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Colin unlocked Genevieve's hidden safe and learned that she was on a mission to drain his secret bank accounts. Avery was able to undermine Adam's testimony against Sharon. Cane broke into Genevieve's safe to find evidence to nail Colin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 19, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Frantic, Abby met with Victor at Gloworm and told him that she'd accidentally helped the police, who, as a result, suspected that Ashley had murdered Diane Jenkins. Abby explained that she'd agreed to wear a microphone in order to record Tucker. Abby claimed that Tucker had murdered Diane. Abby said her intention had been to prove her theory to police.

Victor told Abby that she shouldn't worry if Ashley hadn't said anything incriminating. Abby told Victor that she'd left hurriedly after Ashley discovered the hidden microphone. Victor told Abby that her obsession with Tucker had clouded her judgment. Victor advised Abby to apologize to her mother and steer clear of Ronan Malloy. Victor agreed to handle the matter.

Devon later joined Abby at the bar. Abby told Devon that she'd gotten her mother in trouble, and she feared that her mother might never forgive her. Devon told Abby that he had set up a meeting with a new artist. Devon stepped aside to greet the man who'd arrived for the meeting. After the artist left, Tucker stopped by and took a seat at Devon's table.

Detective Ronan Malloy listened to the covertly recorded conversation between Abby and Ashley. Ashley had nervously admitted that she'd been at the park with Diane the night of the murder. Ronan left a phone message for Ashley and told her he expected to see her in his office.

At home, Ashley told Tucker that she'd been unable to locate Abby. Tucker asked if his name had been mentioned while Abby had secretly recorded the conversation with her mother. Ashley insisted that she and Tucker had nothing to hide because they had not been involved in Diane's murder. Tucker mentioned that before Ashley had returned, Ronan had phoned repeatedly for her. The phone rang again. Ashley abruptly left and said she planned to deal with the situation face-to-face.

In Ronan's office, Ashley listened to her recorded conversation. Ronan explained that Ashley had already blown alibis for Tucker, Nick, and Phyllis. Ronan asked Ashley what she'd meant when she'd told Abby that something had returned to haunt her. Ashley remained silent. Ronan mentioned the phone call Nick had made to Ashley. Ronan asked if Ashley and Nick had been coordinating disposal of Diane's body. Ashley remained mum.

Ronan placed the bloodied rock, contained in an evidence bag, onto Ashley's lap and asked her to demonstrate how she'd bashed Diane's head. Ashley pitched the rock back to Ronan and insisted that Diane had still been alive when Ashley left her in the park. She admitted that she and Diane had argued about Diane having slept with Tucker. Ashley told Ronan that he should contact her lawyer.

Ronan mentioned having seen Kyle at his mother's memorial. Ronan claimed that Kyle probably wondered every day about the person who'd murdered his mother, just as Abby would have had someone murdered her mother. After Ashley left, Ronan phoned a police officer and ordered her to follow Ashley and Abby.

Victor stopped by Ronan's office later and reminded Ronan that Ronan had previously left town under unusual circumstances. Victor warned Ronan that he'd find out why Ronan had left if he approached Abby again. After Victor stepped out, he received a call informing him that Kevin Fisher's test results had been completed.

After Ashley left Ronan's office, she took the grainy photos of her pushing Diane, tore them in half, and threw them into a dumpster. The officer who'd been following Ashley fished the photos out of the dumpster and delivered them to Ronan. Ronan donned gloves and pieced the torn photos back together. After Ashley returned home, Abby was waiting.

Locked in Genevieve's wine cellar, Colin nursed a hangover while Gloria used a brass wine bucket in a fruitless attempt to break the lock. Colin warned that Genevieve wouldn't have locked him inside had there been an escape route, but he assured Gloria that Jill would soon rescue him. Gloria scoffed and informed Colin that Jill definitely would not be the one to free him because Genevieve had made it appear that he'd left town with his ex-wife.

Gloria told Colin that she and Jeffrey had had a tiff, so he'd flown to Las Vegas. Gloria recalled that she'd told her staff that she needed some time to herself. Gloria was devastated when she discovered that her cell phone had no signal strength. Colin pulled out another bottle of wine, and a hidden craps table extended from the wall. Gloria and Colin were in awe. Colin and Gloria found a full bar hidden behind a false wall. Gloria caught the heel of her shoe in a slit cut into the carpeting. They opened a trap door and found that the opening beneath it had been covered with bricks and mortar.

Colin attempted to pick the lock with the tip of Gloria's fingernail file, but he broke the tip off in the lock. Suddenly, someone slid back a small closure near the top of the door and pushed a can of tuna fish into the room. Colin beat on the door and offered the unseen person money to set him free. No one responded. Gloria was happy to have food. Colin said he hated tuna and grabbed a bottle of specially labeled Reserve Shiraz from 1998.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jill reread the note from Genevieve. It stated: "Told you I could keep him away from you." Jill ripped the note and set it ablaze inside the votive candleholder on the table. As smoke rose from the seared paper, Jill took a sip of her martini. She said aloud to herself, "Colin, you are a rotten son of a bitch!" Tucker later joined Jill at her table, and she told him that Colin had left town with his ex-wife.

Tipsy, Jill worried that Katherine would berate her for having reconnected with Colin. Tucker advised Jill to pay no attention to Katherine because she was controlling. Jill heartily agreed and said she'd warned Katherine about meddling in others' lives. Jill told Tucker that Katherine had poached Devon from his musical division and wouldn't likely let him go. Tucker claimed that Katherine had latched onto Devon for spite. Jill requested that Tucker not mention her name if he decided to discuss the matter with Katherine. Tucker said he wouldn't, but he said that Devon deserved to know that it might not be in his best interest to do business with Katherine.

After Tucker left, a waiter delivered a specially labeled Reserve Shiraz from 1998 to Jill's table. The bottle of wine arrived without a card, and Jill wondered aloud who'd sent it. Jill studied the label intently.

At the hospital, Delia told her mother that Daddy had been wearing a hood. Thinking that Delia had awakened from a dream about Billy, Chloe soothed her daughter. Chloe read Delia a book. Delia complained that her head hurt, so Chloe summoned Dr. Larson. The doctor explained that a fever was expected with medication targeting the immune system. Dr. Larson reminded Chloe that donors were still being tested. Chloe settled Delia into bed and stepped aside to phone Kevin. She left him a message when he didn't answer.

Ronan phoned Chloe to check on Delia. Chloe said she was worried about Delia's fever. Ronan offered to stop by, but Chloe told him not to bother. Ronan showed up unexpectedly. Chloe cried that she felt guilty for driving Billy away and for being in a motel with Ronan when Delia had fallen ill.

Ronan embraced Chloe and told her that Delia's illness wasn't her fault. After Ronan stepped out to get food, Kevin arrived. Ronan gave the food to Kevin and left. Kevin took the food into Delia's room. Kevin acted oddly when he announced to Chloe that he was a donor match for Delia.

At Billy's trailer, Kevin stopped by and returned Billy's laptop computer. Kevin explained that Victoria had given it to him and requested he search the hard drive for clues to Billy's whereabouts. Billy thanked Kevin for helping him visit Delia. Kevin said that Delia had awakened during Billy's visit and had seen him briefly. The child had later told her mother that she'd had a dream about seeing her father. Kevin warned Billy not to visit Delia again, if he wished to keep his presence in Genoa City a secret. Billy said he wouldn't visit Delia again.

Kevin remarked that Billy's decision not to confuse Delia seemed rational. Torn, Billy explained that he wasn't being rational at all. He said he was a concerned father who missed his ill child. Kevin told Billy that Delia believed that her father was out of town and unreachable by phone. Kevin asked Billy what Victor was using as leverage to make him stay away from Victoria. Billy assured Kevin that he'd decided not to hurt Victoria and Delia again, so he'd planned to leave after helping Delia. Kevin claimed that Billy was lying.

Victor arrived and told Billy that he was a donor match. Victor instructed Kevin to tell Chloe that he was a donor match for Delia. After Kevin left, Victor told Billy that he'd have to wait a few weeks before he could leave. Victor told Billy that Victoria was off-limits, so he'd have to stay in hiding. Victor told Billy that perhaps his pathetic existence wasn't without reason because he was a perfect donor match for Delia. Billy glared at Victor. After Victor left, Billy seem gripped with emotional turmoil.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chloe was overjoyed to learn from Kevin that the lab had confirmed that he could be Delia's bone marrow donor. Chloe hugged him gratefully and wanted to call everyone with the news. Kevin asked Chloe not to give him credit for Delia's recovery; he was just the lucky match. Chloe thought Kevin was being modest, but she agreed to keep his donation a secret.

At home, Victoria was working on her laptop. She wrote an email to Billy in hopes that he would read it and learn about Delia's illness. In the same email, Victoria wrote that she needed Billy, too. Later, Victoria went to the hospital, and Chloe blurted out that Kevin was a bone marrow match for Delia. Victoria wanted to spread the word to everyone, but Kevin asked her to not publicize the news. Kevin especially was worried that Nick would put the story on the cover of Restless Style. Victoria understood, but disagreed with Kevin's reasoning. Victoria continued texting to family and friends, telling Kevin that what he was doing was wonderful.

Cane met with Jill at Gloworm, sympathizing with her about Colin having left town with Genevieve. Jill was drowning her sorrows in wine. Cane recognized the wine bottle as being from the Atkinson family wine cellar. Kay appeared and was shocked to see Jill with Cane. Kay scolded Jill for associating with Cane after everything he'd done to them. Kay said that no Atkinson man could be trusted. Jill agreed that Colin had been a cheating slime, but Cane was not like Colin.

Kay said that Cane was no better than his father. Cane asked Kay to leave Jill alone. Cane declared that Jill was an amazing woman. Kay said that with Billy gone, Jill had turned to Cane in desperation. Jill accused Kay of being unable to have a relationship with Tucker and settling for a warped relationship with Jill instead. Cane offered to take care of Jill.

Victoria told Kevin that she wished that Billy had been there so that he could have been the donor. Victoria revealed that she'd had a fantasy that Billy had sneaked into Genoa City and was secretly donating the bone marrow to Delia. Kevin was stunned by Victoria's comment. Victoria explained that while everyone else was down on Billy, Victoria refused to give up on him.

Kevin was on the verge of telling Victoria that Billy had returned and was the true match. When Esther appeared and saw Kevin, Chloe informed her mother that Kevin was the match. Esther went nuts, embracing Kevin with love and gratitude. Chloe went to Kevin to say that Delia wanted to thank him. When Kay arrived at the hospital, she learned the Kevin news and declared that she would have the mayor name it Kevin Fisher Day. Chloe embraced Kevin again.

At the trailer, Victor went to see Billy to make sure he wasn't going anywhere. Billy was fed up with Victor ordering him around. Victor assumed that Billy would be happy that Billy's bone marrow would probably save Delia's life. Michael arrived, and Billy was surprised that he was involved in Victor's scheme. Michael said that as Victor's attorney, he'd arranged everything. Michael explained that he had hired Dr. Renner to perform the bone marrow transplant.

Billy realized that Victor had paid off Dr. Renner handsomely. Victor ordered Billy to stay in the trailer until Delia would be able to receive the transplant. Billy was ready to bolt, threatening to go to the hospital and blow the lid off Victor's carefully constructed scheme to make sure that Billy remained out of Victoria's life. Victor dared Billy to cross him. Victor reminded Billy that he would reveal to everyone what Billy had done in Asia that had landed him in prison.

Billy told Victor to go ahead and tell everyone. Victor accused Billy of being selfish and warned him that Chloe would never let Billy near Delia again once she learned the truth. Billy believed that Victoria would forgive him. Victor dared Billy to leave, but Billy remained in the trailer. Later, Billy watched images of Victoria on his laptop. Suddenly, Victoria appeared in the trailer and said she'd sensed that he was there. Victoria ran into Billy's arms and said that she'd missed him and asked him to never leave her again.

Victoria revealed that Delia needed Billy, too. Billy revealed to Victoria that he was Delia's donor. Billy tried to tell Victoria about what he'd done in Asia, but Victoria said that she didn't care. Victoria assured Billy that he was a hero. It turned out that Billy had been fantasizing about Victoria. Billy realized that he was not a hero. At the hospital, Michael greeted Kevin and explained he not only knew about Victor's plan, but it had been Michael who had suggested Kevin as the faux donor. Michael knew Kevin would be the right choice because of the way he loved Delia.

At the hospital, Jill and Cane learned that Kevin was Delia's match. Chloe got balloons and wanted to celebrate. Chloe said that she loved Kevin. When Chloe caught Victoria texting to Billy, Chloe told her to stop. Chloe warned Victoria not to believe in Billy anymore because he would always disappoint Victoria. Chloe claimed that she would never allow Billy back into Delia's life.

At the trailer, Billy saw the email from Victoria and read it. Billy was torn, but started to write an email in return. In another fantasy, Billy imagined Victoria rejecting Billy for the crime he had committed in Asia. Victoria then asked Billy why he'd returned.

At the hospital, Victor watched everyone celebrating Kevin being Delia donors. Kevin was touched when Delia said she loved him. Victoria felt bad about Billy not being there.

Gloria and Colin were still trapped in the wine cellar. Colin noted that Genevieve had made sure to deliver food to the cellar so he wouldn't starve. Colin realized that Genevieve had no way of knowing that Gloria would be trapped there, too. Gloria thought the gambling setup in the cellar was exciting, but Colin said he had never been a gambler. Gloria revealed that there'd been a bookie business run out of Gloworm, and she bragged about her sons. Gloria said that Michael was a brilliant lawyer and Kevin was a genius with numbers.

Gloria asked Colin to share his secrets with her. Colin continued searching for a way out of the cellar and discovered a safe hidden in the wall. Before Gloria could see it, Colin covered the space. Colin suggested that he and Gloria get drunk. After Gloria had passed out from wine, Colin went to the safe to try to unlock the combination. A short time later, Cane knocked on the door of the wine cellar. When nobody answered, Cane left the bottle from Jill. Colin resumed working on the safe.

Abby explained that she'd never meant to get Ashley in trouble with the police, but Abby believed that Tucker had killed Diane. Ashley was furious with Abby for incriminating her while trying to entrap Tucker. Ashley told Abby that when she hurt Tucker, she hurt Ashley. Abby couldn't understand why Ashley loved Tucker.

Tucker confronted Devon with questions about Devon's new job for Kay. Tucker told Devon that Chancellor knew nothing about music, and Kay hiring Devon was just a ploy to get to Tucker. Devon was skeptical about Tucker's theory. Tucker didn't want Devon to be used. Devon was overconfident and said he could handle the job. Tucker walked away, then called his lawyer about getting Jabot back.

Tucker went home and heard Ashley and Abby fighting about Abby's secret taping. Abby admitted that she'd worn a wire to try to get Tucker to confess that he'd killed Diane. Tucker called Abby a stupid little girl for implicating Ashley in a murder. Tucker declared that he was fed up with Abby punishing Ashley. Tucker suggested that if Abby didn't like Tucker and Ashley's relationship, it was too bad.

Ashley told Abby to accept her and Tucker's relationship or get out of her life. Abby left the apartment. Tucker was concerned about Ashley and asked about her meeting with Ronan. Ashley and Tucker agreed that they hadn't been honest. They promised to stop keeping secrets from each other.

Abby told Devon that Tucker had interrupted her reconciliation with Ashley, and everything was ruined with Abby and her mother. Devon believed that Ashley was a strong woman and not under Tucker's control. Abby said that she was through with her mother. Devon assured Abby that she needed Ashley. Devon told Abby to stop hurting Ashley, and advised Abby to deal with Tucker by taking the high road. Devon was optimistic that Abby would be successful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At Gloworm, Lauren and Jill were having a drink. Lauren was overjoyed to learn that Kevin was a bone marrow donor match for Delia. Lauren asked if Jill had heard from Colin. Jill was irked that Colin was gone and that Genevieve had been rubbing it in Jill's face. Jill mentioned that she'd received a bottle of wine from the Atkinson private vintage from Genevieve.

Lauren defended Colin and surprised Jill by telling her that she'd hired Paul to find out where Colin had gone. Jill wasn't pleased, but when Lauren offered to cancel Paul's investigation, Jill stopped her. An employee at the restaurant approached Lauren and asked if Gloria had been in touch. Lauren and Jill learned that Gloria had taken a week off without leaving a forwarding number. Jill and Lauren assumed that Gloria had been cooling off after her fight with Jeffrey. Lauren received a phone and Paul told her that Colin had never used the airline ticket in his name. Jill realized that Colin was not with Genevieve after all.

Colin was in the secret room in the wine cellar, trying to unlock the hidden safe. Colin couldn't crack the combination, trying all the important dates in Genevieve's life. Colin finally managed to figure out the combination by using the date of their first sexual encounter. Inside the safe, Colin found some papers, which meant nothing. Colin then found a satchel in which there was a ledger in which Genevieve had been tracking Colin's bank accounts. Colin wondered what Genevieve was up to. When Gloria began to arouse from her drunken slumber, Colin closed the safe so she wouldn't know about it.

Gloria had a hangover and was fed up with being stuck in the cellar. Colin assumed they'd be there until Genevieve returned from her business trip. Gloria noted that Genevieve was planning to be gone for a month. Someone slipped a toothbrush under the door as well as a note from Genevieve to Colin. In the note, Genevieve explained that she'd locked Colin in the wine cellar to get him out of the way while she drained his bank accounts. Genevieve estimated that it would cost Colin about two million dollars a day.

Gloria wanted to know what had been in the note, but Colin lashed out at her. Colin was angry and non-communicative. Colin tried to scream at the person on the other side of the door, offering to pay the person twice what Genevieve was paying him. There was no response. Colin apologized to Gloria for losing his temper. Gloria accepted his apology, but she was upset. Colin explained to Gloria that Genevieve knew how to push his buttons.

Cane ran into Lily with the twins in the park. Cane broke the news to Lily that Kevin was the bone marrow donor for Delia. Lily was happy for Chloe. Cane admired how cute the babies looked, and Lily said that the kids had been to the photographer for pictures. Cane offered to take a picture of Lily with the babies. Lily agreed and offered to take one of Cane with the children, too.

Later, Lily told Cane that the pictures would turn out great. Cane admitted that he'd been a lousy husband. Lily realized that Cane had sacrificed everything to protect her and the twins from Colin. Cane said that he'd stayed in Genoa City to keep Colin away from Lily and the children.

Nick and Noah met Sam at Crimson Lights before Sharon's trial. Sam went to the courthouse early to see Sharon. Noah told Nick that he didn't think his mother wanted Noah there. Noah explained that he wanted to be at the trial, but Noah feared that Sharon didn't want him to hear her being attacked by the prosecution. Nick said that Noah should make up his own mind about going to the trial.

Avery explained to Victor that she was confident that Sharon's new jury would be sympathetic to Sharon. Avery told Victor that she planned to pick apart the evidence, which was the heart of the prosecution's case. Sharon was concerned about Adam testifying against her. Avery advised Sharon to keep her cool while Adam was on the stand. Victor urged Sharon to not let Adam get to her. Sharon thanked Victor for supporting her by being at the trial.

At the Athletic Club, Heather and Walsh agreed on their strategy for the day, then said they'd meet in court. Adam approached Heather and offered to buy her a drink. Heather said no and asked Adam to show up sober when he was called to the stand. Adam told Heather he was anxious to do whatever was necessary to put Sharon away for life. Heather warned Adam not to perjure himself.

Adam wanted to know Heather's strategy, and Heather explained that her plan was to attack Sharon's character. Heather said Adam could not testify about Sharon's escape because the judge had ruled that inadmissible. Heather asked Adam to speak about his personal experiences with Sharon. Adam was confident that he could do that.

In court, the judge asked Heather to begin calling witnesses. Adam was called to the stand. As Adam was given the oath, Nick and Noah arrived and took seats near Victor and Sam. Victor told Nick and Noah that Avery and Heather had both given excellent opening arguments. Heather questioned Adam, and he testified about his relationship with Sharon, saying he'd been faithful to Sharon. Avery objected when Heather questioned Adam about Sharon's fidelity to him.

The jury was removed from the courtroom as Heather and Avery argued before the judge. Heather cited legal precedent, but Avery had counterattacks based on citings and statutes. The judge had his own ideas and felt that the prosecution could continue with the disparaging of Sharon's character. Avery asked for an exception, but Heather had won her point. Adam returned to the stand. Avery warned Sharon that Adam would be allowed to smear her.

Adam testified that Sharon had betrayed him by cheating on him with Sam. Adam acted like he'd been emotionally shattered. Adam testified that Sharon had been a good mother, but she'd left Adam and abandoned her children. Adam said what Sharon had done was unforgivable. Sharon wanted Avery to object, but Avery explained that if she did, Heather would be able to question Sharon's past. Sam was upset by Adam's testimony.

Avery began her cross-examination by accusing Adam of crying crocodile tears. The judge warned Avery not to editorialize. Avery asked Adam about Skye's murder, wondering if Adam believed that Sharon had gone to Hawaii to commit murder. Adam couldn't say, but Avery produced Adam's transcript from before the first trial. Avery asked Adam to read from it. In the transcript, Adam defended Sharon vehemently. Adam had said in the previous testimony that Sharon had been trying to clear Adam of murder by returning Skye alive. Avery finished with Adam.

Adam was excused. Walsh was unhappy with the results and gave Heather a nasty look. Adam approached Avery and congratulated her on successfully hurting him on the stand. Avery accused Adam of being a sadist. Avery warned Adam that if she called him to the stand for the defense, Avery would eviscerate him. Victor and Noah admired Avery's skill.

Sam and Sharon agreed that Avery was a very good attorney. Nick thought Avery had done very well. Sharon was taken back to the prison. Noah, Sam, and Nick were confident that Sharon would be acquitted. Adam watched Victor with Avery and the group from the doorway.

Cane met Jill and Lauren at Gloworm. Lauren left for another appointment. Jill told Cane that Colin had not left town with Genevieve, and she was unable to find Colin. Cane was unconcerned about Colin. Jill asked if Genevieve might have made Colin disappear. Cane said it was possible.

Later, Cane and Jill went to the wine cellar at Genevieve's home. Cane guessed that it would be the perfect place to stash Colin if that was what Genevieve had in mind. Cane called to Colin, and Colin responded. Cane broke the door down, and Jill was surprised to see Gloria was in the cellar with Colin.

Gloria said it had been an accident that she had wound up trapped in the cellar with Colin. Gloria was surprised that nobody had been looking for her. Jill hugged Colin and was glad that he was all right. Cane was surprised that Genevieve had gone to such lengths to keep Colin away from Jill. Colin thanked Cane for rescuing him.

Jill and Colin left together, but Cane stayed behind and searched the cellar for a clue to why Colin had stayed in the cellar when Cane had been there the other day. Cane found the trap door, then noticed the imprint on the carpet from the fake door covering the safe. Cane discovered the safe and wondered what Genevieve had been up to.

Lily met Lauren and thanked her for helping with the outfits for the twins' photo shoot. Lauren asked if Lily was all right after having seen Cane. Lauren admitted she was haunted by Daisy still and she assumed that Lily had memories of Cane every time she ran into him. Lauren believed that Lily needed a friend and offered to be one. Lauren asked if Lily needed to vent. Lily said that she was confused by Cane. Lily saw glimpses of the man she'd loved, but Lily had no idea if Cane was sincere. Lily thought Cane still had secrets.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jill planned a romantic rendezvous in Colin's suite, ordering champagne for the two of them. Waiting for Colin, Jill left a message on his phone for him to hurry to the hotel because she was impatient to be with him. At the wine cellar, Cane was unable to figure out the combination to the wall safe. Colin appeared at the doorway and called to Cane. When Colin went to the secret place with the wall safe was hidden, he found Cane but the secret door to the safe was shut.

Colin suspected that Cane had lingered in the wine cellar for a reason. Colin suspected that Cane had conspired with Genevieve to trap him in the cellar. Colin theorized that Cane was determined to keep Colin from reconciling with Jill. Cane told Colin that he had not been Genevieve's cohort. Colin pointed out that Genevieve had sought revenge on Colin because he'd divorced her. Colin asked Cane for a straight answer, and Cane said he had not been involved in Genevieve's scheme. Cane swore on the soul of his sister Samantha that he was not working with Genevieve.

Colin returned to the suite, and Jill was all over him with kisses. Jill fed Colin some food then offered to give him a massage. Colin told Jill that he was really upset that being stuck in the cellar meant that he'd stood up Jill. In the midst of Jill's seduction, Colin asked Jill if Genevieve was really on the Jabot marketing trip. Jill was shocked that Colin was asking her about Genevieve. Colin feared that Genevieve was up to no good, and he needed to be on guard.

Jill assured Colin that Genevieve had been keeping all her Jabot appointments. Jill suggested that if Colin was concerned about Genevieve being a danger to him, Colin should speak with the police. Colin said he'd rather deal with Genevieve personally. Jill withdrew from Colin, sensing that Colin and Genevieve were still too involved with each other. Colin said he had no romance interest in Genevieve.

Jill wondered if Genevieve had ever done anything like this in the past. Colin explained that Jill was the only woman who'd ever caused Colin to stray from Genevieve. Jill said that she found that very intriguing. Later, Colin left a threatening message for Genevieve on her phone. Jill emerged from the other room, looking very alluring in a negligee. Colin kissed her.

In the park, Cane met Ronan and said he had evidence to use against Colin. After Cane told Ronan about the secret safe, Ronan explained that there might be nothing of use in the safe that would be considered evidence. Ronan also said there wasn't a judge who'd sign off on a search warrant to get into the safe. Cane wanted to crack the safe. Ronan explained that he had to follow the law.

Cane was impatient because he feared that Colin was still a danger to Cane's family. Ronan understood why Cane was intent on getting Colin locked up. Cane wanted Colin gone. Ronan told Cane to be patient. Later, Cane returned to the wine cellar and blew up the safe with explosives. Cane looked inside and found the satchel that Colin had discovered and returned to the safe. Before Cane could look inside the satchel, Ronan appeared.

At the coffeehouse, Ricky introduced himself to Noah. Ricky said he was an intern working with Avery on Sharon's trial. Noah wondered if Ricky had known he'd be going up against Heather. Ricky said he'd been aware that his sister was working for the D.A., but not on Sharon's case. Noah offered to buy Ricky a coffee.

Ricky was surprised that Ricky's first case had led him back to Genoa City. Ricky admitted that he had never spent time with Heather, and she was a stranger to him. Noah offered to introduce Ricky to his friends, since Ricky was staying in town for a while. Noah thanked Ricky for helping Avery to free Sharon.

Paul met with Nick at Gloworm and asked about Sharon's trial. Paul was curious both as Heather's father and Sharon's friend. Paul was confident that if Sharon was not guilty, she'd be set free. Paul realized that Heather was facing off against Avery as well as Ricky, her brother, who was working for Avery. Paul hoped Heather and Ricky could separate their business lives from family matters. Nick assumed that Paul was happy to have his son back in town. Paul said he never had the chance to get to know Ricky very well. Nick related that it had taken time for Nick and Noah to work on their relationship.

At the Athletic Club, Walsh offered Avery a plea deal for Sharon. Avery wanted an acquittal, not a deal. Avery asserted that Sharon was innocent. Walsh told Avery to put her pride aside and present the offer to Sharon. Avery didn't appreciate Walsh warning her that she could not influence Sharon's decision. Later, Heather was furious when Walsh explained that he'd offered Avery a deal for Sharon. Walsh said that Ricky, Heather's brother, had helped Avery, and his research had made Heather look bad in court. Walsh said that he was not afraid of Avery; he was cutting their losses by wrapping up Sharon's case with a conviction.

Heather ran into Ricky at Crimson Lights and asked him to sit and talk. Heather wondered why Ricky hadn't given her a heads-up about working for Avery. Heather was confused by the fact that Ricky chose to let Heather be taken by surprise. Ricky said that the internship offer had happened very quickly, and he hadn't been able to turn it down. Paul walked into the coffeehouse and was glad to see his children together. Paul wondered if everything was all right with them. Ricky said that even though Heather accused him of blindsiding her, they were getting along fine. Ricky said he wished they could have met at a Christmas dinner instead of in court on a case.

Victor visited Sharon at prison. Adam's testimony had hurt Sharon, and she was still hurt. Victor was confident that Sharon would win the case with Avery as her attorney. Victor urged Sharon to remain strong. Victor promised to stand by Sharon for the duration of the case.

Sharon was curious about Victor's commitment, and Victor reiterated that he planned to testify for Sharon and reveal everything about Skye's murder. Victor knew that Sharon had tried to save Skye after she fell into the volcano. Sharon regretted going to Hawaii to clear Adam's name. Victor explained that everything Sharon had done was for her love for Adam. Victor told her to stop punishing herself because she'd suffered enough.

Avery arrived at the prison and explained to Victor and Sharon that the D.A. had offered Sharon a deal. If Sharon confessed to killing Skye on the charge of involuntary manslaughter, the prosecution would accept three years in prison, minus time served. Sharon would be released in 18 months. Victor asked Sharon what she thought of the deal. Sharon liked the idea of spending less time in jail, but she didn't want to take responsibility for Skye's death.

Sharon was tempted to accept the deal so she'd be out before Faith's fifth birthday. Sharon asked Victor's opinion, and he said it was up to Sharon. Avery offered Sharon some time to think it over, but Sharon decided to take the deal. Avery and Victor both asked Sharon to reconsider and not rush to a decision. Sharon wanted a sure thing more than just the hope that Avery might win an acquittal. Sharon hoped Victor wasn't disappointed, but Sharon was determined to accept the deal. Avery said she'd call Spencer, but as Avery walked away, she was conflicted.

Avery ran into Nick at Gloworm and told him about Sharon's deal. Nick was surprised and shocked that Sharon was going to take the deal. Avery said that Sharon seemed very certain. Avery asked Nick to return to the court and take Noah and Faith. Nick wasn't comfortable, but Avery assured him that there would be no media. Nick said he'd consider it and consult with Noah. Avery said she thought that Sharon would want the family there.

Heather complimented Ricky on his skill as a researcher. Suddenly, Heather received a call from Spencer. Heather had to return to court. Heather said that Sharon had accepted the plea arrangement. Ricky was shocked and checked his cell phone for a message from Avery.

Back in court, Sharon entered the hearing room. Ricky told Avery he was stunned that Avery was settling for a deal when she had never done that before. Avery explained that she was thinking about what was best for Sharon. Victor assured Sharon that he was confident in her. Heather told the judge that the case had been completed with Sharon having accepted a deal.

The judge asked Sharon if she agreed to the terms laid out by the prosecution. Before Sharon could respond, Nick walked into the courtroom with Faith and Noah. Sharon turned and watched her family entering. Sharon smiled happily as Faith called for "mommy."

Sharon faced the judge and declared that she was not guilty. Sharon said that she refused to admit that she'd killed Skye and therefore she couldn't take the deal. Walsh was disappointed and warned Heather to not screw up the case. Victor offered Sharon his full support. Sharon told Noah that while she'd wanted to go home, she couldn't lie in front of her children about killing Skye.

Sharon was grateful to Nick for taking Faith and Noah. The guard wouldn't allow Sharon to touch Faith. Nick pulled Avery aside and accused her of using Noah and Faith to convince Sharon to change her mind. Nick told Avery that his kids would be devastated if Sharon was convicted, so Avery had better win the case.

Friday, September 23, 2011

At the hospital, Chloe excitedly informed Jack that Kevin was a bone marrow match for Delia. A stunned Jack was confused, because Kevin had already been tested, but Kevin fibbed that the lab had messed up the results of his first test. Jack wished he'd found out before he'd flown halfway around the world to search for Billy, and he wondered if the tip he'd received about Billy's whereabouts had been bogus. Jack suspected someone had intentionally led him astray. Victor entered and asked if he could visit Delia.

Chloe expressed her gratitude toward Kevin for being Delia's donor, and she remarked that Billy would consider Kevin his best friend once Billy found out. A nurse entered and asked everyone to leave, so she could examine Delia. In the hallway, Victor asked if Jack had returned home once he'd learned about Kevin being a match, but Jack retorted that he'd left Hong Kong when he had figured out that he'd been sent on a wild goose chase. Jack pointedly noted that he'd received the suspicious tip just after he'd informed Victor of his plans, but Victor retorted that if Jack hadn't been so quick to blame others for Billy's failings, perhaps Billy wouldn't have had so many of them.

Jack declared that he wouldn't be surprised if Victor had kept him from finding Billy, and Victor scoffed at the insinuation that he didn't care if Delia lived or died. Jack thought Victor would sacrifice someone else's daughter to protect his own. Victor asserted that he'd done everything he could have, until a donor had been found. Jack opined that Delia needed her father, and Victor urged Jack to continue searching. Jack warned that he wouldn't let mysterious leads distract him the next time around.

Jack left, and Kevin privately told Victor that he didn't think things would work out. Victor was certain that Billy would stay away for Delia's sake, and he commended Kevin for pretending to be Delia's donor. Kevin said he was only a smokescreen, but Victor maintained that it was best if Billy stayed away from Delia, because Billy would only break her heart. Kevin wasn't sure, but Victor vowed that he'd send Billy far away once the blood transfusion had taken place, and they'd all be better off. Kevin remained skeptical.

Chloe declared to Jack that she couldn't believe that Victor would try to keep Billy away, and she felt that it wasn't fair to blame Victor for the trouble Billy was in. Kevin asked if she wanted Billy found, and she wasn't sure. Jack reminded her that Delia had been begging to see her father, and Chloe remarked that it would be a beautiful reunion, but they'd eventually go down the same road again. Chloe pointed out that Billy always showed up in a crisis and made promises that he couldn't keep, so it might be better if Delia learned that there were certain men she couldn't count on. Jack noticed that Kevin seemed nervous, and he asked if Kevin knew something they didn't.

Jack inquired whether Victor had made Kevin nervous, but Kevin simply stated that he didn't like hospitals and that he needed some air, and he exited. Chloe noted that Kevin had been under a lot of pressure, and he felt uncomfortable that she'd considered him a father figure for Delia. Jack said that Billy should be there, and Chloe speculated that perhaps Billy had dropped the false hint about him being in China, because he didn't want to face the huge mess he'd left behind.

Jack presented Delia with a gift he'd purchased in China. Delia thanked him, and he kissed her forehead and said Kyle would join him the next time he visited. Chloe walked Jack to the door, and he instructed her to inform him if she heard from any of Billy's friends in New York. Jack revealed that he intended to keep searching for Billy, and Chloe called him a good brother. Jack remarked that Billy could be a good father, but he had to be back in town first.

Later, Chloe told a sympathetic Kevin that the doctors had taken Delia to run more tests. Chloe reported that Jack intended to search for Billy again, but Kevin hoped he'd drop it. Chloe gushed that she and Delia didn't need Billy, because they had Kevin, but an uncomfortable Kevin insisted that he wasn't a saint. She wished that he would accept her gratitude, and she credited him with saving Delia's life, and hers. She pulled him into a kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis arrived with Lucy and looked around for Lucy's nanny. Phyllis answered her phone, and Daisy complained that Leslie wasn't her lawyer anymore. Phyllis explained that Leslie had been swamped and hadn't been able to give Daisy's case the proper attention. Daisy threatened that Phyllis had better not renege on their deal, and Phyllis halfheartedly offered to find Daisy another attorney. As Phyllis hung up, Avery entered and cooed over Lucy, and Phyllis looked stricken.

Avery handed Lucy a toy the tot had dropped, and she realized that Lucy was the baby Phyllis had fought for. Phyllis defended that Lucy was her blood, and Avery caustically remarked that she had no idea that Phyllis was so loyal to family. Avery suggested that she and Lucy could get to know one another, but Phyllis barked not to confuse the child, because Avery was the exception to her view of family. Phyllis made a quick exit, and Nick approached Avery and asked why she had summoned him. Avery apologized for pushing him to attend Sharon's trial with his kids the day before.

Avery acknowledged that she should have been up-front with Nick, but she hadn't been able to leave things to chance. Nick accused her of manipulating Sharon into not taking the plea bargain, but Avery was confident she'd win the case. Nick noted that she had a way of getting what she wanted, even if it meant she had to apologize later, and she wondered if he thought her apology was a tactic. He guessed that there was more to her apology than met the eye. Phyllis interrupted and guaranteed that Avery's motives had something to do with Phyllis.

Phyllis called Avery passive-aggressive, and Avery retorted that she and Nick hadn't been talking about Phyllis, but Phyllis accused Avery of insinuating herself into Phyllis' life. Nick intervened and explained that their conversation had been about Sharon, and Avery denied that she had staged the conversation to get a reaction from Phyllis. Phyllis dared Avery to prove that Avery had a life and wasn't just following Phyllis around. Avery thanked Nick for meeting her and sarcastically said that it had been lovely to see Phyllis, and she stalked out.

Phyllis blasted Avery for acting like the innocent victim, and Nick commented that Phyllis was overreacting. Phyllis insisted that she hadn't gone too far, because Avery had made a career out of saving the supposedly innocent, even if they weren't. Phyllis surmised that Avery was furious about decisions Phyllis had made years before, and she had to draw the line.

Later, Phyllis complained that her nanny had an emergency. Nick asked if she needed to work from home, and Phyllis suggested that he grant "Mommy" a day off. He was surprised that she considered herself Lucy's mother, but she believed that Lucy shouldn't be deprived of a mother-daughter relationship just because Daisy was in jail. Nick pointed out that Avery had shown interest in Phyllis' kids, but Phyllis wrote it off as insincere, and Nick wondered if Phyllis thought Avery was hateful. Phyllis admitted that she and Avery had once been close, but Avery was stuck in the past, and Phyllis refused to go back, because she'd left, forgotten about it, and moved on.

Daisy broke down in tears, and Sharon offered words of comfort. Sharon realized who Daisy was, and Daisy recognized Sharon. Sharon thought they'd be in different wards, but Daisy explained that she had been moved due to overcrowding. Sharon started to walk away, but Daisy mentioned that they both knew Phyllis. Sharon pointed out that she and Phyllis weren't close, and Daisy said she'd learned that Phyllis was a liar who had lured Daisy back to town by promising to help, but Phyllis had only wanted Lucy and had fired Daisy's lawyer. Daisy hoped Sharon could get someone to reason with Phyllis, but Sharon countered that Phyllis had caused her enough headaches.

Sharon read a newspaper article about her rejection of the plea bargain. An inmate asked why she'd decided to turn it down, and Sharon admitted that she hadn't been willing to lie. The inmate stated that she would kill to get out, but Sharon hoped for an acquittal. The inmate cattily assumed Sharon thought she'd be released because she was pretty and famous, but Sharon argued that she was innocent. The inmate became incensed, and she grabbed Sharon, threw her up against the wall, and yelled that Sharon was no better than the rest of them.

The women struggled, and the inmate said that Sharon's rich boyfriends couldn't protect her in prison. Sharon ordered the inmate to leave her alone, but Daisy intervened and cautioned the other prisoner that Sharon had thrown someone into a volcano. Sharon suggested that Daisy get a guard, and the inmate slugged Daisy. Sharon cried out in surprise and tended to Daisy.

Sharon thanked Daisy for sticking up for her, and Daisy asked for time to heal before Sharon picked another fight. Sharon insisted that she hadn't started it, and Daisy couldn't imagine Sharon hurting anyone. Avery arrived and offered get Sharon placed in protective custody, but Sharon fretted that everyone already thought she had been getting special treatment. Daisy asked if Avery was Sharon's lawyer, and Sharon reluctantly introduced the women. Avery recognized Daisy's name.

Avery thought it was a good sign that the D.A. had offered a plea bargain, and Sharon wondered if Heather would take it personally, but Avery said she had things covered. A guard requested that Sharon provide a statement about the assault, and Sharon left. Daisy observed that Avery had known her name, and she asked if Avery could help her, but Avery tried to brush her off. Daisy mentioned that Phyllis had tricked Daisy to get her hands on Daisy's baby, and she begged Avery to undo it.

In his trailer, Billy reread Victoria's email. He cleaned up his trailer to distract himself, but he was still preoccupied with Victoria's message. He wrote that he had made too many mistakes and that she deserved better, but he loved her and wanted her back. Billy continued that he didn't have any excuses, but he wanted to say how much he missed Victoria, and he had often thought about how great they had been together. He stepped away from the computer, and Victor entered and announced that Delia was doing fine. Victor spied Billy's email, and he assumed that Billy had broken their agreement.

Billy assured Victor that he hadn't sent the message, and that he had just been thinking through what he'd write if he could reply. Victor reminded Billy that he wasn't under lock and key and that he could rebel, but there would be a price to pay when Victor revealed Billy's secrets. Billy thought it would be best for Victoria to at least hear that he was alive, so she could move on. Victor called Billy's concern touching, but he insisted it wouldn't be a problem, because Victoria had moved on and had another man in her life.

Billy thought Victoria had every right to move forward, but he believed it was too soon for her to do so. Victor prodded Billy to leave town as soon as he could, and he offered to take Billy's computer so Billy could avoid temptation, but Billy said it wasn't necessary. Victor said he'd be back with groceries, and he left. Billy returned to his email, and he questioned whether he'd want to send his message if Victoria had already moved on.

Later, Jack arrived at the empty trailer and looked through mail. He turned when the door opened, and was surprised to see Victor. Victor sarcastically snarled that he was there to obstruct Jack's search for Billy, who he speculated was probably at the North Pole, putting down money on reindeer games.

Sam stopped by Victoria's house and informed her that he was heading out to the Newman ranch. He noticed that she seemed distracted, and she reported that Jack hadn't found Billy in Hong Kong. Sam announced that it was "take your landlord to work day," and that he'd told the horses she'd drop by to take them for a ride. She played along and said she didn't want to disappoint them, and she went upstairs to retrieve her gear.

Victoria and Sam arrived at the stables, and she recalled that the stables had once felt like her second home. Sam understood, because the horses were some of the finest animals he'd ever seen. She recounted that Billy had stated that the only time Victor had seemed human was when he was around his grandkids or animals.

Victoria called herself pathetic for mentioning Billy, but Sam acknowledged that Billy had been a huge part of her life. She commented that Billy was taking up too much room in her brain, especially since he hadn't stuck around, and she vowed to get him out of her head. Sam suggested they ride the horses, and she enthusiastically agreed, but once he turned away to prepare for their ride, she couldn't hide her sadness.

After their ride, Victoria inquired whether Sam had let her win their race, but he said she'd won fair and square, though he pointed out that she was more familiar with the trails and the horses. She prompted him to go on, and when he remained mum, she bragged about her superior skills and agility. He asked her to explain how, despite all of her training, she'd managed to twist her ankle on her dismount. She tried to cover, but she was obviously in pain. He helped her limp to a place where she could sit down.

Sam tended to Victoria's ankle, and she wailed that it was nothing compared to the bruise on her ego. He said that she had reason to brag about her ability with horses, but getting off the horse was another story. She called him funny, and he admitted that he'd found her declaration of victory amusing. She asked him to take her home, and he jokingly suggested they race to the car. He helped her hobble out.

Back at Victoria's house, Sam applied ice to Victoria's ankle. She wanted to change clothes, but he urged her to sit still. She tried to move but winced in pain, so he picked her up and gallantly carried her up the stairs. Meanwhile, Billy peered through the window and was shocked to see Victoria in Sam's arms.

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