. Phyllis appeared, and Michael said hello to her. Phyllis said she'd been at the hospital because Chloe's daughter, Delia, was diagnosed with leukemia. Michael was shocked. Michael offered to be tested as a potential bone marrow donor. Phyllis felt bad for Chloe, recalling what she'd felt when Summer had been very ill.

Michael brought up Avery's appearance in Genoa City. Phyllis didn't want to speak about her sister, but Michael pointed out that he'd wasted years being distant from his brother. Kevin and Phyllis could learn from his experience. Phyllis said that she didn't want Avery in her life. Phyllis told Michael that she and Avery had agreed to be strangers.

Michael didn't believe it when Phyllis explained that she'd lost touch with her sister after she left home, and Phyllis had no desire to have Avery as a sister. Michael wondered how Phyllis would cover Sharon's trial, since Avery was the lead counsel. The phone rang, and Phyllis was upset that Ronan was stalking her. Phyllis refused to take the call. When the phone rang again, Michael answered it and learned that Phyllis had to return to the police station to sign her statement. Michael offered to go with Phyllis, but Phyllis said she'd go later.

In the hospital, Chloe was staying with Delia, right by her bedside. Chloe was distraught about her daughter's leukemia diagnosis. Delia woke up and said she didn't like being in the hospital. Chloe tried to explain to Delia that she needed to stay a while longer. Outside the room, Dr. Larsen appeared and was looking for Chloe. Kay and Jack offered to do anything for Delia, including bringing in specialists.

Chloe went to the waiting room to see the doctor. Dr. Larsen said that Delia needed a bone marrow match and it might not be Chloe. The national registry might have a donor, because the statistics were not good for an immediate family member being a match. Everyone agreed to be tested. Victoria believed that Billy would be there if he knew Delia was ill. Jack and Jill agreed that Billy loved Delia. Victoria was determined to search for Billy. Victoria decided to go to Billy's trailer to find any clues to his whereabouts.

Jill and Esther each blamed themselves for not realizing that Delia had been sick. Kay told them to stop with the guilt and go to be tested in the lab. Kevin commented that Kay was a tough cookie, and Kay said she had to be. Kay joined Chloe by Delia's bedside. Chloe confessed to Kay that she didn't think she could get through it. Kay said that Chloe was strong enough to be there for Delia. Chloe feared that she'd fail her daughter.

At the hearing, Sharon questioned Avery about her missing the deadline to challenge evidence from the first trial. Nick, Noah, Sam, and Victor all wondered how Avery could miss a deadline and were critical of her performance in court. Avery claimed that she'd missed the deadline on purpose. Noah and Nick were stunned, but Avery explained that she was determined to find the rest of the conversation from the volcano and, if they did, the evidence would be allowed in the new trial. Avery wanted the D.A. and Heather to believe that Avery was inept. Avery was very confident that she'd succeed in getting Sharon acquitted.

Noah complimented Avery on her tactics. Nick said Sharon had been very impressed with Avery. Nick and Noah liked Avery and appreciated that she was clever. Avery was grateful that they had been in court for Sharon. Victor approached Avery and said that she'd fooled him, and that was surprising to him. Avery asked Victor why he'd been such a poor witness in the first trial. Avery was confused about Victor's testimony. Victor didn't regret what he'd said on the stand, only that he'd hurt Sharon. Victor said he tried to warn Sharon that being with Adam was going to be disastrous, but Sharon hadn't listened to Victor.

After Avery departed, Michael joined Victor outside the courtroom. Victor informed Michael that he'd made a decision. Victor announced that he would be testifying for Sharon. Victor said that he was going to speak the truth and not take the fifth like he had during the first trial. Michael warned Victor that he if he admitted that he had tried to frame Adam for Skye's murder, Victor would be opening himself up to prosecution.

Before being returned to prison, Sharon thanked Sam for attending the hearing. Sharon wondered how Sam was getting along. Sam said his days were filled with work, and he was staying at Victoria's garage apartment. Sharon thought it was nice that Sam was helping Victoria during her separation from Billy. A guard arrived to take Sharon back to jail. At the police station, Nick and Noah went to see Sharon. Sharon was feeling good about Avery's actions in court. They all agreed that Avery was an unusual woman.

Victoria returned to the hospital and gave Billy's laptop and cell phone to Kevin. Victoria asked Kevin to use them to track down Billy. Jack and Ashley said that they were going to reach out to Traci to be tested as a possible donor for Delia. Victoria was upset that they couldn't find Billy. Victoria went to visit Delia, and asked about Chloe's well-being. Chloe thought she'd given Billy a chance to be a good dad, but she never thought that Delia would get sick while he was away. Victoria said that she was sure that they'd find Billy, and he'd return immediately to be with Delia.

On the phone, Kay told Murphy to stay on his fishing trip, but Murphy insisted on flying home immediately. Kevin was frustrated while searching Billy's laptop because he couldn't break through Billy's passwords. Michael arrived at the hospital to be tested. Kevin was grateful. Jill and Esther returned and said they had decided to keep it together for Delia's sake. Kay pulled Michael aside to speak with him.

Kevin went to see Delia and Chloe. Kevin promised Delia that he'd get her some ice cream. Delia was tired, and Kevin said he'd be back later. Chloe believe that Kevin thought she wasn't much of a parent because she had been with Ronan when Delia was taken to the hospital. Chloe was confused by Billy's disappearance. Kevin didn't think much of Billy as a parent or a person. Kay, Jill, and Esther left the hospital while Delia went to sleep. Later, Delia woke up and called for Chloe. Chloe was right there.

Victoria went to the ranch to see Victor. Victor wasn't there, but Sam was. Sam told Victoria that the court proceeding had been interesting. Sam had confidence in Avery's ability as a lawyer. Sam asked Victoria about Billy's daughter, but Victoria admitted that Delia needed her father. Outside the front door, Victor was surprised to run into Jack. Jack asked Victor to use his resources to find Billy because of Delia's diagnosis.

In the house, Victoria told Victor she was leading the search for Billy. Victor offered to do whatever he could to help Victoria. Victoria said that Delia needed her father in the same way Victoria always needed Victor. Alone, Sam realized that Victor had no interest in getting Billy to return. Victor told Sam that Billy was a piece of garbage, and Victoria was better off without him.

Nick and Noah had to leave the police station. Noah offered to babysit Faith, since Nick had to return to the office. Alone with Sharon, Nick admitted that Faith had been perturbed by her last visit with Sharon and hadn't been sleeping well. Sharon told Nick not to take Faith there anymore because her daughter's welfare was more important than Sharon's need to see her. Nick sympathetically caressed Sharon's face. Phyllis walked in and saw Nick touching Sharon. Avery entered and crossed paths with Phyllis. Avery told Sharon that Victor had agreed to testify at the trial and be completely candid.

Victor returned to see Sharon at the police station. Victor said that he would testify for her. Sharon was very grateful. Victor said he had to go out of town for a while, but he wanted Sharon to be confident that everything would work out.

At Crimson Lights, Nick went to see Phyllis to explain that what she had seen at the police station was just Nick being Sharon's friend. Phyllis knew all of Nick's excuses before he said them. Phyllis said it didn't matter to her because she and Nick were colleagues and friends. Nick disagreed. Nick said they were more than friends. Nick kissed her passionately. Avery walked into the coffeehouse and saw Phyllis and Nick in each other's arms. Avery watched them leave together.

Over dinner, Jack and Ashley discussed Billy. They were frustrated and angry with their brother. At the ranch, Victoria returned to the living room and told Sam she still hadn't been able to find Billy. Victoria was angry with Billy, but Sam defended him, saying that he understood the need to run. Sam confessed that he didn't run away after his divorce, but he had wanted to. Sam suggested that Billy had run away from Victoria because he didn't want to hurt her anymore.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At home, Victoria was hurrying to get to her work, having fallen behind because of her attempts to find Billy. Victoria looked at the wedding picture of herself and Billy. Jill showed up unexpectedly and said that she was there to offer support to Victoria because it was the anniversary of Victoria's wedding to Billy. Jill recalled that Victoria and Billy had had a beautiful wedding, but Victoria recalled that it had ended with her being arrested.

Jill apologized for her son, unable to explain why Billy had run away. Victoria said that she had to leave for a business meeting. Jill expected that Billy would contact Victoria on their anniversary, and if he didn't, then Jill feared that Billy might never return home. Jill felt bad that she'd upset Victoria. Jill had intended to help Victoria deal with the day.

Nick awoke in bed with Phyllis. As he started to climb out of bed, Phyllis caught him and wondered where he was going. Nick said he wanted to get her some breakfast. Phyllis and Nick agreed that their kids needed them, and they should attend to them rather than a romantic breakfast in bed. Phyllis worried that Summer would be confused to find Nick in mommy's bed. Phyllis hoped that she and Nick could continue their affair without screwing it up. Nick realized that Phyllis didn't want to disrupt Summer's life.

Nick said that there was a lot going on, especially Sharon's new trial. Nick hoped that Avery delivered on the promise to get Sharon acquitted so that Faith's mother would no longer be a prisoner. Phyllis wanted to tell Nick about Avery, but Phyllis wound up warning him that Avery might not succeed in getting Sharon freed. Phyllis didn't want Nick and Noah to have their hopes about Avery dashed. Nick said he was going to shower and then leave.

Avery was doing some work at Crimson Lights, and she remembered that the last time she was there, Avery had seen Nick and Phyllis kissing passionately. Avery called Nick's phone and left a message that she needed to see him. Sam approached Avery and asked her about Sharon's case. Sam thought that Nick and Noah should continue attending the trial for Sharon's sake.

Still in bed, Phyllis checked her phone and then called Avery. Phyllis told Avery that they had to speak. Avery wasn't interested in speaking to her sister. Later, Phyllis went to the courthouse and confronted Avery, insisting that they talk. Phyllis said that during the deposition, she'd misspoken about the memory card information. Phyllis said that she would testify for Sharon, but only if Avery promised to keep quiet about the two of them being sisters.

Avery wondered why Phyllis was ashamed of their past. Phyllis said she was not ashamed, but that she'd never told anyone about her life before she arrived in Genoa City. Phyllis said that she'd lied to everyone she knew. Avery believed that Phyllis was only concerned that Nick would find out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther told Kay that she was returning to the hospital to see Chloe. Neil and Devon arrived at the mansion for a business meeting with Kay about the new music label. Neil was curious about why Kay was jumping into the music business, especially with Devon. Kay said that she'd seen how successful Tucker's business was while running McCall. Kay told Neil her interest in Devon was strictly business. Kay explained to Devon that she had to postpone their meeting because she was going to the hospital. Neil and Devon were shocked to learn that Delia had leukemia. Neil and Devon both offered to be tested as bone marrow donors.

Ashley went to Tucker's apartment to enlist his help. Ashley asked if Tucker could use his resources to try to find Billy. Tucker learned that Billy's daughter had leukemia. Ashley said that for Delia's sake, Billy had to return to Genoa City. Tucker put his team to work immediately. Ashley felt that Billy would do anything to help Delia.

At the hospital, Dr. Larsen told Chloe that they'd caught Delia's leukemia early, which was a good thing. Chloe was sure someone in the family would be a bone marrow match. In the hallway, Chloe was surprised to see Ronan. Chloe blasted him for hanging around to see her when Delia was Chloe's main priority. Chloe learned from a nurse that Ronan had been there to be tested as a bona marrow donor. Ronan could not give a sample because of his liver transplant. Chloe appreciated that everyone loved and cared about Delia, but Chloe wanted someone to be able to help her daughter.

Ronan comforted Chloe with a hug. Esther arrived, and Dr. Larsen reported that there were no matches in the national registry. The doctor said the only hope was Chloe, and they were rechecking her sample. Chloe and Ronan went to Delia's beside. Ronan told Chloe to have hope that a match would be found. Chloe hoped she was able to donate her bone marrow and save her child's life.

Ashley and Tucker went to the hospital, and Tucker told Ashley that he believed the hospital would save Delia, just like the doctors had saved him. Tucker offered to be tested as a possible donor. Kay arrived with Neil and Devon. Everyone wanted to help Delia. Kay was angry that she could not be a donor because of her age, and Ashley was also unable to be a donor because of her medical history.

Tucker admired Devon being there for Delia. Tucker hoped that Devon understood that his decision to drop Devon's contract had been just business. Devon acted like it was no big deal. Tucker suspected that Devon had a new deal already lined up. Tucker and Devon were asked to donate blood because they had the same rare blood type, AB Negative.

Kay asked Devon to reschedule their business meeting. Esther told Kay how special a grandparent's love was compared to being a parent. Esther reminded Jill that they had to be positive for Chloe and Delia's sake. Esther was confident that Delia would survive.

Later, Neil approved of the way Devon had handled Tucker. Devon thought Tucker was a heartless businessman, and he was glad not to work with Tucker anymore. Devon believed that Kay was more honest in her business dealings. Neil kept quiet about his experiences with Kay.

Ashley and Kay went to the coffeehouse for a talk. Ashley questioned why Kay had been so hard on Tucker. Kay said it was none of Ashley's concern, and justified her actions as "just business." Ashley wondered why Kay had put Jill to work in Jabot and why Kay was so intent to take Jabot from Tucker. Ashley declared that Kay was selfish and mean to Tucker. Ashley had no idea what Kay wanted from her son.

Later, at the mansion, Kay met with Mitchell, her attorney, to arrange for Devon Hamilton to receive a full share of her estate. Jill walked in and was shocked to learn that Kay was putting Devon in her will.

Sam went to Victoria's with a dog he'd found in the animal shelter. Sam asked if he could have a dog, but Victoria said the dog was too big for the garage apartment. Victoria wanted the dog to remain with her in the house. Victoria named the dog Keely. Sam told Victoria to test out the name by yelling for the dog.

At the door, Victoria was about to call for Keely, but Nick showed up. Nick said he was just checking in with his sister. Both Nick and Victoria were charmed by the dog. Later, when she was alone, Victoria looked at her wedding picture and remembered the good times with Billy. Somewhere in a foreign prison, Billy lay on the floor in a cell.

Chloe told Ronan that she'd been a party girl until she had Delia. Chloe believed that Delia was perfect and would be a better person than Chloe when she was grown. Dr. Larsen arrived and said that Chloe was not a match for Delia. Ronan said that Billy might still be a match. Chloe was in tears. Chloe asked to be alone. Delia woke up and asked to leave the hospital. Chloe explained that Delia had to remain in the hospital for a while. Chloe got into bed and sang to Delia. Ronan listened from the door.

Ashley returned to Tucker's apartment. Tucker said that it was still her home, too. Ashley admitted that she'd been wrong about Tucker. He'd shown her that day that he was the man she had fallen in love with and wanted back. Tucker kissed her and held her close.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 12 and pick up where the Thursday, September 8 concluded.

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