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Paul's son, Ricky, arrived to work with Avery on Sharon's trial. Adam's eye surgery was a success. Billy agreed to Victor's plan, including never seeing Victoria again, in order to save Delia's life. Kevin pretended to be Delia's bone marrow donor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 12, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, September 12, 2011

At the courthouse, Nick was surprised to learn that Phyllis and Avery were sisters. Phyllis was miffed at her sister for revealing their secret. Avery told Nick that she'd come to Genoa City for work and that Sharon already knew about Avery and Phyllis' kinship. Nick berated Phyllis for never having mentioned that she had a sister. Phyllis initially insisted that choosing to leave home in her early teens wasn't a big deal. Phyllis became somewhat distraught and admitted that she was a liar.

Phyllis told Nick she'd never felt the need to mention the family she'd never planned to see again. Tears filled Phyllis' eyes when she explained that she'd had to get away. Phyllis added that her sister, the defender of lost souls, had also left and had never looked back. Nick became frustrated after Phyllis refused to reveal more about her early family life. Phyllis said she didn't know what else to say. Nick reminded Phyllis that she and Avery had grown up together and most likey had feelings for each other. Phyllis said that Avery would leave after the trial, so their brief encounter would become nothing more than happenstance. Phyllis insisted that she'd be fine with letting things go back the way they'd been.

Later, Nick stopped by Crimson Lights and saw Avery staring intently at her laptop computer screen. Nick ventured closer and saw a photo of two young girls displayed on the screen. One resembled Phyllis, and other looked like Avery. Nick said, "Is that you and Phyllis?" Avery quickly closed her computer and claimed she was working. Nick offered to get coffee. Avery seemed smitten with Nick, and she smiled while she watched him make his way to the counter to place an order.

At the prison, Sharon rolled her eyes when Adam appeared inside the visitation area. Adam told Sharon about having had a subretinal implant to restore his sight. He said his dream to see again didn't seem real until he could share it with her. Sharon said, "Why? So you can gloat about how your life keeps getting better while I rot in jail?" Adam said that regaining his eyesight was a gift he'd wanted to share. Sharon became incensed and told Adam that he no longer had the power to hurt her after leaving during their jailhouse wedding and later disposing of evidence that could have cleared her name. Adam asked Sharon why she'd become so emotional if she no longer cared about him.

Avery overheard Adam and Sharon's conversation, but she ducked out of sight. After Sharon left, Avery approached Adam. Defensive, Adam said, "Save it, counselor." Adam told Avery about the eye surgery that had markedly improved his vision. Adam explained that his worsening blindness had left him in his own sense of solitary confinement. Adam added that the threat of living in a dark world had almost driven him crazy. He explained that he'd been released from his dark prison. Avery, misty-eyed, said that she understood what Adam meant.

Avery told Adam that she had a proposition for him. She explained that Sharon would need the support of friends and family in the gallery during the trial. Avery said she sensed something between Adam and Sharon. She reminded Adam that in a sense, he knew how dark thoughts and isolation could transform people. She warned that Sharon needed to get out of prison soon. Adam remained cold and indifferent. Avery said that Adam had gone there because he cared and should help Sharon.

After Adam and Avery left, Phyllis stopped by. She accused Sharon of arranging for Nick to find out about Avery's identity in the worst possible way. Phyllis cried that it had made her look bad to Nick. Sharon told Phyllis that she'd already had her share of encounters with crazy people for one day. She told Phyllis that she wasn't responsible for the way Nick had learned about Avery. Phyllis claimed that Sharon was gloating because Phyllis' secrets were coming back to haunt her. Before Phyllis stomped out, she said, "I don't care anymore."

In Delia's room at the hospital, Chloe talked aloud to herself while her sick child slept. Victoria arrived and overheard Chloe wishing for Billy to return. Chloe told Victoria that Delia would receive her first chemotherapy treatment soon. Chloe admitted that she had been unreasonably short-tempered with medical staff. Chloe said that if Billy were there, he could make Delia laugh. Chloe added that Billy might also be a suitable donor.

Victoria told Chloe that Delia had inherited a double dose of strength from her parents and would be tough enough to get through anything. Victoria said that perhaps Billy thought he was doing the right thing by staying away. Chloe said that Billy couldn't do the right thing even if his life depended on it. Before a nurse took Delia for treatment, Chloe and Victoria lifted Delia's spirits by telling her she could have ice pops and other special delights during treatments. Before Chloe left to catch up with Delia, she embraced Victoria and thanked her for her support.

Billy, holed up in an underground cell, retrieved a piece chalk and drew a vertical line next to a set of five chalk marks. The cell door opened, and Billy covered his eyes from the harsh sunlight that streamed in behind an ominous visitor. Victor said, "Get up." Victor promised to help get Billy freed if he never went near Victoria again. Billy, wearing a soiled undershirt and sporting a scruffy beard, seemed exasperated that Victor had flown halfway around the world to find him and warn him to stay away from Victoria. Billy said that he'd see Victoria if he wanted to.

Victor explained that if Billy did as he was told, he'd soon be free. Hoarse, Billy told Victor that he'd be freed someday with or without Victor's help. Billy added that he'd go home, see his wife, and never leave her again. Victor told Billy that Delia had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Victor added, "You might be the perfect match."

Billy said that Victor was a deranged man for making Billy choose between his daughter and his wife. Billy said no father would have to even consider such a choice for even a second. Billy added that the matter wasn't settled because the decision wasn't Victor's call. Victor said it was his call because he could let Billy rot in his cell or arrange to set him free if Billy agreed never to see Victoria again.

At Crimson Lights, Genevieve showed Colin his cufflink, which she'd found on the floor in the office she shared with Jill. Genevieve dropped the cufflink into Colin's coffee and asked him if he'd been missing something. Colin fondly recalled his romp with Jill on Genevieve's desk. Genevieve insisted that Jill would be booted out of Jabot soon. After Colin indicated that he was devoted to Jill, Genevieve attempted to seduce him. Colin played along and mentioned silky hair and soft skin as he stroked Genevieve's hair and skin. Colin added that his descriptions fit Jill, just as she walked in the door.

Jill told Genevieve that they had business to discuss. Colin kissed Jill on the lips and promised to wait for her at home. After Colin left, Genevieve told Jill that Colin wouldn't be faithful. Jill refused to discuss the matter and told Genevieve she'd have to take Jill's place on a marketing tour. Jill explained that her grandchild was ill. Jack arrived congratulated the two women for conversing civilly. Jill quipped that the idea to use a team to head marketing was ingenious. After Jill rushed out, Genevieve fumed. Genevieve ordered Jack to step in and quash Jill's plans to send her out of town.

Jill was waiting at home when Colin arrived and said that he'd stopped by the hospital lab. Jill was touched that Colin had had himself tested as a potential donor for Delia. Jill mentioned that Genevieve thought Colin had planned to stop by her house. Colin replied, "Only in her dreams." Jill told Colin that Genevieve would be out of town for a while. Colin kissed Jill passionately.

In a booth at the coffeehouse, Abby, after learning that Devon was head of a record label backed by Katherine, told him that she planned to start a support group for all the people Tucker had betrayed. Abby and Devon talked about having been tested as suitable donors for Delia. Devon said he'd learned that he had a rare blood type, so he'd at least been able to donate blood. Abby said that Chloe seemed crazy with worry. Devon said he recalled how concerned his parents had been when he contracted meningitis.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill told Katherine that she had to be suffering from dementia for deciding to add Devon to her will, which would entitle the young man to a substantial portion of her wealth. Katherine's lawyer, Mitchell, told Jill that he'd been told not to ask why Katherine had decided to include Devon in her will. After Mitchell left, Jill asked Katherine if adding Devon to her will was a backdoor bonus for Neil. Katherine laughed heartily and told Jill that her statement made no sense. Jill retorted, "Neither does changing your will to add a non-family member!"

Suddenly, it struck Jill that Devon might be Tucker's son. Jill asked Katherine to tell her if the hunch was correct. Katherine admitted that Devon was her grandson. Katherine told Jill not to divulge the truth to Tucker because he'd never bothered to track down his son. Jill reminded Katherine that Tucker had made provisions in his will for his son.

Katherine insisted that Devon didn't need Tucker's money. Jill told Katherine that she was acting possessive and vindictive. Jill warned Katherine that Devon would resent her if he ever learned that she'd withheld the truth about his biological father. Katherine maintained that it was a risk worth taking. Jill agreed to keep the matter a secret.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack told Tucker that Billy hadn't been located. Tucker said he'd also hired a team to search for Delia's father. Tucker told Jack he needed his help to get Jabot back from Katherine. Tucker told Jack that he should claim that he'd offered more to purchase Jabot than the amount Katherine had paid. That way, Tucker explained, a judge would have to rule to invalidate the sale because Katherine had used undue influence and shirked her fiduciary responsibility. In return, Tucker promised appoint Jack in a management position under a contract that couldn't be voided. Jack accused Tucker of being a corporate raider who'd fleeced his own mother. Jack added, "If that's the way you treat family, you'll understand if I stay far away." After Jack walked out, Tucker seemed irate.

Later, Katherine met Devon and Abby at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Devon told Katherine he wanted to discuss new music platforms. Katherine, distracted, reminded Abby that they'd both believed that Ashley shouldn't have married Tucker. Tucker arrived, and Abby tried to leave, but Katherine persuaded her to stay.

Katherine approached Tucker. He pulled a document out of an envelope and said he had all the ammunition he needed to take her down. Katherine discovered that Tucker had obtained the minutes from a board meeting that included a discussion about acquiring Jabot. Tucker said that the board had admitted that buying Jabot was a bad idea. Katherine told Tucker that the board members had later phoned her and reaffirmed their allegiance with her decision. Katherine suggested her son find a new hobby rather than fighting unwinnable battles. Katherine waved to Devon and Abby before walking away.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

At the Athletic Club, Devon met with Roxy. Tucker stopped by and said hello, asking about Devon's new gig and congratulating Devon for getting a new job so quickly. Devon showed Roxy an original painting he'd bought for his new office. Roxy was impressed and very happy for Devon. Neil arrived and recognized that the new artwork was by a well-known artist and it was a very expensive piece.

Devon defended his decision to buy the painting, explaining to Neil that he wanted to project the right image in his new office in order to attract the top talent. Neil wondered if Devon had a budget in mind for his new venture. Devon was defensive about Neil's lack of faith in him. Neil warned Devon that Kay was a tough businesswoman and would not appreciate Devon running up the budget on artwork. Devon asked Neil to believe in him. Neil said he'd leave Devon to do his work, then Neil walked out.

Genevieve and Jack had coffee at Crimson Lights. Genevieve was upset that Jill had asked her to do the marketing trip for Jabot. Genevieve wanted Jack to intervene and convince Jill to take the trip so Genevieve could remain in Genoa City. Jack said he knew about Jill's idea to send Genevieve on the marketing tour and he'd approved of her decision. Jack explained that Jill needed to remain in town because of Delia's illness. Jack assured Genevieve that Jill would be out of Jabot by the time Genevieve returned home. Jack kissed Genevieve goodbye.

Later, Tucker ran into Jack at the bar and asked if Jack had considered Tucker's proposal to snatch Jabot away from Katherine. Tucker offered to put Jack permanently in charge of Jabot if McCall reacquired it. Jack said thanks, but no thanks. Jack explained that he had no beef with Katherine. Tucker said that Jack should rethink his decision because if things remained as they were, Jack would always be under Kay's thumb.

Jill was enjoying time alone with Colin at the mansion. Colin noted that it was quiet around the house with Delia in the hospital. Colin was pleasantly surprised that Jill had delegated Genevieve to leave on the Jabot tour. Colin said that it worked for him because he could spend more time with Jill.

When Kay's car pulled into the driveway, Jill wanted Colin to leave by the back door. Colin refused and greeted Kay when she entered, then he walked out. Kay asked why Colin had been there, and Jill said that she'd just thrown Colin out. Kay wanted to get a restraining order to keep Colin away, but Jill stopped her. Kay accused Jill of being helpless when it came to guys like Colin. Kay accused Colin of manipulating Jill.

Adam ran into Heather at court and told her that the eye surgery had been completely successful, and he had regained his peripheral vision. Heather congratulated him, and Adam thanked Heather for letting him leave Genoa City for the operation. Heather was surprised that Sharon had not been happy for Adam. Heather felt sorry for Adam because she knew that Adam still loved Sharon. Heather told Adam that she couldn't discuss the case, but she then handed Adam a subpoena. Heather said that Adam would have to be a witness for the prosecution. Adam said he'd see Heather in court.

Avery informed Sharon about her plan to investigate the juror's backgrounds to make sure that the people sitting in judgment of Sharon would be sympathetic. Avery said that she'd hired Ricky to join the team. Avery told Sharon that she intended to call Adam to the stand. Sharon was concerned because Adam had turned on Sharon. Avery believed that Adam still cared about Sharon. Avery said that without Koa, only Adam could testify about seeing the video that showed that Skye fell into the volcano.

At the Athletic Club, Avery went to see Adam and pointed out that he missed Sharon. Adam said that he wouldn't testify in Sharon's favor. Adam informed Avery that he'd already received a subpoena from Heather. Avery wondered if Adam knew the consequences of lying under oath. Avery said that Adam could be prosecuted if he perjured himself again. Adam refused to be intimidated. Avery said that she was very anxious to cross-examine Adam.

Genevieve called Colin to say she had messages for him from his Australian mob associates. Colin agreed to stop by the mansion to see Genevieve. Jill found Colin at the Athletic Club and apologized for having asked him to leave earlier. Jill said Colin was welcome in her home. Colin asked if that meant that he and Jill were together again. Jill explained that she wasn't ready for a commitment. Colin accepted her terms. Colin invited Jill to his suite, and he gave her the key. Colin said he had an errand to run but would be back to spend the day with Jill.

Colin went to Genevieve's home to retrieve his messages. Genevieve gave him a glass of wine and explained that Colin's colleagues were unhappy. Colin checked his cell phone and informed Genevieve that he'd received no messages. Colin was impatient with Genevieve. Genevieve wanted to get more wine.

Colin called Jill, and Genevieve said that wanted to speak with Jill, too. Genevieve realized that Colin didn't want Jill to know that he was there. When Colin left the room to get another bottle of wine, he asked Genevieve to find the messages she claimed she had for him. While he was out of the room, Genevieve sabotaged Colin's phone.

Paul was pleased to meet with Ricky, his son, at Crimson Lights. Ricky said he was working on an internship and would be in Genoa City for a while. Paul wanted to arrange for Ricky to meet his sister, Heather. Paul revealed that he had been working on a murder case and had been very busy. Paul offered to give Ricky a car to use while he was in town. Ricky was grateful, but then had to leave for an appointment. Ricky agreed to meet Heather with Paul later in the day.

Paul ran into Devon and learned that Kay had decided to subsidize a new music label with Devon in charge. Paul congratulated Devon on his new position. Later, Paul went to the Chancellor mansion. Kay had a gift for Paul to thank him for finding Devon and proving that he was Tucker's son. Paul asked about Kay's new record label. Kay said that Tucker had not been told about Devon being his son. Paul disagreed with Kay keeping the truth from Tucker and Devon about their relationship.

Jack arrived at Kay's and was surprised to see that Paul was already there with Kay. Jack needed to talk with Kay about Jabot, but Kay sent Jack away and said they'd speak later.

Kay told that Paul that she had intended to tell Tucker right away, but he'd been nasty to her, so Kay had decided to keep quiet about what she knew. Paul said that Kay's judgment was clouded. Kay insisted that she was looking out for Devon. Kay felt that Tucker had never cared enough about his son to find him, but Paul believed that Tucker would be furious if Kay continued to keep Devon's paternity a secret. Kay said that Tucker was heartless, unlike Paul.

Paul advised Kay that she was being unfair to Devon and pointed out that Devon would want to know who his real father was. Kay revealed that she'd wanted to find Tucker for years and in retrospective, she felt that she'd have been better off not knowing him. Paul declared that it was Devon and Tucker's choice, not Kay's. Paul said that Kay was making a mistake, but Kay feared that Devon would be taken in by Tucker and felt that Tucker was a bad influence. Kay didn't want Devon to morph into the wrong kind of man. Paul said that Kay's greatest gift to Devon would be to tell him the truth. Paul was willing to break his confidentiality agreement with Kay in order to tell Tucker and Devon what he knew. Kay threatened to ruin Paul's reputation, but Paul felt that he had to do the right thing.

Neil arrived after Paul had left Katherine's. Neil told Kay that he objected to her business arrangement with Devon.

Tucker ran into Jill at the bar and wondered why she was working for Jabot. Tucker thought that Jill was working for Jabot in order to get an ownership stake from Kay. Jack intervened to stop Tucker from trying to sway Jill to his side. Jill left for her date with Colin. Later, Adam sat as the bar and offered to buy Jack a drink. Jack assumed Adam's surgery had been a success.

In Colin's suite, Jill waited for Colin in a sexy nightie. At Genevieve's, Colin was picking out a vintage in the wine cellar. Genevieve showed up and told Colin she had the key. Genevieve teasingly told Colin that the wine was all he'd have for a while, then she locked him in. Genevieve took Colin's cell phone, finished her glass of wine, and left the house for her Jabot marketing trip.

Later, Tucker ran into Devon and saw the painting that Devon had bought. Tucker admired it and congratulated Devon on the acquisition. Tucker remembered when he had started his label; he'd picked out a piece of art for his office. It had been Tucker's very first Picasso. As Tucker walked away, Devon was impressed.

Avery introduced Ricky, her jury expert, to Sharon. Avery put Ricky to work on the jury analysis. Avery explained how Ricky would work. In the hallway, Heather saw and recognized Ricky. Heather was happy to finally meet him, having recognized him from his photographs in Paul's house. Ricky tried to explain to Heather that he was there because he was working with Avery, but Heather had to rush into the courtroom.

Avery informed Sharon that Adam had been subpoenaed and would be testifying for the prosecution. Ricky walked into the courtroom, and Heather waved at him. Ricky shared a look with Heather. Avery was curious about Ricky and Heather's connection. Ricky and Heather admitted that they were brother and sister.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In his office at Jabot, Jack was on the phone, upset that Jabot shipments were being delayed and stopped in the distribution chain. Kay burst into the office and asked Jack what was going wrong with Jabot. Jack explained that the shipping companies had stopped taking their business. There were also workers staging a slowdown. Kay blamed Jack for the problems, but Jack assured her that it was not happening because of anything he'd done.

Jack realized that Tucker was most likely behind the undermining of Jabot because he was angry that Kay had gotten it back from him. Kay wasn't certain, but Jack was. Kay offered to call Tucker, but Jack asserted that as the CEO of Jabot, he would handle the problem. Kay insisted that Jabot was a subsidiary of Chancellor Industries, and she was the only Chancellor in the room. Kay turned her back on Jack and placed the call.

Tucker returned home and was happy to see that Ashley was still there. Ashley had spent the night, and she explained to Tucker that while she still wasn't ready to forget that he'd lied to her, she appreciated that Tucker was trying to make amends. Tucker said he was sorry he'd disappointed Ashley. Tucker confessed that he loved Ashley more than any woman he'd ever known. Tucker asked Ashley to give him another chance for a future together.

Tucker went to the desk and showed Ashley a jewelry box. Tucker opened it and Ashley saw a huge diamond ring. Tucker said that the ring was more than a gift; he wanted to renew their marriage vows. Tucker asked Ashley to have a big public ceremony to prove to everyone that he was committed to their marriage. Ashley was surprised that he wanted another wedding, but Tucker felt she deserved the lovely wedding they'd planned more than the small, hospital wedding they'd had. Ashley said yes and added that she forgave him. Tucker put the diamond on her finger, and they kissed happily.

Later, Tucker and Ashley were making love when Kay's call about Jabot went to his voicemail. In the office, when Kay turned back to Jack, she discovered that he'd walked out on her. Kay was furious. Later, Kay confronted Tucker at the office, and Tucker told his mother that he was delighted she was having problems with Jabot. Tucker promised that there would be more trouble for the company.

Tucker said that he wanted Jabot back, but Kay refused to return a company that he'd stolen from her in the first place. Tucker said he was determined to get even with Kay. When Kay lectured Tucker about being greedy, he laughed. Tucker told Kay that if she would not sell Jabot to him, Tucker would destroy the company. Kay was shocked, but Tucker assured Kay that he'd be happy to do it. Kay vowed to stop Tucker.

Daniel went to the coffeehouse, and Eden complained about her struggles with the espresso machine. Daniel revealed that Lily had been ducking his calls. Daniel assumed that Lily was angry with him for telling Neil about Lily letting Cane back into her life. Eden had Daniel test coffee for him. Daniel said her espressos were improving. Daniel urged her to be persistent, and thought he should use that advice when it came to Lily. Eden told Daniel that it was up to Lily to reach out to him.

Cane arrived at Lily's house for his visit with the kids. Lily said the nanny would supervise his time with the twins. Cane was disappointed that Lily wouldn't be staying for the visit. Lily gave the nanny instructions, warning her not to leave Cane alone with the kids. Cane told Lily that she had nothing to be concerned about; he wouldn't hurt the children.

Cane asked if Lily knew about Delia. Lily recalled the day Delia had been born. Cane remembered that he found out that Delia was not his child at that time. Cane pointed to Lily's remission as proof that Delia would find a donor and recover, too. Lily reminded Cane that he had to leave in an hour. Later, the nanny would not leave Cane alone with the babies when the doorbell rang.

Lily saw Daniel at the coffeehouse and criticized him for telling her father about her making an arrangement with Cane involving the twins. Lily didn't feel that she could trust Daniel anymore. Lily asked Daniel to stay away from her. Eden overheard their exchange. After Lily left, Eden sympathized with Daniel.

Jill waited in Colin's hotel room for a romantic rendezvous. Jill called Colin's phone, but he wasn't picking up. Later, Jill had changed into her clothes and was going to leave because she thought Colin had stood her up. A deliveryman knocked on the door and handed Jill a bouquet of flowers. Jill thought that Colin was on his way, but the card with the flowers was from Genevieve. The message taunted Jill, implying that Genevieve had kept Colin from Jill.

Colin was locked in Genevieve's wine cellar. When he realized that he didn't have his cell phone to call for help, Colin was furious at Genevieve. Colin kicked himself for having fallen into her trap. Colin looked in vain for a way out. Colin had no tools except a corkscrew. Colin decided there was nothing to do but drink wine.

Colin picked the most expensive wine he could find, a $3,000 bottle, and poured himself a glass. Jill went to Genevieve's, looking for Colin. There was nobody there. Jill noticed Colin's sunglasses, but also saw the laptop was opened to a page that showed two boarding passes for a flight out of Genoa City. Jill recognized that Colin's boarding pass was for the same flight as Genevieve's for her Jabot business trip.

Jill went to Lily's to speak with Cane. Jill asked Cane if it was possible that Colin might have left town with Genevieve. Cane hoped that it was true. Still stuck in the wine cellar, Colin spent his time getting drunk.

Ronan ran into Abby at the Athletic Club. Abby criticized Ronan for not making any headway on Diane's murder case. Abby believed that Tucker had poison sumac from the crime scene and that Ronan should have arrested Tucker. Ronan said that poison sumac was not enough evidence for an arrest. Ronan explained to Abby that he needed solid proof to get an indictment.

Using Tucker's name, Jack invited workers for a meeting about Jabot at the Athletic Club. When the people gathered at the Athletic Club, Jack introduced himself and said he wanted answers from them about why Jabot shipments were being sabotaged. Jack wanted to know what Tucker had offered them to undercut Jabot. The people in the group refused to answer Jack's questions.

Jack explained how Tucker had lost Jabot to Chancellor Industries in a corporate deal and wanted it back. Jack accused Tucker of acting like a spoiled brat. Jack offered a fair deal to each of the representatives, making sound arguments and persuading them to do fair business with him. Jack offered bonuses and the opportunity for their groups to be in partnership with Jabot. Jake explained that if Jabot did well, they'd do well.

Jack returned to the office and announced to Tucker and Kay that Tucker's attempts to destroy Jabot had failed. Jack was furious with the two of them for fighting over Jabot as if it were a toy. Jack told Kay that he was in charge, and Jack had acted without her authority, but for the good of Jabot. Kay said that the company was hers, not his. Kay walked out angrily. Jack was fuming. Tucker grinned at Jack and said it would always be like that as long as Jack was under Kay's thumb. Jack told Tucker that he would help get the company away from Kay as long as Tucker put Jack in charge with no strings attached.

Abby went to see Ashley at her hotel room. Ashley was packing to move back to Tucker's apartment. Abby was upset that her mother had decided to reunite with Tucker. Ashley asked Abby to understand that she loved Tucker, but Abby thought that Ashley was insane. Abby was disrespectful and hateful to her mother. Ashley asked Abby not to make her choose between her daughter and her husband. Ashley declared that Tucker was a good man. Abby was convinced that Tucker had killed Diane. Ashley told Abby to leave. As she walked out, Abby warned Ashley to watch her back because Tucker would do to her what he had done to Diane.

Abby called Ronan and said that she'd reconsidered his offer. Abby agreed to wear a wire to get Tucker on tape, admitting that he'd killed Diane. Ronan met with Abby in a van outside Tucker's home. Abby was given instructions about how to get the information on tape without alerting Tucker to the fact that she was wearing a microphone. Ronan told Abby to relax, breathe, and act normally. Abby was committed to the plan, but was very nervous.

Ashley returned to Tucker's apartment. When she opened her mail, she saw a photo from the park the night of Diane's murder. The photo showed Ashley fighting with Diane. Ashley was frightened and called Nick to inform him that she'd received another photo. Nick wasn't answering his phone, and Ashley was freaking out.

Abby arrived, and Ashley let her in. Abby wanted to speak with Tucker, but Ashley said he wasn't there. Abby asked why Ashley was upset. Ashley confessed to Abby that she was scared because she had been in the park the night Diane died. Ashley feared that something she'd done would come back to haunt her.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

At the hospital, Chloe helped Delia recover from her first chemotherapy session. Kevin arrived with McRuff, a big stuffed animal for Delia -- a gift that Billy had given her. Delia asked when Billy would be visiting her. Chloe said that daddy was far away, out of town. Delia didn't understand why Billy hadn't called her. Cane arrived with a toy for Delia, a stuffed koala bear. Cane told Chloe that he'd been tested, but he had not been a match. Kevin left the room and promised to return later. Delia went back to sleep after Chloe promised to stay in the room.

Cane asked about Chloe's welfare, and she admitted that she was very upset that Billy wasn't there to help her cope with Delia's illness. Cane suggested that he call Lily to visit Delia and share her experience as a cancer patient. Chloe said that everyone had been very kind to Delia.

At home, Victoria called the office and learned Victor was out of the office. Sam returned to the house after walking Keely. Sam asked about Delia's condition. Victoria explained that Delia had just started chemotherapy. Sam was very hopeful that Delia would survive her cancer.

Jack arrived to see Victoria and said hello to Sam. Jack was excited to learn that Keely was Victoria's new dog. Jack wondered if Victor had had any luck finding Billy, because Jack admitted he had struck out. Victoria didn't know because Victor wasn't in the office. Sam said that when he was at the ranch, he'd heard that Victor was out of town on business.

Victoria and Jack discussed Billy being away and how much Delia wanted to see him. They both agreed to return to the hospital later in the day to see the little girl. Jack related his experience caring for Kyle with Diane gone to Chloe having to handle Delia's illness without Billy to help her. Jack said he was going to do some investigating into Billy's disappearance and said goodbye. Sam offered to feed Keely, and when he heard that Victoria hadn't eaten all day, he volunteered to take care of her. Victoria was impressed by Sam's sweetness.

Victor arrived at the Athletic Club. He received a call on his cell phone and told the called that he'd just returned to town and he'd taken Billy back. Later, Victor went to Victoria's and claimed that he'd been unable to find Billy. Victoria and Sam felt bad for Billy because they both felt he'd want to be home if he knew about Delia's condition. After Victor left, Sam offered to take care of Victoria, making her something to eat. Sam informed Victoria that she had the fixings for chili in her refrigerator. Victoria told Sam to have at it. Sam suggested that Victoria go to the hospital while he finished dinner. Victoria said she enjoyed being pampered, then left for the hospital.

Jack went to Billy's trailer, but there was no sign of Billy. Jack picked up a photo of Billy with Delia. After Jack left, Victor arrived and unlocked the door to the trailer. Seeing that the place was empty, he signaled for Billy to enter. Billy read over the reports about bone marrow donors. Billy said the odds weren't great that he'd be a match for Delia. Victor disagreed. Billy was concerned about Delia's treatment. Victor wanted to be sure that Billy would not be found in the trailer, and considered moving Billy to another location. Billy refused to go anywhere else, and he pleaded with Victor to get an update about Delia because that was all he cared about.

Victor placed a call to Victoria and learned that Delia had just started chemotherapy. Victor told Billy that there had been no donor matches found for Delia. Billy suggested a rare transplant procedure he'd read about, but Victor wasn't aware of it. Billy had a lot of questions about Delia's treatment, but Victor didn't have the answers. When Billy asked about Victoria going to see Delia, Victor told Billy that Victoria was no longer of any concern to Billy because that was the deal they'd made.

Billy told Victor about an experimental treatment that might save Delia. Victor offered to follow up and learn more about it then report back to Billy. Victor took the information from Billy. When Billy asked Victor's plan to get his bone marrow donation if Billy was a match, Victor said he had a plan, and Chloe would never know that the marrow was from Billy.

Ronan listened in as Abby wore a wire to meet with Ashley and Tucker in Tucker's apartment. Tucker wasn't there, but Ashley revealed to Abby that she'd seen Diane the night Diane was murdered. Abby tried to get Ashley to stop speaking. Tucker entered and asked why Abby didn't want to listen to her mother. Abby freaked out about what she'd heard from Ashley. Abby was anxious to leave, but Tucker wanted to clear the air once and for all. When he blocked Abby's way, she ran into the bedroom and locked the door.

Alone, Abby removed the wire and shoved it into her purse. Abby emerged from the room and said she was leaving. Tucker wanted to go after Abby, but Ashley asked Tucker to let her handle her daughter. Ashley thanked Tucker for being understanding, but Tucker was worried about Ashley. Tucker was also grateful that Ashley had forgiven him. Tucker assured Ashley that he loved her and felt that nothing would stand in their way.

In the police van, Abby asked Ronan to ignore what the tape had picked up. Ronan said the material on the tape was evidence in a murder investigation. Abby declared that Ashley was not guilty of murdering Diane, that Tucker was the killer, but Ronan explained that there was no evidence to back up Abby's claim. Before Abby left, Ronan asked that she return the condenser microphone. Abby said she'd given him all the paraphernalia from the wire, but the mic was missing. Abby offered to retrace her steps, but Ronan said that he would handle it. After Abby walked out, Ronan placed a call to have Abby followed.

Tucker apologized for having to take a work call. Ashley suggested they celebrate their reconciliation by making love. Tucker and Ashley went into the bedroom. While they were getting cozy on the bed, Tucker discovered a microphone. Ashley asked how it had gotten there, and Tucker guessed that Abby had left it there. Ashley was furious and called Abby. Ashley said she want to see her daughter immediately. Abby said she couldn't make it, but Ashley insisted they meet at Crimson Lights.

Tucker was curious if Ashley could handle dealing with Abby. Ashley was certain that she knew she was doing. Tucker didn't want Abby hurting Ashley any more. Tucker offered to walk Ashley to the door, but she assured him she'd be fine. Before leaving, Ashley grabbed the photo of her fighting with Diane in the park the night of the murder.

Later, Tucker received a call from Ronan. Tucker explained that Ashley was out. Ronan told Tucker to inform Ashley to appear in his office first thing in the morning. At Crimson Lights, Abby met Ashley and asked her to explain the microphone she'd found in Tucker's bedroom. Abby walked out without explaining anything.

Chloe appreciated that Cane cared about Delia. Cane was relieved that Chloe had treated him like a human being. Chloe still wasn't ready to forgive Cane for all the lies he'd told, but she knew he loved Delia. Lily arrived and said she'd do whatever she could for Delia. Lily spoke to Delia about when she had been in the hospital for chemotherapy. Lily had a secret for how to deal with the nurses and doctors.

Delia and Lily agreed to be pinky pals. Chloe noticed that Delia was tired. Lily and Cane agreed to leave, and Chloe thanked them for visiting. Lily reached out to Chloe, offering her friendship. After they left, Kevin returned and explained that he'd set up a donor drive at the coffeehouse. Kevin revealed that he'd learned that he wasn't a match.

Later, Cane and Lily ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Cane thanked Lily for visiting Delia. Lily said being back at the hospital was a reminder of how sick she'd been when she had cancer.

Jack arrived at Delia's room and approved of Kevin's donor campaign. Jack said he'd had no luck finding Billy. Chloe was surprised that Billy had not left a trail of destruction like he usually did when he was off on a tear. Jack had a photo of Billy to share with Delia, but Chloe wouldn't show it to her daughter. Chloe didn't want Delia to be reminded of Billy. Chloe denigrated Billy for being a lousy father. Jack and Kevin defended Billy's love for Delia. Jack was sure that Billy would be there if he knew that Delia was ill. Kevin received a message and explained that he had to leave.

Sam talked to Keely about how the folks in Genoa City were consumed with their problems. At the hospital, Victoria arrived to see Delia. Jack showed Victoria the picture of Billy and Delia, but Chloe was still against letting Delia see the picture.

Victoria felt that Delia would appreciate the picture because she missed her father. Victoria feared that Billy might never return, but believed that Billy had left Delia with wonderful memories. Victoria said that Delia would never forget the good times she had shared with her daddy. Jack asked Chloe not to hurt Delia by keeping the picture from her. Chloe took the photograph and agreed to let Delia enjoy her memories of Billy.

Billy was curious about a faux donor that Victor had set up. Kevin knocked on the door to the trailer, and Victor let him in. Kevin was stunned to see Billy, while Billy was shocked that Victor had arranged for Kevin to be the proxy donor.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lauren met with Jill at Crimson Lights. Jill complained to Lauren about how fed up she was with men. Gloria and Jeffrey appeared and said they were on their way to the hospital be tested as potential donors for Delia. Jill explained that she'd already been tested. Jill was taken by surprise when Jeffrey flirted with her, but Jill wasn't interested in him.

Jill was down on men because Colin had stood her up. Lauren was surprised to hear that Jill had returned to Colin after he'd hurt her the first time. Jill said that she suspected the Colin had gone off with Genevieve. After hearing Jill's evidence, Lauren said that all the facts were just circumstantial. Jill concluded that if Genevieve wanted Colin, she could have him.

Chloe, Victoria, and Jack were in Delia's hospital room, talking about Billy. Victoria asked Chloe if she'd mind if Victoria left for a while. Chloe told Victoria to go ahead, and Victoria left to have dinner with Sam. Chloe looked at the picture of Delia and Billy that Jack had given her. Chloe recalled the day that the photo had been taken. Chloe said that Delia had loved that day with Billy.

Chloe wished Billy could be there to be Delia's donor. Jack received a phone call about a lead in the search for Billy. Jack told Chloe that Billy might be in Myanmar. Jack promised to follow up the lead and report back to Chloe. Jack called Victoria with the news that he was close to finding Billy. Chloe was hopeful that Billy would be able to give Delia the bone marrow she needed to survive. Chloe also really wanted Billy to see Delia again.

Still at the hospital, Jill asked Jack if Genevieve might have left town with Colin on the Jabot marketing trip. Jack was stunned, but he didn't care if they were together or not. Jack told Jill that he had more important things on his mind, like finding Billy. Later, Lauren and Jill visited with Delia in her room. Lauren showed Delia funny home videos of Fen and Kevin. Jill and Chloe discussed the prospect of Billy returning in time to help Delia. In the hallway, Gloria and Jeffrey greeted Chloe and said that they'd been tested as possible donors for Delia. Chloe was grateful.

Colin was trapped in the wine cellar at Genevieve's house. He was upset and cursed Genevieve for stranding him without a cell phone and with no way out of the cellar. Colin continued drinking bottles of wine. Later, Colin was drunk, but he continued to scream for Genevieve to let him out. While Colin wandered around the wine cellar, he found an electrical panel.

Still at the hospital, Jeffrey announced that he was on his way to Las Vegas. When Jeffrey flirted with Jill again, Gloria told her husband to knock it off. Gloria mentioned to Jeffrey that Jill wasn't happy with men because Colin had treated her so shabbily. Jill got miffed at Gloria and walked away. Later, Jill suggested that Gloria and Jeffrey return to Gloworm. Gloria wouldn't let Jill chase her away. Gloria received a phone call from a security firm. Gloria said that she had sold the MacMillan house to Genevieve Atkinson. Gloria agreed to meet the guards at the house.

Gloria arrived at the MacMillan house, where two security guards met her. She was informed that Genevieve had left Gloria's name on the form in case the alarm sounded while she was away. Gloria was flattered. After the security guards departed, Gloria went inside and looked around Genevieve's house.

After leaving the hospital, Victoria arrived home and told Sam that his chili smelled great. Victoria admitted that she was upset about the prospect of seeing Billy again. Sam served Victoria some chili and a beer. They sat on the floor in the living room, eating, drinking, and playing Parcheesi. Sam surprised Victoria by being a good game player. Sam's phone rang, and he had to take the call. Alone with her thoughts, Victoria's mind drifted to Billy and how much fun they'd shared playing games.

Sam returned to Victoria, and they continued the game. When Victoria won three games in a row, Victoria rubbed it in to Sam by doing a victory dance. Sam asked Victoria if she'd give him a chance to beat her at some penny arcade games. Mentioning the arcade made Victoria think about Billy. Victoria thanked Sam for dinner and a fun evening. Victoria appreciated the distraction. Sam left, and Victoria placed a call to Jack to ask about Billy. Jack revealed that he'd learned that Billy had recently left Myanmar.

At Billy's trailer, Victor informed Kevin and Billy that they were going to work together to save Delia's life. Victor demanded secrecy and seized Kevin's phone from him. Victor was dictating the terms and declared that the preliminary tests on Billy indicated that he was a likely match for Delia. Kevin objected to being a part in Victor's scheme, but he wanted to help Delia. Victor explained that Billy had gotten into big trouble while in the Orient, and Billy could not simply go to the hospital for Delia. Victor wanted to ensure that Chloe believed that Kevin was the donor so that she would never look for Billy and discover the mess he'd made in the Far East. Because of his love for Delia, Kevin agreed to listen to Victor's plan.

Victor convinced Kevin that he had everything worked out. Kevin felt he had no choice but to go along with the plan. Victor ordered Kevin and Billy to stay put in the trailer. When they were alone, Billy asked Kevin to tell him about Delia. Kevin said that Chloe had been handling everything on her own. Billy was tearful when he heard that Delia had been asking for her daddy.

Kevin told Billy that he'd taken the stuffed animal Billy had given Delia, McRuff, to the hospital. Billy remembered getting that toy for Delia's birthday. Kevin assured Billy that everyone had rallied around Delia. Kevin felt that Billy was an ass for bailing out on the people he loved. Kevin wondered why Billy had teamed up with Victor.

Victor ran into Jack at the Athletic Club. Jack said that his sources had spotted Billy in Myanmar. Jack asked Victor to confirm that Billy was there, and Victor said he'd have his people look into it. Jack was desperate to find a match for Delia. Victor placed a call, reporting that they had a problem. Later, Victor returned to the trailer with a nurse to draw Billy's blood. Victor told Kevin that he should tell Chloe that he needed to be retested in order to pretend that he was the true donor.

Billy and Kevin both agreed they would lie for Delia. Billy said he'd always be indebted to Kevin for doing this. Later, Billy was going stir crazy waiting for news about Delia. Billy remembered the night Delia was born. After covering his head with a hoodie, Billy sneaked out of the trailer. Victoria arrived at the trailer moments later, but discovered the door was locked.

Victor appeared suddenly and asked Victoria why she was at the trailer. Victoria was surprised to see her father. Victor said that he'd been out of town, looking for Billy. Victoria had heard from Jack that Billy had been spotted in Myanmar, and she'd hoped that Billy had returned home. Victor urged her to accept the fact that her marriage was over. Victoria left the trailer, and Victor unlocked the door and entered. Victor wondered why Billy wasn't there.

In Crimson Lights, Jack called Chloe to say that he'd found Billy. Jack explained to Kyle that Billy had been found in Hong Kong, and Jack had to fly there to get Billy home. Kyle understood. Victor saw Jack and Kyle at the coffeehouse. Victor placed a call and was pleased to learn that Jack was flying to China.

At Delia's bedside, Chloe told Lauren how important Delia had become in her life. Chloe was determined to do anything for Delia. Lauren told Chloe the best gift Chloe could give Delia was being her mom. Kevin and Jill entered the hospital room. Kevin explained to Chloe that the lab had screwed up his test, and he needed to be retested. Chloe told Kevin that Jack was flying to China to find Billy. Chloe thought it was weird about Kevin needing to be tested again.

Billy arrived at the hospital and sneaked into Delia's room. Delia was alone and asleep. Billy went to her bedside and assured her that she'd beat the cancer. Delia remained asleep. A short time later, Chloe returned to the room, and Delia told her mother that she had dreamed that Billy had visited her.

Jeffrey asked Jill to drop him off at the airport, but she blew him off. As she stepped into the elevator, Jill told Lauren that she was through with men. Still in Genevieve's wine cellar, Colin hoped that somebody heard the alarm. When Gloria walked into the cellar, Colin was thrilled to see her. Gloria was surprised to find Colin there. Gloria let the door close behind her, unaware that she'd be stuck there with Colin.

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