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Phyllis stole Ricky's photos of Adam and Heather kissing and posted them on the Internet. Sharon was exonerated. Heather was fired. Billy asked Cane to find the woman from Myanmar who could clear Billy's name. Avery and Nick made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 31, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, October 31, 2011

In Delia's room at the hospital, Chloe beamed at Kevin as he donned various disguises and doled out candy to Delia, who was dressed up as a sugarplum fairy. Kevin stepped out to take a phone call. Billy, dressed as Santa, appeared. Kevin was not at all pleased to see Billy.

Kevin pulled Billy by his fake beard into a waiting room and reminded him that Victor had expected him to leave Genoa City. Billy, claiming he didn't fear Victor, said he planned to see his daughter. Kevin explained that he and Chloe had plans to attend a Halloween party at Jimmy's, so he didn't have time to help sneak Billy into Delia's room. Billy seemed surprised to discover that Victoria had taken charge of the Halloween party.

Billy covertly listened at the door after Kevin returned to Delia's room. Chloe announced that she and Kevin planned to marry. Delia was surprised and asked Kevin if he would become her daddy. Billy seemed crushed. Kevin promised to be a big part of Delia's life, but he reminded Delia that her father was lucky to have her as a little girl.

After Kevin and Chloe left, Billy entered Delia's room. Delia smiled and said, "Santa?" Billy played with Delia's stuffed animals and made her laugh. The nurse entered Delia's room, and Billy pretended to be a children's entertainer making his rounds. He promised to leave soon. Delia gave Billy a hug before he left, and he fought back tears after he told her to be a good girl.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Ricky showed Phyllis the photos he'd snapped of Adam kissing Heather, who was quite drunk at the time. Adam had offered Heather use of his suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, so she could sober up before heading home. Adam had arranged for Ricky to photograph Heather in a comprising position. Phyllis marveled at the images of the prosecuting attorney conducting herself inappropriately with a key witness in Sharon's case.

Ricky suddenly snatched the photos away from Phyllis and told her that she couldn't take possession until he knew what he'd receive in return. Phyllis promised to give Ricky a job at the magazine, an exclusive byline for the photographs, and an advance on his salary. Ricky insisted that Phyllis consider the advance as a bonus. Phyllis stepped out to take a call from her nanny.

Heather arrived just as Ricky slid the photos into a plain envelope and zipped them into a portfolio. Heather said she was surprised to discover that Ricky didn't have plans for the evening. Ricky claimed that he was playing it by ear. Heather asked Ricky to accompany her to a party, so they could cultivate a friendship and build a relationship as siblings. After initially declining Heather's offer, Ricky agreed to meet his sister at the party. He seemed very uneasy after Heather left.

After Phyllis returned, she agreed to give Ricky a bonus for handing over the photographs. Ricky refused and explained that they merely had a tentative negotiation regarding the photos and not a binding contract. Ricky added that the subject of the photos was his sister. Phyllis taunted Ricky for suddenly developing a conscience and snapped, "It didn't stop you from bringing me the pictures in the first place." Ricky promised to contact Phyllis after weighing his options.

Adam met with Sharon in the prison's visitation area. Sharon attempted to stop Adam in his tracks and told him he never crossed her mind, so she had nothing to say to him. Adam told Sharon that he didn't hate her. Sharon stood defiant and reminded Adam that he had hidden evidence that could help her, had testified against her, and had cruelly jilted her at the altar. Adam recalled happier times when they'd bonded and shared stories about their pasts. Adam admitted that he'd hurt Sharon.

Sharon seemed leery when Adam insisted that a piece of her still knew she could trust him. Sharon asked Adam what he wanted from her. He explained that the time they'd spent together had given him the fondest memories in his life, and he begged her to tell him if she still felt a connection. Without hesitation, Sharon said that she did.

Sharon admitted that she retained fond memories of happier times with Adam, but she reminded him that he'd taken her infant and made her believe that the child was dead. Adam reminded Sharon that she'd forgiven him long before. He added that they'd both hurt each other in the recent past. Sharon recalled their time in New Orleans and said she'd believed that he was the one person she could count on. Sharon cried that she'd put the past behind her, and the only thing that mattered was her future with Noah and Faith.

Adam explained that Sharon needed him in order to fulfill her hopes and dreams. Sharon asked about the memory card, and Adam noted that it would not resurface any time soon. Sharon told Adam to leave because there was nothing else for them to say to each other. After Adam left, Sharon broke down and cried.

At Jimmy's Bar, friends gathered for the annual Halloween costume party. Rafe told Victoria that he missed Billy in his regular role as emcee. Victoria, dressed as a little girl, pointed out that numerous spiked drinks were available to add cheer to the occasion. Lauren and Michael greeted Victoria and Nick. Victoria sadly noted that she'd signed her divorce papers. Victoria said that even though Billy and Reed were away, there was no reason not to enjoy the party. Lauren and Michael agreed. Victoria served herself a tall glass of green-hued zombie juice.

Victoria greeted Abby and declared that she looked charming dressed as a plump squash. Devon and Roxanne agreed. Victoria told Devon that it must have been difficult learning the truth about his biological father. She mentioned her brief time with Lucy and added that her she wouldn't trade anything for the time she'd spent with Lucy and Billy.

After Daniel arrived in a blue superhero costume, Eden and Abby sparred over how to best describe Daniel's elaborate costume. Abby pulled Eden aside and boasted that Noah had replaced Eden. The two women continued to exchange barbs until Eden grabbed Daniel and began kissing him passionately on the lips.

Avery was surprised to walk in on a private party, but Nick invited her to stay when she turned to leave. Nick and Avery bantered about past Halloween celebrations, and Avery mentioned spending a favorite one with Phyllis. Nick said he'd already taken Summer and Faith trick-or-treating. Angelo greeted Gloria and introduced his daughter, Angelina. Gloria told Angelo that Jeffrey had been away on an extended trip. Angelo comforted Gloria and said that Jeffrey was a moron.

Victoria stood on the stage and announced that it was time for karaoke. She singled out Noah, and he promised to take the stage before the party ended. Michael, dressed as a member of a criminal syndicate, took the microphone and, adopting a pattern of speech similar to Angelo's, said, "They better have the songs I like in that contraption or somebody's gonna end up in the wood chipper, capisce?" Angelo, angered, stepped forward and asked Michael if certain people he knew amused him.

Ricky arrived and spoke privately with Avery after she complained about complications with Sharon's trial. Ricky explained that the prosecuting attorney might be fraternizing with a star witness. Avery said, "Heather and Adam?" Ricky explained that he'd obtained some pertinent information from a reliable source. Phyllis arrived and noticed that Ricky and Avery were engaged in a private conversation. Phyllis said quietly to herself, "Keep your hands off my story, Sis."

Heather arrived, approached Avery and Ricky, and said, "I assume we're all off the clock tonight, right?" Ricky requested a private moment with Avery, so Heather offered to get him a beer from the bar. After Heather walked away, Avery said, "Not a flicker of guilt from you when she walked up. I don't know whether to be appalled or impressed." Ricky acknowledged that betraying Heather could ruin his relationship with his sister and their father. He added that Sharon, an innocent woman, was serving time and needed help. Ricky promised to let Avery know when he could offer help.

After Ricky walked away, Phyllis approached Avery, and the two argued. Nick walked up to the combative women and asked if they were all right. Before Avery left, she thanked Nick for buying her a drink. Phyllis was miffed at Nick for doing so and claimed he was being defensive after she expressed her displeasure at his efforts to befriend Avery.

Chloe and Kevin arrived as a bride and groom from the 1980s. Victoria, already somewhat intoxicated, announced to the crowd that Chloe and Kevin were engaged. Gloria was stunned, and Michael looked surprised. Kevin was visibly uncomfortable when Victoria added that Kevin had saved Delia's life. Victoria blathered on about how Chloe and Kevin were destined to be happy forever. The crowd seemed confused when Victoria added that Chloe wouldn't end up alone with a photo of herself in a bunny costume hidden away in a closet.

Angelina complained that she was bored, so Angelo convinced her to sing a song dedicated to Chloe and Kevin. Angelo told Chloe and Kevin that his daughter's talents would impress them. Angelina, singing off-key, chose to perform the song, "You Made Me Love You." Devon cringed, but Angelo beamed during his daughter's less-than-stellar performance. Kevin and Chloe seemed stunned. Angelina added a few dance moves to her act before she hit the last sour note. Angelo applauded. The crowd seemed relieved that it was over after Angelina left the stage.

Kevin grabbed a bottle of beer and chugged it down. Chloe asked him if he was all right. Kevin claimed that the events that had taken place during past couple of months had caught up with him. He added, "I'll be fine once this is all over." Chloe, still holding a gaudy bouquet, seemed concerned.

Phyllis approached Adam when he arrived and asked him what why he'd shown up. Before Adam could respond, Phyllis inquired about people, besides Sharon, who'd become his victims. Adam quipped, "Were you hoping I'd say that I have my eye on a saucy redhead?" Phyllis was shocked, and Adam walked away.

After Heather excused herself from Ricky's presence, Adam approached Ricky and asked him about the photos. Ricky, peeved, told Adam that he should have mentioned beforehand that Heather would be part of his "little production." Adam asked Ricky if he'd given the photos to Avery. Ricky said that he would when he was ready. Adam glared at Ricky when he walked away. Phyllis watched the two men closely from her vantage point across the room.

Billy, still dressed as Santa, arrived while Victoria was singing karaoke. Nick helped his drunken sister off the stage. Victoria proclaimed the party to be a hit, though she added that it wasn't the same without Billy. After Nick escorted a staggering Victoria out the door, Billy followed them.

Nick helped Victoria to her front door before he left. Victoria dropped her keys and struggled to unlock her front door. Billy arrived and unlocked the door. Victoria addressed her savior as Santa before collapsing onto her sofa. Billy held Victoria in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Victoria, semi-conscious, said, "Billy?" Billy acknowledged his presence just before Victoria passed out. Billy saw the divorce papers on the coffee table. He seemed crushed to discover Victoria's signature on the document. Victoria roused a bit and asked, "Billy, is that you?"

After Adam left, Sharon summoned Avery to the prison. Avery rushed to Sharon's side and asked what had happened. Sharon explained that Adam had stopped by claiming that he cared deeply for her. Sharon added that Adam had repeatedly mentioned that he'd helped her. Avery thought for a second and said she believed she knew why Adam was claiming that he'd helped Sharon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

At the police station, Ronan learned that a bracelet that had been found in the creek near the spot with Diane's body was found was in evidence. Ronan asked to see the bracelet. Chance appeared and reported to Ronan that Colin had been transferred to a maximum-security prison in Australia where he would be imprisoned with other mob bosses. Chance questioned Ronan about why he had shown up at Nina's for dinner the other night and left after just a few minutes. Ronan refused to give an answer and wondered if Chance would be leaving town for a new job. Chance said when he took his new position, he wouldn't sneak out of town; he'd say goodbye to Nina.

Chance asked Ronan why he was petrified of getting close to Nina. Chance accused Ronan of being completely clueless about himself. Later, Ronan looked in an evidence box containing all the small items that had been found in the stream. As Ronan searched for the bracelet, he went right past an evidence bag containing the memory card that Adam had thrown in the stream.

Paul went to the Chancellor mansion to see Nina. He gave Nina a bouquet of flowers. Nina was touched by Paul's thoughtfulness and kissed him lovingly. The card that Paul had attached included tickets to a show in Chicago. Paul invited Nina to spend a weekend in Chicago with him. Nina was pleased.

Paul conceded that he and Nina had been distracted from their relationship because of their involvement with their children. Nina asked if Paul had made time for Ricky. Paul said that Ricky was busy with Sharon's trial. Paul hoped that Ricky was happy to be getting to know his family since he was in Genoa City.

At the prison, Victor walked in as Sharon was reading the morning newspaper. Sharon was aware that her prospects for an acquittal were grim. Victor urged Sharon not to read the newspaper. Sharon told Victor that she didn't think he should testify for her because he'd be risking prosecution. Victor said he wanted to be supportive of Sharon, especially since Sam had returned to New Mexico and she was on her own.

Sharon was prepared to be alone for the rest of her life. Victor assured Sharon that there were people who cared about her. Victor reminded Sharon that Avery was working hard on the case. Sharon appreciated Avery's efforts, but confessed that she'd sent Sam back to New Mexico. Victor was disappointed that Nick had not stepped up for Sharon, but Sharon believed that Nick mistrusted her because of the things she'd done. Victor could not accept that.

Phyllis called Ricky and left a message encouraging him to give her the photos for Restless Style. Nick overheard Phyllis and was surprised that she knew Paul's son. Nick asked why Phyllis was so anxious to speak with Ricky. Phyllis said Ricky wanted to write freelance stories for the magazine. Nick assumed that Phyllis's interest in hiring him was based on Ricky being involved in Sharon's trial.

Phyllis expected that Avery would never give the magazine any scoops. Phyllis pointed out that she'd helped Sharon much more than Avery. Phyllis speculated that she could save Sharon faster than Avery could, and Nick believed that Phyllis was very competitive with Avery. Nick asked Phyllis a few more questions and learned that Phyllis had seen Avery hug Nick at the coffeehouse. Nick said it had been an innocent hug because Avery had been stressed out. Nick asked Phyllis not to overreact since nothing had happened.

Nick left for the art department, and Phyllis stewed at her desk. Phyllis recalled her hot sexual interlude with Ronan after hours. While doodling on a pad, Phyllis saw a message that Ronan had written that was related to an email address on Phyllis's computer.

Ricky met with Avery and gave her the photos he'd taken of Adam and Heather kissing. Avery believed the material was enough for her to get Sharon a mistrial. Ricky said that Adam had arranged for the photos and tipped off Ricky to capture the images. Avery asked if Ricky would testify that he had taken the pictures. Ricky explained that he'd decided not to sell the pictures, but he would allow them to be used as evidence. Ricky felt that Heather deserved whatever happened to her career because she'd been spoiled all her life. Ricky felt that Heather had to live with the consequences of her actions.

Adam left a message on Ricky's phone, urging him to use the photos of Heather in order to get Sharon a mistrial. Heather appeared at the door of Adam's hotel room. Heather was concerned about her evening with Adam because she'd been drunk. Heather referred to her actions as a lapse in judgment. Adam promised her that he would never tell anyone, but Heather realized that Adam had done something. Heather questioned Adam's reasons to sabotage her career. Heather surmised that Adam had framed her in order to help Sharon. Heather called Adam a bastard and walked off in anger.

Ricky saw a tearful Heather in the Athletic Club lobby. Ricky assumed that Heather would find comfort with Paul. Heather told Ricky that he was all wrong about her relationship with Paul. Heather said that she'd never known Paul as a child. Her mother and abusive stepfather had raised Heather. Ricky learned that when Heather's stepfather had threatened Heather, prompting Heather's mother to kill him. Ricky was shocked.

Paul joined Heather and Ricky and was happy to see his kids. Ricky said he had to hurry off. Paul offered to buy coffee for Heather, but she had to leave for court. Heather was worried about the trial, and Paul was concerned for his daughter. Paul encouraged Heather to have confidence. Heather asked if Paul and Ricky were doing okay. Paul said that he hadn't had much time to get to know his son. Paul told Heather that he regretted that he'd missed so much of Heather's life.

Avery went to the prison and told Sharon that she believed they could get a mistrial thanks to Adam. Avery explained how Adam had set up Heather. Sharon pointed out that Heather's career would be destroyed while Adam would walk away unscathed. Sharon said that Adam would be another of Adam's victims. Avery told Sharon not to feel sorry for Heather because she'd misused her power at assistant district attorney.

At Crimson Lights, Adam saw Faith with her babysitter. When the babysitter went to buy a coffee, Adam went to Faith, said hello, and told her that Sharon would be seeing her very soon. Later, Avery tracked down Adam at the Athletic Club. Avery said she would use the delay the picture created to find the memory card from the stream. Adam warned Avery not to violate attorney-client privilege, or he'd have her brought up on charges. Avery was sure that Adam would try to destroy her career, just like he'd tried to harm Heather's.

Victor went to see Nick at the magazine office to apologize for getting the court order forcing Nick to take Faith to court. Victor believed that Nick should do all he could to help Sharon. Victor wondered why Nick had turned his back on Sharon. Nick asked why Victor cared so much about Sharon.

Victor told Nick that he felt guilty because he'd sent Skye to Hawaii in the first place. Victor recalled Sharon's troubled past and how she'd suffered. Victor felt sympathy for Sharon. Nick told Victor to give up his campaign to rescue Sharon because her relationship with Adam had changed her. Victor pointed out that Phyllis was just as damaged as Sharon, and yet Nick had forgiven Phyllis.

Phyllis went to Ronan's office and accused him of taking advantage of her during their sexual encounter. Phyllis said that it was out of line that Ronan had taken information off her desk. Ronan refused to apologize, so Phyllis started looking at the stuff on Ronan's desk. Phyllis stopped when she found the memory card in an evidence bag. Phyllis asked if Ronan had dredged the creek in the park. Ronan said yes, but claimed that he had not seen the contents of the memory card.

Phyllis told Ronan that Adam had taken the memory card from Sharon's camera and tossed it in the stream. Ronan said that the chances that the memory card was Adam's were slim. Phyllis said that Ronan should learn if the contents on the memory card were salvageable. Later, Ronan put the memory card into a reader, and he and Phyllis watched the computer to see what was on the card.

Chance approached Heather at the courtroom, and she said she couldn't talk. Chance assured Heather that she was a great attorney. Heather had no confidence. Heather wished she could see herself the way Chance saw her.

Nick picked up Faith at Crimson Lights. Faith saw a lady that reminded her of Sharon and called to her. Back at the prison, Victor met with Sharon and admitted that he'd argued with Nick. Victor feared that he'd made things worse for Sharon and Nick.

Chance was with Nina at the house when Paul arrived. Paul wanted to see Chance before he left town. Chance thanked Paul for inviting Nina to Chicago for the play. Chance mentioned that he'd seen Heather, and she seemed very emotional.

Adam went to the courtroom, and Heather said she didn't want to speak with him. Adam said that he was there to give Heather a warning. At the Athletic Club, Ricky stopped Avery on her way to court. Ricky said that he didn't want Avery to use the photos of Heather and Adam after all. Avery explained that it was too late for Ricky to change his mind.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nick went to Victoria's to see how she was doing after her drunken celebration at the Halloween party. Nick also wanted to vent about Victor to his sister. Victoria was hungover from the party and wondered what she'd done. Nick said that Victoria had not embarrassed herself too much, although she had tried to sing karaoke.

Victoria told Nick that she recalled a guy dressed as Santa Claus letting her into the house. Nick assumed Victoria had hallucinated Santa's visit. Victoria said that the last time she'd been drunk like that had been when she was in Jamaica with Billy. Victoria was determined to adjust to life without Billy. Victoria explained that she was trying to get used to being divorced.

Victoria asked Nick why he wasn't going to Sharon's trial. Nick explained that he'd had a major falling-out with Sharon. Nick had bluntly told Sharon that he could never trust Sharon again. Nick said that Victor had been very critical of Nick about Sharon. Nick wondered why Victor wasn't more sympathetic to his point of view. Nick was determined to protect Faith. Victoria felt bad for Nick.

In the courtroom, Heather asked Adam why he was there and learned that there were photos of Heather and Adam kissing in his hotel room. Heather accused Adam of framing her in order to get Sharon a mistrial. Adam told Heather that he was there to give her a warning that the pictures would likely be turning up in court.

At the Athletic Club, Ricky asked Avery if she would keep the photos of Adam and Heather private. Avery explained that she was going to show the picture to the judge because Heather had breached her legal ethics. Avery was not about to give up her chance to get Sharon a mistrial. Ricky asked Avery to reconsider because he didn't want to hurt Heather. Avery told Ricky that she was determined to help Sharon in any way necessary.

At the prison, Victor went to see Sharon, and she was feeling very hopeful. Sharon told Victor that she might get a mistrial. Victor was very encouraged. Sharon couldn't give Victor the details, but she was very optimistic. In the courtroom, Sharon was excited to see that Noah was there for the trial. Sharon also noticed Adam lurking in the back of the room.

Victor confronted Adam and asked why he was there. Adam assured Victor that Sharon wouldn't mind his being there. When Paul walked in, Ricky looked pensive, and Paul was curious. Ricky told Paul he believed Heather would have a rough day in court.

Heather asked Avery if they could speak privately. Heather mentioned that she was aware that Avery had photographs of Adam kissing Heather in his hotel room. Heather explained to Avery that nothing had happened between her and Adam, that it had been a lapse in judgment on Heather's part. Avery was very judgmental about Heather's actions. Avery said that as the assistant district attorney, Heather had acted inappropriately by kissing a key witness in Sharon's trial.

When the judge announced that court was in session. Avery announced that she needed to address the bench about an important matter. Noah was worried, but Victor said that he suspected something good was going to happen. Heather objected to Avery's request.

At the police station, Phyllis and Ronan looked at the data on the memory card that had been found in the creek. It appeared that the memory card was damaged because no images appeared. Phyllis then heard sound on disk. In the courtroom, Avery told the judge that she had something to present. Avery was ready to show him the photographs of Heather and Adam kissing. However, before that happened, Ronan and Phyllis burst into the courtroom and said they had evidence that would impact Sharon's trial.

During a recess, Paul, Victor, and Noah were in the hallway and speculated about what was going on with the lawyers and the judge. Victor noticed that Adam and Ricky were talking and called it to Paul's attention. Ricky said he didn't want to speak with Adam. Paul approached, and Adam suggested that Ricky answer Paul's questions about why they knew each other.

Paul warned Ricky to steer clear of Adam. Ricky said he was aware of Adam's machinations. Ricky advised Paul to watch out for Heather. Noah wondered why Nick wasn't in court for Sharon. Noah called Nick and left a message for him to get to the trial immediately.

Inside the courtroom, Ronan explained that the memory card had been found in the stream. The police had been searching the stream for another case, but the information on the memory card related to the investigation into Skye Lockhart's murder. Ronan said that the memory card had an audio exchange between Skye and Sharon from the volcano. Phyllis declared that she knew both Skye and Sharon and had recognized their voices. Ronan said the cops would verify the authenticity of the disk after it was presented to the judge.

Ronan set up the recording, and the judge ordered it to be played. As the disk played, it was clear that Sharon had tried desperately to save Skye from falling into the volcano. Avery was relieved, and Sharon shed tears of happiness.

Heather requested a postponement to look over the evidence. Avery decided not to present the photos of Adam and Heather to the judge. Sharon was in tears, and she thanked Phyllis for stepping forward with the evidence. Sharon was hopeful that the nightmare was over. Phyllis offered Sharon a tissue. As Phyllis put her coat on the table, she grabbed the envelope with the photos of Heather and Adam.

Sharon wondered where Phyllis had found the memory card. Phyllis said it had been on Ronan's desk. Sharon considered herself very lucky that Phyllis had intervened on her behalf. Phyllis said that she knew Sharon had been innocent. Phyllis also resented that Adam had tried to hide the evidence. Phyllis informed Sharon that she owed Phyllis, adding that it wasn't Avery who had saved her -- it was Phyllis.

Nick arrived at the courthouse and asked Victor and Noah what was going on. Phyllis walked into the hallway and saw Nick with his son and father. Before Phyllis could announce what had happened, the court was called back to session. Phyllis left saying that she had work to do.

Heather proposed to the judge that the case against Sharon be dropped because of the new evidence. Avery asked for all the charges to be dropped, including Sharon's escape from custody. The judge agreed to accept Sharon's time served as punishment for her escape. Sharon was allowed to go free.

Sharon hugged Noah and Victor. Adam watched from the back of the room. Sharon was excited to go home. Avery thanked Ronan. Ricky congratulated Avery and was thrilled that she hadn't used the photos of Heather and Adam. Avery realized the envelope with the photos was missing.

At Restless Style, Phyllis published the pictures of Adam kissing Heather.

In Crimson Lights, wedding-planning materials surrounded Chloe. Kevin was surprised when Chloe announced that she wanted a Christmas wedding. Kevin was impressed with Chloe's preparations. Chloe explained that she wanted their wedding to be nothing like their previous weddings. Kevin had confidence in Chloe pulling off something very original.

Kevin was curious about why Chloe wanted to get married so quickly. Chloe said that she was anxious to have a real family Christmas for Delia. Chloe said that she had ruined it the last time with Kevin, and she wanted him to know that he was the only man for her. Chloe was grateful to Kevin for saving Delia's life. Chloe said she didn't want to waste a minute of her life without being with Kevin. Kevin agreed and kissed Chloe ardently.

Kevin and Chloe went to see Delia at the hospital. Delia was feeling much better. Chloe told Delia they had big news. Kevin announced that he and Chloe were going to get married on Christmas. Victoria arrived, and Delia was beaming.

Victoria heard that Santa Claus had visited Delia. Victoria said she'd had a visit from Santa Claus the night before, and Santa had even kissed her. Kevin downplayed the whole thing because he knew that it had been Billy in the Santa Claus costume. Victoria had a fuzzy memory because of all the booze. Victoria thought it was a strange coincidence.

Cane walked into Billy's motel room. Billy said he wasn't in the trailer anymore because Victor believed that Billy had left town. Billy said he'd been forced to sneak around to visit Delia. Cane wondered why Billy wanted to see him. Billy asked Cane to help him clear his name.

Cane wondered why Billy was turning to him, since they weren't good friends. Billy said he needed someone with connections, and Cane had them thanks to his work on the Atkinson case. Billy said he'd been railroaded in Myanmar, and it involved a girl and drugs. Billy was determined to reunite with his family.

Billy revealed that Victor was holding the Myanmar information over Billy's head. Cane asked Billy to tell him everything he knew from the start. Billy had no memory of the night in question, but he knew he wouldn't have done what he'd been accused of. Cane felt for Billy, but he was reluctant to help Billy. Billy asked Cane to help him for Jill's sake or for Delia's. Billy was desperate for Cane's help.

Cane agreed to give it a try, and Billy shook his hand. Cane said he'd keep it as confidential as possible. Billy gave Cane the name of a girl who was there and might know what had happened. Cane said he'd start searching right away. After Cane left, Billy recalled being with Victoria the night before while in his Santa Claus costume.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Faith that she'd get to see Sharon because Sharon was returning home. Noah took Sharon back to her house, but before walking in the door, Noah warned her not to be upset because the place was a mess. Sharon was shocked to see the house was upside down, but she was thrilled to be home. Sharon forgave Noah and said that it was the most beautiful place she'd ever seen. Noah quickly cleaned up the living room.

Sharon was overjoyed to be out of jail, and Noah was glad that she was free. Sharon hugged Noah and said that she'd missed him. Later, Noah answered the door, and Nick was there with Faith. Sharon embraced her baby happily and promised that she'd never leave Faith again. Sharon confessed that she'd missed Faith terribly. Nick and Noah saw how happy Faith was to have her mommy back. Nick's phone rang again and again, and he said something was going on at the magazine.

Later, Nick told Sharon about the photos of Heather and Adam kissing that had been published on the magazine's web site. Sharon admitted that she knew about the pictures because Avery had planned to use them in court to prove prosecutorial misconduct and get Sharon a mistrial. Nick wondered how Phyllis had found out about the pictures. Sharon had no idea.

Nick admitted to Sharon that he was concerned about the future because Nick couldn't be sure that Sharon wouldn't abandon the children again. Nick wondered if Sharon would become involved with Adam again. Sharon swore that all that mattered to her were Faith and Noah. Nick said he had to go to the magazine. Sharon promised Nick that she'd never hurt the children again.

After Nick left, Sharon called Sam in New Mexico with the good news about her release. Sam was thrilled for Sharon. Sharon had known that Sam would be happy for her and thanked him for his support. Sam said that he was anxious to see Sharon again. When Sam admitted that he was happy working on the ranch again, Sharon realized that Sam belonged there. Sharon said she'd enjoyed special times on the ranch with Sam.

Paul and Heather met for dinner at the Athletic Club. Heather was sad about the outcome in court because she'd wanted to win. Paul said that Heather had done a great job on the case. Ricky joined them for dinner. Heather had invited him, and Paul was pleased. Heather explained that working on the trial had shown her how important family was. Heather thanked Ricky and Paul for being there for her.

Paul proposed a toast to family. Paul pointed out that Heather might have gotten a conviction if not for the memory card that proved that Sharon was innocent. Paul assumed Ricky had gained great experience working with Avery. Heather felt that the case had been a wake-up call for her. Heather declared that she wanted to be a better person. Heather admitted that sometimes she got caught up in the competition in court, but she had realized that integrity mattered more than winning. Heather admired that Ricky had worked for the defense.

At the magazine offices, Phyllis learned from the receptionist that the phones had been ringing off the hook about the photos of Adam and Heather kissing. Phyllis picked up the phone and told a caller that Adam was at the center of the scandal. At his hotel room at the Athletic Club, Adam called Vance to leave a message saying that he'd need Vance's legal services in the near future. Victor appeared at Adam's room and said he had proof of Adam's troublemaking.

Victor showed Adam the picture of Adam and Heather kissing from the Restless Style web site. Victor warned that he would never let Adam get near Sharon again. Victor noted that Adam had looked panic-stricken when the memory card was produced in court. Adam was confident that he could win Sharon back again if that was what he wanted to do. Adam insisted that Victor painted him as a monster, but Sharon had always seen the good in Adam.

Victor said that Sharon was wise to Adam and she'd never forgive Adam for trying to destroy the memory card that wound up freeing her. Victor and Adam blamed each other for creating the situation that had resulted in Sharon being put on trial. Victor believed that Adam had used sex to harm Heather, and Victor would not allow Adam to harm Sharon ever again.

Following up on Victor's suggestion, Walsh entered Adam's room to ask him when he'd acquired the memory card that had freed Sharon. Adam claimed that his memory was fuzzy. Walsh had more questions, but Adam would only speak if his attorney were present. Walsh admitted that he didn't have enough evidence to arrest Adam. After Walsh left, Victor reiterated his warning to Adam to stay away from Sharon alone. Adam said Sharon would decide for herself if she wanted to be with Adam again. Victor walked out.

At the house, Sharon opened the front door and was glad to see Victor. She hugged him tight, and Victor hoped that she was doing well. Sharon said that Noah was making dinner in the kitchen, and Faith was asleep upstairs. Victor was happy for Sharon, and she thanked him again.

Victor asked Sharon to promise to stay away from Adam. After enjoying spaghetti and meatballs with Sharon and Noah, Victor was in a good mood. Sharon went to check on Faith, and Noah returned to the kitchen. The phone rang, and Victor answered it. Victor told Adam not to call Sharon's house again. Adam was frustrated about Victor and vowed to find a way to get close to Sharon again.

A Genoa City reporter confronted Avery to ask for a comment about Sharon's release. Avery said that she'd always believed in Sharon's innocence. When the reporter asked about the article on the Restless Style web site, Avery had not seen it yet. Later, Avery went to the magazine office and accused Phyllis of stealing the photos of Adam and Heather from her desk at the courthouse.

Phyllis said that Ricky had offered to sell the pictures to the magazine in the first place. Avery declared that Ricky had changed his mind about using the pictures. Avery knew that Phyllis had stolen the pictures and published them without permission. Avery believed that Phyllis had done what she had to hurt Avery. Avery said Phyllis' actions were all about getting back at her sister.

The Genoa City reporter who'd confronted Avery showed up at the Athletic Club and asked Heather her reaction to the photos of her and Adam kissing. Heather was stunned. The reporter explained that the pictures were published on the Restless Style web site. After seeing the web page, Paul sent the reporter away.

Heather told Paul that nothing had happened with her and Adam. Heather had also had no idea that Adam would release the photos to the media. She thought he only had the pictures taken to help Sharon, and once she was exonerated, Adam had no reason to sell the pictures. Heather received a phone call from her boss, District Attorney Walsh. Walsh wanted to see Heather. Ricky said that he had to leave.

When Walsh met Heather at the Athletic Club, he accused Heather of embarrassing his office. Walsh said that she had been caught kissing a witness, and Walsh was forced to fire her. Paul tried in vain to defend Heather. Walsh left, and Heather told Paul that Adam had set her up.

Ricky went to the magazine and confronted Phyllis. Avery was still there and heard Ricky say that he'd sue the magazine for running the pictures without his permission. Avery agreed to represent Ricky. Phyllis acted cavalier about the whole thing. Ricky and Avery said there had been no reason for the pictures to be published once Sharon had been exonerated. Avery felt that Phyllis had used the pictures for her trashy tabloid publication. Phyllis pointed out that Avery had planned to use the pictures in court.

Avery announced that Phyllis and the magazine would pay for using Ricky's photographs without permission. Nick entered and heard about the lawsuit. After they left, Phyllis told Nick that Ricky had approached her with the images. Nick pointed out that Phyllis had failed to buy the pictures. Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick was taking Avery's side.

Nick left to try to get Avery to reconsider the lawsuit. Phyllis said that her decision to print the pictures had been genius. Nick caught up with Avery at the coffeehouse. Nick asked Avery to convince Ricky not to sue. Avery said it was too late. Ricky had made up his mind.

At the Athletic Club, Paul confronted Adam to ask why he'd set up Heather the way he had. Paul told Adam that Heather had lost her job at the D.A.'s office because of the photos. Adam had not known about that, but Adam told Paul that he should blame the guy who had taken the pictures instead of Adam. Later, Paul had a drink with Ricky. Paul revealed that Heather had been fired. Paul wondered why someone had taken pictures of Heather with Adam. Paul was curious to find the guy who had shot the pictures.

Heather went to the magazine office and grabbed Phyllis in anger. Heather demanded to know why Phyllis had ruined her life by publishing those pictures. Phyllis said that Heather should blamed the person who had taken the pictures, and that was Heather's brother, Ricky.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sharon celebrated her first morning at home with Faith, Noah, and Victor. Noah suspected that reporters were swarming outside, but Victor said he'd beef up security. Sharon just wanted things to get back to normal, and Victor offered the use of his jet if she wanted to get away with Faith for a few days. Sharon thought Nick would never let that happen. Nick arrived, and Noah and Victor left to take Faith to see the horses. Once alone with Nick, Sharon pointed out that she needed to bond with Faith, and she wanted to do so by going on a trip. She understood he didn't trust her, but she hoped to get away from the media and begged him to allow it.

After their conversation, Nick offered to let Sharon stop by to pick up Faith's belongings. He said goodbye to Faith, and Victor excused himself to call the pilot. Sharon knew Nick felt like he was taking a chance, but he believed that he was looking at the Sharon he'd once known. She swore that Faith was her priority, and he wished her a good trip. She called it a great gift and thanked him, and she promised she'd call every day. They hugged.

Adam visited Avery in her hotel room, and he accused her of violating attorney-client privilege by telling the police about the memory card. She insisted that she hadn't told anyone, even though she'd wanted to. She explained that the police had dragged the creek while looking for evidence in Diane's murder investigation. He found it miraculous that the card had turned up on the day Sharon's trial had resumed, and he threatened to report her to the state bar. Avery theorized that Adam had hoped to help Sharon, but she felt he didn't deserve to play Sharon's hero.

At the Athletic Club, Ricky fretted to Avery that the photos were everywhere. Ricky insisted that he had planned to get rid of the pictures, but Phyllis only cared about her story. Avery thought a civil suit would be a slam-dunk, but only if Ricky claimed ownership of the photos. He refused, because he didn't want Paul or Heather to find out. She urged him to sue, but Heather arrived and confronted Ricky about whether he had taken the photos.

Avery made an excuse to leave, and Heather demanded to know whether Phyllis had lied. Ricky defended that he'd never given Phyllis the photos, but rather, she'd stolen them and posted them without his permission. Heather realized that Phyllis had told the truth, and she became irate that Ricky could do that to her. Two reporters approached and interrogated Heather about whether she'd had sex with a key witness. Ricky intervened and threw them out, but Heather called Ricky as bad as they were. He apologized and promised to make everything better, but she retorted that she couldn't stand to be near him. An upset Ricky walked off, and Heather faced off with Adam.

Heather blasted Adam for ruining her life, though she blamed herself for considering him human. He sat down and swore he'd had nothing to do with the photos being published, but she accused him of setting her up and having Ricky take the photos to expose them in court. Adam stated that it wasn't about her, and she agreed that everything he'd done had been for himself. She vowed that one day, all of the terrible things he'd done would catch up with him, but she wouldn't be around to see it. As she stormed off, she ran into Nick, and she berated him for being cruel just to sell magazines.

Noah reminded Sharon to pack Faith's favorite toy, and he took Faith to Nick's to retrieve it. Sharon fretted to Victor that she should have known about the toy and that she had missed a lot of time with her daughter, but Victor assured her that she could make up for it. He offered a helicopter ride to the airport to avoid the press, and she told him that he was the one person she could count on. They said they'd miss one another, and he kissed her forehead and left. Sharon called Adam, who perked up when he saw her name appear on his phone. She asked him to stop by right away.

Adam arrived to see Sharon and was glad she'd called. She explained that she knew he'd set up Heather with the photos, but his misguided attempt wouldn't make up for the damage he'd done. He stepped toward her, but she backed away. He insisted that he had tried to help her, but she countered that he'd had nothing to do with her being freed, and she was sure he'd attempted to destroy the evidence that had cleared her name. Adam reminded her that he had searched diligently for the memory card to clear her name when she had been presumed dead.

Sharon retorted that she'd spent months in prison because of Adam's jealousy and vindictiveness. She informed him that she was leaving town and that she never wanted to see him again. He inquired where she was going, and she said to reconnect with the child he'd continuously kept her away from. He didn't think she could push him out of her life entirely, but she swore she'd never let him in again. He was confident that one day she'd reconsider, but he might not still be there. She spat that he should not hold his breath, and he left.

Sharon and Faith surprised Sam in New Mexico, and he invited them in. She asked if their unexpected visit was okay, but he was obviously thrilled to see her. Piper rushed over in response to Sam's call, and the girl excitedly ran over to hug Sharon and hesitantly asked if everything was okay. Sharon assured Piper that the charges had been dropped, and she introduced Piper to Faith. Piper immediately took a liking to Faith and offered to introduce the tot to her lamb, Fanny. Sam understood why Sharon had returned, because her soul was there.

At Crimson Lights, Chance asked Paul about the photo of Adam and Heather, and Paul explained that Adam had set Heather up with the intention that the photos would lead to a mistrial. Chance hoped the scandal would blow over for Heather's sake, but Paul reported she'd already been fired. Chance commented that Adam's specialty was wrecking other people's lives.

On the patio, Phyllis approached Ronan. He called her his favorite suspect, and she asked if she was still on his list. "Right on top," he said amorously. She seductively asked what a girl had to do to get the heat off, and then she smiled and sauntered away. Paul approached Phyllis and snarled that he hoped no one ever hurt her daughter the way she and Adam had hurt Heather. She told him to get his facts straight, because she hadn't worked with Adam. Paul demanded the photographer's name, but she reminded him that he was the detective.

At the police station, Chance showed Ronan the photos of Heather and Adam, and Ronan wondered what Heather had been thinking. Chance explained Adam's motives. Ronan wondered why the pictures had been published if they had no longer been needed at the trial, and Chance surmised that the photographer had made a bundle. Chance relayed that Heather was unemployed, and Ronan sympathized that Heather couldn't catch a break.

At Heather's apartment, Paul stopped by after he'd heard she was leaving town. He expected she was leaving temporarily, but she clarified that she wasn't returning, because her stay in Genoa City had been one disaster after another. He suggested they could get through it together as a family, especially since they had planned to spend the holidays with Ricky. She proclaimed that she never wanted to see Ricky again, and when she saw Paul's surprised reaction, she realized Paul hadn't heard about Ricky's involvement in the photo scandal. She confirmed that Ricky's idea of being a journalist was joining the paparazzi. Paul thought she was mistaken, but she informed him that Ricky had admitted it. Paul pulled her into a comforting hug.

Heather finished packing and declared her intent to make a fresh start and to figure out what she'd do if she couldn't be a lawyer. She asked Paul to understand, but he wasn't happy about it. She revealed that she planned to stay with her mom for a while in New York City, and she asked Paul to sell her car. She thanked him for everything, and they tearfully embraced.

Later, Chance dropped by Heather's apartment, and he thought she could use a friend. He saw her packed bags and realized she was leaving, and she said it was what she had to do. Heather stated that her cab would be there soon, and Chance suggested she cancel it, so he could give her a lift instead. She claimed that she hated airport goodbyes. He wanted to keep in contact, and she called him a good guy. He returned the compliment.

Ricky stopped by Avery's hotel room and declared his intent to sue Phyllis. Avery suggested that in addition to a lawsuit for publishing the photos without permission, she could add emotional pain and suffering to the list of charges, since the photos had caused problems for Ricky's family. Ricky implored Avery to try to get every nickel she could, to teach Phyllis a lesson she'd never forget. When Ricky was exiting the Athletic Club, Adam commended him for really delivering, even if their collaboration hadn't worked out as they'd intended. Ricky told him to go to hell, because Ricky was nothing like Adam and would never deal with Adam again.

At Crimson Lights, an angry Paul confronted Ricky, who quickly realized that Paul knew the truth. Ricky defended that he hadn't known he'd been tipped off to take photos of Heather, but Paul blasted that Ricky never should have taken them once he'd found out. Ricky said he'd make it up to her, but Paul yelled that Ricky had destroyed her life, and she was leaving town. Ricky offered to stop her, but Paul countered there were some things that couldn't be undone, and he accused Ricky of not having a shred of decency.

At the office, Phyllis marveled at all the hits the Restless Style web site was getting. Nick overheard and worried that the magazine could be sued. She taunted that he hadn't been able to change Avery's mind after he'd chased after Avery the prior evening. Nick replied that Avery had seen the destruction Phyllis had caused, and Phyllis questioned why he had acquired the magazine if he didn't want to be successful. He said Phyllis had crossed the line again, just like with Devon's story, and he was tired of the collateral damage she created. She claimed she hadn't been responsible for Heather's actions, but he clarified that he was talking about what her impulsive behavior had done to their relationship.

Phyllis bragged that she'd saved Sharon from a lifetime in prison, and she thought Nick should thank her. Nick argued that the memory card, not the photos, had exonerated Sharon. Phyllis quickly noted that she had found the memory card. He said the memory card was the story, but Phyllis had stolen photographs from an attorney instead. She reminded him that they were trying to sell magazines, but he suspected that she'd stolen from Avery to upset her sister.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick was taking Avery's side. He insisted he wasn't, but he wanted Phyllis to see that she didn't have to compete with Avery. Phyllis insisted he had no idea who Avery really was. Avery arrived and served Phyllis with a summons. Avery curtly informed Nick and Phyllis that not only was she suing the paper for publishing the photos without permission, but she was also filing a criminal complaint, because Phyllis had stolen evidence in a criminal defense.

On her way to the elevator, Avery declared that Phyllis would be broke and on her way to prison, but it wouldn't be the first time. Phyllis tossed the summons aside and expressed disbelief. Nick insisted that Avery wasn't the problem, and he chided Phyllis for never considering the consequences. "Want some consequences, baby? Watch this," Phyllis crowed, and she stormed out.

Adam answered his hotel room door to Victor, who knew about his visit with Sharon. Victor asked how it felt to know that Adam no longer had any power over her. Adam ordered him to leave, but Victor stepped inside anyway and said things had changed. Adam expected Victor to insist that Adam leave town, but Victor wanted to give him a reason to stay. Victor suggested that Adam work at Newman Enterprises, but Adam thought it smelled like a trick. Victor stated that his offer was genuine, and he reminded Adam of the saying "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

In her hotel room, Avery collapsed on the bed, but she responded to a knock at her door. Nick asked to speak with her, and she assumed Phyllis didn't know he was there. He wondered if they could handle the situation without going to the police or the courts. Avery assumed that Nick was there to clean up Phyllis' mess, but Nick explained that he owned Restless Style, and he wanted to make things right.

Avery offered to talk to Ricky, but she couldn't make any promises. Nick appreciated it, and she noticed that he was staring at her. He said that sometimes it was tough to believe that she and Phyllis were sisters, and she pointed out that she could say the same about Nick and Adam being brothers. He noted that it was really something to see her in action. She called him sweet, and they suddenly began to kiss and tear at one another's clothing.

Phyllis entered Ronan's office, closed the door, and began to disrobe. Ronan grabbed her and kissed her lustily, but a phone call interrupted their passion, and Ronan put the call on speakerphone. They were stunned when they heard the recording of Nick threatening to kill Diane.

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