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Phyllis told Avery that their parents had forced Phyllis to leave home. Patty drugged Jack. Victoria blasted Victor for trying to destroy her marriage, and she quit her job. Adam framed Victor for Diane's murder. Ronan arrested Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 21, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Neil escorted Harmony away from Tucker and Ashley's wedding. Later, at Crimson Lights, Neil had a frank discussion with Devon's biological mother. Harmony explained that she'd stayed in Genoa City because she wanted her son in her life again. Neil heatedly clarified that Devon was his son because Harmony's parental rights had been terminated. Harmony glared at Neil when he told her that she hadn't changed one bit. Neil warned that he wouldn't let Harmony disrupt Devon's life.

At the reception, Abby asked Devon why he'd changed his mind and decided to attend the wedding. Devon said that Neil had urged him to attend because Tucker yearned to build a relationship with his son. Devon admitted that for years, he'd dreamed of finding his biological father. Abby said that perhaps she and Devon should ease up on Tucker because he seemed to have changed for the better.

Jack, with Genevieve at his side, tapped his champagne glass to garner the wedding guests' attention. Jack acknowledged that it was awkward to pose a toast to an absent bride and groom. Jack said he had a newfound appreciation for Tucker because Tucker had stood by Ashley. Genevieve said she was charmed by Tucker's decision to whisk his bride away on a romantic honeymoon immediately following the ceremony. Jack met the edge of his glass to Genevieve's and said, "I'll take that as a challenge." Outside a window at the Abbott mansion, Patty seethed as she covertly watched the goings-on.

Patty scurried away when she saw departing wedding guests heading to the front door. Before Abby left, she told Traci that she was traveling to Los Angeles to fulfill her mother's personal appearance commitments. Traci offered Abby a ride to the airport. Traci noted that she was flying to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with her in-laws. Jack mentioned that Kyle had gone on a ski trip with a friend and his family. Jack sadly added that no one knew where Billy was.

After the guests left, Genevieve promised to share Thanksgiving with Jack at her house. Jill stopped by and announced that she and Victoria had traveled to Myanmar and learned that Billy had been imprisoned there. Jill explained that Billy had been freed and was still alive, though she didn't know where he was. After Jill left, Jack grew even more concerned about Billy. Genevieve agreed to stay with Jack.

After Sofia, Olivia, and Devon left Jack's, they stopped at Crimson Lights. Through the doorway to the patio, they noticed Neil having a heated discussion with Harmony. Devon approached Harmony and noted that he wasn't aware she had returned to town. Harmony greeted Olivia, who wasn't pleased to see her nephew's mother. Harmony explained that her new name reflected positive changes in her life. Sofia met Harmony.

Neil explained that he and Sofia shared a son together. Sofia remarked that she couldn't imagine not having her son, Moses, in her life. Devon, directing his comment to his mother, said, "Harmony didn't have that experience, did you?" Harmony apologized to Devon, and he reminded her that she'd promised to leave him alone. Harmony claimed she was worried about Devon. Devon explained that he had people in his life that cared about him, and he had all the support he needed.

After Harmony left, Neil explained to Sofia, Olivia, and Devon that he'd escorted Harmony away after she turned up at the church. Olivia was appalled by Harmony's attempt to intrude on a family celebration. Devon said, "She just shows up, makes a mess, and then leaves." Neil told Devon he was proud that his son had changed his mind about attending the wedding. Devon said, "I always hope to make you proud, Dad."

Neil and Sofia returned home to be with Moses. Sofia said she'd been thinking about Neil's proposal. Before Sofia could complete her statement, Neil cleared his throat and apologized for pushing the issue. Sofia said that they should marry for Moses' sake. Sofia moved closer to Neil and accepted his proposal to marry. Sofia placed her head on Neil's shoulder. Neil seemed at a loss for words.

Traci and Abby stopped by Crimson Lights on their way to the airport. Abby told Devon she would be away for a while. After Abby and Traci left, Olivia asked Devon if he thought Harmony had intended to cause trouble at Tucker and Ashley's wedding. Devon said he didn't know, but he added that it was odd that Harmony had suddenly surfaced after so many years had passed without her making any effort to reconnect with Tucker. Olivia criticized Harmony for sending Tucker an anonymous note letting him know he had a son. Devon explained that Harmony hadn't wanted to trap Tucker after he'd told her he wanted nothing more to do with her.

At the Chancellor estate, Kevin stopped by to check on Delia and visit with Chloe. Katherine and Jill praised Kevin for donating life-saving bone marrow to Delia. Kevin headed upstairs. After Kevin left the room, Katherine listened as Jill talked about how much she regretted having sent her sons away to boarding schools. Jill noted that she'd been an abysmal parent, and she blamed herself for Billy's actions. Jill said she hoped Billy wasn't repeating with his own child the mistakes she had made with him.

Upstairs in Chloe's room, Kevin learned from Chloe that Delia was resting and doing well. Kevin braced himself before admitting that he hadn't donated his bone marrow to Delia. Chloe was shocked to learn that Billy had been the actual donor. Kevin explained that Victor had facilitated Billy's return from Asia in exchange for his promise not to let anyone know he'd returned to Genoa City. Kevin added that Victor had damning evidence against Billy and was using it as leverage to ensure Billy's compliance with Victor's plan. Chloe became enraged when she recalled how Delia had cried out for Billy. Kevin explained that Billy had hated not being allowed to stay by his daughter's side.

Chloe asked Kevin why he'd posed as the donor, and he explained that Victor had feared that Chloe would search for the donor in order to show her appreciation. Kevin insisted that he'd agreed to the plan because he wanted Delia to have the best chance possible to fully recover. Chloe was crushed when she learned about Victor and Kevin's involvement, but she blamed Billy for putting his daughter's life at stake by acting irresponsibly.

Chloe sobbed when she remembered Delia thinking that her father had abandoned her because she was ill. Kevin admitted that Billy had visited Delia several times. Kevin said he was relieved that the truth was out, and he asked Chloe not to mention Billy's involvement. Chloe was uneasy about lying. Kevin warned that the fallout regarding whatever Victor had against Billy could affect Delia and Victoria. Chloe, distraught, asked Kevin to leave.

Harmony returned to Katherine's after her run-in with Neil and Devon at Crimson Lights. Harmony told Katherine what had happened and said that returning to Genoa City might have been a bad idea. Katherine agreed that it would not be easy for them to reconnect with Devon, but she added that their goal was to foster a relationship with their son and grandson. Katherine added that, based on Harmony's encounter, it just might be possible. Harmony said she feared she'd make a mess of her life again. Katherine advised Harmony not to panic.

Harmony reached out to take a sugar cube from a tea tray with her hands. Katherine admonished Harmony and said, "Not with your hands, darling." Harmony clamped a single cube with a pair of tongs and slipped it into her tea. Katherine nodded her approval. Harmony said she didn't want to mess things up with Devon more than she already had. Katherine said excitedly, "There's hope! Devon actually went to his father's wedding. If his heart is softening toward his father, it bodes well for the two of us." Katherine begged Harmony to stay longer and give Devon a fair shot. Harmony agreed to stay.

In a New York hotel room, Billy and Victoria made love. Billy admitted to Victoria that he, dressed as Santa Claus, had kissed her the night she had become drunk at the Halloween party. Billy admitted that his bone marrow, not Kevin's, had been used to save Delia's life. Victoria was confused and asked Billy if he had kept his presence a secret to avoid being with her. Billy cried that he'd desperately wished to comfort Delia and be with Victoria.

Victoria was surprised to learn that Billy had been forced to make an agreement in order to be freed from a Myanmar prison. Billy added that after being tested and proven to be a donor match, he'd agreed to stay away from Genoa City, his daughter, and Victoria. Billy noted that he'd made a deal with a devil. Victoria cried, "Oh, my God; my dad." Victoria sadly recalled that Victor had stood by and watched her and Delia suffer while they both expressed wishes to be reunited with Billy. Billy scoffed that Victor thought he knew what was best.

Victoria asked Billy why he hadn't approached her, so they could have dealt with the situation together. Billy said Victor made him believe that Victoria had moved on and was with Sam. Victoria forlornly noted that Billy most likely had little faith in their relationship. Billy said he'd seen Victoria with Sam. Victoria explained that Sam had comforted her because she was distraught over Billy's absence. Billy learned that Sam had returned to New Mexico and was with Sharon and Faith. Billy said that Victor had lied to him and claimed Victoria had gone to New Mexico to be with Sam.

Victoria admitted that she was torn between taking Billy back in her arms and walking away from him forever. Billy insisted that it wasn't too late for them to pick up where they'd left off. Victoria said she was done with Billy, and she warned him not to make promises he couldn't keep. Victoria pushed Billy away and cried, "I want you out of my life!" Billy, sobbing, apologized. Victoria, unable to fight her true feelings, raced toward Billy and embraced him.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor instructed Adam to take over some of Victoria's responsibilities in her absence. Adam asked where Victoria had gone, but Victor said it was none of Adam's business. Adam asked Victor how long Victoria would be away. When Victor skirted the question, Adam noted that Victor must not know the answer. Victor angrily told Adam to get back to work. Adam seemed suspicious.

Jill stopped by Victor's office and told him that Victoria had stayed behind in New York after being bumped from their flight. Jill added that Victoria wanted to spend some time alone. Victor asked if Victoria had mentioned where she might stay or how long she might be gone. Jill said that Victoria had seemed exhausted and might be resting. Jill reported that when she'd tried to reach Victoria, her cell phone had gone immediately to voicemail. Victor seemed unnerved by Jill's news.

Victor poured himself a drink and paced around his office. Jill took a seat, and Victor commanded her to tell him everything about the trip to Myanmar. Jill told Victor what had happened and said she knew Billy was alive. She mentioned the false drug charges against Billy and said that no other charges were on record. Victor thanked Jill for stopping by and for helping Victoria. After Jill left, Victor phoned Victoria, who was snuggled in bed with Billy. Victoria glanced at her caller identification and chose not to answer the call.

Patty approached Adam at Newman Enterprises' parking garage. Adam ordered Patty to stay away from him. Patty held fast to Adam's arm and said, "I've done a lot for you, Adam, and now you're going to do something for me." Genevieve phoned and told Myrna, who was actually Patty, that she wouldn't be returning home. Genevieve instructed her housekeeper to lock the doors for the night. After the call ended, Patty told Adam that the caller was her employer, Genevieve. Patty said, "God, I hate that woman. She's spending the night with Jack -- again. I need you to help me get her away from him."

Adam suggested that Patty leave town immediately because she was a runaway from a psychiatric facility and had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Adam threatened to phone police and let them know where to find Patty. Adam explained that police would figure out that Patty had been in town when Diane was murdered.

Adam warned Patty that police would piece the puzzle together, as he had, and determine that Patty had murdered Diane. Adam told Patty that she wouldn't want her brothers and Jack to call her a murderer. Patty told Adam that she had been present the night of the murder and had evidence that would interest police. Patty again asked Adam to help her and insinuated that she had evidence against Adam that he wouldn't want police to see.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victoria awakened in Billy's bed at the motel in New York. Billy entered and told her that the flights were cleared, and he wanted to fly home to see Delia as soon as possible. Victoria also wanted to fly home so she could confront Victor for what he'd done to her. On the flight home, Victoria called Reed and wished him a happy Thanksgiving. Billy was relieved to be reunited with Victoria. When Victoria said she was ashamed of Victor for having kept Billy apart from Delia, Billy asked Victoria not to be too hard on Victor. Billy didn't want to be caught in the middle of Victoria's fight with Victor. Billy said that he'd done something unforgivable. Victoria asked Billy to tell her everything that had happened in Myanmar.

Billy said that there had been a girl. Once Victoria learned that Billy was not in love with that other girl, she forgave Billy. Victoria said she didn't need to hear about what he had done while he was gone. Billy said he only wanted to be with Victoria. Billy promised to never let Victoria down again. Billy wanted to celebrate Victoria's birthday when they went home. Victoria was hopeful that Billy would be returning to their home. Victoria revealed that she had a dog, but Billy explained that he was already acquainted with Keely. Billy apologized for mucking up their marriage. Victoria believed they could overcome their problems. Victoria said she loved Billy more than anything.

Alone in the office, Victor called Nikki and left a message on her phone that he missed her. At Crimson Lights, Cane met with Lily, glad that he was back in Genoa City. Lily was surprised that Cane had forgotten that it was almost Thanksgiving. Cane said he had no plans to spend the holiday with his mother. Lily told Cane about the twins, and Cane was glad that Lily was not upset that he'd had to go out of town on business. Lily said she trusted Cane and knew he was a good man. Lily asked Cane if he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family.

Myrna informed Genevieve that she'd finished the Thanksgiving dinner for two that Genevieve had ordered for herself and Jack. Genevieve was pleased that Myrna had plans to go out. Jack went to Gloworm to pick up Genevieve's favorite champagne for dinner. Angelo objected when Jack asked to put the cost on his tab, but Gloria intervened and explained to Angelo that Jack was a special customer. Later, at Genevieve's, Jack arrived and kissed her lovingly. Patty watched them from the window.

Over dinner, Jack told Genevieve about his father. Genevieve admired John Abbott. Genevieve was curious that Jack never spoke about his past marriages. Jack explained that Patty, his first wife, had suffered a serious break with reality and disappeared. After dinner, Jack and Genevieve sat on the couch and were overcome with exhaustion. They fell asleep. Patty skulked back into the house and pulled Genevieve away from Jack. Patty sat beside the passed-out Jack and cuddled against him.

At Gloworm, Kevin told Gloria, Michael, and Lauren that he and Chloe were fighting, so he wouldn't be having Thanksgiving at the Chancellor mansion. Lauren and Michael assumed that Chloe would forgive Kevin in time. Michael spoke privately with Kevin and realized that Chloe was mad at Kevin because he'd told her the truth about Billy being Delia's bone marrow donor. Kevin said that the truth should be revealed, and everyone should know Victor's manipulative ways. Kevin declared that Victor was a sadist. Just then, Victor entered the dining room. Kevin stepped aside. Angelina told Kevin that she would be performing later. Angelina perked up when she heard Kevin and Chloe had had a fight.

Devon ran into Harmony at Crimson Lights. She wished him a happy Thanksgiving, and he said he would be with Neil and the Winters family. Harmony said she'd be at Kay's for the holiday. Devon questioned Harmony's relationship with Kay. Harmony explained that she'd been invited because Kay wanted to get to know her better, since they were actually extended family. Devon assumed that Kay and Harmony were intent on pressuring him. Harmony said that was not the case and left after again wishing him a happy holiday.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe was upset about Kevin. Esther and Jill were disagreeing about setting the table for Thanksgiving. Kay spoke privately to Chloe and learned that she'd had a fight with Kevin. Kay assured Chloe that she could trust in Kevin because whatever he had done, he had to have had a good reason. Chloe decided to find Kevin and said she'd be back in time for dinner.

Jill, Kay, and Murphy set the table, but Jill was upset about Harmony. Kay told Jill that Harmony had been invited for dinner, and Jill had to be accommodating. Harmony appeared just as Jill referred to Harmony as a crack addict. When Harmony returned to the kitchen, Kay told Jill to rein in her jealousy. Kay declared that she was not using Harmony, but Jill felt differently. Harmony walked in and asked if she was creating a problem for them. Without waiting for an answer, Harmony announced that she was going to an A.A. meeting for Thanksgiving, where she would feel the spirit more than at their dinner table. Kay was furious with Jill for making Harmony feel unwelcome.

At Gloworm, Michael apologized to Victor for involving Kevin in the Billy scheme. Victor said that the Billy situation had changed. Michael learned that Victor anticipated that Billy would turn up in Genoa City very soon and visit Delia. Victor also believed that Victoria and Billy had reunited. Victor was still determined to keep Victoria away from Billy because Billy would never be good enough for Victoria. Lauren greeted Victor and invited him to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Victor explained that he would not be spending the holiday with his children, but he'd made other plans.

Angelina noticed that Kevin was stressed out about Victor. Angelina tried to comfort Kevin. Chloe arrived and told Angelina to back off because Kevin was her fiancÚ. Chloe ordered Angelina to leave Kevin alone. Chloe kissed Kevin as a sign that she'd forgiven him. Later, Angelo asked Chloe about Delia's health and was happy to hear that the child was home and doing better. Chloe and Kevin announced they were leaving to go to Kay's Thanksgiving dinner. Angelina watched them leave then told Angelo that she was unhappy.

Michael wasn't pleased with Angelo's influence on Gloworm, but Gloria explained that she was making the best of the situation. Gloria was still upset that Jeffrey had left her. Michael turned to Lauren and gave her a big kiss. Lauren was surprised and asked why he'd done that. Michael explained that he was grateful that she was sane.

At Neil's apartment, he was playing with baby Moses, telling his son that he wanted him to go to Stanford University, Neil's alma mater. Sofia noticed that Moses loved being in his father's arms. Sofia said she was looking forward to Thanksgiving with the Winters family. Later, Devon arrived at Neil's and was glad to see his new little brother, Moses. Devon mentioned that Harmony was spending Thanksgiving at the Chancellor mansion, a guest of Kay's.

Cane, Lily and the twins showed up for dinner. Sofia and Neil mentioned that they had made two gravies. Devon teased Neil and Sofia about their fighting. Neil announced the he and Sofia had gotten engaged. Later, alone with Neil, Lily and Devon questioned their father about getting married to Sofia. Neil said it had been his idea, but Lily and Devon were concerned that Neil was compelled to marry Sofia only to make a traditional family for Moses.

Devon received a text message from Angelina about her music lesson. Devon explained that he had to leave. Neil told Sofia that he was going out to get some pies for dessert. Sofia asked Lily if Neil was all right, and Lily said yes.

Neil saw Harmony speaking with a drug addict on the curb outside of Crimson Lights. Neil said that Harmony was up to her old tricks. At the counter, Harmony confronted Neil and said that she had not been up to her old tricks. Harmony was simply speaking with someone who had accepted her without judgment. Devon arrived at Gloworm, and Angelina said that she was ready to sing. Angelo told everyone that Angelina had a special holiday song for them, one Devon had written for her. Angelina sang horribly, but to Angelo's ears, she sounded beautiful. Angelo was moved to tears.

Chloe and Kevin arrived back at the Chancellor mansion in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Kevin thanked Chloe for forgiving him. Chloe said that after dinner, she wanted to discuss the secret that Kevin had asked her to keep about Billy. Victor showed up for dinner, and Kay welcomed him. Victor asked Chloe about Delia and learned that she was doing much better.

Delia wished that her daddy would be home for Thanksgiving. Victor commented that Billy might be back very soon. A short time later, the door to the mansion burst open, and Victoria and Billy rushed in. Billy called out for Dee-Dee, saying that he was home for good. Delia was excited to see Billy. He scooped her into his arms and hugged her tight. Victor and Victoria exchanged a look.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Billy was overjoyed to be home and reconnecting with Delia. He explained how much he'd missed her and apologized for not returning sooner. Victor abruptly announced that he had to leave, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Billy told Delia how sad he'd been that she was hospitalized while he was away. Jill embraced Billy and said she was glad to have him home.

Kay said they all had a lot to be thankful for and asked everyone to follow her into the dining room for the Thanksgiving meal. After dinner, Delia was tired but didn't want to leave Billy's side. Billy promised that he'd be around and urged Delia to go upstairs to rest. Privately, Chloe told Billy that she knew what had happened, and he wasn't off the hook with her. Back home, Victor left a message for Nikki, pleading with her to call him back.

Kay asked Billy to explain where he'd been. Victoria offered that Billy had gone to Myanmar, where he'd been framed for drugs. That was why Billy had not returned for Delia. Billy admitted he was not proud of what he'd done. Kevin said that Delia was grateful to have her father home, and Kevin had never seen her so happy. Billy apologized to everyone for having screwed up. There were more questions, but Billy announced that he was anxious to go home with Victoria, and that was what he was going to do.

Billy hugged everyone goodbye, then in the foyer, he spoke with Kevin. Billy assumed that Chloe had forgiven Kevin for keeping Billy's secret. Billy was pleased that Kevin and Chloe were working out their relationship. Billy thanked Kevin for having helped him through the ordeal with Victor. Outside the front door, Billy wanted to take Victoria home, but Victoria was intent on confronting Victor. Billy wanted to go with Victoria, but she said she had to go alone.

Avery sat down at a table for one at Gloworm, having Thanksgiving alone. Avery called home and spoke with her father. Avery claimed she was working on a case and would not be seeing Phyllis. Avery sent her love to her parents and then said goodbye.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was alone with Lucy when Ronan walked in to buy a cup of coffee. Ronan was pleased to see Phyllis and asked about her plans for the holiday. Phyllis said she and Lucy were alone, and she had to go to the prison for Lucy to visit with Daisy. Ronan said his big plans were to work on the Jenkins case. Phyllis invited Ronan to go to her home later for pizza. Ronan agreed to join Phyllis as long as they didn't harp on past Thanksgivings. Phyllis agreed.

Adam went to see Patty at the mansion and discovered that Patty had drugged Genevieve and Jack. Adam reminded Patty that she could not draw attention to herself because there was a warrant out for her arrest. Patty wanted Adam to help her keep Jack away from Genevieve. Adam told Patty she had to leave town.

Patty threatened to tell the cops that she knew what Adam had done to Diane on the night she died. Adam dared Patty to call the cops. Patty said she had more patience than Adam, but when Adam dared her to dial, Patty backed down and promised to leave Genoa City. However, behind her back, Patty had her fingers crossed. Adam left thinking that he'd intimidated Patty into heeding his warning.

At Newman Enterprises, Patty pretended to be a cleaning lady and got into the offices after hours. Patty went into Adam's office and planted evidence in his desk. Patty said to herself that Adam would be the one who had to leave town. Later, Patty placed a call. Ronan answered his phone and heard Patty say there was evidence in the Jenkins murder case. Patty urged Ronan to search for evidence in Diane's murder at the Newman Enterprises' offices. Before leaving Crimson Lights, Ronan thanked Phyllis for the dinner invitation, but said he had to work after all.

Jack and Genevieve woke up on the couch. They were stunned that they'd passed out from the turkey dinner. Genevieve said she'd had weird dreams. Jack had, as well, recalling that there had been two people arguing. Jack thought he and Genevieve were very comfortable together, since they had fallen asleep like that. Genevieve agreed and they embraced happily.

Later, Billy greeted Jack when he visited. Jack was thrilled that his brother was home. Jack asked Billy to explain why he'd been away and told Billy that Delia had been miserable without her father. Billy didn't want to answer questions. Jack understood and backed off because he was really pleased that Billy had returned. Jack asked Billy if he'd shared his return with the rest of the family. Billy wanted to tell Ashley and Traci himself.

At the prison, there was a security lockdown, and Avery was not allowed to see Daisy. In the visitor's room, Avery ran into Phyllis and Lucy, who'd just seen Daisy. Avery told Phyllis that she'd called their father for Thanksgiving. Avery recalled that Phyllis had left the family on Thanksgiving, making it very painful for their father. Avery said that each year that passed had been more painful for the family.

Phyllis asked Avery what she was supposed to do. Phyllis claimed that she couldn't bear what their father had done. Phyllis declared their father had been a liar and a thief. Avery said she'd been forced to grow up fast because of Phyllis leaving the way she had. Phyllis believed that Avery was mimicking everything their mother had ever said about their father.

Phyllis revealed to Avery that their parents had pushed her away. Phyllis couldn't live with the lie that their father was innocent. Avery contended that since they were a family, they should have stuck together. Phyllis said she was ashamed of her parents, and Avery needed to know the truth. Phyllis said her parents had let her down and worse.

Phyllis wondered why Avery had never tried to get their father off, since she was a defender of the innocent. Phyllis knew Avery had read the court reports about their dad. Avery broke down and admitted that their father had been guilty. She conceded that he'd done it and had deserved his punishment. Phyllis was stunned that Avery had finally realized the truth. The lockdown ended, and they were allowed to leave. Phyllis offered to wait for Avery so they could go out together. Despite the invitation, Avery left alone.

Victoria confronted Victor about what he'd done to her and Billy. Victoria said it had been reprehensible. Victor refused to back down. He reminded Victoria that Billy had left her. Victor wanted to tell Victoria what Billy had done while he was away in Myanmar. Victoria declared that Billy was back and would not be leaving again. Victoria also knew about the girl on the beach.

Victor said everything he'd done had been to protect Victoria. Victor said that he had dirt on Billy. Victoria didn't care. Victoria accused Victor of having turned his back on everyone in their family, even Nikki. Victor reminded Victoria that he'd forgiven Nikki for all her indiscretions and he'd forgiven his children for suing him for $500 million each. Victoria said her love for Billy was something that Victor could never understand. Victoria resigned from the company, claiming that she was done with the firm and done with Victor.

Back home with Billy, Victoria told him that she was furious with her father. Victoria said that she'd never let Victor hurt their marriage again. Billy took down the painting over the mantle and hung the painting of Victoria in a Playboy bunny costume. Billy loved the way it looked. Billy and Victoria kissed happily.

Adam confronted Patty in the garage at Newman. Patty was shocked the Adam had followed her. Adam said he'd thwarted Patty's plan to frame him for Diane's murder. Adam had found the evidence that Patty had planted in his desk. Adam told Patty that the building had security cameras, which had tipped him off to the fact that the cops were on their way to do a search. Adam had taken the evidence from his desk and watched for Victor's secretary to open the safe. He had then distracted her and placed Patty's evidence in the safe. Adam was thrilled that Patty had helped him frame Victor for Diane's murder. Adam thanked Patty.

At the Newman Enterprises office, Ronan instructed his police squad to begin searching for evidence. Ronan walked into Victor's office. Victor arrived at the office and found Ronan conducting the search. Ronan explained that he'd discovered a syringe and a drug in Victor's safe. Victor demanded to call his attorney. Ronan said that Victor could call from the police station.

After Jack had gone, Genevieve was surprised when a cat appeared in her home. Genevieve assumed it had wandered in through an open door. Jack returned and said he wanted to spend the evening with Genevieve. Jack was surprised to see the pussycat, but when Genevieve said she liked the cat, Jack approved.

Chloe complained to Kevin about Billy. Kevin said that there was too much drama and asked Chloe to knock it off. Jill, Kay, and Murphy discussed Billy, and Murphy told the women to forget about questions and accept that Billy was back. Nikki returned to the ranch and called out for Victor.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not broadcast an original episode of The Young and the Restless. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not broadcast an original episode of The Young and the Restless. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at, we want you to know that we are so thankful that you choose to get your soap opera information from us. Your support over the years has been amazing. We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving

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