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Monday, January 2, 2012

A young woman turned up at Billy and Victoria's. The woman introduced herself as Chelsea and informed Victoria that she'd met Billy in Myanmar. Billy, standing next to Victoria at their front door, glared at the woman standing on his porch before she marched into the Abbott abode. Billy told Victoria that after Chelsea spiked his drink, he later awoke surrounded by police officers. He said he had been imprisoned because heroin had somehow been planted in his travel bag. Billy asked Chelsea accusingly if she'd spent her finder's fee. Chelsea warned, "This isn't over!"

Victoria looked dumbfounded. Billy pointed at Chelsea and said, "I met this one at a bar after surfing. I was very drunk." Billy turned to face Victoria and admitted that he'd kissed Chelsea while they'd danced together. Billy insisted that he had thought about Victoria the entire time he was with Chelsea. Victoria said, "I doubt that she came all the way to Genoa City because you kissed her." Chelsea accused Billy of forcing himself on her. Billy defended himself and said he'd never do such a thing. Chelsea claimed that Billy, a drunken pig, had taken what he wanted after she'd refused him.

Billy was taken aback by Chelsea's accusations. Chelsea explained that police had found drugs in Billy's room after she reported the attack. Billy leaned close to Victoria and said, "That never happened." Chelsea unzipped her coat, revealed her swollen abdomen, and explained that she'd arrived in town because of the baby Billy had created. Billy insisted that he and Chelsea hadn't had sex. Chelsea replied, "For someone who insists he can't remember anything about that night, you seem awfully confident."

Victoria stared at Chelsea's rotund belly. Billy proclaimed Chelsea to be a con artist looking for her next score. Chelsea, tears in her eyes, placed her hand over her belly and told Victoria that she didn't know what Billy was capable of doing. Chelsea informed Billy that a DNA test would prove that the baby was his, and she vowed to do whatever was necessary to benefit her child.

After Chelsea left, Billy assured Victoria that he'd never force himself on anyone. Victoria said she believed Billy, but she added that it didn't mean that nothing had happened between him and Chelsea. Billy admitted that he couldn't remember exactly what had happened, but he insisted that he had never once forgotten about Victoria. Victoria picked up the brochure from the adoption agency and said it seemed so long before that they'd received a call informing them that there might be a baby for them to love. Victoria cried that Billy might already have a baby. Billy said the only thing they knew for certain was that a con artist had somehow figured out where they lived. Victoria asked to be alone, so Billy went upstairs.

While celebrating New Year's Eve at Gloworm, Ronan became annoyed with Phyllis when he realized she was watching Nick and Avery, seated a few feet away. Phyllis took Ronan by the hand and led him toward the door. When Phyllis and Ronan arrived at Phyllis' condo, she began stripping off his clothes. Ronan stopped kissing Phyllis and asked about her kids. Phyllis explained that Summer was at a sleepover and that Lucy was fast asleep.

Ronan agreed to be relatively quiet as he resumed smooching Phyllis, who suggested they rekindle their passion in her bedroom. Ronan told Phyllis she should go to bed alone and rest. As Ronan pulled on his coat, he said he hoped Nick appreciated Phyllis' effort to attract his attention while ignoring him at the same time. Phyllis claimed that she hadn't begun a relationship with Ronan on the rebound. Ronan suggested that going public with their relationship had cooled their passion. He added that Phyllis obviously had unfinished business with Nick.

Earlier at Gloworm, Avery became annoyed with Nick's inability to ignore Phyllis cavorting with Ronan. Avery told Nick he was a decent man with honest intentions who'd offered only a whisper of hope that things might progress. Avery acknowledged that Nick wasn't over Phyllis. Nick explained that he'd had no idea Phyllis would be at Gloworm. Avery said perhaps it was for the best because it had become evident that Nick was still in love with Phyllis. Nick replied, "Maybe I am."

Avery told Nick that she and Phyllis were always competitive. Avery explained that she'd studied diligently to succeed and make a name for herself. Avery added that she couldn't handle being second best. Nick seemed saddened. Avery told Nick that their fling had been fun, but she ended their romance. Nick said he was sorry that their relationship had ended so abruptly. Avery warned that Phyllis would never change and would break his heart if he reconnected with her.

Nick later showed up at Phyllis' condo and asked what had happened to her date. Phyllis said, "Did you come here looking for Ronan? That's not very flattering to Avery, is it?" Phyllis and Nick initially glared at each other before Nick grabbed Phyllis and began kissing her on the lips.

At Gloworm, Jack suddenly became fatigued and slumped into a chair. Genevieve, worried, attended to Jack and gave him a glass of water. Patty, dressed in a long, black coat and wearing a cloche hat, listened nearby in a dark booth. As Gloria inquired about Jack's condition, Patty realized that the drug she'd intended for Genevieve had ended up in Jack's champagne glass. As Jack's condition deteriorated, Genevieve suggested he'd contracted food poisoning. Gloria quietly insisted that her food wasn't to blame for Jack's collapse.

Gloria summoned paramedics but requested that they not sound sirens when they arrived. Jack told Gloria to hang up because he simply needed air. Jack tried to stand and claimed that his illness had passed. Jack was unsteady on his feet, and Genevieve concluded that he was not at all well. Jack said he felt exhausted and needed to sleep. Genevieve said that Jack's house was closer, so she'd take him home and stay with him all night. Gloria assisted as Genevieve helped get Jack out to his car. Patty covered her face with her collar flaps and hurried out the door.

Genevieve took Jack home and put him to bed. She hovered over him as he slept. Myrna, who was really Patty, phoned Genevieve and cried that the alarm system at Genevieve's house was malfunctioning. Genevieve told her housekeeper that she'd have to handle the situation. Myrna panicked and cried that a short in the electrical system might cause a fire. Genevieve agreed to leave Jack and return home. Genevieve checked on Jack, kissed him, and said she hoped he would never realize she was gone.

After Genevieve left, Patty emerged from another room, carrying a duffel bag. Patty removed her coat and climbed into bed beside Jack. She whispered, "It was supposed to be Genevieve cutting z's." Patty rested her head next to Jack's, stroked his arm, and said, "The happiest moments of my life were spent just like this." Jack, woozy, opened his eyes and said, "Patty?" Patty told Jack that he was having a dream.

Thinking aloud, Patty admitted that Jack had ingested enough of the drug to dope a horse. She seemed surprised that he had awakened so soon. Patty gazed at Jack's face and said, "It was sweet while it lasted." Patty planted a kiss on Jack's forehead, grabbed her duffel bag, and unzipped it. Later, Jack awoke. Shaking his head and blinking his eyes, Jack mumbled to himself, "What a dream!" Jack heard his cat, Dave, purring. Jack was shocked to find his cat in bed next to him.

Genevieve later stopped by Gloworm and questioned Gloria about the possibility of food poisoning. Gloria defended her club's kitchen staff and insisted her club had had no part in causing Jack to "feel tired." Genevieve spotted Ronan, approached him, and addressed him as Detective Malloy. Ronan explained that he was no longer with the police force. Genevieve asked Ronan if he ever acted as a private detective, and they took a seat in a booth to discuss an arrangement.

Genevieve told Ronan about her housekeeper's reported problems with the alarm system. Genevieve explained that the unusual alarm activity had frightened her traumatized housekeeper, so she'd fled the premises. Police, Genevieve reported, later found no evidence of forced entry. Genevieve mentioned Colin's far-reaching ability to inflict harm and her assumption that Jack's sudden attack of exhaustion might be connected. Ronan reminded Genevieve that her ex-husband was in prison halfway around the world. Genevieve enlisted Ronan's help to investigate and determine what was going on.

At the visitation area inside Victor's protective prison cell, Nikki was shocked to discover that Sharon was wearing Victor's engagement ring. Nikki arrogantly announced that Victor's plan to marry Sharon was too absurd for words. Sharon, miffed, said, "Are you saying that Victor and I have nothing in common?" Nikki, agreeing that they did, said, "You're the mother of his grandchildren, and you've been married to both of Victor's sons. You've also tormented Nick and the rest of the family with your obsession over Adam!" Victor interrupted and reminded Nikki that they were no longer married and that she had a new husband.

Victor ordered Nikki to leave. Nikki walked closer to the clear wall separating Victor from his visitors and asked, "Why would you want to marry anyone, least of all Sharon?" Victor replied, "This from a woman who married a man who got her drunk?" Nikki maintained that her objections had nothing to do with her marriage to Deacon. Victor flatly explained that he enjoyed Sharon's company.

Nikki, growing irritated, reminded Victor that he was in a prison cell. Nikki said, "The very idea that Sharon accepted your proposal says it all." Sharon, fuming, asked Nikki just what she thought the proposal meant. Nikki suggested that Sharon had manipulated Victor by crying that she was lonely because that was how she got everything she wanted. Victor said, "She's young, she's vibrant, and she's beautiful. Why wouldn't I want her as my wife?" Nikki's jaw dropped. Nikki regained her composure and told Victor that she'd visited to tell him something important that seemed to no longer matter.

Victor asked Nikki to leave. Feigning happiness, Nikki congratulated Victor and Sharon. Nikki said, "You two destroy the people who love you because you're selfish, self-centered, and cruel. How long before you inflict that on each other?" Before Nikki summoned the guard to open the door, she told Victor and Sharon that she couldn't think of two people who deserved to be together more.

After Nikki left, Sharon told Victor that she'd never accepted his proposal, though he'd allowed Nikki to believe that they were engaged. Victor thanked Sharon for not setting the record straight. Sharon noted that Nikki was furious. Sharon acknowledged that Victor was trying to protect Nikki by pushing her away, but added that she didn't understand why. Victor told Sharon that questions would complicate the issue.

Victor said, "I asked you to marry me, and I hope you accept." Sharon asked Victor to tell her the real reason he had proposed. Victor explained that marrying him would give Sharon, power, security, and stability. Sharon replied, "A favor to me with nothing for you?"

Victor reminded Sharon that ever since they'd taken a ride together at his ranch years before, he'd felt a deep connection to her. Victor begged Sharon to wear his ring for a while, search her heart, and consider how their union would impact Sharon's connection to Faith. Victor noted that Nick would be unable to separate Sharon and Faith again. Sharon worried that Noah and her mother would raise objections to the marriage. Victor said that no one else's feelings mattered.

Amid New Year's revelers at Jimmy's Bar, Adam drank until he was inebriated. He tried to phone Sharon, but the call went directly to voicemail. Adam later found Sharon at home and stumbled in. Sharon was surprised to see Adam after he'd promised to stay away. Adam mumbled that his oafish brother had insisted that Sharon get the restraining order against him as a power play.

Adam insisted there had to be a way for them to be together without fear of Nick terminating visitation rights with Faith. Adam took Sharon's hand and spotted the engagement ring. He initially thought Nick had proposed, but Sharon explained, "It's from Victor." Without saying another word, Adam grabbed his coat and stumbled out the door.

Nikki went to Katherine's and told her friend that she'd never felt so lost in her life. Katherine was shocked when Nikki said that Victor had proposed to Sharon. Nikki winced when she recalled Victor describing Sharon as young, vibrant, and beautiful. Katherine suggested that Victor's proposal was a reaction to Nikki's marriage to Deacon Sharpe. Nikki shook her head and explained that she'd gone to see Victor because of something she'd learned from Deacon and had found Sharon with Victor.

Katherine asked Nikki what Deacon had told her, but Nikki only cried that she'd once again let Victor get close enough to hurt her. Nikki said she wanted to go home and forget everything that had happened. Katherine tried to convince Nikki to stay, but she insisted that she'd be fine. Katherine asked, "Are you sure?" Nikki replied, "Do I have a choice?" Katherine embraced Nikki and consoled her.

Alone in his prison cell, Victor relived a flashback of a long-before New Year's Eve celebrated with Nikki. After the couple drank a toast, Nikki had said she hoped she'd be as happy as she'd been the previous year. Victor had asked if Nikki had truly been happy. Nikki had responded, "Yes, after I met you." The couple had kissed and wished each other a happy new year. After reflecting on the memory, Victor, with tears in his eyes, said, "I'm still here for you. I always will be."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The morning after, Phyllis and Nick were a little confused about the fact that they'd made love the night before. Phyllis wondered what their hooking up meant and thought it felt weird. Nick disagreed, however, Phyllis pointed out that they'd been out with other dates on New Year's Eve, but had wound up in bed together. Nick acknowledged that he and Phyllis were still attracted to each other despite dating other people.

Phyllis wanted her relationship with Nick to be more than sex. Nick told Phyllis it was to him and that being with Avery had made him realize that he was not over Phyllis. Nick felt that Avery had been right to end things with him. Phyllis said Ronan had broken up with her, too. Phyllis wasn't ready to reunite with Nick because of how much his affair with Avery had hurt him. Phyllis felt that she'd never been enough for Nick, that there had always be another woman in Nick's Sharon. Phyllis wanted Nick's undivided love and attention.

At their house, Victoria told Billy that she'd had a restless night. Billy said that he was determined to clear up the situation with Chelsea. Billy theorized that Victor was behind Chelsea showing up on their doorstep. Billy suspected that Victor was still trying to destroy Victoria and Billy's happiness. Billy promised Victoria that he would find Chelsea and learn the truth.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki received a call from Victoria to go see her immediately. Before leaving the club, Nikki saw Adam at the bar. He was drinking at eight o'clock in the morning, and Nikki thought the stockholders of Newman Enterprises would not be impressed by the image he was projecting. Adam reminded Nikki that she was a lush and was hardly in a position to judge him.

Nikki assumed that Adam was drinking because he'd heard about Victor being engaged to Sharon. Adam wondered how it was possible that Victor had done that and speculated that it was Victor's way to get back at Adam. Nikki admitted that she was upset about the news, but she blamed Sharon. Adam couldn't figure out why Sharon had said yes. Nikki declared that Sharon was a master manipulator. As Nikki walked out, Billy entered the dining room and spotted Chelsea.

Interrupting Chelsea's conversation with a man, Billy declared that Chelsea could not be trusted. The man left, and Billy asked Chelsea who'd sent her to Genoa City. Chelsea claimed that she was there because she was pregnant with Billy's child. Billy wanted a DNA test done immediately to verify that he was the father. Chelsea said that she hadn't done anything wrong and warned Billy to stop accusing her of trying to hurt him.

Chelsea recalled that Billy had never said that he was married when they met in Myanmar. Chelsea again accused Billy of forcing himself on her. Billy denied that he had ever done that to Chelsea and still thought that Victor Newman had sent her there. Billy declared that he'd fight Victor to hold onto Victoria and their happiness.

Sharon went to the prison to tell Victor that she could not marry him. Sharon said that she had already gotten grief for putting the ring on her finger. Victor pointed out that he could keep Sharon safe and protected if she married him. Sharon wanted to know what Victor would get out of their marriage. Sharon assured Victor that did not have to be married for her to continue offering Victor her companionship.

Victor told Sharon that he would back her up at all times and truly cared for her. Victor asked Sharon to keep the ring and think over his proposal. Victor was confident that Sharon would realize that marrying him would be the best thing for her.

Nikki arrived at Victoria's and assumed that Victoria had heard about Sharon and Victor. Victoria had called Nikki over to tell her about Chelsea. Nikki realized that they were talking about different things. When Nikki told Victoria about Victor's proposal to Sharon, Victoria was shocked and incredulous. Nikki believed that Sharon viewed getting engaged to Victor like winning a jackpot, but Nikki had no idea why Victor had proposed to Sharon in the first place. Victoria said someone had to do something to stop the engagement.

Victoria called Nick's phone. Nick assumed that Victoria was still on her honeymoon, but she said they'd returned from Jamaica, and Victoria was home. Victoria told Nick that Victor had proposed to Sharon, and Sharon had Victor's diamond ring on her finger. Nick told Phyllis about Sharon's engagement to Victor. After ending the call with Nick, Victoria told Nikki that her brother had been shocked.

Nikki wondered why Victoria had called her earlier. Victoria explained that she and Billy had rushed home from Jamaica because they thought they'd been approved for an adoption. Victoria then told Nikki that a woman had turned up on the doorstep and claimed that Billy had forced himself on her in Myanmar and that she was pregnant with Billy's child. Nikki was astonished. Victoria told her mother that Billy and Victoria believed that Victor was behind Chelsea showing up from Myanmar.

After Billy had left her, Chelsea went to the bar and noticed Adam. Chelsea made a comment to Adam, and he wondered how Chelsea knew Billy Abbott. Chelsea showed Adam that she was pregnant and implied that Billy was responsible for the baby. Adam doubted that Chelsea was telling the truth because he'd had experience with women who used their children to get what they wanted. Adam wished Chelsea good luck. Chelsea explained that she didn't want to disrupt Billy's marriage. Adam said that Billy's wife was his sister, but Adam didn't care about her or anyone else in his family.

Phyllis rushed into the Athletic Club and stopped Billy in the foyer. Phyllis was desperate to get Billy to hire her back to edit the magazine. Phyllis wanted to write the story about Victor and Sharon's engagement. Billy was stunned to hear about that and agreed that it was a major story. Phyllis assured Billy that only she could write the story correctly and also solve Diane's murder.

Phyllis believed that Victor was not Diane's killer and she wanted to exonerate Victor. Billy was not interested in clearing Victor's name. Billy admitted that Restless Style should write and spin the story before the other magazines reported it. Phyllis wanted her old job back. Billy said that he had too much stuff on his plate to turn down Phyllis' offer. Phyllis wanted written confirmation that Billy was rehiring her.

Billy went home to Victoria. She told him about Victor and Sharon, but he'd already heard from Phyllis. Billy told Victoria that Phyllis wanted to write the story for Restless Style, and Billy had hired Phyllis back. Victoria understood that Billy felt the need to go after Victor. Victoria had no more loyalty for her father and supported Billy in his desire to get back at Victor. Victoria was prepared to deal with any fallout. Billy said that Chelsea had checked into the club and she'd agreed to take the DNA test.

Nick went to see Victor at the prison, demanding to know why he'd asked Sharon to marry him. Nick declared that he'd never been as disappointed in his father as he was over that. Victor apologized for disappointing Nick. Nick wanted to know how Victor could even think of marrying the mother of Nick's children. Victor had anticipated Nick's reaction and was not going to change his mind about Sharon.

Victor said that Sharon needed someone to protect her. Victor also felt that Sharon was someone he could rely on. Nick didn't think that Sharon would settle for a marriage to a man who'd be locked up behind bars for the rest of his life. Victor claimed that he wanted Sharon to be his wife and asked Nick to leave. Nick said he'd never get over his disappointment in Victor.

Sharon was home with Faith, enjoying a nice visit. Later, after Faith was upstairs napping, Nikki walked into the house and questioned how Sharon thought that marrying Faith and Noah's grandfather would be good for the family. Nikki believed that Sharon had decided to marry Victor to take Nikki's place. Nikki believed that Sharon wanted what Nikki had. Sharon said that she was already a Newman. Nikki pointed out that Mrs. Adam Newman or Mrs. Nick Newman was not as powerful as Mrs. Victor Newman.

Nikki called Sharon a gold-digger. Sharon was shocked that Nikki believed that Sharon had been after Victor for years. Nick arrived at Sharon's house and went directly to Faith's bedroom, waking her from a nap to take her away. Nick announced that Sharon was out of control, and she would not be allowed anywhere near Faith in the future. Nick declared that Sharon was incapable of being a responsible parent. Nick marched out with Faith, and Nikki followed them.

Phyllis arrived at the magazine and told the staff that she was back in charge of the publication. Phyllis announced that they would be breaking the biggest story in the history of the magazine. Phyllis began writing the story about Victor and Sharon's engagement.

Sharon went to see Victor to tell him about Nick and Nikki's tirade against her. Victor smiled, knowing what had happened before Sharon said a word. Sharon told him about Nick and Nikki's actions. Victor promised Sharon that things would change magically for Sharon if she kept the ring on her finger and they stuck to their engagement. Sharon realized that she had nothing to lose by considering Victor's proposal because she'd already lost everything. Victor was certain that Sharon would eventually agree to marry him.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At Jimmy's, Victoria and Billy arrived to spend the evening relaxing and not thinking about their troubles with Chelsea. Billy told Victoria that they'd been through the worst and they could survive anything. Across the way, Ricky, Eden, and Daniel were watching sports on the bar's television. Daniel told Eden that he'd received a text message from Chloe, and he'd invited her to join them.

Alone with Ricky, Eden complained that Daniel was too concerned with Chloe. Before going to Jimmy's, Chloe reminisced about New Year's Eve the year before at the bar when she had a romantic time with Kevin. Later, after Chloe had arrived and was sitting with Daniel, Eden, and Ricky, Eden made a paper football. Daniel was impressed by Eden's handiwork, but he turned around and handed it to Chloe. Eden was miffed.

At the Niagara Falls motel, Angelina excitedly told Kevin about how her song had blown up on the web. Angelina had received hundreds of emails and wanted to reply to fans, but Kevin forbade her to use the net. Kevin explained that Carmine was trying to kill them, and until he was in custody, Angelina could not post on Faceplace because Carmine would be able to find them.

When Kevin went to take a shower, Angelina used her cell phone to make a video message to her fans. Angelina then uploaded the video clip to Faceplace. Anticipating that Kevin would blame her, Angelina rehearsed how she would lie and say she hadn't done it. Later, Kevin suspected that Angelina had been up to something. Kevin checked online and saw Angelina's video on Faceplace. Kevin was shocked and said that that Carmine would be able to track them down. Kevin was fed up with being on the run and stuck with Angelina. In order to be safe from Carmine, Kevin insisted that they leave immediately.

Devon received a phone call from a journalist who wanted to interview Angelina about Devon's song. Devon said that he would let Angelina know about the media request. Tucker entered and congratulated Devon on his success with the song. Devon claimed that he'd had media interest in Angelina, but she was missing. Tucker explained that Angelina's MIA status might be a plus for Devon.

Tucker told Devon an anecdote about a time when he was managing a rock star who disappeared. Tucker said that when the missing star finally turned up again, the fans were more intense than before he disappeared. Tucker offered to use his contacts in the press to stir up interest in Devon and Angelina. Devon accepted Tucker's help, and Tucker got on the phone. After hearing Tucker in action, Devon wondered if Tucker had any other advice for him. Tucker offered to smooth Angelina's track a bit. Devon said it wasn't the final product and rejected Tucker's help.

Tucker left, but returned a short time later. Tucker said that he believed in Devon's talent because he'd made Angelina sound much better than she'd been when she first showed up to work with Devon. Tucker appreciated Devon's achievement, and Tucker explained that his offer to help on the track had not been an insult. Tucker advised Devon to always strive for the best, even if that meant taking a lending hand from someone else.

At the coffeehouse, Neil was on the phone with an executive recruiter while trying to care for Moses at the same time. Harmony walked in and went to the carriage to attend to the baby. Neil got off the phone and thanked Harmony. After she ordered a cup of coffee, Neil invited her to sit with him. Harmony had an application in her hand for work and explained that she needed more than her part-time job at Restless Style to get by.

Harmony told Neil that she was determined to stay sober and prove herself to Devon. Harmony was charmed by Moses and told Neil how lucky he was to have a new baby. Neil suddenly heard Angelina's song playing on someone's laptop. He and Harmony were bursting with pride about Devon's song and bragged to everyone in the place that their son had written that song.

Neil and Harmony went to Devon's studio to congratulate him. Tucker was there and smiled at Devon's reaction to Neil and Harmony's response to the song. When Tucker said he'd leave, Devon asked him to stay. Devon told Neil and Harmony that Tucker had used his connections to get a story about Angelina and the song on television. Tucker said he had some ideas about how to improve the track, and Devon wanted to hear them.

Harmony wondered if Tucker still had the skills he'd had in the recording studio years before. As Tucker and Devon worked together, it was clear that they clicked. Harmony chimed in with an idea about adding a rap section. Harmony showed Devon a website with information about musicians. Neil watched Harmony, Tucker, and Devon all working together. Later, Devon thanked Harmony and Tucker for their help. Alone with Devon, Neil told his son that music was definitely in his blood.

At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily finished with a workout, and Cane invited Lily to go to Jimmy's with him, since he had to pick up his paycheck. Lily said she'd let Cane buy her cheese fries. Later, when Cane and Lily walked into Jimmy's, Billy and Victoria greeted them. They all sat at a table, and Lily mentioned that she was interested in returning to work. Victoria recalled feeling like Lily after having Reed and wanting to get out of the house. Lily wasn't sure what to do with her life, and Victoria suggested she go to work at Restless Style with Billy. Billy admitted that he owed Cane a favor and it was revealed that Cane had gone to Myanmar for Billy. Just then, Chelsea walked into the bar.

Billy was stunned to see Chelsea at the bar, but she said that she was there to apply for a job. Chelsea recognized Cane from Myanmar. Chelsea wondered if Billy had sent Cane to Myanmar to find her. Billy explained to Lily and Victoria how Cane had rescued Jill and Victoria while in the Orient. Chelsea showed everyone her baby bump and said that Billy was the father.

Chelsea accused Billy of forcing himself on her, and Billy denied that. Chelsea stuck to her story. A bitter, angry Chloe accused Chelsea of being a gold-digging bitch. Chelsea apologized to Victoria for causing trouble, but Chloe didn't believe that Chelsea was sorry at all. Chelsea walked away. Cane said that he'd never had a chance to speak with Chelsea because she'd disappeared from the Myanmar bar.

Chloe was very angry with Chelsea and Billy, too. Chloe said all men were untrustworthy. Billy approached Chelsea and asked her to go to his house for the DNA test. Chelsea agreed. Victoria and Billy left Jimmy's, and Chloe wondered why nobody remembered that Billy had done the same nonsense before.

When Daniel went to get Chloe a beer, Eden asked him to go home with her. Daniel said that he had to care for Chloe while Kevin was out of town. Daniel returned to Chloe's side, and Ricky sympathized with Eden. At another table, Roxy was with friends and saw that Angelina's video had been online. Roxy thought that Devon would want to know that Angelina had been online. Over Roxy's shoulder, Chloe watched Angelina's message and recognized that Kevin's scarf was wrapped around Angelina's head. Chloe realized that Kevin was with Angelina.

At Gloworm, Angelo and Gloria clashed when he criticized the hostess. Gloria asked Angelo to calm down, but Angelo said that Angelina had been diving him crazy. Gloria urged Angelo to take her on their date so she could show him her gratitude. Angelo and Gloria went to the Genoa City Athletic Club. Gloria boasted that Gloworm was all hers again thanks to Angelo's generosity. Angelo let her believe that she owned Gloworm outright.

Gloria said that she'd suffered a lack of faith in men because of the way Jeffrey had treated her. Gloria kissed Angelo. When his phone rang, Angelo learned that Angelina had been traced to a motel in Niagara Falls. Later, Angelo received another call that Angelina was with Kevin in the motel room. Angelo told Gloria he had to take care of Angelina. Angelo spoke with his henchman, Dino, on the phone. Dino was outside of Kevin and Angelina's motel room. Angelo instructed Dino to send Kevin over the falls -- without a barrel.

In the motel room, Kevin was packing. Angelina told Kevin that Vinnie had told her that Carmine was backing off so they were no longer in danger. Kevin was thrilled that he could return to Chloe. Before leaving the motel, Angelina and Kevin overheard Dino outside the door. Angelina warned Kevin that Angelo had sent Dino to kill Kevin.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy learned that Chelsea needed to go to the hospital for the DNA test. Chelsea was anxious to prove that her unborn baby was Billy's. Chelsea left for the hospital. Victoria and Billy agreed that they were unafraid to learn the results.

Before leaving Jimmy's, Lily said goodnight to Chloe and Daniel. Chloe was definitely in a nasty mood. Daniel was drunk, and he offered to call a cab to take him and Chloe home. They waved goodbye to Ricky and Eden and, once outside, Daniel called for a cab. Chloe sat on the curb and complained to Daniel that men were allowed to be irresponsible bastards. Daniel said it wasn't as simple as that.

Chloe kissed Daniel out of the blue and then kissed him again. Eden saw Daniel and Chloe kissing. Remembering that Kevin had been worried about Chloe, Eden took a cell phone photo of the kiss to send to Kevin. Eden wanted to show Kevin how Chloe was acting while he was gone.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phyllis was hard at work at Restless Style when Ronan appeared at her desk. Ronan congratulated her on getting her job back and thought she looked right at home. Ronan wondered if Phyllis still wanted to work with him on the Jenkins murder investigation even though he and Phyllis were no longer lovers. Phyllis assured him that she was still anxious to solve Diane's murder with Ronan. Phyllis told Ronan about her current cover story, informing him that Victor had gotten engaged to Sharon. Ronan was stunned by the news and curious about why Victor wanted to marry his former daughter-in-law.

At the Athletic Club over breakfast, Deacon asked Nikki if she wanted to go out to dinner with him that night to make up for New Year's Eve. Nikki apologized for disappearing on him that night. Deacon understood and asked Nikki for a do-over. When Nick entered the lobby, Nikki rushed to speak with him. Nikki broke the news to Nick about the girl interloping on Victoria and Billy's marriage, Chelsea.

Nikki explained that Chelsea was a girl that Billy had met in Myanmar, and she might be pregnant with Billy's child. Nick was shocked. When the subject of Victor's marriage to Sharon came up, Nikki told Nick that she believed Victor had a definite motive in marrying Sharon. At the table, Deacon reached into Nikki's purse and saw the visitor's pass from the prison. Deacon realized that Nikki had gone to see Victor on New Year's Eve night.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Billy and Victoria were anxious to hear the DNA results from Chelsea to learn if she was carrying Billy's baby. Victoria received a text message from the adoption agency. Victoria told Billy that they wanted to see Billy and Victoria the following week about adopting a baby. Victoria was worried that the situation with Chelsea might negatively affect their chances to adopt a child.

Inside Crimson Lights, Avery saw Sharon and asked her how things were going. Avery revealed that she'd broken up with Nick. When Avery noticed the engagement ring on Sharon's hand, she was shocked to hear that Victor had proposed to Sharon. Despite the fact that the she was wearing the ring, Sharon told Avery that she would be turning Victor down. Later, Victoria saw Sharon at the counter and confronted her. Victoria criticized Sharon for even considering Victor as a husband. Sharon said that marriage had been Victor's idea, not hers.

At the prison, Michael told Victor that he was shocked that Victor had given the diamond ring to Sharon. Michael assumed the ring was for Nikki, but Victor reminded Michael that Nikki was married to Deacon. A guard appeared and handed Michael a letter. Victor asked Michael to deliver the envelope to the judge. Later, when Michael returned, Victor informed him that the judge had owed Victor a favor, and Victor wanted to collect. Michael revealed that the judge had cleared his schedule for Victor.

At Jack's, Kyle was thrilled that Dave, the cat, had returned. Jack told his son that he was sorry that Kyle wouldn't be in Genoa City for Jack and Genevieve's wedding. Jack reminded Kyle that he could return home from school if he had second thoughts, and that Kyle had a big family that would love and support him unconditionally. Jack also mentioned that Genevieve really wanted to be part of Kyle's life, too. Kyle liked Genevieve and approved of Jack's plans to marry. When Kyle left to go upstairs and pack, Jack was relieved that everyone seemed to be all right with his engagement.

At the mansion, Genevieve spoke with the workman about the alarm system malfunctioning. Genevieve learned that there was nothing wrong with her security system. After the man left, Genevieve questioned Myrna about the night that the alarm had gone on and off all night long. Myrna had no answers. Genevieve was determined to find out what was going on, suspecting that Colin was trying to get to her.

Myrna asked Genevieve to forget about the alarm, but Genevieve was concerned. When Genevieve went upstairs, Patty went to the stairs and dislodged a carpet guard. Later, Jack let himself into the house just as Genevieve went down the stairs and tripped. Jack caught Genevieve in his arms, saving her from being seriously hurt.

At Gloworm, Paul met Ricky for breakfast and asked what his son was doing professionally. Ricky was still looking for a job. When Ricky overheard Harmony say that she was there to pick up an order for Restless Style, because they had just pulled an all-nighter, his ears perked up. Ricky approached Harmony and told her that he was hoping to land a job at the magazine. Harmony recommended that Ricky speak with Phyllis because she was running the publication.

Later, at the magazine office, Phyllis announced that the deadline had been met and the issue was closed. The staff applauded. Phyllis complimented Harmony for doing a good job and was glad that Harmony was no longer just the receptionist. Billy arrived and looked at the cover story Phyllis had written on the computer screen. Billy agreed that Phyllis had delivered on her promise to create an exciting issue.

Avery bumped into Nick at the Athletic Club, and while they were pleasant and friendly, it was an awkward encounter. Avery hoped that someday she and Nick could be friends again. A process server handed Nick a summons to appear in court. Nick was upset and showed her the paper. Avery read the document, and Nick announced that he needed a lawyer. Avery volunteered to represent him in court because there was no time to find another lawyer. From the courthouse, Avery called Ricky to help her on the case. Ricky declined the opportunity, telling Avery that he was looking for a paying job.

Sharon was at the coffeehouse when Michael appeared. He told Sharon that she'd been granted an emergency custody hearing, and he was taking her to the courthouse to face the judge.

At the prison, Victoria went to see Victor, blasting him for wanting to marry Sharon. Victor told his daughter to leave. Victoria said that the idea of Victor and Sharon being husband and wife was ridiculous. Victoria also accused Victor of arranging for Chelsea Lawson to show up in town. Victoria explained that Chelsea had tried to get between her and Billy, but Victoria would not allow it.

Victor reminded Victoria that Billy was responsible for the mistakes he'd made. Victor insisted that all he'd done was try to protect Victoria. Victor called Billy a "useless SOB." Victoria received a phone call and said she had to leave because Sharon had dragged Nick into court.

At Gloworm, Nikki met with Ronan, even though he was no longer working for the Genoa City Police Department. Nikki believed that Deacon had a shaky alibi from the night of Diane's murder. Ronan wondered if Nikki was trying to shift suspicion from her to Deacon. Ronan's phone rang, and he explained that he had to leave. When he left, Nikki placed a call, and a short time later, Paul arrived. Paul wondered why Nikki had married Deacon. Nikki couldn't explain, but she asked Paul to speak with Ronan for her about Deacon's alibi for the murder. Paul agreed to consult with Ronan. Nikki received a call from Nick and hurried to the courthouse.

In the hall outside of the courtroom, Nick confronted Sharon about getting the immediate custody hearing. Sharon explained that she wanted to be with Faith, and Nick had yanked their daughter from Sharon. Nick was furious, but Sharon reminded Nick that she'd gotten the restraining order in order to live up to Nick's deal, but then Nick reneged on the agreement. Sharon declared that she had not accepted Victor's proposal. Nick grabbed Sharon's hand, angry that she had Victor's ring on her finger. Michael and Avery appeared to tell Sharon and Nick that the judge had arrived. Nick advised Sharon to consult with her psychiatrist because she was whacked out of her mind. Sharon said she wouldn't allow Nick to use Faith to control Sharon's life any longer.

Michael explained to the judge that Sharon wanted shared custody of Faith. Avery asked the judge to uphold the current arrangement, with Nick having sole custody of Faith, because Sharon was incapable of being a responsible parent. Michael said that Nick had abused his sole custody of Faith by keeping the child from Sharon. Avery declared that Sharon's engagement to Victor called her sanity in to question.

Sharon told Michael that she was worried that the judge might agree that she sounded like a crazy woman to marry a man sentenced to life in prison. Later, the judge announced his decision. He said that if Sharon was getting married, that meant she planned to stay in town. The judge ruled that Sharon and Nick should have joint custody for Faith. Nick was fuming.

At Genevieve's, Ronan investigated the staircase and told Jack and Genevieve that there was no sign that anything had been tampered with, pointing out that it was an older house and things broke down. Jack wanted to hire Ronan to investigate. Ronan agreed to take the assignment. Later, Genevieve explained to Myrna that she'd hired Ronan to check up on the strange doings around the house. Myrna agreed to cooperate. Myrna ran out of the room when Jack entered. Patty listened from the other room as Jack suggested that Genevieve move in with him to be safe.

Ricky entered the Restless Style offices and expected Phyllis to hire him on the spot. Ricky reminded Phyllis that they had a deal. Billy walked in and declared that Ricky would never work for the magazine because he was the creep that had hacked into the magazine. Ricky threatened to tell Billy that he'd gotten the passwords to hack the site from Phyllis, so Phyllis promised to work on Billy. Ricky left, and Harmony wondered what was going on with Ricky. Harmony admired Ricky's nerve, as did Phyllis.

Phyllis asked Billy to reconsider hiring Ricky. Billy did not trust Ricky, but Phyllis pointed out that Ricky had more scruples than Phyllis did. Billy was reminded he had to watch his back with Phyllis. Billy shook his head and insisted that Ricky was not going to be hired, but Phyllis suggested that Ricky might be hired by one of their competitors. Later, Ricky returned, and Billy said that he'd give Ricky a chance. Harmony entered with the print edition of the magazine, direct from the printer. Billy looked at it and thought it was quite a cover.

Deacon went to the prison to see Victor. Deacon didn't want Victor to see Nikki anymore. Victor didn't "give a damn" what Deacon wanted. At the coffeehouse, Paul told Ronan that he did not think that Victor was the killer. Paul and Ronan agreed to work together on the Jenkins murder as well as the weirdness at Genevieve's house.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Adam visited Victor at the prison and sarcastically asked if Victor had made any special friends. Victor wondered why Adam wasn't busy running the company. Adam applauded Victor's latest move, but he swore that Sharon would never marry Victor, because she still loved Adam. Victor chuckled and said that Sharon's feelings for Adam were irrelevant, because she hadn't chosen Adam, and Adam couldn't give her what Victor could.

Adam believed that everything would change once Sharon got Faith back, because she wouldn't need Victor anymore. Victor said they'd soon find out, because Sharon was in court, fighting for joint custody, at that moment. Adam suspected that Victor had rigged the hearing to win Sharon over. Adam was confident that Victor had miscalculated and that Sharon would return the ring. Victor ordered Adam to stay away from Sharon, and he reminded his son that Sharon hadn't chosen Adam. Adam walked out.

In the courtroom, Nick angrily protested the judge's decision, but the judge declared that his ruling was final. The judge ordered the attorneys to draw up a shared custody agreement, and Avery offered to consult with a mediator. Michael requested that Sharon have custody of Faith while the agreement was being finalized, because Nick had already had sole custody for months. The judge agreed, and he ordered Nick to deliver Faith to Sharon. The judge departed, and Nick stormed over to Sharon and called her selfish and manipulative. She said she was also surprised by the judge's decision, but he accused her of selling herself to Victor to get control of Faith.

Sharon said she understood Nick's anger, but she felt he wasn't being fair. He barked that she'd made a deal with the devil, and Nikki and Victoria hurled insults at Sharon. Sharon insisted that there was nothing wrong with Faith being with her mom, but Nick retorted that there was, since the mother was Sharon. He expected her to call Adam to celebrate, and he then lashed out at Michael. Sharon intervened and pointed out that Nick had gotten a lot more than she had in their last custody battle. Nick was certain that Sharon would screw up again, but she calmly stated that she expected to see Faith later that day.

Once she was alone with Michael, Sharon expressed disbelief that she'd obtained shared custody. Michael commented that they'd gotten lucky, and he started to leave, but she called after him and asked whether he thought Victor had anything to do with the judge's decision. Michael admitted that Victor had used his influence to expedite the hearing, but he knew nothing more, and he advised her to be grateful that the judge had been sympathetic. He cautioned her to steer clear of anything that would be a red flag to Nick or the court. She realized he meant Adam, and he warned her not to exercise poor judgment, or she could lose Faith again.

Michael left, and Sharon gazed at her ring. Adam entered, and she immediately told him that he shouldn't be there. He asked if she'd gotten custody, and she gushed that she had. He expressed sincere happiness for her. Adam theorized that the custody hearing was why she'd taken Victor's ring, but Sharon said that it hadn't been part of the arrangement. She warned that he was taking too big of a chance by talking to her, but he suggested that she drop the restraining order, because Nick didn't have leverage over her anymore.

Adam asked if Sharon felt a sense of obligation to Victor, but she remained silent. Adam showed her a copy of Restless Style, and she sarcastically stated that she was flattered that the magazine considered her cover material. Adam implored her to admit that she still loved him, but she begged him not to push things. He insisted that he was the one she wanted, and he placed a call to the police to report that he was in violation of the restraining order.

Sharon asked why Adam had made the call, and he pleaded with her to call off the restraining order and be with him. She couldn't risk losing her daughter again, and she reminded him that she had said goodbye and had thought he'd understood. The police arrived, and an officer queried whether Sharon had a restraining order against Adam. The officer asked if she wanted to press charges, and she tearfully replied that she did. The officers handcuffed Adam, and Sharon choked back tears as she headed for the door.

Chelsea left an angry message for Billy, telling him to stop avoiding her calls. At Restless Style, Phyllis informed Billy that their new issue was hitting the stands, and an excerpt from their cover story was on their website. She expected it would be a hit, but Billy hoped they hadn't let Victor off the hook. Phyllis pointed out that Victor's own actions had created the story, but Billy seemed distracted.

Billy received a text message from Chelsea that stated she'd be there with him and Victoria to receive the paternity test results. Phyllis asked what was wrong, and Billy fibbed that the message had been about a dentist appointment. She wanted to talk about the next cover story, but he suggested that she take time to relax. She took it as a cue to spend the day with her kids, and she left.

Patty eavesdropped while Genevieve expressed surprise that Jack wanted her to move in. Jack pointed out that Genevieve wasn't safe in her home, but she whined that they'd just gotten engaged. He thought that was even more reason to move in together, and he vowed to find answers. She thought the same person who had been messing with her home might have caused his mysterious illness on New Year's Eve. She worried about Kyle's reaction, but Jack explained that Kyle was leaving for boarding school in the morning. Genevieve accepted Jack's offer, and they kissed. Patty panicked.

Jack offered to help Genevieve pack, but she wanted to talk to Myrna. Jack commented that he'd forgotten about Myrna, and he answered a call from Billy, who requested Jack's help to talk something through. Jack said he'd be right over. Genevieve explained to Myrna that she and Jack were concerned about the strange occurrences at the house, and she was fairly sure that Colin had hired people to make trouble. Genevieve announced her decision to move in with Jack, and she invited Myrna to join them.

Myrna argued that it would be unfair to Jack's housekeeper if she moved in, but Genevieve refused to leave Myrna behind. Myrna said she wasn't worried, because Colin had been targeting Genevieve, and nothing would happen once Genevieve moved out. Genevieve countered that she depended on Myrna, but Myrna insisted that she'd only be a phone call away. Genevieve promised that Myrna would always have a home with her, because Myrna was her favorite employee. "You have no idea what that means to me," Myrna mused.

Jack arrived to see Billy and assumed that Billy's call had been about the story on Sharon. Billy stunned him with the news that Chelsea was in town and pregnant, and that he'd find out that day if the baby was Billy's. Billy thought that Victor had set him up from the beginning regarding both the drugs and Chelsea. Jack asked what had actually happened between Billy and Chelsea. Billy relayed that Chelsea had claimed that he'd raped her, but he didn't believe he was capable of such a thing. Jack agreed and inquired whether Billy could prove she was lying.

Billy recalled that he had been drunk and that Chelsea had been all over him, and in his alcoholic haze, she had looked like Victoria. Chelsea had been gone in the morning, and Billy suspected that she'd drugged him. Jack asked if they'd had sex, and Billy admitted that it was possible. Jack wondered how Victoria was coping with the situation, and Billy said she had been supportive, but he expected that it would tear her apart if Chelsea were pregnant with his child. Jack insisted that Victoria would be okay, because Billy would make sure that she was.

Later, Genevieve told Jack that she was all set, and he took her bag. Genevieve disclosed that Myrna had turned down her offer to move in, and Jack said there was room if Myrna changed her mind. They departed, and a seething Patty swore that Genevieve would never be Jack's wife.

At Victoria's home, Nick thanked Nikki and Victoria for attending the hearing. Nick and Nikki exchanged knowing glances, and Victoria realized that Nikki had filled him in regarding Chelsea. Nick said they all had to stick together, because Victor didn't care what happened in their lives. Victoria recounted that she'd blasted Victor for orchestrating Chelsea's arrival in town, but Victor had maintained his innocence. Nick blamed Billy for walking out on Victoria in the first place.

Nikki asked if the baby could be Billy's, and Victoria pointed out that Chelsea had been more than willing to take the DNA test. Victoria vowed to stand by Billy, and Nick left to pick up Faith from a play date. Victoria prepared some tea, and she saw that Nikki seemed upset after Nikki checked her phone. Nikki said that Deacon wanted to meet her at the Athletic Club, but she refused to leave Victoria's side.

Victoria was relieved to have Nikki's support, but she couldn't blame Billy because he had been completely set up. Victoria lamented that they had been really close to adopting a baby, and she began to cry. There was a knock at the door, and Nikki answered it to Chelsea, who stormed in and demanded to see Billy. Chelsea was furious that Billy hadn't returned her calls, but Victoria said she hadn't heard about the test results. Chelsea plopped down on the couch to wait and helped herself to some tea.

Nikki ordered Chelsea out, but Chelsea argued that the baby had rights. Victoria reminded her that the baby's paternity had yet to be determined and repeated Nikki's request to leave. Chelsea maintained that Billy and Victoria were responsible for taking care of her and her baby. Victoria accused Chelsea of setting up Billy to be her meal ticket, but Chelsea reminded her that Billy had lied about being married. Billy arrived home and became irate upon seeing Chelsea. He said the paternity test results were in and suggested they go check them. Chelsea smiled confidently.

In the doctor's office, Billy reached for Victoria's hand, and she reluctantly placed her hand in his. The doctor entered and apologized for the wait, and Billy requested the results. The doctor reported that Billy was the father of Chelsea's unborn child. Billy and Victoria looked devastated.

Avery confronted Phyllis at the Athletic Club and called Phyllis' story about Sharon "classy with a K." Avery stated that the story wouldn't matter, because Sharon had already won shared custody of Faith. Avery snarled that she was surprised that Phyllis hadn't heard the news from Nick.

Later, at Restless Style, Nick stopped by at Phyllis' request, and she reported that she'd heard the custody news from Avery and asked how he was doing. He sullenly complained that he had to hand Faith over to Sharon, even after everything Sharon had pulled. Phyllis handed him a copy of the magazine, and he questioned whether she was going after Sharon again. She asserted that Sharon and Victor were responsible for the headline, and she urged him to read the story.

Phyllis was surprised when Nick didn't leap to Sharon's defense. Nick predicted that the issue would sell like crazy, and he understood that Phyllis couldn't help but break the story. He forlornly said that he had to leave to give Faith to Sharon, and Phyllis offered to be there if he needed to talk. She left to deal with the editing department, and Nick received a call and learned that Adam had been arrested. Meanwhile, an officer locked Adam in a cell, and Adam hoped his arraignment would be soon, because he had big business to handle.

At the prison, Victor asked Michael if Adam had shown up at the hearing, and Michael reported that he hadn't, but that Victor had alienated his own family. "For now," Victor replied. Michael wondered if it was worth it for Victor to marry Sharon, and Victor remarked that she hadn't accepted his proposal yet. Michael showed Victor a copy of Restless Style, and Victor wasn't surprised. Michael anticipated that the heat would only get worse for Sharon if she became Mrs. Victor Newman. Victor instructed him to throw the magazine in the trash on his way out, and Michael departed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nikki poured a bottle of water into a glass and instructed the bartender to take the bottle away. Deacon approached and threw her visitor's pass from the prison onto the bar. He accused her of lying to him, and she chugged the water and pretended to be drunk. She told him to pull up a barstool, so they could talk over a drink.

Sharon visited Victor, and he declared his happiness about the outcome of the hearing. He asked if she'd seen Adam, because Adam had been there earlier and had been determined to talk to her. She revealed that Adam hadn't been able to accept that she needed to move on, so she'd had him arrested for violating the restraining order, though she wished it hadn't been necessary. Victor said she'd done the right thing, and he apologized for his family's treatment of her. She admitted that it had been unpleasant, and he hoped that she hadn't changed her mind about wearing his ring.

Sharon said that Nick had been quick to think the worst, but she was glad the judge hadn't seen things the same way, and she thanked Victor for setting up the hearing. He reiterated that she would never have to worry about Faith, as long as she was with him, and she concurred. He hoped that she'd realize that being married to him would be a good thing for her. Sharon looked down at the ring and proclaimed that she would marry him.

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