The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 10, 2011 on Y&R

Tucker indicated that he'd sell Jabot to the highest bidder. Devon rejected Tucker and Katherine. Harmony returned to town. Sofia delivered her baby, and a DNA test proved that Neil was Moses' father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 10, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tucker tried unsuccessfully to contact Devon. Ashley comforted Tucker and advised him to give Devon time to adjust to the news. Tucker berated himself for not having tracked down his son years earlier. Ashley expressed her disapproval of Katherine's decision not to tell Tucker that Devon was his son.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Malcolm overheard Eden leaving a phone message for Daniel. Eden read aloud, from her laptop, part of Phyllis' article on Restless Style about Devon being the long-lost son of a billionaire. Malcolm was livid at Phyllis for having divulged information he'd shared in confidence. After Malcolm left, Daniel arrived and read the article. Cane asked Daniel to check on Lily.

At Restless Style, Nick disapproved of Phyllis' decision to publish the online article about Devon and Tucker. Phyllis claimed that her business was to break big stories. Nick told Phyllis that she'd published the story behind his back because she wanted to pick a fight with him. Phyllis asked why Nick thought she wanted to fight with him. Nick explained that every time he and Phyllis grew closer, she'd always found a way to ruin it. Nick claimed that Phyllis seemed to believe that she didn't deserve to be happy.

Nick mentioned Avery, and Phyllis became livid. Nick warned Phyllis to prepare herself because she was about to be confronted by the people she'd hurt. Nick left to work out at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Malcolm stopped by and confronted Phyllis first. Phyllis reminded Malcolm that he'd said the news about Devon was bound to get out. Malcolm cried, "That wasn't license to throw my family's business in the streets. Devon didn't deserve this and neither did my brother."

Yolanda, waiting tables at a diner, told her boss, Bud, that she preferred to be called Harmony. As Harmony attended to patrons, she stopped in her tracks when she noticed Phyllis' online article displayed on a woman's laptop. Harmony exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" Bud shouted at Harmony to pick up and serve her orders. Harmony, upset, asked Bud for a few days off to help her son, but her boss adamantly refused.

At Lily's, Neil advised Devon not to make harsh judgments about Tucker and Yolanda. Devon, indicating Lily, Neil, and Sofia, claimed that they were his only family. Katherine phoned and pleaded with Devon to stop by the hospital. Neil cautioned Devon to tread carefully with Katherine, who was frail. Lily left to pick up the twins from the sitter.

Sofia asked Neil if he blamed her for what had happened to Katherine. Neil said he couldn't understand why Sofia had chosen to align herself with Tucker. Sofia explained that no one knew Tucker like she did, and she offered to help Devon get to know him. Neil replied, "No!" Neil claimed that Sofia only cared about helping Tucker. Sofia assured Neil that she cared about Devon, too. Neil reminded Sofia that Tucker had stolen his mother's life's work out from under her.

Sofia offered to speak to Tucker and advise him to give Devon time to adjust to the news about Tucker being his father. Neil claimed that blood didn't make someone a father. Sofia asked, "Is that how you're going to feel if this baby turns out to be yours, but Malcolm and I decide to raise him?" Sofia added that she couldn't imagine how Tucker must feel. Neil said he only cared about how Devon felt.

Neil couldn't find his cell phone, so he went to the nursery to search for it. While Neil was out of the room, Sofia experienced labor pains. When Neil returned, Sofia, having recovered, asked if she could stay to make a few phone calls. She promised not to contact Tucker. Just after Neil left, Sofia collapsed onto the sofa in pain. She summoned Malcolm to meet her at Lily's. When Malcolm arrived, Sofia told him the baby was about to be born. She apologized to Malcolm and told him that more than anything, she wanted to baby to be his.

At the hospital, Devon ran into Abby outside Katherine's room. Abby assured Devon that Katherine would recover. Devon replied, "I am sure my grandma will be fine." Abby was taken aback. Devon explained that Katherine was his grandmother and had known for a while that he was her grandson. Devon added that Katherine had purposely withheld the information from Tucker, as well. Abby was dismayed when Devon explained that Tucker had not ever bothered to search for the child he knew existed.

At Tucker's, Ashley served coffee and assured Tucker that Devon would call soon. Ashley promised Tucker that he would have a future with his son. Tucker was unconvinced, but Ashley explained that after Devon got to know Tucker like she did, he would grow to love his father. Ashley added that Tucker was a great man and would be a wonderful dad. Ashley and Tucker expressed love for each other and kissed.

Abby, incensed, arrived and told Tucker that he was a pathetic excuse for a dad. She added, "What you have done to Devon makes me sick!" Abby told Tucker and Ashley that Devon was distraught. Abby asked, "What kind of sleaze has a kid with someone he barely knows and then acts like it never happened?" Tucker defended himself and said that it had not happened that way. Abby berated Tucker for leaving Devon with a drug-addicted mom, just so Tucker could live like a rock star.

Tucker stood aghast as Abby said, "I will never, ever accept you into my life or my mom's life." Disgusted, Ashley told Abby that she had no right to say anything about Tucker and Ashley's relationship. Abby warned her mother that Tucker wrecked people's lives. Tucker's public relations' manager sent a text message about Phyllis' article. Tucker, upset, said, "It's out." Abby asked, "Did you think you were going to keep it a secret?" Tucker sighed and said, "Devon. They're going to be all over him."

Before Devon entered Katherine's room, he recalled, in a flashback, discussing the music deal he'd made with Katherine. Tucker had said that Katherine's aim was revenge when Devon had excitedly announced that Katherine had hired him to head her music label. Devon had believed Katherine when she told him that he had the potential to make the venture successful. Tucker had warned that Katherine's foray into the music business was bound to fail, thus ruining Devon's reputation.

When Devon entered Katherine's room, she humbly thanked him for showing up. Angrily, Devon asked Katherine how she could have used him to get back at her son. Devon cried that Katherine had never truly believed in his talent. Katherine replied, "That's not true." Katherine began crying and explained that her aim had been to protect her grandson from Tucker, who was ruthless and unforgiving.

Katherine told Devon that Tucker hadn't even searched for his son, so she wasn't about to let him hurt Devon more that he already had. Devon sarcastically responded that it felt "so much better" to have Katherine hurt him, instead. Devon told Katherine that she should have told him the truth. She asked Devon if he would have been able to keep it a secret for the rest of his life.

Devon cried that he'd thought he could prevent anyone from ever hurting him again after suffering so much sorrow early in his life. He said that what Katherine had done was the worst thing that had ever happened. Cane cracked open the door, but he didn't enter the room. Katherine begged Devon to tell her how to set things right. Devon said that Neil deserved an apology. Devon added that he wanted nothing from Katherine. After Devon left, Cane told Katherine that he'd overheard the conversation. Cane offered to help, but Katherine cried that no one could help.

Devon went to his apartment. His lip quivered as he unlocked the door and stepped inside. Devon seemed dumbfounded as he stood in his living room. When Devon heard a noise, he turned and saw his mother standing outside the screen door. Devon opened the door. Harmony removed her sunglasses and said, "Hey, baby."

Neil stopped by to see Katherine. She was elated to see him until he handed her his letter of resignation. Katherine pleaded with Neil to discuss the matter. Neil said, "Katherine, I wish you well, but I can't work for you any longer." Katherine, in tears, told Neil that he was her friend. Neil told Katherine that she had once been his friend. After Neil left, Katherine sobbed pitifully.

As Neil walked past the nurses' station, a nurse called out to him and said that he'd left his phone behind during a previous visit. Neil checked his phone and saw that he had several missed calls. Sofia and Malcolm walked in. Malcolm called out to a nurse and explained that Sofia was in labor. Sofia held her belly and told the nurse that her contractions were growing stronger. Neil turned to face Sofia and Malcolm. Shocked, Neil said he'd thought that the baby wasn't due for another month.

After Lily arranged to leave the twins with the sitter a while longer, she met Daniel at the coffeehouse. Lily and Daniel agreed that Phyllis had likely exposed every detail of Devon's life. Daniel admitted that Cane had asked him check on her. Daniel explained that Cane was worried that the media might dig into Lily's life, too. Lily assured Daniel that she could handle the fallout. Daniel told Lily that Cane could have tried to maneuver his way back into her life by offering a supportive shoulder.

After Daniel left, Eden told Lily that she agreed with what Daniel had said about Cane. Eden added that Cane was crazy about Lily. Lily explained that Cane's feelings for her weren't the problem. Later, after Lily left, Eden bumped into Ricky. Ricky caught Eden's laptop as it slipped from her grasp. After Ricky walked away, Eden glanced at him before she headed out the door.

Cane returned to the coffeehouse and met with Lily. Cane asked Lily if she was all right. Lily seemed stunned after learning that startling news about Devon had been published on an online tabloid. Lily embraced Cane and thanked him for his support. Cane seemed surprised by Lily's change of heart.

Daniel showed up at Restless Style to confront his mother about publishing the article about Devon. Daniel said he knew that Malcolm had unknowingly become her anonymous source for the story. Phyllis defended herself and claimed she hadn't written anything that wasn't true. Phyllis added that the story would appear in every news outlet the next day, anyway.

Daniel, irritated, asked Phyllis when she had stopped caring about her friends and family. Phyllis threw her arms in front of her face and said, "Whoa, you know I care about you!" Daniel, snippy, told his mother that the only thing she cared about was getting what she wanted. He added that she'd betrayed family and friends to get custody of Lucy, to win Nick away from Sharon, and to out-scoop her competition in order break Devon's story. Daniel cried, "I hope you're happy!" Phyllis, stunned, grabbed her purse and keys and stormed out.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery and Ricky sorted through a mountain of research collected on prospective jurors. Ricky asked to take a break, but Avery explained that he should complete his task. Nick, his gym back slung over his shoulder, stopped by and asked Avery and Ricky if they were working on Sharon's case. Ricky quickly said that working was all Avery ever did. When Nick turned to leave, Avery quickly announced that she and Ricky were about to take a break. Ricky left, and Nick took a seat at Avery's table.

Nick promised not to argue with Avery about her decision to represent Daisy. Nick admitted that he'd just had an argument with Phyllis and was prepared to discuss anything else. Avery mentioned Sharon's case and said she was planning a defense strategy. Avery knocked over a glass of water, which splashed onto Nick's jacket. When Avery attempted to use a napkin to absorb the water from Nick's jacket, she knocked over another glass and thoroughly doused Nick. Avery profusely apologized.

Phyllis rushed into the Genoa City Athletic Club and was relieved to see Nick standing in the dining room. Nick was dabbing his damp jacket sleeves with a napkin. Just as Phyllis was about to approach Nick, Avery rushed toward him with a handful of dry napkins. Avery helped Nick dry the remaining wet spots on his clothing and giggled at the memory of having knocked over two glasses of water. Phyllis was taken aback when she saw Avery and Nick together. Phyllis quickly turned around and walked out the door.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colin and Jill went to the Athletic Club to pack up his belongings so he could move back into the mansion with Jill. Colin asked Jill if she was sure about his returning to live with her. Jill said she was determined to live her own life even if Kay disapproved. Colin promised to be worthy of the second chance Jill had given him. Jack entered the lobby and saw Jill and Colin.

Jack congratulated Colin on his reappearance after being trapped in the wine cellar. Jack questioned Jill about Kay's condition, and Jill said Kay was stable. Jill wondered how Ashley was handling the news about Devon being Tucker's son. Jack said that Ashley had not been responding to his phone calls. Jack wanted to conclude the deal with Tucker to buy Jabot.

Jill asked to speak with Jack about Jabot, so Colin left them alone. Jill asked if Jack he was seriously going to purchase Jabot. Jill thought that John Abbott would approve of Jack seizing control of the family business again. Jill asked Jack to consider keeping her on at Jabot once he was the owner. After Jill made a case for herself, Jack said he would think about Jill's request. Later, at the mansion, Colin told Jill that he'd unpacked. Jill opened a bottle of champagne and suggested that she and Colin celebrate his return.

At the hospital, Kay assured Murphy, Brock, and her doctor that she was perfectly fine and was ready to recuperate at home. Brock told Kay to calm down. Kay said that she could be monitored at home and have nurses' care there. Kay pleaded with the doctor to allow her return home. The doctor gave Kay a list of medications and instructions for home care. He then signed the release, and Kay was overjoyed.

Abby was at Tucker and Ashley's home, complaining about how Tucker had hurt Devon by letting the story get into the press. Tucker was upset because the media reaction to being Tucker's son would inundate Devon. Tucker called to warn Devon. Later, Tucker heard from his public relations director that Restless Style had broken the Tucker-Devon story. Abby accused Tucker of being a royal jerk for the way he had treated Devon's mother and not caring enough to find out that she'd had his child.

Ashley defended Tucker to Abby. Tucker decided to call a press conference to give the media his side of the story. Ashley warned Abby stop her criticism of Tucker, reminding Abby that Tucker had saved her from an attempted murder charge. Abby refused to stop being critical to Tucker and Ashley, prompting Tucker to ask Abby to knock off the nastiness.

At his home, Devon was uncomfortable that his mother, Yolanda, was there to see him. Yolanda, who was using the name Harmony, told Devon that she'd missed him. Devon discovered that the story about Tucker being his father was all over the news. Devon assumed that his mother was there for money. Harmony said that she'd known for a while about Kay being Devon's grandmother, and she'd never shown up before for money.

Harmony explained that she was clean and sober and regretted the mistakes she'd made. Harmony offered to tell Devon about his background and how she knew Tucker. Devon let Harmony enter his home. Devon wondered why Harmony had let him be put into foster care, since she'd known that Tucker was his father. Harmony said that she had been screwed up on drugs at the time, and she assumed that Tucker would reject Devon because Tucker had rejected her.

Malcolm escorted Sofia into the hospital because she was in labor. Neil appeared and learned that Sofia's water had broken. Neil offered to wait in the waiting room, but Malcolm said that Neil belonged in the delivery room, since he might be the father. Later, Malcolm and Neil were both in delivery with Sofia as she went through labor. Sofia insisted that Tucker be called immediately because he was the baby's godfather. Sofia delivered a healthy baby boy. Malcolm and Neil watched as the baby was placed in Sofia's arms.

Tucker received a phone call about Sofia and told Ashley he had to go to the hospital. Tucker assured Ashley he would hold the press conference after visiting Sofia. Abby warned Tucker and Ashley that Devon would be upset if they created a media circus. Tucker said he was going forward with the webcast despite Abby's objections.

Tucker arrived at the hospital and heard from the nurse that Sofia had delivered a healthy baby boy. In her hospital room, Sofia bonded with her son while Neil and Malcolm looked on. Tucker checked in on Kay's room and was surprised to find that his mother wasn't there. Tucker was worried until he learned that Kay had been discharged. Tucker entered Sofia's room with gifts galore for the baby. Sofia was thrilled to see Tucker. Sofia told Neil, Tucker, and Malcolm that she'd decided to name the baby Moses, for her father. Sofia wished that her father had lived to see his namesake.

Malcolm and Neil walked out of the room to give Sofia a chance to speak privately with Tucker. Alone, Tucker asked if Sofia was all right with both Neil and Malcolm having been there. Sofia said she could handle the situation with Neil and Malcolm because she had the baby. Sofia marveled at the fact that she and Tucker both had sons.

In the waiting room, Neil thanked Malcolm for letting him be included in the delivery. Neil was curious about Tucker's reaction to Sofia's baby; he wondered why Tucker was eager to be there for Sofia when he had never found Devon. Later, Sofia, Malcolm, and Neil all marveled over baby Moses. Malcolm said he wanted to take pictures. The nurse arrived and said she was prepared to take samples for the DNA test to determine the baby's paternity.

At the mansion, Colin and Jill were lounging on the couch, drinking champagne, when they heard Kay entering the house with Brock and Murphy. Colin raced into the kitchen before Kay reached the living room. Jill greeted Kay. Colin sneaked into the hallway, where Jill met him. Colin and Jill arranged to meet later at the coffeehouse. Kay telephoned her attorney, ordering everyone else out of the room.

Later, Jill met Colin at Crimson Lights and they both agreed that it wasn't the best time for Colin to move into the mansion. Jill wanted to be with Colin, but she didn't want to be the cause of Kay's death. Colin understood and assured Jill they'd figure something out.

Jack went to Ashley and Tucker's to speak with him about completing the Jabot sale. Jack remembered the verbal agreement he'd made with Tucker before the arbitration hearing. Jack and Tucker had shaken hands on the deal. Jack knocked on the door, and Ashley let him in. Ashley assumed Jack was there to talk about Devon, but Jack wanted to finalize the Jabot deal with Tucker. Jack said that Traci wanted to hear from Ashley.

Devon blasted Harmony for never telling Tucker the truth about Devon being his son. Devon asked Harmony to leave and offered her some money. Harmony said she had her life together and didn't want anything from Devon. Abby arrived to tell Devon about Tucker's press conference. Devon introduced Abby to his mother. Harmony said hello to Abby. After leaving the apartment, Harmony checked on her cell phone about Tucker's press conference.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, the press gathered, and Tucker appeared with Ashley to explain that Devon Hamilton was his biological son. Tucker said that he'd had an encounter with Devon's mother years before and while he'd known that she had a child, Tucker had never been able to find him. Tucker explained that both he and Devon had only learned they were related the day before. A reporter asked Tucker if he'd been responsible for Kay's stroke. Tucker said that Kay had been released from the hospital and was at home recuperating.

Kay watched the webcast from the mansion. Kay resented that Tucker had used the information about her being home to make himself look like a concerned son. Tucker refused to answer questions about Jabot. Tucker wanted to speak about Devon. When asked if Jabot was for sale, Tucker expressed pride in Ashley's work on the new product line.

Tucker said he was open to offers for Jabot. At the coffeehouse, Jack watched the press conference on his laptop, and when Jack heard Tucker's words about Jabot, he was furious. At the mansion, Kay's new will was delivered. Kay signed it to make sure that Devon was included as part of her family.

Devon and Abby watched the webcast, and Devon was incensed by Tucker's words, even when Tucker said that Devon was a fine man and very talented. Abby reminded Devon that Tucker was his father. Devon declared that Neil was the only father he wanted. Devon refused to consider forging a relationship with Tucker. Abby told Devon that his life was going to change because of his family connection to Tucker. Roxy called Devon to offer him her support. Abby told Devon that the paparazzi were outside his front door. Abby offered to help Devon dodge the press, and they left by the back door.

Tucker asked the press to respect his family's desire for privacy and leave Devon alone. After the press conference ended, Ashley complimented Tucker on the way he had handled the situation. Jack moved through the crowd and confronted Ashley to make sure that Tucker was not going to screw him over on the Jabot deal. Jack warned Ashley that he did not trust Tucker. Ashley told Jack not to worry. As Tucker and Ashley left the Athletic Club, Harmony tried to call to him, but Tucker walked by without recognizing her.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the trailer, Kevin showed Billy new photos of Delia that he'd shot with his cell phone. Billy was thrilled to see how well Delia was doing. Kevin reported to Billy that Kay had gone home from the hospital. Billy was pleased that Delia was in good shape for the bone marrow transplant. Kevin was stunned when Billy admitted that he'd gone to the hospital to catch a glimpse of Kay and Delia. Kevin was shocked when Billy confessed that Cane had followed Billy from the hospital and learned that he was staying at the trailer.

Kevin warned Billy that he was risking Victor blowing the lid off the entire arrangement. Kevin then learned that Billy had gone to see Victoria and had used the emergency cell phone to call Victoria just to hear her voice. Kevin suggested that Billy was taking risks because he wanted to be caught. Billy assured Kevin that he was determined to be careful so that Delia would get the transplant. Billy told Kevin that he wouldn't cross Victor. When Billy unpacked the groceries that Kevin had taken to him, he was upset that there was no mustard.

Victor went to Victoria's for a business meeting. While she was out of the room, Victor saw that there were divorce papers on the coffee table. When Victoria entered, Victor asked if Victoria was going to divorce Billy. Victoria said she'd asked Michael to prepare the papers, but Victoria had changed her mind when she received a phone call. It had been a wrong number, but Victoria had been affected by it. Victor wondered if Victoria had hoped it was Billy calling. Victor wanted Victoria to stop waiting for Billy to return to her. Victor conceded that Victoria had been committed to her marriage, and Victoria thanked her father for admitting that. Victor wanted Victoria to sign the papers and end her marriage, but he understood if Victoria needed time to think things over.

Victor went to Billy's trailer. Victor dismissed Kevin after thanking him for his help with Billy. Victor turned his attention to Billy. Victor despised Billy's cocky attitude and reminded Billy that Victor had rescued him from a disgusting prison cell. Victor asked if Billy had gotten his hands on a phone and called Victoria. Billy said that Victor was being paranoid. Victor informed Billy that Victoria had no idea that Billy was back in town. Victor said goodbye and left the trailer.

Billy went to take a shower, unaware that Victor had doubled back and searched for Billy's phone. When Billy emerged from the shower, he discovered that Victor was still there and holding the emergency cell phone. Billy dared Victor to do something about the phone. Victor announced that he was going to control Billy's impulse control by taking the phone and laptop. Victor threatened to put Billy back in the prison cell in Myanmar if Billy didn't curb his behavior. Victor showed Billy the divorce papers, but Billy said that they were fake. Victor invited Billy to ask Michael about the divorce papers if he really thought they weren't legitimate.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin ran into Victoria and told her that Delia's condition was improving. Victoria admired Kevin's loyalty to Delia and Chloe. Victoria wished that Billy had been as loyal to her as Kevin had been to his ex-girlfriend. Victoria said that she had never thought Billy was the kind of man who would walk out on his wife and child. Victoria admitted she had been looking for an omen that Billy was returning to her. Kevin advised Victoria to take her time dealing with her feelings for Billy. Victoria appreciated Kevin's supportive words.

Jack was at Gloworm, and Gloria questioned him about his relationship with Genevieve. Jill intervened and sent Gloria away from Jack's table because Jill wanted to speak with Jack. Jill told Jack that he should keep both her and Genevieve in charge of the marketing department for Jabot. Gloria approached and commented that Jill and Genevieve working together were ridiculous. Jack asked Gloria to go away.

Jill told Jack that Genevieve could be a valuable asset, especially if Genevieve remained on the road. Jack gave Jill credit for pleading her case, but Jack thought Jill was being obvious. Jill wondered why Jack was in such a bad mood and guessed that there was a hitch in Jack's buying Jabot from Tucker. Jack denied that he was having a problem with Tucker. Jack stood to leave, telling Jill he was on his way to see Genevieve. Alone, Jill called Colin and got his voicemail. Jill left a message that she was waiting for Colin at Gloworm.

Lily was home with the twins. Lily called Cane to invite him to stop by and see the children. Cane agreed to meet her later in the day. After ending the call, Cane met Ronan in the park. Ronan said that he had a police team working on cracking the codes in Colin's ledger. Cane feared that Colin had a spy in the police department, but Ronan assured Cane that his department had not been compromised. Cane learned from Ronan that Genevieve had been spotted at the airport that morning. Cane was concerned that Colin would go after her. Ronan agreed, and Cane left to check on his mother.

Genevieve was getting comfortable at home when Colin sneaked up behind her and wrapped his hands around her throat. Genevieve acted unafraid, and Colin let her go. Genevieve was surprised that Colin wasn't in bed with Jill. Colin accused Genevieve of stealing his money and locking him in the wine cellar. When Colin pointed out the clever ways Genevieve had entrapped him, Genevieve explained that she'd arranged the details just for Colin's amusement. Genevieve loved that she had gotten the better of Colin. Genevieve informed Colin that when Cane blew the safe open and handed Colin's ledger to Ronan, Myrna -- Genevieve's maid -- had been watching. Colin was stunned that Cane was working with the police.

Cane went to see Genevieve, and she acted surprised when Cane said that he'd blown the safe in the wine cellar. Cane explained that he was going to use the ledger to get Colin put away for life. Cane asked Genevieve to help him destroy Colin by giving him the key to the codes used in the ledger. Genevieve denied that she knew anything about the contents of the safe, reminding Cane that Colin had bought the house before she did. Cane asked Genevieve to keep their conversation a secret from Colin.

Colin called Cane to arrange a meeting. In the park, Cane proudly announced to his father that he'd given Colin's ledger to the cops. Cane was confident that the cops would break Colin's code. Cane accused Colin of having gotten away with murder. Colin said that he regretted the deaths of Samantha and Caleb. Cane warned Colin to stay away from his family.

Cane went to Lily's to visit with the children. Lily thanked him for being helpful the previous few days. Cane was thrilled to have a chance to play with his son and daughter. Lily and Cane talked about Halloween costumes for the children. Cane received a phone call and told Lily that he had to leave. Alone with the kids, Lily wondered why Cane had left so abruptly. In the park, Ronan met with Cane and explained that Colin's code was unbreakable. Ronan also reported that there would be no evidence from Australia to use against Colin after all. Cane was furious.

Genevieve was pleasantly surprised when Jack showed up to welcome her back to town. Jack complimented Genevieve on a job well done for Jabot. Genevieve suggested they celebrate, assuming that Jack's deal to buy Jabot from Tucker was still going to happen. Jack said that he had doubts about Tucker following through. Genevieve urged Jack to vent his feelings about Tucker.

Jack explained that Tucker had said something in the press conference that indicated he was looking for buyers for Jabot. Genevieve assured Jack that Tucker would sell to Jack because Ashley would be upset if Tucker screwed her brother out of the deal. Jack was uptight, and Genevieve offered a seductive kiss to loosen him up. There was suddenly a crash in the kitchen, and Genevieve blamed it on Myrna, her maid. Genevieve suggested that she and Jack go to Gloworm to celebrate rather than stay in the house.

Gloria opened a cake box and was impressed. Ronan was eating at the bar at Gloworm when Gloria approached him to complain about the lack of action being taken by the police over her abduction to the wine cellar. Gloria told Ronan that Colin was a man with a lot of secrets. Colin watched Ronan and Gloria together and didn't like what he saw. Ronan received a call and said he had to leave.

Jill arrived at the restaurant to meet Colin for dinner. Colin admitted that he'd gone to see Genevieve. Colin told Jill that divorcing Genevieve had been the smartest thing he'd ever done. Colin had an important question for Jill. Colin asked Jill if she would go to Australia with him.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the park, Lily paused in her run to call Cane. Lily left a message that she was concerned about Cane. She asked him to call her back so they could arrange Cane's next visit with the children. In another part of the park, Cane complained to Ronan that Colin was a master criminal who continued to get away with his crimes. Cane was determined to stop Colin from hurting anyone in his family. Cane told Ronan that he would go back to Genevieve's mansion to search for evidence to use against Colin. Ronan said he wanted to try and pump Gloria for more information about Colin. Later, Lily ran by and saw Cane on a bench. Lily wondered why he wasn't working. Cane explained the Jimmy's didn't need him at work after all. Ronan placed a call to CaneLily noticed that Cane didn't take the call and she was concerned that he was keeping things from her again. Lily asked Cane point blank if he was lying to her. Cane assured Lily that he was not lying to her. Lily wanted to believe Cane, but she was suspicious based on how he treated her in the past. Lily said that she would no longer ignore her suspicions. Lily told Cane she was going to finish her run. Before leaving, she asked Cane again if anything was wrong. Cane asked Lily to trust him.

At Gloworm, Colin asked Jill to move to Australia with him. Jack and Genevieve entered the restaurant and exchanged evil glances with Jill and Colin. Jill and Genevieve traded nasty barbs. Jill told Jack that Genevieve had locked Colin in the wine cellar and left him for dead. Genevieve admitted that she might have accidentally done that to Colin. Gloria brought over a cake that had been delivered for Colin. The cake was in the shape of a wall safe. Colin accused Genevieve of purposely sending the cake to needle him. Genevieve declared that she had not sent the cake that someone else had to be onto Colin's secrets. The cake and what it meant baffled Jack. Jill was ready to stuff the cake in Genevieve's face. Jack and Jill were both curious about the cake's meaning. Genevieve apologized to Gloria saying that it was an accident that Gloria got stuck in the wine cellar with Colin. Jill pointed out how Genevieve had framed Colin to make Jill believe that he'd run off with Genevieve while he was actually trapped in the wine cellar. Jill said that Genevieve was a vicious woman. Jack asked if Genevieve really had done those things to Colin, but she explained she had pulled a few harmless pranks. Genevieve was pleased that she could still get to Colin. Jill boasted to Genevieve that Colin had asked her to move to Australia with him.

Ronan arrived at Gloworm and Gloria mentioned that Colin had asked Jill to fly to Australia with him. While Ronan sat at a table for one, Jack suggested to Genevieve that they leave. Jill cut a piece of cake and brandished it in Genevieve's face. Genevieve asked to speak privately with Colin. Genevieve warned Colin that the police had his ledger, but not the key to crack the code. Genevieve had the key and she warned Colin that she was in the power position, not Colin. Irate, Colin grabbed Genevieve and threatened her. Jack grabbed Colin and told him to never touch Genevieve like that again. Ronan watched as Jack defended Genevieve and told Colin to back off. Colin called Jack a fool for believing that Genevieve needed to be protected. Ronan got between Jack and Colin and asked if everything was cool. Jack and Genevieve walked out of Gloworm.

Alone again, Colin asked Jill if she'd go to Australia with him. Jill said no, because she couldn't forget that Colin had asked her to leave with him once before, when Colin tried to kidnap the twins. Colin said that his options in Genoa City were limited, but he couldn't leave Wisconsin without Jill. Colin understood that Jill couldn't leave immediately because of Kay's health and Delia's bone marrow transplant, but he asked Jill to consider going to Australia with him some time in the future. Jill received a call from Lauren and told Colin she had to go to Fenmore's. Jill kissed Colin goodbye and left. Gloria glared at Colin.

Back at her home, Genevieve thanked Jack for standing up to Colin for her. Jack asked if she had really locked Colin in the wine cellar. Genevieve said Colin brought out the worst in her. Jack admired Genevieve's fearlessness. Genevieve was impressed by Jack's bravery. Genevieve offered Jack something for dinner and called for Myrna, but the maid was gone. Jack wondered how Genevieve wound up with a guy like Colin. Genevieve said that when she was very young, Colin had swept her off her feet. Genevieve thanked Jack for teaching her what it was like to be treated right by a man. Jack kissed Genevieve and told her to get used to it. Genevieve and Jack retired to the bedroom, continuing to kiss as they undressed each other.

Tucker went to Devon's home and knocked on the door. Harmony answered the door, but Tucker didn't recognize her as Devon's mother. Tucker asked about Devon and Harmony lit into him for not remembering her. Harmony said that her name back then had been Candy and she looked different. Harmony observed that Tucker hadn't changed much. Tucker had fuzzy memories of Candy. Harmony reminded Tucker that the last time they'd seen each other was at a Soundgarden concert at the Whiskey in Los Angeles. At that event, Tucker had sent a lackey to tell Harmony to end her pregnancy. Tucker denied that he'd have wanted her to end the pregnancy. Harmony said that Ruben, Tucker's assistance at the time, had offered her money to abort the baby. Tucker swore that he never knew that she had been pregnant. Tucker said that if he'd known she was having his baby, things would have turned out differently. Tucker refused to take responsibility for Harmony having gotten into drugs and putting Devon in foster care. Tucker wanted to know what they could do now to help Devon.

A National Inquisitor reporter confronted Devon at Crimson Lights with questions about Tucker and Kay. Devon didn't want to speak and Neil asked the reporter to leave. Devon told Neil that Harmony, the current name for Devon's mother Yolanda, had turned up in Genoa City. Devon said that Harmony claimed that she'd turned her life around, but Neil didn't believe it. Devon revealed that Harmony had refused to take money from him. Devon didn't want to talk about Harmony, Tucker or Kay, but Neil said that Devon had to deal with these people and not avoid them. Devon understood, but he didn't want to wallow in the drama they were creating. Devon invited Neil to come to his house to hear his new music.

At Devon's, Tucker told Harmony that he would not pressure Devon, but Tucker would not turn away from his son. Harmony believed that Devon needed space. Neil and Devon entered the house and Harmony explained that Hunter had let her in and then Tucker appeared unexpectedly. Tucker asked to speak alone with Devon. Neil and Harmony stepped out.

Neil asked Harmony if she would like to have a talk with him. At Crimson Lights, Harmony told Neil that she was back in town to help Devon. Neil reminded Harmony that she'd stolen money from Neil in the past. Neil wondered why Harmony had never turned to Tucker for money. Neil also recalled that Harmony had hurt Ana. Harmony admitted that she'd screwed up with Devon and Ana, but she claimed that she'd always cared about Devon and Neil. Harmony said she would be returning to Milwaukee very soon because she had a job there. Neil was glad that she was leaving town. Lily arrived and bumped into Harmony as she was leaving. Neil told Lily that he didn't believe one word out of Harmony's mouth. Harmony went to her car and called her sponsor. Harmony said that she was having a difficult time because nobody trusted her. Harmony explained that her son was a lost cause who wanted nothing to do with her. Harmony said she was holding on strong to her sobriety, minute by minute.

Lily and Neil discussed Harmony briefly, but Neil was curious about Lily. Lily admitted that Cane seemed to be hiding things from her again. In the park, Ronan told Cane that he gotten a judge to sign off on a wiretap of Colin's phone. Ronan and Cane listened in on Colin's call. Colin ordered that Gloria and Genevieve be eliminated because they were a danger to him.

Tucker told Devon that he was sorry he had not been there for him as a child. Devon wondered if Tucker even remembered Harmony. Tucker was ashamed to say he didn't. Tucker said that when he learned that he had a son, he looked for Devon. Devon wondered why Kay's investigator had succeeded in finding him while all of Tucker's private eyes had failed. Tucker said that perhaps he hadn't tried hard enough to find Devon. Tucker explained that his own childhood had screwed up his thinking about parents and children. Tucker said that Devon had deserved a good father and a decent upbringing. Tucker thought that he and Devon could have been close. Devon accepted Tucker's apology, but he asked Tucker to leave. Devon said that there were no more words to say. Tucker asked Devon if he would consider giving Tucker a chance to get to know him. Devon said he didn't want a relationship with Tucker. Dejected, Tucker walked out.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Katherine passed by Harmony's car and spied clothing scattered across the seat. Harmony applied makeup, and the women briefly locked eyes, but Katherine continued walking.

At Devon's apartment, Neil asked Devon whether he'd thought Tucker's apology had been sincere. Devon believed that Tucker genuinely felt bad, but he didn't believe that Tucker had morphed into the kind of man who would put his kid's needs ahead of his own. Lily knowingly agreed that sometimes people were sorry, but still unwilling to change. Neil answered his phone and told someone that he'd be there shortly. After he hung up, Neil asked whether Lily had been referring to Cane, and she remarked that she had overreacted, but Neil counseled her to trust her intuition. She suspected that Neil was hiding something, and he reported that the paternity test results would be available that morning.

Lily admitted that while she had been shocked to hear about Neil and Sofia's tryst, she still loved Moses. Devon promised that there wouldn't be any sibling rivalry if Neil turned out to be the dad. Neil warned his children not to get ahead of themselves, but Devon imagined that Neil would like to have a biological child. Devon and Lily insisted it wouldn't be a big deal to them, but Neil thought it would be to Malcolm. Devon started to ask if things would be different if Sofia wasn't married to Malcolm, but Neil bluntly stated that Sofia was Malcolm's wife, and he refused to discuss the matter further.

Neil prepared to leave for the hospital, and Lily excused herself to pick up the twins. Neil opened the door and found Katherine, who asked to speak to Devon. Neil and Lily departed, and Katherine asked Devon if they could talk. Devon reluctantly invited Katherine in, and she didn't blame him for being upset with her, but she hoped he wouldn't cheat himself out of the opportunity she had offered at her record company. He didn't want to be associated with her, but she pointed out that he was her grandson, whether he worked for her or not.

Katherine remembered how excited Devon had been when he'd made plans for the company, but he countered that things had changed when he'd learned that she had been using him. She asserted that she had real appreciation for his talents, and she dared him to prove her wrong. He wondered if she was trying to use reverse psychology on him, and she inquired whether it was working. Katherine didn't think Devon was being fair, because she had a history of supporting young talent, like paying for Ana's schooling.

Devon wondered if Katherine was threatening to cut off funding to Ana, but Katherine insisted that she'd never do that and that she was simply there to find a way to make things right. She reiterated the importance of family, but he retorted that he'd had to cut family out of his life before. Katherine said there was no comparison between her and Harmony, but Devon observed that both women had shown up on his doorstep, full of apologies. Katherine was surprised to hear that Harmony had stopped by, and Devon showed her a tabloid with photos of Devon, Tucker, and Harmony on the cover. Katherine promised she'd find a way to restore his trust.

At the hospital, Tucker cuddled with Moses and complimented the baby's big, brown eyes. Sofia had assumed that she would have been able to tell who the father was once she'd seen her baby, but she lamented that she couldn't. The doctor entered and confirmed that the paternity test results would be in later that morning, and she left. Tucker asked Sofia who she wanted the father to be, but she hesitated to respond.

Tucker assured Sofia that she didn't have to tell him who she was rooting for, because her silence spoke volumes. She didn't want to talk about an awkward situation, but he thought she should be proud. She felt guilty for causing the Winters family pain, which would also affect her child. Tucker commended her for not taking the easy way out by choosing to live a lie, and he was certain that Moses would be fine, because the baby had her.

At Gloworm, Harmony asked the bartender if there were any positions open, and he handed her an application. Tucker approached and inquired whether she planned to stick around for a while. She reprimanded him for eavesdropping, but he commented that she had the tendency to think the worst of him, which was too bad, because a simple misunderstanding had led her to cut him out of his son's life. She wasn't convinced and started to walk away, but he noted that she'd proved his point. He admitted that he had been selfish, but he wanted to make up for it in some way, and he pulled out his checkbook. He wrote out a check and handed it to her, and she suspiciously asked if strings were attached. He instructed her to leave town that day.

Tucker explained that the payment was enough for Harmony to make a fresh start elsewhere, and she realized that he didn't care where she ended up and that he hadn't changed at all. Tucker insisted that he wanted time to get to know his son, and he complained that Katherine was already manipulating Devon. Harmony remembered that Tucker had always been good with words, which was how he'd convinced her that she had been special to him. Harmony understood that Tucker wanted her gone because she was in his way, but she regretted missing out on Devon's life and vowed to make up for it, and she had just as much right as Tucker to try to do so. She declared that Devon needed love, not money, and she had more of that than Tucker ever could. She tossed the check on the bar and stalked out.

Later, Katherine walked past Harmony's car while she gazed at the tabloid. Katherine knocked on the hood of the car, and Harmony stepped out. Katherine asked if Harmony had somewhere to stay, but Harmony said she was just passing through and rejected Katherine's charity. Katherine argued that they weren't strangers, but rather, they were family, and she felt it would ease Devon's mind to know Harmony was safe. Katherine vowed to do anything to help Devon through a difficult time, and she thought she and Harmony had that in common.

Devon approached Tucker at Gloworm. Tucker hoped Devon had sought him out, but Devon said he'd just stopped in for a bite to eat. Tucker suggested they have lunch together, and Devon noticed the check on the counter. Tucker claimed that he'd offered to help Harmony, but she'd turned him down, though he hadn't meant to offend her pride. Devon barked that Tucker and Katherine were alike in that they threw money at people to win them over. He started to walk away, but Tucker argued that there was such thing as simple generosity. Devon retorted that he didn't need Tucker's money, and neither did his mother.

In the park, Cane left a vague message for someone as Lily approached with the twins. Lily questioned who he'd left the message for, but he said it didn't matter. She grabbed his phone and saw that he had called Colin. Lily blasted Cane, but he insisted she was making too much of it. She reminded him that his lies had destroyed their marriage, and their babies had almost been kidnapped because he hadn't told her the truth. She had wanted him to be in their kids' lives, but she couldn't trust him, and she banned him from seeing them.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis looked admiringly at a photo of Moses, and Malcolm commented that he had to go back to the hospital soon. Phyllis questioned whether he was still angry with her for writing the story about Tucker and Devon. Malcolm wasn't happy about it, but he had other things on his mind. She apologized for crossing the line and insisted that he could confide in her. He accepted her apology, and he admitted that the baby might not be his. Phyllis expressed disbelief that Sofia had cheated, and Malcolm explained that they'd had some problems when they'd fought about her keeping secrets. Phyllis was shocked when Malcolm revealed that Neil might be Moses' father.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Malcolm had allowed Neil in the delivery room, though she felt it showed what kind of person he was and father he could be. "If I get the chance," Malcolm forlornly mused. She asked if he wanted Moses to be his, and he admitted that he had thought he'd be able to hold back his feelings until the paternity test was in, but he wished he hadn't held the baby. Phyllis noted that odds were strong that Moses was his, and she wondered what he would do, since he'd previously said there was no hope for his marriage. Malcolm couldn't imagine himself turning his back on his family, not only because of the baby, but also because he was still in love with Sofia.

Later, Phyllis visited Moses and Sofia and fawned over the baby. Sofia explained that she'd named the baby after her father, and she thought the baby looked like him. Malcolm said they'd have to compare her father's baby photos to one he'd taken of Moses, and he presented her with a picture. Phyllis noticed their close moment and excused herself to get coffee. Sofia realized that Phyllis knew about the paternity issue, and Malcolm said he'd had to talk to someone. Sofia was glad he had a friend to confide in.

Malcolm believed that Sofia wanted Neil to be the father, but Sofia insisted that Malcolm was a wonderful man, and she'd be grateful and happy if Malcolm was Moses' dad. He wondered if she had doubts because he'd bolted upon learning that he was Lily's father, but she insisted she that she didn't. He swore that Moses would get everything he had to give. Moses gurgled, and Malcolm affectionately talked to the baby. Malcolm picked Moses up and presented him to Sofia, just as Neil walked in.

Neil asked if he should check with the doctor for the test results, but Malcolm urged him to wait. Sofia admitted that she felt overwhelmed. Malcolm talked to Moses, who he thought had felt the same way when the baby had entered the world. The doctor arrived and announced that she had the test results. She opened the envelope and revealed that Neil was the father.

In his trailer, Billy insisted to Kevin that Victor, not Victoria, had drawn up the divorce papers. Kevin wasn't so sure, based on his conversation with Victoria the prior evening. Kevin disclosed that while she hadn't mentioned a divorce, she had stated that she needed to move on, and Kevin had advised her not to rush into anything. Victor arrived with the news that Delia's transplant would take place that day, so Kevin could soon get back to his life, and Billy could remove himself from Victor's.

Victor explained that he had made a large donation to Dr. Larson's clinic, and in exchange, the doctor had agreed to perform the procedure and substitute Billy's bone marrow. Kevin started to leave for the hospital, but Billy stopped him to express his appreciation for Kevin's help. Kevin wished Billy luck with the surgery, and he departed. Victor warned Billy that it was imperative that things went smoothly, and Billy insisted that he was there for his daughter. Victor cautioned Billy not to forget that Victor had made that possible, and he ordered Billy to go to the hospital.

Dr. Larson reported to Chloe and Victoria that the remission induction therapy had worked on Delia. Chloe asked if her daughter was cancer-free, and the doctor said she'd perform the bone marrow transplant that day. A surprised Chloe stressed about what to do next, but Dr. Larson offered to make all the arrangements, and she left. Chloe remarked to Victoria that she couldn't believe Billy wasn't there. Victoria commended Chloe for doing fine on her own, and Chloe expressed her gratitude for Victoria's support.

Chloe fussed over Kevin while he supposedly prepared for surgery, but he insisted she go be with Delia. Chloe teased him for being worried he'd say something mushy while under the influence. Victoria proclaimed that Kevin had achieved hero status, and Chloe declared that he had restored her faith in men. Victoria suggested that they request that the nurses give him something to relax, but a guilty Kevin maintained that he was fine.

Billy prepped for surgery under Victor's supervision. Dr. Larson said she wasn't comfortable with the arrangements, but Billy contended that all that mattered was Delia's health. Dr. Larson asked to speak with Billy alone to explain the procedure, and Victor stepped out. He instructed an orderly not to let anyone in to see Billy. Meanwhile, Dr. Larson asked Billy if he was there against his will, but Billy asserted that he'd done a lot against his will just to get there to save his daughter.

After surgery, Billy awoke and was startled to see Victor staring at him. Victor stated that they were almost through with one another, and Delia was in the process of receiving his marrow. Billy wanted to see his daughter, but Victor told him that was out of the question. Billy pointed out the lengths that Victor had gone to to protect Victoria, and he was incredulous that Victor wouldn't let Billy even see Delia. Victor remarked that Billy had saved Delia from cancer, and he expected that Billy would continue to do the right thing by leaving town as soon as Delia recuperated from the transplant.

Kevin asked Dr. Larson what side effects he should claim to have, and she instructed him to act like he was drunk and to fake lower back pain for a week. Chloe entered, and Kevin acted disoriented and pushed her to be with Delia. Chloe informed him that Delia was on her way to visit him. Chloe gave him a gift and said she didn't know how to thank him, and she became emotional at the thought of what her life would be like without Delia in it. Victoria wheeled Delia in, and the girl handed Kevin a drawing depicting Kevin as a superhero.

During a musical montage, Chloe squeezed Kevin's hand and then left with Delia for the bone marrow transplant. Billy prayed at his bedside, while Victor peered in at him. Victoria stepped into the hospital hallway and saw Victor. Lily pushed the babies' stroller past Cane, who pleaded with her in vain. Katherine escorted Harmony to the Chancellor estate, where Harmony looked around in awe. Devon and Tucker argued, and Devon stormed out. A devastated Malcolm handed Moses to Neil, and he left the room. Sofia sadly watched him go, and Malcolm attempted to maintain his composure in the hallway. Sofia and Neil bonded with their baby, while Phyllis comforted Malcolm.

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