The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 12, 2011 on Y&R

Neil and Sofia got married, but Neil disappeared. Victoria and Billy discussed adoption. Nick punched out Deacon in public. Jack proposed to Genevieve. Ronan and Phyllis received footage showing a passed-out Nikki in the park on the night of Diane's murder.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 12, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, December 12, 2011

In a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Deacon prompted a drunken Nikki to smile for a staged wedding photo. Deacon forced a reluctant Nikki to kiss him, but she pulled away. Deacon said, "We're just getting started, aren't we?" Nikki slapped Deacon and replied, "Like hell, we are!" The officiant and his assistant gasped.

Deacon slapped Nikki's rump playfully and claimed that his wife enjoyed being slapped. Deacon asked to be alone with his new bride. Deacon told Nikki that he had a limousine waiting to take them to a restaurant, so they could begin their honeymoon in style. Seething with anger, Nikki replied, "You're going to start it, and you're going to finish it all by your damn self!"

At the coffeehouse, Avery was miffed at Nick for rushing off to defend Sharon. Avery claimed that she wasn't at all interested in Nick, but he chased after her. Nick assured Avery that he didn't want Sharon or Phyllis. Before Avery could respond, Nick received a news alert on his phone about his mother's marriage to Deacon. Nick showed Avery the photo of Nikki, faking a smile, standing next to Deacon.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy assured Victoria that Restless Style's readers had been informed that hackers were responsible for the online story claiming that Nikki had been questioned by police regarding the murder of Diane Jenkins. Victoria cried that the story had already "gone viral." Victoria was horrified when Billy showed her the news story about Nikki's marriage to Deacon.

Phyllis read Billy's retraction of the planted story and scoffed at the statement claiming that the person responsible for the malicious attack on the magazine would be tracked down. Ronan phoned and invited Phyllis to his room. Phyllis promised to meet Ronan later.

Phyllis stopped by Billy's and told him that his magazine would never have been hacked if she'd been in charge as editor. Phyllis hinted that Billy needed her and suggested that she could take the blame whenever Billy felt the urge to drag Victor through the mud. Billy scoffed at Phyllis' proposal.

In the visitation room at the jail, Sharon told Victor that Nikki had married Deacon Sharpe in Las Vegas. Victor seemed devastated. Victoria and Nick arrived, so Sharon stepped out. Victoria suggested that alcohol was to blame for Nikki's decision to marry Deacon. Victor mentioned the damming article in Restless Style, but Victoria explained that Billy hadn't written or published the article. Victor assured his children that the police had no evidence on Nikki. Nick said, "I guess the authorities are having as difficult a time as we are trying to believe that you killed Diane."

Victoria defended her mother and insisted that Nikki had acted out of desperation. Nick criticized his mother and claimed that she didn't seem to appreciate Victor's support and devotion. Victor sighed heavily and explained that Nikki had been to hell and back. He begged Nick to forgive his mother. Nick blamed Deacon, and he threatened to fly to Las Vegas to confront Deacon.

Victor begged his son not to seek revenge because it would make matters worse. Victoria added that an already fragile Nikki would be caught in the middle. Nick threatened to throw his mom back into rehab, but Victoria explained that all they could do was shower their mother love and kindness until she was ready to face her problems. Victor begged Nick to stand by his mother.

After Nick and Victoria left, Nikki showed up. She was drawn and pale. Before Nikki spoke, Victor said, "I heard." Nikki, her voice weak, replied, "I can explain." Nikki slumped into a chair directly across from Victor and said she knew what he probably thought about her. Victor replied, "No, you don't."

Crying and struggling to speak, Nikki said there was so much she was unable to explain. Victor told Nikki that she had clearly done what she'd thought she had to do. Nikki told Victor that she had never meant to hurt him. Victor asked Nikki to leave. Nikki agreed, rose from her chair, and summoned the guard to open the door. Victor seemed devastated. In the hallway, Nikki braced herself against the wall.

Sharon returned and told Victor that they hadn't finished their conversation. Victor told Sharon that he couldn't change what had happened. Sharon asked, "What Nikki's done, or what you've done?" Victor maintained that he'd done the right thing. Sharon noted that Victor seemed more disappointed and sad rather than angry that Nikki had married Deacon. Victor explained that Nikki was confused and out of control. Sharon asked how long Nikki had been out of control, and she suggested that Victor was covering for Nikki. Victor sighed deeply.

Sharon told Victor that she knew he hadn't killed Diane. Sharon added that she realized Victor had confessed because he thought Nikki had committed the murder. Victor asked Sharon to leave. Sharon told Victor that she wouldn't let him take the blame for something Nikki had done. Victor told Sharon that it was none of her business, and he summoned the guard to escort him back to his cell. Sharon vowed not to let Victor spend the rest of his life in prison. Victor told Sharon to leave him alone. After Victor was led away, Sharon said aloud to herself, "No way."

Nikki returned to the hotel suite she and Deacon shared at the Genoa City Athletic Club. She told Deacon that Victor thought she'd married Deacon because she was an out-of-control drunk. Deacon said, "You did it for love. It's the love for your daughter, but you'll come around." Nikki told Deacon to go to hell. Deacon pulled a gold wedding band out of his pocket and placed it on Nikki's finger. Nikki protested and said she should not be expected to wear it. Deacon kissed Nikki's hand and told her she should look and act like she was his wife in every way.

Nikki broke away from Deacon and warned him to stay away from her and her bed. Nikki told Deacon that she was his wife in name only because he'd blackmailed her into marrying him. Deacon claimed that he'd never stopped caring for Nikki. Livid, Nikki grabbed her wallet, withdrew a handful of credit cards, and offered them to Deacon. He insisted that he hadn't married Nikki for her money. Nikki told Deacon that money was all he would get. Before Nikki disappeared into the bathroom, she threw down her wallet and yelled, "Take it all!" Deacon collected the stack of credit cards and slipped them into his pocket.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon called out to Avery when she arrived and invited her to have a drink. Avery explained that she was about to exercise in hopes of relieving stress. Sharon explained that nothing had been able to relieve her stress. Avery noted that Sharon hadn't been successful with her plan to trick Adam into admitting that he had not seen Victor kill Diane. Sharon insisted that she would have had Nick not shown up. Avery took partial blame and admitted that she'd told Nick where Sharon was. Sharon shrugged. Avery added that she'd had no idea that Nick would react so intensely.

Avery bristled somewhat when Sharon claimed that, as usual, Nick had blown everything out of proportion. Sharon told Avery that Nick was using Adam as a reason to keep Faith away from her. Sharon boldly maintained that she would not let Nick win, and she asked Avery to represent her in a custody battle against Nick. Avery made several groundless excuses before admitting that she'd been dating Nick. Sharon seemed surprised, and Avery explained that she and Nick had grown close during Sharon's trial. Sharon cried that she would never have mentioned the custody suit had she known about Avery's involvement with Nick. Sharon said that she still needed Avery's help with Victor's case.

At the Abbotts' house, Nick and Victoria discussed their parents' increasingly bizarre behavior. Nick said he couldn't believe Victor was not livid after learning that Nikki had married Deacon. Billy walked downstairs and added, "The Newman family definitely hasn't cornered the market on insanity." Billy claimed that getting hacked hadn't been the most bizarre experience he'd had in a single day. Nick had to leave, so Billy took a seat beside Victoria and comforted her while she tried to make sense of her mother's decision to marry Deacon. Billy urged Victoria to be supportive of her mother, and Victoria agreed it would be the best plan.

Billy mentioned to Victoria that Phyllis had stopped by and asked to be rehired. Victoria said that Phyllis had a lot of nerve, especially after she'd taken Lucy away. Billy added that Phyllis had left a wave of destruction. Victoria warned that Phyllis had better not ever show up at their house again. Victoria was distracted, but Billy persuaded her to forget their problems for a time and enjoy being together.

Victoria and Billy kissed, and he offered to give Victoria a back massage. Billy and Victoria mused about living the life of Jim and Margaret in Father Knows Best. Billy whispered an idea into Victoria's ear, and the couple acknowledged that their risqué version of the show would have to air on pay-per-view cable. Victoria began kissing Billy and quipped that their show might stretch out to an hour.

After Billy and Victoria made love on the sofa, Victoria said she just wanted to forget about her parents for a while. Victoria kissed Billy and suggestively told him that because he'd cooked dinner, she'd handle their dessert. Billy continued kissing Victoria, and they began making love again.

Ronan greeted Phyllis with a steamy kiss when she arrived at his motel room. Phyllis slipped out of her red dress, and Ronan gently pushed her backward until the couple fell onto the bed. After Ronan and Phyllis made love, Phyllis teased that they were fortunate Ronan was working from home because they would have been arrested if they'd made love at his office. Ronan told Phyllis that he'd make love with her anytime and anywhere. Ronan added that he no longer had an office because he'd been fired.

Phyllis said she wasn't surprised to learn that Walsh had persuaded the police department to fire Ronan after he set out to determine the truth. Ronan added that he'd also been suspended from the FBI. Ronan noted that Victor's confession was deemed a "win" for the district attorney. Phyllis added that the district attorney was an elected official who sought public support. Ronan acknowledged that he posed a threat because he'd sworn to catch the person who'd committed the crime. Phyllis listened intently when Ronan admitted that he had intended to arrest Nikki at the Newman ranch before Victor confessed. Phyllis suggested that Victor was trying to protect Nikki.

Phyllis explained that Nikki and Victor had a connection even though they sometimes divorced and became involved with other people. Ronan said he didn't doubt that Victor would lie to protect Nikki, but he needed to determine whether or not Victor was indeed lying. Phyllis said she knew Ronan wouldn't give up until he uncovered the truth. Ronan noted that Phyllis wanted to uncover the truth as much as he did. Phyllis admitted that the journalist in her wanted to know what had really happened. Ronan said that a detective and a journalist working as a team could find Diane's murderer, and he invited Phyllis to "go rogue with him." Phyllis agreed to help Ronan, and they began making love.

Nick later caught up with Avery at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nick told Avery that his meeting with Victor hadn't gone as he thought it would. Nick, frustrated with his mom, said he planned to work out his frustrations in the gym. He invited Avery to join him, but she said she'd just left the gym, though she added that she still felt tense. Avery told Nick about her encounter with Sharon and admitted that she'd told Sharon about their relationship. Nick said he didn't care because he was through with Sharon.

Avery told Nick that they wouldn't be seeing each other anymore. Nick asked Avery if she truly wanted their relationship to end. Avery claimed that it should end for many reasons. Avery explained that she was working with Sharon to help Victor. Avery also noted that another of Nick's ex-wives was her own sister. Nick dismissed Avery's reasons as obstacles that shouldn't stand in the way of what she truly wanted. Nick kissed Avery, and she kissed him back.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

At the Christmas tree lot, Billy and Victoria searched for a retro tree. Victoria and Billy noticed that Phyllis was there with Lucy. Victoria went to Phyllis and said hello. Victoria asked if she could greet Lucy. Phyllis handed the tot to Victoria and Billy and Victoria cooed over the girl. Later, Victoria couldn't get over how nice it was to see Lucy again. Billy urged Victoria not to dwell on their having lost Lucy. Billy noticed Gloria working on the lot. When Billy asked if Gloria was working there, Gloria ducked the question and walked away. Phyllis saw Avery across the way and had a flashback of the two them as children, buying a Christmas tree. Avery approached Phyllis and Lucy, but only to remind Phyllis that she needed to go to the prison to for Lucy to visit Daisy. Phyllis said she was ordering a tree before going to the prison.

Genevieve was surprised to see Gloria at the lot, but before Gloria had to answer any questions, Genevieve saw Lily and Cane appear with the twins. Genevieve approached them, but Cane rushed off rather than give Genevieve any time to see the twins. Lily stopped and asked if Genevieve if she was all right. Genevieve explained that it was Samantha's birthday. Cane remembered the date, too. Lily was sympathetic, seeing Genevieve had tears in her eyes when mentioning her late daughter. Genevieve invited Lily, Cane and the children to her home to trim Genevieve's tree. Cane said they had plans. Genevieve understood. She wished them a Merry Christmas and then walked off. Lily felt bad for Genevieve and urged Cane to be kind to his mother considering the season and the anniversary of his sister's death.

Jack called Genevieve's home and wanted to speak with Myrna. Patty was emotional hearing Jack's voice. Jack asked for advice about buying a gift for Genevieve. Patty had no suggestions. Jack asked her to call him if she had any ideas. Patty hung up the phone and hugged it to her heart.

Later, when she got home, Myrna lied to Genevieve, saying that nobody had called. The doorbell rang and Genevieve was overjoyed that Cane and Lily were there with the twins. Later, they were all on the couch Lily asked Genevieve about Cane's childhood. Genevieve offered to show Lily some family photos. Cane was stunned that his mother had pictures from his childhood. Lily looked at pictures of Cane and Caleb as children, but she couldn't tell the differences between the twins. Genevieve remembered that Cane had been the happy child compared to Caleb. Cane was impressed that Genevieve had specific memories of his childhood. Lily found a picture of Cane with Samantha. It was one of the last photos of Samantha and Lily thought that she looked happy in the image. Genevieve said that Samantha had been lucky to have Cane as a big brother.

Over hot chocolate at Crimson Lights, Kyle confided to his father that he was not into Christmas because Diane was gone. Jack understood how Kyle felt. Jack said he'd felt the same way after John had passed away. Jack explained that Christmas was a great time of year and Kyle should enjoy it. Kyle said that he could not get over the fact that Victor had killed his mother. At the Christmas tree lot, Jack was surprised to see Gloria and she was happy to see Kyle. Gloria mentioned that she missed John, Kyle's grandfather. Gloria told Kyle that John loved to brag about his children and grandchildren. Jack agreed with Gloria, that John was very proud of Kyle. Kyle left to say hello to a friend. Jack looked at the trees and suddenly John appeared to him.

Jack asked John how he should comfort Kyle about the loss of his mother. John said that Kyle needed to grieve in whatever way he felt was right for him. John explained to Jack that in life taking shortcuts was wrong because experience mattered. John said that Kyle had to experience the pain of losing Diane and there was no way for Jack to spare him. Jack wished he could be a father like John had been. John told Jack that someday Kyle would look at Jack with the admiration John saw in Jack's eye. Kyle came back to Jack and he suggested that the two of them climb a mountain.

Patty sat in church, speaking to God. Patty admitted that she had terrible thoughts about Genevieve because she was involved with Jack. Patty heard Kyle and Jack arrive in the foyer. Patty hid her face. Jack told Kyle that church would be a good way for Kyle to speak with Diane again. Kyle lit a candle for his mother while Patty left the chapel for the foyer. Kyle told Diane that he missed her. Kyle recalled singing Christmas carols in the car with his mother and wished Diane was still there to sing with him. Jack was in tears and hugged Kyle as he cried, too. Patty watched them from the foyer.

Chloe and Kevin were at Devon's studio trying to settle on some wedding plans. Kevin interrupted Chloe when he went to stop Angelina from texting her boyfriend Carmine. Angelina said that she was behaving. Chloe wasn't happy that Kevin had to babysit Angelina, but Kevin was determined to do this job for Angelo and get the deed to Chloe's dream house. Kay and Harmony arrived at the studio and Kay said she'd been at Restless Style looking for Billy. Devon didn't believe Kay's visit was spontaneous and he acted disrespectfully to Mrs. Chancellor. Harmony called him on it, but Devon said that Kay was using Harmony. Devon asked them both to leave. Devon returned to work with Angelina.

Harmony and Kay said hello to Kevin and Chloe. Kay was stunned when she heard Angelina's singing voice. Chloe let Kay know that she'd heard from Billy and he was at the Christmas tree lot. Kay left to find Billy, but Harmony decided to remain behind to speak with Devon. At the lot, Kay approached Billy to ask him to do her a favor by giving Harmony a job at Restless Style. When Billy went off to find Harmony, Victoria asked to speak with Kay. Back at Billy and Victoria's house, Victoria admitted that seeing Lucy had been a good thing, but she was sad because she felt that she and Billy had a lot of love to give to a child. Kay suggested that Victoria might use a surrogate to have a baby, or adopt a child. Kay urged Victoria to speak with Billy about the situation. Kay thought the Christmas season was the right time for Victoria and Billy to start anew.

At the studio, Harmony told Devon that she agreed with Devon that Angelina had some hidden talent. The song that Angelina had sung because Devon had written it impressed harmony. Harmony thought that with Devon's coaching, Angelina would improve. Devon said everyone else doubted his belief in Angelina. Billy arrived and asked to speak with Harmony. Later, Billy agreed to give Harmony a position at Restless Style and she was very grateful.

Kevin called Angelo to report that everything was going well with Angelina. Chloe urged Kevin to concentrate on the wedding plans and not Angelina. Kevin asked Chloe to understand the importance of his assignment. Kevin kissed Chloe but Angelina walked in and interrupted by pretending that she was on the phone with Carmine. Billy returned to the studio with Harmony. Billy mentioned to Kevin that Gloria seemed to be working at the Christmas tree lot. Billy asked about the wedding plans and Kevin said they were progressing. Later, Kevin, Chloe and Angelina went to the lot and saw Gloria. Kevin asked if she was really working there and Gloria admitted that she was broke thanks to Jeffrey. Gloria was embarrassed by her plight and hadn't wanted to ask Michael and Kevin for help. Kevin said that he and Michael would do anything for her. Kevin asked Gloria to quit the job and let him help her. Angelina offered to have Angelo help Gloria, too. Chloe told Gloria to accept the help as a gift. Gloria was grateful to have a son like Kevin.

At the prison, Daisy was pleased to see Lucy. Daisy had a little gift for Lucy, a beaded bracelet. Phyllis remembered giving Avery a gift as a child; a silver charm in the shape of a Scottie dog. Avery arrived at the prison saying that she was there to make sure that Phyllis lived up to the letter of her agreement with the judge to bring Lucy to visit with Daisy. Phyllis told Avery that she had not missed any visits. Avery's keys dropped from her hand and Phyllis saw that her sister still had the Scottie charm Phyllis had given her so many years before.

Genevieve thanked Cane and Lily for visiting. Genevieve gave Cane the picture of Samantha and Cane. Genevieve then said goodbye to the twins and thanked Cane and Lily for coming. Before going, Cane turned and hugged his mother. Genevieve cried happy tears.

Harmony told Devon that she'd gotten a job at Restless Style and would be seeing Devon often since the studio and the magazine were in the same building. At Billy and Victoria's home, Victoria talked to Billy about expanding their family by signing up with an adoption agency. Billy didn't want Victoria to be hurt if things didn't work out, but Victoria was optimistic.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Lily spoke with Cane after their visit with Genevieve. Lily wondered if Cane wanted to be alone since it was the anniversary of his late sister's birthday. Cane said no. Lily asked to see the photograph again and wished that she could have met Samantha. Cane thought his sister would have loved the twins. Lily asked Cane not to push his feelings aside as he always had. Lily was curious about why Cane refused to open up to her. Cane said that he was taught to keep secrets and keep his feelings inside as child. Cane wanted to give Lily want she needed to the best of his ability, but he couldn't change who he was. Cane admitted that he had never believed that his mother loved him.

Neil arrived home to Sofia and she asked him about their wedding plans. Sofia wanted some specifics from Neil because they'd never really talked it out. Neil suggested that they set the date. Sofia wasn't sure if Neil still wanted to marry her, but Neil reminded her that they already had the license. Sofia wanted reassurances that he was still committed to marrying her. Neil announced that they should get married that afternoon before the minister left town. Neil said he wanted the three of them to be a family and had no reservations, unless Sofia did. Sofia wondered if a wedding was appropriate under the circumstances, and said she was not interested in a big wedding. Neil encouraged her to call the minister immediately. Neil and Sofia made the appointment with the minister for later in the day. Neil left to get Lily and Devon for the ceremony. As he went out, Tucker arrived to see Sofia.

Neil called Lily to invite her to his wedding to Sofia. Lily agreed to go to his apartment to help Sofia prepare. Lily explained to Cane that she needed to speak with her father, so Lily and Cane agreed to talk later. Lily reminded Cane that he had to join her and the twins for Christmas. Cane reluctantly agreed. Alone, Cane looked at Samantha's photo again.

Tucker wished Sofia well, but he was concerned about her getting married again. Sofia was determined to give Moses a happy home with his mother and father together. Tucker received a call from Adam asking him to meet. Tucker told Sofia to be happy. Lily appeared and Tucker said goodbye. Lily offered Sofia something old and borrowed for the wedding. Sofia wondered if she and Neil might be rushing, but Lily advised Sofia to go with what was in her heart. Sofia said that she believed that she'd grow to Neil over time. Lily agreed that feelings could deepen, but that great love isn't necessarily enough either.

At the music studio, Devon took a call about a new client and was excited to make an appointment for later in the day. Tucker spoke with his secretary about his appointment at Devon's studio. Neil arrived at the studio to invite Devon to his wedding. Before he had a chance, Devon told him about a big appointment he had lined up with a new client. Neil explained that he and Sofia were getting married in a few hours. Neil suggested that Devon keep his appointment and go to the church after the ceremony.

Phyllis and Ronan went to the Christmas tree lot and he was happy that she didn't have the children for the afternoon. Nick noticed the two of them together. Nick told Phyllis he was going to call her to offer to get her a tree. Ronan said he'd just bumped into Phyllis and volunteered to help her get the tree to the car. While Phyllis paid for her tree, Nick thanked Ronan for speaking up for Victor to the judge. Nick learned that Ronan had been fired for defying the D.A. Ronan said that he had to leave for a meeting. Nick warned Phyllis that Ronan was after Diane's killer and Phyllis was in danger if she hung out with Ronan. Nick told Phyllis that she mattered to him. Phyllis asked Nick who he thought killed Diane.

Later at her penthouse, Nick set up Phyllis' tree. Phyllis was grateful and Nick offered to help Phyllis decorate the tree with the kids. The two of them agreed to set up a date to do that. Phyllis asked Nick again who he thought had killed Diane. Nick said he knew two things; one, Victor hadn't done it, and two, Phyllis needed to watch out for Ronan. After he left, Phyllis called Ronan. There was a knock on the door and Ronan was standing there. Phyllis mentioned to Ronan that she hadn't told Nick about her romance with Ronan. Ronan asked about the story online about Nikki being a suspect in Diane's murder. Phyllis denied that she'd hacked into the Restless Style website with the Nikki story. Ronan believed that Phyllis had done it, but he wasn't upset. Ronan said he had something for Phyllis, and held a sprig of mistletoe over her head. They kissed romantically.

Adam went to visit Victor in jail. Adam said that he was getting pressure to change his account of what happened the night of the murder. Victor warned Adam to stick to the story or else. Adam wanted Victor's help with the upcoming Newman Enterprises board meeting. Victor taunted Adam about needing his father's help. Adam recognized that Victor had challenged him. Adam warned Victor that he would do things his way to sway the board, even if that meant destroying Nick. Victor had faith in Nick and predicted that Nick would crush Adam.

Nikki was drinking at the Athletic Club. Sharon approached and asked Nikki why she was allowing Victor to take the blame for Diane's murder when Nikki knew that he was innocent. Sharon wondered if Nikki had gone to see Victor. Nikki didn't want to speak with Sharon and tried to stand up to leave. Sharon realized that Nikki was drunk. Nikki told Sharon to back off. Nikki sat back down and continued drinking. Sharon said that Nikki's drinking explained a lot. Sharon urged Nikki to pull herself together for the family's sake. Nikki believed that Sharon had been angling for years for this to happen, for Nikki to be vulnerable. Sharon told Nikki that she'd had enough to drink.

Nikki called Sharon a disgusting slut. Nikki went through the list of men that Sharon had slept with, including Billy and Adam. Nikki said that Sharon had repeatedly dug the knife into Nick's back. Sharon was shocked by how drunk Nikki was. Nikki said that she detested Sharon and accused her of being a gold-digger. Nikki accused Sharon of having destroyed Nick's life. Nikki shoved Sharon into the table when Sharon pointed out that Nikki had married Deacon, who was a real gold-digger. Sharon was stunned by Nikki's behavior. The patrons stared at Nikki and Sharon. Nikki walked out.

Sharon returned to see Victor at jail and told him about Nikki's antics. Sharon explained that Nikki was on a drunken spree. Sharon warned Victor that Nikki would eventually try to confess publicly that she killed Diane because Nikki was out of control with her drinking.

Cane went to the church and lit a candle for Samantha. Cane searched his pockets, but the photo of Samantha had disappeared. Cane spoke to Samantha about how he missed her. Cane imagined what his sister might say to him if she were still alive. Cane realized that he never let people get close to him, and Cane doubted he had the capability to do that. Cane wished Samantha were there. Lily arrived with baby Moses. Cane was surprised, but then relieved that Lily had found his photograph outside the church. Lily told Cane that Sofia and Neil were planning to get married in a little while and that was why Lily was there with Moses. Cane explained that he didn't know that; he was there by coincidence. Neil arrived and Cane congratulated him on the wedding. Lily suggested that Cane fill in for Devon as best man and Neil agreed. The Reverend arrived with Sofia. Neil was ready to begin. Lily gave Sofia her flowers. Neil arranged for Moses to see his parents get married.

Tucker met Adam at Crimson Lights. Adam said that Tucker should vote for him in the Newman board meeting. Tucker listened to Adam's inference that if Tucker voted for Adam, he'd be inclined to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker. Tucker said Adam's offer was illegal and walked away. Adam called another board member to arrange a meeting. Later, Tucker went to Devon's studio. Devon explained that he had a big appointment with a major client. Tucker said that he was the major client, that Soundburst was a division of Tucker Unlimited. Devon reused to accept help from Tucker.

Nick overheard Adam on the phone offering rewards to board members who voted with him. Nikki appeared and approached Nick. Nikki said that she was overheated. Suddenly, Nikki collapsed in Nick's arms. Adam watched Nikki with Nick and shook his head in disgust.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

At the music studio, Tucker asked Devon to reconsider his offer to bring Soundburst work to the studio. Devon didn't want Tucker's help. Tucker offered his music connections and business advice, but Devon resented Tucker's interference. Devon mentioned that he'd missed Sofia and Neil's wedding to keep the appointment with Tucker. Tucker had had no idea that Neil and Sofia were getting married that afternoon. Tucker had assumed the wedding would take a few days to arrange. Tucker apologized for keeping Devon from the wedding and offered to give Devon a ride to the church. Devon accepted the invitation.

At the church, Reverend Fulton asked Neil and Sofia if they were ready to be married. Lily recalled Cane proposing to her as Sofia recited her vows. Cane looked at Lily and remembered his wedding to her. Neil recited his vows, too, and pledged his love and faithfulness to Sofia. Neil and Sofia then exchanged rings. Lily was awash with more memories of her wedding to Cane. Neil and Sofia were pronounced man and wife, and Neil gently kissed Sofia.

Still at the church, Lily proposed a toast to Sofia and Neil. Everyone drank, but Neil seemed distracted. Sofia thanked the minister for squeezing them into the schedule. Lily asked Neil if he was all right because seemed rather tense. Neil claimed he was fine. Lily told her father that she admired that he was committed to creating a family unit for Moses. Reverend Fulton congratulated Neil, and the two stepped out of the church together.

Tucker and Devon arrived at the church a few minutes later. Tucker congratulated Sofia on the wedding. Devon wondered where Neil was, and Cane discovered that Neil was no longer there. Sofia was perplexed by her groom's disappearance. Later, Lily placed a call to Neil, leaving him a message on voicemail.

Reverend Fulton rejoined the group and said that he and Neil had said goodbye earlier. Tucker assured Sofia not to be concerned because Neil was a man of character, and he would never desert Sofia. Tucker offered to take Sofia and Moses home. Devon overheard Tucker's kindness and admired him.

At the jail, Victor told Michael that Sharon had told him that Nikki had been spinning out of control. Michael understood Victor's concern for Nikki. Victor was heartbroken that Nikki had turned to Deacon. Victor asked Michael to quell the press reports about Nikki being a suspect in Diane's murder. Michael spoke with Victor about Newman Enterprises business. Michael revealed that he and Lauren had conspired to make certain that Nick was voted chairman at the upcoming board of directors meeting. Victor told Michael he appreciated the efforts, but Victor wanted to make sure that Adam was put in charge of Newman Enterprises.

At the Athletic Club, Adam watched Nick attending to a drunken Nikki. Adam told Nick that Nick wasn't fit to run Newman Enterprises. Nick lifted his mother off the floor and said that he'd drive her back to the ranch. Nikki said she was living in the hotel with her new husband. Upstairs in her suite, Nick asked Nikki why she'd started drinking again. Nikki was incoherent, and Nick wanted to get his mother back to rehab. Nikki refused and began to tell Nick why she was drinking again.

In the lobby of the club, Harmony and Kay confronted Deacon. Kay asked Deacon about what kind of scam he was running on Nikki. Harmony assumed that Kay believed that Deacon had been using Nikki. Kay offered to pay Deacon twice as much as Deacon might make off marrying Nikki. Deacon denied that he was conning Nikki.

Kay told Harmony that Deacon had hurt Nikki before, by teaming with Meggie to get Nikki to drink again. Kay realized that if Deacon and Nikki were married, it was because Nikki must be drinking again. Harmony questioned why Deacon would have married Nikki if she were drinking again. Deacon claimed that his sobriety was not at risk, but that he loved Nikki whether she was drinking or not drinking. Kay threatened to crush Deacon if he hurt Nikki. Alone with Kay, Harmony said she'd seen Deacon at A.A. meetings. When Harmony left, Kay received a call from Nick asking her to go to Nikki's suite because Nikki needed her.

In her suite, Nikki told Nick that he and Victoria meant the world to her. Nikki admitted that she was a drunk and would always be one. Nick wanted to take Nikki back to rehab, but Nikki said the program didn't work for her. Nikki started to tell Nick about her part in Diane's murder, but Deacon walked into the room. Nick demanded to know how Deacon had allowed Nikki to fall off the wagon. Deacon accused Nick of upsetting Nikki and suggested that he leave. Nick said he was taking his mother home.

Kay entered the suite and asked to speak with Nikki alone. Nick left, but Deacon objected. Kay told him to prove his love for Nikki by letting his wife speak with her best friend. Alone, Kay asked Nikki to confide in her. Nikki told Kay that she was a drunk and was unable to remain sober. Kay reminded Nikki how hard Nikki had worked on her sobriety. Nikki was upset that she could not change her life.

Kay wanted to get Nikki back into recovery. Kay suddenly realized that Nikki wasn't worried about failing at recovery; there was something else bothering Nikki. Kay wondered if Nikki was concerned about being named a suspect in Diane's murder. Kay reminded Nikki that secrets were not good for alcoholics. Kay asked Nikki to reveal what secret she'd been keeping. Nikki held back and then ran out of the room.

Neil went to Devon's music studio, unaware that Devon had gone to the church. Harmony appeared to say hello to Devon, but learned that he wasn't there. Harmony noticed that Neil was all dressed up. Neil explained that he'd gotten married to Sofia, his son's mother. Neil said that he'd left the church to pick up Devon so he could join them at the reception.

Harmony admired that Neil was going to give Moses a life with two parents who loved him from the start. Neil explained that he'd felt rushed. Harmony told Neil that he'd done the right thing. Harmony said that she was trying to live the right life, too. Harmony told Neil not to screw up. Neil understood and told Harmony that he needed to get back to his wife.

Nick confronted Deacon at the bar, accusing him of destroying Nikki's life. Deacon said that he loved Nikki. Deacon taunted Nick, suggesting that Nick call him daddy. Nick punched Deacon, and the two got into a fight, wrestling on the floor. Nikki appeared and pleaded with them to stop.

Adam was meeting with a board member in the dining room. Adam and the man watched Nick fighting with Deacon. Harmony walked into the lobby and saw Deacon and Nick fighting and Nikki upset. Nikki went to Deacon's side and comforted him. Kay entered the lobby and saw Harmony. Kay told Harmony that they needed to get Nikki to stop drinking and back on the program.

Lily and Cane walked through the Christmas tree lot. Lily was shocked that Neil had disappeared from the reception. Cane pointed out that Sofia and Neil might be all right, just like Lily and Cane were. Cane asked about Lily's Christmas plans, and Lily said that Cane had already blown her off when she'd asked him to spend the holiday with her and the twins. Cane asked Lily to ask him again. Lily did, and Cane accepted her invitation. Cane and Lily planned to open presents with the children and then later, have a romantic time together.

At Sofia's apartment, Tucker spoke with Sofia about her quickie wedding. Tucker said he'd challenged Sofia about the wedding, but she'd convinced him that she wanted it to happen. Tucker asked if Sofia had gotten what she wanted by marrying Neil. Sofia admitted that she had feelings for Neil, but hadn't been able to express them. Tucker advised Sofia to lay it on the line with Neil if she wanted the marriage to work.

Neil returned home, and he apologized to Sofia for leaving the reception. Neil explained that he'd gone to find Devon. Sofia offered to annul the marriage. Neil didn't want that. Sofia asked Neil to help her understand what he was feeling. Neil said that he realized that they were not the picture of a perfect couple.

Neil asked Sofia if he could recite his own vows. Neil vowed to always give Moses love and to create a loving family. Neil also offered to make the marriage something real. Sofia hugged him and agreed that they were not a typical couple, so they had no reason to have a typical wedding night. After getting a peck on the cheek from Neil, Sofia wished for more from her husband.

Devon met with Tucker at the coffeehouse. Tucker was sure that Neil and Sofia would work things out. Devon told Tucker that he liked the way Tucker had stood up for Neil at the church. Tucker said that he respected Neil for having been a good father to Devon. Devon was still uninterested in taking business from Tucker, but Devon asked if he could pick Tucker's brain about the music industry. Tucker agreed.

Adam went to see Victor, interrupting his meeting with Michael. Adam told Victor and Michael that Nick had assaulted Deacon in public. Adam said that thanks to Nick's actions, Adam would have the entire board on his side. Victor agreed that Adam had a lot of Newman in him.

Friday, December 16, 2011

At the Athletic Club, Jack expressed disappointment that Billy wouldn't be rejoining Jabot, but he was happy that Billy had reacquired Restless Style. Jack pointed out that Billy's life had turned around in recent weeks, and he wondered why Billy had taken so long to get in touch. Billy vaguely stated that circumstances had been out of his control, but Jack pushed for details. Billy insisted that he'd wanted to return home, but Victor had wanted him gone for good and had almost made that happen.

Jack was incredulous that Victor had almost managed to ruin Billy's life, but Billy was grateful that at least Victor had found him in time for Billy to save Delia. Jack wondered why Billy hadn't told him the whole story before, but Billy argued that Kyle had needed Jack more than Billy had. Billy admitted that he'd screwed up, and that he'd given Victor the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Billy vowed to put it behind him, and Jack hoped Victor was locked away for a long time, even though he wasn't convinced that Victor had really killed Diane.

Nick reported to Victoria that Nikki had been falling-down drunk at the Athletic Club and had refused his help. Victoria couldn't believe that Nikki wouldn't return to rehab, but she thought Nikki's fragile state explained how Deacon had manipulated Nikki into eloping with him. Nick admitted that he'd gotten into a fistfight with Deacon, but Nikki had chosen to defend her husband. Victoria pondered whether Nikki was self-destructing because Nikki had killed Diane, and whether Victor was trying to protect Nikki.

Victoria and Nick realized that their parents' actions made sense if Nikki had killed Diane. Nick wondered what they should do, but Victoria fretted that they couldn't call the police. Billy returned home and sensed that something was wrong, and Victoria acknowledged that Nikki could have been involved in Diane's murder. Billy asked what he could do to help, and Victoria proposed that she and Nick visit Nikki. Nick opined that Nikki wanted nothing to do with him, so he offered to check on Victor instead.

After Nick left, Victoria recognized that Victor loved Nikki very deeply to sacrifice his future for her. Billy said he'd do the same for Victoria. Victoria wanted to talk to Nikki, and Billy offered to go with her, but she preferred that he stay home, so she'd know he'd be there waiting for her. She lamented that things had been dark while he'd been away, but he assured her that everything would be okay.

Later, at the church, Billy prayed aloud that he hadn't spoken with God in over 20 years, but he had vowed to be a better man if Delia's life had been spared, and he wanted to keep his promise. He asked God not to let anyone hurt Victoria ever again, and he swore to be the best husband possible, if God gave him a sign that he could live up to it.

From the prison, Sharon called Avery for an update. Avery said she hadn't been able to find anything conclusive to prove Victor's innocence, but she had determined that Victor had been at the scene of the crime, and that his fingerprints had been found on the syringe and its case. Sharon was flabbergasted, and Avery explained that the lab had run a second set of tests on the syringe. Sharon thought the scenario sounded suspicious, and Avery agreed to keep digging.

Victor asked Michael how soon they could resubmit his plea to the judge in light of the new evidence, and Michael curtly remarked that the new evidence had been convenient. Sharon entered, and Victor ordered her to stop visiting him, because he preferred that she spend time with her children. Victor said he appreciated both Sharon and Michael's efforts, but if they wanted to help him, they'd accept what he was doing. Sharon refused.

Sharon was relieved that the judge had thrown out Victor's guilty plea, and she promised that the truth would be revealed. Victor maintained that he'd killed Diane, and he wanted to accept responsibility. Sharon argued that he wasn't protecting anyone, because Nikki was falling apart. Sharon urged him to seek his freedom and to support Nikki rather than being locked away for no reason. Meanwhile, D.A. Walsh told Michael that the judge had agreed to hear Victor's second plea later that day.

Victor said everyone would accept his guilt eventually, but Sharon countered that many people needed him. She realized that he considered his confession to be an act of love, but she thought it was the opposite, especially for Nikki. Victor asked Sharon to give Faith a Christmas gift from him, but Sharon replied that Faith and Noah would rather have their grandfather home. Victor flatly stated that wouldn't happen. Sharon left, and she ran into Michael in the hallway. Michael asked about Avery's efforts, because he believed the judge was ready to accept Victor's guilty plea. Sharon begged for more time, but Michael's only choice was to request a postponement.

Later, Jack arrived to see Victor. Jack spat that Victor deserved to grow old in prison for what he'd done to Kyle and Billy. Victor adamantly swore that he'd never meant to hurt Kyle. Jack told Victor to save his regrets for his hearing, because Jack refused to absolve him, and Jack couldn't fathom why Kyle had looked up to Victor. Jack continued that despite Diane's faults, she had been a first-rate mom, and Kyle hadn't deserved to lose her.

Victor vowed to explain things to Kyle one day, but Jack coldly proclaimed that he was in the process of nullifying the custody agreement that Diane had drawn up, and he made it his life mission to ensure Kyle never saw Victor again. Jack taunted Victor with the fact that Billy and Victoria were stronger than ever, thanks to Victor's actions. Victor called for the guard to escort Jack out. Jack urged Victor to think about his words, but Victor declared that he had a clear conscience.

Michael gave Victor the bad news that the judge had turned down the request to postpone the hearing. Victor was glad, but Michael begged him not to plead guilty, because Victor wouldn't have a third chance. Michael warned that if the judge accepted his plea, Victor would be sentenced immediately and could go to prison for the rest of his life. Victor remained undeterred. Michael insisted that Victor's actions were reckless, and he felt that Nikki would agree with him. Victor called for the guard and asked to be taken back to his cell.

Nikki slowly awakened and winced when she touched her hand to her head. She turned over and found Deacon sleeping beside her, and she demanded to know what he was doing in bed with her. Deacon defended that he had just been trying to sleep. Nikki refused to share a bed with him, but he complained that he was tired of sleeping on the floor. Nikki told him to get his own suite, but Deacon insisted that they keep up appearances. He said she'd just have to deal with him sleeping in the bed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Deacon handed an envelope to Angelo with more than enough money to pay off his debt. Angelo congratulated Deacon on his marriage, and Deacon replied that he couldn't be happier, though he grimaced in pain when he touched his bruised jaw. Deacon bought Angelo a drink, and they toasted to a long friendship and a happy marriage. Deacon wanted to place a large football bet, and Angelo balked, but Deacon insisted that he was good for it.

Nikki started to fix herself a Bloody Mary, but she decided to chug the bottle of vodka from the mini-bar instead. Later, a drunken Nikki answered her door to Victoria, and she begged not to receive a lecture. Victoria asked if they could talk, and Nikki offered to make her a drink. Victoria demanded a reason for Nikki's behavior, because it scared Victoria. Nikki insisted that Victoria didn't need to be afraid and that Victoria should just forget everything that had happened in the park, because Nikki and Victor would protect her.

Nikki swore that neither she nor Victor would say anything, but Victoria didn't understand what Nikki was talking about. Nikki refused to let Diane destroy Victoria's life. A stunned Victoria realized that Nikki believed that Victoria had killed Diane. Nikki slurred that she and Victor would serve life sentences for Victoria. Victoria admitted that she had been in the park on the night of the murder, but she swore on Reed's life that she hadn't killed Diane. Nikki seemed confused, and Victoria received a call regarding Victor's intent to plead guilty again. Nikki pondered what to do.

Genevieve told Myrna that it had been the nicest Christmas she'd had in a long time, and she gushed about decorating the tree with Cane, Lily, and her grandchildren. Genevieve commented that everything seemed nicer since she'd fallen in love, and she wondered what to get Jack for Christmas. Myrna called him a lucky man, but Genevieve replied that she herself was the lucky one. Genevieve remarked that Myrna had a lot of insight, and she asked Myrna to help her think of a gift idea. Patty mused to herself that she was sure she could.

Later, Jack apologized for stopping by unexpectedly to see Genevieve, but she said he had an open invitation to drop in anytime. They kissed, and he complained that it had been quite a day. She revealed that she'd sent Myrna out to do some shopping, and she offered to help him to forget all his problems. She pulled him into deep kiss.

Jack and Genevieve made love under the Christmas tree, and Patty wandered in and gasped in horror at the sight. Patty couldn't help but stare, but eventually she turned away, seething. Jack reached for his pants, and Genevieve joked that he didn't need them. He pulled out a jewelry box and said that he wanted to make Genevieve his, officially and forever. He revealed a ring and asked her to become his wife. Genevieve looked stunned, while Patty quietly sobbed.

In Avery's hotel room, Sharon asked when Avery's research would pay off, but Avery was certain that Michael would be able to talk his way into a postponement. There was a knock at the door, and Avery answered it to Nick, who started to pull Avery into a kiss. Avery pushed him away, and Sharon stared at them in disgust.

Sharon angrily offered to leave, because she was focused on helping Victor. Nick said that he wanted to do the same and that he appreciated her efforts. Sharon reminded him that Victor had been her greatest source of support when she had been in prison. Avery promised to keep looking for evidence to exonerate Victor. Nick expressed concern about both his parents, and Sharon added that he should be worried, especially since Nikki was drinking again.

Avery found it strange that forensics had missed Victor's fingerprints during their first examination. Avery's phone rang, and she learned from Michael that the judge had denied a postponement. Avery suggested that they go to the courtroom together, but Nick said he'd catch up with them later, because he hoped to track down Ronan.

Phyllis rapped on Ronan's door, and he groggily shuffled across the room to answer it. She asked if it was too early, and he replied that it wasn't, for her. They agreed that neither of them had been able to stop thinking about the prior evening, and she offered him some coffee. Phyllis flopped on the bed and looked through computer files, and Ronan amorously said it wasn't the visit he had expected from her. Phyllis was determined to figure out why Victor had lied about killing Diane.

Ronan named off the various suspects, including Phyllis, but Phyllis reminded him that she'd only seen Diane in the park. Ronan asked for details about the mysterious film, and Phyllis explained that it had been spliced together and hadn't necessarily been presented in chronological order, but the person who'd shot it had been there all night. Ronan inquired whether it had included footage of Nikki, and Phyllis revealed that neither Nikki nor Adam had been depicted, which had made Adam look suspicious. Ronan thought someone had wanted her to think that, and he wished he knew who'd left the scene last.

Ronan received an email, supposedly from Diane Jenkins. He clicked on an attachment, and he and Phyllis watched a video of Nikki passed out in the park with a bloody rock in her hand. Ronan noted that the video confirmed part of Nikki's story, but Phyllis was more interested in who'd shot the film. Phyllis was unable to trace the email, and she asked what they should do next. Ronan said he couldn't think of a good answer while she was in his bed, looking sexy. Ronan and Phyllis made passionate love.

Phyllis wanted to take a shower and seductively suggested that Ronan join her. She stripped and ran naked into the bathroom. Ronan answered a knock at his door, and Nick stormed in and asked for Ronan's help, because Victor was about to plead guilty. A towel-clad Phyllis interrupted, and she faced Nick with a sly smile.

In the courtroom, Victor spotted Sharon and Avery, and he ordered them not to say anything during the proceedings. The judge entered, and she asked for Victor's plea. Victor stood and announced that he was guilty. The judge requested that he clarify that he had purposely killed Diane, and he confirmed that he was willing to face the consequences. She accepted his plea and prepared to pass sentence.

The judge said that Diane had been in the prime of her life and had been raising a young son. She pointed out that Victor had admitted to injecting Diane with a drug so she hadn't been able to fight back, and then he had violently killed her. She called his actions cruel and inhumane, and she sentenced him to 20 years to life in prison. Nikki and Victoria suddenly burst in. "No! He didn't do it!" Nikki cried.

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