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After Jack testified against Katherine, the judge returned Jabot to Tucker. Katherine collapsed in court. Tucker convinced the D.A. to drop the charges against Abby. Tucker and Devon learned that they were father and son.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 3, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, October 3, 2011

At the courthouse, Neil and Devon supported Katherine as she defended Chancellor Industries' purchase of Jabot from McCall, Unlimited. Jack, Sofia, and Ashley were present to support Tucker, though Ashley was called away to help Abby. Neil asked Sofia why Jack had suddenly chosen to side with Tucker. Sofia declined to answer, but she said, "I guess we all have to decide who we'll be loyal to in this lifetime, don't we?" Devon said he couldn't understand how a son could sue his own mother over a business deal. Neil directed his statement at Sofia and replied, "I agree. It's very disappointing."

Katherine was devastated when she discovered that Jack had sided with Tucker. The judge arrived and announced that his decision would be final and binding. Tucker seemed confident that he would be victorious. Tucker told the judge that Katherine had manipulated him. He added that he just wanted his company back. Katherine claimed that Tucker was suing her for spite. She added that she'd paid a premium price for the company. The judge acknowledged receipt of Neil's report stating the amount paid for the company.

Katherine defended herself and told Tucker to learn from his mistake and move onward. The judge admonished Katherine and instructed her to direct her comments to him, not Tucker. Katherine insisted that Tucker could not have received a higher offer on the open market. Tucker said that Katherine was wrong. Jack piped up and claimed that he would have paid a higher price for Jabot. Jack introduced himself to the judge as the son of the man who'd founded the once family-owned company. Jack said that had Katherine placed Jabot on the open market, he could have raised sufficient capital to outbid her offer.

Katherine's attorney, Mitchell, told the judge that Katherine had discussed with Jack her plan to purchase Jabot, so he'd had full knowledge of the transaction before it was finalized. Jack claimed that the transaction was presented to him as a done deal. Katherine claimed that Jack couldn't have raised the money at the time nor presently. Jack submitted a sales agreement stating that, should the judge rule in Tucker's favor, he would offer much more for Jabot than the amount Katherine had paid. Tucker added that he'd lost millions due to Katherine's interference. Tucker told the judge he would honor Jack's contract.

While the judge retired to his chamber to consider the matter, Devon served Katherine a glass of water. Mitchell and Neil apologized for letting Katherine down. Katherine said she'd never dreamed that Jack, a lifelong friend and colleague, could have chosen to turn his back on her. Jack told Katherine that he'd made a business decision to protect his legacy and had not meant to hurt her. Katherine warned that Tucker would not follow through if he won. Jack said he'd take his chances.

Across the room, Sofia said she hoped Ashley would soon return. Tucker said she hope Ashley could be present when he won the case. Devon approached and told Tucker that Tucker was only seeking revenge. Tucker claimed that he sought justice. Tucker claimed Devon would agree if he knew the truth about what had transpired.

The judge returned with his ruling, and everyone took their places in the courtroom. Sofia glared at Neil and shook her head in disgust. The judge stated that the sale of Jabot had not been conducted to maximize revenue for McCall, Unlimited. The judge added that Jack Abbott's contract and his testimony proved Tucker's claim. Katherine winced when the judge claimed that her deal had been completed under a shroud of secrecy, which cast doubt on Mrs. Chancellor's true motives.

The judge overturned his previous ruling and declared the sale of Jabot to Chancellor Industries null and void. The judge reverted ownership of Jabot to Tucker and ordered Katherine's corporation to pay all legal fees and expenses. Katherine protested, but the judge warned that she should be thankful he hadn't chosen to award an amount for damages. Sofia glared at Neil, and he shook his head at her.

Jack congratulated Tucker and asked when they could sign the contract. Tucker said he'd never had a doubt that he'd win, and he told Jack that they'd discuss the contract soon. Jack asked, "How soon?" Tucker slapped Jack on the back and replied, "We'll talk." After Tucker rushed out, Katherine approached Jack and said that he'd mistreated his father's dear friend. Katherine claimed that Jack's actions were akin to spitting in John's face. Jack seemed somewhat remorseful.

When Ashley returned, Tucker happily announced that he'd won. Ashley embraced him. Ashley and Tucker returned to the courtroom when they heard Jack loudly telling Katherine that his father would have wanted him to reclaim ownership of Jabot. Ashley reminded Katherine that she'd taken advantage of her own son while he was struggling with health issues. Sofia said that Katherine was a bitter, hateful woman who should be ashamed of herself. Katherine yelled at Sofia and told her to shut up.

Katherine was livid. She told Tucker that he seemed to be constantly punishing her for something she had not done. Neil tried in vain to calm Katherine, but she continued yelling and waving her arms in the air. Katherine pointed at Tucker and said, "I have barely started to tell this jackass exactly what I think of him." Tucker challenged her to tell him what was on her mind.

Katherine said, "You're hardly a human being. You're not my son." Katherine suddenly collapsed into Neil's arms. Devon quickly placed a chair beneath Katherine. Jack and Tucker gently lifted Katherine legs and supported her head. Neil told Ashley to call for medical help.

At the police station, Ronan inserted into his computer the thumb drive he'd found stuffed inside a decorative pillow gathered as evidence from Diane's hotel suite. A fellow detective watched as the video played of Abby confessing she'd run over Tucker. Ronan told the detective that Abby's confession could be her motive for murdering Diane. Ronan claimed that the video offered evidence that Diane had blackmailed Abby.

At Ashley and Tucker's condo, Ashley and Abby arrived to find the tape of Abby's confession playing. Ashley called out and asked if anyone was there. Ronan stepped out of a back room and announced that the building manager had allowed him access. Ashley told Ronan that Abby was lying in the video in order to protect her mother. Ronan said he didn't care who'd hit Tucker. He said he wanted to know why Diane had been in possession of the video and what she'd planned to do with it.

Back at the police station, Ashley repeatedly told Abby not to speak, but Abby defended herself. Abby told Ronan that she had encountered Diane at the park, but she insisted that Diane had been alive when she left. Ronan claimed that the district attorney might offer a deal concerning the confession if Abby filled in the details about what had happened. Ashley warned Ronan that Abby's attorney would have to approve a deal, if offered. Victor arrived after Ronan stepped away. Abby told Victor that she didn't know how Ronan had obtained the video of her confession.

Michael arrived before Ronan returned. Ronan said that Abby would have to remain in custody because Spencer was unreachable. Victor told Ronan that Abby would not stay because she'd confessed only to protect her mother. Victor reminded Ronan that Spencer had already dismissed Abby's confession months before. After Ronan suggested that Abby had killed Diane, an angry Victor ordered Ronan to find the killer and stop harassing his family. Ronan claimed that the video established common motives because Ashley and Victor would have done whatever was necessary to prevent Diane from releasing the video.

Ronan said Spencer would decide whether or not to arrest Abby, so he let her leave with her family. Ronan later told Detective Mauro that he'd released the Newmans in order to determine what they'd do next. He ordered Detective Mauro to keep Ashley, Victor, and Abby, especially, under surveillance. When Spencer returned, Ronan gave him the thumb drive containing the video of Abby's confession. Spencer told Ronan to have Abby transferred to his office from the holding area. Ronan said that he'd let Abby leave. Spencer seemed annoyed.

In the hallway outside one of the county jail's interrogation rooms, Daniel ran into Avery, and she introduced herself. Daniel seemed confused when Avery claimed that Phyllis had likely said terrible things about her. Daniel replied that his mom had not even mentioned Avery. Unknowingly, Daniel betrayed his mom when he told Avery that Lucy was in excellent health. As Daniel walked away, Avery said, "It was nice to meet you!" After Daniel was beyond earshot, Avery added, "Nephew."

Phyllis paced inside the interrogation room at the jail. Daniel waited with his mom, and she thanked him for checking on Lucy. Phyllis told Daniel that Michael had ordered her to keep quiet. A guard entered and told Phyllis that she was free to leave. Daniel told his mom he'd meet her near the elevator after visiting the men's room. After Daniel left, Sharon stepped into the room as she was being escorted to a holding area.

Phyllis told Sharon that, thanks to her meddling, Avery had arranged for Daisy to receive visits from Lucy. Avery arrived and explained that the law wasn't on Phyllis' side. Avery explained that she'd chatted with Daniel, who'd told her that Lucy was not ill. Avery warned that Phyllis would lose custody unless she allowed Daisy a visit with her daughter. Phyllis insisted that Daisy was dangerous. Phyllis, angry at Sharon, said that Sharon only cared about herself.

Phyllis told Avery that instead of hurting her sister, she was threatening the safety and welfare of an innocent child. After Phyllis left, Sharon told Avery that she was concerned after having witnessed the altercation between Avery and Phyllis. Avery assured Sharon that Phyllis' animosity toward her made Avery even more determined to win. Phyllis smiled.

In another interrogation room at the jail, Michael sat opposite Victor at a table. Nick paced and told Michael that he needed to get out and see about his kids. Michael explained that police had sufficient evidence to hold him and Phyllis for twenty-four hours. Victor asked Michael if police procedure also included slandering his family on the front page of the newspaper. Michael explained that Nick and Phyllis had lied to police during an investigation, which was illegal.

Michael told Nick and Victor that Nick and Phyllis' lies made them look guilty. Michael advised Nick to confess everything to Ronan. Michael included the photograph, the phone message, and the envelope with Adam's DNA as items Nick should mention. Victor received a text message from Ashley telling him that Ronan had taken Abby to the police station. After Victor left to check on Abby, Michael advised Nick to tell Ronan the truth about everything.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby sipped a martini at the bar with Michael. Abby proposed a toast to Michael and said she was thrilled not to be wearing a jail-issued orange jumpsuit. Victor arrived and kissed Abby. Victor complained that Ronan Malloy had dragged every member of his family to the police station within the past day. Speaking of Ronan, Victor said, "I can't stand that ignorant son of a bitch. I am going to wipe that smug smile off his face."

Michael and Abby looked at each other nervously when Victor said that Ronan would no longer create havoc for any member of the Newman family. Michael assured Abby that Spencer would be too concerned about the murder case to pursue her for hitting Tucker with her car. Spencer and Ronan suddenly burst through the door. Ronan asked Abby to stand. Victor rose to defend Abby. Ronan said, "Abby Newman, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Tucker McCall." Michael told Abby not to say a word. Another officer handcuffed Abby.

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Phyllis what had happened between her and Diane at the park. Phyllis promised to tell Nick about it later. Nick changed the subject and said that Avery wouldn't have arranged for Daisy to have visits with Lucy if she had known how dangerous Daisy was. Phyllis explained that Avery would do anything to put her sister through hell. Daniel arrived with Lucy. Daniel mentioned that Avery, Sharon's attorney, seemed like a very odd woman. Phyllis explained that Avery had chosen to represent Daisy. Phyllis warned Daniel to avoid Avery.

Later, Daniel encountered Avery again in the dining area of the coffeehouse. Daniel told Avery that he hadn't appreciated her lies. Daniel warned that Avery was making a huge mistake by defending Daisy because she should be locked up forever. Daniel added that Daisy had lost her rights to Lucy the day she abandoned the child and left town to elude punishment.

After Daniel walked away, Nick approached Avery and cautioned her against helping Daisy. He warned that Avery would be placing innocent people in harm's way. Avery claimed that Daisy was a victim, too. Nick replied, "You're not doing this for some noble reason. You're doing this to piss off Phyllis." Avery said she had committed herself to helping people who'd been used and mistreated. Nick said, "You talk a big game, Avery, but everything in me tells me that this is personal for you."

Avery followed Nick out onto the patio and told him that Phyllis had a great friend in him. Phyllis arrived and overheard Avery's comment. Phyllis cried, "He is a good friend. He's my friend, not yours." Daniel stepped into the doorway and heard his mother yelling at Avery. Phyllis told Avery that she would do all of the things she had promised Daisy only to ensure Lucy's well-being. Phyllis, livid, cried, "I will not pay you one dime!" Phyllis formed a zero by meeting the end of her index finger to her thumb. Before rushing out, Phyllis looked disgustedly at Nick and said, "Oh, go to hell, Nick!"

In the prison visitation area, Daisy threatened to have Lucy removed from Phyllis' custody. Phyllis warned that such a move would be traumatic for Lucy. Daisy reminded Phyllis that Phyllis had already taken Lucy away from Billy and Victoria. Daisy showed Phyllis a contract she drawn up, listing her demands. Daisy warned that she'd petition to have Lucy removed from Phyllis' custody unless Phyllis agreed to allow weekly visits with the baby.

Additionally, Phyllis was told to pay Avery to represent Daisy in an effort to overturn her conviction. Daisy offered Phyllis a pen to sign the contract. Phyllis asked, "You're telling me that if I don't sign this, you'll take it out on Lucy?" Daisy extended the pen toward Phyllis and replied, "That's your spin." Phyllis put the pen to the paper, and then shoved it back toward Daisy. Phyllis took Lucy from Daisy, who handed Phyllis the bill for her legal fees. Daisy said, "You promised to cover my legal fees. I'll see you next week."

From the state prison, Daisy phoned Sharon in the holding cell at the jail. Daisy said she'd hoped to find Avery there with Sharon. Daisy learned that Avery was out, but she thanked Sharon for having introduced them. Daisy said that Avery had arranged a visit with Lucy. Sharon said she was pleased. Daisy wished Sharon good luck with her trial. Daisy added, "Maybe we'll see each other again outside of prison." After the call ended, Daisy smiled.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

At the police station, Victor confronted Walsh about the veracity of Abby's confession and why the D.A. had chosen to have Abby arrested. Michael reminded Spencer that Abby had confessed to him personally and Walsh had not believed Abby. Walsh said that be believed the video was convincing and that a jury would suspect that Abby was speaking the truth. Ashley and Tucker arrived and said that they were there to help Abby. Victor asked what had happened at the arbitration. Tucker explained that Kay had collapsed in the courtroom and had been taken to the hospital.

Victor wondered how Tucker had won the arbitration. Tucker revealed that Jack had testified that he had offered a better bid for Jabot than Kay had. Jack teaming up with Tucker to hurt Kay upset Victor. Victor questioned Ashley's part in the coup. Ashley said she'd known and approved. Ashley also told Victor that he'd hurt hundreds of people with his business deals, and this was simply business.

Tucker wanted to see Walsh in order to tell the truth about what had happened the night of the crash and clear Abby of the charges. Walsh appeared, and Tucker demanded that the D.A. release Abby. Tucker said Ashley had been driving, and he had seen her clearly. Ashley backed up Tucker completely. Walsh didn't believe Tucker, prompting Tucker to wonder if the D.A. had a vendetta against his wife and stepdaughter. Tucker suggested that Abby's brother, Nick, might like a front-page story in his publication about Walsh's desire to get back at Victor's family because Newman had backed a candidate against Walsh in the last election.

Michael suggested that Walsh might have been overeager to arrest Abby. Walsh agreed to speak with Michael in private. Abby was impressed by Tucker's efforts to help her. Tucker told Abby that he'd promised to make Ashley happy, and Abby's freedom was important to Ashley. Tucker explained that he wished that Abby would appreciate her mother.

In the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jill ran into Jack at the bar. Suddenly, a reporter confronted Jack, asking about Kay's condition. Jill intervened and wondered what was wrong with Kay. Jack explained that Kay had collapsed after the arbitration hearing. Jill was upset and urged Jack to tell her more. Jack said that he'd teamed with Tucker in order to get Jabot returned to McCall. Jill accused Jack of letting his obsession to regain control of Jabot go too far. Jill threatened to see Jack and Tucker arrested if Kay did not survive the attack.

Victoria walked into Crimson Lights and was glad to see that Chloe was there instead of camped out at the hospital. Victoria was relieved to learn from Chloe that Delia was doing a lot better. Victoria assumed that Chloe was there for Kevin, but Chloe said she didn't know where Kevin had gone. Chloe's phone rang, and it was Kevin calling to say that Kay had been hospitalized. Chloe offered to tell Esther and then go to the hospital.

At the trailer, Billy was bored and missed Victoria. Kevin arrived and reluctantly gave Billy a phone, but reminded him not to use it except for an emergency. Kevin informed Billy that Kay had collapsed and was in the hospital. Billy blamed Tucker for hurting Kay, and he wished that he could leave the trailer to visit Kay. Kevin said that it was Billy's fault that he was trapped there. Billy asked Kevin to return when he had news about Kay's condition. Later on, Billy surfed the Internet for news about Kay and instead found the story about Abby's taped confession.

Neil and Devon were at Kay's bedside when Murphy entered the hospital room and went to see his wife. Kay was on a ventilator and unconscious, so Murphy let her know that he was there for her. Murphy blamed Tucker for causing Kay's condition, just like the previous episode. Neil explained what had happened with Tucker and Jack at the arbitration hearing. Murphy was angry that Kay had kept Murphy from being with her during the hearing.

The doctor arrived and told Murphy that Kay had a brain bleed caused by high blood pressure. It had resulted in a slight stroke, and Kay had brain swelling. The doctor asked Murphy about Kay's wishes in the case of her being unable to speak for herself. Murphy didn't want to discuss a DNR or living will.

Jill went into the hospital room to see Kay. In the waiting room, Victor arrived and met Neil, Devon, and Victoria. Victor asked Neil about the arbitration hearing and then blamed Tucker and Jack for causing Kay's collapse. In the hospital room, Murphy told Jill that Kay had suffered a stroke, but he was convinced that Kay would recover. Jill sat beside Kay and urged her to return to them.

Murphy backed up Jill and tried to spur Kay to regain consciousness. Jill forcefully told Kay that she could not give up. Murphy and Jill discussed Kay's DNR. Jill said that Kay would not want to be kept alive by machines. Jill asked Murphy if Kay had changed her will to include Devon. Murphy told Jill that he wasn't certain. Jill feared that Tucker and Devon might learn the truth about being father and son if Kay passed away and the information was in her will.

Kevin went to the hospital and spoke with Devon, Neil, and Victor about Kay's condition. Victoria said that Billy would be upset to learn about Kay's collapse. Victor said that Billy had abandoned Kay along with the rest of his family. When Jack went to the waiting room, Victor was shocked to see him. Jack was there to offer support to the family, but Victor claimed that Jack was not welcome. Jack defended his decision to side with Tucker in the arbitration and said that he had never intended to hurt Kay. Victor accused Jack of being a "heartless bastard," and he was sure that Tucker would not show up to see his mother.

Still at the police station, Ashley suggested to Tucker that he make a statement to the press about Kay's collapse. Tucker thought it was a good idea. When Michael reappeared after his private talk with Walsh, he reported to Abby, Tucker, and Ashley that Walsh had dropped the charges, and Abby was free to leave. Ashley hugged Tucker. Abby thanked Tucker. Ashley and Abby embraced happily. Tucker said he had to leave. Alone together, Ashley asked Abby to put all her negative feelings about Tucker in the past.

In her hospital room, Kevin sat besides Kay and said that they needed her to come around to help them get through Delia's transplant. Kevin added that Billy would like to be there. Victor overheard and told Kevin to keep quiet about Billy, even if Kay was unconscious and probably wouldn't remember what Kevin had said. Alone with Kay, Victor told her that she had to get out of bed and go after Tucker and Jack. Victor brought up Nikki and how she needed Kay to support her sobriety. Victor regretted that he and Kay had fought over Jabot. Victor said he loved Kay and wanted to team up with her to go after Tucker and Jack.

Jack went to his office at Jabot and was surprised to see Tucker in his chair. Jack wondered if Tucker had a guilty conscience about their winning the arbitration. Tucker claimed that he had nothing to be guilty about because Kay had tricked him out of Jabot in the first place. Jack defended the fact that Kay had kept McCall thriving while Tucker had been sick. Jack wondered why Tucker was sitting alone in the dark, contemplating his sins, if he had no guilt. Jack advised Tucker to visit Kay while he still had the chance to clear the air.

In the waiting room, Abby told Devon, Victor, and Victoria that the charges against her had been dropped thanks to Tucker speaking with Walsh. Devon walked out, and Abby followed him. Abby explained that she was not a fan of Tucker, but she understood why he wanted Jabot back. Devon said he hated Tucker and wanted nothing to do with him.

Chloe complimented Kevin on being so helpful to Kay. Victoria said that Billy would appreciate how Kevin had stepped up for Delia. In the trailer, Billy recalled his times with Kay and how they felt like their relationship was grandmother and grandchild. Billy was compelled to do something to check up on Kay, so he used the cell phone to send a text to Kevin. Answering the ring, Kevin freaked out to see that Billy had messaged him. Kevin lied to Victoria and Chloe about the text, saying it was business. Victor was suspicious of Kevin.

In the waiting room, Michael told Abby and Victor that there would be nothing on her record, since Walsh had dropped the charges. Michael wondered where Kevin had gone. Back at the trailer, Kevin blasted Billy and wanted to take the phone back because Billy had used it for a non-emergency. Billy pleaded with Kevin to let him keep the phone. Kevin agreed, but warned Billy not to use it except for a real emergency.

Abby and Devon sat together at Kay's bedside. Devon agreed that Kay was at her happiest when she was in charge. Devon wasn't sure why Kay had taken an interest in him, but he was glad to be working with Kay. In the waiting room, Murphy announced that everyone could leave because Kay was stable. Jill received a call that Mitchell had arrived and was on his way upstairs. Murphy and Jill discussed whether Mitchell had written Devon into Kay's will and agreed to keep quiet about what they knew. At the elevator, Mitchell ran into Tucker and assumed he was there because of Kay's will. Tucker was curious.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lily was stressed out from caring for the twins, so she called Cane. It was after midnight, and Cane explained that he was still awake. Lily said that Charlie was having trouble staying asleep. Lily wondered if Charlie had been crying because he missed his father, so Cane declared that he was on his way over. When he reached the house, Cane succeeded in calming down Charlie.

Lily told Cane that she was glad that their son had stopped crying. Cane wanted to put Charlie to sleep and asked Lily for Charlie's kangaroo book. Cane read to the toddler from the book, and Lily watched the two of them together. Later, after Charlie was sleeping, Lily thanked Cane for stopping by and helping with the children. Cane offered to leave so Lily could get some sleep. When Lily said she needed some time to unwind, Cane mentioned that The African Queen was on TV later. Cane said that he'd call or visit Lily and the children the next day, then he left.

Sam arrived at Victoria's house to check up on her, taking Keely the dog with him. Victoria said it had been a busy day, and she was resting on the couch. Sam left Keely to spend the night with Victoria. Victoria told Keely how chaotic the house used to be when Billy and the kids lived there. Victoria turned on the television to discover an episode of Father Knows Best playing. Victoria watched and then fell asleep on the couch.

Later, Sam returned and, seeing Victoria sleeping, he turned off the television and placed a blanket over her. Victoria awakened and called for Billy. Victoria switched on the light and said she'd had a dream about Billy. Victoria was upset that Billy had left her, but she said she'd decided to take action and move on with her life. Victoria believed that Billy was not returning to her.

Billy was stuck in the trailer and bored. He used the phone to call the hospital and check on Kay's condition. Billy's call was patched into Kay's room, and Jill answered the phone. Hearing Jill's voice, Billy hung up. Later, Billy watched an episode of Father Knows Best on television. When it was over, Billy left the trailer.

Neil, Devon, Murphy, and Jill were concerned about Kay's condition and hoped she would awaken soon. Murphy suggested that Jill leave to find Kay's attorney, Mitchell, who was supposedly on his way to visit Kay. Murphy told Neil and Devon that they could leave, but neither wanted to depart because they cared so much for Kay. Neil wondered if Murphy needed some rest, but Murphy said that he couldn't sleep without Kay by his side. Neil and Devon decided to give Murphy some time alone with Kay.

Jill found Mitchell in the waiting room. Tucker was there and wondered why Mitchell was there for Kay. Jill informed Tucker that Kay had written a new will. Tucker was curious, but Jill said that Tucker didn't care about Kay. Tucker claimed that he was there to see her, and that was proof that he cared. Jill told Tucker to leave because the sound of his voice would upset Kay.

Tucker walked away. Jill learned from Mitchell that Kay's new will needed Kay's signature. Tucker overheard Jill say to Mitchell that Devon and Neil could not know that Kay had added Devon to Kay's will. Tucker interrupted Jill and Mitchell's conversation to ask why Devon had been added to Kay's will. Mitchell refused to reveal anything because it was confidential information.

Leaving Kay's room, Neil and Devon went to the waiting room. Tucker was upset that they'd been allowed to see Kay, but Tucker -- Kay's son -- was barred from entering. Neil offered to walk Tucker out of the hospital. Jill told Neil that she'd handle Tucker. Devon didn't think Tucker was much of a son to Kay.

Privately, Mitchell apologized to Jill for speaking of the will. Jill sent Mitchell into Kay's room. Tucker asked Jill to tell him why Kay had taken such an interest in Devon, even creating a music label and putting Devon in charge. Tucker was suspicious and wondered why Devon had been put in Kay's will, and why Devon was being treated like a member of Kay's family.

Tucker recalled that he and Devon shared the same rare blood type. Tucker had a sudden realization that Devon was Kay's grandson, which meant that Devon was Tucker's long-lost son. Tucker knew from Ashley that Kay had been searching for Tucker's son while Tucker had been hospitalized. Tucker deduced that Kay had discovered the truth, that Devon was Tucker's son. Grabbing Jill by the arms, Tucker asked if Devon knew that he was Tucker's son. Jill tried to deny any knowledge of the relationship, but Tucker could tell that Jill was lying. Tucker was ecstatic that Devon was his son.

At Crimson Lights, Devon didn't understand how Tucker could have gone after Kay in the arbitration hearing. Neil explained that ever since Tucker had told Kay that he was the child she'd given up years before, the two of them had been at odds. Devon told Neil that he thought Tucker was an ass. Neil pointed out that Kay had abandoned Tucker and that had scarred Tucker for life. Devon was unforgiving of Tucker's attitude and felt that the Winters family understood better how to treat one another.

Alone at home, Lily looked at the book Cane had read to Charlie. Lily texted Devon that she was unable to sleep. Devon received Lily's message and told Neil that he was going to stop by Lily's for a visit. Neil offered to return to the hospital to make sure Tucker stayed away from Kay.

At Lily's, Devon gave her the update about Kay's condition. Lily said that Charlie and Mattie had kept her awake. Devon wasn't happy that Lily had allowed Cane to go over to help with the children. Lily said she was not reuniting with Cane. Devon told Lily to keep her guard up around Cane. Lily said that she was happy that Cane was around.

Cane went to the hospital and quickly assessed that Jill was very upset, and not just about Kay. Cane asked Jill to confide in him, but Jill only said that she regretted speaking to Tucker. In Kay's hospital room, Mitchell told Murphy he would return as soon as Kay woke up with her new will to sign. Jill led Cane in to see Kay. Cane asked Kay to return to them.

Murphy was anxious for Kay to open her eyes. Cane insisted that Murphy and Jill go with him to get a bite to eat. When they walked out, Billy entered Kay's room, disguised in hospital scrubs. Billy spoke to Kay and mentioned that he'd stopped by Delia's room, but Chloe had been there. Billy was desperate to help his daughter.

Billy said that he wished he could let the world know that he was there. Billy admitted that he'd screwed up badly. Billy missed Victoria, but he feared that she'd never forgive him for his latest sin. Billy hoped that Kay knew that he was there somehow. Billy called her grandma and kissed her head before leaving. As Billy walked away, Cane noticed him. Billy arrived back at the trailer. Cane banged on the door and demanded that Billy let him in.

Jill returned to Kay's room and asked her to awaken. Jill said that Cane had been there, and Murphy was in the chapel. Kay shook her head and started to come around. Jill told Kay that she was in the hospital. Jill was relieved and called the nurse. Jill mentioned that Devon had been there, and Tucker had learned the truth about Devon being his child. Kay was distraught.

At his office, Tucker welcomed Sofia. Sofia explained that because of her pregnancy, she'd been unable to sleep. Sofia asked about Ashley, and Tucker explained that Ashley was spending the night with Abby. Sofia asked why Tucker was so upset. Tucker said that he'd just found out that Devon was his son. Sofia was shocked and skeptical. Tucker said that all the information fit, that Devon was the right age and he'd been in foster care.

Tucker had not told Devon yet, but he was anxious to find him and tell Devon the truth. Sofia wanted Tucker to slow down. Sofia said that she was being objective, but Tucker questioned if Sofia wanted Devon to remain dedicated to Neil. Sofia reminded Tucker that he had failed to find Devon for years, and she asked Tucker to think about Devon. Tucker said he couldn't sleep without telling his son. Tucker left the apartment to find Devon.

Sofia went to the hospital and found Neil. Neil wondered what was going on, and Sofia told Neil that Tucker was Devon's father. At Lily's, Devon was relieved to see Lily getting sleepy. Lily thanked Devon for stopping by. There was a knock on the door, and Devon was surprised to find Tucker there. Devon asked why Tucker was there. Tucker asked to be let in and explained that he was there to speak with Devon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cane walked into Billy's trailer and asked him why he was hiding from all his loved ones in Genoa City. Billy told Cane to back off. Cane mentioned that Billy's family had been desperate to find Billy. Cane wanted answers, but Billy explained that nobody could know he was back in town. Billy thought it was ironic that Cane was criticizing him because Cane had done heinous things like faking his own death.

Cane deduced that Billy had returned for Delia's sake. Cane declared that Delia had been asking to see him. When Cane mentioned that Kevin had been identified as the bone marrow donor, a fact that Billy already knew, Cane figured out that Billy was the real donor and Kevin was a front. Cane believed that Billy truly cared about Delia. Cane was curious about who was organizing Billy's hiding out, and Billy admitted that it was Victor's doing. When Cane asked why, Billy let Cane know that he'd something very bad with a woman, and nobody could know what he'd done.

Billy told Cane that he had to remain in hiding in order to donate his bone marrow to Delia. Billy knew that Cane loved Delia and was hopeful that Cane would keep quiet about Billy's return. Cane promised to remain silent. Billy assured Cane that once the transplant had been completed and Delia was well, he planned to reconnect with his loved ones and explain everything.

Michael went to Victoria's house to see her. Michael was surprised when Victoria said she wanted to discuss business with him. Victoria asked Michael to file divorce papers for her against Billy, even though she had no idea where Billy was. Victoria told Michael that she'd been dreaming about Billy, and she'd become convinced that Billy wasn't going to return to her. Michael said that divorce was only necessary if there was no love between her and Billy.

Victoria said that she still loved Billy. Victoria wondered why Michael was reluctant to proceed. Michael explained that divorce was never easy. Michael offered to go ahead for Victoria, filing an ex parti dissolution of the marriage, but it would take some time. Victoria urged Michael to get the ball rolling. Later, Michael returned with documents for Victoria to look over. Victoria was determined to get the divorce in the works.

At the trailer, Billy was going stir crazy and used his emergency-only phone to call Victoria. When she answered, Billy just listened to her voice and said nothing. Victoria was perplexed by the hang-up. When Victoria picked up the pen to sign the divorce papers, she hesitated. Victoria told Michael she wasn't ready to end her marriage.

In the hospital room, Jill was glad that Kay had awakened. However, Kay was upset to learn that Jill had revealed the truth about Devon being Tucker's son to Tucker. Kay demanded that Jill leave the room. The doctor walked in and was troubled by Kay's high blood pressure. Murphy asked Jill to leave so that Kay would calm down. Kay was angry, but the doctor told her that she'd had a stroke, and if she wouldn't relax, he'd sedate her. Kay apologized for being so short-tempered with him.

In the waiting room, Neil was stunned when Sofia told him that Devon was Tucker's biological son. Sofia explained that Tucker had just told her, and Tucker had been astonished by the news, too. Neil learned from Sofia that Jill had been the one who had informed Tucker about Devon being Tucker's long-lost son.

Murphy and Jill entered the room, and Neil heard from them that Kay was awake but upset. Neil realized that Kay had known all the answers about Devon and, even though Jill told him not to go to Kay's room, Neil brushed past them to confront Kay. Murphy blamed Jill for letting the information about Devon and Tucker get out. Jill said that Tucker had overheard Jill's conversation with Mitchell. Murphy urged Jill to leave the hospital. Jill agreed, but not until she told Murphy that Kay was to blame for the entire mess involving Tucker and Devon.

In Kay's hospital room, Neil asked her to tell him the truth about Devon being Tucker's son. Kay admitted that after Tucker's accident, she'd found his living will, and she'd hired Paul to search for Tucker's son. Paul's search had uncovered Devon as his biological child. Neil realized that Kay had fed Devon's music dreams by creating a record label and putting him in charge.

Neil was furious that Kay had lied to him about her true motives for hiring his son. Kay said that she was very fond of Devon, but Neil suspected that Kay had lured Devon into her good graces to keep him from developing a relationship with Tucker. Neil believed that Kay was playing games, then amended that to say that she was at war with Tucker, and Devon was a pawn. Kay confessed that she was cared for both Tucker and Neil. Neil walked out.

At Lily's, Tucker asked to speak with Devon privately. Devon wondered what Tucker wanted to say. Tucker explained that they had something to discuss. Devon and Tucker went to Tucker's apartment. Devon thought that Tucker wanted to discuss music, but Tucker said it was not a business meeting.

Tucker finally pointed out to Devon that they had the same blood type, AB negative. Devon thought that was just a coincidence, but Tucker disagreed. Devon told Tucker that he was loyal to Kay and wouldn't return to work for Tucker's company. Tucker said that Kay had been manipulating the situation and was playing God with Tucker and Devon's lives.

Devon was losing his patience, so Tucker blurted out that Devon was his son. Devon asked if Tucker was joking. Tucker explained that he'd just found out the truth. Tucker told Devon that he had always known he'd had a son, but he'd never found him. Kay had hired Paul while Tucker was in a coma, and Paul had discovered that Devon was Tucker's biological son. Kay had kept the truth from Tucker and Devon.

Tucker believed that Kay had to be punishing Tucker by keeping the truth about Devon from him. Devon mentioned his mother, Yolanda, but Tucker said that when he knew her, she'd used a nickname. Devon accused Tucker of not being an honorable man and suggested that Tucker wouldn't be able to pick Devon's mother out of a photograph. Devon said that Tucker was only a man who fathered him, not a real father. Devon received a call from Neil and set up a meeting at the coffeehouse. Tucker asked Devon to take time to think over what Tucker had told him and then they should speak again. Devon asked Tucker to leave him alone.

At the coffeehouse, Devon asked if Neil knew the truth about Tucker being Devon's father. Neil said he'd talked with Kay, and she had explained that she'd hired Paul to find Tucker's son. Neil thought it was very possible that Tucker was Devon's biological father. Devon was stunned that Kay had known all along and had never said a word to Neil or him. Devon agreed that Tucker had been right about Kay playing God by keeping the truth from them. Neil was worried about Devon. Neil said that Devon no longer had to wonder about who his father was. Devon rejected the idea that Kay and Tucker were his family. Devon said that Neil was his real father. Neil embraced Devon.

Malcolm went to Lily's, where he was going to babysit the twins while she went to the gym. Sofia arrived see Lily. Sofia told Malcolm the baby was fine, but he noticed that she was worked up about something. Lily mentioned that Tucker had been there to see Devon. Malcolm received a business call and stepped out of the room. Sofia told Lily that Neil would need her because of some news that Neil had just received. Lily wanted to know what was going on, but Sofia said it was up to Neil to tell Lily.

Malcolm overheard Sofia speaking lovingly about Neil and his feelings. Sofia advised Lily to check in on Neil. Malcolm returned to the room and told Lily to leave for the gym. Alone, Malcolm accused Sofia of being a liar. Malcolm said that Sofia was upset about Neil, and she'd been keeping secrets from Malcolm. Sofia declared that she and Malcolm had history, but he believed that Sofia was in love with Neil. Sofia denied that her feelings for Neil were more than her love for Malcolm.

At the GCAA, Cane saw Jill drinking alone. Jill explained that Kay had blamed her as usual. Cane told Jill not to worry about it because their fights always blew over. Jill was disappointed about having no mother in her life at the same time that her sons were far away. Cane said he had something to tell Jill about Billy. Cane said Jill was like a mother to him. Cane felt certain that Billy would return soon and make up his absence to everyone. Lily overheard Cane comforting Jill.

In the hospital room, Murphy urged Kay to calm down. He assured her that everything would be fine, then he stepped out to give Kay a chance to rest. Kay closed her eyes. The door to the room opened, and Tucker walked in. Kay was surprised to see him.

Friday, October 7, 2011

At Lily's apartment, Malcolm confronted Sofia about being in love with Neil, because she wouldn't have slept with Neil if she hadn't had feelings for him. Sofia argued that Neil had no romantic interest in her and that Neil wanted the baby to be Malcolm's. She urged Malcolm not to let her mistakes screw up his relationship with his brother, because his family needed him. She proclaimed that she was done keeping things from him, but he retorted that he didn't care what she had to say. She blurted out that Devon had just learned that Tucker was his father.

Sofia lamented that if Katherine had handled the truth better, it could have been a gift to Devon to find his father, but instead, he was caught in the middle. Malcolm recalled how difficult it had been for Lily to learn that Malcolm was her father, and he wondered if he should call Devon. Malcolm asked a willing Sofia to stay with the twins, and he started to leave. She called after him and apologized. He said he was sorry, too.

At the Athletic Club, Lily informed Cane and Jill that she hadn't gotten any sleep, and she was concerned that no one in her family would tell her what was going on. She called it strange that Tucker had shown up looking for Devon the night before, and Jill confided that she knew why. Jill clammed up and said it wasn't her place to tell Lily, but Lily wondered if Tucker's mysterious meeting with Devon had to do with why Neil had been upset. Jill got up to leave for the hospital, and she ignored Lily's pleas for information. Cane assured a frustrated Lily that she'd get answers soon and that he'd be there for her. She hesitantly agreed to call him if she needed anything.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Neil he wanted nothing to do with Tucker, because Devon considered Neil his dad. Neil encouraged his son to set the boundaries, but he couldn't imagine what Devon was going through. Devon wished he'd never found out his true parentage. Neil suspected it would be tough for Devon to deal with the revelation, but Devon declared that he was done with both Katherine and Tucker. Devon received a text message from Lily, and Neil suggested they go see her.

Lily arrived home, with Devon and Neil following close behind. She asked what was going on, and Sofia told the men that she hadn't said anything, because she felt they should deliver the news. Devon explained that Tucker had a son, and Katherine had tracked the son down. A stunned Lily slowly realized that Devon was Tucker's son. Devon spat that Tucker hadn't even known Yolanda's name, and Tucker had been long gone by the time Devon had been born. Sofia wished that Tucker hadn't blindsided Devon with the truth, but Devon vented that both Tucker and Katherine didn't care about anyone except themselves.

Lily asked Sofia if she'd known that Tucker had a son, and Sofia replied that she'd had no idea it was Devon. Devon said he meant nothing to Tucker, who he believed had no respect for family, as evidenced by Tucker's treatment of Katherine. Lily sympathized, because Devon had been excited about his new job, but Devon complained that Katherine had her own agenda. Devon grumbled that he wasn't even a person to Tucker and Katherine, but rather just a chess piece, and he was done with their games.

At the hospital, Katherine assumed that Tucker had stopped by to confront her about Devon. Tucker accused her of depriving him of his own son, and he called her heartless. She retorted that Tucker had put her in the hospital, and she asserted that Tucker had thrown her abandonment of him in her face. She berated Tucker for targeting her and her company, when he had no right to condemn her, because he'd never even made an effort to find his own son.

Tucker felt that Katherine had deliberately ruined his relationship with Devon, but she countered that Tucker had done that all by himself. She thought Tucker could have found Devon if he had tried. Tucker accused her of using the information to hurt him, despite her claims that she wanted to establish a mother-son bond. She reminded Tucker that she'd begged him for forgiveness, and she had intended to tell him everything if he'd granted it, but he hadn't shown an ounce of compassion. She had realized that he wasn't capable of it, and she had intended to protect Devon from the same rejection Tucker had put her through. Tucker blasted her for using Devon as a weapon, and he was certain that Devon would see it the same way.

Katherine denied that she had used Devon, but Tucker warned her not to mess with his kid. She criticized Tucker's own ruthless behavior when he'd hired and fired Devon. Tucker defended that he hadn't known who Devon was, and Katherine called him cold and insensitive. Tucker asked if her plan had been to forge an alliance with Devon to feed his bitterness toward Tucker, and then "miraculously" discover that she and Devon were related. Murphy and Brock stormed in and ordered Tucker out. On his way to the door, Tucker murmured that the universe had a way of punishing people for their sins, and Katherine deserved whatever she got.

Brock was grateful to see that Katherine's blood pressure hadn't spiked, and Murphy worried about leaving her alone. Brock asked what had happened, and Katherine asked Murphy for a moment alone with her son. Murphy left to take a walk, and Brock noted that it sounded like she was about to make a confession. She declared that she wanted to do right by Devon, because he was her grandson, but she was afraid he'd want nothing to do with her.

Katherine informed Brock that when she'd learned Devon was her grandson, she'd wanted to get to know him better. Brock wondered why she'd felt the need to be so deceptive. She said she would have told the truth eventually, but she didn't want to throw it in anyone's face. She insisted that the situation wasn't her fault, but Brock contended that her actions had set all the events in motion. He believed that she had wanted to be close to Devon, but he felt that she had ended up pushing him away and had damaged her relationships with Neil, Tucker, and Jill. He questioned where it stopped.

Jill arrived at the hospital, and Murphy told her it wasn't a good time for a visit, so she offered to wait. Murphy indicated that the next day would be better, and she wondered why. Murphy revealed that Tucker had set Katherine off, and the doctor wanted Katherine to stay calm. He recognized that Jill's intentions were good, but he didn't want to take any chances.

Brock exited Katherine's room and hugged Jill, and Jill remarked that Katherine was back to her usual crotchety, old self. Jill insisted that it was all right that Katherine had lashed out at her, and she intended to keep her distance. Brock opined that Katherine had treated Jill unfairly, and he helped Jill to realize that if Katherine didn't grant forgiveness, it didn't reflect badly upon Jill.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Colin arrived in response to a call from Jill. She said she'd made a decision that a lot of people wouldn't like, but she didn't care what others thought. He asked how it affected him, and she admitted that she missed him and that she wanted things back the way they had been. She asked him to move back in with her at the Chancellor estate, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Katherine agreed to get some rest if Murphy allowed her to make a call. She said she hadn't spoken to Devon, and she should at least check in. She dialed Devon's number, but he didn't answer. Later, Brock returned to Katherine's room, and Murphy reported that Katherine was finally napping. Murphy suggested they get something to eat, but Katherine called out to Brock. She confessed that she hadn't meant to make such a mess of everything. Brock advised her to make things right.

Tucker arrived home, and Ashley greeted him. She observed the look on his face, and he admitted he wasn't okay. He recalled that Katherine had told Ashley that she had been looking for his son, and he revealed that Katherine had found his child. Ashley thought it was amazing, and she inquired how long Katherine had known. Tucker disclosed that Katherine had decided that he didn't deserve to know the truth, and Ashley wondered if Tucker would continue searching. Tucker announced that Devon was his son.

Ashley was shocked, and she asked how Tucker had crossed paths with Yolanda. Tucker explained that Yolanda had been a groupie in his musician days. Tucker said he'd told Devon the truth himself, and he couldn't blame Devon for blowing up at him. Tucker admitted that Katherine was right in that he could have prioritized looking for his son, and he realized how his failure to do so looked to Devon. Ashley said Tucker would have made different choices later in life, but Tucker thought Devon didn't want to hear his excuses any more than Tucker wanted to hear Katherine's.

Tucker pointed out that Ashley probably knew more about Devon than he did. Ashley recounted that Yolanda had been a drug addict, and Devon had been very young when his mother had overdosed. Devon had stayed with his grandmother until she had died, and then he had experienced a hard time in foster homes, because he had been angry and defiant. Ashley hated to think where Devon would have ended up if Dru and Neil hadn't taken him in.

Tucker was glad to hear that Devon was a survivor, and Ashley said Devon had risen above his tough childhood. She recalled that Devon had reached out to Yolanda even after Dru and Neil had adopted him. Tucker didn't expect Devon to reach out to him, and he felt that he himself should make the effort. He tried to call Devon, who ignored the call upon seeing Tucker was the caller.

Devon bellowed that both Tucker and Katherine were trying to get him on their sides. Sofia insisted that Tucker just wanted to get to know him, and Lily thought Katherine simply wanted to explain. Devon complained that couldn't trust anything Katherine or Tucker said. Devon reiterated that he wanted nothing from Katherine and Tucker, because he'd learned the hard way to avoid negative influences, and he considered them no better than Yolanda. Neil suggested they find Yolanda and hear her side of the story, but Devon thought that was a terrible idea.

Tucker wondered what he should do, because he wanted to do the opposite of what Katherine had, and be honest with Devon. Ashley surmised that Devon was overwhelmed, and she counseled Tucker not to do anything. She realized that her advice was similar to the guidance Tucker had given her at the airport, back when they'd hardly known one another. She'd taken his advice, which had led her home, and she wanted to do the same for him. They kissed, and she assured him everything would be okay.

At Restless Style, Phyllis sat at her computer, and Nick entered and commented that she was there early. She replied that she had a lot to do, but he noted that she hadn't returned his calls, and he wanted to discuss her telling him to go to hell. Phyllis acknowledged that she shouldn't have snapped at Nick, and he reminded her that he had been defending her to Avery. She thanked him, and she started to admit that seeing Avery and Nick close together had bothered her, but she quickly suggested they get back to work. He realized that facing her past was difficult for her, but she didn't want to talk about it. He leaned in close and assured her that she wasn't alone and that he wasn't the enemy.

At Crimson Lights, Malcolm spilled his coffee, and Phyllis approached to commiserate about them both having a bad day. She asked about Sofia's pregnancy, and he reported that the baby was fine, but his marriage was over. Phyllis was surprised, but he was adamant that he and Sofia couldn't make things work. She pointed out that at least he had family and friends, but he remarked that his family had bigger issues. He said that he might as well fill her in, because soon everyone would know the truth.

After Phyllis departed, Cane sat at Malcolm's table, and he hoped Malcolm would tell Lily what was going on with Neil and Devon, because she was worried. Malcolm asked how Cane knew, and Cane revealed that he had helped her look after the kids the prior evening. Malcolm retorted that she hadn't mentioned it, and Cane explained that she'd known Malcolm wouldn't approve. Malcolm mused that there were a lot of cowards in his family. Cane didn't think Lily should have to defend her choices.

Phyllis returned to the office with coffee, and Nick opined that the magazine had veered to the dark side and that they needed to lighten up. She declared that she had their next big story, based on what she'd heard from Malcolm. After Phyllis explained the connection between Devon and Tucker, she gushed that it would be a fantasy to suddenly become an heir to two billionaires. She was determined to get the rights to the story and excitedly said she had it halfway written in her head.

Nick urged Phyllis to slow down and to get the facts first. Phyllis planned to get the bare bones of the story online immediately, but Nick cautioned her about how the Winters family would feel. Nick warned that Devon would have no privacy, but Phyllis thought it was bound to happen eventually. Nick suggested that she give Neil and Devon a chance to brace themselves, and she realized Nick didn't want to run with her idea.

Later, Nick asked what Phyllis was working on, and he became suspicious when she said nothing. She confirmed that she wasn't working on the story about Devon, because she had already finished it and posted it online. Nick glared at her.

In a diner in an undisclosed location, a cook called out to Yolanda that her order was up. She sassily reprimanded him for calling her the wrong name, because she had changed her moniker to Harmony. She delivered the food to a customer, and another patron's computer screen caught her eye. She stared at photos of Katherine, Tucker, and Devon on the Restless Style website.



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