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Patty broke into Jack's house. Cane found Chelsea, but then she disappeared. Neil asked Sofia to marry him. Victoria found Billy at the airport, and they made up and made love. Gloria resisted Angelo's advances.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 14, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Katherine stopped by Tucker's condo, but Tucker and Ashley didn't welcome her. Katherine waltzed inside and shared the wonderful news about Delia being in remission from cancer. Ashley rushed out to visit her niece at the hospital. After Ashley left, Katherine told Tucker that she was there to talk about Devon. Katherine explained that Murphy's son had been murdered in the prime of his life, so Murphy had been urging her to reach out to Tucker and make amends. Tucker replied, "With all due respect to Murphy, I don't see that happening."

Katherine reminded Tucker that a relationship with his son and her grandson was at stake. She begged Tucker set aside their differences and unite for Devon's sake. Tucker said he didn't need Katherine's help to get close to his son. Tucker told Katherine that she deserved to suffer because she'd withheld information about Devon's paternity. Tucker claimed that both he and Devon shared common ground because Katherine's actions had disgusted them.

Katherine asked, "Are you going to throw away the one chance for the three of us to reconcile?" Tucker replied, "I will find a way to bring my son into my life without your so-called help." Katherine hesitated at the door before heaving a sigh and walking out. Tucker seemed emotionally shattered after Katherine left.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Devon had a heart-to-heart discussion. Paul explained that he'd told Katherine she was making a huge mistake by not telling him and Tucker the truth. Paul added that he'd even threatened to tell Devon that Tucker was his father if Katherine refused to do so. Paul said that Katherine's decision to withhold the information stemmed from her concern that Tucker might not be a positive influence. Devon concluded that Katherine was no better than Tucker. Paul agreed that Katherine's actions had been misguided.

Paul told Devon that Katherine was excited about finding her grandson and wanted to get to know him before the truth came out. Devon said, "No one else gets a say. I suppose that's how billionaires run things." Paul urged Devon to forgive Katherine and move on.

Devon said that every night, while he had lived in foster homes, he'd pray that his dad would rescue him. Devon added that he'd believe his dad was off somewhere working to save money for a decent place to live and would return for him and his mother. Devon admitted he felt fortunate that Tucker had never shown up. Devon insisted he couldn't have asked for a better dad than Neil. Devon said he didn't need Tucker or Katherine because he already had a wonderful family.

After Paul left, Ashley stopped by the coffeehouse and told Devon that Delia's transplant had been a success. Ashley asked Devon if he was attending her wedding. Devon said he wasn't going and explained that his decision had nothing to do with Ashley. Ashley begged Devon to reconsider because it would mean so much to her and to Tucker to have him be part of the celebration. Ashley told Devon that she didn't want him to someday regret having held a grudge. Devon said he already regretted being related to Tucker and Katherine.

Ashley begged Devon to think things through. Abby arrived and overheard Devon tell Ashley to butt out. Abby asked, "Why are you talking that way to my mom?" Devon shook his head and left. Ashley told Abby that she'd upset Devon after trying to persuade him to attend the wedding. Abby said that Devon might change his mind.

At Gloworm, Adam introduced himself to Genevieve, who told Adam that his reputation wasn't a secret. Adam told Genevieve he was back at Newman Enterprises, and he suggested meeting for coffee sometime to pry corporate secrets from each other. Genevieve laughed heartily and said she'd get back to Adam. After Genevieve left, Abby rose from her seat at the bar and said that Genevieve would be wise to stay away from Adam. Abby cited Adam's attempt to make others appear guilty of Diane's murder as the reason others should avoid him.

Abby mentioned the film shown at the warehouse and told Adam that he had to be the one behind it because he was the only person not present. Adam insisted that he knew nothing about a film or a warehouse. Abby told Adam that he was likely the murderer because he had to have been present in the park to film all nine suspects in the case. Adam said, "I didn't kill Diane, and I wasn't involved in any snuff films, so I am sorry to disappoint you." Abby maintained that she was right about Adam's involvement. Adam grabbed his briefcase and said he'd find a quieter place to work.

After Phyllis and Ronan made love in Ronan's bed, he teased that their relationship was against police regulations. Ronan said he'd try to get the charges against Phyllis dropped by letting the district attorney know that Phyllis had cooperated with the investigation related to Diane's murder. Phyllis noted that the civil case could still move forward. Ronan said he had no control over the civil suit. Ronan promised not to arrest Phyllis for withholding evidence.

Phyllis reluctantly explained that she and eight others summoned to the warehouse had watched a film showing how each person present had acted threateningly toward Diane the night she was killed. Phyllis admitted that the group later destroyed the film. Phyllis noted that Adam didn't appear in the film and wasn't present at the warehouse. Ronan recalled that Adam wasn't present because he hadn't received the text message instructing him to meet at the warehouse. Phyllis said that she and the others believed Adam had orchestrated what had transpired at the warehouse.

As Ronan buttoned the cuffs on his shirt, he told Phyllis he'd share his theory if she promised not to tell anyone. Phyllis agreed. Ronan said, "I'm starting to wonder if someone else is out there pulling the strings on all these stunts. Perhaps someone I haven't yet considered." Ronan added that the unknown person might be Diane's murderer. Phyllis claimed that considering an additional suspect complicated the case. Ronan maintained that his theory would actually simplify the case.

After Nick and Avery made love in Avery's bed at the Genoa City Athletic Club, he received a phone call. When Nick answered, he heard the recorded snippet of himself threatening to kill Diane. Nick was stunned. After the phone call, Nick jumped out of Avery's bed and dressed. Avery pleaded with Nick to let her help. Nick admitted that he'd been involved with Diane before she married Victor. Nick explained that the relationship between him and Diane hadn't ended well.

Nick admitted that Ashley's phone had accidentally recorded an argument he and Diane had had in the park the night she was murdered. Nick added that Ashley had lost her phone the night of the murder. Nick explained that the person who'd found Ashley's phone had replayed the audio of him threatening Diane. Nick acknowledged that Ronan Malloy had also heard the audio. Nick assured Avery that he had not killed Diane. Avery said she didn't believe for a second that Nick was capable of murder.

Avery told Nick that instead of avoiding Ronan, he should have been demonstrating his innocence by being as forthcoming as possible about the recording. Avery explained that Nick had made matters worse by withholding information. Avery agreed to act as Nick's attorney and accompany him to Ronan's to explain what had happened.

Nick knocked on Ronan's door and called out to the detective. Ronan instructed Phyllis to hide in the bathroom. When Ronan opened the door, he noted that Nick wasn't there alone. Avery insisted that she'd heard another voice in Ronan's room and demanded to know who he'd been talking to. Ronan claimed he'd been on the phone. As Nick told Ronan he wanted to discuss the recording, Phyllis listened from the bathroom.

Nick, referring to the recording played to Ronan via a mysterious phone call, said, "That was my voice you heard. I threatened Diane, but I absolutely did not kill her." Nick offered to help Ronan find the killer and hunt down the person responsible for the harassing phone calls. When Ronan asked how Nick planned to help. Nick offered to tell Ronan everything he knew. He also offered to take a lie detector test at the police station. Ronan instructed Nick and Avery to go to the station the next morning to give a statement.

Nick was confused and said he thought Ronan would want to hear what he had to say right away. Ronan said it could wait. Avery suddenly placed her finger near the inner corner of her eye and claimed something was in her eye. She asked to use Ronan's bathroom, but Ronan said, "No!" Ronan claimed his bathroom was a mess, and he directed Avery to a dresser mirror. Avery said she was fine and told Ronan that she and Nick would see him the next day.

After Nick and Avery left, Ronan checked to make sure they didn't linger in the hallway. Ronan signaled for Phyllis to emerge from the bathroom. Phyllis said it was interesting that Nick had agreed to take a lie detector test. Ronan quipped that Avery was a good influence on Nick. Phyllis, sneering, explained that she and Nick weren't together anymore because he was sleeping with Avery. Phyllis added that her sister had slept with Nick to get back at her. Ronan asked if Avery had succeeded. Phyllis rushed forward and began kissing Ronan, and the two fell onto the bed. After Phyllis and Ronan made love, she told Ronan not to mention Nick and Avery.

After Nick and Avery returned to Avery's suite, Nick said that his strategy to help Ronan had not played out as he had intended. Avery explained that she'd spied a high-heeled boot under and chair. Avery added that a woman must have been in Ronan's bathroom, given his refusal to allow access. Nick nodded in agreement, took Avery in his arms, and began kissing her passionately.

In the park, Patty, sitting on a bench, phoned Nick and played the audio snippet from Ashley's voicemail. Nick heard himself threatening to kill Diane. After the call ended, Patty said aloud to herself, "Scared, Nick? You should be." Jack happened by and called out to Myrna, Patty's disguise name. Patty's face was covered with a scarf, and she wore a knit hat pulled below her brow bone. Jack picked up Patty's veil off the ground, handed it to her, and asked, "What's going on?" Jack told Myrna that Genevieve was very fond of her, and he admitted that he'd grown fond of Genevieve. Patty ran away without saying a word.

Genevieve happened by and told Jack that it was odd that Myrna had run away. Jack replied, "Everything about that woman is odd." Genevieve explained that Myrna had been quite shy even before the fire and might have become traumatized after being injured in the explosion. Jack said that despite her circumstances, the woman was very odd.

Jack changed the subject and announced that he and Genevieve should celebrate because Delia's bone marrow transplant had been successful. Genevieve was thrilled to hear the news. Jack said that Delia would likely be a flower girl at Ashley's wedding, and he invited Genevieve to accompany him. Genevieve accepted. Jack begged Genevieve to let him cook for her at his house because everyone was out for the evening. Genevieve agreed, and Jack planted a kiss on her lips.

Patty stood outside the Abbott mansion and fished a key to the front door out of her pocket. Patty said aloud to herself, "Hello, little key. I knew I'd need you again one day." Patty unlocked the door and crept inside Jack's home. In a flashback, Patty recalled being with Jack when she pretended to be Mary Jane, whom Jack adored. Patty picked up a photo of Jack, stroked his face, and said, "Jack, what a fool you are with women." Patty scoffed at the notion of Jack being with Genevieve and added, "When will you ever learn?"

Patty strolled through the sitting room and proclaimed herself to be mistress of the Abbott mansion. Staring lovingly at the photo of Jack, Patty said, "Soon, darling, I promise I'll make it happen for us all over again." Patty sealed the deal by planting a kiss on the photograph of Jack. Patty pretended that Jack had planned an evening of dancing at the Colonnade Room. Still clutching Jack's photograph, Patty said, "Well need to get a sitter for Mr. Kitty." Suddenly, Patty's upbeat mood changed to sorrow when she recalled in a flashback having conversations with her dead, stuffed cat. Patty had recalled telling her deceased pet cat that she'd smashed a bird to death even though she'd promised not to hurt another animal after what she'd done to Mr. Kitty.

Patty snapped out the flashback and held Jack's portrait in front of her face. She said, directing her comment to Jack's picture, "That's what happens when you're bad, but we don't have to worry about that, do we? We're so happy and in love with each other!" Patty hid in the dining room when she heard Jack and Genevieve outside the front door.

Genevieve complimented Jack's lovely home. Jack remarked that he couldn't believe he'd never before invited Genevieve to his home. Genevieve said, "You weren't ready. Inviting me into your home and asking me to accompany you to your sister's wedding are pretty big milestones." Patty shook her head in dismay as she listened to Jack and Genevieve's conversation. As Patty scurried away to avoid detection, she noticed that she'd left her scarf on the back of the sofa.

When the houseman, Ed, arrived with Jack's grocery order, Genevieve accompanied Jack to the front door. Patty covertly retrieved her scarf and ran into a nearby room, out of sight. Jack told Ed that his housekeeper, Mrs. Martinez, had the day off. Jack introduced Ed to Genevieve. Jack suddenly heard his kitchen door slam, and he went to investigate. Jack returned and said he'd found nothing amiss.

Jack took the groceries and headed back to the kitchen. Ed held out a rabbit's foot and told Genevieve he'd found it on the lawn while raking leaves. Ed said he thought that perhaps Kyle had dropped it. Genevieve examined the foot, contorted her face, and said it looked like a cat's paw. After Ed left, Jack called out to Genevieve and invited her to join him in the kitchen. Genevieve tossed the cat's paw into the wastebasket before heading to the kitchen.

After Patty left Jack's, she returned to the park. Patty berated herself for almost getting caught. Patty saw Paul sitting on a bench and stopped in her tracks. She said, quietly to herself, "Pauly." As Patty watched Paul, someone placed a hand over her mouth and pulled her behind some tall bushes. After Paul left the park, Adam removed his hand from Patty's mouth and asked why she had returned. Patty threatened to scream, and Adam told her to go ahead and do so.

Adam reminded Patty that she was a fugitive and couldn't be seen. Adam warned that Paul wouldn't be able to help if authorities caught her and placed her in a straitjacket. Adam told Patty that he knew about the movie she'd made and shown at the warehouse. Adam advised Patty to stop harassing people. Patty apologized.

Adam asked Patty if she remembered being incarcerated at Windcliff, a detention center for the criminally insane. Adam acknowledged having helped Patty escape, but he advised her to leave town immediately because she would become a permanent prisoner at Windcliff if anyone caught her.

Patty listened intently as Adam said firmly, "You have to leave now. You can't see Paul. You can't see Jack." Patty adamantly refused to leave Genoa City. Patty said she couldn't understand why she had to be exiled, because other people had done things to Diane, too. Patty added, "All of them hurt her, especially you, Adam." Patty moved in close to Adam and said, "You leave me alone, or I'll tell everyone what you did." Adam seemed baffled by Patty's threat.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At Gloworm, Michael and Victor met for a lunch meeting. Michael was unhappy with Victor's decision to go ahead with the plan the ship Billy out of the country. Michael handed Victor an envelope containing a fake passport in the name of Benjamin Watson with Billy's photo. Victor was determined to give Billy the passport and have him leave Genoa City to never return to America.

Michael asked Victor to think over what he was doing because it was not only illegal, but a cruel punishment for Billy. Michael asked Victor to let his hatred of Billy go. Michael believed that Billy should be allowed to see Delia and reunite with Victoria if that was what Victoria wanted. Victor said that he loved Victoria and wanted Billy out of her life permanently.

Billy woke up in his motel room and found there was a guard watching over him. The man said Billy was not allowed to leave the room; it was Victor's orders. Billy asked the guard's name and learned he was called Tank. Billy tried to make friends with Tank and discovered that Tank had a daughter named Allison. Billy told Tank that he had a little girl, too. Billy explained to Tank that Delia had been very sick lately, and Billy had provided a bone marrow donation for Delia to fight her cancer.

Tank wondered why Victor wanted to keep Billy away from Delia. Billy revealed that Victor wanted Billy to keep away from Victoria and because of that, Victor was keeping Billy from Delia. Billy confessed that Delia had been very brave throughout the ordeal, but Billy wished he could have been there for her. Billy admitted to Tank that he'd never be able to escape from him, but Billy wanted to see Delia before Victor shipped him out of the country. Billy wanted to be certain that the transplant had been successful.

Kevin and Chloe visited with Delia. Chloe showed Delia the flower girl dress she'd picked out for her. Chloe was excited about Delia being released from the hospital. Chloe told Delia that she would be the thing that made the wedding special. Esther arrived to see Delia. Esther told Chloe that she had to get busy if the wedding was going to be on Christmas Eve. Delia wondered if Billy would be upset about the wedding. Chloe said that Billy had married Victoria, so it was all right.

In her hospital room, Delia asked Grandma Esther about marriage, and Esther admitted that she'd never been married. However, Esther told Delia that marriage was great and that Kevin would make Chloe and Delia very happy. Delia yawned, and Esther urged her to take a nap. Esther walked out of the room and passed Tank in the hallway.

Tank pushed Billy in a wheelchair into Delia's room. Tank said that Billy had five minutes for a visit. Billy watched Delia sleeping, saying how pretty she was and how very proud he was of her for being so brave throughout the hospital stay. Billy told Delia a secret; he was working with another good friend who loved Delia, too, and they were trying to fix things so Billy could return to Delia very soon. Billy was in tears as he promised that he would be home with Delia all the time in the future.

In Myanmar, Cane was asking a bartender about Chelsea. Cane learned that she'd quit her job and would not be returning. Cane asked some local surfers if they recognized Chelsea's photo. They claimed that they'd never seen Chelsea. Cane asked them to stop lying and answer the question, but another man who was watching from across the room was intimidating them. They walked off as a uniformed man confronted Cane and wondered why he was looking for Chelsea. When the man threatened to arrest him, Cane agreed to stop asking questions and leave.

At a police station in Myanmar, Jill and Victoria spoke with an official to find out if Billy had been there. The official acted disinterested and had no information about Billy when he was shown a photo. The man pretended to search his computer and then said he had no information about Billy. Jill put some money on the desk and suggested the man might want to go out to lunch after they were through. Victoria offered to buy some wine for the man, as well, and placed more bills on the desk.

The man collected all the cash and put it in the drawer. He then checked the computer again that told Jill and Victoria that Billy had been arrested for illegal drug trafficking. He explained that Billy had been put in jail, but then had disappeared without a trial. There was no record of a release or an escape. Jill asked where Billy had been before the arrest. They were directed to a local surfer beach.

Jill and Victoria went to a beach bar, and it was the same the one where Cane had been searching for Chelsea. Jill and Victoria were determined to ask the patrons about Billy. Victoria and Jill had no luck finding anyone who remembered Billy. A stranger approached and wondered why they wanted to find Billy. Jill said that Billy was her son and Victoria was married to him. The guy claimed that he knew where Billy was hiding out.

Victoria was skeptical, so the man showed Victoria that he had Billy's money clip. He claimed that Billy wanted him to sell the money clip for food and supplies. Cane overheard the man arranging for Jill and Victoria to meet the man in an hour, then he'd take the ladies to see Billy. Alone together, Victoria told Jill that she felt horrible that she'd divorced Billy when he was in trouble. Jill was also guilt-ridden. Jill and Victoria committed to doing whatever was necessary to help Billy. Cane listened to them and contemplated what to do.

Angelo arrived at Gloria's office to check on how business was going. Gloria said the restaurant was stocked up for the holidays. Angelo gave Gloria some chocolate caramels and tried to make a pass at her. Angelo told Gloria that Jeffrey had not treated her well. Gloria avoided Angelo's advances by saying she had to get to work.

In the dining room, Gloria greeted Michael and Victor. Angelo told Michael and Victor that he was Gloria's partner in the club. Michael was shocked that Gloria had allowed the mob guy to buy into the restaurant. Gloria said that she'd take care of Angelo. Victor received a call from Ronan to go to the station.

Angelo assured Gloria that he would be there for her and promised to treat Gloria like a queen. Gloria held Angelo off by explaining that Jeffrey had just left her, and she needed time to heal. Gloria said she was not ready to get involved with anyone. Angelo said that he'd grow on Gloria in time. Angelina interrupted them to ask her father for money. When Angelo asked about Angelina's singing lessons, Angelina had criticism for Devon's instructions.

Kevin and Chloe went for a walk in the park. Kevin thought Chloe had been amazing for Delia throughout the entire cancer ordeal. Chloe appreciated how Kevin had been so supportive, including being the bone marrow donor. Chloe was grateful that Kevin put up with her moods, too. Chloe believed that if they could be so good when times were tough, they'd be even better when life was good for them.

Later, Chloe and Kevin went to Gloworm. Angelina turned on the charm and flirted with Kevin. Kevin introduced Angelina to Chloe. Angelina asked Kevin to make her a drink, like he had the other night. Chloe told Angelina to back off, but Angelina was undeterred and wondered why Chloe wasn't wearing an engagement ring. Kevin said that he loved Chloe and would be marrying her. Angelina was ticked off when Chloe and Kevin left without telling her. Angelo continued pursuing Gloria, but she pushed him away by stuffing chocolate caramels into his mouth.

Alone in Gloria's office, Kevin told Chloe that he did need to get her an engagement ring. Chloe didn't think it was necessary. Kevin went to the desk, then got down on one knee and put a paperclip bent into the shape of a ring onto Chloe's finger. Chloe was charmed. Kevin and Chloe kissed passionately. Kevin mentioned that they hadn't made love since getting engaged, so they began to undress. Kevin locked the door, then he and Chloe made love on the couch.

In the park, Ronan stopped a homeless woman to ask if she'd lost a gold bracelet. The woman hadn't, but she said a lady had asked her about a missing bracelet. When Ronan showed her a picture of Victoria, she said that Victoria had been the woman asking about the bracelet. Ronan gave the homeless lady a reward, and she gave him Victoria Newman's business card, which Vicki had given to her.

Later, Victor and Michael were sitting in Ronan's office. Ronan said a witness had told him that Victoria had been desperate to find a bracelet that she'd lost in the park. Victor said Victoria had misplaced her bracelet, but found it. Ronan wondered if Victor would help him track down Victoria because she was not in her house. Victor said he didn't keep track of Victoria's travels.

Ronan received a call and told Victor and Michael that Victoria had flown to Myanmar. When Ronan stepped out, Victor called Victoria's phone but got voicemail. Victor was concerned that Victoria was traveling in such a dangerous place. Michael and Victor left without saying anything to Ronan. At Billy's apartment, Michael and Victor knocked but got no response. Victor kicked the door in and discovered that Tank was not there -- and neither was Billy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Myanmar, Jill and Victoria were waiting at the beach bar to hear from their source about Billy's whereabouts. Victoria received a text message from Victor, saying that he would be flying to Myanmar to make sure she was safe. At Billy's motel room, while Victor was texting Victoria, Michael was concerned that Tank and Billy were missing. A few minutes later, Tank arrived with Billy in tow. To cover up the fact that Tank had let Billy out so he could see Delia, Tank punched Billy in the jaw. Tank then explained that he'd found Billy at the corner.

Victor received a call from Victoria, who said that she was fine. Victoria told her father that she was searching for Billy. Victoria revealed that she was with Jill, but that they'd found nothing and would be leaving. Jill took the phone and told Victor not to be concerned. Jill declared that she'd take Victoria home safely.

Victoria took the phone back and mentioned to Victor that she and Jill were going to stop in Thailand on the way back. Victor cautioned Victoria to be careful. After hanging up, Victoria told Jill that she had bought some time for them to find Billy before Victor became overly suspicious. When Billy asked Victor about the phone call, Victor lied and said that Victoria was in New Mexico, visiting with Sam.

Jill called Lauren and said she was out of town. Jill asked if Lauren would pick up a couple of items from her desk and take them to the Winters christening. Jill evaded the question about where she was even though Lauren asked her twice. Later at Crimson Lights, Victor and Michael had a cup of coffee. Michael learned from Victor that Victoria had gone to Myanmar. Lauren appeared and said that she'd done an errand for Jill, and Michael mentioned that Jill had flown to Myanmar with Victoria. Victor said that they would be flying home very soon.

After Victor left, Michael said he was glad that he had run into Lauren. Michael explained that he was relieved that he didn't have to spend the day fixing a problem for Victor. Michael proposed Lauren spend the afternoon with him. Later, back at their apartment, they were in bed together. Lauren urged Michael to enjoy that they were playing hooky.

After Victor and Michael left Billy's motel room, Tank thanked Billy for covering for him with Victor. Billy asked Tank to repay the favor by letting him go. Tank said he couldn't do that. Billy wondered where Victor would dump him, since he was determined to ship Billy out of Genoa City. Tank didn't know, but Billy feared that Victor wanted to hurt him. Tank believed that Billy was a good guy.

Billy confessed to Tank that he'd messed up, and Victor was intent to make Billy suffer for his mistakes. Billy explained how he and Victoria had lost Lucy and why Billy blamed himself. Tank was sympathetic. Billy felt that he'd acted like a coward by running away. Billy believed that Victoria had turned to Sam because Billy had left her. Billy hoped the next day would be a special one for Victoria because it was her birthday.

Jill and Victoria left the bar to meet the man who claimed to know where Billy was. They were unaware that they were being followed. The man appeared at a deserted location, and he asked Jill and Victoria to follow him. When they refused, the man pulled out a knife. He threatened to have them thrown in jail for drugs. He intended to frame them by planting drugs on them.

Jill realized that the man had framed Billy in the same way. Before the man could harm Jill and Victoria, Cane hit him over the head with a plank. The man fell to the ground. Jill and Victoria were shocked to see Cane in Myanmar. Cane urged Jill and Victoria to leave with him. Back at the bar, Jill tended to Cane's hand, which had been injured in the fight. Jill wanted to keep searching for Billy. Victoria feared that Billy was already dead.

At the Myanmar police station, the same official whom Jill and Victoria had met with before suggested to them that Billy was probably dead. Cane thanked the man for the information. Victoria and Jill were devastated. Cane felt sympathy and said he had to tell them something. Cane said that he didn't think that Billy was dead. Victoria said that she needed proof that Billy was alive. Cane thought it was too dangerous to remain in Myanmar. Cane convinced Jill and Victoria to fly home with him.

At Gloworm, Tucker and Ashley were excited about going to Moses Winters' christening. Tucker confirmed with Gloria that Sofia and Neil were having a post-christening reception at the restaurant. Tucker offered to pay for the reception as a gift for the new parents. Gloria said she'd bill Tucker.

Ashley thought Tucker's gift was very thoughtful. Tucker felt that he owed it to Neil for having been a good father for Devon when Tucker never knew that Devon was his son. Ashley asked Tucker if he was prepared for the christening. Tucker was unsure about seeing Devon again, admitting that he regretted having not known Devon when he was a child.

Before the christening, Devon and Roxy met Lily at Crimson Lights. Lily wondered if Devon was all right about seeing Tucker at the christening and Tucker being named Moses' godfather. Devon said it was what it was, then he walked to the counter. Lily and Roxy suspected the Devon was upset about the Tucker situation.

Olivia went to Neil's with the christening gown for Moses. Sofia loved the outfit, and Sofia took the baby into the other room to dress him. Neil and Olivia discussed Malcolm. Neil said that he had never meant to hurt his brother by getting involved with Sofia. Neil admitted, though, that he was thrilled to be a father again. Neil felt that Sofia had given up a lot by telling the truth and he appreciated her.

Sofia told Neil that she enjoyed living with him, but mentioned that she'd be moving back to her apartment after the holidays. Lily, Devon, and Roxy went to Neil's. When Olivia asked her about Cane, Lily explained that Cane had gone out of town. Devon told Olivia that he had not been spending time with Tucker because he didn't consider Tucker his real father. Neil urged everyone to head out to the church for the service. Lauren arrived with Jill's gift for the baby. Lauren remained behind with Neil and gave him the special gift that Jill had gotten for Neil to give to Sofia.

At the church, everyone was there but Tucker. Ashley and Tucker arrived a short time later. In the foyer, Ashley and Tucker noted that they'd be getting married there the next day. When they entered the hall, Sofia introduced the minister to Tucker and Ashley. The ceremony began. Neil and Sofia officially named the baby Moses Depre Winters.

Victor walked into the church and watched the ceremony from the doorway. The minister's words struck both Devon and Tucker when he spoke of spending time with a child during the formative years. The minister completed the service. Neil thanked Sofia for everything she'd done for him. Neil said hello to Victor and thanked him for showing up. Victor handed Neil a christening gift for Moses.

Tucker posed for pictures with the baby, and Olivia noticed that he was very good with Moses. Devon continued to be reluctant to warm to Tucker. Olivia thought that, given the opportunity, Tucker would have been a good father to Devon. Sofia carried Moses to Victor, and Neil invited Victor to join them at the reception. Victor couldn't make it, but thanked them for the invitation.

At the reception, Tucker proposed a toast to Moses, Sofia, and Neil. Neil announced that he was thrilled to have a baby boy, and he would always be grateful to Sofia. Neil then handed Sofia a gift. Sofia opened it and found a beautiful necklace featuring Moses' birthstone. Neil put it around Sofia's neck and then kissed her.

Later, Lily congratulated Sofia and Neil, and so did Olivia, then they left. Tucker spoke to Devon and asked him to reconsider attending the wedding the next day. Devon was still cool to the idea. Ashley suggested that Tucker give Devon some space and time to adjust to the new reality.

Neil tried to pay Gloria for the reception, but Gloria explained that Tucker had already picked up the tab. Neil was grateful, but Tucker said he was glad to do it and proud to be part of Moses' life. Tucker and Ashley left, then Roxy and Devon. Sofia was overjoyed about how well the christening had turned out. Neil asked Sofia to stay with him permanently because he didn't want to be a part-time parent. Neil proposed that they get married.

Tank and Billy were talking, and Tank pointed out that the truth was always revealed in the end. Victor appeared and informed Billy that he would be sent to New Delhi. Victor was putting Billy into a retreat, somewhere that he could reflect on his life. The place had no amenities and no electricity. Billy would be cut off from the rest of the world. Billy didn't want to go.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cane, Victoria, and Jill were on the plane flying home to Genoa City with a stopover in New York. Jill was concerned because Victoria was depressed. Victoria felt that they'd made a mistake by leaving Myanmar without having found Billy. Victoria feared that Billy was dead and blamed herself to not flying to Myanmar as soon as she heard that Billy had been spotted there.

Victoria wondered if the Myanmar police official was telling them the truth about Billy probably being dead. Jill assured Victoria that Billy was not dead. Jill was anxious to have the State Department take over the search for Billy. Jill was confident that Billy had found a way to wriggle out of trouble because he had a history of landing on his feet.

At Billy's motel room, Victor handed Billy a passport and said he would be better off at the monastery in India where Victor was sending him. Victor told Billy that he'd have a chance to reflect on his life. Billy disagreed. Victor was certain that Victoria would never forgive Billy for the mess he had gotten into in Myanmar and he was better off in India.

Billy regretted that he'd never given Victoria a chance to forgive him. Billy said he'd made a mistake by leaving Victoria. Victor had no sympathy, so Billy asked Victor to leave because he could not understand what Billy had with Victoria. Billy wondered if Victor was enjoying the idea of shipping Billy out of the country on Victoria's birthday. Victor said it was the best gift he could give to Victoria.

After Victor left, Tank told Billy that he thought Victor had been especially nasty. Tank explained that he had to get Billy to the plane. Billy confided in Tank that he had a friend in Myanmar who was trying to clear his name. Billy asked Tank to let him make one phone call. Tank went to the bathroom so Billy could make the call without Tank officially "allowing" him to use the phone. Billy plugged in the receiver to the phone and dialed out. Billy left a message on Cane's phone that he was being shipped out of the country to India. Tank returned to the room and told Billy they had to leave. Billy went along without a fight.

Delia was depressed that she was still in the hospital. Kevin and Chloe sympathized and tried to cheer her up. The doctor arrived and announced that Delia would be allowed to leave the hospital. Delia was overjoyed. The doctor had instructions for Chloe, including that Delia could not go to school until she was stronger. The doctor was happy that Delia had recovered.

Kevin stepped out and started to make a phone call. Victor came up behind him and Kevin stopped dialing. Kevin explained that Delia was going to be released from the hospital. Kevin admitted that he had been reporting to Billy about Delia's progress. Victor said that Billy was leaving the country, and Kevin didn't need to call Billy any longer.

At an airport bar in New York, Jill, Cane, and Victoria were hanging out in between flights. Jill offered to give Victoria her seat on the plane, since Victoria had been bumped. Victoria said she was fine and would spend a couple of days in Manhattan. Cane called Kevin and learned that Victor was sending Billy to India. Cane told Kevin that he'd been unable to find the woman who could clear Billy in Myanmar, but he had run into Jill and Victoria. They'd all flown back together and were in New York.

Kevin told Cane to tell Victoria and Jill that Delia was being released from the hospital. Jill and Victoria were overjoyed to hear about Delia. Cane and Jill left Victoria so they could make the flight back to Genoa City. Victoria remained in the New York bar by herself. Victoria recalled meeting Billy at the same bar over a year before. They'd been there drinking green beer. In the present, Victoria checked her phone for messages, but there was nothing from Billy.

Billy walked into the airport layover bar with Tank. They were killing time before Billy's flight to India. Billy ordered two mugs of green beer. Tank read a text message and told Billy that Victor wanted Tank to remain with Billy for the entire time he was in the monastery. Tank was ticked off about the assignment and announced that he was quitting.

Tank asked Billy to give him some time to create a cover story for Victor, then Billy could go off on his own. Victoria returned to the bar and sat at her table. Meanwhile, at the bar, Billy drank his beer and contemplated what to do. Billy was awash in memories of Victoria. Victoria was also thinking about Billy. Victoria nearly saw Billy at the bar. When Victoria was ready to leave, she saw Billy at the bar. Billy turned and saw Victoria, too.

At Gloworm, Ronan was sitting at the bar when he saw Nina, Paul, Chris, and Chance arrive for lunch. Nina approached Ronan and said she had meant what she'd said before about not forcing him to be part of the family. Nina instead said she'd be polite to Ronan, nothing more. Over lunch, Paul mentioned that he'd be alone for Thanksgiving, since Chance, Nina, and Chris were all flying to Washington, DC.

Chance suggested that they swing by the hospital to see Delia before going to the airport. Chris said she'd meet them on the plane. Nina and Paul left while Chance confronted Ronan. Chance told Ronan that he was stationed at the Pentagon for training. Before leaving, Chance asked Ronan to make up his mind about having a relationship with Nina -- or not. Chance didn't care about Ronan's intentions; he just wanted Nina not to be hurt any more.

Esther was startled when Murphy entered the living room. Esther assumed he and Kay were out to lunch. Murphy said that Kay was in the greenhouse, tending to her flowers because she was upset about not being invited to Tucker and Ashley's wedding. Esther mentioned that she was anxious about Delia being released from the hospital. Esther was cleaning like a fiend to get ready for Delia's return. Murphy was very upset that Jill had disappeared from Genoa City when Delia needed her grandmother. Murphy believed Jill was unconcerned about the other people in her life.

Jill and Cane were on the flight back to Genoa City. Jill was frightened about Billy's fate. Cane said that there was no evidence that Billy had died. Jill seriously believed that Billy was dead because Billy would have returned home to see Victoria and Delia. Cane was confident that Billy was still alive. Jill became emotional and started to cry about Billy.

Unable to keep up the lie, Cane told Victoria that Billy was not dead. Jill appreciated that Cane was being positive, but Cane said that he knew for certain that Billy was alive because he'd been speaking with him. Jill was shocked and angry at Cane for lying to her. Cane said that he had needed to keep Billy's confidence. Cane defended Billy to Jill and asked her not to be upset with Billy.

In Delia's hospital room, Victor told Delia that many people were happy to hear that she was getting out of the hospital. Delia hoped that she'd see her daddy when she went home. Chloe tried to explain why Billy hadn't been to visit Delia. Victor listened as Delia wondered if she'd been a bad girl and that was why Billy had not stopped by to see her. Kevin fumed as Victor didn't say anything while Delia was in tears about Billy. Delia said that she was afraid that her daddy would never see her again. Victor invited Delia to visit the ranch to see Pinkerton, the pony he'd bought for her.

At the ranch, Kevin drove Chloe and Delia to the stables. Victor led out Pinkerton, so Delia could see the pony from inside the car. Delia asked to go home. Kevin was upset and gripped the steering wheel. Chloe stepped out of the car and apologized to Victor, explaining that Delia was tired. Chloe thanked Victor for having been so kind to Delia. Kevin told Chloe that he would be staying at the ranch because he needed to speak with Victor.

After Chloe drove off, Kevin confronted Victor to say that Billy belonged with Delia. Kevin lashed out at Victor, saying that Victor had the power to reunite Billy with Delia. Victor warned Kevin not to challenge him. Kevin knew he couldn't beat Victor, but he asked Victor to let Billy return home for Delia's sake. Kevin believed that Delia might be scarred for life, thinking her father had never loved her enough to visit when she was desperately ill. Kevin walked off, and Victor's phone rang. Tank was checking in and asked why Victor hadn't wanted Billy to know that Victor had ordered Tank to let Billy go.

Back at the Chancellor house, Nina, Chance, and Paul were happy to hear that Delia was on her way home. Paul said goodbye to Nina, since she was going off to DC. Chance told Murphy that he'd warned Ronan not to give Nina a hard time ever again. Delia and Chloe returned home, and Chance said he had to leave to catch a plane.

Chloe explained to Delia that Chance was a brave soldier and had to go. Chance asked Delia to make sure that everyone had fun each day while he was gone. Chance also asked Delia to send him drawings. Chance hugged Delia goodbye. Chance and Nina went with Murphy to see Kay. Delia asked Chloe to read her the monster book, Billy's favorite.

At Gloworm, Chris confronted Ronan to find out why he'd requested a transfer out of Genoa City. Ronan refused to answer her question. Chris accused Ronan of chickening out of the chance to get to know Nina. Paul returned to the restaurant and found that Chris was still there. Paul assumed that she had a few choice words for Ronan. Paul offered Chris a ride to the airport. Later at Crimson Lights, Ronan called the FBI and requested that his transfer out of Genoa City be canceled.

Friday, November 18, 2011

At the church, Tucker spoke with Ashley on the phone, and he jokingly demanded that she marry him that night, or else. She shrugged and nonchalantly stated that she had no other plans, and he said he'd see her soon. Ashley hung up, and Olivia presented her with a gift to open later. Olivia left for the church, and she let Traci in on her way out. Ashley was pleasantly surprised, because she'd thought all the planes from New York had been grounded. Traci explained that she'd been on the last flight out.

Abby greeted Tucker at the church and remarked that he'd sounded tense when he'd asked her to meet him, but he blamed it on the connection. He wanted to whisk Ashley off to his own private island as a surprise, but he was afraid Ashley wouldn't go, because of her duties at Jabot. Abby agreed to help him convince Ashley to enjoy their honeymoon.

Ashley was thrilled that both Abby and Traci were there to help her get ready. Abby proclaimed that the occasion also required a matron of honor, and she said she'd already ordered an extra bouquet for Traci. Ashley and Traci hugged, and Abby declared that she wanted Ashley to have a perfect wedding full of surprises. Ashley hopefully asked if Abby thought Devon would show up, but Abby didn't think it was likely.

At Gloworm, Genevieve and Jack shared some pre-wedding champagne. Genevieve commented that she had to work up courage to be his date, because the guest list was quite elite. She thought the event would remind her that marriage could be a pleasant thing for some people. Jack asked if Genevieve planned to share Thanksgiving with Cane, and when she expressed doubt, he offered to spend time with her on the holiday. Traci called and asked where he was, and Genevieve urged him to go home.

Jack joined his family and announced that it was a great night, since Delia had returned home, Jabot was in Abbott hands, and Ashley was about to get married. Ashley forlornly stated that someone was missing. Traci, Ashley, and Abby all expressed their concern about Billy, and Jack promised to redouble his efforts to find Billy. Ashley tended to last-minute wedding preparations, and Jack informed her that Tucker was waiting at the church. Ashley vowed not to cry, and she expressed joy that her family was excited for her.

At the Winters home, a nervous Sofia fretted that she couldn't find the rings, but Neil reminded her where she'd placed them. He assured her that everything would go as planned and that Moses would be fine with the baby nurse. He observed that things had been odd between them since he'd mentioned marriage. She noted that there were all types of families, and Moses could have two parents without a marriage license. Neil countered that they could do even better by showing Moses that his parents were united in wanting the best for him.

Later, at the church, Sofia advised an anxious Tucker to keep his eyes on Ashley's face during the ceremony. He called the Winters home, and Neil answered. Tucker hoped Neil would relay to Devon how much Tucker and Ashley would like Devon to be at their wedding, but Neil said Devon had made his decision. Tucker thanked him anyway, and Neil offered his congratulations. Neil hung up and told Olivia about Tucker's request, but he felt that Devon was a grown man. Olivia thought Tucker had been making an honest effort to get to know Devon.

Tucker grumbled to Sofia that his call to Neil had been a long shot, but Sofia urged him to never give up. He commented that she sounded like a parent, and she admitted that Moses had changed her. Tucker was impressed by how Neil had stepped up, and Sofia remarked that family was important to Neil. Tucker sensed that there was more on her mind, and she confessed that Neil had suggested that they get married, but she didn't know how someone could recite vows if they were a lie. Tucker said he respected Neil's point of view, but he didn't want to see her in a loveless marriage. He realized from her expression that it wouldn't be loveless on her end. She tried to drop the subject, but he said time could change everything, and Neil's love for Moses could lead elsewhere.

Genevieve arrived at the church and greeted Tucker. He noted that she hadn't changed much, and she hadn't expected that they would finally run into one another at his wedding. She found it funny that they had both ended up in Genoa City and that she was dating Ashley's brother. Sofia interrupted, and Tucker introduced the women. Genevieve congratulated Tucker, who left with Sofia to prepare for the wedding.

Katherine ran into Devon at Crimson Lights. She assumed he wasn't going to Tucker's wedding, and she thought he'd made a wise decision. Devon understood that Katherine didn't want Devon to cut Tucker any slack, but Katherine hoped Devon would soften toward his biological family, though she warned him that Tucker was a manipulator. She claimed that Devon had been the reason she'd tried to make amends with Tucker, but Tucker had been confident he could work things out with Devon on his own. Devon realized that Katherine was simply hurt that she hadn't been invited to the wedding, and he didn't want to be involved in Tucker and Katherine's feud.

Neil confided to Olivia that there had been tension between him and Sofia since he'd mentioned marriage. He said it had been a practical suggestion, but Olivia pointed out that Sofia had just gotten divorced. Neil acknowledged that it was too soon and that it hadn't helped to discuss it right before a wedding. Olivia recommended that Neil accompany her to the church, so he could speak with Sofia before the ceremony. Devon arrived and disclosed that he'd just run into Katherine. Olivia left for the church, and Devon revealed that Katherine had encouraged him not to attend the wedding. Neil informed Devon that Tucker had called, and he opined that Tucker and Katherine weren't just going to disappear.

Neil told Devon that Tucker had hoped Devon would attend the wedding. Devon balked, and Neil accepted that Devon had the right to make his own decisions, but he counseled that being an adult meant doing things Devon didn't want to do, like calling his birth father. Devon asked why Neil was pushing the issue, and Neil explained that he didn't want the resentment between Katherine and Tucker to affect Devon. An exasperated Devon made a beeline for the door.

A gorgeous Ashley appeared in the church doorway, and Tucker looked mesmerized as she walked down the aisle. Everyone in the church burst into laughter when the solemn wedding march suddenly morphed into a perky, upbeat version of the tune. As Ashley reached Tucker, Devon arrived in the back of the church. Tucker smiled as Devon sat next to a beaming Olivia. The priest began the ceremony.

Tucker and Ashley exchanged vows and rings. The priest affirmed that they were husband and wife, and Tucker and Ashley kissed while the guests applauded. Meanwhile, Harmony entered the vestibule and approached the doors to the church, but Neil stopped her. Neil ordered her to walk away and not ruin the evening. Harmony refused, and he threatened to carry her out. She dejectedly left.

Tucker took Ashley aside and thanked her for showing up, saying yes, and looking beautiful. She said that he looked pretty hot, too. Tucker announced to everyone that it was time for Ashley to visit his private island and that he'd already made the arrangements. Abby and Jack revealed that they'd already planned to cover all of Ashley's meetings and appearances.

Traci introduced herself to Genevieve, while Jack remarked that Ashley was glowing. Genevieve unenthusiastically stated that Tucker and Ashley made a handsome couple. Sofia commented to Olivia that she'd never seen Tucker so happy. Olivia mentioned Neil's marriage suggestion, and Sofia revealed that she thought Neil might be right, and she planned to say yes.

Abby complimented Devon's last-minute entrance, and she was grateful that he'd made Tucker and Ashley very happy. Tucker and Ashley posed for wedding photos, and he asked if she was responsible for Devon's presence. She informed him that it had been Devon's decision to show up. Tucker wanted to tell Devon how much that meant to him, but the photographer stopped him to take more shots. Traci and Abby joined the couple for photos, while Devon and Tucker exchanged a glance.

Katherine arrived home and was surprised to find Jill sitting on the couch. Jill recounted that she'd been with Victoria, looking for Billy, and while the situation hadn't been pretty, she was relieved that Billy was alive. The women hugged. Jill left a message for Victoria, saying she had good news about Billy. Jill realized that Tucker and Ashley's wedding was that night, and she asked if Katherine had been invited. Katherine replied that she hadn't, and she revealed that in her hurt and anger, she'd done something she wasn't proud of.

Jill scoffed at the idea that Katherine could feel regret. Katherine pointed out that Jill wasn't in a position to judge, given her disastrous parenting history with Billy. Each exchanged barbs about the other being a bad mother. Jill twisted the knife by saying it was too late for Katherine to make amends with Tucker, who was getting married without Katherine present.

Katherine told Jill to take her parental judgment and stuff it, but Jill backed down and pointed out that they should focus on Delia, rather than their own petty battles. Katherine realized that fighting was a reflex for both of them, and they amicably apologized to one another. Katherine worried that she'd crossed a line in the Tucker debacle, and Jill asked how bad it was. Katherine confessed that she'd convinced Harmony to return to town, and she had invited Harmony to stay at the Chancellor mansion.

Billy stared at Victoria at the airport bar, and she gasped that he was alive and raced into his arms. Victoria marveled that Billy was safe, and he admitted that he'd gotten mixed up in the wrong place and with the wrong people. Victoria revealed that she knew what had happened, because she was on her way back from Myanmar. He was upset that she'd put herself in danger, but she argued that she had known something was wrong, and she had been determined to find him. He silenced her with a kiss. She asked where he had been since he'd been released from prison.

Billy explained that he had been released, but he hadn't been able to return to Victoria until that night. She asked if he'd heard about Delia's illness, and he said he'd read Victoria's emails a thousand times, and all he'd wanted was to be with Victoria and Delia. Victoria inquired why he'd left in the first place, and he claimed that he wasn't good enough for either one of them. Victoria ordered Billy not to give her a stupid excuse, because he'd made her think they were getting back together, but he'd slinked out like a coward.

Billy conceded that he'd gotten a little lost, and he hadn't wanted to cause Victoria any more pain. She sarcastically said that losing him and missing him had been a lot of fun. Victoria snapped that staying away hadn't been his fault, but leaving had been. A flight attendant announced that all flights had been grounded for the rest of the evening. Victoria grabbed a hotel voucher, glared at Billy, and stormed off.

Victoria had problems getting her hotel room key card to work, while Billy appeared in the hallway. He commented that he was in the room next to hers. She finally opened the door and slammed it behind her, and Billy entered the adjoining room. She opened her side of the double doors that led to Billy's room, but his side was locked. After she closed her door, he did the same thing, and they each glumly stood alone on opposite sides of the locked doors.

Later, Victoria donned a hotel robe and hovered next to the adjoining door. Billy, clad in a similar robe, did the same on the other side. He opened his door, and forlornly shut it when he saw that her door was still closed. She opened her door and pondered knocking on his, but hesitantly closed and locked it instead. They both grappled with whether to reach out to one another. Suddenly, she and Billy both opened their doors simultaneously, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss. They tore off one another's robes and fell onto her bed.

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